Headlines 2021

National Guard Has Been Deployed To 55
Hospitals To 'Help' With A COVID Surge

Rand Paul - Thousands Dying Every Month
Because Of Fauci's Vax Pushing Obsession

CDC Admits PCR Tests Are Invalid

Pro Athletes Hearts Are Failing Every Day Now

FL Surgeon General - Biden Admin 'Actively
Preventing' Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Meet the Turncoats - What to Do With
These Pharma-Funded GOP Goons?

Global New Cases Top 1 Million For 2nd Day
CDC Changes Quarantine Rules

National Guard Has Been Deployed To 55
Hospitals To 'Help' With A COVID Surge

Gov Kristi Noem Weighs in on Biden's Big
COVID Announcement, Tells Him What's Next

Watch - Moron MSNBC Host Claims Phrase
'Lets Go Brandon' Is Part Of A 'Slow-Moving


Creeper Biden's Top 25 Worst Moments 2021

Lizardville Employees Can't Cash Paychecks
...Chicago Is Bankrupt Under Lightfoot Stupidy

Liberal Israeli-Born PhD Candidate Who Sought
to Prove Justice System 'Racist Against Blacks'
Is Stabbed to Death by Black Male in Chicago!

Eleven Shot on Monday Alone in Mayor
Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021 - Trans athletes
Climate Change Chicago Killings Open Borders

Figurines deriding Biden deemed off-limits
on US military base

Incoming NYC Comptroller Who Vowed to
'Defund Police' to Have NYPD Security Detail

Report - CIA Tortured 311 Danish Orphans
for 20 Years, Violating the Nuremberg Code

US Marines say they're being 'crushed'
over vaccine refusal - 'A political purge'

Snowmageddon - Tahoe shatters 50 yr December
snowfall record with more than 16 feet of snow as
brutal cold reaches US


Watch - Civil War Time Capsule Being
Opened for 1st Time in 130 Years

Creator Of Kwanzaa Is A Criminal Loon Who
Allegedly Tortured Naked Women With A
Karate Baton And A Toaster

1930s Color Film Of Los Angeles - Fascinating

Stunning Collection Of Earliest Known Photos Of
LA Showing Off The Original Old World Buidlngs

Twitter Suspends 'mRNA Inventor'
Dr. Robert Malone

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million
For Corrupting Minors With Porn, Propaganda
And Transgenderism - BRAVO !!!

History is Being Rewritten - Are You Prepared?

Finnish man blows up his Tesla on YouTube
instead of paying $23,900 for new battery pack
Worst 'Modern Car' On The Road - Batteries
Are Horribly Over Priced Environmental Disasters

Amazon Alexa's Deadly Electrocution
'Challenge' Suggestion to 10-Year-Old
Has Origins in TikTok Trend

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021...
Some Sobering Perspectives


Black hole eruption as big as 16 Moons
captured in 'most comprehensive' image

Here We Go...Kraft, Heinz Tells Grocery Retailers
Price Increases Beginning 2022 Will Be Up to 20%

Jewish Operated Blackrock Inc
Controls Global Corporate Community

Musk Just Offloaded Another $1 Billion In Stock

Musk thinks he solved Bitcoin's greatest mystery

Turkish Lira Is Plunging Again, And This Time
Erdogan's 'Doom Loop' Guarantees Disaster

Brent Crude Tops $80 Per Barrel First
Time Since November 26

LNG Cargoes Enter Europe As British
Power Bills To Remain High Until 2023

Lack of planning is one of causes for gas
crisis in Europe - Russian official

Huge Number Of Food Shortages Predicted
For 2022 By Variety Of Experts Who Also
Say Things Are Going to Get Much Worse


Boris Johnson Claims 9 in 10 Critical Patients
Have Not Had COVID-19 Booster

Hospitalizations soar as Omicron takes
hold in London

Vaccine workers patrol UK city in hi-tech
TV bodysuits saying 'get boosted now'

French tennis star tests positive for Covid
'for The 250th time' - It's All Such BS...

Proud Italian 'plague-spreading'
anti-vaxer dies

COVID-19 Will Become 'Just Another
Cause Of Common Cold' - UK Professor

France is breaking European Covid records

German Covid data probably inadequate - minister

England's care system found 'unfit for purpose'

12,000 Afghan refugees stuck in
UK hotels – reports


Hospitalizations soar as Omicron
takes hold in London - Fear Porn Grips
The Masses!

US diverts LNG supplies away from China

Russian 'star wars' missile enters service
amid tensions with the West

Ukraine's Zelensky continues crackdown
on critical media

Russia does not supply electric power to Ukraine

The last war - How US-Russia conflict
would play out

Putin's phone call with Biden scheduled
for late Thursday evening — Kremlin

Polish Border Guard Says Gunshots
Fired Into Air on Belarusian Side

Russia Conducts Tests of S-500 Anti-Missile
Defence Systems in Arctic Region - Source

NGO Memorial closed by Russian court over
'foreign agent' breaches


Former US National Security Adviser John
Bolton Calls for NATO to 'Stand Up to Russia'

North Korea's Kim reveals reason for
abrupt weight loss

China Mocks Joe Biden Over His 'No
Federal Solution' To Covid Crisis

China Feverishly Preparing For Coming
Global Famine - US Taking Completely
Different Approach (Does Nothing)

US Military Budget Hike to 'Support Taiwan'
Will Make Few Ripples in Pacific

China - Covid rule breakers publicly shamed - Vid

Traders Start Freaking Out Over Fresh Supply
Chain Collapse As Covid Sweeps Across China

Beijing Pledges Proactive Fiscal Steps to Shore
Up Chinese Economy Next Year

China to use renewable resources for
data centers expansion

Australia mulls putting cats on lockdown


Uncertainty, Chaos Grip Patients as Protesting
Doctors Boycott Duty at Delhi Hospitals

Man in India's Puducherry Climbs Tree to
Avoid COVID Vaccine - Video

US doesn't want Iran to have missiles
Some of its neighbors are fine though

Israeli Military Rolls Out Scenarios to
Strike Iran But Doubts Consequences

Hamas Slams PNA Leader Abbas for Meeting
Israeli Defence Minister for First Time in 10 Years

Israel shells Hamas outposts in Gaza

Jordanian Lawmakers throw haymakers
in parliament - Video

Israel shells Hamas outposts in Gaza

How US Occupation Troops Are
Looting Syrian Oil

RIP - 'Pandemic Of The Unvaxed'


TikTok Tricks Teens Into 'Self-Diagnosing'
Rare Mental Disorders

Mysterious floating tank reclaimed from sea

Fish declared 'un-extinct' after surprise comeback

'Lilliputian Hallucinations' - A Rare Hallucination?

What Animals Think of Death

China threatens to nuke Japan over Taiwan
in video played on CCP-sanctioned channel

Lord Fauci Now Pushing Vax Requirement For
ALL Who Wish To Fly

'A Global coup' - Archbishop Vigano's Christmas
letter to the American people

Fauci Vows More Testing As Omicron
'Spreads' In US

Disgraced Fauci-Funded Researcher Peter Daszak
Reemerges to Insist 'No Cover-Up' From Chinese
Communist Party.

Watch - Fauci Admits Mandates Are 'Just A
Mechanism' To Get More People Vaccinated

As We Know, CDC Admits PCR Tests Are Invalid
The Whole Plandemic Has Been Nothing But Lies

NYC announces door-to-door vax teams
will come to your house and pay you $100
to take the death Shot

NY Democrats Attempt to Bring Australia's
COVID Concentration Camps to the State of NY

Trump's NYC restaurant turns away anti
vaxers for refusing to show proof of vax


DA declines to pursue 'credible' charges
against Andrew Cuomo

Trump's Deadly 'Operation Warp Speed' Jabs

3 Reasons Why 2022 Will Be Unforgettable

What Lies Ahead in 2022? Nostradamus
Predictions That May Come True

World Sees Record Daily COVID Cases As
Less-Lethal Omicron Displaces Delta

COVID Antiviral Pills Cause Life-Threatening
Reactions With Many Common Meds

Nearly a MILLION Americans Leave Dem
States For Safer, Less COVID-Panicked South

Wooldridge - Looking Back At 2021...
Sobering Perspectives

Black Man who Executed 5 yr old White Boy,
Cannon Hinnant, indicted for murder

FBI 'invented conspiracy' to kidnap MI gov
lawyers for five men charged say


Everything Is Falling Apart For Our Enemies
As Americans Awaken To Truth

Missiles on the Doorstep and Impending
Nuclear Winter

Iserbyt - Kissinger Out Of The Closet

'Normalizing' BioWeapon Injection Injuries
To Children - A New Low?

3 Doses Of Pfizer...And Petrified Of the Unvaxed

Man Paralyzed From Chest Down
After J&J Shot

Covid Vaccine Injuries

'You will be Arrested for Trespassing!' - Young Boy
Traumatized After Brave NYPD Officers Kick Him
Out of Restaurant For Not Having Vax Paper

mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Creating Spike
Proteins Forever By Permanently Altering
Kids DNA Warns Doctor

CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test
As a Valid Method for Detecting Confirmed
Covid-19 Cases


Endless Boosters Will Destroy Immune Function

Rand Paul - Fauci Is Responsible for 1,000s
of Monthly Covid Deaths

The Time Come For The Fulfillment
of the 'Third Secret of Fátima'

The Kamal Immediately Called Out
on Her Big Kwanzaa Claim

Delta's 'Karen' is Identified...Police Report Details
Reveal Incident With Former Playboy Bunny, Raiders
Cheerleader Is Worse Than Everyone Thought

They're called the Good Club - and they
want to save the world

Terrifying cyber weapon 'against which there
Is no defense' - Experts on NSO's spyware

China develops AI prosecutor that can
press criminal charges

Nimble Chinese satellite grabs hi-res images
of US city in seconds - researchers

Kissinger - AI will prompt consideration
of what it means to be human


Amazon's Alexa dishes out potentially
deadly challenge

The Woman Behind Hitler's Flying Saucers

Sounds Recorded From Juno's flyby Of
Jupiter's Moon Ganymede - Amazing

Space Force Now Allow Usage of Gender
Pronouns in Electronic Signatures

China hoards over half the world's grain
...pushing up global prices - Nikkei Asia

How Puerto Rico became a tax
haven for crypto millionaires

From real estate to inflation, here's what
to expect from the economy in 2022

Biggest Stock Market Crash Of Our Time
About To Burst With Brutal 80% Collapse

In Latest Ludicrous COVID Measures...
France Bans...Popcorn?

France's Naval Group Denies Knowledge About
Any Discussions Between Paris and Delhi on
Nuclear Subs


UK Defence Ministry Slammed Over 'Grandiose
Spending' on Hire Cars for Its Personnel

EU warns relationship with Swiss is
on the brink

Russia's 'Flying Laboratory' Reportedly Scrambled
to Shadow US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russia to Take Hardline Approach in Defending
National Interests at Talks With US - FM Lavrov

Ignorance of Russia among Western
elites is dangerous

Russian top diplomat stresses need to unite
and protect compatriots abroad

Defense chief praises achievements in
rearming Russian troops

Kiev, Washington 'Working' on Deal to
Supply More US Arms to Ukraine

Ukraine 'Enjoys' NATO-Masochist Relationship

Sputnik V counteracts Omicron strain to
high degree - Putin


China's aircraft carriers will operate
in the world's oceans, ex-colonel says

Putin, Xi to approve crucial political document
in Beijing, Chinese politician says

Strip flags and anthems from boycotters
at Beijing Olympics – Russian official

It's not China that's playing 'divide & rule' against the West

Taiwan furious as Nicaragua diplomatic
property is transferred to Beijing

NZ Clarifies That COVID Patients Can Be
Eligible for Euthanasia

India Approves Two New COVID Vaccines
Covovax and Corbevax, and Anti-Viral Drug
Molnupiravir for Use

Risk of Vaccinating Children Against COVID
Greater Than Benefits - Sr Indian Epidemiologist

Israel's Gantz - We won't let Iran move 'game-
changing' arms to proxies

Israel Launches Massive Attack On Syrian Port
...Fires Burn 14 Hours


US Soldiers to Remain in Iraq Despite
Official Pullout But Will It Stabilize
the War-Torn Nation?

Syria condemns 'dangerous' Israeli
plans to double Golan population

Second Israeli strike on Latakia port this
month, Syria reports major damage

The secret Israeli files revealing
massacres of Palestinians

5,000 wild cranes dead in massive
H5N1 bird flu outbreak in Israel

NFL legend John Madden dead at 85

Biden slips below Harris in latest poll

The Democrats Education Lunacies
Will Bring Back Trump

Georgia AG's Office Finds Dead People Voted
in 2020 Election But Debunks Trump's Claims

The bullshit that has destroyed San Francisco
is bad government.


You Know It's Bad When Grim Greta Slams Biden

GOP House Candidate Suggests Executing
Gen. Mark Milley on Air

Shooting Spree In Denver Leaves Four Dead
And Others Injured, Including Officer

Over 2 Million Rats Running Wild In NY City

Hollywood star admits to sleeping with
students in his acting classes

The Covid Lies Never Stop - Video

Snyder - The Great Worker Shortage Is Causing
Basic Services To Really Break Down All
Across America

Reminder - Members of Congress and Their
Staff Are Exempt From Biden's Vax Mandate

Fauci Says 'Masks Forever' On Airplanes

Biden Says Agrees With GOP Governors That
There is No 'Federal' Solution To Covid'

Coming To Grips With Trump And Big Pharma

Alex Jones Slams Trump On Covid BioWeapon
Says He's Either Ignorant Or The Most Evil
Man Who Has Ever Lived'

House Committee to Probe Trump Phone
Call Made Before Capitol Attack

Progressives Hound Biden To Build Back Better
By Executive Order, Starting With Gas

Ashley Biden's Diary - Will The FBI
Raid The New York Times?


Watch How The Kamal Doesn't Get The Death Jab
...See Nurses Hand With The Syringe - Video

They Are Working Relentlessly To Transform
Our Society Into A Dystopian Big Brother Hellhole

Ghislaine trial - jurors resume deliberations

40% decrease in US prison admissions in 2020
Because Of Communists In Government

Female Inmates Seek Protection from
Trans Women Sharing Prison Space

Suspect who murdered man walks after
DA gives him sweetheart deal

California nurses report 'overwhelming' number
of heart attacks And clotting in vaxed patients

Unvaxed NFL star hit with $100K in fines

Sweden Using Microchip Implants
That Track Covid-19 Vaccination Status

USAID Running Out of Money for Biden's
Pledge to Help Vaccinate World, Reports Say


3 yr old Baby Girl Dies One Day After
Receiving Pfizer BioWeapon

Anti-vax kickboxing king dies after
discharging himself from hospital

Boeing, Airbus sound alarm over 5G rollout

China complains about near misses
with SpaceX satellites

US Futures Hit All Time High As Santa Rally
Spreads Markets Cheer

European Gas And Power Prices Extend Slump
As LNG Flotilla From US Set To Arrive

Gazprom sets new record for gas supplies
to China on December 23

Ukraine's Former Prime Minister Reveals
'European' Gas Kiev Has Been Buying is
Actually Russian

Blaming EU Gas Crunch on Russia is Cheap &
Dishonest Way to Cover-Up Europe's Own Faults

Crossbow-Armed Man Tried To Assassinate
Queen Over 'Racial Discrimination'


Chorus Against Anti-Vaxxers Grows in
Premier League as Managers Hint at
Signing Only Jabbed Players

No New COVID Restrictions Before New Year,
British Government Says

Private PCR testing firms gaming UK
government Covid testing site

Switzerland makes gender change easy

Polish president vetoes bill that would have
affected US-owned channel

Celebrity Italian chef wins libel case
over 'insipid risotto'

Russian Defence Ministry - NATO Preparing for
Large-Scale High-Intensity Conflict With Moscow

NATO provocations may trigger armed conflict
Says Russian Defense Ministry

Ukraine may strike Russia first at
West's behest – MP

Biden Signs $768 Billion Defense Bill With $7
Billion For EU Deterrence and $300 Million for
Ukraine Aid


Amid Descent Into Irrelevancy, The Kamal Threatens
Russia With 'Sanctions Like You've Never Seen'

Russia doubts its demand to halt NATO's
eastward expansion will gain traction - Lavrov

NATO refusing to speak with Russia on
equal basis - Russian deputy defense minister

Russian Defense Ministry says NATO
expansion hurt European security

Lavrov - EU conducting political 'Kama sutra'

Russian FM Lavrov and WHO Chief Tedros
Discuss Registration of Vaccine Sputnik V

Russia's Anti-COVID Drug Can Tackle Delta
& Omicron Variants, Medication's Developer Says

China Ramping Up Electronic Warfare & Comm
Capabilities near South China Sea

Communist Cuba is a natural ally for China

What boycott? China says US officials have
applied for Winter Olympics visas


NZ okays euthanasia for COVID patients

CBH warns unvaccinated farmers, contractors
will not be allowed on sites from December 31

India sees renewed calls for crypto ban

Massive Tragedy - Brazilian Dams Break,
Ten More At Risk Of Collapse Amid Heavy Rain

Cocaine, Guns, & Gushers - Colombia's Oil
Industry Struggles To Reactivate

Israel sets precedent with fourth booster shot

Iran Demands The US Allow Crude Exports
As Nuclear Talks Resume

Aussie Banned From Leaving Israel Until
December 31, 9999 Unless He Pays
$3 Million in Child Support

Israeli minister under 24/7 protection over
threats from 'Jews'

India sees renewed calls for crypto ban


Winter storms leave thousands without power
in Pacific NW as Southern states swelter

A Whopping 25 Cops in a Single County
Arrested in 2021 from Child Rape to Bestiality

Top 20 Media Stories CNN's Brian Stelter
'Overlooked' On His Show Dedicated To
Media Stories

5 Things The Campus Left Decided
Was Racist In 2021

NYC - Black Man slashes woman, 48,
in the face, arms and hands With Box Cutter

Suspect who murdered man walks after
DA gives him sweetheart deal

New York Times Fails To Deliver Post-Christmas
Sunday Edition Due To Production Delays

US Boxer Shot Dead In Front Of His Family

'Traumatized' - US boxer shot dead in front
of his 3 children — RT Sport News


Update From UK Funeral Director John O'Looney
UK Deaths Soar From Destroyed Immune Systems

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Never More Brilliant, Lays The
Utter Truth Out - Autopsies Prove Vax BioWeapon
Caused Autoimmune Attacks And Death

Fauci - Vaccine Requirement for All Domestic
Air Travel 'Would Be Welcome' - Video

Experimental mRNA HIV Vaccine Said 'Safe'
Shows 'Promise' In Animals - Uhh...Why Do
We Need An HIV Vax? Is This Next?

FDA Authorization of Merck COVID Pill
Called 'Worst Decision in its History'

Kamala Harris Faces Plummeting Ratings
Amid Scrutiny as 'Second-In-Command'

Man whose call made Biden agree with
'Let's go Brandon' gets threats

The Kamal says 'democracy' is our biggest
national security threat...

With Hillary Clinton Finding A Way To Sneak In
The Back Door of The White House, The Kamal
Better Remember The 'Clinton Body Count'

2,400 Flights Canceled Since Christmas Eve
Over 'Crew Shortage' Excuse


Mass flight cancellations continue
as Omicron spreads

2022 Will Be A Year Unlike Any In Our Lifetimes

Soviet America - Rights Violated, Jan 6
Defendants Languish in Horrid Conditions

mRNA Vaccines Can Keep Creating Spike Proteins
Forever By Permanently Altering Kids DNA Warns
Canadian Doctor Daniel Nagase

US runs short on blood due to pandemic

Over 60% of Unvaxed Americans Have No Plans
of Ever Getting Covid BioWeapon Injection

NYT Editor, 49, Dies One Day After Moderna
Booster Shot - Boosted Right To The Morgue

20 Yr Old Suffers Memory Loss, Stroke
After Moderna BioWeapon - How many
Tens Of Millions More Have Been Ruined?

New Research Suggests Coronavirus Lingers
Throughout Body, Brain for Months

Alpha Covid variant mutates to evade innate
immune system – research


Nausea And Vomiting Named As
New Omicron symptoms

mRNA BioWeapon - They Want A
Backdoor Into Our Mind

The Top 10 Woke Tweets Of 2021

TikTok Moderators Sue After Being
'Traumatized' By Content

LG Electronics is Up to Develop 6G Technology

DoJ Antitrust Probes Into Apple, Google
Reportedly Delayed Due to Lack of Cash

Paralyzed man with brain chip posts
'first direct-thought' tweet

Video shows man directly hit by thunderbolt
This is Really Incredible To See - Watch

Meet Klaus Schwab's 2021 Class of
'Great Reset' Soldiers

Employers struggle to retain workers
amidst 'Great Resignation' in US


Less than 10% of Bitcoin left

All Of A Sudden, There Is A Rental Car
Supply Crisis

Your $1.7 billion of gold is now ours,
UK tells starving Venezuelans

Gold And Silver Prospects For 2022

Meme-token named after Elon Musk
beats Shiba Inu & Dogecoin

The Fed's Catch-22 Taper Is A Weapon
...Not A Policy Error

'Incredibly Strong' Demand For RVs Leads
To Another Month Of Blowout Shipments

Champagne Sales Soar To Record In 2021
Despite COVID Chaos

Global economy to top $100 trillion in 2022

Algerian player dies after collapsing on pitch
as spate of tragedies hit football


3 Soccer Players Die of Heart Issues In a Week

After two years of mass hysteria, are we finally
coming to our senses?

UK Mulls Door-To-Door Vaccination Squads

Wales, Scotland, NI Close Nightclubs As part
of New COVID-19 Restrictions

Belgium Man Arrested While Attempting To Get
9th Kill Shot On Behalf Of Others

French Slightly Less Proud to Be European
Than Germans, Italians, Poll Shows

BBC branded 'anti-Semitic' for 'insidious'

German Health Minister's Strange Unhealthy
Looking Behavior Creates Social Media Stir

Christmas Psychopath Turdeau Can't Take The
Day Off From 'Vaccine' Propaganda - Video

Watch 6 Million Face Evictions And Foreclosures As
Rental Prices Rising To Highest Level In Decades


France breaks 100,000 barrier for 24-hour
COVID infections - Using WHAT VIABLE TEST?

Yellow Vests Protest Against Macron's Policies

BoJo 'Warned' by Senior Tories Against Listening
to Michael Gove on COVID Policy

Expansion Of NATO Into Former USSR Members
Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Russia

Pentagon Plans For Actionable Intel Sharing
With Ukraine If Russians Attack

Minsk agreements are absolutely clear, with
no hidden agenda, says Kremlin spokesman

Arrest warrant issued for ex-Ukrainian
president – media

Ukrainian women up to 60 years old have
to register for military service

Putin signs bill outlawing Russia's other president

Russia to pick from range of responses if US,
NATO fail to guarantee its security - Putin


Putin on 'Red Lines' - West Has Pinned Russia
Into a Position Where It Has Nowhere to Fall Back To

Bridge - Russia Advises NATO To (Finally) Honor
Its 'Not One Inch Eastward' Pledge

Russia's Missile Launch May Make Notes
to West 'More Convincing', Kremlin Says

EU Seeking Compensation From Russia Over
Alleged Multi-Billion-Euro Violations of WTO Rules

West has no right to compensation for
counter sanctions – Russia

Germany's dangerous Russia gamble

Germany, US Reportedly at Odds Over Supposed
Threat of Russia 'Invading' Ukraine

Scientists Explain Phenomenon of 'Glowing'
Snow in the Russian Arctic - Photos

Alex Jones Wife, Erika Wulff Jones, Arrested
on Domestic Violence Charge

Enraged S Koreans Protest As post-vax
deaths spread across South Korea


China's local COVID cases hit 21-month high
driven by Xian outbreak

Chinese Astronauts of Shenzhou-13 Mission
Conduct - Second Spacewalk - State Media

Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake Shakes Japan's
Ryukyu Islands, EMSC Reports

Australians mistakenly receive
Covid negative results

Amid Rising Cases of Omicron, India Approves
Booster Dose, Vaccine for Children

India to consider stopping new
coal plants construction

Brazil severe storms prompt dam collapse

Triple jabbed Israeli PM Self-Isolates as
vaxed Daughter Tests Positive For COVID

Anti-vax mandate protesters rally outside
Israeli PM's house

40 Years Ago Israel Extended Sovereignty Over
The Golan Heights & Here's The Man Who Stood
Behind It


Clip Shows Iranian Missile Attack on Target
That Looks Suspiciously Similar to Israeli
Nuclear Plant - Video

Iran stages mock attack on Israeli
nuclear facility - Video

Syrian Air Defenses Shoot Down a Barrage
of Israeli Missiles

Democratic Republic of Congo suicide bomb
attack cuts Christmas celebrations short

Anti-Apartheid Leader Desmond Tutu
Dies At 90

Wim Hof - Solari Hero of the Year 2021
...With Catherine Austin Fitts - Video

Special Solari Report With Catherine Austin Fitts
The Codex Oera Linda Book with Jan Ott - Video

How to Connect With Your Grandchildren

Top 15 Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

NY Doctor Gets 'Interrogated', Loses Job
After Removing 'Large Missile-Shaped'
Object From Man's Rectum


Vile, Worthless Trump doubles down on COVID
Vax (BioWeapon) - tells Candace Owens It's
'one of the greatest achievements of mankind'

Gift for Biden? Manchin Reportedly Tells Him
How Build Back Better Could Be Saved

Omicron Fear Porn Disrupts Holiday Plans of
Millions as Thousands of Flights Canceled

Hillary Clinton Met With Kamala Harris
In The White House

Alex Jones wife arrested on domestic
violence charge

Judge Orders NY Times To Remove Story On
Project Veritas Based On Confidential Memos

La Palma volcano stops erupting after
85 days of destruction

Benjamin Bushcraft Bear Christmas Greetings
From La Palma - Cumbre Vieja Eruption Over

Thirty-three members of Congress sit on
advisory board tied to the CCP

Epstein was blackmailing politicians for
Israel's Mossad, new book claims


Wigington - The Gravity And Danger Of What We
Face On Countless Fronts Can't Be Overstated
Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 12-25-21

Charts show the Number Of Vaxed Americans
aligns ominously With Deagel.com's forecast
depopulation numbers for 2025

Lies Damn Lies and Hospitalisation Statistics
blatant abuse of stat's to justify mRNA abuses

The Mechanisms of Action of IVERMECTIN
against SARS-CoV-2

Triple-Vaxed 4.5 Times More Likely to Test
Positive For Omicron Than Unvaxed

Jabbed Pilots NOT Lawfully Allowed to Fly

Maskless Karen Punches Passenger, Clawing
And Spitting Oh Him For Not Wearing A Mask

Experimental mRNA HIV vaccine safe
shows promise in animals

32 yr old Olympic diver dead 19 weeks
after COVID Bioweapon Injection

A Post-Apocalypse Christmas Story


The 'Vaccine' Is A Depopulation Weapon Says
Top Pfizer Scientist, Dr. Michael Yeadon

'Vaccines' Don't Stop COVID Spread

LeBron James posts controversial meme comparing
COVID, flu, and common cold

49 Yr old Wall St Journal and NYT writer
posts booster shot photo on Instagram
...Is dead hours later

MSNBC columnist calls for end of NORAD
Santa tracker 'out of concern for Santa's
safety' from US military

0The Gifts Of The Maji - Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh

'Alexa, You're Fired' - A Quarter Of Users
Abandon Spying Devices Within 2 Weeks

Boosting AI research - Will artificial brains
replace human ones?

Human-like robot's reaction 'freaks out' creators


NASA looks to religious scholars for answers

2022 will start with a bus-sized asteroid
approaching Earth

Cash Is King For Christmas

The Christmas Baby Born In A Police State
...Then & Now

Ex-Austrian Chancellor Kurz to Take Up
Job in Silicon Valley, Reports Say

Germany's Surrender To The Greens Forced
A Second Surrender To Russia

As Europe Faces Soaring Energy Prices,
British Press Claims Russia is to Blame

Armed intruder detained at Windsor Castle
where queen is spending Christmas

COVID Restrictions Questioned As Omicron
Related Hospitalizations Remain Low

UK Does Not Advise Vaccines For 5-11
Year Olds, While US Starts To Mandate Them


Lancet Editor Comes Clean, Admits He Knew
Peter Daszak Had 'Significant, Regrettable'
Conflicts Of Interest

US Reportedly Mulls Giving Ukraine Battlefield Intel
Which Kiev Could Use for First Strike on Russia

Western Media Says Russia Is Deploying
Mercenaries To East Ukraine

Russia withdraws 10,000 troops from
Ukrainian border regions

Diplomat refutes claims that NATO non-expansion
won't be discussed at talks

Klarenberg - Declassified documents show
how US lied to Russia about NATO in 1990s

Russia needs more people – Putin

Genetics as priority - Russian universities aim
to become global research giants

World's first bus-train starts rolling in Japan

Unvaxxed backpacker prompts stay-at-home
orders during Australian holidays


Israel Begins Rollout For Fourth Covid Shot

Taliban bans playing music in cars

Yemeni rebels threaten Saudi Arabia
with more attacks

Mali debunks Europe's, Canada's accusations
of Russian PMC deployment

Why the Communists Don't Like Christmas

Caller Tells Biden 'Let's go Brandon' And Biden
Says, 'Let's Go Brandon, I Agree!' - Watch

Deranged Trump Tells Candace Owens 'People
Aren't Dying When They Take The Vaccine,'
Claims He Saved '100 Million People'

Remarkably Awkward Chat With A Pharmacist - Watch

US warned about impending 140 million
new Covid cases (Oh, please! There Isn't even
A viable test!)

Thousands stranded at US airports due to
'Covid staff shortages' - Or Pilots Who May Die?

This Will Really Ruin Lord Fauci's Christmas

Watch - MSNBC 'Doctor' Calls For Denying
Medical Care To The Unvaxed

More US Marines kicked out for refusing Kill Shot

White House Abandons Southern African Travel
Will Let Full Travel Into US Resume

'Biden Seems Confused' - CNN Openly Questions
President's Cognitive Health After Yet Another Slip Up


Did Jan 6 kick-start the end of US democracy?

Poll Workers Sue Giuliani, OAN Over
Election Fraud Claims

Two Democrats Thank Police After Being
Carjacked In Separate Incidents Just Hours Apart

Trump slams 'wacko' Midler over her comment
on 'illiterate' red state

Watch Pickaxe-Wielding Woman Casually
Shoplifting in LA Drugstore

'A Woman Is A Woman, Man Is A Man'
Putin Vows To Protect Russia From
West's 'Gender Obscurantism'

Rolling Blackouts Spread Across Europe
Amid Energy Crisis

DeSantis - The New World Order Is the
Reason Why China Got So Powerful

The Inevitability Of Kamala Harris

Give Us Mob Rule (song parody)


Two Doses of Pfizer or Moderna Fail to Protect
Against Omicron After 6 Months - Scientists (Yawn)

President Putin - I Will Never Allow the
'New World Order' To Pervert Nature
There Are Only TWO Genders

Elon Musk - 'Woke' Culture Is an Evil Cancer

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million
For Allowing Banned Content

Apple employees urged to stage walkout
on Christmas Eve

Apple payment system ruled a monopoly
in Netherlands

Amazon denied sick leave to workers
who later died – rights group

Record 1.7 Million People in UK Tested Positive
for COVID-19 Last Week - With WHAT TEST?

Strike Action Disrupts Christmas Eve Trains
in England, Scotland

1 in 3 Brits think pandemic will last forever – poll


Over 40% of Britons Believe It Takes at Least
1 Year to Curb COVID-19 Pandemic, Poll Shows

UK Mobile Operators Concerned as Govt Asks
to Send Vaccination Alerts - Report

Brits using Covid 'as weapon' against police – report

Dutch Prime Minister Says Started Booster
Vaccination Campaign Too Late

Vaccines Do Not Stop COVID-19 Spread As
Governments Claim

Austria pushing 4th Covid-19 vaccine to health workers

India's Holiest River Was Dumping Ground for
Dead During Second COVID Wave

The ECB Has Launched The Japanization Of
Europe...And Now It Cannot Back Down

Spain set to outlaw smoking on beaches

BoJo can 'get away with things' that 'mere mortals'
can't - ex-PM Cameron says


Exporting LGBTQ+ Propaganda is
New-Age Colonialism

Young Brits want gay, black or female Santa – poll

US sending thousands of military personnel
to Ukrainian front lines – Moscow

Russia beefing up military on Ukraine's border – Janes

Ukrainian 'Nazis' Now control Zelensky - Putin

Russia Will Respond With 'Adequate Military Measures'
to Hostile Actions by the West, Moscow Warns

'Deceitful' - Russian diplomat not buying Kiev's
claims to de-escalate tensions in Donbass

Russia Carries Out Successful Test Launch
of Zircon Hypersonic Missile - Putin

British Mercs Have Infested Ukraine, Former Ukraine
Security Service Officer Claims

French Warship Said In Ukraine's Port of Odessa


Ukrainian court rules to detain former
President Poroshenko — report

Top Ukrainian official says Kiev regularly
contacts Washington to coordinate moves

Almost 70% of Ukrainians Believe Zelensky
Should Not Run for New Term, Poll Shows

EU & Ukraine ask to join talks on future
of European security

Sweden's, Finland's NATO Accession Would
Lead to 'Adequate Response' From Russia

Estonian President Opposes Discussions
on Russia's Security Proposals

Russian Foreign Ministry Summons
Ukraine's Charge D'Affairs

Russians Name President Putin
Politician of the Year, Poll Shows

Russia Will Waive Visas for Fans to
Attend 2022 UEFA Champions League Final

Russian Soldier Arrested on Suspicion of
Treason and Working for Ukraine


China's message is clear - 'If you hit us…
we'll hit back harder'

Diplomat Ryabkov to West - 'Don't underrate resolve
by Moscow, Beijing to defend their interests'

Beijing Says There's 'No Limit' to Russia-China
Cooperation After Putin Touts Strategic Partnership

China Says US Claims of Forced Labour
in Xinjiang 'Fabricated'

Beijing 'Concerned' by India's Income Tax
Raids on Chinese Mobile Firms

China exerts global rare earths dominance

Western mass media consumers are as
propagandized as North Koreans

India's Holiest River Was Dumping Ground for
Dead During Second COVID Wave

US Navy Intercepts Huge Cache Of Arms
From Iran Near Yemen On 'Stateless Ship'

Israeli Foreign Minister Suggests Contingency
Plan If Vienna Talks Fail


Israel Concerned With Growing Antisemitism
in Europe, Foreign Minister Lapid Says

In stern warning to Israel, IRGC says will cut off
Zionists hands in case of blunder

Iran fires missiles on last day of massive drills
with stark warning to Israel

Watch Simultaneous Launch of Over a Dozen
Ballistic Missiles by Iran in Drills Aimed at Israel

Dozens of Palestinians injured in anti-settlement
protests in West Bank

South Africa Eases COVID Restrictions
After Omicron Peaks

Trans man slams nurses for 'mother' label
after giving birth

'I was expelled as a therapist for my
gender critical views'

Gender-swapped Ghostbusters director surprised
his film isn't in the Ultimate Collection

Peter Dinklage Reveals How His 'Politically
Correct' Critics Were 'Politically Wrong'


Illegitimate, Illegal, Fraud 'President' Biden
declares he will run in 2024 if he's healthy
enough - Incredible

Biden Admin Studying How to Fight to the
Last Ukrainian If Moscow Overruns Them

Biden's Freudian slip - Is The US Military About To
Be Deployed Against The American People?

Fauci - If Your Family Member Is Unvaxed,
Tell Them Not To Show Up

Bannon - 'War On The Unvaxed Is About To Start'

Prikspijt - New Dutch Word Of The Year
Translates To 'Vaccine Regret'

Washington DC to introduce vaccine
passports in January

Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID Vaccine -
US Army's Single 'Vax' Against All COVID-19
& SARS Variants - Getting funnier by the day

The Head of WHO Says 'Some Countries Are
Using Boosters to Kill Children' — Video

'No Country Can Boost Its Way Out' - WHO Warns
Biden Plan Could 'Prolong' Pandemic


The FBI Declassifies Files on The McMartin
Pre-school Child Trafficking Case

The Kamal says media would treat her better
if she were a white man - What a moron

Satanism on the Rise - Demon Statue Installed
Alongside Nativity Scene in Illinois Capitol

We live in the shadow of top secret US
mountain base – we see UFOs all the time
And ETs take our cattle

Can't Buy Or Sell Without The Chip Soon?
Infrared Scanners Installed In Markets - Watch

US Approves $108 Million Sale of
Hellfire Missiles to Australia

Study - 'Omicron' Variant Has 80% Lower
Risk of Hospitalization

Lancet Editor Admits Peter Daszak Has
'Significant, Regrettable' Conflicts Of Interest

Super-luxurious cruise ship blocked from
2 Caribbean ports over Covid outbreak

Thousands Of Parents Refused to Comply,
CA School Dist Reverses Child Vax Mandate


RINO MD Gov Larry Hogan Halts Monoclonal
Antibody Treatment for COVID-19 at Behest
of Biden Regime

Athlete collapses And deaths following
BioWeapon Injections

Braindead Biden Declares Victory Over Christmas
Supply-Chain Crisis From The White House

As Used Car Prices Hit Another Record High
Here's What Goldman Thinks Happens Next

Musk explains why his wealth is no 'deep mystery'

130 Groups Ask CFTC To Shut Down
'Dystopian' Water Futures Market

Report - Funds Moving Away from
'Old Analog Gold' to Bitcoin

Rabobank - This Will Be The Biggest Challenge
For Businesses, Households, Policymakers In 2022

US Consumer Prices Up 5.7% in Year to
November, Fastest Gain in 39 Years

Belgium to part ways with nuclear plants by 2025


European Gas Drops 18% As US Sends LNG Flotilla

West 'keeps lying' about gas crisis being
Russia's fault – Putin

Both Strings of Nord Stream 2 to Be Under
Operating Pressure by End of 2021, Gazprom
CEO Says

Send more Russian gas through our pipes
– Ukraine tells EU

Putin Links European Gas Crunch to EU
Buying on Spot Markets

UK Energy Bills Could Increase by 50%
in 2022

Gazprom does not book Yamal-Europe pipeline capacity for fourth day in a row

UK Woman Describes Autoimmune Symptoms,
Blood Clots After COVID BioWeapon

England Hospital Units May Close as Staff
Revolt Over Injection Compulsion

'Dr. Death' proposes implant that would
kill user if not turned off


Dutch GPs prescribe ivermectin
as a Covid cure despite ban

Commucrats resisting anti-vote fraud probes
And reforms nationwide

Germany Confirms First Omicron Death While
Italy, Spain Revive Outdoor Mask Mandates

France's Scientific Council has said it expects to
see hundreds of thousands of new Covid-19 cases
every day in January

London Tube faces longest strike ever

France's Macron, Italy's Draghi Call for Fiscal
Reforms in the EU on Path to COVID Recovery

Mir-19 anti-coronavirus medicine recommended
for use by people aged from 18 to 65

Putin says US needs to realize it won't
contain China's development

Putin names Russia's number one partner

Putin Slams 'Unacceptable' US Boycott of Beijing
Winter Games as Attempt To Harm China Growth


Russia's battles on world stage laid bare
by Foreign Minister in RT interview

Russian Su-35 edged out by US, French jets

Russia could not turn away Crimea, show lack
of will amid developments in Donbass — Putin

Putin reveals thinking behind 2014 moves in Crimea

Zelensky comes under influence of
radical elements — Putin

Ukrainian President Zelensky summoned to
court over ex-President Poroshenko's lawsuit

EU condemns Ukraine for detention of
opposition leader – media

Japan to Allow Autonomous Driving Services
in Certain Areas, Reports Say

Biden Signs Bill to Ban Imports from
China's Xinjiang Into Law

Intel Apologises in China Over Xinjiang
Supplier Advice


China to Send Police to Help Solomon
Islands Curb Riots

China Disappears Tiananmen Square
Memorial in Hong Kong

US Approves $108 Million Sale of Hellfire
Missiles to Australia

Sydney residents continue to wear masks
even after NSW dropped mask mandate

Delhi Chief Braces for 100,000 COVID-19 Cases
Daily as Omicron Spreads Through India

US Intel Claims Saudi Arabia Is Building
Its Own Ballistic Missiles With China - Report

Israeli Police Say Probing Every Incident of
Vandalism at Christian Sites

Israeli lawmaker pulls gun on Arab security guards

African health chief sends foreboding
message about Omicron

Senators Intro Bill to Strip Funding from Cities
that Grant Foreigners the Right to Vote


Trooper Who Shared Meal with Homeless
Woman Has Been Relieved of Duty

Salvation Army Doubles Down on Promoting
Social Justice, Backs Soros-ANTIFA 'Bail
Project' Front

Celebrating Joy and Hope

Frankincense and Myrrh – The Scents of Heaven

The Twelve Holy Nights

Austria is activating the bots

Poor oral health linked to wide
variety of diseases and mental illness

Medical marijuana and autism -
'I'm getting my boy back' mom says

'America's dirty secret' is a public health
nightmare for Alabama residents

Merck's new 'miracle' covid drug found to cause
cancerous mutations in hamster experiments

Harvard's Dr. Charles Lieber - nanowires, DoD,
CCP, Wuhan, Covid, 5G, carbon nanotubes (CNT),
military vaccines, SpFN Spike Ferritin Nanoparticles
Found Guilty On All Charges...

US doctor - Omicron 2nd most contagious virus
known to mankind, 2nd only to the Measles!

No, we still won't eat the bugs!

US life expectancy in 2020 has suffered 2 yr Drop

Amazon Limits Sales of Self-Test Kits for
COVID-19 to 10 Per Buyer - Reports

What If the Biggest Solar Storm on
Record Happened Today?

150 Yrs Ago - The Worst Solar Storm Ever

The Dying Dollar

Biden Admin Extends Moratorium On
Student Loan Payments Through May 1


Musk blasts California tax as he dumps more stock

Tesla probed over crash-risky gameplay feature

Biden Says Gas Prices Are Coming Down To
Historic Averages...There Is Just One Problem...

WTF WTI? Oil Spikes After Biggest Gasoline
Inventory Build In 6 Months

UK Natural Gas Prices Hit New High,
Trigger 'Marketwide Crisis'

Norway Study - 98% of COVID Infections
Were Vaccinated

France extends Covid vaccination to
children aged 5-11

New UK Covid infections top 100,000 in
a single day for first time

Finland to Reestablish Border Control With
Other EU Nations From 28 December Amid
Omicron Surge

EU Sets 9 Month Expiration Date For
Vaccine Passports


Germany's ethics council backs
mandatory vaccination

Austria Hiring People To 'Hunt
Down Vaccine Refusers'

Austria Unleashes its Vaccine Gestapo

Ryanair CEO Calls For Unvaccinated
'Idiots' To Be Ostracised From Society

UK Cuts COVID-19 Self-Isolation
Period to 7 Days

Absurd New Welsh COVID Rules Fine
People For Going To Work But They Can
Go To The Pub

Thousands of Earthquakes Hit Iceland
Days After Volcano Eruption Ends

Piton de la Fournaise Volcano on France's Reunion Island Shows Signs of Eruption

US Mercenaries Preparing Donbass 'Provocation'

US and Britain Help Ukraine Prepare for
Potential Russian Cyberassault


Russia Says 'Provocative Activity' by US, NATO
in Black Sea Aims to Hamper Nord Stream 2

Ukraine pledges to stop Nord Stream 2

Italy's Draghi Says Europe Has No Capabilities
to Impose Sanctions on Russia in Gas Field

Berlin forces EU satellite operator to take RT's
German TV broadcast off air

Moscow may mirror Western restrictions
on Russia media – Lavrov

Russia tired of smug lectures from Germany

US brings botulinum toxin to Ukraine
Says Donetsk Republic

Russia Slams US for 'Distorting Reality' by
Blaming Moscow for Ukraine Escalation

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Question
s Jens Stoltenberg's Fitness for NATO Chief Post

Moscow reveals preparations for possible conflict


Russia gets nuclear boost in the Pacific

Russian Police get more powers under new law

COVID-19 Situation allows for holding Putin's
news conference face-to-face — Kremlin

Sputnik Light - 100% of People Given Booster
Jab Develop High Level of Antibodies, Study Says

China fires up its 'artificial sun'

Millions of people sent into Covid
lockdown in China

Australia Outlines New Measures to Avoid
Lockdowns Amid Spread of Omicron Variant

NZ - All I Want For Christmas

Erdogan touts Turkovac to world

Omicron Wave Peaks In SA


Creeper Joe Stealthily Handed A Tube
Of Andrenochrome? Watch Closely - Video

Watch Trump Admit His Complicity In The Deaths
Of Millions, Billions - Trump Doubles Down On Death

Biden COUGHS and clears throat through
Omicron speech at White House after he
was exposed to aide with Covid

Mask Wearing Is Lethal - Watch

Dr. Vernon Coleman - Face Masks Cause Cancer
Here's The Proof - Video

Dallas crowd HECKLES Trump and Bill O'Reilly
when they claim they got booster shots

Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partied together
Early On

Trump flew seven times on Epstein's private
Lolita Express jet, flight logs reveal

1 in 100 Vaxed Individuals Were Admitted to
Hospital or Died with Arrhythmia During Study

WHO says to cancel holiday plans
due to Omicron

Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago Has Seen over 800
Homicides since Beginning of 2021


Hero Citizen In OH chased down a man who
snatched a purse from an 87 yr old woman
Deshawn Pressley Honored With Citizen's Award

The Dying Dollar

US Mercenaries Preparing Donbass 'Provocation'

Joe Manchin Saves America

Biden Will 'Work Like Hell' to Get BBB
Through After Manchin Killed Bill

McConnell Says GOP 'Welcome' Manchin in
The Party 'If He Was So Inclined'

Lest We Forget The Predictive Programming
Of The Bizarre 2012 Olympics Opening - Watch

Watch - Pelosi Startled, Abruptly Leaves Podium
At Press Event After 'Let's Go Brandon' Chant

It's Official - Durham Is Investigating Clinton Campaign

Alex Jones sues Pelosi, US Capitol riot committee

Biden Admin. to Close Gaps of Unfinished
Wall on US-Mexico Border

Bayer executive - mRNA shots are 'gene therapy'
marketed as 'vaccines' to gain public trust

Tucker Carlson Slams 'Pedo Outbreak' At CNN


Updated - Watch Dr Judy Mikovits Moving
Memorial To Her Husband, David - This Is
A Very Special, Loving Tribute - Video

BioWeapons are now Exterminating Dumb Dems
While Invaders are PROTECTED from Injections so
they can replace dead Democrats! See The Plan?

Omicron is Not Normal - Everything suggests
this variant was leaked from a laboratory
engaged in gain-of-function research

Gates, Fauci, Daszak charged with Genocide in
Court Filing - Nothing will happen, except those
who filed may die sooner than They expected

New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite
Detention of Unvaxed at Governor's Whim

Fauci's War on Science - The Smoking Gun

School District in New York Sends out Email
Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in
Students Grades K-12

Ben Garrison Exposes The Elephant In The Room
Increased 'Covid' Deaths In Fully-Vaxed

COVID Outbreak Hits Fully Vaxed
On World's Largest Cruise Ship

'Sputnik V' Is the Model Great Reset Drug
With the Most Obvious Direct Ties to the World
Economic Forum


Social credit - the dark side of blockchain
the block chain is the ultimate Chain Of Slavery

CIA Consultant: US 'Closer to Civil War'
Than Most People Would Like to Believe

Schumer Pledges to 'Do Something' on Biden
Agenda Amid Manchin's Opposition to BBB

Biden Staff Did 'Inexcusable' Things - Manchin

Trump Sues New York Attorney General to
Stop Probe Into His Business Practices

Trump Attacks Own Supporters for Not Endorsing
His COVID-19 Vaccines – Republicans 'Opposing'
Mandates Own Stock in Pfizer, Moderna, J&J

Biden Popularity Falls Even More

Omicron is not normal - it looks man made

Resurrect Dead on Saturn - Surrogates
In The Metaverse Future

Wooldridge - At This Christmas Hour
...Maximize Your Spiritual Self


Quick-Spreading Omicron Variant Now Dominant
COVID-19 Strain in US, Making Up 73% of Cases

26 Year Old's Death From Heart Inflammation
'Probably' Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Authorities Say

Covid-19 Omicron variant may damage lungs
less than Delta

Delta is Holding its Own Against Omicron
Why This Shows Us Natural Immunity at Work

US Judge Blocks Biden Admin COVID-19
Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

Biden's Vax Mandate Chaos Leaves
Employers With Whiplash

GOP Back Navy SEALS in Federal Suit
Seeking Religious Exemption to Vax Mandate

Biden staffer tests positive for Covid

Washington, DC reimposes Covid emergency

'I just want to make sure' - Travelers line up
for COVID-19 testing in Washington


Wooldridge - At This Christmas Hour...
Maximize Your Spiritual Self

US Senators Call for Probe on Amazon
Over Unfair Dismissals, Tornado Deaths

World's Most Prestigious Medical Journal Roasts
Facebook Over 'Inaccurate, Incompetent &
Irresponsible' Fact Check

Why Ted Cruz Wants Bitcoin Miners
In The Lone Star State

Scale of Russian investment in
cryptocurrency revealed

Communist Psychopath Turdeau Outdoes Himself

Europe Certifies Crickets, Worms And
Grasshoppers As Edible Food Amid
Soaring Food Prices

Irish Grandma Who Violated Face Diaper
Rules to Be Imprisoned for 6 Months

WHO chief offers life or death holiday warning

London Cancels New Year's Celebrations in
Trafalgar Square Amid Omicron Fears


England hospital units may close as staff
revolt over jab mandate, says NHS leader

Scientists call for urgent inquiry into care
home residents who died of 'broken hearts'

Wife of President Macron Is Going to Sue Those
Who Spread Rumors About Alleged Gender Change

Covid culture of fear is the greatest threat to
freedom in the 21st century

Swedish Company Creates Vaccine
Passport Microchip Implant

Russia to React Proportionately If NATO Deploys
Strike Weapons, Deputy FM Says

Ukraine targets 2nd opposition leader with
'treason' case, Poroshenko follows Medvedchuk

Rossiya Segodnya Head Kiselev Warns West
Against Repeating Cuban Crisis in Situation
With Ukraine

US actions overseas require public attention
...Russian Ambassador

Swedish Defence Minister on Russia's Security
Requirements: 'Unacceptable'


US Advises Citizens to Avoid Travel to Ukraine
Due to 'Increased Threats From Russia'

Why is the EU backing Navalny but
ignoring Assange?

Russia promises 'military response'
to any further NATO expansion

Russia forced to take radical steps by actions
on Ukraine, other states — senior diplomat

Moscow Needs Urgent Response From US
on Security Guarantees Proposals, Deputy FM

US elites largely to blame for world conflicts —
Russian Security Council's experts

Norwegian FM Calls Russia's Security Proposals
'Completely Unrealistic'

Russia shows German diplomats the door

EU demands inclusion in Russia &
US-NATO security talks

US-China Sanctions War Shifts to Drone
Manufacturers & Big Data - Report


Severe Weather Wrecks Top
Southeast Asian Port

Donald Trump Jr. explains why China
Is not intimidated by US military

Japan agrees to pay more for
hosting US troops

All I Want For Christmas...In New Zealand

Australia rules out COVID-19 lockdowns
despite Omicron surge

US Approves $108 Million Sale of
Hellfire Missiles to Australia

The Vaxxed Are Dying In Australia

Watch Massive dust storm engulf Australian town

Iranian general vows broad, decisive response
against any Israeli attack on nuclear, military sites

Iran Conducts Air Defence Drills Above
Bushehr Nuclear Facility


Iran's IRGC stages massive military exercise
along southern shores

Iran VP - Europeans just stood by as US
violated commitments under JCPOA

Israel razes Palestinian Bedouin village for
'196th time'

US Prepares Additional Options on Iran
in Case Diplomacy Fails

Tehran Says US Made No Proposals for
Iran Nuclear Deal at Vienna Talks

South African Officials Advise End To
Contact-Tracing, Quarantining Because
Most Don't Experience Any Symptoms

Emotional Stabilizators

The Beautiful Astronomy of Winter Solstice

Biblical Stories of Jesus' Birth Reveal
Intriguing Clues about His Times

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Shakes
Northern California, USGS Reports


Updated - Watch Dr Judy Mikovits Moving
Memorial To Her Husband, David - This Is
A Very Special, Loving Tribute - Video

BioWeapons are now Exterminating Dumb Dems
While Invaders are PROTECTED from Injections so
they can replace dead Democrats! See The Plan?

Omicron is Not Normal - Everything suggests
this variant was leaked from a laboratory
engaged in gain-of-function research

Gates, Fauci, Daszak charged with Genocide in
Court Filing - Nothing will happen, except those
who filed may die sooner than They expected

New York Legislation Provides for Indefinite
Detention of Unvaxed at Governor's Whim

Fauci's War on Science - The Smoking Gun

School District in New York Sends out Email
Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in
Students Grades K-12

Ben Garrison Exposes The Elephant In The Room
Increased 'Covid' Deaths In Fully-Vaxed

COVID Outbreak Hits Fully Vaxed
On World's Largest Cruise Ship

'Sputnik V' Is the Model Great Reset Drug
With the Most Obvious Direct Ties to the World
Economic Forum


Social credit - the dark side of blockchain
the block chain is the ultimate Chain Of Slavery

CIA Consultant: US 'Closer to Civil War'
Than Most People Would Like to Believe

Schumer Pledges to 'Do Something' on Biden
Agenda Amid Manchin's Opposition to BBB

Biden Staff Did 'Inexcusable' Things - Manchin

Trump Sues New York Attorney General to
Stop Probe Into His Business Practices

Trump Attacks Own Supporters for Not Endorsing
His COVID-19 Vaccines – Republicans 'Opposing'
Mandates Own Stock in Pfizer, Moderna, J&J

Biden Popularity Falls Even More

Omicron is not normal - it looks man made

Resurrect Dead on Saturn - Surrogates
In The Metaverse Future

Wooldridge - At This Christmas Hour
...Maximize Your Spiritual Self


Quick-Spreading Omicron Variant Now Dominant
COVID-19 Strain in US, Making Up 73% of Cases

26 Year Old's Death From Heart Inflammation
'Probably' Caused by Pfizer COVID Vaccine
Authorities Say

Covid-19 Omicron variant may damage lungs
less than Delta

Delta is Holding its Own Against Omicron
Why This Shows Us Natural Immunity at Work

US Judge Blocks Biden Admin COVID-19
Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

Biden's Vax Mandate Chaos Leaves
Employers With Whiplash

GOP Back Navy SEALS in Federal Suit
Seeking Religious Exemption to Vax Mandate

Biden staffer tests positive for Covid

Washington, DC reimposes Covid emergency

'I just want to make sure' - Travelers line up
for COVID-19 testing in Washington


Wooldridge - At This Christmas Hour...
Maximize Your Spiritual Self

US Senators Call for Probe on Amazon
Over Unfair Dismissals, Tornado Deaths

World's Most Prestigious Medical Journal Roasts
Facebook Over 'Inaccurate, Incompetent &
Irresponsible' Fact Check

Why Ted Cruz Wants Bitcoin Miners
In The Lone Star State

Scale of Russian investment in
cryptocurrency revealed

Communist Psychopath Turdeau Outdoes Himself

Europe Certifies Crickets, Worms And
Grasshoppers As Edible Food Amid
Soaring Food Prices

Irish Grandma Who Violated Face Diaper
Rules to Be Imprisoned for 6 Months

WHO chief offers life or death holiday warning

London Cancels New Year's Celebrations in
Trafalgar Square Amid Omicron Fears


England hospital units may close as staff
revolt over jab mandate, says NHS leader

Scientists call for urgent inquiry into care
home residents who died of 'broken hearts'

Wife of President Macron Is Going to Sue Those
Who Spread Rumors About Alleged Gender Change

Covid culture of fear is the greatest threat to
freedom in the 21st century

Swedish Company Creates Vaccine
Passport Microchip Implant

Russia to React Proportionately If NATO Deploys
Strike Weapons, Deputy FM Says

Ukraine targets 2nd opposition leader with
'treason' case, Poroshenko follows Medvedchuk

Rossiya Segodnya Head Kiselev Warns West
Against Repeating Cuban Crisis in Situation
With Ukraine

US actions overseas require public attention
...Russian Ambassador

Swedish Defence Minister on Russia's Security
Requirements: 'Unacceptable'


US Advises Citizens to Avoid Travel to Ukraine
Due to 'Increased Threats From Russia'

Why is the EU backing Navalny but
ignoring Assange?

Russia promises 'military response'
to any further NATO expansion

Russia forced to take radical steps by actions
on Ukraine, other states — senior diplomat

Moscow Needs Urgent Response From US
on Security Guarantees Proposals, Deputy FM

US elites largely to blame for world conflicts —
Russian Security Council's experts

Norwegian FM Calls Russia's Security Proposals
'Completely Unrealistic'

Russia shows German diplomats the door

EU demands inclusion in Russia &
US-NATO security talks

US-China Sanctions War Shifts to Drone
Manufacturers & Big Data - Report


Severe Weather Wrecks Top
Southeast Asian Port

Donald Trump Jr. explains why China
Is not intimidated by US military

Japan agrees to pay more for
hosting US troops

All I Want For Christmas...In New Zealand

Australia rules out COVID-19 lockdowns
despite Omicron surge

US Approves $108 Million Sale of
Hellfire Missiles to Australia

The Vaxxed Are Dying In Australia

Watch Massive dust storm engulf Australian town

Iranian general vows broad, decisive response
against any Israeli attack on nuclear, military sites

Iran Conducts Air Defence Drills Above
Bushehr Nuclear Facility


Iran's IRGC stages massive military exercise
along southern shores

Iran VP - Europeans just stood by as US
violated commitments under JCPOA

Israel razes Palestinian Bedouin village for
'196th time'

US Prepares Additional Options on Iran
in Case Diplomacy Fails

Tehran Says US Made No Proposals for
Iran Nuclear Deal at Vienna Talks

South African Officials Advise End To
Contact-Tracing, Quarantining Because
Most Don't Experience Any Symptoms

Emotional Stabilizators

The Beautiful Astronomy of Winter Solstice

Biblical Stories of Jesus' Birth Reveal
Intriguing Clues about His Times

Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Shakes
Northern California, USGS Reports


'This Is A No' - Manchin Announces He
Won't Vote For Build Back Better

Time To Lock Down The Vaxed Now
That They Are The Super-Spreaders?

REVEALED - CDC Massively Inflated Number
of 'Vaccinated' Americans - What Will They
Release Next? Marburg? Small Pox? Soon...

LEAKED - Fauci, NIH Head Planned
'Devastating Takedown' of All US
Non-Compliant Physicians

Fauci Doubts If Masks On Airplanes Will Ever Stop

Vaccine mandates, staff 'burnout' thin healthcare
workforce, as states turn to National Guard And
The Designed Destruction Of America Continues

The World Has Now Entered The First Of
Four Major Phases Of Chaos And Financial

SC AG - Biden claimed a nonexistent 'federal
police power' to impose vaccine mandates

People Don't 'Trust the Science' Because
Too Many Scientists Are Liars With Agendas

Emails reveal Fauci's effort to 'smear' Great
Barrington Declaration anti-lockdown scientists


Judge Hands Down Big Win to Gen Flynn
...Will Allow His Family to Sue CNN

Police have arrested 6 Black men responsible
for 70 attacks on Asian women

Three arrested for murder after dumping OD'd
models bodies outside LA hospitals

InnovaFeed building world's largest fly
farm in Illinois For FOOD 'Ingredients'

The 5 signs you DON'T have Omicron
...you have a cold & a bogus PCR test

Hideous - Pfizer Pushes Third Kill Shot
Dose For Kids 5 And Under

Moderna's COVID Vaccine 4 Times More Likely
To Cause Heart Inflammation Than Pfizer's

The Beginning Of The End Of Gun Control?

John Barbour - My 1st appearance on Merv - Watch

Alien Contact And The Government Coverup - Doc


Rickards - The Mammoth Supply Chain Collapse

Navarro Says Biden, Democrats, & China Are
To Blame For America's Stagflation Mess

When Your Govt Ends a War But Increases
the Military Budget, You're Being Scammed

Agenda 2030 and The War on The Car

Gamaleya Institute Head Says No Need to
Update Sputnik V Vaccine for Now

WHO likely to approve Russian Sputnik V
jab in few months, Kremlin believes

Russia comments on fines for anti-vaxxers

Gold Technicals - Yet Another Battle At $1800

Africa's Biggest Economies

Eurozone inflation soaring 'significantly higher'


France risks losing 30% of auto jobs in
shift to EVs

British Nurse Spills The Truth About The
Horrors In UK Hospitals - Video

London Mayor Says Lockdowns 'Inevitable' As
NHS Struggles With Surging Cases (of WHAT?)

Piers Corbyn Reportedly Arrested Over Calls
to 'Burn MPs Offices'

Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police
in Vienna - Video

Finding Strength Along A Post-COVID
Fury Road

Prince William Reportedly Urged by Queen to
Stop Flying Choppers

Scottish Witches Executed 300 Years Ago
to Be Pardoned

The Allied Plot to Drench Germany
in Poison Mustard Gas

Russia Publishes Details Of Security Proposals
Sent To US & NATO


NATO Chief Speaks Against Conference With
Russia on Spheres of Influence

NATO Countries to Discuss Russia's
Security Proposals Next Week, Germany Says

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Says West Discussing
'Nuclear Option' of Cutting Russia Off From SWIFT

French Defen?e Minister Says Paris
Unwilling to Return to Cold War With Russia

Russia & NATO's post-Cold War showdown
has arrived

Giant Protest In Brisbane, Australia - Video

After Golden Temple Incident, Another Man Lynched
For Trying To Remove Religious Sikh Flag in India

Tension Erupts After Two Political Leaders Killed
Within 12 Hours in Indian State of Kerala

Indonesia's Semeru Volcano Erupts Again
Prompting Evacuation

Part 1 - CIA's Extraordinary Role Influencing
Liberal Media Outlets Daily Kos, The Daily Beast
And Rolling Stone


Part 2 - The Belly of The Daily Beast and
Its Perceptible Ties to the CIA

NYC Council Votes To Ban Use of natural
gas in all new buildings

Roberts - America Is Erasing Herself

Roberts - Washington Spits In the Kremlin's Eye

Roberts - Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

Roberts - Does a Country Whose Population
Is Incapable of Thought Really Exist?

Roberts - Russia Speaks. Can the Dumbshits
In Washington Hear?

Roberts - The Biden-Putin Talk

Biden To Issue 'Stark Warning' On Vax On Tuesday

Biden predicts dark winter for the unvaxed
What's Next? Public Executions?

Biden Tells Room Filled With Commucrats
'It's About Who Gets To Count The Vote'

Operation Omicron - The Globalists are Preparing
for Mass Murder in the Weeks Ahead

Pfizer testing Covid-19 vaccine booster doses
in children aged six months - Infanticide

Dr Vernon Coleman – 'Pfizer is the most
thoroughly evil company ever created'

Lord Fauci says a redefinition of fully vaxed
is 'on the table'

US Military Discharging 30,000 Servicemen
for Refusing the BioWeapon Injection

Does a Country Whose Population Is
Incapable of Thought Really Exist?

Communist CNN Doc - Wear Masks At Home
And Take Tests On Christmas Morning


Another Senior CNN Producer Arrested
for Raping Children

NY Post - It's time to abolish 'emergency'
COVID-19 powers

Fauci says Christmas parties CAN go ahead
...for now

Peter Navarro Is Fauci's Worst Nightmare

Governor Hochul will not shut NYC down
amid record spike in cases

Jewish Political Prisoner Who Saved Life of Black
Trump Supporter On Jan 6 Tells Incredible Story
Of Brutal Police Beatings - America Is All But Dead

The Price of Wokeness Is Stupidity

Complete Moral Collapse Is Best Example Of The
Extreme Degeneracy That Is Currently Sweeping
Across America

Open trunks - Some people 'risking it all' to
avoid car break-ins as San Francisco, Oakland
report spike in crime

Chairman Biden doubles down on targeting gun
manufacturers And 2nd Amendment


Defense Rests In Ghislaine Maxwell Case After
Just 2 Days Without Calling Socialite To Testify

NIH Directors Fauci and Collins Target
the Great Barrington Declaration

'Vax' Effectiveness Drops Below Zero in 18-29
Year Olds for First Time

Horseshoe crab BLOOD in high demand for
vaccine and drug testing could go extinct

Presenting the case for Vitamin D

Growing Number Of Companies, Organizations
Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements

NYC vaccine checker caught in
her own trap

US State of Ohio to Deploy 1,050 National
Guard Members to Staff Hospitals

Drive Through 1940s LA Neighborhood, See The
Beginnings Of The American Dream - Colorized,
Stunning Footage - Enjoy

DHS Mayorkas Says He's Working with
Social Media Giants to Circumvent
Freedom of Speech


Amazon driver was warned she'd be fired
for returning with packages during a tornado

Russia Demands YouTube to Immediately
Restore Access to RT auf Sendung Channel

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering News Alert

LA Import Volume Sinks As Shipping
Traffic Jam Worsens - All By The PLAN

Bitcoin Is The Perfect Option, And Central
Banks Will Have To Buy In

Stock up on milk & gas as dollar about
to hit zero – crypto guru

US lawmakers claim risk of surveillance
from digital yuan use at 2022 Olympics

Turkish stock market halts trading as lira crashes

Switzerland To Hold Referendum on Making
Mandatory Vaccinations ILLEGAL

UK Government Caught Lying: 23.5 Million
People in England Have NOT had a Single
Dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine


British Cabinet Secretary tasked with investigating
No. 10 parties 'held own party'

The Ongoing Indoctrination of Teachers

Finally! YouGov Poll Finds UK Public Opposed
to Lockdown

Professor Lockdown Predicts '5,000 Omicron
Deaths a Day' Unless We Lockdown

Wales to Tighten Covid Restrictions Immediately
After Christmas

Premier League clubs want festive
shutdown to tackle Covid crisis

Switzerland likely to hold vote on
compulsory vaccination

German Media Regulator Opens Probe
Against RT Over Licence - Report

Russia calls on US to stop NATO eastward
expansion in draft security treaty

Necrophiliac killer who molested scores
of dead females sentenced in UK


White House May Redirect Military
Equipment To Ukraine

Psaki - US 'will not compromise' on
NATO expansion

NATO vows not to accept Ukraine
to Alliance - draft treaty

Russian proposals to US & NATO
'not a menu to choose from' – Moscow

Russia prepared to talk with NATO
in 'neutral country'

Russia Formally Quits 'Open Skies' Treaty
Saying There's No Point Without US

EU threatens to cut Russia off SWIFT

Nord Stream 2 delay not political – Germany

RT in Germany a 'nuisance' to be 'taken care of'

US won't hold talks on European security
without European partners - White House


US missile deployment from East to
alter Russia's position on moratorium
...diplomat warns

Two strategic missile regiments to go on
combat alert in Russia by year end

Sweden's Top Commander Urges US to Beef Up
Military 'Footprint' in Europe to Counter Russia

Ukraine completely lost for Russia as
partner and ally — Kremlin spokesman

West wants Russia to have president who will squander country's territories, Kremlin says

Polish soldier seeks asylum in Belarus – reports

Kremlin discusses potential Putin-Musk meeting

Russia passes controversial new ID law for football fans

China Howling With Laughter As Suicidal
US Military Begins Purging The Unvaxed

Was China's WTO accession 20 yrs ago
the start of West's suicide?


1.4 Million Cases Daily - Modi Gov't Warns of
Omicron Spread in India, Compares to UK, France

Enraged monkeys kill 250 DOGS by throwing
them from heights in India

Indian Government Urged to Set up Alternative
to SWIFT Payment System Over US Misuse

Indian Competition Regulator Slaps $26 Million
Penalty on Amazon for Hiding Info in Future Group Deal

Israel's Dominance of Washington

US Bracing for Fresh Attacks on Troops in Iraq
as Soleimani Assassination Anniversary Nears

Iranian, Omani Warships, Aircraft Deployed
for Joint Drills in Strait of Hormuz - Photos

Watch Syrian Villagers and Troops Intercept
& Turn Back Two US Convoys

Wyomingites Watched The Most Porn In 2021
...Coloradans The Least


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reinstates Biden’s
Vax Mandate Setting Stage For Supreme Court Battle

Lord Fauci wants Covid term ‘mandate' to be
rebranded as ‘requirements'

WHO approves 9th Covid-19 Killshot

CDC projects DEATHS to hit 15,600 per week
in US (811,000 A year) but blames the deaths
on COVID...not the vax BioWeapon

CDC Advisers Back Use Of Pfizer, Moderna
Vaccines Over Johnson & Johnson

Millions Of Invaders Aren't Getting Vaccines
Because Drugmakers, NGOs Fear Lawsuits

Trump - The Jewish Sulzbergers Run the NY Times

New Study - BioWeapon is to blame for 98%
of cases of Myocarditis among Children

82% of pregnant women vaccinated in first
or second trimester have spontaneous abortions

CNBC's Nut Cramer Declares ‘Government
Has A Right To Force You To Obey'


CDC - US Children Exposed to COVID
Can Stay in School Through 'Test-to-Stay'

NFL To Postpone Several Games Over
COVID Spread

Shark proteins neutralize coronavirus – study

EU greenlights new Covid treatments

UK Health Chief Whitty - 'A Number Of Years
Before COVID Restrictions Can Be Fully Lifted

Denmark Seeks New COVID-19
Restrictions as Cases Soar

French hackers create 54,000 fake
vaccine passports

Biogen Alzheimer's Drug Slapped
With Negative EU Opinion

Netherlands Watchdog warns of major
risk from ‘anti-5g’ jewelry

Sputnik V works better than other vaccines
against Omicron strain, says Putin


Putin - Russia Ready to Share Its Developments
With Others Amid Omicron Spread

Sputnik V Induces Robust Neutralising
Antibody Response to Omicron Variant

Bolsonaro wants to expose health officials
who approved Covid vaccine for kids

Bolsonaro in police crosshairs over spreading
‘election disinfo’

South Africa’s hospitalization rate plunges
amid Omicron wave

Tool to predict dementia onset with
92% accuracy revealed

Was Thomas Merton 'Eliminated' Because
of Vietnam War Opposition?

Swarm Of 'UFOs' Dart Across California Sky,
Days After Pilot Records Fleet Of 'UFOs' Flying
Over Pacific Ocean?

Icke - Message To The Vaxed...Wake Up
From The Spell Cast On Your Mind

Igan - It Was All a Distraction

US is risking 'APOCALYPSE with millions
lining up for food & water' if there's a
cyberattack on power grid, experts say

Sick Biden Laughs At Coronavirus Death Toll
During Press Conference - Watch

Progressives Furious At ET Video Which
Says 'All Lives Matter' - Video

Lord Fauci pushes for universal BioWeapon

Irish Priest Forecasts Events To Come SOON - Months
Long Blackouts, Martial Law, Starvation, Ebola Like Virus
Released, 90% Vaxed Die In Two Years, WW3 And
Oh, A 7 Mile Asteroid Will Break In Two And Impact

The Kamal Mocked After Trying To Show
How To Use Electric Car Charging Station
...'Legitimately Stupid'

Hillary Reportedly Considering Losing
Again In 2024


Creeper Biden Gets Touchy-Feely with Young Girls
as He Surveys Tornado Damage in Kentucky - Vid

Creeper Openly Fondles Young Boy, Pats Down His
Blond Hair and Rubs His Shoulders During KY

Carville - January 6 Probe Will Expose Trump
Was Behind a 'Massive Criminal Act'

Creeper Biden's 'Build Back Better' Would
Make the Rich Even Richer

'We Will Not Comply' - 1,000s, Including City Workers,
LAPD Officers, and Firefighters - Gather Outside LA
City Hall to Protest Deadline for Covid Vaccine Mandates

Icke - This Is What's Changing The World Right Now

Immunization expert warns that covid Vaxed
people are the real threat to public health

FDA, CDC Back BOOSTERS For Minors After
Conducting Zero Testing On Boosters For Minors
They Want To Kill All Young People!

Iserbyt - The Using Of 'Covid 19' To Implement
Global Tyranny

Hospital (Death Factory) Tries to Medically Kidnap
Children Who Were Given Ivermectin by Parents


Some Hospitals Regret Firing Workers for
Resisting Death & Are Now Hiring Them Back

Gates Admits CV Vax (BioWeapon) Injections
Only Slightly Reduce Transmission

310 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues,
177 Dead, After COVID BioWeapon Injection
...The Genocide PLAN Is Working Perfectly

A Vatican source tells Newsmax's John
Gizzi that 'Pope Francis is dying'

THIRD Vatican Insider, a Senior Cardinal, Warns
Elites Use Pandemic to Usher in a 'Total Control
Surveillance State'

CA Residents flee the state amid new COVID
restrictions and skyrocketing crime

Philly public schools will allow students to change
'gender identity' without informing parents

Maxwell Trial - Ghislaine's Shameless Defense
Attorneys Demand Anonymity for Their Witnesses

As Violence Hits Rich Neighborhoods,
Liberals And Ex-Radicals Buy Guns And
Move To Oust Communist DAs

CA Teachers Brainwash 12 Yr Old Child Into Trans
And Call CPS on Parents for Using Wrong Pronouns


UPenn Swim Parents Plead with NCAA to
Change Sickening Transgender Rules

Man Beaten to Death in Lizardville While
Putting Up Christmas Lights

6 black men charged w/hate crimes, targeting
100 Asian women in Bay Area robbery spree

EVIL - Restaurant Patrons, Including Decorated
Army Veteran Arrested At NY Cheesecake Factory
For Not Showing Vax Passports - Watch

US Mega-Corporations Abandon Vaccine Mandates

Damaged Kindergartener Draws Masks on
Kids in Magazine to Make Them Less 'Weird'

Woman Forced to Take COVID Jab Ends
Up in a Wheelchair

New Study - Covid-19 BioWeapon To Blame For
98% of cases of Myocarditis among Children

Lord Fauci pushes for universal coronavirus vax

A Restaurant In NY Proudly Shows How To win!


New IRS Hidden Tax Reporting That Starts
Jan 1st 2022 - (Hurts The Side Hustle)...
Paypal, Vimeo, etc

AT&T has been covertly collecting phone data
Phone carriers know more about you than they
Will Ever let on

63,000 Websites Hit With Outages As Users
Report Amazon Web Service Issues

Metaverse - Sign Your Life Away Now! - Vid

Zuckerberg offered user data reports to
Fauci to help shape lockdown policies
...Know Your Enemies

Emails Expose How Lord Fauci, Zuckerberg
Colluded To Impose Control Over Pandemic
Narrative - Know Your Enemies

Another sex scandal allegation hits CNN

Dr. Robert Duncan - Science of Mind Manipulation - EEG
(Electro-Encepholagraphic) Heterodyning-Remote Mind

Neocortical Warfare - Mind-Control State Political Targeting
Secret Weapons Testing Medical Abuse and Guinea Pigs
(3 Perspectives & Karlstrom-Rense Interview, 11/5/21)

Swarm Of 'UFOs' Dart Across CA Sky, Days After Pilot
Records Fleet Of 'UFOs' Flying Over Pacific Ocean?


A Look Inside People's Brains Who
Say They've Had A UFO Encounter

Stanford Professor Is Analyzing Anomalous
Materials From UFO Crashes

UFOs, Havana Syndrome and
The Skinwalker Ranch

UFOs - 'They Seemed...To Have The Ability
To Change Their Density' – Kenneth Arnold

UFOs - We Don't Need No Stinking Science!

US Navy Warship Fires on Target
With Laser Weapon - Photos

CEOs of Big Box Stores Affected by Mass Looting
Beg Congress to Crackdown on Internet Sellers

Kraft will pay you to not make cheesecake
this holiday season

Inflation Will Cost Families $3,500 in 2021
Low-Incomes Hardest Hit

Have You Prepared for the Imminent
Stock Market Crash?


US Olympic Committee Urged to Block Athletes
from Using Digital Yuan

Making Sense Of The Federal Reserve Chairman

US Gas Prices up 55% From December 2020

Grocery supply chain shortages extend
beyond cream cheese

Springsteen Sells Music Catalog for $500 million

Eighteen 'Offensive' Words You
Can't Say in Canada

EU, UK, US combined report 7 million COVID
vaccine adverse events, over 42,000 registered
deaths (Millions Have Already Been Killed)

France Closes Border to UK, Meanwhile
Channel Invader Crisis Rages On

Russia Compares West's Treatment Of
Assange To Cannibalism

Neocons bent on starting another
disaster in Ukraine


Russia reveals where World War III
has already begun

South Korea to use pandemic as reason
to boost facial recognition AI tech

Hundreds Rescued from Hong Kong Tower
Rooftop After Fire Breaks Out

China Wants UN to Regulate Military AI

Fentanyl overdoses Now No. 1 cause of death
among US adults, ages 18-45 - CCP Howls!

New Zealand Reaches 90% BioWeapon Injection
Rate As Protests Over Restrictions Mount - NZ
Is A Country Of The Walking Dead

Guatemalan President Slams Biden for Country's
Exclusion From Pro-Democracy Summit Because
'We Do Not Approve of Abortion'

Congress Pours Another $200 Million for
Israel's Missile Defense Needs

Israel pulls back COVID mall outline,
bracelets no longer to be required

Irish Priest Forecasts The Near Future - Months Long
Blackout, Martial Law, Starvation, Ebola Like Virus
Released, 90% Vaxed Die In Two Years And WW3
Oh, And A 7 Mile Asteroid Will Break In Two...Impact


Why is This Cancer Treatment Giving
People Night Vision?

Cannabis Treatment Can Reduce Kids'
Epileptic Seizures by 86%

4 Key Insights From the Bhagavad Gita

The Ancient History of UFOs and the
Oppenheimer-Einstein Report

My Visit With the Spiritual Voice of the
Hidden Serengeti

Ex-Chilean pilot becomes first person
to fly in active volcano

BIDEN'S Desire To Pass Disastrous Build Back
Better Bill Before Christmas Is Dead

Biden Asks 'What's The Big Deal?' About Vax
Mandates - Says It's 'Patriotic' To Take COVID
Jabs...And DIE

Lord Fauci orders Americans to comply with
YEARLY boosters...which will no doubt soon
become MONTHLY spike protein injections
...Their Genocide Will NOT Be Stopped

Fauci Says 'No Need' For Omicron-Specific Vax

Moderna chief - Catching both Delta and Omicron
may result in super-mutant virus - Fear PORN

Utah Shocker - The UN Has Already Taken
Over Some Parts Of The US - Video

Labor Secy backs away from enforcing covid jab
mandate for truckers, realizing entire supply chain
will collapse if truckers aren't allowed to work

Outrageous Globalist Fraud Trump booed for
saying he wouldn't investigate Arch Monster
Hunter Biden - 'I don't want to hurt a family'

Have Both the Globalists and Putin
Concluded That WW3 Is Imminent?

Chemtrail Pilot Comes Forward - Mass Human
Extinction - Watch This Video


Catherine Austin Fitts - 'We've Been Lured
To Create Our Own Prison' - Watch

ALL Wars Are Bankers Wars - Real History

There Are 2 More Statues At UN HQ In NY Which
Appear To Have A Link To The Book Of Revelation

Moderna Chief Warns Delta and Omicron
Could Combine to Create 'Monster' Virus

CDC withdraws support for Using PCR
tests For Covid At Year's End

89 Africans Killed By Mysterious New Virus
Emerging In South Sudan

Ivermectin Fans Have a New Champion
to Root For - 3CL Protease Inhibitor Tollovid

What Would It Take To Bring The COVID
Conspirators To Justice?

Huge Israeli study shows natural Covid immunity
is far superior to the vaccine-generated kind

Rand Paul Warns COVID Mandates Are About
Conditioning The American Individual To
Submit To Government


WATCH Jen Psaki Dodge Question on Biden
Administration's Biggest Foreign Policy Achievement

US Senate Advances Final Version of
$768 Billion Defense Spending Bill

Dr. Robert Malone's Stern Warning To All Parents
Not To Inject mRNA 'Vaccines' Into Their Children

Russia Adopts Protocols for Burying the Population
in Mass Graves in Case of Catastrophic Event

Aftermath of Powerful Tornadoes in
Mayfield, Kentucky

DC Attorney General Reportedly Sues
Proud Boys and Oath Keepers Over
January 6 Capitol Unrest

VP Harris Still US Border Czar, WH Says
as Guatemalan President Claims He Last
Contacted Her in June

Jussie Smollett & The 'Time Of Deceit'

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Shunned Medical
Care in Past 3 Months Due to Cost - Poll

Appeals Court Denies Biden Admin's Request to
Ditch Trump-Era 'Remain in Mexico' Policy

Lethally injected BYU basketball center To miss
rest of the season With Kill Shot heart damage


WHO Expects Rise in Number of Hospitalizations,
Deaths From Omicron Coronavirus Strain

Elites Double Down On COVID Quagmire
Despite Obvious Signs Of Failure

They'll Use The Welfare State To Get
Compliance On Vaccine Mandates

Elon Musk - I Am Against Forcing People To Be
Vaccinated - Not Something We Should Do In America'

'Large Wave' of Omicron COVID Cases is
Coming to US, Biden Admin Official Warns

Former NY Governor Cuomo Reportedly
Grilled by Mob Boss Over Deaths in Nursing Homes

Amtrak Suspends Vaccine Mandate Days
After Shutting Down Routes Over Staff Shortages

Wooldridge - What Dream Has Your Name On It - Pt 1

Wooldridge - Choosing Low Or High Self-Esteem
Carrying The Mental Equivalent For Success - Pt 2

Wooldridge - The Creative Dynamo Within You - Pt 3


Wooldridge - Oracle Of The Soul..Discovering Gems
of Understanding - Pt 4

Wooldridge - You Against Yourself, Which Wolf Wins? - Pt 5

Wooldridge - A Single Thread In The Tapestry Of Life - Pt 6

US Invites Hackers to Hack Homeland Security
Department to Help Identify Vulnerabilities

Nike Buys Virtual Sneaker Maker RTFKT

Tesla Drops, Cryptos Pop After Musk Sells
More Stock, Tweets Tesla Will Take Doge
For Merchandise Sales

Elon Musk Reveals Tesla Will Accept
Dogecoin For Merch

'Bigger Than COVID Or Pronouns' - Tucker Carlson
& Peter Schiff Discuss Worst Inflation In US History

Biden's Union Push Is A Driver Of Still More Inflation

Dems To Boost Debt Ceiling By $2.5 Trillion


NATO Secretary-General Enters Race to
Become Next Head of Norway's Central Bank

Scandal-Ridden Spyware Company NSO Mulls
Closing Pegasus Unit, Selling Company to Americans

Oil Tumbles, Brent Prompt Spread Flips To
Contango After IEA Says Global Market
Returned To Surplus

OPEC Shrugs Off Omicron Variant Scare,
Keeps Its 2022 Oil Demand Growth Prognosis

European Gas Prices Hit Record High
As Germany Blocks Nord Stream 2

Electricity Cost to Hit Historic Peak in
Spain on Wednesday, Media Reports

Austrian Chancellor Expects Nord Stream 2
to Be Launched as Planned

German Foreign Minister Hopes to Give New
Impetus to Nuclear Disarmament

UK Govt Report Warns Royal Navy Faces
'Significant Risk' in Upcoming Decade

UK Police Reportedly Arrest Man 'Trying
to Drive Through Main Gate' of Houses of Parliament


BBC Accused of Anti-Semitism by leading
Jewish organizations

Ghislaine Maxwell's 'Little Black Book' of
Prominent Figures' Contacts to Remain Sealed
During Trial

Prince Andrew's Lawyers Ask to Keep Evidence
Secret in Giuffre Sex Abuse Case

UK Govt Refuses To Reveal Details
About 'First Omicron Death'

Will Tory Rebellion Over 'Omicron Emergency'
Rules Cost BoJo The Prime Ministership?

UK to Remove All Countries From COVID
Travel Red List on Wednesday

4 in 10 Russians Believe War Is Likely

Ukraine Escalating Situation in Donbass
With Silent Permission of West

Ukrainian Parliament OKs Bill Allowing Foreign
Troops to Partake in Drills in Ukraine in 2022

Deployment of UK military bases in Ukraine
possible, Russian envoy says


Scholz, Macron, & Zelensky to Meet Ahead of
Eastern Partnership Summit, Source in Berlin Reveals

Moscow Slams New EU Sanctions Against
Russians as Illegitimate

Putin, Xi Plan to Discuss 'Aggressive Rhetoric'

Russian, Chinese presidents to discuss NATOs
belligerent rhetoric, says Kremlin spokesman

Putin says Russia's calls on NATO comply
with indivisible security principle

Medvedev - US still has no reliable shield
against countries having nuclear arms

Russia Adopts Protocols for Burying the
Population in Mass Graves in Case of
Catastrophic Event

Russian Anti-Mandate Doctor - 'We Are Led
by Amateurs at the Direction of Our Enemies'

Russia records fewer than 29,000 COVID-19
cases for first time in more than month

Russian Scientists Discover New Method
to Detect Inflammation


UAE Threatens to Cancel $23 Billion US Fighter Jet
Deal Over Issue of China Influence - Reports

Majority in US Expect Increased Tensions
With China, Want Military Conflict Avoided - Poll

China Rolls Out Portable Shelters for Troops
in Himalayas Amid Border Row With India

Hong Kong Forcing UK, US Arrivals Into
Quarantine Camps After Single Asymptomatic
Omicron Case

Queensland to Allow Grocery Stores to
Ban the Unvaccinated

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Questions
Assange Extradition Ruling

AUKUS - Australia's Nuclear Subs May Cost
$121 Billion, Carry 'Enormous Challenges'

Top Indian Court Paves Way for Army to Deploy
BrahMos, Smerch Rocket Along Border with China

Brazilian Health Regulator Bans Unvaccinated
Travellers From Entering Country

Group of Jews in Israel Disguise Themselves
as Muslims to Pray on Temple Mount


US, Palestinian Officials Mark First Meeting
in Five Years With Virtual Conference

Kushner Allegedly Screamed at Israeli Envoy Who
Said Netanyahu Didn't Trust Trump on Peace Plan

Netanyahu's Ex-Media Adviser Reveals Why Israeli
Politicians, MSM Ignore Former PM's Achievements

Secret American Unit Clad in Shorts and
Crocs Piled Up Massacred Syrian Civilians

La Palma Volcano 12-13-21 - More than 33,000 people
confined amid record-breaking 85 days of activity

Family Claims Driver Destroyed Elderly Couple's
Instacart Grocery Order Because Of Pro-Police
Lawn Sign

Severely Damaged US Nuclear Sub Seen For
First Time Since October Collision

Biden's Staff Scream At Him To Not Answer
Questions He Defies Them, Takes One Anyway

Communist Hillary Warns 'End Of Democracy'
If Trump Wins In 2024 - MSNBC Gets Even More
Dramatic With Biden Overthrow

Drunken Pelosi Is An Utter Slob And Pig - Watch

Rand Paul - Vaccine Maniacs 'Won't Be Happy
Until They Get Your Newborn'

FEMA administrator blames 'climate change'
for deadly tornado outbreak - Sure Thing!

Cases of vaccine-induced VAIDS on the rise
...That's the PLAN

Fauci Patent for Vax-Induced AIDS
HIV Glycoprotein 120 Contained in
BioWeapon Kill Shots


'I'm not putting that shit in my body...'
Australia Queensland Sen Pauline Hanson
Says No Way To The BioWeapon

C19 lethal injection BioWeapon boosters every
4 WEEKS now in N. Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

CBS admits Covid 'Vaccine' Is

CA Orders Statewide Indoor Mask Mandate

Communist CA Drops All 'D' & 'F' Grades
For All High School Students

Panic? US Mega-Corporations Rush To
Abandon Vax Mandate

Icke - 2 Groups Dictate The Fate Of The World
...Which One Are You? - Vid

Wooldridge - Jussie Smollett - Corruption of Integrity,
Honesty, And Honor - A Tale Told By An Idiot

Spreading Chronic Wasting Disease (Mad Cow
In Deer) in North America As Of December 2021

Brilliant - DeSantis Proposes $8 Million in
Budget to Relocate Invaders to Delaware
And Martha's Vineyard


DeSantis executive order on immigration
could trigger constitutional crisis

For First Time in Modern History, Florida
Republicans Outnumber Democrats

Musk Named TIME 'Person Of The Year'
For 2021...Yawn

Genocidal VAX Scientists Are TIME 'Heroes
of the Year' - While Alarming Vax Injury VAERS
Website Is Ignored

NYT casually mentions Merck's COVID drug
might mutate healthy human DNA by accident
causing cancer - There's A Cancer Pandemic Now

The coronavirus infects fat cells - study

Bleeding-From-Mouth Newborn Died From
The Mother Getting The BioWeapon

78% Omicron cases in US were vaxed

History of Americas Brutal, Secret
Human Testing

Mississippi Doctor Says He Was Fired For
Trying To Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin


Pfizer Buys Pharma Rival Arena In All-Cash
Deal Worth $6.7 Billion

A Long Explanation Of Where We
Are Now By Steven Hatfill, Virologist

CBS admits Covid 'Vaccine' Is Doing NOTHING

Celente's vax exemption site

Game Changer - The FDA Approved Eye Drops That
Replace Reading Glasses - One drop in each eye,
according to the business, may enhance closeup
eyesight for six to ten hours, according to CBS News

What I've Learned Rescuing My Daughter
From Her Transgender Fantasy

Las Vegas Shame - McCarren Airport is now
Harry Reid International Airport

China's Banking Assets Are $52 Trillion, Growing By
$40 Trillion Since 2008 - 'This Is What Hyper MMT
Looks Like'

Facebook Executive Blames Society Not
Social Networks for Covid Misinformation

Taiwan - 79% of Covid Cases Are In The Vaxed


NASA - huge 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will
break into Earth's orbit next week - Notice A LOT
of Chatter About Asteroids Hitting Earth lately

The brains of people who say they've
had a UFO encounter

America's $9 Billion Stealthy 'Super
Destroyer' Is Covered In Rust

Yale Epidemiologist - The Pandemic Of Fear
Was 'Manufactured' By Authorities

Closed AR iHop Brutal Message On Door For
Customers - 'Biden gave out way too much free
money and nobody wants to work anymore'

Woke Pro BLM CEOs of Target, Best Buy, CVS,
Others Demand Congress Help Stop 'Organized
Retail Crime' - Bit By The Snakes They Supported

As Many As 123,000 NHS, Health and
Social Care Staff May Choose to Resign
Rather Than Take the Jab

French Anti-Mass Migration Activist Sexually
Assaulted by an Black African Invader

Several Hundred Danes Infected With Omicron
Strain Despite Three Jabs

EU estimates number of 'locally transmitted'
Omicron cases


UK Reports First Death With Omicron Variant As BoJo Sees "Tidal Wave" Of Infections By Christmas

BoJo's Booster Plan - NHS Providers to Do Best
To Vax One Million People Per Day

NHS Website Crashes Over Huge Demand for
COVID-19 Booster Jabs After 1st Omicron Death

UK reveals scale of Omicron wave

Fed Loses Control As Consumers Now Expect
10% Inflation For Key Staples

Mandatory Injections Spell Violent End
Of European Liberalism

EU Delegation Threatens Bosnian Serb
Bosnia With Invasion by 6000 EU Troops

Russia to recognize Covid-19 antibodies
from foreign vaccines

Russia May Be 'Forced' To Deploy Intermediate
Nuclear Missiles In Europe If NATO won't Talk

US Obsessed With Alleged Russian Invasion
of Ukraine, Moscow Has No Such Plans


US democracy failing at home, but Washington
still wants to impose it abroad – Russian security official

More than 100 alleged 'Ukrainian Nazi'
supporters arrested in Russia

Ukraine's MoD Complains Germany Blocked
NATO Lethal Weapons Supply

Berlin Supports Holding Russia-NATO Council
to Discuss Ensuring European Security

China Offers US Emergency Assistance
Following Kentucky Tornado Disaster

South Korea AI to track Covid patients

China Reports First Case Of Omicron
As Outbreak Worsens

Gap between 2nd & 3rd Covid jabs
halved in Thailand

Ring Of Fire Is Suddenly ROARING To Life

7.6 Quake Hits NZ - Tsunami Warning


NZ says 'yes' to 25 person orgies as part
of new Covid rules

What's causing the inflation crisis?

EU Is Well Ahead Of US In Crypto
Support And Regulation

Analysts share major crypto predictions for 2022

European Gas And Power Prices Jump
As Supply Shortage Fears Erupt

Turkish Lira Slumps to New Historic
Low of 14 Lira Per Dollar

Brazilian City Cuts Hospitalizations, Mortality
Rates in Half After Implementing Ivermectin as
Prophylaxis for COVID

CIA Says Iran Is Not Seeking a
Nuclear Weapon

Taliban Begs Washington To Relase $10 Billion
In Frozen Funds, Show 'Mercy And Compassion'

Jewish Max Kellerman of ESPN expresses anger
over NFL Draft's top QB picks being 'White guy,
White guy, White guy' - Talent Matters


Dems Panic As Party Loses Grip Over
Hispanic Voters

Picking up trash can earn you up to
$300,000 in NYC

Cancel Culture - If You Can't Say What You Think
...Soon You Won't Be Able to Think

Will Psychedelics Fall Exclusively Into
the Hands of Big Pharma?

Herbs Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

How to Prepare for a Solar Flare Hitting Earth

Kali Yuga, The Age Of Darkness, Will End In 2025

How to Prepare for a Solar Flare Hitting Earth

Our Grave Situation


Huge Crevice Near Top Of Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Vid

Winter storm is set to bring 8 FEET of snow to
NoCal, wind and rain to entire state

Why Most Of The Jabbed Will Die Early
By Dr. Vernon Colman - Video

Igan - Can You Handle The Truth? - Watch

Igan - 'Nobody's Talking About This!'
...Something Big is Coming - Watch

Operation Extermination - The Plan to Decimate
the Human Immune System with a Lab-Created
Synthetic BioWeapon - It's all WELL Underway Now

Virologist Vanden Bossche Warns of 'Collapse
of Our Health System' Due to Complications
from COVID Vaccines (BioWeapon Kill Shots
Which DESTROY The Human Immune System)

Prof Sucharit Bhakdi - The Vaccines Do Not
Work and The Fear Is They Will Cause a
Massive Self-To-Self Attack

Pfizer CEO, Bourla, Says A Fourth Covid Jab
Will Be Needed 'Sooner Than Expected'

BioWeapon Slaughtering Careers And Lives
...305 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues
And Injuries - 176 DEAD After The Kill Shot


UK Manchester United Player Collapses with
Heart Problem Mid-Game - Another Career Ends
And Life Probably shortened

Lord Fauci - Americans Will 'Just Have to Deal with'
Yearly Boosters, if They Become 'Necessary'

BUSTED - Unelected hypocrite Gov Hochul parties
maskless while implementing mask mandate for
All other New Yorkers

Austria To Begin Shipping Unvaxed to Prisons

JuIan Assange 'Fighting for His Life' After Deep
State Prepares Extradition to US

The US will break its assurances
on Assange - Here's why

WHO - Omicron Strain Found in 63 Countries,
Might Surpass Delta in Spreading Speed - Yawn

Since Biden's Injection Order the Rate of Covid
Deaths in the US Military Has Quadrupled - It's
Called Cold-Blooded Murder

Pentagram Is Considering Making Covid
Boosters Mandatory For Troops - Kill
'Em all Off Quicker!

'Expert' Says We Must 'Assume Everyone We
Meet Has Covid' - (Grim Laughter Encouraged)


Ghislaine Believes Epstein Was Murdered
Says Her Brother

Secret US Govt Unit Arbitrarily Used Sensitive
Databases to Research Journalists, Media Claim

US threatening 6-figure fines for contributing
to 'banned' sites, journalist tells RT

Fox News Bolshevik Anchor Chris Wallace
Leaves Network For Communist CNN
Streaming Service

Debt Ceiling Deal - Have Dems Just Fallen
Into the Trap Set by GOP Leader McConnell?

Biden's Ratings on Handling Inflation, Economy
and Crime Continue to Fall as POTUS Brushes
Off Polls

Newsom - CA to Model Gun Control Measures
Based on Texas Abortion Law

Minneapolis restores police budget after 'defund' cuts

32,000 Americans will die of Covid by New Year
...Expert warns (It's Already 2-3 MILLION dead)

Four States Calling In National Guard To
Alleviate Healthcare Staffing Crisis (Because
Of BioWeapon Injection Mandates)


BioNTech CEO replies to claims he
refused vaccination

Big Pharma Will Make Omicron-Specific Booster
Shots Even Though They're Not Needed

Orwell's '1984' To Be Rewritten by 'Woke' Feminists

Man who planted backpack of bombs sentenced
to only probation By Communist Court

Another Columbia University student murdered

'Fact Checker' Threatens News Punch -
'Remove Your Article Exposing Us OR ELSE!'

WA man shoots armed home invaders, killing one

Thousands of cars broken into in police-defunded
San Francisco in just one month

Andy Ngô is sued for sharing riot videos on Twitter

'Crashed UFO' Spotted on Mars? Note The
Two Large 'Pipes' To The Right Of The Disc


Thousands of 5G Satellites Pose Risk of Future

Morgan Stanley Admits It Was Wrong, Now
Sees Liftoff In 2022 As Goldman Goes All-In
With 7 Rate Hikes

Biden's New "Regressive" Methane Tax Will
Raise Average American's Gas Bill By 17%

World Leaders Have To Face The Truth Abou
Oil Demand

Lithuania Welcomes Second Tanker Carrying
Liquefied Natural Gas From Russia

On Inflation - Friday's 7% Increase In Consumer
Prices Is 11% When House Prices Are Added

Bitcoin Is Self Preservation

Grab popcorn & watch US dollar collapse – Max Keiser

Here's How Reserve Currencies Have Evolved Over 120 Yrs

US Shale Slams Biden's Oil Policies


Has The EIA Massively Overestimated The
Potential Of U.S. Shale?

Kellogg Plans To Permanently Replace
1,400 Striking Workers

Fears for Manchester United defender as he
is taken off with BREATHING problems

Have Professional Athletes Become The
Canary In The COVID Death mine?

Pfizer Jab Is Only 23% Effective Against
Omicron, South African Study Finds

BBC presnter reveals her triple-vaxed brother
has caught Covid after a Christmas meal (flu)

NHS staff ready to give Covid vaccines
to children as young as five

German Schoolchildren Subjected To 'Ritual
Humiliation' Over Their Vaccine Status

UK Gov't Mulls COVID 'Plan D' If Hospitals
Are Overwhelmed Amid Omicron (What BS)

Double-vaxed Brits Omicron contacts asked
to self-test daily


UK Cyber Spy Chief Claims China Might Use
Digital Yuan for Surveillance, Transaction Control

New Caledonia votes overwhelmingly
to reject independence from France

Scottish government under fire for asking
kids about 'anal sex'

'Fleming Rolling in Grave' - Netizens Livid After
Bond Producer Says Next 007 Could Be Non-Binary

Putin calls dissolution of the USSR A tragedy
and 'collapse of historical Russia' - He Thinks
Communist, Bolshevik Russia Was GOOD?

Russia lost larger part of its sovereignty in
1990s, Putin recalls - No, It allegedly Lost
the brutal Yoke Of Bolshevik Communism

Putin Told Biden Russian Troops Located Within
Country's Borders Pose No Threat

Putin - Russia Maintains Nuclear Parity With
US But Leads in New Armaments

Russian Foreign Ministry - West Deploying
Militants Disguised as Instructors to Ukraine

No US Boots, But Plenty Of Arms, On
The Ground In Ukraine


US-hosted Summit for Democracy has
anti-Russian charge - security official

US Laying Grounds for NATO-Like Digital
Alliance - Russian Security Council

China Creates 'Humanized Pigs'
To Be Used In COVID Research

Quake Swarms In Japan Raise Fears 'The
Next Big One Will Happen This Month"

Oz PM refers to the Aussie people as SHEEP

Vaccine mandates for workers met with
mass protests in Australia - Video

Australian Cities Gripped by Anti-Vaccination
Mandate, Pandemic Law Protests - Videos

Hacked Indian PM Modi's Twitter
account promotes bitcoin scam

Venezuela receives first Sputnik Light
vaccine shipments - Russian envoy

Turkey's Erdogan says social media is a
threat to democracy, demands more censorship


How to Prepare for a Solar Flare Hitting Earth

Quantum Physics and Number 137

Julian Assange Suffers Stroke In UK Prison
Day After Court OKs Extradition To US

Over 80 Feared Dead In KY Tornadoes

Tucker - Inflation Much Worse Than You Think

WHO-CDC admit to Zero Omicron Deaths In World
Only 1 Hospitalized Across 22 States In US

Ted Cruz Examines Why the Biden Admin
Not Afraid to Pursue Radical Agenda

CNN Producer Arrested Over Sex Abuse, Rape
of Underage Girls, worked with Chris Cuomo

CNN producer charged with shocking
underage sex crimes

Biden says how much richer Americans
have become this year

Trump Slams Smollett’s Hoax Attack
a ‘Hate Crime in Reverse’

US DOJ Wins Court Case Seeking Wikileaks
Founder Julian Assange Extradition


Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Releases
‘UNUSUALLY CRUEL' Report After Visit
With Jan 6 Political Prisoners In DC Jail - Vid

Smollett's Attorney '100% Confident' Guilty
Verdict Will Be Overturned

Lizard Lightfoot lies about crime spike,
claims all crime categories are down!

Supreme Court Will Have To Decide
CA Gun Law?

Giant asteroid will skim Earth's orbit
tomorrow in hair-raising near miss

As snow looms across the country, snowplow
driver shortage could result in major delays

COVID-19 - A Pandemic Of Fear Manufactured
By Authorities Says Top Yale Epidemiologist

Yet Another Teen Has Severe Heart Issues
After Bioweapon Injection

NEW STUDY - Those With Natural Immunity Are
Better Protected Against COVID Infection and
Severe Disease

New prime editing system inserts entire
genes in human cells


Facebook Court Filing ADMITS 'Fact Checks’
Are Just a Matter of Opinion (They Are Sheer
Mind control Propaganda in Too Many cases)

US Media Warns Pentagon Needs New
Tech to Avoid Showing Up to Gunfight
With China With a Knife

US to Prohibit Retiring B-1B Bombers Until
Replaced With New Models, Reports Say

Manhattan Rents Jump Most On Record
Despite Dismal Back-To-Office Return

Ponzi? Insiders Dump Stocks To Their
Own Companies At Record Pace

Gold Fever - Russians Reportedly Buy Record
Amount of Yellow Metall Since 2014

2022 Trends, Predictions, Collapse,
Covid & Wars – Celente

Austria Unvaxed May Be Imprisoned For A Year
...The World Genocide Will Not Be Slowed

UK Media - 'Hardcore Vaccine Refusers' May
Need To Be 'Deradicalized' Like 'Terrorists’
And 'Punished'

EU Sees Signs That 4th COVID Wave
Is Already Slowing


San Marino to launch inoculation with Sputnik
Light as booster dose on December 22

Thousands march in Vienna against
vaccine mandate - Vid

Yellow Vests Demonstrators Hold New
Round of Rallies in Paris

More lockdown party scandals about to hit BoJo

Germany & Australia Already Have ‘Quarantine
Camps’ Where People Are Taken by Force, and
Some Are Located Within Prisons

US delivers rockets to Ukraine

Biden 'Holding Back' $200 Million Military Aid to
Ukraine As ‘Leverage’ Against Russia

US to Spend $20 Million Boosting Defences at
Ukraine's Eastern, Northern Borders

Kremlin Concerned by Concentration
of US Troops in Greece

Russia Trouble Coming Fast


Putin says Russian govt was swarming
with CIA officers

Chinese state-run media says Beijing
ready to use force against US

Spy chiefs who disclose secrets to media
should face sanctions, UK watchdog says

Chinese Auto Sales Fall For The
Seventh Straight Month

China is building a 12,000 mph hypersonic
plane that can transport 10 passengers

Germany & Australia Already Have ‘Quarantine
Camps’ Where People Are Taken by Force, and
Some Are Located Within Prisons

Two Weeks in an Australian COVID prison

New Zealander investigated for having
10 Covid-19 injections in one day

Australian MPs blast government inaction
on Julian Assange

Aim of Assange’s prosecution is to ‘scare others’


Smollett's Attorney '100% Confident' Guilty
Verdict Will Be Overturned

5.6 Quake Detected Off Indonesia's Coast

Brazil’s health portals hit by hackers

Iran Warns Against Reported US-Israeli Drills
Prepping Attack On Nuke Sites

Netanyahu Touts Vital Israel-US Alliance After
Savaging by Trump Over Biden Call

Turkey Successfully Tests World's First
Laser-Equipped Drone - Photo

Young People Turn To Communism Because
Of These Psychological Disparities

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Who Studied the
Psychology of Totalitarianism - 'How We Win'

Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution - The Battle for
Your Mind and the Relativity of Madness

Max Igan - 'Watch Within the Next 24 hrs'
They Can't Hide It Anymore

Butler - If We Awaken To Find The World
In Chaos…It’s Our Own Fault

John Moore joins Mike Adams to reveal
China’s GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out
the American people

Pelosi Buys $25 Million FL MANSION
Despite Bashing the State

Demonic-looking statue erected outside
UN draws comparison to the Beast of Revelation

Operation Extermination - The Plan to Decimate
the Human Immune System with a BioWeapon

'F**k Him' - Trump Ended Relationship With
Former Israeli PM After Netanyahu Congratulated
Biden On 2020 Election

WHAT LIES! - 1,000s facing heart problems
due to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’

PA teacher under fire for suggesting unvaxed
Americans should die

Chicago Lizard blames retailers,
not criminals, for Soaring thefts!


Did LA DA Gil Gracetti Intentionally Lose
The OJ Simpson Case?

Christians - December 6th Was Your Wakeup
Call About What Is Coming For Us All

Finding David - An American Wife Betrayed
by Her Government

Bill That Would Have Forced Unvaxed to Pay
Their Own Medical Costs Pulled

COVID tracing apps ‘normalise surveillance’
of daily activities

BC Doctor reviews 'shocking' stats from
released Pfizer documents

Scientists use ostrich cells to make
glowing Covid detection masks

Dr Vernon Coleman – Wearing a mask over your
left knee would be far safer and just as useful
as wearing it on your face

Gates: Metaverse will host most virtual meetings
in a few years

Brian Williams Signs Off From NBC
After 28 Years


Pentagon UFO Rapid Response
Teams Ordered Up by Congress

There's Smoke, There's Mirrors

Skinwalker Ranch Owner, Brandon Fugal
Responds To Contrary Analysis
of Paranormal Activity

Evergrande Finally Collapses! China In Turmoil...

Musk Sells Another $1 Billion of Tesla Stock

'Stringent measures' needed to save NHS

The ‘VAIDS’ Pandemic (Vaccine Acquired
Immunodeficiency Syndrome)

Japan Health Ministry issues HEART WARNING
for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines

Even Taiwan Won't Boycott China's ‘
Genocide Olympics

Australia to Begin Giving BioWeapon
Injections To children ages 5-11


Queensland supermarkets, pharmacies
could exclude unvaxed people

'I would rather die than lose my freedom’
Brazilian president slams vaccine passports

Brazil - Two Babies Hospitalized After Being
Injected With Pfizer’s Covid-19 Vaccine

John Moore joins Mike Adams to reveal
China’s GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out
the American people

Demonic-looking statue erected outside
UN draws comparison to the Beast of Revelation

Musk Sells Another $1 Billion of Tesla Stock

Even Taiwan Won't Boycott China’s
Genocide Olympics

F**k Him’ - Trump Ended Relationship With
Former Israeli PM After Netanyahu Congratulated
Biden On 2020 Election

WHAT LIES! - 1,000s facing heart problems due
to ‘post-pandemic stress disorder’

PA teacher under fire for suggesting unvaxed
Americans should die


Bill That Would Have Forced Unvaxed to Pay
Their Own Medical Costs Pulled

COVID tracing apps ‘normalise surveillance’
of daily activities

BC Doctor reviews 'shocking' stats from
released Pfizer documents

Scientists use ostrich cells to make
glowing Covid detection masks

Gates - Metaverse will host most virtual meetings
in a few years

Brian Williams Signs Off From NBC
After 28 Years

Evergrande Finally Collapses! China In Turmoil...

10 countries simulate cyberattack on global
financial system - Israel gets ready to take
down the system?

'Stringent measures' needed to save NHS

Japan Health Ministry issues HEART WARNING
for Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines


Even Taiwan Won't Boycott China's ‘
Genocide Olympics

Small Towns Shocked by Surge in
Ambush Cop Killings

Australia to Begin Giving BioWeapon
Injections To children ages 5-11

Queensland supermarkets, pharmacies
could exclude unvaxed people

'I would rather die than lose my freedom’
Brazilian president slams vaccine passports

Trump Blasts Netanyahu For Being ‘first' To
Congratulate Biden - 'I think it hurt him very
badly. I haven’t spoken to him since, F*ck him'

Booster Shots Fail To Keep Seven Triple-Vaxed
Germans From Contracting Omicron Variant In
South Africa

Guillain-Barré Syndrome after COVID-19
Vax in the Vaccine Safety Datalink


Now There Is Talk In Washington That A Nuclear
First Strike Against Russia Should Be On The Table
...Lunatics And Maniacs

US Pilot Deaths Up 1,700% after Vax Mandates

Pfizer Accused Of Paying Experts To Spread Lies
About COVID Kill Shot - Explosive Documentary

New Bill In Congress Would Establish A Federal Vax
BioWeapon Database All Across America

VAIDS - Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome Is Spreading FAST Now

Fauci - Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated’
Will Be Changed

The crackpots were right - COVID is a racket

Icke - The Omicron Testing Scam!

Fauci - 'We Are Prepared to Start Delivering
Variant Specific Booster Vaccines’ - There
Will be THOUSANDS of variants!

Israeli Health Official Tells Public to Prepare
For Endless Boosters - 'We Will Need to Take
The 4th Shot, The 5th, The 6th And The 7th'


Study Explodes Myths About 'Vax’ Stopping
CV Spread – But It's Even Worse Than That

TV Show Mysteriously Deletes Poll After
Vast Majority Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

Supply chain stalled by 72,000 truckers
who failed drug tests

Icke - Transgender Hoax And The End Of Parents

Soros Funnels Millions Into Dark Money
Hub Used By Defund the Police Activists

Piers Morgan Tells Hillary Clinton to Let It Go
After 2016 Trump Loss Meltdown

'Atmospheric River' Sets Crosshairs On
Drought-Stricken California

Former chief of police - Smash and grab
robberies won’t be stopped

Traveling Nurses Triple Salaries As Hospitals
Struggle With National Staffing Crisis

How Many New Yorkers Are At Risk Of Losing
Their Job Over De Blasio's Vaxx Mandate?


COVID Fact-Check - 'ICUs Are Filled With The Unvaxed'

New study from Poland shows spike protein
accumulates in the bone marrow, damaging
stem cells, causing blood disorders and cancers

More Examples Of Explosive BioWeapon Cancers!

TIME Names Simone Biles as ‘Athlete of the Year’
...for Withdrawing from 2020 Olympics

9 Shocking Signs Of The Staggering Decline
Of The Traditional American Family

Los Angeles School Board Fires 496
Unvaxed Employees

Wooldridge - Inordinate Amount of Killing
And Crime - What About Parenting?

California To Cut Water To Cities And
Farmland Amid Persisting Drought

Lizardville - 750+ Killed So Far This Year

'It's just crazy’ - 12 major cities hit all-time
homicide records - No Surprise Whatever


Pfizer planning another 3 mRNA shots
for the Omicron

Pfizer vaccine - Protection against Omicron
coronavirus variant improves with three vax doses

Omicron 4x More Infectious Than Delta,
WHO Says Vaccines Should Not Mix

552 Fully Vaxed Oregon Residents Died Of
COVID-19, Half Received Pfizer Kill Shot

56 year old Philippines teacher dead 12 weeks
after second Sinovac injection as country mandates
‘vaccines' for all workers

Emma Burkey Update - 18 yr old Las Vegas woman
who caused the US temporary Johnson & Johnson
pause is Now moving with a walker, wheelchair

39 Yr Old White-Hating Black Sub-Animal
Stabs 14 Yr Old White Boy To Death

Surprise Visitor - Elk Rings Camera
Doorbell of Colorado Home

Musk against closure of nuclear power plants

Apple’s market value about to top world’s
5th largest economy


Amazon slapped with its biggest-ever fine in Italy

JPMorgan bets on 2022 end of coronavirus pandemic

Bitcoin Is A 'Hedge Against The Irresponsibility
Of Politicians And Central Bankers'

Bitcoin could surge by another $500,000
under this condition

Evergrande Has Finally Defaulted - Here's What Happens Next

China's winning the race to control the 21st
century’s most valuable commodity

Cargo Theft Soaring As Thieves Take Advantage
Of Increased Traffic, Idled Shipments

Tesla cars under scrutiny for a very dangerous feature

Used Car Prices May Never Return
To 2019 Levels

EU wants to force 'hate crime' definitions on
member states


European Union Establishes Asylum Agency

Four People Arrested in Denmark For Intelligence Leaks

Putin on Foreign Agents - You Need to Protect
Yourself From Possible External Interference

WHO Europe Says Vaccine Mandates
Should Be A "Last Resort"

UK Health Sec Comments on Likelihood of Mandatory COVID Vaccination

TV Show Mysteriously Deletes Poll After
Vast Majority Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

Protesters march against vaccine mandate
in Munich

Olaf Scholz sworn in as German chancellor

Norwegian COVID Experts Says Omicron Could
Provide 'Best Scenario' Of 'Natural Immunity'

France to Initiate Nationwide Disaster 'White Plan’
Amid 5th COVID Wave


Norway Sees Record Number of Daily COVID
Cases During Entire Pandemic

Professor Neil Ferguson Says COP26 Climate-Change
Summit Could Have Been Omicron Super-Spreader

European Regulator estimates ‘safe & effective’
period for Covid boosters

Star unvaccinated footballer has a lung problem
weeks after catching Covid

London protestors against Police state
powers clash with Police

Russia’s Aerospace Force builds up combat
potential with air defense systems, new aircraft

Biden Says Sending US Troops To
Ukraine 'Not On The Table'

Biden Admin Reportedly Plans to Press
Ukraine to Cede Autonomy to Donbass

Tulsi Gabbard Warns Against Igniting World War III
as US Senator Hints at Nuking Russia Over Ukraine

No NATO for foreseeable future,
Biden to tell Ukraine – media


It’s time for NATO and Russia to hold talks – Stoltenberg

US Sanctions Ex-Chairman of Ukraine
Constitutional Court for Corruption

Kiev Deploys Heavy Weapons Near
Donbass Contact Line, Moscow Says

Russia responds to ‘Irresponsible' US senator
who called for nuclear war

Moscow to thwart any provocations by Kiev
in Donbass, Russian military chief warns

Russian Chief of General Staff - Reports
on 'Imminent Invasion of Ukraine' Fake

US Misleads Public on Progress in Resolving
Diplomatic Crisis With Russia, Moscow Says

Russian diplomat warns Russia, US could end
up in situation like Cuban Missile Crisis

Russia issues rebuke to American ‘democracy summit'

Armenia Says Border Positions Attacked by
Azerbaijan Military Forces Overnight


UK Defence Ministry Says Will Send 140 Military
Engineers to Poland Over Migration Crisis

French Military Reports Second ‘Interaction’ Between
Russian Jets & French Aircraft Over Black Sea

Macron Says Will Hold Talks With
Putin, Zelensky Next Week

Russia launches trials of plasma thrusters
for nanosatellite orbit retention

General Atomics ‘Runway independent’
military drone unveiled

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Son Proposes Financial
‘Preemptive Strike’ Against Russia

US Considers Energy Sanctions Against
Russia as Last Resort, Reports Say

US sanctions likely to spare Russian energy
for fear of impact on dollar – media

US-born businessman arrested in Russia for
multimillion-dollar fraud

So Korean Parents revolt against
‘vaccine dictatorship’ for students


Footage of Lights 'Flying in Formation’
Over South China Sea Triggers Online Debates

Hong Kong media mogul convicted for
joining banned vigil

New Zealand Police Reportedly Postpone
Use of Facial Recognition Technology

‘Milestone’ New Zealand cigarette ban
for adults announced

New Zealand Parliament Passes Bill Easing
Change of Sex on Birth Certificates

Covid-19 vaccine approved for Cuban
toddlers after recovery

Russia Warns US-Israeli Exercises Against Iran
Would Destabilize Situation in ‘Explosive Region’

51% of Israelis Support Strike on Iran’s Nuclear
Facilities Without US Support

Iraqi Security Advisor Claims International
Coalition Withdrawing Troops as 'Combat Mission Ends'

Botoxed camels banned from Saudi Arabia
$66 Million beauty pageant


Israel Quarantine extended for Omicron carriers

NPR proves once again, critical thinking
is Completely dead in America

Why Do I Always Wake Around 3 AM?

The Mysterious 1561 Nuremberg Event ‘UFO Battle’

'Post Pandemic Stress Disorder'…seriously?

Photographer captures astonishing picture
of the Sun using 150,000 individual shots

VAIDS - Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency
Syndrome Is Spreading FAST Now

Supply chain stalled by 72,000 truckers
who failed drug tests

Tucker's Trajectory of Justifying Invading Ukraine

Tucker Warns of Danger of ‘Hot War’
Between US and Russia Over Ukraine

Putin - Would Be ‘Criminal' To Stand By
& 'Spinelessly Watch' Ukraine Join NATO

Russia advocates peace, but has right to
ensure its security - Putin

US embassy rejects claims of Afghan-style
evacuation from Ukraine

US considers cutting off Russia from
global financial system – Nuland

Growing Fears China May Be Hiding Missiles
In Containers On Ships Worldwide

US Space Force Gen Warns China Is Advancing
Space Capabilities At Twice The Speed Of US


Is Joe Biden Turning Into Jimmy Carter?

Federal Judge Refuses to Unseal Records
of FBI's Raid on Project Veritas Founder

Tester To Join Manchin In Striking Down
OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Judge Temporarily Halts Vaccine Mandate
For NYPD Employees, Other City Workers

New study from Poland shows spike protein
accumulates in the bone marrow, damaging
stem cells, causing blood disorders & cancers

The Connection Between Covid
And EMF Radiation

New study from Poland shows spike protein
accumulates in the bone marrow, damaging
stem cells, causing blood disorders and cancers

More Examples Of Explosive BioWeapon Cancers!

‘Top’ COVID (Killer Drug) Remdesivir recalled
for the first time, READ IMMEDIATELY

Har! FDA Says It Now Needs 75 Yrs To Fully
Release Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Data


Explosion In New Heart Conditions Dismissed
As 'Post Pandemic Stress Disorder’ (PPSD)
These Heart Attacks And Damage Are Permanent

Israelis Question Need for Fourth
Covid Jab as Omicron Spreads

Pfizer Says 3 Doses Of Its Jab Can ‘Neutralize’
Omicron Variant - What Crap It All Is

NPR proves once again, critical thinking
is Completely dead in America

The One Year Anniversary Of The Kill Shot
Injection Is No Laughing Matter

Bill Gates Believes 'Acute Phase’ Of
Pandemic Will Finally End In 2022

South Africa Healthcare Chief Says Omicron
'May Signal The End Of COVID-19'

Fully-Vaxed Passengers and Crew Contract
‘Covid' on Cruise Ship

552 Fully Vaxed Oregon Residents Died Of
COVID-19, Half Received Pfizer Kill Shot

5G related aircraft risk revealed


Twitter Nukes Most Popular Ghislaine Maxwell
'Trial Tracker' Account With 525,000 Followers

YouTuber Straps Rocket Engines To Tesla Model S

Your chip will talk to your watch, your watch will talk
to the internet, the internet will talk to your doctor,
your doctor will make adjustments...

Japanese F-35A Makes Emergency Landing
During Routine Training Flight - Video

Top US Shale CEO ‘Worried’ Years Of
Underinvestment Could Boost Oil Over $100

Egon Von Greyerz - Misery Or Fortune…
The Choice Is Yours

Spain's Fake November 'Employment Boom'

Largest Icelandic Utility Cuts Power To
Crypto-Miners Amid Grid Crunch

IMF - Metals Demand From Clean-Energy
Transition Threaten to Top Global Supply

Pandemic made rich richer, poor poorer


Finland PM apologizes over Covid hypocrisy

UK Government Spox Stratton Resigns Over
No.10 Lockdown Christmas Party hypocrisy

BoJo Unveils Plan B Restrictions As Omicron
Cases Top 500 While Deaths Are At Zero

Berlin tightens restrictions for homeless
amid Covid spread

France hits new record in daily Covid cases

World's largest Covid jab maker forced
to halve production due to a lack of orders

Putin - It Would Be ‘Criminal' To Stand By
And 'Spinelessly Watch' Ukraine Join NATO

Ukrainian President praises Nazi collaborators

Biden Announces Plans for NATO-Russia
Meeting to Discuss Moscow's Concerns

Russia risks becoming ‘appendage of China’


Putin - US Sanctions Attempt to Contain
Russia's Development

Putin - NATO's Policy Towards Russia

Baltics to Disconnect From Russian Power Grid
by 2025, Lithuanian Minister Says

Russia blocks Tor - Here’s what you need to
know about Pentagon-backed darknet tool

Putin - Russia Supports Viable Settlement of
Cyprus Dispute Within Framework of Intl Law

Fireball unleashes bright flash over Sochi, says scientist

Nutter Nuland accuses Putin of trying
to recreate the USSR

Peskov - Mrs. Nuland understands perfectly well
restoration of Soviet Union is impossible

Soviet Union ceased to exist 30 years ago today

Bill Gertz - Chinese diplomats have Twitter
links to porn sites banned at home


UK Joins US, AUS In Diplomatic Boycott Of
China's Winter Olympics

UK Joins US, AUS In Diplomatic Boycott
Of China's Winter Olympics

Trudeau - Canada Will Not Send Diplomatic
Representation to China Olympics

China Warns Canada of Investment Exodus
if It Believes Huawei Risks 'Invented' by US

China is ‘decoupling’ from decadent Western
culture for fear of being infected

13 Dead Including Indian Military Chief In
‘Horrific' Helicopter Crash

India 'Could Be Attacked From All Fronts’
China Poses a 'Significant Challenge'

India Clears Serial Production of Air-Launched
BrahMos Missile

US Imposes Sanctions on Individuals in
Kosovo, El Salvador, Serbia

US Gloats About Seizure of Iranian Oil,
Arms Meant for Venezuela, Yemen


Israelis Question Need for Fourth
Covid Jab as Omicron Spreads

Turkish MPs come to blows over budget

NPR proves once again, critical thinking
is Completely dead in America

Why Do I Always Wake Around 3 AM?

The Mysterious 1561 Nuremberg Event ‘UFO Battle’

'Post Pandemic Stress Disorder'…seriously?

Photographer captures astonishing picture
of the Sun using 150,000 individual shots

Tough Guy OBiden admin says US is 'preparing
for all contingencies' with Russia And Ukraine

Countless More Americans Will Be Moving
From Blue States To Red States In 2022

Musk says to get rid of the entire
Build Back Better bill

Musk Warns 'Civilization is Going to Crumble' If
the Developed World Doesn't Have More Children

Watch 5.5 Quake Swarm Off The OR Coast

It's Official - Every Single One of Biden's COVID
Vaccine Mandates Have Been Blocked Nationwide

Pathological evidence mRNAs cause lymphocytes
to attack the body's own organs - More BAD news

Neocon WaPost Editor Who Trashed Anti-Vaxers
Dies Of 'Sudden Cardiac Arrest' - Karma

Chris Cuomo is Preparing to Sue CNN
Over his Dismissal

CNN's Don Lemon Allegedly Tipped Off Jussie
Smollett During Police Investigation


LA has turned into 'The Purge' - detective warns

Photos Of Jeffrey Epstein's NYC Mansion From
2019 FBI Raid Ruled Inadmissible In Maxwell Trial

Mark Meadows to Cease Cooperation With Jan. 6 Panel

Pence's Ex-Chief of Staff Reportedly Agrees
to Cooperate With 6 January Committee

Threats, violence, and shootings plague
Washington state schools

Most in critical care unvaccinated? -
NOT according to The data

Satanic CA School Bribed Boy with Pizza to
Get Him To Take Covid Jab Without Parent's
Consent, Told Him to Keep it Secret

Doctor Stuns CNN by Delivering 'Bad' News
Omicron is 'Mostly Mild' - There are 'No Red Flags'

Supermarket Advert of Santa With Vax Pass
Is Cleared By (Bought out) Regulators

Pfizer Accused Of Spreading 'Misinformation'
About Rival COVID Jabs


New Pfizer Board Member Is Ex-Facebook Director

23 Year Old Sorry She Got the COVID Vaccine

Quid iPhone Pro Quo - Apple Signed Secret
$275 Billion Deal With Chinese Government

Facebook sued for $150 Billion

Popular 'Family Safety' App Busted Selling Precise
Location Data On Millions - Including Children

Facebook, Amazon, Venmo Down As
AWS Outage Hits Thousands

Musk - Depopulation, not overpopulation
going to be humanity's doom

Elon Musk Praises China, Pumps Neuralink
And Cybertruck, At WSJ CEO Summit Event

Tesla probed over fire-prone solar panels

Janet Yellen Waves White Flag on Globalism
as 'Made in America' Companies Thrive in
Supply Chain Crisis


BIS Calls Rise Of DeFi 'A Decentralization Illusion'
Fearmongers 'Destabilization' Of Financial System

Stocks Soar On Optimism Omicron Is A Dud As
Traders Focus On Growing China Stimulus

Questions raised over reports WH briefing
newsrooms to 'reshape' economic coverage

Staggering travel decline spoils World Aviation Day

Pentagon to tell commercial firms how to
tailor products for military use

Mainstream Economists Are Struggling
To Hide The Incoming Economic Collapse

California Is Addicted To Oil From The Amazon

European Gas Jumps As Biden Weighs Sanctions
If Putin Invades Ukraine

Baltic countries starts talks on Russian
electricity import increase

Proposed US Defense Spending Bill Does Not
Include Nord Stream 2 Sanctions


UK Excess Mortality Among Children After
Vaccine Rollout - up 62%

Suspended UK Doctor Unmasks Mask
Mandate, Gets Reinstated

Doctor Banned For Questioning Efficacy of
Masks Wins High Court Case

Pet Owners Face £500 Fine If They Fail To
Microchip Their Cats Under New UK Rules

Legal Expert - BoJo's Judicial Review Reform Boosts
Arbitrary Concentration of Power in No 10's Hands

Drug Sniffer Dog Van Spotted Outside Parliament
After Cocaine Use Reported to Cops

Eric Zemmour Explains Why Russia's NATO
Expansion Fears Are 'Legitimate'

French Presidential Candidate Zemmour's Party
Reportedly Counts 20,000 Members

ECHR bans Poland from sending illegal
migrants back to Belarus

Pope likens EU to Nazis over word 'Christmas'


Judge Blocks Biden's Nationwide Vax Mandate
For Federal Contractors

GSK Claims New Antibody Drug Is
Effective Against Omicron

EU health agencies advise on how to
achieve 'good levels' of antibodies

Vaccine 'side-effects' might actually
be Covid, study warns

Russian Man shot two dead after being
told to wear mask – reports

German Man Kills His Entire Family In Murder
Suicide Motivated By Vaccine Passport Penalties

UK Deputy PM Says COVID 'Plan B' is 'Not
Required' in Face of Omicron Variant

Dozens of Spanish ICU medics test
positive for Covid-19 after Christmas party

UK alcohol deaths hit new record

IOC Executive Board Holds Press


'The US is a cancer of the earth' - Russian Olympic
icon hails 'holiday for world' after Beijing boycott

Kremlin - US Decision on Beijing Olympics
Can Hardly Be Called Boycott

US Reportedly Mulls Limiting Russia's Ability to
Convert Currency to Deter It From Invading Ukraine

US not needed for Ukraine peace talks – Kremlin

Ukraine asks for weapons meant to fight Taliban

Putin To Biden - 'Finlandize' Ukraine, Or We Will

Biden Warns Putin of Economic Sanctions and
Other Measures in Ukraine Military Escalation

US says continued NATO expansion in
eastern Europe is justified

Minsk Introduces Embargo on Some Goods in
Response to Western Sanctions

Pentagon - Terrorist Threat to US From
External Attacks Lowest Since 9/11


Pentagon Chief Concerned Over Americans'
Declining Trust in US Military Under Biden

Launch of Laser Communications
Relay Demonstration Project

Expert - WSJ Report on China Military Base
on Africa's Atlantic Coast 'Not True'

China's Type 055 Destroyer Holds
Anti-Submarine Drills Amid US Threats

South Korea Backs Beijing Winter
Olympic Games Despite US Boycott

Thousands of Australian Teachers, Transport
Staff Go on Strike for Better Pay

New Zealand Deploys Naval Ship as Malaita Provinc
Leader Seeks Independence from Solomon Islands

Indian Government Denies Reports From
China of Infiltration Attempts

School Principal in India's Uttar Pradesh
Accused of Molesting 17 Girls

Klarenberg - Papers reveal what CIA did to
captives in Afghanistan


Whistleblower accuses UK of manipulation to
save face during Afghan pull back

Raab 'proud' of Kabul evacuations, blames
chaos on US

Israeli Prime Minister Claims Country 'Fighting Off
Forces of Evil' Every Day

US Slaps Commander of Iran's IRGC
Basij Forces With Sanctions

US Military Convoy Reportedly
Attacked in Syria

Saudi Royal Guard arrested in France over
Khashoggi murder – reports

Yemen's Houthi Rebels Announce Massive
Attack on Saudi Military, Oil Facilities

Car Bomb Explosion in Southern Iraq Reportedly
Kills 7

PROOF That Alec Baldwin LIED?! - Gun Demo


Nostalgia - LA’s Wilshire Blvd In Color in 1935

9 Shocking Signs Of The Staggering Decline
Of The Traditional American Family

The streets are deserted...Wind and ash make it
difficult to stay outdoors La Palma Eruption

Psaki Refuses to Revise Claim Hunter
Biden Laptop 'Russian Disinformation'

Big Food says the ‘transition’ to the new world
order food system is already well underway

Mega-Drought & Mega Food Shortages – Wigington

Rumor - Singing Legend Celine Dion Said
Paralyzed By BioWeapon Injections

Biden Idiot Surgeon General - Even Triple Vaxed
Still Have To Wear Masks Indoors!

Big Pharma Hunts Down Dissenting Doctors

NY Will Require Full Vaccination To Access
Restaurants, Gyms And Entertainment - And
5 Yr Olds Need At Least One Shot


NYC to impose vaccine mandate on private
sector employers

'Developing mRNA-vaccine technologies'
lies that set the people of the world up to kill
themselves en masse...From 2012)

The Worst That Could Happen - Spike Protein
Is Found In The Nucleus Of Body Cells

SARS CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair
and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro

'I Am Science’ Lord Fauci Has All The Answers
On CONvid-1984 Containment Until It Involves
Invaders At the US Border - Video

The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist

Report - Oregon Health Officials Drafting
More 'Permanent' Mask Rules

A blueprint for the future - I Dreamed The
Pandemic Was Over

Wooldridge - Inordinate Amount of Killing and
Crime ...What About Parenting?

The Jews, Rothschilds, Federal Reserve and Wars
- Louis Farrakhan


Plumber Finds $600,000 In Cash And Checks
Stashed In Wall At Joel Osteen's TX Mega-Church

Philly teen chased, shot 18 times, murdered
in broad daylight

30 Shot, 6 Killed, Over Weekend in Lizardville

Begin forwarded message:
Media tells people how to not get car
jacked amid skyrocketing crime rates |

US Married Couple Households With Children
Fall to Record Low

CA To Cut Water To Cities And Farmland
Amid Persisting (Engineered) Drought

Omicron Connection to Witchcraft Satanism

Vaxed Serving As Breeding Ground For Virus
Warns Virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche

Singer Celine Dion Is Paralyzed Due To
Covid Vaccine - Report

Thousands of Honeybees Stared Down Spain’s
Cumbre Vieja Volcano - They Won


People Often Have Mysterious Dreams
Before They Die

A Record 96 Containerships Are Waiting
To Dock At SoCal Ports

You Should Opt-Out of Verizon’s
Data-Collection Scheme Right Now

The Problem with Zuckerberg's 'Metaverse'

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Wants Your Nude
Photos (but Don’t Worry, You Can Trust Him)

This New Ultra-Compact Camera Is The Size
of a Grain of Salt And Takes Stunning Photos

EMP Would Kill 90% of Americans, Warns
Congressional Task Force Chief

Asteroid twice the size of pyramids
heading near Earth at end of year

So Much For Fixing Supply Chains - A Record 96
Containerships Are Waiting To Dock At SoCal Ports

CRYPTO RESET coming – Nearly the entire crypto
ecosystem appears to be based on DIGITAL fiat
currency counterfeiting ops tied to communist


Mayhem Beneath the Surface of the Stock Market

Evergrande DEFAULT confirmed, global financial
CONTAGION now imminent

Greece To Fine Elderly $114 For Every
Month They Remain Unvaxed

Italy Bans Unvaxed From Public Life With
'Super Green Pass'

Pope Francis Slams EU Attempt to
Cancel Christmas

30 Shot, 6 Killed, During Weekend in Lizardville

Begin forwarded message:
Italian Govt Strips Unvaxed of Freedoms
over Christmas

Huge New Study Shows Zero COVID Deaths
Among Healthy German Kid

Putin and Xi Working Together to Force Biden
into a Two-Front Crisis He Can't Win

Danielle Turner - 44 yr old Australian truck driver
suffering uncontrollable convulsions, numerous
seizures after first Pfizer mRNA injection


Mt. Semeru East Java - Photos Of Destruction

Sen. Rand Paul Will Force a Vote to Block
$650 Million Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Unprecedented early winter heat dome
shatters records in US and Canada

The Blue Haired Shrews Of Feminism Do Not
Speak For Women In America

Man Who Might Be Most Prolific US Artifact
Thief Gets One Day in Prison

Shocking Images Show Ash-Covered Ghost
Towns On Spain's Canary Islands

La Palma volcano lava flow from yesterday's
new fissure advances towards the sea

New La Palma Lava Flow destroys More Houses

'COVID' (FLU) Outbreak On US Cruise Ship
Despite Fully Vaxxed Passengers

Wimp Omicron Variant Shares Genetic Code
With Common Cold, Researchers Say - The
Sheeple Don't have a chance...

Drs Say They Can't Put On Full PPE In Time To
Resuscitate Heart Attack (Kill Shot) Patients

Sen. Rand Paul on Fauci- 'Live your life
And ignore this man'

Mainstream Economists Are Struggling to Hide
the Incoming Economic Collapse

Tucker Was Reportedly Pals With Hunter Biden
And Intervened in Media Report on His Behalf

White supremacists left out in the cold
in DC, literally


John Schneider Shows Colt Can't Fire Itself

Bette Midler - 'Police Must Arrest Donald
Trump for Attempted Murder of Joe Biden'
(Many Would Call Would be a public service)

Dark Winter Looms For Pennsylvanians
As Power Bills Set To Soar

US Companies Are 'Hostages' To China

Trump's Media Company Says Raised
$1Bln From Investors

IRS Data Reportedly Shows Trump Tax Cut
Benefited Middle Class Most

Over 23,500 airmen and guardians say no to
COVID BioWeapons as final deadline passes

Stark INSANITY In Lizardville - Chicago Is
Removing Gendered Bathrooms From All
Its Public Schools

22 More Shot Friday-Sunday Morning
In Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

CNN Fake News Reader Brian Stelter Explains
REAL REASON Chris Cuomo Was FIRED. Hint,
It Involves A New Sex Misconduct Accusation


Five Questions to Ask Your Child's
Communist Indoctrinator

CA violence finally reaches Beverly Hills

Brutal, brazen crimes shake third world
Los Angeles, leaving city at a crossroads

Federal Prosecutor - Local DA is making up
nonexistent law to charge MI shooter parents

Zionist US State Dept phones hacked with
Israeli company spyware - Zionists keeping
tabs on THEIR US State Dept assets

Well that delivers 20% of Honolulu's
water supply shut down to protect
against contamination

Intel, Oregon's largest corporate employer,
sets Jan 4 mandatory BioWeapon deadline

Collapsing of the Vaccine Narrative - No Longer
Needed, The BioWeapon Killing Makes It Unneeded

Omicron Connection to Witchcraft Satanism
Watch From 5 Min - Reverse Speech Mentioned

Shark panic as eerie live tracker reveals 'great whites
massing' on USA's East Coast - Getting Ready For
La Palma Tsunami?


Ted Cruz - 'No Pissant Politician...Has The Right
Or Legal Authority To Force You' To Get Vaxed

NV Becomes First State To Impose Surcharge
On Unvaxed Workers - Bolshevik Communists
Now Run The State

Los Angeles Residents Stunned As Violent
Crimes Creep Into Wealthier Communities

Hypersonic Weapons - Who Has Them
and Why It Matters

Asteroid Belt - Facts & Formation

Scientists Create Robots Capable of
Replicating Themselves - No Surprise

Americans are losing confidence in the US
Gay, Tranny, military at a rapid rate

Musk Has Now Sold Over $10 Billion In
Tesla Stock In Less Than A Month

Exxon's Planned Pay Raises This Year
Won't Even Keep Up With Inflation

Will The Fed Break The Economy (Again)?
...Is Grass Green?


Hedge Funds Are Driving Price Action
In The Gold Market (everything's rigged)

Now or Never - Great 'Transition' Must Be Imposed
...Elite Are Going ALL The Way

Biden Infrastructure Bill Includes Passive
Monitoring Vehicle 'Kill Switch' Mandates
For Automakers

US Coal Is Making A Transitory Comeback

Sound Money Is A Prerequisite To Peace,
Prosperity, And Freedom

When Fiat Currency Stops Being Money

Trump Calls Woke General Mark Milley,
'A F*cking Idiot'

How America's Official Secrets Act
Ensnared Julian Assange

First 'Civilized' EU Country To Imprison Unvaxed
Hit by Historic, Heroic Public Uprising

Russians Not Okay With Getting QR tagged


Russia opting for persuasion rather than
compulsion concerning vaccination - Putin

Putin - People Vaccinated With Sputnik V
Should Not Be Deprived of Right to Travel

Saudi Arabia Opens Borders to Visitors
Vaccinated With Sputnik V

After Sparks Fly At Bridgewater, Dalio
'Clarifies' His China Comments

China Poised To Establish 1st Ever Naval Base
In Atlantic, Alarming US Officials

India falls short of banning crypto

So You Think Gaslighting Is A New Phenomenon
And That You Understand The Constitution,
And Our System Of Government? maybe not!
...The Missing 13th Amendment

Accused baby killer gets bail lowered,
cuts off ankle monitor and runs

Murderer out on parole for the second time
accused of double homicide

Woman busted chewing up chips and
spitting them back into the bag


Woman arrested for sex assaulting
a two year old boy

Gates Had a Game Created for Windows Called
'Omikron' in 1999 About Demons Pretending to
Be Human in Order to Harvest Their Souls

Remarkable Video Report Of Cumbre Vieja Lava

The Fifth-Generation War on Christmas

Icke - The Moronic Variant And The Hidden Gods

Australia Has Fallen - Is America Next?

Shocker - Archbishop Gänswein confirms that
Pope Benedict XVI is a prisoner in the Vatican

Hospitals Murder CV19 Patients – Dr. Elizabeth Eads

Roberts - Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in
VA is Murdering its Patients for Money

Dictator Fauci Runs Public Health As A
Personal Profit-Making Operation

Idiot Trump - 'I Developed the Vaccine When
Everyone Said it Wasn't Possible' - He developed
Mass Murder For Most Americans, Alright


Dr Vernon Coleman – They've exaggerated Omicron
to hide rising flood of BioWeapon Heart Attacks

The case for compulsory vaccinations is dead
...Omicron just killed it

Gilead Recalls Vials Of COVID drug
Remdesivir Containing Glass Shards
Which Can Be FATAL In Blood Stream

They are now blaming all the deaths after
BioWeapon Shots on Their New label 'PPSD'
...Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder!

Rand Paul - 'Throw Fauci in Prison for 5 Years
for Crimes Against Humanity'

Why is Trump given a hall pass on
killer injections?

MORE BS! 'Millions Facing Heart-Related Illnesses
Due to 'Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder' - LIES!
...They Are Dying Because Of The BioWeapon

FDA Expedites Review Process for New
Omicron-Targeted Injections and Drugs
...What Utter Bullsh*t

WHO Says Omicron Now In 38 Countries
...No Deaths Reported

Israel Orders US to 'Immediately Halt' Iran
Negotiations So US Halts Iran Negotiations
No Doubt Who Is Controlling The US


George Soros Control over Joe Biden Raises
Alarms in Congress - It's a Little LATE...

'You Should be Shot' - Marjorie Taylor Greene
Releases Death Threats (Explicit Video)

Background checks skyrocket for gun
purchases on Black Friday

Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?
What We Are Going to do When They Come For
Our Freedom Of Speech And To Bear Arms?

Q Anon 'Acolyte' Linn Wood Calls Movement
A Deep State Operation - Gosh, Ya Think?

Dr. Russell Blaylock Talks About The Deadly Spike
Protein In The BioWeapon...And The Tyrannical,
Fascist, Pharmaceutical Industry and The Hospital
Dictatorship In An Interview With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Two 15 yr olds, illegally vaccinated before the EUA,
are dead - EVERYONE should pay attention

FDA-CDC Whistleblower Wanted - Name Your Price

How Covid lockdowns Obliterate Human
Rights and Crush the Most Vulnerable

Coroner Investigates When Healthy Orange
County Woman Dies After Second Kill Shot


'Young, Healthy' Father Has Stroke After J&J Shot

Omicron COVID-19 variant found in 12 states
as Delta variant cases are rising (The MSM
Is Pushing The Fear Porn To The Wall !)

GeoEngineering Watch News Alert 12-4-21

Study - 56% of White Liberal Women
Have a Mental Disorder!

Twitter Updated Policies This Week Which No
Longer Allows Sharing Media Without People's
'Prior Consent'

'Killer Robots' Threat Persists as US Unwilling to
Discuss Ban on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

Musk - SpaceX Bankruptcy Is 'Not Impossible'

Pentagon Heading Up UFO Research is
'Totally Bogus' Says Rep Tim Burchett

Claims of Paranormal Activity at
Skinwalker Ranch, Campfire Tales?

Pentagon Launches Preemptive
Strike On Senate UFO Law


Bloody Bitcoin - over 300.000 crypto accounts
liquidating since yesterday

Michael Saylor - 'Bitcoin Is The Oxygen Mask'

Goldman Sachs CEO Solomon Warns NYC
Don't Take Your Standing For Granted

Value of US-Canada energy trade dips

US Container Ship Logjam Worsens As Biden's
Attempt To Save Christmas Fails

Christmas Tree Prices Surge Up To 30% Due
To Supply Chain Crunch, Shortage Of Drivers

Inflation vs Deflation – Which Is The
Bigger Threat In 2022?

The Upshots Of The New Housing Bubble Fiasco

Alumni Are Now Withholding Donations Over
Too Much Censorship On Campus - How About
Too Much Communism?

When Fiat Currency Stops Being Money


Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths
of healthy German kids ages 5 to 18

No Coronavirus, No Moon Landing - Survey Shows
High Trust in Conspiracy Theories in Italy

Polish Prime Minister Orders Cybesecurity
Alert Ahead of UN Forum

UK to introduce mandatory
microchips for pet cats

Linz, Germany - Citizens Walk Over The Police

Massive Citizen Demonstration In Austria - Watch

Fully-Vaxed accounted for 4 in every 5 Covid
Deaths in England during November despite
The Big 'Booster' Injection Campaign

Video - Paris Police Check Proof of BioWeapon
Shot While Diners Eat

Spanish Investigation Finds Vax Passports
Have ZERO Impact On Infection Rates

Rape & Murder of Boy Shown on Italian News
Monsters And Demons Walk Among Us Now


How the Russia-Ukraine War Will Unfold

Roberts - The Kremlin's Strategic Blunders
Are Leading to War

Russia Is Primed for a Persian Gulf
Security 'Makeover'

Zenit St Petersburg's players carry puppies
before a game in heartwarming attempt to
get them adopted

So Korea Sees Record High COVID-19 Cases,
Deaths Despite Country's High Kill Shot Rate

China Not Sure if 2022 Winter Olympics
Site Will Have 'Public' Spectators

Chinese Yutu-2 Rover to Study Mysterious
Cube-Shaped Object on Moon, Report Says

US Warns of 'Terrible Consequences' of
Possible Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

Har! What A MORON - Oz PM Blames 'White
Supremacists' For Low Kill Shot Rates Among

Video Shows Australian Locked Up In 'Quarantine
Camp' Threatened With $5K Fine For Stepping
Too Far Outside Cell - It's Soviet Australia Now


US spy plane 'forced flight from Israel to
change course'

Blast Heard Over Iran's Natanz, Where
Nuclear Facility Located

Egyptian Football coach dies of heart attack
while celebrating team's last-minute winner

Meanwhile in South Africa...Virtually NOTHING
Is Happening! - Video

At Least One Dead, 41 Suffer Burn Injuries
After Indonesia's Semeru Volcano Erupts

GIANT Explosion! Watch Indonesia's Mt Semeru
volcano eruption sending ash plume to 40,000 feet

Mt Semeru volcano erupts in Indonesia in
videos and pictures

From Dick Allgire, Remote Viewer
Foresaw The Awesome Mt. Semeru
Volcano Smoke Explosion And Eruption

NYC school finds 21 weapons after installing
a metal detector for one day

Nutcase Tranny Student Breaks Swimming Records
After Switching to Women's Team


Parallax View - The Incredible Montage

Michigan School Shooting - Another Obviously
Mind-Controlled Shooter - Ultra Advanced Tech
Makes These Easy Operations To Carry Off

Sixth Circuit Refuses OSHA's Request To
Transfer Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit To DC

Manchin Joins GOP Effort To Nix Biden's
Vaccine Mandate For Large Businesses

Data Scientist Tells RFK, Jr 'VAERS Is
Telling a Very Frightening Story'

Fear Porn Is Back - Omicron's 'Grip' (!)
Threatens Global Disruption

The Fix Is In! IMF Warns It Will Downgrade
Global Growth Due To The Omicron BS!

NV Becomes First State To Impose
Surcharge On Unvaxed Workers

Did A Collision Of HIV And Covid Forge
The New Omicron Variant? - (Here Comes
The New 'Hook'...AIDS To Be Blamed For Bio
Weapon Caused Immune Collapse & Deaths!)

Could the Omicron variant have developed
in AIDS patients? (...Here We Go!)


Shimatsu - Smash And Grab Burglars Aid A
Hostile Takeover Of The US Economy

14 suspects arrested & released for
'smash and go' robberies in LA

Leading Indicator Of A Civilization In Decline

US billionaire Ray Dalio predicts civil war
in the country

'Alternative' Mueller Report Could Be
Released Soon

Biden Boasts About His Liaison Role During Six-Day
War When He Was Law School Student - Media

Kamal's team at WH to implode further – media

Trump's False Positive COVID Test
is Non-Story, US Media Has Disgraced
Itself Again, Observers Say

Revealed - CIA Staffers Involved in Child Sex
Crimes Dodged Prosecution Despite Evidence

Voters don't care about corporations'
woke efforts – study


Americans say life's too short to waste
on work

Parents of Suspected MI School Shooter Each
Charged With 4 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter

Heavy Chemtrails Over Vancouver, WA 12-3-21

Roger Stone Epically ROASTS CNN With An
Hilarious Comparison - great quote, Short Vid

Coldwellian Times link Dr Noack's Death - Vid

Dr Andreas noack's Wife And What Is Known
About His Murder After Release Of His Video

Widely-Known German Doctor Murdered
After Tireless Anti-Vax Efforts - Video

Gates Indicted For Murder In Death
Attributed To Covid Shot

US Supports Creation of Global
Pandemic Treaty

mRNA Injections dramatically increase
inflammatory markers linked to acute
coronary syndrome


Researchers shoot holes in study touted for
confirming 'masks work' in curbing COVID

BioWeapon Heart Attacks Blossoming All Over

COVID shows up in Canadian wildlife for
first time with three Quebec deer infected

Trevor Noah Questions Impartiality Of Moderna CEO
Gets Called "Anti-Vaxxer" By His Own Fans

Apple Alerts Biden Admin Officials Their
Phones Hacked By Israeli Spyware

Meta FB asks users to send In nudes
Of Themselves - Madness Rules

Robot shocks with how close it is
to human - Video

Apple Alerts Biden Admin Officials Their
Phones Are Hacked By Israeli Spyware

In World War III, The New Axis Will Strike
America's Technological Achilles Heel

US produces first upgraded nuclear gravity bomb


EAEU countries interested in creating
Eurasian Space Agency

What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping
Stocks At The Fastest Pace In History

Global Food Prices Rise Again, Hitting New
Decade High

Snyder - What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping
Stocks At The Fastest Pace In History

Rabobank - The IMF Warning Of “Economic
Collapse" Should Get Headlines

Oil Giant Shell Pulls Out of Cambo Field Off UK

The Invisible Incentives Of Bitcoin

Norway's Oil Boom Is Only Just Beginning

NatGas 'Widowmaker' Spread Collapses,
European Arb Explodes

Snow chaos in Europe - Sheep buried in meters
of snow in UK and People sleeping in IKEA store
in Denmark


Vatican lashes out at EU in 'Christmas' row

Austria's chancellor chosen as predecessor
quits after 2 months

101-year-old accused of working as Nazi
death camp guard takes the stand

The vaxed are clearly dying off faster
than the unvaxed, according to UK data

Scotland Yard Warns Another Terror Attack
in UK 'Highly Likely' During Christmas Season

UK Freedom of Information Act slammed
as 'truly malign'

Spanish Lower House Recognises Animals
as Sentient Beings

Real number of Covid-19 cases in Germany estimated

Brits look to kitchen waste to power jets

'The country that bombed you is your friend...
The one that built your new railway is your enemy'


France, UAE Sign Multi-Billion Dollar Rafale
Warplanes Deal

WHO has 'not seen reports of Omicron-related
deaths yet'

Omicron strain not causing severe illness
for the vaxed, says South African minister

Von der Leyen, Married to Director of Gene
Therapy Company, Says Time to Talk About
Making mRNA Shots Non-Voluntary

World Health Organization Says 'No Evidence'
Booster Jabs Would Offer 'Greater Protection'
To The Healthy

FDA Expedites Review Process For
Omicron Vaccines And Drugs

Russia's Lavrov Warns Blinken Of Return
To Military Confrontation 'Nightmare'

Norway says American troops won't
be sent to Russian border

Black Sea Fleet's marines kick off drills in Crimea

US Reportedly Plans Javelin Missile Delivery
to Ukraine, Reneges on Surface-to-Air Missiles


Ukraine announces when it expects
Russian invasion

'Ukraine's richest man' faces criminal
prosecution over Zelensky's claims

China Creates New State-Owned Mining Giant
To Tighten Control Of Rare Earth Supplies

'Fake News and False Intelligence' - China
Hits Back at UK Spy Agency Chief Over 'Debt
Traps' Remarks

Drunkest country in the world revealed
as Australia

Modi Gov't Reveals Why India Bought Russia's
S-400 'Triumf' Despite Threat of US Sanctions

Sri Lankan Factory Manager in Pakistan
Beaten to Death by Mob For Alleged Blasphemy

Russia, India to sign 10 agreements as part
of Putin, Modi talks — Kremlin aide

Top Indian Genome Scientists Recommend
COVID Booster Dose for Over-40s In Omicron Scare

Israel Threatens Attack On Iran If Vienna
Nuclear Talks Don't Go Its Way


Mossad Chief Vows Iran Will 'Never Have'
Nuclear Weapons', Says 'Bad Deal With
Tehran 'Intolerable'

Israeli Spy agency stops tracking Omicron carriers

Israel's NSO Reportedly in Covert Deal With Cyber
Firm Trained to Exploit Security Weak Spots

Gaddafi's son back in Libyan presidential race

Bidenized (song parody video)

weather bombs, seven atmospheric rivers in
month and a tornado farm animals died by the
hundreds of thousands in BC floods

Rare blizzard warning in Hawaii while
Colorado remains in deep drought

La Palma volcano update 12-2-21 - Videos

Vax Mandates Can 'Include Domestic Travel'
Says Psaki - (Biden Could Soon Ban Travel
INSIDE The US For The Unvaxed)

Biden Extends Mask Requirements for
Air Travel Through the Winter

OBiden Regime Considers National Program
To Lockdown Returning World Travelers

Biden Shares Details Of 'Winter Plan'
As US Braces For COVID Surge

Outdoor Pet Cats Have Spread A Brain
Parasite to 40 Million American People
And Now To Wildlife

Mercola - 'Fully-Vaccinated' Is Never Going
To Happen Control System Will Require
Constant COVID Shots

Biden Shares Details Of 'Winter Plan'
As US Braces For COVID Surge

'Get the shot or get shot'...Some are pushing
'mass genocide' for the unvaxed

Norway's Top Medical Bureaucrat Says Three
COVID Shots Not Enough, Fourth May Become


Biden Shares Details Of 'Winter Plan' As
US Braces For COVID Surge

Rand Paul Warns Of Omicron Lunacy -
'Unscientific Fauci Will Want You To Wear An
Extra Mask, Dictate You Can't Go To Church'

Build Back Better Act would grant
amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants

Democratic, Republican Senate Leaders Reach
Deal on Funding Government to Avoid Shutdown

Musk suggests age limit for politicians

The Kamal's Chief Spokesperson
to Leave Office, Reports Say

Suspect in Virginia officer's murder laughs,
yawns during court arraignment

88% Of Black Marylanders Support
Governor's Plan To 'Re-Fund The Police'

LA To Enforce Homeless Encampment Bans
In Parks Near Elementary School In District 12

Bernard Grover - Rittenhouse, Kenosha,
QAnon and the Nazis


Rhode Island to introduce vaccine passport

Here's List Of 80 Republicans That Voted
To Support A Federal Vax Database

Virologist explains early signs of Omicron
variant's 'weakness'

Second US Omicron Case Is Vaxed Adult Male
Whose 'Mild Symptoms' Have Fully Resolved

Researchers Warn That Cold Weather Can
Cause Blood Clots & Heart Attacks

Dr Vernon Coleman – 'We finally have evidence
that authorities knew administering the Covid
Vaccine would be Murder'

Red states are now paying unemployment
benefits to anti-vaxxers who quit their jobs.

Cardiology researchers BURYING own research
showing spike protein mRNA damage - due to fear
Of losing grant money controlled by Lord Fauci

Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court
Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin

TX man with natural immunity DIES after being
forced to take Vax while awaiting lung transplant


US satellites attacked DAILY
says Space Force general

Possible Link Between Earth's Orbit And Species'
Evolution Found by Scientists

Japan's Nissan Announces Creation of
Lunar Rover Prototype

NASA Astronauts Perform Spacewalk Outside ISS

Oil Crashes After OPEC+ To Proceed With
Planned 400,000 bbl per day Output Hike

Russia to scale up oil production by 109,000
barrels per day in January 2022

World Bank explains how Russia will
fare in green energy age

Danske Bank Slaps 'ESG' Label On 95%
Of Its Funds As Top Banker Speaks Out
Against 'Greenwashing'

Oil Crashes After OPEC+ To Proceed
With Planned 400Kb/d Output Hike

Omicron Variant Could Slow US Economic
Recovery From COVID Pandemic - Yellen


The Fed Admits It Has Lost Control

Inflation Causing Hardship For 45% Of US
Households; Lower-Income Americans Most
Affected: Gallup

Omicron Could Cause Supply Chain Crunch
And Inflation To Worsen, OECD Warns

Saxo Bank Unveils Its 'Outrageous Predictions'
For The Year Ahead

Luongo - Germany Falls Completely To Davos

EU Fines Four Major Banks $390 Million
Over Forex Spot Trading Cartel

Boeing Shares Soar As China Clears
737 MAX To Fly Again

China allows troubled Boeing 737 MAX flights

Tesla's quad bike goes on sale

Unvaccinated Austrians Face Prison Time,
Huge Fines For Non-Compliance


Study finds Covid Vaccines increase
the risk of Heart Attack by 127%

UK Government Orders Enough Vaccines For
Two More Covid Boosters Per Person

Germany's New Chancellor Says He Wants
Covid Jabs Made Mandatory For EVERYONE

Luongo - Germany Falls Completely to Davos

Seasons Greetings from New Normal Germany
...CJ Hopkins

Tributes paid to inspirational Scottish women's
rugby star after 'sudden death' at age 26

Not Just Players - Premier League Matches
Disrupted By Fans Having 'Medical Emergencies'
In The Stands...The BioWeapon Has No Boundaries

'Trigger' for AstraZeneca BioWeapon blood clots

Unvaxed Austrians Face Prison Time,
Huge Fines For Non-Compliance

Germany Imposes Strict Curbs On Unvaxed,
Limits Gatherings, Will Mandate Covid Shots


World's biggest Omicron outbreak suspected
after Norway Christmas party

UK Supermarket Chains Refuse To Police
'Divisive' Face-Mask Mandates

A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport
Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand

La Nina To Blast Europe With Cold
Snap Amid Energy Crisis

YouTube Restricts Minors' Access to Video
of French Presidential Bidder Zemmour

BoJo Under Pressure as New Allegations Arise
Amid 'Boozy Party at Downing Street' Reports

Boris Johnson Slams Facebook Saying 'Too Many
Gangs Using Social Media' to 'Fuel' Migrant Crisis

Austrian ex-chancellor Kurz quits politics

Austria's Chancellor Schallenberg stepping down

Austrian Surgeon fined for amputating wrong limb


Three Arrested as Bomb Found Near US
Ambassador's Residence in Icelandic Capital

Church of Sweden Under Fire For Calls
to Investigate Israel for 'Apartheid'

Two French policewomen injured by
sabre-wielding assailant

FSB Detains Three Ukrainian Special Agents
Who Planned to Blow Up Black Sea Fleet
Radio Center Mast

'Soviet Union' could invade Ukraine
Pentagon chief claims

Protesters demand Ukrainian president quit
on day of 'planned coup'

Russia warns about 'nightmare scenario' of
military confrontation in Europe

Russia says military action in Ukraine highly likely

'Direct threat aimed at Russia' - Moscow
strikes back at Zelensky's remark on Crimea

Peace plan for Donbass is 'lost cause' - Moscow


US Issues Directive Restricting Transactions
in Belarusian Sovereign Debt

Poland Hides Information About 'Unmarked
Graves' of Migrants, Lukashenko Says

Lavrov, Blinken discuss agenda ahead of
upcoming contacts at highest level - Ministry

NATO snubs Russia's proposals on easing
tension on borders, says Lavrov

NATO's further eastward expansion directly
affects Russia's security, says Lavrov

For the first time, Russia deploys coastal
missile system in Pacific - Video

Lavrov - US Medium-Range Missiles May
Soon Be Deployed in Europe

US & South Korea announce new war
plans for potential North Korean conflict

US War-Mongering Under Guise of 'Democracy'
Inflicts Untold Damage on The World

Top US, Chinese Military Officials to Meet Amid
Taiwan Tensions, Reports Say


Neil Oliver - Will we remain silent while a dark
tide slides ever closer to our own shores?

Indian FM - China Has Unrealistic Expectations,
Border Tensions Have 'Spilt' Into Other Areas

Car bombs set off in daring Mexico jailbreak

Israeli PM flip-flops on Omicron travel
after family vacation uproar

US Troop Pullout Date Of Dec 31 Nears
But Iraqis Are Skeptical

World Bank Endorses $280 Million Frozen Aid
for Afghanistan to Fend Off Humanitarian Crisis

The Kurdish project in Syria would be a new
Israel in the Middle East

Iran threatens to 'crush America's teeth'

Saudis mounted covert campaign to kill
UN Yemen vote – media

US Troop Pullout Date Of Dec 31 Nears
But Iraqis Are Skeptical


La Palma Island turns into open-air lab
for tech-savvy volcanologists

deep water Angler Fish found in San Diego
...harbinger of the Big One?

Musk Revives 'Humanity Living in Simulation' Claim

When Cold Yin Energy Peaks – Protect Your Heart

Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing

Cumbre Vieja Volcano Breaks Record Of 374
Earthquakes In One Day - Video

New Vents Tear Open La Palma Volcano And
Spew giant red lava and Black ash - Video

Hunter Biden Accidentally Confirmed to
Therapist That Joe Biden Has Dementia

Harris and Buttigieg Plan Trip Together to Promote
Infrastructure (the next Dem presidential ticket?)

Lara Logan Shreds Lord Fauci - He Doesn't
Represent Science, He Represents Dr. Mengele

Sen Ted Cruz brands Little Lord Fauci 'the most
dangerous bureaucrat in the history of America'

World Economic Forum - Synthetic Biology
a Force to Reset Living Systems (What they
Are Doing With The Deadly BioWeapon)

FAA Accidentally Disclosed New Flight Data
on Epstein's Private Jets

Epstein was Trump's 'wingman' and
they'd run wild at beauty pageant

World Economic Forum's Predictions for 2030
Include No Property Ownership, Diminished US


Biden's Infrastructure Bill Will Require
Automobile Manufacturers To Include
'Kill Switch' For New Vehicles

Dr Vernon Coleman – 'We finally have evidence
that authorities knew administering the Covid
Vaccine would be Murder'

Fauci emails show NIAID Chief & wife's
flippancy over vaccine deaths, They're
more Interested in 'immortalizing' him

News VAERS Data on children

Bioweapon Data shows huge increase in cases
of Ovarian Cancer and Deaths of New-Born
Babies have hit Critical Levels

They Were High-Performing Athletes...
Until COVID Bioweapons Destroyed Their Health

Unjabbed Austrians Now Face PRISON If
They Do Not Comply

United Kingdom Offers Government Employees
Time Off To Attend Free Crystal Healing Sessions

Half of Ukraine's army has now been
deployed to Donbass – Moscow

The US weaponizing wheat in Syria


Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew - 'Lolita Express'
Pilot Drops Names on Second Day of Maxwell Trial

Epstein Competed With Trump to Seduce
Young Women, Ex-POTUS Accuser Claims

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Reaches
Cooperation Deal With Congress Jan 6 Committee

Trump Calls for National Guard to Handle
Smash-and-Grab Robberies in California

Trump's 'Fact-Free' Approach Posed Great
Challenge to Presidential Intel Briefings, CIA Says

La Palma Update - Biggest Eruption In 500 Yrs
Multiple 5.0 Earthquakes Overnight - Watch

Large 'Concerning' Asteroid To Break
Into Earth's Orbit This week

CNBC Host Jim Cramer Goes on Insane Rant,
Demands Joe Biden Impose Universal Vaccine
Mandate Enforced by the Military

CNN Communist Anchor Chris Cuomo 'Suspended
Indefinitely' For Involvement In Brother's Scandals

World Economic Forum's Predictions for 2030
Include No Property Ownership, Diminished US

Gen Flynn - Q-anon is complete BS Intel PsyOp


Beef Stew Peters - MAGA's New Shock Jock
Is a Bounty Hunter With a Troubled Past

Hospital Struggles To Treat 18 Waukesha
Victims Due To Vaccine Mandate

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Vaccine
Mandate For Health Workers In 10 States

Most Federal Workers Took The Covid Kill Shot
by Biden's Mandate Deadline - White House

An Impolite Message to Those Who Got
the Covid BioWeapon...AKA 'Vaccine'

Omicron variant so far detected ONLY in the
fully vaccinated!

'Omircon' anagrams, movie titles and story lines

Omircon Hysteria Comes From Same Imperial
College In UK, Home Of Disgraced, Corrupted
Academic Who Pushed Lockdowns On The West

Acute Coronary Syndrome Risk Biomarkers
Significantly Increase After mRNA Covid
BioWeapon Injections

UK's Imperial College Said Again Behind
Latest Omicron ('Nu Variant') Hysteria


The WHO Recommends Genetic Manipulationand
Gene Editing of Humans 'To Promote Public Health

All Kinds Of Strange Things Are Now
Happening Around The World

Republicans move to make Trannies a federally
protected class, but still have zero protections
for whites, Christians or conservatives

Bags of Pills and a Pacemaker in the Future
A Woman's Life Post-Pfizer

Omicron - A Perfectly Timed Variant to
Scare the Unruly into Submission

QR Code Sabotage

Millimeter waves Can Kill Covid And
Polio viruses Says Israeli Scientists

New Omicron variant could spell end for
Covid-19 pandemic – top Russian scientist

Omicron found in Europe earlier than
previously thought

Atlantic Council Honors CEOs of Pfizer
and BioNTech


Moderna CEO Repeats That Vaccine Won't Work
For Omicron; Antibody Cocktails Also Need Modification

Fox News Host in Crosshairs Over Comparison
of Fauci to Nazi 'Angel of Death'

Piers Morgan accuses Fauci of 'rampant egomania'

Biden & Fauci have vocal problem with Omicron

Wooldridge - Biden's Full Dementia On Display

WhatsApp and iMessage warning as personal
info can easily be taken by FBI despite Facebook
and Apple privacy claims

Twitter BANS Sharing Images, Videos of 'Private
Individuals' One Day After New CEO Takes Over

Twitter's new boss slammed for post
about 'white people'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Sells Half
His Shares in Company

Dow drops 650 on growing omicron fears


Twitter's new boss slammed for post
about 'white people'

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Sells Half
His Shares in Company

China's Mysterious Hypersonic Weapon Can
Stay In Orbit According To Space Force General

US policy undermines dollar's position as
reserve currency — Putin

US Stock Indices Down Almost 2% After
Powell Says Faster Stimulus Tapering Possible

Bitcoin, Ethereum Surge After India Walks
Back Private Crypto Ban

Russia, China may expand cooperation
in third countries

More Trouble For EU? Gazprom 'Doesn't Expect
Decline In Gas Prices In Coming Months'

US abusing dollar, claims Russian oil boss

Brutal cold wave hits Europe with
lowest temperatures in 40 years


New German coalition parties vow to
defend Jews And Israel's security

Russia and West 'one mistake' from nuclear
conflict in most dangerous moment since
Cold War, warns UK admiral

German Court Sentences Iraqi to Life in World's
First Case of Genocide Against Yazidis

ISIS fighter found guilty of genocide by a
German court in first conviction of its kind

UK Bureaucrats Abandon Term "Christmas" Over Fears It May Offend Minorities

Outcry forces EU to ditch plan for 'inclusive' language

Sweden gets first ever transgender minister

Muhammad the most common name for
newborn boys in the UK in 2021

US State Dept says 'all options' on the
table over Russian Buildup Near Ukraine

Russian military buildup puts Washington
on edge


Zelensky accuses Russia of plotting a coup
against him - Kremlin denies claim

Moscow - West, Ukraine Threaten Russia Security

Russian Navy warship test-launches Tsirkon
hypersonic missile to over 400 km range

Russia will act if Nato countries cross
Ukraine 'red lines', Putin says

Belarus 'ready' to receive nuclear weapons from
Russia, Lukashenko says in warning to NATO

Russia & China to team up against 'illegitimate'
US sanctions

Russia Will Soon Have New Hypersonic Missile
With Maximum Speed of Mach 9, Putin Says

Russia aware of US achievements on hypersonic
weapons despite no 'fuss' about it — Putin

Putin emphasizes Russia was compelled to
develop hypersonic weapons

Putin hopes common sense prevails in the West,
red lines will not be crossed


Putin Undecided if He Will Run for President Again

Russia not building 'fortress walls' but simply
seeking to increase sovereignty – Putin

Russia's upgraded Pantsyr anti-aircraft hypersonic
missile/gun system can fight any strike drones

Lavrov Says NATO Military Equipment
Being Moved to Russian Border

Russia Detects Over 50 NATO Reconnaissance
Aircraft Near Borders Weekly

Su-30SM fighters of Russia, Belarus conduct new
air patrol over Belarusian state border

Minsk Ready to Deploy Russian Nuclear Weapons if
NATO Systems Appear in Poland, Lukashenko Says

Lukashenko: In the Case of Renewed Donbass
War Belarus Will Not Remain on the Sidelines

Ukrainian forces could reach Belarusian border
in half an hour if needed — minister

German Ambassador to Ukraine Says Russia
'Would Suffer Huge Losses' in War With Ukraine


West could make big profits by breaking up Russia...
Ukraine's former foreign minister Ogryzko

Russia still planning to invade Ukraine – Kiev

Russia won't extend gas transit deal – Ukraine

Ukraine opens criminal case after Zelensky
warning of imminent 'coup'

US to send bombers, aircraft to Australia
to counter China

Pentagon Plans to Improve Airfields in Guam
and Australia to Confront China

Taiwan says it is capable of responding to
repeated Chinese military missions

War Drums – Military & Security News from Asia Times

Filipino Bioweapon deaths on view

Chinese spy ship spotted off the coast of
Australia gathering intelligence


1 in 3 Australian parliament staffers
sexually harassed

India - Only Vaxed people can buy groceries, fuel

US Revokes Terrorist Designation for
Colombia's FARC

Iranian Brig Gen urges destruction of Israel
prior to nuke talks

Iraqi Political Groups Reportedly Seek to Forge
Bloc in Push to Drive US Forces From Country

COVID Cases In South Africa Omicron Epicenter
Decline As Moronic Hysteria Rattles Global Markets

Sudanese Police Use Tear Gas Against
Demonstrators in Country's Capital - Video

Virtual mega yacht sold for $650,000

How can a bunch of pixels cost millions?
It's the NFT craze

MI6 outlines 'white-hot focus' on digital threats


Six quakes hit North Carolina county in week

Hey You - Pink Floyd...Oldie But Goodie

Follow The Money...The Misinformation Is
Coming From Them!

Beef Stew Peters - MAGA's New Shock Jock
Is a Bounty Hunter With a Troubled Past

13 Stillborn Deaths In Just 24 Hours In One
BC Hospital As Dead Babies Born From
Vaxed Mothers Spread Across Canada

BC Doctor At Rally Over Stillborn Baby Murders
In Front Of Major Hospital

Acute Coronary Syndrome Risk Biomarkers
Significantly Increase After mRNA Covid
BioWeapon Injections

Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase
Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk
as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test

Wooldridge - Biden...Full Delusion On Display

Digital Tyranny and the Rockefeller-Gates
WHO 'Vaxx-Certificate Passport' - Towards
a World War III Scenario - video

Think VERY Carefully About Accepting The
Concept Of Vaccine Passports

Biden Promises US Will Develop Boosters Targeting
Omicron Variant, Fauci Says New Lockdowns 'Unlikely'


World will never eradicate Covid – Fauci

Senators Cruz, Paul Blast 'Astounding Authoritarian'
Fauci For his 'I Am Science' Claim

Lord Fauci Doubles Down on Claim That
He Is Science Personified

Fauci blasting 'dangerous criticism' sets
off Rand Paul

Vancouver, BC - Stillbirths occurring at
unprecedented rates - Vaxed Mothers Grieving

No Severe Omicron COVID-19 Cases Among
Vaccinated People - Top Israeli Expert

Omicron variant poses 'very high' global risk – WHO

New Omicron Covid-19 variant could be
less deadly than feared - top Russian scientist

Top South African Doctor Confirms No Evidence
Omicron Variant More Harmful Than Delta
As G-7 Pushes 'Urgent Action'

Woman Suffering from Severe Moderna
Injuries Goes Public - Vid


Don Jeffries - What if They Gave a War and
No One Knew?

milimeter waves Can Kill Covid And
Polio viruses Says Israeli Scientists

Merriam-Webster Declares 'Vaccine'
Word of Year 2021

Media Says Rise In Soccer Players Suddenly
Collapsing Is Just A 'Coincidence'

BioNTech works on its answer to new
Covid variant

RDIF - New Sputnik V Version Adapted to
Omicron Variant in Development

White House Quietly Delays Vaccine Mandate
As Another Federal Judge Objects

UK names age groups eligible for Covid
boosters amid Omicron scare

'He Probably Won't Play' - Djokovic's Dad Accuses
Australian Open of 'Blackmail' Over Vaccine Mandate

Unvaccinated UFC legend Diego Sanchez ravaged by
Covid with blood clots in both legs and pneumonia


UFC legend Diego Sanchez gets blood clots in
both legs and pneumonia after Regeneron monoclonal
antibody treatment

Gen Flynn - Q-anon is complete BS Intel PsyOp

Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO

How California 'Solved' Its Record Container
Ship Pileup - It Moved Them Out Of Sight
Over The Horizon

Bitcoin surges as crypto rebounds from sell-off

Hedge Funds Crushed By Surge In Moderna
The Third Most Shorted Name | ZeroHedge

Emotional and short-term: Kremlin on stock
market reaction to Omicron strain

Here Are Goldman's Four Market Moving
Omicron Scenarios

New Omicron COVID Variant May Cause
Stagflation, Economist Warns

German Inflation Rate Soars to 29 Yr High of 5.2%


Biden Ready to Release More Oil From
Strategic Reserve to Keep Prices Down

Biden's blunder could send oil prices to $100

Kremlin - No Putin-Biden Talks Planned Before
OPEC+ Meeting on 2 December

Leaked Docs Reveal Germany Is Urging Congress
To Thwart Biden Admin Sanctions On Nord Stream 2

US trying to force Russia out of EU gas market
Says Serbia

Rosneft CEO - Russia-China Trade Turnover
Creates Great Potential for Payments in Yuan
and Rubles

Gazprom reports record profits after price surge

French Prosecution Demands Imprisonment, Fine,
Political Ban of Former PM Fillon - Reports

Third of Swedish Police in Blighted Areas
Have Mental Issues – Survey

Sweden's first-ever woman PM voted back
in days after resigning


Queen ousted as Barbados decolonizes

Prince Charles comments on rumors he
questioned future grandchildren's skin color

Poll - Majority of Scottish People Back Doubling
Anti-Poverty Payment in December's Budget

Russian town bans Covid unvaxed
from Santa's grotto

Russia announces successful test of Zircon
hypersonic missile - Vid

Russia's newly-built Tu-160M 'White Swan'
strategic bomber to enter trials by year end

Moscow Vows to Respond to Upcoming
Expulsion of Russian Diplomats From US

Norwegian skiers refuse to race in -22C cold
Russians carry on and sweep podium

US spending lots of money to destabilize
situation in Russia

Russia to press for response from Western
countries over Navalny case


Kremlin outlines who it believes is behind
'hysteria' around possible Ukraine invasion

NATO threatens Russia with 'consequences'

Stoltenberg: All NATO Allies Have Made Clear They Strongly Condemn “the Lukashenko Regime”

EU winning Belarus 'hybrid war' – Brussels

Zelensky to allow foreign armies on Ukrainian soil

Ukraine demands Germany pay up for WWII damage

Ukrainian celebrity throws raunchy party on
Soviet famine remembrance day

Japan Joins Growing List Of Countries Closing
Borders As More Omicron Cases Detected Globally

China takes Ukraine to The Hague court

China Opposes Visit of Baltic Lawmakers
to Taiwan


COVID-19 Cases Among Fully Vaccinated on the
Rise in India As Omicron Variant Fears Escalate

'He Probably Won't Play' - Djokovic's Dad Accuses
Australian Open of 'Blackmail' Over Vaccine Mandate

India U-turns on controversial law
that sparked massive rallies

Taliban's 'war on drugs' put into action

Lynch mob out for accused blasphemer
torches Pakistan police station

Lift sanctions or no return to nuclear deal, Iran says

Israel Accuses Iran Of Enriching Weapons-Grade
Uranium As Nuke Talks Resume After 5 Month Break

Fabulous Film Of Driving The Balboa
Peninsula In the Lates 1940s - Watch

4 killed & 19 injured as massive storm
batters Istanbul

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan


The Race For Nuclear Fusion Is Going Private

You Are Living in a Multifaceted, deadly Psyop

Hillary - Gag, Puke - 'Americans Just Don't
Appreciate What Joe Has Done For Them'

President Hillary Clinton - Don't Laugh
...Her Easy Path To The White House

DeBlasio admits Cuomo killed thousands

China Says Prepare for Armageddon -
A Warning To The Entire World From Xi

Gates Is Pumping All of His Cash into China
...and Nobody's Asking Why

German Chemistry PhD Murdered Today For THIS
Warning - Look At This Video - Nano G.O. Blades
Said To Be Slicing The Human body To Pieces - Vid

Power of attorney for medical procedures
Extremely Important For all Of Us

Another Medical power of Attorney Legal form

COVID BioWeapon Injections cause
prion diseases - Kirsch


A President Betrayed by Bureaucrats...
Scott Atlas's Masterpiece on the Covid Disaster

Omicron Is 'Extremely Mild' Says Doctor
Who First Discovered Strain

WHO Says It's Time for a 'Healthy Debate'
on Compulsory, FORCED Covid Kill Shots

World Medical Association Chair Demands
National Lockdowns, FORCED Jabs,
Fears COVID 'Variant As Dangerous As Ebola'

The New COVID Variant Scam was Simulated
in Israel Weeks before it was 'Discovered'

Jeff & Frank Joseph - The Phil Schneider Story

4th Generation Dairy Farmer Warns That
'Climate Change' Could End Family Farms

Fauci - US could face 'fifth wave' of Covid
as Omicron variant nears

Lord Fauci - 'I'm going to be saving lives
and they're going to be lying'

Roberts - Reality is Creeping In On Fauci
and Walensky


Newest Bullsh*t Fearstorm Is Upon Us

South Africa Has Fewer Than 100 Omicron Cases
Watch how The Govt And MSM Are Pounding
Their Fear Porn Drums!

What Does Omicron Really Mean??
Among Other Things It Was The Title
Of Two Sci-Fi Films - Watch

Zelenko 'Leaks' Secret Ingredient In His New
Z Stack Formula which He Says Will Stop
Small Pox - Start At 24:00

FBI And Other Agencies Paid Informants
$548 Million In Recent Years With Many
Committing Crimes

Oroville CA approves motion to reject any
state or federal COVID mandates

LAPD Targets 'Follow-Home' Crime Wave

Communist Students Rally to Get Kyle Rittenhouse
Thrown Out of College for 'Crime' of Being White
and Defending Himself

Suspect Arrested In Philadelphia's Record
500th Homicide This Year

Security Guard For TV News Crew Killed
While Covering Organized Looting In Oakland

We are Destroying the Lives of our Young
With Deployed BioWeapon Injections


Jesse Ventura With Dr. RIma Laibow Sept 2009
Warning from the past on current CV-19 tyranny
And forced lethal injections

35 yr old Hawaii woman 'never thought it
would be me' as post-Pfizer pericarditis
cripples her entire existence

COVID BioWeapon Injections Will Kill People
while making their underlying conditions appear
to be the cause, prominent doctor warns

Fully vaxed Canadian senator dies of 'covid'

Most of hate speech on Facebook is
anti-white and anti-male

Vax Passport Being Programmed Into Phones

Black Friday Shopping Down 28%
Over 2019 Levels Despite Improvement
Over Last Year

4th Generation Dairy Farmer Warns That
'Climate Change' Could End Family Farms

Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses
As The BioWeapon Shots Score Again

Belgian PM Says New Omicron Variant Heralds
Arrival Of COVID-21


Insane Swiss Voters Back Vaccine Passports
in National Referendum

Omicron cases confirmed in EU arrivals
from Africa

German Police Thwart Illegal COVID-19
Vaccination Campaign

Watch - Dancing mayor and shopping Biden
breach mask mandates

UK Bashed as China Has Pumped $900 billon
Into Commonwealth Nations Since 2005

Greece admits Russian counter-sanctions have
caused serious damage to trade

Germany asks US Congress not to impose
sanctions on Nord Stream 2 - portal

Austrian Chancellor Speaks for Proceeding With
Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project

No one wants conflict between Russia and
NATO in Europe - Foreign Minister

Deployment of British troops in Germany doesn't
alleviate tension with Moscow - ambassador


Roberts - German Statisticians Find the Same
Result in Germany as the UK Health Security
Agency Reports - It Is a Pandemic of the Vaxed

Roberts - UK Official Data Proves It Is a
Pandemic of the Vaxed

Guardian accused of sitting on
bombshell story about Assange

Macron Bashed for 'Throwing Toys
Out of Pram' as Patel Uninvited to EU
Talks on Channel Crossings

France Escalates Feud With UK As BoJo
Waffles On Brexit Fisheries Deal

Moscow Anti-vaxxer tour of Covid-19
hospital goes awry

Vicious 'Neo Nazi' attack on Kiev 'gay bar' - Vid

Hong Kong's worst case scenario is happening

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Refuses to Resign
Over Riots, Vows to Find 'Instigators' of Unrest


Taiwan - US Deployment Area Against Mainland
China Since 1945

Why Isn't Everyone In Bangladesh Dead

There Was a 7.5 and two 7.4 Quakes in Peru
Within 60 Seconds Of Each Other

France Postpones Compulsory Shots for
Guadeloupe Health Workers After Uprising

Iranian Nuclear Chief - Israel Should Check Its
Capabilities Before Threatening to Attack Tehran

NYT - Israel Was Behind Cyber Attack on
Iran's Fuel System in October

Two Iranian Seamen 'in Good Health' After
Being Rescued by US Navy Ship in Gulf

China, Russia ready to hold joint naval drills
with Iran - Top Navy commander

US occupying forces bring 100 trucks,
tankers to oil-rich Syria's Hasakah

Kyrgyz Lawmaker Detained on Suspicion
of Plotting a Coup - Source


Taliban PM Seeks Global Help While Blasting
Former US-Backed Regime As Mass Starvation Looms

Eritrea and Guinea-Bissau sign up to
China's New Silk Road initiative

Maxie Waters Says Republicans Are Worse
Than 'Evil' -- They Display 'Racism' All the Time

The Anne Frank HOAX Marches On

Smithsonian's new FUTURES exhibit asks visitors
when we'll see 'single global government'

Global Warmist Buzzkill - Arctic Ice Is Poised to
be Its THICKEST in a Generation

American society is teetering on the edge
(It will fall Off...That's The PLAN)

Gosh, NEJM Explains How COVID Vaccines 'May
Produce Spike Proteins' That Lead to Myocarditis

BioNTech says it is testing The new COVID
variant to see if it responds to The vaccine

Bill Gates Charged with Murder for COVID
Vaccine Death in India's High Court –
Death Penalty Sought

Armstrong Warns 'America Is Under Attack
By Marxist Globalists'

Lord Fauci Under Fire Again for 'Dumbass' Advice
He Gave to 'Dumberass' Biden on Omicron Variant

Biden Reminded of Attack on Trump for
African Travel Ban He Now Emulates

Hillary Sez - Those Who Violate the Law
Must Be Locked Up !

The Elite Have Reissued Their 'Great Narrative'

Fully Vaccinated Pro-Vax Canadian Senator
Dead at the Age of 56 - Another Believer Gone


Fear Porn Blast! - 'Why IS the Omicron variant
so scary? Super strain has evolved to have ALL
of the worst mutations of Alpha Beta and Delta
combined plus new ones that could make it the
most infectious and jab-resistant variant ever!'

'It is coming' - NY Communist Gov Kathy Hochul
declares state of emergency in response to new
Covid 'Omricon' Variant - Epidemiologist Says
Pandemic 2.0 (Omicron) Is Already Worldwide

SA Doctor Says Omicron Variant
Symptoms 'Unusual But Mild'

Doc Who First Spotted Omicron Outlines
It's Symptoms - Look At The MSM Orgy
Of Fear Going On...Don't Be A Fool...

Martin Armstrong Warns "America Is
Under Attack By Marxist Globalists"

California BLM's Christmas message?
'Boycott white businesses'

Evidence 'Bioweapons Of Depopulation Genocide'
Being Used On World Were Developed Over Decades
To Create Carnage, Suffering And Catastrophe

Rampant 'Righteousness' and the COVID Cult

Geez, Ya Think? CV19 Booster Is Also a Bioweapon
Announces Karen Kingston

Horrific complications after AZ booster - Graphic
(Boost Yourself To The Grave...)

The COVID 'Vaccine' Shattered My Life' Man Says


Big Three US Automakers Agree To Not
Mandate Vaccines For UAW Union Members
(Thereby averting Suicide...)

We Don't Talk About Collapse To Revel In It
...We Talk About Collapse To Prevent It

Wind power too cheap to support itself

Euro Soccer Players Dropping Like Flies

Omicron Variant First Detected In Four 'Fully
Vaxed' People

France mandates COVID vaccination passes
for dining, travel, health workers

Health Agency - New COVID Strain Poses
'High to Very High Risk' to Europe - Har!

German Health Minister Calls For 'Massive
Contact Restrictions' To Fight COVID - Same
Old Sh*t, Will Sheep Learn Before They All Die?

Omicron's spread across Europe - First confirmed
case and dozens more suspected - Max Fear Porn!

First Cases Of Omicron COVID Variant Detected


UK PM Orders Travel Quarantine and Mask
Wearing to Combat COVID-19 Omicron Variant

French Agricultural Ministry Reports Bird Flu
Outbreak in Nord Department

Massive Asteroid Stronger Than a Nuclear Bomb
Will Swish Past Earth in Late December

Horrific UK storm leaves more than
80,000 homes without power

Paris 'Antifa' rioters attack cops at march
against 'state violence' - Watch

Madrid Cops protest legalizing taking
footage of police - Video

Scot schoolgirls 'boycott gender-neutral toilets'

Poland vows to root out 'morally corrupting' sex ed

Media Reveals Contents of Safe Holding
Secret Documents of UK Royal Family

Russian ice hockey in mourning after
death of 16 year old star


Communist US Govt Says 'All Options' On Table
Over Alleged 'Russian Invasion Threat' To Ukraine

Russian Anti-Satellite Weapon Test Makes
European Solar Probe's Planetary Flyby
More Risky, ESA Says

US May 'Pause' Lethal Aid to Ukraine to
Reduce 'Risk of Confrontation With Moscow'

China Runs Combat Drills as US
Congressional Delegation Visits Taiwan

Solomon Islands Opposition Plans No-Confidence
Vote Against Prime Minister, Reports Say

China Reportedly Slams Double Standards
Ahead of Iran Deal Talks Over Nuclear
Handoff to Australia

Australian MP Calls on Citizens to Revolt And
Compares Current Leaders to Hitler and Stalin

South African Hotel Chain Boss Warns of
'Fearmongering' Over New COVID-19 Variant

Burkina Faso Police Fire Tear Gas Against
Protesters in Capital - Video

Two dead as French military clashes
with protesters in Africa


PA Home A 'Total Loss' After Charging Tesla
In Driveway Spontaneously Combusts

'You Should Absolutely Not Buy One' - CNet
Thrashes Tesla's Model Y In Scathing Review

Spectacular Lava dome fountain last night
On Lower Side Of Cumbre Vieja volcano

La Palma volcano update - New vent
reported south of the main cone

Large asteroid stronger than nuke heading
towards Earth late December

Everybody Panic! The Terrible Mutant Is
On The Loose! - Katie Hopkins

New B.1.1.529 Covid variant 'worst one'
so far, UK says - Astonishing Fear Porn!

WHO Calls 'Special Meeting' To Discuss
New (Fear Porn) COVID Variant

Hilarious - No euthanasia without
COVID shot, death society rules

Vaccine (BioWeapon) 'Passports' Will
Absolutely END Human Liberty In The West

What can we expect as the 'Financial Reset'
arrives by Catherine Austin Fitts - Watch

Icke Who Controls Your Life? You Do


Gates Signaling Arrival of Next Plandemic
The 'Angel of Death'...Smallpox

NY Rep to Intro Sickening Bill for Unvaxed
...'Do Your Part or Pay'

Report - OBiden to Recommend Increasing
Red Tape, Fees on Oil Industry In Stronger
Effort To Destroy america

Woke Salvation Army Asks Donors to Offer
'Sincere Apology' for Whiteness - Give Them

CA Town Declares Indy From Dictatorship
Powers Of State, Federal COVID Mandates

Robot Company Will Pay $200,000 for Your Face

Study Warns Much More Insidious Threat
Is Lurking Behind The Scenes

Accused Black Waukesha Killer White
Hatred Revealed in Sick Posts

The socialist leader America loves to
hate wins again. What now?

5 Senate Democrats Say 'Nyet' To
Biden's Communist Treasury Nominee


88% of Black Marylanders Want Police
Budget Increased

The government co-owned the COVID
'Vax' back in 2015...

Canadian woman gets Pfizer for first injection,
Moderna for second injection, hospitalized with
severe damage to several vital organs

Cancer expert says UK seeing spike in 'non-covid
deaths' nobody willing to call out BioWeapon Cause

Brave ICU doctor warns about covid
'vax' injuries And deaths

Excess mortality rates rise as more people
get vaxed

Fauci & big pharma have institutionalized
population reduction

Pfizer & BioNTech Consider 'Future Vaccine Relaunch'
Due to 'Horrific' New Covid Variant, A Third Company
Says It Already Has a Vaccine in Testing

'Severe Reactions' to Covid Vaccines are Far More Common Than Official Data Show: Here is the Stunning New Evidence

WHO calls special meeting to discuss new Covid variant found in South Africa with 'a large number of mutations'


Former WHO Director Warns Making Vaccines Mandatory Could Cause Riots

There Are Now 365 Studies Provide Efficacy
of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19
Will Anyone Confront Fauci?

The COVID BioWeapon Paralyzed This Man

Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes How Your Govt
Is Captured By Multinational Corporations

The Pilgrims Did Socialism And Died Trying

The Metaverse Is A Scam

The Metaverse - We're Being Herded Into
The Matrix

600 Google Employees Sign Manifesto to
Overturn the Company's Vax Mandate

Allgire - I Am A Time Traveler

In Early 2022, Prices Will Be Going Up 20-25%
On Thousands Of Different Products - But Not Wages


Black Friday Brings Mixed Results for
Retailers at First Glance

Watch - Dim, Dumb University Students Learn
Black Friday Has Nothing to Do with Race

Gang of 'Organized' Criminals Loot Chicago
Stores Ahead of Black Friday

Stocks Tank and Oil Plunges on Fears
of New Covid Variant, Dow Down 905

A Terrified Wall Street Reacts To
The Nu Variant

Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada
As The BioWeapons Take Effect

Austria announces total police state lockdown,
mandatory covid 'Vax' for entire population

First cases of 'worst-ever' Covid-19 variant
reported in Europe (What Horse sh*t)

Growing list of countries with curbs
over 'super mutant' strain

New 'super mutant' COVID strain prompts
EU to seek air travel ban


'Super mutant' Covid strain found in
Asia, Middle East

'This is Covid-21' Belgium PM declares as
'Nu' variant hits Europe

'Worst ever' Covid variant - What we know so far

Canada moves to criminalize gender critical
feminism over transphobia 'hate speech' claims

Italy Bans Unvaxed From Cinemas,
Restaurants and Sports Events

Against Vaccine Passports' - New UK directory
to help customers connect with businesses that
stand against passports

New German Government Plans to
Simplify Citizenship for Migrants

People Smugglers Reportedly Advertise
Services Openly on Facebook Amid UK
Migration Crisis

Paedo Trans Ex-Soldier to Stand Trial for
Exposing 'her Penis' and Masturbating in St

French Interior Minister Darmanin Cancels
Talks With UK's Patel as BoJo Publishes
Letter to Macron


French Fishermen Block Eurotunnel, Port of
Calais Amid Licenses Row With Britain

Poland determined to get over €800 Billion
in WWII reparations

Hundreds of Norwegians Leave Church
After It Demands to Stop Oil Exploration

In Early 2022, Prices Will Be Going Up 20-25%
On Thousands Of Different Products - But Not Wages

Russia's New Prichal Module Docks ISS

Twenty cutting-edge Armata tanks
to arrive for Russian troops by yearend

UK to Deploy More Tanks to Germany Amid
Reported Worries Over Russian 'Activities'
on Ukraine Border

Lavrov lauds Russia-India-China format's
contribution to fostering multipolar world order

US Wants war in Belarus – Lukashenko

Russian diplomat insists only negotiations,
not force, can solve Ukrainian conflict


Ukrainian President warns of imminent
Russian-backed coup attempt in Kiev

Ukraine says it's ready to defend
itself against Russia

Germany's future Vice-Chancellor slams
Nord Stream 2 as 'project to pressure Ukraine'

Ukraine interested in Russian gas transit

Moldova Pays $74 Million Debt to Gazprom

Civil Unrest Rocks Solomon Islands As
Rioters Torch Government Buildings

Australian Defence Force, Navy Ship Head to
Solomon Islands Amid Ongoing Unrest, Reports Say

Anti-China riots on island incited from abroad - premier says

Attempts to Disrupt China-Solomon Islands
Relations Futile, Foreign Ministry's Spox Says

Canberra Blames Beijing for 'Disconnect Between
Words and Actions' to Maintain So. China Sea Peace


Max Igan - Genocide Is Happening In
Northern Australia - Be Sure To Watch This

Horror Details Leak From Australia's
Sub-Human Quarantine Camps

Australian Diplomat Backs India on
Border Dispute With China

'Fidel Is Alive' - Cuba Marks 5 Years Since
Castro Death with Mandatory Mourning

Mothers Group Finds 20 Bodies in
Mexican Cartel Killing Field

Israeli PM Warns of State of Emergency
as Country Registers First Case of New
COVID Variant

'We Are Lab Rats' - Israeli Vaccine Victims
Want Their Lives Back (Film)

Israel Detects Its First Case of New
Coronavirus Variant

Passengers On Last Flights Back To UK
From South Africa Faced Few, If Any, Restrictions

Passengers stuck on plane from SA in Amsterdam
as 'super-mutant' Covid panic spreads


The largest deep-ocean volcanic eruption
of the past century was almost missed by
everybody on Earth

Dramatic, Stunning photos show La Palma
volcano's ongoing eruption

Allgire - What Is The Enemy Of Cryptos?
Thanksgiving Black Friday Message

Caitlin Johnstone - Nuclear war is getting
To Be increasingly likely

Stealthy Covid Global Depopulation Scheme
Explained In Detail

Encore - Dr. Shankara Chetty Explains How The BioWeapon
Plot Will poison and mass murder most of humanity!

Will the Unvaxed Become an Enemy of the State?
Close to the Breaking Point of Total Tyranny

Dr. Ryan Cole On The Destruction
Of The Human Immune System And
The Resulting Surge In MANY diseases

Eugenicist Bill Gates is Signaling the Arrival
of a Next Plandemic - 'Angel of Death' Smallpox
Biden Bought Billions Of Smallpox Drugs In

Father Alexis Bugnolo says 2 billion dead in
the next year and the Terraforming Of Humanity
Are you ready?

Dr. Luis De Benito shares an advance of his
report on the MAC address phenomenon in
inoculated individuals - ORWELL CITY


National Guard Rebels Against Pentagram
Rejects BioWeapon Injection Mandate

PCR - Reality Creeping In On Fauci & Walensky

Prosecute Fauci Now - Dr. David Martin

Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Dolores Cahill Both
recall govt predictions from 1999 indicating a Mass
die-off of the Western banking systems population
Was Planned for 2020 thru 2025 - Start At 58:00

Major Canadian housing provider demands
all tenants get COVID Death shot

Small Pox...The Next Pandemic...The Mutated
With Ebola And The Vaxed = The Extermination

Shocker - Psychopathic TX Teaching Course
Teaches 'White Supremacy is Everywhere'

3.5 Reasons Why Ghislaine Can't Have
A Fair Trial Even If She Wanted One

US water disappearing - Water shortage
emergency in SF and Mississippi

Thanksgiving In America


Happy Thanksgiving! - Are You Ready
To Be An American Kulak?

PCR - The Demonization of Thanksgiving

MUST SEE List of Communist Colleges, Universities
Offering THERAPY For Students Affected By The
'Racist' Rittenhouse Verdict

De Blasio - Unvaxed Will Be BANNED
from Using NYC Subways

Data shows thousands of people are Now
refusing to pull over for police

Al Sharpton Looks Like He's About To Have A
Stroke As Ahmaud Arbery's Father Tells Media
'ALL lives matter...Not just Black!' - Watch

Communist Schools Reinstate Porn Books
To Children in the Name of 'Diversity'

Mistrial Declared In Case Of Accused Invader Alien
Serial Killer After Single Juror Refuses to Convict

Hungary - Study Shows Sputnik V Vaccine
Most Effective at Preventing COVID Death

French hit with new set of Covid measures


Insane Santa Cruz County, CA, Imposes Mask Mandate
Inside Private Home Regardless Of Vax Status

40,000 Died in US Nursing Homes From Isolation
and Neglect in Just the First 9 Months of Hysteria
and Lockdowns

Samsung announces plans to build new
$17 billion chip factory in Texas

2 Black Rectangular Boxes Flying Over Europe
Seeming To come From North Pole - Daylight Vid

Solar Storm Warning - 50,000 Mile Canyon
Of 'Hot Plasma' Ejected

towers on the moon vid from Nike Morales

towers mentioned around the world last night
url copied at correct time of the statement;

Higher and higher - Used truck price
inflation shows no signs of abating

They need your children! A new financial
reset is imminent

Zillow's BIG Mistake - Watch


Thanksgiving Gas Prices at Least $1.20
More than Last Year

Crash-Hedge Prices Are Surging

Five Texas Chipotle Employees Quit Over
Short-Staffing, Total Work Burnout

Pretty Please? US Trying To Persuade Russia
To Lift Oil Output

US Crude Released by Biden From Reserves Will
Likely Be Snapped Up By China And India

German Power Prices Soar As Arctic Blast To
Bring 'Significant Snow'

UAE Pumps $6 Billion Into Oil
And Gas Expansion Projects

Climate activist Australian Student
stops world's largest coal port

Time to consider mandatory jabs in Europe,
WHO official says

Professor Delores Cahill - 'We have to
stop these injection trials Now!


Sweden's first female prime minister
resigns hours after appointment

Pfizer BioWeapon Authorized By EU Regulator
For Use In Kids Aged 5-11 - The Deaths Begin

Sherrif Tiraspol winger Adama Traore becomes
the latest high-profile player to collapse on the pitch

Former Pro Calls For 'Investigation' After
Another Soccer Player Suddenly Collapses

Time to consider mandatory jabs in Europe,
WHO official says

Sitrep from Russell Bentley on YT

Ukraine wants to conquer Donbass by force - Moscow

Ukraine on its knees in front of Russia – ex PM

Cooperation of Serbia, Russia in military-technical
sphere at highest level — president

US ignoring client state Ukraine hack attacks,
Russia complains


China Blasts US for Banning 12 Entities
'Without Factual Basis'

Why global supply crisis is here to stay

Beijing Praises Jamie Dimon's 'Sincere'
Bootlicking Reversal As 'Right Attitude'

Australia Calls Emergency Meeting as Anti-Govt
Protesters Wreck Solomon Islands Chinatown

India's population starts to shrink

Layer of Smog Engulfs Indian Capital as
Air Quality Remains 'Very Poor'

Israel Registers a Rise in Domestic Violence Cases
Authorities Struggling to Cope With the Crisis

Southern Africa-Linked COVID-19 Variant With
'Horrific' Number of Spike Mutations Triggers Fear

With Low Vaccination Rates, Africa's COVID
Deaths Remain Far Below Europe & US

How Likely is Earth's Magnetic Field Flip
to Trigger Doomsday Scenario for Our Planet?


Alarming Evidence Of The Systematic Dismantling
Of The US And 'War Upon Americans From Within'

Biden INTENTIONALLLY To Cause 'Catastrophic'
Supply Chain Disaster As MILLIONS Of Truckers
Quit Over Vaccine Mandate, Union President Says

Brave ICU Doc Reveals Mass Of SEVERE 'Vax'
Injection Injuries And Daths Flooding Hospitals.

Democrat KS Gov Signs Bill Fining Companies
$50,000 For Not Allowing Vaccine Mandate
Exemptions - An Intelligent Democrat

How Bad Will Street Chaos And Crime
Get In 2022 And Beyond? - Snyder

New Data Shows The Fully Vaxed
Are Developing AIDS

Timeline Shows Threat of Incoming Smallpox
False Flag Operation

Wow - Little Lord Fauci Accuses Tucker Of
Killing People By 'Weaponizing Lies'

If You 'Infect' Others, You Bear Legal Liability
and Possible Death Penalty

Pop-Up Vaccination clinic for kids - Watch


Meanwhile in the UK - Calmly celebrating Insane
totalitarianism...'32,000x more likely to die of Covid'
if not double jabbed??? Huh?

Communist De Blasio Pushes No Jab, No Subway
Travel In NYC - Says 'We Know Vax Mandates Work'
How Many Boosters To Be Fully-Vexed? 10?

Pfizer Employee Stole 12,000 Files Including
COVID-19 Vax Secrets, Lawsuit Claims

Little Lord Fauci wants all kids & babies
To Take BioWeapon Shots by Spring 2022

Fauci Says He's 'Not Retiring Anytime Soon'
He Still Has 'Unfinished Business'

Fitts - What We Can Expect As
The Financial 'Reset' Arrives

Biden Told To 'Apologise' To Kyle Rittenhouse
For White Supremacist Label

Rittenhouse - 'God Has Been Protecting Me
from the Evil Democrats'

New 'Rittenhouse law' would hold prosecutors

Commie Beto O'Rourke doubles down on calls
for government to seize AR-15 rifles


Black Supremacist Darrell Brooks Rapped About
Being A 'Terrorist' And Called For Violence Against
All White People

'Peaceful Shopping?' Social Media Riled as
Public Warned Not to Call California Crime
Wave 'Looting'

Painting That 'Portrays George Floyd as Jesus
Christ' Displayed at Catholic University of America

Biden Gets Roasted for Reading The Words
'End of Quote' From His Teleprompter

The Kamal Explains the 10 Yr High Inflation In
The US By Saying, Simply, 'Prices...Have Gone Up'

Communist Democrats Vow to Confiscate
Guns from Certain US Troops

Commucrats ready to give voting rights to
more than 800,000 Invaders

New documents shed light on Jeffrey Epstein's
time in jail

Ridley Scott blasts Millennials And
'f*cking cell phones'

'Sex Week' at Harvard shows nobody's safe
from the woke inquisition


Should We Honor Thanksgiving and
the Pilgrims in 2021?

Milwaukee DA refused to prosecute more
than 60 percent of felony cases

The United States is falling apart

Gregory & Travis McMichael, William Bryan
Found Guilty Of Murder Of Ahmaud Arbery

Professor Who Called For Destigmatizing
Pedophilia Put On Leave

Seattle PD's budget shrinks after city
council's final vote

Wendy Williams Update...Report Of Paralysis And
Dementia - Young People Dying (Murdered) Every
Day And No One Is Stopping The BioWeapons

Being 'Fully-Vaccinated' is an
Endless Destination

Tragic Pfizer BioWeapon Victim Asks
When Does It Stop?

Mount Sinai Long Beach hospital shuts Down ER
After firing healthcare staff due to vaccine mandate


Retired Slovenian Nurse Says 30% Of Population
Getting Vaccine Placebo - (Too Many Are Dying)

Fear Porn - Scientists warn of new Botswana
variant with '32 mutations' - boosters Til Death!

3D Nano Particles Editing YOU into a Reptilian

Apple Customers In Turkey Can No Longer
Purchase Devices From Official Stores After
Lira Crashes

'Clock is ticking' as US vulnerable to Chinese
electromagnetic attack - Blackouts!

Inside Putin's 'Star Warrior' weapon as Russia
threatens to destroy 32 Nato satellites to
cripple missile systems

More Confusion - Airborne Object
Identification and Management
Synchronization Group (AOIMSG) Is Here

Nuclear Bomb Tests and UFOs
at Maralinga, South Australia

Long Time UFO Researcher,
Dr. Leo Sprinkle Has Died

Anomaly Surveillance & Resolution Office


The Dollar Tree Is Now The $1.25 Tree

Luongo - Have We Finally Reached Peak Davos?

New Home Sales Data Suffers Huge Downward
Revisions, Inventories Hit 13 Yr High

Musk Dumps Another $1.05 Billion In
TSLA Stock, Reaches Halfway Point To
Liquidate 10% Stake

BoJo Beats Brain Dead Biden To The
Bottom In (Dis)Approval Battle

US, Russia Military Chiefs Hold Urgent
'Deconfliction' Call As Ukraine Crisis
2.0 Looms

Putin tests experimental nasal vaccine
against COVID-19

Kremlin Informs China That 10 US Strategic
Bombers Trained To Use Nukes Against Russia
This Month

Biden's Summit With Xi a PR Stunt That
Won't Reduce US-China Tensions

Oz Aboriginals Taken To Quarantine Camps
And Forced Injections - Genocide


Israel 'experts' pushing the vaccine scramble
for words when faced with official death stats

Iran Near Nuclear Weapon Capability - US General

US weighs grim options if nuclear talks
with Iran collapse

Get Back - Revisited

How to take a Thanksgiving
weed walk with your cousins

7.5+ Billion Shots Later...

Las Palmas - 'I FEEL LIKE I'M IN A MOVIE' - Wide
stream of lava, glowing clouds Surreal atmosphere
Volcanic Eruption With Bushcraft Bear

Second La Palma Volcano arm reaches the sea,
generating massive rockfalls at the sea cliff - Vid

'We'll Never Give Up' - Protests Erupt Across
World Over Govt COVID Tyranny - But Not Here

CDC Official says kill all whites because they're
refusing the Deadly BioWeapon injections - Vid

Get Ready for mRNA Flu Shots

Tucker Rittenhouse interview gets 5 MILLION

Unelected Dead Brain Biden reads
'End Of Quote' Right off his teleprompter

Confirmed - Biden Family Syndicate
Helped Chinese Secure Cobalt Deal

Biden Administration Asks US Appeals
Court To Reinstate OSHA Vaccine Rule

Docs Show Hunter Biden Working Deal to
Transfer US Gas to Chinese Co


Unelected pea brain Biden reads
'End Of Quote' off the teleprompter.

Agenda 666 - Covid Is The Genocidal Banker Reset

The Vax Classroom! Look How SMART
These Elementary Kids Are!

Biden's new $200mn helicopter grounded

Jefferson's Statue Removed in NY After Workers
Complain it Fails to Represent 'Contemporary Values'

DOJ to pay millions over FBI failure

BLM Activist Speaks of 'Revolution in Wisconsin'
Link Between Rittenhouse Case & Waukesha Tragedy

Not Guilty Verdict for Shooter Rittenhouse Reveals
US Partisan, Racial Divisions, Poll Shows

Mob rule - How the racial unrest blighting
America is being fueled

Footage of 'Waukesha Tragedy Suspect's
Arrest' Revealed by Media


House Dems 'Excited' to Look for Younger
Leaders Amid Rumours About Pelosi 'Successor'

Manufacturing Of The BioWeapon - Multiple Stages
Of The Process And The Production Sites - NYT

Are Weaponized Prions The Secret Genocidal
Component In Covid-19 Vaccines? - Rense

Great Salt Lake is completely drying out

Alleged New Variant Said To Be Causing
'Asymptomatic' COVID!

Global Organization Attempts to End
Free Speech Worldwide

Patent With Over 170 Vaccines To Be
Injected Into You Forever...

NZ Nurse explains what she's currently seeing
in hospital - It Confirms What 'Nurse Ann' Says

Lethal Injection - Frontline ER Doc gives chilling
account of unusual vax-induced illness

Covid-19 RNA based vaccines And The Risk
Of Fatal Prion Brain Disease


How the CV BioWeapon Destroys
Your Immune System

35 Yr Old FL single father Takes Pfizer injection
to save his job, suffers massive heart attack,
dead 12 days later

Priest dies during church service - Vid

Fauci's Boss Demands People Who Think He's
Full of It Be 'Brought To Justice'

Waukesha massacre suspect makes first
court appearance - bail set at $5 million

See Birds attack G5 tower...
they Know It's A Weapon

VAERS Data Reveals 50x (x99) More Ectopic
Pregnancies Following COVID Shots than After
ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years

SF actress calls religious exemptions 'dumb excuses'
has miscarriage 3 weeks after mRNA booster shot

Nearly 10% of Connecticut nursing home residents
killed by covid outbreak, even with an almost 100%
vaccination rate

The War on the 'Unvaccinated' Is a Desperate
Attempt to Destroy the Control Group


Fake Science, Invalid Data - There is No
Such Thing as a 'Confirmed Covid-19 Case'
...There is No Pandemic

Americans increasingly say they don't plan to have kids
...this is the No. 1 reason why

Newly-Released Jan. 6 Footage Shows Capitol
Police Kicking Young Woman to Death - 2nd Murder
Victim Of The Capitol Stasi

Google, Twitter, Facebook Face 8 More
Legal Complaints in Russia, Court Says

China tech regulation spells end
of Alibaba dominance

Indian Parliament to Mull Bill Proposing
National Digital Currency

Cash is on Its Way Out, Says Bank of England
as It Pushes State-Backed 'Britcoin' Digital Currency

Cryptos Hit Session Highs After Regulators
Announce Plan To Define Legal Crypto-Related
Bank Activities In 2022

Biden Announces 50 Million Barrels SPR
Release To Lower Oil Prices

Oil Prices Rally After US Announces Strategic
Reserve Release


'Take some time off oil and gas,' White House says

US Oil Reserve Release Important for Gas
Prices But Biden Must Boost Home Output

Trump Blasts Biden's Decision to Release Oil
From US Strategic Reserves

Cash is on Its Way Out, Says Bank of England
as It Pushes State-Backed 'Britcoin' Digital Currency

Cryptos Hit Session Highs After Regulators
Announce Plan To Define Legal Crypto-Related
Bank Activities In 2022

Best Buy Crashes As Margins Slide Due
To 'Organized Retail Theft'

Dollar-25-Tree? Discount Retailer Forced
To Hike Prices Amid Persistent Inflation

Lira Resumes Freefalling After Central Bank
Has 'No Comment' On Today's Historic Crash

Russia to blame for rising prices across
Europe, Poland claims

European Gas Prices Jump As US
Announces Nord Stream 2 Sanctions


New sanctions on Nord Stream 2 'illegal'
– Kremlin

Ukraine wants 15 more years of Russian
gas transit fees

Lukoil Discovers Oil Field in Mexico With
Reserves of Up to 250 Million Barrels

Austria Sets the Stage - First Western Country
to 'Legally' Impose 'Vaccination' on Population

Hate crimes against Christians on
the rise in Europe

European Commission Proposes Mechanism for
Swift Restrictions Against Transport Companies
involved in the delivery of migrant

France is getting more right wing - We should have
seen it coming

Fading Credibility - Might Peppa Pig Babble Be
the Last Straw in a Series of BoJo's Blunders?

Expert - 'No Longer Fit For Purpose' BBC is in
Trouble Over 'False Narratives' About UK Royal Family

Police Start Probe as J.K.Rowling Reveals
'Death Threats' From Trans Activists


Sweden Has Had *Negative* Excess
Mortality Since the Start of 2020

San Marino Approves Sputnik Light
COVID-19 Vaccine, RDIF Says

Gunshots Fired at Police on French Island of
Martinique Amid COVID-Related Protests

France's Guadeloupe Gripped By 'Extreme Violence'
Rioting and Looting Over COVID-19 Measures

Shocker - Former VP Of WHO European Advisory
Group Says The 'Unvaxed Are NOT Dangerous, It
Is The Vaxed Who Are Dangerous For Others' And
'Must Quarantine Over The Winter Months' !!

Bavarian Governor Calls for Mandatory
COVID-19 Shots

Football giants Bayern Munich dock the
wages of five unvaccinated players

Merkel's husband enters spotlight
to slam the unvaxxed

Dutch Police Arrest Over 170 Protesters
Against COVID-19 Measures

UK Residents Advised to Take Rapid COVID-19
Test Before Visiting Crowded Places


Italy - The Pandemic That Never Was,
the Authoritarianism That Set In, and the
Resistance It Has Birthed

UK docs issued new guidance on antidepressants

Gates and Buffet Reimagining Nuclear Energy

Russian and American top generals speak
by phone – Moscow

Shoigu: 10 US Air Force Strategic Bombers Trained
to Use Nukes Against Russia This Month

Deployment of Western Advisers in Ukraine Would
Fuel Tensions, Kremlin Warns

Millions of people could start fleeing Ukraine
amid hardships, top Russian official says

Playing With Fire On Russia's Borders

American Patrol Boats Arrive in Ukraine
Amid US Move to Beef Up Country's Military

As tension builds around Ukraine, US poised
to arm Kiev with advanced weaponry


Ukraine comments on reports it is planning
offensive in Donbass

Ukrainian Lawmaker Confirms Kiev Used
Javelin Complexes in Donbass

Putin stresses importance to discuss Mideast
situation at meeting with Palestinian leader

Five Missiles Target Base Hosting US Military
in Eastern Syria, State Media Claims

Putin - Russia's Stance on Palestinian
Authority Remains Same

US, Taiwan Hold Second Meeting of Annual
Economic Dialogue, Reports Say

China Scrambles Warships, Fighter Jets as
US Destroyer Crosses Taiwan Strait

China Launches New Gaofen-3 02 Earth
Observation Satellite, Reports Say

China reports lowest birth rate in decades

Tokyo Claims Russia-China Joint Patrolling
in Asia-Pacific Aimed Against Japan


Russia's defense chief lauds extension of
missile launch notification deal with China

Russia successfully counters US' military threats
-Chinese Defense Minister

Australia Loads Up Aborigines on Army
Trucks, Dumps Them in Isolation Camps

India Cedes to US Demand, Will Release 5 Million
Barrels of Crude From 'Strategic Reserves'

Indian Parliament to Mull Bill Proposing
National Digital Currency

Daesh Image of Beheaded Statue of
Hindu God Shiva Outrages Indians

Israel Signals It 'Won't Be Bound' to New
Iran Nuclear Deal Ahead of Resumption of
Vienna Talks

Israeli Defence Minister Accuses Iran of
Launching Maritime Attacks From UAV Bases

Study - Psychedelic Microdosing
Improves Mental Health

The Body is Not a Machine


Cumbre Vieja Is Roaring Again And Spewing
New Lava Into The Sea - Video

Another INCREDIBLE Biden Lie - Creeper Tells Crowd
His Delaware Home Was Razed to The Ground 'with
my wife in it'...It Was Actually A Small Kitchen Fire

How blatant lying became par for the
course in politics

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche
of Neurological Disease

75 European Fully Vaccinated Athletes Have
Died or Became Seriously Ill From 'Sudden'
Heart Attacks In the Past 5 Months

Proof The BioWeapon Vax Is Pure MURDER
...Dr. Vernon Coleman

The Australian army is now transferring positive
Covid cases and *contacts* in the N. Territories
to 'Quarantine Camps' by army truck - So it wasn't
a conspiracy theory After all

The 6 Companies That Own (Almost) All Media

Waukesha Massacre Suspect Charged
With Five Counts Of Murder

Darrell Brooks Charged With Intentional
Homicide After BLM Supporters Claim He
Was Only Fleeing A Knife Fight


Milwaukee County DA admits it was a mistake
to grant $1000 bail to SUV-driving felon days
before he smashed into Xmas parade Killing 5

New study from Germany confirms higher
vax coverage And higher excess mortality

Youngkin (Globalist, WEF, CFR) got elected
on culture war issues about race and sex

Is The Pre-Messiah Plague Of Boils Lurking
In A Military Lab Waiting To Get Out?

Biden Family Knew Hunter Allegedly Molested
Close Minor Relative Text Messages Show

The Pope, The Pedo And The Pimp
Blessed By The Pope In 2003 - Photo

Illinois County Democratic Party Official
Resigns After Calling Sunday Parade
Massacre 'Karma' For Rittenhouse Acquittal

Question who paid the WI BLM terrorist bail
bond the same exact day Kyle Rittenhouse
was found not guilty?

Rittenhouse lawyer explains how
media got 'basic facts' wrong

Rittenhouse shares views on BLM
race in 1st post-acquittal interview


Communist Racist CNN Publishes
Op-Ed - 'Nothing More Frightening
Than An Angry White Man'

Obama-Era Official Reveals How Build Back
Better Plan May Compound US Budget Deficit
And National Debt

Watch - Pelosi Admits Massive Climate Change
Spending Is 'A Religious Thing'

Fox News contributors quit over
Tucker's Capitol riot special

Evidence In Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Shows She
'Set Up VIP Elites' With Kids To Rape

Kushner associate pardoned by Trump
Is charged with 2 felonies in New York

There Is A New, Modern Invisible Slavery And
The Enslaved Don't Even Know It

Why Should My Newspaper Pledge Not To
Boycott Israel?

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage
Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro

mRNA Vaxes Dramatically Increase Endothelial
Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured
by the PULS Cardiac Test - a Warning


Patterns Of Deployment of Toxic Covid
BioWeapon Vax Batches - Video

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
actor dies aged 28 - Guess What Killed Him

The Vaxed Are Super Spreaders - McCullough

Covid-19 RNA based vaccines And The Risk
Of Fatal Prion Brain Disease

Climate Change - A Geologist Point Of View

Geologist Talks the Malkivitch cycles

Who Runs The World? Blackrock and Vanguard

Who Owns Big Pharma + Big Media? You'll Never Guess

What Drives The Price Of Gold? Part 1

Hypocritical Nike is guilty of modern day
slavery, rages NBA ace (VIDEO)


Gold Rises with the Dollar - Silver footprints
signal rally!

Erdogan Tells Lira To Drop Dead As Currency
Collapse Threatens Financial System, Bank
Runs And Hyperinflation

25th UK energy firm this year to go amid
killer gas prices

Open Rebellion In France - Streets Full
Of Enraged Citizens Fightings Cops - Watch

German Health Minister says citizens will be Vaxed
cured or dead from Covid by the end of winter

It'll be 'jab or death' for anti-vaxers, Orban predicts

New Files Detail Level Of Julian Assange's
Prison Torment

Child abuse pandemic record revealed by charity

JK Rowling Slams Three Trans Activists for
Revealing Her Home Address on Twitter

Italian Island residents evacuate over
deadly volcanic gases


NATO submarine caused Kursk sinking that
killed 118 Russian sailors, ex-admiral claims

Kremlin Not Commenting on Alternative
Versions of Kursk Submarine Disaster

Topic of Ukraine will be touched upon
at Putin-Biden meeting — Lavrov

Putin holds call with Italian PM over Belarus
border crisis & standoff with Ukraine

Kremlin Blasts 'Disinfo Campaign' As US Briefs Allies
On Russian Troops Readying Ukraine Invasion

Ukraine could use US rockets to provoke war
in Donbass – Moscow

Russia Concerned by NATO Helping Ukraine
Strengthen Its Military

NATO wargames near Russian border fuelling
heightened tensions – Moscow

Latvia Hosting 2-Week NATO Baltic Winter Shield 2021
Military Exercises - Military

Russia to launch mass production of world's heaviest
transport helicopter in 2022


Sean Penn Dons Combat Gear for a Tour of Ukraine's
Frontline With Rebel Donbass

Poland Blames Belarus For "Greatest Attempt To
Destabilize Europe In 30 Years"

Gazprom will halt gas supply to Moldova in 48 hrs

Ukraine Accuses Russia of Using Nord Stream 2
Certification as 'Weapon' in 'Hybrid War'

Ukraine boasts of blocking Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Russian region cancels school as temperatures
plunge below minus 50

China 'fired missile from hypersonic weapon'
over South China Sea

UK Invites ASEAN to Attend G-7 Meet Amid
Criticism of AUKUS in Indo-Pacific

Xi Announces China-ASEAN Comprehensive
Strategic Partnership

China's 'Sputnik moment' missile test
confounds US – media


Philippines to Again Send Cargo Ships to Disputed
Islands in South China Sea, Reports Say

Concentration camps now being put
to use in Australia

Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID+
Cases And CONTACTS To Quarantine Camps

India's Induction of S-400 Systems Tilts 'Balance
of Power' Against Pakistan, Says Army Veteran

As Rain Batters Southern India, Bengaluru
Deploys Boats to Rescue People — Video

Volcano-Powered 'Bitcoin City' Coming
To El Salvador, Says President Bukele

Russian region cancels school as temperatures
plunge below minus 50

US Reportedly Warned Israel Against 'Ultimately
Counterproductive Attacks' on Iran Nuclear Program

Israel's Security Services Bust Hamas Network
in West Bank, Authorities Say

'Control freak' Netanyahu obsessed over media
image, ex-aide testifies


Russia sends Lebanon satellite images from
day of Beirut blast - Lavrov

Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen Warns of Danger
to Global Trade in Red Sea, State Media Reports

Saudi Arabia to Host 'Russia - Islamic World'
Meeting on 24 November

Ex-ISIS fighters claim paying their way out of jail

China Urges US to Unfreeze Afghanistan's
Foreign Assets, Foreign Ministry Says

UN Warns of Afghanistan's Colossal Collapse
as US Keeps Funds Frozen

South Africa Sees Nearly 10,000 Rapes
And Over 6,100 Murders In 3 Months

The Dangerous Experiment on Teen Girls

Is the Old Testament Historically Accurate?

Turning to Music to Help Treat Neurological


Are zebras white with black stripes or black
with white stripes? (Good grief)

Black Suspected Of Driving SUV In Waukesha
Christmas Parade Massacre - 5 Killed, 40 Injured

Head Of Largest East German Hospital 'Suicides'
'There's No Virus, It's A Dictatorship, Disguised

Dr. Fauci - We'll Be Injecting Your
Babies After Christmas

Rittenhouse Tells Tucker His Trial Was About
'The Right To Self Defense' And Calls Out
'Prosecutorial Misconduct'

Former 'Men in Black' Member Confessions and
Predictions of What's to Come for Humanity

MSM Silent as Mass Protests Taking Place
Worldwide in Reaction to COVID Tyranny

Lord Fauci says 'we might modify' definition of
'fully vaccinated' to include booster shots

US Navy Shipyard Backs Down from Vax
Requirement, Issues Huge Offer to Those
That Have Already Left

Luongo - Biden's Incompetent Presidency

Illinois Pension Shortfall Surpasses $500 Billion
Average Debt Burden Now $110,000 Per Household


Shots Fired As Flash Mob Raids Nordstrom
In Upscale California Town

GoFundMe To Allow Rittenhouse Fundraisers
After Acquittal

Americans Panic-Buy Firewood And Stoves
Amid Energy Crisis

'Changes' for San Francisco after 'horrible'
night of looting

WaPo and Ohio Elections Chief Claim MyPillow Boss
Behind Ohio Electoral Hacking Incident in May

Philippines Grave digger of the vaxed - Video

Holohoax 'Expert' Destroys His Own Case

Schwab's School For Covid Dictators
And Plan for The 'Great Reset' - Videos

This Woman Has a Message for Pro Vaxxers

New Unsealed Docs Show US Firm Sent Virus
Similar to COVID-19 to Wuhan Lab


The Metaverse - What Psycho Zuckerberg
Is Really Trying To Sell You - Icke

Samsung outlines plan to help US
out of chip-supply shortage

Tech giant insists its workers may now
speak freely about pay, conditions

Russia Just Created a Cloud of Bullets in Space

The Trueman Show #51 Catherine Austin Fitts

Net-Zero Policies - Taking From The Poor
And Giving To The Rich

A Visual Guide To Investing In The
Blockchain Ecosystem

Morgan Stanley - Here's Why We See No Rate
Hikes In 2022 And What That Means For Markets

Bulgarians Block Checkpoint on Turkish Border
to Protest 'Election Tourism'

Poland threatens to shut border with Belarus


The EU should be more worried about America
than Russia or China

Paris Warns Beijing of Diplomatic Consequences
Over Situation With Tennis Star Peng Shuai

UK Health Secretary Says 'No' to Compulsory
COVID-19 Jabs After Worldwide Protests

"We'll Never Give Up" - Protests Erupt Across World Over Gov't COVID Tyranny

Austria Freak Out - Lockdown EVERYTHING!
Meanwhile 'Unvaccinated' Africa Still Not Impacted

Demonstrators Set Up Barricades as Police Use Tear
Gas at COVID Rally in Brussels - Videos, Photos

Almost '30 People Arrested' During Night Protests
in Netherlands

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Suggests Russia Can
Smash to Dnieper With Just 100,000 Troops

Ukraine's Military Intelligence Claims Resistance to
Vaccine Sharia Is Organized by Russia to Legitimize
Imminent Invasion

Russia set to launch winter invasion of Ukraine,
US media claims


Russian Security Council Warns of Increased Risks
of Ukrainian Provocations in Black Sea

Peskov called Moscow's publication of Normandy
format correspondence a brilliant move

Theater Of the Insane...Pentagram Demands
Russia Explain Troops On Own Russian Soil

Plans for Putin-Biden meeting revealed in Moscow

Why have Russians rejected the West's 'values?'
(Because They have gone Commuist)

Terrorists from Afghanistan Can Infiltrate Russia
Through Kazakhstan, Security Council Warns

Putin Gets Sputnik Light COVID Vaccine
Booster Shot

Putin offers himself up for vax experiment

Gamaleya - Russian COVID-19 Monoclonal
Antibodies May Get Approval By End of 2022

Scholars explain mysterious disappearance
of Delta variant in Japan


'Missing' Chinese Tennis Star Emerges At Beijing
Tournament After Sex Assault Allegations Against
Top Communist Official

Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinians cars,
attack farms in West Bank in new provocation

Iranian Navy to Receive Newly
Developed Warships

A Brief History of West African
Slavery for the Woke

La Palma Volcano upgraded to VEI-3 eruption
as activity is picking up again

ALL flights to and from La Palma are Canceled
due to ash from Cumbre Vieja volcano

Clinton With 14 yr old Rachel Chandler On One
Of His (Nonexistent!) 27 Trips To Pedo Island

Bloom Where You're Planted - Prepping for
Where You Are Right Now - Important

Pandemic - riots, looting have returned to the
streets of the United States- How to Prepare
for A Riot in Your City

Just Days After Gates Warned of a Smallpox
Bioterror Attack, 15 Vials Labeled 'Smallpox'
Are Found in Research Lab in Pennsylvania

Most Deadly Smallpox Virus Samples In The World
'Accidentally' Found At Merck Vaccine Facility

Dr. Roger Hodkinson Shreds The Plandemic - Watch

Lord Fauci Says Babies Could Be Eligible for
Coronavirus Vaccine Early Next Year

Govt's Greatest Tool - False Flag Attacks


$2 Billion Lawsuit Filed Against Travis Scott
and Astroworld Organizers

The Creeper Is At It Again - Touches First Grader's
Face, Whispers To Him in Another Sick Display

Biden Makes Climate Pledge at Glasgow
While Pushing Oil, Gas Leasing in US

COP26 - US Military 'One of the Biggest
Polluters in the Middle East'

COP26 - Wall St Rolls Out Climate Finance

Sponsors of COP26 Are Behind the
Corporate Greenwashing Agenda

Al Gore's Latest 'Solution' to Climate Change
Is Mass Surveillance

Agenda 21 for Dummies - The Great Reset Nears

We Need to Take Power from the People
Who Are Destroying Our Planet

General Mike Flynn Inspires the Left
to Speak About God


Wooldridge - Facts Freed Kyle Rittenhouse

Antifa rioters try to burn down Portland police
building over Rittenhouse acquittal

Rittenhouse speaks for 1st time after acquittal

House Passes OBiden Build Back Better BS
Sending It To The Senate

Black Alleged NFL player brutally beating
his White wife - Black On White Crime

Cannibalism Marketing Is Ramping Up
Chef Tricks Panelists To Eat Human Flesh

Lord Fauci - Intercept Report on Wuhan Research
'Misleading' Because Gain of Function Is 'a
Completely Meaningless Term' Without 'Context'

mRNA CV Vax Dramatically Increase Endothelial
Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk Measured
by the PULS Cardiac Test - a BIG Warning

Vaxism is the new Racism

Ortho Surgeon Performed 800 Surgeries Year
but Now Can't Work Due to BioWeapon Injuries


Engineer's Last Wish - 'Tell My Story'

Health-Science Institutions Worldwide 'Have
No Record' of SARS-COV-2 Isolation-Purification

If Your Family Still Trusts the (CV) Powers
That Be, Send Them This

Army to Begin Forcing Out Soldiers Who Refuse
BioWeapon Injections, Including Guardsmen

The Chilling True Story of the Largest Covert
BioWeapons Program in the World - Russia's
Darkest, Deadliest, Biggest Cold War Secret

Zuckerberg metaverse could fracture world as we
know it — letting people 'reality block' things they
disagree with and making polarization even worse

AI creates 9 million new designer drugs

EV batteries forecast to threaten world
with 'toxic chemicals' And 'landfill fires'

Gates nuclear power plant in WY is
Far too dangerous

Musk vows mass Tesla server outage won't happen again


NASA Seeks Ideas for a Nuclear Reactor on the Moon

Wigington - GeoEngineering News Alert 11-20-21

Used Car Prices Explode To New Record High

Peak Season Over - Container-Ship Arrivals
In Southern California Fall

The Stock Mkt Does Have a Tipping Point Where
Bond Interest and Inflation Both Matter A LOT

UN-backed Banker Alliance Announces 'Green'
Plan to Transform the Global Financial System
...Whitney Webb

Constant State of Debt Crisis Easy to Fix If
Dems Kick Spending Addiction

Google is an Authority, not a search engine

'Gold Can Do Things That Bitcoin Cannot,
I'm Still A Fan' Says Ethereum Co-Founder

Macleod - Returning To Sound Money


WSJ Editorial Board Says Choice For Fed Chief
Is Between Tweedledum & Tweedledee

Biden's bluff drags oil prices down

Dutch Police Shoot Two People at
Demonstration vs Mind Virus Crackdown

Italian Epidemiologist - Shun All the
Unvaxed at Christmas

Macron Suggests Invaders Should Be Sent
to UK for 'Family Reunification'

3 Young Belgium Cyclists - Pfizer Severe Injuries
No More Silence - We're Telling Our Stories

Rotterdam Transformed Into A War Zone
Amid New COVID Lockdown Protests

Protests Against Lockdown and Mandatory
Vaccination Held in Vienna

Two Yellow Vests Protesters Detained Over Graffiti
Showing 'Macron Having Sex With Police Prefect'

Italians Protest Against COVID Green Pass in Rome


Czech Republic and Slovakia Report Record
Daily Increase in New COVID-19 Cases

Rise In UK Non-COVID Deaths Set To Continue

Estonia Sends Soldiers to Help Poland Stop
Invaders Breaking In

Putin Dispatches Russian Vessels to
Shadow US Warships During Flare-Up

Putin Lashes Out At Western Powers For
Taking Russia's 'Red Lines' Too Lightly

Roberts - Today Russia Is More Free Than The 'Free World'

South Korea Confirms 6 Cases of Highly
Pathogenic H5N8 Bird Flu

UK government could boycott China's
'genocide Games', MP says

Reuters apologizes for 'offensive' tweet
deemed offensive in China

Sydney - Lt Col Ricardo Bosi recites the Lord's
prayer with 100,000 protesters...


Iranians Hold Huge Anti-Government Protest
After Key River Completely Dries Up

Angry CA teacher to conservative
students - Go 'Jump off a bridge'

Pacific Northwest natural disasters exhaust residents

Lunar eclipse moon gets DISTORTED in apocalyptic
shapes on 11-19-21 and other amazing pictures

Sub-Civilized Huge Black Female Craps In
Phone Booth In Black Cultural Triumph

Encore - Cumbre Vieja Volcano At Its
Most Beautiful - Watch

The Endgame For Freedom Has Begun

Dr. David Martin Exposes The Names And Faces
Of Those People Who Are Killing Humanity - Video

La Palma - Over 320 Quakes In Last 24 Hrs
5.1 Quake Hits Cone Itself - New Lava - Video

'Post-Apocalyptic' food crisis is here

One-Third Of Truckers Say 'Hell No' To Kill Shots
Which Will Critically Impact Food Supply Chain
If Mandates Are Enforced

The OSHA Mandate May Be Stalled But Other
Mandates Are About To Suffocate Economic
Activity All Over America

Biden Slandered Rittenhouse as a White
Supremacist...What Price Will He Pay?

Communists Unhinged After Rittenhouse Acquitted

OBiden Killing US Military - Navy Sailors Who Refuse
Kill Shot To Be Discharged...Not Eligible To Re-Enlist
...Not ONE Religious Exemption Was Approved


Whitmer's Stunning Incompetence - MI Overpaid
Nearly 4 BILLION In CV Unemployment Benefits

It's Official - GOP Has Overtaken Democrats
in Florida Under DeSantis

FBI Raids Home of County Clerk and Whistleblower
Tina Peters - State Official Who Refused to Wipe
Election Data from Computers Without Making Copy

Republican Defeats Democrat Mayoral
Candidate Despite Top Endorsements

A defeat for the Loudoun County school board

Trump Ad Shows All That Biden Ruined

Governor Of NY Makes It Illegal For Utility
Companies To 'Misgender' Someone

Doctors dropping like flies in deaths described
as 'died unexpectedly' and 'died suddenly'
since mid-October

Next Up...Smallpox, Marburg Or Ebola?

Emergent Biosolutions Given $2 Billion for the
Manufacture of the only FDA-approved 'live'
smallpox Vaccine - Why?


Couple that with FDA approval in June 2021 of
an antiviral drug Tembexa for smallpox...

CDC panel recommends Covid BioWeapon
'boosters' be available to all adults - Kill 'em All

Black Alleged NFL player brutally beating
his White wife - Black On White Crime

Biden's Bounty on Your Life - Hospitals
Incentive Payments for COVID-19

Only PUREBLOODS will survive the Vax - Radiation
holocaust being unleashed against humanity... the
spike protein causes genetic DISINTEGRATION

14 CA children got sick after 'accidentally' receiving
wrong dose of COVID-19 BioWeapon Injection

Natural doctor blows whistle Vax Lowering white
blood cells more and more with each shot, turning
vaxed people into AIDS-like patients

Mayo Clinic-trained doctor says covid 'vaccines' are
locking in suppressed immunity, making people more
prone to HIV, HPV, shingles, herpes

Nurse Dani reveals why nurses everywhere are
saying NO to the jab and WALKING from their jobs

Twice As Many Heart Attacks In Athletes
Than In All Recorded History


'Digital Biology' - Biology Viewed As An
Information Processing System

Vaxed people up to 9x more likely to be
hospitalized than unvaxed people

40% Of TSA Workers Still Unvaxed As
Thanksgiving Deadline Looms

Not Just Austria - Here Are The Countries
Making The Kill shot Compulsory For Everyone

No religious exemption has been granted
within the DoD for 'mandate'

Mayor arrested, charged with 50 counts of
distributing 'revenge porn'

Digital ID Is Set To Control Your Life - Mercola

IBM Unveils Breakthrough 127-Qubit
Quantum Processor

Phil Schneider - Dulce ET Confrontation

Doughnut UFO Photographed Over Switzerland


Space Debris Forces Astronauts to Take Shelter

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Submits UFO
Amendment for Natl Defense Authorization Act

So You Think You Found Aliens – Now What?

Framework for Reporting Evidence of Alien Life

Insider Lays Out Dire Food Supply Collapse
Scenario Prompted by Vaccine Mandate

Tesla Cars are Dangerous and should
be taken off the road

How Zillow's Home-Flipping AI Triggered
Judgement Day For Real Estate Firm

Pfizer, Moderna Jump After FDA Clears Covid
'Booster' Shot For Adults - Big Money In Death

Street War In Athens

It's happening in the UK Now - The jabbed
are in serious trouble


Nearly 10,000 More Brits Have Died Than
Normal Since July From Non-Covid Illnesses
(They Died From BioWeapon Injections)

Austrian Police & Army Reportedly Refusing
to Enforce 'Health Dictatorship'

Days After Locking Down the Unvaxed,
Austria Hits COVID Case Record

93% Vaxed Ireland Has Gone Back Into
'Partial Lockdown', Including Midnight Curfew

Major boost of 5G in China - All Cities,
Towns, Villages To Be Covered By 2025

Sub-Civilized Black Female Craps In
Phone Booth

20 people per hour presenting at a Melbourne
Hospital ER for chest pains etc after Kill Shot

Mexican National Guard Deploys 1,500
Troops To Cancun Amid Cartel Chaos

It's Not New (song parody)

4.0 Quake Hits MO Right In New Madrid
Seismic Zone


Even Rainbows Have a Dark Side

How to Perform Well under Pressure

9 Thanksgiving Dishes Your Vegan
Guests Will Love

Thanatos - The Beautiful Reaper of Death
in Greek Mythology

Cumbre Vieja Volcano 11-18-21 Before Midnight - Wow

300 La Palma Quakes On Wednesday Alone - Vid

Schumer Gives INSANE Warning - Climate Change
Will Cause Each Year To 'Be Worse Than Covid'

Brain Dead Biden's Ratings Drop Even further

Wooldridge - What If Biden Allows Another Two Million
Invaders Into Our County In 2022?

Report - Four Sub-Animal Black Teens
Murder 60 Year Old in Dallas Parking Lot
More Hate Killings - Many More Ahead

Black teens caught beating up Asians in
viral subway Video

Oregon Middle School Halts In-Person Classes
Over Students 'Struggling With Socialization Skills'

The great school-closure u-turn

South Dakota GOP Gov Kristi Noem Signs
Executive Order Banning Boycotts of Israel


Vaxidents Galore - More people are dying in
traffic accidents despite traveling fewer miles

Technocrats Move Goal Posts, Now Require
Boosters For Life

Big Pharma Rubber Stamp Unit FDA Asks Federal
Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release
Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine Data

FBI launches probe after 'SMALLPOX is found in
Merck facility while cleaning out a freezer'

The SMALLPOX Biowar – globalists prepare 'perfect'
scheme to cover up vaccine deaths and cancel mid-
term elections by unleashing a new, deadly epidemic

Non-Compliance Works! OBiden Administration
Suspends 'Vaccine' Mandate For Businesses

MSNBC Banned From Rittenhouse Trial After
Employee Follows Jury Bus - Network 'Regrets' Incident

The Rittenhouse Verdict - Media's 'Social Justice'
Delusions Versus Actual Justice Backed By Facts

What If Biden Allows Another Two Million
Illegals Into Our County In 2022?

'What Did He Think About You Marrying Your Brother?'
Trump Jr. Chimes In After Omar Responds To Boebert


Biden - It's Time to Determine If 'America Won
the Competition for 21st Century'

Biden's Pick For Top Bank Regulator Has A
Troubling Shoplifting Record

Democrats Reportedly Cast Doubts on
Whether Biden Will Run in 2024 Election

US Senator Pushes 'Urgent' Bipartisan Proposal
to Create UFO Investigation Agency

Should We Get Prepared for a Real
'Duck and Cover' Provocation?

Charlotte Iserbyt Interviewed By Kevin Galagher

Evangelist Franklin Graham develops pericarditis,
undergoes heart surgery after pushing covid
BioWeapon 'vaccines' on Christians

Immunologist Predicts A Fully Vax-Resistant
COVID 'Variant' By The Spring

Gates Expects COVID to Become Less Severe Than
Seasonal Flu Next Year unless fresh unexpected strains
occur - (As If He Doesn't Know Exactly What's Next)

AstraZeneca reveals its preventative antibody
cocktail more effective than its vaccine


Pfizer to Sell 10 Million Doses of Anti-Viral COVID-19
Treatment to US Government for $5.29 Billion

The hospital is killing him - A wife is
fighting for her husband's life

Lying, Criminal FDA Wants Until 2076 To Fully
Release Pfizer Vaccine Data - Lawsuit

Pfizer Concealed the Real Number of People
Who Died in the Vaccinated Arm of Its Trial

Bezos Blue Origin Hires Lobbyist Tied to
Obama Admin After Space Tax Proposed

Murdoch Accuses Facebook, Google Of
Censoring Conservative Voices

State Attorneys General Launch Investigation
Into Instagram's Potential Harm for Kids

Google to pay for French news in search results

Instagram invites users to 'rage shake'
their phones

Exposing the Alien Agenda And DUMBs
Got Phil Schneider Killed


Pentagon Wants to Make Its Space Assets 'More
Difficult to Find' After Russia's Anti-Satellite Test

Navy rushes to recover £100m F-35B jet
from sea bed after pilot ditched

US Navy Orders 'Navigation Stand-Down' for Subs
After USS Connecticut Collision in S China Sea

Full Moon November 19, 2021 – Algol Lunar Eclipse

1980s Space Telescope May Have Seen Planet Nine

Bezos Says Earth Will One Day Be
'Yellowstone National Park'

CVS Plans to Close 900 Stores in Next 3 Years
Shoplifting And Theft Probable Reason

The Organized 'Takedown' of The Global
Fertilizer Supply? Global Crisis in Farming
and Food Production

Crypto Carnage Continues...

Ethereum-Based Holdings Among Institutions
Up 19% In Q3, Bitcoin Holdings Dip: SEC Filings


Cryptocurrency 'Scam' Victims Urge Bulgaria to Take Steps to Seize Assets of OneCoin

'Billions' lost through hacks of crypto lending platforms

Cryptocurrency can 'spoil' young people – Modi

Gold Breakout Imminent!

Snyder - Are Gasoline Prices Being Pushed
Higher On Purpose?

China Says Crude Release From Strategic
Reserves 'In The Works'

The 800 Million Barrel Oilfield Getting
Boris Johnson In Trouble

The Number Of Americans On The Dole
Mysteriously Jumps Back Above 3 Million

John Deere Workers Approve New 6 Year
Contract With Bonuses, Ending 5 Week Long Strike

The police and army are rising up
against the government in Austria


Germans Will Have A 'Really Terrible Christmas'
...Unless They Obey

How Is the Davos World Economic Forum
Involved in the Coronavirus Pandemic?

93% Vaccinated Ireland Has Gone Back Into
'Partial Lockdown', Including Midnight Curfew

Days Into Lockdown For The Unvaxed As
Austria COVID Cases Hit Record High

Germany Preparing To Impose Austria-Style
Lockdown On The Unvaxed

Italian Governors Call For Unvaxed To Be Put
Under Lockdown

Slovakia imposes Covid lockdown for unvaxed

Estonia Orders Snap Military Drill, Calls Up
Reservists To Fortify Border With Russia

Putin slams West's actions in Black Sea as
moves that 'go beyond boundaries'

NATO takes outspokenly confrontational
attitude towards Russia — Putin


NATO aircraft doubled flights near Belarus —
country's defense ministry

WATCH: Russia launches Zircon
hypersonic missile

Putin says BRICS' role should carry
more clout globally

Putin - Summit With Biden Opened Up
Opportunities for Russia-US Dialogue

Since Geneva summit some shifts followed
Russia is open to contacts - Putin

Putin's decree on Donbass is response to
Kiev's refusal to honor Minsk accords - envoy

France & Germany blocked Russian
Donbass peace plan – leaked cables

Lavrov - correspondence with German,
French counterparts shows Kiev torpedoes
Minsk deal

33 Russian 'mercenaries' targeted by
Ukrainian sting operation

Russia to continue integration with Belarus - Putin


Putin slams Poland for using water
cannons, tear gas against migrants

Putin = Europe is Using Migrant Crisis as
Pretext to Pressure Belarus

Kremlin bans kids from Christmas celebrations

Taiwan deploys advanced fighter jets
amid tensions with China

Why China is losing the war of words with the West

Taiwan shows off new combat tool against Beijing

Four Chinese Patrol Ships Enter Waters Near
Senkaku Islands Disputed by Japan - Reports

China responds to Philippines' accusation
of blocking its ships

Can a space war be stopped?

Indian PM Modi Announces Controversial Farm Laws
to Be Withdrawn, Urges Farmers to End Protests


Pakistan Parliament Approves Chemical
Castration for Habitual Rapists

'Blow to National Security' - Concerns in India
After China Allegedly Builds 4 New Villages
in Bhutan

Israel's Shin Bet Catches Wannabe Spy in
House of Israeli Defence Minister

Israel & UAE in rare military partnership

How Israel's 'Surveillance' Experiment in
Palestine Went Global

Liar, liar! 'Reading' faces, Israeli tech spots
fibbers with 73% accuracy

Rights organization says 300 Yemeni children
die every day because of malnutrition

US lawmaker accused of 'racial violence' over
Halloween costume

FBI hid evidence in Malcolm X murder trial
convictions tossed

Homicide Rates In 2020 Surged To 24-Year High
...Another Sign Of A Failing Regime


Can The FBI Be Salvaged?

US Drug Overdose Deaths Hit Record High

Disastrous Flooding Cuts Vancouver Off
From Rail, Road Service

Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Hits New Ireland
Region in Papua New Guinea, EMSC Says

No testosterone testing for men competing
against women, Olympic officials say

Cumbre Vieja Volcano Back In Full Force
Over 200 Earthquakes In One Day - Watch

The US Is A Powder Keg

OBiden Releases 95,000 More Invaders
Into The US...With No Court Date - Treason

OBiden Admin in Full Retreat - Federal Vax Mandate
is Now *Suspended* Due to Mass of Legal Challenges

Biden mental Illness increasingly worries voters

Biden puzzles journalists with comment
on Olympics in China

Judge Sentences 'Q-Anon Shaman' to 41
Months in Prison for Role in Capitol Riot - Reports

Congress Warned of 'Critical' Need to Raise
Debt Ceiling to Avoid Dire Scenario Triggered
by Default

Democrats in Multi-Million Dollar Effort to Sway
Voters of Colour in Midterm Race, Reports Say

Idiot DHS Sec Believes Paying Millions To Illegals
Would NOT Encourage More Illegal Immigration!


INSANITY- Fauci admits covid jabs are killing people
says 'boosters' will somehow stop the carnage

All fully vaccinated countries report vax
failure with mass hospitalizations

Eight Leading National Nursing Organizations
Warn Nurses Not To Spread 'Misinformation'
(...About Covid BioWeapon Injections!)
Nurses Not To Talk About Covid Vaxes

US Nurses Warned Over Talking Of 'Non-Scientific'
And 'Misleading Covid-19 Information' By ANY Nurses

Monkeypox case confirmed in Maryland - CDC

Smallpox Drugmaker Surges Amid Fears Of
New Pandemic

Youngkin Says He Won't STOP Local Vax Mandates

Serious adverse events in professional athletes
skyrocket 6,000 percent following covid 'vaccine'

Criminals against humanity Pfizer, BioNTech,
Moderna...$1,000 profit every second - analysis

Lord Fauci says never ending boosters for
all Is The key to Controlling Covid 'Pandemic'


Rogan Points Out That NO ONE Trusts The
Media Anymore, Everything Is Falling Apart

Tucker Says Rittenhouse jurors are stalling on
verdict because they fear 'mobs of Biden voters'

Rittenhouse Prosecutors' Case Reportedly on
Brink of Collapse After They Withhold Key Evidence

Rittenhouse Attorneys Livid After Prosecutors
Withheld High-Def Drone Footage, Gave Them
'Compressed Version'

Rogan Compares Media Spin On Rittenhouse
Trial To 'Cult Sh*t'

The Georgia Guidestones...
You Should Pay CLOSE Attention

Worldwide Search Trend For 'Died Suddenly'
Spikes To Record Highs

Pfizer Systematic Deployment In USA

A Joint Program of Testing
...Moderna-Pfizer working in Relay

Variation In Covid Batch Toxicity


More people died in the key clinical trial for
Pfizer's Covid Kill Shot than the company
publicly reported - Berenson

Disney Cruises now require Kids To Be Vaxes

The Metaverse - Much, Much Bigger Than Facebook

Bill Gates's Company Picks Site in WY for Pilot NPP

Hackers Reportedly Go on Global Hacking Spree
Targeting Media, Governments Using Israeli Spyware

Guess Who's to Blame? Britain's GCHQ Reports
Record Growth in Hack Attacks

Mysterious Cold Object in Outer Reaches of Solar
System May Be Elusive 'Planet Nine' Claims Study

'Angels' or 'Devil's Signature'? Arkansas Residents
Search for Words to Describe Weird Lightning

Cargill CEO Ditches 'Team Transitory' Warns Of
Persistent Food Inflation

US Housing Starts Tumble For 2nd Straight
Month As Homebuyer Sentiment Crashes


Interviews of business owners defying
Covid measures...

Is Boeing The Worst Company On The Planet?

Analyst predicts how far bitcoin price could go

Iconic US sports arena to be renamed after
crypto exchange

Merkel Says Vulnerable Consumers Need
Energy Bill Help Amid Rising Prices

Global Coordinated SPR Release Highly Unlikely
Instead, Here Is What The White House Will Do

Here's Why Biden Was Forced To Beg Xi
To Release Oil From China's SPR

In Response To Soaring Gas Prices, Biden
Orders FTC To 'Immediately' Probe 'Illegal
Conduct' By Oil & Gas Companies

EU Gas Prices Soar On NS2 Delays, Sudden
Belarus Pipeline Closure

Janet Yellen 'Faces The Nation'
And Lies About Inflation


Shedlock - America's Largest Pension Plan
Approves Leverage To Meet Its Targets

Wall Street Bonuses Set For Biggest Jump
Since Credit Crisis

Gold Probes Multi-Month Highs As Inflation
Drives Investor Interest In Haven Assets

UK Inflation Rises to Highest Level in Decade

Czechia rolls out new restrictions for unvaxed

German media reveals jail terms for fake
Covid certificates

UK Man Paid $12,000 by Airline Which Forced
Him to Wear a Mask

Hundreds of Norwegians Gather for Torchlit
March Against Environmental Regulations
on Svalbard

Britain's eco-warriors sent to jail for road blockages

Thousands of workers block key Spanish roads
with burning cars - Watch


France turns to Ancient Greece for war on woke

UK F-35 Fighter Jet From Queen Elizabeth
Carrier Falls Into Mediterranean

Revealed, the shocking conditions at Belmarsh
Prison that Julian Assange is exposed to

Hungary staying in the EU will cause more
problems than leaving

'No end in sight' to Covid-19 pandemic – Kremlin

Russian Music TV channel fined $14k
for 'gay propaganda'

NATO brainwashing Europe's population,
blaming Russia for everything — diplomat

Britain is stepping up military activity near
Russia's borders — Foreign Ministry

Russian Navy guided missile destroyer enters
English Channel in long-distance deployment

UK signs deal to help boost Ukraine's military
amid tensions with Russia


West violates Minsk-2 by promising military aid
to Ukraine — Russian Foreign Ministry

Belarus announces 'temporary' closure of
oil pipeline to EU

Germany does not recognize Lukashenko as
Belarus president — government spokesman

Lukashenko has two demands to end
EU migrant crisis, Estonia claims

Russia obliged to defend Armenia in
case of war with Azerbaijan – Yerevan

Pentagon Second-in-Command Reveals What US
Knows About China's Hypersonic Glide Vehicle Testing

Who says China's hardline diplomacy is doomed
to fail? It's working on the EU

Japan, US hold first-ever joint naval drill in South China Sea

Scott Morrison Lists AUKUS Utility in Countering
China's Dominance in Disruptive Technologies

Famous China Dissident Argues That PC
Has Turned US In To An Authoritarian State


Australia Ordered Care Home Staff to Stay at Home
Causing Unattended Residents to Die en Masse
in Horrific Conditions - Mass Murder

Covid jab compensation claims soar in Australia

Jews shocked to see Hitler images on Oz streets

US Senators Lobby India on Defending
Taiwan in Case of Possible 'Invasion' from China

Biden Imposes Travel Ban On Nicaraguan
Officials Over 'Sham' Election

Iran to build 5,000 MW of coal-fired power capacity

Oil Pipeline in Southern Iran Hit by Explosion

Turkey views Armenia's actions in Syunik
region as 'terrorism' — foreign minister

Lira Craters 3% After Erdogan Vow To Keep
Battling Interest Rates "To The End"

5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Istanbul


Two blasts rock Kabul's west, agency reports

new queer movie bombs...Angelina Jolie 'Proud'
Marvel Refused to Cut 'Eternals' Gay Scenes

20 Less-Known Facts About the Great Sphinx

Border Invaders Would Get Up To
$10.5 Billion From Reconciliation Bill

America-hating Biden sent 70 Nightime plane
flights carrying illegal Invaders to Florida as
part of Communist Plan to swamp Republican
voters with illegals voting Democrat

Pilot Flies 'FJB' & Middle Finger Pattern Over AZ

Psaki Says Biden's Agenda 'Quite Popular'
as The Creeper's Approval Rating Tanks

Watch - Unelected Creeper Biden in NH and
one or two people clap...nobody showed up
to watch him - Almost every American hates him

Natl School Boards Assn CONSPIRED with Biden
White House to craft “domestic terrorism” letter
that resulted in FBI, DOJ targeting parents

Comrade Whoopi Goldberg - Rittenhouse Trial
Sending Message 'It's OK to Shoot White People'

Moron Kamal Thinks 'We Are All Better Off'
Because Of Biden

'I Got Over 1,000 Soldiers Ready To Go, Locked
And Loaded' - Black Militant Threatens Anti-CRT
Parents At Texas School Board Meeting

School erupts as prof wants pedophiles
mainstreamed As 'Minor Attracted Persons'


Americans Must Prepare For Engineered Chaos

Peter Schiff - The Only Thing Transitory
Is The Fed's Credibility

Any nation that fails to protect its CHILDREN
from demonic BioWeapon sacrifice will suffer
the wrath of God

More celebrities all over Latin America are
getting hospitalized and DYING because of
COVID-19 BioWeapon Kill Shots

Newsom is lying about his 'vax injury'
and his kids won't be vaxed...liar, hypocrite

Why Ivermectin Is Superior to Pfizer's
Antiviral Pill

Worldwide Search Trend For 'Died Suddenly'
Spikes To Record Highs

Cases similar to mad cow disease in Brazil not
linked to beef consumption, may be caused by Vox

Bones actor Heath Freeman dies at 41
No Explanation Given - One Guess

Hospital NICUs full of Infants with Cardiac Problems


'Atmospheric river' causes floods,
evacuations in Northwest

Woman Shares 'Horrific' Experience
With Pfizer Jab

Pfizer Will Allow Generic Covid Pill To Be
Made And Sold Cheaply In Poor Countries

Cyber Researchers Discover New Malware
Targeting Banking Apps on Android Phones

30,000 Websites Down After Google Cloud Outage

YouTube Co-Founder Slams Company's
Removal Of 'Dislike' Button As 'Stupid Move'

Report - Bitchute Bought Out By The BBC

Amazon Bails On Jersey City Office Expansion

Understand The Truth About Phil Schneider
and The Dulce Base

US Reforms Its Old Intermediate-Range
Missile Unit in Germany


Helium-3 - The secret 'mining war' in space

The longest lunar eclipse in centuries will happen
this week, NASA says - What to know

CA Gas Prices Reach New Record High

Crypto Carnage Erases 10% Of
Global Market Cap

Senators Seek To Amend Bitcoin Reporting
Changes In Infrastructure Bill

Crypto market dives over China's
move on digital assets

Netherlands Scrambles To Abolish Dividend Tax
After Shell Says It's Moving Its Tax Base To The UK

Glasgow Was A Defeat For British Ambitions

China Slams EU for 'Discriminatory' Trade Barriers
Fraught With 'Further Stress' on Supply Chains

Politics Or Progress? California Ports Defer
Congestion Fee At The Last-Minute


UK Supermarkets Lining Store Shelves With
'Decoys' To Hide Supply Shortage

Walmart Earnings, Guidance Blow Away Expectations
Amid Shopping Frenzy, As Americans Rush To Beat
Even Higher Prices

100s Of Snake-Infested Jetliners Rot In SoCal Desert

Don't kill the messenger - If you really want to see
how far this country and the world has fallen…Watch

Thousands of double jabbed over 50s have
died in last 4 weeks in England

Belarus Claims Poland Used Special Means
With Toxic Chemicals Against Invaders on Border

Watch Footage of Poland's 'Sanctions-Worthy'
Use of Water Cannons Against Freezing Invaders

Latvia Bans Unvaxed Politicians From
Voting, Suspends Pay

Croatian President on Austria's Lockdown of
Covid Leppers - 'It's Fascism, Where Are EU
Human Rights Fighters Now?'

UK Supermarkets Lining Store Shelves With
Decoys To Hide Supply Shortage


Top EU court says Poland broke rules
with judge appointment system

Hungary breached law with asylum
seekers policy – EU top court

France, UK Agree to Squash Spat Over
Migrant Crossings, Promise to Stop
'100% of Channel Crossings'

France tears down major Invader camp

UK Counter Terrorism Police Name Asylum-Seeker
From Middle East as Suspect in Liverpool Terror Blast

Survey Finds Blacks Overrepresented in
Swedish TV Advertising, as Media Focus
on White Majority

I just graduated from a British university
...They're broken

Rivian Soars, Surpassing Volkswagen Market Cap

Cannabis legalization could add billions to
Germany's coffers – study

Santa's vaccine passport prompts UK
supermarket boycott


Ukraine tells EU leaders - Prepare for
war with Russia

Serbian president thanks Russia for
delivery of T-72MS tanks

Russia confirms testing anti-satellite missiles

New Russian system being tested hit old satellite
with 'goldsmith's precision' - Shoigu

Russian MoD - US Perfectly Aware Fragments
of Downed Satellite Pose No Threat to Space

Russia to start trials of Pfizer Covid-19 drug

Mir-19 medication effective against all
coronavirus strains, Russian official says

Russian MMA fighter 'AK47' stabs Guam
doctor to death in Covid vaccine row – reports

Russia rolls out cutting-edge system to
control swarm of drones from aircraft or warship

Russia's S-550 missile defense system to
intercept warheads free of nuclear blast - expert


Several Iskander missile battalions to arrive
in Belarus, if need be - Belarusian Defense Minister

Russia slams Poland's use of tear gas
on migrants as 'unacceptable'

Multiple BIRD FLU outbreaks across Europe,
Russia and Asia

China 'is building warships to launch fighter jets
and sink vessels around the world' - expert

Mark Milley Calls China's Alleged Nuclear Buildup
'One of Largest Shifts in Geostrategic Power Ever'

US has ignored Russia, China call to
discuss space arms treaty - Lavrov

Biden's New Infrastructure Czar Is 'Strategic
Adviser' To Group Partnered With Chinese

Indian Air Force Orders HAMMER Bunker
Busters From France for Its Tejas Fighter Jets

India to Modernise Military Communication
With Advanced Radios for Net-Centric Warfare

Argentinian Woman overcomes HIV w/o meds


Ex-Israeli officer on torture tactics
after release from jail

US directly interfering in Cuba's domestic affairs
by fanning protest rallies, says Iran's FM spox

Iran ready to conclude long-term comprehensive
cooperation agreement with Russia — Raisi

Yerevan asks Moscow to protect sovereign
territory of Armenia - Security Council

Armenia Says Azerbaijan Used Artillery,
Armored Vehicles at Border

Armenian Defense Ministry Publishes
Video of Destruction of Azerbaijani
Military Equipment

Four Armenians Injured in Clashes at Border
With Azerbaijan, Defence Ministry Says

Turkey Negotiating F-16 Contract With
US, Defence Minister Says

US Massacred 70 Civilians And Covered It Up

Giant cricket ball hailstones crash onto SA
while streets of Puebla Mexico under thick
layer of hail in video and pictures


How Scholars Cracked a Medieval Alchemist's
Secret Code

Can Lucid Dreaming Help us Understand

Argentinian Woman overcomes
HIV without meds

Why reducing all problems to 'mental health
issues' hurts humanity

Idiot Biden threatens Putin as Moscow seems
poised to move in on Ukraine

Har...Idiot, Perv Biden to tell Xi That 'China
must play by the rules'

What To Expect From Biden-Xi Meeting
...Nothing Good

OBiden Signs $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
In Bipartisan Ceremony

Poll - Biden's Approval Tanks to 33% in Iowa

ENCORE - This isn't normal behavior with a child
...If you try to explain this away, you're sick and
should be nowhere near children

'Build Back Better' Bill Will BURY America

Looting Has Become A Way Of Life - On average,
thieves are stealing more than 100 million dollars
worth of merchandise from US retailers every day

Fertilizer plants are shutting down, leaving
global food supply on the brink of collapse

Massive Steal Of Farms Underway – Goal is to
reduce food production in the US – OBiden Is
destroying America NOW...


Explosive Admission by Lord Fauci - 'Vaccines'
Did Not Work as Advertised and The Vaxed Are
in Great Danger Today

CDC Admits It Has No Proof Of Healed
COVID Patients Spreading Virus

BioWeapon Injections Mowing Down Athletes
8 Young Athletes Dead Or Have Heart Attacks

Alex Jones loses by default in Sandy Hook
defamation lawsuits

Media Blitz - Surge in Heart Disease Due
to 'Climate Change'...'Pandemic Anxiety'...
'Broken Heart Syndrome'

'A World Gone Mad' - Upscale LA Neighborhood
Wrestles With Worsening Homeless Crisis

Rittenhouse lawyer makes closing
self-defense argument

Prosecutor says the mob chasing Rittenhouse
was 'full of heroes' (Full Of Communist Scum)

Judge Drops Kyle Rittenhouse misdemeanor gun
charge - Judge Got death threats vs his children

Astroworld concert deaths - 9 Yr old boy dies
after being placed in coma After Disaster


Communist Bobby Beto Is Running for TX Gov

Deep State Sports Henchmen Gang
Up On Aaron Rogers

Obama Adviser Says Biden Spending
Agenda Is Worsening Inflation

Devastating Video - Mountain Bike National Title
Winner Kyle Warner Diagnosed with Pericarditis
After Taking Pfizer Vaccine (BioWeapon)

Pfizer's covid Kill Shot destroyed US mountain
biking champion's entire life, career

Heartbreaking Censored Vax Murder Story
Should Be Read By Everyone

Evidence Of Children Being Massacred

AP now admits VAXED people are spreading
COVID and filling hospitals, claims BOOSTER
SHOTS are the answer

Petra Mayer 46 Yr Old National Public Radio
book editor 'died suddenly' from blood clots

Multiple BIRD FLU outbreaks across Europe,
Russia and Asia


Report - Bitchute Bought Out By The BBC -
Woman Says Her Videos And Right To Comment
Have Been Blocked - Start At 22:00

Space Debris 'event' Caused By Possible
Russian Weapon, Forces ISS To Take Action

How They Intend To Get Us To
'Own Nothing And Be Happy'

Biden's Baffling Oil Policy Faces Backlash
From All Sides

In 'Unwelcome Surprise' To Dutch, Shell To
Ditch Dual Share Structure, Move Tax Base
To UK, Drop 'Royal Dutch' From Name

China overtakes US in global wealth race

EU to Rival China's Belt and Road Initiative
With Its Own Infrastructure Plan

Bitcoin Offers Freedom In A World Of Slavery By Design

Coinbase Co-Founder Raises Largest VC Crypto
Fund Ever To Bet On Ethereum, Token Economy

Austria Plans to Approve Lockdown for
the Unvaxed on Sunday


China THREATENS Australia if forces
defend Taiwan after remarks from Defense
Minister Peter Dutton

War fears as China launches new tactic
in India border row

China diplomat warns Oz faces ARMAGEDDON
if it supports US fight to protect Taiwan

Chinese bombers in night drills amid
Taiwan And South China Sea tensions

Fossil Suggests the Great Pyramids and the
Sphinx Were Once Submerged Under Water

Son of Muammar Gadhafi announces
presidential run


Did Ancient Egyptians Have Electricity? And
Was the Pyramid of Giza a Power Plant?


Sick, Depraved Biden - This isn't normal behavior
with a child - If you try to explain this away,
you're sick and should be nowhere near children

5.7 Quake Hits La Palma Below Cumbre
Vieja Volcano

La Palma Cumbre Vieja Is Longest eruption
on the island in 340 years

Fifth Circuit Reaffirms Order Halting OSHA
From Enforcing Vax Mandate

MSNBC host claims trucking industry
is made up of 'racist' white men

FBI O'Keefe Raid 'Sparks Questions
About Press Freedom'

Dershowitz - Kyle Rittenhouse 'should
be acquitted'...And then sue the media
for calling him a 'vigilante'

Robotic Drones Could Easily Turn The
Lights Out On America

Americans Were Warned To Prepare To Be
Without Electricity For At Least 6 Months

Hundreds Reportedly Slipping Past Border
Patrols on US-Mexico Frontier Daily Due to
Lack of Agents


'Tools of white supremacists' - How Democrats
degrade blacks who don't obey

14 NYPD Officers Leave Department and
Join Florida Police Force

Republicans Saying Trump Likely to Be
Reinstated by Year's End Jumps to 28%

Ghislaine Maxwell Might Have Been Murdered
if Granted Bail Over Info on Epstein, Claims Report

The Self-Reliance Manifesto

Why Wokeism Is A Religion

Major Shakeup Coming To CNN...
'Good Number' Of Staff To Be Let Go
Will They Dare Dump The Racist Lemon?

Andrew Cuomo Considering Run for
NY Attorney General Post

Rock band apologizes after lead singer
urinates on fan's face during Florida concert

Magical Covid Spell Science Bill Hates


Sportsmen and Sportswomen dropping Like Flies

Amazon's new 'factory towns' will lift
the working class

SpaceX launches 53 Starlink sats into orbit

Beyond Meat stock plunges as Americans
reject Frankenfood burgers

Rickards - Towards A New Great Depression

Used Tractor Prices Skyrocket Amid Deere Strike

The Real Reason Why The Fed Isn't Tightening

Amazon-backed Rivian startup shows how to
become US' biggest company earning nothing

Why a US crude export ban won't lower prices
at the pump

US will have inflation that hasn't been
'seen in 30 years'


Deere dealerships unable to get tractor parts
due to United Auto Workers' ongoing strike

Austria Orders Nationwide Lockdown
for Unvaccinated

World's first nationwide lockdown for the
unvaxxed approved In Austria

Hundreds in Austria Protest Government's Plan to
Impose Lockdown for Unvaccinated - Videos

'Papa Smurf' tests negative for Covid-19 as
journalist tricks Austrian state-supported system

Dozens of Middle Eastern migrants enter
Poland 'by force'

Trans activists fuming as BBC executive tells
staff that journalism can hurt their feelings

Queen Elizabeth's long-awaited public
appearance cancelled

US Media Reveal Why NATO Arms Aid to Ukraine
Risks 'Crossing a Bright Red Line' With Russia

UK May Send 600 Troops to Ukraine Amid
Russia Invasion Fearmongering


Russia ready to help resolve migration crisis
on Belarusian border with EU - Putin

After its role in Iraq War, Britain has no right to
lecture others on refugees – Russia

Zakharova Slams UK Foreign Secretary For Blaming
Belarus for 'Carefully Crafted' Migrant Crisis

US Media Reveal Why NATO Arms Aid to Ukraine
Risks 'Crossing a Bright Red Line' With Russia

UK May Send 600 Troops to Ukraine Amid
Russia Invasion Fearmongering

Russia ready to help resolve migration crisis
on Belarusian border with EU - Putin

After its role in Iraq War, Britain has no right to
lecture others on refugees – Russia

Zakharova Slams UK Foreign Secretary For Blaming
Belarus for 'Carefully Crafted' Migrant Crisis

Unvaxed will have 'miserable, very lonely life'
top Australian doc warns

Alarming Reports Of Aussie Vax
adverse reactions


India may face US sanctions as it takes delivery
of S-400 missile systems from Russia

Mexico Is The World's Deadliest Country For
Journalists In 2021

Venezuela thwarts 'terrorist plan' ahead of regional
municipal elections

Israel Unveils 'Revolutionary' New Scorpius
Electronic Warfare System

2 powerful earthquakes shake southern Iran

Gaddafi heir runs for Libyan presidency
despite arrest warrant

Sights on Syria - war-torn country becoming
a tourist destination is a good thing

Andy Ngo, Sen. Ron Johnson receive
Annie Taylor Award for courage


Dozens of athletes now confirmed to have
dropped dead from covid BioWeapons

Schwab, The Great Re-Set And The
Techno Fascist NWO Takeover

Amazon's Bezos predicts only a limited number
of people will get to remain on Earth

Harris and Buttigieg in the spotlight amid
uncertainty over Biden's future

Bill Gates Speaks of Vaccines Like They're
Software And of People Like They're Hardware

Bill Gates - Governments Must PUNISH Online
Users Who Oppose Masks And Vaccines

Fauci Withheld Successful Treatments from
AIDS Patients (Thousands Died) Because He
Wanted a Vaccine

Appeals Court Re-Affirms Stay On
Biden's Vax Mandate

Magical Covid With Evil Spell Science
...Bill Hates Hail Science 666 - Cartoon

A Failure Of Intelligence - Or An Intelligence Failure?


Oklahoma National Guard Defies DC Mandate
as Governor Replaces Force's Pro-Vax Comdr

First National Guard Unit Mutiny Over the
Federal Vaccine Mandate

Stunning Aerial Views Of Cumbre Vieja Volcano

Reading the signs - When will the volcanic
eruption on La Palma end?

New CA 2020 Law Limits Registration of
Older Diesel Trucks - The Intentional Shortage
Of Everything will only get worse...

Welcome To 2030 - I Own Nothing, Have No
Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better

Judge in Rittenhouse Case Reportedly Receives
Threatening Emails

Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Judge Allows Jury To
Consider That Teen Provoked Attack

Trump's Former State Department Spokeswoman
Bashes Adam Schiff for 'Promoting' Steele Dossier

WaPo Columnist Pans CNN for Its Reporting
on 'Corroborated' Parts of Steele Dossier


Sub Animal Black ‘Teen' arrested after Lyft driver
robbed, shot seven times and left for dead

The compromised Kabbalist witch Ghislaine
Maxwell tells all from inside her US prison cell

The Mysterious Disappearance of Ghislaine
Maxwell's (Maybe Fake) Husband

112 Kids Given Smaller Dose of Wrong COVID
Vax, Pharmacy Ordered to Stop Giving Shot

TX Man Denied Monoclonal Antibodies By Black
Health Care Worker Because He's White, Young
and Healthy - Vid

CDC Admits Crushing Rights of Naturally Immune
Without Proof They Transmit the Virus

Is 'Long COVID' Mostly a Mental Disease?

Ohio doctor writes his own obituary after Moderna
shots, dead 11 weeks later

Pfizer's Clinical Trial data strongly indicates their
Covid-19 Vaccine causes the recipient to develop
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Elementary School Nurse Accidentally Jabs
Wrong 6 Year Old Without Parental Consent


RT's Editor-in-Chief Tells Unvaxxed Vermin
'Stay Away From Me'

Iceland Unveils Meta-Challenging '-Verse'
Where 'Everything Is Real"

SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket With
53 Starlink Satellites

Inside the US military bases that are MORE
secretive than Area 51 from Site R built inside
a MOUNTAIN to a ‘mole-city'

Macleod - Money, Funny Money, & Crypto

Why A Rug-Pull Flash-Crash Makes
Perfect Sense

A Record 4.4 Million Americans Quit
Their Jobs in September

Beyond Meat stock plunges as Americans
reject Frankenfood burgers

In order to complete the communist
destruction of Germany...

Top British general gets nostalgic about
Cold War, warns risk of conflict's now greater


European Army - Rhetoric Versus Reality

'Quelle Hypocrisie!' France's Stance on Belarus
Slammed as 1,000 Invaders Allowed to Cross Channel

Extinction Rebellion Activists Disrupt Lord
Mayor's Show in London, Squabble With Cops

Dutch Police Pound Anti-COVID Lockdown
Protesters With Water Cannon – Video

Naval operations of US warships, NATO spy
planes moved to northwestern Black Sea

What Goals are DC & Kiev Pursuing by Peddling
Story of Russia's 'Imminent Invasion' of Ukraine?

EU policy toward Belarus all 'bribery & blackmail'

Lukashenko Says Wants to Acquire
Russian Iskander Missiles

Putin warns Belarus of major fallout if it
cuts off gas to EU

Putin Recalls How Ukraine Cut Off
Gas Supplies to EU in 2008 Over Price Row


Putin - Russia has ‘nothing to do' with refugee
crisis on Belarus-Poland border

Migration crises were created by Western
countries themselves - Putin

Russia is not party to conflict in Donbass and
will never agree to the opposite - Putin

Putin finds it inappropriate to conduct maneuvers
in Black Sea in response to NATO drills

Russia's S-550 to Be More Efficient at Intercepting
ICBMs Than THAAD & Aegis, Report Says

Watch Russian 'White Swan' Strategic
Bombers Fly Over Barents, Norwegian Seas

Children Sent to China's Quarantine Camps

Why Is Taiwan Only Spending 2.1 Percent
of Its GDP on Its Defense?

Chinese Communist Officials Killing Cats of
Quarantined Coronavirus Patients

Australia Vows to Help America
Intervene in Taiwan


Alarming Reactions Aussie Covid adverse reactions

Thousands Of Australians March Against
Victoria's COVID Powers

5.3 Magnitude Quake Rocks Western Australia

Prison riot in Ecuador kills at least 58

Media Releases Clip of 'Iranian Navy Copter
Flying Over US Amphibious Assault Ship
in Persian Gulf'

Turkey refuses Macron's call for troops
withdrawal from Libya

The Taliban are back but Afghans say
opium is here to stay

Moderna (song parody video)

Study - Psilocybin Therapy Boosts Cognitive
and Neural Flexibility in Depressed Patients

Depression is More than Low Mood – it's a
Change of Consciousness


If Authoritarians Taught Yoga - YouTube

ice age warning from 1972

Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll

5.1 quake hits near Los Llanos de Aridane,
La Palma Island, Canary Islands, Spain

‘Politics is a Total Sham' - Aaron Rodgers Destroys
Both Parties, Champions Bodily Autonomy, Becomes

Biden Administration - ‘Terrorism' Threats From
'Possible New COVID Lockdowns'?

Fear-Mongering Fauci Issued a COVID
‘Surge' Warning (signs all point to a big
new scary CV ‘mutant')

Nonsensical babbling Bill Gates

The Original, Genuine Deagel.com World Projections

Dr David Martin - No Emergency Can Waive ANY
Rights Of Privileges From The Constitution

Moderna to test COVID-19 vaccine on
infants as young as 6 months old

Excess Deaths point to GENOCIDE Agenda


Steve Bannon Indicted For Contempt Of
Congress After Ignoring J6 Panel

Klaus Schwab's School For Covid Dictators,
And Plan for The 'Great Reset' - Watch

US Tests Israel's Iron Dome In Guam
With Eye On China

Pelosi Drinking Again? What Do You See?

War Memorial Defaced With The Words
'The Real Heroes Are The Vaccinated!'

New VAERS analysis reveals hundreds of
serious adverse events that the CDC and
FDA never told us about

Vaccine mandates are spreading...
Italy shows what to expect

From Clapping to Sacking - 18 Months
in the Life of a Nurse

Nurse Has Trouble Speaking After Vaccine

Vaccine Injury - Provaccine Nurse's Rude Awakening


They Want National Internet Speech Regulations
So They Can Legally Censor You Into Oblivion

The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise...
Freedom Meted Out by Technological Tyrants

US Consumer Sentiment Drops to 10 Yr Low
on Inflation Fears

Highest U.S. Inflation Since 1990, CPI + 6.2%

UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000
out of Health Care Sector

New vax science shows mandates unwise

Initial Reports Coming Out of China Indicate
There Was a New COVID-19 Lab Leak at Univ
in Shanghai

The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise...
Freedom Meted Out by Technological Tyrants

Highest U.S. Inflation Since 1990, CPI + 6.2%

UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000
out of Health Care Sector


Bill Gates - Governments Must PUNISH Online
Users Who Oppose Masks and Vaccines

Dr. Peter Navarro - Anthony Fauci Is a
Criminal Who Should Be in Prison

Flashback - Fauci Withheld Successful Treatments
from AIDS Patients (Thousands Died) Because He
Wanted a 'Vaccine'

Rittenhouse - The person that attacked me
first threatened to kill me twice' - Vid

Communists - MSNBC Host And Guest Say The
Rittenhouse Trial Is 'White Privilege On Steroids'

Manchin May 'Kill' Biden's Build Back
Better Bill Amid Soaring Inflation, Report Says

Hunter Biden Snaps Back at Journalist Who
Asked Him About 'Laptop From Hell'

'F*** Joe Biden' Pizza Becomes Hit in Florida

The Kamal Treats French Scientists
Like They're Children

Remembering The USS Liberty -
We Must Never Forget


2nd Grader Being Punished For Not Wearing Mask
Tells School Board - 'I hope ya'll go to jail for doing
this to me' - Video

Wooldridge - What Is The Carrying
Capacity of America? Pt 2

welcome to the hospital california
check in any time you like but there
might not be any doctors

How to Massively Skew Reporting of COVID
Deaths and BioWeapon Injuries

60,000 Children Have Died in the US Since
2020 - 59,400 Didn't Have Covid

FDA Recalls Million Of 'Home' Covid Test

Why can't anyone explain how these 14 kids
died after getting vaccinated?

Health Secretary Says Over-65s Could Be
Banned From Public Spaces Without Getting
A BioWeapon Booster!

Pelosi Warns Women Are More Exposed To
Negative Impact Of Climate Change

US Army Surgeon Taken Off Her Job After
Reporting Pilot Vaccine Injuries


Judge Rules That 12 Yr Old Can Have Flu
& Covid Kill Shots, Despite Mom's Objections

Forced Covid Vox for Kids Is Unlawful

EMA calls for heart inflammation review
of Moderna jab

EMA green lights two monoclonal
antibody Covid treatments

TX Church Injects Young Children with Kill
Shot in Halloween Celebration - Incredible

The Metaverse Is Big Brother in Disguise

Imagine tags over people's heads...
Metaverse could make reality 'disappear'

YouTube Hides 'Dislikes' Following Mass
Downvoting Of Biden Administration Videos

Apple makes sure you don't take
iCloud data to the grave

Facebook Users Unable To Find Results When
Searching For 'Kyle Rittenhouse' Amid Teen's
Homicide Trial


AI menace - Rittenhouse judge bans video
playback on iPads

Pegasus-style spyware found on
thousands of smartphones

Russia Successfully Tests 'Space
Radiation Shield'

Gamma Rays Detected Coming From Nearby
Galaxies For The First Time, New Study Claims

US to deploy 'cyber Marines' on
future battlefields

Report - Diesel Fuel Shortage Forces Some
Truck Stops to Ration Fill Ups

High fuel prices and shortages hit trucking industry,
as nation critically needs gasoline and goods transported

First Wave Of Borrowers Gets $715 Million
In Student Loan Forgiveness Under New
Program Expansion

Inflation has taken away all the wage gains
for workers and then some

Larry Summers Blasts 'Woke Central Banking'
Warns Of Economic Stagnation & 'Japanization'


A Record 111 Container Ships Anchored Off
Southern California As Congestion Crisis Worsens

3 Reasons Gold Will Soar When The Fed Tapers

The Fed is Trapped and a Crash is Coming

US consumers face highest inflation since 1990

Electric car startup rolls out second-largest
US IPO after Facebook

Oil Could Hit $300, Uranium Could
'Double Or Triple'

US And Russia Discuss Oil Market
Collaboration In Rare Talk

European Natgas Prices Tumble As Russian
Pipeline Flows Finally Increase

EU predicts when high energy prices will decrease

Germany says nuclear energy will set back
turning EU green


The Madness Of Taxing Unrealized
Capital Gains

Inflation has taken away all the wage
gains for workers and then some

US Says It's Briefed European Governments
On Possible Russian 'Military Invasion' Of Ukraine

Comprehensive Study Could Find Just 25
Under-18 Covid Deaths in All Of England
(Population 56 Million)

Denmark To Re-Impose CCP Virus Restrictions
After Ditching All Rules 2 Months Ago - Prime Minister

Despite Vaccine Passport Schemes, COVID
Cases Surging Across Europe

Dutch Covid-19 panel advises 1st lockdown in
Western Europe since summer

UK Vaccine Mandate May Force 123,000
Out Of Health Care Sector

Russia set to make Covid-19 vaccination QR
codes compulsory for use of public transport

Berlin to ban the unspiked from a host
of indoor public venues


Fears of Nepotism Voiced as NATO Secretary
General Stoltenberg Tipped to Head Norway's
Central Bank

Putin notes Kiev's destructive policy on
Ukrainian conflict in conversation with Merkel

Russia issues warning to US over Ukraine

Russia expects serious conversation on Ukraine
at 2+2 meeting with France — Lavrov

Russian envoy accuses Ukraine of misleading
world community in OSCE

Reaction to closure of Kyiv Post once again
highlights Western hypocrisy over Ukraine

Putin offers Merkel way to solve Belarus
border migrant crisis

China PLA Navy Is Now The World's Largest

Evergrande Bankruptcy proceedings issued
in Germany, may start new global crisis

Chinese Property Stocks Soar Most In 6 Years
Amid Sudden Reversal In Bearish Sentiment
Massive Short Squeeze


Chinese E-Commerce Giant to Accept Digital Yuan
During Singles Day Sale in Major E-Currency Test

China's new military toy might dominate
the Pacific, analysts warn

China warns against 'Cold War' mentality
And 'ideological lines' in Asia-Pacific

China's Ruling Party Urges Army, People
to Unite Around Xi

China's Sixth Plenum Paves Way For Xi Jinping
To Become 'Emperor For Life'

Xi Pushes Biden Into Political 'Catch-22' With
Official Invitation To Winter Olympics

Japanese plan to invade USSR revealed

US diplomat flees after hit-and-run,
hides at South Korea military base – police

India Rolls Out HGCO19 Jab as Rival mRNA
COVID Vaccines are Probed for Links to Myocarditis

Brazilian President Confronts WHO Chief
'People Are Dying After the Second Dose'


Israel kicks off 'Omega strain' Covid war games

Israel will be destroyed if it makes any
mistake with us, Iran warns

Hezbollah chief - Saudi Arabia seeks to
provoke civil war in Lebanon

Sinkholes, Depletion, & Waste - Dead Sea Vanishing,
But Israel Doesn't Have Concrete Plans to Save It

Hezbollah rejects Saudi pressure in
Yemen comments row

Blind Faith

Attracting Angels

A Vertical Axis – Manifesting Holy

The Sun is Not Hot!

Will the Magic of Psychedelics Transform Psychiatry?


What Is Ayurveda? Ayurvedic Medicine Benefits

Where Gravity Used to Reign…

Children's hospitals now being flooded with
INFANT cardiac patients - Their Mothers Were
Vaxed During Pregnancy - Vax Genocide Soars

How are they going to explain all the
newborns with cardiac problems?

Jeff & Erica Khan - RNA Created As A BioWeapon
And Dr. David Martin - 'A BioWeapon Engineered For
The Post Extinction Of Humanity' - Get It?

Covid Is a Global Military Operation...
We're Facing Genetic Genocide - Video

Dr. David Martin - Treasonous Acts - Full Video

The Ministers of MOLOCH are Demanding
Your Children

The president of Bayer/Monsanto just admitted
the pandemic was used to inject everybody with
gene cell therapy. He said 95% of the population
would have refused it otherwise!

New Digital Driver's License Set to Include
Your Vaccine Status, Travel Records and Social
Credit Score

Big Pharma Is Getting Its Biotech Into
Your Body by Any Means Necessary

Pfizer's Attempt At Winning The 'Meme War'
Backfires Disastrously


Bill Gates admits COVID shots 'only slightly
reduce' transmission, calls for 'new' approach
to vaccines

Evil incarnate Bill Gates admits mRNA Vaccines
aren't working - (They Most Certainly Are...)

107 Million US Vaccine Refuseniks?

Covid 'negative' patients are overwhelming
hospitals, exactly as predicted

Don't Give BioWeapon To Kids -
Urgent Message From Doctors' Summit

Internal Report - More Than HALF Of Border
Patrol Agents May Be FIRED For Being Unvaxed
(The OBiden Plan To Destroy The Border)

Snitches key in enforcing Biden vaccine mandate

Pedo Tyrant Biden Admin Warns of 'Planned
Inspections' and $136,532 Fines to Enforce
Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

Yes, steam trains are now to be declared 'racist', too

Draft COP26 Agreement Urges Rich Countries
to Scale Up Climate Funds


US Joins China In Refusing To Sign Pledge
To Phase Out Of Fossil Fuel Vehicles

Philanthropist Bill Gates Could Have Been
Richer Than Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
Combined - Report

Millionaire with many homes calls for you
to make sacrifices to save the planet

Pelosi urges investigations over Gosar video

Communists Cry 'Academic Freedom'
to Defend CRT

Astroworld disaster fuels wave of satanic
conspiracy theories on TikTok

The Satanic Truth Behind The Starbucks
Coffee Logo

Cumbre Vieja - Repeated Quakes at great depths
return - Scientists suspect surge in activity And
The Spanish Navy arrived today on la Palma

La Palma Cumbre Vieja Volcano Area Hit With
5.4 Quake That Was Downgraded To 4.8

Woman Left Wheelchair-Bound With Neurological
Damage Hours After Pfizer BioWeapon Dose


WHO admits Covid-19 is not going anywhere

RNA Molecule Triggers COVID-19 Immunity in
Mice Without Vaccination - Yale University

Rules For Thee? Nancy Pelosi Under Fire For
Failing to Wear Mask At Lavish Wedding

VT now requires condoms in middle
and high schools

YouTube Removing ALL Dislikes in Latest Effort
to Prop Up Failing Media & White House

EU court upholds decision to fine
Google €2.4 Billion

Google won't pay for spying on UK
iPhone users

Bitcoin Hits New Historic High at $69,000

Zimbabwe Govt Considers Adopting
Bitcoin As Legal Tender

Biden Starts To Freak Out About Soaring Inflation,
Orders Economic Council To 'Reduce Energy Costs'


Peter Schiff - Inflation Is Crushing Working And
Middle Class Americans' Quality Of Life

Manchin Says Inflation 'Not Transitory', Cannot
Ignore 'Pain' Felt By Americans

US Consumer Prices Up 6.2% in Year to October
...Keeping Pressure on Economy

Macron Confirms - France To Build New Nuclear
Reactors For The First Time In Decades

Merkel wants Putin to help solve
Poland-Belarus border crisis

Migrant crisis on Belarus-Poland border caused
by EU's failure to uphold 'European values' - Kremlin

UN slams Poland's 'knee-jerk' reaction
to Belarus border crisis

Ex-Irish PM Leo Varadkar: Dublin Plans For
Potential Trade War Between EU and Britain

Sweden's PM formally resigns for second time

Le Pen Warns Hungarians - 'Avoid The Fate Of France'


Adding Oil to Fire? Another UK MP in Hot Water
for Lobbying Hand Sanitiser Company's Interests

Anti-vaxxer doctors could be held criminally
liable – Russia's health minister

Russian lawmaker explains how country
could make Covid-19 vaccines mandatory

Lukashenko warns more Afghan migrants
could soon travel to Europe

'Ghost soldiers' to blame for Afghan
government's quick defeat – ex-minister

Belarus, Russia worried by NATO buildup
near their borders — Minsk

Two Russian Tu-22M3 bombers fly over
Belarus to check Union State air defenses

US spy plane E-8C spotted 35 km away from
Russia's border, says Defense Ministry

Kiev approves redeployment of warships to
Sea of Azov

18 Russian prison officers fired over chilling
clips of torture behind bars


Russian soldiers tried to bribe their way
INTO a war zone – reports

Biden-Xi Virtual Meeting 'Set For Next Week'
As Xi Says 'Both Countries Will Lose From

US military tries out Israeli tricks for
anti-China defense in Guam

China selling advanced warships to Pakistan is
bad news for India - and America

Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Detected Near Ryukyu
Islands, Japan - No Tsunami Warning Issued

Aussies Have Had More Than Enough Of Hunchback
Communist Premier Dan Andrews

'Like Throwing Toothpicks at Mountain' - Ex-Oz
PM Mocks Effect of AUKUS Subs Plan on China

Israeli Ambassador to UK 'Forced to Flee'
LSE Bldg After Protest Against Her Presence

Iran links 'economic terrorism' to global warming

'Ghost soldiers' to blame for Afghan
government's quick defeat – ex-minister


La Palma Cumbre Vieja Volcano Area Hit With
5.4 Quake Which Was Downgraded To 4.8

LOOK - Many Euro Athletes Dropping Dead On
Grass, Ice & While Running After Being Mandated
To Take The BioWeapon Kill Shot

Newsom Says Quit Climate Summit to Go Trick or
Treating With His Kids and Complains About The
Work Load Of Being Governor...

Asteroid Size Of The Tallest Building On Earth
Heading Here In Mid-December

Navy SEALs sue Biden administration
over COVID mandate

US Suffers Coldest November Start Since 2002
It's Going To Be A Rough Winter For Many

Canadian cardiologist Mocks the non-vaxed
'I won't cry at your funeral'...Is dead two weeks
after third (booster) mRNA BioWeapon Injection

5 Yr Old Vaxed Child Lies In Hospital Bed
After Suffering 'Mini Heart Attack' - Photo

DeSantis - Companies Helping Biden Free
Invaders Will be Denied Contracts

Mom says teen son got COVID vaccine
at CVS without her consent

James O'Keefe Reveals Details of Military
Style FBI Raid on His Home


Tucker Talks About the cause of
America's Grief

Eight Reasons Scarcities Will Increase Rather
Than Evaporate

39% of Adults Aged 18-24 Years Old
Identify as LGBT in Doomed America

Poll Shows 58% of Americans Think Biden Isn't
Paying Due Attention to Crucial Issues Facing US

Ocasio-Cortez Slams 'Creepy' Rep. Gosar Over
Anime Depicting Her, Biden as Human-Devouring

Prosecution Rests in Rittenhouse Murder
Trial - Curfew Violation Dropped

For Whom Do The Covid Fact
Checkers Really Work?

Pfizer CEO Bourla Says People who spread
'Misinformation' about Covid (BioWeapon)
Injections Are Criminals

Internal Report - More Than HALF Of Border
Patrol Agents May Be FIRED For Being Unvaxed

Wooldridge - Carrying Capacity - Most Important
Discussion of the 2020s


Rolls-Royce To Develop Mini Nuke Reactors
To Decarbonize Power Grid

How Digital Vax Passports Pave Way for
Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism

Parents, Prepare for a Barrage of Coronavirus
'Vaccine' Propaganda from Your Children's

FL School Suspends 7 Year Old Girl 36
Days for Not Wearing Mask

CDC Hits New Lows With 2 Manipulated Studies

Whitmer Vetoes Bills Helping Families
Leave Failing Public Schools

Masters of the Universe - Google's Parent
Company Alphabet Reaches $2 Trillion Value

Robinhood Admits Hackers Accessed Details
on 7 Million Customers

NY Mag - Facebook's 'Metaverse' Is DOA
The Word 'Meta' In Hebrew Means 'Dead'

Why 'Meta' is Dead on Arrival
Why Meta is Dead on Arrival. (as an ex-Facebook tech lead) - YouTube


Facebook Bans Ad of Former Cuomo and
de Blasio Press Secretary's Book 'Penis Politics'

Empty Containers Continue Stacking
Up At Ports

Truck Trailers and Shipping See Record
Breaking Price Hikes

'Meatflation' sends price of steaks, bacon
and chuck to highest in a decade

Cheese Prices Crumble After Cyberattack Hits
Top Wisconsin Dairy Producer

Masters of the Universe - Google's Parent
Company Alphabet Reaches $2 Trillion Value

Remington Leaving Gun-Controlled New York
for Gun-Friendly Georgia

Navy SEALs sue Biden administration
over COVID mandate

Austria busts suspected Nazi stash - Video

Brazil police discover $3.5 Million trove of
WW2 German memorabilia


Ortega Calls His Victory in Nicaraguan
Election Example for All Latin America

Ortega Rule 'Dictatorship' Lacking Any
Democratic Mandate - US Special Envoy

Biden Threatens Action Against Nicaragua
After Socialist Daniel Ortega Wins 4th Term

Chile MPs move to impeach president over
Pandora Papers

Think You Can't Be Fooled By A Woman? Watch

More Women Throwing Themselves Out Of Windows

Watch - Biden Yells, Points At Reporter Who Calls
Him Out For Lying About Payments To Illegals

So Now Most Truck Drivers Will Be Exempt
From Vaccine And Testing Mandates

Hundreds Of Thousands To Go On Four Day
Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates

Red Cross - vaxed can't donate plasma As
the vax Bioweapon wipes out antibodies!

Build Back Better Act will grant amnesty to
seven million Invaders

Fox News Says Newsom Has Disappeared
For More Than A Week - Aides Deny Vax Link

Newsom Said To Have Guillain-Barre Or Bell's
Palsy After His Moderna Booster BioWeapon

Gov Newsom Injured by Moderna Booster
Shot Source Tells The Defender

The UN Global Warming Hoax In
Glasgow Harmed Energy Efficiency

Biden Staffer Reveals Real Reason
For BioWeapon Mandates


Are You Nauseated By How Politically Correct
The NFL, The NBA And Major League Baseball
Have Become?

Travis Scott Satanic Festival 'Blood Sacrifice'
Conspiracy Theory Spreads After Tragedy

Rittenhouse Witness Blows Case For Prosecution
Admits He Pointed Gun, Advanced First

The Sovietization of America

Brilliant South African Doctor, Shankara Chetty, Explains
What Is Going On Now With DEVASTATING Accuracy
And Tells How The Slow Kill In Being Used - WATCH

Dr David Martin - Astounding Criminality & Treason
Behind The ELE Depopulation Plandemic - Watch

Medical Holocaust against children - Vax-induced
myocarditis in children has 50% Death rate in 5 yrs

Covid-19 Vaccines and Myocarditis Link
Probed by Researchers

9 Facts From Aaron Rodgers' Explosive
Vaccine Interview You Aren't Allowed To Say

Courageous LA County Sheriff Tells The
Truth About COVID Vax Mandates


50+ Shot & 10 Killed In Chicago As Police
Stalemate Over City Vax Mandate Drags On

Watch - Al Gore's Latest 'Solution' To Climate
Change Is Mass Surveillance

Facebook Leadership Chooses Not to Make Platform
Safer to Maximize Profits, Whistleblower Says

Twitter Refuses to Suspend Indian Accounts
Accused of Inciting 'Communal Riots' by Police

UK Considering Legislation That Would
Imprison Internet Trolls

Norwegian Culture Minister Seeks to Prevent
Big Tech From Censoring State Media

Hackers Breached Global Defence Organisations
in 'Massive Espionage Campaign' - Security Firm

US Indicts Ukrainian National For Alleged Role
in REvil Ransomware Cases

Romanian Authorities Arrest REvil Cyber
Gang Hackers Who Infected 5,000

NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Dragon Endeavour
Undocks From ISS as Team Prepares to Head Home


Mystery Object Near China's Space Debris Cleaner
Fuels Fears of 'Satellite-Crushing Weapon'

Are motherless babies from artificial wombs
the future we're heading for?

More Climate Madness - Hungry caterpillars Called
An 'underappreciated' driver of carbon emissions

Global food production teeters on the brink
due to widespread fertilizer shortages

Squid Game Coin & Other Crypto Scams
That Left Millions of Investors Stone Broke

Crypto Market Cap Tags $3 Trillion As Bitcoin,
Ether Reach Record Highs

Fifty Years Since The End Of Bretton
Woods - A Geopolitical Review

Peter Schiff - Post-Payrolls - Taper Gold-Gains
Signal Sellers Are Exhausted

Got Milk? Prices Are Soaring Amid Higher
Feed Costs, Smaller Herds

US May See Full Employment by End of 2022 as
Precondition for Interest Rate Hike, Clarida Says


Biden Targets Another US Pipeline For
Shutdown After 'Begging' Saudis For More Oil

Fed Issues Market Red Alert - Warns Stocks
Vulnerable To 'Significant Declines'

Over 130 UK Lawmakers Sign Letter Asking
Pension Fund to Turn Away From Fossil Fuels

Russia claims West using energy to influence
geopolitics, but wrongly blaming Moscow

Nord Stream 2 ready for launch — Gazprom

Russia, Germany have good energy cooperation
prospects, says lawmaker

Berlin, Moscow have opportunity for new
beginning, German politician says

Conflict In North Africa Threatens Gas
Supply To Europe

Regeneron Shares Surge As Antibody
Cocktail Cuts COVID Risk By 81.6%

Catholic School Teens Die After Vax Drive


NHS accused of 'lying' about Covid stats to
promote vaccination

Synchronized Flights From London to New York
Mark End of Trans-Atlantic Travel Ban

Worker Dies Following 'Medical Episode' at
Amazon's Largest European Depot

More Men in England End Up in Hospital After
Experiencing Hours-Long Erections

Fresh outbreaks of highly contagious H5N1 bird flu confirmed in Europe

The main goal of COP26 is ensuring there
will be a COP27

Obama Hits Out at Russia's Putin and
China's Xi for Skipping COP26

EU counts up how much its 'green'
agenda will cost each year

Russia Tests Nuclear-Powered
Showers In Siberia

Kremlin reveals Putin spoke to head of CIA


NATO Drills in Black Sea Aim to
Contain Russia, Lavrov Says

Shooting Heard on Belarus-Poland Border
After Warsaw Deploys Counterterrorism Units
to Stem Invaders

Saakashvili moved to prison hospital as
his condition worsens

'Biggest attempt to enter Poland by force'
is underway, top official says

Large convoy of Invaders marches through
Belarus to Polish border - Video

China builds life-size mock-ups of US
warships to test missiles – report

China's Xi set to unveil new doctrine
that could let him rule for life

Victor Dominello diagnosed with Bell's palsy after
viewers spot drooping eye in NSW press conference
Communist officials Are Now Getting The bioweapon?

19 Yr old Oz horse trainer received second Pfizer
Bioweapon 'to keep my job' develops numerous
blood clots, can no longer work...Life Ruined

Life as an Unvaccinated Human In Oz


Australia kicks off Covid-19 booster drive

Pakistan reaches 'complete ceasefire'
with local Taliban faction

Heavy Rains Hit Southern India's Tamil Nadu State

French Firm Dassault Aviation Bribed Its Way to
€7.8 Billion Rafale Fighter Jet Contract in India

India Offers Weapons, Software to Neighbours
to Tackle Rising Threats in Indian Ocean

India Lodges 'Strong Protest' Over Killing of
Fisherman by Pakistani Coast Guard, Demands Probe

Indian Army to Deploy Swarm Drones Along
Border With China to Boost Offensive Capacity

Israel 'will do what it needs to' against
a nuclear Iran, Bennett says

Capture of Mossad 'secret agents' pushes
Israel and Gaza to brink of new war

Pegasus spyware linked to Israel branding
Palestinian rights NGOs as terrorists – report


Israeli soldiers given 'prizes' for helping compile
database of Palestinians' pictures – reports

Mossad Foiled IRGC Plot to Target Israeli
Tourists on Safari in Africa, Israeli Media Claims

Iran demands guarantees that US won't
ditch nuclear deal again

Syrian Media Says Air Defences Intercepting Israeli
Attack as Explosions Heard Over Homs, Tartous

US involved in failed assassination attempt
against Iraqi PM - Nujaba official

Why Was Gold So Important To The
Ancient Anunnaki?

Two Rutgers Faculty Groups back 'professor'
who said white people 'should be taken out'

Nearly Two Thirds of Americans Against
Biden Running For Second Term, Poll Shows

New Poll Suggests GOP Victory In 2022 - Biden
Approval Sinks To 38%, The Kamal Is Worse

Duchess of Cornwall - 'Biden Kept Doing
Sh*tty Farts in Front of Me – It Was Impossible
To Ignore' - A Brain Dead Pedo Pig

White House Defends Biden's Vaccine
Mandate for US Workers After Measure
Halted by Court

What? FBI had a drone in Kenosha during
RIttenhouse (Self-Defense) shooting? Why?

Vile Celebrities Endorsing The Vax BioWeapon Have
Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of People - WATCH

Don't Allow Them To Inject The BioWeapon Into
Your Kids - If this doesn't Enrage you nothing will
Many, Many Children Are About To Be Murdered

Procter & Gamble employees issue a Grave
warning to America About The Mandate P&G
Has Levied On Them - Video

The Vaxed are dying - The Kamal And Biden
Tell It To Your face - Watch

2,433 Dead Babies in VAERS as Another
Study Shows mRNA Shots Not Safe for
Pregnant Women - (VAERS Gets Only 1%)


Dr Asks Why are we Accepting Myocarditis as
an Acceptable 'Side Effect' for COVID Vaccines?

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Delivers
New Warning And Update On The Increasing
Death Wave - Watch

Dr Tenpenny And Dr Palevsky Lay It On The
Line Perfectly, No Punches Pulled - Watch

Heart Attack Ingredient Added to
Pfizer's Kill Shot for Kids

Did Creeper Biden Molest His Kids and
Drive His Wife to Suicide?

NYC Mayor-Elect, Radical Communist Eric Adams
Is Met at His Brooklyn Office By a Huge Crowd of
Angry Protesters – Runs Away Sipping His Smoothie
as Crowd Chants 'No Vaccine Mandates'

CA Gov Newsom Out Of Public Sight Since Getting
His CCP BioWeapon 'Booster' Shot 11 Days Ago

How Media And Tech Elites Seized Control
Of already compromised Elections

Parents Increasingly Worried About Being Forced
To Have Their Young Children Given Kill Shots As
Biden Tightens Mandates

The True, Horrifying American Roots Of Eugenics


The New World Order We Were Warned
Was Coming is Now Here and America
Will Never Be the Same

nauseating communist news network CNN,
deploys 'Sesame Street' muppets to promote
BioWeapon Kill Shots to Little children

Trump Boasts 'No President Has Been Better
Friend to Israel' - Accuses Biden of 'Bowing Down'
to Iran

Why were US defense systems deactivated
during Baghdad drone attack?

Unprecedented Tsunami drill in Spain's
Andalucia - could The Cumbre Vieja Volcano
Landslide Into The Atlantic Be Near?

Drought is forcing farmers in CO to
make tough choices to survive

Molnupiravir - mutagenic And carcinogenic,
Authorized For Human Use in the UK

Fauci Embraces Hillary at Funeral - 'I LOVE Her'

NBA recommends Covid-19 vaccine boosters
for players vaccinated just 2 Months Before

WATCH Protesters against vaccine mandates
square off with counter-rally in Boston


Ted Cruz condemns Big Bird for advocating
Covid vaccines for kids

Emilio Estevez 'not returning' to The Mighty
Ducks due to Disney's COVID-19 vaccine

US Lifts Travel Ban = Here's What to Know
And Who's Allowed to Enter

Tesla Car Battery Explodes, Blows Telsa
In HALF In middle of FL Traffic

Pedo Biden Navy Launches Ship Named
After Child Rapist Harvey Milk

Asteroid the size of Eiffel Tower
heading for Earth in December

Goldman Sachs-backed Russian firm makes
a hit IPO in New York

Trade turnover between Russia & China tops
pre-pandemic figures despite traffic jams at
border crossings

US Looking at Tools to Make Fuel More Affordable
as OPEC Ignores Calls to Boost Output

Top Russian banker names major reason
for European energy crisis


Head of Bavaria offers solution to gas
shortage ahead of approaching winter

New Travel Restrictions Ahead For Brits
Unless They Are TRIPLE Jabbed

Scientists Tell Boris Jonson To Speed Up
Boosters Before 'Delta's Grandchild' Arrives

Molnupiravir - mutagenic And carcinogenic,
Authorized For Human Use in the UK

Veteran UK care worker loses job over vax
mandate, blasts govt in emotional Video

UK Teenage boys among soaring non-covid
excess deaths

UK Covid Infections Fall by 20% In a Week

Quarantine and Testing May Return for
Brits Not Triple Jabbed

Assange & fiancée sue 'creepy elements
of UK government'...and here's why

Zemmour Accuses Macron of Manipulating
Fishing Spat With UK as 'Revenge for Brexit'


1,000s across Italy want Green Pass Dumped - Vid

Get booster jabs so we can 'enjoy Christmas'
Says UK health secretary

Austria Moves Closer To Imposing Lockdown
On The Unvaccinated

Sexual pervert, Mossad agent, Kabbalist Ghislaine
Maxwell proposes calling psychologist who testified
at Weinstein trial

Ukraine should have bought 'cheap gas'
from Russia - ex-PM Timoshenko

Don't Poke the Bear - Russian Frigate
Conducts Drills as US Warships Beef Up
Black Sea Deployment

Only OSCE Observers Can Use Drones in
Donbass Conflict Zone, Russian FM Says

Over 90% of Russian military pilots have
combat experience, says defense chief

Poland To Double The Size Of Its Army,
Citing 'Russia's Imperial Ambitions'

Republicans Urge Biden To Send US Troops
To Ukraine To 'Deter Russian Invasion'


China's Weaponization Of Space

China's Largest State Grid Operator
Says Power Back To Normal

COVID Spreads To 31 Provinces In China,
Residents Panic-Shopping And Communities
Said To Be Locked-Down

Chinese Astronauts Start 6-Hour Space
Walk Outside Tiangong Station - State Agency

N. Korea's Mechanized Troops Stage Artillery
Drills in Wake of US-South Korea War Games

Hundreds Join Protests Against Mandatory
Vaccination Across Australia - Video

'Always ready' for US & Israel - Iran
launches massive military drill

Trump Boasts 'No President Has Been Better
Friend to Israel' - Accuses Biden of 'Bowing Down'
to Iran

Families Of 'Holocaust Survivors'
Welcome Afghan 'Refugees'

Erdogan Amassing Troops for Possible Offensive
vs Syrian Kurds, US Sends Words, Assad Sends
Troops, Russians Send Flankers


Why were US defense systems deactivated
during Baghdad drone attack?

SNL Spoofs Dems Squabbling Over Infrastructure
Bill, Debuts New Hire Impersonating Joe Biden

DHS Reports First-ever Known Drone Attack
Against US Electricity Grid

Chicago Homicide Crisis Worsens As Lizard
Lightfoot Fails To Quell Violence

5-11 Year Olds Begin To Be Given BioWeapon Kill
Shots - Many Deaths, Injuries Expected Next - Vid

Warning...Graphic Video - Vaxed Woman Manages
To Remove HUGE Clot From Her Nose - Video

Red State Governors Allowing Covid BioWeapon
Kill Shots Into Their States For Little Children - Vid

Gates Calls for the United Nations to Establish
a Global Biomedical Police State

Gates Warns of Coming 'Bioterrorist Pandemic'
If Governments Do Not Comply

'Where's His Mask?' Netizens React to Video
of Senate Majority Leader Schumer Dancing
in Puerto Rico

Packers Aaron Rodgers Deflects Hysteria
About Being Unvaccinated In Lengthy Interview

SF Will Require Children 5 to 11 to Show
Proof of COVID Injection for Indoor Activities

Cancer Survivor Says Pfizer Vaccine Injuries
'Far Worse' Than Cancer

Vaxed And Unvaxed Air Travelers, Watch...
Hero Pilot Shows Vaxed Karen The Way Out


J&J covid shot increases risk of 'rare'
blood clots by 350%

Excess Deaths in 2021 Point to Global
Depopulation Agenda

Iserbyt - Who Is The REAL Glenn Youngkin?
He's Not What You Think...

The Second Amendment Had a Very Good
Day Last Week

The Communist Sovietization of America

Michael Rapaport Mocks Biden at Climate
Change Summit - 'Wake Up, Sleepy F*cking Joe'

Federal Appeals Court Blocks Biden's
'Big-Company' Vaxx-Mandate

OBiden administration sends over 70 flights
of border Invaders to Florida In Dark Of Night

Watch - Suppressed Jan 6 Video Shows Capitol
Police Officer Waving Protesters INTO Building

The Great Reset Action Item #4 - No Meat For You


Slower ocean circulation intensifies extreme
cold weather in the US

CA Town Declares Itself a Constitutional Republic

Bayer Pharmaceuticals President Admits mRNA
'Vaccines' Are Cell and Gene Therapy and The
Public Would Not Have Agreed to Take Them If
It Were Not for the (Faked) 'Pandemic'

CA Nurses Blow The Whistle on
Crisis in Local Healthcare

Bad News - Considerations regarding consent
in Vaxing children and adolescents between
6 and 17 years old - pdf

Dr. Vernon Coleman Latest Statements - Audio

Another Famed Bodybuilder Dies Of Sudden Heart Attack
...Profiles The Vax Death Routine Perfectly

Vaxed PSYCHO woman demonstrates personality
changes caused by spike protein

Ohio Bill Bans Abortions From
Moment of Conception

Apple Hires Former Tesla Autopilot Software
Executive For Its Self-Driving Vehicle Project


Reptilian Beings Emerged During Govt
Funded Psychedelic Studies

Wigington - Global GeoEngineering Watch News

An asteroid barely missed Earth last week
...and no one knew it was coming

Here's Everything America Gets For $1.2 Trillion
In Infrastructure Spending - Including Crazy Stuff

Global economic losses from pandemic top up
to $10 trillion, says Russian Accounts Chamber

Janet Yellen Admits The 'Net Zero' Grand Reset
Price Tag Will Be $150 Trillion

4% Of Americans Say They Have Quit Their
Jobs Thanks To Their Crypto Gains

Port Of New York & New Jersey Reports First
Slowdown After 13 Months Of Torrid Growth

Here's Why US Supply Chain Problems
Will Only Get Worse

Visualizing Congestion At US Busiest Port


Towards a Single World Currency

There's a new target on the US regime-change list
...And It's been there before

UK Wants to Add Fluoride to Drinking Water
...Dr Vernon Coleman

Protest Against COVID-19 Restrictions Takes
Place in Leipzig

'V For Vendetta' In Real-Life? Masked-Protesters
Clash With UK Cops In Central London; 8 Injured

US Media Reveals Russian Military's Secret Weapon

Crypto or not? Russian officials comment on
the future of digital ruble

Georgian authorities claim jailed opposition
figure directing insurrection

All children will have to take Covid
Kill Shot in Costa Rica

Russia, Iran believe nuclear deal should be
revived in original form – Moscow


Turkey test-fires long-range indigenous
air defense missile

Watch Yemen's Houthi Fight to Take Key Base
at the Gates of Marib City

New ebola outbreak DRC - 11 cases, 6 dead

Joe Biden, 2021 (song parody)

How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Correcting One's Wrongdoings
Changes One's Fate

Infrastructure bill passes, 13 Republicans
Vote YES alongside Commucrats

Ford becomes first US automaker to
mandate COVID Kill Shot

OSHA Wants to Expand Vax Mandate to
Small Businesses in the Blatant Communist
Plan And Effort To Wipe Out Free Enterprise

Airports Crisis Soon? OBiden Vax Mandate
For TSA Workers Looms - The Killing Of America

OBiden WH Flip-Flops Again - Invaders Could
Get Taxpayer Payouts After all

Invader Caravan Heading To US Crushes Mex
National Guard Attempt To Stop Them - These
Are Third World Killers And Criminals - Watch

Bill Gates wants govts to participate in
'germ games' to prepare for the next pandemic

Bill Gates Wants US & UK to Spend Tens
of Billions On 'Germ Games' To Prepare For
Bioterrorist Attacks

'Confluence Of Events' Has The Planned
Annihilation Of The Human Race Accelerating

Rand Paul Accuses Fauci Of Using 'Smarmy
Word Salad' To Cover Up His Lying


Kill Shot SuperCancers - 1,000s Report Suddenly
Developing Abnormal Tumors After COVID Shots

CDC Says Some People Can Now Get 4th Shot!

Pfizer stays mum about price of its new
'game-changer' anti-Covid-19 pill set to
compete with Merck's (Ivermectin-Like) drug

US Has Secured Millions of Doses of Pfizer's
Experimental COVID-19 Pill, Biden Says

Pfizer Shares Surge After Release Of 'Miracle'
COVID Pill That Is 89% Effective At Preventing

'Drastic drop in Covid vax effectiveness'
192 Million Americans Are 'Fully-Vaxed'
And Many Will Die Sooner Rather Than Later

Ashley Biden Trends After Her Diary Describing
'Probably Not Appropriate' Childhood Showers
with Creeper Joe Confirmed Legit

Internet Ads Claiming Anti Depressant SSRIs
'Reduce' Severe Covid Disease Symptoms
Luvox And Prozac Actually Being Pushed - Watch

Red Virginia, More Vax Coercion
And More Fed Control

Two TX Children Vaxed Without Authorization
While Trick-Or-Treating, One Immediately
Experiences Adverse Reactions - Felony Crime?


FDA Knew About Numerous Adverse Events
For Children 'Related' To Pfizer Vaccine
And Approved It Anyway

6 Studies Showing Why Children Don't Need
and Shouldn't Get COVID Injection

Dr. Richard Fleming - COVID Kill Shots
Deplete Oxygen From Red Blood Cells

Ozone treatments REVERSE blood cell clotting
lumping caused by covid vaccines – striking
visual evidence

New Digital Driver's License Set to Include Your
Vax Status, Travel Records, Social Credit Score

Vaccine Mandates - What Are My Options?

3 giraffes dead at Dallas Zoo in less than a month
Probably given Kill Shots...Other zoos are

NFL Star QB Defends UnVaxed Status

Garbage Piles Up In NYC As Sanitation Workers
Put On Leave For Not Complying With Kill Shot

Screaming Radicals Surround Sen Joe Manchin...
Prevent Him From Leaving DC Parking Structure


Wooldridge Writes To TIME Staff About
Cop 26 And Climate Stabilization

NYC Firetruck Availability Down To 55%,
Manpower Shortages Due To Vaccine
Mandate: NY Firefighters

Chicago schools close for 'Vaccine Awareness
Day' and NYC pays kids to get jabbed

Latinos graded by skin color in Covid
discrimination poll

Minneapolis Police Dept won't be 'disbanded'
and 'reimagined'

TX Builds Makeshift Border Wall Using
Shipping Containers

Truth-telling, Anti-BioWeapon 'Vaccine' Physician,
Dr Lee Merritt, defamed & smeared by Vile, Lowlife
Communist NPR - Read & Learn

The Ominously Sinister Agenda Behind The Vaxing
Of Kids As Young As 5 - Horrendous Child Abuse
Is Being Mandated

Govt's Own Data Proves COVID Shots Are
Causing Blood Clots, Heart Disease & DEATH

29 year old professional mountain bike
racer Gets pericarditis, POTS and reactive
arthritis After his second dose of Pfizer's
Kill Shot


3 More Reports of Dead Teens After COVID
Vax as *Reported* Injuries Exceed 850,000

California Nurses Blow The Whistle on
Crisis in Local Healthcare

CDC Director Refuses To Tell Senators How
Many CDC Employees Are Fully-Vaxed

Covid BioWeapon Injections kill nine out of 10
babies in first trimester of pregnancy

Hospitals in America, Australia And Sweden Are
Swamped With People 'Sicker Than Ever'...
And They Don't Have Covid

12 Yr Old Girl Fighting for Her Life in ICU after
Severe Heart Trouble Caused by the Pfizer Vax

Young, Vaxed Hockey Player Dies After Suffering
Cardiac Arrest During Game

Ex FL congressional candidate tells anti-vaxers
'I don't give a sh*t what happens to you' Is dead
weeks after second Pfizer mRNA injection

No Fertilizer, No Food - Global shutdown of
'fossil fuels' the quickest way to Starvation Hell

Challenge of Being Human in the Age of AI


5G rollout delayed over fears it may cause
'major disruptions' (Danger) for Aircraft

A Closer Look at The Great Reset – A Fake
Utopia Sold to Us by Criminals

NASA craft to crash into asteroid
for Earth-defense test

Does the US Military Own the Weather? Weaponizing
the Weather as an Instrument of Modern Warfare

Global food prices hit 10 year high amid supply
disruptions, factory closures & political tensions
Remember...This Is All Part Of The PLAN

Nearly 160 Ships Now Waiting Outside LA
Ports to Unload Goods

Rothschild and Vatican Scheme to Transform
Global Financial System - Start At 40 Minutes

Kaiser workers set to strike starting November 15

Biden's energy secretary LAUGHS at question
on high US gas prices

Saudis Respond To Biden - Your Energy
Crisis Isn't Our Problem


Dutch Supreme Court backs Russia over Yukos
oligarchs in $57 billion arbitration case

Ellen Brown - 'Conservation or Land Grab?
...The Financialization of Nature

October Payrolls Soar To 531,000, Smashing
Expectations As Prior Months Revised Higher

CIA Plot to Kill Julian Assange - Will Perps Ever
Face Legal Accountability for Criminal Behavior?

Swiss police arrest restaurant owners who
refused to check Covid certificates

Killing civilians? Fine, if you're the US

US Marines deny British commandos
'dominated' them during war games

Knife-wielding man shot dead outside
vaccine center in Madrid

Italy Allows Green Pass If Inoculated With
Sputnik V After They Get mRNA Vax Booster

French Cop Hunted Down, Brutally Beaten
by Black Africans - 'Assimilation' at Its Best


France orders lockdown... for domestic fowl
over bird-flu threat

Grim Greta Thunberg calls COP26 'a failure' &
'global greenwashing festival' - Video

France is turning into Communist Wokeland
....The fight to stop it is long overdue

UK Triggering Northern Ireland Protocol's
Article 16 Could Prompt 'Radical' EU Response

MPs addresses & phone numbers stolen
in cyberattack

Russia records over 40,700 daily COVID cases

Russia's Favorite Menopausal Psychopath
Bans School-Related Public Events Until 2024

Russia to Start Cracking Down on 'Anti-Vax'
Doctors - Up to 3 Years in Prison Threatened

Russia - Recurrent missile strikes by Israel
in Syria 'alarming'

Russian Embassy Slams Media Speculations
About Death of Russian Diplomat in Berlin


Latvia permits employers to dismiss staff
who refuse Covid-19 jab

Is US Ready For A BIG War With China?
Do Americans Even Understand China?

Panic Buying In China - A New Covid Lockdown
...Or Is Beijing Seeing War Just Ahead?

Beijing Slams US Attempts to Hype Up the
'China Threat'

Those who betray the motherland will never end
up well' - China's stark message to Taiwan

China reveals list of punishments for diehard
Taiwanese secessionists

An Australian Horror Story

US-Bound Migrant Caravan Savagely Attacks
Mexico's National Guard - Appears To Kill One
This is What OBiden Is Allowing Into America

Feminist group mobbed by Orthodox Jews
after scuffles at Western Wall (VIDEOS)

Israel attacks Syria in broad daylight -
We shouldn't actively ignore it


Jewish-American group visits Saudi Arabia
to advance Israeli normalization

Iran reveals increase in 60% enriched
uranium stockpile

Joe Biden, 2021 (song parody)

New FBI report definitively proves 'Russiagate,'
which dogged Trump's US presidency, was made
up from the start

Hillary Clinton's Former Aide Enters Spotlight
After Arrest of Source for Steele's Trump Dossier

Hillary Recalls Day FBI Reopened Investigation
Into Her E-Mails

Republican Congresswoman Dons 'Let's Go
Brandon' Dress to Mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

'There's a Concern' Over Biden, Nikki Haley Says
as She Wants 'Cognitive Test' for Older Politicians

Buchanan - Virginia Secedes From Biden's Party

Here's why the state of California needs
to get a divorce

Progressives Reject Pelosi Attempt To Split Votes


The US Moral Superiority Complex Is
Accelerating Its Decline

Saudi Arabia starts moving earth for
its futuristic linear city

What Kind Of 4D Chess Is Trump Playing Now?

The Final Takedown Of America? Communist OSHA
Gives American Workers Until Jan 4 To Comply with
Illegal, Illegitimate OBiden Admin BioWeapon Mandate

Time For Secession - Communist Dem Gov Signs
Executive Order Turning Away Unvaxed from
hospitals & Giving Treatment Only To Vaxed

Athletes Worldwide Suffering Unexpected Ill Health
...(From The BioWeapon Kill Shots)

Internet Ads Claiming Anti Depressant SSRIs
May Reduce Severe Covid Disease Symptoms
Luvox And Prozac Actually Being Pushed - Watch

Brilliant truth-telling, Anti-BioWeapon 'Vaccine'
Physician, Dr Lee Merritt, defamed & smeared
by Outrageous Communist NPR - Read & Learn

ERs already overwhelmed with BioWeapon
Vax injured - not covid- Media Says Nothing

The Unvaccinated – The Gatekeepers

The NWO Zero Carbon Agenda Means Absolute
Slavery For Most Left on the planet

House Republicans to Block What Biden Dubbed
'Untrue, Garbage' Plan to Pay $450,000 to Invaders


October gun sales 2nd highest on record

Predators with Badges - The Sex Traffickers
on America's Police Forces

Do Not Give Up Your Rights ~ Dr. Julie
Ponesse's Remarkable Speech - Watch

Whistleblower Reveals Fraud in Pfizer COVID
Trials as 5-11 Yr Olds Begin To be Injected
...Many Deaths and Injuries to Follow

Bill Gates Calls for Billions in Funding to
Prevent Pandemics And Bioterrorism

NIH Officials Allowed EcoHealth Alliance
To Self-Police Risky Gain-Of-Function
Experiments In Wuhan

Walensky Flip-Flops - Says CDC Not Examining
Changing the Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated'

How Covid can render you indecisive for the rest
of your life - Severe Psycho-Emotional Damages

Wooldridge - Competing Cultures Break Down America

Watch 'Incredible New Scenes' La Palma
Volcano, Lava And Army footage - Video


Cumbre Vieja Volcano Ejects Dangerous
'Lava Bombs' Weighing Half A Ton

Fauci Must Be Fired and Arrested - Mercola

The UN Has Already Launched a Plan to Forcibly
Inject Children Without Parental Consent Worldwide

80% of US adults have taken the Kill Shot
claims White House...The Death Tsunami
Is Beginning...The Children Will Go, Next

Cruz Introduces Bill to Ban COVID
Mandates for Children

Pilot says his dreams for his family have
been destroyed by Pfizer shot injuries

Pilot's career ends after horrific symptoms
following Pfizer shot

Children are dying at a rate 62% higher
Since They Began Getting The BioWeapon

Syphilis Cases Are on the Rise in the US

54x more deaths reported for covid BioWeapon
Shots than for all other vaccinations combined


COVID injections Now The most dangerous
'vaccines' in human history... by a long shot

Families could be denied death benefits for
unvaccinated loved ones

24 Yr Old Hockey Star Died After Collapsing on
Ice in Cardiac Arrest Last Friday - Guess Why

AT&T, Verizon Delay 5G Rollout For One Month
After FAA's Flight Safety Warning

Google trying to help Pentagon 'gain an
advantage on the battlefield' – media

Google 'Aggressively Pursuing' Cloud Contract
With Pentagon Despite Employees' Revolt

Pentagon Utilized UFOs and Nukes Data
Collected by R. Hastings

'Alien Space Probes Could Already
Be In Our Solar System'

Australia Will Not Officially Investigate UFOs

US Worker Productivity Plunges Most In 40 Yrs


US trade deficit hits record of $80.9
billion in September

Having Unleashed $10 Trillion of New 'Stimulus'
Money, the Fed Blames Inflation on...Supply Chains

Biden's Next Headache? Strike Threats Loom
Ahead Of Unionized West Coast Dockworkers
Contract Expiration

'Fuzzy Math' - Democrats 'Deficit-Neutral'
Social-Spending Plan Could Cost Over $4 Trillion

OPEC+ Rejects Biden's Plea To Pump More

Traders Steamrolled After Bank of England Flip-Flops,
Leaves Rate Unchanged Defying Market

Gas pumping to Germany via Yamal - Europe
resumes after 5 days of shutdown

Canadian funeral homes Have Become
execution centers thanks to euthanasia law

UK approves 'game changer' Molnupiravir Covid drug

Haseltine (TLC) - Supercharging New Viral Variants
The Dangers Of Molnupiravir - Pt 1


Haseltine - Harming Those Who Receive It - The
Dangers Of Molnupiravir - Pt 2

Over 20,000 Invaders Have Crossed English
Channel Into UK This Year

Scotland primary school draws flak after
telling boys to wear skirts

Rape Rate Soars to All-Time High in England
and Wales During Pandemic

UK Police Chief Facing 'Serious' Sex
Assault Allegations

WHO sounds alarm over looming Covid-19
catastrophe in Europe

Coronavirus Infections in England at Their Highest
Level Since 2020, New Study Says

How Vladimir Putin changed from skeptic
to believer on climate change

Insulate Britain take eco protest to Parliament, mounting
police vans & GLUING themselves to vehicles

European Commission chief accused of 'ecological sin'


Two Hero Russian Doctors Who Issued 500 Faux
Vax Passports Nabbed by the New Normal Goons

Number of deaths due to coronavirus in Russia
rises by 1,195 per day

One in 60 coronavirus patients died
in the world in October

Russian Navy Keeping Track of USS Mt Whitney
as It Enters Black Sea

Russia's - initiative to lift diplomatic restrictions
turned down by US — Russian ambassador

Russia - White Helmets plotting false-flag chemical
attack in Syria's Idlib to accuse Damascus

China wants At Least 1,000 nuclear warheads

US Navy Punishes Sub That Ran Into
Undersea Mountain In So. China Sea

Coverup of US Nuclear Sub Collision
in South China Sea

China hits back at reports of widespread
food shortages


China tells US to back down after
explosive Taiwan comment

South Korea eyes end of war with the North

How Horrible Has Australia Become?
Even Iraqis Are Trying To Flee To Go Home

Groundbreaking Israeli Study Shows How
COVID Proteins Attack The Heart And
Blood Vessels

Israeli strikes on Syria pose direct threat
to civilian air traffic - Russian Ambassador

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian mosque,
other structures in occupied West Bank

Secret Israeli dossier contained no proof
to declare Palestinian NGOs 'terrorists' - reports

Israel's ex-PM Netanyahu raises hand by
MISTAKE and votes with rivals

US forces were escorting stolen Iranian
oil cargo - IRGC spokesman

Watch Iranian Navy forces' encounter
with US destroyers over oil tanker


Ethiopians Told To Defend Capital As
Tigray Rebels Encroach; US Embassy
Evacuating Staff Amid 'State Of Emergency'

Sun outburst goes 'cannibal' as fast new blob
overtakes a slower one

Cumbre Vieja Aerial Views Shows Craters
Lined Up In A Row

Fauci is an Inhuman Monster who ran horrifying
medical experiments on black children - RFK Jr

Tucker - People Are Sick Of Hearing This

The Case for the Citizen Militia to Prepare
for the Coming Collapse

Why Two Classes of Citizens is a GREAT Idea!

NJ Vote Fraud - Election Worker Lets Non-Citizen,
Non-Registered Voter Illegally Fill Out Ballot

Massive energy and power crunch coming soon
as US coal producers have already sold their coal
inventories for 2022

Truckers Tired Of Taking Blame For Congestion
Crisis At California Ports

7 Insane Things I Just Learned About How
US Elections Are Rigged And Stolen

How Soros and far-left groups used 'dark
money' stop city from hiring more police


Why Minneapolis Residents Say 'Nay' to
Disbanding Police & Why Dems Should
Worry About It

LA Mayor Tests Positive for COVID
as He Attends COP26 Conference

America's dramatic rise in 'hate crimes'
has a surprisingly logical explanation

Frosty Wooldridge Letter To The Editor
Of Time Magazine

Black Lives Matter Support Now Said
completely underwater

Soros company 'Good Information, Inc.' reeks
of Orwellian doublespeak - Analyst

Fitts - Toward Global Technocracy And Slavery

The truth is out there but not on MSM - Watch

'Disgruntled' crew member deliberately planted
live round in 'Rust' gun to 'sabotage' Alec
Baldwin film – lawyer

Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial May Shed Light on
Jeffrey Epstein's Famous Friends, Media Says


OBiden To Begin Forcing BioWeapon On American
Children Next Week - Many Will Die and many More Will
Be Injured For Their Shortened Lives...Mass MURDER
SF to force 5 year olds to get Vaxed - Murder

Full Saline 'Vaxed' Jewish LA Mayor Garcetti
Tests Positive For C19 After Scam C19 Test

Media didn't disclose doctor's $2M in Pfizer
funding in coverage promoting child vaccination

Monster storm engulfs Alaska dumping
Over 10 FEET of snow and record rain

'Pouring a Glass Of Cocktail of Chemicals'
...56 New Contaminants Found in US Drinking
Water, Analysis Reveals

Pfizer Tells Kids Vax Will Make
Them 'Superheroes' Give Them 'Superpowers'

Efforts Underway To Try To Discredit Dr. Kevin
McCairn - Watch How The Deep State Runs Its
Controlled-Created Opposition Scripted Talk Shows

Researchers Call for Halt Of COVID BioWeapon
for Pregnant Women After Re-analysis of CDC Study

Intl Ivermectin Report of 64 Studies Shows 86%
Success as Prophylaxis and 67% Success When
Used As Early Treatment

Science Horror - Spike protein enters cell nuclei,
suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body,
will unleash Cancer explosion, immunodeficiency,
autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging


Something Really Strange Is Happening In
Hospitals All Over America

80% Of Women Vaxed In 1st 20 Weeks Of
Pregnancy Suffer Spontaneous Abortion

Whistleblower says Pfizer falsified data
conducted flawed covid 'vaccine' trials
to rig FDA approval

Hundreds of thousands of covid vaccine injuries
BACKLOGGED and not yet entered into VAERS
far greater numbers of injuries and deaths are
still to come

11 doctors injured by COVID BioWeapon
shot go public - Watch

Dr. Paul Offit said that COVID-19 is much
more likely to cause myocarditis than the vax
That's A Lie...It's the exact opposite

Frosty Wooldridge Letter To The Editor
Of Time Magazine

Italy's Suspected Covid Death Tally Corrected
from 132,161 to 3,783 !

Saule T. Omarova's Push to Dramatically Increase
the Powers of the Federal Reserve (and Larry Fink
and his pals) - Catherine Austin Fitts

Bio-Barcodes - GMO Spores Hidden in Food
to 'Track Supply Chain' (Sure thing)


Prepare for Propane Sticker Shock

58,900 Containers Are Now Paying A Rising
$100 Penalty In LA, Long Beach

Grocer - 'Out Of 145 Orders, Only 41 Were Delivered'
Thanksgiving Shortages And Prices Spikes 'Should'
Awaken Americans That Trusted The MSM Lies

Priciest Wheat Since 2012 Threatens to
Worsen Food Inflation

American infrastructure in free-fall
while military blooms

Nord Stream 2 'Still Months Away' From
Being Put Into Operation, US Media Claims

The Oil Omen? First Large US Shale Driller
Pledges Flat Output In 2022

Lack Of Drivers Hamstringing Supply
Chain Recovery

58,900 Containers Are Now Paying A
Rising $100 Penalty In LA, Long Beach

S&P 500 Sets New Record By Surging 37%
During Biden's First Year As President


Over 10K John Deere Workers Reject
Latest Offer As Strike Extends Into Third Week

Longer non-working days may force every fourth
small business in Russia to close — survey

UK Royal Marines Reportedly Obliterate Almost
Entire Unit of US Forces During Drills

Tories Block Fellow MP's 'Sleaze' Suspension
for Paid Lobbying

Bus Attack by Protestant Action Force Opposed
to Northern Ireland Protocol 'Very Worrying' - Expert

British Trawler Seized by France Released by
Authorities, Preparing to Leave Le Havre

Polish president gives green-light for new
wall on border with Belarus in bid to beat
back flow of Invaders

Twelve trans sex offenders moved to women's
prisons in Scotland over past 18 months

Shedlock - Incredibly Bad Idea Gains Steam
At COP26 - Tariffs To Combat Climate Change

Despite using private jets & traveling around
Europe with 85 car corteges, Biden slams
Putin for appearing by video link at COP26


China Snaps Back at Biden Criticising Xi's
Absence From COP26, Questions 1.5C Goal

UK Road-Blocking Climate Protesters Face
Two Years in Prison

The EU is not revealing the details of its
contracts with vaccine makers. Why?

Unvaxed Russian Shoppers Fenced
in Like Swine

Ukraine's Rada upholds resignation of minister
of defense

Ukraine appoints former neo-Nazi paramilitary
leader to senior army advisory role

Ukraine must be ready to impose 'martial law'
And prepare 'bloodbath' for Russia in event of
invasion, former Kiev army chief says

Russian Navy to get Tsirkon hypersonic cruise
missiles starting from next year — Putin

Breakthrough weapons ensure high level
of Russia's military security, says Putin

Artificial intelligence may cause breakthrough
to improve weapons' parameters - Putin


Putin, Lukashenko to approve union state
programs, military doctrine

Russia's single-dose Covid-19 jab, Sputnik Light,
is safe & stimulates 'strong' immune response,
new Lancet study of vaccine finds

US sees 'nothing overtly aggressive' in 'significant'
movement of Russian troops near Ukrainian border

France-Australia row deepens as Macron's text
leaked to Australian media

How combat drones will change war forever

China Struggles To Stamp Out Worst COVID
Outbreak Since Wuhan

China unlikely to try to militarily seize Taiwan
in near future Says top US general

China media quash rumors of looming war
with Taiwan

Oz Govt Must Be Removed Of Millions
Will Die And The Nation Will Fall

'Miracle We All Hoped For' - 4 Year Old Australian
Cleo Smith Found After Missing For Over Two Weeks


23 yr old NZ woman suffering uncontrollable
convulsions, loses ability to walk, talk days after
first Pfizer mRNA injection

New Zealand, Australia Ratify Biggest Free
Trade Agreement With ASEAN

Philippines Duterte vows to punish local officials
unless Covid-19 vaccine rollout improves

NZ PM Ardern Trolled Over 'COVID Finds
the Unvaccinated Wherever They Are' Remark

WHO greenlights India's domestically made
Covaxin Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use

US blacklists Israeli maker of Pegasus spyware

Israel To Use High-Tech Reconnaissance
Balloon to Help IDF in Intercepting Missiles

Why Israel's vax program is bullshit

Iranian military 'foils' US attempt to
seize tanker in Sea of Oman

Tehran Releases Video of IRGC Boats
Fending Off Alleged US Attempt to Seize
Iranian Oil Tanker


Iran Says Outcome of Nuclear Talks
'Clear' If Biden Fails to Provide Guarantees

Turkey Probes Twitter Posts Suggesting Erdogan
Died After Viral Video Raises Speculations

Saudi ex-spy chief warns America
...trust in the US is waning


Beaver Moon - You need to watch the
longest lunar eclipse of the century

A cannibal CME is coming from the sun

Glenn Youngkin Wins VA Governor Election

Drunk? McAuliffe Slurs During Strange Election
Night Speech Where He Failed To Concede

Tens of billions of dollars worth of cargo lay
anchored outside American ports as the OBiden
Engineered supply chain collapse worsens

Reports That Biden Crapped His Pants At
Meeting With Pope Run Wild Online

Watch - Biden Rambles for 37 Seconds,
Apologizes for Repeating Himself, Loses
Where He Is, Repeats Himself Again

Biden Evacuated From COP26 Summit

105 Countries Back Biden's Plan To Cut
Methane Emissions By 30%

Declaration on forest protection, land use adopted
by 105 countries, including Russia, US

Dean Henderson - The Crown And
The End Of The Line

Doomsday Bunker CEO Warns of Panic Buying
by the Global Elite and Confirms Prep at Denver
International Airport Bunker


New Rittenhouse Shooting Video Shows
He Was Chased And SHOT AT Before Firing
at Attacker Joseph Rosenbaum - Free Kyle

FBI Sat On Bombshell Video From Kyle
Rittenhouse Shooting

Anyone But Joe - 44% Of Democrats Want
To Replace Biden On 2024 Ticket

'Slap in the Face' - DeSantis Raps 'Biden
Plan to Give $450K to Migrant Families
Separated at Border'

Cumbre Vieja Reporter Experiences Earthquake
During Report - Video

Southern Lava Flow Threatens To Cut Off
Two More Towns

Covid Injections Will Cause Massive Death
Says Dr. Elizabeth Eads

The Vax BioWeapon Is Working

Why Did The FDA Approve The First Oral
Blood Thinner For Children 3 months to 12 Yrs

Mass Child Murder - CDC Boss Officially OKs
Pfizer BioWeapon For 5-11 Year Old Children


'PCR Proven An Unmitigated Disaster - Italy
Reduces its COVID-19 Death Number by 97%
We Tried to Warn You.'

Fully BioWeaponized Airline Passenger Mid
Flight - Is Then Found to Be Infected with 'COVID'
Using The Completely Worthless PCR 'Test'

Immune Systems Of Vaxed Are Deteriorating
At The rate of about 5% Per Week - Watch

'Falsified Data' - Pfizer Vax Trial Had Major Flaws,
Whistleblower Tells Peer-Reviewed Journal

Americans Who Received J&J Jab More
Likely To Develop 'Rare Blood Clots'

Catholic bishop warns that covid plandemic
is ushering in global dictatorship

Zionist lubavicher Trump admits 'Israel
literally owned Congress...Israel has such
power and RIGHTFULLY over Congress '

Corrupt CA Redistricting Commission Considers
Moving Several Cities Into Other Counties

PA awards huge Cash settlement to family
of man who charged at officers with a knife

Desperate for cops, Seattle offering up to
$25,000 bonuses for new (Vaxed) hires


Chicago Mayor Lizard Lightfoot Humiliated…
Forced By Judge To Temporarily Suspend COVID
Jab Mandate For Chicago Police Officers

Cancer Poison in the Air - ProPublica Maps Show
Where Worst Cancer 'Zones' Are In The US

The Gathering Storm and Its Historic Precedent, Pt 1

Inhalation Chamber during the 1918
Real Influenza Pandemic - Hear Survivor

NBA Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton Stricken
With A 'Mysterious Illness' - Guess What? Serious
Damage Possible From Being BioWeapon vaxed

another lethally injected professional
soccer player has an on-field cardiac arrest

Evil Marine Corps COs Using Form Letter
to Deny Religious Exemptions From Lethal
Injection - Might lead to CO Fragging

1,000s Report Developing Abnormal Tumors
Following 'COVID' BioWeapon Shots

17 Pharma Henchmen Who Voted to
Experiment on Your Kids - and How
to Shun Them

Whistleblower Exposes Pfizer for 'Falsifying Data'
in Covid BioWeapon 'Trials' Used to Justify Mandates


US Army Brigade Surgeon - 'In one morning I had
to ground 3 out of 3 pilots' Because Of Them
Having taken the BioWeapon Kill Shot

Vaccine Spike Protein Enters Cell Nuclei,
Suppresses DNA Repair Engine – Will Unleash
Explosion of Cancer, Immunodeficiency,
Autoimmune Disorders & Accelerated Aging

Ruling Class's Utterly Unnecessary Mass Vax
of Children For Fake Pandemic Will Be Going
'At Full Strength' Starting Monday 11-8

Third dose is Mainly Given to Prevent
Transmission between the Double Vaxed ?

US Gripped by Labor Strikes, Resignations
Amid Pandemic

Federal Judge Blocks Hospital From Putting
Unvaxed Workers On Unpaid Leave

CNN Host Inadvertently Exposes COVID
'Crisis' Theater

TN legislature bans vaccine passports and
protects doctors who speak against shots

One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Covid Vax
Injuries Leads to a Dozen More

Yahoo Quits China


China's AI push deemed a 'strategic threat'
to the US

Apple's 'crash detection' will dial 911 when
it thinks you're in an accident – reports

Facebook's New 'Meta' Handle Indeed
Means 'Dead' in Hebrew - Times Of Isreal

Facebook Allowed COVID-19 Misinformation
to Flourish on Its Platforms, Research Says

World Desperately Needs Whistleblowers as
Big Media, Big Tech Curbing Free Speech,
Ex-UN Expert Says

Shijian-21: Satellite crusher or
space debris cleaner?

The US Supply Chain Crisis Will Get Worse
...As Will Inflation (That's The PLAN)

Fed's Inflation Is behind the Supply Chain Mess

Amazon To Open New Office In Jersey City
After Being Chased Out Of NYC By AOC

Squid Game crypto token plunges to
$0 as creators steal millions from investors
in 'obvious scam'


Bitcoin Jumps, Ether Hits Record High On
Deflationary Issuance, Futures News

Peter Schiff: What's Going On With
The Price Of Gold?

Tesla Recalls Nearly 12,000 Cars in US Over Software
Error That Caused Automatic Emergency Braking

Tesla could lose $300 billion after Musk's
itchy Twitter finger strikes again

Monopoly - Who Owns The World? Documentary

People in UK Who Post 'False Information' About
The Kill Shots Could be Jailed For Two Years

Complete Insanity - Germany Creating Segregated
Canteens for the 'Filthy Unjabbed'

Grim Greta Thunberg Chants 'Shove Your
Climate Crisis Up Your A**e!' in Glasgow
Raises Eyebrows Online

Queen Praises Charles and William, Omits Harry
in Address to COP26 as She Urges Leaders to Act

UK Police Arrest Insulate Britain Activists
Who Tried to Block Key M25 Junction - Video


Archbishop of Canterbury apologises to Jews
after comparing climate change to Nazi genocide

MP Slams 'Sloppy' BBC Attack on Home Grown
Coal for Steel Project

Europe's Energy Crisis Better Wake America Up

Knife-Wielding Man Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'
Shot After Attacking Paris Train Station Security
in Mask Row

Macron Backs Down, Gives BoJo More Time
To Find Compromise As Fisheries Dispute Worsens

Abortion law protesters back on the streets of Poland
after young woman denied termination dies

'Hypocritical' British MPs told to wear face
masks in Parliament due to 'increases in Covid'

Authorities Barricade Swiss Restaurant For
Violating Vaccine Passport Requirement

67 million UK ordered 442 million 'first
generation' vax doses so far, 300 COVID
Vaccines in Development!

Dmitry Medvedev Issues Call to Bring
War to Unvaxed Vermin


Photos - 'Silent Hill' Mode is On in Moscow
as Fog Conquers City

Bosphorus Strait Temporarily Closed to
Transit Vessels Due to Heavy Fog - Photo

CIA director heads US delegation to Moscow
on two-day visit, US Embassy says

Kremlin responds to claims Russian troops
are 'massing' on border with Ukraine

Russia reveals size of growing drone army

Russia's plans to boost gas supplies to Europe
after November 8 still in force - Kremlin

Emergency supplies of electricity to Ukraine
started - Belarusian ministry

Hundreds Of S Korean And US Warplanes
Conducting A Secretive Exercise In Korea

China appears to make 'significant progress'
in building missile silos, report says

China LNG Prices Soar To A New Record
Crushing Distributor Margins


Warning China on Taiwan...the US is
the real problem

Taiwan increasing training of reserve forces

China Urges Stockpiling on Winter Food
Supply Prompting Online Worry

China Sparks 'Panic Buying' After Telling
Households To Stockpile Food Ahead Of Winter

Why do some American Sinophobes seem to
want a US-China war, and are doing their
damndest to set one up?

Beijing slams lack of answers after US claims
nuclear submarine hit 'uncharted seamount'
in Indo-Pacific

Major shipment of Sputnik V arrives in
Philippines, says Russian embassy

The vaccinated In Oz are dying - Video

Queensland can't keep up With Deluge
Of Serious Vax BioWeapon Injuries

South Australia COVAX-19 Developer Faces
Sack for Refusing to Receive Vaccines Other
Than Jab He Created


Less than 10,500 COVID-19 Cases Detected in
India First Time Since February

Another Period of Scarcity Coming to Venezuela?
... Signs Say YES

Apocalyptic hailstorms kill 450 ostriches
in South Africa and block roads in Bolivia

Wheelchair-bound Israeli minister misses out on
COP26 climate summit as British organizers fail
to provide proper transportation

As Israel Slaps Tax on Plastic Disposables,
Why is Ultra-Orthodox Community Fuming
Over the Move?

Iran outlines what 'rogue' US must do for
world to believe its signature 'means something'

Iran Wants New Nuclear Deal By March 2022

Turkey arrests 43 people allegedly connected
to self-exiled cleric Gulen, who Ankara says
masterminded botched 2016 coup

Bahrain tells its citizens to leave Lebanon
immediately after minister's Yemen comments
anger Gulf states

US military hardware Left in Afghanistan
may hit black market - Russian official


Out of an Abundance of Caution? Pentagon
Scraps Huge Collection of Afghan War Footage
From Database

Multiple explosions near military hospital in
Kabul as gunfire heard In Afghan capitol - 19 dead

Taliban Bans Use of Foreign Currency Amid
Economic Woes in Afghanistan

Apocalyptic hailstorms kill 450 ostriches
in South Africa and block roads in Bolivia

People Turning to Psychedelics on their Deathbeds
...Excellent Way To Help Many Pass Over

Study Links COVID-19 Lockdown to Reduced
Brain Metabolism

Everyday Noises Are Making Our Brains Noisier

When mob rule dictates that we must all cheer
a male homecoming queen, it's clear that society
is close to collapse

Monty Python icon Terry Gilliam has new stage
production CANCELLED after staff uproar over
'transphobic' views

Texas radio host given 3 life sentences for
scamming his Christian listeners out of millions


La Palma warning - Volcano landslide 'could kill
millions of people' with mega tsunami

Cumbre Vieja volcano Updates Today - 35,000
quakes and tremors recorded In The past month)

Quakes near La Palma volcano
during the past 14 days

Great Earthquake of Lisbon on November 1, 1755
killed 90,000 people in 6 seconds - Tsunamis
Hit The Us In A Few Hours - Cumbre Vieja Replay?

Snyder - In 2022, 'Things Aren't Gonna Get Done'
On An Absolutely Massive Scale

Dr Mike Yeadon – 'The findings that 100%
of Covid Vax Deaths have been caused by
just 5% of The batches are unprecedented

The US Is Now Closer To A Dictatorship
Than A Democratic Republic

Newsweek - How Fauci Fooled America

Trump Insider Says Fauci 'Went Behind WH'
to Lift Ban on Risky Coronavirus Research

Unearthed Wuhan Lab Docs Show 'Bat Lady'
Shi Zhengli Isolating Coronavirus Strains For
'Direct Human Infection.'


Powerful Anti-Vax Electric Billboard - Watch

26 Firehouses in NYC Close as Staff Refuse
COVID-19 Vaccines – Garbage Piles up in NYC
as People Quit Rather than Get the Shot

9,000 NYC Workers, Including Firefighters &
Officers On Unpaid Leave Over Mandate

Chicago Judge Sides With Police
Blocks Lizard's Vax Mandate

Biden and Democrats are intentionally crashing
US economy so they can remake it in the image
of communism

Biden Appears To Be Taking A Nap During First
Speakers At COP26...Aid Appears To Wake Him
From Embarrassing Slumber - Video

Report Finds Increased Risk of Spontaneous
Abortion Following COVID-19 Vaccination
During Pregnancy - VERY IMPORTANT

Communist AOC Attacks Home Owners, Makes
Plans To Strip Property From Owners To Make
Things 'Fair'

Lindsey Graham Reportedly Called For Police
to Shoot Capitol Protesters On Jan 6

Trump Claims Nearly 12 Million Invaders May
Have Come to US Illegally Over Past Year - He's
Probably Correct - The Elite Want 100 Million In


Trump - 'Israel Literally Owned Congress' (Owned?)

No Flights for You...While Unvaxed Invaders
Get Flown All Over the Country…For Free

30% of Americans, 68% of Republicans Say
2020 Elections Were Stolen From Trump

'Who Is Your Puppet Master?' - Twitter Users Mock
Biden For Relying on Cheat-List of Vetted Reporters

US mother accuses school board of teaching her
daughter she was 'Born Evil' because she is WHITE

US Fire Marshals Arrest Man Who Allegedly Threw
Molotov Cocktails Into Brooklyn Deli - Video

1913 Shocker - NYT Exposes the Rothschilds

Over 400 Gas-Guzzling Private Jets Carry Climate
Change Frauds to COP26 - Empty Planes Forced
To Travel 30 Miles From Airport To Avoid Traffic

Bezos Flies By Private Jet To Have 'Cup Of Tea'
And Climate Change Chat With Prince Charles
(Who Also Flew In By Private Jet)

Billionaires Are Not Morally Qualified To
Shape Human Civilization by Caitlin Johnstone


Great Resignation has employers sweating
It's time to escalate the pressure

LA County sheriff warns of 'mass exodus'
over vax mandate - That's The PLAN

California still in heavy drought after bomb
cyclone and atmospheric river

Open letter to a billion Catholics, cc to everyone else

Italian Researchers - Vaccines Will Not Work
Because SARS-CoV-2 Is Also Entering Bacteria

Mass civil disobedience 'counteroffensive' against Vax
tyranny begins NOW…WALKOUTS on Nov 3, Nov 8-11

The Vax BioWeapon makes it EASIER for the virus
to spread...who will stop this madness And Murder?

Vaccine Effectiveness Drops Sharply Even for
Severe Disease, Goes Into NEGATIVE for
Some Groups - New Lancet Study From Sweden

People with low immunity should get revaccinated
against COVID in 6 months - WHO

Why has Pfizer changed the formulation of its
Kill Shot for Children to include an ingredient
that stabilizes people suffering a Heart Attack?


Majority of Americans Demand Fauci Resign

Americans who received the one-dose J&J Vax
were 3.5 times likely to develop blood clots

'This is a death sentence' - Lawyer blasts
doctors who use standard COVID protocols

Enter the bizarre world of Zuckerburg's
'Metaverse' - 'blurring the lines' of reality
with NWO transhumanism

Young People, Especially Young Women, Are
Reporting Concerning Medical And Behavioral
Changes Due To Social Media

US Air Force's Secretive RQ-180 Stealth Drone
Reportedly Photographed Over Area 51

US nuclear sub struck undersea MOUNTAIN in
South China Sea incident last month, investigation
reportedly finds

Epstein's Latest Casualty - Barclays CEO Jes Staley
Resigns Over Ties To Suicided Pedophile

Wall Street 'Wins' Again As ESG Scam Infiltrates Retirement Plans

US Manufacturing Surveys Slump In October, New Orders Slide, Prices Surge


Manchin Destroys Pelosi's Chessboard - Slams
'Budget Gimmicks' And 'Shell Games' To Force
Through Economic Package

Yellen Says Dems Should Pass Debt Limit
Alone If Needed

Crypto Rallies As Amazon Accelerates 'Digital
Assets' Development Team, Morgan Stanley
Initiates Coverage

Bitcoin Is Mathematical Purity, Says Apple
Co-Founder Steve Wozniak

'Squid Game' Crypto-Scam Exposed, COIN
Crashes 100% After Explosive Gains

Prince Charles talks to a freshly vaxed man and
he collapses! - 'Please don't broadcast this!'

A NATO vs Russia War Would Be Sheer Horror

China Will Not Be Able To Offset Its Property
Bubble Easily

Irish Getting Ready To Snap - Watch

Britain Threatens to 'Take Action Unless
France Backs Down' in Fishing Rights Row


Julian Assange's extradition show trial now boils
down to exactly how suicidal he is, proving this
has never been about justice

Danish Health Minister Threatens To 'Shut Dow
n Society' If More People Don't Get Vaccinated

Prince Charles Calls For 'Vast Military-Style
Campaign' By Elite To Achieve Worldwide
'Fundamental Economic Transition'

Watch HUGE Turnout London Protest Oct 30
#AgainstPassports - Cowardly Media SILENT

Schwab's 'The World's Young Guards'
...Implementing What They're Told

Russia explains why there is no more
diplomacy with NATO

Putin - US Missile Deployment in Europe
Poses Threat

Putin Warned Biden Against Deploying
Military Bases in Central Asia, Lavrov Says

Deployment of US missile-armed warship near
Russia in waters of Black Sea 'not adding to
stability,' Moscow's top diplomat warns

Russian troop movements near Ukraine
border prompt concern in US, Europe


Grass isn't always greener? Russians increasingly
skeptical of Western-style democracy, and young
are turning against the left

'Yes, we are racists' - Group of Ukrainians filmed
marching in Kiev dressed as Ku Klux Klan on Halloween

Pivoting from Russia to West has cost Kiev
BILLIONS, Ukraine's ex-economy minister says

Lavrov Believes Kiev Trying to Trigger Response
From Donbass Militia, Get Russia Involved

US & South Korea start unannounced aerial
war games as tensions rise following Pyongyang's
ballistic missile tests

Discrimination against Chinese has become
'chronic disease' in American society, says Beijing

China airfield images reveal airframe resembling
'tailless' fighter design

Oz Military Being Trained To ***FORCE VAX***
In Door-To-Door Attacks - Watch

Over 4,000 Australian Healthcare Workers
Suspended for Refusing the Kill Shot

Australia Is Now Threatening Citizens With Seizure
Of Homes & Bank Accounts Over Covid Violations


Farmer Leader Sets Deadline to Revoke
Farm Laws, Threatens 'Consequences'
For Modi Govt

New batch of Russian Sputnik V
vaccine arrived in Venezuela

Vitamin C can 'help to prevent severe
Covid and speed up recovery'

Iran says it will never join any mechanism on
Afghanistan led by US or other 'trans-regional' country

Six Russian Helicopter Gunships, Jet Reportedly
Spotted at Airbase in Northern Syria

US-Trained Afghan Spies & Special Forces
Are Joining ISIS For 'Protection' Against Taliban

NASA confirms massive solar flare will
hit Earth, arrival time found

Ancient Tales of Wisdom - Picciola

536 AD - The Year the Sky Went Dark

Are Ketamine Clinics Paving the Way
for Legal Psychedelic Therapy?


Dumb And Dumber - Why Charlie Munger's Proposed
Monster UCSB Dorm Has WINDOWLESS Student Bedrooms
94% Of The 'Residents' Will Have NO WINDOWS

Netizens Mock Anti-Racist Activist Who Deleted
Tweet That Supposedly Undermined His Narrative

LaPalma - Steam Now Clearly Visible atop
EXACT Ridge of Unstable Land Mass

Multiple Supersonic Shockwaves Come Out Of
Cumbre Vieja Volcano - Watch

Lava advances 1.5 km in 24 hrs destroying
more homes and farm land

Cumbre Vieja Volcano News - Two 5.0 Quakes
within 24 hours and record ash emission

La Palma Volcanic lightning
becoming more frequent

Klaus Schwab Says '...as long as not everybody
is vaccinated, nobody will be safe' - Watch

Now is the time to look much more closely
at The Great Reset, a fake Utopia being
sold to us by charlatans

Communist Dems Push $100 Billion Giveaway
to Latin And Other Border Invaders

Perv Biden - 'I Like Kids Better Than People'
Creeper Hugs Kids...Maskless...at Park
...Protestors Chant 'F Joe Biden'

Brain-Damaged Biden 'Lost & Confused' at G20
Pushed to Edge of Stage With His Crooked Tie

Tucker Carlson Is The Most Dangerous
Anchor In America


'Ice Cube' Turns Down $9 Million Payday
Refuses to Get COVID Vaccine

Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID-19

Trump Says He Can Bring Gas Prices Down
To $2.00 - $2.50 A Gallon - Says It's Going
To $10.00 A Gallon

War On God And God's Going To Win
...Catherine Austin Fitts - Watch

Zuckerburg's 'Metaverse' - 'blurring the lines'
of reality with NWO transhumanism

'White people, you are the problem'

List of woke, left-wing companies to boycott

American Airlines Cancels 600+ Flights
on Sunday - Blames Staffing Shortages
(Mandates) And 'bad weather' In Texas

Maher Describes Red States as a 'Joy' to Visit

Bill Maher Declares Pandemic Over, Says
'You Shouldn't Have To Wear Masks'


Archbishop Vigano Chastises Pope for Calling
Biden a "Good Catholic" and Aligning Church
Climate Change and World Depopulation

Nano Particles to Contaminate Entire Food
Supply Under Guise of Food Safety

Bill Gates and the Uncertain Future of
Food Security

Trump's Supreme Court Denies Religious
Exemptions to Mandatory COVID-19 Shots
to Maine Health Care Workers

New York City braces as one in six municipal
workers refuse vaccine mandate

Antifa furious after Portland police foil
attempts at Halloween violence

Nearly 20 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning
in Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

San Francisco Safeway Cuts Hours Due
to Terrible Shoplifting

Unvaxed SF Cops 'Discarded Like A Piece
Of Trash' Says Officer

Philadelphia can't even get 911 dispatchers
thanks to defunding police


Blacks Warn That Minneapolis' Abolish Police
Initiative Will Cause More Violence

First black PTA head of Fairfax County magnet
school forced out after opposing CRT & lowered
admissions standards

Portland Travel Group Says City Is Too Scary
For Tourists And Not Just On Halloween

'If they're going to push this (BioWeapon) on
the kids...town halls & schools will be burned
to the F*cking ground' - Vid