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Alex Jones' Dis-Infowars To Expire
10 Years After The Sandy Hook shooting

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

Nearly $1 billion in fines for libel in the Sandy Hook school shooting case will presumably end “the Reign of Error” of Alex Jones, the bombastic host of the Infowars news site. His denouement at three trials, one lasting 9 days, in a Texas courtroom was distasteful, as a remorseless Jones devoid of empathy stared at his accusers in bewilderment and then harangued the prosecutor, who bellowed back tit-for-tat at the bleary-eyed defendant, while parents tried to hold back tears for their lost children.

If their grief was crisis acting, the distraught families deserve an Academy Award for best supporting cast. The trials left me, as a rabble-rousing online journalist in support of Infowars’ right to critical opinion on nationally important events, troubled and depressed about the collapse of First Amendment rights under the politically correct but socially deviant federal regime that’s moving toward a decadent queer tyranny, similar to the most oppressive monarchies of past centuries, that dooms America to chronic failure and defeat. Push has come to shove, and as in the Capitol protest outcome, liberty is being shoved off a cliff. Although I have qualms about Jones’s rhetorical “style” or lack of it, but then again he’s a Texan, not much different that the yelping cowboys at a round-up in “Rawhide”.

Upon receiving the verdict, his defiant stare of cold emotional indifference was from a different era, a holdover of a Cold War prisoner’s disdain for a Soviet-style “show trial” for the purpose of political propaganda, reminiscent of Moscow’s taunting of the captured U-2 pilot Gary Powers or the plight of cowed dissidents on their sentencing to Siberian exile. The taunting of a cornered Mr. Jones,in a show trial worthy of the Stalin terror, if anything, confirmed his paranoiac accusation that “crisis actors” were posing as victims to enable the Deep State to openly crush dissent. Robert Ludlum, author of the Jason Bourne series, who cut his teeth on stage-writing for CIA-funded dramas, would have appreciated the trial hysterics.

Questions and more questions

How could it have been possible, I wondered, for anyone with such a strong-headed lack of empathy or even rudimentary eloquence could have run an online media site with up to 80 employees at its height of fame and supposedly millions of viewers? Where did his investment funding come from? What is the net income of Infowars that investors would continually pump money into it, as if it was the Tesla of mass media, or even a Pelaton pumping furiously but going nowhere? Rich wives don’t coddle their spouse’s whim; when it is normally wealthy men who must humor their trophy wives. Who in the hell is behind the cult figure Alex Jones?

Mulling over these doubts of whether anything is real about Infowars and its choir of harsh critics (as in are we being set up for a fall?), a cynical sort of realism set over my brain lobes, telling me that maybe he’s the only person seeing things as they really are, that it’s all just a theater of the absurd. Somebody invests in his circus because it satisfies their sadomasochist addiction to sensational horrors. Online news can be a sick game, indeed, and especially in this Age of TikTok.

People who are publicity addicts are ready to be pumped up with drugs to play an assigned role even if it kills them. If so, then what about the children slated to be slaughtered in a staged crisis? Are they also zombies prepped by Disney handlers or merely doped-up fresh meat shipped in from China Lake or Boys Town? When one considers the thousands of young poseurs with tattooed eyebrows and inflated lips on Tik Tok and Facebook, well, Andy Warhol was right about 20 minutes of fame, nowadays even infamy will do for a thrill as in news scenes of strutting gangsters who just shot a girlfriend. Wasn’t there a cult-like craze for posting your suicide online? OK, so the trial of Alex Jones is acceptable as grotesque entertainment and, therefore, invalid as incitement to political rebellion, which requires sobriety and clear objectives.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, plaintiffs sued Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems, for violating that state’s Unfair Trade Practices Act arguing that he profited from the lies he’s told about the plaintiffs and the shooting on his Infowars show. I must object, since it is nearly impossible to connect a single specific news event to a site’s income-earning activities from advertising to T-shirt sales, but of course that is small peanuts compared with the court-approved penalty.

An Orwellian 2022

The date says it all, when it adds up to 6, as in 666. The alternative media will be a hollower space without the raging Texan, who drew audiences like a buckaroo on an angry longhorn at a rodeo. The rising dust and bull crap left a bad odor in the nose and a mouth gagging for a slug of Listerine and a bandana, when you knew all along that fix was in with an injection that would calm the beast in exactly 30 seconds. The suppression of the least dissent or advocacy of rough-and-tumble politics is obviously a preemptive strike against the Freedom of Assembly along the lines of the Jacksonian Revolution.

The legal assault on Infowars for heresy along with the Stalinistic media demonization of the Capitol protesters gives me shudders about the sinister agenda of the high bureaucrats and their Thought Police. As Camus put it: “There is always hope but not for us.” By us, the existentialist author meant realists who have to operate in the given situation, no matter how favorable or adverse, meaning taking unthinkable risks in defense of liberty and justice.

To put the present circumstances under a microscope, inside the bureaucracy there do survive a few insiders who are worried that rigor mortis is gripping the system, meaning that the body politic needs to be shaken not just stirred. Or else the continuing political lockdown will mean the fossilization of the USA as happened to the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Unlike the hardy Russians, the tamer Americans cannot survive a perestroika of hunger and deprivation that has already begun with higher prices for gas and food. That explains the bellicose resistance of an Alex Jones, the insiders’ troublemaker trying to awaken a nation that’s fast asleep under an overdose of meds, vaccines and political correctness.

Yet I am unhappy to say that the courtroom scene showed, grimly, that he’s yet another prophet that has failed. The trials are ominous because the longer that a return to free-thinking is delayed, the greater the destruction incurred. National revival can be either heroically swift or tiresomely brutal, as seen in the difference between the solid and compact American Revolution versus the repeated reversion to authoritarianism in France following Bastille Day. If the transition back to populist democracy is blocked and delayed too long, that’s when the guillotines are rolled out in front of the Capitol building to punsih the arrogant bureaucrats who will finally realize they’ve lost, and not only their heads.

Further below, I examine that intriguing online claim of Alex Jones serving as a propaganda agent for the Israelis, based on his first wife’s Jewish heritage. That tenuous connection never got the traction that it may deserved, being overshadowed by the bizarre Judeo-coterie surrounding Jared Kushner and Ivanka. So if there is a hidden hand behind Alex Jones, slipping him the cash so that the show goes on, who is his Daddy Warbucks? Before that, a revisit to the Sandy Hook horrors is demanded by soon arrival of the decade anniversary.

Sandy Hook anniversary

The eighth day before Christmas, December 17, will mark the 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 20 children and 6 adults, that’s if serious credence is not given to the crisis actor claims. The upcoming anniversary explains the rush to put Alex Jones on trial this past week, as how a turkey shoot heralds the holiday festivities.

As in this past summer’s spate of lone gun-boy shootings, Adam Lanza, 20, who lived up the road from the school was the alleged shooter. As a former student, the official narrative claims he knew how to get through the security precautions (which were installed after he graduated, however). He allegedly had shot his mother in the family home to unlock the gun rack, retrieving an AR-15 and two semi-automatic handguns. Immediately after his role in the school massacre shot he committed suicide. That ending is just too neat, especially when considering press entry into his home was not permitted.

At the time, I wrote a series of probing articles on the Sandy Hook affair for, taking a depth-background approach as opposed to the mainstream media’s superficial treatment or the cynical post-911 skepticism of Alex Jones and James Fetzer, the latter whose online posts on crisis actors were silenced by not-so veiled threats of legal action by politically correct whisperers. Instead of suppression, I wondered then, what if they’re right about crisis actors? With hardly any credible evidence ready in the botched investigation, which also was purposely sabotaged to protect the DHS from criticism, no possibilities should have been rejected.

DHS and Israeli Shin Beit connections

To cut to the quick of my findings back then, Sandy Hook was the first school in the USA to adopt the security guidelines of the newly created Department of Homeland Security (DHS), our nation’s belated response to the WTC spectacle. Newtown, CT, was chosen because the then senior Senator from Connecticut, Joe Leiberman, was one of the chief sponsors of the anti-terrorism bill that created the DHS during the Bush and Obama administrations.

In the wake of 911, the hardcore Zionist Leiberman enlisted the Israeli domestic security program, Shin Beit, as the model for a proactive DHS. (Shin Beit is the domestic anti-terrorism unit equivalent to the more notorious Mossad, which operates outside of Israel.) Among the targets for hostage sieges in Zionist-occupied Palestine aka Israel, primary schools were favored by radical Palestinian extremists aka patriots or terrorists depending on one’s POV conducting psychological warfare against Jewish settlers and the Occupation.

Given the potential risks, the good senator opted for precaution by locating the DHS experimental school in a nice Jewish neighborhood in his home state. The Parkland, Florida, school shooting also occurred in a Yid zone, crawling with IDF volunteers, showing that maybe Little Israels are really not so safe as they are assumed to be by little ladies evicted by the high cost of residing in New York and new exiles from their Yiddish homeland of Ukraine.

The chief of DHS at the time, Janet Neopolitano carried out Leiberman’s urging to “Shin Beit-ize” the American public school system, starting with the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, which was refitted with a chain-link fence around the grounds, electronic locks on the outer doors, surveillance cameras, a multi-channel communication system, and so on. The school was transformed into an impregnable fortress or so the planners assumed, failing to see the many flaws, for instance, access by former students and police officers. If you aim to penetrate a fortress, carry a badge.

Rogue Cops

On the day of the shooting, witnesses saw two large men behind the school yard running toward a back entrance. This was a most intriguing observation, soon thereafter suppressed from the official record and disregarded by the press and the local police for reasons unstated. Were these intruders involved in the shooting? Where were they from? Why weren’t they in contact with local and state police? What was their purpose? Logical questions, never asked. Two rogue cops each with a handgun matches the supposed Lanza arsenal.

Newtown is located fairly close to the border with New York State. Geography can be important in a region as wealthy as Connecticut, where highway police keep a sharp eye on intruders from the Bronx and the Puerto Rican and black ghetto arriving Bridgeport or New Haven. By contrast, Newtown is close to state road 55, which offers scenic vistas absent of police surveillance across the Swampy River into New York State with easy access to the Hudson valley.

As many readers found intriguing at the time, that neck of the woods was quite familiar to J.D. Salinger, the author of “Catcher in the Rye”, the story of the boy who wanted to catch children falling out of the sky from hitting the ground with a splat. It’s also the stomping grounds of the Yale flyboys who run a charity to send medical aid and, secretly, weapons to places like the Balkans and Sub-Saharan Africa. Like Ichabod Crane’s Sleepy Hollow, western Connecticut can be spooky. So who were those two headless horsemen?

This interstate geography was familiar to older New York State police officers who were then being demoted and facing early retirement due to the diversion of federal and state funding for law enforcement into the coffers of Homeland Security. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was stickler for reducing fat by cost-cutting. The downsizing of NYPD was accomplished by disciplinary measures against normal practices such as collecting payoffs from local business owners, dope dealers and accident-prone taxi drivers at risk of losing their shields. Small change, really, at the street level, but it added up to a big budget for director Napolitano.

As men of honor, Irish cops in New York do not take this kind of garbage from ambitious politicians without turning the screws on their foes. What better way to get even with those liberal Coke suckers than raising Cain in Jewtown aka Newtown? So at payback hour, two large men were spotted by a janitor charging out of the woods toward the back of the school, just like Washington Irving’s headless horsemen of Sleepy Hollow.

With the model high-security school penetrated with devastating consequences, the DHS went into panic mode with an overblown cover-up, Lanza and his mom were the patsies, and freelance stringers for the Zionists were paid a lot of shekels to accuse distraught parents for being “crisis actors” to muddy any possibility of hard facts emerging. So there you are, Mr. Jones, it vas so gut of your Jewish wife to introduce us to the Shin Beit, Shalom!

Father of the Bride

Alex Jones is an agent of Zionism?! The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a bunch of Yid whingers, complain about the Infowar host’s interviews with right-wing figures, no evidence could be dredged up to prove than he is a Jew-hating bigot, to their chagrin. If anything, he was madly in love with a Jewess, at least until their divorce after an 8-year marriage. Mr. Jones’s wife at the time of the Newtown job was a nice Jewish girl who loved pets so much that she eventually became a media executive for PETA. Cool, I am all for vegan kibble for kitties, even though like me they’d rather have red meat and liver. Violet aka Kelly Rebecca Nichols is a big strapping Texan cowgirl, who happens to have Jewish ancestry and also deserves a gold medal flour award for tossing a dead raccoon onto the dinner plate of Anna Wintour at the Four Seasons in NYC. The Devil Wears Coon-skin.

The alt-media scuttlebutt has long been that Violet has been Alex’s channel to Israeli funding. She’s smart, rich and a Jewess, so anything’s possible via the ambassador from Tel Aviv. However, being a contrarian, my hunch is that the larger part of the family’s slush fund is from the CIA, due to the legacy of Violet’s late father Edmund Lowe Nichols (the Lowes being the German Jew side of the family in Throckmorton County, northern Texas.).

Ed Nichols was a brilliant man of many talents having worked as a professional-level musician, journalist and Texas agriculture commissioner. Then during Jimmy Carter’s term, he joined the branch of the U.S. diplomatic service in charge of agricultural trade and exchanges, installing him into the U.S. Senior Executive Service, the elite group of top-tier foreign policy officials ranked GS-15 or impossibly higher. That put him in the same league as ambassadors and leaders of European nations, as an ultimate insider.

His career path indicates Nichols to have been more than a mere salesman of surplus corn and wheat or bales of cotton, being the top-level intelligence operative who systematically deployed “Food as a Weapon”. Eating is a more reliable way to convince populations, and turn foreign governments, than dropping the A-bomb because as the old saying goes: “You are what you eat.” And there’s no better way to start your day than a bowl of Wheaties. That’s how the world became Americanized, through propaganda at the gut level. And the imbalance in world food production is why and how the USA won the Cold War.

Nichol’s first foreign assignment was Rome in 1979 in the wake of the Aldo Moro kidnapping and murder by the so-called Red Brigades, which was actually a hit squad from Operation Gladio, the CIA clandestine guerrilla force against the Soviet Union. The Moro affair prevented a planned coalition of his Christian Democrats and the Communist Party of Italy, which would have put Italy out of the shadow of American hegemony into the Soviet orbit. Actually, there was nothing in the way of foodstuffs that put Nichols into Italy, which is a massive producer and packager of top-quality edibles. The probable reason for this spy assignment was that the Jewish-origin Nichols was a top-level Freemason who could hold secret talks with the spooky Propaganda-Due (P-2) Lodge, which was involved with the de facto coup against Moro.

After that dark business was done, he was assigned to Copenhagen, Denmark, the choke-point for monitoring the Soviet Baltic Fleet (and the proximate site of the recent underwater detonation at the Nordstream pipeline). It was also the safest liaison hub for dealing with Scandinavia and the Baltics At the time, the agriculturally production nation of Finland was under de facto Soviet control, which had its pluses and minuses, as the gateway to Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The other Agency project was secret support of Lech Walensa’s nationalist and anti-Soviet Solidarnosc union movement in Poland, in the Gdansk shipyard on the Baltic coast. As a productive agricultural nation, Poland was always open to talks with foreigners on its ability to supply food exports, the doorway into the prize of collapsing the Warsaw Pact.

During Ronald Reagan’s rollback of the Soviet Empire in the 1980s and ‘90s, Alex Jones’s father-in-law was posted at the EU headquarters in Brussels, where he became also the chief of the NATO Food and Agriculture Committee. There, he set up a committee to plan emergency food provision in event of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. His tour of Europe happened to coincide with massive crop failures in Russia and Ukraine, along with insect infestation of crops in Castro’s Cuba. These were Texas-sized disasters for the Commies, sourced in the good ole USA. The Cold War had morphed into a warmed-over baking contest with the starving Reds.

A turning point came when President Mikhail Gorbachev was forced to pay cash, aka gold, for grain, depleting Moscow’s coffers, which began the perestroika (gradual easing process) that resulted in the collapse of the Soviet Union. In short, Alex Jones had married into a top-tier CIA family, which explains where he got the funding to start-up InfoWars, since his wife nee Ms. Nichols came with a dowry of $3 million.. Some “dissenter” indeed Mr. Jones, well done!

A Ton of Bricks

So what explains the ton of bricks that just fell onto his head? That is a David Copperfield illusion for the benefit of dummies in the audience. Alex is being officially decommissioned, for a brief break before his next assignment if he is willing to accept it before the audio tape catches fire and explodes. Mission Improbable awaits the fastest draw from Texas. Maybe he should learn a few tips from Tom Cruise on how to reach the next level as Top Gun.

The excruciating show in the courtroom was morbid theater that Alex had to put behind him in order to move on. Now that I can SEE eye to I with the A, thereby connecting the dots, it becomes clear that the Vast Slush Fund will pay out any reparations to the aggrieved parents, putting Senator Joe Leiberman’s fiasco finally to rest and relieving the Shin Beit of any residual guilt for their unprofessional failure at crisis management. Where next for the big boy? Staring into Johnny Carson’s palantir, I ask, what saith Carnac the Magnificent?

Answer abracadabra: Ukraine, as the side-kick of gone-missing Hunter Biden, who can make a proposal to Burisma for a natural gas pipeline from Galveston to Odessa, the Gulf-to-Black Sea connection, to replace Nordstream with an endless energy belt! So let’s raise shot-glasses of vodka to his future success!

Whew! I need to wake up to an Irish coffee, fast, because this saga of information warfare has been a nightmare. To put to sleep my memories of Connecticut, like a river canoe journey when I got a bad case of poison ivy infection during portage through a field of stinging nettles, meaning I need to quell any further thoughts about the Infowars show trials, for a brief moment before the man comes to delink the Internet connection.

So in parting, the situation recalls a couple of homophobic verses from Bob Dylan:

“And you say, ‘Oh my God, am I here all alone?’

But something is happening and you don't know what it is

Do you, Mr. Jones?”