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The Streicherian Transformation Of
Mainstream Media and The Fourth Reich
of the 21st Century

Stephen Martin

The Bitch is on Heat Again - The Streicherian Transformation Of Mainstream Media and The Fourth Reich of the 21 st Century.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme

Mark Twain

'The unvaxxed are our misfortune'

A paraphrase of 'The Jews are our Misfortune! '/ Die Juden sindt unser Unglűck - such the 21st C. abominable ryhme of propaganda; such the mass formation of collective psychoses.

'Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again.'

Bertolt Brecht

The interaction/dialectic of Demagoguery with ' Journalism' is a fascinating subject; much as is the psychological concept of 'apperception' and the formation of mass media under a political system reflecting a mass formation as pathological?

Perhaps the most infamous individual exemplar of such interaction is epitomised by the founder and editor of the notorious anti-semitic newspaper 'Der Stürmer', Julius Streicher - who was sentenced to death by hanging as a consequence of the Nuremberg Trials, with sentence duly carried out on 16 October 1946.

In its days as of the Thousand Year Reich, 'Der Stürmer' was pure ' Nazi Newspeak Necrotrophic' as reflecting an extremity of anti semitic propaganda which even leading members of the Nazi Party (the so called 'Golden Pheasants') felt obliged to deny – the 'newspaper' as some antonymic perversion of 'Samizdat' was a private interest never endorsed by Nazi imprimature as 'Official' – though that Streicher became a multi-millionaire in the 'Third Reich' as a transfer of resources regime speaks volumes concerning primitive prototype?

'Mass formation' so it goes?

One can tell a lot about the control and issue of 'currency' such the media millionaire permitted?

In the early 21st C. regarding media magnates the term 'billionaire' is more apposite.

The transfer of resources represented by 'Operation Paperclip' concerning Nazi Scientists such as Wernher von Braun incorporated never really found corollary or parallel in 'Operation Mockingbird' concerning Intelligence operations and the incorporation of Nazi yellow journalist propaganda 'professionals;' Streicher was hung rather than relocated and offered ( as not to be refused) a back room board position in corporatist mass media of the Western World such the formation – it remaining for neoliberal corporatism to take up the ' propaganda mantle totalitarian' of yellow journalism operating under private interest guise and under hidden agenda as line evidenced concerning mainstream media in the 21st C. - which not so much of the Fourth Industrial Revolution as of the Fourth Reich as the fuckover, so it goes?

Mussolini, as was hung under a lamp post, once equated Corporatism with Fascism; such the out of the mouth of satanic spawn such the hellish mix of a little truth with a lot of filthy lies as remains the quintessence of propaganda as a 'dark art' (see below)

Never in the course of human history has media or wealth been so concentrated under control of issue of currency as in the early 21st. C. such the ryhme of the ''bitch on heat' as per Twain and Brecht quoted above?

Never has the 'news' been presented so scripted authoritative and repeated, repeated under 'spin' as a reflection of concentration of wealth translated into political power of global proportionality such the facilitation as by way of 'technological progress' in relation to mass formation?

Never has the World been so subjected, such the technological progress, to such a uniform polarity of 'propaganda' of which yellow journalistic degenerates such as Streicher could be proud; such the 'heat of the bitch' '?

The new 'Untermenschen' of the Fourth Reich as to the rabidity of eugenical propaganda of death are as yet a much more numerous as populous entity such the yellow journalism as globalized under the 'white heat' of technological revolution such the new mass formation proceeding goose step by goose step as algorithm euphemised; Streicher's small fortune has been magnified manifold under the meaning of 'media magnate' in the globalized transformation corporate as propagated/perpetuated from Third to Fourth Reich and the debauching of 'currency' through 'money magick' in the 21st C. such the 'bitch'; such the quantitatively easy bleeding edge ontology - of what amounts to a chasm as an abyss by way of satanic transhumanism precipitated?

- A shocking and awful question undoubtedly, but as demands to be asked concerning satan as a hermaphrodite, as a 'beast' commensurate - and yellow journalists 'bearers of illusion' or lies posing as truth, being obsequious as sycophantic to the mass formation of a MIC as a denial of Human Nature, such the spawn instanced such the heat of Reich?

Apropos an image of the mentor and sponsor of all yellow journalists:

Such the problem, reaction solution as to yellow journalism as corporately evidencing ' a 'spawning' of illusion and lie such the bitch/beast on heat again?

At its peak, 'Der Stűrmer' had a circulation under 500 thousand, and attained a geographic distribution limited to some 5 countries – compare this to mainstream media in the 21st C such the polarization of incorporation and editorial control; such the footprint of satellite broadcast and the implications of mainstream as 'multi media 'under 2 1st C. technological innovation - which commensurately, as socially as culturally as geopoltically able to 'rabidly' as virally infect 'billions with propaganda line of filthy lies such the mass formation as reflects a 'transfer of resources' to but mad dogs of war as chief of racketeers served?

'Der Stűrmer 'was a newsprint operation reflecting technological limitations prevalent; nowadays technology facilitates a greater spectrum to be more fully dominated by a rabid as yellow degeneration of journalism as expression of 'mass formation' such the 'press' -and as to 'multi media' a hypnotic phenomenon deploying behavioural psychology including the delivery of 'dopamine hits' as to point of a resource transfer effected?

Thin end of the mass formation wedge aka 'bitch on heat'?

The psychotronic potentialities of RF radiation remain in the background such the irony as to an irresistible hypnotic temptation concerning 'mass formation' under propaganda : such the mind over mind as relegates mere newsprint as effete?

The new Reich being click built as opposed to brick built such the panopticonic hell on earth facilitated as under liberation of a Trojan Horse of Empiricism through its fruit of Technology in which 'yellow journalism' but a symptom of electromagnetic distortion as debasement, such the 'heat' mainstreamed?

The 'Streicherian Transformation' alluded to here is not just of yellow journalism become 'more' by way of distribution and form ; it includes the extension as technologically facilitated whereby such satanic filth under abrogation of 'no shame/take the money and run' can destroy Democracy through greater mass formation under Thanatos and attain a 'word of god' invasion of thought processes such the new level of intermediating 'ambience' electromagnetic concerning propaganda radiated in an 'Age of Endarkenment'?

We are 'living' in times which reflect a new 'heat' – that of both a new cry of 'chaos' – and of new 'dogs of war' let loose such the Ordo ab Chao?

Such the shake of the spear indeed as rattle of the sabre as to ryhme?

In such context it is rendered as relatively easy to accept the propositions that 'We are manifestly fucked' or that if 'We stay quiet as compliant enough the scythe will pass us by' such the Acedia as Pynchon sublimely explicated concerning 'Journalism' - and as Neimoller succincted or precised concerning everyday life under a pathology or regime of collective psychoses?

The 21st C. 'Age of Endarkenment' we currently subsist under is as technologicaly facilitated; the 'Prince of Darkness' is a scientist of death or Thanatos such the Lo! as Thoreau intimated concerning as 'we have become the tool of our tools' : to such a paradigm of ponerology as a technological determinism is fruitional of a mass formation, in which Julius Sreicher as a twisted demagogue of yellow journalism in the service of a mass formation as collective psychoses stands or crawls as kneels supplicative such the obscene suck or lick of satanic appendage reproductive as but a primitive prototype of ryhme; a mere multi millionaire in face of 'trillionaredom to be', such the obscenity corporate of reward for the encouragement or furtherment of mass formation?

'Streicher on Steroids' such the acronym as would deny such spawn under a care not as to currency controlled and issued; for we are creatures of God?

'SOS', indeed as apposite alternate acronym being as to 'Save our Souls' concerning resistance against the heat of the satanic bitch as would portray the irresistible?