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Pfizer Warns A Fourth Booster Injection May
Be Needed For Those Who Haven't Died Yet

By Dr. Betty Martini

No. 159 - Mission Possible SEPT 26 th SPECIAL REPORT

From Mission Possible World Health, INTL
Dr. Betty Martini, Founder
Ministry of Censored Facts Labeled As Misinformation!

Tommy Armstrong
Kentucky Representative & Investigative Researcher

Prophetic and Recorded for Our Day

So law is paralyzed and justice is never carried out. For the wicked surround the righteous, that is why justice is perverted . Look among the nations and pay attention! Stare in amazement and be astounded; for something will happen in your days that you will not believe even if it is told to you ."
(Habakkuk 1:4-5)


By Tommy Armstrong  

Today, this information being revealed appears to be swarming the internet by the alternate media. But this could have not been a hacked document as I will explain. When you read this information here and on the actual PDF download link at the end of this article, Pfizer says the document is "Private and Confidential". There is no doubt in my mind that this is from one of over 490,000 documents about the COVID-19 injections that a Federal Judge ordered released several months back to go public. All 490,000 documents must be released by the end of the year. So there is no longer anything "Private and Confidential" on any of these released documents that expose Pfizer's corrupt agenda which mirrors also the exact same thing happening with Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, ASTRAZENICA, and a few others entering the market with their own toxic serum posing as a vaccine.

Particularly, when you read and study this document , you will come to understand why Pfizer wanted to keep this information sealed for 75 years. But fortunately this Federal Judge was not controlled by the "Elite Cabal" and the "Deep State" behind this genocide agenda. Documents such as this one is exposing the corruption in the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as the corrupt Federal agency that has approved this, the Federal Drug Agency which is really the Federal DEPOPULATION Agency that is more applicable.

Chart With List of Abbreviation Used Within the Document:

I wanted to analyze a few of their list of abbreviations chart in the beginning of the document:

AESI - adverse event of special interest : So Pfizer was anticipating that there were going to be resulting adverse events from this experimental COVID-19 injections. That really shows the adverse events were premediated.
  • TME - targeted medically event : Does this imply that they are observing for a medical event target caused by and ingredient(s) in the COVID-19 injections?
  • SARS-CoV-2 - severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 : Now this is not surprising they would be making observation for this virus. Not long after the COVID-19 injections were rolled out, Dr. Judy Mekovits, who formerly left NIH with Dr. Anthony Fauci because she could see what monstrous event, they were about to release with the COVID-19 disguised as a vaccine , in 2020 said that a that those injected were expressing the deadliest spike protein of manmade synthetic virus, SARS-CoV-2 , three manmade synthetic HIV viruses, and XMRV . And as Todd Calendar revealed, the Marburg disease that causes hemorrhagic bleeding from all orifices. This is also on the list of adverse events further vindicating what Todd Calendar revealed.
  • Back on Wednesday, November 17, 2021, Dr. Judy Mekovits exposed the following on SARS-CoV-2 : Dr Judy , who worked at Fort Detrick and who worked for years with Anthony Fauci at NIH replies, "No COVID-19, the disease is not caused by SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus.

SARS-CoV-2 is not a real human virus , it's a monkey virus grown in the Vero monkey cell line, always has been, just as SARS was created in that cell line and the variants are in that cell line.

"o the disease, COVID never satisfied any of Koch's Postulates or the Hill's Criteria for a causative agent of a disease, because in order for the virus SARS-CoV-2 to have caused COVID, everybody with evidence of infection has to have disease.

"And what we know is this disease called COVID was caused by contaminated flu shots which are all contaminated with coronaviruses – and they are, every year and that those viruses recombine – the test was testing for the influenza, so this, at 4,000 people a day , in January of 2021 were dying of influenza and the CDC was labeling it, calling it "COVID".
  • PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction : On the PCR TEST Dr. Judy Mikovits revealed the very same thing the inventor said about the PCR test: "And what we know is, essentially, nobody with evidence of infection by that fraudulent PCR test – that is not testing for SARS-C0V-2 – and PCR does not test for an infectious virus."
  • VAED - vaccine-associated enhanced disease : Well, well! Enhanced disease from the injection of COVID-19 is associated with the so-called vaccine that is not a vaccine. Of course this could happen in a couple of ways. First by the manmade synthetic virus, SARS-CoV-2 , three manmade synthetic HIV viruses, XMRV , and the Marburg Virus . Secondly, diseases of every kind imaginable that Pfizer has listed on eleven pages in this document will occur gradually over time as with each COVID-19 injection.
"By the first injection you will lose 25% of your innate, God created natural immune system. Shame on me! By the second injection you will have lost 50% of your innate immune system. Shame on me! By the third injection you will have lost 75% of your innate immune system. Shame on me! And by the fourth injection you will have NO innate immune system . Too late to say, "shame on you!" – Tommy Armstrong

VAERD - vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease : Here we go again. Enhanced respiratory disease from the so-called vaccine that is not a vaccine. This also is possible in two different ways. First by the manmade synthetic SARS-CoV-2 virus in the injection to cause respiratory disease. Secondly, as you lose from 25% to no immune system at all, you are now vulnerable to any virus, bacteria, and disease you are in contact with.

VAERS - vaccine adverse event reporting system : Now this Government site for reporting adverse events and death from the COVID-19 injections is a joke. Why? Because only little more than 1% of adverse events are ever reported by doctors or hospitals. To get a more accurate picture of actual adverse events and deaths from the injections, experts have said to multiply VEARS figures by 40, and yet this figure is probably a very conservative figure.

Now a few highlights of more disturbing revelations in this Pfizer document.

Pfizer Document Excerpts :

Worldwide Safety Pfizer

'The information contained in this document is proprietary and confidential . Any disclosure, reproduction, distribution, or other dissemination of this information outside of Pfizer, its Affiliates, its Licensees, or Regulatory Agencies is strictly prohibited. Except as may be otherwise agreed to in writing, by accepting or reviewing these materials, you agree to hold such information in confidence and not to disclose it to others (except where required by applicable law ), nor to use it for unauthorized purposes.'   To late with the Federal Judge court order.

Adverse events 

When we go to page 30 of the document, with the adverse events, we have a list that spends about 10 pages.


The very first listing here is :

1p36 deletion syndrome .
It means that the vaccine is actually deleting parts of people's chromosomes!

1p36 deletion syndrome
is a disorder that typically causes severe intellectual disability . Most affected individuals do not speak or speak only a few words . They may have temper tantrums, bite themselves, or exhibit other behavior problems . It's a rare chromosomal anomaly characterized by distinctive facial dysmorphic features, hypotonia, developmental delay, intellectual disability, seizures, heart defects, poor/absent speech, and prenatal onset growth deficiency.

Next on the list is :

  2-hydroxyglutaric aciduria:
is a condition that causes progressive damage to the brain!

  As you can see for yourself, this list is quite disturbing; we see a lot of neurodegenerative diseases.

On page 31 , we see a lot of autoimmune diseases ... furthermore, choking sensations...

When you look at all of this, it's just mind-blowing. You could liken the COVID-19 injections to a suicide drug , or euthanasia that they force on everyone.

FDA approved?

FDA approved means that it is approved by the drug industry in order to make money. A huge part of the FDA funding comes from the pharmaceutical industry. On top of that, the board has privileged information as investors in pharmaceutical stocks giving them a good incentive to approve any toxic vaccine coming down the supply chain making many billionaires.

Why does these Con-artists say, 'This is just the beginning of what is about to come out'? What more are they hiding from the public?

The following 25-minute video is a very good analyzation of this document, and I would highly recommend viewing.

DOWNLOAD Pfizer's 38 page PDF document at the following link: humanity-held-hostage-by-the- new-world-order....html