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Biden Faked Having 'COVID' To Evade Papal
Censure Of His Pro-Abortion Flip

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

During his all-too brief “COVID” infection in late July, President Joe Biden went into hiding aka self-quarantine, despite having subjected himself earlier to Tony Fauci’s double-dose vaccinations, which raised suspicions of faked relapse being an ulterior motive for his going incommunicado. The masked farce staged by the panicked president in hiding prompted the official White House physician Kevin O’Conner, a retired military doctor of Irish ancestry, to go missing in action, a wise choice since this mission was way beyond the call of duty and the grace of God. Acting in his place on the front-line of fear itself, Dr. Ashish Jha demonstrated dubious courage rather than genuine deception, excusing his commander-in-chief on grounds of a “mild case of coronavirus and seems to be recovering well.” In media warfare involving executive privilege, disinformation aka the big lie is a time-honored tactic on par with escape and evasion from cheated voters and angry investors. Meanwhile, Tony Fauci went missing in action, possibly in a deep bunker playing liar’s poker with Joe.

Jha’s daily report of “He has mild symptoms” began to sound like a Hari Krishna mantra, “Humbug, oh money pack my home.” So next, make the speedy recovery a bit plausible, came a news release that the fast-recovering president was on a steady diet of Paxiovid, a flu cure-all from Pfizer, which is as easily ingested as a strawberry-flavored gummy bear, which raises the question of why millions of schoolkids were arm-punctured. Never has an official news briefing been more dubious, and thankfully it was over in just four days, thanks to the miraculous recovery and without miraculous intervention by the Pope who had arrived to next-door Canada.

What was the credible cause of Biden’s self-cloistering? His escape into darkness was so closely timed with the arrival of Pope Francis to North America as to leave no doubt about his purpose, which was to evade the confession booth. For a Catholic president of his age, the scariest sound other than the boom and puff of a nuclear bomb is the phone ringing from the Vatican secretariat to schedule a papal audience, alone. Especially when he’s been warned that the Pope had access to plush confession kneeler (a padded stoop) for a long session given the backlog of so many sins.

OK, I am speaking here of old-school tradition, which still applies to us aged guys, like myself, who attended daily Latin mass prior to the Vatican II reforms of the early 1960s, which replaced our stern lessons with Sunday-school cartoons. Pope Francis, who served as a priest in Argentina during turbulent times, is an expert at extracting true confessions from horribly misguided fellows from both the left and right who put their political fanaticism ahead of Christian humility. I am confident that the pontiff’s moral rigor could do wonders with Hunter Biden, arriving at the facts like nobody else could, not even his CPA.

Be very clear that confession is not an interrogation, even though it can sometimes seem like psychological torture. Confessing one’s sins is similar in ways to psychiatric therapy, turning one’s assumptions upside down to arrive at an overdue reckoning. Thus, Joe just could not summon the nerve to answer his phone for an invitation to a soul-searching session at a cathedral in Montreal or a humble church in Calgary. Instead of lifting away all that guilt and breathing easy again, Biden still carries the burden of mortal sin on his narrow shoulders and creased forehead.

Before tackling this issue, I was uneasy to discuss these sorts of traumatic processes that nobody ever talks about, but for an investigative journalist it’s just another day’s assignment like going to a morgue or transcribing notes on heart surgery, both of which I’ve done. Unlike the compassion in the hearts of the priesthood, my profession does not demand clemency for criminals and politicians, thankfully, as in this particular case of those cynical promoters of unnecessary abortions, Biden and his genocidal financiers starting with Bill Gates.

Pro-abortion Apostate

As proven by his sudden “recovery” within four days of the Pope’s arrival to Canada, Biden’s feigned malady was a cowardly ploy to avoid rebuke for his politically motivated switch from pro-lifer to pro-abortion advocacy. The heretical politician cloistered himself in avoidance of personal contact with the Pope, either over the telephone or in person, during the pontiff’s tour of penitence in Canada. The Vatican, of course, is extremely curious as to how and why Biden, a senior member of the Knights of Malta, an order pledged to defend core Catholic interests, abandoned his long held opposition to legalizing abortion. His switch was not due to voter statistics, since devout Catholic women outnumber pro-abortion feminists. Biden’s rejection of church doctrine on the sanctity of the embryo is considered a mortal sin, which to his Catholic co-believers is on par with murder as a heinous violation of both body and spirit. At high risk, he dumped this key tenet of the faith, but toward what purpose?

During the 2020 presidential race, his sudden switch to blanket support of abortion, including late-term cases, was a blatant ploy to gain secret funding from elitist tycoons who sponsor birth control worldwide. The super-rich advocates of global population reduction include Bill Gates, George Soros and David Packard along with the Ford and Rockefeller foundations. Now, given the president’s avoidance of a conversation with the Pope on the abortion issue, his critics’ suspicion of big-money electoral fraud (to pay the bribes for ballot-dumping by postal workers and tampering with voting machine rigging) gains validity. Besides being guilty of gross contempt for this nation’s highest political values, Biden has earned excommunication. Church and State are for once together on this one.

Bad Faith

The president’s absence from public duty reminds me of those naughty boys at my Catholic school who routinely skipped class on Friday to avoid having to mention their bad behavior to the priest in the confession booth. Mr. Biden, a member of the Order of Knights of Malta, is sworn to no less than God to defend the papacy and the pontiff. With his cynical support for abortion-rites (it is not a constitutional right although in some cases a necessity), Biden adds fuel to the fire that is burning him.

OK, for those who were born after the Vatican II “reforms” aka mind-numbing simplification of theology, heritage and life values, that feeling of guilt is a bad symptom of a psychological disorder. Human subservience to something as remote and ill-defined as God is even more absurd than claiming the Sun circles the Earth. Religious illiteracy forces me to use an analogy. What would your computer be like without an operating system? All the energy and matter in the Universe, likewise, requires an OS, an infinite operating system, which in simple terms for us ant-like creatures is called GOD. Yes, the Good Old Days before the final chapter known as Revelations is unloosed upon you.

Some of the president’s critics have suggested that Biden received secret campaign donations channeled through a “dark money” account from Bill Gates. Millions of dollars were funneled through the New Venture Fund to boost Biden’s 2020 electoral challenge to President Donald Trump. That huge gift topped off campaign donations from Mike Bloomberg, David Packard, Warren Buffet and other tycoons. Thus Biden was “converted” from Catholic doctrine to something worse than heathen idol worship, meaning open support for abortion “rights” to win the feminist vote and also to arrange the Post Office ballot heist in Pennsylvania and other contested states.

The fact that the Postal Service has since the election arbitrarily raised postal fees three times since Biden was elected, without objection from the federal government, is indicative of vast numbers of postal union members collecting overtime payments for their role in that massive ballot fraud. “Neither rain nor gloom of night stays these postal crooks from their appointed rounds.” Many postal workers who were not in on the payoffs have been complaining about useless staffers who can cling on to their jobs for some unspoken reason. A year-long federal investigation of post offices in Arizona and New Mexico has gone unreported by the news media and has met no response from the Post Master general’s headquarters. There is obviously a mafia-like secret group inside the USPS that needs to be crushed at its head like a rattlesnake.

Then this spring unleashed highway improvement funding for states from grants from the federal Department of Transportation headed by the gay transport secretary Pete Buttigieg, which has led mainly to roadway placement of millions of traffic cones without any apparent repair work, while the pockets of state officials and contractors are being filled as secretly promised by the Biden crooks. Corruption has never been wider and deeper than during Biden’s first and hopefully final term in the nation’s highest office, which is far worse than Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal. In light of present plague of official bribery, the “pro-abortion” protest movement should be investigated to expose illegal funding from Gates for that slut brigade.

The Pontiff put on Hold

The lack of greetings from President Biden, the cold shoulder from the White House and indeed evasion of any communication with the pontiff are indicative of a budding heresy, a most serious crisis for the Church in the USA. Instead of admonishing Americans on his sojourn in Canada, Pope Francis has wisely chosen to focus on the primary purpose of his visit, which was to express remorse, remediation and renewed faith in support of Canada’s indigenous peoples and their traditions. The pontiff’s public repudiation of that nation’s Catholic schools for their past cultural insensitivity toward native Americans and the shocking record of physical harm, psychological abuse and more serious violations of those schoolchildren, is long overdue and certainly welcome in a continent that was once theirs and since shared by immigrants from Europe and other foreign societies.

The sight of the 85-year-old pontiff moving about in a wheelchair due to a fractured knee adds to the seriousness of purpose and his sheer determination to right the wrongs on a mission of repentance and renewal. Pope Francis kept a low profile without fanfare or huge gatherings, but instead was focused on prayers of penitence for the past sins of the early missionaries, humbling himself in a quest for forgiveness from the descendants of those abused, and promising more actions in remediation before voicing any declaration of renewal. His humility and willingness to assume burdens of sin onto himself was remarkable in this secularist era, indeed quiet heroism in a morally tainted world.

The Pope’s focus on the single long-over issue of ethics and morality in the Canadian context was appropriate to that situation, even during this troubled decade of raging warfare in Ukraine and pro-abortion mania in the USA. The Catholic movement has an increasingly long agenda for healing and renewal around a troubled world, starting with Catholic marginalization in the Ukraine conflict.

The escalation of warfare in Ukraine has further weakened the political role of its predominantly Catholic population, which has been bypassed and forgotten in the grudge match between the Khazar-Kipchak Turkic Jews, who have usurped control of the Kiev government, and the ethnic Russian minority in the Eastern district. Catholic Ukrainians have basically been reduced to expendable cannon fodder in a brutal secular conflict that involves historic geopolitical interests rather than the tenets of faith. Joe Biden could have and should have acted as a neutral mediator and arbiter from outside Europe rather than as an intruding interventionist and supplier of surplus weapons from the Pentagon arsenal. Here again, old Joe is a die-hard heretic and greedy crook incapable of representing American decency, tolerance and fairness. The most urgent challenge in Ukraine is removal of its Jewish Kipchak dictator Zelensky and his Turkic horde and at this late in the game restoring dialogue and cooperation between the Catholic and Orthodox communities.

Another issue for Americans is the insincerity and utter uselessness of Biden’s declaration of October 12 as “Indigenous Day”, which coincides with Columbus Day. His official statement gave zero mention to the brutal injustices, displacement, abusive conduct and outright robbery of native tribes by immigrant Americans, both white and black. As a Navajo woman told me without mincing words on the first Indigenous Day, “I still call it what I have always known it as: Columbus Day, just another day off.” Layering the American Indians atop the Italians’ day of honor was worse than tokenism, relegating both important ethnic groups into obscurity.

In the larger historical picture, American expansionism across the continent was largely justifiable given the colonialist rapacity of the European powers, including England, Spain and France. That said, things should have been done differently with greater patience as was argued by the more sensible Indian agents and Christian missionaries. Americans, especially Hollywood, continue to mythologize the nation’s ancestors instead of grappling with those real-world issues passed down to us, an entirely different approach to reconciliation with proper expression of regret and vows for honest reassessment is yet to come.

Biden’s avoidance of the harsh legacy stamped on this soil, including the crimes against natives committed by the Buffalo soldiers as well as white settlers and Mexican immigrants, should be treated as facts of history that should be remedied, however difficult the challenge may be. In truth, nobody’s innocent and the Christian notion that every human is born into a social condition of sinfulness hits the mark with precision. Each of us bears, often through no fault of one’s own, a massive burden of sin and inherits therefore the elusive task of regret, redemption and renewal. The modern American notion of carefree freedom is a self-serving delusion, a national psychosis that has led to the evils of sexually transmitted disease, lack of trust in personal relationships, selfish greed, gross inequalities in wealth and education, race hatred, murderous desires and, of course, the panic to get an abortion to be rid of an unwanted child. Grow up, gals and guys!

Aside from his unintended admission that the COVID vaccines are ineffective against re-infection, Biden is suffering an even worse sort of malady, an ethical disorder known as mortal sin, in this case his uncritical support for abortions on a scale tantamount to state-sponsored mass murder. The lives of more than the 65 million children in the womb have been terminated across the USA since the end of the Vietnam War, in recent times totaling more than 900,000 pre-birth deaths per year. Why liberals are quick to cite the Holocaust, this massacre on home turf has been “ethically” acceptable to the politicians and activists with the Democrat Party, who have been receiving campaign funding from the Dark Money war-chest of the Bill Gates Foundation.

The resultant imbalance between the national death rate and a diminishing birth rate has been compensated for by opening the gates to illegal immigrants, most of whom have shown zero restraint in reproduction since their medical fees and living costs by rising taxes for American citizens. The net result has been steady erosion and eradication of the Christian-based ethical-moral values that America was founded upon. The decline in moral standards has been a factor in the spiral of crime and dependency among both citizens and illegal newcomers. While many Catholic priests put a brave face on the flood of immigration from Latin America, the reality is that state prisons are packed to their limits with Hispanics without faith in God or in any viable future here, other than with the Cartel or a local gang a situation leading to recidivism and repeat prison sentences for immigrant felons.

Meanwhile the moral rot within American society is spreading. This national decline since the end of Vietnam War has been transforming the United States from a paragon of democracy into the sewers of Sodom and Gomorrah, a despicable condition reflected in the large number of sexual perverts burrowing like lice within the Biden regime, which is now afflicted by monkeypox, a contagious disease of filthy apes, funding for which deserves not a penny of taxpayer's money during this catastrophic recession for American families. .

The deception of sexual freedom is considered sinful by religious believers because it deludes people into falsely thinking that they are in control of pleasure, whereas all types of pleasure are controlled and deliberately limited as part of the societal order. The freedom of choice of sex partners is the fantasy that keeps the secular herd busily searching for new prey rather than attending to their own psychological disorders, whereas believers in religion accept the limitations of a partnership of a woman and man as a necessary foundation for basic aspirations including raising a family, earning the income to support children’s education, and providing shelter. For the secularists, the ephemeral pleasure of sex with random partners is the enticement for remaining loyal to the herd’s leader, which ultimately dispense all rewards. Sexual freedom is licentious bondage not freedom, and that’s where Hollywood, hip hop and the gay scene started diving toward hell. A pox on those monkeys, let them burn.