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The Technocratic And Synergistic Subtlety
Of WCR As Means Of Population Reduction

By Stephen Martin

'It is funny how mortals always picture us as putting things into their minds: in reality our best work is done by keeping things out'

C.S. Lewis, 'The Screwtape Letters'

'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'

Mark 8:36 (KJV)

Much as it is contended under the philanthropic narrative foundational of the new Global Hegemony of Great Reset that mRNA therapy and vaccination is for the common good of man and human health, so is it contended under 'mass formation' that 5G is for the common good of man and telecommunication?

This small article dares to dispute and question such a narrative as promoted/demanded thru the paradigm of carrot of the rewarding of ideological whoredom as part of the hegemony of 'new normal' as a truly deadly phenomenon. Such ideological whoredom as polymorphous as much as corporatist neoliberalism is become ubiquitous as rampant unipolar in the early 21st C., alas. The 'flip side' of such abusive as controlling and manipulation of reward is the paradigmatic stick of censure, derogation and punishment, such the either/or as a divide et impera.

Such proposition is based on the synonymy of ideological whoredom with the selling as 'shilling' of the soul as precised sublimely in the quote above concerning 'profit' and abrogation, as the transformation entropic from consciousness to mere simulacrum so it goes?

Or is it the case 'that what we got here is a failure to communicate'?


There is money to be made by telling lies as an ' assassin/ ideological whore of no eyes; but much 'I' such the assassination attained as furthered by way of 'externalization' egocentric - this as much as there is money to be lost by telling the truth and refusing to be such a whore – the problem is in the 'more' as hitherto unprecedented, such the size of both the carrot and the stick, such the fiat accompli (sic) as by way of the control and issue of currency has facilitated a takeover as mass formational?

Mass Formation = Satanic Madness Raging?

We 'live' in a world where those ' 'man gods' on top' fucking lie - and we are to die prematurely consequential thereof such deadly lies mass formed as congruent with a top down policy of 'surplus population reduction' implemented?

There is no 'happenstance' in that the global experiments of gene therapy and WCR can have adverse effects on human natural immunity as much as there is no question that lies and death can be profitable.

Nor is there a question concerning the proposition that 'the first casualty of any war is the truth'.

Politicians can lie, journalists can lie, doctors can lie, lawyers can lie, bankers can lie: the list as a litany of woe concerning ideological whoredom as corruption of 'self' could go on and by way of the sic transit necrotrophic – which considered for title this small article.

Please note the use of the word 'can' in the above, which avoids the conflational and obfuscational hegemonic trap of generalization.

Though mine headpiece undoubtedly stuffed with hegemonic straw and have the letters to prove same, small quarters ain't 'no hollow man', albeit the 'wasteland' as the early 21st C. epitomizes reluctantly acknowledged...

The more one sees the ugliness of the 'new normal' the more one can appreciate the beauty of the 'old normal?

Or is it a case of nostalgia disease, such the ye olde 'memory hole' as lacks efficacious revisionism such instance of 'subversion' yet attempted?

Whilst there has in the past always been such a 'carrot and stick' situation as power exemplified pragmatic as 'realpolitik' , it is the case alas that in the 21st C never before has there been such a unipolarity of power operating under a hidden agenda and to a globality of geopolitical domination?

Never before in history has necrotrophy prevailed as megalomania by infestation ideological to such an extent of 'Anthropobscenity' (sic) over the host of planet Earth as an Ecosystem; never before has such deadly technology as facilitative thereof existed by way of 'Weltsanchauung' warped? The glee from a necrotrophic perspective as metastatised is one borne of 'mind over mind' as includes the ability to invert under pathology of mass formation such that truth becomes lies, and lies seen as truth, such the wield of necrotrophic power by way of 'reality for sale' to the highest bidder – 'reality' being a phenomenon of apperception under moral obscenity?

Such the 'needs must' when the 'devil drives what is seen', indeed?

The neoliberal market such as free of morality such the do what thou wilt unleashed under cry of 'Havoc!' - for 5G technology is humongous; it is comprised of every person on the planet as has a mobile telecommunications device as 'rationalization'. 5G technology demands the presence of increased levels of Wireless Communications Radiation (WCR) which is a form of non ionizing radiation. The diverse panopticonic utility of such non ionizing radiation as weaponized under 'synergy' is something truly horrendous to contemplate?

The hegemonic narrative is that 5G telecommunications mean increased speed of data transmission; that webpage as used to take some seconds to download can now be downloaded almost instantly, that video as used to take minutes to download or stream now occurs in sub seconds. WCR is indeed a form of 'build back better'; in this case the destruction is of low levels of non ionizing radiation as an ambience; 'natural' the 'build back better' is as to a manipulable as frequency modulated and plasma beam selectively formed thru ubiquitous small cells and towers. The dominant narrative is that 'Electrosmog is good!' as conjoins 'Transhumanism is good!', and as per title this small article we are going to look at the 'synergy' of such a 'double whammy' of cultural hegemony concerning the overarching imperative of surplus population reduction.

A double whammy of malice as in 'ever tried to pick teeth out your mouth with broken fingers?' such the malice aforethought.

- The 'triple whammy' brings in AI as satanic technology.

Covert means of effecting ecocidal warfare on Life and Nature are but part of the greatest trick ever pulled; for these small quarters have little doubt that mRNA gene therapy and WCR represent satanically sponsored technology. Satan is a sly and cunning bastard and communicates through the giving of wealth and power and the corruption this leads to on a systemic as nepotistic level. A forthcoming article by way of synonymising the meaning of 'blood money' will elaborate upon the ontology of such necrotrophy.

From the perspective of covertly effecting a policy of genocide /elimination of surplus population WCR is an even more nefarious means than is gene therapy. While there remain medical records of who has received gene therapy as can be correlated with adverse events, concerning WCR it takes specialized equipment to detect and measure what is referred to as RF field strength. WCR is without taste and odorless, it can be transient in duration as can be pulsed and beam formed and frequency modulated, and it is capable of thermal ablation as well as constituting a non lethal weapon. The harmful effects of WCR have a high degree of plausible deniability commensurate these characteristics as dark and deadly as of The Fugs sing, such the CIA etymology of 'plausible deniability as much of 'conspiracy theory'' under 'cultural hegemony' as hard core satanism.

While we may not sense a beam formed plasma despite being exposed to it under targeting, it is clearly the case that such targeting can be effected under geolocational information, and that an infrastructure for same being 'rolled out' can be deployed to genocidal ends. Basically the same app. or variant thereof as can be used to provide route map and progress can be utilised to inform selective beam forming such the nefarious utility of such satanically sponsored infrastructure as to be so abortive of the natural as plausibly deniable under blood money taken. Under bluetooth broadcast of location address as facilitated by mysterious contents of vaccinations against Co-Vid satan says 'say hello to my little friend'?

Apropos a quote from 'Goodfellas':

' If you’re part of a crew, nobody ever tells you that they’re going to kill you. It doesn’t happen that way. There aren’t any arguments or curses like in the movies. See, your murderers come with smiles. They come as your friends, the people who have cared for you all of your life, and they always seem to come at a time when you’re at your weakest and most in need of their help'

As the deadly 'smile' satanic goes technocratic and synergistic concerning WCR as a subtle means of 'narrowing the frith' as effecting genocide?

- If not ecocide such the 'great reset'?

Euphemisms abound in 'hell on earth' – as much as we can be inducted into a crew and not even know it, such the 'mind over mind'?

Stephen Martin can be reached at