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War On Western Culture:
Losing Western Identity

Part 2: America's identity, racial separation, what's next?

By Frosty Wooldridge
Exclusive To Rense

While BLM, La Raza, Muslim Brotherhood and Antifa would like to destroy every aspect of American culture, they lack any reasonable plan for creating a livable, free and rational society.

One of BLM’s leaders siphoned $10 million out of their bank account. Another one bought a $2 million house for her personal use. In reality, BLM anarchists lack any comprehension of a peaceful, civil and functioning society. How many African-Americans would opt to returning to Somalia, Sudan, Congo or Ethiopia to live in refugee camps?

If La Raza, which translates into “the race”, showed any success in Mexico, why are millions streaming out of South and Central America, along with over 15 million illegally from Mexico—into this terrible United States of America?

As to Islamic society, what American woman would prefer to live under Sharia Law? What American woman would choose female genital mutilation or being honored killed by her husband or brother?

Why are Canada and Europe being invaded by the Middle East and Africa if their societies are so racist, unfair and cruel?

Quite a few people responded to Part 1 of this series. Here are their thoughts. They may coincide with your thoughts:

“Sadly, to say as great as our Constitution has been to make America what it has been, at the same time it has been the catalyst for our own destruction. That destruction being the rights and protection(s) it intends are used by the very powers who despise us to defeat us.

“All the arguments that can be made to keep America American are disparaged, and used in courts of law to grant this or that minority group protection(s) against us the evil discriminatory white people.

“The Japanese have it right! Keep Japan Japanese.”

“Your, and my generations of America are hanging-on by a thread, and gasping for breath to remain alive; but this country will not survive.” Be well,R.T.

“America is having a hard time with the massive influx of illegal aliens who have no intention of becoming American. Quite the contrary, they want to convert America into the same sh*thole they left. With their utter disregard for our laws, which also applies to the ruling class, we are being fragmented, not united. We will be entering a war here on our soil in our towns and cities due to the a*shole in the White House.” B.M.

“An historian said, “Before a civilization dies, it loses its mind.” How do we regain our minds? We have to trash our TV's, sports and game 'mentality’ and return to pre-TV and books when we were a homogeneous nation in race, culture and sensible values. Thanks for your voice.” L.P.

“I heard from Andrew Wilkow, "When over ‘there’ comes here, here becomes ‘there.’"

“Years ago I read Milestones by Sayyid Qutb. He wrote of overcoming a nation without bloodshed. Then I read The Death of a Nation by Stormer and he spoke of the communist takeover. Also, Alan Bloom's book Closing the American Mind”.

In his book, The War On The West by Douglas Murray, he said, “The CRT people argued that America was not merely a white-dominated society, or that America had a white-majority population, but a white-supremist society. They claimed that all white people benefited from allowing white-supremist rule.”

In other words, if you are white America in 2022, you’re damned one way or the other for your skin color.

In May 2020, when lifelong felon George Floyd was caught for the umpteenth time for his criminal behavior as a car jacker, woman abuser, drug dealer, shoplifter, thief, porno star and passing phony $20 bills, he died at the hands of a white police officer trying to neutralize him. At the time, fentanyl filled Floyd’s body.

BLM proceeded to burn, loot and riot to the tune of $2 billion in cities around America. Not one of them saw a courtroom. Law and order lost all credibility when faced with BLM anarchists. Additionally, wildly crazy accusations followed with unarmed black people being killed as high as 10,000 a year. When in fact, in 2020, only 10 blacks were killed by police…and all of them via criminal activity.

“But as figures compiled by the Washington Post Police Shootings database confirm, in the years before the death of Floyd, more police officers were killed by armed black Americans than unarmed black Americans were killed by police,” said Murray.

Ironically, weekend shootings in Chicago range from 40 to 60 with 10 to 15 deaths, all of them black on black killings, but not one single response by Black Lives Matter leaders, or CNN, NPR, PBS or Anderson Cooper.

Soon after Floyd’s death, the judicial system sent police officer Chauvin, along with his minority police colleagues, to prison for 20 years to life.

In recent years, black authors published books like Antiracist Baby, How to Argue with a Racist, How to be an Antiracist. In other words, feed more fuel to the fire until the pot explodes.

There’s an old saying by a Native American who said to his son, “There are two wolves competing in your mind…one is good, and the other is bad.” The young boy asked, “Which one wins?” The old chief said, “The one you feed.”

If we as a nation keep feeding black power against white power, or racism against non-racism, or black supremacy versus white supremacy—there will be a point where the pot explodes.

If we negate our laws via mayors like Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot and by AG’s ignoring criminals, giving free bail, and no jail time—we’ll receive more Eliza Fletcher killings and/or the 19-year-old kid, Ezekiel Kelly, who blasted four people to death in Memphis while he filmed it on Facebook. You might repeat that historians words, “Before a civilization dies, it loses its mind.”

If I were in power in America? I would create video instructional programs in schools that show every student what he or she faces if he or she chooses crime of any kind. We’re talking hard time in a cell and what it’s like in a prison yard. Let each student know what they face if they choose crime. I would pay top salaries for top law enforcement professionals across America. I’d come down on every criminal with the heavy weight of law and order. I’d put any and every criminal of any color into a cell for as long as it takes. I’d make it so nasty for criminals, that they would fear even trying to jack a car, rob a bank, steal from a convenience store, rob a train, kill someone, etc. Some have suggested public hangings for drug dealers, cop killers and murderers.

If we don’t get serious about law and order in our Western Country, as the one writer said, “When over ‘there’ comes here, then here becomes ‘there.’”

Do any of us want to replicate other third world countries in any way, shape, form or manner?

Part 3: The uglier it gets; it gets even uglier


This video graphically and dramatically illustrates America's immigration-population crisis as well as the world's. I wrote it and narrated it. Tim Walters of Cleveland, Ohio directed and produced. Please forward it to all your friends, networks and beyond. Place it on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Parler and more. Just click the link below to see the video.

Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

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"Immigration by the numbers—off the chart "  by Roy Beck This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, "Mind boggling!" v=muw22wTePqQ


-- Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences
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