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11 Years after Fukushima, the world is back to Chernobyl

By Yoichi Shimatsu
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They say that time flies but for me at least it seems at least a century has passed since the monstrous Fukushima nuclear reactors ruptures and spent-fuel fires. I was younger then, a true believer in planting greenery to absorb radioactive isotopes from newly contaminated soil in northeastern Japan, working with a supposed "environmental" NGO to figure ways to save unique dragonflies in a rare lagoon near the disaster site; and then riding a bicycle into the TEPCO Exclusion Zone to take on-the-ground readings for comparison with the official underestimates. Every dive into that dark pit required 3-to-5 months of recuperation in Thailand on an organic diet and taking herbals given to me by a Sifu (Chinese traditional medicine master) en route in Hong Kong.

And leap ahead to Tokyo preparing for the Summer Olympics as if the entire urban region and the Bay were not drenched with radionucleotides. Coming up against the blind folly of a myopic world was the worst of it, the nonchalance of people with triple-doses of radioactive dust in their throats and bloodstreams, and then the many accounts of "inexplicable" miscarriages and late abortions of embryos that, as put by one obstetrician put it, look "more like a reptile than anything mammalian."

Inexorably, despite denials from the bonkers Green movement that insisted the main problem is rising seas from global warming, the radioactivity spread across the Pacific and over the Arctic Circle, laying sparkling dust over North America that ignited the greatest spate of forest fires and warped the jet-stream causing massive storm damage. The willful ignorance of scientists, regulators and politicians to the present danger, plus the failure to deal seriously with Fukushima and its antecedent Chernobyl has condemned nearly all mammals and other species to extinction, with homo sapiens among the first to die out.

Fiddling while the Earth burns at Chernobyl

Foolhardy is the only way to describe the enduring influence of the world's addiction to nuclear energy. Just a few months after the bogus science fanatics with the UN COP "global warming" cartel declared nuclear to an important part of the "green energy" mix, the world stands on the brink of another, and this time unquenchable, meltdown at Chernobyl or, alternatively, further south at the Zaporizhzhyza nuclear facility.

The reason for the Russian military seizure of these nuclear plants is the looming potential that the desperate remnants of the Ukrainian army and their manic depressive and suicidal commander in hiding, President Volodymyr Zelensky, could order a stop to coolant intake in those reactors, triggering a grand finale like Samson pulling down the gates of the Temple. Nuclear mass suicide has never been considered as a real possibility, but all it takes is an obedient plant operator on anti-depressant drugs in his bloodstream with a finger on the controls.

Why did the Russian Army seize these two nuclear facilities? Zaporizhzhya is in the south-central region, directly north of Russian-controlled Crimea, home port of its Black Sea naval fleet. Chernobyl is located near the borders with Belarus and the western edge of Russia, making it the perfect nuclear bomb for desperate Ukrainian nationalists lusting for revenge after their humiliating military losses on the battlefield. Oh, yes, a total melt-down at Chernobyl would also doom nearby Kiev, realizing the madman Zelensky's wet-dream of a glorious finale on a grand funeral pyre.

Clean, safe and cheap nuclear power

Theoretically "safe" during its operating life (many and perhaps most reactors are past due date for shutdown), the planners and designers of Atoms For Peace back in the 1950s failed to factor in a basically warped human psychology, often disguised under routine bureaucratic self-interest, as likeliest trigger for a global nuclear holocaust, as my years of officially unapproved reporting inside the Fukushima Nuclear Exclusion Zone. What I found on a dozen entries to conduct on-the-ground research showed beyond-imaginable violations of basic safety rules, from illicit production of tritium (it's only use in such quantities is as a trigger for nuclear warheads) and a flood-damaged nuclear warhead laboratory hidden 8-storys underground. Tsunami flooding of that lab destroyed dozens of plutonium warheads, killing thousands of atomic-bomb workers, soldiers and nearby civilians. Not a whisper of this mega-disaster was reported in the mainstream press in Japan or elsewhere.

The Big Wave heading to the USA

In the 11 years since the Fukushima meltdowns, the radioactivity threat remains unchecked. Since before the Tokyo Summer Olympics, The Tokyo Electric Power Company has threatened to release millions of gallons of reactor waste-water into the Pacific Ocean. The media's macabre dance of "will they or won't they?" is ludicrous when radioactive water has been streaming out of Fukushima No.1 since Day One. Alright, the Big Wave is yet to come, but be assured, everybody, that French AREVA's filtration system has been purifying that toxic water, despite several admitted breakdowns and redesigns.

The consolation, if you want to call it that, is that nearly all marine life along the North American west coast is by now dead and gone, an annual process that I've reported on with radioactivity readings and photos from Vancouver down to San Onofre Beach. Even the hardy crabs are by now extinct. The Green movement doesn't want to hear the news about mass extinction, preferring to shift the blame to "global warming" despite repeated push-backs of their doomsday estimates. By now, according to the early claims of the UN COP conference, New York, London, Tokyo, Miami, Sydney and Hong Kong are supposed to underwater. Unfortunately, the real-world threat of nuclear contamination is everywhere, in the mountain streams, across volatile forests covered with radioactive isotopes, on your roofs and fruit trees, stuck to the bottom of the soles of your shoes, in the bathwater and, worst of all, in the organs of newborn babies.

Seppuku is Japanese for "Suicide"

Nuclear is Mass Suicide. Japan's near-zero birth rate, enforced by the excruciating pain of hemorrhaging and miscarriages for would-be Japanese mothers, along with women in Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Temporarily population shrinkage across Asia for a few decades is sustainable but, over the long-term, it's auto-genocide. Every nation that hosts nuclear reactors is to blame and the next Fukushima could well be in the USA, France, the UK, Brazil and dozens of other red zones.

At the start of 11 Years After, my task of alerting a narcissistic society is done and over with, and now whatever little remains of my lifespan is being spent on catching up with reading classic literature and recalling the halcyon days of living in Nature while trying to ignore the bizarre masochistic ideologies and crazed frantic lifestyles of these End Days of total extinction. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, and we their spawn have reached the Last Desert to watch the sun set on our failed imbecilic species, which richly deserves to lose its plummeting position in the natural order.  No, I am not a pessimist, this is realism, which means that my knowledge of radioactivity effects could leave me as the last man standing. After all, somebody has to bury the rest of you in the vast sand dunes that used to be the Garden of Eden.