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Of End Times and The Georgia Guidestones...
A Ponerological as Metapolitical Explicandum
of the Rationale and Mechanics of Metadeath
in a Panopticon.

Stephen Martin

Of End Times and The Georgia Guidestones - A Ponerological as Metapolitical Explicandum of the Rationale and Mechanics of Metadeath in a Panopticon.

Most people are 'Benign' as to my albeit limited as humble comprehension concerning the psychophysical parallel of consciousness as an epiphenomenon; left to Nature under such nurture 'unmodulated 'the World as albeit Anthroposcene would probably have found some reiteration of the 'Eros' which gloriously enshrined in the gift of Life as under wondrous creation reflected Biodiversely, certainly as currently concerns 'Earth' as a material realm; as a habitation of consciousness incarnate gifted?

- But there are other forces at play concerning Nature and the 'singing of the body electric' as Whitman sublimed; forces which are as of a 'flux' in sense Heraclitean and as of 'opposition': forces which represent an existential challenge sense of consciousness rendered discrete as by incarnation; as demands morality aspectualised as instanced as to a dominance, as of Eros, or of Love having opposite in Thanatos, or of hate, and Man as free being able to choose between same - such the fruit as of the tree of knowledge consumed - and such the dimensionality as of consciousness occasioned as circumscribed under the materiality of the incarnation of consciousness as paradigmatic?

Forces which would render panopticonic the Anthropocene as Anthropopobscene (sic) - which would render the natural unnatural as to a flux or enantiodromiata?

As of the Orwellian inversion where 'War is Peace'?

Ayn Rand also contextualised 'inversion'.

'Ponerology' as a form of metapolitical speculation is obliged to construe 'Life' as a flux thus determined of a dialectic of opposites?

Mine own metapolitics as albeit humble construe such tree ontologically apperceived as being Empirical; to wit diagrammatic as to mind determined -under a solipsism denied as much as one is never alone with paranoia as recognises other than 'self' as 'sentient':

(It is all very well to 'talk the talk' – but it better to 'walk the walk' such the 'spit it out' as to 'stand up and be counted'?)

-Such is as to a mere contention of a metapolitical nature; and it notable that there no detailing of 'morality' such the objectivity embraced ontologically under the empirical paradigm of 'social science' which polemically as metapolitically as phenomenologically to be construed as a heuristic device of 'Thanatos' under a post modern 'Age of Endarkenment' as the early 21st C. to represent 'End Times', alas?

- Have you ever wondered how Life could be had we no material need such the apropos?

For such Science as gives rise 'amorally' to the fruit of Technology under the 'surreptitious ' abrogation of morality under 'objectivity' - and is as to an Empirical razor cutting as slashing out phenomenological potentiality as of 'Okkam kills thought '; it accordant of a metapolitical nature under 'apperception' as orthodoxy followed ontologically and forensically - and is as to be Epitaphic of the death of Man as much as of Nature; alas the trail of memento mori?

As a 'lonesome pine' indeed?

Concerning such razor identified as of graphene at a nanotechnological level Dr. Andreas Noack comes to mind?

The very concept of 'determinism 'effected as to the determination of 'mind' as diagrammed above concerning 'ontology' is antithetical to the exercise of God given Freedom such the dialectic of 'Thanatos' as of 'trance' induced ; Science and Technology having a price of an austerity solicited as materially explicated by way of a an opportunity cost as to so many futures foregone, such the small print as the devil in the detail or as ' (material)needs must' -such the drive as construed under ponerology?

Technological determinism and the Technocracy it gives rise to as under a 'resource transfer' commensurated is a phenomenon of profound ponerological significance being as it divides Man; the apperceptual consequences of an Empiricism which interprets the unique as an abstracted composite of generalities produces ceterus paribus /all other factors being equal, a 'mind' in which metapolitics and spirituality are devalued as rule under but one dimensional material objectivity as impera/rule?

Thoreau puts it succinctly in a most perspicacious insight concerning 'becoming the tool of our tools'. Metapolitically such is viewed as a form of mind over mind whereby technological determinism is construed as a Trojan Horse ponerological such the war as waged by satan on Life.

A panopticon is a form of hell on Earth facilitated through technology as the fruit of Empiricism consumed as instanced such the 'power of mind over mind'?

We are alas as largely as to 'mass formation' under eschatology nought to be but mere patterns in the mind of corporate bodies as satanically sponsored ; such the deep pockets of money magic as facilitate thru abrogation a 'deep state' as of being in a trance' effected- as to prove deadly as Ecocidal?

But small quarters digress (!)?: the theme of this small article being the mechanics of 'Metadeath' as under a metapolitical consideration as holds mere Empiricism and its ontology in contempt; as rebels against ' mind over mind' as construed under ontology of determinism phenomenological such the extradimensional as a corruption not to say degenerate perversion - any panopticon being as a quintessence of satanic deliberation commensurated such the amoral 'utilitarianism as Bentham explicated?

Such the sine qua non?

Empiricism as unmoderated by moral consideration is a 'back door' to evil as a force of objectivity?

'I am not an object, I am not a blue tooth number, I am not a transhuman, I am a free man!' as the paraphrase goes electromagnetic contemporaneously apposite concerning rebellion against the hell of panopticon raised?

The destruction of Nature, such the 'narrowing of the frith' as Milton sublimely alluded to Centuries ago as to a 'Paradise Lost' being as to a 'Hell on Earth Raised' through 'narrowing of the frith' deserves further explication- though most of such explication in the early 21st C. has already occurred by way of the detailing of the best laid schemes of the World Economic Forum (WEF') burning as to a bonfire not so much of the vanities as concerning 'sovereignty' as of nation as much as of mind'?

Message for the paranoid sense of Burrroughs (William S.):

'Be wary of any organisation which has 'World' or 'International' in its title'!

'In the future we will own nothing, and be happy' so it goes such the pathological distortion of 'felicific calculus ' by way of the technocratic greatest good for the smallest number as entails a horrendous as austere as ephemeral existence for the majority; deemed as 'surplus' to be but culled such the devaluation of Life and Biodiversity under 'Thanatos' as antonym of 'Eros'?

The inevitable denouement as to a potential paradise on Earth being lost is as to the 'raising' of hell realised through panopticonic technology applied under objectivity whereby the 'survival of the fittest' as Darwin put it in Empirical service of a highly degenerate as satanic appeception realised at the level of cultural hegemony as paradigmatic; as Global?

Humanity is deemed not fit to survive as must be rendered 'transhuman' under the application of suitable technologies such the therapeutic intervention as has led to such hitherto unprecedented level of concentrated wealth as become 'power' reflected as a corruptive degeneration of the Natural; such the smallness of the detail as in 'nanotechnology' as an invisible agent of Thanatos such the apperception?

Such the 'build back better' as entails destruction of the Natural?

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled being as some parallel of 'esse es percipi' as Berkeley intimates in his metapolitically sublime Doctrine of Immaterialism?

For 'out of sight' as unseen does not mean 'out of mind' - rather it can express a 'mind over mind' - attained thru illusion and lie such the pragmatism as based on material need deployed as to a weakness under 'temptation'?

The population instructions on the Georgia Guidestones mean a some 92 percent reduction in current world population. The implementation of such a drastic reduction of those deemed to be surplus is only attainable under technological innovation? In the 21st C. we are in the midst of such experimental as eugenical technology being applied on a Global scale in an economic context of unprecedented concentration of wealth and political power?

The two primary means of Genocide are the Global injection of nanoparticulates and the Global variation as modulation of background levels of wireless communication radiation (WCR) as an electromagnetic phenomenon. The interactive as synergistic link between the two technologies is provided by the presence of graphene in the experimental gene therapy injections, alongside other nanotechnologies?

'Hell on Earth' is not just of a' transhumanism' - it is primarily an electromagnetic phenomenon whereby material need is leveraged and 'debt' created under illusion and lie? To survive we are told we need genetic therapy; to live well we are told we need faster telecommunications such the 'cultural hegemony'

The illusions as propagated under disguise in the early 21st C. are medical and telecommunicational; one new technology to fight a new virus, the other new technology to improve the speed of data transmission. Both new technologies, in conjunction with new Artificial Intelligence (AI) , are capable of effecting a controllable as directed scalar implementation of 'surplus population' reduction on a Global level as a 'narrowing of the frith' as Milton put..

Both technologies are of a military nature as such capable of killing under eugenical determination as to infrastructure some 92 percent of Mankind - and as concerning pity must be extended to the 8 percent as 'survive' as but slaves to satan truly dispossessed of anything God given as 'Natural'?

Both new technologies support the 'mind over mind' as is psychotronic and as can effect fatality in accordance with Genocide, not to say Ecocide as an abomination of Metadeath proportionality?

These technologies are part of a range or spectrum of weapons of mass population destruction as a resource transfer from Eros to Thanatos as a war of Evil against Goodness, or satan against God?

In such a context of panopticonic hell on Earth attained through the liberation of the Trojan Horse Empiricism represents to ponerological as metaphysical speculation 'Big Brother' becomes a euphemism for satan?

(The world owes much to Orwell as to his prescience concerning surveillance as technologically facilitated; as much as for his insight into psychopolitics concerning the abuse of mind thru language with entailments concerning 'apperception')?

Small quarters here are on the way out thanks be to God, as indeed we all are eventual as 'memento mori' intimates. As Becket put it 'we are all born of the gravediggers forceps' .The reconciliation of individual incarnation as ephemeral with that of Age or Era alongside 'got kids' and the contemplation thereof precipitated of their future is however pretentiously what provides motivation to write; that, and the fact one despises lies and illusion – one aspires to be part of the 'unfooled' sense of Lincoln as 'all of the people all of the time' circumscribes.

But digression; the mechanics demand further explication as per title this small article commensurated.

As a thought experiment; imagine if every vaccination intramuscular as experimental gene therapy under emergency caused immediate death. Such would not be as the CIA say, 'plausibly deniable' - people would see 'euthanasia' as eugenics in action, and refuse to take it such the giving up of their arms? Doctors may even refuse to administer same?

Imagine if people could see increase in non ionizing radiation as is possible through measurement technology such as an RF Field Strength meter (What that?), and could correlate same with changes in their sense of wellbeing sense of harm and cause identified?

Imagine a diary entry such as:

'Yesterday I experienced levels of 14v/m (!)and felt hellish, previously the normal background RF field strength as logged had an average of 432mV/m - is there a connection or am I just being paranoid; a 'conspiracy theorist' as CIA coined? From mV/m to V/m represents a factor of a thousand times amplification!'

Such illusion as to paranoia asserted under where ignorance seen as strength is essential to the 'mind over mind' mechanics of 'dead men walking in a panopticon' effected under a strength as to a necessary disguise as of 'toxic shit is good for you' accepted as a proposition of Thanatos?

The ultimate 'mind' as abominably full of dark toxic as deadly shit being satan?

So here is how hell on earth works as ultimately to render all Life on Planet Earth as unnatural; as but slaves to the master of disaster.

The ongoing deadly ambience as of Thanatos prevailing is of RF radiation modulated as attenuated as to beam formed as informed by way of individuality as per MAC as geolocationally ascertained. No transhuman or mobile phone carrier moves but that is targettable as to modulation; this attainable as algorithmic under the application of AI?

Such being as the thin end of the wedge ponerological; such the infrastructure as has been Centuries in the planning?

For alas there are other aspects of infrastructure such the mark of the beast 'technocratic' as reflect the application as deployment of technologies 'experimental' in formulation?

'Toxic shite is good for you' so it goes panopticonic, such the satanic 'mind over mind as the control and issue of currency extrapolated upon pragmatic as utilitarian'?