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Metapolitics And Mechanics Of
The Zombiefied Psychophysical Parallel

By Stephen Martin

This small article delves deeper as metapolitically speculative into a theme previously explored concerning of consciousness can be altered purposive to a panopticonic imprisonment of the soul effected as furthered.

The rationale for writing is a rejection of the empirical paradigm and to deny the hegemony of Okkam as is so limiting by way cut out /slash of the capacity to speculate and as commensuration our ability to contextualize understanding of life within a framework which is not so 'locked down' under what amounts to a form of hypnosis as leads towards collective psychoses, as is so tragically evident in the 21st C. way of mass formation?

Mixed metaphors metapolitical being as rebellion against a nasty norm necrotrophic?

The rationale here is also a rebellion against the technotronic imprisonment of the soul and degeneration of psychophysical parallel by way of explication of the mechanics of such an abomination as truly tragic to witness and experience?

It is a sad as mad,mad world indeed - but why and how did it become so?

Where is the madness going?

The dynamics exogeneous of the ontology of mind as form of technological determinism have already been explicated as to best of these small quarters limited ability; what is focused on here is a more endogenous approach in which the concept of 'psychophysical parallel' is explored as a dynamic of incarnation.

Much as there is political as ponerological significance in the concept of 'dumbing down' through the abuse of the educational system and of disciplines such as Psychology to effect political control by way of cultural hegemony as that most dangerous mind metapolitical Gramsci dared to detail, so there is such significance concerning how we apperceive ourselves?

As we can be made to view the world so shall it become and this axiom of metapolitics strongly relates to the greatest of questions 'Cui Bono?' (Who Benefits?)

Empiricism thrives thru the interpretation of the unique as a composite of generalities, and thru objective detachment which leads to the fruit technology. Under such abstraction within a technologically deterministic framework we find ourselves classifying as much as being classified, as in the manner which Marx proposed as by way of relationship to the means of production as much as to some parallel to Linnaeus and his biological system of binomial classification. The interaction of language with perception is the basis for the Empirical world view; and to use language is to evidence such indoctrination as fait accompli. Such classification by way of empirical ramification has clear implications for what we think of as much as how we think of it such the esse es percipi. Lehrer sublimely witted the ideological as pragmatic implications of same thru his 'that's not my department' as explicates the quintessence of hegemony. That is to say; how we look at or apperceive the world determines that world: and it is a premise of metapolitics that how we look at the world demands continual questioning and the refusal of blind conformity to a paradigm which is, under ponerological consideration capable of being hi-jacked and a determinism thereby further facilitated to nefarious ends the denial of alternative.

'Don't let the bastards grind us down', indeed as irony- as much as we wrestle against forces as would be unseen under the hegemonic hypnosis of a filthy stinking currency as extrapolate controlled and issued?

The transcendence of the paradigm of the Empirical Weltsanchauung is an imperative which it is within the sphere or purview of Metapolitics as revolutionary in its essence in as much it compelled to rebel against deceit; whether such deceit be outright lie, or censorial distraction from the possibility of 'truth' attained thru contemplation. ( 'It is not my department to think of such things', so it goes as to trust in authority/ philanthropy demanded as much as to 'living' in a phenomenological box, not to say zombie coffin?)

We metapoliticians are but little men whom have refused the hegemonic mould of ideological conformity and the subservience as constraint of human potentiality to think as of the sum, er cogito attained, and to dare to propose 'alternative' in the face of the axiom of totalitarianism that there is no alternative (TINA) is yet evidential of 'bigness' form of constituting a square peg as refuses to be driven down into the proverbial as deadly round hole of hegemonic currency? Metapoliticians dare to propose alternative interpretations which hegemony would demean as much as alienate or marginalize, way of filthy currency an offer which cannot be refused - such the censorship irresistible my ass?

But digression, albeit cathartic.

The subject this small article is the metapolitics of incarnation; and as such the focus must be on explication of the dynamics of psychophysical parallelism as a concept of a tripartite nature, as elaborates upon the concept of the 'ghost in the machine' as would more accurately be succincted as 'the ghosts in the machine'. ('When they can get you asking the wrong questions' as Pynchon put it so perspicaciously)

The tripartite nature of the psychophysical parallel as in the metapolitics of incarnation is as of the following:

A physical body as contains a nervous system the form of which determined by DNA.

An astral body which acts as intermediative as fusative agent.

An ethereal body which is commonly referred to as 'the soul'

This small article speculates metapolitically upon the 'dialectic' as prevails amongst an increasing level of eternality or duration, proceeding accordant from the premise that the physical body is most ephemeral, the astral body as capable of dissipation also ephemeral – but the good news being is that the soul is eternal.

That damage to the physical body can occasion effect upon consciousness is capable of study under Empiricism as the discipline of psychobiology capable of explicating, and as to cognisance that neurophysiology is hierarchic and differentiated by localisation of function. That damage to consciousness can be effected thru propaganda operating at the level of continual impact upon physical body by way of neurophysiological integration and predisposition to certain forms of thought attained by sensorial modulation of environment repetitive is a phenomenon within the purview of Empiricism as can, technology assisted, expand the boundaries of perception. (Three of my favorite gadgets are a thermal camera, a 3-Axis RF field strength meter and a compact geiger counter as extend the boundaries of mine perception). The downside of such is by way of advancement of psychotronics and the ability to covertly measure as survey brain activity and correlate with thought, and to surreptitiously effect change on that thought as invasive technology deployed is alas part of the 'great reset' or 'new normal' as undoubtedly a 'filthy stinking currency' of control and issue?

Whereby we get further into metapolitics rebellious is in consideration of the dialectic as of psychophysical parallel where the astral body and the soul make contribution to consciousness - as much as things now starting to get weird as Hunter S. Thomson alluded to applied concerning the profession of metapolitics? (When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro' – and certainly things are getting weirder now than they have ever been?)

The astral body is composed largely of habit as a predisposition; it does not have the ability to think of it's own volition, but thru the extent of its refinement or coarseness can effect consciousness as an expression of psychophysical parallel. A suitable metaphor is looking thru a beer bottle; if the glass of which is composed is thick and colored dark then a different vision arises concerning the same reality looked at thru a uniformly thin clear glass as a lens. The soul can effect astral body as much as the astral body can effect the soul; indeed if the soul cannot be effected thru incarnation in this 'dark classroom of the flesh' then the question exists as to the meaning of existence and we broach the randomness of acceptance of filthy stinking currency that we are but mere soulless as godless as ephemeral machines, such the materialism manipulative as neoliberally hegemonic?

It is a matter of the Challenge of Life that the allocation of the nature of the astral body concerning coarseness or refinement, as to the facilitation of clarity between communication between soul and physical body intermediated can be left behind as further coarsened or refined as a repository? Coarser the astral body the nature the more the facilitation of reptile brain communication, finer the astral body the more the potentiality for neo cortex communication; this before we consider left/right brain and the implications of corpus callosum presence as concerning logic as opposed to intuition?

The soul in such dialectic of the psychophysical parallel, and it's progress or regression by way of refinement or coarsening, is the meaning of life as we 'know' it - or rather would be kept from knowing it under extra dimensional influence which determined to 'dumb us down' as ensure the dominie in the classroom of the flesh being as in accordance with a currency of incarnation being rendered corrupt as filthy and stinking as of hellish determination or control and issue?

With DNA modification and Pyschotronics it can be proposed that the nature of the psychophysical parallel can be rendered further a prison for the soul by way of its alienation and marginalisation from contribution to mind as consciousness. The psychotronic utility of graphene, nanotechnologies and modulation of WCR is that it can create a zombie psychophysical parallel in which there is no natural or spontaneous expression of volition or of thought; 'zombiedom' is indeed the apotheosis of 'You vill own nothing and you vill be happy' and the inversive ponerological madness of a 'build back better'. Such latter phrase entails destruction, and in case of zombiedom the destruction is of the natural psychophysical parallel arising from natural DNA, and a physical body existing where the Central Nervous System (CNS) is not invaded by graphene and nanotechnologies as facilitates Psychotronics under WCR modulation. The transhuman zombies of Technocracy are less than slaves; in the past slaves had yet the ability to think private thoughts, they had the ability to experience emotions as an expression of their individuality and life as God given, albeit in spite of the evil of the system they subsisted under. Even slavery cam be 'built back better' under the degenerate perversity that is satanic technocracy?

Of course the panopticonic dimensions in the above are reinforced by social credit as a means of effecting further the compliance of the zombified pschophysical parallel by way of the currency of consciousness controlled and issued. Under social credit basic freedoms can be denied as to contingency determined by a ruling elite as 'man gods'. It should be noted that Social Credit relies heavily on the presence of digital currency. Satan is a gangster banker, and now has technology and zombies as tools to deploy in a manner of racket hitherto unprecedented.

The cheapening of Life as borne of Thanatos prevailing under mass formation is to mean some 90 percent reduction of the human population. For those 10 percent as 'transhuman' to survive then zombiedom awaits – transhumanism being a build back better of the psychopysical parallel as a form of metadeath.

God help us, such the dispatch from the front lines metapolitical.

Stephen Martin can be reached at