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Will "Lia" Thomas—A Guy In a Girl's Swimsuit

By Frosty Wooldridge
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Isn't it amazing that transgender Will Thomas, a guy wearing a girl's bathing suit captured several NCAA women's crowns this past weekend—but everyone dismisses the fact that he's carrying a pair of gonads between his loins? That means he carries bigger muscles, bigger lungs, bigger heart and massive amounts of testosterone.

Every muscle cell, blood cell, organ and body part remain DNA male. The fact that he's actually competing and being allowed to compete in women's NCAA swimming MUST be the greatest practical joke of 21stcentury America. The "woke" crowd that supports him present us with the same idiotic arguments that math is "racist". That means water, wind, snow, dirt, rain, mountains, streams and oceans must be "racist" too!

How a DNA male swimmer can put on a girl's one-piece bathing suit and compete with girls must be senseless, most misogynistic, and REALLY creepy, if not emotionally warped choice in this day in age.

As a man, and he is a man, he's humiliating the rest of male America. He's a fraud both emotionally, and in fact, when this nightmare plays out, he will confound all the therapists as to how he pulled it off. And, why he pulled it off!

Okay, for all the "trans" people out there, good for you, but to push yourselves destructively into other peoples' lives as to athletics out of your gender—that proves unacceptable and idiotic behavior.

Let's take the greatest NBA three-point shooter in history, Stephen Curry, and, let's say he now pronounces himself a "trans female basketball player." He jumps into the Women's National Basketball Association. He takes home 10 championships. Let's say he brings along another 7 foot "trans" player. No one can touch them! They are real, honest to God DNA males pretending to be females. It's a load of horse-feathers larger than the Titanic could carry.

My bet? The fans would revolt. The players would revolt. The entire WNBA would ban further participation of trans male players.

This kind of insanity could morph into women's track, women's hockey, women's wrestling, women's gymnastics and just about all athletics where women need to compete against women.

No matter what a DNA males does to "trans" himself, he carries XY chromosomes. No operation, hormone treatment, topical or otherwise will ever make him a DNA female. All he can do is "pretend."

Can you imagine the world's top tennis players Nadal or Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer becoming trans female players and beating the snot out of Serena Williams? Everyone in the stands would "boo" them out of the stadium. The tennis association would immediately ban the absolute absurdity of trans athletes in tennis.

So why are the NCAA top brass bending to this mental lunacy? Why haven't they stopped it? Why haven't rational minds taken over and simply banned DNA trans swimmers, et al., and returned sports to a level and reasonable playing field for women and men.

Give those trans athletes their own category to compete against each other. My bet? Nobody would watch. Nobody would attend. Nobody would applaud. No endorsements. No nothing. The pretend women like "Lia" Will Thomas would fade into oblivion.

Whether this trans phenomenon is a mentally disturbed condition, a joke on all of us, or simply really unbalanced men trying to act out and gain attention, all of us with rational and logical minds need to weigh in across this country. Write the NCAA, hit social media, write LTE's to your local paper, speak up at your high school or college.

"Evil and stupidity triumph when good men and women remain silent." (Edmund Burke) This is no time to let the Will Thomas' of the world ruin competitive sports in America because they want to be "pretend females."

Your daughters, your wives, and your mothers deserve better. Let's face it, Susan B. Anthony triumphed as well as Eleanor Roosevelt, Whitney Houston, Condoleezza Rice, and Sally Ride. Let's not allow our country to bend to wholesale "woke" thinking. Why? Because it's illogical, delusional, really inane and we should not allow the inmates to take over asylum. We've already done that with Congress in Washington DC.


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Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

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-- Frosty Wooldridge
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