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Absolute Fact - Why The Green
New Deal Is Designed To Fail

By Ted Twietmeyer

It must be understood the "green new deal" was designed to fail on purpose. Why is this so? No one needs to be an economist to see the trillions of dollars needed to re-build the thousands of old bridges, insulate every building, replace outdated and aging/leaking sewer pipes, water lines, highways, power lines, transformers and infrastructure all around America does not exist and never will. Globalists put the price tag in the billions; useful idiots like Biden claimed "It's already paid for" and the gullible voted for him. What a sick joke on America he is. 
Bridges Are Just One Example

Today, replacing just one bridge can easily cost 30 million  dollars. With inflation, the price could easily reach 40 million for just ONE BRIDGE. Multiply that by the conservative estimate of 4,000 bridges = 160 billion dollars. But this cost is only for ONE bridge. Now add to that the remaining costs of insulating every building, replacing outdated and aging/leaking sewer pipes, water lines, highways, power lines, transformers and infrastructure all around America.

That so-called "green new deal" is just a black hole to stuff with as many tax dollars as possible. This serves the purpose of destroying America economically. Then it can no longer defend itself from the bastard globalists who may foment an invasion of America to finish it off, like the Mexican border issue already is. Globalists do not want America to be improved. They only want their dictatorship in place. As the Constitution and Bill of Rights are slowly scrapped, it marks the end of life as we know it. Freedom of Speech is among the first rights to be discarded. Homeland Security becomes the new Gestapo of our day.

Who says a dog won't bite the hand that feeds it? Globalists have been biting taxpayer hands for decades. Many globalist junk yard dogs have been living on TAXPAYER dollars most of their lives. Many of these dogs reside on capitol hill. Pelosi, Schiff and others are some of these dogs.

Once America falls, many of us will disappear as well. The ass-wiping MSM viewers and readers who support the party line? These are the useful idiots who will be kept around for awhile, until they are no longer needed. Once that happens, they are human liabilities and will be dealt with as such. But free speech and freedom as we know it will be long gone. Weaker governments around the world will soon follow the globalist lead.