Headlines 2021

FBI Reverses What It Told America, Confirms
The Agency Knew People (Agents Provocateurs)
Were Coming to The Capitol To Cause Trouble

Democrats, RINOs intentionally kept Capitol security
at minimum to accommodate 'siege' And 'Riot'

CNN Idiot Reader Don Lemon - If You Voted
Trump You Are with the Ku Klux Klan - Watch

Identity of the Policeman Who Executed
Ashli Babbitt Still Being Kept Secret

Sheryl Sandberg downplayed Facebook's blame
for Capitol riot but evidence points to MAJOR role

Twitter Loses $5 Billion in Stock Valuation
After Deplatforming Trump

Anti-Constitution Nikki Haley Announces Super PAC
to Support Anti-Trump Incumbents In Midterms

Trump Stalwarts Seek Ouster of Liz Cheney From
GOP Leadership Post Over Impeachment Vote

Delta puts pro-Trump customers who yelled at
Mitt Romney & Lindsey Graham on NO-FLY list

Never Forget - The Joint Chiefs Firmly Supported The
Communist Overthrow Of America and Constitution
In Their Letter, FULLY Backing The CCP Election Theft


Joint Chiefs of Staff warn US troops against
'sedition and insurrection'

CNN says congressman fled office with CROWBAR
amid Capitol riot, Now Says It Was an 'energy bar'

Rabobank - Why Is George Orwell's 1984
The #2 Best-Selling Book On Amazon?

Some 'rich and famous' are taking a stand
against cancel culture

WikiLeaks Data Dump Index File

FBI Arrests Antifa Leader John Sullivan in
Utah After Storming US Capitol

BLM instigator of Capitol riots, John Sullivan,

President Trump Declassifies Russia Collusion
Documents - Coming as Soon as Friday

Idiot Harvard Students Want to Revoke Diplomas of All
Grads Who Support Trump!

The 2nd US Civil War has already been fought
and won, turning the Republic into 'Our Democracy'


Dem Congressman Implicated in Chinese Spy Saga
Likens Trump to Osama bin Laden Over Capitol Riot

National Mall Will Reportedly Be Shut Down Completely
on Inauguration Day

Andrew Yang announces $1 Billion UBI And
'TikTok hype houses' in his bid to become NYC mayor

80% Of The People in The US say 'America
is falling apart' - Poll

'Excessive, Brutal And Unlawful' - NY Attorney General
Sues NYPD, De Blasio Over Handling Of Floyd Protests

I accuse...virtually the entire US establishment over
the events leading to President Trump's impeachment

Mysterious Helicopters Believed to Be Associated
With Secretive US Aviation Unit Spotted in LA

Second Black Suspect Arrested In Murder Of
26 Yr Old White Nashville Nurse On Way To Work

Shimatsu - Covid Vox - a cure worse than the disease - Part 29

100s Of Social Media Horror Reports Of Reactions
To CV Vax, including Death - Stop Vid And Read These


Covid Vaccine Claims Yet Another Victim - 25 Yrs
As A Professional CNA After Moderna 'Vaccine'
Facebook Took This Video Off Her Page - WATCH

27 Yr Old Paralyzed By FLU Vax Warns Against
Anyone Taking The Covid 'Vaccine' - It's Not

What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020

The New York Times Is Seriously Suggesting
That We Should Wear TWO MASKS at Once

Personal social distancing alarms and 'no jab, no job'
show that individual freedoms at work will be the
next victims of Covid

Dem Congressman Catches COVID After
Receiving 2nd Dose Of 'Vaccine'

Big Tech Communist Clowns Wipe Out $51.2
BILLION In Combined Market Value Since Banning
Free Speech of President Trump

Luongo - Big Tech Purge Is Only Beginning...For Them

Telegram Founder Sees Foreign Leaders Influx
to Messenger as Largest Digital Migration

Russia warns of dire consequences for 'democratic
values' over Trump's social media ban


Poland slams social media deplatforming of Trump
as government readies anti-censorship law

Period-Tracking App Settles Disputes With US Govt
Agency After Users Data Shared With Facebook

Installment #2 of Climate Engineering Q and A

Bitcoin Surges Back Above $40,000
Ahead Of Biden Budget Briefing

ECB's Lagarde Calls For Global Regulation
Of 'Reprehensible' Bitcoin

Is 2021 An Echo Of 1641?

GM Debuts Electric Delivery Trucks

Pompeo Announces New Wave of Visa Restrictions
Against Chinese Businessmen, CCP Officials Over
South China Sea Spat

US Imposes Controls on Military Exports to Russia,
China, Cuba, Venezuela, Commerce Dept. Says

What Trade War? Chinese Trade Surplus Hits All Time
High On Soaring Exports Of Pandemic Goods


China won the trade war with the US. Business trumps
politics and China is a cornerstone of the global economy

French privacy watchdog slams authorities for
using drones to enforce Covid-19 rules and curfews

12 Hr Covid curfews announced for all of
France for at least 15 days - PM says pressure
on hospitals is 'high'

Republic of Ireland facing 'major challenge' With
world's highest number of new Covid cases per million

Hungary to slaughter 101,000 hens after bird flu
outbreak at single farm

Hungary has agreement for China's Sinopharm
vaccine, says minister, despite Brussels warning
against non-EU procurement

'When the War Comes' Miniseries by Swedish
Armed Forces Features Russia as Threat

Johnson, May, Blair - Attempts to Resurrect
Impeachment in UK Politics Alive & Well

Belgian King's Car Attacked During Protests
Over Black Man's Death in Police Custody

Police station SET ON FIRE in Brussels as protest
over death of black man following his arrest turns into riot


WHO Ready to Speed Up International
Certification of Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine

Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Rollout To Expand
Globally Despite Western Media Claims - RDIF Chief

After months of bashing Russia's Sputnik V Vax
Western journalists in Moscow line up For Shot

Twitter RESTORES account of Sputnik-V, Russia's
coronavirus Vax, restricted over suspicious log-in

Russian prison service 'obliged' to detain Navalny
when he returns to country, as opposition figure
packs bags for flight home

Lavrov - US Plan to Label Houthis as Terrorists
Can Have Negative Impact on Situation in Yemen

Russia - US doing all it can to prevent normalization
of ties between Iran, PG Arab states

On birthing the world's fastest, most advanced internet
network, China claims supremacy over the US

China says 'George Floyd cannot even breathe freely'
as it blasts US over Uighur Muslims forced labor claims

Chinese Regime Oversaw 'Unprecedented' Efforts
to Crush Human Rights in 2020 - US Commission


Australia Has Lost Its Mind to COVID

India's Serum Institute planning to launch
Covid-19 vaccine every quarter

'Brazilian Covid Variant' Prompts UK to Urgently Ban
Travel From Portugal & South America Countries
Total, Unadulterated Fear Porn & Mass Mind Control

Brazilian COVID-19 Variant May Pose Risk to Vaccine's
Effectiveness, UK Govt Adviser Warns - What BS

Mexican Mayor Tied to a Tree During Altercation
With Town Residents

'Ku Klux Klan cowboys of the White House'
Maduro unloads on Trump's 'extremist'
administration in fiery speech

Foreign submarine discovered seeking to
approach Iranian naval drill area

Iran's Navy cruise missiles successfully hit
targets during drill

Turkey starts rollout of Sinovac's Covid vaccine to
health workers, inoculating more than 160,000 in a day

Saudi Arabia using coronavirus detection apps
to spy on its citizens And residents - Report


See the CIA's Recent Dump of UFO
Related Declassified Documents

Radar UFOs / UAP

Radar & UAPs – a New Resource

UFOs - What Happens When a Government
Cover-Up Turns Out To Be True?

Mysterious UFO Filmed Entering The Ocean
Police and FAA Notified

Chrome Colored UFOs Over Farmington
Remembering the Saucer Armada

Indonesia Hit by 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake
Seismologists Say

3 Star Gen Tom McInerney - World War III has started
Listen To This Interview - Important Information

Pompeo - The Chinese Communist Party
'Is Inside the Gates'

Trump Has 20,000 'Button Men' on DC Streets

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts Democrats
for Supporting Riots, Triggers Media With 'CENSORED'
Mask During Anti-Impeachment Speech

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Will File Articles
Of Impeachment Against Joe Biden On Jan 21 - Watch

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Report - Confirms Numerous
Countries Interfered In the 2020 Election - Millions
of Invalid Ballots Inserted Into the Election

MI Judge Orders Dem Sec of State To Release All
Communications With Dominion, Facebook, Apple,
Amazon and Google

Enraged Black Lives Matter Militants (Biden Backers)
Surround Capitol, Scream at Police - Watch

Dem Whip James Clyburn Proposes Making 'Black
National Anthem' The Official US National Hymn
To 'Bring The Country Together'

Capitol Police, FBI, Etc Had Prior Warming There
would Be An Effort To Break Into The Capitol - It
Is Apparently A Planned Attack - Watch


'I Will Not Yield To Political Games' - Pence
Responds To Pelosi, Won't Invoke 25th Amendment

McConnell Won't Convene Senate For Emergency
Impeachment Trial

McConnell Won't Rule Out Convicting
Trump In Senate In Impeachment

House Speaker Pelosi Says Trump 'Incited Armed
Rebellion Against Nation, Must Go'

Pelosi Names Fang Bang Swalwell
As House Impeachment Manager!

Louie Gohmert DUNKS on Pelosi - Quotes Her
Support for Black Lives Matter Riots on House Floor

Over 1.1 Million Attended President Trump's
Rallies Since Labor Day - Not One Window Broken,
Policeman Attacked or Attendee Killed - Trump
Wasn't Behind Violence at the Capitol

10 Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Trump

Analysis of Ashli Babbit Video Shows Coordinated
Actions Of Antifa Agents Professionally Manipulating
And Agitating At The Front Of The Trump Protestors

Lawless America - Supreme Court Now REFUSES
to Consider GOP Post-Election Fraud Cases Before
Biden Inauguration


Tucker exposes Outrageous bigoted views of
Biden's DOJ civil rights pick

Biden Nominates Ex-US Envoy to the UN S
amantha Power as USAID Administrator

De Blasio Says New York City Cutting Business
Ties With Trump Organisation

Conservative Commentator Says AIG Canceled
His Insurance Over His Social Media Posts

Dem Lawmaker Introduces Resolution To
'Abolish' Electoral College - How Would It Be Done?

Democratic Member Accuses Colleagues Of
Conducting 'Surveillance' For Capitol Rioters

AOC says committee being discussed to 'REIN IN
MEDIA environment' and prevent 'false information'
From spreading - The USSA Is Here

'Thought I Was Going to Die' - Poor AOC Gives
First-Hand Account of 'Traumatizing' Capitol Riot

Mueller Found No 'Conspiracy' Between WikiLeaks,
Trump and Russia - So Why Didn't We Hear About it?

TEXIT - Texas Lawmaker Wants Referendum
on Secession on the Ballot


Texas Lawmakers Consider Secession Over Life
Under Democrat Marxist Communism - Several
Other States Interested In Doing The Same - Watch

CNN Quits Airports After 30 Yrs, Citing Pandemic

Mainstream media goes full Orwell telling readers
they're using the word 'Orwellian' wrong

Trump Urges 'No Violence, No Lawbreaking, No Vandalism'
RNC Calls For Peaceful Transition

National Guard Troops Deployed to Secure Capitol
for Biden Inauguration Will Be Armed, US Media Says

More Than 20,000 National Guard Troops to Help
Secure Biden Inauguration, DC Police Chief Says

Soldiers flow into Capitol in a scene
reminiscent of the Civil War

1000s Of National Guard Troops Briefed On
Explosives Threat In DC

Troops Sleeping on Bare Floors of US Capitol
Ahead of Biden's 'Virtual' Inauguration

Airbnb to cancel & block ALL BOOKINGS in
Washington DC for week of Biden's inauguration


DC Mayor Keeps Restaurant Dining Rooms
Closed Through The Inauguration

Simpsons Writer Hopes Episode 'Predicting'
Havoc at Biden Inauguration Won't Come True

Baseball Great Curt Schilling Says AIG Canceled
His Insurance Over his Conservative Beliefs...
Same Got a $182 Billion Bailout from US Taxpayers

Wooldridge - How To Handle Most Anyone
Who Drives You Nuts

Moderna CEO says the world will have to live
with Covid 'forever'

Disneyland Becomes 'Mass-Vaccination Super-Site'

Do face masks work in combating Covid?
Not in my old people's nursing home they don't...

'Catastrophic' - Chronic homelessness in LA County
expected to skyrocket

Dr. David Martin explains COVID-19 vaccines Are NOT
(legally defined) VACCINES - They are MEDICAL DEVICES

Parler Switches Domain Registry to Epik
Following AWS Ban


'People are Threatening My Life' Says Parler CEO
After App Booted Off Internet

Parler CEO Says The Conservative Twitter
Competitor May 'Never' Return

Gab CEO Confirms Reports That Jared Kushner,
Dan Scavino Blocked Trump From Joining Gab
Following Twitter Ban

Google Halts All Political Ads Ahead of Biden
Inauguration Over Deadly Capitol Riot

Don Trump Jr Urges Musk to Set Up Social Media
for 'Neutral Arbiters' in Face of Trump Twitter Ban

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tweets Complete Bullsh*t
About 'Having to Ban Donald Trump' Over Complete Lies

China has naval superiority over The US
Obama Pulled The Plug On Our Navy

Declassified WH docs reveal America's self-doubt
over a potential military conflict with China

The Great Purge - Banks Shutting Down Trump Accounts

Why we should be bullish about Ethereum


Five 'Interesting' Financial Tidbits

GM Unveils Cadillac Flying Car For Rich People

December Class 8 Truck Orders Are The
Fourth Highest In History

Goldman Flips On NatGas, Warns Of
Bullish 'Perfect Storm'

Japan extends emergency Covid-19 support
to 60% of economy as country battles surging cases

Spanish Court Rules to Vaccinate Disabled
Woman Despite Daughter's Refusal

Germany will have lockdown beyond January
& new travel restrictions, but no mandatory
vaccination – health minister

London hits 'heartbreaking' milestone, as
Covid-19 death toll exceeds 10,000 (BS)

Almost HALF of English hospital staff
experiencing, anxiety, depression and PTSD
in Covid-19-plagued ICUs

UK COVID-19 Patients Could Be Sent
to Hotels to Relieve Hospital Pressure,
Health Secretary Says


Johnson Says COVID-19 Lockdown is
'Working' as Hospital Cases Fall

Johnson Slams 'Disgraceful' Food Parcels
Delivered to UK School Children

Record 5,300 UK Armed Forces Servicemen
Engaged in COVID-19 Response, Govt Says

'Childish' & 'inaccurate' Farage grilled on Twitter
for comparing UK to Former East Germany over
Government Covid policies

Do face masks work in combating Covid?
Not in my old people's nursing home they don't...

Italian Government Near Collapse After Renzi
Pulls Ministers From Ruling Coalition

Italy kicks off its BIGGEST mafia trial in 30 years
350+ defendants to testify via video link & in person

Critical Edition of 'Mein Kampf' to Be
Published in Poland, Reports Say

Putin orders to move to mass COVID-19
vaccination for Russians starting next week

Putin orders probe into how vaccine works
against different virus strains


Second dose of EpiVacCorona received by
2,099 volunteers in Russia, no adverse effects

EU Consultations on Sputnik V Vaccine
Authorisation Set for 19 January, RDIF CEO Says

RDIF to Deliver 150 Million Doses of Sputnik V
to Brazil in 2021, Including 10 Million in Q1

Netanyahu Creates Russian Language Channel
on Telegram

'I'm coming home': Navalny announces he will
return to Russia on Sunday, despite stated belief
that Kremlin tried to murder him

'Flagrant attack on democracy' - Moscow blasts
Baltic states for 'persecuting' journalists working
for Russia-linked outlets

Latvia wants to criminalize any contact with Moscow
activist prosecuted for penning articles for Russian
media outlets tells RT

Latvian Security Agents Pretended to Be 'Plumbers'
to Search Russian-Speaking Journo's Home

Estonian government collapses over massive
corruption probe

US Cancels Top UN Envoy's Provocative Trip
To Taiwan, Avoiding China Showdown


US Reportedly Mulls Releasing Evidence Linking
COVID-19 to Wuhan Lab Ahead of Trump's Departure

Johnson triggers diplomatic row with China
by blaming it for coronavirus pandemic

Google admits experimentally blocking some
Australian news sites from searches as row over
paying outlets for content gains steam

Poultry Farm Owners Brace for Heavy
Loss as Bird Flu Wreaks Havoc in India

Venezuela to Receive First 10 Million Doses
of Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Soon, Maduro Says

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Tests
Positive for COVID-19 - Reports Say

Israeli Forces Strike Hamas Military Site
in Gaza Strip After IDF Vehicle Comes Under Fire

Iran Navy starts military drills in southern
waters, takes delivery of two warships

Iranian Scientists Urge IRGC Aerospace
Force to Shoot Down Any Intruding US B-52s

Sputnik V - Moscow, Riyadh Working on Organizing
3rd Stage Vaccine Trials, Production in Saudi Arabia


US official reveals Israel carried out attacks
on eastern Syria using American intelligence

Sputnik V - Moscow, Riyadh Working on Organizing
3rd Stage Vaccine Trials, Production in Saudi Arabia

Sudan Accuses Ethiopian Air Force of
Violating Country's Airspace, Foreign Ministry Says

Chew Your Food

Trump Warns Biden The 25th 'Will Come
Back To Haunt Him' in TX Speech - Says
Free Speech Is Under Attack - Watch

Biden's Choice to Lead DOJ's Civil Rights Division
Says 'Melanin Endows Blacks with Greater Mental,
Physical and Spiritual Abilities' - Racism!

Trump Warns Democrats - Impeachment 'Witch Hunt'
Is 'Causing Tremendous Anger'

After Stealing the 2020 Election in the Greatest
Heist Ever, Creeper Biden Announces the Theme
for His Inauguration 'America United'

Comrade Hillary Labels All 73 Million Trump
Supporters As 'Domestic Terrorists' Who Must
All be Tracked and Surveilled - Communist America

JCS Military leaders condemn 'sedition and
insurrection' at Capitol say Biden won And
There Was No Vote fraud! Mamma Mia

Adams Situation Update - January 12, 2021

Analysis of Video of Trump Supporter Ashli Babbitt
Death in the Capitol Shows Antifa's Actions Led to
Shot Being Fired

Tucker Carlson - Big Tech, Big Business And The
Dems About to DESTROY America as We Know It


Amazing Polly - The Deep State's Insurrection 'Act'

Bitch McConnell Says He's 'Furious' And 'Done'
With President Trump - Runs Home To Chinese Wife

McConnell Hasn't Held A single Hearing For
Biden's Cabinet Picks - Not Normal

Trump Says Not Worried About Efforts to Invoke
25th Amendment Or Impeach Him

Pence Refuses to Invoke the 25th Amendment

DC AG Looking Into Arresting Trump And Others

Pompeo Abruptly Cancels Europe Trip After EU
'Extraordinary Snub' In Wake Of Capitol Unrest

Wooldridge - The Problems Biden-Harris
and Congress Won't Solve In 2021

NeoCon Bolton Urges GOP To Purge Trumpism

O'Keefe Strikes Again - Top PBS Counsel Michael Beller
Caught on Video Promoting Violence Says 'Americans Are
F*cking Dumb - Take Their Children' From Them - Watch


PBS Top Communist Lawyer Says Govt Should
Build 'Enlightenment Camps' And Remove Children
From Trump Supporting Homes - Pure Bolshevism

Buchanan - Exploiting Capitol 'Riot' To Kill Trump

Schumer Urges FBI To Add Capitol Rioter
'Insurrectionists' To No-Fly List

Video Of Fully-Armed US Military Combat
Units In Armed Stryker Units - Watch

CA Residents - Recall Comrade Gov Gavin Newsom

Barbara Boxer 'deregisters' as foreign agent for
Chinese surveillance co. that targeted Uyghurs

FB has just blocked Law Enforcement Today
with nearly 900,000 members from posting

Facebook Blacklists All Content Mentioning
'Stop the Steal'

Twitter Suspends Over 70,000 QAnon-Linked
Accounts As Marxist Communist Style Censorship
Spreads Violently Across The Internet

America's Third Largest Radio Group Bans
Dissent And Threatens to Fire Conservative
Talk Hosts Who Question Election Results


Republican leaders say Tom Cotton halted
landslide of GOP objections in Senate

G. Edward Griffin 1969 Subtitled - The communist
playbook explained in 1969 - Filmed at the John Birch
Society...Classic Footage

Orwell Animal Farm Covid Lesson - Some Animals
Are More Equal Than Others

Republican Megadonor Sheldon Adelson Dies at 87

Impeachment Won't Suffice - Here is What Dems
Need to Ban Trump From Running for Office Again

Governors Urge Americans to Skip Biden's
Inauguration Over Security Concerns

Ex MI Governor Charged In Flint Water Scandal

US Prof Faces 'Cancellation' For Teaching Students
to Question Propaganda Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid Death Vax - Woman Goes IntoFull Body
Convulsions...even her tongue...after Moderna
'Vaccine' shot - Watch

Enraged Doctor - Masks Are Killing You, Take Them Off, NOW!


Real life study - Masked schoolchildren are harmed
physically, psychologically, behaviorally and suffer
from 24 distinct health issues

Globalist Shill & King Fear-mongerer Fauci warns
SA Covid strain May pose threat to antibody drugs

Air travelers to US must show negative CV test - CDC

Peruvian Court Probing Judge's Ruling Alleging Soros,
Bill Gates are Creators of The COVID-19 Pandemic

Bill Gates Said The 'FINAL SOLUTION' For
Coronavirus Is The Vaccine (!)

Great Purge Of 2021 Will Have Dire Consequences
Nationwide As Big Tech Declares War Upon America
By Censoring Trump And Countless Others

Trump Says Social Media Banning Him 'Big Mistake'
And Warns of Counter Move

The silencing of President Trump by Big Tech is
moral cowardice and all about the opportunistic
pursuit of power and profit

Twitter permanently suspends more than 70,000
QAnon accounts as social media purge continues

Parler CEO says Claims That Users Driver's
Licenses Were Hacked Are 'Viral Misinformation'


FL State Rep Ask Gov DeSantis To Pull State Funds
From Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter

SICK - Twitter Allows OnlyFans Star To Post
Child Rape Fetish Images Days After Banning
Trump And His Supporters

Facebook Operations Chief Mulls Permanent
Ban for Trump on Social Media Platform

Facebook reinstates Press TV page with 4 million
subscribers, hours after mysterious 'FINAL' deletion

Twitter's hypocritical censorship - Misinformation on
Western Covid vaccines banned, falsehoods about Russian
Sputnik V permitted

Twitter Says Uganda Violates 'Basic Human Rights'
By Banning Them Only Days After Banning Trump
And His Supporters

Amazon cloud exec warns employees to be
'vigilant' after Parler ban

DARPA Making Intermediate Range SurfaceLaunched
Hypersonic Missile

The truth is in there? 'ALL' of the CIA's files
on UFOs are now available for download
Absurd To Think The Feds Will Reveal Truth

Carnival Cruise Lines Getting Rid Of 19 Ships


One Bitcoin Skeptic Speaks Out On 'Persuading
People To Buy Fresh Air In A Can"

Merkel warns Germany about '8 to 10 very hard weeks'
ahead - speculation follows about Covid lockdown
extension - How Does She Know?

Apocalyptic Plague? - Sweden's Overall 2020 Death
Rate Was The SAME as in 2015

France Admits 1st case of allergic reaction to Pfizer
Covid-19 jab as country continues vaccine rollout

Spain pushes to vaccinate all nursing home residents
within a week

Eco-Activist Grim Greta to Be the Face
of New Swedish Postage Stamps

The deaths of 9,000 infants in Irish homes for unwed
mothers proves how little value women had in the eyes
of the Catholic Church

UK Home Secretary Backs Crackdown on Covid
Rulebreakers - But No New Measures

'Feeling Supersonic' - Massive Explosion Heard
Across UK as RAF Tycoon Breaks Sound Barrier

A Russian Strain - Covid-19 found to have mutated
18 different times in one chemotherapy patient


Russia to Supply Up to 25 Million Doses of
Sputnik V Vaccine to Nepal

Pfizer mulls applying to register its COVID-19
vaccine in Russia - Good luck with That...

Big Brother gets even bigger - Moscow to create
database with residents' salaries, vehicle information
And even school results

Russia wants UK, France to join nuclear
disarmament process

Rebranding Belarus - Exiled opposition figurehead
Tikhanovskaya asks Lithuania to rename her country
to eliminate Russian link

China locks down 3 cities due to Covid outbreak

Xi Jinping says 'time and momentum on China's side'
as he sets out Communist Party vision

Australia's Acting PM Ripped to Pieces for
His 'All Lives Matter' Comment

Mexican President Says Country Intends to Buy 24
Million Doses of Russia's Sputnik V For $240 Million

Cuba Back On the List of States That
Sponsor Terrorism


Netanyahu Removes Joint Photo With
Trump From His Twitter Banner

Largest-ever Iranian military vessel set to
join Navy soon

Pompeo claims Al-Qaeda has new home
base in Iran but doesn't provide Any evidence

Caitlin Johnstone - Trump's latest Yemen
move is far worse than the Capitol riot

Watch How to Make a Rocket Stove
from a Coffee Can

5.7 Quake Strikes Off Irian Jaya, Indonesia

NOTE - CDC admits at least 96% of deaths
'from Covid19' were WRONG! - Watch

New Statement From President Donald Trump - Watch

Adams Situation Update - Seems To Be True The
Insurrection Act A Refusing To Enforce It, Unless
Trump Gives Them War With China - Unconfirmed

Byrne - This Is a Communist Party Takeover

Roger Stone Admits Its 'Entirely Possible' Trump
Ends Up in Prison

Pelosi Says House to Move Forward With
Impeachment Attempt If Pence Doesn't Respond

Flashback - Pelosi Called for 'Uprisings' Against
the Trump Administration

House Dems Intro Trump Impeachment Resolution
Claiming He Caused Capitol Insurrection - This Is
Extreme Fear Stemming From Pelosi And Others
Whose Laptops Were Taken By US Special Forces

Clyburn, Whose Laptop And iPad were Also taken
With Pelosi's, says The House impeachment vote
Is likely to take place this week

Encore - Staggering Patrick Byrne Video
How Obama Got Hillary To Take An $18 Million
Bribe So He Could Control Her For Her 8 Years
As President - You Need To Watch This


Watch - Hidden camera reveals activists ILLEGALLY
registered thousands at the same address in Georgia

Married Lincoln Project Co-Founder John
Weaver Accused of Grooming Young Men
And Offering Jobs for Sex

First they SILENCE you, then they come to KILL you
...mass genocide against conservatives is No. 1 on
the Left's list of priorities

William Burns, ex-envoy to Russia who accused
Putin of using judo-like tactics to 'sow chaos' in US
named as Biden's CIA director

Cowards Abandoning Trump

Cops, Kids, Reporters & Activists Were Murdered
As Democrats Incited 2020 Riots...Now They've
Accused President Trump of THEIR Tactics

Meghan McCain Suggests Trump Supporters
Should Be Thrown in Guantanamo Bay

Internet 'news Source' - Read Simon Parkes Bio

Simon Parkes Labour politician 'fathered child
with Cat Queen alien'

Storming Into America 3.0


Wooldridge - Biden As the 'Post Turtle' President

Massive Online Disinformation And Christian Hypocrisy

US to Deploy Up to 15,000 National Guard
Troops to Safeguard Biden Inauguration

FBI Warns Of 'Armed Protests' Across Nation
As 15,000 National Guard Deployed To Capitol

Michigan Bans Open Carry of Guns Inside
State Capitol in Wake of 6 January Chaos

Ron Paul Says Facebook Is Censoring His
Account Without Explanation

House impeachment resolution accuses
Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'

House Dems Introduce Article Of Impeachment
Against Trump, Have The Necessary Votes

US House Rules Committee Chair McGovern
Expects Impeachment Article to Be Invoked
on Wednesday

Why Both Pelosi's 25th Amendment & Impeachment
Options Are Complete Waste of Time


Trump is A 'Domestic Terrorist', Ex-Deputy Secretary
of State Armitage Claims

Cuomo Reverses - Demands 'Reopen The Economy'
Amid Dismal NYC Vaccine Rollout

'Homeless' Congresswoman Pushes Bill To Expel
Republicans Who Backed Election Challenge

Goldman To Punish GOP Leaders Who Challenged
Election - JPMorgan, Citi Suspend All Political Donations

US Supreme Court Refuses To Fast-Track
Trump's Election Appeal

NY State Bar Association moves to expel
Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani

betrayal of populism

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf Resigns

Newsom scrambles to save California
...and his career

Pope Francis uses stronger words against violence
at US Capitol than violence caused by ANTIFA-BLM


ATF Swamp Creatures are Working Behind
the Scenes With the Biden Transition Team
to Implement Gun Confiscation

Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act Receives
Endorsement from Gun Owners of America

Biden and Fauci will 'Save' America from covid-19 as
FDA prepares to fix PCR tests, eliminating millions of
false positive cases by end of 2021

Non-Arrested Pope Francis calls on 'everyone'
to take COVID vaccine...'It must be done'

Real life study - Masked schoolchildren are
harmed physically, psychologically, behaviorally
and suffer from 24 distinct health issues

Creeper Biden Gets Second Coronavirus
Vaccine Dose (Saline) on Live TV

With No Lockdown or Compulsory Muzzling
Florida Has Roughly SAME Hospitalization
Numbers as 2018 Flu Season

Vaccine Rollout Hits a 'Snag' as Health
Workers Balk at Shots

Herd immunity 'won't get world back to
normal quickly' WHO chairman warns

Parler Hacker Says Relax, Not ALL Private
Information Was Compromised


600,000 Join Free Speech Platform Gab - In 1 Day

Senior House Republican Says Parler Shutdown
by Rivals Breaks Monopoly Laws

Parler Sues Amazon, Asks Federal Judge To
Reinstate Hosting On AWS

Twitter stock crashes after company permanently
bans Trump's account

Twitter battens down the hatches in preparation
for pro-Trump crowd that never came

Merkel says Trump Twitter ban 'problematic' due
to 'fundamental right' to freedom of opinion

Tech guru Durov warns Apple & Google pose threat
to freedom as Russian Senator says Trump Twitter
ban a challenge to sovereignty

WhatsApp private chat groups get EXPOSED
again on Google search

Turkey launches probe after WhatsApp's updated
terms see users data shared with parent co. Facebook

The CIA's Declassified UFO Documents
Are Now All Available Online


Cryptos lose almost $200 BILLION
in 24 hours as bitcoin plummets

Energy Stocks Jump After Goldman Hikes
Oil Price Target To $65 - MS Overweights Exxon

Nio Partners With Nvidia To Put Self-Driving
'Supercomputers' In Its New Sedans

Tesla Slips As More Apple EV Plans
Reported - BoA Upgrades

Elon Musk, less eccentric icon more con artist,
represents the entire smoke-and-mirrors game
of the US financial market

More Plastic Snow - 'They Send Us Plastic Sh*t'
Woman In Spain Shows Snow From 'Filomena'
Storm Is Fake - Won't Melt, Burns Black - Watch

Lockdown 'INEFFECTIVE' against spread of
COVID-19, may even increase risk to vulnerable
populations, research claims

No sex please, we're locked down - Plunging global
birth rate shows long-term effects of Covid on society

UK Divorces Expected To Surge In COVID 2021

NHS Contract With US Tech Firm May Be 'Massive
Breach' of Data Protection Law


Brit State-Run Media Claims 'Whole Wards of
Children With COVID' - Which Is Not at All an
Attempt to Whip Up Hysteria...

UK Faces Tighter COVID Restrictions Amid
'Extremely Perilous Moment' - What Incredible BS

'Do as I say, not as I do' - BoJo blasted for
hypocrisy as leisurely lockdown-breaching
cycle infuriates cooped-up Brits

Police in England apologize after outcry for
fining women who drove FIVE miles for
countryside walk

UK Lockdown Police Caught On Camera
Violating Their Own Lockdown Rules

UK retail staff face 'violence and abuse' while
enforcing Covid-19 rules amid fears virus
spreading in supermarkets

45% of new Covid cases in Ireland are of
more transmissible UK strain

French School Shut After Emailed Threats
of Rape, Report Says

Emmanuel Macron Under Fire for Spending
Over $700,000 for Flowers at Elysee Palace

Gamaleya Institute Chief Believes Russia
Also Has Its Unique Coronavirus Strain


In first meeting since 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war,
Putin brings together leaders of Armenia & Azerbaijan
for Moscow talks

US Sanctions Ukrainian Ex-Officials, Current
Lawmaker for Alleged Interference - Treasury

Ukrainian neo-Nazi 'thought leader' fired from
prestigious Vienna fellowship as outcry over
far-right links goes viral

China Builds Helmets for Soldiers With
Self-Destruct Little Bombs Inside For Suicide
...Or Commanding Officers Can Trigger Them

WHO team tasked with probing origins of
Covid-19 set to arrive in China as country
sees largest daily rise of cases in 5 months

Victorians need Covid Permit to go home or face
$5,000 fine under Australian state's new rules

India, China Deploy Tanks Within Firing Range
Amid Border Face-Off - Satellite Images

India Refuses to Budge on US Threat as 100 Airmen
Ready for S-400 System Training in Russia

'Missile-Like' Object Found Off Indonesia's Coast
is Chinese Surveillance Drone, Defence Expert

US State Department Designates Cuba as
State Sponsor of Terrorism


Brazil to begin production of Russia's
Sputnik V vaccine this week

Mexican President AMLO Condemns Twitter,
Facebook for Censoring Donald Trump

Netanyahu orders govt to advance construction
of 800 homes for Jewish settlers in West Bank

IRGC in 'Full Control' of Gulf, Navy Commander
Says as Iran-US Tensions Rise

S-400 missile defense systems ready to be
commissioned in Turkey

Watch - Saudis Release Footage Of Its F-15s
Escorting B-52 Over Gulf In Anti-Iran Message

Pompeo says US will designate Houthis as terrorist
group...undermining 'Iran interference' in Yemen

Remember - Houthis Were a US Intel-Sharing
Partner Right Up Until The Saudi Invasion


WATCH - Lt Gen MacInerney Reveal Special Forces
Got Pelosi's Laptop Under Cover Of The Capitol Riot

Pelosi Requested Pentagon JCS Milley To 'Remove
President Trump From His Authorities As Commander
In Chief - This Is An Attempted Military Coup!

Pelosi Urges US Military Chief of Staff to
Stop Trump From 'Ordering a Nuclear Strike'

Conservative Journo Calls Out 'Garbage Journalism'
Over Trump 'Finger on Nuclear Button' Op-Ed

Trump to visit Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday To
Cite His Border Wall Achievements

US Official Says Biden's Plan to Stop Trump's
Wall Construction Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

Full Epic Interview with Lt Gen Thomas McInerney

Maria Zack - Italy did it - Arturo D'Elia Part 1 - Watch

Maria Zack - Italy did it - Arturo D'Elia Part 2 - Watch

WOW - Biden Says Small Businesses Will Receive
No Aid Unless They're Owned By Minorities Or Women


Rep Devin Nunes Calls for Criminal Charges
Against Tech Giants

Dirtbag Michael Cohen Says He Is Working with
Communists to Provide Testimony Against Trump
and the Trump Family

Dirtbag Michael Cohen Says He Is Working with
Communists to Provide Testimony Against Trump
and the Trump Family

Buchanan - Worst of Days for Trump & Trumpists

Comrade Mary Trump says her 'unstable' uncle
'needs to be removed immediately'

Democrats 'beginning to sound like ISIS'
Candace Owens hits out at calls for pro-Trump
crowd to seek 'redemption'

There Is No Constitutional Ground For
Impeachment Of President Trump

Vogue magazine blasted for 'washed out'
Kamala Harris cover

Pompeo - 'Storming US Capitol is Unacceptable'
Rioters Require 'Swift Justice' - (Never mind All
Of The Antifa-BLM REAL Riots)

Pelosi's Office Laptop And Others Said Taken By
Special Ops Team During Capitol Chaos And She
May Be Arrested, Charged With High Treason And
That's Why She & Communists Are In FULL PANIC

Coulter - Capitol Cop's Death Thought Caused
By A Medical Condition

Trump supporters tried to STOP Antifa infiltrators
from breaking Capitol windows in false flag 'siege'


DC Cop Speaks Out, Says Cops Were Among Rioters
Storming Capitol, Flashed Badges to Get In

Constitutional Attorney Says Pence And Congress
Violated The Constitution - Trump Can Use EAS To
Circumvent Censorship

Amidst Deluge Of Rumors About The Pope A Video
Surfaces Showing The Pope To Vanish - Watch

Dozens Of Blacked Out Vans And Vehicles In Some
Kind Of Major Operation In Rome - Watch

Google, Microsoft, Verizon on Biden Inauguration
Committee donor list - Bolsheviks All

Trump Supporters Are Getting Fired From Their
Jobs For Attending Jan 6th Protest

Don't hire former Trump press officials
Forbes editor warns companies -

What The Hell Is Wrong With People??? - Watch

Allgire - News Commentary & Bitcoin At $100,000?

Poll - 40% of Biden supporters expect
brand-new 'civil war'


Biden Says He Will 'Defeat the NRA'
While in Office

As Laptop Hunter Stares Down Barrel of DOJ
Investigation, Vanity Fair Runs Puff Piece on His
'Art Career' (No DOJ probe under Biden)

Republican Sen. Toomey Believes Trump
Should Resign - Report

US to Increase Security Measures for Members
of Congress Travelling Through Airports

Anti CA Governor Newsom Petition Gains
Over One Million Signatures

Clashes Between Trump Supporters, Rivals
Occur in San Diego - Report

Tiny Townhouses Proposed for Vancouver's
Homeless - 96 Square Feet Of Living Space??

Nearly two-thirds of college student idiots think
government should have power to punish 'hate
speech' - Who Decides What 'hate Speech' Is?

Medical troops arrive to assist SoCal hospitals
overwhelmed by COVID

Free Speech Platform Gab Reports 753%
Surge In Traffic In 24 Hours

Google, Microsoft, & Qualcomm - Tech Giants Among
Top Donors to Joe Biden's Inaugural Committee


Pinterest cracks down on 'hateful' pro-Trump
content in latest Big Tech purge of US president

British ET Expert Says 'Clock is Ticking'
on 'Some Big UFO Stories'

Clock ticks towards release of UFO report as
emergency relief bill forces US intelligence
agencies to reveal knowledge

China's laser weapon capable of destroying
Indian and US satellites, say analysts

Cryptos Are Crashing, Coinbase Offline

World's richest man Elon Musk wants to be
paid in bitcoin

US dollar demise will soon be attributed to
bitcoin rise – Max Keiser

'It's A Ghost Town' - Debt-Laden NYC
Taxi Drivers In Dire Straits

World's Largest Insect Farm To Be Built In
Illinois Amid Signs Of Soaring Food Inflation

A Stock Market Crash Of 65-80% This Year?


Ex-UK Tory Leader Claims China Trying to
'Hide Evidence' Amid Reports of Wuhan Lab
Research Purge

Tony Blair Reportedly Set to Make 'De Gaulle-Style'
Political Comeback

More Britons Believe Prime Minister Johnson
Should Step Down, New Poll Shows Day of the Poodle?

SNP Urges Johnson to Pay Hefty Compensation to
Scotland 'to Mitigate the Lasting Brexit Harm'

UK Government Under Fire Over Rejecting Brussels'
Visa-Free Offer For Musicians, Report Says

Britain is 'gung ho' about its role in post-Brexit
world, UN envoy says

The Slow Implosion Of The European Union

Berlin police clash with left-wing protesters during
rally marking murder of communist icons Luxemburg
And Liebknecht - Vid

German Authorities Beef Up Bundestag Police
Guard After US Capitol Protest

Spain Hit With Record Snow - Madrid Residents Walk


Russia documents less than 23,000 daily
Covid cases first time since November 18

Capitol Hill violence was not a 'victory' for Putin
In reality, Russia fears consequences of political
instability in US

Watch - Video Allegedly Shows CCP Sealing
People In Homes Amid Virus Outbreak

Areas of Seven Chinese Provinces Enter 'Wartime'
Mode Following COVID-19 Outbreaks

Pro-China Authorities Block HK-Protest Website
Simultaneous With US Big Tech's Own Crackdown

Scanning digital health QR code becomes
OBLIGATORY for passengers using ride
hailing services in Beijing

Another 'Mutant' COVID Strain Discovered In Japan
As Greater Tokyo Outbreak Worsens

Mekong dam - China cuts river flow 50 per cent,
is slammed for lack of warning

New Zealand's Central Bank Reports Data System Hack

Power Supply Resumes in Most Parts of Pakistan
After Major Blackout, Reports Say


Honduran president wanted to 'shove drugs right
up the noses of gringos,' US prosecutors allege

Pompeo Slams Iran for 'Extorting' Global Community
After Tehran Vows IAEA Inspectors' Expulsion

Erdogan's press office ditches WhatsApp as
Ankara urges Turks to use domestic apps in
fight against 'digital fascism'

Urgent - Report That Parler To Be Removed From
The net Tomorrow By Amazon Shutting Its Servers

AG Barr Accuses President Donald Trump Of Insurrection

Pelosi tried to arrange a military coup
...and that's sedition

Trump Is 'Deranged, Unhinged, Dangerous'
And Must Be Prosecuted Says Pelosi

Democrats Are Petrified Trump Will Unleash
Damning Classified Documents Says Rush

Full Confession Of Arrested Defense Worker
In US Election Theft Using Italian Satellite

General Flynn's Tweet from His Suspended Twitter
Account Discloses Another Piece of the Foreign
Interference Puzzle

Trump Reportedly Regrets Concession Video
...Says He Won't Resign

Sen Josh Hawley becomes public enemy
No. 1 on Capitol Hill

Antifa Infiltration At Capitol - Photos & Evidence


No 'Riot' Charges for Trump as Video of
Capitol Police Letting Protestors ENTER
Capitol Proliferates

ABC News Calls For 'Cleansing' (Mass Murder)
Of All Trump Supporters - This Is Sheer Bolshevik
Communist Evil

Nikki Haley Condemns Big Tech Censorship
As 'Act of Communism' ...It's That And More

The Bolshevik Communist Boot Is Coming
Down Hard And Fast – Caitlin Johnstone

Left Is Further Dividing Us and Stoking Civil War

Franklin Graham - 'God's Judgment Is Coming
...We Are In Trouble'

WARNING - Top 1% Farmer Voices His Concerns
About The Coming Food Crisis

BLM-Antifa Leader Who Threatened To 'F***ing Rip
Trump Outta That Office!' Was Standing Next Ashli
Babbit When She Was Murdered Is Freely Walking
Around DC - 'District Of Communists'

Why Did Capitol Police REFUSE To Accept Help
From The FBI and TWICE From National Guard?
...Because Leaders Were In On The PLAN

US Senate Unlikely to Act on Impeachment
Until After Trump Out of Office, Reports Say


GOP Traitor McConnell Sends Letter To Senators
On Impeachment Procedure Summary

Defense Officials Confirm Trump Is Still
Commander in Chief, Refuse to Participate
in Military Coup to Oust Him

Communists Openly Mock Ashli Babbit's Murder
Because She Was Carrying a Gadsden Flag

Big Tech Launches Digital 'War On Terror'
Against 74 Million Trump Supporters

Reddit bans and removes entire r/DonaldTrump

Mike Robinson AKA Michelle Obama
Demanded Social Media Remove Trump
...And They Obeyed His Order

Twitter Said In Huge Purge Of Conservatives

FBI Claims Jurisdiction and Yesterday Took
Control of Shredded Ballots Being Analyzed
in GA...And Sends Them Back to The Shredder

After Capitol Hill riots, children rat out
their Own right-wing parents to the media
...Families Destroyed

China Joe Calls Capitol Raiders 'White Supremacists,
Anti-Semites' And Demands Prosecution


Rioters Strung Up A Noose in Front of Capitol
'Wanted to Hang Pence From a Tree' Claims Photog

'Hang Mike Pence' Blazing On Twitter

Ben & Jerry's Ripped For condemning 'white
privilege' Protest on Capitol Hill

'Behave!' - Pilot Threatens To 'Dump' Patriots In
Kansas for Chanting 'USA USA USA!' On flight

Capitol Rioter Identified as Judge's Son
Seen Walking Free Says Media

Notorious rioter who carried away Pelosi's lectern
during Capitol Ruckus Arrested in Florida

Horned 'QAnon shaman' Capitol invader arrested on
federal charges as law enforcement cracks down on rioters

The American Empire has fallen, though
Washington may not know it yet

American exceptionalism hurt by Capitol debacle
expect Biden to push aggressive foreign policy in
bid to repair damage

Portland Whimp Mayor Ted Wheeler accosted
by Antifa in Portland restaurant


3 Star Gen McInerney - James Comey sold Hammer
And Scorecard To China & Pakistan ISI - It Was Inside
Georgia Voting Machines During Runoff - Watch

Gen Tom McInerney - Must Watch, Everything Explained

Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt by Gregory Hood

Trump's Approval Rating Rises After DC Protest

Left-wing Activist Encouraged Intruders
Inside Capitol, Urged Police to Leave Post

Controlled Opposition Entertainer Tucker Carlson
Destroys Any Credibility He Had Left Claims President
Trump 'Recklessly Encouraged' Capitol Siege

Mexican President Defends Trump Better Than
Most Republicans and Calls Out Big Tech for
Violating Free Speech

Video Reveals Capitol Police Removing Barriers
Outside of Congress, Enabling Protestors to Flow In

Watch - ANTIFA wore Trump gear to slander

Watch - What Leftists And Communists Think
About Freedom of Speech


Trump will not resign nor will he turn power
over to Pence and ask for a pardon

Trump's ULTIMATE Secret Weapon

MAGA Progress

Entertainer Tucker Carlson Taunts CNN's Alleged Attempt
to Take 'Irresponsible, Dangerous' Fox News Off the Air

The war on free speech has just begun
... it's starting with half of America

Why US Media Treated BLM With Kid Gloves
But Lashed Out at Capitol Hill Protesters

Old Boeing 737 Crashes In Jakarta Bay - 62 Lost

44 ER Workers Sick In CA Hospital - One Is Dead
Some Got The Vax - Officals Won’t Say If Victim
Got The Shot

27 Yr Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted
and Suffered Multiple Seizures, Had To Have CPR
After Taking Pfizer's COVID 'Vaccine'

Young Mexican Doctor Left paralyzed And having
Seizures Minutes After Taking Pfizer Vox


COVID Death Vax May Be Difficult to Avoid

US COVID vaccines are extremely hazardous
to human health

Sweden Kept Schools Open...Over One Million Kids
...and ZERO Deaths

Pope to be vaccinated (With Saline) against Covid
next week - labels opposition to jabs 'suicidal denial'

U Alabama Under Investigation For Possible
Ties To Wuhan Lab

Los Angeles Homicides Reach Highest In Decade

Auburn AL police enforcing Safer at Home
Order due to increase in COVID-19 cases

Big Tech Launch Digital 'War On Terror' Against
74 Million Trump Supporters

Trump Joins the List - Politicians, Activists, and
Journalists Who Have Been Blocked by Twitter

Who Can't They Ban? Don Jr. Slams Twitter Over
Permanent Suspension of President Trump's Account


By banning Trump and his supporters, Google
and Twitter are turning the US into a facsimile
of the regimes we once condemned

Parler Faces Extinction As Amazon Employees
Demand AWS Stop Hosting

Mozilla Says 'More Must Be Done' To Rid Internet
Of President Trump & Other 'Bad Actors' (Patriots)

After Colin Kaepernick praised deadly BLM riots
Twitter CEO gave him $3 million

Big Tech wants to prove they are 'American gods'

Trump's Twitter Permaban 'Shows Real Deep
State is the People Who Run Social Media'

Ayatollah still can tweet? Trump supporters point
fingers at Iran's leader

Why doesn't FB just buy your data if it's so valuable?
RT's Boom Bust digs into WhatsApp privacy controversy

TikTok bans videos of President Trump that
may feature 'misinformation'

Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 1-9-21


One of the Oldest Conspiracies Proven True
...Project Echelon

5.7-Magnitude Quake Hits Taiwan Region
Local Weather Bureau Says

How Bitcoin Hits $100,000 Next - Morgan Stanley
Boosts Stake In Microstrategy, Opening The Floodgates

Wiping Out $1 Trillion In Student Debt Could
Soon Be Government Policy

IRS Sent "Millions Of Checks" To The Wrong
Bank Accounts, Tax Preparers Claim

Macleod - Don't Dismiss Gold & Silver...

Spanish Energy Markets Roiled Amid Chilling
Temps - Damn That Global Warming

Welsh Scientists Develop COVID Vaccine
'Smart Patch'

BoJo gets an earful from fed-up Brits as UK
govt launches ad campaign urging compliance
with 3rd national lockdown

Scottish Police Enter Home, Arrest Family After
Neighbor Snitched On Them For Violating CV Rules


France plans to extend COVID-19 restrictions as
'tough, necessary' measure: PM

Not Over Yet? French MEP Says Brexit Deal May
be 'Modified' if EU Parliament Finds it 'Lacking'

UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak Set To Delay Tax Hikes
Amid Third National Lockdown – Reports

Spaniards SKIING & dog-sledding on Madrid
streets as freak blizzards kill 3 - Vid

Luongo - Russia Turns Attention To US After
Winning Oil War With Saudi Arabia

US 'One-China' Policy Dead As Pompeo Lifts
Restrictions On US-Taiwan Relations

Kim Jong Un Orders More Tactical Nukes
Be Made For Readiness Against 'Archenemy' US

China Power Demand Hits Record As Polar
Vortex Split Pours Arctic Air Into Region

'US democracy is a lie' - Hezbollah leader Nasrallah
says Capitol siege is result of Trump's 'criminal'
tactics used in Syria, Iraq

Israel attacked Palestinian hospitals 3 times
within 2 weeks - UN


Iran says home-made vaccine is safe...
volunteers showed no adverse reaction

Iran in club of 5 countries possessing high-power
laser know-how

Iranian-Flagged Ship Arrives in Venezuela Again
Despite US Pressure, Tracking Data Suggests

Muslim world should eliminate grounds for
certain countries' support for Takfiri groups - Iran

'Your Suffering Is Of Your Own Choosing'

The top cannabis research studies of 2020

'The Truman Show' - A Fascinating Look at
Privacy and Reality

Now fascist UK police ban snowballs

The World's Most Expensive Liquid Sells for
Up to $39 Million A Gallon

A Beginner's Guide to Making Fresh Pasta


A bomb cyclone highway is forming off Alaska
in the Northern Pacific Ocean

Enormous sinkhole almost swallows hospital
in Naples, Italy - Watch

5.7-Magnitude Quake Hits Taiwan Region
Local Weather Bureau Says

Rep. Mo Brooks says 'evidence growing' Antifa
orchestrated The 'assault' on The Capitol building

Antifa Takes Credit For Capitol Riot
...And Congress Bows Down

Proof Antifa Infiltrated US Capitol
... Initiated The Assault

Flashback - Storming the Capitol Was Fashionable
in 2018 When Democrats and Communists Did It

ABC News Political Director - 'Getting Rid
Of Trump Is The Easy Part...Cleansing The
Movement He Commands Is Something Else'

Rush Limbaugh Rebukes Those Calling
for An End of All Violence

Trump Responds to Twitter's Permanent
Account Suspension

Gen Michael Flynn Suspended From Twitter

Why VP Pence Didn't Stand Up for Trump
Lin Wood Interviewed Today, Friday 1-8-21

Sidney Powell On Jan 3 - 'I Don't See How
Any Good Christian (Pence) Can Certify a
Fraud Election'


Cowardly McConnell doesn't want to speak
to Trump again after Capitol Protest

False flag attack STAGED to complete the steal

'They're Jumping Ship' - Inside the Lonely
End of the Trump Presidency

Watch - Capitol Police open the doors to the US
Capitol for the protestors - One officer is heard
saying 'I disagree with it, but respect it'

President of Chicago Police Union Defends Capitol
Protesters - 'There Was No Arson... No Looting...'

Biden Chief of Staff Seems to Back $23 Minimum
Wage As Communist Plan Begins To Become Clear

SHOCK - New Footage Emerges Of Capitol Police
Murdering Air Force Vet Ashli Babbitt At Point Blank

Vile Pence praises Capitol police after Cop
Murdered unarmed Ashli Babbit

Pelosi Discusses Revoking President Trump's
Military Power with Joint Chiefs of Staff

Pelosi's Laptop Allegedly Stolen During Protest


Pelosi, Schumer And The Swamp Are Worried
Trump Will Release The Truth

Br Nathanael - Secession Is The Only Way - Vid

Rush Limbaugh Rebukes Those Calling
for An End of All Violence

Watch Lindsey Graham Confronted At
Airport With Chants Of 'Traitor'

Hero Veteran Ashli Babbitt, Brave Woman
Executed at US Capitol By Stasi Killer
Is Remembered by Family Members - Watch

Invader Apprehensions At Border Jump to
Highest Level Since Year 2000

The List of GOP Voices Calling for Donald
Trump's Removal Is Growing

Situation Update - Trump Hasn't Conceded

Video Of Pence Being Handed A 'Coin' Like
Object - Slow-Motion - Watch

4 Capitol Riot Suspects, Including Man Seen In
Pelosi's Office - Face Federal Charges - Photo


BLM activist inside Capitol claims he was
'documenting' riots - once said 'burn it all down'

Video Of Cop Trying To Slow People In The Capitol
Building - He Is NOT 'Directing Them Where To Go'
Watch Him Using His Radio To Alert Other Cops

Parler Content - Pence was a big part of the
plan for capitol bust up

Icke - Come Into My Parlor Said The Spider To The Fly

Sidney Powell Sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion
Over Vote-Fraud 'Claims'

Marxists Plot Revenge Against Trumpers

What We Learned In 2020 - Baldwin

Chilling Video - Miami Ambush Caught On Camera
As Multiple Shooters Wound Six

Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital 'Anti-Hate' Group

Israel - 4 Dead and Hundreds Infected With COVID
After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine


Dr Eric A Nepute - 127 Dead, 40,000 adverse
vaccine effects Including 127 Deaths in The
US Already! - NO VAX!

27 Yr Old Canadian Healthcare Worker Fainted
and Suffered Multiple Seizures After Taking
Pfizer's Death Vax

Dr. Pierre Capel Exposes Fallacy of COVID PCR Testing

Dr. Buttar On The Danger Of Face Masks - Watch

Vaccine rollout snags as health workers
refuse Shots

Nearly Half Of US Voters Believe Health Officials
Have Been Misleading With COVID Data

Hypocrisy - Twitter Censors Trump, But Not
Communist Chinese Propaganda

Zionist Twitter Bans Accounts of Sidney Powell
...Gen Michael Flynn

Bolshevik Style PURGE - Communist Facebook
permanently bans Conservative #WalkAway group
because it supported Trump

Elon Musk's 'Strange' Reaction To
Becoming World's Richest Person


'CANINE CORONAVIRUS' behind outbreak
of kennel cough in Canada, veterinarians say

'Virus out of control' - London mayor declares
'major incident' over rapid Covid spread

Denmark to roll out coronavirus 'vaccine passport'
for travelers in early 2021

Negative Covid-19 test to be required for
all international arrivals in England and Scotland

Macron's inept vaccine roll out under the looming
threat of yet another lockdown shows he is a
prisoner to ineffective technocracy

Outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu
virus detected in Lithuanian poultry

UK reports record number of COVID-19
fatalities since pandemic started

'Major incident' in London as number
of COVID patients soars

Kim Jong Un says US is North Korea's
'biggest enemy'

N Korea's Kim Threatens To Build More Nukes


Israel - 4 Dead and Hundreds Infected With COVID
After Receiving the Pfizer mRNA Vaccine

Watch - 700 Iran Navy 'Fast Boats' Swarm Persian
Gulf As US Conducts Another B-52 Flyover

The Big Guy Address (speech parody)

'Angel' hovering over burning home in Poland

Dangers of Toxic Positivity

Antichrist - The Deceiver, Betrayer and
Herald of the End of Time

WhatsApp Will Share Your Data with
Facebook Whether You Like It or Not

The Pictures Of Stonehenge They Don't
Want You To See

Birds Have a 'Quantum Sense'. For The First Time
Scientists Saw It in Action

Leaky Gut Syndrome - A Modern Epidemic


Sudden stratospheric warming could mean
wild winter storms ahead

Ten Celestial Events to Look Forward to in 2021

Deep State's Color Revolution Executed to
Perfection - Now They're After Red Meat

Trump Campaign Drops All GA Election Challenges

Maria Zack - Italy Did It - Arturo D'Elia Admits To
Stealing The US Election - Votes Switched - Watch

Affidavit Of Arturo D'Elia On The US Election

Votes Switched throughout US Presidential Race
From Institute for Good Governance

PARLER CEO Condemns Censorship of
Facebook and Twitter Oligarchs

Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM Group Filming
Inside Capitol As Black Cop Executed Ashli Babbit?

Pence Gets grand poobah Judas award

'After All I've Done for Him' - Pence Reportedly
'Very Upset' With Trump - Treachery

Acting Pentagon Chief Miller Says Will Execute
'Time-Honored' Peaceful Transfer of Power to Biden


US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Resigns
Cites Trump's Commentary Prior to DC Riot

The Republic Has Fallen - Trump Fails In Duty To
Protect America From Chinese Communist Control

Mainstream journalist sets off alarm bells as he
calls for 'cleansing' of Trump supporters

FBI Wants Help Identifying Capitol Protesters

DC Cops Barricade Trump Supporters in Hotel
After Doing Nothing to Stop Antifa/BLM

Flight Attendants Union Calls For Ban Of
Pro-Trump Rioters From Flights - Oh, Please

Democrats Move To Ban Trump From Running
In 2024 As Articles Of Impeachment Circulate

Biden - Police let Trump 'mob' off easy

'Don't dare call them protesters' - Biden brands
Capitol rioters 'domestic terrorists' inspired by
Trump's 'contempt for law' - No Mention Of The
100s Of Million In Damage By BLM-Antifa Riots


Kamala Harris Called Riots 'A Movement' But Last
Summer Said BLM Riots 'Should Not' Stop

Homeland Security Committee wants all 'domestic
terrorists' who besieged US Capitol placed on FBI no-fly list

Capitol rioters may be charged with sedition &
insurrection, all options 'on the table' says DOJ

Rep. Matt Gaetz Claims Antifa Mob 'Masquerading
as Trump Supporters' Were Among Lead Capitol Rioters

Capitol Cop Who Murdered Ashli Babbit suspended

What Happened To Trump In Just 18 Hours?
Doesn't Look Like The Same Man - His Hair
Went From Grey-White To Orange...Was Today's
Concession Speech To Communism Today CGI?

Capitol riot spells the end for Trump with the GOP
...so why not start a party of his own?

Matt Gaetz Destroys Democrats Hypocrisy
On Contesting Elections And Violence

Comrade AOC Demands Resignation of 'Craven'
Ted Cruz, Blames Trump Loyalist Senators
For Capitol Hill Deaths

How does a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini outwit
the nation's finest and storm the Capitol?


Pence Refuses Democrats Demands To
Invoke 25th Amendment

Why Trump Voters Don't Trust The
People Who Count The Votes

Federal Prosecutor in DC Not Ruling Out Charging
Trump Over Inciting Violence at US Capitol - Report

Lindsey Graham Vows To Help Jail
Trump Supporters

Police Officer Dies From Injuries Sustained in
US Capitol Riots

Trump Special Envoy Mulvaney Says Resigned
After Storming of US Capitol

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao First
Cabinet Member To Resign Over Capitol Unrest

Ex-Pentagon Chief Mattis Says Trump Will 'Be
Left a Man Without a Country' for Capitol Violence

MSM Already Using Capitol Hill Riot to Call
For More Internet Censorship

Patriot Trump Supporters Feel
Mischaracterized by Media


Schumer, Pelosi Call For The 25th To Remove Trump
From Office After Capitol 'Riot' Which Was Caused
By Antifa Communists Dressed As Trump Supporters

While insisting Antifa has nothing to do with
the Capitol riot, NYT finally admits it's a 'movement'

Pence Re-Follows Trump After Briefly Unfollowing
Him On Twitter

Capitol Police Officer Died From Medical Emergency
Suffered During Capitol Protest, Chief Resigns

Why Was Founder Of Far-Left BLM Group Filming
Inside Capitol As Police Executed Ashli Babbit?

Video Shows Police Push Protester Off A Balcony
At DC Capitol - Police Chief Admits 3 More Deaths
In Addition to Ashli Babbitt

Questions About The Chaos At The Capitol
That Desperately Need To Be Answered

Capitol Police 'Investigating' Killing of Ashli
Babbitt - Family Says NO ONE has Contacted Them

ANTIFA Member Admits They Stormed Capitol - Watch

Former FBI Agent on the Ground at US Capitol
Says at Least One Bus Load of Antifa Thugs
Infiltrated Trump Demonstration


Watch - ANTIFA/BLM Being Bused In For The Rally
With A POLICE ESCORT...False Flag All The Way

Communist ANTIFA Flyers Tells 'Comrades' To
Dress Like Trump Supporters For Rally! - Photo

New 'Squad' Member Seeks to Sanction,
Remove Republicans over Electoral Challenge

Big Stacey Abrams Wins Big in Georgia
and She Wasn't on the Ballot

Listen - Mugabe Wannabe Georgia Legislator Says
Democrats Will Treat Trump, Supporters As 'Negroes'

Another National Tragedy on Jan 7, 2020 As
Communists Try To Reverse Everything 180
Degrees And Blame 80 Million Americans
Who Voted For The Constitution And Trump

lin wood - be prepared to defend

lin wood - busted! It was antifa that violently
broke into congress

Republican Senator Pushing Objection to PA Vote
Amid Capitol Mayhem Blamed for 'Shedding Blood'

LISTEN - Black GA Rep Hank Johnson Says Dems
Will Treat Trump & Supporters As 'Negroes' - This
Is Same Nut Who Said The Island Of Guam could
'TIP OVER And CAPSIZE' From Too Many People!


Bolshevik Terrorism Threatening
Portland Businesses

4 Deaths Reported Around Capitol Grounds

Protesters Flood Statehouses in 17 States

Bolshevik Terrorism In Portland

Sorry, Kamala - the Libs Have a New Queen Now

Trump Has Been Laughed Out of Court Because
Courts Have Become Laughable

Coulter - Here's The Truth About Trump

Miami Doctor, 56, DEAD After Taking The Pfizer Vax
He was in perfect Health but Had ZERO PLATELETS
Left In His Blood At Time Of HIs Death! - NO VACCINES!

Norway - 2 People DEAD in Nursing Home Days
After Receiving Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine

Poll - Most say they rather Continue To live
...And So will not get Covid-19 vaccine


Covid-1984 - Censorship & Medical Tyranny

Hideous Side Effects And DEATHS From Covid
Trans-Human Vax Injections Being Covered Up

More Horrible Facial Paralysis In People Who
Took The Covid EXPERIMENTAL Vaccine - Look

Moderna CEO says vaccine could offer Covid
protection for a 'couple of years'

'Tipping point' of the pandemic - WHO says
22 European countries have new Covid-19 variant

New Poll - Most say they will not get Covid 'vaccine'

Californians Ordered not to travel more
than 120 miles from home

5 US States Detect More Contagious
Coronavirus Strain

Norway - 2 People Died in Nursing Home Days
After Receiving Pfizer's Covid-19 Vaccine

Moderna's mRNA injections are an 'operating system'
designed to program humans and hack their biological


Erase the Face - How to Dehumanize an Entire Population

Mike Obama Urges Twitter, Facebook to Ban
Trump's Accounts Forever

Trump banned from writing on Facebook and
Instagram until end of his presidential term

Twitch follows Facebook, bans Donald Trump to
'protect our community'

'Tyranny of Big Tech'? Publisher CANCELS Senator
Hawley's book on censorship over his election challenge

Shopify removes Trump stores from platform

Facebook forces WhatsApp users to share
their personal data...or get off the platform

Snowden - Zuckerberg's Decision To Silence Trump
Is 'The Turning Point In The Battle For Control
Of Digital Speech'

YouTube will temporarily ban accounts for
posting election fraud videos

Facebook Removing Calls for Peaceful Protests in DC,
Photos and Videos from Protestors


WhatsApp gives users an ultimatum - Share data
with Facebook or stop using the app

US Navy to step up patrols in frigid Arctic
waters off Russia's northern borders

Pilot Shares Photos of Area 51, Reveals
Mysterious Hidden Object in Rumoured UFO site

Climate Engineering Q and A - Wigington

Bitcoin Price Hits $40,000 Less Than
three Weeks After Shattering $20,000

Why One Bank Thinks Yesterday's
Events Are 'Only The Beginning'

Global billionaires got $1.9 trillion richer in 2020

Elon Musk Reportedly Overtakes Jeff Bezos
as Richest Person on Planet

Manhattan Office Vacancies Hit Record
High As Work-At-Home Dominates

Vatican Claims No Knowledge Of $1.8 Billion Quietly
Transferred To Australia - 'We Don't Have That Kind
Of Money' - Sure


The Most Important Numbers Of 2020
And The Golden Future Of 2021

American Gold Eagle Sales Up 455% In 2020

US DoJ Charges Boeing With 'Conspiracy
to Defraud' - Orders $2.5 Billion in Penalties

Black - This is an obvious double standard

Black - The Coming "Woke" American Theocracy

Greenwald - 'Obscene and Reckless' For Schumer
To Compare Capitol Hill Ruckus To Pearl Harbor

How An Austrian And British Malthusian
Brainwashed A Generation Of Americans

BBC Says People Should Wear Face Masks
And Avoid Kissing During Sex

UK may need to 'revaccinate' every 6 MONTHS
and Covid testing will still be needed next year

'Completely Wrong' - Boris Johnson Says Trump
Encouraged People to Storm US Capitol - Not True


Merkel 'saddened and angered' by US Capitol
storming, blames Trump's refusal to admit defeat

Germany's Maas Blames Trump for Inciting
Capitol Chaos

UK Lockdown Cops To Stop People In The Street Issue
Fines, Target 'Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Vax Protesters'

Watch - London Police Arrest a Guy for
Giving Out Free Hugs to Willing Participants

Asda Urges Britain's Lockdown Shoppers Not
To Stockpile

Ryanair to cut most, if not all, flights to and
from the UK & Ireland until 'draconian travel
restrictions are removed'

Border between France and Great Britain
to remain closed until new orders

Russia wishes the US to live through dramatic
historic period with dignity, Zakharova said

Russia says American system 'archaic' & not up to
'modern democratic standards'

Chinese Embassy Brags Uyghur Women 'No
Longer Baby Making Machines' After Reports
About Forced Sterilization


Beijing likens Capitol storming to Hong Kong protests
hopes US can enjoy 'peace, stability and security as
soon as possible'

A Glimpse Of China's Mysterious Stealth
Bomber Shown In Video

China warns US against 'playing with fire'
as another envoy set to visit Taiwan

South Korean Warship Now Patrolling
Persian Gulf After Iran Seized Tanker

Japanese firm unveils new facial recognition system
that can identify people THROUGH their masks

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Stands By Trump

Twitter lists Guaido among 'world leaders'
condemning Capitol takeover...forgets his
attempt to storm Venezuelan parliament

Maduro Signs Decree on Venezuela's New Maritime
Territory That Includes Disputed Essequibo

Iran to sue US, Israel over assassination
of top nuclear scientist

Events on Capitol Hill show Western democracy
is 'fragile & vulnerable' Says Iran's president


Iran could 'easily' enrich uranium to 90 percent
nuke level, but is studying 'if there is a need'

Senior Muslim cleric warns any Israeli temple
in Al-Aqsa Mosque will ignite regional war

Iraqi court issues ARREST WARRANT for Trump
over killing of Soleimani & local militia leader

New leads suggest CIA spied on Assange to
secure his extradition to the US

The Killing Of Your Extrasensory Perception

Heavenly Ascension - 'The Assumption of the Virgin'

The Lost History of Yellowstone

Danish Children's Show About Man With
Giant 'Ice-Cream Stealing' Penis Sparks
'Biggest Controversy'

Teachers who tailor lessons so as not to offend
Muslim children are becoming a problem

Maduro Signs Decree on Venezuela's New Maritime
Territory That Includes Disputed Essequibo


Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits Off New Zealand

Hundreds forced to evacuate as Indonesia's
Merapi volcano spews hot clouds into the air

French Foie Gras Producers Call for Mass
Duck Cull Due to Outbreaks of Bird Flu

Zionist Pence Betrayed General Flynn in 2017 And
Today He Betrayed President Trump and America

Eye Of The Coup? Mike Pence - 'The Attack
on Our Capitol Will Not Be Tolerated' 'Our'
Capitol? No, It Is America's Capitol

Ashli Babbit, 14 Yr USAF Veteran, is the brave American
Patriot who was EXECUTED By A Bolshevik Killer Cop
Today, Shot Through Her Neck - Photo

Ashli Babbit A Brave True HERO Patriot EXECUTED
By Bolshevik Capitol Police Pig was a 14 Yr USAF
vet from CA - She Was Unarmed, Posed No Threat

Video Shows Cop Shoot, Kill Unarmed Ashli Babbit

Eyewitness - Ashli Babbit, Trump Supporter,
EXECUTED By Communist Capitol Police

WOW - CPAC's Matt Schlapp Suggests Unarmed Ashli
Babbit May Have 'Deserved' to Be Murdered - Watch

Marine Slams Cops After Mace Trumpers
'We Had Your F*cking Back - But Not Anymore!'

Chinese-Partnered Companies Control Over 75%
Of Voting Machines In 2020 Elections

XRVision firm claims Antifa infiltrated protesters
who stormed Capitol


Watch - It's worse than we thought - Man Sees
ANTIFA/BLM being bused in for the rally with a
POLICE escort...Shows recorded video to prove it

Communist Antifa Flyer Telling Their Followers
To Dress Like Trump Supporters To Start Mayhem

Twitter Suspends President Trump's Account
Part Of The Coup?

False flag Mercs lead storming of the Capitol
building - Part of The Coup?

Acting Secretary of Defense Miller Admits
He Discussed Deploying National Guard With
Pence, Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, Hoyer But
NOT President Trump! - This Is Coup Behavior

Report Fatally-Injured Man Pulled From
Capitol On Police Barricade Used As Stretcher

Watch - Trump Supporters Were Allowed In
The By Capitol Police They did NOT FORCE
There Way In

COINTELPRO Alert...this group in the Capitol today
is the same BLM Agent Provocateur group seen in a
protest back in June

Report - 'Viking' Protester Is A COINTELPRO
Agent Provocateur - See Photos Here

Report - The 'Viking' Guy Is A Starbucks Employee


Acting Secretary of Defence Miller confirms
it was Mike Pence, NOT President Trump, who
authorized deployment of the National Guard

Communist Antifa Flyer Telling Their Followers
To Dress Like Trump Supporters To Start Mayhem

'We had No Weapons, We Were Peaceful, They Started
Shooting At Us' - Communist Police Attacked Patriots

Trump Video Statement Tells Patriots To Leave
The Capitol And 'Go Home In Peace' - Watch

Pence Unfollows Trump On Twitter!

Traitor Pence Sends Out Donations Plea To Help
Him 'Stand With Trump' As He Stabs Trump Over
Stolen Election

Watch - Zionist Pelosi say 'Even If The
Capitol Would Crumble Our Commitment
To Isreal Aid Would Continue'

Trump Tears Into Pence - Says 'Pence Didn't
Have the Courage to Protect Our Country'

Pence Unfollows Trump On Twitter!

Traitor Pence Sends Out Donations Plea To Help
Him 'Stand With Trump' As He Stabs Trump Over
Stolen Election


Remote Viewer Dick Allgire 'Saw' The
Capitol Chaos In Early December

Patriots Storm Congress Break Down 4 Layers
Of Security - Senate And House Breached

Extreme Chaos In Capitol, Guns Drawn, Report
Of Shots Fired, 'Lawmakers' Evacuated - Live Updates

US Congress Goes Into Lockdown As Patriots
Storm Capitol - Stopping Certification

Extreme Chaos In Capitol, Guns Drawn, Report
Of Shots Fired, 'Lawmakers' Evacuated - Live Updates

US Congress Goes Into Lockdown As Patriots
Storm Capitol - Stopping Certification

Patriots Storm Capitol Building After Pence
Betrays President Trump And America

DC Cops Use Flash-Bangs And Punch Trump
Supporters After Pence's Betrayal

Deep State Zionist Pence Releases Statement
Indicating He Will Betray Trump, Cede White
House To Child-Sniffing Communist Joe Biden

Deep State Queen Mike Pence issues statement,
rejects Trump's call to overturn Biden election


Pence - The Constitution 'Constrains Me'
From Rejecting Electoral Votes

Gen Mike Flynn - Trump Will Remain President

Crowd Chants 'Bullsh*t' After Trump Alleges
'Explosions of Bullsh*t' in PA-MI-GA Voting

Rudy Giuliani called for 'trial by combat'
during Jan 6 Save America WH speech

Remote View Dick Allgire Saw Capitol Chaos
In Early December

first hand Report of Fulton County GA
Senate election fraud

Trump Is Committed to Challenging The
Fraud Election Beyond The Joint Session
Of Congress on Jan 6

Hillary Clinton Gloats - 'Senate Minority
Leader Mitch McConnell'

Fox News December Ratings In Monster Collapse

Wooldridge - America's Difficult, Deadly Path Into 2021


The Covid Scam Has Alerted Millions to The Fact
The World Is Controlled By A Small Cabal Of Satanist
Central Bankers Who Wish to Enslave Us

The CDC now telling airlines who to DENY
boarding privileges so the vaccine industry
can determine who gets to fly

China's DF-17 hypersonic missile seen to get
stealth upgrade, reports show

Idaho ranked Top Moving Destination of 2020

Report The Queen Warns World Of A 'Plot By Certain
Forces' To Unleash Their Vision Of A 'Hell On Earth'

Julian Assange Denied Bail By British Court

Jonathan Pollard, The Israeli Spy Who Did More Damage
To America Than Any Other Spy, kisses the ground After
Landing in Israel and is met on the tarmac by Netanyahu

The polar vortex is splitting in two which may lead
to weeks or months of wild winter weather


Georgia Election Will Allow Extra Three Hours to
Process Mail-in Ballots Until... 3 AM Final Results
May Take 'a Couple of Days'

Pence Officially Supports Challenging
Electoral College Certification

117 State Legislators From Contested Battleground
States Ask VP Pence to Delay Electoral Certification

President Trump Sends Message to Democrats
and RINO Republicans - 'Thousands Pouring Into
DC Won't Stand for Stolen Election'

Romney Boards Flight to DC FILLED With
Patriots Who Chanted 'Traitor' and Grilled
Him About His Ties to Biden - Watch

Trump To Speak At White House During
Save America Rally Wednesday

Stockpiles Of 2x6 Lumber, Propane Tanks Surface
On DC Streets Ahead Of Jan 6 Stop The Steal Rally

Judge Bans Proud Boys Leader From DC Rallies
After Monday Arrest

PHOTO EVIDENCE - Dominion Voting Machines
Have 'Made in China' Labels!

Palast - Stealing Georgia...Raffensperger is No Hero
The Real Story of Jim Crow Tactics in Senate Runoff Race


Vicious Communist Antifa attacks family
of Senator Josh Hawley at home

Kristi Noem Warns of 'Consequences' of
Warnock And Ossoff Victories In Georgia

Wild Fireside Chat With Lin Wood Gives
The Truth about Justice Roberts and
Mike Pence...And many more

America's Subversion Factor - The Cancer
Of Communism

The Biden Family - Creepy And Weird All The Way

Did The Kamal Plagiarize Childhood Story From MLK?

New Congresswoman Explains Why She Refuses
To Relinquish Her Gun - 'I Am My Own Security'

Tulsi Gabbard Exposes 'Mind-Blowing' Hypocrisy
Behind Democrats' Gender Language Change

Kyle Rittenhouse Pleads Not Guilty to
All Charges

The Fake Pandemic And Communist Governors Have
Cost The US More Than 110,000 Restaurants, Setting
The Stage For A Commercial Real Estate Catastrophe


More Changes Coming To Grocery Stores
And Some Are Permanent

17 Things You'll See in Every Grocery Store
in 2021 According to Experts

Moderna Admits mRNA Jabs Are an 'Operating
System' Designed to Program Humans

FDA Admits MOST PCR Tests Give False Results
Most Of Those Deemed Infected Are NOT

Fauci reinforces WHO's recognition that vaccine
may not prevent contraction, spread of virus

Family of Mexican Doctor Paralyzed After Pfizer
Death Vax Shot Calls for Additional Vaccine Studies
To Be Conducted - Ya Think? - It's NOT A Vaccine!

Rate Of Adverse Reactions To COVID Vaccines
Already 50 Times Higher Than Flu Shot

US Pharmacist Who Spoiled 500 Doses of Moderna's
Vaccine is 'Conspiracy Theorist' Report Says

Fact Checking the COVID 'Fact Checkers'

Nearly Half of Pandemic-Wary Americans Want to
Live in Small Towns, Rural Areas

New York Bill Would Let Governor Detain And
Forcibly Medicate People Suspected of Illness

Carlin told us about the Corona panic years ago

How the Internet of Bodies (IOB) Will Literally
Connect You to the Internet

Apple Maps Cancels Directions To DC As
City Gears Up For Protests

Emergency COVID Stimulus Will Likely Reveal
UFO Documents

Cold War-era Russian nuclear ICBM trains could
be on track to make return, expert says, sparking
fears of confrontation with US - Hard To Target

China's DF-17 hypersonic missile seen to get
stealth upgrade, reports show

'Without fear of death' - Xi Jinping orders Chinese
army to be ready to fight 'at any second'

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher For Bitcoin...
...Oligarchs Are Dead-Set On Maintaining Control


Global Economy to Expand by 4% in 2021
Vaccines Key to Sustaining Recovery
Says Insane Globalist World Bank

Corn Prices Rocket To 6-1/2-Year High As
Traders Focus On Argentina

Former Goldman Exec, Trump Advisor Gary Cohn
Joins IBM As Vice Chairman

Norwegian electric-vehicle sales overtake petrol &
diesel models for first time but Tesla beaten to top spot

E-retailer's dismissive reaction to 22 Yr Old employee's
death sparks outrage, debate on overwork culture in China

Russia, Saudi Arabia Agree to Maintain OPEC+
Oil Output Through February, Report Says

Julian Assange 'free to return home' to Australia
if extradition to US is blocked – PM

UK PM Johnson Hails Vaccines as Way OUT of
COVID Lockdown - He's A Fraud And A Liar

Fresh Lockdown Measures in UK May Last
Until March, Cabinet Minister Says

UK Pledges $6.2 Billion in Grants to Businesses
After Announcing New COVID-19 Lockdown


Rabobank - Here's How We Could Be Stuck
With COVID Forever

UK talkRADIO Banned by YouTube After Airing
Criticisms of COVID Lockdown

Statistician: Lockdowns Don't Work Because They
Force People To Congregate In Fewer Places

As a despairing UK enters its 3rd USELESS lockdown
would we actually do them at all if they were assessed
the same way vaccines are?

As a headmaster, I see children suffering mental health
issues unlike anything Ever Before - Says The new UK
shutdown of schools is disastrous

Climate Activist Grim Greta Thunberg Turns 18
Can Be Tried as Adult

The campaign to reverse Brexit begun already?
Oh stop, please, 70 years of interminable wrangling
over Europe has been enough...

Words 'For Men' Removed From UK Shower Gel
After Deemed Sexist by Unhappy Customers

Trump May Be Planning Trip to Scotland Just Before
Biden's Inauguration Day, Reports Suggest

Sturgeon warns Trump against any surprise golf trips
to Scotland, says it's not 'essential' under Covid rules


Occupational Switchers Feared Behind Record
Police Force Applications in UK

US breaks all rules in international politics - Kremlin

Putin, Merkel discuss situation in Ukraine,
implementation of Minsk accords

Kremlin - Putin will not 'shoot himself in the foot'
to take revenge on Ukraine

Russian Health Ministry Says Vax Demonstrates
High Efficacy of Sputnik V Vaccine

Angela Merkel Draws Public Ire as She 'Blocked Bid
to Secure More COVID Vaccine'

Putin, Merkel Discuss Possibility for Joint Production
of COVID-19 Vaccines, Kremlin Confirms

Hungary, newest battlefield in Western media's Covid
information war, still open to Russia Sputnik V jab
...if enough available

Former Head Of Chinese Financial Giant
Sentenced To Death

Elon Musk Calls Chinese Government
'More Responsible' To Its Citizens Than US


'Measure how far US is from the South China Sea'
Global Times editor shuts down Pompeo for noting
China's distance from Arctic

China's First Mars Mission Begins Next Month
As Tianwen-1 Approaches Red Planet

It helped solve murder - Singapore Govt Defends giving
police access to Covid-19 contract-tracing app data

India Accuses China of Using 'Unorthodox
Weapons' During Ladakh Clash

'Frictions and Frustration' Remain as India, US Fail
to Conclude Trade Deal, American Envoy Says

'Sanctions Not Designed to Harm Friends' but India
Will Have to Make Choice on S-400, US Envoy Says

India Tops List of Nations That Restricted Web Access
in 2020 - Lost $2.8 Billion in Net Shutdowns

British PM Boris Johnson Cancels His '360-Degree
Change' Visit to India

Avian Flu Hits India - 40,000 Birds to be Culled
in Kerala as Four States on High Alert

Mysterious energy source melts Tel Aviv
sidewalks - Watch


'Pentagon Papers' Whistleblower Claims Trump
Has Plan to Provoke Iran to Armed Conflict

US Slaps New Iran-Related Sanctions on 1 Individual
And a Few Companies, Treasury Says

Israel, Saudi tempting US into war with Iran in
Trump's final days - Commander

Iranian Armed Forces 'have fingers on trigger'
...Iran warns US

'Hundreds' of Drones Involved in Iranian Army's
Massive Drill as Tehran-Washington Tensions on Rise

Iran asks Interpol to help arrest Trump and 47 other
US officials over 2020 killing of General Soleimani

Iran can produce 8-9 kg of 20% enriched uranium
per month - has plan for more centrifuges to meet
120kg goal Says nuclear chief

'If there is any hostage taking, it is Seoul' Says Iran govt
Which demands $7 Billion Be returned after seizing South
Korean tanker

Riyadh tries to demonize Iran as it
restores diplomatic ties with Qatar

Gulf Monarchies Sign Agreement to Resolve
Diplomatic Rift With Qatar, Reports Say


Major signs the next little ice age has started

US Army collection of Nazi art has been locked
away in Fort Belvoir since 1945

Lin Wood's Shocking Staggering Truths In Twitter Posts
Read And Understand The Dimensions Of The Beast

Lin Wood drops major bombshells - Entire world
controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail
schemes, ensnaring top influencers like John Roberts

Pence Has Power And Precedent To Reject
Electors On Jan 6, Triggering A Contingent Election

Pence - We'll have our day in Congress on Jan 6

GA State Senators Call on Pence to Delay
The January 6 Electoral Vote

Cotton's Chances to Be President Just Died
with His Refusal to Object to Biden Electors

Proud Boys Leader Enrique Tarrio Arrested
By DC Metro Police

US Is Preparing For War - Cyber Evidence, Conclusions

Will January 6 be the date the second US Civil War begins?

With The Devil Down In Georgia, Prepare For America
To Become Like Venezuela, Cuba And Other 3rd World
Nations Should Democrats Win


Italian Defense Contractor Leonardo Satellites
Were Used In The Massive US Election Hacking
...Ex CIA Bradley Johnson

Cruz-Led GOP Senators 'Still Discussing' Which
States To Object To In Wednesday Showdown

Sen Loeffler to OBJECT to electoral votes on Jan 6

Trump Says Georgia Is Shredding Ballots To Hide
Evidence, Warns Raffensperger 'That's So Illegal'

Trump WH Planning to Refer Raffensperger to Secret
Service for Investigation Under the Espionage Act

Raffensperger Certified GA 2020 Election Results
Knowing 460,000 Ballots Were Missing Legally
Required Chain of Custody Documentation

Trump Files Two Lawsuits Against Dirty GA SecState
Raffensperger for Leaking Confidential Litigation Call

LISTEN - Raffensperger Thanks Chinese Backers
for Helping Him Secure HIS 2015 Election

On Recording - Raffensperger Begged For
Communist Chinese Votes

Dominion, Smartmatic share The SAME
offshore address in Barbados


Over 432,000 Votes STOLEN From Trump
in Pennsylvania, Data Scientists Say

Four GOP Rino Traitor Senators Plan to Surrender
to Democrats at Electoral College Certification

Report Shows EVERY ILLEGAL Midnight FAKE
Ballot Dump Boosted Biden

GA Gov Kemp Held Meeting to Make Deals With
Chinese Communist Government

UK Judge Refuses Extradition of WikiLeaks
Founder Assange to US

'Treacherous Ten' Secretaries of Offense vs Trump

Barr Is A Deep State Hack And Coverup Artist

Wooldridge - The Problems Biden-Harris and
Congress Won't Solve In 2021

De Blasio's Dance And Delusional Politics Of 2021

Over The Past Week, 5 Republican Lawmakers
Have Suddenly Died


Nanobots Will Be Flowing Through
Your Body by 2030

Radiation Levels at Fukushima Plant
'Worse' than Thought

2020 Was A Snack, 2021 Is The Main Course

Antifa Captain Arrested for HOAX Hate Crime

Tulane Students Demand Fossil-Fuel Divestment
and Guaranteed Min Wage as Part of CV Response

CDC now telling airlines who to DENY boarding
privileges so the vaccine industry can determine
who gets to fly

Watch Bill Gates Admitting That His $10 Billion
Investment in Vaccines Brought Him $200
Billion In Returns - A 20 To One Bonanza

Another Death! Sonia Acevdo - Health Worker
Like Tiffany Dover - DIES 2 Days After Taking
Pfizer Covid Death Vax - Many More Will Die

Comrade Gov Newsom wants dentists to help with
COVID-19 vaccinations, says pace 'not good enough'

Emergence of the Pandemic Industrial Complex


Make No Mistake - This Is Genocide - Dr. Coleman

WHO says there is 'no evidence' that COVID-19
vaccines will prevent spread of disease... so what
good are they?

Covid 'Vax' - We Are in the Middle of a Deadly Global
Experiment Using Injectable Bio-Electronic Nanotechnology

Moderna admits here that what they inject now
is an 'operating system'

Moderna Vax Side Effects Include 'Monsterism' - Watch

US Officials Consider Halving Moderna Vaccine
Dose to Speed Up Inoculation

As a doctor, I've studied the data swirling around this
perplexing Covid virus - One stark truth stands out

2020 Was A Snack, 2021 Is The Main Course

Harvard Space Expert - Earth Has Been Monitored
And Visited by ET - Gosh, Ya Think?

Did large meteorite fireball crash in Allegan Lake, MI?


Stocks Suffer Worst Start To A Year Since
The Dot-Com Crash

Icahn Issues Major Warning On Markets,
Warns Rally Will End In 'Painful Correction'

2014-21 Boom-Bust Cycle - Housing Crash Coming

Dollar erases early weakness as upbeat risk
sentiment fades - yuan shines

Renminbi rallies past 6.5 per dollar
for first time since 2018

Bitcoin & Ethereum Bounce Back After Crypto Carnage

Easy come, easy go - Bitcoin plunges back under
$30,000 after eye-popping New Year rally

Russian stock market at all-time high as
ruble shows stable growth

Peter Schiff - Will 2021 Be The Year The Chickens
Come Home To Roost?

2021 Spookily Corresponds Exactly To...1937


US 'Extremely Disappointed' With UK Judge's Ruling o
n Assange, Vows to Keep Seeking Extradition

Mexican president promises asylum for Julian Assange

China Daily chief calls out NYT, WaPo & Australian PM
for refusal to defend Julian Assange

George Galloway - I'm happy my friend Julian isn't being
sent to a US gulag but this shameful episode is a huge
stain on Britain

As Judge Rules Julian Assange Should Not Face
Extradition, What Was in Infamous WikiLeaks Files?

'Brutal' US incarceration system key factor in
judge denying extradition of Assange

Boris Johnson confirms new national lockdown
for England as UK registers record Covid-19 cases

Sturgeon orders national lockdown in Scotland

'Are they trying to kill fat people?' Internet baffled
by Cosmo promoting plus-sized 'wellness' despite
Covid risks

UK starts rollout of AstraZeneca's Covid jab in world
first but health sec warns supply problems are slowing
vax programme


'Gov't Scandal': Macron Faces Increased Pressure
Over Vaccination 'Fiasco' in France

Eyewitness films hundreds of dead birds in Rome streets

Polish Security Service Prevents Anti-Muslim
Terrorist Attack, Government Says

Anti-Muslim Polish duo plotted to 'Bomb Mosque' and
'Poison' people after writing Breivik-like manifesto vs Islam

2 French cops hospitalized after brutal beating
by mob in Paris suburb - Watch

UK Expats Fume They Were Denied Boarding Flight
to Spain Due to ID Docs Being 'Invalid Post-Brexit'

French counter-terrorism chief says TWO Islamist
plots were thwarted in 2020 though FIVE attacks
weren't prevented

Moscow mocks Pompeo, comparing him to Napoleon
after bizarre 'Russia, Russia, Russia' tweet salvo

Serbia to launch vaccination with
Russia's Sputnik V on Jan 5

China Bashes US National Security Adviser Pottinger's
Claims of COVID Man-Made Origin


Leaked Report Reveals 'Systematic Malpractice'
in China's Organ Transplant System - Expert

America's fantasy that China will soon collapse like the
Soviet Union did is based on arrogance and ideology
not facts and reason

Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Has Been Missing
For 2 Months

Plot Thickens as Twitterati Question The 'Suspicious
Disappearance' of Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Seoul dispatches anti-piracy unit to Persian
Gulf after S Korean-flagged tanker seized by Iran

South Korea In 'Babymaking' Crisis As Deaths
Surpass Birth Rates, Drop To Bottom Of World
Bank Index

How Bill Gates Created Bharat Biotech - India's
'Swadeshi' COVID-19 Vaccine COVAXIN Maker

Experts 'shocked' as India gives 'rushed'
approval for indigenous Covid-19 vaccine

People who don't have 'faith' in India's Covid
vaccine are 'mentally challenged,' minister declares

Amid Erectile Dysfunction Fears, India Claims
COVID Vaccine Is '110% Safe'


Avian Flu Scare Puts Indian States on Alert as Crow
Carcasses Flood Streets of Rajasthan

High court rules Pakistan's 'two-finger' virginity
test for rape victims unconstitutional

US Allows Certain Transactions, Activities With
Venezuela's National Assembly, Juan Guaido

Israeli Defence Minister Says Tel Aviv Needs
One More F-35 Squadron

Israel demolished 729 Pal homes, structures in 2020

Israeli PM Netanyahu claims Iran's uranium enrichment
to 20 percent is bid to develop nukes

Iran says closely watching 'mischievous' US moves
in Persian Gulf

Iran's Judiciary chief - Trump will have to
pay for assassination

Satellite Images Allegedly Show IRGC Ship Activity
in Strait of Hormuz Amid US-Iran Tensions

Iran says it started enriching uranium to 20%
drifting further away from US-violated nuclear deal


Iran's Revolutionary Guards seize South Korean-
flagged tanker for 'oil pollution' in Persian Gulf

Iran says South Koran ship seizure purely technical issue

America Keeps Claiming Governments It Hates
Are Paying Bounties on US Troops in Afghanistan

Fears Covid vaccines 'may be ineffective against
South African mutation'

South African Unions, Professors Slam Government
Inaction on COVID-19 Vaccines

Six Month Countdown To UFO Disclosures
Started By Coronavirus Bill - Don't 'Count' On It

Terrifying UFO – 'Crab-Clawed' Aliens Seize Pair

Key Figures in Tom DeLonge's UFO
Organization Jumping Ship

Perps of 'Balloon Boy' UFO Hoax Pardoned

Rendlesham Forest UFO – 40 Years On


Breadlines Stretch Across America - This Economic
Collapse Is Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

Ice Cream Nancy Pelosi Re-elected as
House Speaker By just 7 Votes

China Joe's Inaugural Parade Cancelled, Citing Covid
Concerns - Similar To When Hillary's 2016 Fireworks
Display Was Canceled two days before the Election

Sidney Powell - 'I Don't See How Any Good Christian
(Like Pence) Can Certify a Fraudulent Election'

House GOP Leader McCarthy Says He Supports
Electoral College Vote Challenge

Meadows - Over 100 House Members Plan to
Object to Electoral Votes

Cruz-Led GOP senators want election commission
similar to what decided disputed 1876 race

Trump Tells Raffensperger To 'Find' Enough
Lost and Stolen legitimate Votes To Give The
State To Trump Honestly And Legally

Pence Welcomes Efforts by Lawmakers to Object
to Electoral College Votes on January 6

More Than 400 Ex-intelligence Officers to
Investigate Election Fraud And 'Irregularities'


Jan 3rd – Senators announce 10 day emergency
investigation into election fraud, Pence likely to
invoke on the 6th

Trump Correctly Claims US Corona Death Toll Is
'Far Exaggerated' And 'Fake News' As 'Official'
CDC Figure (BS) Hits 350,000

'When In Doubt, Call It Covid' - Trump Blasts CDC
For Inflating Figures - 20 Million Infections So Far

'I Will Be There' - Trump Announces He'll Join
'Historic' White House Rally on January 6

Massive Trump January 6 DC Protest Rally Looks
To Draw At Up To Two Million

Watch Trump's Jan 2 Blocked Emergency Broadcast

Gingrich Forecast For The Next 10 Years

Communist Spy Dupe Swalwell Says Senators Who
Support Trump Are 'Enemies Of Democracy' (!)

Americans confused on who to blame for
$2,000 stimulus checks flop – poll

Stephen Moore Breaks With White House
Calls Trump's $2,000 Stimulus Push 'Absurd'


Remember When The Democrats Challenged The Electoral
Vote Count In 3 Elections Over 20 Years?

Ex-CIA congressman says disputing election results
helps America's enemies STEAL ELECTIONS
... just what the CIA always did!

'Seditious' Texas GOP official suggests Mitt Romney
should be GUILLOTINED for not supporting challenge
to election certification

Appeals Court Dismisses Gohmert's
Lawsuit Against Pence

Creeping black vs black schism is dividing America as some
descendants of slaves demand a special status over immigrants

Government orders 'Jesus' on T-shirt censored
as 'political speech'

Democrats Claim Georgia Is the Next California
Due to Mass Immigration

Newsmax Continues Dive, Publishes Pro-Biden
Propaganda Written by Clinton Attorney

Assembly Bill A416 - They're coming To Take
You Away, New York

The Blackmailing of John Roberts


WATCH - Psycho Congress Prayer Now Ends

Skinner Method, Covid, Klaus Schwab, and The
Fourth Industrial Revolution Box

Moderna Vax Side Effects Include 'Monsterism' - Watch

Moderna Vax Side Effects Include 'Monsterism' - Watch

WHO says there is 'no evidence' that COVID vaccines
will prevent spread of disease... so what good are they?

Dr. Death Fauci - Mandatory COVID 'vaccines'
possible for travel, school

PA Nursing Home Staff Offered $750 Bonuses
To Take Killer Vax

Husband Has to Sue for Right to Touch Wife

5G and 4G both linked to cell and tissue damage
And DNA destruction

Poland to fine social media giants $2.2 Million
every time they censor free speech


Directed Energy Weapons 101 - Sonic,
Microwave, Laser And Non-Leather

The Milky Way may be full of dead ETs
who were 'annihilated' by their own science
and technologies, study suggests

Top US Official Says 'Growing Body Of Evidence'
Shows COVID-19 Leaked From Chinese Lab

De-dollarization in overdrive - Russia & China
boost settlements in national currencies to 25%

Will The Fed Destroy The Dollar?

Ethereum Erupts Higher, Bitcoin Nears $35k - What's Next?

Where Did That $20 Billion In 'Initial
Coin Offering' Cash Wind Up?

DC Food Chain CAVA Celebrates
Unemployment for Whites

EU Is At Risk Of Becoming Subservient To China

Humans of the GREAT RESET - What the future MIGHT
look like in 2021 - if the controlling elites have their way


How gold, silver and platinum are used in the battle
against Covid

British experts call for wealth tax as elite 1%
owns quarter of UK wealth

BoJo defies scientists to insist 'schools are safe'
sends 'resign' hashtag to top of Twitter trending charts

Boris Johnson says he's 'reconciled' to a TOUGHER
lockdown – and thinks Brits are 'reconciled' TOO

Hungary's Orban Looks East for COVID-19 Vaccines
After EU Buy-up Falls Short

Spectator starts transatlantic media feud after crowning
NYT 'unreliable source' over 'clickbait' on UK vax mixing

'Referendums are not particularly jolly' - PM Johnson
says Scotland should be eligible for independence vote
'once in a generation'

Warning for French Fishermen? Five UK Warships
Deployed to Channel After Brexit Deal Enters Force

Police in Wales STOP anti-BLM football fans
from protesting OUTSIDE stadium – as players
freely continue to take a knee

There Is No Law So Obscene That the Police Would
Not Be Willing to Enforce It - Watch


Russia Probing Reports of Deadly 'Disease X'
in DR Congo, Watchdog Says

More than one in three Latvians feel urge to 'SHOOT'
fellow citizens who make life in the country worse

Russian Strategic Missile Forces to conduct over
200 exercises this year

Statements from Estonian parliament speaker raise
tensions in ties with Russia - senior MP

'Growing Body of Evidence' COVID was
Leaked From CCP Lab

Very reassuring - India's drug regulator declares Covid jabs
'110% safe' in overzealous attempt to dispel impotency rumors

Israel's millionth vaccine Recipient injected in front
of Netanyahu turns out to be An ex-con who served
14 years for manslaughter

Israel rejects 'nonsense' claim by Tehran that it's
plotting false flag attack to drag US & Iran into war

Video of 'Simulated Iranian Attack' on US Base Emerges
Online Amid 1st Anniversary of Soleimani's Killing

Headquarters of Saudi Forces in Southern Yemen
Rocked by Explosion, Report Says


Report - German govt approved $1.4 Billion arms sales
to countries involved in Yemen, Libya wars in 2020

BRICS Member South Africa May Not Get Vaccines
From Bill Gates-Funded COVAX Until June

French Military Fights Daesh Insurgents in Mali From
'Vauban' Forts Built After 17th Century Design

At Least 100 Killed in Attack on Local Villages
in Western Niger, Mayor Says

Rebels seize city in CAR weeks after alleged coup attempt

6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Aleutian Islands Near AK

We Are All Where We Are Right Now

The Power of Perseverance

How to Stop a Panic Attack in Its Tracks

The Beauty of the Orion Nebula


The best photography of 2020

Sidney Powell - 'Definitely Possible' Trump
Retains Presidency

Sidney Powell Says Pence Should Reject
Electoral Votes from Disputed States

After Weeks of Silence, Lawsuits, Pence Says
He 'Welcomes' January 6 Electoral Challenge

Patrick Byrne - China Is Taking Us Out From Within

Byrne - CCP Hacked Dominion Laptop in Swing State
Confirmed by Microsoft Security Expert!

Patrick Byrne Drops Teaser on Latest Fraud
Investigation in a 'Certain State' Involving
Its Governor and Secretary of State

Cruz, GOP Senators WILL REJECT Disputed States
Results And Call for 'Electoral Commission' to
Investigate Irregularities

11 Senators Join Growing GOP Election Challenge
Despite Another Court Snub

Ted Cruz Leads Senators In Challenge To Wednesday
Electoral Count - Demands Emergency Audit

Tuberville explains why he'll 'reject electors
from disputed states'


24 Louisiana State Reps Urge GOP Congressional
Delegation to Reject Biden-Harris Electors

Watch - Georgia election data reveals 17,650 votes
switched from Trump to Biden - Data scientists

Trump vs the globalist genocide machine

Where's My Money? After Pelosi, Mitch McConnell's
House Vandalised as He Blocks Stimulus Check Boost

Idiots cancelled the Rose Bowl Parade, so Patriots
held a MASSIVE Trump Parade instead

Patriots Parade - Largest Trump Car Rally in Pasadena

Americans Nationwide Are Reminding Government
You Are Our SERVANT, Not Our Master

Lin Wood - This Is A Takeover By Communist China - Vid

Lin Wood First Accused Meadows Of Being a Traitor
Now Names Woman He Says He's Cheating With

Gohmert Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Seeking
Clarification on Pence's Role


Rep GOHMERT - If I Don't Have 'Standing' To Sue Pence,
Nobody Does, And Black Lives Matter-Style Violence
Will Be The New Normal

Porn star says adult performers are 'terrified'
of what The Kamal will do to sex industry

Bill Barr has been a traitor since at least 1992

TYRANNY - Same CA Cops Who did NOTHING
when BLM was rioting now swarm home of honest
man trying to register his legal firearm

Racist Black Lives Matter given $16 million in
taxpayer grants to continue hating Whites

Communists Graffiti St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC
on New Year's Day

Comrade Rob Reiner Say GOP Lawmakers
Planning to Challenge Election Will Be
'Committing Sedition & Treason'

Insanity - LA Superspreader Task Force Detains
at Least 900 at NYE Parties

Watch - Is this the End of CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC?

Trump - The Best is Yet to Come - Secrets of
Media Swamp Explained - Who is on the list?


Biden's 'GOP Epiphany' Prophecy Coming True?

With a coup attempt in progress, why are most in
conservative media changing the subject?

Left-Wing Journalist Glenn Greenwald Exposes the
Diversity Scam Run by Democrats

Former Volleyball Coach Accused of Raping Minors
Charged with 52 Felonies

As Anti-Cop Protests Continue, Americans Are
Murdering Each Other In Record Numbers

Vaccine 'Passports' Could Be Mandatory For
Travel, Shopping And Even The Movies - CNN

Ohio will now require surgically aborted
humans to be buried or cremated

Medical Prof Explains Devastating Effects of
Lockdown for a Virus With a '99.95%' Survival Rate

Larry King hospitalized with COVID-19

Shocking Number of Front Line Health Care Workers
Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

Covid camps? Put disease 'carriers' in Detention Camps
proposed New York law suggests


Virginia State Sen. Ben Chafin Dies From CV
'Complications' No Mention Of Co-Morbidity

Tennessee health workers give Covid jab to friends
after turning people away due to 'miscalculation'

Congress Keeps Production of the Reaper Drone
Even Though the Air Force Doesn't Want It
...Because Key Members Get Paid - More Pork

Communist Facebook Shuts Down Ad Account For
Republican Fundraising Committee 4 Days Before
Georgia Runoffs

China in Focus Jan 1 - From TikTok To Huawei - Vid

CCP COMMUNIST CHINA deployed internet propaganda
'army' to brainwash Americans about the coronavirus

Covid & Technical Issues - F-35 Turkey
Mass Production Delayed...Again

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 1-2-20

Bitcoin Explodes Above $33,000 As Supply
Squeeze Continues

Richter - The Decline & Fall Of Dollar Hegemony


Russia's oil output plunges to LOWEST in a decade

Ten Remarkable Financial Events Of 2020

UK Judge to Rule on US Extradition for
WikiLeaks Assange

Father of Assange Says US Wants to 'Break'
His Son as 'Revenge' for Exposing State War Crimes

The Kafkaesque Imprisonment Of Julian Assange
Exposes US Myths About Freedom And Tyranny

Dramatic Video Shows Unmasked Canadian Cops
Bust Illegal Gathering Of Family During New Years

Farage - My Next Campaign Will be to End
Britain's Dependence on China

So Long to EU - Nigel Farage Predicts Collapse
of European Union in '10 Years' Time'

New Years Eve In France - Man Decapitated By
Fireworks, Cops Attacked, Cars Burnt

'Is NATO gone already?' British popular historian
mocked after bemoaning Brexit as 'tragedy'
somehow damaging post WW2 security


Rejoiner Peer Lord Adonis Says He Wants 'to Reverse'
Brexit as Pro-EU Campaign Kicks Off Across UK

'Mad Lives Matter' - how a one-man protest at my doctor's
surgery exposes the mental health crisis caused by
our Covid lockdowns

Prince Charles Warns of Cancer 'Crisis' Amid
Pandemic Lockdown - What Does He Know?

German Government Thought the Virus Had Killed
off Populism - It Thought Wrong

NATO Depicts Western Sahara as Part
of Morocco on New Map

Ukrainian pharma company applies to produce
Sputnik V jab after emotional FM dubs Russian
Covid vaccine 'weapon of hybrid war'

US 'goes haywire' with idea of its exceptionalism
Russian diplomat says

Russian-Belarusian military exercise to focus on
countering cruise missiles, drones

Russia helps reconstruct over 250 buildings in

China's CDC Admits COVID Infections in Wuhan
Could Be 10x Higher Than Reported


The CHINA threat and the rise of Globalism

Chinese Foreign Minister Reveals Results of
Probe Into COVID-19 Origins

Beijing warns of retaliation over US delisting of
Chinese firms which runs 'against market rules & logic'

Indian Regulators Greenlight Full Dose Regimen
of AstraZeneca's Vaccine With Merely 62% Efficacy

Bird flu kills crows and peacocks in India, Sri Lanka

Israeli Provocateurs Are Plotting Attacks on US
Forces in Iraq, Iranian FM Zarif Says

'Beware of trap' - Iran FM warns Trump 'Israeli agents'
are preparing 'attacks' on US forces in Iraq to spark
war against Tehran

Assassinating foreign leaders is a 'US-Israeli trademark'
Iran denies 'fake news' alleging Rouhani's death threat
against Trump

Iran Vows US Will Be Brought to Justice Over 'Craven
Act of Terror' Against General Soleimani

Iran Seeking to Indict Dozens of Americans on
Anniversary of Drone Strike That Killed Soleimani


Federal judge tosses Louie Gohmert 'electoral lawsuit'
against Mike Pence...

Lin Wood Claims VP Mike Pence Faces Arrest
for Treason, Execution by Firing Squad

Perdue Accuses Ossof Of Taking Payoffs
From China-Backed Propaganda Company

Antifa vandalizes Pelosi's San Francisco home
Severed pig's head left at scene...

Nancy Pelosi's home vandalized with graffiti
fake blood on New Year's Day

Pelosi Bans 'Gender' Terms Mother, Daughter,
Father, Son in House Rules

Mr. President, Do You Want To Go Down In History
As Man Who Gave America To Communist China?

Video Of Vans Removing Ballots from GA Warehouse
with Armed Guards - THEY GOT A MAP!

US Senate Leader Comrade Mitch McConnell Blocks
$2K Stimulus Checks Effort for Third Day in a Row


Trump Endorses SD Gov Noem To Run Against
RINO Sen John Thune In 2022

China Joe's Cabinet picks Yellen paid by Google
And Blinken by Facebook, disclosure docs show

Trump Signs Bill Giving Intelligence Agencies
180 Days To Reveal The Truth About UFOs

San Francisco's Lockdown and Quarantine
Has Been Extended 'Indefinitely'

US Cities Explode In Violence As Communist
Democrats Begin To Reap What They've Sown

Congress overrides Trump's veto of defense
authorization bill - First Of His Presidency

Look - New Year's Eve - Wuhan vs Times Square
...'Without Firing A Shot' - Photos

House Republicans Rush to Join Electoral
College Challenge

Lin Wood Urges Pence to Look Into Hunter Biden
Laptop Before Certifying Election Results

3 U.S. Code § 15 - Counting electoral votes
in Congress is the issue


Deciding The Electoral Votes January 6, 2021
VP Pence Shadows Vice President Thomas Jefferson

'Best is Yet to Come': Trump Delivers End
of 2020 Speech Praising Covid Vaccine Effort

Trump Reportedly Lashed Out at Kushner For Too
Much CV Testing, Blaming Him For Election Loss
How Can He Blame Jerry? It Was Total Vote Fraud

CCP McConnell and China - Big Money, Big Benefits

Trump as a younger man explains how 'I don't give up!'

Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Die? Pro-Trump Lawyer Wood
Sparks Storm With a Stream of Conspiracy Tweets

Ghislaine Maxwell Offered to Pay for Her
Own Guards in a Failed Bail Attempt

Downtown Portland New Year's Eve Riot - Watch

How Restaurants Are Used To Spy
On The American People

Operation Mockingbird - Murdered CIA Director
William Colby Testimony Before the Pike Committee


Affirmative Action VA Judge, Originally An Invader
From El Salvador Given US Asylum Now Promotes
Anti-White Racist Hatred in His Courtroom

Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago Sees 55% Rise in
Homicides in 2020

Satanic Abortion Leading Global Cause of
Death in 2020 with 42.7 Million Killed

Hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky in Rome
Thousands Fall All Around The world - EMF Deaths?

Icke - Where From Here? The Controller's Plans
To Ramp Up The Fake Pandemic And Force Vax
The World To Achieve The Planned Outcome - Watch

2020 - The Year Things Started Going Badly Wrong

The Lesson Of 2020 - What's The Point Of
Pointing Out The Hypocrisy?

If You Thought 2020 was a Bad Year
2021 is Going to be FAR Worse!

Military, Political Trends Of 2020 That Will Shape 2021

The Wokest News Stories Of 2020


YouTube's Top-Earner In 2020...Is 9 Years Old

Moderna admits the mRNA tech is an

Medical Thug Fauci Says Mandatory Covid-19
vaccines are on the table

Tiffany Dover, The Nurse Who fainted (Died) after CV-19
vaccine is 'fine', remains out of the public eye - hospital
says there will be no further statement - RIP Tiffany

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald Says He 'Wants to Find
an Antimasker & Beat Him To Death'

Who is Bill Gates...Really? - The Corbett Report

Skousen - The Covid 19 False Pandemic

Fitts - It's Not A Vaccine, It's A Carrier To Put
Operating and Control Systems In Human kind
...This Includes The Power Of Life And Death

King Cuomo's COVID rules meet the Constitution

Who is Bill Gates...Really? - The Corbett Report


Watch - 'Lockdowns HURT more than they HELP...'

LOOK San Francisco's Lockdown and Quarantine
Has Been Extended 'Indefinitely' - Insanity

Globalist Communist Pope Francis says everyone should
get a Trump vaccine while promoting a new world order

Lockdowns are Killing Young Adults

Chicago Teachers Union Big Shot Says It Is Unsafe
To Teach Live...From Her Pool Side In Puerto Rico

Archived Mike Wallace 60 Minutes report
on swine flu vaccine injuries - Watch

UK strain of COVID-19 virus found in Florida

Corbett Report - The Future of Vaccines - Watch

Vaccine ID Passport Spurs Future Underground
Black Market for Those Who Resist

US Man Sues State For Right to Touch Wife
Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine first in the world to
receive emergency use authorization from WHO

Doctors express 'real & grave concerns' over UK govt plan
to delay 2nd Covid-19 vaccine doses amid infection spike

US Begins Vaccinating Workers for COVID-19
at Military Hospital in Germany – Pentagon

Pfizer, GSK & Others Quietly Hike Prices On
100s Of Drugs

Hero Father Shoots 2 of 4 Home Invaders To Death
...HIs 4 year old daughter was wounded but will Recover

Civil war, medical discrimination, spy satellites, cyborgs
...How 2021 could make us yearn for 2020

Large Blue UFO Over Oahu - FAA Notified - Vid

The Ugly Truth About the Nuremberg Tribunals

Pro-Sports Suffered Ratings Disaster In 2020
Following Embrace of Anti-American Left Wing
BLM Racist Politics

The Most Hopeful Scenario For 2021


Will 2021 Be The Year Of The Bitcoin ETF?

Will The Fed Lose Control In 2021?

NYSE To Delist Three Chinese Telecom Giants
On Trump Executive Order

China overtook US as world's biggest movie box
office in 2020, set to keep title PERMANENTLY

White metal outshines gold amid best
decade for precious metals

NHS Requires 'Diversity Training' For Recently Retired
Doctors Before They're Allowed To Administer Vaccines

NATO Reportedly Irate as 'Irresponsible' Trump
'Mishandles' Transition of Pentagon to Biden Team

France tightens curfew in several regions to
combat coronavirus

Norway to lift UK travel ban but will keep special quarantine
testing rules amid concerns over new Covid-19 strain

Patrol car torched & 3 officers injured during chaotic
2,000 strong rave in France that police can't stop


Watch - Piers Corbyn FIRE-BREATHING as he
stages anti-lockdown 'party' in London

Portugal promises 'fair, green & digital' Covid recovery
for EU as it assumes European Council presidency

Seven Vehicles of German Armed Forces Burned
in Leipzig, Reports Say

Brexit is Product of 'Lies and False Promises'
...Macron Says in Annual Address

Independent Britain's first day - Channel traffic smooth
on French & UK sides as new post-Brexit era begins

Italy Unveils Project to Restore Colosseum and
Rebuild Arena Which Hosted Gladiator Fights

Kafkaesque Imprisonment Of Julian Assange
Exposes US Myths About Freedom And Tyranny

Russia's Asian path may benefit stability in Europe
by forcing declining EU to deal with Moscow as
it is not as it wants it to be

Russia reports More Than A THOUSAND foreign
recon flights near its borders over course of 2020

Russian Nuclear Power Plants Set Electricity
Production Record in 2020, Rosenergoatom Says


Serbia starts pumping cheaper Russian natural
gas via TurkStream pipeline

Philippines to ban US travelers as new coronavirus
strain spreads

China says it's 'ready to respond to all threats'
after US sends 2 warships through Taiwan Strait

Japan Plans to Develop Unmanned Fighter Aircraft
by 2035, Reports Say

Iran won't relent until culprits in Gen. Soleimani
assassination brought to justice - Foreign Ministry

Washington Times should stop publishing 'fake news'
Says Iranian Foreign Ministry

Iran Tells IAEA It Plans to Push Uranium Enrichment
Up to 20%, the Level Achieved Before JCPOA

Trump plotting false flag to 'fabricate pretext'
for attack on Iran, Foreign Minister Zarif says

Some 'inside US' may avenge Trump-authorized
Soleimani assassination - IRGC

Pentagon Recalls USS Nimitz Amid High Tensions
in Mideast Over Purported Iranian 'Threat of Revenge'


State Dept Urges Twitter to Act Against Iran General's
Threats Issued to US Officials

Iranian Diplomat Calls on UNSC to Compel US
to End Destabilizing Measures in Persian Gulf

Saudi warplanes bomb Yemeni capital after
blast at Aden airport

Iranian Foreign Ministry Says Aden Airport Attack
Resulted From Yemen's Foreign Occupation

These Are The 10 Worst US Mayors In 2020

Star Spangled Banner Story As
You've Never Heard It - Watch

DC Dave - Swamp Creature (song parody)


Pence Asks Judge to REJECT Push to Expand
His Powers to Decide Electoral College Votes

Quiet Effort Underway to Forge Coalition
to Defeat Pelosi

Trump Year End Statement Of 12-31-20 - Watch

Goodbye And Good Riddance To 2020 - Celebrate
New Years Eve And New Years Day Heartily Because
2021 Could Make 2020 Seem Like A Cakewalk

Atty Lin Wood Claims Epstein Is Still Alive

Lin Wood accuses John Roberts of illegally adopting
two young children from Wales through Jeffrey Epstein

Trump Advisor Agrees That Pence Can Throw Out
AZ, PA, WI And MI On January 6

'Who The Hell Do They Think They Are'
Giuliani's Star Witness Responds to
Dominion's Legal Threats

140+ US Reps Expected To Object On January 6
Only Josh Hawley Confirmed In Senate


Dem Sen. Shaheen Says Sen Hawley's Actions
Are Bordering on 'Sedition or Treason' - Put
And End to Communism And Commucrats

Comrade McConnell Raged At Hawley On
Senate Conference Call...Later Learned
Hawley Had Never Joined The Call

Ruling in Gohmert Lawsuit Could 'Be Big
Game-Changer' for Vote Count on Jan. 6

WaPost Slammed For Ignoring Video Of Warnock's
Ex-Wife Exposing Him As A Fraud And 'great Actor'

PA Lawmakers Have To Urge McConnell and
McCarthy to Dispute PA Election Results

Amid claims of unexplained ballots, PA officials
Are unsure as To how many voted in 2020

Notice How The Violent Riots Of 2020 Ended
Right After The Election - Like Throwing a Switch

Creeper Joe Biden to have new Secret Service
team amid concern about Trump 'loyalty'

Br Nathanael - America Without Trump

'A Criminal Like Trump' - Federal Judge Exposes
Severe Bias In Public Interview


Biden Plans to Purge Secret Service Amid Concerns
of Agents Being Overly Loyal to Trump, Report Says

McConnell's home address on guillotine - Twitter has
ideas about what Bernie should have shown during
Senate plea for $2,000 checks

How can a memorial celebrating emancipation And
Abraham Lincoln - the man who abolished slavery
in America, be considered offensive?

A breakdown of the Impoundment Control Act
of 1974 invoked by Trump

Visualizing 2020's Endless News Cycle

Democrat Bootlicker Dual Citizen Bernie Sanders
concedes Democrats held up coronavirus relief

Democrat Bootlicker Dual Citizen Bernie Sanders
concedes Democrats held up coronavirus relief

Abolition of Private Property Is at the
Core of Communism

Leaked Deposition Claims FBI Has Seth
Rich Emails Asking Wikileaks To Pay Him
In Exchange For Info

Democrat Bootlicker Dual Citizen Bernie Sanders
concedes Democrats held up coronavirus relief


Nashville Bombing Exposes Major National
Security Vulnerabilities Of Telecom Targets

Shootings & homicides raged in 2020 Chicago

Over 4000 People Have Been Shot In Chicago
THIS YEAR Alone...Murders Spike 55%

Pro Sports Suffer Ratings Disasters, Lose Billions
in Revenue in 2020 Because They Groveled To BLM

When We Teach Our Kids That Life Has
No Value...This Is How They Act

Rappoport Shreds phony MSM narrative there
is a new, deadly BS strain he also explains how
the older BS-19 strains have yet to be proven
by isolating the virus

Evil Madness - CDC has a proposal to segregate
Covid 'high-risk' people into 'green zone'
Internment Camps!

CDC Admits Vaccines Contain 'Human Baby Cells'

Medical Idiocy - 42 In WVA Receive Covid Treatment
Instead of Vaccine (Maybe that Error saved some lives)

Thug Fauci - Vaccine Rollout Failing Because
States Have Been Left 'on Their Own'


De Blasio - 'We're Going to Vaccinate 1 Million New
Yorkers in the Month of January - Watch How
Many Will Report Suffering...Some Will die

DeSantis 'Bucking CDC' Recommendations
by Prioritizing Seniors for Vaccination

Digital Receipts for COVID Vax Spark Concerns
About 'Two-Tiered Society' & 'Data Grab'

'Contempt!' - Texas AG, Governor Blast Austin
Mayor's 'Illegal' COVID Crackdown

The Great 2020 Seasonal Flu-Influenza
Disappearing Act

WI Hospital Pharmacist Is Fired For Ruining
500 Doses Of Moderna Covid Vax

MN man thrown from an automobile listed
as a Covid death and other shenanigans
uncovered in Minnesota

Doctors say man who died after falling off a
ladder was actually killed by COVID-19 - Did
The Virus Push him?

Rocky start - 2021 will begin with unwelcome,
220 meter wide asteroid visitor, NASA warns

Restaurants Prep For 'Dramatic Loss Of Revenue'
As New Year's Eve Celebrations Are Canceled


FAA Announces New Rules For Drones
Paving Way For Commercial Deliveries

20 Numbers From 2020 That Are Almost
Too Crazy To Believe

2020 Ends With Around 20 Million Americans
Still On Jobless Benefits

The Rich Got Richer During COVID-19
Here's How American Billionaires Performed

Gold Set to Break Ten Year Track Record
as Prices Surge by Over 20%

Dollar Spirals Downward as Its Safe Haven
Status Dwindles, Swelling US Twin Deficits

SWIFT Retaliation - What Would Happen if US
'Tried to Unplug Russia From Global Pmts System

'Rather Surprising' - New EU-China Investment
Deal Causes Unease in India

The US fury over the China-Europe investment
deal shows how rattled & isolated they are

French Exporters' Federation Says New US Taxes
on Wine to Cost Industry $1.2 Billion


The World's Billionaires Have Gotten $1.9 Trillion Richer In 2020

NHS Nightingale hospitals 'being readied' to admit
patients amid sharp rise in CV Cases across UK

Britain's new climate plan that could make
millions of homes unsellable

'I Will Always Be a European' - Boris Johnson's
Father is Applying for French Citizenship

Ireland to Boost Border Policing Post-Brexit to
Stop Criminals From Cashing in on New Trading Regime

UK and Spain reach last-minute agreement on
Gibraltar border, before Brexit kicks in

Paris police chief faces backlash for including
Trotsky quote in New Year greetings card

Communist Merkel's last 2020 speech reflects on
Germany's 'most difficult year' on her watch,
confirms she won't seek reelection

UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside
Empty Hospital

Life's trials and tribulations reason to shed vanity,
focus on crucial matters says Putin


Who is on Putin's 'naughty or nice' list? Kremlin
congratulates world leaders at New Year... but
not everyone makes the cut

China promises free jabs for all as Sinopharm's
Covid-19 vaccine approved

Woke and free? Australia changes its national
anthem to recognize indigenous history

Assassins dressed as hospital staff EXECUTE patient
undergoing treatment for gunshot wound in Mexico

Argentina legalises abortion in landmark
moment for women's rights

Israeli police commander indicted for assault on
youngster during ultra-Orthodox protest against
Covid restrictions

Accusations fly as hundreds of Covid jabs 'spoil' amid
Israel's ambitious mass inoculation drive

B-52 Bombers Fly Over Persian Gulf As Pentagon
Steps Up 'Deterrence' Warnings To Iran

Zarif Says Iran Has Intelligence on US Plot
to Fabricate Pretext for War (for Israel)

Roadside bomb explosion targets US-led
coalition military convoy in southern Iraq


Yemeni Government Blames Houthis, Iran for
Aden Attack, Calls on World to Label Militia 'Terrorists'

John Barbour - That Awful Quiz Show - Watch

Investigation Finds Airborne Pesticides Near Schools
Parks and Homes Surrounded by Farm Fields

Eastern Caribbean Issues Rare Volcano Alert

Traitor McConnell, Pelosi Possibly Working On Rule
Change To BLOCK Electoral College Objection!

Attorney Sidney Powell Fires Warning Shot At GOP
'If the #RNC Hopes to Survive, Every Republican
Should Stand Up for [President Trump] Now'

Multiple GOP Senators Announce Plans To
Challenge Electoral College Results

Walmart Apologizes to Josh Hawley For Errant
Tweet Bashing Electoral College Challenge

Sen Hawley Becomes First Senator Committed to
Challenging Electoral College Results

GAME OVER...Fraud Is Wide Open - Dominion voting
machines LIVE HACKED during GA Senate hearing

Raffensperger Caught - GA Ballots Were Printed
Differently For GOP Areas Than For Democrat Areas
The Election Was Totally Rigged

'Coup Attempt' - Klobuchar Goes After Hawley For
Objection To Electoral College Certification Process
On January 6

GA Senate Panel Requests Forensic Audit of
Fulton County Absentee Ballots

Dominion machines hacked LIVE during
GA Senate election hearing


Stanford Researcher Hacked Georgia Voting Machine,
Confirms 'Pump And Dump' Vote Manipulation

Georgia Runoff Will Likely See Delayed Results,
Litigation, And Other Drama

Pence Cancels January 6 Visit To Israel

Pence Steps Up End Game Of 2020 Election

It's Pence Who Will Cross The Delaware

Lin Wood - fake election, fake pandemic

Power of Vice President to Count or Reject
Electoral Votes Disputed

'We've got the votes' – Two more Republican
Senators pledge to vote for $2000 checks

Marxist RINO McConnell Crushes Hopes For $2,000
Covid Relief And Stimulus Checks

Roberts - Shameful US Congress -$500 Million to Israel
...And $600 To Americans


Gabbard - COVID Relief Bill Is Worse Than a Joke

Newsom Extends SoCal USELESS Lockdown
Order For at Least Another Three Weeks

The Evil Bolshevik Game plan Revealed in 2019

Wooldridge - The End of a Very Nasty
Desperate Angry Year

Commie Einstein vs Patriot Joe McCarthy

America's Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster

Director of the Illinois Department of Public
Health admits Covid Death Statistics are fake

The 'New Strain' of COVID Propaganda

Comrade Newsom says 'super-COVID-19' strain
has been found in CA

We Sold Our Souls To The 'Science'


ER Nurse Tests Positive For COVID 8 Days
After Being Vaccinated

Americans dance on grave of 'Covidiot'
congressman-elect dead at 41 'of Covid-19'

Christian singer plans to hold COVID-19
'super-spreader' event in LA

Covid-struck homeless occupy Washington hotel &
refuse to leave until city finds them long-term shelter

Cyberpandemic Has Begun - SolarWinds + FireEye
...Anything can happen now

Watch Unidentified Falling Object - Burning, No Debris
Nothing Broke Off From Strange Fireball In The Sky

Fitts - 'They have to bring in a new system
without anyone realizing what it is'

Big Banks Have Paid $195 Billion In Fines Since 2000

Bitcoin Surges To New Record High Near $29,000
Amid 'Liquidity Crisis'

Jack Ma loses nearly $11 billion as China tightens
scrutiny on his business empire


Tesla Model S Starts 'Shooting Flames' After
Driver Hears Mysterious Loud Bang While Driving

Elon Musk cheers as German politicians call for
curbing of eco-lawsuits like the one targeting Giga Berlin

Boston Dynamics advanced dancing robots both amuse & scare

UK radically changes Covid vaccination strategy after
AstraZeneca approval, prioritising 1st dose for all
vulnerable people

Italy aims to vaccinate over 10 million people against
Covid by April, PM rules out making jab obligatory

Germany still 'very far from normality' as daily
Covid-19 death toll surpasses 1,000 for 1st time

London Oxygen Supplies 'Ticking Time Bomb' as UK
'Back in the Eye of the Storm' Amid Surging COVID Cases

Activists Rally Against COVID Sceptics in Berlin

France proposes 6pm curfew extension in hotspots
but no plans for 3rd national lockdown yet

EU Chiefs Sign Post-Brexit UK Trade Agreement


Boris Johnson SIgns Post-Brexit Trade Deal With EU
as British MPs Overwhelmingly Back Agreement

Less than a week after BoJo's Brexit deal
is the UK starting to break up already?

'Scotland will be back in EU after independence!' says
SNP leader, as party pledges to vote Against Brexit deal

Very Smart! Russia is developing world's first
Covid-19 antidote - preclinical studies show drug
effectiveness of more than 99%

We Sold Our Souls To The 'Science'

Russian FM Lavrov says it's now up to Western
countries to put an end to their Covid-19 'vaccine wars'

Serbia Gets First Batch of Russia's Sputnik V

What hysteria? Putin couldn't care less about
Navalny's new criminal case, Kremlin assures

Putin signs law to fine & block social media
giants that censor Russian media sources

Putin signs law banning funding of rallies
from abroad


Another year & despite Western predictions, warnings
& wishful thinking, Russia fails to collapse...again

Hat's just not fair! Ukrainian teenager faces JAIL
over Soviet ushanka he picked up at flea market

China's Sinopharm vaccine is 79% effective,
developer says, citing Phase 3 trial results

One Year Anniversary of Chinese Doctor Blowing
Whistle on COVID-19

Taiwan to suspend entry of non-resident foreigners
as it finds first case of UK mutant coronavirus strain

China's Belt and Road is the way for Europe
and Asia to cut colonial Western ties and prosper

EU and China conclude investment agreement
'in principle' after 6 years of talks

Indian Defence Minister Slams Trudeau's
Remarks on Farm Protests

Venezuela Offers $500,000 Reward for
Info on Three 'Colombian Terrorist Agents'

Jonathan Pollard, Worst Traitor to US Who Spied
For Israel, Given A Hero's Welcome by Netanyahu
...This Is Really Grim...He Hurt America Badly


'Need to Be Constantly Prepared' - Major Earthquake
Could Kill Hundreds in Israel, Scientists Warn

Iranian government allocates $150,000 for families
bereaved by Ukrainian plane downing – Iran news agency

British security firm G4S provided information
about Gen. Soleimani to terrorists - Tehran prosecutor

Turkey hands life sentence to 92 people over 2016 coup attempt

Turkey and US to set up joint working group
over Ankara's purchase of Russian S-400 missile defense systems

25 Syrians killed in attack in Dayr al-Zawr

Explosion Rips Through Yemen Airport As
New Government Arrives, Killing 16 & Wounding 60

Footage From Deadly Yemen Airport Attack Allegedly
Shows Missile Exploding on Tarmac

Second explosion heard near presidential palace in Yemen's
Aden after deadly blast at airport where unity govt arrived

Africa's Covid death toll surpasses 64,000 mark




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