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Utility And Illusion - The Ukraine Crisis Exposed

By Stephen Martin

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Winston Churchill/Rahm Emanuel (Attrib)

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do

Karl Rove

And the animals looked from geopolitcal power blok to power blok, and from sovereign nation to nation, and back again , and could see no difference.

George Orwell (paraphrase)

Small article seeks to place the ongoing as developing crisis in the Ukraine in context of a nefarious Unipolarity of Geopolitical Control as recently evidenced as exposed by a global response to a global emergency declared whereby 183 Nations acted in unison or 'Rockefellerian lockstep' in respect of Covid 19 reaction under global authority as of some private/public partnership manifested; emphasis being on the private /secret- and Kudos to Iain Davis for drawing us a picture of this world ruling system as unipolar and his defying illusion/propaganda thru perspicacity. His blog can be found here.

While most people(?) such the sufferance inflicted now see through or suspect the illusion of controlled opposition at the party political level of 'Nation' in as much as the same corporatist /neoliberal interests are served regardless of party placed in power, few people such the divide et impera grasp that the same cancerous deep state manipulations in the early 2 1st C. now prevail at a geopolitical as global level of unipolarity?

When Orwell wrote '1984' he described three Geopolitical power bloks always at war; Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia; in 2022AD these power bloks have become proximally: the Western World as in sense of America and Europe, Russia and China.

People still believe that three power bloks represent genuine geopolitical diversity as opposed to a globalized unity of geopolitical power structure controlling illusion and pulling strings - and to suggest otherwise is to invite incredulity?

But as congruence with as Lincoln said, not all people are fooled.

A highly perspicacious article concerning this subject of a unitary as singular power structure prevailing as opposed to a tripartite structure at a Global level is yet to be found here?

As to some reiteration of Eisenhower's swan song and prescience evidenced; what must be realized is that in the 21st C. the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has metastasized into a Global Unipolarity of political power; the same deep state as controls America and Europe now controls Russia and China? Of course much as there is hegemonic created incredulity at the proposition that there is no difference of 'bipolarity' between Republicans and Democrats (USA), the Conservatives and New Labour (UK), the Christian Democratic Union and Social Democratic Party (Germany)- the list could go on as to a funereal dirge concerning 'Democracy' as much as 'National Sovereignty'' - there is even more incredulity to be elicited under cultural hegemony at the level of 'Global Tripolarity' being dared to even be questioned?


Are we supposed to believe that 'Global Leaders' of the 'World Economic Forum' (WEF) do not exist in China or Russia; are we to forget under 'memory hole' rationale that 'Lockdown' as a response to Covid originated in China, are we supposed to believe there is a real difference between the likes of Biden, Putin, Xi, Merkel, Macron, Johnson et al?

-This as much commensurated corporatist as we to believe there a real difference between Blackrock , Vanguard™ and State Streer™?

Axiomatic as automatic to the modus operandi of said Deep State Geopolitical as much calculated being that 'global problems demand global solutions' ; this under a dialectic as intimated above quote whereby 'problem reaction solution' attains some considerable as realpolitikal as dialectical synonymy with ye olde 'Orde ab Chao'?

The global deep state which wields 'Chao' as expressive of both sides backed 'win/win' such the 'Ordo' as much to a theater of the Kabuki paralleled; as Brandon Smith intimates in a highly perspicacious article as hyperlinked above; and this is reflected in history's actors creating a new reality as the Ukraine Crisis represents?

It is acknowledged that there no illusion concerning the real sufferance which real people as opposed to history's actors are suffering and many more to do so, alas, under as much the Ukrainian scenario deployed as a new reality created as 'spun' by a New World Order contended.

Of course this is regardless of Nationality such as 'All Lives Matter' become a revolutionary sentiment in times of Universal Deceit; it remains as a tragedy that the huge loss of life to be precipitated by the manufactured crisis of the Ukraine to be further contributory towards a genocide effected under hidden agenda by a Deep State of global proportionality.

And this 'our' subject - because if you have read this far as willing to suspend disbelief and consider then you are beyond the knee jerk of cultural hegemony?

But digression.

The subject this small article being as subjugate to that greatest of questions 'Cui Bono' ?

'Don't look here look over there' is as much as 'here's a new fear for you' as much a new reality for study created by history's actors but to be studied?

Many people are starting to question as see through the Covid narrative - and the Ukraine narrative provides a new fear as a distraction accordant? Putin given the green light to invade much as to the reiteration of Saddam Hussein concerning Kuwait? Covid placed on the backburner of a hidden agenda concerning surplus population reduction as a euphemism for genocide effected ongoing?

A new 'highway of death' pending pornographic accordant 'retreat is not an option'?

For there is little to no doubt that many millions of lives are to be lost as a result/collateral damage effected of the geopolitical fallout of the new reality of Russia invading the Ukraine and the austerity it to exacerbate by way of a lockdown under a crafted illusion?

As much as the new reality of genetic therapy to be built upon, such the Thanatos, such the denouement of a hidden agenda by a global deep state committed to Genocide if not Ecocide?

Foremost amongst the collateral damage of the Ukraine Crisis is Nordstream 2 as the blockage of a mainstream artery of geopolitical proportionality; as an act of 'Genocide' carried out as a silent assassination under a hidden agenda hidden under deep state?

The tragedy is that the necrotrophs have 'won'; that we sense of Zamyatin now exist as not so much under or in an Animal Farm as in a Global Concentration Camp?

'Global Warming' indeed.

The fallout of austerity ascending from the mushroom cloud of the new reality of the Ukraine and the 'Cui Bono?' it represents as to the cause furthered of a unipolar global structure is difficult to explicate; however the principals of congruence with an agenda as would be hidden can be proposed as delineated.

Quite simply, more People are to die prematurely under the illusion or new reality created by unipolar Global authority as the agenda would be hidden; and this a tragedy which the crisis in the Ukraine represents but the consequences of a cultivated accretion of illusion.

Ain't satan a bastard?