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Pro-Israel Pedophiles Backed Sending
Polish F-16s To Ukraine - Part 5

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

An embarrassed Pentagon has just denied the validity of all claims of a secret deal with Poland to deliver Warsaw's aging fleet of Soviet-era MiG and Sukhoi warplanes to Ukraine's pilots in exchange for American shipments of shiny new Lockheed Martin F-16s to Warsaw. The Polish proposal was aimed at enabling the now-grounded Ukrainian air force to fly those vintage Soviet jets from a USAF airbase across NATO lines into beleaguered Ukraine for a surprise attack of bombing missions against Russian-occupied airfields and to wage dogfights with Russia's fifth-generation (5G) Sukhoi and MiG fighter jets.

Understandably, the shamed Ukrainian air crews have wanted  to wreak revenge on the Russian jet jockeys who annihilated the Ukrainian Air Farce on the ground and during takeoff in the first minutes and hours of the February 24 "invasion" according to NATO as opposed to the Kremlin's claim of a "peacekeeping mission". (For accuracy's sake, both categories alternately fit the different phases of this complex war.)

At a March 8 news conference, DoD press spokesman John Kirby politely dispelled Polish reports of a done deal with the Biden administration to deliver the ancient aircraft to the U.S. Air Force's Ramstein Air Base in southern Germany. The twin-runways at that huge airfield serves as a major logistical hub connecting the Pentagon with military operations in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Why did the Polish government seek to dispatch their Warsaw Pact-era jets to Ramstein for this trade-off? Because that strategic airbase is a key center for military intelligence intercepts and analysis in planning  black ops and mission-planning, from Obama's infamous rendition program involving torture during interrogation of prisoners from the Gulf War and Afghanistan to coordinating special operations of highly secretive long-range forward observers and air commandos with the Air Force Special Operations Command. Deep penetration airstrikes aimed at Ukrainian airfields captured by the Russian expedition demands secrecy, disinformation and deception.

An important factor behind choosing Ramstein is its massive aircraft-repair facilities, among the world's top military aircraft service centers, which presumably is capable of refitting aged Polish aircraft with superficial "modifications" and believable paint jobs to resemble current state-of-art Russian attack planes. With an "upgrade" achieved by attaching up-to-speed tail fins and fake high-tech accessories, a Mission Impossible makeover might just enable Ukrainian pilots to hoodwink enemy radar units and on-the-ground spotters into thinking the imposters to be genuine Russian aircraft returning to base.

Ukrainian officers, many trained inside Russia, speak fluent Russian and have sufficient knowledge of military jargon and codes to pull off the deception, at least for the few minutes it takes to zoom in on enemy-occupied airfields and tank columns. A surprise attack crippling Russian air-power would be huge morale boost to the national resistance and also as proof to skeptical NATO officers that Ukraine can indeed win the war of defense. Keeping dreaming, boys, because you have nothing left to lose except your toys. Real life isn't a Hollywood movie.

Israeli Signature on the F-16 Deal

This daring plan brings to mind the sheer chutzpah that enabled the air wing of the Israeli Defense Force to wipe out Egyptian air power on the tarmac in less than 3 hours at the start of the Six Day War of June 1967. And, as it turns out, the Polish military cooperates closely with the bold IDF, for example, in the massive Blue Flag war games held every few years in the Negev Desert. Indeed, the pilots of Israel and Poland fly the same model Lockheed Martin F-16.

Why should suspicion be cast on the Israelis, those usual suspects, to hatch this cockamamie plot to annihilate Russian air power and destroy Vladimir Putin's credibility? Mainly because the Poles lack the imaginative creativity of the Yiddish masterminds, as in that old joke: "How many Pollocks  does it take to change a light bulb?" Answer: "Three, one to hold the bulb and two to turn the ladder." By contrast, most although certainly not all Jews are "smart like a Fox, or a Fuchs, whatever." In the Bible, King Herod, a manipulative genius, was called "The Fox", but he was Greek and not Jewish. Greeks, Jews and most Mediterranean types are way more clever than the rest of us peons.

A Pedophile Connection

Among the main American advocates of the F-16 transfer, free of cost to Poland in exchange for dilapidated Soviet fighter jets, is the neoconservative Republican senator from Nebraska Ben Sasse, whose vociferous support for American military intervention in Ukraine verges into hysterical belligerence. He's an anti-Trump Republican, of course. As pointed out by former Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times journalist Liz Cronkin, Big Ben's motive could well be related to the cover-up of Nebraska's Lincoln Boys Town homosexual pedophile scandal, which implicated Sasse's political mentor, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Sasse is a hang-wringing Lutheran, a denomination which to the shame of American Protestantism is rife with boy-love.

This series on the Ukraine disaster has repeatedly warned of the pedophile-network threat to Ukrainian refugees, enabled by major "humanitarian aid" agencies previously linked to child abuse and illicit "adoptions" during other refugee crises. The news scenes of vulnerable Ukrainian mothers and grandmothers fleeing their homeland with little children in tow are absolutely sickening. In a widely shown TV news clip, a Polish refugee center was visited by two fashionably tall and thin Danish hosts with hard cold eyes, shouting, "We can provide housing for eight of you for free!" That rang the fire alarm. The horde of tiny footloose white-skinned children is a happy hunting ground for mentally disturbed sex addicts, sadistic perverts and serial cannibals. NATO needs its own Western version of a Putin to eliminate this incurably malignant societal disease to wipe the Earth clean.

Another advocate of the Polish F-16 scam is a Democrat Congressman from New Jersey, Robert Menendez, chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, allegedly the politically untouchable pedophile who "made several trips via private plane to the Dominican Republic for rendezvous with underage prostitutes", according to the Daily Caller. At his Washington D.C. office, Menendez retained an "unpaid staffer" named Luis Abrahan Sanchez Zavaleta, an illegal alien from Peru and known sex offender, whose only obvious skill is to procure Spanish-speaking child flesh.

Menendez's host for underage sex assignations is the appropriately named South Florida optometrist Salomon Melgan, whose yacht was used for weekend orgies with youthful sex slaves. In return for favors rendered, Menendez arranged a federal contract for a "border security" contract with the Dominican Republic, the ticket for free passage of underage rape victims to Miami Dade Airport, and also a post-military career for retired IDF thugs.

The troika of supporters of the Yiddish Liberation Movement, aka the Ukraine government, is complete with the addition of the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ben Cardin (Jewish surname Kardonsky), who recently blurted out: "Time is of the essence since we would like to see those planes (F-16s) there yesterday." Sure, and Soros should have ousted Putin the day before yesterday.

Well said by the Jewish politician from Baltimore aka "Mobtown", called that ever since the reign of the pimp and booze supplier "Lord" Julius Salsbury, the Yid fixer between Meyer Lansky's crooks and the Italian mafia families. When served with federal indictments for fraud, Lord Julius found a safe haven in home-sweet-home Israel. Cardin has been a Democrat incumbent for more than a half century. Vampires don't die, they just get a transfusion. Baltimore has been a safe haven for pedophiles, registered and undetected, as the city where the B4U man-boy lobby could openly hold a public conference under the slogan: "Pedophiles are just 'minor-attracted' persons" Annie, get your gun for a major shootout!

Cunning Lingerers of Khazardom

The crafty plot for a surprise air raid against the occupation forces inside Ukraine, and also on bordering areas of Russia and Belarus, by an ersatz "Russian Air Force" is completely in line with ancient cavalry warfare by Khazar raiders from western China who invaded the Northern Caucasus and northern Black Sea coast, an area now known as Odessa. The Tribe finds itself at war again with the pale-face Slavs, who as in the feudal past are fighting back after suffering more than enough abuse. If this geography and history is unfamiliar terrain to the reader, Sergei Eisenstein's epic "Ivan the Terrible" recalls the Russian onslaught against the barbaric Mongol-Turkic Golden Horde's stronghold of Kazan. The case for vindication of Ivan as Slavic hero rests on the fact that the barbarian tribes were even more harshly cruel and casually brutal,  and so Mr. Terrible was just playing catch-up.

The Khazar legacy is revealed in the shock tactics of Israeli clandestine operations, as demonstrated in the Mossad-IDF raid in Entebbe, Uganda. While the Western news media condemned the recent Russian military assault that took out Ukrainian provocateur-snipers at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest atomic facility in Europe, not a single voice in NATO ever condemned Operation Babylon, the Israeli airstrike of June 1981 against an Iraqi reactor under construction. Could there possibly be a double standard when it comes to going easy on Jews versus punishing Christian Russians? Gee, I dunno, let me go ask the rabbi.

Khazar Rule over a Slavic Nation

What could be Tel Aviv's motive in planning a surprise attack against Russia's massive military force in Ukraine? Obviously, to recapture Odessa, the homeland of Khazar convert Jews, whose bloodline comprises the majority of Jewry in Europe, North America and Israel, as compared with the original Sephardim rooted in the Holy Land. To visualize the difference, do an online search for a photo of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the former world heavyweight boxing champ. His huge nose, a Jimmy Durante style "schnoz", Chinese slanted eyes and high forehead are identical to his Khazar Turk ancestors. Not the type of man you'd want to bump into in a dark alley or well lit boxing ring.

History shows that Russian military action is not easily provoked since that pastoral people are content with living in a bountiful Nature. Russians are not barbarians. My ancestral clan commanded and manned the Japanese naval flotilla that defeated Tsar Alexander I's fleet at Tsushima Strait in 1905. Our sailors dived into the waters to rescue the thankful Russian crew members and later sent them home to Saint Petersburg with precious gifts for their families. Real warriors with honor intact do not resort to dirty tactics because they, we, are not afraid of death. (Pearl Harbor was not my clan's doing and opposed as an idiotic idea.) The same can be said for God-fearing Christians when dying at the gateway of Heaven is a joyous entry into life eternal, that is if we avoid sinful behavior.

Brutal tribal societies lacking strong belief in an afterlife, by contrast, tend to play dirty to preserve and extend their all-too brief span on this earthly coil. The Polish-Jewish attempt to maintain their grip over Europe explains the underlying reason for the Russian punitive expedition against the mafia-controlled secularist, indeed pagan Ukrainian gangster elite, which continues to oppress the native descendants of Kiev Rus. Pseudo-Jewish supremacy is nothing new to Ukraine, as historically proven the military alliance between Odessa Jews and the Catholic-rooted Lithuanian-Polish alliance. That  grim period of history witnessed how the Cossacks defended their Crimean-region homeland against the unprincipled double alliance of Jews and Poles, as recalled by leading Ukrainian novelist Nikolai Gogol about his family history in "Taras Bulba", which was adapted to a Hollywood movie starring Anthony Quinn. Double Thumbs Up, for drama and historical truth!

Now don't get me wrong and brand me as a Japanese Nazi, since my favorite food is kasha, buckwheat groats made of the same grain as soba noodles, the best eatery is Katz's Deli on Houston and Ludlow in the Lower East Side, and I remain a loyal fan of Isaiah and Moses. Maybe I am just too much of purist to be a present-day reformed Jew with an addiction to pork chow mein! Call me an old-school Jew-panese and pass the matzoh crackers. Pray that the angels save the children of Ukraine.

An Overnight Loss

Some mention in passing should be given to Russia's lopsided air war over Ukraine. Losing your nation's air force o n the first night of a foreign invasion glaringly proved a total lack of combat readiness  by the Ukraine Air Force, which comprise hundreds of aircraft and  25,000 airmen, known locally as Povitryani Syly Ukrayiny, headquartered in Vinnytsia, 160 miles southwest of Kiev. Was Thursday, February 4, the Ukrainian Vodka-guzzling Festival?

Total incapacitation of Ukrainian air-power  at the start of hostilities  is arguably worse than the only comparable wartime air-power disaster, the s tunning  destruction of U.S military air -war  assets at Wheeler Airfield outside Honolulu during the Pearl Harbor airstrike, with the loss of 347 aircraft destroyed or damaged out of a Pacific garrison of 390, leaving only about 50 planes undamaged. Putin and Zelensky are making history in more ways than one  by surpassing that record . By contrast, the Battle of Britain was an astoundi ng defense effort by the British based on flexibility, ingenuity and deception , all made possible with  American materiel support. Corruption and laxity resulted in disastrous unpreparedness, proving Ukraine did not deserve to win this siege of the century.

An unbiased investigation of Ukrainian combat unpreparedness is certainly a project for Pentagon strategists and historians of military studies . Kiev's secret corps of NATO advisers should face court-martial for this unmitigated disaster and suffer punish ment  accordingly for not having Ukrainian jets on staggered shifts of duty ensuring 24-hour air patrol s. R eserve warplanes  should have been  secretly stationed at camouflaged civilian airfield s  or hidden in hardened hangers under forest  cover  along straight-arrow highways  for launch and landing .

The Ukrain ian air-power fiasco removes  any lingering doubt s about  NATO  being a competent military league. Brussels HQ  is a politicized cocktail party of careerist "defense officials" and certainly not a hardy band of warriors capable of engaging,  evading,  halting and turning back hordes of ruthlessly determined foes. Shaking a finger is useless after failing at arms.

By contrast, on the chessboard of Eastern Europe, Russia's rather anonymous military campaign planners and field commanders deserve kudos for waging a complex, multi-front "non-blitzkrieg" offensive that has stunned NATO into abject silence and left a confused international community gasping for breath. The steady pace of encirclement of key cities and reduction by avoidance of human casualties on either side with gradual ramp-up artillery fire also stands in contrast to the indiscriminate slaughter in the Persian Gulf wars and across Afghanistan as well as Kiev's murderous campaigns against Donetsk rebels. Russia's General Staff has earned its  place in the pantheon of world history's top military commanders , showing more resourcefulness and tactical agility than any American commander since Stonewall Jackson.

NATO Shake-up

Meanwhile the lesson for the West is: I nstead of hurling media abuse at Mother Russia, NATO and the Pentagon are in need of a thorough shake-up to re-strategize and revamp combat readiness. Warriors, not bureaucrats, win battles. Humbly learn from your opponent or  fall  at his hands. That's Rule 1 of judo and warfare. Just go ask black-belt jiujitsu master Vladimir Putin.

The massive territorial "wedge" that NATO and the EU succeeded into driving into the Slavic territorial realm with its bribing of Ukraine is totally negated  for the foreseeable future and soon to be  transformed into  a massive Slavic-Orthodox defense bloc along a straight front from the Belarus border with Poland across Ukraine's frontier with Slovakia and across the Carpathian range of  Romania  (Moldova is not a factor)  to the Black Sea and Russia proper.  Behind this defense wall,  Orthodox-centered and Russian-led political sphere will  be connected by the Black Sea to the  geopolitical space of Bulgaria and Greece, while Russia's borders with Central Asia and China, members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or SCO, serve to guarantee peace along the eastern perimeter.  The continental interior is now safe from NATO-EU aggression and exploitation.

The conflict ends Western European expansionism and undercuts the American military role as a global policeman. The USA must wind down its military presence in Europe and instead shift toward its own geopolitical fault line along the Mexican border. Meanwhile American voters need to investigate and target the Pedophile Elite, those friends of the Devil in political office for removal from high office and legal action ending in chemical castration in solitary confinement, even if these perverts deserve to be sent downstairs to their Master.  

Instead of lingering on with the bumbling Europeans, Americans with their homeland in the middle of a huge continent facing vast waters and sworn enemies are facing a challenge similar to the Russians of keeping the peace to enable our citizens to built a better future based on fairness, ingenuity and consideration for others. Remember that the one thing that Christians and Jews, as well as Yanks, Russians and Israelis have in common is the word "Amen".

Lay down the arms and stop the killing and start the healing and forgiving. Instead of a madhouse, Ukraine could be a Garden of Eden instead of a chamber of horrors. Get back to where you belong.