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The Incredible Lies And Fraud
Of Kiev's Fake News

It's NAZI Propaganda, Let’s Call It What It Is

By Russell Bentley

There's a wise old maxim that says, "The first step on the road to wisdom is to call things by their right names." So, let's do that.

"Fake News" has been around a long while, The New York Sun's " Great Moon Hoax " of 1835 is a good (and amusing) example. An absolute falsehood and fantasy was published as fact to a credulous public who ate it up. This fake news story about the moon established The Sun as a major and highly profitable newspaper throughout the United States. Fifty years later, Hearst and Pulitzer were competing with each other for readership by publishing preposterous and sensationalist phony stories that  became known as "yellow journalism", or as I simply call it, "urinalism". Because the media that publish such swill, and the hacks that write for them, are fit only for cleaning toilets. But those carefree days are long in the past, and fake news is no longer funny.

The practice of publishing false stories for financial or political motives has probably been around much longer than that, but today it has been elevated to a science and an art form, a black art form, that is truly one of the greatest threats to the future of Humanity in the world today. It is mass brainwashing on a global scale, abetted by science and technology, a war on human consciousness, a concentrated and deliberate attack on people's ability to see reality, to discern fact from lies, it is a war against the truth .

It has been correctly said that a respect for the truth is the basis for all morality, so a war against the truth is a war against morality, against all that is good and decent. Without an ability to see reality and detect lies, without a moral compass, people are literally no more than dumb beasts, mules to be worked and exploited by their owners, or sheep to be led to the slaughter. "Fake news" is a term a bit too cute and cozy for the black art of intentionally erasing the very intellect and morality that makes us human. It seeks to dumb down and degrade Humanity to the point to where people are no longer human. And that point is fast approaching, and for many, is already here.

I want to give three concrete and irrefutable examples of genuine nazi propaganda, produced by the West, (US and EU) about the war in Ukraine in just the last month, which not only attempt to cover up the crime of intentional mass murder attacks on civilians, but go further still and attempt to blame the actual victims for the crimes of US, EU and Ukrainian nazis. You will see by these three indisputable examples how disinformation is used as a truly evil weapon, how to defend against it, and how to destroy it with the truth.

Example #1 La Stampa (Italy) FRONT PAGE PHOTO - "THE CARNAGE"

The Italian propaganda rag La Stampa published the photo above on 15 March, 2022, showing a horrific scene of mass murder of civilians by illegal cluster munitions delivered to a city center by a ballistic missile. 24 civilians (including an entire family with 2 kids) were murdered, and dozens more gravely injured. The headlines in red across the top - "Russia kills 400 in Mariupol, Kiev prepares for Russian attack". Emblazoned across the photo, "The Carnage". The photo is real, and while the headlines are intentionally misleading, they are not outright lies. They don't have to be. The liars at La Stampa don't have to actually lie, most Europeans, like most US citizens are far too stupid to actually look beyond the headlines, and are easily deceived by nothing more than insinuations. And pro-nazi propagandists like those at La Stampa know it.

I could tell you that the photo actually shows the results of a Ukrainian Army war crime by a Tochka-U missile that was intentionally launched at Donetsk city center around 12:00 noon on Monday March 14th, that in fact it was intended to kill many times more than the 24 civilians who were murdered. I could tell you that the weekend before, fake ukrop troll accounts on Russian and other social media spread false stories that the DPR administration would be giving news about the status of DPR soldiers at 12:30 on March 14th at the Administration Building in central Donetsk, and wives, mothers, daughters of soldiers should come there then. This message was also sent by text message to specific phones of female family members of soldiers by spoofed DPR Administration accounts. I can confirm it, the daughter of one of my friends serving at the Front showed me the exact message on her phone. I could tell you that the missile was intercepted by DPR air defense, and only two cannisters of cluster bomb submunitions actually detonated when they hit about 500 meters from the Administration Building, on University Avenue in central Donetsk and had the missile reached its target the death toll would have been in the hundreds. Maybe you would believe me, maybe some would not. But I can show you two photos that prove it.

Me, standing on the same spot as the grieving husband in the La Stampa photo.

The beret and scarf of the grieving man's wife. She died here. I took this photo myself.

Now what do you think of La Stampa's work? Not only trying to cover up the intentional mass murder of civilians, but blaming the victims and their defenders for the very crimes of the nazis that La Stampa and Italy support. THIS is a black lie, a damned lie, literally the exact opposite of the truth. And the vast majority of Western citizens lap these lies up like flies eat shit. And those who swallow these lies are every bit as guilty as the liars themselves. And FYI, the photographer who took the heart-rending photo La Stampa stole was neither paid nor credited, or even asked permission to use his photo for this Italian version of nazi propaganda.

Well, you might say, it is an isolated incident, mistakes happen. It is neither isolated nor a mistake. The editors of La Stampa KNEW EXACTLY where the photo was from and what it showed, they used it intentionally to lie. And pseudo-journalist scumbag propagandists do the same thing in the USA...


Again, but an even more blatant intention to mislead, to lie. The photo, again, is the aftermath of a Ukrainian missile attack on a civilian residential area of Donetsk, not far from my home in Petrovsky District. Another terrorist attack by ukrop nazis against civilian targets, blamed by US nazi propagandists on DPR and Russian defenders of the very civilians the ukrops attacked and murdered. Can I prove it? Well, yes I can. Here I am, in front of the exact same apartment building, hit by the ukrop nazi missiles. An honest headline would read, "Ukraine Continues Bombardment of Donbass Cities."

But these nazi propagandists do not stop at simply blaming their victims for their own crimes, that dirty double-cross is not as low as they can go, not by a long shot. They even, in a trans-Atlantic quadruple-cross conspiracy, connive to discredit truthful reports by adding their own logo to honest news and then announcing to the world that the report is not theirs. Behold...

On 8 April, 2022, a Tochka-U ballistic missile (same type used in the University Avenue attack in Donetsk, 3 weeks before) was fired at the Kramatorsk railway station as four thousand local civilians waited to evacuate the city before fighting broke out. 57 civilians were killed 109 wounded, in another wanton attack that had no military purpose, but fit hand in glove with the usual false flag terror attacks Ukraine has become well known for. The proof was and is overwhelming - There is zero doubt that the missile was a Tochka-U and that it came from Ukrainian-held territory. Ukraine continues to use Tochka-U missiles in the Donbass War, however the Donbass Republics have none, and Russia retired the last of theirs years ago, in 2019, in favor of the much more effective and accurate Iskander, which Russia has used in Operation Z.

Written on the side of the missile, in Russian, were the words "?? ?????", "For The Kids". How stupid would someone have to be to believe that the Russians would not only commit a war crime against the ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens from the pro-Russian part of Ukraine, but would blatantly add insult to injury and literally implicate themselves before the world by writing something so despicable, in Russian, for the world to see?

Furthermore, there are scientific methods of determining the direction a missile came from, including the shape of the crater and where the tail section lands in relation to the warhead. These methods are standard, simple, and used by all militaries around the world. And like the laws of physics, they apply everywhere, and in every situation the same. In the photo below, showing the trajectory of the missile fired at Kramatorsk, everything to the left of the red line is territory under the control of the Ukrainian Army.

For a full listing of all the evidence that proves the missile, S/N ?91579 was fired by the 19th Ukrainian Missile Brigade, based near Dobropolia, some 45 kilometers from Kramatorsk, see this excellent article by former US Marine officer and UN Weapons Expert Scott Ritter. There are plenty of other articles too, ( HERE HERE , and HERE ) listing the proof and indications that it was a ukrop false flag attack on their own civilians. Such as the following:

1 - The "Smell Test". WHY would Russians attack ethnic Russian civilians in an area known for its broad support of Russia?
2 - The fake "For The Kids" inscription would be the LAST thing Russians would ever do. Rocket troops are among the most highly trained and disciplined in any army. If the Russians were going to commit a war crime against civilians, do you really think they'd sign their work for the world to see? 3 - The physical evidence proves the trajectory of the missile, and that trajectory points directly to Dobropolia, deep inside Ukrainian held territory, where the 19th Ukrainian Missile Brigade is based. It is impossible for the Russians to have fired a missile from there.
4 - The Russians retired their aged stock of Tochka-U missiles years ago in favor of the Iskander, which they now use. 5 - The Ukrainians still have and use Tochka-U missiles, and have done so on multiple occasions throughout the 8 year Donbass War.
6 - The S/N of the Tochka-U fired at Kramatorsk is in the same series and numerically very close to S/N's of other Tochka-U missiles also known to have been fired by Ukrainian armed forces during the Donbass War.
7 - The exact S/N found on the missile in Kramatorsk was recorded in official documents as having been transferred from the USSR to Ukraine in 1991.
8 - There is zero evidence that would support any theory other than a Ukrainian false flag attack on the civilians of Kramatorsk. None.

That's a tough nut for the West's pro-nazi propagandists to crack. All the evidence PROVES they did it, beyond any reasonable doubt, and there is no credible evidence of any sort that would support an alternative theory. So what do they do? Simply make shit up, of course, as usual, but with a twist. This time, they make up fake news about themselves , and try to palm it off as Russian produced "disinfo".

Thus, we see real, first-person, on the scene videos of the real aftermath of the Kramatorsk attack, video of the real S/N, all edited together, but with a fake BBC intro and logo added, and then spread all over the internet with the caption, "Look! The BBC finally told the truth for once!!!" So the professional liars can subsequently "debunk" the fake "BBC" vid, along with all the real facts the actual real videos contain. And then literally ALL Western propaganda outlets smear the story about the fake vid all over the web. The search phrase "BBC fake video missile Kramatorsk" brings back 55,000 links on Google,   24 million on Bing Search, and a whopping 25 million results on Yahoo Search. The Western propagandists claim the Russians added the fake BBC logo, but why would Russia discredit real proof of what happened by adding a fake BBC logo. The BBC has a well-earned reputation as one of the most mendacious media outlets in the world, their lies are legion. So why would Russia discredit itself and its own compelling evidence by adding a fake logo of known propagandists? Answer - they didn't.

If the above is not enough for you to see a pattern, an intentional policy, of gaslighting, obfuscation and outright lies, then you are already too far gone, you are already allergic to, and an enemy of, the truth. Do not collaborate with liars by accepting their lies uncritically, without the closest examination. Do not be stupid, gullible or intellectually lazy. The stakes are much too high. Those who witlessly and willingly accept obvious lies as the truth are every bit as pernicious as the liars themselves. Don't do it!

An understanding of the simple fact that modern Western media are the product and descendants of Joseph Goebbels and Ed Bernays is the appropriate foundation for regarding anything Western media presents as fact. Do not expect the BBC to "tell the truth for once", do not expect paid and pathological liars to tell the truth, even once. Do not expect the leopard to change its spots. Understand they are the enemies of truth and morality, the enemies of Humanity, your enemies, who do everything in their power to deceive and confuse you, in order to enslave and exterminate you. Respect for the truth is the basis of all morality. Respect and defend it!

The List of Logical Fallacies is also an excellent primer of modern propaganda techniques. But when used by professional liars, intentionally, they are no longer "fallacies", they are lies, attacks on truth and reality, and on human consciousness.

Fritz Hippler explained the secret of modern propaganda , and he would know. He was the Chief of Filmmaking at the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda during the years of Nazi Germany. As he put it, "The secret of propaganda is to simplify complex or complicated things, to make them as simple as possible, so even less ingenious men can understand what I mean. And then, repeat it, repeat it, repeat it every day. That's the secret of modern propaganda - simplify and repetition." (You should really click on the link, and hear and see him say it himself. He's very convincing.)