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EU MP Reveals Pfizer Had NO EVIDENCE
Vaccines Stopped Spread of COVID

By Dr. Betty Martini

It's much worse than this.  Not only did they not have the vaxx which is not a vaccine checked for stopping the spread, they wanted it to spread.  They asked Dr. Judy Mikovits to make the shot more contagious so it would spread.  She refused and they threw her in jail  for 5 days.  When they let her out they told her if she told anyone they would put her back in jail.  Instead she wrote the book, "Plague of Corruption", set up an organization to educate physicians and was in the documentary PLANdemic.  Today they say 20 million have died from the shot.  Dr. Mikovits told me that a year ago.  She was always right from the beginning.  They wanted her to manipulate her findings.  PLANdemic 3 should be coming out soon.

"Long before the anti-Human and anti-Health World Health Organization (WHO) unleashed the perfidy of the yet-alive COVID-19 hoax on deliberately misled world populations, they made plans to tie down every single country in the world with mindless pledges regarding putative pandemics, locking in this stellar infamy with the Health Agreement..".
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 (1 out of 73 will die, 2 billion on earth - two videos that are 2 to 3 minutes long plus 60 scientific papers)

At 01:57 PM 10/13/2022, eu-mp-reveals-pfizer-had-no- evidence-vaccines-stopped- spread-of-covid
Also, the Surgeon General of Florida makes it very clear:

Florida Surgeon General's Emergency Warning: COVID Vaccines Causing Mass Death!

Monday, October 10, 2022

The Florida Department of Health released the findings of a self-controlled case series showing there was a massive spike in heart-related deaths among young men within a month after taking the COVID mRNA injection.

Watch This Very Important Video Interview At the Following Link:

Move Video Slider to the 12:45 Mark To Hear This Important News sunday-full-show-florida-039- s-surgeon-general-issues- emergency-warning-covid-shots- causing-mass-dea_ soXErQzyMIdXlVT.html

Please spread the information so people will not take the kill shot.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl , , , www.DrBettyMartini-aspartame-
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