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Currency Rackets Of Satanic Gangsters Mean
Hell On Earth And End Times Imminent

By Stephen Martin
'Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty, and then we shall fill you with ourselves.' '1984', George Orwell ' In ze future you vill own nothing and you vill be happy '  Klaus Schwab of the WEF ( Translated here as: ' Pay ze vig as to austerity and smile or else,  ve own everything now! '')

Gangsters  as vicious merciless stateless bastards rule the world in the 21 st C. as much as 'racketeering'  polymorphous has as paradigmatic usurped the concept of honesty and decency and integrity at an institutional as geopolitically globalized level of unipolarity?

Gangsterism as a moral economic disease  has achieved a fatal level of metastasis as an enantiodromiata attained early in 2022AD?

'Currency' in its broadest sense as of 'what is happening now'  has become such  the  unipolar geopolitical commensuration  more corrupted and degenerated/debauched than it has ever been in the course of human history -  never has so little gone to so many as can be expressed as never has so much gone to so few as a moral abomination.

Never before has there been such 'plunder'  under mere racketeering rampant as a disease; never before has there been such an austere degeneration of the  meaning of life incarnate in face of a potential plenitude. Never before has the meaning of ' it doesn't have to be this way ' held such little political sway in the face of a  hegemonic 'TINA' currency which is so fugly. filthy and stinking as ubiquitous – 'mass formation' being but a gangster phenomenon of hegemony - in as much as all currency rendered  now wholly unto satan attained? 

Gangsters as but friends of death  disguised never had such fierce fun  of necrotrophy as they having now such the  austere black block of slaughter genocidal/ecocidal imminent?

Life as an 'asset 'is being stripped  as broken down under a fatal ' divide et impera ' as the quotes above from Orwell and Schwab above illustrate what  'gangster hegemony' means?

  One way or another the masses subsist contemptoraneous( sic) under global racketeering; one way or another we subsist under a gangster hegemony such the culture, such the Eros denied? 

Such the racket of  the final dystopia we are in midst of, alas..

' Omerta ' my metapolitical ass! Apropos:

This small article seeks to detail the  major rackets as by which 'hell on earth' as much as 'end times'  has been all but for a few  dots and crosses attained, and such the prognosis intimated is provided  for your consideration under regret;  for forensically as metapolitically speaking the madness of  gangsterism has attained a level of invasion as to parallel a deadly metastasis of a terminal disease inevitable; so much so as an extinction level event (ELE) looming as imminent?

An ELE not by way of meteor, though the ascent of Gangsterism has been meteoric, an ELE not by way of thermonuclear conflagration, though this still possible; but rather an ELE by way of the degeneration of 'currency' under ponerological racketeering as  would incorporate 'O merta '  as a form of denial under fear: which fear being the key component of any gangster racket; and alas as the 'muscle' now incorporates behavioral psychology and new technologies of political persuasion brought to bear 'utilitarian' as 'pragmatic'?

Not so much ' ve have vays of making you talk '  as ' ve have vays of making you think '? Such the Gangster TINA of control and manipulation? One cannot omit the threat ' Ve have vays of making you die! ' as all Gangsterism represents a friendship with death as much as ' live and let live ' become ' live and let die '  such the phenomenological fuckover of inversion– and here it must be noted that  poverty is a racket such the 'let die' promoted eugenically as to an 'R2P'?

In times of universal gangsterism to fail to observe ' Omerta' is as to premature fatality invited? This with apologies to Orwell.

When it comes to criminal forensics concerning 'Gangster Families' under disguise a large part of the challenge is the ID of key figures/fronts; fortunately in this case we have cause to express gratitude to an independent investigator by name of   Iain Davis   and his generic diagram of Globa l Gangsterism construed  here and as  he diagrammed thus:

At the level of 'capo di' as apex it should be noted that the 'BIS' or Bank for International Settlements appears transcendent, sense of 'one gangster bank to rule them all' as currency controlled and issued all under a 'care not'  - this,  by way of a tragic render unto Caesar as much to determine 'surplus population' in process of being eliminated thru denial of resources?

  The BIS (est.1930) is now  ontologically as utilitarian  the source of all Global gangster racketeering  co-ordinated such the source and application  as much as the source globally incorporated of all our misfortunes; the debauching of monetary currency is a form of usury and is the supreme racket ; quantitative ease being the greatest racket by way of a hidden form of resource transfer, and it should be noted that  in the 21 st Century fiat currency has attained insidious a level of control and issue and penetration unprecedented by way of gangster debauchery. That is, people do not now own money as become; Gangster Bankers do; money as a faith in the integrity of a medium of exchange has been  thoroughly debauched under gangster control and issue to the point where it no more than a means of extracting ' vig ' as by way of usury and as by a renting? Quantitative ease is a means of extracting rent as it is a means of stealing value by way of a hidden pickpocketing and resource transfer. 

As that despicable minor gangster Al Capone uttered as out of the mouth of  but a degenerate satanic suckling, such the scar inflicted on the face of humaity:

'Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling classes '

- It is a capitalism as become Globalized neoliberal in which the real measure as of faith abused has become that of the racket of Gangsters  as much as a fatal transfer of resources as to an austerity progressing towards a finality; death being the last austerity such the paradigm of fear which exists as to be exploited by Gangsters?

Such the ' offer as cannot be refused ' as much the eschatology, such the 'mark of the beast'? 

Gangsters whom in large part have  secretly signed up to an agenda as promises much short term gain for them  but long term loss for us, such the profit as entails Ecocide? That smaller part of Gangsterdom being comprised of those whom are Gangsters but know it not, such the fierce fun of satan?

One struggles to attain that level of spiritual perspicacity as enshrined within:

'Forgive them, for they do not know what they do'

- Because these  Gangster Bastards know exactly what they are doing as to feed off debauchery and smile while posing under philanthropy;  as with every such feed incorporated the final austerity of Ecocide brought closer to Humanity and all creatures great and small; there being alas money to be made from the torture of nature as any gangster would relate if they could to the rubes/suckers of which not so much ' one born every minute ' but as now ' thousands die every second ', alas.

Instead disguise as much as ' omerta' must prevail, such the con as placed within dystopian panopti con,   such the gangster debasement at a foundational level of philanthropy and the exploitation as of 'troubled assets'  engineered as by way of control and issue of currency under a gangster dialectic of ordo ab chao/ problem, reaction , solution   racket as much as we to sigh a relief based in trust such the racket, such the fuckover.  For indeed it is as to a BlackRock™ of gangsterism which humanity to perish upon, such the deadly tithe of fiat currency extrapolated upon as much to lead to the final 'vig' such the mark of the Beast? 

People are to be bled dry as become hollow as to own nothing as Orwell and Schwab spell out above?

' In ze future you vill own nothing, not even your own mind, such ze psychotronics '?

Life a bitch, and then we and ours to die such the heat of bastard gangsterism, as Brecht could put it?

One cannot leave the subject of Gangster Currency as blood money as a metapolitical contemplation without ID'ing the extrapolation upon the control and issue of currency which 'Big Pharma' aka the World Health Organization  (WHO) represents as a 'Policy Distributer' in the diagram above;  such the  final  medical racket as to lead to so much  death as profitable?

  The WHO as any other 'global public private partnership'  is  but another  gangster protection racket of 'big money philanthropic' under in this case  the front of  the billionaire Bill Gates?

Any protection racket involves the disguise of benefaction when the real threat is that posed by the benefactor as trusted, and as capable as willing of deploying force under disguise.  ' Take the jab multiple, or else! . The WHO is as a protection racket unparalleled in the course of human history as the forensic analysis of source and application of funds could reveal? How much money have such 'Dons' as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty made as part of the Big Pharma racket which the WHO represents as  but a  gangster racket?  How much resources have been transferred such the fiat currency to the likes of Pfizer,™ Moderna™ and Astrazeneca™ on the basis of a global health racket to which 'TINA'?

Such the orthodyoxy of gangster hegemony, indeed. 

Gangsterism become rampant as to the offers made not to be refused'  is as to a tragic epitaph by way of End Times imminent  such the debauching of currency?

A paraphrase of such Epitaph could go :

' They never saw the mark of the beast '; they did not, could not tell the difference between satanic gangster and fellow man ?'

As down on the ' Global Gangster Farm', so it once went as gangsters less than animals such the disease of spirit as 'end times' precipitated?

Stephen Martin can be reached at