Headlines 2021

From American Dream To American Nightmare

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Taking The Kill Shot
Is Like A Bullet Train To Auschwitz

Hawaii to Expand 'Vaccine Passport' Program
for Out-of-State Travel by Summer - Report

LAPD Forces Covid Kill Shots be Given To
Mentally Challenged, Special Needs Girls - Watch

Fully Lethally Vaxed Man In Critical
Condition After Contracting COVID-19

DARPA Pentagon Scientists Working in Secretive
Unit Create Microchip to be Inserted Underneath
Skin Which Will Detect Covid-19!

Rand Paul Calls Fauci him a 'petty tyrant' After
Fauci Says Covid Kill Shot STILL does not mean
you can 'eat and drink indoors'

Fauci Claims It's Still Not OK To Eat or Drink
Indoors Even If You've Been Fully Vaxed

Look at my morally righteous shot in the arm!
This trend of celebrities posting vaccine selfies
is silly, stupid and infantile

FEAR PORN - 'Critical point of the pandemic' - WHO
warns Covid cases are 'growing exponentially' Worldwide


Most Remarkable Aspect of These Unprecedented
Lockdowns - The Widespread Compliance Of People

Why Young Adults Are The Most Scared Of
COVID, Even Though They Are The Least At Risk

YouTube Banned DeSantis Panel Talk Because
It Contained Oxford, Harvard, Stanford Experts
Saying Children Don't Need to Wear Masks

Corbett Report Has Been Banned From YouTube
After 14 Years, 570,000 Subscribers And 92 Plus
Million Views - This Is Despicable

Pentagon confirms video and pictures of UFOs
buzzing over US warships off the coast of California
in 2019 for several days are real

Watch - Two US Navy Ships Recently
Encountered Extraordinary UFOs

NASA Unveils Stunning Image of Blue
Martian Dunes

Intl Crime Against Earth - Japan Decides To Dump
One Million Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water
Into The Nearly Dead Pacific - IAEA Approves

US backs Japan's controversial move to
release contaminated water into sea

Beijing slams Japan's plan for radioactive
Fukushima water as 'extremely irresponsible'


S Korea Says Japan's Decision to Release
Fukushima NPP Water Into Sea Unacceptable

Petition to Stop Japan From Dumping Contaminated
Fukushima Water Into Ocean Gains Massive Support

Will US Shale Trigger Another Oil Price Crash?

Desperate Saudis Voluntarily Cut Production by
1 Million Bbls to Offset New OPEC Oil Coming Online

Russia eyes boosting its global market share
of hydrogen by 20% in a decade

Microstrategy To Pay Board Members
In Bitcoin

Fed Chair warns cyberattacks pose biggest
threat to US economy

UK Strain Doesn't Result in More Severe
Covid-19 Among Hospitalized Patients

EU pushes AstraZeneca for answers on
undelivered Covid jabs

Italians pelt police with stones, set off fireworks
as hundreds descend on PM's office to protest
Covid curbs - Video


Pubs, Gyms Reopen As England Eases
COVID Lockdowns

Hundreds Join Violent Protest in Montreal
Defying New COVID Curfew, Measures - Vid

1000 People Descend on Canadian Church
Fenced Off by the COVID Cult, 200 Govt
Goons Block Access

When Cops Start Raiding Our Churches
You Know the Revolution Is On

Covid-19 third wave in Germany 'toughest'
yet, says Merkel as states reportedly agree
to lockdown extension - What Total BS

1 killed, 1 wounded in shooting outside
Paris hospital, attacker on the run

Historic freeze wreaks havoc on the majority
of this year's fruit harvest in France

Australia abandons COVID vas targets
after new advice on AstraZeneca shots

Ardern tells New Zealand border staff
get Covid vaccine now or be redeployed

Ireland's vaccine advisory body recommends
halting use of AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine
in under 60s over blood clot risk


Covid-19 Drug Prevents Symptomatic Disease
in Study, Regeneron Says

Gordon Brown - The G7 must push for global
vaccination. Here's how it could do it

50% Of People Vaccinated In Wales

Czech Foreign Minister Petricek Steps
Down Over Disagreements With Senior
Govt Members

Former Swedish PM Needles Norway,
Denmark With Divisive WW2 Tweet

Galloway - Why is the BBC so keen to portray
me as a Russian agent when I'm trying to prevent
the break-up of the UK?

BBC Ditches Online Complaints Form Over
'Too Much TV Coverage' of Prince Philip's Death

It's now 'white, male and elite' to spell properly
say woke UK universities, dumbing down to appease
minorities & underperformers

Several Hundred Business Owners Rally
Against COVID Lockdown in Rome - Video

Lord Sumption - 'The government is instilling
fear in the public'


Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator
of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers

The Government Has Bought into a
Dangerous Myth of '100% Protection'

Russia records 128 British COVID-19 strains
and 16 South African ones

International Crisis Looms as NATO to Hold
Emergency Meeting With Ukraine

Russia's Lavrov Warns Turkey and Other Countries
Not to Support Kiev's 'Militaristic Sentiments'

Zelensky Has Not Recently Requested Talks
With Putin, Kremlin Says

Ukraine claims Russia ignoring call for crunch
talks to avert all-out war in Donbass, but Moscow
says it never received an invite

Lavrov - US Unwilling to Abandon 'Flawed
Course' Toward Global Dominance

Russian embassy lambasts US for distorting
memory of Gagarin

US govt may try to block German plans to buy
Sputnik V citing Western anti-Russia sanctions


'Covid will disappear in one week' - Russian
sensation Danill Medvedev points out 'ridiculous'
situation after delay to French Open

Kremlin Casts Doubts on NYT Report on
Russia's 'Hidden' COVID Death Toll

Putin suggests increasing cosmonaut salaries
by 50-70%

Russia ready for international cooperation
in outer space, says Putin

Russia must uphold its status of leading nuclear
and space power - Putin

NASA Signs Deal on Gagarin Anniversary
to Fly Reality TV 'Hero' to Space Station

Putin requests drafting list of projects for
investing funds of National Wealth Fund

Beijing Plans To Mix Chinese COVID Jabs To
Boost Efficacy As 'Vaccine Diplomacy' Falters

Taiwan Records Largest Ever Incursion By
Chinese Air Force With 25 Planes Monday

China accused of largest incursion into Taiwan
airspace as US-Philippines South China Sea
military drills begin


China Creates 'Hotline' To Report Citizens
Who 'Criticize' The state Or 'Misinterpret' History

US & Philippines launch 'Balikatan' war games
amid heightened South China Sea tensions

'Altered' Photos of 'Smiling' Cambodian Torture
Victims Stir Row

China's Huawei Blames US For Global
Chip Shortage

China Smartphone Sales Rise 67.7% Despite
Semi Chip Shortage

Russian-made Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine passed
efficacy & safety tests 'with flying colors' Philippines
foreign minister to RT

Japan launches Pfizer Covid-19 jabs for elderly
population but experts say pace of vaccinations
'cannot prevent' fourth wave

Sputnik V approved in India as New Delhi opens
door to Russian-made Covid-19 vaccine for more
than ONE BILLION people – reports

As COVID Cases Surge, Indian Hospitals Are
Swamped With Queries and Test Results Backlog

Almost 2 Million Indians Gather on Banks of
Ganges for Hindu Festival, Despite COVID


Yes, 850 died of Covid recently in a day
but 27,000 die every day in India

Mexico puts 9 states on ALERT following theft
of highly RADIOACTIVE material in truck robbery

We will not allow Iran to obtain nuclear capability
Netanyahu says as Irans blames Israel for Natanz attack

Israeli forces kidnap Hamas officials, several
other Palestinians during West Bank raids

'I Will Twist Your Head Off' - Benny Gantz
Reacts to Reporter Question About Iran Natanz Hit

Zarif - Iran Reserves Right to Do Whatever
It Takes To Protect Its Citizens After Natanz

New Centrifuges 'With More Capacity' Already
Replacing Damaged Ones at Iran's Natanz,

By sabotaging Iran's nuclear program, Israel
sabotaged world peace

Iran General Says Air Defence Capabilities Make
Country's Air Borders Most Secure in Region

Iran Condemns EU Sanctions For Human Rights
Violations, Suspends Dialogue With EU on Terrorism


Iran's Foreign Ministry blames Israel for Natanz
incident, calls it trap to derail sanctions talks

3,000 legal experts - Western social media block
Iran media despite freedom of speech claims

Turkish Court Orders Release of 10 Retired
Admirals Who Signed Montreux Convention Letter

Canada Cancels Turkey Military Permits
Over Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, FM Says

Why Young Adults Are the Most Frightened

Nightmares Becalmed

As Death Approaches, Visions of Lost Loved
Ones Offer Comfort

Walmart, Footlocker, CVS Looted During Minneapolis
Riot Sparked After Police Shot Wanted Man - Watch

MSNBC Guest Attacking Chauvin Jurors Before
They Have Even Made Their Decision - Vid

Will Supremes Unleash Biden Red Flag Gun Raids?

Jovan Pulitzer 'Offered $10 Million' to Walk Away from
His Scanning Ballots Work on 2020 Election Results

Biden's Infrastructure Bill - Change Zoning to
'Diversify' Neighborhoods - To Mix Them With
Garbage And Turn Them Into Slums

Canadians To Be Dragged From Their Homes
and Given Kill Shots - Hospitals Are Empty Sunday

Trump reportedly loses it over 'son of a b**ch'
McConnell and 'full of crap' Fauci in rant to
Republican donors

100s of sheriffs call on Biden-Obama
to reverse Invader policy

Biden's Latest Scheme To Fix Border Crisis
...Paying Would-Be Invaders To Stay Home

Texas Governor Says Both Parties In The
State Denounce Biden Immigration Policy


DHS - No money for Border wall But plenty
for Invader services (hotels) & the climate
change Hoax

No Rules Being Followed On Border...No ID's Needed
To Board Flights Taking Young Men To Destinations All
Around The US...It's Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Biden-Obama Jobs Plan could cost taxpayers
about $666,000 per job created

David Hogg Backs Out Of Anti-Trump Pillow Co.

Several New York Times Staff Previously
Worked For CCP-Controlled Media

Bill Maher - 'In a world without police,
it's The Purge every night'

Unlawful Assembly Declared In Huntington
Beach When 'White Lives Matter' Clashed
With Counter-Protesters

Two Yr Old in Critical Condition After Seattle Shooting

Communist Antifa Extremists Set Fire To
Portland ICE Building

Two deputies shot in the head after finding
man sleeping on grass


Homicide Rates Are Absolutely Soaring As
Hearts Grow Ice Cold All Across America

Putting Biden's Gun Control Claims To
The Truth Test

Thomas Merton - Enemy of the Warfare State - Vid

Buttigieg - Racism Is 'Physically Built' Into
US Interstate System - (Oh, Please)

UAL Says 50% of the Next 5,000 Pilots They
Train Will be Black Women...or People of Color
That Will End Air Travel For A Lot Of Travelers

ZOA Slams House Committee, Ilhan Omar
for 'Troubling' Tweets

SF homeless man attacked by several
Others - Video

MD Becomes 1st State to Repeal
Police Bill of Rights

Cartoon Parody Of Creeper Joe's Infamous Hairy
Legs Remarks To Little Children - Watch

Roberts - Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth
...and Life on Earth


If You Think These Nanotech Fibers Are Just
Single Strands Of Something Uniform...Take A
Good Look At One Under 5600x Magnification
And You Will See Astonishing Nano 'Machinery'

Three Videos Of Moving Nano Fibers In Face Masks
You Are Inhaling Them Or They Are Crawling Into You

Plandemic - Plans For 'Vaccine Passports' Were
In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

As We Said, Here's Johns Hopkins PROOF The PCR
'Test Swab' Can And Is Being Used To Vax Refusers
Any Kind Of Nanotech Or Drug Imaginable Implanted

Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Yeadon: COVID
Variants NOT More Dangerous – Booster Shots
Not Needed but Could be Used for Mass Murder

Burbank puts FENCE around restaurant to Stop
anti-lockdown owner from serving customers

MSNBC's Joy Reid panned & praised after she says
she would 'double mask', shun indoor activities even
after FULLY-VACCINATED - Sheer Madness

CNN lampooned for blasting Fox News hosts
for lack of 'vaccine selfies' - 'It would save lives'

More Side Effects With Moderna Kill Shots

The Corona Jab Serum & Its Effects On Human
DNA & Brain Hacking - Are You Ready?


2020-21 Worldwide (Fake) Corona Crisis - Destroying
Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression, Global
Coup d'État and the 'Great Reset'

high school girls continue to be in charge
of the new, effeminate US military

US Has Spent $10 TRILLION in the Last 12 Months

The Number Of Billionaires In America Has
Absolutely Exploded During The Pandemic

Small Business Closures Soar Back Near
Pandemic Peak As 'Financial Hopelessness' Builds

New York's Fiscal Suicide

Macleod - The Global Debt Problem

Global Billionaires' Wealth Increase By
$4 Trillion During The Pandemic

China's Digital Yuan Comes With Expiration Date

Pandemic-stricken French aviation sector laments move
to slash carbon emissions by banning domestic flights


Amazon Borrows From FedEx Playbook To Smoke
Union Drive In Bessemer

Adrenochrome – The Emerging Market for Products
Made from the Blood of Children

200 Armed Communist Riot Police Break Up
Christian Church Service In Canada - Vid

Ireland Tracing Data Shows Only One Virus
Infection in 1,000 Is Caught Outdoors

Over 1 Million Brits Are Reportedly Suffering
From 'Long COVID' - Says Who?

Happy Customers & Sad Business Owners
Why Are English Pubs Unhappy About
Easing of Lockdown?

Covid-status certificates could lead to
deliberate infections, scientists warn

BoJo - Enjoy freedom...but don't overdo it

Why I will NOT be returning to the pub next week

Scottish Government-Funded Groups Back Lobby for
Law to Allow Sex with Adolescents


'Up to 80%' of people in Sicily refusing AstraZeneca
Covid-19 vaccine over safety concerns

Norwegian AstraZeneca Study Finds Link
Between Vaccine, Blood Clotting

Increased sunlight exposure linked to
reduced coronavirus death risk - Why?
Because Sunlight Creates Vitamin D

French Muslim journalist who criticized govt
'Islamophobia' asks Macron for protection after
receiving death threats

Russian atomic mortars spotted moving
toward border with Ukraine

Russia deploys Iskander systems with extended
range missiles to Ukrainian border

Ukraine & Taiwan - Two-Pronged Biden-Obama
US Aggression Toward Russia & China Escalates

Obama 'deterred Russia from doing even more'
in Ukraine, Blinken claims, as he's grilled on
'costs and consequences'

War Hawk Blinken Warns Of 'Consequences' If
Russia Acts 'Aggressively' In Ukraine - (It's None
Of US Business)

Merkel didn't demand Russia's military presence
be reduced near Ukrainian border - Kremlin


Why Kiev's Preparation for War in Eastern
Ukraine Cannot but Worry Russia

India-Russia friendship is too pragmatic for US
and China to ruin it

Russia Calls for Talks on Binding Treaty to
Prohibit Weapons in Space - Lavrov

US Hawks Worry as Biden-Obama Mulls Appointing
Russia Sanctions Critic as Adviser - Report

Russia expects Paris to back initiatives on preventing
arms race in outer space - envoy

US And Chinese Carrier Groups Mass In
The South China Sea - How Wars Start

Blinken Accuses China of 'Increasingly
Aggressive Actions Directed at Taiwan'

China Blasts US Military Interventions In
'Counter' Human Rights Report

US and South Korea Reportedly Believe Pyongyang
Soon to Launch Its First Ballistic Missile Submarine

China's 'wolf warrior' diplomats take on the West
on Twitter to provoke a reaction, just like President
Trump did to Beijing


China Passenger Vehicle Sales Scorch
Higher By 69% In first Quarter

Mainland China reports 16 new COVID cases

'That's Not Orwellian, THIS Is Orwellian' - Aussies
Mulling ID For Access To Facebook, Twitter, Tinder

Conservative ex-banker Lasso wins
Ecuador's presidential runoff

Newly-Released Photos Reportedly Taken
by Nazi Pilot Show 'Pre-State Israel'

Israeli Radio Cites Intel Claiming Mossad Hit
Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility With Cyberattack

Ethiopian immigrants used by Israel to change
demographics of occupied territories

Atomic Energy Organization Spokesman Reportedly
'Had an Accident' When Visiting Natanz

NYT - Israeli Secret Operation in Natanz Set Iran
Enrichment Capacity Back by at Least Nine Months

Iran reports 'Nuclear terrorism' attack at Natanz
facility - day after uranium enrichment began


IDF Reportedly Wants Probe Into Leak of
Alleged Israeli Attack on Iranian Cargo Ship

Turkey Reportedly Freezes $83 Million Helicopter
Order From Italy After Draghi Calls Erdogan 'Dictator'

Relations of Cairo And Moscow deep, serve
mutual interests - FM Shoukry

SANA - US Transports Weaponry and Logistic
Gear to Syria From Iraq

Volcano eruption causes mass power outages
in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

5,000 Classic Motorcycles Stashed In Barns

Sidney Powell blasts Biden - 'A Demented Pervert Who
Can't Tie His Own Shoelaces or Know Where He Is'

The Great Reset and the New World Order
A Frightening and Dystopian Future

American, United, Southwest Grounding
Boeing 737 Max Jets

China Walks All Over Biden, PLA Simulates Invasion
Of Taiwan - Demented Creeper Does NOTHING

Kerry Crushed By Reality As His Climate
Prediction Turns Out To Be Absolutely Wrong

Apocalyptic thunderstorms with golf-size hail
across Brazos Valley in Texas video, pictures

'Unacceptable' - Biden experiences heavy pressure
from within his own party after requesting HUGE
$715 Billion Pentagon budget

Tucker - CNN's Jeff Zucker Should 'Transition'...
Put Him in a 'Sheer Black Strapless Dress'
And He Instantly Understands

MI Atty Releases Elections Forensics Report
Showing 66,194 Unregistered Ballots In just
9 Of 83 Counties In The State!

Bombshell Fraud In Montana - 6% More
Mail-In Ballots Than Votes, Video of
Counting Is Now 'Missing'


Biden-Obama Are Now framing guns as a
'public health epidemic' - RAW COMMUNISM

ADL Demands Tucker Be Fired For
Discussing 'Replacement Theory'

Who Is Putting Up the Signs Pointing to Asylum
at the US Border in Texas - Louie Gohmert Makes
Startling Discovery on the Texas Border

How Psaki Ended Up Answering Questions of
Fictional Reporter for Months

House GOP Members Visit Border - This Is
'Biden's Mess'...US Has Become 'Sanctuary Nation'

Taxpayer Funded Secret Service Guarded Hunter
While He Was on 'Week-Long Hollywood Drug and
Prostitute Binge'

Target Sells Woke Prayer Book - 'Dear God,
Please Help Me Hate White People'

Antifa Communists Attack Reporter, Take His
Camera And Forces Him Against A Wall

BLM Founder Branded 'Fraud' After Buying
Million-Dollar Home In Mostly-White LA Enclave

Newsom Neutered Again - Supreme Court Blocks
CA Restrictions On In-home Religious Gatherings


Seattle Elementary School Won't Let City
Remove Giant Diseased Homeless Camp
As Students Return To Class

Another Warning - mRNA Injections may
cause your body Cells to produce Misfolding
Proteins (PRIONS) that 'eat holes In your brain'
...Commonly Known As Mad Cow Disease

Mask Meltdowns Show How Crazed The
Media Has Made Americans

Women recently injected with experimental covid
Kill shots ALREADY showing symptoms of BREAST
CANCER - Possible fast suppression of The Vital
Tumor Inhibiting Immune System P53 Gene

The South African variant B.1.351 Shown To
Break Through Pfizer 'Vaccine' - Israeli Study

Human Rights Court Rules in Favor of
Mandatory Vaccines to 'Protect Every Child'
More Sheer Satanic Evil

GA third state to shut down J&J Kill Shot
'vaccine' site after Serious Reactions

CRISPR-on, CRISPR-off - New game-changning
gene editing technique is entirely reversible

How To Help Save The Life Of Someone
Who hasTaken the experimental Gene-altering Kill Shot

40% of Marines Refuse COVID Kill Shots

mRNA May EDIT Your Genes And DNA Damage
Might Be Passed On to Future Generations...
This is SHEER Satanic Evil Designed To Destroy


Top aide to Lockdown Whitless BUSTED partying
mere DAYS after Gov warns plebes not to -Blames
White Nationalists - No One Is EVER Accountable

Second Child Sex Abuse Survivor Says
Twitter Allowed Child Porn On Its Platform
Joins Lawsuit

OneWeb, SpaceX Satellites Reportedly Avoided
Potential Collision in Orbit Last Week

Wimp Navy's Official Twitter Account
Features Bald Eagle Wearing a Mask

Why Is The Bitcoin Curve So Steep

The US Economy Is Now Run By Women

How Long Can This Printing-Press-Money
-Induced, Lopsided Trade Insanity Last?

Desperate ECB Downplays Cryptos As
Market Cap Soars Above $2 Trillion

Alibaba accepts all-time high $2.8 Billion
penalty from Chinese antitrust regulator

Argentine Government to Launch Legal
Action Against Ex-President Over IMF Loan


US Farmers Celebrate As Corn Exports
Near Records

EU trade chief proposes mutual tariff freeze
to Washington to solve Boeing-Airbus brawl

Frederick Forsyth Says Government Has
Launched 'Campaign Of Mass Fear' Against
The British Public

'Solemn tone' & 'high public interest' - Amid mountain
of complaints, BBC EXPLAINS its non-stop Prince
Philip coverage to the world

Protesters March in Utrecht Province Against
Tighter COVID Measures

Anti-Lockdown Protest Takes Place in Vienna

Austria's Kurz says Vienna may buy a
Million Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine doses

Spanish Populist Party Leader Attacked
with Rocks During Madrid Speech

Antifascist Activists Holding March Against
Right-Wing Forces in Paris

Belfast protests - Burning car rams into police
line as nightly rioting continues - Vid


Russian Calls Out Anti-White Racism In
The United States

Erdogan tells Zelensky Turkey will not
recognize 'Crimea's annexation'

Erdogan, Zelensky Confirm 'Strategic
Partnership' Between Turkey and Ukraine
After Istanbul Meeting

Russia Urges US to Take More Responsible
Approach on Ukraine Instead of Escalating Things

Russians' lack of sympathy for Navalny may be
partly down to constant lies about the country
from West's media & political classes

Russia starts developing another vaccine
against coronavirus - Minister of Health

Covid-19 causes twice as many complications
as flu, Russian health minister says

N-ice! New Russian passenger jet passes tests
in freezing conditions - Vid

2005 Speech By CCP Vice Chair Of China's Military Commission
Announcing Deadly BioWeapons Attacks On Americans

Oz woman, 82, dies 3 hours after receiving
first dose of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine


Australians rally against deaths of
indigenous people in police custody

Farmers Block Expressway in Indian State
of Haryana to Protest Against Farm Laws

Atzmon - Everything You Need to Know
about Israel and its Mass 'Vax' Campaign

Iranian nuclear activities 'peaceful & civilian'
says President Rouhani, as new uranium-enrichment
centrifuge chain is unveiled

US helicopters transport weapons, logistic
material from Iraq to Syria's Hasakah

UAE introduces its first woman astronaut
among fresh class of space-farers

US Pilot Spotted Wearing 'Russian
Sleeve Patch' During Military Exercise

200,000+ US military personnel & veterans
claim defective 3M earplugs led to hearing
problems as first lawsuit goes to court

More Than 5,000 Tons Of Extraterrestrial
Dust Rain Down On Earth Each Year

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Celebes Sea
Near Philippines, EMSC Reports


Existing climate model simulations overestimate
future sea-level rise by up to 25%, new study shows

Another video of 'intelligent' moving nanofibers
in masks And One Of These Sprung Up towards
the Magnifying Glass And fell back on the mask

Ex Pfizer VP - 'Your government is lying to you in a
way that could lead to your death' - And The Lie Of
'Dangerous Variants' - There IS A Conspiracy That
May Cause Far More Carnage Than All 20th C Wars

More Evidence These Monsters' Depopulation
Agenda Is Now Fully Underway

AZ Now A 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State
as Biden-Obama Push Gun-Control

Biden-Obama Border Invasion Costs $60
Million A Week To Shelter Invader Children

Biden-Obama administration 'border czar'
to resign at the end of the month

Iowa Governor Declined Request to House
Unaccompanied Invading Minors

Biden to Create Commission to Study Need
of Expanding US Supreme Court

Biden's List Of Candidates For His
'Anti-Semitism Monitor'

America's Elites Want a Racial Apocalypse


Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells
After 'Tell All' Book Hides Them

Biden-Obama To Boost Already Bloated
Pentagon Budget With Proposed $715 Billion

Biden's ATF Pick Defended Waco Massacre
By Falsely Claiming Branch Davidians Shot
Down Helicopters

Psaki Fails to Say if Joe Biden will Ever
Reverse Policies Creating Border Crisis

Vulgar BLM Hypocrite Patrisse Khan-Cullors
BLM Co-Founder Buys 1.4 Million Home In
Upscale WHITE Neighborhood

Biden Lapses Into Nonsense In Mid-Speech
Refers to 'Merfin and Ruthers'

Matt Gaetz hires legal team to fight sex
trafficking allegations

Boeing sounds alarm on new problem with
its troubled 737 Max - advises grounding
jets again

Anti-war activist visited by police after
posting embarrassing AOC video

Hordes Of Demoralized Police Officers
Are Quitting Their Jobs, And America's
Streets Are Less Safe As A Result


Portland plans to fight surge in gun
violence by adding more unarmed,
Unsworn...Park Rangers!

3 Black Females Beat White Female Postal
Worker In Obvious Hate Crime - Watch

ADL Demands Tucker Carlson Be Fired For
Discussing 'Replacement Theory'

Liberal Boston Hospital to Set Up Preferential
Treatment Based on Race, Whites Last - Want
to Make This a National Policy

Disgusting - Newsweek Compares QAnon -
Who Never Killed Anyone - To ISIS, Who
Murdered Over 18,800 in Iraq Alone

Covid Kill Shots Are an Integral Part
of 'The Great Reset'

Peter Navarro Calls Fauci The 'Father'
of Coronavirus in Fox News Rant

Rapper DMX Said in vegetative state since
April 2 after massive heart attack Following
Him Getting COVID Kill Shot The week before

DMX Took Covid Kill Shot before heart attack
Rapper's family member shuns OD reports

Hard Science Points To mRNA Vaccines
Permanently Altering DNA


Midwin Charles - 47-Yr Old MSNBC Legal Analyst
DEAD After Experimental mRNA COVID Shot

CDC Recommends Giving Out J&J Kill Shots
In NC Even After 18 Were Injured Within 15
Minutes Of Taking The Experimental Injections

J&J Covid-19 vaccine under investigation in EU
over potential link to 'unusual' blood clots

Moderna Vax leads to Severe Injuries

Plandemic Plot For Vax 'Passports' Were Ready
20 Months BEFORE Covid-19 Outbreaks

Globalist Schwab Declares The Unvaccinated
To Be A Threat To All Of Humanity

NC Officials Stop J&J Kill Shots After 26 More
Are Injured At 3 Clinics - Some Hit The Floor

Up To 15 Million J&J Kill Shots Dumped After
AstraZenica Ingredients Mixed In With Them!

40 Yr Old Music Teacher Dies After Kill Shot

Gov Whit-less Asks Michigan High Schools To
Close For 2 Weeks As COVID Transmission
Rate Soars


Algorithms used by Netflix, Amazon, Facebook
can 'predict' language of cancer and diseases
such as Alzheimer's – study

Obesity - COVID's Third Rail

Devvy - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Against Federal Law

Watch - High School Coach Fired After Refusing
To Enforce 'Senseless, Irrational, Bullshit' Outdoor
Masks During Sports

Watch Monkey hooked up to Elon Musk's
Neuralink plays MindPong with just its thoughts

$1 Display Chip Shortage Causes Chaos
In Global Supply Chain

New Photos of Recent Military UFO
EncountersRemain a Mystery To Officials

'Better for National Security If These
UFOs Turn Out to be ETs'

UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile
Silos (Golf Launch Facility) – 1965

Malmstrom Air Force Base Picks Up UFO
on Radar - 'Sabotage Alert Team Located
Another UFO Directly Over The Base"


Japan - Sorry, But We Have to Dump This
Fukushima Radioactive Water Into the
Already Dead North Pacific Ocean

Scientists - Mass Extinction Is Coming
as Organisms Flee the Equator

WEF Warns Of Cyber Attack Causing A Systemic
Collapse Of The Whole Global Financial System
Smile...remember, they always tell us in advance...

After Unprecedented Delay, BLS Admits
HUGE Jump In Producer Prices In March

War on Cash Next - Dollars To Be shifted
to Pure Digital Format

Global Food Costs Keep Climbing
...Major Threat to Consumers

Covid Kill Shots Are an Integral Part
of 'The Great Reset'

Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth
Passes At 99

Don't want a vaccine? Tough Sh*t, says the
European Court of Human Rights

Keeping us masked forever? The Davos
set's dystopian ambitions are very clear


'Big Brother' Mandates Brits At Pubs Register
On Govt Tracking App And Hand Over Phones

New lockdown of up to one month necessary
to prevent third wave of coronavirus – Germany's
top public health official - Lies, Lies & More Lies

'This is indeed a war' - Poland's health service
struggles to cope with 'third wave' of coronavirus

Norway PM fined $2,300 for inviting too many
people to her birthday party and breaking her
own coronavirus rules

Hungarian central bank boosts its gold
reserves by 3,000% in less than 3 years

OECD Sets 'Ambitious' Mid-Summer
Deadline For 'Global Minimum Tax' Talks

Whodunnit? London Hotelier Who Was One
Of Britain's Richest Men Killed At Country Mansion

Motorbike gunmen kill Greek crime reporter
in early morning shooting

Personal Texts Between Former UK PM
And Chancellor Released Amid Greensill
Lobbying Row

'Comply with international law' - Diplomat calls
out US meddling in Nord Stream 2 project


Why does US need a special envoy for Russia's
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline?

Putin puts 100,000 troops on Ukraine border

Russia Threatens 'Full-Scale Military
Activities' in East Ukraine

The Donbass War Of 2021?

Full-scale Ukrainian war would threaten Russian
security Kremlin warns, pledging action to prevent
'humanitarian catastrophe'

Ukraine will be 'irreparably weakened' if Russia &
Germany allowed to complete Nord Stream 2 gas
pipeline, warns Kiev's deputy PM

US Navy Destroyers Roosevelt, Donald Duck
to Enter Black Sea on 14-15 April - Reports

Russia Hints Coronavirus Is US Bioweapon

Sputnik V used in Slovakia as instrument of
hybrid war, Deputy PM says

Putin, Erdogan eye Sputnik V deliveries to Turkey


Half of Russians voice support for public
use of new digital ruble – poll

China In New Threat To Taiwan...
'Island's Military Won't Stand A Chance'

2005 Speech By Comrade Chi Haotian The Vice
Chairman Of China's Military Commission - See
Where We Are Now And The CCP Plans In Action

Hong Kong Shuns Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid
Vaccines for J&J Amid Fresh Imported Cases

China May Require Automakers, Including Tesla,
To Store Driver Data Domestically

US wars, hegemonic aspirations lead to
horrific disasters - Chinese report

Beijing calls on Tokyo to be 'responsible' And
consult neighbors as Japan's PM says dumping
Fukushima Death water into ocean 'unavoidable'

South Korea unveils domestically developed
KF-X prototype fighter jet, president hails 'new era'
of defense independence - Photos

80 Indian Doctors Infected With COVID
Despite Taking Two Doses of AstraZeneca

US Provokes New Delhi by Sending Guided
Missile Destroyer to Violate India's EEZ in
Arabian Sea


22 Yr Old Israeli Girl Dead After Covid Kill Shot

Israelis File Suit In International Criminal Court
To Stop Mandatory Kill Shots (Executions)

Ex-minister reveals 'most disgusting interference'
in UK by Israeli lobbyists

Israeli Spy Chief Headed To Washington To
Lobby Biden-Obama Against Iran Deal

Oh My, Not Again! Israeli Envoy Claims Iran Test
Fired Nuclear Ballistic Missiles 'for Months' - Yawn

Oil First, Compliance Next - Iran's Ayatollah Sets
Conditions for Scaling Back Nuclear Activities

Turkey Tells Russia of US warships Move to Black Sea

Putin underscores importance of Montreux
Convention preservation to Erdogan

US-Backed Kurds Agree to Increase Oil Supplies to
Syrian Govt in Exchange for Reopening of Crossings

How to Save Yourself Another
Pointless Guilt Trip


Solving Chronic Pain via the Kitchen
not the Medicine Cabinet

20 High Tech Construction Machines

If lying to get yourself laid is made a crime,
no one will ever want to have sex again

CNN goes after 'racist' Asian-themed FONTS
in widely-mocked feature

More than 5,000 tons of extraterrestrial dust
rain down on Earth each year - new research

St. Vincent's La Soufriere volcano ERUPTS as
thousands of islanders flee 8 Kilometer high
ash plume - Watch

Texas researchers develop method to retrieve
And weaken traumatic memories in breakthrough


Biden's Equity-Focused 'Infrastructure' Plan
Seeks to Crush Single-Family Zoning

Biden Proves He Has Advanced Late Stage Dementia

Pedo Joe Now Says Planes Can Go 21,000 MPH
Making New York to LA a 7 Minute Ride

Communist Biden Declares Himself A God, Says
'No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute'
in his Gun 'Control' Speech - Obama Running Him

Devvy - Covid 'Vaccines' and Auto Immune Diseases
These 'Vaccinations' Are Against Federal Law

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Pfizer VP And Chief
Scientist Warns 'Your Government Is Lying To You!'

Lowlife Floyd committed suicide by eating
too many drugs...Period - Video

Traitor -.Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Issues
Administrative Order Refuting Georgia's New Election
Integrity Law

Biden is Human Trafficker in Chief As Abandoned
Young Children at Border are Left Unable to Speak
Due to Relentless Brutal Gang Rapes

No Joke - Pelosi Actually Says The Border Situation
Has Improved Under Biden - (It's A Full Invasion)


Pelosi Caught Renting Office Space to Group
Connected to Convicted Pedophile

ICE Takes Over Seven Hotels To House Invaders

US Apprehends Most Invaders In Two Decades
As Reports Of Molested Kids Emerge

Psaki downplays concerns of suspected
terrorists entering the US

Black Lives Matter Goons Take
Over Iowa Capitol - Watch

Biden Calls for Ending Legal Immunity
for Gun Manufacturers

Idiot Biden Confuses Gun Control Talking Points
Repeatedly Refers to the 'ATF' as the 'AFT'

West Virginia AG Promises to Sue Biden
Admin if He Enacts His Gun Control Policies

Biden Admin Announces Plans To Curb
'Ghost Guns', Push 'Red Flag' Legislation

Man Carrying Confederate Flag Through Capitol
on Jan 6 Hit with Additional 5-Count Indictment


Judge rules nude photos of ex-congresswoman
Katie Hill, who resigned after sex scandal, are
'matter of public concern'

Accuser Alleges Cuomo 'Groomed Me For Sex'
As GOP Challenger Launches Campaign For Gov

Univ student ordered to undergo Psych Evaluation!
And Is then suspended after questioning The
definition of 'microaggressions'

'Boundaries gone' - CA prison officers And inmates
reportedly concerned at transfer of trans convicts based on chosen gender

7 Of 10 Official WH Photos Feature The Kamal
And Her Husband - Only 1/3rd Feature Biden

Cardinal Burke - Pro-abortion politicians are
in 'apostasy,' automatically excommunicated

American Jewish Congress Whines About 'Attack'
From Torba Despite Smearing Gab First

Biden-Obama Converting 7 Border Hotels In
Which To Put Invaders And Families

219 % Increase In 2021 Criminal Invader Arrests

Fox News Hires Mike Pompeo
as Network Contributor


Sub-Animal Black Ex NFL player Phillip Adams
Slaughtered White Family - Children were 9 & 5

Tech Companies Put Billions Into Startups Aiming
to Harvest the Blood of Children for Rejuvenation
And Anti-Aging - Adrenochrome!

2+2=5 - OR Dept of Ed Pushes Course Claiming
Math is Racist Because It Requires Correct Answer

Moderna says its booster shot against
COVID-19 variants is on the way!

Bill Gates Is The 'Most Popular Doctor'
In The World According To Google

Chinese Communist Party Calls For Probe Into
US Bioweapon Labs After Denying WHO Access
To Wuhan Lab

Over 100 fully Vaxed people in WA have contracted
covid, showing yet again that the 'vaccines' don't
prevent infection (They Are For Other Purposes)

Globalist Schwab Declares The Unvaccinated
To Be A Threat To All Of Humanity

LA Reports First Cases Of Brazil SPARS And
South African Covid Variants - UK Variant Surging

MSM Coverage Of 11 Stricken With Adverse
Reactions To J&J Kill Shots Given At Dick's
Sporting Goods In Denver, CO


CO Vax Site At Dick's Sporting Goods Shuts
After 11 Hit With Bad Reactions To J&J Shots

CO Reports 2 Cases Of Brazil CV Variant

Dentists, Optometrists, Podiatrists, Veterinarians
Can Now Administer COVID-19 'Vaccines' in the US

Worried Feds Offering Bribes to Doctors to
Give More Experimental COVID Injections
Offering Double Payment for Each Kill Shot

22 Yr Old Israeli Girl Dead After Experimental
Pfizer mRNA Covid Kill Shots

Australian woman, 82, dies just three hours
after receiving first dose of Pfizer Kill Shots

New York's Vaccine Passport Has 'Massive
Security Flaws' And Is Barely Functional

TX Gov Abbott Signs Weak EO That Doesn't
Stop Businesses from Requiring Vax Passports

Watch Diners Chant 'Get Out' As Health Officials
Try To Shut Down Restaurant

Vaccine Passports - THIS Is Where It Leads


World Economic Forum Promotes 'Smart Mask'
That Alerts You If You Forget To Wear It

EU Court Of Human Rights Rules Mandatory
Childhood Vaccinations are 'Necessary In
Democratic Society'

Tech Companies Put Billions Into Startups Aiming
to Harvest the Blood of Children for Rejuvenation
And Anti-Aging - Adrenochrome!

Ask Google or Siri - Who is the most powerful
doctor in the world? It's Bill Gates

YouTube REMOVES roundtable video featuring
FL Gov DeSantis & anti-lockdown health experts,
citing 'terms of service'

US Blacklists 7 Chinese Supercomputing
Companies Over 'Destabilising Military
Modernisation Efforts'

Margaret Mead On ETs - 'They Are Simply
Watching What We Are Up To'

'There Are Absolutely No Job Seekers' How Trillions
In Stimulus Sparked A Historic Job Market Crisis

War On Cash - The Next Phase Begins

Despite no EU regulatory approval of Sputnik V,
Germany to hold bilateral talks with Russia to
plan purchase of Covid-19 vaccine


German Vaccination Committee Sees Bavaria's
Pre-Order for Russia's Sputnik V as 'Positive'

Russia's Vector Is Working on Intranasal
COVID-19 Vaccine

Portugal, Netherlands, Italy and Spain Limit
Use Of AstraZeneca Jab To Patients Over 60

'More than enough' Pfizer and Moderna doses
for under-30s, says health sec, as UK drops
AstraZeneca for younger generation

Calling Euroskeptics Morawiecki, Orban & Salvini
'pro-Putin bloc' is a lazy diversion - They are the
next real EU force

Italian Prime Minister Draghi Calls Turkish
President Erdogan a 'Dictator'

Mandatory vaccines are 'necessary in democratic
society' And don't infringe human rights - EU court

'Biopolitical surveillance regimes' - Vaccine passports
reveal the growing authoritarian tendencies of Western

French clergymen ARRESTED over Covid lockdown
breaking mass that saw hundreds of churchgoers flout
'rule of 6'

COVAX vaccine distribution scheme delivers jabs
to more than 100 nations, despite supply difficulties


France inoculates 10 million against Covid-19
ahead of schedule but healthcare situation still alarming

Hungary eyes vaccinating over 40% of population
by end of April, starts lifting Covid restrictions

UK Health Secretary Dismisses Forecast of
Covid 'Herd Immunity' in Days

Men make more Covid-19 antibodies and keep
them for longer, study on asymptomatic carriers finds

If Zelensky launches a full-scale war in Donbass
Russia will intervene & it will mean the 'end of
Ukraine' warns key Putin aide

Ukraine's Zelensky Visits the Front Line
After Meeting With US General - US, Allies
Push NATO Membership

US Delivers Military Cargo to Ukraine
as It Hypes Russian Movements

Putin tells Merkel about Kiev's provocations
at contact line in Donbass

Moscow's bid to make Donbass talks transparent
evokes dread in Kiev, says Russian official

Russian Navy latest frigate holds artillery
firings in Black Sea


White House meddles in Russian affairs by
making statements on Navalny - Russian lawmaker

Biden Says Rejoining 'Open Skies' Would Send
'Wrong Message' To Russia After Bashing
Trump For Exiting

Provision of aid to Syria must not be
politicized, Putin says to Merkel

Beijing Accelerating Timeline For Possible
Invasion Of Taiwan, Expert Warns

Draft US Senate Bill Reportedly to Order
Washington to Prevent Beijing's Hegemony
in Indo-Pacific

'Do Chinese warships go to the Gulf of Mexico?'
Beijing blames US aggression for Taiwan tensions

You can forget a Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics
boycott over Xinjiang - The US has neither the
will nor the support to do it

Australia to end sexual harassment exemption
for politicians and judges amid recent scandals

Israel tells ICC it doesn't have authority to
investigate crimes in Palestinian territories

Iran Vows to Respond to Vessel Saviz Incident
Once Origins of Attack Investigated


African Bloc Drops Oxford COVID-19 Jab
for US Rival Yet to See Mass Production

How To Deal With 'Mask Mouth'

Self-Victimization is an Apex Predator

Video Proof Of Morgellons Nano Tube Fibers In
Face Masks That Start Moving When You Exhale
Heat And Moisture On Them - You Inhale Them
And They Go To Work In Your Body - Start At 4:20

DC Medical Examiner Determines Deaths
At Capitol Were 'Natural' Deaths, Drug Intoxication

Ashli Babbitt's Manner of Death During Jan 6
Capitol Breach Ruled Homicide by DC Medica
Examiner's Office

Illegitimate Biden Threatens Georgia…
Sounds Like A Dictator

Trump Slams Biden for Turning US Into
A Socialist Country

Biden Slammed for Thanking Invaders
for 'Choosing US' in Video

Biden Denies Speaking to China's Xi About
COVID-19 Origins Despite February Phone Call

Trump's Victory Would Have Been 'Threat to
My Freedom', Hunter Biden says in New Book

Democrats would rather see homicide
surge than bring back 'racist' cops

Chauvin's Lawyers Play Clip of George Floyd
Allegedly Saying 'I Ate Too Many Drugs' in Court


Largest OR Newspaper Admits Defunding Police
Was A Terrible Idea As Homicides Skyrocket

Unearthed Emails Place Hunter Biden at West
Wing Meeting With Then VP Biden and Burisma
Board Partner Devon Archer

AZ Governor Signs Bill to Defy Any New
Federal Gun Control Laws

Disney Now ARRESTING Its Own Guests
Who Refuse Temperature Checks

Why is there a painting of a nude Jesus
ministering to Judas in Pope Francis study?

Monsters Among Us - Teacher stashed condom
in shoe before going to hotel to meet 2 Yr Old girl

How Leftist Psychopaths Demonize And
Demoralize Their Opposition

Migrants, Smugglers Using Facebook To
Organize Illegal Border Crossings

Covid Vax Butchery Of Teens Begins As TX HS
Senior Diagnosed With Guillain-Barré Weeks
After First COVID Kill Shot - His Life Destroyed

5 States Report Half Of New US COVID
Cases As Governors Demand More Jabs


Fauci Can't Explain Texas COVID Cases
Continuing to Drop Despite the State Reopening
100% a Month Ago - Lies, Lies, Lies

People Have Started Laminating COVID
Vaccine Cards in Anticipation of Using
Them as 'a Potential Form of Social Currency'

'They want you in masks forever' - World Econ
Forum's smart 'mask of the future' tweet spooks
Twitter users

The CDC will release biowarfare PATHOGENS
in Texas and Florida to punish states that refuse
To Force vaccine passports On Citizens - Report

One photo from Texas shows That it's all over

GA to lift all remaining COVID restrictions
This Thursday

White House Against Vaccine Passports
Due to Privacy Concerns

246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan
Test Positive for COVID-19 - 3 Dead

Chemical Cocktail Found in Face Masks
Breathing in Carcinogens, Allergens and
Synthetic Nanotech Microfibers

German Scientists Warn Of Toxicity Of
Face Masks


Disposable Blue Face Masks Found To Contain
Toxic, Asbestos-Like Substance That Destroys

Vaccine passports 'unconstitutional' and 'smack
of 1940s Nazi Germany' - Republicans

Vaccine Injuries in Last 3 MONTHS Are More
Than Last 10 YEARS Combined

The Globalists' Solution to Plandemic - A New
Treaty That Creates a World Government (NWO)

Plandemic - Plans For 'Vaccine Passports' Were
In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

Confirmed - AstraZeneca Experimental COVID
Injection Causes Fatal Blood Clots - Murder –
Trials with Children Halted

Bill Gates prepped his worshippers for plandemic
of bio-terrorism originating as a 'virus crossover'
from monkeys and bats...

The Nuremberg Code - The Universal Right of
Informed Consent to Medical Interventions
has been Recognized in US Law Since 1914

WhatsApp Adds 'Shopping' Feature to Its
Otherwise Basic 'Web' App

UK Launches New Regulator to Prevent
Tech Giants From Abusing Market Dominance


New Netflix doc 'Coded Bias' is so keen to show
AI is racist that it ignores how tech tyranny is
dehumanizing EVERYONE

Netflix Announces Harry & Meghan's First Series

Neuralink Co-Founder Says We Have the
Tech to Build an Actual Jurassic Park

Climate Engineering Q And A
installment #11 4-7-21

Treasury Report on Biden's 'Made in America'
Tax Plan Shows Corps on the Hook for Trillions

JPMorgan's Dimon Admits 'Something Has
Gone Terribly Wrong' In The US...China Knows It

Yellen Unveils $2.5 Trillion Tax Reclamation
Plan, Fed Threatens To Pull Accommodation
As Pandemic Ends

Biden Tax Plan To Hit Tech & Pharma Hardest

There's No Way US Could Enforce Global Minimum
Corporate Tax on Rest of the World, Prof Believes

United Airlines pledges 50% of pilot trainees
will be women And minorities - Goodbye UAL


Green mayor tells French children to give
up on their dreams of aviation as Air France
accepts a €4 billion state rescue package

GraceLife Church is Raided by Canadian
Authorities and Fenced Off for Refusing to
Submit to COVID Edicts

SAGE Document Reveals 'Covert' Propaganda
to Scare British Into Staying Home in Lockdown

Shocking Images Show Paris Under Communist
Macron Has Become A Garbage Dump

Norway 'Thinks Ahead' And Considers
Vaccinating Children

Alex Salmond declines to blame Russia
for Salisbury incident

Unionist anger over an IRA funeral blamed
for the unrest in Northern Ireland but the
real reason is Brexit

Bavaria Signs Memorandum of Intent
With RDIF on Sputnik V, Health Minister Says

Austria May Independently Approve
Sputnik V Vaccine If EU Approval Drags on

Watch - UK Document Explains 60-70% Of
Hospitalizations In The Coming 'Third Wave'
In England Will Be People who Have had two
Doses Of The Kill shots


World War will begin within four weeks
warns Russian military analyst

Kiev's Forces Are Primed For Attack If They
Can Overcome Their Own Minefields

Russia & China won't create Eastern military bloc
to rival NATO because exclusive clubs are
'counter-productive,' says FM Lavrov

Russia's MiG-31 Intercepts Norwegian Spy Plane
Near Russian Border Over Barents Sea

Moscow not expecting apologies for
Biden's remarks about Putin

European Union welcome in new Russian-backed
'Great Eurasian Partnership', Moscow says…
if Brussels sees value in turning to East

Russia unlikely to send recalled amb back
to Washington without clear sign US ready
for bilateral relations, Moscow insists

Russia, Armenia able to quickly restore trade
turnover, says Putin

Russian-made drones may be delivered to Armenia

Group Wants Huge Warning Labels
on Fast Food Sold in Russia


Lavrov Annoyed by Secretary General
Importing US-Style Wokeness to the UN

Washington's divisive policies destabilize
region, Lavrov says in Pakistan

Russia's EpiVacCorona Vaccine Develops
Antibodies in 94% of Senior Citizens

Evidence China is attacking USA from within

Virologist or 'Devil'? - Fang Li

Dumping of Fukushima radioactive water
into ocean 'unavoidable', Japanese PM says
as country's fisheries reject plan

China warns of 'robust response' to any
Olympics boycott after US stirs talk of
skipping 2022 Beijing Games

Japan Not In Talks With US To Boycott 2022
Winter Olympics In Beijing, Government Says

Taiwan threatens to shoot down Chinese
drones in South China Sea

'Wrong Signal' - Chinese Military Accuses
US of Damaging Regional Stability Amid
Taiwan Spat


Second Wave of Bird Flu? Hundreds of Migratory
Birds Found Dead in India's Himachal Pradesh

Indian Cops in City of Indore Beat Civilian
for Not Wearing Face Mask Properly

Protestors in India Bring Soil From Villages
of 320 Dead Farmers for Memorial in Delhi

Netanyahu Warns Israel Will 'Act' Against
Iran If Biden Restores Nuclear Deal

Govt in Israel Sharing Personal Information
on Unvaccinated Citizens

US to Provide More Than $150 Million
in Aid to Palestinians, Blinken Says

Iran to allow 5,000 Chinese soldiers in country
to guard $280 Billion Beijing investment: report
to protect their oil supply - Also building a military
base there

Two-week restrictions imposed in Iranian
capital to curb new COVID surge

Iranians humiliated US point man by
shunning him in Vienna - Israeli analyst

'Mothership' or 'Anti-Piracy' Cargo Vessel
Attack on Iran Ship in Red Sea Raises Questions


Rouhani Confirms Iran's Readiness to Comply
With Nuclear Deal If US Lifts Sanctions

The REAL Plan - The Vaxed Will Die,
The Unvaxed Will Be Hunted

Navarro - Fauci is a Sociopath and Must Be
Held Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity

Shocking Revelation Of Italy's Role In The 2020
Communist Election Theft In The US - Watch

Biden-Obama Regime To Flood America by Close
to 2 Million Invaders by the end of 2021

Psaki Confirms Biden Speaks to Obama Regularly
Says No One's Business What They Talk About - Vid

Psaki Admits Biden-Obama's DHS Is Quietly
Resuming Construction On Trump's Border Wall

Biden Says Americans Who Get Vaxed Can
Celebrate the 4th of July, 'You're Able to Get
in the Backyard with a Group of People Because
You've Been Vaccinated' Says The Creeper - Vid

Survey - 73% of Black Voters Say Voter ID Necessary

Minneapolis Police Chief Says It Appears Chauvin's
Knee Was NOT On Floyd's Neck (Obviously Not)

Chauvin's Defense Plays Video of Him Kneeling
On George Floyd's Shoulder - Not His Neck


Biden Moving Deadline UP 2 Weeks To Have ALL
Americans Eligible For Kill Shot Vox To April 19
...WHAT'S THE BIG RUSH? (I Think We Know)

The SPARS Pandemic of 2025 - Echo Chambers
and Vaccine Opposition

Las Vegas Mayor Switches from Democrat to GOP
Citing The 'Socialist Takeover' of Democrat Party

Falls And Falling Killed 127 Times More People
Than ALL Kinds Of Rifles In 2018

FBI - More People Killed With Hammers, Clubs,
Knives And Even Feet That Rifles In 2018

'Florida Man Bad' - Why is US Big Media
Trying to Find Faults With Gov Ron DeSantis?

Biden's 'golden' name landed Hunter Biden That Fat
$50,000 per month Burisma job, president's son reveals
in interview

What Would Hunter Biden's Laptop
Reveal About The Coming Ukraine War?

Chelsea To Join Bill, Hillary On iHeartRadio Network
With 13 April Podcast Series Premiere - Oh, Boy!

If the prospect of AI 'guide dogs' for the blind
makes you fear a dystopian future, don't worry,
there's an app for that


US Navy Confirms Active Shooter Incident at
Fort Detrick Involving Its Soldiers

US Navy Confirms Active Shooter Incident at
Fort Detrick Involving Its Soldiers

Newsom Says CA Expects to 'Fully Reopen'
Economy on June 15th

Russia alarmed by recent statements of
Ukrainian leadership on Donbass - top diplomat

With tensions rising in Donbass, Ukraine pulls out
of Minsk peace talks - Kiev refuses to meet Russia
& OSCE in Belarusian capital

Ron Paul - Why Is The Biden-Obama Admin
Pushing Ukraine To Attack Russia?

UK pledges to support Kiev in face of
'destabilizing' Russian actions

Last Defense Against Tyranny Is Our SHERIFFS

Planned Parenthood is now Offering Hormone
Therapy to Underage Girls - Pure Satanic Evil

AR First State to Ban Gender Reassignment
Surgeries in Children


255 CA Prison Inmates Have Requested Transfer
to Women's Prisons Since January - Too Funny!

This Is What A Miracle Looks Like - Vid

Three Videos To Challenge The Un-Vaxed
And Your Friends And Loved Ones To Watch

Tyrant Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaxed People
to Be a Threat to Humanity! - What About HIM?

Another Kill Shot Death - 40 Yr old WI teacher
dead four days after posting on Facebook That
she was 'vaccinated' - When Will People Wake Up?

Italy - Two More Teachers DEAD After
AstraZeneca COVID Kill Shot

Facebook 'corrects' woman's complaint That
vaccine 'is killing me'...and then she dies

246 Vaxed MI residents Get COVID, 3 dead

Brazil Vaxed Everyone In Serrana And Covid
Deaths Immediately Jumped 1,000% - Vid
Comments From Portuguese To Eng Via Google

FDA orders Dr. Mercola to stop writing about
health benefits of vitamin D...In Soviet America

Fauci - US on Brink of Another COVID-19 Surge


Gosh, Fauci Can't Explain Why Texas Covid Cases
Keep Dropping Despite The Entire State's FULL
Reopening - (As If He Doesn't know!)

Texas Gov EO prohibits Fed govt mandated
vaccine passports

Steve Forbes - End the Lockdowns Right Now

Biden Recalling COVID Rules While Getting
Too Close to Person - Video

California's Failed Response To COVID

More transmissible UK Covid variant detected
in every US state says CDC - (So What)

NY Vax Passport Program Is Already Failing

Ron Paul divides social media after urging
Americans to 'wake up' and reject vaccine
passports - (How About The 'Vaccines', Ron?)

'Question of discrimination': WHO dismisses
Covid passports, as governments consider
them to reopen travel

Americans Fear Of Catching COVID-19
Drops To Record Low - Gallup


Vaccines Are the New 'Purity Test'

40,000 children in US lose a parent to Covid
Remember - CDC Admits Only SIX PERCENT
Of Fatalities ONLY have Covid-19

Chronic Shortages Of Children's Cancer Drugs
Force US Hospitals To Work Together

In 1917, Rudolf Steiner Foresaw a Vaccine that
Would 'Drive All Inclination Toward Spirituality
Out of People's Souls'

Fauci to Speak at an Event You Simply
Can't Make Up

Top EMA official says EU regulator to confirm
link between AstraZeneca's vaccine and deadly
blood clots

If the prospect of AI 'guide dogs' for the blind
makes you fear a dystopian future, don't worry,
there's an app for that

US Hypersonic Missile 'Did Not Launch'
Due to Issue During Test, Air Force Says

'Great to be back' - US aircraft carrier group
sails into disputed South China Sea

Researchers can now collect and sequence
DNA from the AIR


Inflation Spikes, Economy Slows, This Is What
Stagflation Looks Like - Welcome To the Sparkling
Biden-Obama Economy

Subprime Borrowers Aren't Paying Car Loans
As Millions Struggle

Suez Canal Authority considering expanding
southern channel, chairman says in wake of
Ever Given debacle

Another giant vessel gets briefly stranded in
Suez Canal, one week after Ever Given freed
from waterway

Global Net Zero Climate Change Targets
Are 'Pie In The Sky'

Chinese Central Bank Rolls Out Digital Yuan
in a First for Major Economy

Cryptocurrency market now worth almost as
much as Apple after market cap hits record

The IMF And World Bank, Who Pay No Taxes,
Are About To Talk About Tax Hikes & Inequality

Semi Chip Prices Expected To Rise Through
All Of 2021

Top US Auto Group Calls For Lawmakers
To Beef Up Chip Production Amid Shortages


Fifth Avenue Landlords Are Owed About
$200 Million In Unpaid Rent

Siestanomics? Spain's Ruling Socialists
Launch Nationwide Test Of 4 Day Work Week

GM unveils its $105,595 Hummer EV SUV
with an 'extract mode' that raises it six feet
off the ground

Le Pen Activist Brutally Beaten By Antifa Thugs

UK Govt Says Vaccine Certificates Will Be
A 'Feature of Our Lives'

UK Reports 25 MORE Cases Of Rare Blood Clots
Linked To AstraZeneca Kill Shots

Poll Reveals 70% Of Italians Against
Locking Down the HEALTHY

'Merkel Successor' Calls for Germany to Enter
Even Tougher Lockdown (For Healthy People)

'Only a dope would vote for Sadiq Khan'
London mayor gets pilloried for reportedly
mulling cannabis decriminalisation

Everything the West claims it values is
invalidated by its treatment of Assange


'With caution - more freedom' - Germany's first
region swaps some lockdown restrictions for
more rigorous testing

Italian Police Officer Injured as Protests Against
Covid Measures in Rome Turn Violent - Vid

Russia Deploys All Black Sea Submarines
as NATO Kicks Off Drills

Moscow pledges retaliation to US & UK plans for
rocket deployment in range of Russia's borders,
sparking new missile crisis fears

Latest Tornado-G multiple rocket launchers
arrive for troops in Russia's south

Russia's Army Begins Massive 'Combat
Readiness' Inspection As Ukraine Tensions Soar

Ukraine's admission to NATO will only
exacerbate crisis in southeast, Kremlin says

US military claims to be monitoring Russian
activities in Arctic

Russian, Mexican top diplomats plan to hold
talks in Moscow

India, Russia Believe MilitaryAlliance Like 'Asian
NATO' Will be Counterproductive - FM Lavrov


Russian Pacific Sea frigate hits land target
with Kalibr missile as country's navy undergoes
extensive modernization - Vid

Putin poised to set out vision for future in dramatic
speech, in what allies say will be 'world's most
important political event'

Russia developing financial battle plan in case of
Western attack on economy or sanctions against
sovereign debt, diplomat reveals

Roscosmos Video Shows Projection of Luna-25
Space Station Collecting Moon Soil

Leaked - China's Secret Plan to Subvert the US

'Great to be back' - US aircraft carrier group
sails into disputed South China Sea

China vows to hold regular naval drills as its
carrier group conducts exercises near Taiwan

Why is China using facial recognition
on garbage bins?

Filipino man who broke Covid rules DIES
after reportedly being forced to do 300
squat-like exercises

Myanmar streets painted red as activists protest
military's violent coup amid rising death toll


New Delhi imposes nighttime curfew
amid rising Covid-19 cases

Major drinking water and farming crisis
in India as rivers dry up

Myanmar streets painted red as activists protest
military's violent coup amid rising death toll

Putin, Bolsonaro talk authorization, production
of Russia's Sputnik V in Brazil — Kremlin

Venezuela sets up military unit on volatile
border with Colombia

Netanyahu given first crack at forming new Israeli
govt by President Rivlin, despite corruption trial

Ultra-Orthodox Jews scuffle with Jerusalem
police amid protest against autopsy of drowned
yeshiva student - Vid

Jordan - After release of 'seditious' Prince Hamzah's
pledge of loyalty, prosecutor bans all media coverage
of palace scandal

Iranian Electronic Surveillance Vessel Hit In
Red Sea, Unconfirmed Reports Say

Biden Admin Appears To Waver On Promise
To Strengthen Iran Nuclear Deal


Iran hails 'constructive' nuclear deal talks but
dismisses offer of $1 Billion asset release to halt
uranium enrichment

Erdogan Confirms Turkey's Determination
to Become EU Member

First Oil, Now Food - US Reportedly Smuggles
Over a Dozen Truckloads of Wheat Out of Syria

Sudanese ministers vote to repeal decades-old
Israeli boycott law as part of normalization move

CA cuts water for San Joaquin Valley farmers

Manatees Are Starving In FL - Pollution Blamed

Poll - President Biden's Disapproval Rises to 51%

If Only 6% of Biden's Infrastructure Bill Is for
Infrastructure, What's the Other 94% For?

Why Joe Biden's $2 Trillion Infrastructure
Plan May Fail

GOP Strategists Expect Biden's 'Covid Passport'
Idea to Seriously Damage Dems During Midterms

Alan Jones, Sky News Oz Says Of Creeper Joe
'The Leader of The Free World Is Incoherent, Having
to be Propped Up Physically and Intellectually'

Republicans Slam 'Hypocritical' Biden For
Funneling $13 Million Through Tax Loopholes

Biden Offers Stunning Response To Media When
They Ask If He's Worried About Corps Moving
Overseas To Avoid His Promised Tax Increases

Devvy - COVID Vax...The Dead Must Be Autopsied

'Toxic' Cuomo Was Cheating on His Longtime
Girlfriend Sandra Lee With Aides Says Former Staffers

Hunter Biden Says He Smoked Parmesan Cheese
Mistaking it For Crack


'She Looks Like Madonna's Grandmother' - Jill
Biden Roasted For Sporting Pair of Trashy Fishnet
Stockings with Short Leather Skirt

Hunter Biden Is '100% Certain' He'll Be Cleared
Of Any 'Wrongdoing' By End Of Tax Investigation

Lew Rockwell Finally Checks In On
The Deagel.com Forecasts

BLM activist - Buildings will burn if Chauvin
isn't convicted of murder

US Border Patrol Says Arrested 2 Yemeni
Men Previously Placed on Terror Watch List

How Multinational Corporations Onslaught on
Georgia Over Election Law Can Harm US Democracy

'Zero Support' - Cops Slam City Council, Leadership
as They Quit Portland Police Department En Masse

Half of Republicans believe Capitol riot was
'mostly peaceful', while 60% want Trump
to run in 2024 – poll

DC Carjack Killers May Be Back On
The Streets Within Years

Tucker - Canada's outrageous COVID Internment
Camps Violate the Most Basic Human Rights


Black Americans' Gun Ownership up Nearly 60%

At Least 34 Shot Over Easter Weekend
in Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

Lizard Lightfoot booed by Cubs fans on
opening day at Wrigley Field

Asian Woman fatally stabbed while walking
her dog in SoCal - Latino Woman arrested

2 teen Low IQ Black girls accused of car-jacking
and killing Pakistani Uber Eats driver 'reach plea
deal'... And will get ZERO prison time

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document
Disease Horrors To Begin In 'Nearly A Year' After
Kill Shots Have Been Injected - Mental Retardation,
Mad Cow, Many Catastrophic, Deadly Diseases

Top Immunologist, Bart Classen, Sees MAD COW Prions,
Types 1 And 2 Diabetes And Many Other Disease States
Coming Out Of The Grave 'Peril' Of mRNA Injections

Another Revelation Of The Coming SPARS
Pandemic - Watch

Feds Won't Mandate Vaccine Passports
But Will Help States, Businesses, Schools
Develop 'Standards'

T-cell Study - Exposure to COVID-19 Confers long
lasting Immunity Even When Not Infected


WHO Confirms Possibility of COVID Transmission
Humans to Cats, Dogs, Tigers - Fear Porn, disgusting

Poll Finds Almost Half Of Americans Want
Vaccine Passports

CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing creates
massive DNA damage

Institute Behind 'WELL Health Safety Seal'
Ad Has Massive Ties To China, CCP

US Supreme Court rules in favor of Google
in largest-ever programming copyright case
(Surprise, Surprise...)

US retaliation for taxing its tech giants may
be as high as $900 MILLION – media

End of an era - LG becomes 1st major brand
to wind down its global smartphone business

Enigmatic Black Triangular Object Spotted
In SoCal Skies

'Football Field-Sized' Asteroid Hurtling Towards
Earth at Nine Kilometres Per Second

Funding priorities? If NASA ran Texas, its residents
would not freeze, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
tells RT in half-joke


Despite rock bottom relations back home on Earth,
Russia & US embrace space partnership for another
decade of rocket-sharing

Dollar Tumbles After Goldman Closes
Short USD Reco

Yellen Urges US Allies To Adopt Global
Minimum Corporate Tax Rate

Alaska Won't Let Biden Stop Its Oil Boom

Oil Prices Plummet 5% As COVID Cases Soar

Get ready for a MEGA-RALLY, world's largest
lithium producer says

James Rickards warns that Bitcoin and Tether
cryptocurrencies are a massive, illegal fraud
that will catastrophically collapse

Oxford Researcher Who Helped Push US
to De-pixelate Israel in Satellite Photos
Dies From Cancer...at Just 34

Russia's Military Buildup Next to Donbass
Is Intended to Be Seen

Putin signs law enabling him to run for president
again - Good For World Stability


Putin Signs Laws Against Insulting War Veterans
And Rehabilitating Nazism

48% of Russians support opposition figure Alexey
Navalny 2.5-year jail sentence, just 29% say it was
unfair - new poll reveals

Biden-Obama Administration 'On Alert' Over
Russian 'Saber Rattling In Eastern Europe & Arctic'

Ukraine joining NATO would not only benefit Kiev
but would also serve to strengthen US-led bloc
....country's army chief insists

Russia, US maintain high-level contacts on Ukraine
says senior Russian diplomat

Russian senator slams Europe's silence on
Donbass attack as Being A green light to Kiev

Moscow Not Ruling Out Military Measures
in Response to Missile Threats Arising from the West

Reports of Russian troops 'massing' near Ukraine
miss the mark - A Russia-Ukraine war is possible
but only if Ukraine strikes first

Russian army movements on border with Ukraine not
a precursor of war, Kremlin says, citing need to defend
against NATO buildup

Makers of Sputnik V vaccine warn EU delaying
approval over fear of competition, as Russia sees
'dramatic rise' in domestic demand


North Macedonia launches mass coronavirus
vaccination with Russia's Sputnik V

First large batch of EpiVacCorona vaccine
shipped to 40 Russian regions

Risk to Contract COVID-19 Remains for 3 Weeks
After 2nd Sputnik V Shot, Developer Says

Russia developing conceptual designs
of super-heavy carrier rockets

Whatever Happened to all those Chinese Dead
People in the Streets Images From Wuhan Promised?

Japan Poised To Allow Coast Guard To Fire
On Chinese Vessels In New Legislation

Japan fears Covid variants are behind possible
fourth wave

China urges US to respect China's interests
...not to take superior position

China sent its carrier near Japanese waters because
Tokyo And US encroachment unties Beijing's hands

10 Chinese warplanes, including spy and anti-sub
aircraft, fly over Taiwanese air space – defense ministry


Manila Warns Beijing Its 'Incursions' in South
China Sea Could Trigger 'Unwanted Hostilities'

Woman's body found inside CHARITY BIN
near Queensland mall in alleged 'misadventure'

'It Will Take India 15 Years to Kill Shot Their
Population at Current Pace' Says Delhi Ruling AAP

RDIF, India's Panacea Biotec Agree to Produce
100 Million Sputnik V Doses in India per Year

Students From India's Bihar State Protest
Against Shutdown of Educational Institutions

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Begins
Official Visit to India

India Completes Main Arch of World's
Tallest Bridge on Pakistan's Doorstep

Israeli forces detained 230 Palestinian minors
since January

Pro and anti-Netanyahu protesters square off in
Jerusalem as court hears witnesses in PM's
corruption case for 1st time

'First of Its Kind' Amulet Likely Linked to
Ancient Egyptian Deity Cult Found in Israel


Iran Faces 4th Wave of Covid - Health Ministry

Iran announces arrest of 'Israeli spy' &
others with links to 'several countries'

State Department - US Prepared to Discuss Sanctions
Relief With Iran Guided by Terms of 2015 Deal

Iran Shows Readiness to Work on Parameters
for Returning to Full JCPOA Implementation

Why US Troops Will Never Be Pulled Out Of Syria

Roadside bomb attacks hit US logistics convoys
in central Iraq, Baghdad

Millennials in US turning away from religion
due to rightwing politics

Journalist - Supporting Jill Biden's 'Fishnet Stockings'
by Trashing Model Melania is 'False Equivalence'

Earthquakes of Up to 4.0 Magnitude
Strike Los Angeles Area


Hunter Biden Admits He's Working For
The Chinese Communist party

CBS Powder Pull Hunter Biden Interview Down
grades Scandals to 'Rumors' - Promotes His Book

Ho Harris Hasn't Held News Conference Since
Being Tapped to Address Root Causes of US Border Crisis

(President) Barack Obama Cheers MLB for
Moving the All-Star Game

As Russian Tanks Move Toward Ukraine,
World Braces For World War 3

Elite Have Begn Their Full Scale Execution
Vaccine And Starvation - The Modern Weapons
Of Mass Destruction

Montana Governor Signs Bill Banning Sanctuary
Cities From Enforcing Own Immigration Laws

Trump Refunds $122 Million in Donations
amid Rash of Fraud Complaints

Arrogant Commucrat Rep Says Most Americans
WANT Gas Tax Increase To Help Fund Biden's $2
Trillion Green Scam...Says Most Too Dumb To Notice

SPLC Supports Black Supremacist Ideology Which
Caused Deadly Islamic Vehicular Capitol Attack


Liberal Lawyer Lambasted For Suggesting Many GA
Voters Unable To Correctly Identify Their Own Drivers
License Number

Planned Parenthood now in the business of chemically
castrating adolescents and neutering male children!

Ignored VA Mass Shooting Shows, Again,
Most Mass Shooters Are NOT White

Rep Burgess Owens' Effort to Stop Discrimination
of White Farmers in USDA's $5 Billion Program
Only for 'Non-White Farmers'

Record Warmth Spreads Across Western
Half Of The US

Man convicted of executing NYPD officer put
On panel tasked with reforming NY police!

Biden-Obama Picks The Kamal To Carry the
Carrot and Stick in Central America

The 'Mind Viruses' Creating Social Justice Warriors

Stunning MLB Hypocrisy - Requires Photo ID to
Pick Up All-Star Tickets -- But Boycott Georgia
Over Voter ID Law for Elections

Charles Barkley Says Pols Want Black People
and White People to Hate Each Other So They
Can 'Keep Their Grasp of Money and Power' - Vid


'We're So Stupid Following Our Politicians'
Charles Barkley Unleashes One Minute Of Truth

Two Sub-Animal Black Teen Girl Killers Of Uber
Eats Driver Reportedly Getting A PLEA DEAL !
You Think Two Whites Would Get The Same?

Black Sub-Animal Shoots Mother Of Six Dead
In What's Being Called A 'Road Rage' Event

4 Sub-Animal Blacks Attack And Rob Elderly Asian
Couple, Machete-Wielding Son Emerges From
the House To Save Them - Must Arm All Citizens

Police Defend Decision To 'Intimidate' Polish
Pastor Who Called Them 'Gestapo Nazis' And
Demanded They 'Get Out' Of His Church

Idiot Black Woman shoots at Burger King
employee over drive-thru wait time

Chicago cops Execute allegedly armed
13 Yr Old boy - No Proof He Was Armed Yet

Watch - Dr Ryan Cole confirms Severe Danger Of
Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Reactions
In Vax Kill Shots

C Nelson... hope we have 1 and 2
The Demonic Carnage Of Vaccines - Part 3

Roberts - Coronapocalypse...Big Pharma's
Doomsday Vaccine #666


Tucker - Canada's COVID Internment Camps Violate
'the Most Basic Human Rights'

Canada Sends COVID Positive Travelers to
'Internment' Facilities

WOW - 40% of Americans don't recognize
themselves in the mirror due to 'COVID stress'
What is wrong with people? This Is Incredible

The 'Vaccine' Wasn't Made For COVID
The COVID Disease Was Created For A 'Vaccine'
Once You Understand That, Everything Else
Will Make Perfect Sense...

How wealthy cut in line during FL frenzied
vaccine rollout To Get Kill Shots First!

Encore - FBI Promises To Hunt Down Anyone
Who Lies About Taking COVID Vax - Incredible

'I spent $15,000' - Man arrested at Disney resort
in Florida after refusing temperature check

Twitter Now Claims They 'Mistakenly' Suspended
MTG After 'He Is Risen' Tweet

Zuckerberg's Phone Number Is Among the
Personal Data from 533 MILLION Facebook
Users Leaked by Hackers

Some Moron Just Paid $660,000 For An
Unopened 1986 Copy Of Super Mario Bros


USAF Prepares For Imminent Hypersonic
Missile Test

James Rickards warns that Bitcoin and Tether
cryptocurrencies are a massive, illegal fraud
that will catastrophically collapse

Hedge Fund CIO - 'At Some Point, Through Inflation,
War Or Confiscation, The System Will Restart'

10 YEAR Jail Term For Covid Travel Lies?

'Brutal' Abuse Of Power - Watch UK Police Break Up
'Unlawful Gathering' Easter Service In London

Italy Forces Kill Shots On All Healthcare Workers

Beyond Insane - Spain Passes Law Mandating Face
Masks Even While Swimming In The OCEAN!

UK To Roll Out 'Covid Passports' For Sporting
And Music Events

UK Pub Punters Reportedly Won't Need 'COVID
Status Passports' As NHS App Set For Trials

Researchers Call for Action as New Findings Reveal
Lockdown Has Reduced Brits Sex Drive


German health minister promises to scrap tests
And quarantine for fully vaccinated citizens...
but doesn't say when it will happen

Watch Canadian cops chased out by enraged pastor
after reportedly trying to stop Passover prayer

France, EU Reach Outline of Deal on Air France
Rescue Package, Finance Minister Says

Airline Chiefs Urge UK's BoJo to Resume
Foreign Travel in May, Letter Says

France to Revise Down Economic Growth for 2021
Amid COVID-19 Restrictions - Economy Minister

Riots Erupt In Northern Ireland Amid Brexit
Tensions, COVID Confusion

Number of People Arrested at 'Kill the Bill' Protest
in London on Sat Tops 100 - Video

5 women arrested in France on suspicion of
plotting terrorist attack on religious site
during Easter holidays

Over 20 detained as police use rubber bullets & tear
gas to quell riot in Switzerland - Vid

Russia's Lavrov Warns Of Surging Anti-White
Racism In US


Russian Foreign Ministry Mocks NATO 'Securing
Peace' Motto, Points to Soaring Budget

Luhansk Military Says Civilian Wounded in
Ukraine Drone Attack

Russia urges EU to press Ukraine over child's
death in drone strike

Ukrainian president enforces sanctions on Russian
humanitarian cooperation agency

Ukrainian politicians won't get away with what
they do in Donbass, says Russian lawmaker

France and Germany support Ukraine's sovereignty
amid aggravation in Donbass

Russian gas exports to Europe surge 30% in 2021
as harsh winter forces foreign consumers to boost
energy purchases

Behold The Chinese New Type 100 Class...
Called The 'God Of Submarines'

The Strange China Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon
Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vax

Japan, US to Cooperate in Attempts to Stop
Climate Change, Prime Minister - Lunatics


China mulls new bourse to lure overseas-listed firms

India's soaring demand for gold could boost
price of precious metal

'Like a Miracle' - Israel's Vaccine 'Success' Allows
Easter Crowds in Jerusalem - Sure Thing...'God Bless
Those mRNA Experimental Gene Altering Kill Shots

Satellite Images Reveal Possible New Ballistic
Missile Base in Iran, Report Suggests

Iran Says No 'Direct Or Indirect' Talks With US
In High Stakes Vienna Nuclear Talks

Over 100 Retired Turkish Admirals Sign Letter
in Defense of Montreux Convention

Iraqi Base Hosting US Troops Reportedly Comes
Under Rocket Attack

Jordan's FM - Prince Hamzah Was in Contact With
'Foreign Agencies' to Undermine National Security

Nearly 20 Arrested In Coup Attempt Against
Jordan's King Abdullah

Apocalyptic wind storm hits Qatar - video


Netflix's new anti-fishing film that's being lauded
by celebrities has got more holes in it than a trawler's net

Louis Farrakhan Defends The Holy Names Of
Jesus And Mary - Beautiful Speech

Tucker Shreds 'Low IQ Race-Baiter' AOC
'Who Cares What She Thinks? - Watch

Whitney - You Refuse to Get Vaccinated
but are You Ready to be an Outcast?

'SCROTUS' Joe Claims Raising Taxes Will
'Make the Economy Function Better and
Will Create More Energy' - Huh, How Will It
'Create More Energy'?

Biden's $2.5 Trillion 'infrastructure' plan
includes $20 Billion for 'racial injustice'!

Hunter Biden Has No Recollection of His 'Encounter'
with Stripper with Whom He Fathered a Child

Fauci Grilled on COVID at the Border, Says He's
Too Busy - 'I Have More Important Things to Do'

Border Patrol Is So Overwhelmed Nearly 1000
Invaders A Day Just Walk Right In

CNN Analyst Fears Americans Might 'Enjoy
Freedoms' Without Getting Covid Kill Shots
...This is Over The top Insanity

Iowa governor signs 'constitutional carry'
law Meaning residents may now carry a
firearm without a permit - Bravo


US gun background checks shattered one
month record in March

Buttigieg caught unloading bike from SUV
before riding to work for 'green' photo-op
...They are All Frauds And Phonies

New Plane For The Kamal? Renderings Emerge
of Supersonic Jet That Could Be New Air Force Two

Second Amendment is racially motivated
says ultra left-wing pro-gun group

Netizens Back Trump's Call to Boycott
Baseball After MLB Withdraws From Georgia

Russia Says Biden Regime Is Promoting 'Cultural
Revolution' & 'Aggression Against White People'

Pentagon OKs Third Military Base to House
Unaccompanied Alien Invader Minors Amid
Biden Border Surge

Enduring Terror of Violent Crime Victimhood

Two New Crimes Of Sub-Animals Attacking Elderly
White Drivers In Carjacking cases

Another One - Black Attacks Asian Store As
Black War On Asian Americans Ramps Up - Vid


Black Panthers Members Enter Asian Nail
Salon in Milwaukee -- Threaten, Harass and
Terrify Asian Workers and Customers - Vid

Asian American man assaulted in unprovoked
Central Park attack - Authorities Won't Release
Race Of Attacker - One Guess...

Recall against Marxist Seattle City Council
member allowed to proceed

'Wokies' looking to disallow conservatives
From Being police officers

Epstein Threatened To Feed His Victim To
Alligators & Raped Her In front Of His 8 Yr Old Son

As Newsom Faces Recall, CA COVID Cases
Suddenly Plummet - Indoor Bans Lifted

FBI Promises To Hunt Down Anyone Who Lies
About Taking COVID Vax As Passports Loom

Karry Mullis, Inventor Of PCR Test, Said Fauci
Is A Liar With An 'Agenda' - And That His PCR
Test Is Useless In Determining Clinical Infections

Former Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon
on Experimental COVID Injections - 'I Have Absolutely
no Doubt that we are in the Presence of Evil'

Cornell University Will Require Covid-19 Kill Shots
For Staff and Students Returning For Fall Semester

Sloan Kettering Finds That mRNA Vax inactivates
tumor-suppressing proteins (P53) meaning it can
promote cancer - Watch For Mass Cancers Soon

Hawaii Unveils COVID Passports For
All Inter-Island Travel

Uh-Oh - Poll Claims Nearly Half of Americans
Think 'Vaccine Passports' Are A 'Good Idea'
...Dumber Than Rocks

Naomi Wolf - 'Vaccine Passports' Are the
'End of Human Liberty in the West'

As We've Warned - Expect Another Bioweapon
To Be Unleashed If Not Enough People Take
The Covid Kill Shot

VT says only blacks can receive Covid Kill Shot
...Unless They're Over 50


Students At Florida High School Warned They
Will Be 'Re-Educated' If Caught Not Wearing A Mask

Russian Registers First Kill Shot 'Vax' For Animals

Professor Says COVID-19 Will be Like a 'Fond
Caress' in Comparison to Next Pandemic - What
Does He know?

6000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths
1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020

AstraZeneca Jab Is Killing People And The
Communist Media Is Covering It Up

CENSORED - Dr. Peter McCullough, MD testifies
How Successful Home Treatments for COVID Make
Experimental Gene-Altering Vaccines Unnecessary

The Truth Comes Out - Covid Kill Shots DO
Alter Your Genetic Material

Banned Videos of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated
Children Restored on Health Impact News Site
ALL Vaccines Can Damage Children For Life

International Pandemic Treaty Pushed
by WHO – As Stepping Stone?

More Than 25% Of US COVID Deaths Have
Occurred on Biden's Watch


Kansas GOP Lawmakers Overturn Dem
Governor's Mask Mandate

According to Science and Recent Data, NOBODY
in the US Needs to Wear a Mask, Social Distance,
Stay at Home or Keep Their Business Closed

Church Official Orders Cops To LEAVE - Vid
Wake Up From COVID - Clip of the month

533 Million Facebook Users Had Private
Information Leaked Today, Zuckerberg
Knew In January And Did Nothing


Apple Knowingly Sold Defective Macbook Pros
Says California Judge

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News 4-3-21 #295

LA Port Chief Implores Importers To Speed
Cargo Pickup As Congestion Crisis Worsens

Suez Canal Authority Says Shipping
Backlog Cleared

Dollar weight could halve if China enacts
new forex policies - Economist

Incoming major Arctic cold blast across Europe
is a new threat for global food supply chain

Black Lives Matter Rainbow Statue Is Torn
Down in Budapest 24 Hrs After Put on Display

Antifa in London - 'kill cops'

Police Arrest Protesters As Canadians Take To
Streets Demanding End To Unscientific, Useless,
Stupid Psychologically Abusive Lockdowns

Nurse publicly resigns saying it's 'all lies'
And the NHS is overrun


Italy enters 3-day Easter lockdown amid
vaccination snags

Austria can 'return to normal' in summer, Sputnik V
can speed up vaccination program if Vienna buys it

Netherlands Latest To Halt AstraZeneca Jab
As Australia Admits 'Likely' Blood-Clot Link

UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca COVID
Shots as Other Nations Have – 95 New Deaths
Recorded Just this Week in the UK Following

Companies Could Enforce 'No Jab, No Job'
Under UK Vaccine Passport Plans

Danish Vaccine Passport App 'Will Cause
Domino Effect' Across Europe

Covid Passports To Be Trialed At Major
UK Events In April & May

How Close Is The UK To Herd Immunity?

Toxic Chemicals Found In Some Face masks

Pseudo-Epidemic in France and Sweden as
Deaths Drop Below Average


Ireland Opens More Testing Centres For People
With NO SYMPTOMS! - The SWABs are
Inoculating The Innocent With Nanotech

Former NHS Boss Warns of 'Truly Frightening Backlog'
of Health Care Amid COVID Pandemic

Anti-Lockdown Group Stages Protest in Stuttgart
as Germany Braces for Third Coronavirus Wave

Why Is Africa the Global COVID 'Cold Spot'
and Why Are We Afraid to Talk About It?

What Would a Focused Protection
Strategy Have Looked Like?

German Defence Minister Cites 'Russia's
Behavior' to Justify Boosting Military Spending

Globalist Punk Justin Trudeau accused of 'anti-Christian'
bias after failing to refer to 'Easter' in holiday message

London Thug Cops Shut Down Good Friday Service at
Polish Church With Threat of Fines or Arrest - Vid

'Kill the Bill' - Londoners march against proposed
law that would give police more powers to crack
down on public protests - Watch

EU Welcomes US Move to Scrap Trump-Era
ICC Sanctions


15 Police Officers Injured During Violent Unionist
Riot in Belfast Over Post-Brexit Trade - Vid

UK Labour Candidate Reportedly Calls Flying
Union Flag 'a Move From the Fascist Playbook'

Moron Biden Condemns 'Russian Aggression' In
Ukraine In First Call With President Zelensky

Kremlin says situation along engagement
line in Donbass frightening

Understanding anti-Putin PsyOp - Preparing for war

Five yr old killed in DPR in Ukrainian drone strike

Ukraine approves China's Sinovac COVID-19
vaccine as cases hit new record high

Russia, China Uphold Rules-Based Order
In Spite of Western Roguery

Russian Military Satellite Breaks Up Over
Pacific, US Air Force Reports

In Kazakhstan, twenty-five convicted pedophiles
have been chemically castrated by court order
just this year, official reveals


China Prepares for War with US Over Taiwan

Over 100 whales to be killed in Japan as
controversial commercial whaling season Starts

Australian Blood Clot Case Likely Not Linked to
AstraZeneca Kill Shot Claims 'Leading Epidemiologist'
Of Course Not !

Ex-Australian Minister Tom Kenyon Urges to Cut
China Ties, Likens Xi Jinping to Mao Zedong

Argentine president positive for CV after Sputnik V
shot but Doctors Say 'he will recover swiftly'

Australian-British received Israeli training for
spying in Iran, analyst affirms

Israel demolishes 26 Palestinian structures
displaces some 3 dozen Palestinians - UN

US Reportedly Brings Convoy Loaded With
Military Equipment, Ammo to Base in Syrian Oil Field

Nearly $76 Billion of Yemen's oil, gas revenues
looted in six years of Saudi-led war

Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Destroyed Houthis
Explosive-Laden Boat in Red Sea


The Metaphysical Effects of a
Magnetic Pole Reversal

Groundbreaking Investigation Finds Alarming
Levels of Arsenic, Lead and Toxic Chemicals
in US Tap Water

Classic Find Of The Century - Rare 1955 Porsche
550 Spyder Found In SoCal Shipping Container

Ex teacher pleads guilty to over 300 counts
of video voyeurism

Scientists Create a New Type of a Glue
Using Magnetic Effects

Are you ready for this week's absurdity?


Icke - Vaccine Depopulation - Must Watch

We are to be stamped and (branded) like
livestock As communist Kabbalist Biden Plans
Vaccine Passports

Divide And Conquer Is Now Fully In Play In US

Biden Is Going To Get Us All Killed
...Prepare For WW3

The Kamal Breaks Campaign Promises Regarding
Gun Control Legislation But Is Happily Releasing
Dangerous Criminals Onto Our Streets

Russia Warns Of Increasing US 'Anti-White Racism'

Sidney Powell's Defense Dominates Dominion

NJ Gov Phil Murphy Tempts Hollywood Studios
Away from Georgia, Citing Voter Integrity Law

Apple CEO Tim Cook Joins Corporate
Chorus Attacking Georgia Voting Law

Coca-Cola Faces Harsh Backlash After
CEO Blasts Georgia Election Laws


Arkansas State Senate Passes Bill Banning
Enforcement of Federal Gun Control Laws

Digitalization and Mind Control... Prerequisites
For Total Dictatorship

Tucker - Biden-Obama Raises Your Taxes
While He Dodges His Own - Watch

Biden-Obama Admin Looking Into Legal Authority
To Cancel All Student Debt...What if You Paid Off
Your Student Debt?

Goodbye (Fake) War On Terror...
Hello (Fake) Permanent Pandemic

Leftists Assume Capitol Attacker Is White Trump
Supporter - Turns Out He's A Black Supremacist

Insurrection - Noah Green Called US Govt 'The #1
Enemy Of Black People' Prior To His Capitol Attack

'Can't Get Into Our Capitol but People Can Get
Into Your Country' - Biden Attacked for Border Policies

Border Arrests in March Reported at Two Decade High

Hunter Biden Says 'Laptop From Hell' Could
'Absolutely' Be His, Blames Thieves, Russian Spies


No, It Is Not Trump's Space Force

The Rabid Left Comes For 'Oppressor' Obama

Michael Obama's 'pandemic is great blessing'
comment reveals she sees the poor as character
building fodder for the privileged

Kneeling on person's neck considered 'deadly'
force, longest serving Minneapolis PD officer
testifies in Chauvin trial

10 radical New Rules That Are Changing America

Another One - Pioneer of the 'Woke' Ideology
Turns Out to Be a Serial Rapist of Young Boys

Portland Police 'Can't Keep Up' With
Violent Crime After City Defunds Police

Gates Plan To Dim The Sun Is Called Off...For Now

Elementary school teacher arrested
for soliciting sex from 2 year old

Number of COVID Vaccine Injuries REPORTED
to VAERS Surpasses 50,000 - (May Be 10x That)


Communist CNN 'Medical Expert' & CDC Suggest
All Americans 'Freedoms' Be Restricted Until They
Take The Kill Shots

6,000% Increase in Reported Vaccine Deaths
In 1st Quarter 2021 Compared to 1st Quarter 2020

DeSantis Issues EO Banning Vax Passports - Bravo!

Ready, steady, STAY! Confusion as Screwball CDC
director tells Americans NOT TO TRAVEL after her
agency clears The vaccinated for traveling

Left Wing Journalists Say Conservative White
Evangelicals Are Causing 'Vaccine Resistance'

Fauci Says US May Not Need AstraZeneca
Vaccine Even If It's Approved

Covid DIRTY DEADLY Kill Shots and the coinciding
spike in blood disorders, allergies and autism

41 Yr Old Woman Suffers Unbearable Burning
Red Rash On Body From AstraZeneca Kill Shot

Lockdowns Put Kids at Risk of Allergies,
Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases

Sunlight Destroys COVID 8x Faster Than
Scientists Believed, Study Shows


Sunlight renders coronavirus inactive 8 TIMES
faster than predicted, says new study

Study reveals trick coronavirus uses to evade
immune system, which may help upgrade vaccines
against new variants - More Kill Shots!

COVID Mutations May Cause 'Devastating' New Flare
Up & Render Vaccines Ineffective, Scientists Warn

Mysterious New Brain Disease Being
Investigated In Canada

Jesus Lived And Died In A Police State

The Minds of Plants

Chile UFO - Big 'thing' seen by many
neighbors flying slowly above large lake

USAF Bomber Chief Dismisses Army's Ground
Based Missile Push as 'Expensive' and 'Stupid'

Democrats Seek 'Recurring Stimulus Check'
Or Universal Basic Income

Cryptos Near $2 Trillion Market Cap As Bitcoin,
Ethereum Surge Above Key Levels


March Jobs Soar By 916K, Smashing Expectations

Peter Schiff - Biden Infrastructure Plan Will
Weaken The Economy And Destroy Opportunity

Mortgage firms warned to prepare for
'tidal wave' of distress

Caught Between A 'Roaring 20s' Rock
And A 'Liquidity Crisis' Hard-Place

The US and China tensions - rare earth minerals

GDP Hides The Damage From COVID-19 Lockdowns

Big Oil Beats NYC Appeal On Climate Change Lawsuit

Suez Authority Mulls Canal Widening After
Ever Given Incident

UK Refuses to Suspend AstraZeneca Kill Shots
as Other Nations Have – 95 More Deaths Recorded
this Week in the UK Following AZ COVID Shots

BoJo ripped for saying fully vaxed people still can't
meet indoors because jabs don't give'100% protection'


'No time to wait' - French economy minister lashes out
at Germany for delaying approval of EU coronavirus
relief plan

George Galloway Slams SNP's 'Drink-Soaked
Pan-Sexual Fumblings' in Good Friday Tweet

The takedown of the Union Jack is a lesson in
the moral cowardice of Britain's cultural elite

WHO chiding EU for 'unacceptably slow' Covid
jabs is a win for nationalist parties

'New world order?' - Creepy video of celebs promoting
'health seal' worth thousands of dollars raises eyebrows

'The answer is NO!' - 71 Year Old German minister
rejects AZ jab, says He won't be 'patronized' by
younger health minister

German Health Minister Plans Consultations on
Replacing Second AstraZeneca Shot for Under-60s

Netherlands suspends use of AZ Covid jab among
under-60s 'as a precaution' after woman's death

Rostov region shows more military vehicles moving West
Tension Building Between Ukraine And Separatist East

Biden Condemns 'Russian Aggression' In Ukraine
In First Belated Call With President Zelensky


Moscow warns of 'measures' against any Western
troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees
of US support in a conflict

FSB says Ukrainian extremist collaborator plotted
to terrorize Central Asians in Altai

Over 50 battalion tactical groups to fight
enemy drones in southern Russia drills

Russian Navy aircraft hold bombing exercise in Baltic

Kremlin - Putin Has No Side Effects 10 Days After
Vaccination Against Coronavirus

EU Infighting Over Vaccine Supplies Intensifies
As France, Germany Turn To Russia

EU 'Indirectly Forcing' Prague to Buy
Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine, PM Says

Russia's Gamaleya Institute to Test Antibody
Based COVID-19 Drug on People Late in 2021

Russia's Sputnik V formula could be updated to
protect against new coronavirus variants in just
two days using new gene technology

Several Countries Will Accelerate Sputnik V
Production in April, RDIF CEO Tells President Putin


Vax In S Korea - Only Those With The
Vaccine Passport Can Live 'Daily Lives'

Mt Fuji more dangerous than previously thought

China seeks to vaccinate entire city against
Covid-19 in just five days after outbreak

Taiwan train crash - 50 killed, 146 hurt in collision
with runaway truck

Candlelit vigils & 'flower strikes': Anti-coup
protests continue in Myanmar as military
moves to cut internet - Photos

Venezuelan Defence Minister Claims US and
Colombia Behind Guerrilla Border Raids

Israeli settlers escalate raids on al-Aqsa
compound in recent days

Biden-Obama quietly restoring US cash
flow to Palestinians

Breakthrough US-Iran Nuclear Talks Will Finally
Be Held Tuesday In Vienna

Iraqi Militant Group Vows to Continue Attacks
on US Forces Until They Leave The Country


DC Dave - 'Moderna' (song parody)

Signs Of Big Quakes are all over The Planet

Terrifying 1582 solar storm that caused great
fire in the sky will happen again this century
and nobody is ready for it

NASA and ESA release spectacular updated Hubble
image of Veil Nebula

The Struggle of Temptation - 'Christ in the Wilderness'

Making Choices Out of Fear

Eye Tracking Can Reveal an Unbelievable
Amount of Information About You

Fauci Admits COVID Vaccine May Not Be Safe

Blacks Attack Asians on NYC Public Transportation
and Public Streets and People Do Not Intervene

Videos Of Black Attacks On Asians In NYC Shock
As Bystanders Do Nothing To Help victims

Vancouver Patriot Uses Bullhorn To Warn Public
'No Need To Question Authority, Everything On TV
Is Always The Truth!’ Bicyclist Can’t Take The Truth...

Watch - Smart Gen Z Woman Sarcastically States
Her Favorite Parts Of The Unelected Pedo Biden
Puppet Presidency So Far

Freedom Should Be Taken Away To Force Americans
To Get An Experimental, Deadly DNA Changing Vax

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Intros Legislation
to Fire Dr. Fauci, Ban Vaccine Passports

Hero Veteran Ashli Babbitt's Husband Releases
First Statement Three Months After She was
Murdered By BLM Communist STASI Agent

Biden Passes Alzheimer’s Test With Flying Colors,
Silencing Doubters – Smile

Biden enlists NASCAR, Planned Parenthood & other
‘trusted messengers’ to help convince Americans to Take
Their Covid Kill Shots - If Enough Refuse, Watch For
Another, far more deadly, BioWeapon To Be Released


Day Trump Panicked and Wrecked His Presidency

Trump Blasts Biden's Tax Hike As 'Globalist Betrayal’
Calling Patriots To DC On January 6 And Not Giving
Them ALL A blanket Pardon is a ‘Globalist Betrayal'

Biden-Obama’s Child Invaders Held in Dirt-Floored
Open-Air Pens Under Texas Bridge - Vid

Invader ‘Kids’ In Camps Engaging in
Sexual Activity Sent to Hotels with
Unvetted Caregivers (Pedos, Pervs)

New Biden-Obama Migrant Caravan Starts Its
Journey From Honduras To US Border

Unelected Corpse Biden Press Sec Fails To
Point To Any Concrete Measures Biden Is
Taking To Combat Border Invaders

Montana Bans ‘Sanctuary Cities’ For Invaders

Hordes Of Invaders Are Using The Border Wall’s
Unfinished Sections To Pour Into US, Media Says

Record-Setting 150,000 Aliens Arrested at
Southern Border in March

Moron Anti-Trump Doctor Blames Violence by
Blacks Against Asians...on White People


Tragic, Yet Highly Informative Emails From Targeted
Individuals (TIs) Show How It Is Being Done

Bloomberg Reporter Gets Photo of unelected
pedophile Joe's Official Daily Schedule

George Floyd's Girlfriend Says He Was With
Drug Dealer Before Arrest, Thought She Would
Die After Popping Pills With Floyd

Grassley, Johnson Seek Intel Records On
Hunter Biden's Chinese Business Associates

She Said Seize Zimbabwe? Netizens in Stitches
as Jill Biden Butchers Popular Spanish Phrase

Biden-Installed Head of Environmental
Regulator Plans to Purge Agency of
Trump Appointees

Hillary Clinton Calls to Lift Senate Filibuster
'for Constitutional Matters'

Cuomo Praises Himself as Most Accomplished
Governor of This Generation, Reports Say

Cuomo Ordered Aides To Conceal Nursing Home
Death Numbers While He Negotiated His $4 Million
Dollar Book Deal - NYT

‘Nightmare’ - Los Angeles DA 'To Dissolve Or
Downsize’ Police Hardcore Gangs and Major
Narcotics Units


Pandemic leading to more gun sales in US
and more threats to shoot abuse victims

Confederate statues at heart of Charlottesville
clash CAN be removed, VA Supreme Court rules

CA Shooter Identified, 9 Year Old Victim
Died In Mother's Arms

23 Yr Old Black Female Demon Charged With Killing
93 Yr Old White Woman In Her Apartment - The
Hoax Of Black Victimization Fading Fast

Andy Ngô - 'New evidence in case against father
And son in Georgia accused of murdering Ahmaud
Arbery show that Arbery had history of claiming to
be a jogger to cover for His Crimes

What Do You Think Of Greta Thunburg’s
Plastic Garbage Filled Tesla? - Watch

Idiot VT Prof - 'I stand by my anti-whiteness Video'

Cop Pleads With Other Cops saying They MUST stand
DOWN when they are issued unconstitutional
Covid Arrest Orders

NBA Miami Heat Opens 'Vaccinated Only' Section
For Basketball Fans But Masks Are Still Mandatory!

‘Covid’ Vax Is a Weapon of Mass Destruction


Fauci Rejects CDC Director's 'Impending Doom’
View Of Pandemic - (One Fraud Calls Another Out)

15 million J&J COVID Vaccines Thrown Away
After Ingredient 'Mix-Up' With AstraZeneca

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Robbed Teen of A ‘Happy’
Life, Lawsuit Alleges - Many Teens Died

Darkest day In US History - US nears evil
milestone closes in on 100 Million lethal injections

withholding of known remedies is a crime
of magnitude by government

Doctor explains why vax passports are dangerous

Ya Gotta See This - Google Search Lists Fentanyl
Suicider George Floyd As 'American hip-hop artist'

I can’t believe it’s not April Fools! - Five times
the media’s BS went beyond parody this year

Google cancels April Fools - celebrates
‘fact-checking (Censorship) day’ instead

Facebook disinformation ‘biggest challenge’ to
tackling Covid – Papua New Guinea minister


Microsoft's New (backdoor) Chip Development
Centre Secretly Launched in Israel, Reports Say

Russia to make Northern Sea Route cheaper than
Suez Canal as country seeks to benefit from
Ever Given blockage & climate change

Ever Given’s owner and charterer facing
$1 billion in damages from Suez Canal Authority

S&P 500 Surges Above 4,000, Bonds Bid,
Dollar Skids To Start The Quarter

Trump hotel chain to take over ‘Putin’s Palace’
Trump plans glitzy, gold-themed resort on Russia’s
sunny south coast

Will Biden's Spending Spree Shake Confidence
In The World's Reserve Currency?

US Dollar's Status As Dominant 'Global Reserve
Currency' Drops To 25 Year Low

Ford Warns Of Continued Production Halts
Through Mid-April As Chip Shortage Worsens

US Dollar Status As Dominant 'Global Reserve
Currency' Drops To 25 Year Low

31 Cases Of Blood Clots In Brain From AstraZeneca
COVID Kill Shot Reported By Germany


‘Nul Jabs!’ - EU Trade Commissioner Escalates
COVID-19 Vaccine War With UK

The Spanish COVID Rouge Gives Up on Plan
to Make Tourists Wear Face Diapers on the Beach

Finnish Govt Backs Down on Lockdown Plan
as Movement Restrictions Ruled Unconstitutional

France's Le Pen Against Macron's Toughened
Strategy to Tackle Coronavirus Pandemic

'Clock ticking’ - WHO chief urges 'enlightened world
leaders' to step up and donate crucial Covid vaccine
doses to poorer nations - (Kill ‘Em All Off)

WHO criticizes Euro for ‘unacceptably slow’ rollout
of Covid-19 Kill shots ‘prolonging the pandemic’

Optimistic health minister says France may reach
Covid peak in ‘7 to 10 days,’ as PM warns third wave
is ‘hitting us hard’ - (Sickeningly humorous)

German care association calls for urgent Covid-19
lockdown as country risks running out of ICU beds

Thousands to attend Eurovision song contest in the
Netherlands in so-called ‘field lab’ Covid trial

The cruelties we have inflicted on children under
Covid are inhuman and immoral, we’re devastating
a whole generation - (That’s the PLAN, of course)


Met Police officer convicted on terrorism charge
for membership of banned Neo-Nazi group

Her Majesty’s useful idiot? Integrity Initiative-linked
Scots Nats MP demands London spy agencies probe
Russian ‘disinformation’

Russia Requires Phones, Devices to Have
Russian Software Preinstalled

Kremlin Responds To Anger Over Ukraine Border
Build-Up - 'Our Internal Troop Movements Are Not
Your Concern’ Says Ukraine Government

Lavrov - Russia Hopes Outsiders Will Not Push
Ukraine Into a New War

Russia's RDIF Says Agreement Reached to Produce
100 Million Doses of Sputnik V Vaccine in China

We aren’t refusing new talks with NATO, Russian
FM Lavrov insists, ‘but we don’t just want to sit
there and hear about Ukraine’

Warships & submarines entering zone of Nord
Stream 2 pipeline in ‘planned & prepared
provocations’ to obstruct work, says operator

Controversial Russian mercenary group linked
to ‘grave human rights abuses’ in Central African
Republic, new UN probe claims

China’s CanSinoBIO says its vaccine may be less
effective over time but ‘booster shot’ improves its
efficacy to over 90%


US Approach Toward North Korea Must
Be in Lockstep With Allies, State Dept Says

Australia Engaging in 'Strategic Planning’ With
US in Case of Chinese Offensive Against Taiwan

US is lagging behind China on infrastructure And
Biden’s $2 Trillion plan is no solution – because
America only ever spends big on wars

NASA alters its Mars project page after Chinese
media spot Taiwan listed as a country & hint at
mass boycott

Hong Kong convicts 7 activists, including tycoon
Jimmy Lai, of unlawful assembly over 2019 protests

China's State Propaganda Group Boasts Control
Over Western Think Tanks, 'Election Integrity’
Groups And Even Biden's National Security Team

Melbourne man hospitalized with blood clots
after AstraZenica Kill Shot

Pakistan U-turns on resuming trade with India,
says New Delhi must restore special status of
disputed Kashmir first

Biden removes Venezuela-related
sanctions on Italian oil firm

Papers reveal US-backed Brazil’s role in
installing and supporting Pinochet in Chile


Biden Orders Pentagon to Remove Patriots,
Forces Out of Persian Gulf Region, Reports Suggest

UFOs Engage US Navy War Ships
(Again) FOIAs Reveal

Senator Marco Rubio Concerned About
UFOs Near Military Bases

Spy Agencies Blocking Data, UFO Report
To Congress Will Be Delayed?

UFO Lands Near Missile Base
Affects Radio Transmissions
Strike Team Dispatched!

Joe Biden Nearly Slips Going up Steps
to Board Air Force One - Vid

Only 4,300 Tune in to Watch Biden Speak on His
$2.25 Trillion Infrastructure Bill That Spends
Only $157 Billion on Roads, Bridges, Airports

Hunter Biden Helped Lobby for ANOTHER
Corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch

Hunter, Who Actually Posted Biden Family Porn,
Says Trump Is 'A Vile Man On A Vile Mission'

Some idiot Democrats Concerned Their
'Voting Rights' Bill Might Be Racist

US Heading Into Totalitarian Regime Domination

'Beyond farce' - CNN Actually states there's 'no
consensus criteria' to determine child's sex at birth!

Watch - 'Infuriating' that The Kamal Cackler
Laughed off remote learning

Netizens Slam The Kamal for Cackling
When Asked Serious Questions

Biden Scraps Plans To Back Elizabeth Warren's
Wealth Tax As Green New Deal Cost To Pass $3T


Senate GOP Leader McConnell Says He Won't
Support Biden's Infrastructure Plan Over Tax Hikes

Cuomo Signs Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
in New York (keep 'em stoned And He'll Skate)

Convicted Black Felon Arrested For Brutal
Kicking Stomping Attack On Elderly Asian Woman

Little Invader Girl Lost Her Voice After
Brutal Gang Rape While Answering
Biden's Open Borders Invitation

Infant Tossed into Rio Grande by Human
Smugglers Rescued by Texas Rangers

Dean Henderson On The Nephilim Crown And
The Family Bloodlines Who Control The World

Kyle Rittenhouse's Mom Says Lin Wood Told Her
Kyle Should Stay In Jail to Avoid Post-Election Unrest

Gaetz Reveals Possession of Documents that
Confirm His Disclosure of an Extortion Scheme
by Former DOJ Official

Incredible - Oxford University Academics Say
Teaching Sheet Music is 'White Supremacy'

Huh? Not being racist is ALSO racist, says
Dictionary in defining 'Color-Blind'


Pit Bull Kills 3 Yrd Old NJ Toddler - NO REASON
For this Breed To Exist - It Should Be Eliminated

First 9 Months Of 2020 - Pit Bulls killed 31 people
in the US and Canada - Killed Someone every 9 Days
On Average, 16 Killed By Their Own Family Pit Bulls

Tips for Avoiding or Surviving a Pit Bull Attack

Encore - Former Pfizer VP admits he believes
the 'vaccines' are for depopulation

Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID-19
after being fully vaccinated

Naomi Wolf - Vaccine passports spell
'the end of human liberty'

Marjorie Taylor Greene blasts COVID vaccine
passports - They Are 'Biden's mark of the beast'

Vast Majority Of The World Population Has
Eagerly Embraced A Giant Fraud & Deception

MSM Has Officially Declared There's A
'FOURTH WAVE' Of Covid - Uhh...Where?

The great Covid power grab - Why world
leaders push for a post WW2-style 'Pandemic
Treaty' must be resisted


UEFA scraps 30% limit of audience attendance
for 2020 Euro Cup matches

Top Hospital Doctor - Deadly Blood Clots Caused by
COVID-19 Kill Shot Vax - Nothing Else Can Explain Why
People Have All Had Such A Fatal Immune Response

CDC Data Shows Almost Twice As Many Vax
Related Deaths in First 3 Months of 2021 than
ALL Vax Deaths Combined over Past TEN YEARS

Disposable Blue Face Mask Have Asbestos Like
Substance That Destroys Human Lungs

WI Supreme Court strikes down mask mandate

Over 100 Fully Vaccinated People in WA State
Test Positive for COVID

Horror - Man's skin peels off after getting Kill Shot

Germany Restricts AstraZeneca to Over-60s
Everyone Else Will Be Getting mRNA

Vax Passport - Mark Of The Beast In Our Faces

Why The 'Satan Shoes' Story Is So Important


Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine 100% effective in
12-15 yr old children, company announces

WHO says Sinopharm and Sinovac Covid
vaccines have efficacy levels compatible
with its requirements

'But Dr. Fauci Says...'

About 0.1% of fully vaccinated people in Moscow
contract novel coronavirus

Russian watchdog sees no need for sweeping
pet vaccination against COVID-19

They Always Tells Us In Advance...Olympics London 2012
The closing ceremony - supposedly A tribute to The UK
National Health Service...OR WAS IT? - Watch

The 2012 Olympics With the giant black figure
and All the hospital beds - What Do YOU Think?

Facebook Scrubs Trump Interview With
Daughter-In-Law, Threatens New Restrictions

Americans Wake Up - Outlaw Technocrats
Are Stealing Our Democracy

Conservative host Steven Crowder claims
voter fraud on YouTube, gets restricted &
demonetized, in the latest blow from Big Tech


YouTube Blocks Russia's RT Arabic

Harmful content not 'fault of faceless machines'
Facebook VP Nick Clegg says while blaming
users for 'polarizing' content

Not bots, comedians! Amazon reportedly recruited
Twitter army of employees with 'great sense of humor'
to defend company

Here We Go Again: 'Russian Hackers' Reportedly
Suspected of Stealing US State Department Emails

Hacker Group With Alleged Ties to Iran Targeted
25 Medical Researchers in US, Israel, Watchdog Says

Ancient Maya Artifacts Look EXACTLY Like
Evidence of Alien ET Contact

'Largely As Expected' - Goldman Recaps
Biden's Infrastructure Plan

'Strong in Face of Adversity' - Huawei's
Sales on Rise Despite US Sanctions

Maersk 'Suspends' Many Short-Term
Bookings As Suez Backup Strains Capacity

One bitcoin will be worth a Lamborghini by year
end...and a Bugatti by 2023 - Kraken CEO


Crypto Flash-Crashes Overnight, Goldman
Joins Morgan Stanley On Bitcoin Bandwagon

Volkswagen Says 'Bogus' Name Change That
Popped Stock 5% Was 'April Fool's Joke'

Influential UK Standards Watchdog Targets Cameron's Greensill Lobbying

Germany's Merkel, France's Macron & Russia's
Putin use video call to discuss potential cooperation
over Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine

Germany Restricts AstraZeneca to Over-60s
Everyone Else Will Be Getting mRNA

EU fights to speed up Covid vaccine rollout
with delivery of 107 million doses by end of March

Most of Sweden 'very vulnerable' as govt delays
easing of Covid measures by 3 weeks after worst
infection day this year

NATO Pushes For Creation Of
'Democratic Resilience Center'

As London seeks to boost military spending,
Telegraph obliges with ludicrous claims that
Russia has military advantage over NATO

As UK Admits To Dirty Bomb Threat,
Terrorist Expert Says 'You Can Never Say Never'


As Germans flirt with idea of first Green
chancellor, a key opposition figure warns
of the party's 'cultural Marxist' agenda

Germany drops probe against ex-Nazi guard
deported from US, after he refuses to be questioned

EU Commission takes Poland to Europe's
top court in bid to 'protect independence'
of country's judges

Contested Greta Thunberg Statue Unveiled at UK
'University of the Woke' With No Official Ceremony

Official - Brits are NOT racist... and the woke are
outraged as it ruins the narrative around which they've
built an entire industry

France Headed For New National Lockdown
As COVID Cases Surge

All schools should shut, says Paris mayor
with 20,000 students forced home because
of Covid, as Macron set to update nation

Man With Chainsaw who 'had enough of lockdown'
wrestled to ground outside Slovenian parliament

'Not Funny, Abuse of Power' - Netizens Slam Mumbai
Police For Making Unmasked People Squat-Walk

Russian economy on the rebound, Putin says


Moscow expresses disgust after US general
turned arms industry lobbyist Ben Hodges
says no Russians died in WW2, only Ukrainians

Biden's Ukrainian 'Putin Push' May
Lead To World War III

Russian diplomats expelled from Rome amid
reports Italy has arrested military officers on
charges of secretly spying for Moscow

China's Military Preparing for US Intervention
in Taiwan Strait

Beijing Rejects Critical WHO Report, Insists
COVID 'Lab Leak Theory' Has Been Ruled Out

Chinese Foreign Ministry calls on WHO to
address possible coronavirus leaks from US labs

Beijing accuses BBC of spreading fake news and blasts
reporter for 'running' from China as Xinjiang citizens
plot legal action

BBC China correspondent John Sudworth
'relocates' to Taiwan

Chinese city on Myanmar border imposes
week-long lockdown in response to new
coronavirus cluster

Pakistan Lifts Sanctions on Trade With India
as 'Secret Peace Roadmap' Continues to Take Shape


Jakarta police shoot woman 'with ISIS beliefs' in
gun battle days after suicide bombers attack church

'Not Funny, Abuse of Power' - Netizens Slam Mumbai
Police For Making Unmasked People Squat-Walk

Maduro Accuses West of 'Envy Attack' Against
Russian-Made COVID Vaccine

Russia, Venezuela Signed 12 Documents in Military,
Financial, Energy Spheres, President Maduro Says

Israeli Woman Warns - Most 'Vaccinated' Are Forced,
Human Rights Violated – We Are Captives – Today Israel
...Tomorrow It Will Be Your Country - Watch

Netanyahu's Iran Obsession Real Fear
or Political Tool?

Hacker Group With Alleged Ties to Iran Targeted
25 Medical Researchers in US, Israel, Watchdog Says

Nasrallah - Zionist-American axis still harboring
'Nile to Euphrates' dream

Lavrov says Russia supports full restoration
of Iran nuclear deal in its initial form

Assad calls slide in Syria pound 'foreign plot'
urges nation to back state


US report raises alarm over Saudi royals
disappearance but leaves MBS name out

'Coup attempt' thwarted in Niger amid
elections dustup

US Receives $335 Mln From Sudan in
Compensation for Attacks

Wayne Dupree - Goodbye, America...nearly 250 years
of being the most free And prosperous nation in history
were wondrous And amazing

Dr. Lorraine Day MD Wraps It ALL Up - From The
Covid Lie To Communism - Watch - Start At 3:50

Infrastructure Plan a 'Huge Power Grab'
And 'Tremendous Waste' Experts Say

Biden-Obama puts Susan Rice in charge of effort
to expand mail-in voting - So simple to rig

Creeper Biden - 'I'm Reiterating My Call...
To Maintain and Reinstate The Mask Mandate!'

Biden's dog just bit another person at the
White House – Brain Issues Like His Owner

Feeble Joe Biden Will Not Be Throwing Out First
Pitch on Opening Day for Washington Nationals

McConnell Responds to Speculation He's
Leaving Senate - 'Not Going Anywhere'

New York Times Begins to Doxx Derek Chauvin
Jurors as Murder Case Falls Apart

Cardinal Burke floats 'excommunication' for Biden
over his 'aggressive' abortion promotion


Hillary Declares 'Shameless' Republicans
Are 'Gun Worshipers'

Digitalisation and Mind Control - 'The Prerequisites
For Total Dictatorship'

PP is getting into the TRANS business - Will Be
Offering Young People Hormone Therapy

Biden responds to violence against Asians with
Covid-19 'equity task force' and expanded
language options

Videos of new Brutal attacks on Asians in NYC
shock audiences as bystanders seen idly watching

Elderly Asian Woman Attacked On NY Street
Security Guard Responds By Closing Door

Zionist Payment Processor 'Stripe' Bans
Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer
Cutting Her Off From GOP Funds

Arkansas legislature passes bill to ban puberty
blockers, sex-change surgery for minors

Patriot G. Gordon Liddy, victim of a Zionist frame up,
unrepentant Watergate operative dies at 90

Suit Names Israeli Mossad employee Jeffrey
Epstein And Ghislaine Maxwell and alleges
actions sinister even by his standards


After Losing to 14 year old Boys, US Women's
Soccer Team Wants the MEN'S Pay

ABC Loves 'Satan Shoes' & Promotes Twerking
With the Devil to 'Combat Homophobia'

Luongo - Populism Isn't Dead, It's Stunned

The Brilliant Dr. Lorraine Day Reminds Us That
Covid Is 'Nothing But The Common Cold' - Watch

The 'Unvaccinated' Question

Marjorie Taylor Greene - Biden's vax Passport
plan should be called 'the Mark of the Beast'

NC College Professor DEAD After Johnson
and Johnson COVID Kill Shot

31 reasons I won't take the Kill Shot 'vaccine'

Dr Reiner Fuellmich begins Legal Litigation
on the Covid-19 Fraud- The Greatest Fraud
And Crime Against Humanity

The Devastating Impact Of The Covid Kill Shots
Top Doctor - 'We Are In The Presence Of Evil'


Why Is NY state government embracing 'vaccine
passports' while rejecting better voter ID laws?

AstraZeneca Renames Its Deadly Kill Shots
Which Will Now Be Called 'Vaxzevria'
As In 'Vax Everyone', We assume

White House eyes conservatives in next
stage of vaccine push

RFK Jr - Covid Vax Mandate Violates Federal Law

Can We Trust Covid Injury Stats? (Not A Chance)

Disposable blue face masks found to contain toxic,
asbestos-like substance that destroys lungs

Ebola Outbreak In US Now A Very Real Possibility

4 Monitored In Oregon After Visiting W Africa
And DR Congo - Weren't Even checked On Return

Pregnant Mom Escorted by Police From
Dallas Church for Not Wearing Mask, Gets
Trespass Warning

AL Governor's Office Reaffirms End to
Mask Mandate on April 9


Watch - Melbourne Teen Wears No Mask In Fast Food
Restaurant - Is Choked Unconscious, Thrown To The
Floor, Picked Up And Tossed Out Like Common Trash

WATCH - Oz Fake Covid 'Dead Bodies' In Black Plastic
Stacked Up To Frighten The Public - But One Of The
'Corpses' Is SMOKING A Cigarette! - Utter FRAUD

Scarborough - People Pushing Back Against
Mask Mandates, Vaccine Passports Not
Following Jesus -- 'Lunatics'

Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID
after being fully 'vaccinated'

S2 Subunit of SARS-nCoV-2 Interacts with Vital Tumor
Suppressor Protein p53 and BRCA - In Silico Study

Understanding & Explaining mRNA CV 'Vaccines'

Man's Skin Burns, Swells, Then Peels Off
in Severe Reaction to Johnson & Johnson
Covid Vaccine

Biden Stimulus Delayed for Many Americans
on Social Security

Long-Awaited WHO Report On COVID Origins
Doesn't Rule Out Lab Leak Says Tedros
...Endless fabrications, Lies And Disinformation

'Nobody is Safe Until Everyone is Safe' - World
Leaders Float Treaty on 'Health for All' Principle
....Communism Rules Planet Earth


WHO & leaders of 23 countries advocate global
treaty to tackle future Covid-style health Crises

24 World Leaders Call For More Globalism
In Wake Of Pandemic

Zionist YouTube To Remove 'Dislike' Feature
As Biden Dislikes Massively Trail Likes

Ruling Class Demands Big Tech The Internet
More 'Aggressively'

US Nuclear Command Says A Young Child
Accessed Its Twitter Account

Another SpaceX Starship prototype explodes
during high-altitude flight test - Video

Suez Canal blockage could alter shipping forever
...and China and Russia will be the winners

Sea Shipping to Remain Hindered Due to Suez
Canal Jam Until Q3 of 2021, German Industry Says

Three Days Necessary for Traffic in Suez Canal
to Return to Normal, Egyptian President Says

The CDC Extends Its Eviction Moratorium for
Landlords for Another Three Months Through June


The Folly of 'Universal Basic Income'

63% of Americans Want Government to Buy
Only US-made Goods...Even at Higher Cost

Russian National Wealth Fund Turning To Gold,
Dumping Dollars

A 'Very Surprised' JPMorgan Calculates
The Damage From The Archegos Collapse

'The Money Has Left My Account!' - Tesla Customers
Report Being Charged Twice For Vehicles

Are You SURE? EU Commission Disburses
€13 Billion In Funds To Six Nations To Tackle
COVID And Jobs Crisis

Global banks bracing for losses amid
US hedge fund collapse

Prosecutors request jail term for IKEA France's
ex-CEO and €2 million fine for company over
alleged spying on staff

600 DEAD, 404,525 Injured Covid UK Kill Shots

4,576 DEAD, 199,213 Injured - European Database
of Adverse Drug Reactions For Covid 'Vaccines'


Germany's Vaccine Regulator Reports 31 Cases
of Blood Disorder After AstraZeneca Jab

Germany says AstraZeneca Covid shot should
only be given to people over 60 as country tallies
9 deaths from blood clots

Canada halts AstraZeneca vaccine roll-out for
people under 55, citing 'substantial uncertainty'
amid blood clot concerns

No legal obligations exist to prevent AstraZeneca
fulfilling European vaccine deliveries, Commission
says pharma giant told EU

Merkel Teases More COVID Restrictions After
Bashing German States For Botching Response

Surge in Covid-19 cases forces Germany and
Italy to impose Tight border restrictions

Sicily's Covid chief quits amid investigation into
claims he rigged coronavirus data to avoid
tougher lockdown

Norwegians Gain Weight, See Worsened Health
in COVID-Induced Home Office

Deadly Violence in Sweden Reaches
All-Time High During Pandemic Year

'Collateral Crucifixion' - Enormous mural
tribute to Julian Assange unveiled on
Berlin building


EU Attempts to Take Measures to Discredit Russian
COVID Vaccine, Intelligence Service Says

French mayor pre-orders Russia's Sputnik V
vaccine for resort city

Austria negotiates to buy 1 Million doses of Russia's
Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine as Chancellor Kurz
rejects 'geopolitical blinkers'

Slovakia's Prime Minister Matovic Resigns Over
Sputnik V Purchase without EU authorisation

Mali Becomes 58th Country to Register Russia's
Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia's infection rates may indicate third
coronavirus wave - Health Ministry

US State Dept Accuses Russia of Human Rights
Violations Again in Annual Report

Angry Protesters Denounce 'Invasion' as China
Opens Huge Fortified Consulate in Aussie Suburb

Blinken Accuses China of Trying to Undermine
US-Dominated World Order

Chinese Diplomat Dismisses 'Spendthrift'
Trudeau as a 'Boy', Brands Canada the
'Running Dog of US'


'Parrot raised by America' - Kim Jong-un's sister
Rips S. Korean president's response to N. missile test

US orders evacuation of 'non-emergency' diplomats
& families from Myanmar amid calls for intervention

US Air Force Base Polluting Drinking
Water of Half a Million Okinawans

Activists fill Myanmar streets with rubbish in
anti-coup 'garbage strike' - Photos

New 'COVID Waves' Sweep Through Asia

Battery Race - Why Latin America's Lithium
Triangle May Become a Bone of Contention
for the US, China

Guatemala Declares Emergency As New
Migrant Caravan Bound To US Forming

Honduran President's Brother Sentenced to
Life in Prison Over Massive Drug Trafficking Scheme

US announces millions in aid for Syria crisis
caused largely by its regime-change policy
and sanctions

Iran Condemns UK Police 'Suppression'
of Bristol Protesters, Calls for 'Human
Rights' to Be Upheld


Iran Touts Russia-Iran-India 'North-South Trade
Corridor' As Alternative & Challenge To Suez Canal

Social collapse in Syria will trigger a large
refugee wave to EU, warns Moscow

US Department of Education Sued by 33 Students
Over LGBTQ Discrimination at Religious Colleges

White professor sues New Jersey college for
'discrimination' after finding out that black
colleagues are paid far more than him

US Special Ops 'Diversity & Inclusion' chief
reassigned as Pentagon probes political social
media posts & Trump-Hitler comparison

Erect penis shown to 2nd grade schoolchildren
in cartoon about fear, parents demand explanation

Schools Gone Woke - One America Educator
Speaks Out

Bend (OR) Police forced to change K9's
name after community complains

Major breakthrough as researchers pinpoint
exact gene responsible for one of deadliest forms
of breast cancer

Scientists use NANOTECH to harvest bone
healing stem cells


Humans possess genetic blueprints to produce
venom, study suggests

Ex Pfizer VP - It's 'entirely possible' vaccine campaigns
'will be used for massive-scale depopulation'

Fauci colluded with communist China to lie
about The coronavirus 'pandemic'

Miscarriages skyrocket 366% in six weeks
due to Covid vaccines - Babies Are Dying

As We Told You - The British Pilgrims Have Taken
Over The United States - Read And Watch

FL Gov DeSantis Announces Executive 'Action'
Against Biden Vaccine Passports

WATCH - Video Proof Covid 'Test' Swabs Are Full
Of Nano Tech Which Will Likely Enter The Brain &
Full Body...And Then Deploy - Mass Genocide?

WATCH - Proof Nanotech Morgellons Fibers In At Least
SOME Of The Face Masks Being Sold - Remember
These Motile Fibers Are Often Hollow & Packed With
Nano Bots That Are Likely Discharged In The Body

Will Mankind Be Extinct In A Few Years?

Joe Biden Is Lost - European Analyst Bravely Describes
Biden's Cognitive Decline - 'He's Incapable of Being
President of the United States'

Creeper Joe Is Barely Able To Read The Prompter
Anymore, Tries To Force People To Take The Kill Shots
Note Multiple Video Edits In This Prerecorded Mess
He Made MANY More Blunders Than Seen


Biden-Obama regime becomes the new government
TERROR as surveillance state targets whites, patriots
and Trump supporters for tracking and interrogations

HR 1 is a revolution that will destroy what remains
of representative government

Suez Canal Reopens As Giant Container
Ship Is Finally Freed

Suez Canal Is 'Clear' As Ever Given
Reaches Great Bitter Lake

James O'Keefe interviews border patrol
WHISTLEBLOWER and he's got A LOT to say...

The Sovietization of the American Press

Brain Dying Blank-Eyed Biden's Limp, Pathetic
North Korean Style 'Press Conference'

Psaki - Don't Expect Kamala Harris to Travel
to the US-Mexico Border - Video

Graham Accuses Biden Of Playing Race Card
Over Georgia Election Reform Law

Dodging Border Crisis, VP Ho Harris Reportedly
Stewing Over Setbacks to her Mansion Renovations


'Heavily Armed' Antifa Protestors Clash With
Proud Boys At Oregon State Capitol

'Heavily Armed' Protestors Smash Car Windows
at Oregon State Capitol - Watch

Kristi Noem Kills Bill To Protect Women's Sports
Legislature Falls Two Votes Short Of Override

Fraud - Noem Is Pro-Syrian 'Refugee' Pro-Gender
Bending Bathrooms Pro-Trans In Women's Sports

Commie 'Cancel Culture' Comes
for the Great Napoleon

Ninth Woman Accuses Gov Cuomo

Supreme Court Protects Hillary, Declines
Judicial Watch challenge to depose Her

Black Sub Animal Teen Brutally Murders
White Eighth Grade Girl Outside Her Home

Andy Ngô on Twitter - graphic video of the assault
on an older Asian woman by a Sub-Animal black male

Child Suicide Becoming an 'International Epidemic'


US doctor gets cancelled for questioning the
narrative of 'structural racism' in medicine

Top Paid LA Lifeguards Earned Up To
$392,000 In 2019

Shiva - Bill Gates Empires 'Must Be Dismantled'

Fauci on fast-tracking vax production
'May have been 'best decision I've ever made'

Watch - Italian MP Calls for Bill Gates to Be
Charged with ˜Crimes Against Humanity

1.5 to 2 Billion People Have Already Had COVID
Fatality Rate Is Microscopic 0.15% — New Study

68 Yr Old dies after COVID Kill Shot, CDC continues
to ignore inquiry into increasing number of deaths

Hidden Messages in Israeli PM Netayahu's Propaganda
Skit Promoting 'Frankenshots' and Green (Dragon-Satanic)
Covid Passport

Phony CDC Director Chokes Back Tears
As She Talks 'Impending Doom' Fear Porn

'Million Maskless March' Planned For So. Florida
To Protest For Face Freedom


PCR - Test Swabs May Contain 'star-shaped
Microdevices' That Are Secretly Vaccinating
the 'vaccine Hesitant'

Lockdown Denialism Is Lethal, Repulsive,
and All Around Us

Moderna and mRNA Vaccine Research

Email accounts of Trump's DHS chief & cybersecurity
officials were breached in SolarWinds hack – media

Instagram Is Sharing 79% Of Your Personal
Data With 3rd Parties

BIASED - New Study Knocks Facebook for Not
Censoring 10.1B So-Called Misinformation Views

Mike Lindell starting his own social media app
and says it will handle a BILLION users

Putin calls on nations across world to create new
'legally binding' global cyberspace treaty, as hack
attack row with US escalates

German Foreign Ministry 'Concerned' by Reported
Hack Attack on Bundestag, Awaiting Probe Results

New Danish Bill Intends to Make Big Tech Pay
for News And Music


The Truth Of The Underwater Cuban Missile
Crisis Almost No One Knows About

Jittery Oil Prices Recover as Suez Canal
Unblocked, Traders Anticipate OPEC+
Production Cut Rollover

Global Oil Shipments Depend On These
Major Chokepoints

Russia Highlights Northern Sea Route's Potential
After Suez Canal Mishap

Northern Sea Route Still at Only 0.1% of
Suez Traffic - the Growth Will Be Big

Backlog from Suez Canal debacle could take
months to sort out, says shipping giant Maersk

Egypt to Demand Compensation From Ever Given's
Owners, Holds Ship's Captain Responsible

Visa settles 1st payment transaction with crypto
in 'milestone' move for industry

Southwest orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX planes
while air travel demand still erratic

'A fantastic milestone' - London sees no new
Covid deaths for first time in half a year


UK minister tells Brits to Rat Out others for doing 'odd'
things like HUGGING loved ones as lockdown eases

We can't surrender our freedoms just because
lockdowns have shown authoritarianism can
curb society's excesses

24 million put into Covid-19 lockdown as
Philippines imposes restrictions on economic
hub Metro Manila

Italy's Renzi Denies Breaking Any Rule With Bahrain
Grand Prix Trip Amid Public Outcry

Dutch reporters attacked, one hit by car while
covering Covid rule-breaking churches - Vid

Sturgeon Blasts Treating Politics 'Like a Game'
Amid Defections from SNP to Salmond's Alba

French-based intl pharmaceutical company
Servier convicted over deadly weight loss drug

Ukraine Military Buildup Against Rebel
Donbass Continues - Summer War Feared

Russia gives elderly Crimean woman 12 years
in prison for passing classified military secrets
to Ukrainian intelligence

Putin signs decree to draft over 130,000 Citizens
into Russian Army in spring


Belarusian prosecutor's office opens terror
preparations case against Tikhanovskaya

Sputnik Light registration documents filed
with Russian Health Ministry

Russian Direct Investment Fund Agrees on
Production of Over 60 Million Sputnik V
Doses in China

Satellite Images Show N. Korea Preparing To Roll
Out Secretive Ballistic (Nuke?) Missile Submarine

China Hits COVID-19 Vaccination Milestone of
100 Million Shots, Health Commission Says

60 Minutes Reports COVID May Have Leaked
From Wuhan Lab, Slams 'Curated' WHO Report

Draft report of joint WHO-China study says it's
'extremely unlikely' Covid-19 originated in lab leak

Biden-Obama Wants a Rival to China's Belt & Road

US, UK, EU and Canada Seek to Destabilise China
With Political Manipulation, Official Says

The Entire World Should Be Laughing at America
for Pretending to Care About Muslims in China


Taiwan says 10 Chinese warplanes entered its air
defense identification zone

South Korea's president sacks top economic
aide for sharply raising rent amid housing crisis

North Korea condemns UN attempts to strip
its 'right to self-defense' after latest missile tests

Dust Cloud From China Reaches West of Japan

Myanmar refugees fleeing military crackdown
turned away by neighboring Thailand & India

Atzmon - Israeli Politics and the
Metaphysics of the Shtetl

Hidden Messages in Israeli PM Netayahu's Propaganda
Skit Promoting 'Frankenshots' and Green (Dragon-Satanic)
Covid Passport

Palestine's stunted inoculation program receives
100,000 Covid-19 vaccines from China

Palestinian official - Israeli settlers forming terrorist
cells in West Bank for attacks against Pal civilians

Senior Iranian Lawmaker Says Tehran Needs
to Sign Strategic Partnership Pact With Moscow


Biden's concern on Iran-China deal justified
as it accelerates US decline

As Tide Turns, Houthis Reject US, Saudi 'Peace'
Deals for the Recycled Trash They Are

A Record Number of Young Adults Living at Home
Levels Not Seen Since the Great Depression

Inexplicable Similarities Between Göbekli Tepe,
Easter Island And Other Ancient Sites

Bartiromo - 'I Know Biden's on the Phone All the
Time with Obama and I'm Hearing He's Running
Things from Behind the Scenes' (As We've Been
Saying, This is the Biden-Obama Administration)

Watch - Lindsey Graham brags about his AR-15
and DARES Schumer to try 'assault weapons' ban

GOP Senators Demand FBI, Secret Service
Records on Alleged Hunter Biden Gun Incident

WVA House Passes Bill to Ban Enforcement of
Federal Gun Control - Past, Present and Future

Criminal Alien Invaders - Over 861 Criminals Caught
Crossing US Rio Grande Border including 63 Gang
Members, 92 Sex Offenders and Murderers

Semi-Trailer Load of Illegal Aliens Unloaded in
Pearsall, Texas – Who's Behind This? - Watch

Watch Biden Thugs Block Ted Cruz, Fox News
from Filming Biden's Child Concentration Camp

Lying WH Communication Director Says Invasion
Surge is 'Not the Result of One Admin's Policies'

Biden Cancels Background Checks for Child Social
Workers at US-Mex Border - Pedos Please Apply

The Kamal Dodges Anti-Migration Task Set
For Her by Biden


AP Language Cops ban Using 'Crisis' to
Describe the Open Invasion Border Crisis

Fury after Communist CNN refers to Uber Eats
driver's Murder during Carjacking By Black Teen
Girls As Just An 'Accident'

'Vacant Stare, Inappropriate Smiles' - Psychiatrist
Analyses Biden's News Conference Performance

93 Yr Old White Woman Murdered by Black Female
Criminal Released by Black Judge with NO Bail
After Arrest for Armed Robbery of 74 Yr Old Woman

Leftists Who Claimed Boulder Mass Shooter Was
White Are Scrambling To Delete False Tweets

Gun used By Muslim in Boulder mass shooting
turns out to be a pistol

After 9/11, Bush Let The Al Issa Family Into
America - Now 10 Americans Are Dead

Why Can't The Giant Container Ship
Be Pulled Out Of The Suez Canal? - Watch

How Did The Mega Container Ship
Become Stuck? Watch

Suez Canal Blockage Causing Price SPIKE
as Inflation Hits Consumers Hard - Video


Remarkable Quotes About The Federal Reserve
And The Banking Industry Control Mechanism
From Some Of The Biggest Names In History

Whenever You Disagree with Liberals And
Communists, You're a Conspiracy Theorist

Mike Lindell - Dominion Whistleblowers Have
Come to Him Exposing The Massive Vote Fraud

The Obsolete Man And Woman Are Here, Now

New York Times Now claims News reporting
is actually 'opinion'

Explosive report reveals US police chief of
TINY low-crime village earns more than
NYC police commissioner

Over 20 Shot Friday To Sunday Morning in Mayor
Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago Utopia

CA Supreme Court ends cash bail for those
who cannot afford to pay

Communist OR Cops Arrest People Who Are Defending
Themselves From Rioting Antifa Bolsheviks

Watch Skateboarding Trump Supporter Dodges
Communist Antifa Charge In Attack On OR Capitol


US Crime Stats Show Whites Are The Overwhelming
Victims Of Crime Committed By All Racial Groups

Watch Bodycam of US police officers 'mocking' &
'degrading' 5 Yr Old spurs anger, demands for action

Likely Invader Stabs 68 Yr Old LA Woman And Her Dog
Dead - Bystander KOs Suspect With Rock To Head

Vatican Bolshevik Cardinal Says In a Globalized
World, 'There Are No Borders'

AOC Suffers Devastating Defeat in Her War
Against Beef After Researchers Discover What
Happens When You Feed Cattle Seaweed

Florida State University Holding Racist 'History of
Karen' Class to Trash White Women - Teaching Hate

Asian Teen Shot in the Face in SF in Alleged
Hate Crime – Details Scant on Perpetrators

Critical Informed Consent Questions You Must
Ask Before Taking A CV 'Vaccine' Injection

Why Isn't Everyone in Texas Dying Yet?

Maniac Fauci's Orders - Children Can't Play
Together Unmasked Until They're All Vaxed


Europe - Now Almost 4,000 Dead and 162,610
Injured By COVID-19 Kill Shot 'Vaccines'

Houston MD warns Against Pfizer, Moderna mRNA
Kill Shots - Says They Don't Provide CV Immunity

Cuomo Releases Vax Passport Called Needed
'To Gain Entry To Events And Businesses'

Biden-Obama WH Working With Companies To
Develop 'Vaccine Passports' In America

First US Vaccine Passport Coming to NY
in Less Than a Week

Dartmouth-Brown Study Documents Media's
Stoking 'Vicious Circle Of Fear' On COVID

Canadian Parliament Erupt Over Cover Up
Of Chinese Spies Stealing Coronavirus From
Winnipeg Lab And Taking It To Wuhan

5,000 Attend Rock Concert in Barcelona
After Coronavirus Screen

MNPLSDH reports 89 'breakthrough' cases of
COVID-19 after becoming fully vaccinated

Ebola Hot Zone America Would Be The Final
Nail In America's Coffin


The Ebola Virus Epidemic Timeline Infographic

7 'Lost Technologies' From Nikola Tesla That
Threatened the Global Elite - Truly Off-Planet

Metadata - The Digital Fingerprint You Had No
Idea Is Attached To Every Photo You Take

Top Deep State Propagandist Behind Russia Hoax
Now Pushing for New Rules to Rid Internet of All
Opposing Voices

Global Warming BS - Planet Has Been Cooling Off
Since Long Before Grim Greta Was Born

The Dimming - Dane Wigington's New Climate
Engineering Documentary - Watch It Here

Pentagon - Suez Canal Closure May
Impact Movement Of Navy Ships

US Army to Allow Women to Wear Ponytails
with All Uniforms

US-NATO vs Russia-China in a hybrid war
to the finish

Egyptian President 'Prepare For All Scenarios'
To Refloat Megaship


Oil Tanker Rates Surge As Suez Canal
Blockage Continues

Global carriers forced to reroute ships
to avoid massive Suez Canal traffic jam

Russian cosmonaut shows how Suez Canal
looks from International Space Station - Photos

Russia Ready to Help Egypt Refloat Container
Ship in Suez Canal, Ambassador Says

Wall Street banks ditch $19 billion of stocks in
'unprecedented' block trade selloff – media

Soros Asset Management Is Betting Big
On 'Crypto Infrastructure'

77% Of Americans Are Worried About Inflation

Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports

Boris Johnson Branded 'Irresponsible' For Urging
People to Consider 'Getting Back into the Office'

UK to Offer COVID-19 Vaccines to Ireland, Mulls
Helping Other EU Nations, Reports Say


UK Imam Who Protested Teacher Showing Charlie
Hebdo Cartoons Shares Anti-Vax Content

Al-Shabaab militants call for attacks on US,
French interests in Djibouti ahead of country's
presidential vote

Salmond Says Scottish Nationalist Majority Could
Seek 'Legal Action' if Westminster Rejects IndyRef2

'Kill The Bill' Riots Threaten to Marr Easter with
Chaos Amid Calls for 'National Weekend of Action'

MP Neale Hanvey becomes second SNP
official to defect to Alba Party

Writing music down like Mozart did is 'white
hegemony', the proposed reform of Oxford's
curriculum reportedly claims

Phone Boy Trudeau Calls China's Sanctions
an 'Attack' on 'Democracy'

People Take to the Streets of Paris to Rally
For Sustainable Climate Law

Cameron 'Brokered' His Introduction to Obama,
Boasted Finance Tycoon at Centre of Lobbying Scandal

Gazprom - Nord Stream 2 Construction To Be
Completed In 2021


US Secretary of State Says Nord Stream 2
Becoming Divisive Issue 'Unfortunate'

Blinken - US and its Allies Should Close Ranks
to Deal With 'Challenges' Posed by Russia, China

US Let China Eavesdrop on Mike Pompeo's Phone
Talk With Ministers From Five Eyes Bloc, Media Claims

German Media Cry Foul as Bundeswehr Ships Turn
Out to Be Equipped With Russian Navigation Systems

Luongo - The Brewing Conflict In Ukraine

Ukraine's Military Buildup Against Rebel Donbass
Continues, Summer War Feared

Armenian PM Pashinyan to resign ahead of fresh
election as protests & constitutional crisis rage
on in wake of war with Azerbaijan

Putin refuses to reveal which of three Russian
Covid-19 vaccines he received

Russia likely to achieve herd immunity against
COVID-19 by late summer, says Putin

Putin says Russian COVID-19 vaccines
are the best in terms of three indicators


Sputnik V production in EU to take one year
after certification, says EU commissioner

Brazilian watchdog again postpones Sputnik V review

US Believes China Taiwan Takeover
Is 'Closer Than Most Think'

Beijing enveloped in hazardous sandstorm,
second time in two weeks

Phone Boy Trudeau Calls China's Sanctions
an 'Attack' on 'Democracy'

Who else could it be? Russian hackers suspected
of taking Australian morning news broadcast off air

UN Decries 'Mass Murder' After 114 Single Day
Protester Deaths In Myanmar

China's new partnership with Iran is not a full
alliance, but enough to undermine US sanctions
And rock global status quo

Iranian Envoy Touts Russia-Iran-India Trade
Corridor as 'Great Option to Replace Suez Canal'

No Doubt About It - Noah's Ark Located - Watch


Battery Made from Nuclear Waste Takes
28,000 Years to Run Out of Charge

The Tale Wags the Dog as 'News' Becomes
Utter Propaganda

The Disaster That Is Joe Biden

Biden's brain Fails Again as he tries talking
about the filibuster - Watch

'Absolutely An Open Border Situation' - Sen. Lankford
Gives Firsthand Account Of Border Crisis

Lindell - China Did It, Trump Will Be In Office
By August - Sorry, Just More Hopium

Trump Slams Fauci As 'Self Promoter' And A 'Media
Creation' Says He Did 'The Opposite Of What He Was
Saying' - Sounds Like Trump Describing Himself

Fraud - Noem Is Pro-Syrian 'Refugee', Pro-Gender
Bending Bathrooms, Pro-Trans In Women's Sports

Sabrosky - Here There Be Monsters

New Book 'Green Fraud' Is So Explosive, Far Left
IsNow Pressuring Amazon to Stop Selling It

Neocon Hero Churchill Was Twice as Evil as
Kissinger Only Dumber and Into 'Aryan Stock' Talk


Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete Is
Pushing For A 'Vehicle Mileage Tax'

The Mainstream's Got It Wrong

White House - Biden Invites Putin, Xi Among
40 Leaders to April Global Climate Summit

Biden Offers Johnson New Tack on China's
'Belt & Road' Project, Suggests Rival Initiative

Biden - Stop China From Becoming World's
'Leading' Country

Biden's Last Throw Of Geopolitical Dice

With Multiple Nefarious NWO Ambitions

Pure Marxism - Commucrats to Target Patriotic
Americans as 'Domestic Terrorists' in New Bill
Called 'Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021'

The Death of Humor - Taibbi

Pure Evil - Rapper, Nike Release Shoe Dedicated
To Satan With Human blood In The Shoes - Only
666 Pair Will Be Made - Cannibalism Next


Rapper Lil Nas X Unveils Nike 'Satan Shoes'
Containing Human Blood, Limited to 666 Pairs
The Descent Into Depravity Is Racing Now

13 & 15 Yr Old Black Girls Murder Uber Eats
Driver in DC, Walk Past His Body Looking For Phone

2 Sub-Animal Black Female Teens Murder Pak
Uber Driver - Steal His Car, Crash It, He Dies

Baltimore Will No Longer Prosecute
'Low Level Crimes' Like Prostitution,
Trespassing And Selling Drugs

2 Dead, 10 Shot In Virginia Beach In Night Of Violence"

CNN's 'Reliable Sources' savaged for error-laden
attempt to debunk 'misinfo' on channel's Rio Grande
migrant smuggling report

New Oakland Universal Basic Income Program
Excludes Low-Income White Families

Court rules Punishing prof for not using student's
'preferred pronoun' was UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Globalist Rulers Change Covid Rules Again! Now
Dictate Covid Variants Mean No Return To Normal

CDC Scores 300+ More Kill Shot Deaths This Week
2,050 Now DEAD - Many Went Unreported...


Ilaria Pappa, 31 yr old school teacher from Italy,
Dies of thromboembolism 10 days after receiving
the Astrazeneca Kill Shot - RIP

Heart Attack And Brain Stroke Main Causes
Of Death After COVID Kill Shots

Return to normal? First US Covid 'pass' introduced

New York Rolls Out Vax Passport Program

Fauci Does Damage Control After Ex CDC
Director Suspects Wuhan Lab Leak

Vax Certificates Could Soon Be Needed for Work
Ånd Weddings - It's Clear What Is Happening

Welcome to the COVID Testing Industrial Complex
Already a $90 Billion a Year Industry Just in the US

Nearly 500 charged for Covid related fraud in US

'You and your family are going to regret' not
getting COVID shot Says Shill Canadian doctor

Homeworking employees to get mandatory cams
that allow AI to catch slackers


Get This - UK Supreme Court Judge Expects
People Will Be Forced To Wear Masks And To
Stay Home For Ten Years

Male Antifa Thug Attacks Woman During Children's
Easter Egg Hunt, Gets Clocked By Proud Boy...and
Then Arrested By Cops - Watch

Banned From YouTube - Damning Video Details
Tesla's 'Full Self Driving' Claims Versus Reality

Google exposes nine-month counter-terror
hacking op by 'friendly' government, raising
questions about what makes an ally

Tucker Ravages tech CEOs after disgusting Capitol
Hill display - 'It's not a conspiracy theory, it's TRUE'

Scientists Discover Massive Biosphere Miles
Below Earth's Surface - Outnumbers Surface Life

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News 3-27-21 #294

Heavy Chemtrails Reappear Over AL - Photo

Suez Canal Crisis Morphs Into Global Supply
Chain Wrecking Ball

Over 300 Ships Now Stranded As Suez Canal
Authority Chairman Says 'Human Error' A Factor

Vax mandates are causing catastrophic logistics
failures in international shipping


Luxury Carmakers Absolutely Smashed It In 2020

Digital Artwork Made By 'Humanoid' Robot Sells
As NFT For $688,000

UK Supreme Court Judge Expects People Will Be
Forced To Wear Masks, Stay Home For Ten Years

Anti-Lockdown Protest in Bradford, England
Leads to Scuffles With Police

Heatwave Predicted in UK Next Week as
Lockdown Measures Eased

Britain's Military To Intensify Activities Against
'New Threat' Of Russia

It's Now Officially An Offense To Leave
England...And Other Absurdities

Here's why a handful of small Italian communities
want Russia's Sputnik V - and why they can't get it

Canada to Receive 1.5 Million 'Loaned'
AstraZeneca Shots From US Tuesday

Norway delays decision on resuming use of
AstraZeneca Covid Shot, verdict by April 15


Threat to Block AstraZeneca Exports to UK
Until Firm Makes Good on Deliveries to EU

EU Sends Wrong Signal by Not Stopping
Vaccine Exports, Head of Bavaria Says

'Breathing is an OFFENSIVE WEAPON'
UK doctor ridiculed for dramatic warning
during Covid vaccine passport debate

Hancock's UK Health Security Agency would be
the worst April Fool's ever – except he isn't joking

After A Year Under Lockdown, Will Our
Freedoms Survive The Tyranny of Covid?

'Figures rising too fast' - German officials warn
third Covid-19 wave could be worst one yet

US to Hold Classified War Game to Respond to
'Aggressive Action' by China, Russia, Reports Say

US Makes Large Military Hardware Delivery To
Ukraine's Army After Biden Pledged 'Crimea is Ukraine'

Western Sanctions Help Resolve Russian-Chinese
Differences on Joint Wide-Body Airliner

Russian embassy laments Polish envoy's call
to 'weaken' Russia by blocking Nord Stream 2


Buchanan - Why Putin's Pipeline Is Welcome
In Germany

Happy CONFEDERATE constitution day! Belarus
mercilessly trolls US Embassy after it praised
German-backed puppet regime of WW1

Beijing Pushes for 10 Million COVID-19 Shots
Per Day to Hit 40% Vaccination by June

Philippines Alarmed By More 200 Chinese
Ships Massing In Disputed Waters

US-China rivalry risks 'catastrophic' conflict - Kissinger

N Korea Says US May Face 'Something Not Good'
If Biden Echoes 'Thoughtless Remarks' From Presser

N Korea rejects Biden's missile launch criticism
points to Washington's own saber-rattling

China, Iran sign 25 Yr comprehensive strategic
partnership deal

'Correct Mistakes' - China Slaps Reciprocal Sanctions
on US and Canada Amid Xinjiang Row

Amid escalating violence, Myanmar's armed
insurgents warn of action as clamour grows
for 'federal army' to defend civilians


'Shots fired' at US mission in Myanmar, embassy says
amid clashes between police and anti-coup protesters

Dozens Killed In New Myanmar Violence

Mysterious Death of 22 Migratory Birds in Pong
Wetland Triggers Fear of Avian Flu in India

VZ President Maduro banned from posting on
FB for talking about Covid herbal remedy

Are you ready for this week's absurdity?

New research suggests intuition is indeed linked
to the number of microbes found in your intestines

Scientists Find Bacteria so Alien to Human
Immune System It Can't Detect It

Watch red-hot lava flow in Guatemala as Pacaya
volcano continues to erupt after 50 days

World's First Ship Tunnel Under Norwegian
Mountains Gets Green Light

Groundbreaking Study Reveals The Extent
of Brain Abnormalities in American Children


When Trauma Gets Trapped in the Body

The Lost Language of Easter Island

Marco Rubio Says We Need To Find Out About UFOs
Also Not Sure June 1 Intel Report Will Happen On Time

US Military and Spy Agencies 'Stiff-Arming'
Efforts to Uncover Truth About UFOs

New court docs say meth addict George Floyd
had 'fatal level' of fentanyl in his system

George Floyd's toxicology report pinned to
Black History Month display at Duke University

Border crisis aiding smuggling of Fentanyl
into the US in record amounts

Biden Postpones Virtual Fundraiser, Leaves DC
Hours Earlier Than Scheduled to Rush Home to
His Delaware Basement - Watch

Ingraham Cuts Off President Trump,
Discounts American Communist Democrat
Election Theft - Rips His Legal Strategy

Commucrats 'Vote Fraud Enhancement Act' (HR1)
Will 'Nationalize Election Theft' - Rep. Mo Brooks

Biden Post-Mortem - Cheat-Sheets And A Trip
Into An Alternate Reality

Michael Flynn's family sues CNN for $75 million
over making them out to be QAnon supporters


LOOK At The Faces Of America's Mass
Shooters - Hardly ANY Are White

List Of Suspects Committing Anti-Asian Hate
Crimes In NYC Contains ZERO White People

USA Today's 'Race and Inclusion' Editor Fired
for Tweeting 'It's Always an Angry White Man'
After Colorado Shooting

Commucrats push background checks
But proof is they don't stop mass shootings

Zionist Controllers At Home Depot Co-Sponsored
Website Citing SPLC And 1619 Project Listing All
Christians As Haters

Bill Gates Has His Own Epstein Problem

Psaki says Biden will sign gun control EOs
The War On Whites And Freedom Continues

CNN's Defense Of Chris Cuomo's Special
COVID Privileges Is Grotesque

Fox News Hit with $1.6 Billion Lawsuit From
Dominion for REPORTING on Alleged Vote Fraud

Watch Fox's Doocy Hammer Psaki About Why
Biden Wouldn't Let Him Ask a Question
She Gives Head-Scratching Response


GOP Senators Describe 'Biden Arrows' at Border
to Direct Alien Invaders to Free Services - Eight
Hour Catch and Release into US Interior - Watch

Biden Restores Obama Program to FLY Central
American Alien Invaders Directly to The US
...Many Are Calling This Highest Treason

Biden-Obama Press Sec Finally Admits Most Alien
Invader Families Crossing Border Are NOT Sent Back

CA Foster Parents Asked If They Can Take
In 26 or More Alien Invader Children

Media Caught FAKING Images of Illegals in Peril

Vile Pelosi Says The Hated Comrade Newsom
Will Win Recall Vote...No Need To Run Anyone
Else - So What Does Nasty Nancy Know?

7 GOP Senators Meet With Biden & Praise Him
The Party, If There Is One, Should Eject Them Today

Icke - The Walls Of Fascism Are Closing In Fast
Stop It Now Or Forever Live In Slavery

The Psychology Of The Conspiracy Denier

Lots Of Money In Killing People...LOTS
The Greater the Disaster, the Greater the Profits
That's How The Elite Have Always Played It


Biden's And America's Mental Illness
On Full Display

Transportation Sec Buttigieg Says Taxing Drivers
by the Mile 'Shows a Lot of Promise'

Kristi Noem Has a History of Betraying Her Base

Oakland fund aims to give eligible non-white
families $500 monthly - Pure Discrimination

Rabobank says 'biblical' surge in food
prices soon to come

MSM Hypes Eating Bugs As 'Insect Protein'
Set To Become Billion-Dollar Market

US Military Ordered 'Clandestine Burning' Of
Toxic Chemicals In Poor Neighborhoods

Intimidated Witness Forgives Kenneth Starr

Mitt Romney Wins JFK Profile in Courage
Award for Impeachment Vote

NYC just removed qualified immunity from NYPD


AR Bans Trannies From Women's Sports

MN Theater Cancels Cinderella Because It's
'Too White' - Fully Embraces Racist 'Anti-Racism'

Earthquakes, volcanoes and mega droughts
are plaguing Earth in 2021

People Now Dying After the Experimental
Johnson and Johnson COVID Injections

Inhuman Rutgers Univ Will Require Untested
Unsafe COVID Lethal Injection For Students

Rutgers Becomes First US College To Make
COVID Jabs Mandatory For Students

CDC finds masks, indoor dining bans
don't stop virus, but media ignores it

Pfizer plans to raise prices and profit annually
from their experimental vaccines after 'pandemic'
is rebranded as an 'endemic seasonal illness'

The Missing Link In The NIH's Covid Scandal Is...
Fauci's 'Boss' NIH Director Francis Collins

68 Year Old KS Woman Stricken Minutes After
Taking Kill Shot, Dies Next Day - CDC Admits 2,050
Now Killed, 7,095 Seriously Maimed By 'Vax'


DOJ Charges 474 With COVID-Related Fraud
in the Past Year

How the Corona Coup Tortures the Elderly

Informed Consent For CV 'Vaccines' Require FULL
Disclosure Of Risk And Liability - Here It Is

Vaccinated people are walking biological
time bombs and a Threat to society

Duck and Cover and Burn the Heretics
the Modern Day Cult of Corona

Fake CDC Vaccine ID Cards Being Sold
Online In Illinois

Hideous Propaganda Vax Videos To Push People
To Take Their Kill Shots - Nauseating To Watch

WHO Wuhan COVID Origins Report Delayed As
China 'Fights Tooth & Nail Over Each Sentence'

Ex-CDC Chief Says COVID-19 is from China Lab

Chem Company Chooses Profits Over People
Makes Weedkiller Cheaper, Not Safer


Sick Little League President Forces Boy Tee-Ball
Players To Wear Pink To Understand 'Diversity'
...Institutionalized Child Abuse

CO Communist Intros Law to Fully Censor
and License Internet Use

Prince Harry - 'I'm Going to Fight on the Front
Lines to CENSOR Independent Media'

Here Are The Free speech video platforms
...Support Them

Social media groups under pressure to root
out vaccine 'misinformation' (Truth)

Facebook platforms used for most online child
sex abuse, UK charity says, warns pedophiles
thrive if encryption isn't limited

Facebook disables Press TV's page
in new attack on free speech

Google Podcasts is like Parler and you can find
Jones there, says NYT in pro-censorship story

Amazon Knew Employees Had to Urinate in
Bottles During Work Despite Earlier Denials

Elon Musk Ordered to Delete Anti-Union
Tweet and Reinstate Tesla Employee


Earth's Nearest Star Cluster Hyades Is Being
Destroyed By Something Massive

Huge meteor disintegrates in the sky
over Oregon... or was it space junk?

Deadly Alabama tornadoes in photos & videos

Humans of the GREAT RESET - What the Future
Might Look Like if the Controlling 'Elites' win

Get Ready to Become a 'Digital Asset'
of the Globalists' Great Reset

Americans Income Collapsed By Most
On Record In February

Oil Rebounds On Suez Outage

US Oil Rig Count Climbs Higher As Crude Prices Rise

Suez Canal Megaship 'Partially Refloated'
Ahead Of US Navy Assessment

Suez Canal Crisis - Here Are The Cargoes
In The Crossfire

Jokes flood in as 'Ever Given' re-float in Suez
Canal FAILS and more tugboats called in


'Ever Given' Cargo Ship Crashing into Bank of
Suez Canal Captured on Satellite Feed

World may be facing another toilet paper
shortage due to shipping container crisis

Major Shipping Company Reports Surge in
Transport Requests Via Russia Amid Suez Pileup

Former UK Supreme Court Judge Warns People
May Be Forced To Wear Masks, Stay Home For Years
...The Plan To Install The 'Great Reset' World Govt

France Accuses UK of 'Blackmail' Over Vax Deliveries

40,600 People Likely Contracted COVID-19 While
in Hospital for Another Condition, NHS Figures Show


France Bears 'Overwhelming' Responsibilities
Over Rwanda Genocide - Duclert Commission

Ex-Scottish First Minister Salmond Challenges SNP By
Launching New Pro-Independence Political Party
...Kim Jong Sturgeon's arse will be twitching

Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Triggers
Second Day Of Protests Outside UK School

Letting a Muslim mob dictate what's taught
in a UK school is a shocking capitulation that
breeds intolerance & endangers teachers

Russian Foreign Ministry Says Biden's Press
Conference Was Obviously 'Staged' And 'Shocking'

3 Russian Nuclear Subs Simultaneously Surface
From Under Ice in Arctic for 1st Time Ever - Watch

Two MiG-31s make first-ever flight over North Pole

Moscow accuses NATO boss Stoltenberg of lying
about Russian refusal to speak to alliance, says
he ignored Russian proposals

Nord Stream 2 pipeline will 'unequivocally'
be finished in 2021, says Gazprom chairman

'Worrying trend' - London seeks to exclude Moscow
from European security system while it cozies up to
America, says Russian envoy


Bulgaria's Expulsion of Russian Diplomats
Orchestrated by External Forces, Says Kremlin

Belarusian authorities not to 'go easy' on
radical opposition, Lukashenko claims

Chinese Bombers In Largest Ever Incursion Into
Taiwan's Air Space In Dramatic 'Message To West'

Taiwan Claims to Have Scrambled Fighter
Jets to Scare Away Chinese Aircraft

Chinese Bombers Simulated Attack on US Carrier
in S. China Sea 3 Days After Biden Inauguration

N Korea Claims to Add Advanced Tactical
Ballistic Missile to Arsenal

Haley blasts Biden over China comments

China hits back as Biden says Xi Jinping 'doesn't have
a democratic bone in his body' (Takes One To Know One)

UK Summons China's Envoy, Claims Beijing's
Sanctions Won't Deflect Attention From Xinjiang Issue

Olympic Torch Goes Out Second Day in Row
During Japan Relay, Reports Say


Oz School Forces Young Boys To Collectively
Apologize To Female Classmates For 'Sexism, Rape'

Pakistan successfully test-fires 900km-range
nuclear-capable ballistic missile - Vid

Anez Open Letter Suffers 'Total Amnesia' of
Bolivian Coup Human Rights Violations,

Israeli forces attack Palestinian protesters
And al-Aqsa worshipers

UK plan to boost nuclear stockpile goes
against philosophy of NPT - Iran diplomat

Iran Expects to Kick Off Sputnik V Vaccine
Production in April, Ambassador Says

Syria, Venezuela urge joint bilateral,
International efforts to confront US sanctions

Video Shows Saudi Red Sea Oil Terminal
Ablaze After Fresh Drone Attack

Crashing Saudi Oil Economy Explains Urgent
Yemeni Peace Offer

No Certain Doom - On the Accuracy of Projected
Global Average Surface Air Temperatures


Southwest Airlines Pilot Goes on Epic Rant
Against Bay Area Leftists in Hot Mic Incident

DC Comics to Release 'The Next Batman'
Depicting The Caped Crusader as Black

Segregating 'Sesame Street'

(Humor) In New Sesame Street Episode, Elmo
Joins Antifa And Torches Local Businesses

Groundbreaking Study Reveals The Extent of
Brain Abnormalities in American Children

When Trauma Gets Trapped in the Body

What Your Urine Color Means for Your Health

Found - Ford's Incredible Turbine-Powered Semi-
Truck - 'Big Red' - That's Been Lost for Decades


Biden-Obama Govt Asks SCOTUS to Uphold
Bolshevik Communism In Our Face

Wake Up - Ninth Circuit Court Just Ruled Against
The Constitution - Claims 'Bearing Arms' In Public
Is Not A Constitutional Right

FBI Data Shows Knives Kill More People Than Rifles

Father of Slain Boulder Police Officer Says
He Would Be 'Deeply Offended' by Gun
Control Proposals

America Heading Towards Very Dark Times With
Multi-Pronged Communist Attack Upon Us Now

It Is a moral obligation to know what communism
did...and does

Biden DHS Plotting to Put Opposition On 'No Fly List'
And Label Them 'Suspected Domestic Extremists'

They Took Down The Mad Max Razor Wire
Fence At Capitol Hill

Biden Has 'No Idea If There Will Be A
Republican Party' In The Year 2024

Intelligence Officials Believe China Meddled in
2020 Election to Damage Trump


BLM Mob Traps 100 Customers Inside Grocery
Store - 'We're Shutting S*** Down!'

Roberts - The Feminization of Western Man

7 Times Brain-Dying Biden Talked gibberish
During His 'First Press' Conference

Biden's 'Press Conference' A Total Fraud - The
Creeper Had Full Cheat Sheets And Simply Read
Prepared Answers To Pre-Submitted Questions

Biden's Demented Brain Worse Than Thought - Had
No Idea He Was Holding a Press Conference Today

Brain Demented Biden Actually Says 'Nothing
Has Changed' on the Border from Trump

Joe Biden Says He Won't Let Children 'Starve to
Death' at the Border Like Trump Did - Watch

130,000 Alien Invaders Escape Apprehension
in 2021 So Far, Border Official Warns

Biden-Obama Shipping Alien Invaders To Red
States So They'll Go 'Blue' When Amnesty Comes

Biden - 'When I Came to the Senate 120 Years Ago'


Biden Reportedly Compares Himself to
President FDR - One Dirtbag To Another

Jen Psaki 'Not Familiar' With Report Claiming
Ex-Moscow Mayor's Wife Paid Hunter Biden $3.5M

WH Instructs All Agencies It's No Longer the 'Biden
Admin' but the 'Biden-Harris Admin' - And Harris Is
Now 'Asian American' Not 'African American'

Michigan AG Unleashes Political Diatribe Against
Defiant Restaurant Owner (After Tucker Carlson Hit)

Wayne Dupree - Your disgraceful contempt for US
military is plain to see, Kamala Harris. We won't
forget this non-salute

Pelosi Says It's Her 'Right' to Seat and Unseat
Any Member of Congress - As She Moves to
Unseat Iowa Republican - Watch

Wigington - Aftermath Of Chemical Ice Nucleation

What Climate Change Is Really About

Cuomo directed NY health officials to prioritize
COVID-19 testing for his relatives

Two Black Females Beat Asian Salon Owner In
Houston Breaking Her Nose


Police have arrested charged a Black Man in the
homicide of a 74 Yr Old Asian Man In Phoenix

Sesame Street to introduce 'black' muppets
to stop white kids from becoming RACIST

Bolshevik USA Today - Christian Values Are 'Archaic'
Oral Roberts University Should Be Banned

Trouble With The Ghislaine Maxwell Case?

Las Vegas crowns biological male as
winner of beauty pageant

American Education - Child Indoctrination,
Struggle Sessions and Debt Slavery

US Hits new low in rankings of world democracies

3,964 DEAD & 162,610 Injured By Europe Kill Shots

Study Finds Chemical That Causes Penises
To Shrink Found In Face Masks

Fauci 'Needs To Put Up Or Shut Up' - 'America's
Doctor' Dismantled In Scathing Op-Ed


Gates Gives His Thoughts on When World
Will 'Be Back to Normal'

Don't go down with the left-wing Vax Suicide Cult

Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies
were conducted on any vaccine over 32 years as
was required by law

French Med student found dead at home, 10 days
After AstraZeneca - 1.7 liters of blood in stomach

Bloomberg Writer - We Should Start Planning
for a 'Permanent Pandemic'

Lockdown One Year On – It Doesn't Work, Never
Worked And it Wasn't Supposed to Work

Bill Gates has been an official member of
Chinese academia for years - And there's more...

As cases Drop, Communist OR health officials
push for 'permanent' mask mandate

Huh? DeSantis Will Lower FL Vax Kill Shot
Eligibility Age to 18 in Florida

NYC Judge Removes 6 Year Old From Mother
Because She Didn't Wear a Mask While
Dropping Her Off at School - Pure EVIL


CDC Pretending NOBODY is Getting Injured
or Killed from COVID-19 Vaccines

Pandemic Babies Raise Worrying Questions

Who Is Shaking The Jar - Part 1

Who Is Shaking The Jar - Part 2

Communist Congress Escalates Pressure
on Tech Giants to Censor More, Threatening
the First Amendment

German researchers create, then erase,
false memories in people's minds

Newly-uncovered documents show Pentagon's
plan targeting conservative Patriots

Sen Rubio talks UFOs - 'There's stuff flying over
military installations, and nobody knows what it is'

US Nuclear Tests Killed More Civilians
Than Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Biden To Stay In Afghanistan Beyond May 1st
Agreement Despite Pentagon Saying 'We're Ready'


Anonymous Sources Say US-Targeted Govt
Did an Invisible Bad Thing

Vaccine mandates are causing catastrophic
logistics failures in international shipping

Get Ready to Become a 'Digital Asset'
of the Globalists' Great Reset

Cryptos Are Crashing Amid Bitcoin 'Ban'
Fears & Record Options Expiration

Bitcoin falls by over 10% to $51,300

Bitcoin could become 'outlawed the way
gold was outlawed' in 1934 – Ray Dalio

Why Buy Gold When There's Bitcoin & Tesla

Suez Canal Container Ship Crash Is A
'Worst-Case Scenario' For Global Trade

Why blockage of Suez Canal could have
rollover effect on oil price

'It might take weeks' to free 'enormous beached
whale' ship stuck in Suez Canal – dredging firm


Suez Canal Container Ship Crash Is A
'Worst-Case Scenario' For Global Trade

Tanker Rates Rise As Global Shippers Scramble
To Reroute Ships Around Africa

Cargo Ship Ever Given Drew 'Penis' in
Red Sea Before Being Stuck in Suez Canal

I'm Hoping For An 'Enormous' Infrastructure Package
Says Joe Manchin; And Maybe A VAT Will Pay For It

US imports record volumes of Russian oil
despite growing political tensions

Wall Street Bets Legit Learning About Silver

Beijing blasts US for historical use of slave labor
dismissing Nike and H&M allegations on rights
abuses in Xinjiang

Skechers tip-toes around Uighur forced-labor claims
after competitors Nike, H&M face China backlash

Merkel calls for better EU-Ankara relations
but raises concerns over lack of rule of law
& human rights violations in Turkey

Craig Murray Found Guilty of Contempt of Court
for 'Jigsaw Identification' - Sentencing to Follow


The Hamilton Report is a joke but what else
should we have expected to emerge from the
SNP's swampy Holyrood fiefdom?

How Lockdowns Devastated the
Cruise Industry

Canada's Supreme Court Upholds Trudeau
Climate Tax That Biden Wants To Mimic

COVID Restrictions To Remain In Place For
Years Says UK's Public Health Official

We Were Told Lockdown Would Last 3 Weeks
One Year on the Restrictions Are Getting Worse. It's Insane

Danish health authority extends suspension
of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine for 3 weeks

UK Prime Minister Johnson Faces Tory Rebellion
After He Talks Vaccine Passports for Pub Goers

New paper reveals how UK is making
extensive plans for war in space

EU Not Happy With Biden's Policy Towards Europe
Nord Stream 2 Sanctions, German Media Says

Austria extradites former Russian official accused
of stealing millions of dollars from Saint Petersburg's
iconic Hermitage Museum


Lavrov - Russia in Talks With African
Union About Sputnik V Vaccine Supply

Serbia to Start Producing Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine by May, RDIF Says

NATO spy plane flights near Russian
borders grow 30% in 2021, senator says

NATO continues along path of
confrontation with Russia

Putin has no side effects after first shot of Vax

West clearly seeks to contain and suppress Russia
says Kremlin

Unable to win on battlefield, West is now waging
'mental war' against Russian civilization, Moscow's
Ministry of Defense claims

End of online anonymity? Russians may have to
provide passport details when signing up to social
media, under new government plans

Ukrainian opposition leader faces criminal Probe
by Kiev's top security agency for 'treason' over
2014 Crimean referendum

S Korea launches criminal probe into spreading of
rumors that president secretly had Pfizer vaccine
instead of AstraZeneca's


Philippines Duterte raises concerns with Beijing
as 220 Chinese vessels moor at reef in Manila's
territorial waters

Taiwan says it's now making long-range missile
capable of striking China

N Korea could have launched copies of Russian
Iskander missiles, says Japanese expert

North Korean Missile Launches Show Threat of
Pyongyang's Arms Programme to Neighbours - US

Pfizer Vaccines HALTED in Hong Kong After
Multiple Defects Were Reported

'Horrific' Swarms Of Spiders, Snakes Invade
Australian Homes Amid Devastating Floods

Thailand grants Johnson & Johnson
Covid vaccine emergency authorization

India Halts COVID Vaccine Exports As
Novovax Delays Deal With EU

Over half of Israelis have received both shots
of Covid-19 vaccine – health minister

Israeli forces attack Palestinian fishermen
sinking one boat in Gaza


Israel's High Court bars Netanyahu from appointing
top law enforcement & justice officials as it could
affect his corruption trial

'Iranian Missile' Fired On Israeli Cargo Ship
In Arabian Sea - Report

After 10 Yrs of Civil War in Syria, US (Quietly)
Declares Defeat...but Won't Go Home

Syria Faces New Refugee Crisis Amid US-Driven
Humanitarian Catastrophe, Coordination Centre Says

Fracking chemicals found in PA children

UN confirms report on Saudi death threat
against Khashoggi investigator

The Population of Bald Eagles in US Has
Quadrupled Since 2009 - Good News

More Evidence Links 'Cat Scratch' Bacteria
and Schizophrenia

Our Hormones Have Been Hijacked

Why a new jaguar sighting near the
AZ-Mexico border gives experts hope


Wooden Sculpture Is Twice as Old as
Stonehenge and the Pyramids

Researchers develop method to treat neurological
disorders, chronic pain and depression using X-rays

'Zombie gene' causes brain cells to come alive
And grow appendages HOURS after death

5.3-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes El Salvador

Eastern Russian Volcano Ebeko Emits Column
of Ash Nearly 2 Kilometres High

Biden Suffers Total Brain Black OUT And Aide
Tells All Reporters To LEAVE The Room

Biden Blames Trump Administration
for Current Border Crisis - Video

Hilarious - Dimwit Biden appoints The Kamal to
solve the border Invasion Crisis he created!

42 MILLION People From Latin America
Want To Migrate To US

Over 118,000 Alien Invaders 'got away' from Border
Patrol in less than six months

Alien Invaders Proudly Admit They're Entering
US Because 'Joe Biden Said It Would Be Easy'

Sen Tammy Duckworth Won't Vote For Any
White Biden Nominees...Unless They're Gay

Nobody's 'coming after your guns' says The Kamal
...who campaigned on coming after guns

Kamal Sez - Assault Rifles Are 'Weapons Of War'
'No Reason To Have Them On The Streets Of A
Civil Society'

The Kamal Calls on Congress to Act on
Lasting Reform of US Gun Laws


Biden, Harris Both Called for Government
Mandated AR-15 Buybacks

Unelected Biden Administration Urges Supreme
Court To Let Cops Enter Homes And Take Guns
Without A Warrant

Biden Ready to Become Two-Term US President
...Presidency From A Casket?

Joe Biden Is Senile - Russia Delivers Its Verdict
on National Television

1:45 Minutes Of The Cackling Kamal - Watch

US Intel Community Increasingly Involving
Itself In Domestic Politics

Heavyweight Champ David Rodriguez
on Border Crisis - 'This is an Invasion'

Biden Laughs At Question About The Seriousness
Of North Korean Missile Test

Heavyweight Champ David Rodriguez
on Border Crisis - 'This is an Invasion'

Highly Moral Bombardier Samantha Power Has
Been Handed a Globe-Spanning and Lavishly
Funded Regime-Change Agency


Hell Hath No Fury Like a Superpower in Decline

All 10 Victims of Boulder Muslim Murder Suspect
Ahmad Al-Issa Are White - A Crime Of Sheer Hate

Soviet Oregon Bolsheviks Want To Make Covid
Restrictions PERMANENT And Track All Those
Who Refuse To Take The Kill Shots

Feds Admit They're Prosecuting Jan 6 Capitol
Protesters to Attack 1st Amendment

Black Lives Matter thugs trap 100 people
inside Rochester, NY Wegmans

'Sesame Street' Studio Debuts 'ABCs of Racial
Literacy' to Teach Kids About Racism - Watch

Markle 2024? Harry and Meghan Reportedly
Hire Hillary Clinton Aide Involved in 2016 Campaign

'Tomorrow It Could Be Somebody Else' Bernie
Comes Out Against Trump Twitter Ban

Flaunting Wealth - Are We About To Reach
America's 'Let Them Eat Cake' Moment?

One Year to Flatten Life as We Knew It And
Install a Transhumanist Dystopia in Its Place


Dr. Vernon Coleman - Fighting For Our Lives Against
The Biggest, Deadly Fraud In Human History - Watch

Creepiest ad ever? Clinton, Bush & Obama
want you to get the COVID vaccine

Vax Injuries include Alzheimers & Prion Disease
...commonly known as Mad Cow And CWD

Confirmed - antibodies from the AstraZeneca
coronavirus vaccine cause blood clots

Ukrainian soldier DIES after receiving
AstraZeneca Covid Kill Shot

Dr. Judy Mikovits on her arrest over
the mask she was wearing

The Probe into the Israeli Vaccine Policy
and its Outcome is beyond Damning

CDC pretending that nobody is getting injured
or dying from COVID-19 vaccines

Heartbroken Mother Tells Story of Losing Child
and Forced Vax at Hands of a Zionist FL Judge

Insane - Largest review finds 5G is not
linked to adverse health risks


UT governor signs bill to require cell phones
And tablets to automatically BLOCK porn
...but there's a catch

Intel Declares War On Taiwan Semiconductors
(Again)...And Wall Street Is Delighted

NASA Scientists Says We Should Look For Ancient
ET Spacecraft On The Moon, Mars, Mercury - The
Entire ET Coverup Is Fading Faster And Faster

Klaus Schwab Was Kissinger's Pupil and the Son
of a Nazi Collaborator Who Used Slave Labor and
Aided Nazi Efforts to Obtain the First Atomic Bomb

Oil Soars As Suez Canal Blockage Continues
Megaship 'Likely Damaged'...Traffic Can't Pass

Wall Street Hails Tesla's Decision To Accept
Payment In Bitcoin As 'Seminal Moment'

Luongo - Evading The Dollar Trap

Eurozone business activity rises for the first time
in half a year as manufacturing sector shows
signs of recovery

COVID Restrictions To Remain In Place
For Years Says UK's Public Health Official

Finland Warns of 'Far-Right' Terror Threat
as 'Great Replacement Theory' Gains Ground


'I'm done, Britain' - When a cop pens a heartfelt
resignation letter like this, it shows we live in a
warped and broken society

Scottish Police Arrest Man After Bomb Squad
Called to Queen's Official Residence

Actor Hugh Grant Accuses Boris Johnson's Govt
of Exploiting Pandemic to Enrich Friends and Donors

Rigorous Age Checks On 'Child' Migrants Will Be
Part Of Priti Patel's Change To UK Asylum System

Bristol Protests - Riot Police Disperse 'Kill the Bill'
Demonstrators in City Centre

'All options on table' for removing Invader migrants,
says UK's Patel, not ruling out Gibraltar as asylum
seeker processing centre

British Govt Plans To Shape Public Opinion Are
Fundamentally 'Undemocratic' - Propaganda Expert

'Dangerous neighbor' Russia is becoming 'more
and more authoritarian' & NATO should 'push back'
says EU Foreign Minister Borrell

US Secretary of State Blinken Accuses Russia
of Disinfo and Eroding Trust on Vaccines

A high-stakes Abramovich libel case may see the
dubious quality of much Western reporting from
Russia finally come under scrutiny


Pentagon labored for more than 20 DAYS to create
mediocre anti-Russia 'meme,' documents reveal

YouGov Poll Reveals 54% of Respondents Consider
Russia Most Trusted Vax Producer

Over 40% of Vaccinated French Citizens Would
Want to Get Sputnik V Vaccine, Poll Shows

Russian company seeks to start producing
Sputnik V in Germany in summer

Why Most Fell for the Lockdowns, While a
Few Stood for Liberty

Russian Navy frigate to test-launch Tsirkon
hypersonic missiles in Barents Sea

Turkey tells US purchase of Russian S-400
defense system is a 'done deal'

Russia & China join forces to demand crunch
UN Security Council talks over 'political turbulence'
as Moscow slams 'destructive' US

Moscow tells NATO to deal with own problems

Russian security chief warns US would be
to blame for 'tough days' with Moscow


Moscow Will Retaliate Against 'Illegal'
Canadian Sanctions, Kremlin Says

North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles

USAF Spy Plane Makes Unprecedented
Flight Off China's Coast

China must prove its trade promises to EU aren't
'just talk,' US Secretary of State Blinken says
on investment deal

Blinken Urges Collective Action Against
'Aggressive' China In First Address To NATO

Macau and Hong Kong Temporarily Suspend Use
of Pfizer Kill Shot Over Packaging Defect

Beijing Plans to Invite Israeli, Palestinian Public
Figures for Talks in China

Singapore tests Bluetooth devices to enforce
Covid safe distance rules at business conference

Beijing warns Five Eyes that an 'irritated'
China would be 'difficult to handle'

Dumping the Dollar - Will China, Russia,
Turkey, and Iran Create a New Intl Currency?


Trafficking investigation launched over Philippines
immigration officers sending 'women into slavery'

5.4 Earthquake in China's Xinjiang Kills 3

Chinese FM Spokeswoman Roasts Western Human
Rights 'Judges' Amid Sanctions, Worsening Ties

Netizens Hail Chinese Envoy's France Pushback

Mouse Plague Of Biblical Proportions Overruns
Eastern Australia

Indian Pharma Firm Develops Vaccine in Capsule
Form, Doctors Hopeful of Faster Distribution

'Informed Decisions' - Twitter To Label False
Content Ahead of Elections in India

Hundreds of detained anti-coup protesters
released in Myanmar – media

The deadly Beirut explosion sent waves into
the ionosphere with the force of a volcanic
eruption...Or A Nuke, Which Is What It Was

Netanyahu Announces Victory, Starts
Talking to Coalition Partners


Bahrain absent at UN rights council
vote to condemn Israeli violations

Israeli military pounds targets in Gaza Strip

Netherlands says Israel must stay away from
ICC's war crimes probe

Iran cuts imports bill by $10 Bills amid
growth in manufacturing

Iraqi lawmaker urges prime minister
to take UAE interference seriously

Watch - Yemeni forces, allies shoot down
US MQ-9 Reaper drone in Ma'rib

Over 520 medical facilities destroyed in Saudi-led
attacks on Yemen, senior health official tells Press TV

Over 43,000 Yemenis have fallen victim to Saudi-led war

Eritrean troops massacred 100 civilians
in Ethiopia's Tigray - Report

Child Safety Trumps Privacy As School Join
Information-Sharing scheme


'More' UFOs Detected Than Public Knows'
Admits Former Intelligence Chief

Sen Marco Rubio Concerned About
UFOs Near Military Bases

Jet Fighters Chase UFOs in DC Skies – 1952

UFO Appears Thru a Portal, Hovers Over House
Claims East Lancashire Resident

New CERN experiment violates the standard
model of particle physics

All 10 Victims of Boulder Muslim Murder Suspect
Ahmad Al-Issa Are White - A Crime Of Sheer Hate

Soviet Oregon Bolsheviks Want To Make Covid
Restrictions PERMANENT And Track All Those
Who Refuse To Take The Kill Shots

Feds Admit They're Prosecuting Jan 6 Capitol
Protesters to Attack 1st Amendment

Joe Biden to take part in EU Summit
for first time on March 25-26

Biden regularly consults with Barack Obama
on a 'range of issues' Psaki says - Biden Takes
His ORDERS From Arch Communist Obama

Loathed 81 Million Vote-Getter Biden Greeted
by Two Dozen Supporters in Columbus for
Ohio State Speech

Muslim Boulder Hate Crime Shooting Suspect
Was On FBI's Radar Prior To Shooting Spree

FB Scrubs Shooting Suspect Ahmad Al Issa's
Profile - Previously Show He's Devout Muslim
Another Anti-White HATE SLAUGHTER Coverup

Soviet Communist Biden-Obama Call For
Disarming Americans After Mass Shooting by
Racist White-Hating Muslim Illegal - In FACT
ALL American Citizens Should Be Carrying

'We Need to Ban Assault Weapons!' Says Brain
Damaged Biden Then Walks Away From Reporters


Ted Cruz Blasts Dems for Wanting to Take
Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens

Obama Calls For Gun Control (So Americans Can't
Protect Ourselves) - Same Old Communist Tactics
While Alien Invaders Kill A Dozen Americans A Day

Kamal's Dimwit Niece Slams 'All White Men' For
Boulder Shooting Before Checking Into The Facts
...The Shooter Is A Racist White-Hating Muslim

Tlaib Bitches 'People are policing my words'
After She Tweets 'F*ck white supremacy' And
Ignores White-Hating Muslim Boulder Shooter
She should Go Back To The Middle East

Biden-Obama Border Crisis 'A Designed Disaster'
With Child Sex Offenders Up 1967% In Del Rio...
As Sex Trafficking Rings Run Rampant While The
Kamal Cackles Dismissively

Cartels, Traffickers Exploiting Unfinished
Border Wall Construction

Arizona mayor declares state of emergency
says Biden admin sending busloads of illegal
immigrants to his town

Biden must be held accountable for 'nightmare'
conditions at migrant facilities revealed in
leaked photos – Project Veritas to RT

Mexico Deploys Almost 9,000 Troops to
Stem Flow of Invaders From Northern
Triangle to US Border

New York Governor Tells Supporter He is
'Not Going Anywhere' Amid Continued Calls
for Resignation


Cuomo Accused Of Intimidating Witnesses As
Lawmakers Warn Impeachment Probe Could
Take Months

One Reportedly Killed, Several Injured in Nursing Home
Fire in New York Suburb - Watch

Two Blacks arrested for drugging And raping
White spring break Girl who later died - Another
Black On White Hate Murder Case

Caught On Video - FBI, DHS Try To Recruit
Ex Green Beret to Infiltrate and Spy on Oath
Keepers, Proud Boys, Patriots - But He Recorded
The Conversation!

Wooldridge - Biden Is Way Past The
Threshold of Senility & Fragility

Biden Struggles to Breathe Through His Face
Mask as He Talks on Affordable Care Act

Dementia - Biden to Ban All From Fresh Air
Viewing of Cherry Blossoms in DC - Jefferson,
FDR And MLK Memorials To Be Shut Down for
Two Weeks - INSANE

The Time A Leaked Memo Proved The US
Weaponizes 'Human Rights' Against Nations
Like China – Caitlin Johnstone

Now Gates wants to spray millions of tons
of CHALK into The stratosphere to slow
'global warming'

At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates
Is Dangerously Insane?


USPS Unveils 10 Yr Sustainability Plan
...Higher Prices, Worse Service

Communist CA Forces 'Racial Injustice' Course
in Order for High Schoolers to Graduate

Christian Baker Back in Court After
Refusing to Make Gender 'Transition' Cake

Tucker Carlson Hits South Dakota Governor
Kristi Noem for 'Caving' to the NCAA on
Transgender Bill

AOC Joe Biden Infrastructure Plan Follows
Green New Deal 'Framework'

Devvy More Deaths - States Must Stop
Their Vaccine Programs

Young Americans Are Now Dying Following
the Experimental J&J COVID Kill Shots

58% Say Masks Should Be Required Until Everyone
Is Injected With COVID Kill Shot Gene Modifier Which
Will Reportedly DESTROY The Human Immune System

Israel, New Zealand give tentative approval for sale
of nasal spray to held stop COVID spread - What Do
You Think Just Might Be In This Vile Potion?

Vaccine passports to become MANDATORY
in USA as prelude to mass extermination event


The Six Foot Mandate Was Really Bad Science

The Probe into the Israeli Vaccine Policy
and its Outcome is beyond Damning

Vaxed Hawaii residents test positive for COVID

OR Communist proposes permanent masking

Wearing a mask, quarantining, social distancing,
and getting the mRNA vaccine nearly GUARANTEES
you'll catch the next Variant Of COVID-19

Masks Take faces away and the damage done
to human interaction, to human relationships,
because we cover our faces is incalculable

Spanish Flu Killed 2.5% of the Then Population
...COVID-19 Has Allegedly Killed 0.03%

Simon & Schuster to Release Propaganda
Book for Kids Depicting Dr. Anthony Fauci
as 'America's Doctor'

Two year old boy dies after eating fentanyl
mom bought with stimulus

Twitter Refuses To Say if Dehumanizing Language
And Filth About Whiteness Violates Its Rules


UFO Coverup Over - 'Ex' Pentagon UFO Program Chief
Lays Out The Options For What They Are - Of Course
The Pentagon Knows Full Well What They Are!

Project of 'Sustainable City' on Mars Unveiled
by Architectural Firm - Yeah, Let's Got Up There
And Destroy The Planet Again

No threat to Earth as huge asteroid zooms past
We're overdo To Take A Hit...Remember That

Lumber prices are up a staggering 188%

Get Ready For Some Serious Sticker Shock
Very Soon - Inflation Jump Won't Be Transient

'Going To Get Ugly' - Global Plastic Shortage
Triggered By Texas Deep Freeze

FED Is Now In the Climate Change Business

The Great Reset is Here - Follow the Money

Fed's Crypto Plans May Turn Bitcoin Bulls
into Gold Bugs

Things Are Out Of Control - There Is A Shortage Of
Everything And Prices Are Soaring - What's Next?


British Virus Cult Regime to Make Holidays Abroad
'Illegal' German One to Shut Down Grocery Stores

UK government considering forcing care workers to get Covid vaccine – Hancock

UK's Matt Hancock Defends National COVID-19
Response, Warns of Third Wave Across Europe

Denmark Agrees to Re-Open When Everyone Aged
Over 50 Gets Inoculated, Obtains 'Corona Pass'

Reopening economy before over-65s get Covid
vaccine 'would spell trouble' - Hungarian PM warns

Macron admits France will need new Covid
restrictions, but promises To Give vaccinations
'morning, noon and night'

COVID Propaganda Roundup - Where's the Evidence?

7 'Plagues' That Are Hitting Our Planet Right Now

Post-Brexit UK Food and Drink Exports to EU Nosedive

Extinction Rebellion UK Denies Being
Behind Bristol Violent Protest


Scottish First Minister Sturgeon Wins Vote of No
Confidence, Says Won't be 'Bullied Out of Office'

Hamilton Report Into Sturgeon's Conduct Raises
More Questions Than Answers

Many Canadians keep quiet about Covid
stress, worried it will hurt their career, and
are drinking more – report

Three Russian military pilots died after ejection
seats were accidentally activated

Corpse Wrapped in Plastic - Body of Drug Lord
Found on Park Bench in Mexico's Jalisco

If Israel Accuses Iran of Doing Something
...Israel Is Likely Already Doing It

Secret Israeli Military Bases Locations Reportedly
Revealed in Major Map Mishap

Turkey detains over 200 soldiers in raids
over links to self-exiled Muslim cleric Gulen

UN calls on Turkey to reverse controversial
withdrawal from European convention on
combatting violence against women

US-Led Coalition Says One Rocket Landed
'100s of Meters Away' From US Soldiers in Syria


UN Says Saudis Bombed Grain Port In Yemen
On Same Day Riyadh Talked Up Ceasefire

Senior Saudi official made death threats to UN
investigator over Khashoggi murder probe

Houthi Rebels Reportedly Launch Drone Attack
on Saudi Airport After Riyadh Proposes Peace Initiative

Meghan's Number Two, Prince Harry, lands new
job at tech startup named 'BetterUp'

Love What You Can and Try for the Rest

US Has Secret Evidence of UFOs Breaking
Sound Barrier Without a Sonic Boom

Sightseers climb to the edge of erupting
Iceland volcano as lava cascades down
mountainside - Watch


Biden-Obama team prepping MASSIVE new spending
proposal to pay for universal pre-k, free community
college, climate & 'equality' measures

Joking About Biden Falling Down Stairs Will
Lead to His Assassination, MSNBC Warns

Tucker rips into Fauci on social distancing, calls out
health officials for double standards on BLM riots

The Kamal Kackles When Asked If She
Is Going To The Border Soon

First It Was A Wind Gust - Now Psaki Defends
Biden's Fall Over 'Tricky' Air Force One Stairs

Psaki Dodges Questions When Asked If Biden
Saw Doctor After Hitting His Head On AF One Stairs

Biden-Obama WH Prep $3 Trillion Spending Package
to Tackle Climate Change, Infrastructure And Provide
'Free' Community College and 'Reduce Inequality'

Jen Psaki's Sister Gets Cushy Govt Job
Despite Biden's 'No Family Members' Pledge

Hypocrisy? The Kamal Pushed For Marijuana
Legalisation But WH is Sacking Staffers Over Weed

Army 'Dumbs Down' Fitness Test in Effort to
Make it 'Gender-Neutral'


Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images
Inside Texas Alien Invader Facility

Border Facility Photos Leak Revealing Hundreds
Of Children Huddled In 'Terrible Conditions'

Biden's immigration policies earning
traffickers $14 Million per day

Reporter Grills Psaki - 'Why Are Illegal Aliens Getting
Hotel Rooms When Natl Guard Were Left to Sleep in
Parking Garages and Given Contaminated Food?'

Q- Into The Storm HBO Documentary

Trump 'Got it Right', Biden Border Crisis Response
'Not Incompetence' But 'By Design' - Ex-ICE Chief

Jen Psaki Points Finger at Air Force Stairs
After Biden Stumble

Former Obama WH Doc Says Creeper Joe 'Hiding'
from The Public Is 'Major Red Flag'

Biden's Firing Squad Stands in a Circle

What Idiot Pre-Announces A Cyberattack? - Biden-Obama
Admin Has Spent 2 Weeks Touting Russia Response


Mass Federalization - How Washington Is Bailing Out
Failed States, Decapitating Competitive Ones And

These Major Corporations Are Big Donors To BLM

Boulder grocery Store Shooting leaves 10 dead
including cop, suspect in custody - Meanwhile
Alien Invaders Kill Close To 20 US Citizens A Day

California homebuyers discover that
the government is their enemy

Commies on Campus - Watch

Bolshevik Pentagon - 'Extremism' Training Needed For
Troops Who See 'Capitol Riot' & 'BLM Protests' Similarly

World Nuclear Energy 10 Yrs After Fukushima

2020 US Presidential Related Lawsuits - Chart

Worst Drug Crisis Ever Is Causing The Streets
Of Many US Cities To Look Like Zombie Apocalypse

CDC Ignores Inquiry Into Increasing Number
of Covid Kill Shot Deaths And Injuries


Dr. Seuss Banned But Punk Fauci
'Children's Book' On The Way

Fraud Fauci Children's Book Takes Propaganda
To A Creepy New Level

Two Danish Patients Suffer Brain Hemorrhages
After Receiving AstroZeneca Kill Shots

Child Suicide becoming an International Epidemic

EXTREMELY Slick And Evil Mind Control Cartoon To
Make Children WANT to take the Kill shot! - Watch

COVID Restrictions to Remain in Place For Years
Says Public Health Official

Spain's Sky-High Child COVID Deaths Are
Found To Be a Computer Error

Ron Paul - Want a Job? You'll Have To Get A Shot

Vaccine passports to become MANDATORY
in USA as prelude to mass extermination event

Inject Men With Female Sex Hormones To
Treat COVID-19 Says New California Study


New Jersey Halts Reopening, NYC Asks Cuomo
To Do The Same, As Mutant COVID Spreads
...More Fear Porn

Covid Mask Pollution Is Destroying Ocean
Ecosystems, Wildlife

Infanticide - Lockdowns Caused a Quarter of Million
Infant Deaths in South Asia - UN Estimates

The Lockdown Baby Bust Is Here - Italy Births
Down 21 Percent, 13 Percent in France

Locked-Down Americans Fatter-Than-Ever As Krispy
Kreme Unveils 'Free-Donuts-For-The-Vaxxed' Promo

World's 1st ORAL Covid-19 Nano 'vaccine'
could soon begin human trials

Rushed Covid-19 vaccine rollout backfired
in some US states, according to new study

Vile Gates Strikes Again - Windows 10 Secretly Listens
to Everything You Say and Records All Your Keystrokes
with Hidden Keylogger that Uploads to Microsoft

Computer Chip 'Famine' at 'Crisis Point' In 'Perfect
Storm' of Pandemic, Trade War & Demand Surge

Japanese Semiconductor Chip Plant Fire To Have
'Major Impact' On Bottlenecked Auto Industry


Can't argue with that - IBM scientists developing
AI whose sole purpose is to debate with humans

Why is Amazon hiring former FBI agents to
staff its security operations?

NYT Pushes For Telegram, 4Chan To Be
Deplatformed - Anti-Asian Memes 'Set The
Stage' For Violence

US has evidence of UFOs moving at non-human
speeds, breaking sound barriers without sonic boom
The Ridiculous Coverup Is Unwinding

Ex Trump Intel Chief Reveals Many More UFOs
Detected Than Public Knows'

Pentagon Wants New Command & Control System
to Counter Hypersonic and Cruise Missile Threat

The Fake 'GREAT RESET' & The End Of
Civilization As We Know It

Goldman - There Is No Bubble, There Is No Bubble,
There Is No Bubble

Existing Home Sales Drop Sharply, Prices Surge

Bitcoin winter coming? World's top crypto may
hit $300,000 but when bubble bursts, declines
will last for years, entrepreneur says


Americans Losing Billions Due To Internet Crime

Toyota continues to warn the world not to
switch to electric cars too fast

Existing Home Sales Plunge As Higher-Rate
Impacts Accelerate

JPM Makes A Surprising Discovery - Daytraders Are
Evolving And Starting To Hedge Their Massive Gains

Ditch the dollar & scrap Western payment systems
with us to avoid US sanction sting, Lavrov To China

Russia prepared for possibility of being cut
off from SWIFT, Kremlin says

We Don't Need The Great Reset, We Need
The Great Rebalancing

First Details Of Biden's $3 Trillion 'Build Back Better'
BS Infrastructure Plan Have Just Leaked

Powell Slams Bitcoin, Says Crypto More A
Substitute For Gold Than Dollar

German Lawmaker With Angela Merkel's Party Dies
After Collapsing on a Flight From Cuba


UK PM Johnson Says Protests in Bristol
Were 'Unacceptable'

First of Two Reports Clears Scottish
First Minister Sturgeon of Misconduct

Royal Marines to be Scrapped and Britain to
Build Ship to 'Protect Undersea Cables From Russia'

RAF Reportedly Braced for 'Space War' Over
Claims Russia Tested 'Anti-Satellite Weapons'

UK Army to Ditch 'Industrial Age' Capabilities,
Slash '10,000 Troops' to Forge 'Agile Military'

EU citizens losing faith in AstraZeneca vaccine,
poll shows, but new trial data reveal jab more
effective than originally thought (Ignore The Clots!)

Irish PM warns EU against Covid vaccine export
Controls - drug makers worried by 'retrograde' plan

UK and EU 'not to blame' for Covid-19 vaccine
dispute, EU official says, AstraZeneca oversold
production capacity

Norwegian police want to question PM over illegal
sushi party that broke Covid-19 rules

Watch - French police break up 'unauthorized'
carnival in Marseille after thousands of revelers
defy Covid-19 restrictions


Germany Extends COVID Lockdown, UK Scientist
Warns Summer Travel Unlikely As 3rd Wave Worsens

France's Le Pen Says Government Should
Consider Using Sputnik V Without EU Approval

EMA to Send Mission to Russia in April to
Inspect Sputnik V Trials, Production

Thousands of Amazon workers in Italy go on
strike in row over labor conditions

France's branch of IKEA on trial over alleged
spying on employees

EU should impose counter-sanctions on US officials
who target European firms, former French envoy to
Washington says

Borrell Briefs Media on New EU Sanctions
After Foreign Affairs Council Meeting

European Council approves sanctions against
11 people, including Russians and Chinese

Hungary's foreign minister blasts EU sanctions on
China and Myanmar as 'harmful' and 'pointless'

French BDS activist stands trial after leading
boycott against Israeli pharmaceutical company


Putin always has nuclear briefcase at hand
wherever he is - Kremlin

Putin's secret kill list REVEALED! If you're ready to
believe anonymous & erratic 'spy' sources beloved
by Western media, that is...

Moscow Says London's Plans to Grow Nuclear
Arsenal Indicates The UK And France Need to Be
Included in Arms Talks

Sergey Lavrov Is an Anti-Mask Hero

Putin says he plans to get Covid-19 vaccine
on Tuesday - Make Sure It's The Saline Type

Russia not politicizing the battle against
coronavirus, says Putin

EU official's opposition to Russian-made
Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine could be down
to pharmaceutical company lobbying - Putin

Top US Infectious Disease Official Says Russia's
Sputnik Vaccine 'Quite Effective'

US Hits China With Human Rights Sanctions
In Major Joint Action With Western Allies

US Spy Plane Makes Closest-Ever Pass to Chinese
Territory, Flying 25 Nautical Miles Off Coast


Bombing of government office in China kills
at least five, including suspect

One Taiwanese pilot killed, another missing, after
fighter jets collide in third such crash in six months

Millions of spiders swarm homes, gardens and
crops in Australia in videos and pictures

'Sex act on female MP's desk' - Leaked graphic
imagery shows staffers performing lewd acts in
Australian parliament, one now sacked

18,000 evacuated and 38 parts of New South
Wales declared 'natural disaster area' as flooding
devastates Australia - Watch

India Hinges Hopes on Artificial Intelligence
Solutions to Fix Problem of Water Scarcity

Mauritius Becomes 55th Country to Approve
Use of Sputnik V Vaccine, RDIF Says

Iran Plans to Equip Islamic Revolution Guard
Corps With Domestically-Built Subs, Reports Say

Saudi Arabia Floats New Peace Initiative, Including
Nationwide Ceasefire, to End Yemen Conflict

Ansarullah - There's nothing new in Riyadh's
'peace initiative'


Biden's Problem in Yemen? Houthis Are Winning

Physics Professor Calls For The Abandonment
Of 'Quantum Supremacy' As Anti-Racism Measure

McKinsey Consultants Pay $45 Million to Settle
Opioid Marketing Probe - Nevada Attorney General

Fecal-Testing Company's Founders Accused of
Fraud, Misleading Investors

1,739 US Now Murdered By Experimental mRNA
Gene Altering Kill Shots As CDC Adds Another
200+ Recorded Deaths this Week

Hilarious - The Kamal Is Now Referred To As An 'Asian'
American - No longer Highlighted As A Black Female

Since Creeper Joe Is Fading - 'Dr' Jill Biden Is Now
Assigned to Push the Massive COVID 'Stimulus' Bill

We're Nearing 200,000 Alien Invaders A MONTH

Judge Jeanine - Biden Admin 'Knowingly, Intentionally
and with Due Deliberation Has Surrendered Our
Southern Border'

Racist? Biden Admin Says 'It's Simple, The Border
Is Closed' - Still Zero Access For US Journalists

Liberals Freak After Biden-Obama Cry Uncle,
Quietly Enact Trump Policy To Get Control Of
Border Crisis

Report - 15,000+ Alien Invader Children Now
Held In US Custody - Most Were FORCED To Invade

One MILLION Alien Invaders now - TX Rep Says
border crisis 'A LOT WORSE' than you think or
Biden-Obama will ADMIT

Biden-Obama Spending Millions per Day to STOP
Border Wall Construction


Who Wants to Flood US With Alien Invaders & Why?

'Do not come. The border is closed' - DHS Warns Alien
Invaders Off, blames overflow crisis on Trump

Trump Rages Over 'Huge Cover-Up' At The
Border As Biden Starts Releasing Illegals
Without Court Date Or Health Checks

Watch Blatantly Drunk Alcoholic Pelosi On Video

Joe Biden Says VP Kamal Harris is 'Smarter'
Than He Is...and She Agrees

From Calling The Kamal 'President Harris' to
Tripping Up the Stairs, How The Communist
Press is Blind to Joe Biden's Brain Decay

Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Threatened to Compare
Lackluster Endorser to 'Child Rapist' in Leaked Audio

Massive False Flag Alert For America As
Globalists Keep Pushing White Supremacist Lie

US goes wobbly under Biden-Obama Regime

De Blasio's Brutal STASI Plan Would Have Cops
Pounding on Doors of 'Suspected Racists'
This Is Beyond Orwell's Worst Nightmare


Killing the Kennedys - A Shocking History

The Q Lie - The Power-Grab After
January 6th Was the Real Insurrection

Obama-era officials Who return to the
White House Are Now worth millions
Gosh, How'd That Happen?

What if blacks suddenly left The US And went
back to Africa As Ghana Has Invited Them To Do?

US Soldiers Openly Questioning Why BLM Riots
Weren't Treated Like Capitol 'Insurrection'

Spring Breakers Brawl And Damage Restaurant
...Miami Declares State Of Emergency

More Wild Video from Miami Beach as City
Officials Crack Down on the Spring Break Mayhem

Business is too good - Democrats can't stand
freedom.....Miami Beach Imposes Curfew to
Control Spring Break Crowds

Countless Schools Across the Country Close
Due to New 'Vaccine' Side Effects As Fauci
Readies 3rd Kill Shot

1 in 6 US adults have been fully 'vaxed' With
Deadly Covid Kill Shots


EXTREMELY Slick And Evil Mind Control Cartoon To
Make Children WANT to take the Kill shot! - Watch

Dr Steven Hotze MD Exposes Deadly Fraud
Of Covid 19 'Vaccine' - Govt Is LYING To You

Americans Wake Up - Show Fierce Resistance To
COVID Kill Shot - could derail mass Vax Effort

Biontech Founder Says There Won't Be Need
for Coronavirus Lockdowns by Summer's End

Ireland - Nine Nursing Home Residents Die
of COVID-19 Despite Being mRNA Vaxed
Or, Was It The Vax That Killed Them...

534 Killed And 330,063 Reported Injured After
Receiving Covid Kills Shots In UK

Fully Vaxed People Testing Positive for COVID
So How Does the 'Benefit' of Experimental Vaccines
'Outweigh the Risk'?

When it comes to vaccines, suddenly
'from vs with' matters again

The US Funded Virus Research and Used
The Outbreak Against Its Own People

Royal Caribbean Only Accepts Vaccinated
Passengers On Next Caribbean Cruise


Ex FDA Commissioner - 'Costly' Social Distancing
Mandate 'Wasn't Based On Clear Science'

Child Deaths Drop 30% During Lockdown
Coinciding with Sharp Drop in Routine Vaccinations
Babies And Toddlers Should NEVER Be Vaxed

Lessons from the Lockdown - Why are
so many fewer children dying?

Largest asteroid of 2021 to make closest
approach to Earth

Warp Speed May Be Possible With
Tremendous Amount Of Energy

UK's New Surveillance Ship to Protect Undersea
Cables From Russian 'Interest' - Wallace Says

Bitcoin ATMs Are Landing At Gas Stations,
Delis And Convenience Stores Near You

Gross Profits For House Flippers Hits Record
As Fed Turbocharges Real Estate Bubble

Fed's plan for stronger inflation could spark regime
change in markets - The Takedown Has Begun

Fitch upgrades Russia's growth outlook,
projecting economic activity surge


Biden's Green Energy Push Sparks Surge
In Global Cooking Oil Prices

Luongo - Capital Is Sensing 'Central Bank Impotency'

Canadian Pacific Buys Kansas City Southern
For $25 Billion In Largest Deal Of 2021

The Biggest (Public) Holders Of Bitcoin

Macleod - The ECB's Financial Suttee

Dalio Wants You To Swap Treasuries For
Chinese Debt

Biden's Green Energy Push Sparks Surge
In Global Cooking Oil Prices

Meet 'Digit' A Humanoid Robot Testing
Package Delivery From Curb To Doorstep

Go To War On Thug Police - Vehicles Torched
Station Ransacked, K9s Hit with Mortar

Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests Rage Worldwide


World facing unprecedented threat of food
shortages, UN agency warns

Watch - UK Announces Vaccine 'Certificates'
Says They Are Not Vaccine Passports

Protesters Confront Police Officers in Edinburgh
as Anti-lockdown Demonstrations Sweep Europe

German police clash with protesters at Kassel
demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions - Video

Protests in support of rapper jailed for glorifying
terrorism & insulting monarchy continue in Spain - Vid

Intersectional imperialism - A wholesome menace

Klarenberg - UK Foreign Office contractor sought
to recruit comedians And YouTubers to take part in
secret Baltic psyops camp

Protesters Rally in Bristol Against Police,
Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

UK can't be 'deaf and blind' to Covid-19 surges
abroad when considering easing travel restrictions
Says Defense Secretary

UK vet warns of 'strong suspicion' of Covid-19 mutation
transmission from humans to pets, creating heart issues


Boris Johnson Faces Tory Backlash Over Vote
to Extend 'Draconian' Lockdown Measures

As mask bribery scandal spreads in Merkel's
conservative bloc, another German politician
resigns – reports

Germany's Covid-19 restrictions may be extended
amid rising cases, govt memo reportedly says

Cybersex Tech to Help People Wary of
Companionship Due to COVID-19 Concerns

Bavarian PM mulls producing Sputnik V in
Germany as Russian pharma announces
investment plans

Italian Health Minister Expects EU Watchdog's
Rapid Decision on Russian Sputnik V Vaccine

Gamaleya Centre to Send Researchers to
Rome for Lab Studies of Sputnik V

Making Covid-19 vaccines political was huge
mistake on Europe's part, Hungary's FM tells
RT after getting Sputnik V jab

Father of trans teen to be kept in jail after
speaking to press about resisting hormone
injections for his own child - This is despicable

After Brain Dead Biden snubs debate offer, Putin
brings defense minister Shoigu for pre-planned
getaway in remote Siberian wilderness - Watch


Watch Ukrainian presidential office in Kiev
VANDALIZED by radicals protesting against
sentence handed to notorious Neo-Nazi leader

Crimea's reunification with Russia shows
that state is strengthening says Putin

Philippines accuses Beijing of 'militarizing' S. China Sea
with 'provocative' presence of 220 naval vessels

US Falls Into 4 Traps Set by the CCP
in US-China Talks

2021 HK Charter Calls for Unity Against CCP

Top NATO Scientist With High-Level Security
Clearance Spied For Chinese Intelligence

Australian Emergency Service Tells Sydney Suburbs
to Evacuate as Floods Worsen - Watch

Myanmar health workers protest military coup

VZ Say Massive Blast Hit Natgas Pipeline In
'Terrorist Attack'

Israelis gather for massive anti-Bibi protest days
before election as PM faces corruption scandal


Only 4% of Gaza households have access to safe
water as Israel tightens noose

Why Netanyahu opened Kosovo embassy in
Jerusalem without approval

Israeli court defends right of school to bar
unvaccinated, untested staff

Iran's supreme leader - 'No credibility' in US promises
...only full lifting of sanctions would work

US & allies launch joint naval war games in Iran backyard

Iran Allegedly threatens US Army base and key
American general - report

Turkey expects tourism to surge by up to
70% amid global Covid-19 vaccination drive

The Syrian Arab Army In The World's Most
Volatile Game of Whack-A-Mole

Ebola survivor infected five years ago may
have started new outbreak in Guinea

ENTIRE Georgetown Basketball Team Kneels for
National Anthem at NCAA Tourney -- Then Get
Butts Kicked By 23 Points


Watch - Mesmerizing drone footage captures
close-up of Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption in Iceland

Cosmic shower - Locals report seeing bright
'meteors' in Britain, Cuba and US - Videos

Biden-Obama Admin Communist Attack On America
To Start Flying Alien Invaders from Southern Border
to Red States Near Canadian Border on Taxpayer Dime

Biden Has Southern Border Situation 'Under
Control' Says Nancy Lugosi - Sure He Does...

Alien Invader Sub-Animal Wanted for Raping 2
Young Girls is Shot and Killed by Texas Cop

House Sergeant-at-Arms Admits No
'Credible Threat Warrants' Capitol Fencing

Kamal calls out people with 'biggest pulpits
spreading hate' during Atlanta visit following
spa parlors massacre

Make Way For The Kamal, the Deep
State's Dream President

Watch Tucker Carlson guest arrested
days after appearing on the show

NY Supreme Court Judge Rules New York
Times Used 'Deceptive Disinformation' To
Smear Project Veritas

Marjorie Taylor Greene - 'Greatest Threat To The
Democrat Communist Revolution Is The Truth'

Tucker Carlson Calls Out MI AG for Grandstanding
After Arresting Bistro Owner for Defying Lockdown


Federal Judge Alleges Democrats Are
Close to Controlling All Major News Outlets

GOP Sellout Sen. Mike Crapo Lives Up To His
Name, Endorses Amnesty, Foreign Workforce Bill

Covid Infection Rate at Alien Invader Minors
Shelter Nearly Doubles Texas Average

Illuminati Vowed in 1969 - 'Travel Will
Be More Difficult'

CA Caves On AR-15 Registration Fight In
Victory For Second Amendment Rights

Crime Continues Sweeping Across Portland

Bill Gates urges fans to eat synthetic meat to
save planet, dismisses 'crazy conspiracies'
about vaccines And 5G in Reddit AMA

Scientists Create Living Entities In The Lab
That Closely Resemble Human Embryos
The End Of Life As We Knew It Closer...

Cars have your location and this spy firm
wants to sell it to the US Military

Is 'My Son Hunter' the Movie Joe Biden
Fears Most?


Hunter Biden had business ties with Xi Jinping
himself, bombshell email reveals

MUST READ takedown of media 'NARRATIVE'
distorting FACTS in Atlanta massacre is STUNNING

Noem Sends Transgender Athletes Bill
Back to Legislature for 'Changes' ??

Michigan Restaurant Owner Taken Away in Ankle
Shackles & Wrist Cuffs After Warning Americans
They Are Losing Their Freedoms

Two Black men who pointed guns at cops
in Detroit...released by judge

Opposing US Imperialism Is A Moral Imperative
Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Pope Francis Calls for 'New World Order'
After the Pandemic - The LAST Pope

Rand Paul - Fauci 'Very Blasé and Unconcerned
About Liberty'

MSM Continues To Scare Monger Over
The '4th Wave' OF Covid - Fear Porn

Sellout Franklin Graham - 'Jesus Would Take the
Covid Vaccine' Kill Shot 'and So Should You!'


Contrary To What The Media Is Telling You,
Freedom Does Not Come From A Vaccine

Ghoul Fauci Still Claiming Little Children Will
Need Kill Shots To Reach Herd Immunity - Sick

Fauci - Fully Vaxed People Don't Need to Be
Tested Unless They Have Symptoms

Peer-Reviewed Study Claims CDC
Skewed CCP Virus Fatalities Upward

One Year Ago - 'Gather In Crowds’, 'Masks Are
Useless' And 'Only A Few Percent Are Vulnerable'

Researchers Hunt For Cause Of Rare Covid
Linked Immune Disease In Children

Bombshell - Moderna Chief Medical Officer
Admits MRNA Alters DNA

Chief Norwegian Investigator Confirms AstraZeneca
Vaccine Caused Rare Blood Clots Due to Unexpected
Immune Reaction

People Are Snapping Up Virtual Land Like Hotcakes
And Now There's A Fund

Mysterious fireball ignites blaze near
Peachland, Canada


If Bitcoin Didn't Exist, We'd Have To Invent
It Right Now

America is running short of wood

Billionaire Gates...Evil's Own Frontman... Says
Crushing Small Businesses for COVID Is

65% Of Manhattan White-Collar Workers Will
Not Return To Office Full-Time - Survey

Printing Money In The Age Of COVID

Russia set for showdown with international law
amid $57 Billion Yukos oil empire battle And
ruling over jailed opposition figure Navalny

Funds 'Scattered Like Confetti' - UK Billionaires,
Tax Exiles Reportedly Cash in on Furlough Scheme

Muslim Cuts Young Brit Woman Into 7 Pieces
Farage Says Media Ignoring Butchery Because
The Suspect Is A Muslim

'Burn Your Masks!’ Massive Anti-Lockdown
Protests Rage Worldwide

Londoners Take to Streets to Join Worldwide
Anti-COVID Lockdown Protests


BC Dad Arrested After Continuing To Call His Child
'She' Following Court-Ordered Gender-Transition
Treatments - Pure Satanic Evil

Shots Fired at London Cops as Met Reveals
over 7,000 Assault on Officers

Dutch police shower anti-lockdown protesters with
water cannons after crowd assembles near Famed
Van Gogh Museum - Watch

German police clash with protesters at Kassel
demonstration against Covid restrictions - Watch

Parisians Take to Streets to March Against
'Systemic Racism and Police Brutality'

Over 60 Lawmakers Urge UK Home Secretary to
End Ban on Protests, Campaigners Say

UK Sets Up New Military Unit to
Take On 'High Threat' Missions Overseas

UK Uni in Hot Water Over 'Sex Work'
Manual to Support Students Who Escort

UK Prepares Antitrust Probe Into Facebook

Germany's Bavaria May Produce Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine, State Minister President Says


Italy's Spallanzani Institute to Test Russia's
Sputnik V Vaccine

German Researchers Link AstraZeneca Jab
To Rare Blood Clots

AstraZeneca Reportedly Postpones Vaccine
Delivery to Italy Until Next Week

'Fulfil your contract’: EU Commission chief
threatens AstraZeneca with Covid vax export ban

Blood clots & one death reported in Denmark
after hospital staffers take AstraZeneca vaccine

Visualizing The World's Deadliest Pandemics
By Population Impact

SecDef Austin Warns North Korea The US
Is 'Ready To Fight Tonight'

The Chinese Unload on Blinken After He Opens
Summit With a Virtue Lecture

Intel expert says US-China summit a 'disaster'
unelected Dimwit Biden should replace top
Zionist diplomat

It's Official - All Foreign Travelers Barred
From Attending Tokyo Games


7.2 quake hits off Japan's northeast coast

Don't underestimate our determination to defend
sovereignty, China warns US after rocky talks

Australian Emergency Service Tells Sydney Suburb
to Prepare for Evacuation Amid Floods - Photos

Israeli Jews Petition ICC, Says Israel's Forced
Covid Vax Violates The Nuremberg Code

Pro-Israeli lobby presses Biden to reject
Iran deal in current format

Iran Blasts EU For Lectures On 'Acting Responsibly'
While Ignoring Israel's Huge Nuclear Arsenal

Taliban Warns of 'Reaction' If US Stays in
Afghanistan Beyond May 1st

Abha airport in Saudi Arabia is hit again
by Yemeni drone

Mystery surrounds death (Murder) of Brave
Tanzanian president who defied COVID lockdown

After 40,000 earthquakes, Iceland volcano
finally erupts in videos and photos


After The Storm – Be The Wind

Rethinking the War on Salt

Biden-Obama Admin Said Considering Flying
Alien Invaders To Northern US States...Fully
Flooding America With Disease And Illiteracy

Tax Expert on Biden stimulus - Alien Invaders
Are The Big Winners

Dropping off Invaders with unchecked health
And criminal history 'like opening Pandora's box'

Wooldridge - Immigration (Invasion) Is An
Act Of War...With The Violence Delayed

Globalist Bush - 'I Believe There Should be a
'Path to Citizenship' For (Alien Invaders)

Psaki Slips Up, Mentions Southern Border
'Crisis' Amid Surge in Alien Invaders

Texas Gov Announces COVID Outbreak, Unsafe
Water at Facilities Holding Alien Invaders

ObamaKamala Will Soon Get Rid Of Biden...
He Is No Longer Of Use To The Regime

Barack Obama - Leader of the 5 Year
Anti-Trump Coup Attempt

Biden Falls Several Times Going Up AF One Stairs
Hitting His Left Shoulder And Head Hard


WH Says Creeper Biden 'Just Fine' After Falling
on AF One Stairs, No Medical Attention Required

WH Tries To Blame 'Climate' For Biden's Dive
On Air Force One Steps!

New Green Screen Video Problem Of Biden's Hand
And Reporter's Mics - Is The White House Faking
'Spontaneous' Press Encounters? - Watch

Icke - Woke Is A Tyranny Destroying Freedom
On The Way To Destroying Itself

DC Dave - Jefferson Davis In His Own Words

8th woman comes forward with allegations
against elderly murdering sexual predator Cuomo

FBI Investigating Whether Cuomo Aides Deliberately
Reported False Nursing Home Deaths

VA Blackface Northam Calls for Backup, Allows
69,000 Felons to Vote Ahead of Governor Race

Candace Owens triggers Twitter by inviting Putin
on show, says Biden dodged Kremlin request for
debate over 'mental health' issues

And Men Wept -Catherine Palfrey Baldwin 1954

'Vaccines' Are the Keys to World Control

Joe Biden's Jesuit Inauguration Priest Under
Investigation for 'Inconsistent' Behavior


Judge agrees to redact 'sensational and impure'
details about Ghislaine Maxwell from public docket

Gestapo de Blasio blasted after saying police should
warn & threaten people over 'hurtful' behavior

Senator's Daughter Went on 'Racist Rant'
at Asian-American Couple, Media Says

America's Worst Drug Crisis Ever Is Causing
The Streets Of Many Cities To Look Like
'Zombie Apocalypse' Has Arrived

Colleges Dump The SAT - The New Admission
Standard Is 'Intellectual Curiosity'

Mind-boggling - Gates Says He Is Going To
fly less to fight climate change

Two Black Teens Arrested For Killing White
Disabled Man By Setting Him On Fire

Kensington Ave In Philly At Night Looks Worse
That Haitian Slum Cities

Boise State suspends diversity course
for 1,300 students

More COVID Suicides Than COVID Deaths In Kids


COVID Cases Are Spiking In A Dozen States
With High Vaccination Rates

Victims of the COVID-19 Vaccines, 3-4 Months Later
...'I'm Still Not Right'

Insane - CA Theme Park Visitors Told To Remain
Silent On Roller Coasters To Stop COVID-19

Fauci Was The First CEO Of Moderna!

prepper's guide to ham radio emergency frequencies

Americans vaxed for coronavirus to be monitored,
tracked by Google and Oracle for the next two years

Secret Emails Prove mRNA 'Vaccines' Are Dangerous

Shooting for the stars - Boom Bust explores
the future of blockchain tech in the space industry

Marjorie Greene's Twitter Account Briefly
Suspended Due to 'Error'

Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp
experience MASSIVE outages around globe


Former intel chief - 'Quite a few more' UFOs
detected than public Is Told About

Black - Gold Versus The Stock Market

Bank of Russia raises key rate first time since
December 2018 to 4.5%

China's Geely Launches 'Zeekr' Luxury Electric
Car Brand to Compete With Tesla

Tesla Vehicles Reportedly Banned From
Chinese Military Sites Due to Security Concerns

Nord Stream 2 Partners Reaffirm Support for
Pipeline Project After New US Sanctions Threats

Sweden to Establish 'Ministry of Truth'
Ahead of Next Election

Fourth Lawmaker Quits Merkel's 'Conservative'
Bloc Over Conflict of Interests

Loyalists warn that EU's refusal to accept Brexit
deal changes threatens N. Ireland peace agreement

British Flag to Be Drenched in Blood of Indigenous
People As Anti-Colonial Art Piece


Mayor of London Urges Against Demonstrations
Amid Lockdown

Charter For Freedom of Assembly Rights Needed
Amid UK Protest Crackdown, Policing Monitor Says

Merkel on Sputnik V Vaccine - I Think It Should
Be Used in EU Once It's Registered

German Drug Regulator Pledges to Help With
Sputnik V Registration in EU, Source Says

AstraZeneca off the hook - Autopsy 'conclusive'
death of Spanish teacher was not linked to Covid Vox

Georgian nurse dies of allergic reaction after
receiving Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 Kill Shot

Finland suspends AstraZeneca Vox after 2 thrombo
embolic events recorded in vaccine recipients

French regulator recommends AstraZeneca Covid-19 jab
for over-55s ONLY as blood-clot risk deemed higher in
younger population

Prime Minister Jean Castex gets Covid-19 vaccine
live on air as France resumes rollout after blood-clot fears

Health Canada Urges Citizens to Get AstraZeneca Vox
After Studying Blood Clots Reports


Australian PM Morrison Slams European Union for
Blocking Vaccine Shipments, Ignoring His Letters

UK COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Not Enough To Tackle
Pandemic, Gradual Easing Needed, Lancet Study Warns

Not enough vaccine in Europe to stop Covid-19 third
wave, retreat into lockdown possible, German health
minister warns

'Zero Covid' may sound ideal, but it's utopian, fanciful,
nonsense - Is that why so many lefties love it?

'Covid-19 certificates' for arenas & theatres won't turn
into 'vaccine passports’, UK culture secretary says...
but concerns remain

From Frustration to Indifference: Parisians React to
3rd Covid Lockdown

'Detrimental to Trust' - Norway's Prime Minister
Shamed for Flouting Covid Rules

Putin dismisses Ambassador to Belarus

As tensions escalate over 'killer-gate’, Moscow
snubs Biden at UN, only sends junior diplomat
to virtual summit with US president

Western intelligence agencies directing Russian
opposition to turn tide of opinion on Crimea,
Moscow's Ministry of Defense claims


Drunken Ukrainian Air Force Captain Smashes
His Volkswagen Into MiG-29 Fighter

Philippines to Receive First Batch of Russia's
Sputnik V Vaccine in April, RDIF Announces

India to Make Around 5,000 Anti-Tank
Guided Missiles to Boost War Capabilities

Israel Behind 'Dozens' of Attacks on Iranian Ships
Which Have Cost Tehran 'Billions' Report Claims

Iran's Atomic Energy Organization announces
plan to cold test redesigned Arak nuclear reactor

'Not Fitting of a President' - Turkey's Erdogan
Blasts Biden's 'Unacceptable' Comments About Putin

Terrorists Preparing Provocations Using Poisonous
Substances in Syria's Idlib, Russian Military Says

Syrian Oil Minister Reveals US Has
'Pirated' $92 Billion In Syrian Crude Oil

Yemen's Houthis Claim to Have Launched Drones
in Attack Against Saudi Aramco in Riyadh

Tanzania's Brave President Dies Mysteriously After
Barring Covid 'Vaccines' From His Country


Cameroon Becomes 53rd Country to Register
Russia's Sputnik V COVID-19 Vaccine

K-9 bites cow...SC Cop tases K-9...cow kicks Cop

Are you ready for this week's absurdity?

US Confirms Breakup of Decommissioned
Weather Satellite NOAA-17

Stray tank-destroyer shell strikes henhouse
during botched training exercise in Italy

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reveals The mRNA Vax Creates A
Rogue Spike Protein Antibody Which Attacks And Kills
28 Specific Human Body Tissue Cell Types - This Can
Lead To Mass Autoimmune Deaths - Start At 19:00

Geert Vanden Bossche - How The Curves Will Evolve!
The Impact Of Ongoing Mass Vaccination Campaigns
On Infection And Morbidity Rates

The Pilgrims Society – The Enemy of Humanity
By American Intelligence Media

The Pilgrim Society Is The BRAIN Of A 117 Yr Old
'Deep State' Globalist Monster Which Staffed Spy
Agencies With Newspaper Journalists Since 1909

Pilgrims Society Ran the Obama White House
(And Is Now Running The Biden-Obama Admin)

Charlotte & Jeff Reveal The Pilgrims Society - Listen

Stunning - Shut Up About The Deep State - It Calls
Itself The Pilgrims Society...That Is Its Specific Name
And The Vax Nightmare Is Its Biggest Game

Pilgrims Society Created Lenin & Communism

The Pilgrims Of Great Britain

Coronavirus Traced To The Queen's Pirbright Institute


SCOTUS John Roberts wife, Jane, consults for many
of the Leading Pilgrims Society Companies throughout
the world in Satellite Tech, Law and Big Pharma

Klaus Schwab Is The Carney Barker
Of The Fourth Reich

Video PROOF That At Least Some Israeli
Covid Vax Shots Are Being FAKED

CDC Now Admits 1,637 Deaths Following COVID-19
'Vaccinations' - What's Real Number?

Destruction Of US Military - Pentagon Communists
to Make COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory in July
Also - Watch Fake Vaccinations Given

Destruction Of US Military - SecDef - Gays, Lesbians
In Military Can File Claims Of Discrimination

Biden-Obama Admin Halts Navy Operations

CNN Ratings Fall Over 50% Without Trump

Bolshevik Biden Breaks Promise to Not Raise
Taxes on 'Anybody' Making Less Than $400K

41 GOP Senators Ask GAO to Evaluate Biden's
Border Wall Funding Freeze


The Inside Story Of How Pentagon Leaders
Sabotaged Trump's Afghan Withdrawal

Demented Biden Ducks Debate Challenge
From Putin, Says He's Just Too Busy
(Pretending To Be President)

Unelected brainless Biden for once tells the
truth calls The Kamal 'President Harris'

Convicted Sex Offenders, Including Pedophiles,
Arrested at Biden's Widen Open US Border

Arizona Sheriff Says Biden Border Crisis
'Worse Than Obama Years'

Sen Cotton R-AZ - FEMA sent to border to
help Alien Invaders enter, not to stop them

Elizabeth Warren suddenly discovers
filibuster is racist!

Understanding Zionist...Power by Philip Giraldi

The New World Order - Who Are They
and Where Do they Come From?

De Blasio Says Cuomo Reopening NY For 'Political
Reasons' As Even More Women Come Forward


Care Homes Were 'Petrified' by Cuomo's 2020
Order to Take in Crowds of Covid Patients, Exec Says

Washington Plans To Start Lifting International
Travel Restrictions In 2 Months

Watch - CA and Portland Are Doing GREAT!

Gay Wisconsin Judge Who Ran Drag Queen
Story Hour Arrested For Child Porn

Autonomous Vehicles Will Automatically Stop
For Police, Roll Down Windows, Unlock Doors

Florida Schools Reopened Without Becoming
Covid-19 Superspreaders

Great Barrington Declaration Scientists
(agree) with Gov DeSantis in Florida

Valid Claims That Natural Remedies Prevent, Treat,
or Cure Covid-19 Are Being Censored by the FDA

Public Health England Admits it Cannot
Scientifically Prove COVID-19 is Contagious

2nd African Nation President Dies Of 'Heart Attack'
After Rejecting The Covid Kill Shot For His People


Australian Navy Caught in Massive Coronavirus
Vaccine Side Effects COVERUP

IATA Travel Pass 'Successfully' Trialed
On First International Flight

'Pass' of no return? EU's free-travel certificate
(aka 'vaccine passport') risks falling victim to
members' row over conditions

Living Extraterrestrial Organism Allegedly
Captured and Studied in Portugal 62 Years Ago

21 states sue Biden for revoking Keystone XL
pipeline permit

Ford To Move Near One Billion Dollar Plant
From Ohio To Mexico

Michael 'Big Short' Burry Says He Will
Stop Tweeting After SEC 'Paid Us A Visit'

Luongo - It's The Debt, Stupid!

Pound Slides After BOE Says Won't Tighten
Until 'Clear Evidence Of Significant Progress On Inflation'

Lira Soars After Turkey Shocks Markets
With Whopping 200bps Rate Hike


Getting Ready For Gold's Golden Era

Pakistan announces plan to build two
hydro-powered cryptocurrency 'mining farms'

Is the New COVID Variant Deadlier? No Says Official

Norwegian Doctor Claims To Find Link Between
AstraZeneca Vaccine And Rare Blood Clots

EU drugs regulator backs AstraZeneca Kill Shot
though It 'can't definitively rule out' blood clot link

The EU now peddles Covid-19 vaccine
misinformation to undermine Brexit UK

London warns of 'significant consequences' if
Brussels blocks Covid vaccines leaving the EU

Disparate nations have come together to defend
the UN Charter and rein in US aggression across
the world – & not a moment too soon

1.6 million sex assaults occurred over 3 years
in England & Wales, vast majority unreported

Alleged abuser wanted to have sex in St. Peter's
Basilica bathroom, ex-altar boy claims


German child abuse Probe reveals 200+ perps,
300+ victims in Cologne Catholic Diocese

Germany's Maas Refuses to Comment on
Biden's Words About Putin

Germany Reportedly Vows to Support Ukraine
for US Ditching New Nord Stream 2 Sanctions

Muslim Supermarket in France Draws Ire After
Posting Job Offer Reading 'We Don't Employ Women'

N. Ireland police arrest man in investigation
into bomb-making by 'New IRA' dissidents

French city deploys more police after riots over
fatal car crash saw store looted, cars torched
And truck rammed into cops

Spanish lawmakers legalize euthanasia and
assisted suicide, bringing end to 10 yr jail terms

As Britain Chooses To Increase Warhead Stockpile
Just Who Has A Table At The Nuclear Weapons Club?

Toddlers use of screens leads to behavioral
problems in the classroom, Finnish study finds

A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That
Proved To Be Bogus


Putin On Biden's insinuation that he's a 'killer'
...Says Biden is talking about himself but
'I wish him good health'

'Time hasn't been kind to him' - Medvedev
pins Biden's snipe at Putin on old age

Fight against Covid-19 not over, says Putin

Eight years after dramatic arrival to Moscow,
ex-US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden
ready to apply for Russian citizenship

US behavior steers its relations with Russia
and its ideology into a dead end - Zakharova

Seven years after Crimea rejoined Russia,
Western leaders are fooling themselves if they
hope peninsula can ever return to Ukraine

US And South Korea Plan to Hold More Joint
Wargames Despite North's Criticism

'Cheap trick, lunatic theory' - N Korea officially rejects
any contact with new US administration

Japan Sets Up New Electronic Warfare Unit
to Boost Defence Capabilities

US Sanctions 24 China & Hong Kong Officials
Hours Before 'Frosty' Alaska Summit


Australian police chief sparks backlash by
proposing app to record sexual consent,
later admitting it may be year's 'worst idea'

Top Senator Urges Pentagon Chief to Warn
India of Consequences of New Delhi's
Planned S-400 Purchase

Myanmar Military Seizes Soros Organization Bank
Accounts, Announces Arrest Warrants After Coup

Mexican army seizes 'counterfeit' shipment of
Sputnik V as developers of Russian Covid-19
vaccine warn of efforts to discredit jab

Playing politics with vaccines, like the US pressuring
Brazil not to use Sputnik V, made the world more
unstable and cost lives

'Three Mossad-linked teams active in
Syria's al-Hawl refugee camp, recruit spies'

White House Wants to Make Two-State
Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Priority, Report Says

UAE cancels planned summit with Israel and Arab
states over Netanyahu 'electioneering' concerns

Iran firmly committed to developing missile
capability, says defense minister

White supremacists, conspiracy theorists
targeting cell towers - What garbage


Suspected assailant of elderly Chinese woman
in SF ends up handcuffed to stretcher after she
BEATS HIM UP with stick

Florida is showing how individual states will have
to wage their own war to defeat the madness of
critical race theory

How Insurgence USA Founder Got Pre-Trial
Release While QAnon Shaman Stays Jailed

Incredible - Biden told Putin he has no soul!
Called Him A 'Killer' And That 'He'll Pay A Price'

Biden to Give Away $1.5 Billion to People Preaching
Joys of Vax to Conservatives, Millennials and Blacks

Bartiromo Warns About Biden's 'Massive'
Tax Hike - 'They will try to pass this without
a single Republican vote'

Smug Jen Psaki Announces Any 10 Year Old
in the World Who Makes It Across the US
Southern Border Will Be Allowed to Stay Here

Border Crisis May Be Coming
to Your Kids School

Biden Is Sending More Welcome Wagon Fed
Traitors To The Border...To Commit Treason
Giving Aid To The Alien Invasion

Illegal immigrant and MS-13 gang member
arrested on murder charges

Footage Shot By GOP Senator Shows Alien
Invaders Streaming Across Southern Border

Ann Coulter - GOP Moves to Save Biden
...We Want Amnesty, Too!

Outrageous - Department of Defense Training
Manual on 'Extremism' Gives a Pass to Black Lives
Matter Radicals


Zionist Narcissist Gavin Newsom Blames QAnon,
'Anti-vaxxers'...'Anti-Immigrant Trump Supporters'
...AND 'Racism' for the Recall Campaign

In Just 1 of 20 Sectors, 50,000 Alien Invaders
Stopped At Border Since Biden Took Office

Biden's Hands Waft Through 'Ghost'
Microphones in Clearly Doctored Video

Nancy Pelosi Joins Push For Cuomo To Resign
Letter Shows He Tried To Smear Accuser Credibility

CA Comrade Newsom Is Now Saying 'Racism'
is Behind Campaign to Recall Him!

US Senate Republicans Seek Auditor Ruling on
Legality of Biden Border Wall Halt, Letter Shows

US Intel Finds Racially Motivated Extremists to Be
Most Lethal Domestic Terrorism Threat

Johnstone - All the governments we hate interfered
in our election, says US intelligence cartel

January 6 Narrative Collapse - Assault Charges
Spell Problems for DOJ, FBI in Sicknick Case

CNN ripped for article admitting anti-lockdown FL
is 'booming' but implying Gov. DeSantis shouldn't
be 'taking credit'


How did America's media establishment seize
responsibility for deciding what constitutes 'reality'?

3 Million Masks a Minute - The Next
Plastic Problem?

Portland's defund the police movement
causes 2,000% jump in murders

Wooldridge - The Irony of the Statue of Liberty
Inviting Endless Immigration Into America

Did The FBI Steal 9 Tons Of Civil War Gold?

DeSantis Announces FL Curriculum will
'Expressly Exclude' Critical Race Theory

Cancel Public School

Gay Queen Don Lemon - Traditional Marriage
Is 'Not What God Is About'

Inhuman Treatment Of School Children

Devvy - Covid Kill Shot…Rising Deaths, Serious Injuries,
Spontaneous Miscarriages And Stillbirths


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explain How The Corona Vax
Will Destroy You - Watch

All Oregonians 16 and older will be eligible for
COVID vaccine May 1, state health leader confirms

Canadian Medical Journalists
Correcting More Covid-19 Myths

John Kerry caught maskless on flight, American
Airlines 'looking into' apparent COVID violation

Smoking Gun Document - Crimson Contagion
Shows Bill Gates Blueprint For 'COVID' Launch

'Crimson Contagion 2019' Simulation Warned
of Pandemic Implications in US

Ending the Cycle of Crisis and Complacency in US
Global Health Security

US Forms Task Force Group to Respond to
Microsoft Hack, Other Cyberattacks

Tesla On Autopilot Plows Into Michigan State
Trooper's Patrol Car - Great Tesla Tech!

Electronic Tags for Ex-Prisoners in England
Will Give Police Location Info for 12 Months


Military Coverup of the Dexter UFO Incident
Led to Greater Government Transparency

UFO Reported Hovering Over 38th
Infantry Regimental Headquarters

Astronomer Jose Bonilla Spotted UFOs
in 1882 - UFO CHRONICLE - 1965

Ford Announces Plans to Move Plant to Mexico
2 Months After Biden Enters Office

Morgan Stanley Becomes First Major US Bank
To Offer Crypto Funds

Berlin Considers Nord Stream 2 Support Fund
Consistent With German, EU Laws

French privacy watchdog probes Clubhouse
over possible breach of EU rules

Ford Announces Plans to Move Plant to Mexico
2 Months After Biden Enters Office

20+ Countries Suspend Use of AstraZeneca
Vaccine But Regulators Insist 'Benefits
Outweigh Risks'

European Commission says has no doubts
in quality of Sputnik V vaccine


Italy's Approval Could Shift EU's Negative Rhetoric
Against Sputnik V, Commerce Chamber Head Says

Greece Will Recognise Russia's Sputnik V
on Par With European COVID-19 Vaccines

Bosnia Intends to Purchase Sputnik V Vaccine

EU announces Covid-19 vaccine passports
plan to restart 'free and safe movement'

Spanish Drug Regulator Probes Death of Woman
Vaccinated With AstraZeneca

EU Threatens to Stop Vaccine Deliveries to UK
if London Doesn't Start Sending Jabs to the Bloc

Countries aren't being 'guided by science' over CV
Vax – they're playing with Their citizens' lives

In the COVID Wars You're Not Allowed to Pick
How You Serve

Weekend lockdown not enough to slow spread of
Covid-19 in Paris, top hospital official warns as
govt mulls tougher measures

Poland announces new national lockdown as
Covid 'third wave' gathers pace, with UK variant
becoming most prevalent


EU announces Covid-19 vaccine passports
plan to restart 'free and safe movement'

Spanish Drug Regulator Probes Death of
Woman Vaccinated With AstraZeneca

EU Threatens to Stop Vaccine Deliveries to
UK if London Doesn't Start Sending Jabs to the Bloc

Countries aren't being 'guided by science' over Covid
vaccines – they're playing politics with their citizens' lives

In the Covid Wars You're Not Allowed to
Pick How You Serve

Downing Street's Dirty Covid-19, Brexit Laundry
Aired by Controversial Aide Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson Says Its Time To 'Change Our Culture'
Towards Women After Sarah Everard Murder

UK Feminist Party to Press for Violence Against
Women to Be Treated As National Threat

French ex-president Sarkozy on trial over 'illegal
financing' of 2012 campaign, two weeks after
corruption conviction

French Police Reportedly Hunt for Knifeman
who Cut Pensioner's Throat Outside Church


Spain's 4-day work week plan in post-Covid world is
utopia - Better pay, not shorter hours, key to happiness

UK Unveils Plan to Cut Down Emissions From
Industry, Public Buildings

Leaked Texts Read in Parliament Expose SNP
'Fishing' For Salmond Allegations

Britain is damaging global security by
expanding its arsenal of nuclear weaponry
And using Russia as justification, warns Kremlin

Moscow Summons Russian Envoy in US for
Consultations to Analyse Future Ties With US

US government to place fresh sanctions on
exports to Russia in response to alleged
poisoning of opposition figure Alexey Navalny

Russia Has Nothing to Do With Campaigns Against
Any US Presidential Candidates, Kremlin Says

Russian FM Lavrov and Israeli FM Ashkenazi
Hold Press Conference in Moscow

US Media Brands Turkey's Possible Purchase
of Russian Su-57 Stealth Jet 'NATO's Nightmare'

The US Keeps Losing In Every Simulated
War Game Against China


Taiwan bolsters military presence in South China Sea,
says Beijing is 'capable of starting war'

EU ambassadors approve first China sanctions
since Tiananmen Square crackdown, diplomats say

Beijing blasts US and Japan over joint statement,
laments 'shameless and unpopular' attempt to hinder
Chinese rejuvenation

US Issues Subpoenas to Several Chinese Infotech
Companies Over National Security Concerns

Blinken Reassures South Korea US to Defend
Country Against Any Use of Force

North Korea May Test Advanced ICBM 'in the
Near Future' - US General Claims

Aussie spy agency says it won't call out
'Islamic' terrorists, but will say 'religiously'
motivated attackers instead

'Twitter Can't Assume Role of State' - Ban on US
Tech Giant Demanded in India's Top Court

India's daily Covid infections hit 3 Month high
as country rushes to vaccinate population

Bolivia has every right to prosecute coup
perpetrators for their crimes


Venezuelan MP Calls US Intelligence Report
Attempt to Justify Interventions

Mexico says Biden asylum policies
boost illegals, cartels

Israeli Tell-All Book Reveals Previously Unknown
Details About 'Mossad Amazon' Operations

Netanyahu Cousin Sues Exec Over Claims
Israeli PM's Wife Controlled State Affairs

Statue of Netanyahu relieving himself appears in
Tel Aviv as Israelis head to polls - Photo

Israel's top court annuls Netanyahu govts
daily cap on citizens returning to country
during Covid pandemic

LNA Allows Turkish Merchant Ships to Enter
Ports in Eastern Libya, Source Reveals

Reports of More American Troops Entering
Syria For Zionist Greater Israel Project

Trump Admin Insider Reveals How the Military
Ruined Peace Agreement to Prolong Afghan War

Mozambique non human muslim death cultists
beheading children, aid agency reports - This
Come To America sooner rather than later


Not an Alien Spaceship? Scientists Unveil New
Theory on Origins of Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua'

From A Healers Notebook - Introducing
Black Ginseng

How Noise Pollution Can Damage Your Heart

The Link Between Bras and Cancer

Do You Know the Signs of Vit D Deficiency?

How to Create Boundaries Against
Energy Vampires

Weather Report - Cloudy With a Chance of Pain

Man opens fire on Ohio deputy during
suicide welfare check

Severe Tornado Outbreak Threatens at Least
4 US States, National Weather Service Warns


Amusing - Pervert Biden Says Cuomo Should Resign If
Probe Confirms Harassment Allegations From 7 Women

Biden to Hold First Press Conference March 25th
(All Questions Submitted In Advance, All answers
Written In Advance And Loaded Into Teleprompter)

Joe Biden Kicks Off 'Help is Here' Tour With
3 Minute Stop In PA, About A Dozen People Show

Joe Biden's 'Crowd' In Chester, PA...

Biden Tells Migrants Not to Come to US as
Trump Warns Biden Policies Will Destroy Country

Biden-Obama DHS Chief Is Opening New Doors
For Alien Invaders, Expanding Central American
Minors Program as Border Crisis Worsens

8 More Alien Invaders Die In Head-On TX Crash

DHS Chief - Border Alien Invader Numbers
on Track to Be Highest in 20 years

ALIPAC Amnesty Red Alert - House Votes this week
on Dream Act & Agjobs Amnesty - Please CALL!

Bolshevik Biden Is Sending More Feds To
The Border...To Welcome Alien Invaders

The Sources Who Lie And The Reporters
Who Protect Them

Capitol Probe Seeks to Criminalize Political Dissent

Feinstein says she plans to serve out her full
term after Newsom vows to appoint a Black
woman to replace her...

To understand Biden's 'I need you to get
vaccinated' message, follow the money

Demented Biden Going On 'War Footing' To
Fight An Invisible Viral Enemy

Biden Is Feminizing The US Military After
Obama Decimated It

Watch - Astonishing Brain Dead Biden Quote!...
'It's hard to be what you can't see but you'll soon see'

Biden Makes Fourth Trip Wilmington AGAIN
His FOURTH Overnight Trip Home Since Taking Office

Trump Participates In World Genocide? - Follows
Fauci's Request, Asks Supporters To Take The
'Great' Covid Kill Shot 'Vaccine' - Is He THAT Dumb?


Nobel Winning PCR Creator On Thug Fauci - 'He
Doesn't Know Anything & I'd Say it to His Face'

Lindell counter-sues Dominion - alleges racketeering

Dem Michigan AG says she won't investigate
Whitmer's nursing home policy, claims it would
be a 'political attack'

Biden AG pick says Antifa, BLM attacks in Portland
Are not domestic terrorism because they occurred
...after business hours - That's Communism

Communist Newsom Now Blames Recall Effort On
Right-Wing Militia Groups, QAnon Conspiracy
Theories, Three Percenters & Proud Boys!

Communist Newsom - 'We're not going back
to normal' after the pandemic because 'normal
accepts inequity'

Lindell - We Cannot Give Up as What's
Coming Next Is Communism - Watch

Lefty Portland Mayor Who Coddled Anarchists
& Defended Violent Demonstrations Now Says
City Is 'Sick and Tired' of Violence - It's Dead

GoFundMe effort to pay off Meghan Markle and
Prince Harry's $14.6 Million Montecito mortgage
goes bust - Raised A Total Of...$110 !

We Have Much to Answer for and We Have
Allowed this Evil to Happen On Our Watch


8 killed in string of shootings at THREE
different spas across metro Atlanta, GA

AK Republican Party Censures Senator Lisa
Murkowski, Vows To Primary Her

California Teachers Unions Discuss Using
COVID-Relief Cash For Bonuses, Trips To Hawaii

Study Shows Very Few Capitol Hill Rioters Were
QAnon Red-Staters With Ties To 'Right-Wing' Groups
They Came Because Trump ASKED THEM TO

The Great 'Stimulus' Scam of 2021

Ratings for Leftist politically wrecked
Grammys plummet to new record low

Another Report Confirms Co2 Is Greening
The Earth And Improving Crops

Wooldridge - Dismantling America's Culture...
Kermit The Frog As a Racist

Young FL Man Reaches Out for Help After His
Parents were Taken Away by FBI - Family Fears
They will Lose Their Farm, Desperately Need Help

Welcome To The 'Upside-Down'


Dane Wigington's Brilliantly Informative
New Documentary 'The Dimming' - Watch

Dim Donald Trump Says 'It Works Incredibly Well'
And Urges Those in Doubt to Get The 'Great' Vax

Vanity Fair accuses Trump of killing 400,000
people with Covid (Ridiculous) - Trump supporters
want to see the mag sued

MIT & Harvard Study Suggests mRNA Vaccine
Might Permanently Alter DNA After All

Has The 'Second Pandemic' Started? - P1 Said to Be
Much More Infectious And Dangerous Than The 'First'
CV Pandemic - It's A Variant Which Began In Brazil

Brazil again reports all-time-high daily COVID-19 death toll
The P1 Strain Is the Probable Cause

Moderna Now Injecting Babies And Children
As Young as 6 MONTHS with Experimental
mRNA Kill Shots as Part of a 'Study'

Virologist Vanden Bossche - 'We Are Going to Pay
A Huge Price' for COVID Mass Vaccination Campaign

Why we all MUST reject vaccine passports

Fear Porn Fauci Warns Against Declaring Victory
Over Covid Amid Concerns of Potential Surge


Inventor of PCR Test Said Fauci 'Doesn't Know
Anything' And Is Willing To Lie On Television

Pfizer Sees 'Significant Opportunity' After Pandemic
to Hike Prices 900% for Annual COVID-19 Shots

WHO Investigator on CCP Payroll Blasts Bannon
& Media for Asking Inconvenient Questions...
Admits He Refused to Look at Wuhan Lab Data.

Drug Lobby Asks Biden to Punish Foreign Countries
Pushing for Suspension of Big Pharma 'Intellectual
Property' Shakedown

The Murder Of Marvin Hagler - Said Killed By the
'Vax' Two WEEKS ago And HIs Death Was Hidden
Hagler was MURDERED...like so many others

Marvin Hagler's Wife says There will Be No Funeral
And That The Kill Shot Has Nothing To Do With his
Death, Calls Such Reports Conspiracy 'Nonsense'

Italy Opens Manslaughter Investigation After
Teacher Dies Hours After Taking The Astra
Zenica Kill Shot

VAERS - 31,079 Adverse Events, 1,524 Deaths From
Kill Shots - These Are Just The REPORTED Numbers

Dr Judy Mikovits Talks About the Vax
And Says HIV is part of the vaccine
and much more - With Mercola - Watch

Dr Vernon Coleman - Covid 'Vaccines' Are
Weapons Of Mass Genocide And Could Wipe
Out The Human Race


Encore - Don't Miss This...Your Life Depends On It
Vanden Bossche Tells It ALL In This Bigtree Analysis

Biden-Obama Admin Ups Reimbursement
Paid From Medicare For Each Kill Shot Given
From $23 To $40

Iowa - West Liberty School District cancels
classes Monday after 90% of staff got sick
after Taking Moderna Kill Shots

Polish MD who mocked 'anti-vaxers' while getting
Pfizer mRNA shot on cam dead two weeks later

Geert Vanden Bossche Reveals The Truth
The Vaccines Will Destroy Our Immune Systems!

Del Bigtree On TOP Virologist & Vax Scientist Bossche
Now Warning World To STOP The Kill Shots - He Sees
The Genocide Plans And The Catastrophe Ahead And
Explains HOW 'Vax' Will Destroy Your Immune System

Once We Were The Living

Twitter bans users from posting links to Bitchute

'Free Speech' Website Parler Now Censors Posts
With 'Trolling Content' Warnings

Project Veritas Catches Facebook Executive Saying
'I Work for A Company that is Doing a Lot of
Damage in the World'


Home Defense Methods And Strategies

Chinese Tech Giants Build Tools To Bypass
Apple's New Privacy Controls

The US Keeps Losing In EVERY Simulated
War Game Against China

Scientists discover Three Completely unknown
Bacterial microbes in The ISS

Plane-sized asteroid passed between Earth and
the Moon on Tuesday, followed by THREE more
We Are Way Overdue For A Hit...

American Public Is Being Duped By 'Greenwashing'
Wall-Streeter Hustlers

Furious China Moves To Counter 'Turmoil In Financial
Markets' Caused By 'Massive' Biden Stimulus

Uber Drivers in UK Become First in the World
to Be Granted Worker Status

API Surprises Analysts With Unexpected Crude Draw

Congratulations US Worker - You Make 13 Cents More
per Hour Than You Did in 1973


Shocker - Free South Dakota With Best Employment
Situation in the Nation, Virus Maoist California And
New York Are the 2nd and 3rd Worst

Up To Two-Thirds Of Entry-Level Tech Jobs Go
To Foreign Guest-Workers From Unranked Colleges

Norwegian journalist says she'd 'LOVE TO DIE' from
AstraZeneca's Kill Shot if it helps win 'war against corona'

Norwegian Prof - It's 'Reasonable to Believe' Connection
Between AstraZeneca Jab and Blood Clots

War Erupts Inside NATO's Atlantic Council
Over 'Pro-Russia' Article

How US Uses 'Human Rights' Against Its
Adversaries, Lets Allies off the Hook

Dutch security agency says 1,200 'vulnerable'
Microsoft servers affected by security loophole
as data stolen, emails sold online

Clark - 'Something Must Be Done' syndrome
will just make things WORSE

Contentious UK Police and Crime Bill Passes
Second Key Vote Despite Labour Opposition

Anti-police protest staged outside Brit parliament


Britain is punching above its weight and living in the
past as it announces plans to build nuclear warheads
...and take on China - Dumb and Dumber

US May Impose Sanctions on Russia Over
Alleged Election Meddling as Soon as Next Week

US intel report claims Russia 'probably' tried to sway
2020 election (as well as Iran, VZ & Cuba...but not China

Russia Reveals Total Number Of Soldiers
Killed In Syria, Blasts 'Morally Bankrupt' US Policies

Putin Gets It Right - 'Riot' at US Capitol
Was a Stroll

Russian Embassy Slams US Intel Accusations
Vs Moscow of Election Meddling as Groundless

US Intelligence 'On Alert' As North Korea
Poised For First Weapons Test Of Biden Era

North Korea Issues First Threat Toward Biden
Administration Through Kim's Powerful Sister

Alibaba Browser Pulled From China's App Stores
As Xi Warns Tech Giants Pose 'Risks' To CCP Control

Canadians Say No to Improved Relations With
China Until Detained Compatriots Freed


With Trump gone & despite 'BLAME RUSSIA' still
MSM's favorite rallying cry, Americans perceive
China as nation's top adversary

Blinken - US Will 'Push Back' Against China's '
Coercion and Aggression' in Indo-Pacific

Schumer Tells Senate Democrats to Work
With Republicans on Bipartisan Bill Targeting China

State Dept to Sanction Institutions That Conduct
Transactions With 24 Chinese, Hong Kong Officials

US Joins India And China In Ramping Coal
Usage To Pre-Pandemic Levels

Israel spent $788 Million on Covid-19 vaccines
paying much more per dose than US & EU

Iran blasts Johnson's 'utter hypocrisy' for 'concerns'
over Tehran plutonium risk after PM announces
UK nuke warhead increase

Zarif Slams US Meddling in Mideast, Calls on
Neighbors to Collaborate for Regional Security

Erdogan Stresses Turkey's Preeminence in
Eastern Mediterranean

Syrian air defenses respond to 'Israeli aggression'
intercept 'multiple missiles' over Damascus


One Person Killed, Eight Injured in Houthi Airstrike
in Northeastern Yemen - Reports

URGENT - Italian Researchers - 'Vaccines' WON'T WORK
Because SARS-Covid-19 Is ALSO Entering & Replicating
Itself Inside Common Human Digestive BACTERIA

Biden-Obama regime now working with big tech
to stifle all dissent to COVID-19 vaccine

Fauci Begs Trump To Order His Supporters
To Take The COVID Vaccine

Charles James Hall Tells Of His Experiences
With 'Tall Whites' In New Film 'Walking With
Tall Whites' - Watch Excerpt

Don't Cry For Me, Argen..AMERICA - Watch

US 'COVID Relief' Was Enough To Give Every
Taxpayer $41,870 But We Got Peanuts Instead

Massive $1.9 Trillion covid 'relief' bill is nothing
more than a massive money laundering operation
to pay back Democrat donors and supporters

Grammy's Song Of The Year - 'I Can't Breathe'
How About 'I Took Too Much Fentanyl And My
Already Diseased Heart Just Quit'

Valerie Jarrett's attempt at making The Kamal
look like 'a boss' BACKFIRES hilariously

Judge Jeanine Nukes 'Two-Faced' Kamal
Over Silence on Cuomo Allegations


Kushner compliments Biden's decision on Iran
says 'smart diplomatic move'

Biden-Obama WH Won't Reveal How Many Alien
Invaders Entering Texas Have COVID - Gov. Abbott

Biden's border crisis - Number of kids detained
soars past record levels as Dems blame Trump

Tara Reade - With their crumbling image and internal
bickering, Dems should beware the Ides of March

Leftists are going to create the next Donald Trump
with their constant vilification of Tucker Carlson

Two Georgetown academics have been cancelled By
A Zoom Call - Which Discussed Black Student Grades

LA Will Shut Off Your Electricity For Violating
COVID Restrictions But Allows Maskless Celebs
To Party It Up For The Grammys

The Coming Argument Against Reading
And Words - Back To The Stone Age

Minneapolis police ordered to stop pursing
shooting suspects

Feds to put 3,000 Male Alien Invaders
In Dallas Convention Center


Alien Invader Tries to Evade Death Penalty
for 4 Murders by Claiming He's 'Disabled'

Alien Invaders At Border Says They're Coming
Because 'Biden Will Be a Good President for

INSANE CA bill would make strong-armed
robbery a misdemeanor!

Chicago Police officer shot near 6th District
police station

Omaha officer is second officer in 24 hours
Who is shot during an arrest

Video shows man pulling gun on Baltimore
officers before being shot

Omaha Police officer seriously injured
in shooting at Shopping Mall

Ivy League Columbia University Offers
Separate Graduation Ceremonies According
to Race, Sexual Identity, and Income

Snowden - Prepare Yourself for what is COMING

Natalie Portman Has 'Rewritten' Classic Fairy
Tales To Make Them 'Gender-Neutral' - This
Insanity has to be opposed


Army Considers Scrapping 'Gender Neutral'
Fitness Test As Majority Of Women Fail It

Climate scientists warn of multi-state

'The View' Moron Co-Host Joy Behar Claims
Antifa 'Doesn't Even Exist'

Over 150 Arrested As Miami Goes Wild
During Spring Break

CNN - freedom should be taken away to force
people to Take The Kill Shots - 'They' Are worried
States Are Rejecting Their 'Vaccine' Agenda

Norwegian Medical Worker Dies After
Receiving AstraZeneca Kill Shot

China is Developing Civilization Killer Viruses
These will likely be Ethno-Specific Versions
We could make one just for Chinese, For Example

Elon Musk turns down Covid Kill Shot

Dr Vernon Coleman - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Weapons Of
Mass Genocide And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

Encore - Don't Miss This...Your Life Depends On It
Vanden Bossche Tells It ALL In This Bigtree Analysis


Already 701 REPORTED Cases Of Healthy People
Being Stricken And Dying 1-2 Days After Kill Shot

Boxing Great Marvin Hagler Said To Have Been
Struggling in ICU on Saturday After Taking The
Covid Kill Shot Genocide 'Vaccine' - Murdered

28 Yr Old Healthy Woman PhD Physical Therapist
Dead 2 Days After MRNA Kill Shot - Mother Says It
Is Absolutely Depopulation - Let's Call It Murder

Throwback to the Swine Flu Hoax - SAME Script,
SAME Tactics, SAME Players - 10 Years Prior
to COVID They Tried the Same But Failed

The History of Monosodium Glutamate
...the hidden neurotoxic chemical - Part 1

The History of Monosodium Glutamate
...the hidden neurotoxic chemical - Part 2

A Shot in the Dark - by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Global Covid Vax PsyOp Designed To Deceive
Humanity Into Transhumanism and worse

Facebook to Label Vaccine Posts With Safety
Information From WHO

Russian, US researches identify optimal
module design for human flights to Moon


US tops world's weapons supplier
...Saudi Arabia biggest buyer

NATO Sees No Direct Military Threats
From Russia Or China

Common Practice? There are 1,000 More
US Troops in Afghanistan Than Disclosed

Global Arms Trade Plateauing Amid Covid-19
as Sales Gap Between US, Russia Widens

US Overtakes Saudi Arabia As India's
Number 2 Crude Oil Supplier

Americans ready to pour $40 billion into bitcoin
and the stock market as stimulus checks arrive

Biden Plans Biggest Federal Tax Hike Since 1993
To Fund Infrastructure, Climate Initiatives

Size Matters For Biden's Infrastructure Package
Which Goldman Says Could Reach $4 Trillion

Brace For Huge Retail Sales Miss - BoA Card Data
Shows Collapse In February Spending

How A Small Rise In Bond Yields May Create
A Financial Crisis


Stripe Becomes Most Valuable Silicon Valley
Unicorn Ever With $95 Billion Price Tag

Oil Is Tumbling Amid Oversupply Fears

Bitcoin Tumbles Amid Mixed Crypto Messages
From India, Institutional Profit-Taking

Tesla Names Musk 'Techno King of Tesla'
In Bizarre, Cryptic 8,000 Filing

Dane Who Died After AstraZeneca Shot
Had Few Platelets And Clotted To Death

US Panel To Review AstraZeneca Data
As Spain Latest To Halt Jabs - Germany
Sees Increased Blood-Clot Risk

Italian prosecutor seizes batch of AstraZeneca
Covid-19 jabs 'as a precaution,' launches
manslaughter investigation after death

Put Germany under 'immediate' lockdown
or face third Covid spike, ICU doctors warn

US Department of Health Admits to Pressuring
Brazil Into Rejecting Authorisation of Sputnik V

Egypt and France conduct joint naval exercise as
tensions ease following 2020 Prophet cartoon


'God cannot bless sin' - Vatican firmly refuses
to bless gay unions

Spain's deputy PM resigns in high-stakes Madrid
presidency bid after local govt calls snap election
to avoid no-confidence vote

Assembly for Me but Not for Thee

UK Home Secretary Patel Delivers Statement
After Sarah Everard Vigil

Is It a Fair Cop? Why Campaigners and Activists
are So Angry About Priti Patel's New Policing Bill

Regular 'booster' shots will become common
as new variants emerge, says UK' Covid-19
genomics chief

Brussels can try to take Sputnik V supplies to
EU countries under its control

'It's Time For The Truth' - One Year
After Lockdowns Began

UK PM Boris Johnson Admits Authorities
Should Have Imposed First Lockdown
Earlier, Media Says

Has the pandemic turned your government
into totalitarians? RT launches own Covid-19
Freedom Index


President of Ile-de-France says Paris is living
'on borrowed time' as British variant sweeps across the capital

Russian Communist head suggests tax on
'suspiciously rich' citizens as government takes
aim at those thought to be faking poverty

Biden White House resorting to 'siege of Russia'
by sending troops to NATO borders And ships
to Black Sea – leading Moscow senator

New COVID-19 incidence surge possible in Russia
but milder than in autumn — expert

Russia's RDIF Agrees With Italy, Spain, France
And Germany on Joint Sputnik V Production

No talks underway with Russian vaccine producer
European Commission says

Sputnik V vaccine requested in EU - PACE president

EU can authorize Russia's Sputnik V jab not
earlier than in May, official says

Moscow views Kiev's efforts to reclaim Crimea
as threat of aggression against its regions

Ukraine to Nationalize Failing Aircraft Engine
Maker to Prevent Chinese Takeover


Opposition Factions in Armenian Parliament
Demand Lifting of Martial Law

Azerbaijan releases all POWs to Armenian side

US is an 'out-and-out eavesdropping empire'
says Beijing, as Washington lists Chinese
companies as national security threat

Foreign Diplomats Want More Data on China's
Vaccines as Beijing Introduces COVID Passport

Campaign of Covid-19 test targeting foreigners
in S. Korea's most populous province sparks
allegations of xenophobia

Thailand to restart AstraZeneca Covid vaccine rollout,
days after suspending use over safety concerns

Anti-coup protests rage in Myanmar after
dozens killed over crackdown's bloodiest
weekend - Video

30 Year Old Woman Gang-Raped in Front
of Her Husband by Five Men in India

Gang Rape Cases Spark Massive Protests
And Outrage Across India

A Million Bank Employees Go On Strike
in India to Oppose Privatisation


Israel to Be Hit by 2,000 Missiles Per Day
If War With Hezbollah Erupts - IDF Cmdr

Netanyahu Sparked Panic With Plan to Shut
Israeli Airspace for Jordan Over Plane Delay

'America Will Be Less Secure' If It Rejoins
'Crappy' Iran Nuclear Deal, Pompeo Claims

Iran - US must lift sanctions, pledge not to repeat
Trump's 'mistakes' before nuclear talks resume

Iran unveils 'missile city' filled with
ballistic and cruise missiles - Watch

Studies show Iran's Coviran Barekat coronavirus
vaccine 90% effective: Health official

Security Services Prevent Terrorist Attack In
Damascus, Syria

UK Targets Bashar Al-Assad's Close Allies
With Sanctions on 10th Anniversary of Syrian Conflict

It's 10 years since the war in Syria began,
and Western media and pundits are still
eager to keep it going

American proposal offers nothing new, serves
Washington's interests - Top Yemeni official


Yemeni Houthis Launch Drone Attack on
Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport, King Khalid
Airbase, Reports Say

Underwater telescope placed below Siberia's Lake
Baikal as Russian scientists aim to detect particles
from billions of years ago

Now, It's The Amazon rainforest most likely warming
Earth's atmosphere, not cooling it, scientists warn

Scientists estimate how many interstellar objects
enter the solar system each year, and propose
how we might reach them

Psychedelic Drugs Could Effectively 'Reset'
Human Brain, Researchers Assume

'Obey!' - Biden Outlines Post-Pandemic
Dystopia In 'Dark & Hopeless' First Address

Biden - Don't Trust Yourself...'Trust Fauci'

WH Releases The Creeper And The Kamal's
Schedule For The Week - A Total Joke

Time for Red States to Start Nullifying Federal Law

2 liberal icons - US now on path to 'totalitarianism'

MSNBC Host Wants to Rename FBI Headquarters
after.....Stacey Abrams! - Watch

Wow - MSNBC Compares Biden to FDR and LBJ
Claims Democracy Will Be At Risk If Biden Fails
(It's already GONE)

Gov Cuomo staffers have stopped
showing up for work

Brit Insider - Meghan Markle Planning
Run for President


Charlie Hebdo depicts Meghan Markle
as George Floyd

Dingbat NYC Mayor Blasts Cuomo for Being
'in Way of Us Saving Lives' as Cuomo Won't Resign

VA GOP AG Candidate Promises To Declare Democrat
Gun Laws Unconstitutional - (They Are)

Las Vegas Strip Flooded With Tourist As
Capacity Limits Ease

Former Trump Aide Accuses Biden of 'Threatening
People' With More Lockdowns in His CV Speech

FBI Burns Their Own Informant Who Was
Allegedly The Driving Force Behind Whitmer
Kidnapping Plot (typical)

Homeless ANTIFA Organizer Nearly in Tears
Over Failed Riot Tactics

Black Lives Matter Activist Indicted With
Defrauding Donors by Federal Grand Jury

Portland Communists Want the Feds to
Investigate the Police

Fitts - The World In Crisis


Jackass CA Gov Gavin Newsom Claims
The Recall move To Oust Him Is Unjustified

These are the Mexican Drug Cartels Who are
FLOODING America with Drugs

Leaked Numbers Show Alien Invader 'Got-Aways'
Soar as Border Apprehensions Hit 15-Year High

Nitwit Pelosi - 'Climate Change' Is Causing
The 'Humanitarian Challenge' at the Border

Illegal Entries & Narco-Trafficking on Rise
as Biden Loosens Border Invader Policies

Not enough alcohol and too many video games
means less sex for today's young people

Tucker mocks 'woke generals' after Pentagon
criticized his claims that hiring pregnant
soldiers is a 'mockery' of the military

Real History 1939 - Hitler's Astonishing And
Incredibly Sincere Peace Letter to France

If The Rich Were Propagandizing Us, We'd Have
Heard About It In The News - Johnstone

former defense attorney predicts Chauvin
will be acquitted


Chicago Police Sergeant Shot In Face While
Standing In Police Station Parking Lot
Bullet Said To Have Grazed HIs Chin

TX Trooper saves three from fiery wreck
while getting dinner off duty - A Great
Human And A Great Police Officer

Stupid Protester Climbs on Hood of LAPD Vehicle
During Taylor Protest — Cop Drives Off Anyway

Moron Chuck Todd to Fauci - 'It's Inevitable' We'll have
more Pandemics Because of...'Climate Change'

Fauci Says It's 'So Disturbing' That Some Trump
Supporters Are Rejecting The Covid 'Vaccine'
(It's Messing Up His Kill Shot Genocide Agenda)

Fauci Warns Of New COVID Surge, Urges
Trump To Promote Kill Shots

CDC vs Common Sense

Medical Technocrats Relabel Gene Therapy
Shots As 'Vaccines' Which They are NOT

'Inactive' Ingredients Like polyethylene glycol
(PEG) And polysorbate 80 in COVID Kill Shots
Can Trigger Terrible Allergic Reactions


Dr Anne McCloskey video on the trojan horse CV fraud

Nearly All Covid Masks Are Worthless as Virus
Particles Are FIVE TIMES Smaller Than Holes in
the Masks - Masks are psychological weapons

Airline passenger arrested for refusing mask

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media
Censorship of Vaccine Safety Advocates With
Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA

Why mRNA injections do not meet the legal
definition of a 'vaccine'

Trucker Refuses Mask and is Fired
...'Will Not be a Collaborator'

Why Are Drugmakers Who Caused Opioid
Crisis in Charge of Solving the Pandemic?

Operation Vax All Deplorables
Codename - 'Satan's Poker'

New book details Fauci's involvement
in Wuhan and the Chinese military's
dangerous CV research

Google Facing $5 Billion Lawsuit Claiming
it is Tracking Users in Incognito Mode


Another Alternative To Google And Chrome
Brave Search Announces Forthcoming Service
Which Guarantees User Privacy

Amazon Tells Senators It Will Keep Censoring
Books That Question Transgenderism - (Butchery)

As Biden Feminizes Our Military, China Works
to Build And Cultivate Masculinity

How 30 Preppers Have Adapted and What
They See Happening Next

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News 3-13-21

'Ethereum Now Races Toward Becoming The
Foundation Of A New Global Financial System'

We're In A Bubble That's Too Big To Fail

Clueless, Idiot Yellen - US could get back near full
employment in 2022 with stimulus

Coca-Cola Will Only Hire Law Firms That
Meet at Least 30% Diversity Quotas - Never
Mind About Competence

Merkel's party suffers Big losses in two
German states - Merkel Is World's Most
Vicious, Visible Bolshevik Communist


Ireland becomes latest nation to halt rollout of
AstraZeneca Kill Shots following new reports
of blood clotting

British Airways Boss Demands Restrictions
be Lifted for Vaccinated People

For Two Years, UK Testing New Surveillance Tech
that Tracks and Stores Web Browsing for Every
Single British Citizen

Metal found in car exhausts worth 20 times
gold sparking surge of thefts across UK

Islamists in Germany fraudulently received
€1 MILLION in Covid-19 aid, some funds used
to 'direct terrorism financing' – media

London Racist Muslim Mayor Says 'There's No
Good Reason Why 65% of People Working in
Science & Engineering Should Be White Men'
(Someone should Tell This Jerk)

Activist Attacked On The Streets Of Montreal
For Campaigning Against Giving Puberty
Blockers To Children

Londoners Gather Outside Scotland Yard Amid
Outrage Over Sarah Everard's Murder

Labour to Vote Down 'Disproportionate' Policing
Bill as London Met Faces Backlash for Vigil Response

Calls for Met Police commissioner to step down as
Home Office demands explanation for crackdown
on Sarah Everard vigil


Johnson launches blistering attack on SNP at
Scottish Tories spring conference

Video evidence of 'massacre' by UK special
forces in Afghanistan mysteriously vanishes

West's actions have precipitated regulation of
cyberspace, says Russian diplomat

Leak of British FCO files dispels myth about
independent media in UK - Russian diplomat

West keeps on inventing pretexts to demonize
Russia as aggressor - Russian diplomat

Sanctimonious UK has its own dodgy doctor &
full-blown doping row – let's see if quest for the
truth is as loud as with Russia

Kiev forces launch drone strike on Donetsk
republic, DPR's mission says

A (fake) pandemic-battered world
re-embraces technocracy

China Plans to Have Astronauts Deployed at
Lunar Research Station for 'Long-Term Stays'

Myanmar security forces kill dozens of
anti-coup protesters


Myanmar's parallel govt promises
'revolution' to reverse coup

In Bolivia, prosecutors ask for six months of
pre-trial detention for ex-president Anez

Netanyahu says avoided first official trip
to UAE over fears of Yemeni missiles

Israeli plot to demolish more Palestinian
homes amounts to 'ethnic cleansing'

Defying global outcry, Netanyahu says will
legalize West Bank settlements if re-elected

Mossad Chief Denies He Ever Pledged Personal
Loyalty to the Netanyahus

Nine Signs That Prove the Elite Are Planning
a Major Middle East War

5.1 Magnitude Quake Rocks Southern Iran

US Reportedly Sneaks 45-Truck Convoy of Military
Vehicles and Oil Tankers Into Syria

Bahrain Interested in Localization of Production
of Russia's Sputnik V


Massive Sandstorm Hits Saudi Arabia, Qatar - Vid

380,000 Kia Owners Told To 'Park Outside' Due
To Spontaneous Engine Fire Risk

Uh Oh and Gosh - Study Shows Booming Marijuana
industry is Causing Massive Increases in CO2 Emissions

Search for Alien Life Should Account for
Pre-Industrial Civilizations, Scientists Say

Mauna Loa, The World's Biggest Volcano,
Is Waking Up And It's Time To Get Ready

34,000 Earthquakes Rock Iceland In Weeks
As Volcano Threat Elevated

260 TIMES More Young People Are Dying from
the Vaccines Than Would Have from Covid

Covid Deadly Injection Catastrophe Coming - Watch Top
Virologist And Vaccine Expert, Geert Bossche, Warns World
To STOP Kill Shots Which Destroy Normal Immune Systems

Full Geert Vanden Bossche Vid - Former GAVI & Gates
Fdn Vaccine Creator Sounds Worldwide Warning About
The Covid 'Vaccine' - Humanity Is On The Line

Antifa sets fire at federal courthouse
in Portland with people inside

Creeper Joe Biden's Groping, Fondling and Sniffing
of Children and Women Caught On Video Makes
Andrew Cuomo Look Like a Novice - Watch

Tucker Shreds Biden's Nationwide Covid Talk - Watch

What Was In Ashli Babbitt's Backpack When
She Was murdered by a Capitol Hill Police
Officer Will Shock You

Sidney Powell Confirms Staffer Assassination
In Geogia - Watch

Tucker Responds To Pentagon's Criticism

Unelected Idiot Biden Mimicking South
Africa, Gives Black Farmers Billions of Dollars
...Gives White Farmers The Finger


White farmers Yell 'Racism', blast S. African style
$5 Billion promised to only minority farm-owners in
pickled-brain Biden's relief bill as 'racism'

Biden Border Crisis Explodes - TX Child Migrant
Facility At 700% Capacity - ICE Begs For Volunteers
White House Denies Lawyers Access

Marjorie Taylor Greene Stands Up To Biden -
Introduces 'Protect America First Act' To
End Biden's Border Invasion

Candace Owens Says She Is Seriously Considering
A Presidential Run

Founders Warned Us About Abuses Like H.R. 1

Ban On 205 Different 'Assault Weapons'
Introduced By Sen. Feinstein

National Guard Association denounces
extension of soldiers in DC - 'Inappropriate
at best, illegal at worst'

Creeper Biden's Perversion Is Legendary
Watch This Video Compilation Of Just Some
Of The Deviant Pedophilia On Display

Gates is colluding with the Chinese Communist
Party to spread anti-American propaganda

US National Guard Association denounces
extension of troop presence in DC as illegal

National Guard Soldier Dies While Stationed At DC
Many Are Poisoned With Under-Cooked Food, Metal
Shavings - Did This One Get Vaxed, Too?


Key 'Oath Keeper' granted pretrial release as
prosecutors find no evidence of wide-ranging
conspiracy to storm Capitol

Countless, VERY Long Translucent Fibers Fall Onto
Farm Fields In Northwest Ohio

Biden's National Park Service Denies S. Dakota
Request for July 4th Fireworks At Mt Rushmore

Schumer, Gillibrand Demand Cuomo Resign
As 7th Accuser Comes Forward

Psaki Says White House Is Not Supporting
Democrats Who Called Cuomo to Resign

AOC & Other Congressmen Demand Cuomo Resign

Trump's Exit From The World Stage Led To A
Network Ratings Bloodletting

Alabama GOPs Declare Donald Trump One
of The Greatest Presidents of All Time

Incredible - NYC school encourages kids to
stop using words 'mom' and 'dad'

Cancel culture is out of control and Gen X
is our only hope


Professor of Govt Ethics helped cover up
COVID nursing home deaths

LA Teachers Union That Says 'Unsafe' To
Return To School, Urges Members To Hide
Vacation Plans

Scammer charged with money laundering &
wire fraud after bilking $450,000 from donors
for fake Black Lives Matter charity, DOJ says

Prosecutor Says He Has Received 100s of Complaints
on Gov. Whitmer's Senior Homes COVID Policies

LA Opens First Tiny Homes Village to
Combat Homelessness

Sarah Silverman says she doesn't want to be
associated with 'elitist' Democrat Party anymore

Greenwald - Criticizing Public Figures, Including
Influential Journalists, Is Not Harassment Or Abuse

The Sovietization Of The American Press

Scientists Propose 'Lunar Ark' To Store 6.7 Million
Sperm Samples As Global Insurance Policy

Horror - Father Faces Arrest, Jail Time For Trying
To Stop Doctors From Transitioning His Middle School
Daughter To A Boy - This Is Pure Evil - Video


Visualizing The Rising Cost Of College In US

NYC Spent Nearly Half A Million Dollars
Per Inmate In 2020, Report Says

New York Colleges Under Fire After
Targeting Conservative Students And Groups

How California Is Embracing Mandatory
Racial-Injustice Study For All Of Its 1.7
Million High Schoolers

San Francisco's Poop-Patrol Boss Made $380,000
Didn't Do Crap, Has Been Charged With Corruption

'Marvelous' Marvin Hagler, legendary boxer, dies
at 66 - Did He Get Vaxed Like Hank Aaron?

WSJ Bans Reporters from Using The Term
'Illegal Immigrant'...Probably Won't Permit
The Use Of 'Alien Invaders' Either

More CA Cities Experiment With 'Hero Pay'

16 Countries Are Pushing United Nations
To Condemn US Unilateral Sanctions

'Roadable Aircraft' Could Finally Get Off
The Ground In New Hampshire


vaccines Anywhere In The world! - Effort To Increase
The Vax Genocide Is Now at Maximum Push - Resist!

US Has given Over 100 Million mRNA Kill Shots Now

CDC US Update - 1,524 DEAD 31,079 Injured After
Taking Experimental mRNA Kill Shot 'Vaccines'
Now Multiply Those Figures By At Least Double

US plans major smear campaign against Russian
anti-Covid vaccines, Kremlin source says

ER Doctor - 'We're Being Deceived & Manipulated'
'I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19'

Fauci gets grilled by Mexican Comedian

Rand Paul - Fauci Fashions Himself Some
Sort of Greek Philosopher -He Tells 'Noble Lies'

Mass Murder? – CQC Report finds 34% of NHS
Staff felt pressured to place 'Do Not Resuscitate'
orders on Disabled Covid patients

GOP Pro Vax Lawmaker Demands Answers
on Vaccine Kill Shot Distribution slow down

Excellent - Immunity And Vaccines - Start At 11:50


What Is 'Informed Consent'? It Is 'A Complete Disclosure
Of Facts' - Were YOU Informed?

Attys Worldwide Say Covid Fraudsters Will Be Sued

New York Sports Fans Test Digital Health Pass
on Vaccination or COVID-19 Status

Amazon Fulfillment Center Near Toronto
Ordered Closed After COVID Outbreak

'CDC Misinterpreted Our Research on Opening
Schools' Say Scientists Who Created The Research

65 Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested
For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott
Lifted The Mask Mandate

'How dare you...!' – Tucker Carlson responds
to Biden's Vax Demands For July 4th

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Reportedly Plans
Creation of New Social Media, Quickly Faces
Legal Issues

Laura Loomer - As a Jewish woman, I can
tell you Gab is NOT an anti-Semitic platform

Newt Gingrich Locked Out Of Twitter For


Censorship of US IT giants will lead to
restrictions around the world - Zakharova

Internet Founder Urges Push-Back Against 'Harvest
and Hoard' of Big Tech to Regain Control Over Data

Russian Content Block by US IT Firms Shows
'Technological Dead End', Foreign Ministry Says

Pentagon Honchos Are Cannibalizing the Imperial
Navy so They Can Shovel Even More Money to
Companies They Will Retire To

US Air Force Makes Rare Disclosure on
Deployment of Mysterious Sentinel Stealth Drones

'New Industrial Revolution': London Stock Market
is Pressured to Invest Into British Space Industry

'Dangerous Delusion' - UK Chief Astronomer and
deGrasse Tyson Slam Musk's Idea of Settling Mars

Astronauts From Expedition 64 Perform
Spacewalk Outside ISS to Upgrade the Station

US Launches New $7.5 Million Military Tactical
Awareness Networking Center

US approves $1.77 BILLION sale of advanced Boeing
spy jets to Germany amid increased NATO activity
at Russian border


Bitcoin Hits $60,000 For The First Time Ever
Crushing $250 Million Worth Of Shorts

Critics May Rage But They Are Powerless to
Stop Major EU-China Investment Deal - Author

US declares Huawei threat to national security
pouring cold water on Beijing's hopes for reset
with Washington

Here Comes Biden $2 Trillion Infrastructure Package

Why A Green New Deal Is More Expensive
Than Joe Biden Realizes

Hollywood Film Permits Spike 43% In February

Building A New Home? Soaring Lumber Prices
Adds $24,000 To New Construction Build

China Worried About Impact of Joe Biden's
$1.9 Trillion Lockdown Bailout

Russian agricultural exports soar nearly
30% as China and Turkey ramp up purchases

Big energy emerges as winner from
Texas winter storm


How A Debt-Driven Economy Creates
More Frequent Crises

Hedge Funds Are Having Second Thoughts
About Moving To Florida

Inflation Watch: Beware The Ides Of March

German Towns To Lose Millions In Greensill
Bank Collapse

16 Countries Are Pushing United Nations To
Condemn US Unilateral Sanctions

Deutsche Bank CEO, Investment Bankers See
Bonuses Rise Nearly 50% After Banner Year

UK to Increase Number of Nuclear Warheads it
Can Stockpile

Brave Germans rise up, Rescue man From Cops,
Drive Communist Cops Away

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Rally in Berlin to Mark
One Year Since Beginning of Brutal Restrictions

Germans appalled by sleaze, Covid misery
and a static economy ready to turn on Comrade
Merkel after 16 Grimyears


Stuttgart Germany against Corona Vax

UK engages in 'perverse nationalism' for seeking
trade deal with US without EU, Ireland foreign
affairs minister says

Danish anti-lockdown activist gets double jail time
for inciting violence... after telling crowd to 'smash
city in non-violent way'

'No culture, no future' - French actress strips Naked
at awards ceremony over CV restrictions (Graphic)

'Lunacy' - Diplomat slams Polish 'pseudo-historical'
claims nuns 'murdered by Red Army'

Poland expels two Belarusian consuls in
reciprocal move, says Deputy Foreign Minister

EU's Own Goal By Playing Politics
With Russian Vaccine

UK Religious Groups Step Up Fight Against
COVID-19 Misinformation in WhatsApp

AstraZeneca warns of new shortfall in deliveries
to EU as five nations seek summit on 'unfair'
vaccine distribution

UK Labour candidate trained with Israeli army


Scottish Green Party Co-Leader Demands
Abolition of British Monarchy

Crystal Palace ace Zaha becomes first Premier
League star NOT to take a knee after describing
it as 'degrading'

Catalonia's new parliament speaker
vows to push for independence

More than 100 million EU citizens living
in poverty - Most Are Invaders

British authorities seem hell-bent on turning
UK into Gilead – as their ban on vigil for
murdered Sarah Everard proves

Murder of Sarah Everard Prompts Online
Outpouring of Abuse, Harassment Stories

'Legitimate' owner? Boris Johnson says UK
'legally' obtained Elgin Marbles, will not return
them to Greece

They Want To Ease Us Into the Pathologized
Totalitarian Future Gently, So That It Feels Like
We Are Being Liberated

Lockdowns Wrecked Democracy Around The World

Security Experts 'Raise Red Flags' On Dubai
Airport's New Iris Scan Technology


Russians Aren't Getting an Experimental Vaccine
for a Virus With a 99.8% Survival Rate

Russia reports less than 10,000 new daily
coronavirus cases for 5 days

Russia may supply Ebola vaccine to Guinea

No Western sanctions can change Crimea's
status as part of Russia - Russian mission

Russia Today Is Smaller Than at Any Time
Since 1732 - Still Not Small Enough for NATO

Police disrupt Moscow summit of banned pro-Western
group linked to ex-oligarch, making around 200 arrests

'How Dare They!' How 'Pro-Russia' Report Shattered
Pillars of US Atlantic Council Think Tank

EU Officials Privately Considering Shift to Less Combative
Approach to Russia, Report Says

China Is Flooding The US With Fentanyl At
Record Volume

US Secretary of State Blinken Refers to Taiwan
as 'Country', Breaking Unwritten Taboo


UK warns China is in state of 'non-compliance'
after Hong Kong 'patriot' electoral reform

China's Xiaomi Says Will Keep Requesting
US Court to Remove Military Company Designation

Philippines Detects New, Unique Covid Variant

Russia-China Joint Lunar Base Sparks Fears
Of Space Arms Race

Buchanan - Is A Cold War II with China Inevitable?

China Will Work With Russia on Policy
Towards US, Says Ambassador to Moscow

War Games Showed US Would 'Lose Fast'
Against China If It Invaded Taiwan - US General

Biden Hails Anti-China Quad Bloc as 'Vital'
to Guaranteeing 'Free and Open Pacific' at
First Meeting

Sinopec Accelerates Hydrogen Energy Development
to Build Clean Energy Chemical Company

Pakistani students expelled from
university after hugging on camera


Pakistanis protest over 'vulgar culture'
spread by Western-funded NGOs

Amidst Labor Shortage, Thailand Taps
Non-Violent Prisoners To Work In Factories

Ex-amb appointed to lead 'Havana syndrome'
task force, as CIA expands inquiry into mysterious
brain injuries

UN Rebuke of US Sanctions on Venezuela
Met With Stunning Regime Press Silence

US responsible for surge in illegal migration
among Cubans - FM

Former Interim President Jeanine Añez
Arrested in Bolivia

US Seeks Closer Cooperation with EU, OAS
on Venezuela - State Department

Jordan rips into Israel PM for 'toying with
region for electoral gains'

Israel prime suspect in 'terrorist' attack on
Iran cargo ship in Mediterranean

US Now Engaged In 'Indirect Diplomacy'
With Iran On Reviving Nuke Deal


Iran's economy out of recession after two
growth quarters - Chief banker

Russians Incinerate an Oil Market, Kurds
Restore Sales of Syrian Oil to Syria

Houthis Describe US Ceasefire Plan for
Yemen as 'Dangerous Adventurism'

Gunmen abduct 30 students in Nigeria,
police confirm, in ongoing spate of kidnappings

Bond girl Valeria Leon Remembers Working With
Sean Connery, Roger Moore And Peter Sellers

Antikythera device - New Insight Into Workings of
World's 'Oldest Computer' Found by Scientists

Intuition – Go In Sane

This Native American Society Was Once
as Powerful as the Aztecs and Incas

The Benefits of Red and Near-Infrared
Light Therapy

Stop Trying To Create a Zero-Risk Society



'Man, That Thing Is Scary!' - Steve Bannon & War
Room Shocked at Biden's Dead, Black, Cadaverous
Alzheimer's Dementia Eyes During COVID Address

'He Lied'...'The Man Is Not Well'...'I Don't Listen
To Idiots' - Americans React to Biden's Prepared
National COVID Speech - Only 7,141 Watched!

Icke - When This Cult-Owned Liar Tells You To
Get Vaccinated...You Know You SHOULDN'T

Watergate Whistleblower John Dean Says 'Matter
of How Many Days' Until Trump Is Indicted

Biden Embarks On 'Victory Lap' To Brag About
$1.9 Trillion Stimulus...That Didn't Include $2,000
Payments He Promised

Joe Biden's Covid-19 speech was carrots & sticks
with Americans as the proverbial donkey

Biden's American Rescue Plan - Here's What's
In It...And What Isn't

Communist Biden Attacks Wealthy, Hardworking Americans,
Says It's Time that We Build an Economy that 'Grows From
the Bottom Up' (Discard The Older And Focus On Gen Z)


Schumer, Gillibrand Demand Cuomo Resign
As 7th Accuser Comes Forward

Gov. Whitmer Under Growing Scrutiny Over
COVID-Related Nursing Home Deaths Akin to
Cuomo Scandal

Cuomo Dismisses Accusers Allegations As
Democrats Demand Resignation

Cartels Are Selling Children for $3,200
at Biden's Open Border

Brace Yourselves For The Most Dramatic Shift
In The Standard Of Living In All Of US History

AOC Demands Cuomo Resignation
Admits He 'Hid Nursing Home Data'

New Video Shows Men Dressed In All Black
(Mercs) At US Capitol Bashing Windows And
Then Flipping Off Trump Supporters

California bill would defund police,
dispatch mental health workers to calls!

Dimwit OR State Senators Introduce Bill to
Pay Black People $123,000 in Reparations!

Vandalizing Communists target Portland courthouse
days after its protective fence was removed


Why are we allowing the lawless madness of
Seattle's CHOP autonomous zone to be repeated
in Minneapolis George Floyd Fentanyl Square?

Seattle Mayor - Exodus of officers
impacting police response times

Minneapolis Pays $27 Million Settlement
To George Fentanyl Floyd's Family

Sidney Powell Says GA Gov Kemp's Daughter's
Boyfriend Was Murdered, Vaporized By Thermite
& GA Officer Investigating Case Was Murdered

Democrat activists bought their way into
WI ballot counting room, emails reveal

Denver Prepares For Biggest Snowstorm
In More Than A Century

Two Stanford Doctors Blast the Nation's
COVID Response - Say It's The 'Worst Public
Health Mistake In The Last 100 Years'

Country music star Larry Gatlin Gets coronavirus
after idiotically receiving Moderna Kill Shot

Meet 'Gen C'...The Covid Generation - Massive
Child Abuse - They Are Scarred For LIFE

Moderna Scientists Funded by Gates Bragged
About Using mRNA to 'Hack the Kingdom of Life'


Mysterious boom and shaking rattles
San Diego County AGAIN

NYT Decries Critical Thinking, Tells
Americans To Trust Google Instead

GOP lawmakers accuse Amazon of bias
against conservatives

100s Of Defense Contractor Lobbyists Behind
New $264 Billion Nuclear ICBM 'Boondoggle'

Big Media Bosses Behind US Entry Into WW2

Fertilizer Prices Rocket Higher As Farmers
Become 'Bullish' On Upcoming Growing Season

Goldman Tells Employees They Will Return
To The Office By The Summer

Speculators Are Creating Chaos In Europe's
Carbon-Tax System

Post-Brexit Boom? UK Shoots to Be Fourth Most
Desired Investment Location For Global Executives

UK Economy Shrinks by 2.9% in January
Following New COVID-19 Restrictions


10 Euro Nations Reportedly Halt AstraZeneca
Jabs on Reports of 'Serious' Blood Clots

Muslim Girl Admits She Lied About French Teacher
Who Was Branded An Islamophobe And Beheaded

French teen with knife arrested after saying he
wanted to kill teacher – media

10 Euro Nations Reportedly Halt AstraZeneca
Jabs on Reports of 'Serious' Blood Clots

Curfew for Men After 6PM - What Brits Make
of Proposal Meant to Keep Women Safe

UK PM to Reportedly Warn Against 'Reckless'
2nd Scottish Referendum, Mulls Covert
Unionist Strategy

Twitter Erupts After BBC Axes Mash Report
For 'Left-Wing Bias' On Brexit, Government

Austrian chancellor suspects 'secret contracts'
signed at 'vaccine bazaar' behind unequal jab
distribution in EU

Italy Imposes National Lockdown As Mutant
COVID Strains Spread

Czech police tackle man, put him in headlock
for not wearing mask as toddler cries - Watch


One year into '15 days to flatten the curve'
why are we still tolerating authoritarian govt
clampdowns on our daily lives?

Norway's Fertility Rate Plummets to All-Time Low

US Reportedly Considering Dumping AstraZeneca
Vax Abroad Amid Safety Concerns

EU drug regulator to add severe allergy warnings
for anaphylaxis to AstraZeneca Covid vaccine
after 41 cases in UK

Danish Party Would Like to See AstraZeneca
Jab Removed From Vax Program

Norway Investigates Whether AstraZeneca
Vaccine Caused Deadly Blood Clots

AstraZeneca Covid jab is 'extraordinarily favorable'
French vaccine tsar says, Entirely dismissing fatal
side effect link

AstraZeneca Likely to Miss Already Reduced
40 Million Dose Target to EU, Reports Say

France's Sanofi Kicks Off Human Trials of
Second Vaccine Jointly With US Translate Bio

Serbia set to begin producing Russian Sputnik V
& Chinese Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccines for
export across Europe within coming weeks


Moscow promises retaliation if US places previously
banned intermediate-range missiles in Japan
within range of Russia's border

Russia could be The winner in A WWIII 'nightmare
scenario' by capturing northern Europe & blocking
NATO counterattack – Swedish experts

Russian Media Watchdog Is Ready for Dialogue
With Twitter But Company Ignores Requests

Kremlin bashes Western media reporting on Russia
And says US-UK 'pseudo-specialists' have no idea
what's going on inside country

OPCW chief must 'find the courage to address'
Douma coverup allegations, says group including
Five senior ex-officials of watchdog

US Targets Europe in Smear Campaign Against
Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine, Kremlin Source Says

Russian Premier League leaders Zenit invite
fans to get jabbed with Covid-19 vaccine
Sputnik V at home matches

China's 2021 Defence Budget Makes 'Reunification'
Plan With Taiwan 'More Obvious' - Taiwanese Expert

China labels US 'unreliable and uncredible' as Biden
reportedly tightens restrictions on supplying Huawei

China fines 12 companies for 'illegal
monopolistic behavior'


Biden Regime's Dangerous Game In The MidEast

US Intel Reveals Israel Has Bombed 'Dozens'
Of Iranian Oil Tankers

Iranian Container Ship Damaged in 'Terrorist'
Attack in Mediterranean, State Shipping Firm Says

'This Is Hell' - UN Food Chief Visits
Yemen As Children Starve

Lowly Peasant Approaches Biden's Throne
Begging For Permission To Celebrate Independence
Day This Year

Number of twins being born globally is
higher than ever - researchers

California driver caught using fake license
with photo of Philippines president

YouTube Censorship (song parody)

US Govt Is Now Simply Highly-Organized Crime
...In Bed With Cartels

Biden Signs Executive Order to Make Transgender
Surgery Free for The Military on Taxpayer Dime

House Passes Gun Control Bill to Expand Background
Checks - The 8 RINOs Who Voted With Communists

Survey - Everyone Now Hates Gov Cuomo

Mayor De Blasio, 59 Dem Lawmakers
Officially Call On Cuomo To Resign

Cuomo Denies 'Aggressively Groping' Female
Staffer At Governor's Mansion

Mike Lindell Launching Free Speech Social
Media Platform

Shimatsu - 10 Years After Fukushima
The Official Deception Has Been Destroyed

Dana Durnford - 10th Anniversary Of Japan's Fukushima
Nuclear Reactors Meltdowns & Extinction Level Event

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Nearly 'Ended
The Japanese State', Radioactive Waste
Specialist Explains


Why Operation Tomodachi worked like clockwork

There Is Evidence Someone Is Attacking
The US With Deadly Levels Of Radiation
...And It Is Being Covered Up

GOP Rep Says Biden Mentally Unfit For Office
And Calls His Being Used In his Deranged state
Of Mind clear Elder Abuse - Many Blame Jill Biden

Navarro - The CCP Will Make A Move On Taiwan

Dear 'No Crisis At The Border' Psaki - Watch This Clip

Taylor-Greene Bill Calls for FULL Biden Immigration
Moratorium, Cessation of All Migrants into US

Biden Regime Contemplates Using NASA
Facility To House Alien Invaders

By Summer, You'll See About A MILLION
Alien Invaders Trying to Enter US - A Biden
National Crisis Aimed At Destroying America

HUGE LINE of Biden's Alien Invaders Filmed
Flooding Across the Rio Grande in Texas

Emails Show Zionist Dual Citizen Zuckerberg
Funded Group Overruling Election Officials And
Accessing Mail-In Ballots BEFORE The 'Election'


Why You Should Be Preparing for China

Courageous, disgusted UVermont professor speaks
out against antiracism, calls 'whiteness' dogma
Clearly discriminatory

Treasure Hunters Find 'Hundred Of MIllions'
In Civil War Gold - FBI Comes In And Steals It All

Candace Owens backs Piers Morgan, slams 'leftist
narcissist' Markle & questions racism allegations

Stalin would be Proud of the USDA's Communist
Transformation of Food System & Racial Equity

Elite exponents of the politics of fear are deliberately
exaggerating the terrorist threat of QAnon to spread
alarm across the US

Texas Governor Under Fire After Calling
Gab Platform 'Anti-Semitic'

Judge Reinstates 3rd-Degree Murder
Charge Against Derek Chauvin

Antifa Thugs In Portland try to break into the
Chase bank - A lone security guard tries holding
them back...Finally pulls out His pistol

12 Prominent EU Scientists and Doctors Talk About
'Urgent' Safety Concerns And Halt COVID 'Vaccines'


Woke $57,000/Yr Manhattan Communist
school bans kids from Saying 'mom' and 'dad'

How living in China changed my view
on Trump and US politics

Tucson police chief Issues long list of calls
they will no longer respond to

Withdraw the gene-altering 'vaccine'
... It's killing far too many people

Austria suspends Deadly COVID Vax after
deaths among healthcare workers

Before COVID, Gates Planned Social Media Censorship
of Vaccine Safety Advocates With Pharma, CDC, Media,
China and The CIA

Kroger to Close Three More Stores in Los Angeles
in Response to 'Hero Pay' Mandate

IBM and Moderna Team up to Produce
'Digital Health Pass'

How to Poison the Data That Big Tech Uses
to Surveil You

Timeless Wisdom - The Age of The Postman


'We're going to lose fast' - US Air Force held a war
game that started with a Chinese bio attack

Aussie Navy In COVID Kill Shots Coverup
After Mass Adverse Reactions

The toxic legacy of nuclear weapons testing serves
as a stark warning of the danger these weapons pose

American astronauts to again use Russian
Soyuz rocket to reach ISS as NASA can't rely
on 'unstable' US tech – Moscow space chief

Elon Musk's SpaceX wins 2 Pentagon
contracts to use Falcon 9 rockets

Ballot initiative to criminalize husbandry practices
would cost consumers, limit food availability

Dove soap maker Unilever to remove word
'normal' from beauty products - Insanity

World Economic Forum Now Promotes
'Artificial Sun'

Major Banks Invest in Big Ag to Profit
on Food Shortages?

EU court challenge mounted by Poland And
Hungary over budget law amid bloc's probe into
alleged media crackdowns


'Black Employee' Spotted Next to Prince William
Sparks Online Debate Over Claims of Royal Racism

Director of UK's Society of Editors Resigns
Over Defending UK Press As Not Racist

Italy, Norway, Demark halt use of AstraZeneca jab

6 million jobs across the EU wiped out by
first wave of Covid-19 pandemic – study

Russia would like US internal controversies
to end says Putin

Russian diplomats pinpoint crucial disagreements
with new US administration — Kremlin

Russia Stood Ready to Help Texas Amid Storm
But Was Told No Aid Needed, Consul General Says

Kremlin Got No Invitation for Putin to
Participate in Biden's Climate Summit

Leaked files indicate UK state media engaged
in anti-Moscow information warfare operations
in Eastern Europe

Lukashenko urges Belarusian military to be on
guard to ward off internal threats


Watch - Russian strategic bombers fly over
Japanese Sea during 9-hour long mission

China Demands to Run Global 'Vaccine Passport'

Biden Sends Missile-Armed Warship Into Taiwan
Strait After Admiral Claims Beijing May Invade Island

China's parliament approves proposal to reform
Hong Kong's electoral system with 'patriots' pledge

Tensions Soar as UK FM Raab Slams Beijing's
Electoral Law After China Legislators Back Reforms

S. Korean PM 'declares war on property crime'
amid growing insider speculation scandal at
government's state-owned housing corp

China puts nuclear power waste disposal on
the front burner in bid to meet climate targets

65 Yr Old Man In India Dies Just Minutes After
Receiving AstraZeneca COVID-19 Kill Shot

UN Investigator Calls for Sanctions Against
Myanmar's State Oil and Gas Enterprise

Military will stay in power for 'certain time' then
hold elections, says Myanmar junta while


The spectre of a multipolar world with Brazil's Lula
making a political comeback is haunting Washington

Israeli PM Netanyahu shelves UAE
visit over Jordan airspace dispute

Rumours Swirl That Netanyahu, MBS Were Set
to Meet in Abu Dhabi During Bibi's Historic Trip

Alleged Contract With Husband 'Grants
Sara Netanyahu Veto in Mossad, IDF Appointments'

Mossad Chief Cohen Pledged Loyalty
to Netanyahu Family, Testimony Claims

Iran-Backed Militia Publishes Video Of New Attack
On US Convoy In Iraq

Ankara-Moscow Talks on S-400 Joint Production
Ongoing, Turkish Industry Minister Says

Russian jets bombard Daesh positions in
Syria's southeastern desert

Germany Pushes for Foreign Troop Pullout From
Libya After Interim Government Affirmed

The Invisible War - UN and US Concerned at
Tensions Between Sudan and Ethiopia Over
Fashaga Triangle


Black Naval Academy Grad Slams 'Paternalistic
White Liberals' Demanding Lower Standards
For Elite High School

Never Has It Been More Important
To Grow Your Own Food

There Is Evidence Someone Is Attacking The
US With Deadly Levels Of Radiation And It Is
Being Covered Up

Hawaii floods trigger state of emergency And
evacuations as Oahu & Maui homes destroyed
And tourists told 'stay inside'

The New Red Dawn Invasion Of America
Has Already Begun Under Joe Biden

Buchanan - The Emerging Existential Crisis
At The Border

Who Is The President? The Kamal Continues Calls
With Foreign Leaders

TX Gov Abbott Falsely Smears Gab As An 'Anti-
Semitic Platform' - Says It Doesn't Belong In Texas

Does Abbott Think The Texas Republican
Party Is Anti-Semitic?

7 Cringeworthy Moments from Joe Biden's
First 50 Days in Office

Watch - Biden is making a mockery of
The US Military


Senate Votes 70-30 To Confirm Bolshevik Gun-Hater
Weird Merrick Garland As Biden's AG - RINO Betrayal

WH Press Told To Get Away From Walking
Cadaver Biden Who Refused To Answer ANY
Questions Yet Again

Here Come Trillions More!! Biden Will Unveil
'Next Phase' Of COVID Response On Thursday

$1.9 Trillion Covid Bill Passes In House
Now Heads To Brain Dead Biden For Ink

Commucrats Snuck In $86 Billion For
Looted Union Pensions Is Supposed
Covid Relief Bill

Covid 'Relief' Package Has $3.5 Billion
Earmarked for Bill Gates-Backed Global Fund

Everything's Coming Up COVID For Much
Public Spending... Even As Virus Fades

The Stimulus Package Won't Cut Poverty,
It Will Accelerate It

Exploit A Huge COVID Bill Loophole To Legally
Get More Free Money

Livid Trump Blasts 'Our Country Is Being
Destroyed At The Southern Border'


Biden's Immigration Policy May Result in
'National Security Crisis' Says Lindsey Graham
...Gosh, Graham Is A Wizard

Biden's silence on border policy is proof
that it isn't working and America risks
being swamped by illegal Alien Invaders

Bodyguards for me, none for thee? America's
'progressive' legislators demand the security
they want taken from their constituents

Bimbo Jen Psaki Blatantly Lied To Millions
Of People Saying Covid 'Vaccine' Is Approved
And Licensed By The FDA - Watch

Creeper Joe Hails Ice Cream Nancy as The
'Finest, Most Capable Speaker' In History
...Dementia Has Its Perks

The 20 Senate RINOs Who Voted To Confirm
Gun-Hating Bolshevik Merrick Garland As AG

Devvy - H.R. 1 vs States Rights

Operation Mockingbird mocks humanity
with endless lies...

Wind Power Is A Disaster In Texas, No Matter
What Paul Krugman Says

Texas Faces Wildfire Threat Amid 'Extreme
Drought' After Historic Deep Freeze


Tyrant Technocrat, Bill Gates, Wants to Realize
His Global Vision in His Lifetime

Bill Gates Says He Will Force You
to Eat Fake Meat

Inflation Is a Class War

Israel, the Promised Land for pedophiles

The Rebellion of America's New Underclass
... the Multi-Racial Neo-Serfs

You Were Warned That Dust Bowl Conditions
Would Return, And Now It Has Happened

Report - Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shooting
Part of LA Gang Initiation

Resurrecting the Dead...DIGITALLY

CDC report ADMITS mask-wearing provides
no real protection against Covid

Fauci Says Experimental COVID vaccine for
teens in the fall, younger kids in 2022


UK Govt release 5th update on adverse
reactions to the Covid Jabs – Bell's Palsy,
Seizure, Miscarriage And Death

Stanford Medical Prof Insists COVID Lockdowns
'Worst Public Health Mistake In Last 100 Years'

Rotten, Corrupt Politicians Say Anti-Vaxxers
Are Domestic Terrorists

AK Becomes First State To Give COVID Jab
To Teens As More States Prepare To Reopen

New Outbreak of COVID in BC Care Home
Where Residents and Staff Were Already
'Fully Vaccinated'

Kill Shot Geriatric Genocide Continues - VAERS

Thin, Healthy 39 Yr Old mom dies 4 days after
2nd Covid Kill Shot - Her body Was destroyed

In Israel, refusing coronavirus vaccination
means your life is Basically over

Pfizer Is Demanding Governments Put Up
State Assets to Pay for Suits Against It

COVID Propaganda Claims Vitamin D Doesn't
Support the Immune System! - (Grass Isn't Green)


High Pollen Count Linked to COVID Infection
Spike in International Study

Father Denied Custody of Children
Over COVID 'Anti-Lockdown' Beliefs

One Texas school district where the
schools never closed

That Time the NSA Admitted to Placing
Backdoors Into Huawei Equipment

China Imported $371 Billion in Chips
in 2020 Twice as Much as in Oil

That Time the NSA Admitted to Placing
Backdoors Into Huawei Equipment

Kremlin 'alarmed' by reports US considering
cyberattack against Russia, as official govt
websites suddenly taken offline

Russia begins SLOWING DOWN Twitter over
child porn, suicide And drug-use claims as
regulator warns it may BLOCK service altogether

Data stolen in new cyberattack on Norwegian
Parliament linked to Microsoft software

Fire in Strasbourg Data Centre Caused Google,
YouTube Access Issues in Russia - Watchdog


Restrictions on Twitter to apply only to
transfer of photos and videos

USAF Forgot How To Make Parts For Its Own
B2 Stealth Bomber And Now Will Have To
Reverse Engineer The Parts!

Let's Compare The US Military To The
Russian Military And The Chinese Military

Biden Caught Faking Economic Data...CPI Jumps
In Feb, BLS Admits It's Making Most Of It Up

Happy Days At The Gas Pump Are
Over As Prices Soar

Bitcoin price surpasses $56,000 for first
time since February 22

Apple to Invest Over $1.1 Billion in Munich
Hub for 5G, Wireless Technologies Research

Apple to Cut Planned iPhone Production
by 20% in H1 2021 Over Low Demand

GameStop Just Collapsed After Topping
Record Close

Online poll shows nearly 40% make personal
investments based on Elon Musk's tweets
...While Only 7% think he's a 'jerk'


WTI Extends Gains Despite 2nd Week Of
Massive Crude Builds, Gasoline Demand Spikes

Credit Suisse Launches Probe Into Collapsed
Greensill Trade-Finance Funds

Deutsche Bank Considers Permanent Work
From Home Addition Several Days Per Week

Mining giant owned by Russia's richest man
pays record $2 billion fine after fuel spill
damages swathes of pristine Arctic land

The Newhouse Family of Fake News

German Immunisation Chief Calls Sputnik V
'Good Vaccine' From Experienced Developers

UK Transport secretary roasted on talk
RADIO for reneging on January pledge
to fight against lockdown

UK Commons Committee Casts Doubt on
Effectiveness of Costly COVID Tracing Initiative

Paris rejects Covid vaccine passport proposed
by Netanyahu that would allow obstacle-free
travel between France and Israel

Demonstrators occupy French national theaters
in anti-Covid lockdown protests


Incompetence and corruption allegations blight
Germany's handling of Covid as two MPs
quit politics over 'kickbacks for facemasks'

Adjusted for Age Sweden Recorded
Just 1900 Excess Deaths in 2020

Estonia Halts Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine
Batch Until Complication Probe Over

Boris Johnson Lashes Out at EU for Claiming
Britain Blocked COVID Vaccine Exports

Potentially huge Covid-19 vaccination boost
in April dismissed by German health minister
as unrealistic

Brawling Over Vaccines - Export Bans And
The EU's Bungled Rollout

Fear Porn - More contagious British Covid-19
variant has 30-100% 'higher mortality rate' than
other strains, says UK study - Garbage

UNICEF boss pleads for an extra $1 BILLION
in funding to support global Covid 'vaccine' rollout

More Britons Want to Stay Out of EU
Than Rejoin, New Poll Finds

SNP Chief Whip Resigns Amid Probe Into Sex
Assault Accusations From Male Party Members


Putin in Talks With Luxembourg's President on
Possible Shipments of Russia's Sputnik V

Moscow, Riyadh in Talks on Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine Production in Saudi Arabia - Lavrov

Morocco Approved Russia's Sputnik V
Vaccine Against COVID-19

Kenya Becomes 10th African Nation to Authorise
Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine

Putin and Erdogan launch construction of Akkuyu
Nuclear Power Plant's 3rd unit in Turkey

UK spread anti Russian propaganda while
accusing Moscow of the very same thing

Fauci shares stage with top CCP official,
endorses China's COVID-19 propaganda

Top US commander claims China may attack
Taiwan in next six years - (How About 2?)

Beijing Blasts US for Using Taiwan Issue
to 'Hype Up' China's Military Threat

Beijing accuses Washington of wiping out
Native Americans, while blasting US rumor
mongering in Xinjiang


'Shove Cocaine in Noses of Gringos' - Honduran
President Accused of Plot to Flood US With Drugs

Many Accused Jewish Pedophiles in US
Flee to Israel And Safety

How Jewish American pedophiles hide
from justice in Israel

Iran to start manufacturing Sputnik V
vaccine this month

Iran rejects step-for-step JCPOA revival

US must lift Obama-Trump-era sanctions before
Iran returns to full JCPOA compliance

US Reaffirms 'Unwavering' Commitment
to Saudi Arabia

100th Anniversary Of Mario Lanza
Tribute Article In The UK Telegraph

Fears Of A ???????Return Of The 1930s Dust Bowl Rise
As Record Drought Sizzles Southwest

Hawaii governor declares state of emergency
following major flooding


Antarctica doom - Volcanoes beneath ice could
erupt and make planet 'uninhabitable'

Early Indications Are Ballots Found Shredded
in Maricopa County Dumpster Are Completed
Ballots from the 2020 Election

Dumber than rocks Ho Harris takes another
solo call with a world leader because unelected
idiot Biden is in late stage dementia

Trump Calls for Donations to Be Sent to His
PAC Rather Than 'Republicans in Name Only'

Is Eric Swalwell The Answer To Trump's Prayers?

AZ Border Chief Warns Illegal Immigration On
Track To Surpass Past 3 Years Combined

Record Number Of Alien Invader Children
Sitting In Biden's Border Patrol 'Cages'

Roger Stone Slams 'Baseless Smears' From MSM
Attempting To Tie Him To Jan 6, 'It's A Vile Lie'

Oath Keepers Leader Seen With Roger Stone
Near DC Hotel on Jan 6 Is Arrested By FBI
Never Set a Foot Inside the US Capitol Again

Biden's Dogs Banned From White House
After 'Aggressive Behavior' & 'Biting Incident'

Activist Milo Yiannopoulos is now 'Ex-Gay'
consecrating his life to St. Joseph


Humor - Heroic Secret Service Agent Dives
In Front Of Biden As Reporter Tries To Ask
An Unwanted Question

'Center for Countering Digital Hate'
Publishes Digital Hit List

Lincoln Project Exposed - Founders Made Millions
In 'Most Obvious & Glaring Political Fraud In
Modern History'

Major US Sports Leagues Lost over $14 Billion
in 2020 - Much Of It By Bowing To BLM BS

Rumors Of War, Pestilences And Earthquakes
In Diverse Places

South Dakota BANS biological males from
competing in female sports

Disgusting Disney Bans Kids From Seeing
'Racist' Films Dumbo And Peter Pan On
Streaming Service

Meghan Markle Suffers From Narcissistic Personality
Disorder Says Her Half-Sister - Gosh, Ya Think?

Hillary Clinton Backs Prince Harry and
Duchess Meghan After Oprah Interview

Co-Founder of BLM Calls for Boycott of Royal
Family Following Harry and Meghan's Interview


Piers Morgan mocked as 'snowflake' after storming
off his own show amid Meghan Markle row - Watch

F*ck All Royals - Notes From The Edge
Of The Narrative Matrix - Caitlin Johnstone

Only 38% of Americans Think Deceased Felon
Fentanyl Addict George Floyd was 'Murdered'

Wooldridge - Write A Letter To Your
Congressional Representatives

MI judge reinstates voting fraud case following
forensic probe of Dominion voting machines

Tesla Secretly Constructing Mega-Battery
Storage Facility For Texas Grid

Grim Greta Barks At Biden For Slacking
On Climate Action

US Urges Stronger Cooperation With EU
on Climate to Tackle 'Extraordinary' Crisis

COVID Outbreak Confirmed At Nursing Home
Despite Staff, Patients Being Vaccinated - It's
NOT A 'Vaccine'!

Dr. Bhattacharya - Lockdowns The 'Biggest
Public Health Mistake We've Ever Made'


Masks are risking lives by impeding air
traffic communication - COVID reporter

CDC Genocide Updates - Wear a mask
while exercising indoors at gyms - Breathe
That Co2 And Bacteria

New study finds coronavirus variants will likely
evolve, escape current generation of vaccines
...Like Scientists Didn't know this...

'Obey the Science' Has Come to Mean
'Believe What We Tell You and Do as
You Are Told'

'Physical therapy' developed for recovering
Covid patients looking to retrain their lost
sense of smell

Heavy Metal Nano Contaminants Found In
Many Vaccines Slowly Kill Us

DC Police Blame 'Idle Time' During Covid
Shutdown for 12 Yr Old's 4 Carjackings in An Hour

Why You Should Stay Off Parler (humor)

Top US Admiral Reveals Test Of China's
'Carrier Killer' Ballistic Missile

Dangers Of A Central Bank Digital Currency


Bitcoin (BTC) value exceeds $1 trillion
for second time

US Sells 10 Million Barrels Of Oil From US
Strategic Petroleum Reserve

CA Port Pileup Of Ships Leaves Old Records In Dust

The Fed's Move To Redefine The Money
Supply Is An Ominous Sign

BoA Says Fed Won't Intervene On Rates
...Fears 1987 Replay

AZ Border Chief Warns Illegal Immigration
On Track To Surpass Past 3 Years Combined

Texas Governor - Biden Border Policies
Enrich Mexican Cartels, Overwhelm Border Patrol

Greensill Collapse Could Ripple Through
Markets In A Systemic Way

The Dangers Of A Central Bank Digital

Futures Soar After China's Plunge Protection
Team Props Up Markets


Here's How Oil Could Get To $100 Barrel

Why Europe's Left Wants A European
Financial Superstate

BP Orders 25,000 Employees To Stay Home
2 Days A Week In Permanent Shift To Remote Work

UK - 35 people deaf and 25 blinded after
taking mRNA Kill Shot - DNA-manipulating fake
'vaccine' shots never used on humans before

Swedish scientists believe Sputnik V can be
more efficient than other COVID-19 vaccines

Sputnik V to be produced in Italy even without
EMA authorization - commerce chamber head

EU Regulator to Make Decisions on Sputnik V
Vaccine Based Only On Scientific Data

Labour's Jonathan Ashworth Calls on
UK Govt to Prepare 'Germ Games' to
Tackle Future Pandemics

Czech Police Detain Man Over Death Threats
to Officials For Imposing CV Restrictions

Research identifies possible new secret
weapon in fight against Super bacteria


Bosnians 'justifiably unhappy' at Covax as
paid-for Covid vaccines don't arrive - FM

Russia's new daily coronavirus cases below
10,000 for first time since October 3

Russia, China ink memorandum on cooperation
in creating lunar research station

Russia, China to Sign Agreement on Joint Moon
Base Project Within One Year, Source Reveals

Space Force Chief Explains What the New
US Military Branch is Really About

Kremlin hopes cooperation with US in
outer space will continue

Futures Soar After China's Plunge Protection
Team Props Up Markets

China rolls out Covid-19 pass for international
travel as global debate over a common health
passport heats up

Friends Again? US, China To Hold Top-Level
'Reset' Meeting In Alaska

Xi Alerts Military 'Be Prepared To Respond'
In Current 'Unstable & Uncertain' Situation


US Navy to Continue Confronting China at
Sea Despite Concerns Over Beijing's Growing
Military Might

Beijing Urges US to Cease Support for Pro-Taiwan
Independence Forces, Arms Sales to Island

Beijing says UK should punish British
media for false reports on China and
Hong Kong, after London fines CGTN

Australian Health Minister Hospitalized 2 Days
After COVID-19 Vaccination, Reports Say

Pfizer Covid vaccine successfully neutralizes
Brazilian variant – lab study

Cuba's COVID Vaccine Could Break
Big Pharma's IP Shakedown

Venezuela Issues Million-Bolivar-Bill
Worth 50 Cents As Hyperinflation Rages

No De-Dollarization for Venezuela - Maduro
Promotes Dollar-Denominated Bank Accounts
to Citizens

Dems, GOP Lawmakers Urge Biden to Include
Ballistic Missiles, Backing of Proxies in Iran Deal

Biden's Iran dossier official once rejoiced at pain
his sanctions caused to Iranians


White House: US Renews Pledge to Hold Iran
Accountable for 'Abduction' of Ex-FBI Agent

Iran Set to Unveil Domestically Manufactured
Military Hovercraft

Tehran claims 100% success in indigenous
Covid-19 jab trial as country gears up for
mass vaccine production

Snyder - 9 Signs That Pieces Are Being Moved Into
Place For A Major Middle East War

Invaders partially withdraw from Ma'rib amid
Yemeni army advances: Report

UK to Help Fund Climate Change Mitigation
Projects in South Africa

20 Yr Old Black Sub-Animal Kills 29 Yr Old
White Man Over Dirt Bike For Sale

Wooldridge - No Ordinary Moments - Your Epic Life

UFO Cult? The Raëlians Return...

FAA Releases Statement Re UFO
Encounter Over New Mexico


Jeff Ritzmann - Husband, Father, Paranormalist,
Radio Host, Artist, Musician – In Memoriam

Creepy Joe Biden Just
Got A Lot Creepier

Parenting on Pot - Rise of Marijuana Moms

People's Resistance to Letting Corporations
Redesign the Human Organism Is Why We
Can't Have Nice Things

Long Time Network News Anchor
Roger Mudd dead at 93

US Military Is Intentionally Being Degraded...
Biden Says Military Will Focus On Making
'Maternity Flight Suits’ - Forgets SECDEF's Name

Watch As Braindead Biden, BARELY ‘Functional’
Can’t Remember the NAME of his own Sec Def And
Refers To Him As ’The Guy Who Runs Things Over There’

Mexico Wants Dimwit Dolt Biden to Take in
An Additional 800,000 Alien Invaders Per Year

Biden-Obama Admin Silences DHS Over Border Crisis
As Viral Video Shows Flood Of Alien Invaders Streaming
Into Defenseless Arizona - This is Clear Treason

Hundreds Of Alien Invaders Walk Across Border
Into Arizona Completely Unimpeded

Biden Offers Legal Status To Hundreds Of
Thousands Of Venezuelan Invaders

Biden Formally Establishes New Gender
Policy Council

Pissaki Confirms Creeper Misogynist Biden Wants
Biological Males to Dominate Women's Sports

STASI FBI Hired Known Drug Addict Stefan Halper
to Set Up and Bring Down the President of the
United States and Anyone Connected to Him

Trump Blames Jerry For Election Loss - Jerry
’Done’ With Trump’s 'False Election Loss Rhetoric’
And Has Quit Politics...After Making $640 Million


Communism Rules - Supreme Court Throws
Out Trump's Last Election Appeals

Live by the sword, die by #MeToo - If we’re judging
Andrew Cuomo by his own standards, he must
resign as New York’s governor

Almost 50 NY Lawmakers Reportedly Want
Cuomo's Resignation or Impeachment

Only 18% of Americans Support Defunding Police,
a Main Objective of Black Lives Matter - So Why is
Everyone Still Pandering to Them?

Deagel.com Founder - Edwin Deagle Jr. Dies

America’s Medical Guinea Pigs
Depopulationand Eugenics - Part One

12 States Sue Biden For Executive Order
Assigning 'Social Cost' To Carbon Emissions

Wooldridge - This ‘Racism’ And ‘Woke’ Thing
Is Getting Way Out Of Hand

More Examples of Zionist Big Media Bias
...They Truly Are 'Enemies of the State’
and Enemies of American Freedom

Biden EO Gives Jailed Criminals Increased
Voting and Voter Registration Access


Hillary - 'The Republican Party Turned Themselves
Into a Cult’ - Total Reverse Projection - The
Communist Left Is The Only ‘Cult’ Around

CA Gov Newsom - No Money for Firefighters
...But $28 Million for Alien Invaders

Recall Gruesome Newsom 2020 Hits Goal Of 1.8
Million Signatures - Over By More Than 100,000

New Normal’s religion of ‘techno-voodooism’
has bewitched the world

BioEthics and the New Eugenics

The WOKE Hollywood Agenda! (satire)

Grocery Shopping In The New America - Food
From ‘Minority Owned’ Businesses What Happened
To 'Color Blind?'

BLM Protesters Threaten Little Girls Outside
Cheerleading Competition

List Of US Top 10 Worst Mayors (no denying it.)

Jeff With George Filer...Finding Out George Was
Conned Into Taking The Vaccine Without Being Informed


CDC - 78% of People Hospitalized, On Ventilator
or Who Died From Covid Were Overweight or Obese

CDC Says ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ People Can Stop
Wearing Masks And Distancing In Private settings!

OMG - Johnson & Johnson to Run COVID-19 Vaccine
Trials on Infants (they are going to do it!)

69% of Americans Insanely Plan To Get a
COVID-19 Lethal Injection - If The Pew PolI
Is True, This will Be A Slow Burn ELE

Masks cause periodontal gum disease!
Here comes the gum disease pandemic

Illuminati Already Planned to Use
Vaccines for Genocide

Lancet - Up To 75% of 'Positive' PCR Tests
Are NOT Infected People

Don’t Expect Compensation if you are
injured by COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’

Fighting Mandatory Vaccines In The US

Why was the Vax launched on January 11th 2021?
maybe 100,000 already dead from kill shot which
Activates the Immune System To attack Body’s
Own Cells When Infected with Any Coronavirus


Goldman Now Sees Most Advanced Economies
Reaching Herd Immunity In 3 Months

US Churches Urged To Become Mass
Covid ‘Vaccination’ Centers

WHO now pushing for a mRNA vaccine
for malaria - They Won’t Stop Until The
Georgia Guidestones Have Been Fulfilled

COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Grow in Number
But Trends Remain Consistent

Over 300 Million people vaccinated against
coronavirus globally

Bill Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm
'Mining' DNA Data Through COVID TESTS

Jeff With George Filer...Finding Out George Was
Conned Into Taking The Vaccine Without Being Informed

Don’t Forget Moderna Created Their Kill Shot
‘Vaccine’ In Just Two Days

Gab back ONLINE - Update given by free
speech hero GAB CEO Andrew Torba

The AI of the beholder? Algorithm can now learn
which faces you find attractive from your brain waves


'Alpha generation' will have fewer artists,
musicians - and digital devices may be to blame

On International Women’s Day we must ask,
why are women being silenced on Twitter for
stating basic biology?

Robot Motherships To Launch Drone Swarms
From Sea, Underwater, Air And Near-Space

A Friendly Billionaire Wants to Spray Your
Atmosphere With 'Reflective Particles' to
Block Out the Sun

No such thing as a climate crisis Say Top Prof

‘I don’t have money for food’ - millions in US left
without benefits

Norwegian Billionaire Jumps On Crypto Bandwagon
Predicts One Bitcoin Worth "Millions Of Dollars"

Passage of COVID relief bill will get labor
market back on track despite inflation fears

Booming Freight Market Sends Used
Container Ship Prices Soaring

Neil McCoy-Ward and Gerald Celente discuss
the current challenges facing the financial world.


Norwegian Billionaire Jumps On Crypto Bandwagon
Predicts One Bitcoin Worth "Millions Of Dollars"

MSM Loves the Vaccine but That Russia and
China Have Their Own to Offer Is Somehow
a Sinister Tragedy

Hundreds of Thousands of UK Nursing
Applicants Rejected as NHS Hires Foreigners

Goldman Now Sees Most Advanced Economies
Reaching Herd Immunity In 3 Months

‘Covid-19 passport’ trials - Singapore Airlines
to test digital health ID for flights to London

France warns it could make covid jabs
compulsory for health workers amid
'unacceptable' uptake

Italy latest EU govt to approve AstraZeneca’s
Kill Shot for over-65s as efficacy fears subside

NHS Chiefs Threaten to Cut Patient Care
Amid Demands to Cover Extra COVID Costs

Majority in England & Wales won’t hesitate to
get Covid jab, but survey finds under-30s and
black adults most reluctant

Swedish ‘1,000 People March' Against COVID
Restrictions Ends Up in Clashes With Cops


EU criticizes Belgium’s blanket Covid-19 travel ban
wants it replaced with ‘more targeted measures’

Italian Police Arrest Algerian National
Involved in 2015 Paris Terror Attack

SNP Buried Sexual Harassment Claims
Against Two Westminster MPs

Brussels deploys plainclothes police officers
to sexual harassment ‘hotspots’ where nearly
80% of women fear leaving home

#AbolishTheMonarchy trends after Meghan’s
tell-all with Oprah sparks Twitter revolt

RDIF, Adienne Pharma & Biotech Sign
Deal to Produce Sputnik V Vaccine in Italy

Biden preparing to launch series of ‘clandestine’
cyberattacks against Russia - NYT (Biden Can’t
Plan His Next Trip To The Toilet)

US, EU Sanctions On Russia A Reckless
Triumph Of Absurdity And Stupidity

Klarenberg - How British state tries to weaponize
Russian-speakers in Baltics as ‘agents of change’
in operation to ‘weaken’ Moscow

Russia urges international efforts to fight
Big Tech’s arbitrariness in Internet


Space, spies & suicide: How Roscosmos adviser
& ex-journo Ivan Safronov crash-landed at the
centre of NATO-linked espionage drama

Serbian Prime Minister Describes Wiretapping
of President Vucic as Coup Attempt

Ukraine Plots the Return of Crimea After the
US Provides It With 84 Inflatable Boats

Putin instructs government to stop uncontrolled
export of unprocessed timber

France Joins US South China Sea Adventurism

China warns ‘side effects’ of US economic
stimulus risk causing sharp market correction

Troubled China semiconductor plant ‘no plans’
to resume operations, 240 lose their jobs

7 In HK felt ill after receiving Covid jabs

Hong Kong authorities probe deaths And
hospitalizations that occurred days after
people received Sinovac Covid jab

China Approves 'Super Dam' Project on Lower
Reaches of Yarlung Tsangpo, Close to Indian Border


Huawei's Meng Wanzhou Case ‘Downright
Political Incident' From Washington, Chinese
FM Spokesman Says

China Mulls Mandatory Dating and Marriage
Courses in College

Taiwan water crisis - President asks residents
to prepare for water shortages as the island
faces worst drought in 56 years

New Zealand makes Pfizer its primary
vaccine supplier after AstraZeneca jab concerns

54% in 10 Million Population Indian City Had
COVID And 3 Out of 4 Had NO Symptoms
Once Again - It’s No Worse Than A Flu Virus

India's Anti-Terror Unit Claims Iran's Quds
Force Behind Israeli Embassy Blast

Thailand SLASHES its mandatory quarantine
for vaccinated tourists to 7 days

‘Sedition’ charge puts three more Thai
protest leaders behind bars

2 more killed by Myanmar military after workers
begin general strike against coup

Philippines human rights watchdog launches
probe as nine killed in anti-communist raids Duterte govt says were ‘legal’


Juan Guaido Claims Venezuela Smuggling
Uranium to Iran, Fails to Provide Proof

Israel begins vaccinating Pal workers against
Covid after delays & international condemnation

Video reveals Israel’s lies about Iran’s
involvement in ship incident in Sea of Oman

Anti-Palestinian racism, incitement by Israelis
on social media increased by 16% in 2020

Protesters Block Key Highway Linking
Beirut With Lebanon's North

Pope Francis Reveals Lebanon as
Next Destination

9 Signs Major War In The MidEast is Coming

Syria's President Assad and wife test positive
for Covid - Guess Who May Have Infected Them

Putin & Assad's Revenge - Ballistic Missiles
Smash ‘Stolen' Syrian Oil Convoy & Refinery

US Puppets in Afghan Deserve to Be Toppled


Saudi military chief accuses Iran of supplying
missiles used by Houthis to strike its oil facilities

New Ballistic Missile Launch Targets Saudi
Arabia As Part Of Houthi 'Sabotage Attacks'

This Is Truly Remarkable…and FUN - Watch!

YouTube Officer Tatum - Babies Are ‘Racist’!

Sand becoming scarce world over due
to soaring demand

CDC Admits 1,265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries Following
Kill Shot Injections - This Is MASS MURDER

Photo - Biden Advisor (Handler) Susan Rice Burns
Sage to Cleanse Trump WH Office of Stephen Miller

Biden Has No Border Plan - Invaders Think They
Have An Open Invitation And Can Walk In

Gov. Abbott Deploys Texas National Guard,
State Troopers to Counter Biden's 'Open
Border Policies' And to Stop Invaders

Sen. Ted Cruz tries to block $8 billion in stimulus
payments to Illegal Invaders

Biden-Obama EO to increase access to voter
registration And election info For Invaders

AZ Hospital Worker Says Nearly All New
COVID Cases are Biden's Alien Invaders

Biden Doing To Trump Supporters What
China Does To Uighurs

China Joe Picks Chinese Military Ally As
Under Secretary Of Defense Policy

HR-1 is the greatest threat to freedom
and liberty in American history


Adviser says Trump has NOT talked about
dropping Pence from ticket in possible future bid

Six Women Have Now Made New Allegations
Against 'Serial Sexual Assaulter' Gov Cuomo

Cuomo Says He Won't Resign After 5 Women
Accuse Him of Sexual Harassment

NY Cuomo team rewrote report to hide nearly
3,000 nursing home deaths

Dumb Chris Cuomo Gets Shredded After
Telling Don Lemon 'I'm Black on the Inside'

ANTIFA Sets Fire to Portland Public School HQ
and Torches Vehicles in A Series Of Vicious
Terrorist Attacks

LA's Tragic Homeless In Rain - 100,000 At Least
Endless Street Filth And Despair - Watch

Famed Venice Beach In LA Is GONE - Watch

Federal Workers Scoring Massive Perks In
COVID Relief Bill

Democrats turn on Arizona Sen Sinema after her
office frames criticism of her vote against $15 min
wage as 'sexist'


General Recommends 'Quick Reaction Troops'
In DC To Protect Ruling Class From The Slaves

Watch - Disturbing Video Shows Adult Guiding
Child Through 'The GayBCs' Alphabet Book

LA May Give Black Family a Beachfront Property

The Anti-Human Agenda is the Core
of the New World Order

'Time's Up' Warns Golden Globes' Diversity
Plan Is 'Not Enough' - Stark Insanity Abounds

Idiot Ithaca Mayor wants to replace Ithaca police
with untrained armed and unarmed civilians

No prison for BLM rioter who threw metal
fencing at cops

FDNY paramedic bitten on Face By maniac
17 Yr Old Female patient required stitches

CDC Admits 1,265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries Following
Kill Shot Injections - This Is MASS MURDER

UK Now Reports 460 Dead And 243,612 Injured
from COVID Kill Shots - This Is MASS MURDER


First Week of COVID Experimental Kill Shots
in S. Korea - 7 DEAD and Over 2,800 Injured

Pfizer's COVID 'Vax' Has Killed 40 Times
More Old People Than the Virus Itself Would Have

If you die from Covid 'vaccine' your life insurance
won't pay - it's an 'experimental medical intervention'

Woman leaks spinal fluid after PCR test
swab punctures The thin cribriform Brain
plate At back Of Her Sinus

New Yorkers need 'coronavirus passport' to enter
stadiums and theaters under new pilot program
that smacks of medical tyranny

Mask mouth causes gum disease, which
increases coronavirus death risk by 900%

Vile Freak Fauci - Current CV Plateau 'Unacceptable'
We Need Stop Masking 'Carefully and Slowly' - Never
Mind They Are Dangerous And DON'T WORK

Idaho Communists Rage As Citizens And Families
Burn Face Masks Outside Capitol

Austria halts injections of AstraZeneca Kill Shots
As authorities probe another death

Slovakia's PM says he won't give up on 'quality'
Sputnik V vaccine only because it's Russian


Majority Of Germans Favor Easing CV Restrictions

100s of FL Residents Injured By Kill Shots

Numbers In The New CDC Report DESTROY
The Case For Mask Mandates

Greyhound CEO Tells DHS Head Invaders Must
Test Negative For COVID Before Boarding Buses

Americans Should Wear Face Masks Every
Winter To Beat Flu Says CNN Doctor - What Flu?

Vaccine Passports Make a Mockery of Consent

UNBELIEVABLE - YouTube Chess Star Punished for
'Harmful and Dangerous' Content After Talking
About White and Black Chess Game Pieces!

Microsoft, other tech companies launch
biggest free speech threat yet

Earth's Magnetic Field Weakening Between Africa
and South America, Crashing Laptops And
Disrupting Satellites

A Quick Guide to Free Speech and
Avoiding Big Tech Online


Let's imagine China was lining US coast with
Sub Launched strike missiles

Biden-Obama sends two American B-52s
to overfly the Middle East

Biggest, fastest known asteroid flyby of
2021 takes place on March 21 - Video

1940 - Why Did Hitler Invade Holland & Belgium?

China Exports Jump By Most Ever As
Global Economy Redlines

Bitcoin Could Soon Run Head First
Into US Money Laundering Laws

Global food prices continue to rise with
poorest countries hit hardest

Kroger Opens Fully-Automated Ohio Fulfillment
Center As Fears Mount Of Rising Technological

Inflation Or Deflation? Here's How It Will All End

Coffee Consumers Face Soaring Prices
As Shipping Costs Surge


Coinbase CEO To Make Million Dollars
Per Day For Decade After IPO

Saudis + Commodity Funds = Energy Stock Explosion

Why The Gold Price Is Sinking

'We turned essential services into a casino'
energy market expert tells Max Keiser after
Texas power-grid failure

Soviet UK – 2 Years in Prison for Selling Food

Council of Europe Decrees Vaccines Must Not be
Mandatory and the Non-Vaccinated Must Not be
Discriminated Against

Lyon burns for 3rd night in a row, as unrest and
violence continues - Video

Swiss voters support 'burqa ban' that outlaws
wearing of facial coverings in public places

MPs, Medical Experts & Victim Families Demand
Inquiry Into Deaths Falsely Certified As COVID-19

France's Ruling Class Calls Up Law Enforcement
As The People Have Decided to Live Free


Chinese FM calls for 'non-interference'
between China And The US

Russian media watchdog demands Facebook
restore access to Russian media posts

Facebook blocks TASS post written on basis
of official press statement

Global Social Media In The Era Of
Great Power Conflict

Tens of Thousands of Austrians Rise up
Against 'NWO Lockdowns' & House Arrest

The curious case of 'Han Solo'...a CIA contractor
accused of terrorism in Venezuela who claims he
was on a simple boating holiday

Warning - Insight Into Israel Covid Vax Tyranny

Israeli Defence Minister Gantz Doubts Claims
About Iran Deliberately Causing Mass Oil Spill

Jewish fund, UK branch continue to help
further Illegal land confiscation in West Bank

Israeli party leader's support for ICC probe
triggers uproar


Three Gazan fishermen killed in suspected
Israeli attack off Khan Yunis

Iranian Defence Minister Vows to Level
Tel Aviv and Haifa If Israel Makes Wrong
Move Against Tehran

US must lift 'unjustifiable' Iran bans, take
sincere steps on JCPOA - China

US will strike 'at a time and place of our
choosing' after rocket attacks on bases in
Iraq Says Defense Secretary Austin

Russia calls on OPCW to unveil truth behind
alleged 2018 chemical attack in Syria's Douma

'Russian, Syrian missile strikes target militants
smuggling oil to Turkey'

Yemeni minister confirms al-Qaeda terrorists
fighting alongside Saudi forces in Ma'rib

Yemen and Qatar Resume Diplomatic Relations

Florida man arrested for stabbing
person asking for food at KFC

Robocop? Las Vegas Apartment Complex
Deploys Human-Sized Robot To Fight Crime


Oregon Rolls Out Public Alerting for Earthquakes
Called ShakeAlert(R) on March 11

Scientists discover large volcano buried
under Berlin

Giant sinkholes devour Croatia after
deadly earthquake - Video

Biden Can Barely Read Teleprompter About $1.9 Trillion
Covid 'Relief' Bill And How It Will 'Create A Million Jobs'

As We've Said, Braindead Biden Doesn't Live
In The WH - Psaki, Admits The unelected,
Demented Moron Lives In Wilmington, DE - No
Reason To Move In When He'll Be Leaving Soon

Rand Paul Lands Huge Pro-Life Win Blocking
Dems From Funding Planned Parenthood Thru
Paycheck Protection Program

AZ Senator Sinema Votes No On The $15 Minimum
Wage To The Shock Of The Communist Left

Barack Obama Has Now Been President
Longer than FDR

Roger Stone Says 'They Want Me To Die In Prison'

Watch Biden on the China Threat, 'Come On, Man'!

Trump Orders Republicans To Stop Fundraising
With His Name

Ludicrous Pelosi Claims The Capitol Must Be
Protected From 'All The President's Men'

McConnell's Wife, Elaine Chao's, Family Is Fused
tightly To The Chinese Communist Government


Who if Not Trump? DeSantis, Pence Top 2024
Hypothetical White House Hopefuls, Claims GOP Poll

Ashli Babbitt Family Lawyer Will Take 'Appropriate
Legal Action' Against Capitol Police

Insanity - Nebraska College Suspends Coach
For Saying The Word 'Plantation'

Welcome to the New Age of Stalinism

Tucker ROASTS Media And Dem Lawmakers
For 'Playing Up' Imaginary QAnon Invasion In DC

Obama Reportedly Said Pete Buttigieg Too
'Gay' and 'Short' to be President

Dumbest 'Insurrection Theater' Stunt-Of-The-Week

What's Behind Dems Scaremongering About
QAnon And Right-Wing Extremism?

Gen Wesley Clark's Jewish roots From
The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Why SCOTUS Willingness to Make Decision on
Arizona Election Integrity Lawsuits Gives GOP Hope


Senate Passes $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package
House Plans Tuesday Vote

'We've Gone To A Liberal Form Of John Bolton'
Rand Paul Blasts Biden's Foreign Policy

Ragebait backlash continues after Journal of the
AMA tweets that 'no physician is racist'

ICE to allow detainees to appeal arrest if they
feel their detention does not 'align' with Biden's
immigration policy

Biden DHS Has No Plans to Screen The Hordes
of Diseased Invaders Streaming Across Border
...None Are Tested Or Health Checked

Over Half of Americans Censure Biden's Anti-
Deportation Order, 45% Oppose Razing Wall

Thou Shalt Not Shred: New York AG Asks
Cuomo to Keep All Docs Related to Sexual
Harassment Probe

Violent Antifa-BLM Communists Attack Trump
Supporters at Manhattan Rally - Watch

Welcome to the New Age of Stalinism

MS ban on trannys competing in sports is a step in the
right direction to stop kids gender being weaponized


DC Dave - The Actual Dark Side of Dr. Seuss?

Guardian Headline Promotes 'Global Lockdown'
Every Two Years To Combat Climate Change

AZ Dem only one to oppose mandatory minimum
Sentences For Child-Destroying pedophiles

AOC Comes Out in Favor of 'Awesome, Incredible,
Beautiful and Wonderful' Trans Children

'Everyone needs to have a gun'
TN permit-less gun bill advances

Stone Age Baltimore Student Who Failed ALL
But 3 Classes In FOUR Years Was Ranked
In TOP HALF Of His Class - Education Is Dead

As Insurrection Narrative Crumbles, Commucrats
Cling To It More Desperately Than Ever

Ballots In AZ Maricopa County Found Shredded
In Dumpster Days Before Senate Audit To Begin

Insane AZ Dept Of 'Education' Says That White
Babies And Toddlers Are RACIST - No Joke

Laugh Of The Week! - San Diego asks gangs to stop
shooting at each other for 6 months - Hilarious


San Francisco Pays $16.1 MILLION To Shelter
300 Homeless In Tents (Which probably cost
$150 Each & Porta-Potties - Someone Got Rich)

Newsom COVID 'Equity' Plan - Vax 2 Million
Latinos Or California Won't Reopen

PCR Inventor Kerry Mullis Says The Test
'Will Not Tell You That You're Sick' - Start At 1:13

RNA Used to Alter DNA, Brain Functions & Behavior

Covid Kill Shot induced swelling can lead
to false cancer diagnosis, doctors warn

Dr Faustus Says Sputnik V Vax Is 'Pretty Good'

Pfizer's COVID-19 'Vaccine' Killed 40 Times
More Old People Than the Virus Itself Would Have

100s of FL Residents Report Injuries Following
Coronavirus Kill Shots

'Fear' Is The New 'Smart'

Japan Supercomputer Finds Double-Masking
Doesn't Work


Idaho Parents Help Gleeful Children Burn Face
Masks After Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Mandates

consumers not quickly returning to restaurants
...look to continue home cooking after 'pandemic'

Bond Villain, Klaus Schwab, is Pushing the
Internet of Bodies via the World Economic Forum
Ultimately, Far More Advanced Than Chipping

Musk loses $27 billion in days as high-flying
tech stocks take a beating

Jack Dorsey Is Auctioning His First Tweet Ever
As An NFT...And It's Now Worth Over $2 Million

Texas Unveils Bill Making Social Media
Censorship Illegal

Blind trust in social media perpetuates, and
resurrects, conspiracy theories says new study

First-Ever 'Space Hotel' Begins Construction
In 2025, Operational By 2027

GeoEngineering Watch Global Alert News #291

10 Tips that will ensure you have enough
food after disaster strikes


When Does This Travesty of a Mockery
of a Sham Finally Implode?

These Are The Companies Whose Employees
Most Often Get Payday Loans

AfD's Gunnar Beck - 'Germany was a small 'c'
conservative society until Merkel transformed
it into this cultural Marxist nightmare'

Farage Quits Politics, Will Use Media to Take
Aim At Chinese Communist Influence and
'Woke Agenda'

EU to seek AstraZeneca doses from US
amid Covid vaccine supply shortfalls

Luongo - We're All Europeans Now

France's Former UK Ambassador Launches
Scolding Attack Against Boris Johnson

Welsh First Minister Claims 'The UK is Over'
as Calls for Independence Grow

COVID Sceptics Rally in Vienna

British Travelers Could be hit With £200 Airport
Fine for Traveling Without New Govt Form


UK CV Expert Claims he Didn't Say Pubs Are
Only Dangerous for 'Fat and Old' People

Radioactive Dust Is Sweeping Over Parts
Of Europe From The Sahara

Russia & China's partnership not only about
'containing' American aggression, also vital for
creation of multi-polar world order

Russia Effectively Freezes Confirmation of Biden's
CIA Pick as Senators Squabble Over Nord Stream 2

Armenian Opposition Holds Rally Against
PM Pashinyan in Yerevan

China using 'emotion recognition technology'
to arrest people

Chinese Hackers 'Likely To Have Netted High-Value
Espionage Targets' Using Microsoft Outlook Exploit

China sets goal of sending 12 astronauts to space
by 2023, opening of space station by 2022

'Forget About Human Rights' Duterte Orders
Military and Police to 'Finish Off' Communist Rebels

Australian Reporters Angered by Request to Stop
Using the Word 'Pedophile' to Describe Pedophiles


Venezuelan President Maduro gets first shot
of Russia's Sputnik-V vaccine

One Reportedly Dead, 18 Injured in Clashes
Between Police & Protesters in Paraguay - Video

Israel Updating Plans To Attack Iran

IDF Completes Underground Wall As Israel
Readies For Hamas War

Israel's virus czar shoots down Netanyahu's
suggestion country is through pandemic

Netanyahu Tells VP Harris Israel Will Never
Allow Iran To Obtain Nukes

Israel authorities force Palestinian family to
demolish own home in Jerusalem al-Quds

Iran Asks Why Israel Gets Preferential Treatment
With IAEA Despite Its Arsenal of Nukes

Watch massive fire consume Iran-Afghanistan border post

OPEC+ Strategy: Saudis Feel Confident as COVID
And Creeper Joe Put a Curb on US Shale Industry


Saudi Arabia to lift most Covid restrictions

Highest number of major quakes ever recorded
in the first 65 days of a year - 42 major quakes,
Magnitude 6 or higher have rocked the planet

Tranny female inmate sues prison over
rape by Genuine Male Cellmate

Black Man One-Punches 74 Yr Old Phoenix Asian
Man In Unprovoked Hate Crime - Victim Dies

Two Blacks with active warrants Murder
29 yr old White Father At Gas Station

Three Blacks Attack, Rob 67 year Old Asian Man
In Chinatown Laundromat - Watch

Watch - Scientists unveil new rapid 3D organ
printing method which is 10-50 times faster

Organic building block for life found on
asteroid's surface for 1st time


J&J Wants To Begin Injecting NEWBORN INFANTS
With It Covid Kill Shots - Infanticide On The Way...

Inhuman, Genocidal Health 'experts' now
push for infant-masking and COVID Kill Shots
before They Go On trips abroad

5 Desperate Ways They're Trying to Trick
You Into Taking the Covid 'Vaccine'

Doctor Mocks Anti-Vaxxers While Getting
Kill Shot And Dies Days Later - Watch

Jerry Kushner Is No Longer Part Of Trump's
Political Orbit - He And The Princess Made
Over $640 Million On Donald's Presidency

Braindead Biden to Hold First Press Conference
by 'End of Month' Says White House

VP Harris continues high-level talks without Biden
speaks to Israeli PM Netanyahu

Lin Wood Connects The Dots On Deep State
...They're All In On It

'Indian-Americans Taking Over US'…Says
Creeper Biden On his 'Incredible' Team

Pisaki Says Joe Biden is Too Busy Handling
the 'Covid Crisis' Right Now So He Will Hold
a Full Press Conference by End of the Month


Pisaki Says Biden 'Takes Questions Several
Times A Week' - On What Planet? Videos
Expose Aides Rushing Reporters Out

Capitol STASI Murder Victim Ashli Babbitt's
Legal Team Releases First Press Release

The Actual Dark Side of Dr. Seuss?

States Go To War with Biden admin over
COVID lockdowns and mask mandates

Republican senator forces clerks to read Biden's
Covid bill for TEN HOURS, in last-ditch effort to block

Biden Says He'll Agree To Curb War Powers
Amid Bipartisan Anger Over Syria Strikes

Texas Gov't Slams Biden for 'Neanderthal Thinking'
Remark, Blames Covid Spread on Invader Policy

Audit in AZ of the 2020 Election Results Is Turning
Out to be Most Important Election Audit in US History

Biden Admin Eyes Virginia Military Base
To Handle Flood Of Invader Children

Biden Border Blowout - February Record Nearly
100,000 Illegals Detained Crossing from Mexico
CDC Waives COVID Rules to Allow Filling Child
Migrant Shelters to Capacity


Clinton Aide Doug Band Flips, Implicates Boss Bill
in Epstein-Maxwell Pedophile Ring Probe

TN Bill Will Make It Legal to 'Accidentally'
Run Over Annoying Protestors And Rioters
Who Are Blocking Pathways And Roads

Public Schools Refusing To Open Should
Give Taxpayers Their Money Back

200 Million Americans currently Hypnotized
and Lobotomized by Big Food and Big Pharma

Cuomo Aides Rewrote July Nursing Home
Report To Conceal COVID Death Toll

Andrew Cuomo 'Terrified' Ex-Staffer With
Intimate Questions About Her Past Rape

'It's the Cuomo way' - MORE aides describe 'cult'
workplace as top NY Democrat says governor
should quit if new accusers speak out

Commerce Secretary To Use Trump's
Export Blacklist For Chinese Firms

Naomi Wolf - We've Reached 'Step Ten' of the
10 Steps to Fascism

UN chief calls to cancel all planned coal projects
to stop 'deadly addiction' to fossil fuel


War never changes - WWI Veteran Talks - Watch

J&J Wants To Begin Injecting NEWBORN INFANTS
With It Covid Kill Shots - Infanticide On The Way...

Inhuman, Genocidal Health 'experts' now
push for infant-masking and COVID Kill Shots
before They Go On trips abroad

5 Desperate Ways They're Trying to Trick
You Into Taking the Covid 'Vaccine'

Doctor Mocks Anti-Vaxxers While Getting
Kill Shot And Dies Days Later - Watch

Black leaders dare to tell the truth about
vaccine depopulation GENOCIDE

Atty, Comic Ben Stein Issues WARNING - Suffers
Severe Side Effects from COVID Vaccine DAYS
AFTER Getting The Kill Shot - Is He Crazy?

Dozens of Italian teachers Injured from
getting the Coronavirus Kill Shot

Jeff With George Filer...Finding Out George Was
Conned Into Taking The Vaccine Without Being Informed

Encore - Dr. Dolores Cahill Explains How Coronavirus
'Vaccines' Kill People With mRNA


Visibly Shaken Dr Death Gets Emotional Over
States Decision To Reject His BS Guidelines,
And End Mask Mandates

AZ Governor Doug Ducey Reopens Restaurants,
Gyms, Theaters and Water Parks at Full Capacity

Fauci Says Military Members Who Refuse Vaccine
Kill Shot Are 'Part Of The Problem' - Classic Reverse
Projection From Dr. Death Himself

Fauci desperately wants to rollout Vaccine
Passports and grant vaccine companies
absolute control over human life

Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel's
elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths

WHO concerned about crisis of confidence
in COVID vaccination worldwide - Gosh!

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus casts doubt on
coronavirus death count

Catherine Austin Fitts - New Solari Family
Financial Disclosure For Covid-19 Injections

Gates Foundation Funded Genomics Firm 'Mining'
DNA Data Through COVID TESTS - Totally ILLEGAL

In world first, apes at San Diego Zoo given
experimental Covid Kill Shots - Very Smart...


Judge Orders Jail Time For Polish Immigrant
Pizzeria Owner Who Dared to Defy MI Tyrannical
Lunatic Governor's Shutdown Mandate

Be a Man...Take Off the Mask

Texas Governor Hailed as Conservative Hero for
Ending Unconstitutional Mandates He Implemented

Over 90% of COVID-19 patients had co-infection

90% of Alleged COVID Deaths Are in Countries
With Mass Obesity

The COVID fraud will not stay hidden forever

WHO To Dump Plans For Intermin Report
On Covid Origin - Coverup Continues

Surfaces covered with SARS-CoV-2 become
safe in 2 to 6 hours, scientists say

Communist Chinese Party infiltrations into
Many Major foreign medical companies

Gov Greg Abbott Announces Bill Prohibiting
Social Media Censorship In Texas - Bravo!


How The Women Of The USAF 2nd Space Ops
Squadron Track & Attack US Civilians On US Soil

The Plandemic, The Fake 'Vax', Global Gangstalking
And The Govt-Media Lie Matrix Are Hybrid Warfare

Can You Not See That The Crust Of Our
Planet Is Becoming Increasingly Unstable?

Communist Chinese Party infiltrations into
Many Major foreign medical companies

Does Anyone Even Care The US National Debt
Will Soon Cross The 30 Trillion Dollar Mark?

Food Price Inflation Accelerates For Ninth
Consecutive Month - Destabilization Risk
For Emerging Markets Elevated

Oil Soars Above $69 After Goldman Hikes
Price Target To $80

Movie Theater Business Isn't Going
Back To Normal - Disney CEO

Software guru John McAfee and his top crypto
adviser charged with fraud and money laundering
by US federal prosecutors

Bitcoin Million Dollar Price Target 'Very
Reasonable' - Crypto Exchange CEO


Greenpeace activists sneak onto airport
tarmac & vandalize Air France jet, raising
security concerns - Video

Bill Gates and Iron Man Actor Invest in
Hi-Tech Electric Motor Startup

EU, US Reach Agreement to Suspend
Airbus-Boeing Tariffs, von der Leyen Says

Blair's Constant War on Freedom

Europe Divided Over COVID Passports

Amazon, Waterstones, Foyles Urged to Act
'Responsibly' in Trade of Anti-Vaxxer Bestsellers

Lord Sumption Warns Civil Disobedience
Has Begun Amid Lockdown Lunacy

Child TORTURE - Canadian medical group wants
to imprison young children who 'might' have been
exposed to coronavirus

Majority Of Brits Say They Will 'Miss' Some
Or Many Aspects Of Lockdown

France calls up 4,400 officers to enforce 6pm
curfew in Paris amid rising Covid-19 infections
and compliance concerns


German intelligence blocked from spying on right wing
AfD party after designation as 'suspected' extremists

AfD's Gunnar Beck - 'Germany was a small 'c'
conservative society until Merkel transformed it
into this cultural Marxist nightmare'

Over Half of All Convicted Rapists in Sweden
Are Invaders

EU has no interest in Irish peace, says N. Ireland
FM, as Europe threaten legal action against UK

Parts of France Hit by Clouds of Radioactive Dust
From Sahara

Massive Sinkholes Emerge in Croatia in Wake of
Deadly Earthquake

First super-fast 5G network launched in Russia

EU member states have legal right to buy
Sputnik V vaccine

EU Must Retain 'Solidarity' Over Russian, Chinese
Kill Shots - French Minister Says Amid Shortages

Russia's Sputnik V Rises to 2nd Place
in Terms of Countries Approvals


Russia's EpiVacCorona Coronavirus
Vaccine Approved for Citizens Over 60

Ukraine to never register Russia's
Sputnik V vaccine, health minister says

Kremlin Hopes 'Crazy' Calls for Sanctions
on Russian Businessmen, Sovereign Debt
Are Just Media Reports

Russia to publish blacklist in response to
US sanctions, diplomat says

Kremlin says Russia rolled back all programs
related to chemical weapons a long time ago

Unauthorized rallies in Russia involved 1,400 teens

Street musicians beaten in Ukraine's Lvov
for singing in Russian

Obligatory self-isolation for senior citizens
to be cancelled in Moscow from March 8

Pants Down! China Reportedly Makes Anal Swab
Testing Mandatory for ALL International Arrivals

To Raise Confidence in COVID Vaccines Philippines
Mayor Has Himself Injected With a Saline Solution


China Pledges Support for WHO in Combating
COVID Pandemic, Distributing Vaccines

Cambodians who flout Covid rules could face
20 YRS in prison after parliament passes draconian law

Leaders of 'Quad' Countries to Hold
First-Ever Meeting, Says Australian PM Morrison

Australian reporters 'angered' after advice to
stop using term 'pedophile' to refer to accused
serial child molestor

Experimental vaccine death rate for Israel's
elderly 40 times higher than COVID-19 deaths

Israel To Disclose Names Of All Citizens
Who Have Not Been Vaccinated - Tyranny

Iran Built, 'Sanitised' Secret Nuclear Site Ahead
of IAEA Inspectors' Arrival, Report Claims

Iran Reportedly Sends 'Positive Signals' on
Informal Nuclear Talks

Tehran sues European firms for aiding Saddam's
chemical attacks against Iranians - Judiciary

Biden has boxed himself into a corner on Iran
but the solution is simple…rejoin the nuclear deal
with no preconditions


Iran's Revolutionary Guard thwarts hijacking
attempt to fly Iran Air plane across Persian Gulf

Guinea's neighbors 'not ready' for new Ebola
says WHO, as risk of cross-border transmission
'very high' in West Africa

South Africa in talks with African Union to buy
10 million Covid vaccines after initial AstraZeneca
order proves 'disappointing'

Sex doll customers demanding models with human
skeletons and animal hybrids - The World Is GONE

14 year old charged with murder of woman
in drive-by shooting

Did a Viking Woman Named Gudrid Really
Travel to North America in 1000 A.D.?

The Good Life Parable


Who Deagel is and who created Deagel.com

House Passes Sweeping Bill Making it Even
Easier For Communists to Steal Elections

House Democrats Pass Bill To Change
American Voting Forever

Psaki Defends Demented Biden's
'Neanderthal' Insult of Southerners

Remember The Misery Index? It's Back! Biden
Economy Destroying Jobs, Sparking Inflation

Unelected Brain-Wrecked Zionist Biden Claims,
Without Evidence, Syria Strikes Were 'To Protect
American Citizens' - (Protect Zionist Interests)

Victors Of Mail-In Ballot Election Indicted
For Stealing, Faking Votes

Pompeo Considers 2024 Presidential Run (Incredible)
On One Condition

Politifact Founder Was 'Journalist in Residence'
at Chinese Communist Influence Group

Sticker Shock At The Store, DC Troops Hospitalized,
Canadians Starving - Food Insecurity Is All Around Us
And Being Used Against Us


Politifact Founder Was 'Journalist in Residence'
at Chinese Communist Influence Group

Surprise! - Former Transportation Sec Elaine Chao
Used Position To Help Relatives In China

Brainless Biden's Low IQ Affirmative Action Bum
African-American Advisor Sent Racist, Anti-White
Hate Tweets

One-Party Power Grab? Why Dems are Rushing to
Pass the For the People Act Before 2022 Midterms

Watch - White House abruptly cuts live feed
after Biden says 'happy to take questions'

Lunatic Pelosi Warns Of Pro-Trump 'Threat' As
Capitol Police Ask National Guard To Remain
In DC Until May

Cuomo's daughter previously raised money
for sexual assault awareness

Georgia House Passes Omnibus Election
Reform Bill 'To Restore Voters Confidence'

Where is Jerry? Kushner Done With Trump's
Political 'Drama', Media Claims

Jerry Kushner now MIA from Trump's pack


Dorsey Moves into Banking as Promised
...to Overthrow Trump

AOC Incandescent With RAGE Over Texas
Reopening 'This Endangers the Planet!'

1 in 3 BLM-Antifa Rioters Are Having Their
Cases Dismissed by Bolshevik Biden's DOJ

FBI Official Admits No Firearms Were Confiscated
by Law Enforcement at Capitol Riot

Antifa Members Caught with Gun at Jan 6th
Protests, Arrested then Released

Why Americans Need to Know More About
Black Lives Matter's $90 Million Earnings

'QAnon Shaman' says he was 'waved' into Capitol
by police & stopped rioters from stealing muffins,
in bizarre interview from jail

Professor at NYU - 'If you're black, you're not
safe in U.S. schools' - Unbelievable

The Anti-Human Agenda is the Core
of the New World Order

Tranny YouTube 'Star' Arrested On
Baby Rape Charges


Could Mt. Hood Be The First Volcano To
Erupt On The West Coast?

eBay Halts Sales Of 'Offensive' Dr Seuss Books
...But Allows Mein Kampf!

LA teachers union calls plan to reopen
CA schools 'structurally racist' - Too Funny

Hate-Driven 14 Yr Old Black Male Executes
Mother Of 6 year Old Son

36 Year Old Woman Do-Gooder Gang Raped
by Black African Invaders On Spain Island

Mississippi House, Senate Pass Bill Banning
Tranny 'Athletes' from Competing in Female Sports

Massive 78% of Mail-In Ballots Proved Fraud
In Local MS election, Judge Orders New Election

California 'I-5 Strangler' Serial Killer Found
Strangled to Death in Cell

Most Corrupt US Cities Overwhelmingly Democrat

Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine killed 40 times more
elderly than the (alleged) virus itself


Fauci desperately wants to rollout Vaccine
Passports and grant vaccine companies
absolute control over your life

Michael Moore, other Lib-Tards rage at Texas for
daring to fight Covid without authoritarian lockdown

CDC will recommend vaccinated people only
socialize with other vaxed people at home

Gruesome Newsom Urges DOUBLE-MASKING For
All Californians, Says He Won't Make A 'Terrible
Mistake' Like Texas - Poor CA...Is Doomed

Texas Governor - Lifting of State Mask Mandate
Will Not Change Much - Video

Texas Gov slams Biden, says he's actually
importing Covid into The US - True

1,600 Immigrants Arrested Over 3 Days In
Single Texas Border Sector

Gates Foundation Makes Billions Through
Dangerous Vaccine Development

Jeff & Catherine Austin Fitts - New Solari Family
Financial Disclosure For Covid-19 Injections

34 Pregnant Women in US Lost Babies
After Taking Kill Shots


LA Schools To Launch Microsoft COVID-Tracking
App So Children Can Attend Classes

Covid-19 has been 'really good' for CNN ratings

US Marines Commandant Wants to Dump ALL
Tanks & 12,000 Troops as He Switches 'Focus'
From Russia to China

Previously Unreleased Footage of Iranian Missiles
Slamming Into US Base After Trump Assassination
of Soleimani Last Year - Watch

Mysterious 41 Kg Titanium Ball With Russian
Script Found On Bahamas Beach

Warren Buffett - US Retirees face a bleak future

US Debt to Hit 202% of GDP by 2051 at
Current Spending Level, Congressional
Budget Office Warns

Towards $100 Oil

Powell signals inflation is ahead

Mark Cuban Says Dallas Mavericks Will Accept
Dogecoin For Tickets And Merchandise


Nearly a fifth of all food produced around the
world ends up in the bin, UN report says

Honda Is Now Selling Japan's First Level 3
Autonomous Car

Will 2021 Be Public Banking's Watershed Moment?

More Power Defaults As Texas Energy Crisis
Widens - ERCOT Releases Short List

Disney 'Significantly Reducing' Locations,
Closing Stores

The New 'Hidden Tax' to Crush the USD

The Global Inflation Nightmare That You
Have Been Warned About Is Here

Blockchain Group BURNS Banksy artwork to
make its existence completely digital - Video

Bitcoin will replace ALL global currencies at price
target of $1 MILLION within decade – Kraken CEO

Ignoring Years Of Silver Price Manipulation,
Orwellian CFTC Now Goes After Reddit Apes


UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak - England's 8 Biggest
Ports to Become Low Tax Zones in 'Unique British Way'

Oil Surges As OPEC+ Agrees To Keep Output
Unchanged In April

The Legacy Yet To Be Seen
...And Why You Should Not Despair

Poverty in Italy at highest level since 2005

Madrid's Vaccination of Essential Workers
Causing Disruption as Sick Leaves Widespread

Approval For Vaccines Against COVID-19
Variants to Be Fast-Tracked - UK Regulator

International coalition of regulatory authorities agree
to fast-track modified Covid-19 vaccines for variants

Germany performs U-turn on AstraZeneca Covid-19
vaccine, recommending jab for over-65s as doses go
unused and campaign falters

Italy blocks 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca Vax
from reaching Australia in first for EU

Price of coronavirus vaccine dose averages
$500 on 'darknet', experts say


The Global Vaccine Race - When Will Your
Country Be 'Free'?

Polish Conservatives Seek To Crack Down On
Blasphemous LGBT Religious Imagery

George Galloway - Nicola Sturgeon's testimony
answered no questions - this round goes to Salmond

EU parliament SUSPENDS Brexit deal vote after
accusing UK of violating Northern Ireland protocol

Customer Check-In Data Barely Used in UK Test
and Trace Leaving Thousands Unaware of Covid Risk

16 States Are Now Following The Science

Hungary announces new restrictions, schools, non-
essential shops closed amid Covid third wave fears

New US, EU Sanctions Against Russia May
Lead to New Cold War

Blinken's vow to avoid 'costly military interventions'
isn't worth the paper it's written on – sanctions cause
just as much damage

Putin blasts 'monsters' who drive kids to commit
suicide, goad teens into lawless rallies


Putin says Internet can destroy society if it
does not follow moral guidelines

West Has Launched Large-Scale Campaign to
Support Russia's Non-Systemic Opposition
...Russian MFA Says

After FBI puts $250,000 reward on head of
'Putin's chef' Prigozhin, Chechen boss Kadyrov
posts photo with him & asks for ransom money

What Novichok? New US sanctions urge
Russia to destroy chemical weapons stockpile,
but Kremlin insists it already has

Russia will take 'tough measures' against
German media if Berlin impedes work of
Russian journalists – Moscow

MI5 Bolsters Security Amid Claims Kremlin is
Showing 'Active Interest' in 'Targeted' Russians in UK

Russia Can Supply Sputnik V Vaccine to 50 Million
EU Residents After EMA Approval, RDIF Says

Sri Lanka Approves Russian Sputnik V Vax

Laos Becomes 44th Country to Register Russian
Vaccine Sputnik V

Mayors of Norwegian Municipalities Want Russia's
Sputnik V to Speed Up Pace of Vaccination


Flu vaccination reduces coronavirus death risk
by 23%, Russian Health Ministry'says

Ukraine bracing for third wave of Covid-19 infections
Prime Minister warns, after turning down Russian
offers of Sputnik V vaccine

Number of Deaths After AstraZeneca Kill Shots
in South Korea Reaches 5

China is A 'builder of world peace' says Beijing
after Blinken labels it 'biggest geopolitical test of
the 21st century'

NATO Chief Stoltenberg Calls 'Rise of China'
Reason for Europe, N. America to Work Together

China Development Bank Backs $62 Billion
Loan Scheme For Mainland Chipmakers Amid
US-China Trade Tensions

U.S. Exporters Of Semi Chipmaking Tools Struggle
To Get Licenses To Sell To China Chip Giant SMIC

Biden Administration Should Keep Selling
Key US Weapons Systems to Taiwan - Admiral

Nearly 90% of Americans View China as Either
A Competitor or An Enemy - Poll

China's 'Sharp Eyes' Program Aims
To Surveil 100% Of Public Space


UK Calls for 'Immediate End' to Myanmar Military
Repression Amid Deaths of Anti-Coup Protestors

Ho Harris Assures Netanyahu of Unwavering US
Commitment to Israel's Security

IDF Updating Military Plans for Potential Strike
on Iran's Nuclear Sites - Report

Israeli Claims That Iran Committed 'Environmental
Terrorism' Via Oil Spill Unfounded, Report Details

Israeli Intelligence, Military Reportedly Blindsided
by Ministry Claim of Iranian Link to Oil Spill

Netanyahu Vows to Fight ICC War Crimes
Probe Decision, Dubs It 'Perversion of Justice'

Former Mossad Deputy Director Blasts
Netanyahu for Allowing Iran to Get
Stronger on His Watch

Israel Implements 'Freedom Bracelet' Tracking
Device for Travelers (For a Virus With a 99.95%
Survival Rate for People Under 70)

Iran's Zarif flatly rejects JCPOA renegotiation
urges mutual implementation of deal

Iran's Zarif Calls for Renegotiating UN Charter
to Remove US 'Abused' Veto Power Amid
JCPOA Impasse


Russian Diplomat Says 'Wisdom Prevailed'
as IAEA Scraps Resolution on Iran

The Taliban Will Never Be Defeated - You
Cannot Defeat What Does Not Exist

Yemeni forces launch fresh retaliatory drone
strikes at targets in Saudi Arabia

Eugenics - 1,000 Female Prisoners in CA Forcibly
Sterilized Because 'It's Cheaper than Welfare'

Teachers Issue Summer Book Burning List

Earth Greened 10% And Sahara Shrunk 700,000
Sq Kms This Century - NASA Vegetation Index

New Zealand hit by 7.3 magnitude Quake

8.0 Aftershock Rocks New Zealand's Kermadec Islands

Thousands Of Quakes Rock Iceland As Volcanic
Eruption Could Be Brewing

Watch - People flee to higher ground, boats rush to
safer waters after New Zealand says tsunami
evacuation 'overrides' Covid alert


Residents of New Zealand's North Island
Allowed to Return Home After Tsunami Alert

Tsunami watch for Hawaii & Samoa lifted
after series of powerful quakes strike
New Zealand, triggering evacuations

See Who's Behind Deagel.com And Why
The Forecasts Are So Solid

Watch - Cancel Culture is a Dress Rehearsal
for Mass Murder - Molyneux

Amazon sales for banned Dr. Seuss book
soar over 5.7 million percent after publisher
halts printing over 'hurtful' stereotypes

INSANITY - FBI Boss Wray Blames Sovereign Citizens,
Militias for Last Summer's BLM, ANTIFA Riots

Biden Sez - 'Jewish Heritage Is American Heritage'

Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts
Exposing Traitor VP Mike 'Benedict Arnold' Pence

Trumps Are Trying To Flip an $18 million
Florida home for $49 million

White House cuts virtual event feed after
Biden says he's 'happy to take questions'
from House Democrats

Fauci Daughter is a Twitter Software Engineer
A Company Which Suspends People When They
Disagree With Her Father

DC Police Issue Emergency Alert On
'Possible" Militia Plot To Breach Capitol
Tomorrow - More Crapola


Design firm had 'no idea' CPAC stage resembled
Nazi symbol (gosh, of course not) but Will take
responsibility after liberal conspiracy spirals out of hand

Trump Eyes 2024 Run Without Mike Pence
...Go Away, Donald, You AND Pence

Ex-White House Press Sec McEnany Slams
Biden for Lack of Media Appearances

Watch Pisaki Backtrack After Giving Biden
Credit for Trump Team's Work on Vaccines

'Embarrassed' Cuomo Says 'I'm Very Sorry'
But I'm Not Going Anywhere...

Cuomo Wins Al-Qaeda's 'Jihadi of the Year'
Prize for Killing 3 Times More Americans Than 9/11

Marxist-Libtard Twofer - 'Climate Racism'

Deranged Democrat Demands Prosecution
of 40,000 Trump Supporters Who Were
OUTSIDE The Capitol

Majority of House Democrats vote in favor of
lowering voting age to 16

Leaked Video Shows Alex Jones Saying He's
'So F**king' Sick Of Donald Trump' - Many
Patriots Agree - They're Tired Of The Con Job


Cuomo Apologizes Profusely Over Harassment
Allegations, Ignores Nursing Home Scandal,
Will Not Resign As Governor (big surprise, not)

WH Severely Restricts Press And Public Access As
Brain Demented Biden May Still Be Living At Home

1,600 Invaders Captured In Just 3 Days
in Single Texas Border Sector

1 in 20 Invaders Positive for COVID at Border
No mention of REAL serious illnesses like chagas,
TB, hepatitis strains and Leprosy, Etc

Communist Biden Admin Plans To Add 117,000
Invader 'Youths' To US This Year (Many Gangsters)

Can we kick out invaders like Denmark does?
Critics snicker after AOC lauds McDonald's workers
wages in European nation

Majority of House Democrats vote in favor
of lowering voting age to 16

The Great Reset is coming for our currency

German Communist STASI Intelligence Agency
Places Populist Patriotic Right-Wing Party AfD
under Formal State Surveillance

Top-Rated AZ News Anchor Quits After 20 Yrs - 'I don't
like the direction (Journalism) is going. In The Past Few
Years I haven't felt Proud to be a member of the media'


CPAC's 'Nazi Rune' Stage Designed by a
Liberal Company Which Has Worked for
Biden, MSNBC - (An 'Accidental' Design?)

Outrageous! Dem Lawmaker Opposes AZ Bill That
Raises Sentences For Pedophiles Because It
Would Hurt 'People Of Color' - What A Sick SOB

Dozens Of Cases of Spontaneous Miscarriages,
Stillbirths Occurring After COVID-19 Kill Shots

1 in 20 Invaders Test Positive for COVID at Border
No mention of REAL serious illnesses like chagas,
TB, hepatitis strains and Leprosy, Etc

Bill to make it a felony for doctors to
administer hormone therapy to minors
passes in Alabama Senate

Oregon's timber industry says it can't afford
new taxes, despite record profits

California City Bans New Gas Stations
...Says No More Pumps

Coulter - Attack of the Woke Teen Career Killers

COVID 'Vaccine' SHOCKER - Scientists at Sloan
Kettering Learn mRNA inactivates tumor suppressing
proteins...meaning it can promote cancer!

Proof There ARE different 'Vaccines' Made For Different
Races! Zambian Leader Finds Bottles Marked 'Not For
US In EU or USA' - Selective Genocide! - Watch


'Vial Of Death' - Louis Farrakhan Pushes Vax
Theories In Videos Posted On Facebook, Twitter

3 million Students missing from school
since March 202

Judge Rips Kids Away From Moms Who
Get Caught Not Wearing Masks

Pro-vaccine media is just a front for the CIA

Biden Slams 'Neanderthal-Thinking' Republicans
Over Texas, Mississippi COVID Policy

MEDICAL TYRANNY accelerates as Covid
'passports' set to go live in March

WHO doesn't recommend introducing
Covid passports for now

IATA - Travel Pass Initiative

5 things to know about IATA's Travel app

12 Residents Die After First COVID Vaccine
in Wales Nursing and Dementia Care Centre
...Geriatric Genocide Marches On


31 Yr Old Estonian Rescue Worker Dies
After Taking AstraZeneca Kill Shot

S Korea launches investigation into deaths of 2
people days after receiving AstraZeneca Kill Shots

India Witnesses Deaths of Healthcare
Workers Post-COVID Vaccination

Scientist says sperm counts are dropping
so low that human reproduction may soon
be a thing of the past

Google promises to stop spying on users saying
3rd-party for-profit tracking model to be phased
out - Right, Sure, Good Ol' Trustworthy Google

Navy Plans To Launch Swarms Of Aerial Drones
From Unmanned Submarines And Ships

Third Upgraded Chinese Type 052D Destroyer
Sporting Anti-Stealth Radar Spotted - Watch

Russia's Su-27 Escorts 2 US Bombers Over Baltic Sea

Philippines Signs To Buy Russian-Indian
BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missiles

Turkey Hasn't Felt 'Any Impact' From US' S-400
Sanctions, Plans to Buy Second Batch


Gold Is Dead, Move On Billionaires Bet
On Bitcoin, Draper Sees $5mm Price

How High Could Inflation Soar In Coming Months
And What Will The Fed Do

Peter Schiff - Anybody Betting Against
Gold Is Going To Lose

COVID Relief Showers States With 600% Of
Lost Tax Revs, Turning Rescue Into Stimulus

Republicans Vow to Fight 'Wildly Expensive' $1.9
Trillion Covid Stimulus Bill 'Every Way' They Can

'Buy Gold' If Warren Wealth Tax Passes

Rand Paul - Democrat 'Class-Warfare Wealth-Tax
Will Destroy Our Country'

US Vows to Stop Countries Manipulating Currencies,
Pledges No More Forceful Regime Changes

UK Will Hike Corporation Tax From 19% to 25%
From 2023 as Unveiled by Sunak's Budget

Key Takeaways From The UK's Expansionary Budget


Investigation to be launched into Lebanese currency
crash that saw pound dive against US dollar

Top UK Scientist Calls on Government to End
'Harmful' Lockdown as Covid Deaths Drop Rapidly
(PCR Tests Are Not Being Amplified as Much!)

The Toll of Covid on UK Teenagers
Mental Health is Revealed

Depression Among Children in Spain's
Balearic Islands Soars Due to COVID

Dona Ana County detention officer sues
over COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Sweden Moves To Protect Academic Freedom
After Prof Quits COVID Research Over Harassment

The Insane Rush Of EV Sales In Europe
Could Be Short Lived

German government criticized by employers
for human rights law that threatens to limit
company supply lines

Suspected pipe bomb attack targets Dutch
Covid-19 test site – police

Half Of French Home Health Workers Say
They'll Refuse Taking The 'Vaccine'


German Communist STASI security service designates
right-wing AfD party as 'suspected' extremist group

Far-right anti-migrant group 'Generation Identitaire'
outlawed in France

Orban's Fidesz party quits center-right bloc in
European Parliament after it threatens to
exclude Hungarian faction

EU 'Concerned' Over UK's Unilateral Move
to Extend Brexit Grace Period in Northern Ireland

Eight People Reportedly Injured in Suspected
'Terrorist' Stabbing Attack in Sweden

France admits torture and murder of Algerian
freedom fighter in 1950s, but no apology for
Algeria for colonial past

Labor Party legally challenged over recruitment
of 'former' Israeli spy Kaplan

BBC Ridiculed Over Debate About Whether Jews
Should be Counted as Ethnic Minority

BBC apologizes after airing interview with Impostor
Senator Cory Booker in 'deliberate hoax'

'Pseudoscience & Race Bating' - Readers Upset as
Daily Mail Owner Buys New Scientist Magazine


31 Yr Old Estonian Rescue Worker Dies
After Taking AstraZeneca Kill Shot

Russia's 3rd vaccine - CoviVac uses classic, safe
'dead virus' technology - RT

Orban Gets a Sinopharm Jab, Slovakia Imports
Sputnik V

Vaccination of 25% of Russians to help
prevent third wave of pandemic, official says

Russia's COVID Vaccine Sputnik V Green-Lighted
for Use in Angola, Congo, Djibouti

No card, no cash, no problem - Moscow Metro,
the busiest subway system in Europe, to introduce
'FacePay' technology by end of 2021

Putin urges authorities to fend off attempts to
draw teens into illegal rallies

As Biden bans export of defense articles to Russia
'bewildered' Moscow reveals it hasn't received US
weapons since WWII

Kremlin No Record Of ANY recent US humanitarian
'aid' to Russia

Kremlin regrets West still clinging to Churchill's
'Iron Curtain' speech regarding Russia


People Take to Yerevan's Streets to Protest
Against Prime Minister Pashinyan

China makes COVID-19 anal swabs
mandatory for foreigners

Philippines to charge Sanofi officials
over dengue vaccination deaths

Rush To Produce And Sell Vaccines Put
Kids In the Philippines At Risk

S Korea launches investigation into deaths of 2
people days after receiving AstraZeneca Kill Shots

Xi Jinping Calls Out US As 'Biggest Threat'
To China's Development & Security

Blinken Says US Relations With China Biggest
Geopolitical Test for US in 21st Century

Chinese court says homosexuality can be deemed
A MENTAL DISORDER after former student brings
case over textbook definition

Beijing 'deeply concerned' by increasing acts of
discrimination against ethnic Chinese and other
Asians in Australia

Australian AG outs himself as target of rape
allegations in 1988 case that police consider
closed after investigation


India Witnesses Deaths of Healthcare
Workers Post-COVID Vaccination

Indian Minister Resigns After Being Caught
on Camera Allegedly Seeking Sexual Favours

UN Envoy Warns of Possibility of War in Myanmar
as 38 People Killed on 'Bloodiest' Day Since Coup

Israel Claims Iran Linked to Oil Spill Off Its Coast
Calls It a 'Terror' Incident - (Oh, Please)

ICC opens formal investigation into alleged
war crimes in Palestinian territories, despite
Israel's objections

Israel - ICC Probe of Alleged War Crimes in
Palestinian Territories Is An 'Act of Moral And
Legal Bankruptcy'

Israeli Defence Minister Says Hundreds
Could Be Targeted by ICC War Crimes Probe

Covid jabs meant for health workers ended up
in the arms of Palestinian VIPs and footballers

US trying to cover up 'blood trade' in Yemen
through blame game - Iran

Rouhani Praises 'Superior Quality' of Iran's
Centrifuges as Nuclear Deal Continues to Flounder


Russian Envoy Urges IAEA Not to Adopt 'Stupid
Resolution' on Iran to Avoid International Crisis

Turkey Ready to Negotiate With Egypt on
Delimitation of Maritime Zones, FM Says

Coalition airbase in Iraq struck by at least
10 rockets, US spokesman confirms, just
days before Pope's historic visit

US civilian contractor dies following missile
attack on coalition airbase in Iraq - Pentagon