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Airlines Are About to Cut Corners and
Your Pilot Could Crash the Plane

By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl

So many pilots have died or been disabled by cardiac problems from the mandated jab it has caused they don't have enough pilots.  I remember when a pilot on American dropped dead diet drink in hand.  His wife told me American refused to allow her to see the autopsy.  You may remember when 4 British pilots dropped dead after the jab.  Fact checkers who are created to misinform said it had to be from something else.  They died right after taking the Jab and it was published in England that it happened. aspartame-pilot-alert.php

Here is Dr. Russell Blaylock's pilot alert and note he explains sudden cardiac death.  People are also dropping dead of the jab all over the world as many videos have shown.    The symptoms and diseases are identical.  They both are a systemic poison and both damage the mitochondria or powerhouse of the cell. aspartame_alert_with_letters. htm    The late Dr. H. J. Roberts also wrote about aspartame and sudden cardiac death: aspartame_and_sudden_death.htm

Captain Fred Fox, retired from American because of aspartame problems, is our representative for aviation safety.  Before he retired he would send me information on American pilots who died from aspartame.  One of them was a US Air force pilot and his wife said he died of a heart attack.  I don't remember whether the plane crashed.  Mission Possible Aviation was founded when now retired Pilot Cliff Evans crashed his plane in a tree and asked me to help get information to 600,000 pilots in the US.  A major point is aspartame causes cardiac problems as does the shot masquerading as a vaccine.  Industry is always shouting you have to prove cause and effect.  How about a study showing 100 per cent given the jab developed cardiac problems.  Here it is:

A Swiss study has proven that 100% of COVID vaccine recipients suffer some level of heart damage within three days of their injection. One hundred percent!   777 patients received the COVID shots and all 777 showed signs of heart damage in their bloodstream 3 days later.

Here is the study: q=Swiss+Study%2C+777+people+ had+cardiac+problems&oq=Swiss+ Study%2C+777+people+had+ cardiac+problems&aqs=chrome.. 69i57.20746j0j15&sourceid= chrome&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=ive& vld=cid:662eced8,vid:vveMHtVk_ mY

 It's hard to believe they are now vaccinating children who are not at risk of the corona virus and they are getting myocarditis, some have died.  This is proof positive that the shot is causing cardiac problems. 

Some years ago the US Air force magazine "Flying Safety" who had warned on aspartame was made to retract their article.  My husband and I actually had to go to the Air Force base in Albuquerque and give out pilot packets to the pilots to alert them.  I discuss what happened in this lecture: v=_cuAvEIkJto

Over the years there has been interference with industry trying to prevent pilots from getting the information on aspartame.  As an example, General Aviation wrote an article warning pilots and then wanted to say their article didn't exist after evidently pressure from some source.   They actually went so far as to have someone call me to see if I had the article they were going to deny.  Yes, I have it, of course.  They wrote an article  lying saying they interviewed me and they did no such of a thing. 

About how far they go.  Haynes Dunn appeared on Hardcopy, a pilot for Continental.  He could never fly again after using aspartame in his hot chocolate causing the reactions. I believe it was a grand mal seizure. They gave him a job on the ground.  Once he was on Hardcopy telling his story he was fired and Hardcopy was cancelled. 

Some years ago someone who works for Delta called to say the pilots are young and they are addicted to Diet Coke, many of them dying from cancer.  Aspartame in original studies caused brain cancer as FDA Adrian Gross told the Senate showing it to be on the market illegally.  http://www.drbettymartini- aspartame_causes_cancer.pdf   It caused other cancers as well. 

Because I flew so many places to lecture I not only gave pilot packets to the pilots but also the steward team.  There were so many of them drinking diet drinks and never realized the reason they couldn't conceive was aspartame.  Its an endocrine disrupting agent, stimulates prolactin, changes the menses and causes infertility.  So many women who were never able to have families never realized it was their addiction to aspartame.  It has a methyl ester which immediately becomes free methyl alcohol, causing  chronic methyl poisoning.  This affects the dopamine level of the brain and causes the addiction.

  I took my chances over the years flying  because I always told the pilots if they were going to drink a diet drink or use aspartame I was out of there.  With the aspartame pilot alert by Dr. Blaylock above you will see a letter given to me by a Delta pilot that the aspartame information did save him.  I was coming back from Costa Rica and had told him:  "June is Save A Pilot month, you're my pilot and I'm here to save your life."  As the plane landed the stewardess said the pilot wanted to talk with me.  He gave me the letter and said, "I am using Diet Cokes, have many of the reactions on the FDA list you enclosed and you did save my life.  Please give my letter to other pilots." aspartame_symptoms.pdf

This new deal, flying commercial planes with only one pilot is absolutely insanity.  You pilots on my list need to find out who it is we have to contact to stop this before there are more crashes.  Even the National Enquirer wrote "Terror in the Skies" - usa/national-enquirer/ 20190408/281556587170827   They claim pilots are committing suicide in flight and crashing planes.  Could be so as aspartame is a psycho drug and one study showed serotonin could be depleted as much as 74%.   Dr. Ralph Walton, psychiatrist, did a study on this issue:  https://www. biologicalpsychiatryjournal. com/article/0006-3223(93) 90251-8/fulltext

When they mandated shots for pilots I quit flying.  Imagine the interaction with aspartame.  Even the FAA told me, they could do nothing because FDA approved aspartame, but they do alert them on the side.  Hopefully they can help stop commercial airlines from allowing only one pilot on a plane.  The jab was patented over 22 years ago under the classification of nano-bioweapon.  There never was a corona virus epidemic.  It's common knowledge today they used the flu statistics and its in the flu and polio vaccines. The PCR test had the rings set to show people had the corona virus when they didn't.  Then they tried to convince the public people who were asymptomatic actually had the corona virus. 
Tom Armstrong, Mission Possible Kentucky, told me he was with his wife everyday in the hospital and she did not have Covid although they said she tested positive.  Even the CDC admitted they used the wrong test but they are still using it: to_dr_rochelle_walensky.pdf   The International Criminal Court agreed the shot is genocide, and the grand jury investigation gave evidence against the PCR test.  If you're interested in how this so called pandemic came about read the book, "Plague of Corruption" by Dr. Judy Mikovits. She was the virologist who was asked to make the shot more contagious and refused. 

When they start flying commercial jets with one pilot I would suggest you take a train.  See article below.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl
770 242-2599
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