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The Fourth Of July Massacre In Chicago
Was Done By An 'Assassin Creed' Game Boy

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Summary: The Fourth of July attack in Highland Park, on Chicago’s North Shore, is the third in a series of recent shooting events in the USA. The perpetrator Robert “Bobby” Eugene Cremi III left behind sufficient clues for a investigative journalist to discern patterns and motives behind this organized terrorist campaign, which dared to attack a patriotic parade on Independence Day in the very heart of this country. That outrage, on the most cherished national holiday in memory of the enduring principles of the Founding Fathers and sacrifices by brave patriots such as the Minutemen of Lexington and Concord, is simply unforgivable and will be punished.

Let us be clear-minded about these assaults against unarmed citizens, that these most serious offenses were not devised and prepared by three unemployed youngsters but comprise a coordinated terrorist operation by a foreign power in league with high officials in the current Biden administration. This connection between the enemy’s hatred and domestic traitors is by now so obvious that I here predict upcoming incidents of a similar type will be aimed at throwing the investigation off the trail.

That means this critical moment must be seized to discern the methods and motives behind the shootings, which were obviously not random but highly selective. While the specific individual, in that case a child, targeted in Uvalde is yet to be determined, the Buffalo shooting was focused on the local inventor of a successful method of utilizing water as a fuel for internal combustion engines. That Aaron Solter was a lawman and patriot only reinforces our resolve to track down the plotters. The specific person targeted in Highland Park, Illinois, was the financial planning executive with a genetic research group, which has been pioneering a remarkable gene transfer method to overcome congenital debilitation,including autism. As he and his wife were dying of gunshot wounds, they sheltered there young child, who is now an orphan. Revenge hardly describes the anger in our hearts.

In the Buffalo case, powerful vested interests involved in oil extraction and gasoline distribution cannot survive against a low-cost water-fueled system for cars and trucks. The more recent shooting in the greater Chicago region, the main beneficiary is a UK-based rival gene-transfer company, which aims to dominate two patient sectors, autistic babies and embryos, and also the “Ashkenazi Jewish diseases” (actually of the Turkic European population of “Jews”), including the Tay-Sachs syndrome. The flow of evidence thus far points the weathervane of guilt toward the Rothschild fortune, the Bloomberg financial interests and the Jesuit spy-corps known as MI6. The killing of our compatriots on July the Fourth went beyond intellectual property theft to, indeed, a declaration of war, and therefore served as a wake-up call to Americans to prepare for battle for the third time against the arrogance of the British class system, whether that be a clandestine struggle in retaliation or final destruction of that ancient enemy, who shall learn too late that pride goes before the fall.

The Highland Park incident surfaced an intriguing clue about the videogame that inspired the three youthful shooters. “Assassin Creed - Brotherhood” was a key factor in attracting the foreign spy group to select the players, who were all expert in the warrior mindset required to excel at this game, produced by Ubisoft Montreal. The prior decision by the new Ubisoft executives, installed by a corporate coup of politically correct women and gays adds the element of intrigue to the Highland affair.

Briefly, here are the major clues filtered out thus far:

Motives: Technology Theft, to hijack America’s most innovative technologies in the R&D phase, in Buffalo the actual target being the inventor of the first successful method to power vehicles with water as a fuel; and in Highland Park, Illinois, the targeted individual Kevin McCarthy, fallen amid the collateral deaths (to cover-up the motive), was the chief financial future officer of the Illinois-based biotechnology research group Jaguar Gene Replacement, which is developing several breakthrough gene therapy techniques, especially intervention against autism in the prenatal stage. In both cases, the major interest group attempting to seize control of patents for these innovations are based in the U.K, specifically at Cambridge University. Strategic economic warfare by the Brits for control of emerging technologies is the main purpose in two shootings, while the primal cause in Uvalde, Texas, is yet to be discerned.

Perpetrators: In all three incidents, the shooters were young men who were obsessed with the computer game “Assassin’s Creed - Brotherhood”, its central theme being a struggle in 15th century Rome and Florence, Italy, by a secular justice-seeking Arabist-Iranian secret society called the “Assassins” against a corrupt Vatican and its brutal enforcers, the Templars. (This fictional conflict is similar to the street battles between the Shiite militia Amal and Maronite Christians in Beirut, Lebanon, during the 1980s). After an amazingly successful multiplayer “Assassin” series, the game producer Ubisoft, based in Montreal, Canada, was subsequently “taken over” in 2020 by a hostile staff coup of British-empire origin by politically correct feminists and minorities. Ousted was the Quebecois corporate leadership, which had obtained the original investment for that company with the aid of the French-dominant Quebec government. The accusations were nonsense that could not stand in a court of law, being related to hugs and innocent dating, without serious violations such as rape or gender-related demotion. The first decision of the new management, a crew of Catholics, British citizens and feminists, was to terminate and remove from “Assassin’s Creed” from the global market, to be replaced, no doubt, by doll fondling, tongue tied lesbianism, queer bend-overs and other healthy pastimes. Meanwhile, Quebec authorities should sue for damages and financial losses.

Destination: Each of the shooting incidents had a connection with and/or proximity to the Canada-USA border, including the Uvalde shooter who was raised in North Dakota, strongly indicating the role of the MI6 and the Rothschild-Bronfman Zionist nexus, along with their trainers’ promise of a safe haven after the shootings, raising false hopes for the youthful American shooters of evading justice.

As discussed further on, the Chicago shooter drove to Madison, Wisconsin, to liaise with his trainer for exfiltration across the Minnesota-Canada border.

Upshot: The shooting event in the largest Midwest city, Chicago, on July Fourth, reflects an elite British loathing of American democracy ever since their humiliating defeat by George Washington’s Continental Army. Given the recent spate of vile attacks against civilians across this land, the Revolutionary War should be resumed against that cut-throat foreign power and its local minions, among whom include the traitorous Biden-Harris regime. Once these turncoats are punished harshly, the pledge of allegiance must be restored to the nation’s school cities and civics classes need to be reinstalled in the curriculum from first grade on. We are at war, the same battle for American survival ongoing since July 4, 1776.

The Canadian Connection

As pointed out in Part 2 of this series, the Buffalo massacre targeted the African American inventor of the technique to utilize water as a fuel for conventional motor vehicles, a major breakthrough that promised to make gasoline obsolete. The Rothschilds control Shell and BP, two of the world’s largest petroleum companies and gas-station chains. The proximity of Buffalo to the Canada border made that assassination all the easier for the operation planners from Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and Toronto, site of that nation’s largest stock exchange. The Jewish mafia in Canada and along the northern U.S. states has been operational since the Prohibition Era, when the Seagram’s Bronfman clan became the main provider of booze in the otherwise dry USA. (Indeed, a long while back I met Sam Bronfman, a soft-spoken gentleman in a slim tailored suit who left the darker aspects of that business to the Purple Gang and Al Capone.) The lesson here is that Jewish tycoons prefer to leave the dirty side of the business to goyim and Brooklyn hitters, as in the case of Jeffrey Epstein. The people behind Maxwell and Epstein will remain safe from public exposure, thanks to a bit of bribery to the politicians and cops.

So how does Canada figure in the Highland Park shooting? After ceasing fire from the fire escape, the shooter Robert “Bobby” Cremi disguised himself in a frilly-neck women’s blouse. His long hair was shoulder length, enabling him to pass as a woman. Underneath he was in athletic wear, a tight-fitting stretch exercise tights and long-sleeve stretch top

Driving his mother’s car, Bobby ventured northeast to Madison, Wisconsin. There, near the campus of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, he lingered without making any preparations for a second shooting. The national news media’s claim of a planned second attack is mere conjecture and indeed official disinformation. Cremi then drove back to Illinois, where the state police detected him for arrest. It was then he realized that the ownership registration on the abandoned rifle gave away his identity and personal information to the cops. Then, again, while assuming safe passage and a new identity outside the U.S. border, why should he have cared?

Now, to backtrack, let’s ponder why Cremi drove to Wisconsin? Obviously to make his escape with the help of his trainer-liaison, who failed to show up as planned. Similarly, the getaways of the young shooters in Uvalde and Buffalo were foiled due to the failure of a colleague to arrive with the getaway vehicle and escape plan. Due to the calmness displayed by all three killers upon arrest, their coaches had told them not to worry if arrested, since a backup plan was already in place.

What about the details of the escape plan? Once again Canada enters the picture. His controller had set up their liaison at Madison, en route to Duluth, Minnesota, from where they could proceed to the Grand Portage National Monument. From that point, a canoe can be paddled across the binational border without passing through a checkpoint and evading detection, where he would be then met by the MI6 support team in Ontario province, providing him with new identity papers and a Canadian passport.

Why did his trainer fail to show up in Madison? Because RCMP listening posts in Ontario picked up Illinois police alerts about the car model and license plate number. He was circling inside a trap. How did the cops get that information? The registration info from his castoff rifle, an amateur’s mistake. Now to move on to the more important part of this affair, the takedown of Ubisoft in Montreal by “politically correct feminists”, aka Miss Moneypenny-type agents, and their Papist-Jesuit masters’ plot to terminate “Assassin’s Creed”, one of the most popular games.

Assassins versus Templars

The young gunman in Uvalde, Buffalo and Highland were avid players of “Assassin’s Creed”, the playbook for assaulting Papist strongholds in Rome, the predecessor of the Biden White House in D.C. Then again, there are tens of thousands of other AC fans who do not go out an shoot people or succumb to offers from foreign spies for black ops, so let’s keep an open mind about that game for both its entertainment and history education value. One interesting fact, as disclosed by a police investigator in Highland Park, is that Robert Cremi III had an obsession with the numbers 4 and 7, clues pointing to the storyline of AC Brotherhood.

The police detective, in charge of examining the content of Cremi’s computer, also mentioned that Cremi had a large collection of knives and a replica samurai sword. These nuggets suffice to identify “Assassin Creed Brotherhood” set in 16th century Italy with its main hero being Enzio Auditore da Firenze, an expert with blades, who is the leader of the Assassins, a secret society of the Ismaili sect of Islam founded in early medieval Iran to fight the invading Turks and later the Mongols. His mission is to kill off and overthrow the ruthless Borgia family, which leads the Templars in service to a corrupt Pope. (Does that sound familiar to the present situation?) The Assassins believe in a social-political order based on free thinking, whereas the Templars try to maintain order through control.

Now to decipher the 4/7 mystery. On the box cover, Enzio is at the middle of a group of seven characters, that is, the fourth person among seven. By coincidence, the national founding holiday occurs on day 4 of the 7th month, which is something like an occult occasion to attack the enemies of freedom. Bobby Cremi, whose grandparents were Sicilian immigrants, identified with the Italian hero Enzio as shown in his collection of knives.

So then who in the real world are the equivalent of the evil Templars? The 2019-20 electoral coup, installing Joe Biden through theft by fake mail-in ballots, proved the anti-populist agenda of his corrupt Papist support base, especially to those genuine Catholics who consider the Jesuit Pope Francis to be a would-be demigod at the level of the Antichrist. From that assumption, it becomes easier to comprehend that Biden’s more loyal supporters are Templar-like enforcers for secularist absolutism, totally divorced from the God that they pretend to represent. Human freedom then does not simply rest upon a belief system, but on active intervention against evil-doers. Therefore a corrupted religious authority is confronted by political action for the larger societal interest, meaning the perpetrators of unjust governance should be hacked to pieces and overthrown. In the multiplayer version by PlayStation or X-box, gamers can train as either Templars or Assassins.

As terrorist movements go, as compared with the high-minded Assassins, the role-players at Uvalde, Buffalo and Chicago are off-base by a few thousand miles, serving the benighted interests of the Papist Biden and the British Empire. A youth movement of resistance against the despotic Biden heresy would be a welcome new political force, to be absolved of overt violence following the liberation of the USA and the nation’s return to our constitutional principles. The misguided shooters reflect the abysmal failure of the nation’s school system to train from an early age on our children in civics, American history and genuine Christian values. The end result of a failed curriculum is a young generation of sexually twisted narcissists lacking an honest work ethic and super lazy to boot, and also easy to tempt with bribes, which explains the “feminist revolution” that seized control of Ubisoft in Montreal as well as the deranged shooters.

Papist-Feminist Takeover of Game-maker Ubisoft

Ubisoft, a world-leading producer of multiplayer games, was created two decades ago by Canadian animators with funding support and other grants from the government of French-speaking Quebec. Their notion was to put French-language media and that culture’s artistic heritage into a global gamer market dominated by the Japanese and Americans. Their more popular productions included Ghost Recon, Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell. The titles with Near Eastern themes were aimed at appealing to the marginalized Muslim market worldwide, and the historical French footholds in Lebanon, Algeria, Syria as well as in Europe. These successes led to the creation of the Assassin series in 2010, which channeled the fears of both Muslims and Christians into a game format, a brilliant strategy of releasing sublimated fears of each other following the Gulf Wars and amid the Afghan conflict.

Assassin and other such combat games promoted a machismo culture among the Ubisoft executives, who have since been accused by female snitches of holding executive meetings in stripper bars (Montreal has more strip clubs than any other city in the world, to the point of bleary eyes and boredom at watching healthy writhing bodies, while positive also as an antidote to the homosexuality fad with all its weirdness.) Therefore in 2020, feminists backed by minority employees staged protests against white male chauvinism in management. Dozens of higher ups were accused of serious violations like hugging a secretary on her birthday or taking a female employee on a date, stuff than happens in junior high school. This resulted in a lock-in strike with some employees protesting on the rooftop, sufficient disorder for the police to arrive along with firemen brandishing fire hoses, yes hoses not water-cannons, which in peaceful Quebec means serious trouble.

Many and probably most of the protesting staff were, you guessed it, Brits, Yanks, Hindus and Caribbean blacks, the counterparts of the idiots who torched Minneapolis during the Black Lives Matter protests, aka ambitious lazy self-serving sneaks whose path to riches depends on politicization of non-political issues, the PC crowd. Very recently, the new management announced the termination of sales of the Assassin series along with other games deemed too violent for the S&M crowd and chronically depressed homosexuals. The impact on Ubisoft’s remarkable production studios in Annecy, France, Singapore and other offshore sites will likely be suicidal in terms of future sales.

The news of the coming demise of Assassin Creed, therefore, enabled British intelligence to swoop down to dazzle and exploit disappointed young gamers, who then were misdirected into real-life operations. This larger background shows that games and guns don’t kill, but governments and their mercenaries mislead young people down into the murderous depths. In event of another European War, the USAF should put Babylon by the Thames on the July Fourth target list to avenge the children’s deaths in Illinois and Texas.

A Gathering Storm

For more than a century, Americans have died in droves to save the British from their enemies in two World Wars and countless terrorist incidents, and yet payback comes now with a knife in the back from the Crown and its Rothschild henchmen. Down the list of this country’s rivals, there are China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico and a few other curmudgeons, who at least have the decency to denounce Americans in their public expressions rather than by sneak terrorist violence. The British elites are pathetic ingrates who with a sneer dare to mutter about those “American cousins across the pond”, aka those horrid upstart country bumpkins as in the Hollywood Hillbillies. OK, stereotypes have a basis in reality when Americans may put on a cowboy drawl and go to restaurants in faded blue jeans, but that rustic appearance is an aspect of Jacksonian democracy, which begins at the bottom of the social ladder yet manages to climb to the peaks of human achievement. A superiority attitude is for losers and misfits.

So, if the British intel intention is obtain a release for Prince Andrew from a public flogging by the American free press, mass shootings are absolutely the wrong way to gain a pardon. Americans are friendly blokes who can laugh off a horny prince’s fornication with a whore without a fine or prison sentence. True, there is a certain hardcore minority group in the American population who have an aversion to anything British, meaning Irish patriots wrapped in the Stars and Stripes, but the English bought that on themselves with centuries of brutality. In any case, CIA-funded violence related to the Northern Ireland situation is by now a thing of the past. And, oh, sorry about that rowboat accident suffered by Lord Mountbatten, even though a formal apology for the Boston Massacre has yet to arrive by post from Buckingham Palace.

As for the partners in crime, involved in the spate of recent shootings, the Jesuit connivers in the Vatican, Rome, London and Montreal, and now nestled inside the Oval Office, my advice to these scoundrels is to find the entrance to a nearby priest hole because retribution will soon be on its way. As for the Rothschilds, gene therapy for your Turkic racial-inferiority disorder will not be effectively done by the inept Brits, and only American bioengineers have the competence to perfect a cure for those genetic flaws, so quit your attempts at robbing that Illinois laboratory of its research findings. And then there’s the accomplice Canadians, especially the mincing Mounties. Just quit being bum-boys for your queer Brit masters, and learn to drink wine in Quebec City and speak enough French to bonk a Montreal stripper, who just might be the perfect mother for your future children. Everybody, get over it and let’s move on after the settling the bill for damages to the families of the shooting victims. You each have a decent life to live.

End Note: The author’s birthday is on the Fourth of July.