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Biden's Wicked Witch Of The Beast
To Head The DHS Disinfo scam

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

In late April, while the Bidenites were wringing their hands over neo-fascist Azov terrorists trapped under a collapsed Ukrainian steel mill, DHS boss Alex Mayorkas announced the appointment of Nina Morgon Jankowicz as executive director of the newly created Disformation Governance Board (DGB). The dossier of this 32-year-old Bryn Mawr graduate shows all the markings of a typical CIA asset, meaning that she's a chronic liar who is so obviously dishonest as to evoke laughter rather than fear.

The newly crowned Tzarina of Censorship (already tarred by hundreds of her critics as the Orwellian big sister in the Ministry of Truth) is being slammed for asserting the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a pro-Trump fairy tale and for her praise of Russiagate mastermind Christopher Steele from MI-6. Thereby, Jankowitz is the ideal candidate to run Disinfo Governance, the thought bureau that will comb the Internet for heretics and condemn free-thinkers into the cyberian gulag of the Dark Net, that is until tech confiscation laws are enacted with renewable prison sentences.

Before getting into how this witch of the Beast was shoehorned into her ruby slippers, let's probe her non-disclosed personal affairs. Her familial background remains a cypher, a blank page, other than the middle name Morgon, of French Jew origin, and Jankowicz of Russian origin. If a person cannot provide the facts about her family background, how can she be trusted about any other matter? If she was adopted, so what? Is the American public really that sensitive about bastardy? For whatever it's worth, what I know from my years as a steelworker in South Chicago, there was a Jankowicz, a racist SOB, who had decades earlier been a concentration camp guard in Nazi-era wartime Poland and denied that he was born Jewish. Fess up, Nina, was that your granddad? We want the truth from your Ministry of Truth! Then again, that would not be professional since the hangman always wears a black mask.

Pizzagate Warmed Over

More intriguing is her husband Michael Vincent Stein, who she married on 26 May 2013 in Princeton, New Jersey. (Her attendance at Princeton has been scrubbed from the public record, which reports Bryn Mawr as alma mater.) The couple's first two residential addresses were in Arlington, Virginia, those suburbs near Langley HQ favored by CIA rookies. Later, Nina and Vince moved to Lewes, Delaware, where Mr. Stein worked at the office of Harvard Business Services, a dodgy outfit founded by Richard H. Bell II; its primary function being to register Delaware business licenses. This brass plate factory, of course, provides cover and name cards for CIA operatives and Defense intel spooks under cover as business executives and contractors.

Geography is a factor here, since Lewes is on the north side of Cape Henlopen, whereas Rehoboth Beach is south of that seaside promontory. For the many gays familiar with that chicken-hawk runway, Lewes is the location of the Biden family vacation home, favored by son Hunter, whereas nearby Rehoboth is The Gay Beach and therefore the former home and summer vacation spot for Democrat political lobbyist David Brock and his lover Jimmy Alefantis of Ping Pong Pizza-gate pedophile notoriety. This creepy Agency circle on the Delaware shore was in all probability of how fag hag Nina got introduced to Papa Joe, then Obama's Vice President.

Oh, the Biden beach house, well it's worth $2.74 million and contains 4,786-square-feet, 6 bedrooms plus 5 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, 3 fireplaces and numerous decks and porches. Are you familiar with the floor-plan, Nina; am I getting it right? If not, talk about it, email me the gospel truth, tell all about your Ivy League climbing skills up the brick wall and over the top into Oz, because you're not in Kansas anymore..

So the takeaway from this deliberately obscured background is that Nina is a dodgy character, a go-fer and professional liar whose main task is to protect the Biden clan from further media investigation, for instance, of the continuing mystery of the untimely 2015 death inside Walter Reed hospital of first son Beau Biden, the Delaware State Attorney General who at the time was prosecuting America's worst-ever pedophile offender. Questions, questions, until that case is finally solved to end the disinformation so that the pedophile establishment can be flushed down the sewers into the Atlantic to feed the Great White Sharks.

The author focused on the history of propaganda and disinformation at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.