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How The Synthetic Spike Protein Will Likely
Sterilize All Women Who Have Taken Or Will
Take The BioWeapon Injections

From Erica Khan
Rense Exclusive

We want to continually remind people how this most evil genocidal Bio-Weapon was constructed to sterilize human females. Here is a simple explanation backed by a research paper which shows, in detail, how diabolical and diverse the spike protein is in the range of catastrophic damage it inflicts on its victims.

Given that a self-proclaimed eugenist funded the development of the Covid-19 injections, it is probably no coincidence that the spike proteins in them contain 41 epitopes that can induce cross-reactive antibodies to 27 proteins in the female reproductive system. Sterilization will be achieved thru autoimmune molecular mimicry. This is demonically clever and evil and turns the body's own immune system against key mechanisms in the ovaries and general reproductive organs.

Full Paper Here...
Molecular Mimicry Between SARS-CoV-2
And The Female Reproductive System Fertility-F-MM.pdf