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Woke Consciousness Stalks The Soul As Mass Formation
Erodes Identity In The 21st Century

By Stephen Martin

'War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.'

'1984', George Orwell

'A virtual murder of the soul'

Marie-France Hirigoyen

The concept of what is 'natural' is under polymorphous as mass formed global hegemonic assault - and is now rendered further debased such commensuration as in become a highly volatile area of thought: this sense of ideological valence as much as cultural hegemony as of a dystopian limitation effected upon freedom of expression demands being 'stalked ' psycho political as by way of 'mind over mind' geopolitically as contemporaneously instanced?

So much for 'Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness' as much as for 'Liberte, egalite et fraternite' such the divide et impera?

Say nought of ordo ab chao commensurated by way of 'mission creep'.

- That is; the 'new normal' as a product of narcissistic abuse as hegemonic control and manipulation in the 21 st C has manifestly little if any room for 'natural DNA' or 'natural immunity' or indeed 'natural national sovereignty'; but evidently has plenty of room for 'woke consciousness' - as an ideological manifestation or corollary of the new transhumanism as would be normalized as globalized?

The eugenical implications of mass gene therapy so normalized as identity eroded under technological determinism await explication, alas., in as much as the implications of altering natural DNA concerning sexual reproduction and fertility are, as yet , unknown to us?

The budgets 'globalized' under source and allocation for sponsoring and promoting woke consciousness as much as of transhumanism, as criminal forensics by way of 'follow the money !' could detail as reveal a hidden agenda, are humongous as obscene?

'Obscene' as the Gini Coefficient explicates; obscene as the hegemony of private/public partnership facilitated thereby such concentration of wealth and power vomiting the sickness of inversion 'toxic shite is good for you'?

Obscene as mass formation an 'apocalypse' as would be unrevealed under peristalsis ponerological?

Proposition this small article is that 'woke consciousness' as a 21st C manifestation of technocratic hegemony is a form of 'doublethink'; a cultural hegemony protected as much as enforced by the taboo against 'thought crime' effected under a technologically facilitated mass formation as an abusive panopticon of but 'mind over mind such the control and manipulation instanced.

Such the erosion of identity as a surreptitious sucking satanic shrink?

Audacious alliteration allegorical?

The geopolitical rationale of 'woke consciousness' will be detailed at a later juncture this small article.

Small quarters are aware that they are here in an ideological minefield of valence/thought crime - this thru electing as daring to challenge as propose polemically the synonymy of woke consciousness and cultural hegemony with orthodoxy - the challenge is to remain true to oneself such the pretension. Plus it is fucking fun to contemplate what would be under abusive control and manipulation denied: it is fun to deny the erosion of identity as much to call out as decry abuse for what it is. 2 plus 2 does not equal 5., lest the count go 1,2,3,5,4 under a 'new normal' of what was hitherto named 'four' is now named 'five', and vice versa in this case.

'Qui tacet consentire videtur’, indeed.

'Woke consciousness' construed here as a form of menticide: as an 'orthodoxy' it represents a death of thought which to lead or contribute enantiodromiatic towards ecocide as the final denial of rational debate: the final 'censorship' as much as the final flux of Eros to Thanatos.: aspectualised at the level of symptom of collective psychoses aka 'mass formation' by way of straw upon the camel's back.

Woke consciousness is a deadly tangled web of deceit and illusion; it is a manifestation of Thanatos.

It is a form of 'build back better' - which entails destruction of what was previously considered 'natural' as much as 'normal' by way of a divide et impera, and as answers the question 'Cui Bono'?

'Better ' - singularly in the opinion of technocratic man gods?

'Thought' as much as esse es percipi or er cogito sum is a natural phenomenon as much as the 'Anthropocene' a product of human DNA building a neurophysiological structure- capable of supporting a conscious psychophysical parallel as an epiphenomenon. The transhumanist degeneration manifests itself in 'Anthropobscenity' (sic)

Once 'We', sense of Zamyatin, were primarily men and women, indeed.

The word 'natural' can be applied veridical to any event or occurrence by virtue of the fact it occurs? Where as whence it becomes 'ideologically volatile' under cultural hegemony is as to synonymy with 'normal' instanced under apperception politikal?

That there a distinction to be made between 'natural' and 'normal' is of pivotal import concerning ponerology, mass formation and dystopia: it is where perception becomes apperception at a critical juncture of cultural hegemony as that 'most dangerous mind' Gramsci dared to explicate?

For example; children born physically deformed if not aborted as a result of the tragic deployment (e.g. of depleted uranium) or accident (e.g Fukishima, Chernobyl) leading to increased ionizing radiation presence is a natural phenomenon, as much as children dying from the result of the tragedy of economic warfare sanctions is natural. Where 'natural' becomes incendiary is where it conjoins as under 'woke consciousness' the concept of 'normality' as has moral significance as political – the term 'politics' being a synonym of 'moral economics'.

- Where natural becomes incendiary is where it advocates or demands a new normalisation as morally approvable such the 'gap unminded' as to the assassination of thought denied?

When the late Madeleine Albright said 'it was worth it' , or when Hillary Clinton cackled over 'We came, we saw, he died' they evidenced as tragedy a moral approval of a ' new norm' as conjoining a perverse interpretation of 'natural' as but ' a pathological friendship of death' or Thanatos evidenced?

To render the immoral as normal as natural is a key aim of mass formation; to transform Eros to Thanatos thru the inversion of morality and the abusive control and manipulation of the interaction between language and perception by way of divide et impera is the quintessence of ponerology?

The obfuscation and inversion of the natural by way of synonymisation with a new normal is the quintessence of evil as a culturally hegemonic ponerological as extra dimensional force?

In the 2 1st C. the 'new normal' is epitomized mundane under the paradigm of 'woke consciousness' as an inversion; as to some fierce fun the dysfunctional exists to be but praised under suspension of 'morality' as expression of a collective madness cultivated as propagated; death exists but to be praised; the dysfunctional to be accepted if not elevated to the norm under the pathological imperative of inversion?

Wedekind considered is apposite such the fierce fun of 'woke consciousness'?

It looms on high that black block
We judge heartily but pierce
Blood red heart, blood red frock
Our fun is always fierce.

Any enemy of the time
Will bloodily executed be.
Whoever is a friend of death,
Adorn with song and sound will we.

A friendship of death as of sovereign nations under miscegenation and 'Nakba' as of the Kalergi and Yinon plan; a friendship of death as of by LBGTQ 'sterility' denying reproduction; a friendship of death to natural DNA as much as natural immunity, a friendship of death as of 'All Lives Matter' rendered unacceptable in face of the mantra 'Black Lives Matter', a friendship of death way way of but criminal degenerates apperceived as 'angels' or 'philanthropists'?

This to say nought of the Zionist /Talmudic concept that 'Jewish Lives Matter Most as of Ovadia Josef?

Above all: a friendship of death by way of cultural hegemony and the economic and ideological austerity of the 'control and issue of currency' extrapolated upon as apperceives 'surplus population'' to be reduced by any means?

It is a fact that one means of reducing population is sterilization as a limitation imposed upon the biological capacity to reproduce. The hyperlink above reveals a shocking history concerning the USA and enforced sterilization effected thru medical means. Mass formation as an inversion seeks to create a 'new normal' and has the aim of reduction of 'surplus population' or 'death to the masses!'. Whether sterilization is effected thru medical or psychopolitical means is a matter of irrelevance under the pathology of mass formation apperception; the imperative is to effect a vast reduction of surplus population as a 'new normal'; such the abusive narcissism of man gods of wealth translated into hegemonic power as a 'mind over mind' in a ponerological context?

Needs must when the devil drives indeed.

It is a fact that we homo sapiens are born into this wondrous planet as a result of the act of sexual reproduction between a male and a female, or a man and a woman. It is a fact that there is a chromosonal difference between men and women; men are 'xy' and women are 'xx'. It is a fact that there are physiological and hormonal differences between the two sexes. It is a fact that homosexual activity cannot lead to reproduction, which demands put crudely, the ejaculation of semen into a vagina containing an ovum. Cunnilingus or sodomy do not and cannot lead to sexual reproduction.

Woke consciousness is not yet about biology, it is about the concept of 'gender', and how such concept can be incorporated within a eugenical framework of surplus population reduction by way of divide et impera? 'Gender' is a psycho political concept under woke consciousness, as much as 'race' is a psychopolitical concept under Critical Race Theory (CRT) - both are inversional forms of mass formation which are as a form of 'build back better' effected the destruction of the normal and replacement by a new normal attained?

Woke consciousness remains as to synonymisation expanded upon the sublime Orwellian precis of inversion given above?

Too many nerves of hegemony struck for one wee article?

As a cathartic pleasure , so it goes.