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Full Spectrum AI Over Mind...
The 21st C Truman Show Mass Formed

By Stephen Martin

A new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example

Jeremy Bentham (1747-1832)

The 1988 film 'The Truman Show' depicted a labor intensive focused panopticon of mind over mind instanced fictional; the central character exists as imprisoned in a world of illusion co-ordinated as to a script, in effect he is displaced existentially as rendered to be but on a film set such the artificial construct -and all his experience is intermediated to the purpose of an entertainment show commensurated of such artificial construction. The vicarious thrill for the audience of 'real people' is that Truman does not know his experience is not 'authentic'; he is not aware of the illusion in which he 'exists'; he does not realise there is a mind over mind power at play which creates 'authenticity' for him by way of 'man god' which the producer represents as a metaphor for cultural hegemony, sense of that most dangerous mind Gramsci (What a guy; what a metapolitician!)

Truman cannot see the illusion as much as he believes in it such the immersion as mind over mind attained on a labor intense basis of esse es percipi as a metaphysical proposition rendered ponerological – he never gets to experience back stage - but only a virtual reality?

It is evil to deceive; to assassinate authenticity?

This small article seeks to contextualise labor intensivity as of power of mind under consideration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as capital intense mind over mind facilitated as currently being scaled/ramped up,such the hegemony as amplified by way of mass as incorporation and experience rendered illusory or as to a scale of script of algorithmic production of 'Empire' commensurated geopolitically.

Whilst there are numerous means of addressing or approaching power of mind over mind; the 'cut to the chase' here is that AI represents a technology which is capable of reiterating the 'man god' premise of the Truman Show which apperceived as a perspicacious metaphor; this concerning mass level debasement and control and manipulation of 'authenticicity' of existence as a God given gift. In such tragic mass level debasement some 92% are to be written out of the script.

We of the 21st C. 'live' in an increasingly invaded as scripted world of illusion and propaganda, and AI and the Capital Intensity it represents has a clear as central role to play in same?

A quote from Karl Rove is apposite:

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

Satanism is only possible on the premise of 'man gods' as a divide et impera as much to illusion and lie force fed? Satanism is only possible on the basis of the concentration of material wealth translated into power as material need facilitates such the nepotistic as necrotrophic ontogeny of 'hell on earth' as increasingly becoming an electromagnetic phenomenon such the 'divide et impera'?

Cultural Hegemony contemporaneous demands the abuse of AI in context of said satanism being as a decay or degeneration of experience under illusion and lie accepted as effected under absence of questioning; as of trust abused?

Such the authenticity, indeed.

Let's get down to those goose step by goose step algorithms of AI and capital intensity of panopticonic intermediation whilst staying with cinematic metaphor this small instance.

Truman exists in a highly censored world; he interacts with simulacra or actors as scripted as opposed to of spontaneity such the narrative followed as demanded under payroll. This being as to some parallel of the production value of search engine results concerning the narrative/script under 'memory hole' decreed where genuine as unintermediated as uncensored response could reveal the unacceptable as alternative, such the 'If, Then'? It would take but one paid actor to tell the truth to Truman and the whole edifice of lies and illusion would crumble? This would be like a search engine saying and presenting 'We tell you these are the best and most popular sites, but here is the real list as uncensored as unaltered by AI algorithms intermediating''?

That is there would be no experience of behind the scenes as AI algorithms can create?

If a web site content is deemed 'unacceptably alternative' then it can be disappeared under the shadows of algorithmic modulation of content presented as result of search; like a character written out of a script?

Who pays the piper calls the tune such the philanthropy? Or indeed who owns the AI search engine and algorithms determines the results (see below)

If an individual is deemed to be unacceptably alternative then biographical information conveyed can be algorithmically modulated to include only hit pieces – if not such individual 'memory holed' such the further step?

Of course the opposite holds true under algorithm concerning acceptable content deemed under cultural hegemony; web sites can be selectively promoted as authoritative by search engine and individuals lauded in biography such the artifice of illusion?

'Four legs good, two legs bad' as Orwell put it.

There is no philanthropy in AI investment such the capital intensity of operations; rather there is an abuse and manipulation by way of profitable as plausible illusion under mind over mind; AI is increasingly becoming the hegemonic glue of Empire as graphene becoming the hegemonic goo of said Empire; such the stick/injection of cultural hegemony on steroids, such the intermediation of experience as under dance of divide et impera which separates surplus from satanist?

This extends into the illusion of financial markets; high frequency trading as AI algorithm based can create or destroy value of stocks and control and manipulate the market; the scale of wealth concentration and the speed at which too big to fail companies such as Blackrock and Vanguard can act using the most advanced computing power and AI is part of the power of illusion which market capitalisation has come to represent. It is casino capitalism- and as with any casino it is subject to the possibility of being rigged by those too big to fail .

The real question is how far can such illusion go; how far can the screw of AI be turned as to point of 'inversion' such the boundaries of illusion furthered?

It is part of the growing praetorian role of AI as reflection of concentrated wealth and power to reinforce and protect the narrative of Empire demanded as aspect of cultural hegemony; to support an 'Empire of Universal Deceit' as the mixture of metaphor goes concerning inversion and the debasement of human experience under illusion? The hierarchy or pyramid being founded upon painful illusion for the masses under the reality of material need and resource transfer..

Ah, but that we had no material need we should be so free as of the abuse, control and manipulation hinged upon same as to 'Empire' deniable!

The authenticity of what it means to be Human is under hitherto unprecedented level of threat such the Ecocide in progress as a Global Empire which demands population reduction – and AI is to be pivotal in such End Times precipitated ?

For the Truman Show as a labor intensive operation is as much as the Stasi exemplary of a primitive prototype panopticonic; psychotronics being the new bleeding edge propaganda; direct to brain as unintermediated by senses of perception and modulated by AI? Similarly the propaganda blaring out of speakers in North Korea as an acoustic totalitarian rape of the senses is but a primitive prototype in face of AI in control of psychotronic 'voice of god' technology.

We see but we see not, we hear but we hear not, indeed.

As Orwell sublimely synonymised 'Orthodoxy is the death of thought'; and under the growing power of AI thought is being displaced as regulated by algorithm such the goose step by goose step as of a funereal procession to End Times?

It is exceedingly difficult to relate to 'mainstream mass media' these days; one senses the disparity as a growing angry gap between mere 'bots'/talking heads/yellow journalists' and authentic Humanity as capable of 'going off script' as denying the death of thought through spontaneous authenticity and originality? Such authentic individuals are not permitted on the set of mainstream media, such the gap minded.

Such the build back better as much genetic as psychotronic as much as even the Truman Show can now be viewed as an expression of Utopia(!) such the relativity of AI to full spectrum dominance as a synonym of 'mind over mind 'as a dystopian horror?

The artificial stage set as deploys AI is nearing completion on a Global Level in the early 21st C.; lies, deception and illusion are attaining under such facilitation a mass formation at a level hitherto unprecedented concerning 'Empire' and its subjects. When some 183 Nations can act in uniformity as an expression of cultural hegemony and the abrogation of ' national sovereigny' then it can be seen that a Unipolar power structure is at work; 'that all the world is but a stage' has become a psycho political phenomenon of full spectrum mind over mind - as much as geopolitically we all are as Truman now subsisting as a pattern in some corporatist as satanic production?

AI's greatest role awaits concerning mind over mind; being the reduction of surplus population and control and manipulation of the remainder as 'transhuman' as genetically modified as under 'Ecocide'?.

'Naturally' AI has a backstage role to play in the genesis of m.RNA therapy; this as much as it facilitates a stentorian role of co-ordinating 'mass media'; this as much as it to have a large part to play concerning WCR beam form in the killing field of Global Empire. With the recent deployment of LRAD devices in Australia and Canada it can be interpreted that this is a test bed for roll out of 5G as capable of causing thermal ablation and beam formed targeting of surplus populations on a mass scale?

Such the empirical methodology proceeding step by step?

While it may take a rare breed of psychopath to thermally ablate children such is not a problem concerning AI which unquestioningly obeys step by step and can work 24/7 until told to stop.

Apologies from these small quarters for relating such a bleak vision.

The intention or rationale is not to monger fear; rather it is to address an evil, to forewarn as much as forearm.

One closes this small article with an ironic toast as of Burns in appreciation of your very own indulgence and ability to consider alternative thru readership of :

'Here's tae us; wha's like us? Damn few and they're aw deid'