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Prime Suspects In Uvalde Shooting Are
A Tranny And The Queer Boss Of DHS

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Uvalde, Texas - One of few genteel towns in an otherwise violent crime-ridden border region of Southwest Texas, this longtime hub of the mohair wool trade' with its row of giant shade trees and grand colonial-style pillared mansions. seems the unlikeliest target for a mass shooting. Antique shops and counseling centers along narrow streets, and a notable scarcity of saloons and gun dealers, makes this hallowed town a quiet refuge from outlaws and desperadoes of the Wild West. The Outback Oasis store is stocked with tents and sleeping bags for family vacations, along with take-out meals for female office workers, hardly a macho pawn-and-gun shop catering to survivalists and social paranoiacs. Shooting around here is usually limited to recreational dove hunting in the dense thickets along the Nueces River since those dark-meat wild fowl are a favored delicacy in this ancient region's Spanish-derived cuisine. So, what went so wrong?

The cold-blooded shooting of 19 children and two teachers at the local Ross Elementary School is a cultural anomaly and political aberration despite Uvalde's proximity to the troubled border with Mexico. Neither does the killer's conform with political militancy or racism, since teenage shooter Salvador Ramos was not a Cartel drug-runner, illegal alien, rogue biker or gang member. His sole distinguishing characteristic, which serves as a clue, was a budding transsexual identity. This choice of sexuality, explored here, leads to another culprit who delayed the assault to free the school children, the gay chief of the Department of Homeland Security, who has a very possible longtime connection with the shooter.

Adding insult to injury, the mainstream press has encamped in the downtown park like a flock of buzzards to record and transmit the repetitious official cover story chastising the local police while avoiding mention of the fact that the rescue order was delayed for 77 minutes by the Biden appointee at an all-powerful Department of Homeland Security. The federal overruling of local law enforcement was based in the uneasy hidden relationship between DHS bigwigs and the felonious family of the killer.

'Girlz' just wanna have fun

The fatherless shooter Salvador Ramos is described by his few friends and former schoolmates as an effeminate youth who spoke with a lisp, wore eye shadow and befriended girls online though not for dating. His major personal issue was likely the lack of sufficient savings to afford breast enhancement and, more so, a sex-change operation, since surgery clinics even across the border demand hefty fees in the thousands of dollars and the cost of a nurse during weeks of recovery. Yet, enigmatically, the unemployed desperado Ramos came up with the funds to purchase $5,000 worth of guns and a huge amount of ammo from an unsuspecting local outdoors shop.

Before heading the short distance to the school, Ramos shot his grandmother dead, apparently for her objections to storing his newly acquired arsenal in her home shared with his grandfather, who was on long-term parole for a gun violation in their previous state of residence, way up there in North Dakota, a connection that could emerge as a major factor, the motive behind an otherwise inexplicable school attack. Question: Can you recall watching the Coen brothers' movie "Fargo"?

The transsexual fantasy that alienated Ramos from his schoolmates has its sources in two social-cultural factors. First, the liberal agenda prevalent among present-day teachers has promoted a pro-LGBT ideology starting with children's early education, with national librarian approval of picture books promoting and thereby normalizing homosexuality and sexual deviance. This year the State of Texas curbed this sort of propaganda during early education in primary school. The Uvalde shooting, therefore, gives the LGBT lobby a "cause" by blaming this incident on repressive laws against queer kids. This sort of pro-gay brainwashing of children discloses the subversive, indeed nefarious agenda of the wiccan-backed LGBT teachers' movement, which should be expelled from the entirety of the educational system. There are limits to tolerance in a traditionally Christian society and the LGBT cultist have gained much too much influence over youthful minds.

Laws should not merely ban these sorts of perverted doctrines but result in criminal prosecution with mandatory prison sentences. Toleration of deviance has been a total failure that requires stronger remedy, especially among many ethnic minority cultures with a strong tradition of separation of social roles between the sexes. Ultra-liberal Anglo-American or Jewish advocates of absolute freedom of behavior have zero right to disrupt long-held customary attitudes toward sexual roles, since immigrants did not arrive to this country to be brainwashed into becoming decadent sinners. If one wants to engage in fantasy games and self-abuse with other sickos, fine; just don't try to entice others into your sick circle of playmates. The rule is simple: Live and let live. Sexual choice is a personal decision that should be kept out of the curriculum, other than for students of psychiatry.

Another factor particular to the Hispanic and newer Mexican communities is the cultural persistence of clearly defined sexual segregation, which was objectionable to the deviant Ramos. The highliight of a girl's life is her 15 th  birthday celebration or quinceanera, a fancy party featuring the lucky girl wearing a fanciful dress that may cost up to $3,000. That celebration marks the start of sexual segregation between female and male, with the girl facing a future of motherhood and the boy looking forward to the challenges of manhood. (This life hurdle is similar to the Jewish custom of the bar mitzfa for boys.) Traditionally, the 15 th  year represents the preparatory phase of female entry into marriage and motherhood, or as seen by feminists as subordination to the future husband and his parents by becoming a mother. The aberrant criminal acts of Salvador Ramos will from this point onward begin the permanent alienation of the larger Hispanic community from the flagrant Democrat agenda of sexual deviance. Most Asian communities are also disgusted by white liberal perversion, and the same culture-based repudiation is happening among African Americans due to the murderous ultra-perverse homosexuality of Democrat heroes Ed Buck and Adam Schiff of Standard Hotel infamy.

Equal Rights to Murder the Innocent

Transsexual identity is hardly a local trend in the socially conservative Southwest, since most of the habitues working the tranny clubs in San Antonio, Dallas and Houston are imports, many of them illegals, from South America, the liberal West Coast or Miami Vice. Salvador, according to his few friends, remained a disaffected outsider in Uvalde, as an effeminate lad who preferred the online company of chatty girls. His last day as a shooter dressed in black was therefore a theatrical act, as if trying to prove himself to be a real man in stranger's eyes, a gesture of compensation for being a lonesome effeminate freak who could not afford the cost of a sex-change operation. Then something snapped or, just maybe, his role as a gunman was play-acting a role on behalf of a sponsor.

His actions at the school prove, without a shade of doubt, that it's not just liberal-hating right-wing gun nuts or mind-addled psychopaths who are capable of unleashing violence against innocents. Despite the obvious deviance of the shooter, the LGBT deviant minority remains in total denial as if queers are angels who can never commit a heinous crime even when they can be equally guilty of bias and hateful attitudes toward straights. No, many and perhaps most trannies have engaged in the serious crime of spiking the drinks of unsuspecting heteros for the purpose of robbery. Even more heinous is the drugging of johns in order to extract kidneys and hearts for transplant, which is a quick solution to the debt incurred for a sex change but is also tantamount to third-degree murder. A lot of that organ trade goes to clinics in Mexico, where a forcible death in exchange for a sex change is business as usual. Life is cheap, amigos.

It is farcical that Alex Jones has been barraged by online criticisms from the boy-turned-girl crowd for his suggestion that Salvador Ramos was a transsexual. The mincing tender queers went for the bait. The talk-show host's observation could well have some importance to solving some disturbing aspects of the school shooting, especially the question of whether the shooter had accomplices, sponsors or paymasters who shared his sexual leanings. Indeed, there are probable links between the Ramos-Reyes family to queers among the Biden appointees to the DHS.

The world does not need to hear pleas for sympathetic understanding from the transsexual community and its deviant allies when so many unsolved crimes have been inflicted after luring men with promises of sex. Sexual identity is not a valid excuse absolving one of criminal behavior. From now on, justice-seeking is going to be rendered on a level playing field, without sympathetic pleas from zombie liberals and pedophile politicians. Denial is tantamount to an admission of guilt. Sure, there are honest, hard-working and law-abiding transsexuals, and they should be the first to criticize their devious "sisters" instead of leaving the burden of questioning to a purposely nasty bastard like me. Meanwhile, until the accomplices are prosecuted, the queer Miss Salvador will remain a stain on the police blotter.

Defend the Dignity of Families

The news reporters, gathered like vultures by the dozens in the town park, to cover a parade of politicians and "crime experts", should stop the gloating over this public tragedy as if Uvalde should serve their liberal agenda as a bizarre case for gun control. Instead the hypocritical mainstream media should show the courage to defy the code of silence under this present regime of political correctness. PC is too often a shield for politician criminals.

Salvador Ramos, whatever his female name might be, is not a victim of sexual prejudice but just another spoiled-rotten sinner seeking an amusing life of easy pleasure who emotionally exploded when confronted by unyielding Hispanic moral values in a traditionalist Catholic region. This tense divide between a socially conservative society and liberal notions of personal identity choice was the dynamic in the Uvalde school shooting. As for liberal supporters of sexually deviant lifestyles, which are offensive to traditionalist values, the coming reaction could soon resemble the Spanish Inquisition.

Was being a tranny wannabee a factor in the Uvalde shootings? Ramos reportedly spent much of his idle hours at his grandparents' home, only a few short blocks from the school, meaning he probably was taunted by young girls nearby for being a "flor" (flower), the Mexican jibe at effeminate boys. Just as a point in passing, homosexual behavior in the machismo Mexican culture is sharply divided between the tolerated sex between  macho males or "maricones" versus the "degradation" of a man posturing as one of the lesser sex. Feminism is a total stranger to the Spanish and Aztec cultural legacies, where women are by definition bearers of children and keepers of the home. Becoming lesbian is not going to change social attitudes but will only increase the distrust between upholders of traditional values and well-meaning sinners. Sin is a burden, for sure.

A boy who desires to give up male privilege by acting as a female is seen as simply "loco", a nutcase worthy of disdain and derision, or more crudely a "chivo", a billy goat to be sodomized, though certainly not out of true love. As shown in the Salvador Ramos case, ostracism transformed him first into a a maiden and then into a monster. By promoting sexual deviance in the Hispanic Southwest, which by centuries is the oldest European-based civilization in the New World, liberals have put their agenda on the path to moral repugnance, social repudiation and political self-destruction. Good riddance, see you in Hell.

Slippery in Fargo

Before proceeding to the sadly deteriorating law enforcement situation along the nearby U.S.-Mexico border, let's divert momentarily to  the origins of the shooter's bipolar identity during his early upbringing at a cultural distance as far away as anyone can get from Texas. His family's previous residence was in North Dakota, along the other border, the Canadian. The family were relocated to Texas from that northernmost region in the wake of the arrest and imprisonment of his paternal grandfather Rolando Reyes, whose criminal record there has apparently been scrubbed. Has the Ramos-Reyes clan been acting as snitches for the DHS and FBI? If so, Salvador Ramos was a federal asset, a connection that implicates the Biden government in the Uvalde massacre.

Was the family move to the southern border a different sort of reassignment, that is a deal with federal law enforcement to serve as informants along the southern border? If so, then the Uvalde shooting case could massively implicate the federal authorities, meaning the victims' families should be hiring private investigators and a law team to uncover the underlying reasons for the federal-ordered delay of local police intervention. After all, it was a late-arriving DHS swat team that stormed the school.

Adding further onus onto the Biden team for this unacceptable delay of rescue in Uvalde, it is a hard cold fact that the police chief in Fargo, South Dakota's biggest metropolitan hub of law enforcement, was Chris Magnus, who has since been transferred to Tucson and more recently appointed by Biden and DHS chief Alejandro Mayorcas as Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A self-admitted gay cop, Magnus is in direct charge of the Border Tactical Unit (BorTac), a special-forces type of assault team deployed against terrorists anywhere in the world, including and especially with the Southwest border with Mexico. Most of the tactical squad members are military veterans with front-line battle experience in hot spots since the Obama decade, including  Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. These hit men for Democrat overlords are certainly not anti-gun pacifists like their hypocritical bosses.

That clarified, let's move on to today's J. Edgar Hoover of the DHS, the tough boss in a tutu. While serving along the North Dakota-Minnesota state line and later Tucson, Arizona, Magnus was the first openly gay police chief in American history, who soon thereafter was married in Tucson to Terence Cheung. The Chinese-American "husband" is a super-liberal academic focused on legal reform with an absurd agenda of kindness for hardened criminals who have forfeited any right to be treated as a fellow citizen. Is it any wonder then that the gay cabal in the Biden admin went slow and easy on their teenage soulmate Salvador Ramos? Or was those murders of innocents some sort of bizarre Satanic sacrifice? For its own redemption, the Christian community must pursue this case and uncover the facts no matter how much time or digging it may require.

This Mutt-and-Jeff duo of Magnus and Cheung work both sides of the law, one as a top cop and the other as a coddle of murderers. If there is a single fact that can turn this case, it's whether Magnus  as a police chief in South Dakota personally organized payment for Rolando Reyes, the grandfather of the Uvalde killer, and provide witness protection funds to the Reyes-Ramos clan as informants for the DHS. Did Magnus later promise payment to Ramos to finance his sex change but somehow failed to honor that commitment, resulting in an heinous act of revenge by the mentally disturbed transsexual? Or was the larger plan actually to perpetrate a massacre of the children of God-fearing Christians as a diabolical act of human sacrifice? There's much more to this crime than meets the eye.

All and any Uvalde city police intervention was blocked by a federal stand-down order from Washington D.C., while a BorTac team was dispatched from the border post at Del Rio (more than 60 miles away). Given this background which implicates the Biden-appointed Border affairs official, I am compelled to challenge and reject the Biden cronies' slurs against the local city police department in their politicized attempt to shift the blame from the Democrat-controlled Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the 77-minute delay in the rescue operation, which reacted much too late to save the 19 children and two teachers shot dead. If the facts eventually confirm this thesis, then President Joe Biden and his DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas are ultimately responsible for politicizing the crisis and delaying action against the gunman, which led to the tragic deaths. If so, Biden and Mayorcas should resign their political offices in disgrace or be impeached by Congress. Truth has a way of outing, doesn't it?

A Crime-infested Border Zone

The local police, who could easily have arrived at the school quickly enough to prevent all or most of the deaths, were given a stand-down order by federal officials who deferred the crisis response to the authority of Homeland Security. In other words, the decision-making process for police response was usurped by federal agencies, which is by now much too often a standard procedure under politicized Democrat authoritarianism.

All along the four-state border region, which bears the brunt of the draconian Patriot Act that empowers the DHS, local police departments cannot act independently but are merely a backup force in the chain of command in crises involving terrorism or foreign nationals, for instance, gunmen with the drug Cartel. The command hierarchy starts at the top with the Department Homeland Security and its Border Patrol stations, which has top decision-making authority, followed in descending order by the state National Guard, federal marshals, State Police aka highway patrol officers, county sheriff's offices, and last and least local police chiefs.

For all their personal courage in dealing with local thugs and foreign petty criminals, the Southwest's police officers are by now reduced to writing speeding tickets and conducting high-speed chases at nighttime when federal and state offices are closed. As a result, the Mexican Cartel's control over this region has been expanding exponentially into loan sharking, arson against independent businesses of Hispanic Americans, and the outbreak of home-destroying forest fires across New Mexico. Frankly, any American politicians allied with these international criminal syndicates should be arrested, put on public trial and punished with life imprisonment or, where legal, executed as traitors.

The reason for keeping local police departments on a tight federal leash is to enable the federal bureaucrats to liaise with the Mexico's presidential office, his diplomatic corps and security agents, some of them with "fingers" in the Cartel. Since President Luis Obrador (popularly known by his initials AMLO) took office, Cartel control over local governments in Mexico climbed from 11 to 14 Mexican states. His Cartel thugs are armed with AK-47s and 50 caliber Barrett rifles with a 3-mile accuracy range. Our nation's border defenses have meanwhile stripped to bare bones, as the courageous Border Patrol officers are stretched thin. Democrat politicians have pulled back state National Guard units and in every way restrict law enforcement to benefit their Cartel political patrons.

In this context of liberal sabotage of local law enforcement, let me briefly note some of the anomalies in the Uvalde event. Which "teacher" unlocked and propped open the security door in the back of the school, which was approached directly by the shooter after he shot at the front windows? Was the reason for Ramos to abandon his grandmother's truck in a concrete drainage ditch, which broke off two wheels, a diversion in order to escape in another vehicle driven by an accomplice? Why did the assailant leave one of the AR rifles in that truck and bring it along in the first case? Was the other gunman, who failed to arrive, secretly another DHS informant?

The inability of any law enforcement agency, local or national, to seek answers to these questions indicates an official cover-up, with news agencies acting as propaganda accomplices. The crowd of news cameras and reporters in the Uvalde town park, festooned with flowers and toys for the dead kids, is a disgrace, when residents want to be left in peace to ease their sorrow. Instead of beating those bushes along with the rest of the crew, I decided to drive southward to better understand the relationship of Uvalde with the troubled crime-overwhelmed border zone.

The Illegals Factor

South, just past the city limits, there is a picnic area, where I stopped after noticing a square hole cut in a double-row of wire fences. Crawling through the passageway, I came upon a vast field strewn with hundreds of beer cans and wine bottles, obviously used as an encampment for illegals. Their trail cut through a huge sheep ranch and across the Nueces River, where a Mexican lady was selling box lunches for by-passers, presumably from the other side of the border, 65 miles to the southwest. Judging by sea of empty bottles of Busch and Coors, the illegals are obviously not some poor huddled mass of freedom seekers, but simply human cargo is a lucratively financed transport network, which runs northward through and beyond Uvalde.

One of the locals had told me that the last U.S. Census had listed Uvalde's population as 15,200 residents but a head-count by the city's social services department estimated a real population of more than 22,000, meaning that more than one-third are illegals. That percentage of foreigners who be higher, if not for the fact that Uvalde is a way-station to nearby San Antonio, due to its location near the border posts at Del Rio, Eagle Pass and Laredo, Texas, along the the edge of the Mexican state of Chihuahua and near Matamoros.

During a gap in traffic flows at one of the Border Patrol checkpoints, I had a friendly discussion with a uniformed agent in praise of their dedication despite the bureaucratic interference from the politicians. His answer to my politicization comment said it all: "It's been a nightmare for us."

Further on, I reached the lesser-known border village of Eagle Pass, where I spotted a Border Patrol team pulling their air-fan raft out of the Rio Grand River onto a boat ramp. The two-man team held rifles as the pick-up truck pulled the watercraft up and onto a large parking lot. All I could do, other than taking a photo, was to praise them for their otherwise thankless effort at turning back border crossers.

On the other side of the narrow channel, I was struck by the sight of a gigantic Catholic church, which announced Hispanic-Mexican faithfulness, which I suppose is directed in pious rebuke of a diabolically sinful United States. It hurts to realize the diagnosis is absolutely correct, when a "superior" America has transformed into a broken society of sinners and corporate criminals. The Spanish Catholic legacy of prayer, fasting, pilgrimage and repentance is indeed the proper diagnostic treatment for an avaricious money-mad mob fearful of final judgement.

The Plague of Liberalism besets America

Like the other "mass shootings" of early summer, inside a New York subway and at a Buffalo supermarket,  the Ross Elementary school attack shared similar features: occurring in enclosed spaces with limited visibility to passersby, a "lone gunmen" reportedly showing signs of fanatical mental derangement, an absence of on-site photos and security camera footage other than very sketchy glimpses (at least for release to the press and public), nondisclosure of coroner's reports, bodies not given open-casket final rites at mortuaries or churches, and a pall of silence about the facts leading up to the supposed crime, which have been overshadowed by a liberal outcry for gun control. Now, with DHS chief's connection to Salvador Ramos outed, the ball of transsexual rights advocacy has been passed off to "Rachel" (formerly known as Richard, nickname Dick) Levine, the Biden appointed tranny boss of DHHS, Health and Human Services.

Given the paucity of honest disclosure, this visit to Uvalde has increased my distrust of an authoritarian executive power attempting consolidation with the aid of subversive appointee bureaucrats who are actually more deceitful than the rulers of Nazi Germany, wartime Japan, the Soviet Union and Stasi-run East Germany, all rolled into one. Truth is absolutely foreign to liberal tyranny. In contrast to those failed dictatorships, the United States is blessed with constitutional guarantees that protect our freedoms, including the right to bear arms against attempts to impose dictatorial rule. Before starting the Fourth of July celebrations earlier than usual, I should here confess that the short stay in Texas has made me start to think like a old-time Texan. Hi-ho Silver, away!

All photos for this article were taken by Yoichi Shimatsu.