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From Uvalde Texas to Ukraine, Biden-Obama's
'Fast & Furious' Gunrunning Kills Kids

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

This newest essay in my Ukraine series was planned to focus solely on the $40 billion in lethal armaments being sent by the Biden White House and a warmongering Congress to neo-fascist militias in Ukraine. Then, suddenly this week, the chickens came home to roost in south Texas with the Uvalde school shooting in west Texas, fairly close to the Mexico border. The pairing of Uvalde and Ukraine is close to perfect symmetry, since the deaths of children in both locations involve the very same type of assault rifles from the same gun manufacturer.

The irony in this distressing coincidence is that the Democrat liberals who respond, overjoyed in tears, to infrequent school shootings (without ever considering the psychiatric causes behind the attacks or devise preventive strategies among social workers and teachers) are the very same folks who approve of shipping thousands of assault rifles, artillery pieces, bombs, missiles and drones to places like Ukraine, Syria and the Arabian Peninsula without whimper to the violent deaths of thousands of innocent families and children who are just "collateral damage". This sort of double standard results in "caring" liberals bemoaning the lesser crime while celebrating mass murder on a catastrophic scale. Sad to say, 21 deaths mark just another ordinary day in Yemen and Syria, nothing to get excited about unless you are an immediate relative or one of those blasted bodies owes you money.

A fact in passing, lest you neglect to consider it, Mr. President: The 2 rifles used to kill 19 schoolchildren and 2 teachers in Texas were manufactured by Daniel Defense, a Georgia-based arms company that supplies automatic weapons to the Pentagon-CIA's USSOC, the U.S. Special Operations Command, which for many years has been deeply involved in training and equipping Ukraine's paramilitary forces, including the neo-fascist Azov Brigade of Turk descent.

Those DD automatic rifles have killed hundreds of descendants of Russian industrial workers who built the factories, mills and infrastructure for Ukraine over the past 75 years, transforming a backward swamp of nomadic herdsmen and dirt peasant serfs into a prosperous European economy, only to be ordered to get out immediately or be gunned down. The favorite targets of the Azov sadists are ethnic Russian school children, killed and wounded by the hundreds. The death toll in Uvalde would be just another day's target practice in Ukraine, gone unreported by the Western propaganda media.

The liberal Democrat leadership damned well knows that their Special Ops-trained Ukrainian terrorists have deliberately targeted schoolchildren of the Russian minority community in the industrialized Donetsk region. Clarification is needed. The modern industrialization of Ukraine was financed by the Soviet Union, primarily with Moscow's investment and Russian engineering skills, under the leadership of Premier Nikita Krushchev who sought to improve the living standards in backward rural Ukraine due to the fact that his beloved wife was Ukrainian.  American community leaders much the same in many rural parts of North American also ended up being vilified by the lazy local beneficiaries who stole the fruits of hard labor. As an aside, my immigrant grandfather started as cook on a Merchant Marine vessel during the Spanish-American war and later sledgehammered more than a thousand miles of steel rail onto wooden ties for the Burlington Northern line, only to be robbed of every penny he earned during the Democrat Roosevelt-ordered WWII internment.

Ingratitude from those you have served with every sinew and drop of sweat is the cruelest blow of all. Thus, I can completely comprehend the grief and anger of the hard-working descendants of Russian immigrants in the Donetsk region, who've been told to leave their homes with only the shirt on their backs just because they have blond hair and speak a slightly different dialect of the same Slavic language.

When confronted with the horror inflicted by the Obama-Biden henchmen, meaning ethnic Turkic hit-men of the Azov Brigade, self-admitted "fake Jews", who are murdering Orthodox Christians, the U.S. liberal Establishment looks the other way and goes silent. The Russian minority parents, meanwhile, cannot simply call for "gun control" (since mere words are like pissing into the wind) but must take up arms to protect their surviving children and the lives of their neighbors. These Russian parents, themselves born on Ukrainian soil as industrial laborers during the Soviet era, have been left with no choice, since redress in a Ukrainian courtroom is denied them, but to request military protection by Russian troops.

A similar situation has arisen along the southwest border region of the United States, where our American citizens, including descendants of white European settlers, former slaves, Chinese and Japanese immigrant railroad layers and miners, and the original Indian and Hispanic American families (Hispanic refers to the era of Spanish colonialism prior to Mexico's independence), have been increasingly under siege by illegal border-violaters with a crime history, from Mexico, Central America, Africa and even hostile Iran and Venezuela. Gangsters have been extorting money from local small businesses and shooting teenagers during drug deals, while the Democrat governor ignores the crime spree and instead showers money, food stamps and medical care on illegals and early-release criminals in New Mexico, which has the nation's lowest conviction rate for serious crimes. This is a Mafia state, arguably worse than Third World dictatorships in Latin America.

Nearly every single day in Albuquerque, there are high-speed chases and drug-related shootings by traffickers from the Cartel, smuggling toxic fentanyl  made in China, heroin from Afghanistan and weed from Michoacan state of Mexico. Gunshot attacks near schools and playgrounds are all-too common along with arsons of businesses that refuse to pay monthly tribute to the Cartel. In contrast to their concerns for distant Ukraine, the liberal Democrat leadership of New Mexico, Arizona and California call for stricter gun control on American citizens, while cutting the budget for the U.S. Border Patrol, which deploys sophisticated sensors to detect powerful firearms flowing out of Mexico, many supplied to the Cartel by Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder. In fact, the Cartel gunmen are armed with far more lethal military-grade firepower than our Border Patrol, National Guard and local police office. Americans are outgunned by the Mexican terrorists.

Joe Biden, your tears for slain kids in Texas are disgusting, when your eyes are dry for children in Ukraine and victims of Cartel violence in these Southwestern states. Your hypocritical Democrat leadership is guilty of shipment of missiles, artillery and sniper rifles of genocide in Ukraine, munitions a million times more lethal than the two guns that felled primary-grade kids in Texas, while denying effective firepower to our police, county sheriffs and Border Patrol. You are the world's most dangerous war criminal, Mr. President, around the world and here at home.

Lords of War

Just about everything you need to know about that forlorn hellhole of gunrunning called Ukraine is laid out, brilliantly, in the 2005 movie "Lord of War" and the weapons trade has only expanded since then, thanks to gifts of munitions from the White House. Nicholas Cage stars in this film as the Ukrainian gunrunner Yuri Orlov, a character based on the real-life weapons dealers Victor Bout and Leonid Minin. Rent the DVD, buy it online, as a must-see toward your enlightenment about how the world is shot to death by the military-industrial complex that routinely conducts sneak-sales of guns, ammo and weapons systems to terrorists, dictators and warlords, our supposed enemies, in order to keep the generals and intelligence officials lucratively employed and corporations like Lockheed and Raytheon rolling in taxpayer dollars.

For the national security establishment, collateral damage to civilians, journalists, doctors and children is just something to get accustomed to, the price of success, a minor irritation to shrug off and, eventually, laugh about over cocktails in Georgetown or at Hawk 'N' Dove. Right about now, Joe Biden, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are rollicking in sheer joy over successfully hoodwinking American television-news viewers to bankroll the Democratic Party with kickbacks from Lockheed and Raytheon and the rest of the mad bombardiers for donating $50 billion in tax money up to this point, with more in the pipeline.

Treason is How You Define It

I can still vividly recall that fine spring evening in March 2008 at the Foreign Press Club in Bangkok immediately after the Thai police arrested and jailed Victor Bout, entrapped in a CIA sting operation posing as gunrunners for the FARC rebels in Colombia. The waiters made a killing from tips all day and night on Singha beers, while the journalists awaited the call announcing a press conference. Sadly, no access to the suspect was granted, not even for reporters with the local press, and the diplomats and cops remained tight-lipped.

The American ambassador, a newcomer at the time, requested immediate extradition, on grounds that the notorious arms trafficker had supplied anti-aircraft missiles to terrorists targeting US-operated airlines. That appeal was repeatedly denied since Thailand was, unfortunately, a familiar  haven for mercenaries from around the world, for instance, the hundreds of American defense contractors who were drowned near Phuket by the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. It took some cajoling by the outgoing president George W. Bush before the Royal throne put a shackled Bout aboard a flight to the USA, where he supposedly has been confined ever since at the Marion federal prison.

Contrary, to the cowardly official American news silence, the movie "Lord of War" suggests that Bout was soon back on the job, under one of his many pseudonyms, transferring CIA-supplied weapons to a revived Polisario guerrilla movement following Morocco's official annexation of Spanish Sahara. His reemployment on African soil was convenient when Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in those Obama years were so eager to bury Fast & Furious, after the Mexican Cartel removed the tracking devices from those firearms.

Whatever his current status, on the Polish front-line or six feet under, Bout will always be remembered for his flying circus of gigantic made-in-Ukraine Antonovs that served as the transport fleet for George W. Bush's War on Terror, hauling tanks, helicopters and pallets of ammo for the invasion of Afghanistan and occupation of Iraq. Contrary to the official record of his rearing as an ethnic Ukrainian raised in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, the Nicholas Cage movie suggested that Bout had left Central Asia to become a U.S. citizen through his parents' immigration to Brooklyn's "Little Ukraine" neighborhood, making his biography a Horatio Alger rags-to-riches tale of Yankee salesmanship. The movie biography discloses a lot more.

All in the Family - President Zelensky's Mafia Lineage

After Bout's disappearance into and presumably out of the federal legal system, Ukraine has had no shortage of contenders for the title of Gunrunner of the Decade. In visual contrast to the slick Bout, Leonid Minin was born with a bulldog's mug that only a Babushka could love. Brute ugliness did not disqualify him from gaining control over the West African weapons trade and then expanding into Belgium (former colonial master of the Congo region), Switzerland (banking hub for arms dealers), France (Francophone African nations), Monaco (Forex, i.e. foreign exchange), Italy (Libya and Algeria oil dictatorships), Russia (in league with the Solntsevskaya Bratva mafia, aka The Brotherhood), Germany (the Turkish heroin connection), and China (aircraft technology, soccer gambling and off-shore banking).

In contrast with Victor Bout who lacked a "boots on the ground" crime history on the mean streets of Ukraine, Leonid Minin rose to power as boss of the Odessa mafia, a semi-legit crime group run by "fake Jews" (a term used by the hero of "Lord of War"), in common ancestry with sleaze-bags like Meyer Lansky, Bernie Madoff and Adam Schiff.  Minin's choice of residency in London led to his eventual arrest by MI5 for money-laundering, a crime record since suppressed, precipitating his move to Israel. That huge hole in the sewage pipe left Gennady Trukhanov in charge of the Black Sea regional mob and soon thereafter as mayor of Odessa.

Under the growing influence of American-initiated "reforms", Ukrainian weapons sales were transferred from the mafia to be consolidated under the office of the President in Kiev. State Department and Pentagon oversight, however, failed to prevent Ukrainian shipments of Kolchuga passive radar units to Saddam Hussein's Iraq or to the Republic of Yugoslavia-Serbia. Passive radar enabled the Yugoslav tracking and shoot-down of a USAF stealth fighter over Belgrade and serving to expose the Clinton-ordered the stealthy B2 Spirit role in the bom bi ng of the Chinese Embassy), a story that I broke while teaching journalism in Hong Kong, thereby forcing a sullen of admission of muderous guilt for a war crime by the CIA.

For the investigative journalist, keeping the "good guys" on the straight and narrow path is a lot tougher than exposure of the evil bastards. By contrast, confusion reigns when diplomats and desk-bound generals, and their corps of spooks, cannot discern the bad guys from the good guys, who are much too often one and the same, in cahoots with each other, although somewhat different in their choice of men's attire, since thugs can afford the price-tag of keeping up with fashion. Taste in music is another giveaway, since bad boys play hip-hop on their motorized blasters whereas the good guys tune into cowboy radio. These are the basics in the eternal clash of values and deciding who to shoot.

The Evil Master of Ukraine's President and of Hunter

To continue the line of mob boss succession, Trukhanov by becoming Odessa's mayor had to pass the baton to Ihor Komolymoisky, the financial oligarch who controls Burisma Holdings, the controversial gas company that paid millions of dollars to Hunter Biden, who arrived to Ukraine in May 2014 as a channel of influence and beggary for his politician father Joe. Burisma Holdings was taken over in 2011 by Komolymoisky's Cyprus-registered Brociti Investments Ltd. The tycoon subsequently moved Burisma into the same building as  two other Ukrainian gas companies under his control through offshore holdings in the British Virgin Islands. The Bidens remain in the deep pocket of Ukrainian organized crime, a matter of concern for state and federal prosecutors who should be transferring him from the Oval Office to a federal penitentiary. Advice: Be cautious during the arrest of Hunter's boss since that deep back pocket is packed with toilet paper.

Komolymoisky was/is also owner of the television channel that propelled the obscure comedian Volodymyr Zelensky into the presidency as Ukraine's chief arms dealer. The oligarch financed the creation of the "neo-Nazi" Azov Brigade, transforming Khakov football hooligans into a proper anti-Russian militia fighting the ethnic Russian minority in the Donetsk region. Komoloymoisky is Mister Big, immensely more powerful than the Lord of War Victor Bout. So what does Congress do about this diabolical alliance with organized crime? Give the mafia $40 billion in weapons. This financial, strategic and military scandal is, by far, the worst criminal case in White House and Capitol history, implicating the entire Democratic Party on par with the Nazi Party, the Soviet Politburo, Mussolini and Tojo's militarists rolled into one. Things will only get worse due to international gunrunning by the Ukrainian mob.

Now does it become clear that President Zelensky with his shiny new weapons is nothing more or less than a weapons salesman for the CIA, Pentagon and the Lockheed-Raytheon military-industrial complex? A peddler of ill-gotten weapons in a phony war paid for by the gullible American public now on sale to terrorists, repressive regimes, fanatic militias and every other sort of despicable criminal who the White House itself cannot directly weaponize? That sad comedian in a Kiev basement is just a middleman pitching lethal wares to brutal killers and mass murderers worldwide. As put by the "Lord of War" movie character Yuri Orlov (Nicholas Cage): "The biggest arms dealer in the world is the President of the United States."

A point in passing: The Ukrainian tycoon Mikhail Tolstoitoya aka Mikhail Watford was found hanged in his London mansion just two months ago, in March, possibly related to the smuggling of chemical weapons to Britain's Porton Down military lab. This murder follows on the poisoning of Russian exile Boris Berezovsky and spy Alexander Litvinenko. You know too much so watch your back, Mr. Zelensky, this is not a joke!

IOU China

Before proceeding into profiteering through illicit arms sales, some mention must be given to the special relationship of Biden and the Democratic Party with China's military caste. As mentioned in past articles, Joe Biden was an early-life initiate in the China syndrome, as a CIA rookie assigned to partner with the People's Liberation Army and the Red Guards during the Sino-Soviet split at their spy center in the Tianshan mountains adjoining the Soviet nuclear test site at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh republic of the USSR. That mission to China, continued through diplomatic contacts following his freshman year as a congressman from Delaware cemented his mutual bonding with the Chinese intelligence agency.

Even prior to Biden's presidency, the Democratic national leadership was thoroughly penetrated and intertwined with Beijing's political operatives, who illicitly funneled funds to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, then considered a "shoo-in". Democrat organizations in major American urban centers were compromised with cash donations and sexual services, much of that of a homosexual preference. (It was quite disgusting to stumble upon these illicit affairs in Beijing among embarrassed Ivy League queers; and rest assured that the same betrayals of patriotism were happening in Moscow.)

Beijing's chosen one as Manchurian Candidate, Joe Biden, was financed through many channels, Obviously, Hunter's Seneca Consulting was just a bag-man for the smart guys in the thoroughly corrupted agency operation. The Agency consists of opportunistic liars, cheats and traitors in bed with the enemy, and any enemy with cash will do. Another Chinese "investor" in the Biden has been Bohai Harvest, in which Hunter has a 10 percent share. Harvest is an investment fund originally partnered with Deutschbank, which sticks to rather conservative funds to raise spending money for the Chinese "sons and daughters" of high Party officials.  The Bidens's yuan trail leads to Megvii Technology, which developed facial recognition systems for mass surveillance, and the China General Nuclear Power Group, which supplies fissile materials for hydrogen bombs.

The rather naive American mainstream media has pushed the false perception that Beijing is a lockstep loyal ally of Vladimir Putin in this ongoing conflict with Ukraine. The Russians, by contrast, are confused and dismayed by the Chinese reluctant arm's length distancing from overt support for the Russian military operation. Chinese foreign policy in one word is opportunistic, which shows how deeply capitalistic self-interest has penetrated the bones of the world's longest continuing civilization.

As disclosed in one of my earlier articles on the murder of the Chinese ambassador to Ukraine, the Beijing leadership has been veering away from a strategic alliance with Moscow toward a selective policy based on its own foreign interests. Sure, Russia is a fine supplier when it comes to oil and gas exports to China; yet Ukraine is both a cheap source of grain and also the only feasible access corridor for a high-speed rail connection into Europe under the OBOR (One Belt Road) intercontinental transport project. Advice: Invest in Kiev and Odessa real estate for near-future sales to a million eager Chinese.

Therefore, the Biden administration's shipments of satellite-targeted Javelin anti-armor missiles, Stingers and Switchblade drones have been a blessing for the Chinese plan to invade Taiwan. China's reverse-engineering of these weapon systems, supplied by their agent Zelensky (hardly any were used against the Russians) enables detection of design flaws of similar hardware in the Taiwanese defensive arsenal and promotes significant improvement in the PLA's targeting of ROC ships, armored vehicles and on-land bunkers with better weaponry. Comrade Biden has performed an excellent service on behalf of the China-U.S. relationship and therefore will soon be well rewarded in addition to past funding of his six-bedroom beach home on the Delaware shore. There is only one troubling question about that magnificent home-away of the First Family: Why does the Biden beach house need eight bathrooms? (Must I state the obvious, you dummy? Because Joe is full of shhh.... it.)

Weapons for an Invasion of the USA

The other major beneficiary of the Ukraine War is the Cartel Alliance, the amalgam of the fentanyl-smugglers out of Mexico, their Chinese supplies, Venezuelan and Iranian allies now benefiting from Biden's crippling of the Border Patrol. With more than enough money to buy those Ukrainian-supplied Javelins and Stingers, the Cartel's militia backed by the PLA will become capable of downing Army Apache gunships, Marine V-22 troop transporters and the Navy's heavily armored choppers, these being the backbone of our narrow defense line.

The massive wildfires sweeping across New Mexico and Texas are just too similar to the 2018 arson spree across Southern California by the Make America Mexico Again (MAMA) thugs. An invasion is on the immediate horizon, already the Cartel gunmen armed with AK-47 assault weapons and Barrett sniper rifles can outgun the Border Patrol, the National Guard and patriot survivalists. Biden and Harris, the latter from the California branch of the Cartel flunkies, are delivering the territory formerly known as the United States of America to its sworn enemies with treason immensely worse than the turncoat Benedict Arnold. Anyway, the gallows await traitors, that is if any trees are left standing in the smoke and dust over the Southwestern states.

From Sweden and Finland with Love

The Ukrainian debacle is the coming-out moment for innocent little Sweden and Finland to pledge their loyalty to NATO. Scandinavia tends to project a pristine image of the nature life to the rest of downtrodden humanity, especially Americans who have a tiny bit of Nordic culture in Minnesota. Never mind that the major Swedish cities have been besieged by rude and violent Islamic radicals, who arrived like wolves onto a sheep herd during the Rothschild-Soros-Socialist "summer of migrantion" in 2015. Never mind that Swedish darling Greta Thunberg pompously lectures the rest of the world for robbing her of a childhood because our cars run on gasoline rather than green energy. Never mind that the glacier melt due to radioactive fallout from "green" nuclear plants means that Scandinavians will soon have to ditch hydro-power and burn coal to heat their homes in winter.

All that matters for the smug Swedes and Finns is have a continental market for their weapons producers, which include Bofors, the artillery manufacturer than illegally supplied India with artillery in the disputed Kashmir region. Its major defense producers, automaker SAAB and Hockums, have respectively merged into the British aircraft giant BAE and the German ThyssenKrupp/HDW submarine producer. The final kiss of death for Swedish neutrality comes as the newest bride of NATO.

Finland, a lesser known arms producer whose competence is in precision rifles, has been the "most neutral" of European nations due to its long forested frontier with Russia's Murmansk region, the home bate of the Russia's Northern-Arctic navy. A brutal war between the Russians and Finns, following the Russian Revolution, resulted in a stalemate in firepower and Arctic tactics, which led to Finland's long-standing neutrality policy. Finnish acquisition of NATO heavy armaments is either solid deterrence or a guarantee of Russian occupation in near-future decades.

The Hamlet Solution

What must seem odd to the warm-blooded vitality driven Russians, and to anyone familiar with contemporary post-Ukraine Europe, is that the NATO fraternity has sworn to a mutual death pact, voluntarily or otherwise, which is sure to end like Shakespeare's "Hamlet" with a whimper and a pile of bodies. While Moscow is reasserting the integrity of Christendom by reviving the legacy of Constantinople, the Christian realm of the East, palpable morbidity is sweeping Western Europe, now tiring from the wages of sin, meaning sexual indulgence, drugs, contact with unwashed foreigners and the sheer boredom of living without a prayer. Cohabitation with a criminal Ukrainian regime is the last fling before the swansong begins.

Europe's malaise is rooted in terminal boredom. So stop bombing the mentally healthier societies and do it sooner than later. Slit the wrists in a warm bath and bid farewell to an all-too disappointing world that failed to live up to your wishes and dreams. Sterner souls, in the footsteps of Marcus Aurelius and Emperor Constantine, will carry on the civilizational mission of defending the frontiers against barbaric incursions and raise the literary, artistic and philosophical standards of the larter community of mind and spirit.

On the far fringe of the European cultural sphere, the United States of America must decide either to go down with the decadent rest or uphold the promise of its Founding Fathers. These bad times of treason of the bureaucrats and adventurist sabotage by the elites will pass, but only if ethical women and men resist the siren song of gloom and dare to speak honestly and stand tall along the path blazed by their ancestors and defend this promised land, a republic of the free, from the hordes of sworn enemies abetted by traitors. America will make its stand, here at home, and rebuild stronger than ever in both structure and spirit.