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The Difference Between JFK, Muammar Gadaffi
Alex Salmond And Marine Le Pen

By Stephen Martin

Premise this small article is based on 'no real difference' between the above political figures, two of which are dead; killed as assassinated by 'Necrotrophy Inc' under 'mob rule'?

Of course there is a difference as of Nationality as much to Sovereignty as much as once was; JFK is American, Muammar Gadaffi is Libyan, Alex Salmond is Scottish and Marine Le Pen is French.

The 'no difference' premise is based on a genuine as humane care for the people of a Nation politically (as opposed to 'politikally') represented evidenced in the face of Stateless Bastardom as politikal whoredom resisted ; it is a care as all the above evidence(d) which incongruent with a Globalization agenda which has no room for national sovereignty or political idiosyncracy: so the common factor is that 'none of the above' are ideological whores or stateless bastards - but find their roots humane in a genuine concern to improve the lot of the people they politically represent or represented?

Two of the above were assassinated for such concern.

For their own People!

It is a product of cultural hegemony and divide et impera /

slip into silent slumber

that such assertion would be denied as ridiculed; a hegemony which deploys 'exceptionalism' as ironic , such the divide et impera;

such the currency controlled as issued as entails as demands 'knee jerk reaction'?

- 'How dare JFK be equated with Muammar Gadaffi!

' is just such a question as arising from a knee jerk reaction as borne of mass formation in which cultural hegemony is as a form of hypnosis?

What could a ‘People’s History of Libya’ reveal as to the mind of a Historian such as Zinn?

That is, all of the above politicans buck or bucked the system or status quo

as founded upon a deadly subjugation of diversity and national interest under hegemony; they refuse(d) to conform unquestioningly to a hidden agenda of a global deep state- and at least two paid for such challenge to the status quo

of narrative orthodox

by way of being assassinated.

The fatal mistake of JFK was to attempt to stand up against the control and issue of currency as serves as the basis for what amounts to no more than usurious gangsterism; the role his attempt to destroy the 'vig'

of Federal Reserve exaction thru his proposal of a silver backed dollar should not be underestimated in context of understanding why he was assassinated? Similarly, when Muammar Gadaffi proposed the establishment of a new currency in form of the gold backed African Dinar his fate was effectively sealed?

There are of course other factors in the equation of Thanato

s/ death demanded concerning both politicians; for example JFK's speech on 'secrecy' and his war on the CIA and Muammar Gadaffis address to the UN in which he tore up the rule book and embarrassingly exposed same institution it for the sham as racket it is - but the critical or key factor concerning death sentence passed and carried out is that the control and issue of 'gangster currency' was challenged by both figures as political giants? The costs of their premature deaths for the world are incalculable? Viz:

Had JFK succeeded in his vow to effectively abolish the Federal Reserve thru establishing a new currency as in a silver backed dollar how much austerity for America as much as the world would have been averted as much as capacity for the American people to share in a global prosperity facilitated? Similarly had Gadaffi established a new currency how many Africans would have benefited from same? It is a matter of record that under Gadaffi and as per consideration of 'human development index' the living standards of Libyans was improved dramatically under his 'Jamirayah'.

Look at America now, look at Libya now, such the 'knee jerk' reaction avoided as transcended, such the hypnosis of hegemony undenied as much as '

mob rule

' un defied as deified?

And so to the living.

Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a highly insightful article concerning

Marine Le Pen

in which he evidences some synonymisation sagacious as of Kurt Vonneguts's 'so it goes

'? Whilst these small quarters not in general an admirer of Roberts; when someone writes 'truth' or close approximation thereof it must be acknowledged? Maybe he is starting at last to 'grow a pair' by way of 'j'regrette

' as much as of 'j'accuse

' instanced?

Now it could be that Marine Le Pen represents yet another form of controlled opposition on the global stage, whilst it is certainly the case that Emmanuel Macron is a complete Rothschildian stateless bastard as ideological whore paralleling Judas Iscariot thru his sell out of the French people he purports to represent. But in bucking the Couldenhove- Kalergi plan as of cultural miscegenation and asserting French sovereignty in face of such a '


; in bucking NATO and the imperative of economic sanctions against Russia; in refusing the lockstep of the 'Great Reset' she denies the sic transit

concerning her people as much as she dares to proclaim 'Vive la France!

' ? Compare and contrast to the ultimate sick puppy political of Joe Biden as the Caligula POTUS, whom has such the degeneration thru senility, even less of a consciousness or awareness than a horse named 'Incitatus', alas the contempt which 'Necrotrophy Inc. holds for the American People'

All that remains for Marine is to proclaim a new currency; a French currency perchance gold backed?

And so to Alex Salmond as a political figure much reduced, (but not as a man! ). In an excellent article by

Craig Murray

whom recently went to jail as a result of 'defending' Alex Salmond as was 'character assassinated' as a result of his almost successful attempts to make Scotland an Independent Nation, there is a video of Alex Salmond as introducing his new wee book of the 'Alba Party' as so reiterates Muammar Gadaffi's

Green Book

, such the ryhme as of Mark Twain explicated? Alex Salmond is indeed a Scot, as much as JFK an American, as Muammar Gadaffi a Libyan, or Marine Le Pen French. Which is why these small quarters obliged to concur with Paul Craig Roberts concerning such the extrapolation as of Alex Salmond now also being in the 'crosshairs' of the Mob as now rules the world. Though perish the thought but that should such assassinations occur it will undoubtedly be in a hegemonic framework of 'plausible deniability'.

So it goes.

Stephen Martin can be reached at