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The Pelosi Clan Profits In China,
Sells Out Taiwan, Cons The USA

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unleashed the baying FBI hounds against Donald Trump to divert media attention away from her personal betrayal of triggering China’s military siege of Taiwan. Her twisted mind is essentially mercenary, selling her soul to the highest bidder, the auctioneers being her husband Paul Pelosi Senior and son Paul Pelosi Junior. If a buyer cannot score a deal with Paul then turn instead to Paul; one way or another, it’s a sale, the Pelosi way.

Beyond argument, the combination of the Pelosis and Bidens comprise the most crooked political leadership in the 226 years of America’s history as a nation, way beyond Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal, and therefore worthy of perusal here. (If ever there was a strong case for late-term abortion . . . It’s never too late to terminate, Nancy, and for that matter stepmom Jill!. Just slip them a pill and flush into the sewers.) You’ve heard all about Hunter, so let’s here start with Paul Junior before launching into his crook of a father.

Aboard the Secret Flight to Taipei

One of the passengers who rolled up for the Magical Mystery Tour aboard that USAF C-40 on its zigzagging flight to Taipei was Paul Pelosi Jr, whose name is notably missing from the passenger manifest. Stowaway aboard! Well, Pauly is the child that no mother deserves to call her own, so he didn’t really count among the VIPs heading for Taipei. If the plane was shot down by a Chinese MiG, nobody’s going to miss young Paul, not his investment advisors in Beijing nor his former Chinese mistress in San Francisco.

Fox News host Jesse Watters waxed eloquently on Pauly’s adventures in Asia: “We told you about Hunter's escapades from being bribed with Chinese diamonds to funding a Russian sex trafficking ring, but we just found out Hunter has some competition. His name? Paul Pelosi, Jr. As far as we can tell, he's never had a real job. The kind where you have to punch a clock. So, what does Pauly Jr. do all day? Well, last week, Nancy snuck little Pauly on her plane to Asia.

“His name wasn't listed as part of the official delegation. They didn't want you to know Paul went to Asia with his mom, but if you look closely at the photos, there he is, Pauly P. Jr., about as unqualified as Hunter with all the big dogs there in Asia. He was also caught by foreign photographers in Singapore and Japan. The U.S. press, who covered every move Nancy made in the Pacific, somehow never noticed that her son Paul was along for the ride.

“Paul Jr. was even wearing the same purple tie he wore when he went to Ukraine. Oh, you didn't know he went to Ukraine? Well, yeah, we didn't either. You won't find any trace of this on the speaker's website because she didn't want you to know about Pauly Jr. What was your son doing there? He's not an elected official. He's not an advisor to Nancy. He doesn't even live in Washington, but he was greeted as royalty by the president of Taiwan.

“If you thought Hunter Biden's business deals were shady, just wait. Pauly Jr. Is on the payroll of two lithium mining companies and Asia just happens to be a lithium gold mine and Taiwan just happens to be a world leader in lithium battery production. He's also heavily invested in Singapore's energy sector. Wasn't that another stop on Nancy's trip? . . . South Korea is another place where the Fresh Prince does business. Just a few months ago, his company struck up an EV battery deal there. What do you know, Nancy, went to South Korea also. We didn't get any pictures of Pauly there, but maybe he took a quick trip himself to China alone. I mean, his mother's always been very interested in that country.”

Dope Fiend

Thanks for those insights, Mr. Watters, but I must add that there was a very good reason for Pauly to sneak aboard that plane to Taiwan. You see Pauly’s estranged lover, Karena Fang, is from Taiwan, and he’s been trying to make amends for that nasty spat with her, I mean evicting the girlfriend from her own house in San Francisco. What about her adoptive kids? Paul had arranged for Child Protective Services to seize those unwanted kids and haul them away. Oh, there was another child missing from list, because Pelosi forced his lover to abort their embryo. Nice Dad, eh? For the feminist lobby, an ideal advocate of abortion rights. As put by the Jack Lopate (Thomas Haden Church) to Miles Raymond (Paul Giamatti) in “Sideways” about the pick-up waitress Stephanie (played by Sandra Oh): “She f--ks like an animal!”. So don’t bring her to church for a wedding. Then after de-cluttering his new bachelor pad of teddy bears, Pauly converted into a sleaze bordello inviting buddies and hookers over for lap dancing and to snort cocaine.

Karena’s father who is a top-rated herbal doctor wasn’t amused because coke of either type is not on the approved list of Chinese medicinals. Mista Pauly, no good for healthy brain! (His brain’s so damaged, ginseng is no cure.) So a regretful guilt-ridden Pauly must’ve jumped aboard his mom’s flight to Taiwan at the last minute in order to light incense sticks at the ancestral temple of the Fang clan. If you believe that, email me a Paypal pick-up of million bucks for AmerAsian orphans in bombed-out Taipei.

Dropping the Other Shoe in Ukraine

Patrick Howley, an investigative journalist then with The National File, did a full Monty expose of Pauly’s 2013 tag-along adventure during his deranged mom’s first junket to Kiev. Posing as the CEO of NRGLab, previously known as Viscoil, Junior tried to con a local tycoon to set up a manufacturing plant in Ukraine for an electric-power generator called the “SH-Box”. Add on the abbreviation of Information Technology, “IT”, to discover that Junior’s high-tech concept actually belongs in an outhouse. This marvel of science supposedly generates immense power from crystal growth, when the only jolt that matters to Pauly comes from crystal meth.

His motto for the SH IT Box was “to provide an enormously large number of people electricity at extremely cheap rates”. Hey, Paul, maybe New York City might be interested in affordable pay toilets equipped with vibrators. Maybe sonny boy’s scam explains why Volodymyr Zelensky did not smile when he shook hands, briefly, with the House Speaker on her recent photo-op in Kiev. Chicken Kiev, if only the Zel had given Pauly the same cut as Hunter, the U.S. Marines would now be raising the flag over a volcanic Kremlin. If her role in Kiev is anything like her backstabbing set-up of Taipei, she must have been on a secret mission for her paymasters in Moscow.

Nancy Pelosi nee D’Alessandro, is a natural born criminal, being the daughter of the most crooked mayor ever of Baltimore who hosted annual get-togethers of the Jewish pimp Lord Julius, Yid boss Meyer Lansky and the Genovese mob family. She would qualify as a Machiavellian queen of back-stabbing intrigue if only she didn’t wear pink dresses. Haven’t you heard, Nan, that Black is forever Back? The Borgias, to their credit, never pretended to play fair.

No leading Democrat scandal is complete without a partnership with friends of the Cartel, in Paul Jr.’s case as president of a company called Natural Blue Resource, it was the retired New Mexico governor Tony Anaya. Launched during the Bill Richardson regime in “The Land of Enchantment”, their scam was to sell the world’s purist water, from the bone-dry Chihuahua desert where even rattlers and Gila monsters cannot survive. Sure, and I’ve got a gold mine to sell you on Alcatraz Island.

The China Connection(s)

Pauly’s been to China on several junkets with his namesake Paul Francis Pelosi (Senior). To cut to the quick though the labyrinth of San Francisco’s Tongs (family associations) and Triads (secret societies), Little Italy is located right next to Chinatown. Heroin in, gold out. In contrast to the Sicilian mob on the East Coast, the dominant regional group down by Fisherman’s Wharf is Ligurian, the region around Genoa, the home port of Christopher Columbus of Indigenous Day fame. The local hero remains Joe DiMaggio who married the Virgin Marilyn Monroe at the Church of Peter and Paul, a wedding that would not be Kosher in Cardinal Spellman’s New York. Not a lot of news ever emerges from those sinless San Franciscans, other than Carol Doda’s boob job, the neighborhood tranny stage show, and the destruction of the Marina district in the 1989 Loma Prieta Quake. By contrast, Little Italy NYC exposed everything in “The Godfather” series and across the river Hoboken in “The Sopranos”.

Due to the low-profile style of those quiet SF Italians, not a lot is known about the familial origins of Paul Francis Pelosi, who went to school back east at Georgetown University in the DC area and the Stern School of Business in NYC. Paul Pelosi Sr. and his sweetheart Nancy D’Alessandro, the charming daughter of Baltimore’s mafia-owned mayor, met during his student years at Georgetown’s foreign service program. They were married in 1963 at at Baltimore’s Cathedral of Mary Queen, and six years later relocated to San Francisco. I’ve always wondered how the Genovese connection came about. Nancy’s way too uptight for comfort in casual San Francisco, preferring the chill fog of Sausalito, across the Golden Gate. Pink is for suburbanites, whereas black and white are standard for Baghdad by the Bay, where nobody tries to stand out from the crowd, other than the swank tuxedoed mayor Willie Brown with an exotic teenage college girl named Kamala on his elbow.

Oh, I’m getting off-subject with this scandal talk. Paul Senior’s investments in China, which pays of wifey Nancy’s reelection campaigns, are cloaked by using a major investment firm run by one of his Georgetown buddies, the tycoon William Hambrecht. In 1995, his International Capital Management, run out of Chicago, launched The China Fund, which focuses on Internet-connected Chinese companies. That early generation of start-ups were largely “sponsored” and sheltered by the “princelings”, the sons and daughters of the Communist Party elite. It’s all basically insider trading, the sure way to riches and surplus cash for Hambrect, a major donor for the Democratic Party.

Notably, One of two older brothers (by 6 years) of Paul Sr. is Ronald who was employed at Hambrect & Quist, the mother-ship for William Hambrect’s wheeling and dealings. Uncle Ron is also on the board of Pacific Asset Management, the Shanghai-based fund that ranks No.7 on the top 30 asset investment firms in China; and the La Jolla-based Pacific Corporate Group, which runs its China investments out of its Hong Kong and Singapore offices. BTW, Ron’s first wife Barbara Newsome (married and divorced in 1977) is the mother of California governor Gavin Newsome, who’s been a real nuisance to more than his mother and stepfather.

The Pelosi family is refusing to release any information on granddad Giovanni “John” Battista Pelosi who divorced grandma Corinne, which is amazing since the Catholic Church is not eager to violate the Savior’s rule of “What God has brought together, let no man break asunder”. As a working grunt in the Bay Area, I’ve rubbed shoulders with Italianos, for instance, most of the restaurant owners and half the unionized waitresses on Fisherman’s Wharf, a slew of flower growers, and my neighbors on Lombard Street.

So looking back on the wonderful Italian-American legacy, I have detected a dark side of their force, which was Holy communion resistance to the Puritannical Abolitionists. So down the list of colorful outlaws, let’s roll: bootlegger Jerry Feri, Al Scariso (beautiful name), Genaro “Gene” Broccolo (not the same whose name lives on in broccoli), and Frank Lanza (no relation to Mario) and son Jimmy “The Hat”, former a founder of Fisherman’s Wharf and crony of Mayor Joe Alioto, who pioneered Italiano Power in San Francisco and California politics.

The Pelosi clan owes everything to those notables of the Ligurian Mob and Murder Inc. Now, how come you learn all this from a journalist of Japanese ancestry? Because the Italianos could never pronounced by name “Yoichi” and replaced it with the genuine Italian ring: “Luigi”.

Actually, that adopted name, which had nothing to with gaming brother Mario, saved me from a gunshot execution in Brooklyn when I rammed the front bumper of a black limo in my hurry to get to Sunday brunch. A huge Irish chauffeur stepped out of the Caddy to inform of my lack of courtesy, while clutching a handgun under his vest. “You are the luckiest punk in the world today, kid,” he announced. “Because that car you just crushed belongs to John Gotti. Only because he’s inside that church at his best friend’s funeral, you are still alive. Now, scram!” Whew, close call, if ever! I was gasping as my truck tore out of there.

Great pizza in Little Italy NYC, and wonderful crab cioppino in SF; take your pick, the slicer or the bone cruncher. Did I ever mention the assassinated mob boss who’s face landed on a bowl of linguine? Splat! I sure miss those days.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this tale from Nancy’s famiglia, about her brother Franklin D. Roosevelt D’Alessandro who was a defendant in a date rape trial during the 1950s. His circle of 15 young men cornered three pre-teen girls for a gang bang. Pass that on to the women’s rights movement: Join the Democrat circle jerk, ladies.

A fine lineage there, Pauly, as role paternal model for dealing with Miss Fang’s brats. So “Roots” are what explain what makes Nancy Pelosi tick like a time-bomb, being the daughter of the mob boss of Baltimore and hubby’s unholy family in San Francisco.

My advice to the Taiwanese and Chinese is thus: In the good old days, you could count on the word of a Mafiosi, but nowadays they spit out truth like sour wine and swill lies like champagne. Still, families East and West are much alike. Stick with your maotai, clear liquor with a kick, whenever deal-making, but there is still one thing to learn from the Italiano Mob, and that’s how to divvy up the territory. You guys and dolls take care of that block over there and I will collect from my side of the street; and at the end of the year we’ll split the difference. By the way, gege (pronounced guh, guh) Older Brother, I have a son at Harvard Biz, his English no good but he knows how to count money, and we hear your daughter at Stanford poly-sci is smart and very pretty and speaks five languages fluently, so putting together the family fortunes is a great investment for the grandchildren and for our retirement. Gambei!