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A New Form of Blitzkrieg in the Ukraine
– but вовсе не Totaler Krieg Verboten

By Stephen Martin

'This service is currently not available'

Message (ominous?) now for those attempting to view RT on digital terrestrial broadcast/satellite tv; alternative is color test transmission as blank screen.

'In the midnight hour, more, more, more!'

'Rebel Yell', Billy Idol.

It has not sunk in as widespread yet under geopolitikal contemplation or hegemony á la Gramsci as to the nature of military strategy as a hegemony being deployed by Russia in the Ukraine: but certain key features at a tactical level unique are emerging despite the currency controlled and issued?

Such currency controlled as issued now includes the explicit censorship of RT. by way of satellite/terrestrial broadcast as a new 'iron wall' constructed by the 'West' such the wildness of neoliberalism rampant ironic as would yet have 'full spectrum'' dominated?

The import of such closure of 'dialogue' should not be underestimated.

Small article seeks to identify and contrast the invasion of Ukraine with other military invasions as have occurred throughout a history of military operations as 'anthropobscene' (sic) in an attempt to explicate military strategy at a strategic level contemptoraneous (sic)

It is clear that what Russia is doing militarily in the Ukraine is not a form of totaler krieg or total war, i.e. Russia clearly does not want to take over Ukrainian cities reduced to rubble and create a 'scorched earth' yet occupied by terrorist factions vowing revenge against Russia in the Ukraine. There is little to no doubt that Russia possesses the armory to reduce the Ukraine and its cities to rubble /scorched earth as to a totaler krieg instanced . If anything such totaler krieg is paralleled by the conscription and almost indiscriminate arming of the Ukrainian population in a process akin to the last days of the Third Reich and the madness of Goebbels whereby the entire population of Germans aged 18-60 were conscripted?

Such the price of the cookies ate Ukrainian as of Victoria the Zionist ideological whore as to evidence 'fuck Europe'! awaiting ramification as to a 'new land' taken over and gas denied?

It is also a moot point as to whether Ukrainians fleeing the country are fleeing from the Russians or from conscription by the former comedian Zelensky's government.?

Somebody ought to write a parallel song to Country Joe and the Fish Vietnam Song, apropos?

Hope the above hyperlink still valid; Truth remaining the first casualty of war.

With the demise of RT et al a new darkness of 'war, war' has silently as digitally descended, as opposed to 'jaw, jaw' permitted; such the thin end of the satanic wedge instanced deadly as per divide et impera?

It is symptomatic of a geopolitikal tragedy unfolding under denouement that so many Countries have signed up to provide weapons and munitions to the Ukraine; the subject of low intensity operations and fomentation by covert special forces operations as of NATO alignment are not covered as speculated upon herein – but that a tale could be told. If such weapons 'gifted' are allowed to fall into the hands of Ukrainian children then the countries as supplied same are surely to blame?

As Warren Zevon sings:

'send lawyers, guns and money!' – with lawyers all but removed the demand/expediency instanced?

What must be appreciated regardless of 'side taken', and personally these small quarters strive to refuse to take military side in as much as 'all war is wrong/ all lives matter'!, is the stunning extent of the Blitzkreig Russia has just militarily effecting/pulling off in the Ukraine on behalf the New World Order/ Fourth Reich/Industrial Revolution 'cognised'. In terms of scale as to territory captured as to rapidity; militarilly considered what Russia has effected militarily in the Ukraine makes the 'Ardennes Offensive' look like some 'cuddly chucky childplay ' and instanced concerning the evil genius of military action adopted?

If you are a smart German, not to say global subject such the incorporation as to unipolarity, then you should at this juncture be shitting yourself at the austerity imminent as to collateral damage- fallout this Ukraine crisis shaping up to precipitate infrastructurally an expression truly deadly of geopolitical unipolariy?

- Because a hidden agenda of genocide is at play despite the gloves placed on by and of Russia as manipulated into this war and such the genocidal 'soft kill' effected?

But back to that new form of blitzkrieg as an invasive vaccination as extrapolated upon to Genocide supplemented/augmented such the force feed of toxic shit as under Thanatos prevailing poymorphous.

The Ukrainian invasion is bad news - as is any war concerning Eros?

The tactics of the Russian blitzkreig are to encircle and constrain Ukrainian military forces, where necessary as whence fierce resistance met to withdraw and effectively lay siege as encircle conurbations; thereby bypassing the attempt of Ukrainian forces to embed themselves within civilian populations and solicit collateral damage of high propaganda value. It is no matter of happenstance that RT as Spunik taken off air accordant?

Contrast this with Fallujah (Iraq) and Sirte (Libya); the former remaining one of the most shameful instances of 'totaler krieg' yet evidenced in the history of modern warfare as shameful to Humanity, as ranks alongside the 'highway of death' as wholesale slaughter of retreating Iraqi forces, largely conscripted occurred.

'No rubble in the Ukraine!' being the order as went out concerning the Russian Blitzkrieg of unprecedented military genius concerning 'hearts as minds' to be captured?

Russia is not of the 'in order to save the village we had to destroy it' mentality, or of the totaler krieg paradigm; what is happening now in the Ukraine reflects the calculated dampening of a tinderbox of potential thermonuclear conflagration avoided accordant?

Russia is a tool – albeit the smartest in the unipolar geopolitical box of militarism such the 'social credit' variagated?

But alas, sense of Brecht, there should be no rejoice such as the bitch on heat again?

It must be 'remembered' such the memento mori as in processs of attaining geopolitical scale that these are 'End Times' commensurated as much by 'soft kill' as of 'hard kill' is to an 'invasion' as already has occurred is as an expression of Thanatos.

Brecht got it right concerning no rejoice – as much as totaler krieg deferred to greater soft kill this instance attained?

Satan remains a bastard, such the heat still on Genocidal as of the bitch?