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The Many Ways The Spike Protein
Annihilates Human Life

By Jeff & Erica

'The Spike Protein Is What The 'Vaccine' Is Supposed To Make In Your Body...The Spike Protein Is One Of The Most Contrived Toxins Or Poisons That Man Has Ever Made...And The Aim Of This Toxin Is To KILL Billions Without Anyone Noticing It.'  - Dr. Shankara Chetty 

The diabolical pathways the spike protein uses to destroy the human body are many.  As Dr. Chetty makes clear, there has never been anything more deadly in human history than the spike protein.  Below are just some of the methods its creators built into it to make 100% certain billions will die.  The techniques the spike protein uses are often referred to as 'cascades'.  Whatever term you use, from avalanche to tsunami, once the spike protein has entered your body it is just a matter of time for it to do its demonic work... 

AIDS - Total Immunological Collapse And Failure 

...This includes widespread auto-immune diseases 

Explosion Of Cancer In The Body  
...Cancers of all types, including reactivated and 
brand  new cancers...even cancers never seen before   

...Destruction of male and female reproductive organs and system 

Clotting And Hemorrhaging 
...Clotting from the spike protein is abnormal and resistant to degradation 

Systemic Fibrosis  
...Extensive scarring throughout the entire body 

Neuro Degenerative Diseases  
...Prions (CJD), Amyloid Deposits (Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS, etc) 

Cytokine Storm And ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement)  
...Hypersensitivity to the Spike Protein