Headlines 2021

Price Of Ship Fuel Soaring To Highest Since 2014

Members of Congress Treated for
COVID-19 with Ivermectin?

COVID and Non-Locked Down Amish...
No Difference In Mortality

The Deracination of White Ethnicities

Sagauche County Resolution 2021-07 - 'Civil Emergency
Emergency Or Local Disaster Regulations' FEMA Plan
For Martial Law - Agenda 2030 Takedown of US Citizenry?

Student Records Teacher Shaming 'Selfish'
Unvaccinated Students - 'You're Killing People!'

Pro-Vax 'Messaging', Including 'Societal Guilt'
Was Being Tested 6 Months BEFORE Vax Approval

Texas Gov Abbott bans businesses from
mandating COVID shots

Top ivermectin doc reiterates claim that
Congressmen have used treatment &
'none have gone to hospital'

Hundreds of thousands of US troops still
unvaxed ahead of first vaccine deadline


Ghoul Pope Francis calls for 'more vaccines'
at meeting of world leaders in Rome

Nearly all 'covid' deaths in September
occurred in the fully vaxed

Treason - US Govt Officials Caught Editing
Wuhan Lab Journal

Healthy 16 yr old boy dies during online class
after second Pfizer jab

Libtard Parents Turning Their Kids
Into Covid Spies

FDA exposed as a criminal body parts cartel
involved in routine harvesting of organs from
LIVING human babies On Planet Satan

Facebook whistleblower says company incentivizes
'angry, polarizing, divisive content' - 60 Minutes

Google chrome users urged to delete app after hack

Pentagram's first software chief Quits because US
'already lost' the AI war with China And Is 20 YEARS
Behind In Technology

Bild roasts YouTube for stifling free speech in
Germany after court rules it was wrong to delete
Covid-19 interviews


'I'll Fulfill My Civic Duty' - Another Facebook
Whistleblower Ready to Go Testify In Congress

The Most Monstrous Comet Ever Known Is
Headed Straight for Us

Two strong 6.1 and 6.2 Quakes strike south of
Hawaii's Big Island - USGS

Encore - Yellowstone SuperVolcano Simulation

Strange Structure Known As Hamilton's
Object Is Finally Explained - Astronomy

Alaska Snow Crab Harvest Cut By 88%
After Population Crash In Bering Sea - Fuked

The Market Might Soon Start Worrying
How Contagious 'Sickouts' Might Prove To Be

A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit
Their Jobs Despite Job Openings Plunging
The Most Since April 2020

US Heating Oil Supplies Lowest In Decades
Ahead Of Winter

Top Chinese Port Slammed With Worst
Traffic Jam Since August


IMF Issues Global Stagflation Alert
Cuts Global GDP As It Warns Of Rising
Inflation And 'Dangerous Divergence'

Fed Losing Control As Consumers' Inflation
Expectations Hit New All Time High

Global Corporate Tax Deal Spares US
From Imposing New Tariffs On EU

City of London Sees Record £20 Billion of
Investment in Tech Start-Ups as UK Takes
on US and China

Memory-Chip Price Correction Underway
World's Forth-Largest DRAM-Maker Warns

Cotton prices hit 10yr high - What it means

Joel Osteen's Lakewood church to repay
$4.4 Million in PPP loans

Media Now Claims That 'Double Jabbed' Brits
Who Have Bad Colds Are Actually Suffering

No apology after bombshell report claims early
Covid pandemic handling is one of UK govt's
worst public health failures ever

UK MPs' Inquiry - Thousands of Deaths 'Could
Have Been Avoided' During COVID Pandemic


Researchers See Fading Vaccine Effect as 7 in 10
Recent COVID-19 Deaths in Sweden Fully Vaxxed

How the UK Government Made Sure Private
Hospitals Didn't Interfere with the Genocide
...Dr. Vernon Coleman

Nurses Score Small But Important Court
Victories in Italy & France

Russia STOLE formula for Sputnik V Covid-19 jab
UK's conspiracy-loving spies allege - Moscow says
if you believe them, seek psychiatric help

Snow To Blanket UK As Rare Polar Vortex
Collapse Could Spell Trouble For Power Grid

Tenth of London's Petrol Stations
Remain Empty Amid Fuel Crisis

UK Readying New Law Mandating Home EV
Chargers Be Shut Down During Peak Hours

Macron Touts Bigger Investment in Nuclear
Energy Despite France's Plans to Reduce
Share by 2035

World needs to step up on climate change for the
good of all mankind, Putin says, announcing plan
to protect vast wilds of Russia

Earth in 2121 - Ex-Kremlin mastermind Surkov predicts
grim future with 'humanless democracies' where robots
will control everything


Russia's Sputnik V shows 82% efficacy
against Delta strain — Italian researches

European Ombudsman Institute chief speaks
in favor of Sputnik V approval in EU

Gotcha! - The Sun's Anti-Russia Vaccine Lie

Moscow Blasts 'Shameless Claims' by US
That Russia Uses Gas Supplies as Weapon

Zircon, Russian Navy's hypersonic cruise
missile, will transform balance of power at sea

Russia Launches Missiles During Warship
Drills Inside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone

Russia Sees Targeted Attempts to Undermine
Situation in Asia, Foreign Minister Lavrov Says

CCP Top Advisor Jin Canrong - Ten Benefits of
Taking Back Taiwan, We can Nationalize TSMC
Immediately (SemiConductor Manufacturing

US Naval Institute Claims China Testing
Unmanned Combat Ships at Secret Base

Chinese army vows to 'CRUSH' Taiwan
separatism & 'external interference' after
shock troops conduct assault drills – reports


China preps for possible large-scale 'COVID' outbreak

'Jab 'em in their sleep' - Philippines' Duterte
proposes new way of tackling vaccine hesitancy

China Is Building a Chain of Giant Covid
Quarantine Centers

All Hell Breaks Loose In China Bond Markets

NSW - Unvaxed and single-dosed to get $1000 fine
if caught enjoying new freedoms

Oz bishop calls on Catholics to fully comply
with govt COVID rules

New Zealand Orders Mandatory BioWeapon
for Health Workers and Teachers

India facing massive, widespread power outages
as worldwide shortage of coal takes plants offline

Thailand is using a 'cheap, effective' traditional
herbal medicine to treat coronavirus

Indian drugs regulator backs home-grown
Bharat Biotech's Covid-19 for kids aged 2 and above


Several States in India Hit by Power
Outages as PM Modi Steps in to Review
Energy Crisis

Pfizer planning to vax Entire Brazil city in 'study'

Environmental activists take Brazilian
president Bolsonaro to ICC over 'crimes
against humanity' for Amazon destruction

Babies Have A LOT of Microplastics In Them
What Does That Mean? - Study

Nearly 2,000 Unknown Chemicals Found in
Vape Liquids and e-cig Aerosols

In Search of Nímbulos, Guardians of
Costa Rica's Mountain of Death

6.1 and 6.2 Quakes strike Near Hawaii's Big Island

6.9 Quake trikes Alaska Peninsula two months
after largest US quake in 50 years


Rumors Grow - Delta Airlines Pilot Died During Flight
Right After Receiving Second Covid Kill Shot

NBA's Kyrie Irving 'will not play or practice' with the
Brooklyn Nets until he Takes The Covid Kill Shot
And May Forfeit 34 Million Dollars Says Team GM

'I'm a firm believer in science' - (Science Of BioWeapons?)
NBA legend Michael Jordan divides fans by hailing vax,
telling The public to 'buy in' And take the Kill Shots

It's Was ALL Fake - The Kamal Used Child Actors
Who Had To Audition For Weird NASA Promo

Oh, the Irony - The Kamal's 'Space Exploration'
Video Produced by...Sinking Ship Entertainment

Leaked DARPA document DRASTIC analysis confirms
attack on humanity using aerosolized skin-penetrating
nanoparticle spike proteins

269 drugs are known to dangerously interact
with the Pfizer BioWeapon including the Flu Vax
...both being given to the elderly and vulnerable
at the same time

Parasitic Organism Dubbed 'The Thing' Found in
COVID Vaccines - Graphene Playing Role?

Dr. Robert Malone Branded 'Terrorist' By Italian MSM
Says Physicians Being 'Hunted' For Speaking Out

Investigative journalist exposes Pentagon-funded
study that can prove COVID-19 vaccines do more
harm than good


Biden Busted As Pfizer Admits There's No 'Vaccine'
Approved By FDA In The US In Recorded Call

Pfizer Jewish CEO Albert Bourla Gives BS Reasons
For His Own 'Vaccine' Hesitancy

Baldwin - Donald Trump, John Hagee, Zionism
...And The Chabad

Our Pilots...The Heroes We Need Right Now

Southwest Air Pilots Seek to Block Covid
Vax Mandate

Wooldridge - White Americans Blamed for Everything
Domestic Terrorists, White Privilege, CRT

Walmart is facing shortages of these
5 essential groceries

Global food prices hit their highest level
in a Decade

Costco and Walmart limit toilet paper as
supply chain problems worsen

Where are Secretary of Transportation 'Mayor Pete'
and Creep Biden as Hundreds of Ships Sit Anchored
Off Shore Around the Country?


Nearly 80,000 shipping containers are piled high
in the Port of Savannah -supply chain crisis Worsens

Biggest US Retailers Charter Private Cargo
Ships to Sail Around Port Delays

Price Of Ship Fuel Soaring To Highest Since 2014

COVID and Non-Locked Down Amish...
No Difference In Mortality

Sagauche County Resolution 2021-07 - 'Civil Emergency
Emergency Or Local Disaster Regulations' FEMA Plan
For Martial Law - Agenda 2030 Takedown of US Citizenry?

Patrick Mahomes is struggling for the first time in
his pro career - If he took the shot, that explains it

Hundreds of thousands of US troops still
unvaxed ahead of first vaccine deadline

Ghoul Pope Francis calls for 'more vaccines'
at meeting of world leaders in Rome

Nearly all 'covid' deaths in September
occurred in the fully vaxed

Treason - US Govt Officials Caught Editing
Wuhan Lab Journal


Merck Asks FDA For Emergency Approval Of
New COVID Drug Despite Safety Concerns

Vioxx - Revisiting Merck's History of Manipulating
Science for Profit, Regardless of Public Health Risk

AstraZeneca's Antibody Cocktail Reduces Risk of
Severe COVID-19 & Death, Developer Says

WHO backs Covid-19 booster jab for people
with weak immune systems

Federal Judge Rules Against Natural Immunity
Claim Challenging COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Candace Owens says fat people shouldn't
criticize the unvaxed

FDA exposed as a criminal body parts cartel
involved in routine harvesting of organs from
LIVING human babies On Planet Satan

Facebook whistleblower says company incentivizes
'angry, polarizing, divisive content' - 60 Minutes

Google chrome users urged to delete app after hack

Pentagram's first software chief Quits because US
'already lost' the AI war with China And Is 20 YEARS
Behind In Technology


The Most Monstrous Comet Ever Known Is
Headed Straight for Us

Two strong 6.1 and 6.2 Quakes strike south of
Hawaii's Big Island - USGS

The Market Might Soon Start Worrying
How Contagious 'Sickouts' Might Prove To Be

A Record Number Of Americans Just Quit
Their Jobs Despite Job Openings Plunging
The Most Since April 2020

US Heating Oil Supplies Lowest In Decades
Ahead Of Winter

Cotton prices hit 10yr high - What it means

Joel Osteen's Lakewood church to repay
$4.4 Million in PPP loans

How the UK Government Made Sure Private
Hospitals Didn't Interfere with the Genocide
...Dr. Vernon Coleman

Nurses Score Small But Important Court
Victories in Italy & France

Russia STOLE formula for Sputnik V Covid-19 jab
UK's conspiracy-loving spies allege - Moscow says
if you believe them, seek psychiatric help


King of Sweden Slams Nation's COVID-19 Reopening

Kremlin rejects 'unrealistic' prospect of imposing
penalties in Russia for refusing jab

China preps for possible large-scale 'COVID' outbreak

China Is Building a Chain of Giant Covid
Quarantine Centers

All Hell Breaks Loose In China Bond Markets

NSW - Unvaxed and single-dosed to get $1000 fine
if caught enjoying new freedoms

Oz bishop calls on Catholics to fully comply
with govt COVID rules

New Zealand Orders Mandatory BioWeapon
for Health Workers and Teachers

Thailand is using a 'cheap, effective' traditional
herbal medicine to treat coronavirus

Pfizer planning to vax Entire Brazil city in 'study'


6.1 and 6.2 Quakes strike Near Hawaii's Big Island

6.9 Quake trikes Alaska Peninsula two months
after largest US quake in 50 years

Yellowstone SuperVolcano Simulation - Watch

Awesome Video Of North Side Cumbre Vieja
Cone Failure And Huge 'Lavalanche' That Followed
Some Remarkable Scenes - In Spanish...Watch

Watch - 'North Half of La Palma Rises 4 Inches
and North West Coast Sinks 4 Inches'

Globalist Insider, Kill Shot Pusher Trump Iowa rally
signals 2024 run but will Americans give him another
chance to clear out the Communists destroying US?
Or Forgive Him Walking Out Of Jan 6 Patriots?

Pelosi's Fortune More Than Doubled in Last
3 Years Amid 'Lucky' Family Investments

Finally An Article Describing What We Have
Been Presenting Since Last SPRING - The
Emergence of Deadly Chimeric Viruses
Listen Monday At 8 PM Pacific For Update

LOOK - 5 Yr old Girl bleeding from the eye after
forced to take SAVAGE Nasal Test To Return To
School - Vile Hospital Scum says 'this is normal'

Astonishing! America's 'Frontline Docs' pushing
Prozac & Luvox On People As 'Covid' Treatment!
Telling People Take 100mg A Day Of Luvox SSRI
(Fluvoxamine) - See Page 2, One Graph Up On Left!

Bill Gates Warns That a Next Pandemic Could
Be 10 Times Worse (He Knows What's Planned)

Iceland stops Moderna Kill Shot for all ages over
heart inflammation (DESTRUCTION) concerns


Lord Fauci Will Allow Children To Trick Or Treat
This Halloween

Bolshevik OBiden's Vax Mandate Is a Mirage
...It Doesn't Actually Exist

CA Swine Newsom faces criticism after admitting
His 12 Yr Old Daughter Has NOT Been Jabbed
While Screaming For A Vax Mandate For All Kids

Communist CA becomes first state to mandate
'ethnic studies' for high school graduation

CDC Head Ghoul Says She 'Can't Predict' When
COVID Will End And Blames The Unvaccinated
What Hypocrisy, What Fraud, What Pure EVIL

Culling The Human Race - Remember Tiffany
Dover Dropping Dead On Live Net Television

Most Vaxed State, VT, And Region (MA, ME, CT)
In US Is Now Sickest With Surging Numbers Of
Hospitalized With 'Covid' (Death By Remdesivir)

Illegal Trafficker Leading 80,000 to America's
Wide Open Border Brags 'We're Ready For War'
OBiden Is Guilty Of Not Protecting America

Southwest Airlines is Having a Complete
Meltdown as Hundreds of Flights Delayed
or Canceled in Mass Employee 'Sickout'

Police Resignations And Murder Rates Are
Way Up - Is Anyone Surprised?


India faces a power crisis as coal
stocks decline - Delhi chief minister

Suspected Cartel Machine Gun Fire Being
Shot Into the US from Mexico - Vid

Entirety Of Lebanon Goes Dark,
Mass Power Outage To Last Several Days

US 'Committed' To Open-Ended Occupation
Of Syria As Countries Begin Normalization
With Assad

Ex-Bodyguard Claims He Has Evidence Former
President Ghani Fled Afghanistan With 'Big Bags'
of Money

Rense Confirms 690 Flights Canceled After
Jacksonville ATC Control Center Shut Down By
Mass Walkout Of Professional Flight Controllers

First major winter blast of the season is
set to bury parts of the Rockies from
Montana to New Mexico under 30 inches
of snow this weekend

Watch - US Grid Down This Winter?

Engineered mega-drought hammers the US
...and in ND it's worse than the Dust Bowl

Big Pharma Pushes FAKE Ivermectin
...That Causes Cancer!


Ricin-Based 'Anti-Marburg' Vax Pushed
By Manufacturer - Why? Because they
Are Going To Roll Out The Marburg Caper

Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be
The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With?
'They' Have Already Made A PCR Test For It
And (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use!
Lt Col Scheller charged with six crimes for
blasting military leadership - This is An Outrage

Southwest Pilots Union Sues To Block
Airline's Vaccination Mandate

'Open borders' and 'globalism' And 'tribalism'
All eerily similar to The Collapse Of Rome

Four Sub-Animal Black NYC Gangsters
Assault And Stab 54 yr old NYC man

Black student arrested for writing 'no blacks'
on fake social media post

Shock verdict - Black man who killed 16 Yr Old
White HS Student acquitted

Trump Warns Central American Countries Are
'Emptying Their Prisons Into The US'

Yellow Vests Activists Hold New Round
of Anti-Gov Rallies in Paris

UK Govt to End Free Supply of Widely-Panned
COVID-19 Home Testing Kits


'So Deeply, Deeply Wrong' - Lithuanian Without
Vax Pass Describes Life Under Medical Tyranny

Dropping 'F' grades for kids is a new 'soft
bigotry of low expectations'

GeoEngineering Watch Global News Alert - 10-9-21

Allgire - 3 Factor Authentication - What You Need
To Know About Your Digital ID - Allgire Video

Deepfake tech could soon allow anyone to
create Hollywood quality visual effects

US Patriots Prepare For Possible
Internet Shutdown, Report Says

Google Issues Warning For 2 Billion
Chrome Users

DAMN! Meteorite crashes through a roof
and lands next to a sleeping woman in
British Columbia, Canada

The US Is Officially A Banana Republic
The Top 1% Now Own More Wealth Than
The Entire Middle Class

Speech In Taiwan


Adrenochrome For Sale In China?

Factory Hot Selling CAS 69-81-8 Adrenochrome

High Quality Adrenochrome Powder Carbazochrome

China Supply CAS 69-81-8 Carbazochrome Adrenochrome

High Purity Adrenochrome Children Human CAS 54-06-8

Trafficked children are biggest source of Adrenochrome

Being Alone With Your Thoughts is a Skill
You Can Practise

The Lie Control

Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be
The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With?
'They' Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And
The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use!

PROOF - SARS-COV-2 is a non-existent
virus - COVID-19 is not a coronavirus

Essential That All Americans Reject Every Mandate,
Passport Scheme And Digital Or Health ID

Obiden Says unvaxed Americans are
damaging the economy

Poll - Majority of Americans Believe US Politicians
Spread More Misinformation Than Russia or China

Offer You Can't Refuse? Hunter Biden Reportedly
Asked Mobster's Nephew to Help With China Deal

Biden Signs Bill to Compensate US Personnel
Affected by 'Havana Syndrome'

Cruz - 'COVID Has Shown Democrats Are Authoritarian
Jackbooted Thugs'

The Spectator - CRT taught in public schools

Doctor reveals how the FDA and CDC
are hiding the truth on Covid Vaccines
...Another Brave Doctor Speaks Up - Watch


Babies Who Breastfeed from Covid Vaxed
Mothers Are Dying and Becoming Sick

Why did they put Polyethylene Glycol
...the active ingredient in antifreeze...
in the Covid injections?!

Doctors & Nurses Know Less than you Think
...Coleman's 9th Law Of Medicine

The Necessity for Political Insurgency

Watch When Young Student Learns From Mom
That School Can't Force Masks On Children

Florida mom gets standing ovation in VA after
calling for 'mass exodus' from public schools

School boards persecute dissident parents

'Proceed With Caution At Your Own Peril'
Merck's COVID 'Super Drug' Poses Serious
Health Risks Say Scientists

Merck's New 'Gamechanger' Pill Against COVID,
Molnupiravir, Has 'Molecular Similarities' To
Ivermectin - Why are we Not Surprised?

USAID to Spend $125 Million on Finding 8,000
to 12,000 New Viruses to Scare You With


Rand Paul Blasts 'Lying' Fauci - 'He Ignores Natural
Immunity Because It Foils His Mass Vax Plan' - Watch

Now scientists have confirmed that natural immunity
is Far more effective than vaxed immunity

Adrenochrome For Sale In China?

Black Americans Are Seeing Biden
For The Communist He Is

21 Years of Election Fraud - and They All Know
...Sidney Powell on Lindell TV

Sen Cotton Warns 100s Of 'Unknown Afghans'
Escaping Into US From Military Bases

Idaho plans to bill MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell
for election audits

A Patriot Public School History Teacher's Warning
She Risked Her Employment To Warn Americans

Human babies SCALPED ALIVE by NIH-funded
University of Pittsburgh 'research'

LA County sheriff says he won't enforce vax
mandate for officers - 'I'm not forcing anyone'


desperate workers, students forced into vax
mandates turn to ancient treatment to remove
the injections after administration - 'Cupping'

Most vaxed state in America now seeing
massive surge in covid hospitalizations
...Ade or blood clots and or cancers

Johns Hopkins Univ data shows vax genocide

Covidland - The Lockdown (Full Movie)

More US govt documents support statement
That COVID is a Fake pandemic

Miss World finalist resigns from competition
over COVID jab

If You Search What US Govt Doesn't Want
Google Will Serve You Keyword Warrants

Google, YouTube to Bans ads and monetization
on content questioning climate change

Digital Cancer - Will Facebook Go The
Way Of Big Tobacco?

Never down - Pornhub says traffic surged by
millions of active users during Facebook outage


Russia's Space Chief Warns Musk's Starlink
Satellites Could Hijack Cruise Missiles Mid-Flight

Sweden Sets Aim on Launching Satellites
From Arctic by Summer 2022

New Places Where Signs of Life May Be
Hiding on Mars Pinpointed by Scientists

Cost of inflation to US household - $175 a month

1,000 Crew Members Stranded On 'Abandoned'
Cargo Ships Globally Without Pay Or Food

Oil Reaches $80 per Barrel for First
Time Since 2014

Economic Confidence Hits New Low
in October

OECD Secures Deal On Sweeping Global
Corporate Tax Reform As Last Holdouts Cave

Build Back Bankrupt? Dems Wrangle Over $3.5
Trillion Spending Bill Despite Debt Limit Close Call

Big Biz has found that Critical Race Theory
is bad for business


Mussolini's Granddaughter Wins Rome's
Municipal Election

EU blames RUSSIA for delay in bloc approving
Moscow's Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, claiming
it's Kremlin that's politicizing jabs

Armed French police drag Brit off Eurostar train
after staff member accused him of wearing the
'wrong type of mask'

Swiss cops deploy water cannon & rubber
bullets to break up 500 strong protest opposing
Covid health pass - Video

UK Govt Accused of 'Disgraceful Cover-Up'
of 2016 Report Warning of Pandemic Response

Govt Booked ALL the Beds in 187 Private English
Hospitals for COVID Death Surge - They Went
Almost Completely Unused

Vatican agency directly tied to Communist group
pushing pagan worship, abortion, witchcraft

Hungary's Orban blames Brussels & its climate
change policies for soaring EU gas prices

UAE Becomes Gulf Trailblazer in Committing
to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

UK Climate Protesters Resume Road Blockades
Despite Threats of Tougher Penalties, Fines


Nuclear Energy Could Bridge Energy Transition Gap

WTI Crude Tops $80 Per Barrel First Time
Since November 2014

Europe needs to understand root causes of rising
gas price 'phenomenon' to avoid energy crisis

Will Poland Kill the Globalist EUSSR?

Brussels to use 'ALL powers' to ensure its law
reigns supreme over Poland's after landmark
Warsaw court ruling – EU chief

Warsaw's step towards Polexit shows that
West's attempt to recreate Soviet Union in
form of EU was doomed to failure

Poland Has No Intention to Leave EU - PM says

French Diplomat Sees Polish Ruling on National
Constitution Supremacy as Attack Against EU

Outrage as Denmark Evacuates More Daesh
Women and Children From Syria

EU demands Greece immediately investigate reports
of alleged illegal & violent migrant boat pushbacks


'Spiteful' Migrant Who Set Up Cameras to Spy on
UK Wife and Then Set Her on Fire Jailed For Life

Why a woke British judge failed to deport
a serial sex offender back to South Africa

Brit cycling star left bloodied after being robbed
of $14,000 bike by machete-wielding thugs

Metropolitan Police is worst in country at solving
sexual & violent crimes, new policing study finds

Hate campaign at UK university shows how
appeasing trans ideology encourages mob rule

Russia can't rely on EU, given its sanctions
mania against Moscow, says Lavrov

Lavrov advises Europeans to 'listen more
often to' Putin, if it alleviates market crunch

Moscow Warns EU Against Turning Bloc's Carbon
Laws Into 'Climate Protectionism' Tool

Gazprom Plant Connected To Russia-China
Gas Pipeline Shuttered Due To Fire

Life in Lithuania after vax passport


Beijing calls on US to clarify details of
nuclear-powered submarine collision in
South China Sea, accusing it of of hiding details

US must publish details of nuclear submarine
incident - Chinese Foreign Ministry

CIA's new units pave the way for the most
totalitarian period in its history

Anyone Who'd Support Going To War Over
Taiwan Is A Crazy Idiot – Caitlin Johnstone

Taiwan Will Do 'Whatever It Takes' To Defend Freedom
But Isn't Seeking War With Beijing, President Says

Beijing warns Australia's 'provocative actions'
on Taiwan could be 'cataclysmic' for bilateral ties
after ex PM visits island

China's Largest Bank Restricts Forex And
Commodity Trading For Retail Investors

People's movement decreased by 70% during
Sydney's lengthy lockdown, new study shows

Israel may accept Iran as nuclear-threshold power
on condition of US-Russian guarantees

US vessel intercepted by IRGC speedboats


Russia invites China for crunch talks with Taliban
on Afghanistan's future after American flight From
from war-torn state

At Least 50 Killed As ISIS Carries Out Second
Major Afghan Mosque Attack This Week

Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became
an Escape Path for Afghans

New Jersey man survives nine-story
plunge by landing on a BMW

Bidenized (song parody)

How Mozart's Music Treats Epilepsy

The Surprising Benefits of Baby Massage

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

Cumbre Vieja Volcano West Side Blow Out
In A Massive Lava Avalanche - Watch

Biden Turns Back On Press, Walks Away,
Refuses To Answer A Single Question About
His Dismal Jobs Report

Biden's Weak Economic 'Recovery' looks
like repeat of The Obama years

Why did they put Polyethylene Glycol
...the active ingredient in antifreeze...
in the Covid injections?!

Pfizer Asks US To Allow Covid Injections For
Innocent, immune Children, Age 5-11

Pfizer Whistle Leaks Execs Emails - 'We Want
to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There'

How Many People Are We Going to Kill if
We Keep Following this Narrative?' - ER MD

The Covid Killing Spree And the 'Robotization'
of the Survivors - We Need A Nuremberg 2.0

John O'Looney Update - Talks With Reiner Fuellmich

'We're in the middle of a major biological catastrophe'
...COVID expert Dr Peter McCullough


WHO-Linked Genetics Expert Explains
How Covid Could Have Been Engineered

Navy SEALs Lawyer - Military Is Ignoring
Natural Immunity

mRNA Vaccine Inventor Malone 'Blocked'
From Reading New England Journal of Medicine

List Of Federal Vax Mandate Exemptions
Now Said To Be Inaccurate

Rick Wiles TruNews On Times Of Israel Boasting
Of Number Of Jews Biden 'Selected' For The Most
Powerful Positions In His Illegal Admin - Start 28:00

Seattle Police could terminate over 25%
of their force due to mandate

Energy Crisis becomes a Food Crisis - Grow Food
and Build Local Food Systems Now!

Iserbyt On Critical Race Theory

YouTube Blacklists R. Kelly Days After He
Threatened to Expose Hollywood Pedo Ring

FDA Alert - Popular Hand Sanitizer
'Likely' To Give You Cancer


Oz Covid death bus killing within seconds of jab

People Terribly Injured by Covid BioWeapon
Share Their Horror Stories

Woman in Renal Failure Denied Life-Saving
Procedure Because She's Unvaccinated

UC Irvine Director Of Medical Ethics Placed
On 'Investigatory Leave' Over Challenge
To Vaccine Mandate

Researchers say Communist Hawaii Health Dept
officials refuse to share COVID-19 data

Protected And Unprotected - Watch

Anti-Mason Edgar Allan Poe died 172 yrs ago
...Tribute From Michael Hoffman

The Harmful Behavior of Facebook - Social
Media Destabilizes Democracy and Harms
Users Mental Health

How much do we REALLY know about the
background of Facebook 'whistleblower' Haugen?

January 6 committee to hear from Facebook
'whistleblower', who all but accused platform
of letting 'insurrection' happen – media


Facebook must be 'reined in' by strong regulation,
Germany's justice minister says after whistleblower

Pentagon Says NSA Working With Big
Companies on Cyber Information Sharing

Twitter feature to warn users that certain
conversations could become 'heated or intense'

NASA Moves to Launch Anti-Asteroid Mission

Largest US used automobile auction house
Manheim says prices up 25% from last year

Oil Surges After Energy Department
Says No Plan To Tap Oil Reserves

US Desperate For Coal Miners To
Meet Soaring Global Demand

Global Food Prices Hit Fresh
Decade High

UK Inflation To Hit 7% By...April?

Oil Market Needs Half A Trillion Dollar Injection
To Avoid Supply Collapse And Price Surge


Greenpeace UK Loses Legal Bid to Revoke
Permit for Oil Drilling Off Scotland

Why Nord Stream 2 Naysayers Can Still
Shoot Europe in the Foot to Stop Pipeline

Europe's Gas Prices Surge To Avert Risk
Of Winter Shortage

Why Shortages Are Permanent - Global Supply
Shortages Make Fantastic Financial Sense

Jobless Claims Decline to 326,000

Unvaxed Canadian Federal Public Servants
to be Placed on Unpaid Leave

Volcanic ash forces shutdown of
airport at Spain's La Palma island

Finland Joins Sweden & Denmark By Limiting
Use Of Moderna's Jab In Young Men

Macron Accused of Swiping COVID Jab Batch
From UK in Manner 'Akin to Act of War'

The Electricity Crisis Was Not Caused
By A Perfect Storm


UK Universities ignoring poor writing
skills in favor of 'inclusivity'

Moscow urges London not to provoke
cyber arms race — diplomat

Key witness in FBI case against Assange
held in custody to stop his 'crime spree'
in Iceland – media

Get vaccinated against Covid or we won't
fix your roads, Russian region tells citizens
as country sees record deaths from virus

WHO Says Process of Sputnik V's
Approval About to Be Sorted Out

Russia is ready to beat back potential US
invasion with drones & jets, military scientists
claim in new conflict analysis

Taliban invited to Moscow for talks over future
of Afghanistan in wake of US Retreat

Russia plans to attract 10,000 construction
workers from Uzbekistan

Russian prison officers fired amid probe into
shocking videos, purporting to show rape &
torture of detainees in secure hospital

Russian Bellingcat partner Dobrokhotov slapped
with fine by Moscow court over defamation
lawsuit filed by Dutch blogger


Full-scale war between Belarus & Ukraine now
looking more likely than a conflict with Russia
says MP from Kiev's ruling party

Russia is fulfilling ALL its contractual obligations
for gas orders & is NOT to blame for soaring prices
Merkel says

Natural gas prices drop as Putin says Russia
will boost supplies to Europe

Tokyo hit by 6.1 magnitude quake, bringing
public transport to a halt and causing sporadic
power cuts - Videos

US Marine Special Ops Forces Have Been
In Taiwan For Over A Year, Report Confirms

Ex-Trump speechwriter warns Xi US will
shed blood to 'ensure Rainbow Flag of
Diversity' flies over Taiwan

CIA reveals plans to increase focus on China,
technology, climate change, & diversity in internal
announcement leaked to US media

Aussie PM Morrison labels social media 'coward's
palace' as he mulls further crackdown on IT giants

India to welcome back tourists after Covid-19
restrictions crippled the travel industry and
saw number of visitors plunge by 75%

Quake kills at least 20 in Pakistan, injures 300
and destroys hundreds of homes death toll
expected to rise


Iran Names Two Countries Preventing Dream
of Nuclear Weapons-Free Middle East From
Being Realized

Iran ready to build 2 power plants in cash Poor
Lebanon, Iranian foreign minister pledges

UN votes to end Yemen war crimes probe
in narrow defeat at Human Rights Council

Black Alleged home intruder Killed
By Homeowner's Pit Bulls

Girls Who Caught Tourette's from TikTok

How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids

'Fact-checkers' rush to defend Bill Gates as
video of him praising vaccines' abilities to
reduce population growth goes viral

Biden's Fake 'illusionary' White House set
leaves viewers shocked And confused

Unearthed Video From 2019 Reveals Fauci
Contradictions on mRNA Vaccines

National Geographic's 'Fauci' documentary is
self-serving agitprop made to feed the Fauci
fetish of establishment Communists

Hospital systems PURGE 1000's of workers
to cause health care COLLAPSE just as the
Dark Winter Vaxed die-off accelerates

Pentagon sets Nov 22 deadline for
civilian employees to get vaccinated

Ivermectin - Truth & Totalitarianism

Dr Armin Koroknay - Frightful Analysis Of
The Blood Of Recently Vaxed People - Video

Pfizer whistleblower reveals emails
implying aborted baby cell use in Vaccine

Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl Confronted By
James O'Keefe Over Shocking 'Natural
Immunity' Admission


US & Chinese scientists were planning to create
a brand new coronavirus, leaked proposals show

Facing Forced COVID Shots, Students Are
Withdrawing From College - Smart!

NIH Director Collins Resigns After Documents
Reveal He (And Fauci) Lied About His Involvement
with Gain-of-Function Research in Wuhan Lab

Biden Says 'Nuclear Option' to Raise Debt Ceiling
'Real Possibility' as Default Nightmare Looms

Cryptos Are Suddenly Exploding Higher

AG Merrick Garland's Daughter Married to
Co-Founder of Education Company Selling
CRT Resource Material to School Districts

Conflict Of Interest - AG Garland's Family
Getting Rich Selling Critical Race Theory
Materials To Schools

OBiden admin mobilizes FBI against parents
opposing CRT and COVID restrictions

Pfizer Lobbying Hits Decade High as DOZENS
of High-Profile Political Appointees Become
Big Pharma Reps

Merck Charging US 40 TIMES What It Costs
To Make Govt Financed COVID Pill


Ontario doctor resigns over forced vax,
says 80% of ER patients with mysterious
issues had both shots

Over 600 unvaxed doctors on the brink
of suspension in Quebec

Roberts - The 'Vaccine' Is A Depopulation Device
(As We've Been Saying For Well Over A Year)

Satellite Captures Stunning Gravity Waves Over
La Palma From Cumbre Vieja Eruption

Marine Lt Col Scheller Freed...but Charges Loom

Portland City Commissioner Suggests That
Traffic Cones Could be the Answer to the City's
Rise in Violent Crime

The WEF and the Pandemic

The Jewish Vax - Video

Woman dies of degenerative brain disorder
(CJD) 3 Months After 2nd Covid Jab

'Our Species is Being Genetically Modified'
Humanity's March Toward Extinction?
Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome


TX restaurant owner fires Vaxed workers
...to avoid the Biden Penalty

Americans are paying the most for gas
in seven years

Supply crunch hits would-be homebuyers
makes renting cheaper

Facebook gives staff who work from home a
3 month deadline to get back to the office

The Facebook outage shows we need to rein
in Big Tech

US Government Launches New Civil Cyber
Fraud Initiative - Justice Dept.

Hackers Behind SolarWinds Tried to Breach
US, European Government Networks

Facebook calls on Congress to restrict
speech online following liberal whistle
blower's testimony

Zuckerberg rejects latest accusation that FB
'promotes hate' & puts 'profit over safety'
in wordy rebuttal

OK Google, Create Cyber Dystopia - US Govt
Reportedly Asks Tech Giant to Track Users by
Search Terms


Hackers 'Own' Jeff Bezos By Stealing & Publishing
Twitch Source Code In 'Huge' Hack

WH Discloses Number Of Nukes In
US Stockpile For First Time In Years

Russia looks into Navy Arctic Fleet creation

Efforts needed to stabilize Russia-US dialogue on
missiles - Deputy Foreign Minister

France & The Fraying Of NATO

Biden Tells Japan's New PM That US Will
Defend Senkaku Islands From China

Smaller Products, Rising Prices...
Shrinkflation Hits Grocery Store Shelves

Putin backs idea to increase gas supply
on market via St. Petersburg Stock Exchange

Gas Prices May Climb to $3,000 Per 1,000
Cubic Meters Amid Fuel Crisis - Expert

EU Could Have Avoided Fuel Crisis If It Didn't
Politicise Nord Stream 2, Expert Says


Claims That Gazprom Cut Gas Supply to EU
on Purpose 'Absurd' as Exports Increased

Poland Requests European Commission Investigate
Possible Gas Price Manipulation

US Invests $45 Million to Develop Carbon
Capture Technology for Natural Gas

Biden to Discuss Consequences of Default
With US Banking, Business Leaders

US Defaulting on Debt to Undermine
National Security, Pentagon Chief Says

Dry Bulk Shipping Rates Hit $80,000 Per Day
As Buyers Scramble For Coal

ECB Already Preparing Next QE To
Address 'Market Turmoil' When
Emergency QE Ends Next Year

This Gold Bull Market Has Years To Run

DOJ In Launch Of National Crypto Enforcement
Team As FDIC Mulls Insuring Stablecoins

Missouri Becomes Latest US State to Defy
Biden's Plan to Monitor Transactions of Over $600


No unvaccinated guests for Thanksgiving
...Infectious disease experts warn Canadians

German Press Conference on Post-vax
Deaths Censored

More Evidence that Natural Immunity
Beats Vaccine-Induced Immunity

New Lancet Study Confirms Plummeting
Vaccine Effectiveness

Sweden halts use of Moderna's Covid Vax for
younger adults amid concerns over 'rare' heart
inflammation 'side-effect' (It's Catastrophic!)

'I've Caught COVID Twice But Won't Get Vaxed'
Social Media Furore Over Ireland Star's Remarks

Lockdowns Left 12,000 Women With
Undiagnosed Breast Cancer in the UK Alone

Without Lockdowns, Sweden Had Fewer Excess
Deaths Than Most Of Europe

Millions of Britons wake up £1,040 a year poorer
as 'temporary' Universal Credit uplift removed,
while UK economy begs for workers

UKs Johnson says Britain embarking on new
economic direction as nation hit by rising
fuel prices and labour shortages


Rumors Swirl About Source Of Pandora Papers

Why Pandora Papers Look Like a Distraction
From the West's Acute Problems

Pandora Papers - Queen's Lawyers Acted for
Politician Accused of Looting State Billions
From Nigeria

COVID deaths significantly higher among
vaxed individuals in Scotland

UAE Authorizes Russian Sputnik Light as
Stand-Alone Vaccine, Booster Shot - RDIF

EC made a mistake switching from long-term
gas contracts to spot trading, Putin says

With Europe In Chaos, Putin Says Russia
Ready To Help Stabilize Gas Market

Putin urges Gazprom to continue fulfilling
commitments on gas supplies via Ukraine

Hasty, politically charged steps in energy
sector are unacceptable, Putin says

Frigate Admiral Grigorovich conducts
artillery firing in Black Sea


Attack robots were used during Zapad-2021
exercise first time — Shoigu

US is only country in the world still hanging
on to chemical weapons, Russia says, after
Washington unveils 'Novichok' questions

US senators want to boot out 300 Russian
diplomats over embassy row, but Moscow
says it doesn't even have that many in DC

NATO to expel eight Russian diplomats,
allegedly over claims of 'undisclosed espionage'
at military bloc's Brussel headquarters

America & 44 other countries demand urgent
answers from Moscow over 'attempted assassination'
of jailed opposition figure Navalny

US Trying to Set Up Presence Near Afghanistan
Under Pretext of Fighting Terror, Russia Says

Russia working to extinguish Western
stoked political strife - lawmaker

China warns World War Three could be
triggered 'at any time'

Beijing 'fully able' to invade Taiwan by 2025
...island's defense minister says

Taiwan defense minister says tensions with
China have hit 40 year high


South Korea to start Covid-19 vaccination of
pregnant women as part of push to inoculate
80% of adults by end of October

China Says Bigger Energy Supplies
From Russia Mitigate Electricity Issues

12th annual Ugliest Building in China' Competition

Australians Being Mandated To Provide Police
With Geo-Trackable Selfies To Prove They're

Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake Kills At Least
15 People & Injures Hundreds in Pakistan

Kuwaiti Nails Absurdity Of The Covid Charade
And Bizarre Mindset Of Those Who Fell For It

Russia Hopes Iran Will Soon Ratify Convention
on Caspian Sea - Lavrov

Blinken Told Lavrov Return to JCPOA
Deal With Iran to Become Pointless Soon

Iranian General Captured & Interrogated During
Mossad's Intel Gathering Op in Syria - Media

Iran has concerns about 'terrorists & zionists'
on its northern border – foreign minister


Rising tensions between Azerbaijan and Iran spark
fears of a conflict that would be an Israeli-US proxy
war against Tehran

Rural Afghans -'Everyone Here Hated Americans'

Children who Remember Past Lives

Death and Psychedelics

Bombshell Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others
Planned for a 'Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine' Which
Became the 'COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine' Because
People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

Where is the Biden Executive Order
Mandating the Vaccine? Does it Exist?

Sen. Lindsey Graham Booed After Telling
Fundraiser Attendees to 'Think About' Getting
COVID Kill Shot

Why Are People's Risk Perceptions So Skewed?

Sen Scott (R-FL) intros Bill to BLOCK interstate
travel checkpoints OBiden Regime is trying to set
up with Communist vax passport requirements

Fauci Flips Again - Christmas Is Back On
...For The Vaxed

Sex and the City actor calls non-vaxed people
'ignorant morons' Is dead five months after
potential Pfizer SuperCancer

mRNA Inventor Dr Robert Malone - The Vaxed
Humans Are The Real Danger And Threat

Senior Army flight surgeon warns pilots could
die in mid-flight from vaccine 'side effects'

Video Emerges of Fauci and HHS Plotting
To Stage Massive Health Scare Using 'New Virus'


Western Govts Have Proven Their Complicity
in the Destruction of their Own Peoples

Dr. Armin Koroknay Analyzes Vaxed Human Blood
How Can These People Still Be Alive? - Watch

The Vaxes Are 1,000% More Deadly
Than Covid - Vid

The Vaxes Are 1,000% Deadlier Than Covid

This Elitist Globalist Said It ALL In 1981

Legislation To Allow For Removal
Of Children From Home If Parents
Test Positive For 'Covid'

Devvy - 50 Governors Not Bothered by
Massive COVID Injection Deaths

VT With Highest Vax Rate Has Soaring 'Covid' Cases
...NOT 'Covid' They Are Dying From The VAX

Princess Ivanka was the 'brains' and Jerry was
Drunk with power in Trump White House

Kerry Tells French TV Biden 'Literally Not
Aware' Of International Spat


Hillary Sowed Dragon's Teeth by Peddling
Trump-Russia Hoax, Analyst Says

Opinions Of The Democrat Party Slide - Gallup

AG Garland Weaponizes DoJ Against Dissenting
Parents After School Board Association Pleas

Wayne Dupree - Nine months in, and the Biden
experiment has been such an abject failure that
we're a worldwide laughing stock

Sarah Silverman ridiculed for protesting against
'Jewface' in Hollywood despite previously
wearing blackface

From Restroom to Airport and Plane, Dem Sen
Sinema Hassled Over Opposition to Biden's
Spending Bill

Post COVID Injections - The Dead Don't Speak
...Those with Crippling Injuries Give Dire Warnings

My Son Is Dead, He Took the Vax - They're
Killing Us - Pastor Mourns After Son Died
One Day After Receiving Kill Shot

Large New York Health Care System Fires
1,400 Unvaccinated Workers

Healthy Young Mother Dies of Vax Blood Clot
...Then Twitter Censors Her Obituary


Amazing Polly - Pfizer's Inside Man

Pfizer Scientists Caught Admitting Pfizer is Evil
and Natural Immunity is Better than the Vax

Pfizer Says COVID Vaccine 'Safe' for Kids...But
Pfizer Has Lied About Kids and Drugs Before

Ted Nugent's Message For Those Who
Took The Shot - Video

Harvard researcher finds ZERO correlation
between vax rates and COVID cases globally

Pegasus creator NSO Group wants to
help UN regulate the spyware industry

Russian media watchdog to impose turnover
based fine on Facebook for the first time

No One Holding Zuckerberg Accountable
Facebook Whistleblower Tells Senate

Catastrophic Facebook crash proves time for
Russian internet sovereignty has come, Moscow
announces after 6-hour network outage

LA-Long Beach Container Port Operation Now In
Crisis Mode - Moving Toward 24-7 Operations


The OBiden Admin Comptroller Nominee is an
Arch Communist Who Wants to Abolish Banks

US trade deficit reaches record $73 Billion
amid ongoing spat with China

Bitcoin Tops $50,000 Erases China/SEC
FUD Losses

France's Main Unions Gather For Strike

While Everyone Cheers Soaring Wealth
America Social Order Disintegrates

New Vehicle Sales Plunge As Prices Soar
Amid Supply Chain Chaos, Chip Shortages
And Depleted Inventories

Copycat Govts - How the World Locked Down

Putin points to 'hysteria and mess' on
EU energy market

EU energy crisis is homemade, thanks to fixation
on climate change while ignoring other aspects

Legal Fight Erupts Over Nord Stream 2 As Europe
Energy Costs Soar Ahead Of Frigid Winter


Gas Futures in Europe Hit New All-Time High
of $1,450 Per 1,000 Cubic Meters

Gas Prices In Europe Are Now The
Equivalent Of $230 Oil

How Reliant Is Europe On Russian Gas

Toxic Graphene Oxide to be used for
Water Treatment in UK – Same Substance
Found in Covid-19 Kill Shots

Italian court sides with nurse wrongly
suspended for refusing COVID-19 Kill Shot

Four Men Arrested in France Over Plot to
Attack Vaccination Centers, Reports Say

Vax passports & travel restrictions will kill major
events, as this year's l'Arc de Triomphe flop shows

Vatican financial crimes trial adjourned after
prosecutors acknowledge weaknesses in
case against 10, including senior cardinal

'Veil of silence' let up to 330,000 children be
abused by clergy and lay members within
France's Catholic Church since 1950s

France threatens to cut power to UK's Channel
Islands in row over fishing licenses


France's political right is tearing itself apart and
could be handing unloved Macron the keys to
the Elysee for another four years

Sweden dishes out international arrest warrant
to catch suspect in Gothenburg blast case

Lawyer Seeks to Revert 400 Yr Old Witch Trials

BoJo Says 'Not Government's Job to Fix All of
UK's Problems', Told by BBC Journo to 'Stop Talking'

Gender pay gap results from women choosing
wrong degrees, heavily-criticized British report claims

Met Police chief orders review into 'standards
and culture' in the force after Wayne Couzens
convicted of kidnap, rape & murder

Sputnik Light suggested to Euro countries
as a booster

Russia's Sputnik V Vaccine Developer Hopes
to Receive WHO Approval Before 2022

Russian Film Crew Arrives at ISS to Make
First Feature Movie in Space

US & British Surveillance Planes Circle
Russia's Kaliningrad


Russian army to adopt new sniper rifle

China ridicules new report claiming Wuhan
Covid outbreak started earlier than reported

If France is such a good ally, why not give the
Aussie submarine deal back to Paris? Chinese
state media trolls US State Dept

Igan - Anyone For An October Surprise? - Vid

New Zealand Abandons Controversial
'Zero COVID' Policy

Australians who refuse covid vaccines will
'lose their freedoms' warns deputy premier

India Set to Take Delivery of S-400 Order by
December As China Plants Air Force At LAC

Car Runs Over Protesting Farmers in India

First-Hand Experience with the Harsh
Realities of Socialism in Venezuela

Bolivian police retreat after coca leaf farmers
storm market in La Paz


Cairo 'weeks' away from finalizing deal to
supply gas to Lebanon, minister says, as
Beirut's energy crisis rolls on

Cuban-Iranian 'PastoCoVac' jab added to
Tehran's vaccine arsenal after approval for kids

Unidentified Gunmen Storm Sikh Shrine
In Kabul, Taliban Denies Responsibility

Taliban arrests 11 ISIS members in Kabul
after explosion outside mosque

Nigerians Receive Payments for Children
Who Died in Drug Trial

Blasphemous pastors preach COVID Kill Shots
As God's healing power - Incredible

Vax researcher James Grundvig blows the
lid on the CRIMINAL FRAUD of the CDC

Global warming - Nobel Prize in Physics
has become a joke, too

Trash Can Eats Crocodile

New Moon October 6, 2021 – Revenge


The People Who Can Hear the Northern Lights

How to send letters for 2 cents

River of Lava grows LARGER after Cumbre Vieja
crater collapses and causes spectacular explosions

Tenpenny - Whistle Says Nearly 200,000 Died
Within One Week Of The Pfizer Shot - We Say
The Total To Date Is Over One Million

Stunning Photos Of What's In The Pfizer Vax
What The Hell Are All These Things?

New Covid-19 Bioweapons will be necessary by
mid-2022 to combat 'next generation' of virus
strains, BioNTech CEO says - What Bullshit!

Rand Paul Warns Health Authoritarians 'Are
Hysterical About The Unvaxed'

Fiend Fauci Isn't Sure You Can Gather For Xmas
But Is Sure You Must Give Up Your Individual Rights

Biden Will Visit Chicago on Thursday to
Highlight COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements

'Creepy' video of teacher singing pro-mask
song to face-covered toddlers sparks fury

Project Veritas records Pfizer scientists
break NDAs and discuss how much better natural
immunity is than vaccine - Watch

Worst CA oil spill in decades KILLING wildlife,
has shut down Huntington Beach And could take
MONTHS to clean up


Two Scientists Who Discovered How To Modify mRNA
So It Can Override The Cell's Defenses - The Ultimate
BioWeapon - Miss First Of Two Chances For Nobel

Pandemic Baby Has No Irises...The Eyes Are Black - Vid

One Month Old Baby Breastfeeds From Pfizer
Vaxed Mother Has Black Eyes, Skin Lesions
And Actual Holes In Its Body - Vax

Woman's Healthy Dad Gets Vax - Is Overrun With
Clots, Arm Amputated, Gets Double Pneumonia
And Congestive Heart Failure And Clot IN Heart
And Also Faces Amputation Of Both Legs - Video

Pfizer Vax Destroys 20 Year Old Girl

Look What Came Out Of A Recently VAXED
Patient's Lungs - String Of Attached Clots...
Still Think Those Shots Are A 'Vaccine'?

Horrific Clots Come Out Of VAXED Dialysis
Patient When Tubes Are Removed

Dr Who Has Been Analyzing Blood For 30 yrs
Shocked By Viewing Vaxed Blood - Start 4:00

UK Cats Dying Despite Food Recall - 9-5-21

Cats Facing Serious Stress Due to Increased
Attention from Owners - 9-3-21


Obit For 37 Year Old Mother, Killed By Vax

Twitter labels obituary 'misleading' as woman dies
of 'rare' Covid 'vaccine-induced' reaction

Don't Believe Shedding Is Real? LOOK!
Live Blood Analysis - Virtually Destroyed Blood
From Simply Being Around Vaxed People

'Medical Analyst' Karen Kingston...Unvaxed
at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter

Dr Sean Brooks - Getting Vaxed Will Cause Your Death

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Updated Warning

Jewish immigrant leading Pfizer's vax charge
....hopes the US stays a melting pot

Plaque Protocol - Removing BioFilms
From The Body

It's All Rigged! CDC Allows Hospitals to Classify
'Fully Vaccinated' Deaths As 'Unvaccinated'

Human Immune System Annihilation By Vax - Video


Vax Passport Slovenia Says Family of Woman Who
Died After Jab Can't Sue Because Vax Is Voluntary

Athletes who get Covid jab will be allowed not
to quarantine at Winter Olympics, organizers say

Data of Over 1.5 Billion Facebook Users
Reportedly Being Sold on Hacker Forum
Amid Worldwide Outage

Russian publishers ask authorities to punish
Facebook after Instagram ignores demands
to delete mass amounts of pirated content

Google summoned for inquiry into alleged interference
in Russian elections, US tech giant will be warned

Why is the Deep State Attacking Facebook?

Massive Outage At Facebook Instagram.
WhatsApp and Messenger

Facebook And Instagram Back Online
After Longest Worldwide Outage Ever
Zuckerberg Loses $6 Billion During Outage

Idiot Grim Greta tries to merge COVID & Climate
'Today up to 75% of all emerging diseases come
from animals' - Good Grief

Prying Space Eye? New US Military Branch
Gets Its Own Intelligence Wing


Gas prices plummeting on Nord Stream 2
gas filling news

'Legal squiggles' could delay start of Nord Stream 2
gas pipeline operation, Russian officials warn, as
EU energy crisis deepens

Electricity Bills In Italy Rise By Almost
30 Percent From Friday

Johnson to Announce This Week That UK Will
Aim for 100% Renewable Energy by 2035

Oil Spikes To Highest Since 2014 After OPEC+
JMMC Reccs $400,000 Output Increase

Biden Warns Not Raising Debt Ceiling
Would Threaten Reserve Status of US Dollar

Biden Trade Rep Vows To Chart 'New Course'
On Trade With China While Copying Trump

Global Supply Chain Crisis To Last Until 2023
Says Middle East's Largest Port Operator

CIA behind the leak of the Pandora Papers, given
their curious lack of focus on US nationals?

Sceptics note no US officials names in much-hyped
Pandora Papers, question if leak will tackle corruption


Kremlin Says Pandora Papers Show US is Largest
Tax Haven Despite Vows to Fight Money Laundering

Absolutely no evidence in Pandora papers leak to back
up assertions about 'hidden riches of Putin's inner circle'

Pandora papers just another tool for the West
to interfere in developing countries, says Chinese
state media boss

White House 'Looking at' Pandora Papers Leak

Sunak Vows Probe Into Pandora Papers Data Leak
as He Denies Profit From Offshore Schemes

Silicon Metal's 300% Price Surge Throws
Another Wrench In Global Supply Chains

EU drugs regulator backs 3rd dose of Pfizer & Moderna
Covid-19 jabs for people with weak immune systems
a month after 2nd shot - More Mass Murder, Insanity

Marseille & southern France hit by severe flooding
as heavy rainfall set to continue, citizens urged
to stay home - Videos

Angry London Drivers Drag Climate
Activists off Road to Clear Traffic Jam

Dozens of environmental activists block
Shell's oil refinery in Netherlands in protest
over 'greenwashing' ads - Photos


British Army Begins Deliveries To Ease Fuel Crisis

UK Pharmacies Seeing Less Medicine
Deliveries Due to Fuel Crisis, Pharmacy
Association Says

Furious Farmers Protest at Conservative Conference
Over Boris' 'Pigs Die' Comment in TV Interview

Panic Buying 2.0 - Sales of Frozen Turkeys
Skyrocket in UK as Brits Brace for 'Nightmare'

Staff Shortages Spread to Almost All Parts
of UK Economy, Report Says

Three Women Attacked With a Hammer After Sexual
Assaults in Famous Street in Central London

Almost 1,000 UK cops investigated for sharing offensive
material & even explicit photos on social media since 2015

Coronavirus figures on the rise in 67 Russian
regions, says watchdog chief

Siberia set for extreme winter deep freeze,
Russian experts predict, as Europe faces
energy shortages with cooler weather on way

Russian Navy successfully fires Zircon anti-ship
hypersonic cruise missile from nuclear submarine
for first time ever


Kremlin Believes Putin, Zelensky Unlikely to
Meet in 2021

Preparations underway for face-to-face Putin-Armenian
PM Pashinyan meeting — Kremlin spokesman

Clash in the Caucasus - As Georgia's EU
dream crashes on the rocks, bombastic
Saakashvili's return has been a non-event

China Placed Massive Order For PCR Tests

China Plans to Build Special Site for Weekly
Launch of Long March 8 Rockets

US Warns China's Actions 'Increase The Rise Of A
Miscalculation' As Taiwan Urges 'Help' From Allies

Taiwan Informs Australia It's 'Preparing For War'
As China Sends Record 52 PLA Jets Toward Island

Taiwan Scrambles Jets After 52 Chinese Military
Aircraft Fly Near Its Airspace

Japan's New PM Accuses China of Trying to
Change Status Quo With Force 'in Some Areas'

Australian woman has 3 brain surgeries, five
seizures, stroke after first AZ Shot, Says She
will take Pfizer for second shot - SUICIDE


Australia's Taxation Office to Examine Pandora
Papers for Possible Misconduct by Citizens

New Zealand to phase out 'zero Covid' strategy
due to vaccination & difficulties with Delta variant

Indian Government to Investigate Cases
Revealed in Pandora Papers

'Either We Have Freedom or We Don't' - Bolsonaro
Rails Against Provincial Vaccine Passports

Chile's Presidency Refutes Pandora Papers
Accusations Against Pinera

Iran Denies Claims It Targets Israeli
Businesspeople in Cyprus

Turkish Navy Prevents Malta-Flagged Boat
From Drilling in Mediterranean

Lavrov - Moscow hopes Turkey will be guided
by respect for Syria's sovereignty

Syrian President and Jordan's King Speak
for the First Time in a Decade

Russian Diplomat Says US, Allies Should
Take on Bulk of Humanitarian Aid for Afghanistan


Taliban wipes out Islamic State cell in Kabul
after fatal bombing at mosque during prayers
for top official's mother

'Back to Dark Ages': Kabul Reportedly Faces
Blackout Due to Taliban's Failure to Pay Bills

UFO Flies Right Over Cumbre Vieja? - Watch

Cumbre Vieja Becoming Increasingly
Violent - Concerns Rise Of Massive Blast

Cumbre Vieja Lights Up the Night – Astronaut
Photo Captures Volcanic Eruption From Space

La Palma Volcano blows open TWO new fissures
And Pours More Lava Into The Atlantic - This May
Blow Up Like Mt St Helens Did - Awesome Photos

A massive subterranean 'Tree' is moving
magma to Earth's surface

Cumbre Vieja Melts Water Pipes To 3,000
Nearly 900 Buildings Destroyed - Roars On...

Watch Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update
...New Fissures Erupt

Fauci - It's 'Too Soon' To Say If Families Can
Gather For Christmas - Satanic Evil

Important - Dr Carrie Madej In Newest Interview On
What She Saw IN Moderna Vax Under Microscope
Including Immortal LIVING Hydra Being Injected In
Human Being - This Is Monstrously, Satanically Evil

Ardis - Documents You MUST Have To Save Yourself
From Covid Death In A Hospital - Showing NIH Allows
The Use Of Ivermectin For Covid - Start At 6:10


Here is the NIH.gov Remdesivir-Ivermectin Table
Showing Ivermectin Is Fully Allowable To Treat All
Covid Cases In US Hospitals
Print This Out And Take To The Hospital!

CMS.gov Chart Shows How Hospitals Are Being
Paid-Bribed To Use Deadly Remdesivir On People
And Get $39,000 For Putting A Patient On A Vent!
Print This Out And Take To The Hospital!

DoD data proves covid vaccines WORSEN
infections and hospitalizations

Federal Govt Ordered Vax Exemptions
That Will Astound You - Video

'Medical Analyst' Karen Kingston...Unvaxed
at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter

Brazilian President Bolsonaro - Vax Passports
Are All About Population Control

Atty Thomas Renz - Vax Injuries and Deaths
Far More Widespread Than Reporte

Oz Horror Corruption - Clive Palmer Tells World
(NSW Governor) Gladys Berejiklian Is Run By
Lobbyists Paid 10s Of Millions Of Dollars By AZ
And Pfizer To Shape, Drive Official NSW Policy

Have Vaxes Created Asymptomatic Superspreaders?

J&J Vaccine Possibly Linked To Two More Serious
Health Conditions, EU Regulator Finds


Senate considers bill to require vaccinations
or testing for all US domestic flights

Ted Cruz Blocking State Dept Nominees Over
Nord Stream 2 Causes 'Personnel Crisis' in
Biden Admin

$2 Million Raised for US Marine Officer Put
in Brig for Blasting Bungled Afghan Pullout

Store Mgr Says 'Never Seen Shelves So Empty...
And We've Been Told It's Only Going To Get Worse'

Guess What Happened to This Hotel After It Allowed
150 Afghan Refugees To Stay

Last Paragraph of Dr John Coleman's 1990's Book
'The Rothschild Dynasty' - We need counterforce now...

'NonCompliant' - A Movie By Krisanne Hall

AI-powered DoD data analysis Shatters official
vaccine narrative, shows ADE accelerating in
the fully-vaxed with each passing week

Afghan war vet with two heart conditions faces
dishonorable discharge for refusing Kill Shot

More Shocking truth about the experimental
covid Vax from a frontline doctor


New Face Mask For Travel Claims Embedded
Zinc In Fabric Makes Significant Difference

Your children are at much greater risk
because most doctors are liars

Forced Vaccination (Genocide) Was Always
the End Game

Creator of Ivermectin To Release COVID Pill
With Seemingly Similar Mechanisms

Deaths Among Teenagers Up 56% Since
Vaccine Roll Out Began

More Evidence That Vitamin D Protects Against
Severe COVID-19 Disease and Death

Antifa Plotting To Assassinate 53
Conservative Politicians

Dr Sean Brook At SW Ohio School Board
'Taking The Vax Will Cause Your Death'

Skunk Works chief refuses to comment on video
of Advanced flying saucer style craft - Look

Effects of UFO Sightings on
National Security


Boomerang-Shaped UFO Reported Over
Sydney, Lights Up Social Media - Video

Former Pentagon UFO Official To Reveal
Shocking Never-Before-Shared Details

Lawmaker On A Mission To Compel
Pentagon To Take UFOs Seriously

Store Manager Warns ANP - We Have
Been Told Its Only Going To Get Worse

Cargo ships anchored near LA & NY Face A
4 Week Delay To Dock, Raising More Fears
About Global Supply Chain Shortages

Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark As Energy
Crisis Worsens; Food Inflation Fears Mount
For Europe

UK Touts New Cyber Warfare Center
to Stage 'Offensive Attacks'

Europe After Merkel - Is Atlantic Era Over?

This week's elections could pave way for
Prague to Czech out of EU

Former Dutch National Team Footballer
Sentenced for Threatening Prime Minister


'Most absolute of evils' - Investigation
estimates up to 3,200 pedophile priests
in French Catholic Church since 1950

Polish MPs Demand Warsaw Condemns Australia's
Insane Asylum Regime

Thousands Gather in Amsterdam to
Protest COVID-19 Restrictions - Videos

If you think obesity is a problem in the UK
now, just wait another 20 yrs

1 in 4 Brits give up on NHS non-emergency
calls due to long queues caused by staff shortages

Kemp - Europe's Rising Energy
Prices Will Force Factory Closures

German Power Plant Halted After It Runs Out Of Coal

'Running Out Of Space' - UK Farmers
To Cull 120,000 Pigs Amid Labor Shortages
At Slaughterhouses

UK automobile production drops by
over a quarter due to chip shortage

Russia documents 890 coronavirus deaths
in 24 hours, sets new record


Kiev seeking to hide disproportionate ambitions
behind insolent policy - Russian dilpomat

Ukraine's Zelensky 'Ready' to Meet Putin

Zelensky has yet to decide to run for
second presidential term

Belarus' opposition wanted the country to turn
towards the West. Instead, Minsk is more
dependent on Russia than ever before

Russia Bans Scientology As A Threat
To National Security

China air force sends 77 warplanes into Taiwan
defense zone over two days, Taipei says

245 days and counting - Melbourne surpasses
Buenos Aires and sets world record for most time
spent in lockdown

Australian Open May Make Vaccination Mandatory
for Tennis Players, Reports Say

New Zealand to Require Full Vaccination
for Foreign Visitors Starting November

Rockefeller Chief In Melbourne and The
Dan Andrews led Globalist Coup


Protests Hit Israeli Streets as Tel Aviv
Tightens COVID Pass Requirements

Israel delays Covid Green Pass update after
Health Ministry's system crashes under
massive traffic

Turkey Plans to Counter Drilling of Hydrocarbon
Resources Off Cyprus, Foreign Ministry Says

US-abandoned Bagram base reportedly
operational for first time in two months,
as rumors swirl of Chinese military presence

At least two killed, three injured in blast outside
Kabul mosque during funeral ceremony for top
Taliban official's mother

Saudi Arabia Says in 'Robust Dialogue' With
US to End War in Yemen

Oman Speeds Up Evacuation From Muscat
Ahead of Cyclone Shaheen Landfall

PM of Central African Republic Denies
Rumors About Hiring Russian Private
Security Firms

Algeria bans French military aircraft from
its airspace amid diplomatic row with Paris

Wake Up or Let Them Screw You (song parody video)


Victoria's Secret Karen Demands Not
To Be Recorded...Has BreakDOWN - Video

Kenny Copeland Lays Judgement On Covid-19!

La Palma Volcano blows open TWO new fissures
And Pours More Lava Into The Atlantic - This May
Blow Up Like Mt St Helens Did - Awesome Photos

Cumbre Vieja Melts Water Pipes To 3,000
Nearly 900 Buildings Destroyed - Roars On...

Watch Kilauea Volcano Eruption Update
...New Fissures Erupt

Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate
humanity, and the vectors of attack against human
beings include mass vaxed genocide, engineered
food supply collapse leading to mass starvation

The Booster Shot Hoax Will Cause Mass Death
Don't Even Think About Getting One...Watch

AI-powered DoD data analysis Shatters official
vaccine narrative, shows ADE accelerating in
the fully-vaxed with each passing week

More Shocking truth about the experimental
covid Vax from a frontline doctor

Cargo ships anchored near LA & NY Face A
4 Week Delay To Dock, Raising More Fears
About Global Supply Chain Shortages

Federal Govt Ordered Vax Exemptions
That Will Astound You - Video

'Medical Analyst' Karen Kingston...Unvaxed
at Risk from Vaxed in Coming Dark Winter


CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Admits COVID
Vaxes Cannot 'Prevent Transmission'

Videos Of 'Black Eye' Babies Being Born 9
Months After Mothers Took The Covid Kill Shots

Nurse Talks About Vax Black Eyed Baby

Rand Paul Exposes HHS Secretary
Xavier Becerra - Watch

National School Boards Assn Petition Biden To
Label Parents Objecting School Indoctrination
As Domestic Terrorists!

The Untold History of Obama and the CIA

New Face Mask For Travel Claims Embedded
Zinc In Fabric Makes Significant Difference

Your children are at much greater risk
because most doctors are liars

Forced Vaccination (Genocide) Was Always
the End Game

Skunk Works chief refuses to comment on video
of Advanced flying saucer style craft - Look


Effects of UFO Sightings on
National Security

Boomerang-Shaped UFO Reported Over
Sydney, Lights Up Social Media - Video

Former Pentagon UFO Official To Reveal
Shocking Never-Before-Shared Details

Lawmaker On A Mission To Compel
Pentagon To Take UFOs Seriously

Banks Around World Are Suffering Big IT
Outages Leaving Millions of Customers in
Lurch At Worst Possible Time

Dutch Greenhouses Go Dark As Energy
Crisis Worsens; Food Inflation Fears Mount
For Europe

China flies 25 military jets into Taiwan airspace
sparking WW3 fears over disputed territory

Rockefeller Chief In Melbourne and The
Dan Andrews led Globalist Coup

Australian Governor (Premier) first one to fall
...Who's Next?

Victoria's Secret Karen Demands Not
To Be Recorded...Has BreakDOWN - Video


Kenny Copeland Lays Judgement On Covid-19!

Canary Islands Lava Delta In Atlantic Reaches
Size of Over 20 Football Fields

Major vent opens at La Palma volcano,
prompting fears of further destruction - Video

Dianne Feinstein Introduces Bill To Require
COVID Vaccination In Order To Fly Domestically

Merck Releasing 'Phenomenal' Test Results
For Experimental COVID Pill

'It Really Is THAT Good' - Wall St Reacts
To Merck's 'Big Deal' Drug

Mystery rise in heart attacks from
blocked arteries - MSM desperately
trying to cover up deadly side effects
of the C19 lethal injection

Dr. Matthews - 'Those who die from COVID
are Vitamin D3 deficient'

Joe Rogan Claims Biden Faked Getting
a Booster Dose of COVID Vax

Watch - Rand Paul Blasts Biden Health Secretary
'This Is Arrogance Coupled With Authoritarianism
That Is Totally Un-American'

NYC Teachers File Emergency Request
With Supreme Court To Block COVID Vaccine


California Becomes First State To Require
Students Be Vaxed To Attend School

'I think My Son's Crush Is From an Anti-Vax
Family - Should I Drive Them Apart?'

US Education Secretary Touts Mask Study
...Gets Rebuked by Author of the Study

A New Water Source That Could Make
Drought a Thing of the Past

Setting The Record Straight - Watch

Five Texas Cops Sue Tesla For $20 Million
Claiming They Were 'Badly Injured' By Vehicle
On Autopilot

As the tech giant admits targeting kids as
young as four, it's time for a grown-up
discussion about Facebook and children

White House Economic Adviser Admits Higher
Inflation Likely To Stick Around Longer

Ron Paul - Economic Truth Will 'Reassert
Itself With Vengeance'

Congratulations Poverty, for Winning the War
on Poverty

In Welcome News For Cryptos, OBiden
Admin Seeks To Regulate Stablecoin
Issuers As Banks


UK Government Seeks to Return to Pre-Brexit
Energy Trade With EU As Domestic Prices Soar

15 Million UK Households Hit by Record High
Rise in Energy Bills

UK Industry Minister Blames Fuel Crisis on
Bosses Yearning for Pre-Brexit Low Wages

UK Trucker Shortage Will Inflate Prices
Of Goods Ahead Of Christmas

Shortage of Butchers Threatens UK
Christmas Meat Supply, Industry Says

26% of UK Filling Stations Are Dry, Petrol
Retailers Association Says

Climate Protest Takes Place in Milan With
Grim Greta Thunberg Expected to Join

Insulate Britain Climate Activists Disrupt Traffic
Blocking M1 and M4 Highways - Videos

European Gas Markets Attractive to American
Producers as Prices at Record Highs

Gazprom has not violated contract by
halting gas transit to Hungary


Apart From Hungary, Gazprom Begins to
Supply Gas Via TurkStream to Croatia

With blackouts looming, German government holds
disaster preparation day, promotes 'cooking without

German energy giant Uniper not expecting Nord
Stream 2 to help Europe in coming winter

European Gas Hits A Record 100 Euros As
Russian Gas Flows Collapse By 77%

Germany Should Postpone Exit From Nuclear
Power, Letter From Prominent Professors
And Environmentalists Argues

EU inflation jumps to 13 yr high in September
driven mainly by surge in energy prices and record
shattering cost of natural gas

Afghan refugee given 30 months in jail,
only a third mandatory, after sexual abuse
of 7 year old in scandal that shocked Austria

Immigrants Overrepresented in Sex Crime
Stats, Finnish Govt Finds (What A Surprise)

Former French police officer confesses in
suicide note to being notorious serial killer
Achild rapist

Met Police advises public to challenge plain-clothes
officers after Wayne Couzens used police ID to
abduct Sarah Everard


Kiev fuming as Russia begins pumping natural
gas to Hungary bypassing Ukraine

Russia can cut Ukraine out of new gas deal,
Kiev's energy czar says, as long as Moscow
keeps handing over cash for transit rights

Poseidon drone carrier Belgorod submarine
to complete state trials this year — shipyard

Russia to Not Repeat Its Offer to
US to Freeze Nuclear Assets

Russia developing exoskeletons,
wearable robotics & unmanned aerial
vehicles as part of Armed Forces 'future
soldier' program

US should demonstrate commitment to equal
dialogue with Russia — senior diplomat

New Italian ambassador hails Russia as
major economic partner

Russian Justice Ministry lists two Scientology
organizations, ENEMO as undesirable

Romanov romance - Russia holds first royal
marriage in more than a century as relative
of murdered tsar ties knot in St. Petersburg

Russian Security Service Foils Daesh Terror
Attack on Law Enforcement Officers in N. Caucasus


PACE tells Belarus to 'stop instrumentalization
of situation with migrants

North Korea Fires 2nd Missile In Under A Week
Just Ahead Of Friday UN Security Council Meeting

Kim Jong-un's Sister Has Been Promoted
to N Korea's Top Ruling Body

Taiwan reports incursion by Chinese air force
as Beijing celebrates PRC's 72nd anniversary

Over 350 Flights Cancelled at Tokyo's Haneda
Airport as Typhoon Mindulle Approaches

No, China's Belt & Road Initiative is not falling apart,
this is just US propaganda, right on cue as Congress

EU Eyes $2 Billion in Investments to Become
Independent From Chinese Raw Materials

Oz indigenous elder receives second Pfizer Shot
during televised event, dead six days later

Venezuela Rolls Out New Currency, Eliminating
Six Zeroes From Previous One

Latest Geological Map Of The La Palma Volcano
Crack And Potential Dive Into The Atlantic

Atty Renz Proves Vaxed Get Ivermectin But The
Unvaxed Are Put On Remdesivir To Kill Them

Dr Carrie Madej - First US Lab Examines
'Vaccine' Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

Vaxed? Tom Brady Sounds, Looks Extremely
Sick And He Doesn't Know Why - Watch

Tom Brady Was Vaxed

'Hope Black People Die' Graffiti That Led to
School Protest Painted by A BLACK Student

Joe Biden's Booster Jab Was 100% Faked
...Fox News Confirms!

ABC Cuts Obama's Critique of 'Open Borders'
From TV Interview, Airs Criticism of GOP Instead

McConnell Signals GOP Support To Avoid
Government Shutdown - Pelosi Pushes
Ahead With Infrastructure Vote

Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan has begun
to prepare for potential US default - More BS


Tax The Rich Mantra Is Rooted In Sociology
Not Economics

AOC not a socialist, but a political actress
whose performative theatrics & tears are
trying to keep the dying Democrats alive

TX Conducting Audit Of 2020 Election Results

Devvy - AZ Gov Ducey...You Don't Know
What You're Talking About

the 1st babies born To of the vaxed moms are
having serious problems

The Masses Are Complicit In Their
Own Demise...Mass Suicide

NBA Will Withhold Pay For Unvaxed Players

Ex-CIA chief's call to prosecute sources who
outed alleged plot to target Assange 'Confirms'
story, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief says

CENTCOM Chief Blames Trump for Afghan
Army's Total Collapse

Parents in California Seek Legal Ban Against
Prayers to Aztec Gods in Public Schools


We Will Not Comply: Red States Should Offer
Sanctuary To Businesses Military & Medical Personnel

Remain in Mexico Policy gets
Supreme Court win

Marine who saved baby from Kabul airport
under investigation after Joining Trump rally

CDC issues health advisory telling 'pregnant people'
to trust 'science', get Deadly Vax And Kill Unborn

'If you get the Pfizer vax, you're more likely
to get COVID' - Industry analyst flags FDA study

50,000 Humans Died Within 14 Days After
Getting COVID Vax Says Whistleblower

Full lethally injected Man, 42, suffers kill shot
'side effects' heart attack and deadly lung clots

The 'Mu Variant' Is Magically Eradicated!

If YouTube's block of RT's German channels
is about 'misinformation', when will MSNBC
And CNN be banned for Russiagate BS?

Smith & Wesson Ditches Massachusetts Over
Pending Legislation, Moves HQ To TN


Poland 'illegally' refused entry to asylum seekers
at border with Belarus, stranding them without
food, water & shelter – Amnesty

Former French president Sarkozy sentenced
to one year jail term over illegally financing 2012
election campaign

EU could revise visa-free travel scheme with
Ukraine, Moldova & Georgia over abuses
such as unfounded asylum claims

Finnish Arm of Extinction Rebellion Begins 10
Day Protest by Blocking Helsinki's Main Artery

England Has Higher University Tuition
Fees Than US

UK ex-cop Wayne Couzens handed rare
WHOLE-LIFE sentence for false arrest,
kidnap, rape & murder of Sarah Everard

Politico Reporter Narcs On Family Of
Fallen Marine For No-Mask Tour Of Capitol

Western fears over Balkan states could
spell the end of the EU's dream of an
ever-expanding empire

Russia, Kazakhstan sign 13 documents during
interregional forum, says president

US military equipment shipments to Moldova
complicate Transnistrian settlement


Serbia inks deal with breakaway Kosovo
region to end spat that featured jet flyovers
and tanks at border

Russia puts Bellingcat partner Dobrokhotov
on wanted list: Journalist is accused of illegally
crossing state border into Ukraine

Russian cybersecurity firm boss arrested on
'high treason' charges in secret police raid after
allegedly spying for foreign nation

N Korea Orders Hotline to S Korea Restored
...Refuses to Talk with US

IRGC Issues Veiled Warning to Azerbaijan,
Says Tehran Won't Tolerate Israeli Presence
Near Borders

Ethiopia expels 7 UN representatives for
'meddling', gives them 72 hours to leave

Palestinian woman killed by Israeli police after
attempted knife attack near Al-Aqsa mosque

IRGC Issues Veiled Warning to Azerbaijan,
Says Tehran Won't Tolerate Israeli Presence
Near Borders

War In Syria Heating Up Again, Prompting
Tense Putin-Erdogan Summit

Putin, Erdogan agree terrorists must be
pushed from Syria's Idlib completely


Putin, Erdogan discuss Akkuyu NPP
and constructing new units — Kremlin

Erdogan Reveals Why Turkey Bought
Russia's S-400 Missile Systems
Instead of American Patriots

Erdogan Announces Possible Cooperation
With Russia on Military Planes, Engines

Ethiopia expels 7 UN representatives for
'meddling', gives them 72 hours to leave

Close Up Video Of Toxic Gases Being Created
By Cumbre Vieja Lava Pouring Into The Sea

Live - La Palma Volcano Eruption Even
Hotter Than Last Night - Spectacular

Unvaccinated Students Told To Wear Different
Colored Wristbands So They Can Be Identified

An NBA Star & New York's Governor Show
Liberal COVID Discourse Is Devoid Of Science

COVID Propaganda Roundup - The 'Experts Say'

YouTube bans ALL anti-vax videos ramping up
Ruthless Communist Style censorship campaign

Clif High 'Future Predictions And Living
Within The Woo'

Gosh, big news - Noem Is Sleeping With

Senate Will Vote To Avert Shutdown - Pelosi
Reschedules Infrastructure Vote After Progressives
Refuse To Budge

Fact-Checkers Replaced By Unicorns After
Biden Tweets 'My Build Back Better Agenda
Costs Zero Dollars'


Homeless People Missing In SLC - Where Are
They Going ???

Pelosi Confuses Biden With Obama as
She Pushes for 'Build Back Better' Plan

Biden Agrees With Obama That 'Open
Borders Are Unsustainable' - Psaki

DHS Said Everything Was Fine at Capitol
30+ Minutes Into Storming

Horrific Clots Come Out Of VAXED
Dialysis Patient When Tubes Are Removed
Exclusive to Rense.com

The failure of the Climate Warming cabal

Dollar Tree breaks the $1 barrier
as inflation costs take a bite

Scotland Decriminalizes Possession Of
Heroin, LSD, MDMA And Shrooms

Moderna's Troubled Past

Artificial intelligence Largely Produced
Video News Story - Watch


CNN denies Australians access to its Facebook
pages, citing defamation risk after court says
publishers responsible for comments

YouTube could face total BAN in Russia if tech giant
doesn't unblock RT's German-language channels,
Moscow's media regulator warns

Berlin rejects Moscow's accusation of involvement
in YouTube ban of RT's German-language channels

RT's German YouTube channel became popular by
being better, banning it goes against free market

Jacinda's Fakebook Post Backfires - 30,000
Comments Expose Vax Injury and Deaths

YouTube (Google) Bans Robert F Kennedy Jr
And Joseph Mercola For Vax 'Misinformation'

(Big pharma PR firm) YouTube is banning
prominent anti-vax injection activists
And blocking all lethal injection truth

If YouTube Wants to Ban Vax 'Misinformation'
It Needs To Start With These Govt Officials

Dollar Tree breaks the $1 barrier
as inflation costs take a bite

Debtpocalypse Now - Here's What Will Happen
if US Defaults on Its Mountain of Debt


Biden's Tax Plan Is a Middle-Class Death
Tax Dressed as a Capital Gains Tax on the Rich

Democrats Suggest Giving President,
Treasury Power To Raise Debt Limit

US Natgas Drops 7% On Warmer Forecasts
Largest One-Day Decline Since January

Gas Futures in Europe Hit New All-Time
High Above $1,050 Per 1,000 Cubic Meters

Slovenia suspends Johnson & Johnson
vaccine after young woman's death

Nearly a Quarter Million Brits Left in the
Lurch as Energy Suppliers Go Belly Up
Amid Gas Crunch

Long Lines Persist Amid Ongoing
Fuel Shortages in UK

Army to the Rescue - UK to Mobilize Soldiers in
'Couple of Days' to Drive Tankers Amid Fuel Crisis

UK Petrol Crisis May Last a Month Despite
'Tentative' Signs of Improvement, Claim
Industry Sources

Yes, Brexit has caused problems for crisis-hit
Britain, but the harm caused by lockdown has been
drastically greater


Grim Greta Thunberg Sparks Fury by Calling
UK 'One of Biggest Climate Villains'

Belgium pledges €10k to fund abortions abroad for
women in Poland unable to access terminations
after near-total ban

French Foreign Minister - Crisis in Paris-DC
Relations Serious, It Has Not Ended

'Finally, something BoJo can help with'
Post-Covid CLOWN SHORTAGE hits
Northern Ireland

It's time for action on illegal migrants before
the bodies start washing up on British shores

68% of Germans want CDU's chancellor candidate
Laschet to resign from all political posts after
election loss – YouGov poll

Mainstream media hails SPD success in German
election, but will the CIA be the ultimate winner?

European court annuls EU-Morocco trade
deals after challenge from Western Sahara secessionists

France furious after UK dishes out just
12 fishing licenses to all small EU boats

'They've really left us in a terrible position'
American Senator slams Biden as Pentagon
reveals US may use Russian bases in Asia


Moscow's Communists leave city parliament
meeting in protest as party continues crusade
against elections it believes were stolen

Russia 6-7 years ahead of entire world in
development of nuclear space energy - Putin

'Russia works on its own orbital station
despite possible extension of ISS service

Putin Praises Russian-Turkish Cooperation
on Libya, Syria, Other International Issues

China Is Blocking Its Airlines From Buying
'Tens Of Billions Of Dollars' In US Made
Boeing Airplanes

China's Evergrande to Sell $1.5 Billion in
Shengjing Bank Shares Amid Liquidity Issues

Alibaba to Ban Sale of Cryptocurrency
Mining Equipment on Its Platform

China's J-20 Stealth Fighters With Domestic
Engines Dazzle Crowd at Airshow China Opening

Russia considers North Korea's new hypersonic
missile launches provocation - diplomat

New 'Kim Disappearing Act'? DPRK Head
'Absent' During North Korea's 'Hypersonic
Missile Test'


Australia to end emergency Covid income
support as vaccine rates rise

New Zealand to abandon forcible removal of
'at risk' children after anger from Maori families

27 policewomen injured in clashes with
abortion rights activists in Mexico City

Jordan fully reopens main border crossing
with Syria, expects trade to begin recovering
after war And sanctions

Kamala Harris Under Fire For Nodding In
Affirmation As Student Accuses Israel Of
'Ethnic Genocide'

Iran Calls on Nuclear Powers to Scrap
Their Arsenals, Says Disarmament a
'Moral Responsibility'

Turkey's Erdogan in Sochi for talks with Putin on
Syria & Afghanistan after pledging closer ties with
Russia to fight terrorism

Taliban demands US respect Afghan airspace
after alleged drone incursions

Babylon Bee - Convicted Killer Sentenced
to Life in Australia

'Restless Anal Syndrome' Reported as Result
of COVID-19


Backlash as students reportedly told wearing
second-hand clothes can be 'example of white
privilege' in mandatory diversity test

New dystopian series 'Y - The Last Man' trades
drama and suspense for vacuous trans virtue

Campaigner's new book lays bare the battle
between feminists and the trans lobby that
demands natal males access women-only spaces

ACLU's rewriting of history shows just
how dangerous the insidious march of trans
ideology has become

We want to cancel you, Mr Bond: Both Left and
Right are out to get 007 before they've even seen
'No Time To Die'

New Video Of Cumbre Vieja Lava Pouring Into The Sea

Shimatsu - Biden-Jesuit Failed Coup Prompted
Haitian Fake 'Refugee' Mobs On Tex-Mex Border

Watch - Psaki Says It Doesn't Matter That
Border Patrol Didn't Really 'Whip' Migrants,
Actions Are Still Unacceptable

Cumbre Vieja Reaches The Sea - Big
Clouds Of Gases Rising Up From The Water

Cumbre Vieja Lava Pouring Into The Sea
Creating Huge, Rising Clouds Of Toxic Gases

LIVE - Cumbre Vieja Continues Erupting
Spain Declares Island A Disaster Zone

Devvy - Isn't It Time Someone Did This?

NIST Continues To Hide The Truth About Building 7

Is all the fuss over Tucker warning Dems are
carrying out 'great replacement theory' because
he's on to something?

Tense Exchange As Tom Cotton Asks
Gen. Milley - 'Why Haven't You Resigned?'

Milley Defends Promise To Tip Off China In
Case Of US Attack, Excuses Botched Afghan


Study Shows Massive Drop in Life Expectancy
Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Over 400,000 Americans Receive COVID 'Booster'
Shot During Weekend - Going…Going...

'It's A F*cking Kid!' - Johnson & Johnson Official
Says Children Shouldn't Get Vax Due To 'Unknown

Vaccine Production Facilities Should Be 'Kept Warm'
in Case Future Pandemic, BioNTech Says

Most Americans don't trust Biden and US govt
on Covid-19 information

Biden Admin Gives $1 Billion Boost to
1,300 Health Clinics Across US

'Disaster' Communist NY Gov Triggers State
Emergency To Replace Unvaxed Health Workers

Did Kathy Hochul Just Declare a State Religion?

With crime spiking in Portland, firefighters
are to be fitted for ballistic vests

Broadway show for 'black-identifying'
audiences only - And that's not racist?


The Total Destruction Of Our Current World
Order To Create An Autocratic Dream Hell
Is The Vision Of This Illuminati Think Tank

'Woke Agenda' Is 'Destroying' The US Military

Best School Freedom Speech - Watch Arrogant
San Diego County Supervisor Smirking

Wooldridge - This Is How Angry Most
Americans Feel Today

OBiden Gets devastating economic news

Fully Lethally-Injected MI couple dies 1 minute
apart from 'Covid' (The BioWeapons Killed Them)

AL schools facing unprecedented food shortage

Pathologists reveal astonishing results of
investigation into ten deaths linked to the
Covid-19 Vaccines

Dr Ron Paul - There's Never Been A
Successful Coronavirus Vaccine

'Normal Life' Won't Return Without Pfizer's Annual
COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters, CEO Bourla Says


Johnson and Johnson Employees Admit They
Would not Take the COVID-19 Shot Their Employer
Makes, nor Give it to Children

Whistleblower Lawsuit! 48,465 DEAD Following
COVID Shots - Remdesivir Drug has 25% Death Rate!

From 'healthcare heroes' to 2nd-class zeroes
NY hospitals sack their unvaxed employees as
police state jaws snap shut

United Airlines to Layoff 593 Employees for
Not Getting Vaccinated

Biden's Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining
Companies $70,000 To $700,000?

a great example of the CDC's real priorities

US Adults Estimates Of COVID Hospitalization
Risk Depends On Party, Vax Status

Russia's Gazprom-Media launches domestic
competitor to wildly popular Chinese video
sharing social network TikTok

Facebook Is Spending $50 Million to Build
Metaverse - 'Responsibly'

energy crunch is going to impact
you and your family


Covid Knocks More Than a Dozen F-35s Out
of Sky as Lockheed Martin Cuts Production

Yellen - Treasury Will Exhaust Measures on
18 Oct if Congress Doesn't Raise Debt Ceiling

Danger - UK Transport Minister Tells People Not
To Fill Up Water Bottles With Petrol Amid Crisis

Elon Musk Ranked Number One as he
Surpasses Jeff Bezos on Forbes Real Time
Billionaires List

Bezos Blue Origin Prepares For Next Human
Flight As UN Bashes 'Billionaires Joyriding To Space'

US Home Prices Jump Almost 20% in July for
Record Yearly Growth, S&P-Dow Indices Show

European Gas Prices Hit Escape Velocity After
Russian Gas Supplies Plunge By 57% Overnight

Gas prices in Europe surpass $1,000 per 1,000 cubic
meters first time in history

Requests for gas supplies to Europe met
in full, Gazprom says

Moscow ready to discuss Ukraine's resumption
of direct gas purchases if needed - Kremlin


JPMorgan Concludes That Delta Variant Was
'Less Infectious Than Feared' - TOTAL BS

Navy SEALs Told They're Undeployable If They
Don't Get A COVID-19 Vaccine - Lawyers

French Sanofi Gives Up mRNA COVID-19 Vax
Development Over Saturated Market

Brits unimpressed with Boris Johnson's plans
for 'galactic Britain' amid benefit cuts

Biden rejected alternative sites floated by
Israeli PM for reopening of US Jerusalem
consulate closed by Trump – reports

Marine Le Pen Promises Immigration
Referendum if She Becomes President in 2022

France makes 'drastic' decision to cull visas for
Maghreb nationals over region's refusal to 'take
back people that we don't want'

Student who egged French President Macron
during Lyon fair visit sent to psychiatric ward

Blast & fire at Gothenburg apartment block
likely caused by explosive device, gas leak
ruled out, police say

The Hague City Council Member Suspected of
Plotting to Kill Acting Prime Minister, Report Says


Woman's Statue in Italy Evokes Outrage
Over 'Male Chauvinism'

3 more Polish provinces revoke anti-LGBT
declarations after EU threat to pull funding

Academia Is Establishing A Permanent Surveillance
Bureaucracy That Will Soon Govern The Rest Of The Country

US To Exclude Travelers Vaccinated With Russia's
Sputnik V Despite Distribution To 70 Countries

Just half of children in England want a
Covid vaccine, major survey

Petrol crisis will cause spike in Covid cases if
commuters go back to public transport

Vaccine Passports Back on Table as UK Govt
Seeks Public Views on Winter Plan

Moscow not expecting any sweeping changes in
Germany's policy toward Russia — envoy

Russia must pay Ukraine to transit gas even after
Nord Stream 2 pipeline operational, triumphant
German SPD leader Scholz declares

Russian Diplomat Praises Hungary's 'Optimal'
Choice of New Routes for Russian Gas Supplies


Hungary summons Ukrainian ambassador & blasts
Kiev for 'interfering' in its internal affairs as row
over Russian gas deal heats up

Moscow Calls on NATO, EU to Urge Pristina to
Withdraw Forces From Kosovo and Prevent Escalation

Embattled Belarusian leader Lukashenko says
constitutional vote to help smooth his exit from
office to be held within 6 months

10 Albanians arrested in Kosovo after attacking
Serbs as tensions flare, drawing in Serbia & NATO

Russia's Su-27 Escorts US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russian investigators open new criminal case
against Navalny & top allies living abroad on
charges of setting up 'extremist' group

'Russian virgins & cocaine' - Moscow protests
over racy human trafficking ad from Spanish
NGO 'offering' teenage girls to passersby

Man in Russia charged with 'hooliganism'
after badly beating male dermatologist who
said hijab-wearing wife's skin was 'beautiful'

Russia 'couldn't care less' about West's claims election
was rigged, ex-President Medvedev tells RT, pointing
finger at US hackers

YouTube Permanently Removes 2 German
Accounts of Russia's RT


Moscow ranks among top four cities in world to live
report labels Russian capital a 'cultural gold mine'

Japan confirms it will lift Covid-19 state of
emergencies in all regions on Thursday

Taiwan's Defense Minister Demands Long-Range
Missiles For The Island To Repel China

The myth of 'trans-Atlantic' unity is causing the EU
to be America's lapdog in its war on Chinese tech

US invented 'hostage diplomacy' says Beijing, claims
foreigners are safe in China after Spavor, Kovrig release

France still an Indo-Pacific power 'regardless of
any contract,' Macron insists amid AUKUS pact
snub fallout

100+ Chinese Soldiers Reportedly Cross Border,
Damage Indian Bridge

Attempts to Contain or Besiege China Will
Always Fail, Ambassador to London Says

UK Condemns North Korea's Short-Range Missile Test

Good News - Oz Police Commissioner Refuses
to Enforce Vaccine Passport Mandate


Australia - New South Wales Police Commissioner
Refuses to Enforce Vaccine Passport Rules

Australia's astonishing tyranny keeps growing

Ivermectin ban sparks row between medical
professionals in Australia

Tiger Milk Mushroom - Malaysia's Lost
National Treasure

US Congress Outlines New Phase of Hybrid
Warfare Against Virus-Reason Nicaragua

Haiti Accepts US Decision on Migrants Returns
Ready to Welcome Back Deported Citizens

Iranian Official Says US Has No Right to
Comment on Ties Between Tehran, IAEA

Pentagon Says It Won't Ask Taliban Permission
For Future Afghan Airstrikes

US Reportedly Didn't Tell Afghan Army of Plans
to Slink Out of Bagram Due to Fear of Taliban Attacks

Taliban to Temporarily Adopt Constitution
of Afghanistan's Last Monarch


WHO officials 'horrified' after report blames Congo
sex abuse claims on 'structural failures' at UN agency

Wooldridge - Run Or Bicycle…True grit - Dave Carder
Running Across America

Wooldridge - Six Major Passes...Annual Fall Bicycle
Color Tour From Golden to Aspen, Colorado

Massive fireball disintegrates at 32,000 mph
over North Carolina

Several Fireballs Spotted in US Skies – Video

'Brain-Eating Amoeba' Infection Claims TX Child's Life

Volcanoes Triggered Environmental Changes
That Led To Dinosaurs' Dominance on Earth

The Groundbreaking Momentum of
Modified Citrus Pectin Research


Urgent - Extreme New Explosive Eruption Of Cumbre Vieja
Volcano - Look at the astonishing Power - Overhead Video!

Surreal Lava Flow Resumes at Cumbre Vieja

Over 3,000 Doctors, Scientists Sign Declaration
Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of 'Crimes Against

Dr. Ryan Cole On The Explosion Of Deadly
Cancers In The Vaxed - The Vax Seems To Be Stopping
The Immune System's Ability To Stop And Destroy Cancer

Pfizer CEO predicts 'annual re-vaccinations'

Forced Vax Was Always the End Game

How the Spike Protein Injures the Heart

Dr Judy Mikovits can't believe Fauci wasn't
arrested 40 yrs ago - SARS 1, 2003 - MERS, 2011
SARS 2, 2019 - Progressively weaponizing viruses
Driving Fear To push People To take the Kill shots

Pfizer CEO Says 'Normal Life' Won't Return
Without REGULAR Covid Vaccinations

Despite Over 95% Vaxed, Harvard Business
School Shifts Classes Online After 'Substantial
Outbreak' Of 'Covid' With A Worthless Test?!
These people are sick from the Vax, Of course


Remember Russian who said there's a tracking
number created by the kill shot and then we have
seen unique computer codes being recorded on
mobile devices?

Winter Is Coming, and the Vax Narrative
Is About to Shift

Think the worker shortage is bad now just wait
Over HALF of US employers plan to push Vax
mandates, resulting in mass Death of US Workers

Why Total blackout Of raids on the US embassy
in Afghanistan or interviews with Americans allegedly
rescued by the Biden Cartel?

'Hero to the liberals' Liz Cheney 'corrects' Lesley
Stahl - says waterboarding 'not torture' in CBS Chat

Biden Admin Loses DACA Appeal In Texas…
So They're Just Making A New Rule

Watch - Even CNN Calls Out 'Patently False'
Border Patrol 'Whipping'

Woman Faces Up to 9 Years in Prison for Starting
CA Wildfire After Allegedly Boiling Bear Urine

Biden's Domestic Agenda Faces 'Do-or-Die'
Moment in Anticipation of Three Crucial Votes

US Drug Enforcement Administration Warns of
Fake Prescription Pills With Fentanyl, Meth


they lock up patriot marine col but let the
tranny Milley walk

Watch Tucker tell Megyn Kelly 'There's No
Question' Chris Cuomo is Getting Fired'

New, Murderous monster NY Governor calls in
National Guard to staff hospitals after she ordered
all non lethally injected medical staff terminated

Canadian nurses say many are dying
after getting Vaxed while hospitals are
filled with the fully-vaxed

22 Yr old fully vaxed champion show jumper
may never ride again due to Kill Shot blood clots

Study Reveals COVID HOAX - 40-45% of Covid
Hospitalizations Are Actually Due to Other Causes

OH State Police 'Aware And Monitoring' Possible
Truck Protest Against Vaccine Mandate

FBI - US Murder Rate Increases 29%
in 2020 Amid Pandemic

Pfizer Starts Second Phase of Testing New Antiviral
COVID-19 Oral Drug (Pills!) in Exposed Adults

AstraZeneca, Sputnik Light Combo Causes
Strong Neutralizing Antibody Response - RDIF


Doctor speaks out after being left 'horribly ill'
and 'incapacitated' due to the Pfizer Vox

AZ people petitioning gov for medical freedom

New Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm - What one ex-FDA
adviser called 'probably the worst drug approval
decision in recent US history'

Top Apple, Tesla Suppliers Suspend
Production Amid China Power Crunch

Gold 1, Bitcoin 0

Shedlock - Crazy 'Afforable Housing'
Referendum Passes In German Election

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren
To Retire After Ethics Issue

The List Of Companies Paying No Taxes
Might Increase Under Biden's Tax Plan

Rabobank - The Supply-Chain Architecture
Is Buckling Globally

FedEx Plays Game Of Chicken With
Parcel Shippers Budgets


'Eco-warriors Meghan and Harry' in hot water
for flying private jet… though some wonder
how it's newsworthy

How Washington hustled up the
foundations of a global electronic kraken

How Energy Crisis, Brexit & COVID
May Backfire on UK This Christmas

Royal Dutch Shell Reports Shortage
of Some Fuel Grades in UK Sites

All Hell Is Breaking Loose In Energy Markets

US Shale Is Finally Ready To Drill Again

NatGas Chaos Takes First Hedge Fund Victim

Winter is coming - European gas prices
soar as demand peaks

COVID Lockdowns Have Led to Giant
Rats Emerging From UK Toilets,

UK Met Police upgrades 'massively invasive'
face recognition tech net over London, but data
watchdog warns of 'public trust' cost


UK to Spend Billions to Become
Science & Space Superpower

Union Boss - Europe's Drivers Don't Want to
Return to UK & Help Country 'Get out of the Shit'

Hungary inks new gas supply agreement
with Russia, bypassing Ukraine

Hungary Accuses Ukraine of Meddling Amid
Budapest's 15 Year Contract for Gas Supplies
With Russia

ICC to 'deprioritise' investigation into alleged
US war crimes in renewed Afghan probe, will
focus on Taliban and ISIS-K

Johnstone - Now it's been proved it considered
Killing or kidnapping Julian Assange, how is the
CIA still a thing?

ICC to 'deprioritise' investigation into alleged
US war crimes in renewed Afghan probe, will
focus on Taliban and ISIS-K

CDU leader Armin Laschet hopes for coalition,
says SPD has no mandate to lead country after
narrow victory in German election

Over 60% of Germans Want Laschet's Resignation
as CDU Leader After Party's Defeat, Poll Shows

French President Macron hit by egg-shaped
projectile at catering & food fair in Lyon - Video


Dutch PM receives extra security on high alert
over fears of Moroccan Mafia kidnapping plot

UK Climate Protesters Defy Court Order to Block
Highway Around London - Video

'Woke' Labour condemned by Britons as conference
delegates told too many white men putting their
hands up to speak

UK Ministers Reportedly Told to 'Shut Down'
Indyref2 Debate as 'Fueling' Sturgeon's Secessionism

AstraZeneca, Sputnik Light Combo Causes
Strong Neutralizing Antibody Response - RDIF

Russia now in 'negotiations' to recognize
foreign Covid-19 vaccines as 'fourth wave'
hits country, breaking previous death records

US creating NATO bases in Ukraine under
guise of training centers - Belarusian president

NATO expansion into Ukraine would 'cross
red lines' & force Russia and Belarus to act
Kremlin says after Putin-Lukashenko summit

Ukrainian Cabinet Dissolves Naftogaz Supervisory
Board, Temporarily Takes Over, Reports Say

Russia needs contingency plan to respond
to risks like coronavirus pandemic, says Putin


Watch - Warships from Russia's Northern Fleet hold
tactical exercises simulating battle on remote arctic
New Siberian Islands

S Korea to offer Covid jabs to 12-17 Yr Olds,
pregnant women and boosters for elderly

Millions Of Chinese Residents Lose Power
After Widespread, 'Unexpected' Blackouts
Power Company Warns This Is 'New Normal'
...Same Will Come To The US

China warns US using human rights as 'pretext'
for more anti-Russia sanctions, as Beijing publicly
backs Moscow in new standoff

Shouldn't Britain focus on its 'difficult winter'?
Chinese state media trolls UK as HMS
Richmond transits Taiwan Strait

UK Says It Has Evidence Of Ships Breaching
North Korea Weapons Sanctions

Letter to NZ MPs = The COVID-19 Scare and
Mass Vaccinations Must Stop Now

Australia's New South Wales to Gradually
Ease COVID Restrictions Starting October

Australian public health strategy...
'Get him! He is leaving his house!'

Indian farmers return to hold nationwide protests
against last year's agriculture laws


Watch - Israelis Rise-Up Against Vax Passports
After Being Told More Shots Needed To Be
Considered 'Fully-Vaccinated'

Israeli Prime Minister Meets With Senior
Bahrain Officials, UAE

Iran's nuclear program has crossed 'all red lines'
PM Bennett tells UNGA while hinting at Israel
taking action

US tells Iran to give UN atomic watchdog
access to centrifuge components workshop
...or face 'response'

For the First Time Ever Russia Bombs
Ex-Syrian Rebels in Turkish Service

As US troops continue to quietly occupy Syria's
oil fields, Russia-Turkey talks could help bring
calm to nation devastated by war

ICC to 'deprioritise' investigation into alleged
US war crimes in renewed Afghan probe, will
focus on Taliban and ISIS-K

'Iraq WMDs' Architect John Bolton Claims
Terrorists Could Get Nukes in Wake of
US Afghan Pullout

The Zulu Nation In South Africa Says NO
To Mandatory Vaccines - They Want To Live

Marijuana Users – Watch Out for
Magnesium Deficiency


Complete Overview Of Mass Murder By
Brave UK Funeral Director

Awesome Compilation Of The Destruction And
Massive Power & Force Of Cumbre Vieja Volcano

Landslide On La Palma

Remarkable Drone Footage Of La Palma Eruption

La Palma update for 9-26-21 - Large coastal
landslide - Airport reopens - Seismicity decrease
and deflation

EU Collapse Imminent After 'New World Order'
Queen Merkel Steps Down in Disgrace

Sub-Animal Melbourne Stasi Police VIOLENTLY
Beat & ARREST Those Without Vax Passports

$3.5 Trillion for WHAT exactly? WHO KNOWS?
says Tom Cotton, WHO CARES? says CNN

US Defensive, Life Saving Gun Uses Are
'4 or 5 Times More Common than Gun Crimes'

Several Sub-Animal Male Afghan Refugees
Rape Female Soldier at Fort Bliss - Send Them
BACK And Give Them To The Taliban

DHS Chief Reveals Up to 12,000 Haitians Who
Crossed Southern Border Were Released Into
The US And Seeded Around the country


A Horror Story About One of Soviet America's
Jan 6 Political Prisoners - Trump Refused to
Blanket Pardon them And their Lives Are Ruined

Pelosi Plays Chicken With House Progressives,
Schedules 3 Votes Next Week That 'Must Pass'

Deagel 2025 Depopulation Forecast Is
Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Sure...Go Ahead And Bow To The Mandate
And Take Your Kill Shot...Like This Nurse Did

'We Now See an Obsession With Vaccinating
Everyone That Can Only Be Described as
Utterly Pathological.' - MD

Biden Admin 'Strongly Opposes' Honorable
Discharge for COVID Vax Rejectors in the Ranks

CDC Not Changing Definition Of 'Fully-Vaxed'
...For Now

As Advisory Panel Warned, CDC Director's Anti-
Science Decision Makes Boosters 'Available To
Anyone Who Wants One'

30 Facts You Need To Know About COVID

Obama-appointed Communist judge rules
ban on sanctuary cities 'unconstitutional'


Pelosi On Communists Reckless $3.5 Trillion
Spending Spree - 'Let's Not Talk About Numbers'

US Army Internment Camp Field Manual

NYC Fast Resembling SF & Vancouver 'Cities Of
The Walking Dead' As Junkies, Dealers Take Over
Midtown Streets With Impunity

Untruths In Forrestal Book Review

Jewish Reporter Writes Hateful Article Attacking
Christianity Showing What Almost All Jews Really
Think Of Christians

Mexican Invader Arrested For Allegedly
Starting Multiple California Wildfires

NYC Police Dept video of Black Sub-Animal brutal
daylight mugging and assault on poor 68 Yr Old
white Christian victim - Pure Racist Hate Crime

Read This entire Important speech by Comrade
Chi Haotian - See How The CCP Thinks

Dozens of MA State Troopers Resign Ahead of
Deadline for State's Mandatory Vaccine Mandate

Upstate University Hospital to shutter 22 of 35 ORs
blaming NY vaccine mandate for staff shortage


Costco, Again, Warns Of Toilet Paper Shortage

Addressing The Cold Reality Of mRNA Vax Stability
An Important PubMed Medical Publication

Covid Facts And Stats For September 2021

New York Hospitals Face Possible Mass Firings
as Workers Spurn Vaccines and Choose Life

Top 100 tennis pro quits ATP season after getting
Vaxed...'I feel violent pain all over my body'...

Rare Solar Superstorm Could Prompt 'Internet
Apocalypse' Lasting Several Months - Study

Huawei CFO Gets Hero's Welcome In China
While Canadians Land Quietly After Biden
Acquiesced To 'Hostage Diplomacy'

USAF Signals Hypersonic Weapon Program
Has Been Put In Limbo

How We Know Bitcoin Is A Force For Good

We Don't Know How The Evergrande Situation
Will Be Resolved - Admits Goldman In Q&A


How big corporations and Bill Gates took
over the UN food Summit


UK Has Ten Days To Save Christmas
Retail Sector Warns

UK transport minister adds fuel to fire by saying
there will be no fuel shortage if Brits just stop
queuing at petrol stations

Panic Hoarding Gasoline Begins As UK
Plunges Towards 'Winter Of Discontent'

England's cancer treatment backlog could take
'decades' to clear after Covid pandemic crippled
patient care

Enraged Moped Drivers Fight in London
Amid Lack of Fuel - Video

CIA was ready to wage gun battle in London streets
against Russian operatives to kill or snatch Assange
bombshell report claims

CDU-CSU Bloc Tied With SPD in German National
'Election, Getting 25% of Votes Each - Exit Poll

Lunatic UK Labor leader says it's 'not right'
to claim only women have cervixes


Iceland's ruling coalition retains power as women
win majority of seats in parliament for 1st time in
European history

Make more babies! Orban's gang of 4 on EU
collision course after rejecting immigration in
favour of pro-family policies

Russia Scrambles 3 Su-35s to Escort US B-52
Bomber Approaching Border in Pacific Ocean

EU sticks to colonial paradigm of world order
Russian diplomat

Putin consulted specialists in advance
before approving e-voting - Kremlin spokesman

Kiev unwillingness to comply with Minsk-2
is obstacle to Putin-Zelensky meeting - Kremlin

True Toll of Chinese Air Incursions Becoming Clear
Could Taiwanese Air Force Wither Without Taking a
Single Shot?

The 'Great Game' Moves On

Taiwan Strait Situation 'Complex and Grim'
Xi Jinping Says as He Calls for 'National

Biden Hosts First Quad Summit to Ramp Up
the Cold War vs China


Plenty more subs in the sea - AUKUS nuclear deal
could end up pushing Russia and China closer
together but dividing Europe

Powerful 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits
Philippines' Largest Island Luzon

China Sells Almost $65 Million Worth of
Carbon Dioxide Emission Quotas,
Environment Ministry Says

Aussie PM offers lockdown-frustrated people 'gift'
of getting their lives back but with QR codes And
other measures in place

Australia Records 10X More Deaths Following
COVID Shots than Recorded Deaths After
ALL Vaccines for Past 20 Years

Cyclone Gulab Likely to Make Landfall in India
on Sunday Evening

Five Palestinians Reported Killed in Israeli
Anti-Hamas Operation

Turkey Wants US Military to Leave Syria & Iraq
After Afghanistan Withdrawal, Erdogan Says

Blast Kills Taliban Intelligence Officer
in Eastern Afghanistan, Source Says

Iraq Arrests Activists, Ministry Employee for
Calls to Normalise Ties With Israel


New lava lake appears in the crater of the
Nyiragongo volcano in eastern DR Congo

NYPD Seize Illicit Camper Vans Used For
Airbnb Rentals In Manhattan

Cumbre Vieja Volcano Now Throwing Car-Sized
Lava Bombs Over A Mile And Breaking Windows
Two Miles Away

Canary Islands Volcano Enters 'New
Explosive Phase', Suspending All Flights

US Police, Fire, Military, Health And Education
Being Gutted by Vaccine Mandate - This is The
Perfect Method to destroy The US For China

New Heidi Baker Prophecy - 'Suffering
Like You've Never Seen' Is Coming - Snyder

'F*ck Them' Tucker Says Of The ADL
After They Try To Get Him Fired Again

Buyer's Remorse? US Officials Allegedly
'Bewildered and Appalled' by Biden Admin
Diplomatic Failures

Jews in the Biden Administration

Murdered Ex Merck Sales Rep Brandy Vaughan
Speaks From The Grave - The Truth About The
Criminal Circle Of Vaccines - Video

'Heartless' United Airlines Vax Mandate
Halted in Federal Court

Butcher Fauci Talks Of A 'Dark Winter'
Once Again


Fauci Warns Against US Government
Shutdown During 'Worst Time in the World'

Trump suggests Fauci was UNFIREABLE, claims
he did 'opposite' of what his Covid adviser said

Booster confusion takes hold as Biden
announces expanded eligibility

A Nationally Televised Example Of The Chaos
False Positive COVID Tests Create

3,000 NYC Teachers Asked For Vaccination
Exemptions, Union Says

More than 20,000 More Black Haitians may
migrate to US-Mexico border - Many Probably
being Flown to Mex And then bused To The border

Fulton County, GA 2020 Election Had $2 million in
Unsupported OT, 15 Missing Routers, an Agreement
with the SPLC to Put in Place Drop Boxes...More

Dominion Machines Contained Non-Maricopa
County Data -- From South Carolina and
Washington State

AZ Audit Team CAUGHT Maricopa County Officials

LA Homeless Moving Right Back Onto Street
After Cleanups


JetBlue Flight Diverted After Passenger
Storms Cockpit, Strangles Flight Attendant

PG&E Charged With Deaths Of 4 In 2020
Wildfire Started By Its Equipment

Lizard Lightfoot proposes $500 monthly
welfare payments

Armed citizen takes down active shooter
outside fitness center

Sworn Austin Police Cops to stop
responding to non-emergency calls

Wigington - Fires, floods, climate engineering,
crop collapse and covid-19...

Bidens may owe over $500,000 in back taxes

67 yr old former Notre Dame prof Says
'damn the unvaxed' - Is dead 12 days after
Her third Pfizer mRNA injection

Tennis Pro Player Jeremy Chardy - I regret getting
vaccinated, I have a series of problems now

Personal Tracking Devices Moving
Toward A 'Dangerous' New Era


Labor shortage forcing FedEx to reroute
hundreds of thousands of packages per day

The Clock Is Ticking - The Financial Crisis
Is Now Potentially 30 Days Away

Before They Were An Inconvenience But Now
The Shortages Are Really Beginning To Sting

Why The West Can't Ban Bitcoin The Way China Did

Biggest LA Port Faces Massive Traffic Jam
as Over 60 Ships Unable to Unload Their Cargo

Claims of Moscow Manipulating Gas Prices 'Confusing'
and 'Fake', Russian Ambassador to Germany Says

UK Fertilizer Crisis Spreads To EU After
Another Firm Slashes Output

Renewables Not So Reliable As US
Hydropower Plunges 14%

Panic, Endless Queues, Blocked Roads - UK Plunges
Into Chaos Due to Petrol Crisis – Videos, Photos

Panic Hoarding Gasoline Begins As UK
Plunges Towards 'Winter Of Discontent'


Semiconductor chip shortage to cost
global automakers $210 billion this year

Xi Jinping calls on world to OPEN UP
to science & tech partnerships with China

Italy Orders Companies Not To Pay
Unvaxed Workers

Public Health England Data - Vaxed Over 40s
Are Experiencing Higher 'Covid' Rates Than
Unvaxed - BS, They Are Sick From The Shots,
Further, The PCR Test Is WORTHLESS

'Yellow Vests' Activists Hold Rally in Paris

The Coming Climate Crisis Shakedown In Scotland

Environmentalist Greta Thunberg Launches Veiled
Attack on Joe Biden, Accuses POTUS of 'Hypocrisy'

52% of Germans won't miss Chancellor Merkel
new poll indicates a day before general election

We can't even freely debate Islam without
being accused of Islamophobia -British
universities becoming cancel-culture prisons

19 Old Ukrainian student gets Pfizer Kill shot
behind his family's back, Is dead 7 hours later


Western Attempts to Prop Up Order Based on
Its Rules Threatens to Revive Bloc-Mentality
Lavrov Says

Lavrov - Creation of AUKUS Security Pact
Could Affect Russia-EU Dialogue

Lavrov - US Failed to Consider Repercussions
of Leaving Weapons in Afghanistan During
Hasty Pull-Out

USAF Official - China Might 'Strike From Space'

China says US 'totally fabricated' charges
against Huawei CFO Held in Canada for years

Message From Former Officer Alexander
Cooney To All Police Officers In Australia

Iran, Venezuela Reportedly Reach Deal to
Swap Oil for Condensate in Circumvention
of US Sanctions

District of Colombia Won't Ask Taliban
Government Permission to Launch
Airstrikes in Afghanistan

Saudi-Led Coalition Intercepts Houthi
Launched Ballistic Rocket, State TV Reports

Hello, Nessie! Drone Captures Mysterious
Shadow Lurking in Loch Ness - Photo, Video


Pharmacy chain CVS tells managers to 'prioritize
diverse talent' & write personalized plans to fight biases

LISTEN - New, Dire, Warning From Brave UK Funeral
Director John O'Looney - Masses Will Begin To Die At
End October-December - Entire World Government Is
Involved And The Military Will Put Down Civil Unrest

Max Igan - The Killing Of Australia - Police Are Doing
Everything But Summary Murder - Plastic Bullets Will
Turn Real Soon - 1,000s Of Police Cars And Cops

AU Stasi cops completely out of control Now
And beating Citizens For No Reason - Watch

Israel TV Bombshell - CV numbers And The
Vaxed Numbers Are Virtually Identical - Watch

These Charts Prove it All - The Globalists
Depopulation Agenda Is In Full Swing

The Lies Are Crumbling - Watch World Top Health
Professionals Warning Us To Wake Up NOW

'F*ck Them' Tucker Says Of The ADL
After They Try To Get Him Fired Again

Jews in the Biden Administration

French doctor arrested, dragged out of his home
for prescribing ivermectin to covid patients

Army flight Surgeon Recommends All VAXED Pilots Be
Grounded After 3 Pulmonary Embolisms In 48 Hrs Of
Kill Shot And Risk Of Cardiac Arrest In Flight

Biden's Lead Role In The Congressional Report
Operation Dark Winter Back In 2001 - Note How
He Continues To Talk Of A 'Dark Winter'...

Texas Announces 'Full Forensic Audit' of 2020
Election in Four Counties Has Already Begun


Moderna CEO Says Even Young Will Need to
Take Vaccine Booster Shots Indefinitely
(Until They Are Deceased)

13 yr old girl's heart stopped Right After
Taking the Kill shot In Nova Scotia

NAC - Why It Is So Important

NC hospital system suspends 375 sane
employees after CV19 lethal injection mandate
deadline - is your Job Worth Your LIFE?

CDC Director Overrules Science Advisory Panel,
Backs Boosters For 'High-Risk' Workers

AZ forensic audit results show SYSTEMIC fraud,
faked votes, more than 5x the margin of 'victory'
from just one county out of entire state…prepare
for CRISIS THEATER distractions

Trump Calls For Arizona To Decertify Election

Maricopa County Fraudulently 'Verified and
Approved' Mail-In Ballots

Maricopa County Supe Leaked Audio - 'It's Not
Just AZ, It Was Georgia, It Was Michigan'

Biden's Border Lies


Oakland schools become first in Northern
California to mandate student vaccines

Minaj Walks Away From communist Vax Storm

Nicki Minaj Fans Invite Trump Supporters To Join
Them For Anti-Fauci, Anti-CDC, Anti-Vax Protest

La Palma Volcano Moves Into Most Explosive
Phase Yet - 3 More Towns Evacuated

RACIST ASU Students Of Color Force White
Students To Leave 'Multicultural' Space

1917 - A HORRIBLE Year for Humanity

Huawei's Meng Wanzhou flying back to China,
after striking deal with US over fraud charges

John Stossel Sues Facebook for Allegedly
Defaming Him With Fact-Check - Right On!

UFOs and the Boundaries of Science

UFO Eludes Pursuing Florida Cops – 1976


Remote Controlled Killer Robotic Machine Gun?

Bitcoin, Ethereum Fall as China Declares All
Cryptocurrency-Related Transactions Illegal

Is China Sidestepping A Crypto Cataclysm
No One Else Sees Coming?

Gazprom - We're Not Withholding Gas To Europe

Poland has no power to veto certification
of Nord Stream 2 – Germany

Brent crude oil surpasses $78 per barrel
first time since October 2018

Peter Schiff - Gold Will Explode, The Dollar
Will Implode When The Markets Figure This Out

Is China Sidestepping A Crypto Cataclysm
No One Else Sees Coming?

Echoes of Tony Blair's Fuel Crisis in 2000 as
UK Petrol Stations Run Out Due to Trucker Shortage

UK Tells People To Stop 'Panic Buying' As
'Winter Of Discontent' Fears Emerge


European Energy Crisis Is About To Go Global

China Enforces Power-Rationing At Major
Industrial Hubs Amid Shortages, Climate Push

Gazprom - We're Not Withholding Gas To Europe

Poland has no power to veto certification of
Nord Stream 2 – Germany

Brent crude oil surpasses $78 per barrel, first time since October 2018

NHS hiring actors to play Covid-19 patients
and care home residents

fascinating insight into the UK 'deaths' fraud

EU Will Wait To Decide On Pfizer Boosters
Due To Shortage Of Safety Data

UK Scientists Think COVID Will Likely Resemble
The 'Common Cold' By Next Spring (Because That's
what It IS)

COVID-19 In Norway Can Now Be Compared
To The Flu, Says Health Chief, (Because That's
What It IS In Many cases)


'Back to normal everyday life' - Norwegian PM
announces end of Covid restrictions

President Of Croatia - 'We Won't Be Vaxed Anymore'

Unmasked Lavrov Meets Diapered-Up Stoltenberg,
Assures Reporters Russia Won't Be Joining NATO

Sweeping new anti-Russia sanctions pushed by
US Democrats would 'undermine spirit' of
Putin-Biden summit in Geneva, Kremlin blasts

Imprisoned Russian opposition figure Navalny
accuses Google & Apple of being 'accomplices'
of Kremlin

The Church of Navalny - Western media fan club
are damaging Russia's opposition with their religious
like faith in jailed activist

Opposition figures in Moscow cry foul after city's
election monitors find 'no trace of tampering' in
parliamentary vote count

China sends fighter jets to show anger at Taiwan
over trade deal, East Asia News & Top Stories

Chinese Diplomat Explains Why Beijing Should
Scrap 'No-First-Use' of Nukes Policy

Kim's Sister Says North Korea Open To
'Constructive' Talks With South


Aussie Cossack military police are occupying
the Marriot hotel Sydney

Australian police 'probe' video of cop throwing man
on floor reportedly leaving him 'unconscious' amid
Melbourne protests

Melbourne - No Protests, Police Repression Continues
Anyway, the Zoom Classes Are Delighted

Dr Mahathir Mohamad former PM of Malaysia
on the New world Order & depopulation agenda

Three dead in Delhi courtroom shootout as
gangsters, dressed as lawyers, open fire on
rival boss at hearing - Video

India Signs $3 Billion Deal With Spain's
Airbus to Receive 56 C-295 Military Transport Aircraft

16 year old Brazilian girl develops blood clots,
dead eight days after first Pfizer mRNA injection

How to Deal With Living in a State of
Perpetual Crisis

Oregon Legalizes a Breakthrough
Treatment - Magic Mushrooms

Dharma Driven Celestial Souls



House Democrats vote to codify Roe vs Wade
legalize abortion on demand

Icke - Message To The Morons In Uniform
...Your Fascism Will Return To Haunt You

COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths COVER-UP!
Nurse Whistleblowers Reveal How They are Pressured
to NOT Report Deaths and Injuries to VAERS

Mockers of Anti-Vaxxers Continue to Die
After Taking a Covid Kill Shots

This Scandal Of Biblical Proportions Is
The Final Solution Of The Illuminati

New Yorkers Tear Down LGBT, Vax-Themed
'Disgusting' OK Cupid Dating App Ads

UK Funeral Director John O'Looney Exposes
Vax Deaths And What Is Really Killing People

Hospitals are killing health freedom advocates
by denying them life-saving treatments

The Covid 'Crisis' Was A Hoax From
The Very Beginning - Chuck Baldwin

Now vaccine-pushing scientists want to turn
your GROCERIES into mRNA vaccines


A Possible Marburg-RiVax Final Solution?

Dr. Michael Yeadon Talks With Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
About The PCR Test Being Central To The Pandemic
Fraud And The Horrendous Covid Vaccine Lies - Watch

Final Warning To Humanity From Dr. Michael
Yeadon - Former Chief Scientist At Pfizer

Pulmonary Nurse of 31 Years Testifies How
he Unknowingly Killed Patients by Following
COVID Protocols

Devvy - Second Amendment - Massive Dangerous
Foreign Invasion by Illegal Aliens

Privacy? Forget About It - Smallest-Ever Human
Made Flying Structure Is A Winged Microchip,
Scientists Say Can Be Used For 'Population
Surveillance & Control'...

FL Gets Monoclonal Antibody Treatments From
UK Company After Biden Abrupt Rationing

Why 'Natural Immunity' Is a Political Problem for the Regime

Sen. Johnson - Health Agencies Are
'Ignoring Natural Immunity'

FDA greenlights Pfizer booster shots for elderly &
those aged 18+ at 'high risk' from Covid-19


WA elementary school walks back 'insane' rule
asking students to wear masks WHILE EATING

Allgire Remote Views Humans On North
America More Than 21,000 Years Ago

Bitcoin plummets after China intensifies
cryptocurrency crackdown - CNN

British actor Tom Felton of 'Harry Potter' collapses
during golf exhibition at Ryder Cup - Recent recipient
of CV-19 lethal injection?

More 'noise' but it is rather obvious China has
dozens of war games scenarios to take Oz...
China Warns '23 Million Australians' That US Pact
Now Makes Them Target For Nuclear Attack

La Palma eruption update for Sept 22nd
in videos and pictures

Brain-Dying Biden's UN Speech Blunders
Condensed Into 60 Seconds

Biden's Debt Limit Game Of Chicken

'No one is safe' - Actor Johnny Depp calls for
revolt against cancel culture, warns that 'it takes
one sentence' to destroy someone - He's Right

Bannon Admits He Spoke With Trump About
'Killing' Biden Presidency Ahead of Capitol Riot

Sidney Powell says Communist Dems murdered
people in GA to cover up The election theft

Dr Vernon Coleman - Nobody's Coming To Save Us

More Evidence They Know Covid Vax Is Killing
and Maiming People and Yet They Continue
Their Death Program

Ivermectin Smear Reaching Absurd Levels - Watch

Exactly As We Warned a MONTH Before And Up
To The Date - Tenpenny Reveals That Bard's Fest
was hit With BioWeapons - Over 30 Sickened And
One Dead - She Is Still Not Well - Start At 1:05


How Satanic Does It Get? - Pfizer Says its
Kill Shots for 5-11 Yr Children are Safe
...Experts Say Not So Fast

OBiden EO Adding Measles To The List of
Quarantinable Communicable Diseases
...Will they Add Bad Breath Next?

Our 'Leaders' Have Taken Blood Oaths - These
people swore an oath or to represent citizens
but their true loyalty is to Satan And Communism

The Lizard says Chicago workers must pledge
allegiance to the 'new world order'

Gates Was Asked What He Knew About Jeffrey
Epstein - Nervously Says 'He's Dead'

OBiden Lied About Sending Black Haitians Back

See The Globalists Pushing Invaders Into The US

Leaked docs show DARPA considered funding $14
Million project to infect Chinese bats with altered
coronaviruses in 2018 - reports

How the CDC used the movie 'Contagion' to exploit
the anthrax plot and increase their staff and budgets

Biden Says US Launching Vaccine Partnership
With EU to Expand Global Vaccination


'Family Guy' releases Covid vaccine explainer
to push back against Fox News host Tucker
Carlson, irking some online

Proof It's Time To End Mask Mandates For Good

Reverse Psychology - Fake Funeral Home
in US Promotes Vaccine Shots

White House Reporters Have Launched
'Formal Objection' About Biden Refusing
To Answer Questions

1 Teen Killed, 2 Wounded In Kentucky Bus
Stop Shooting; Suspect Still At Large

Donald Trump Sues NYT, Niece Mary Over
'Insidious Plot' Behind 2018 'Dubious Tax
Schemes' Story

Will Gov Inslee's mandates down the power grid?

'New Covid variant' found in KY nursing home
has deadly mutations that could evade virus
antibodies - More BS, More Fear Porn!

Project Veritas Part 2 - FDA Economist Wants To 'Blow
Dart African Americans' & Wants 'Nazi Germany Registry'
for Unvaccinated

De Blasio Whines As Brazil's Naturally
Immune Bolsonaro Brazenly Defies
UN's Vaccine 'Mandate'


See What The Covid 'Vax' Does Do Your Blood
How To Remove Vaccine Poison Within 30 Minutes
Of Injection - See What The Spike Protein And
Graphene Oxides Do To Your Blood - Instant Clotting!

NOW Watch How Rattlesnake Venom Does The
Same Thing To Human Blood - Instant Clotting!

Death By Remdesivir

AZ State Senator Issues an Official Statement
on Bombshell WhistleBlower Veritas Video

Thousands of Fetal Murders and injuries After
Covid Kill Shots in Pregnant women

Tourist arrested for using fake 'Maderna'
vaccine pass WANTED in Hawaii after
skipping virtual court hearing

Russia and China Promote Alpha Masculine
Virtues – The US Celebrates Beta Sissy Men
And Soy Boys, Trannies, Perverts And Pedos

One Cable to Rule Them All - EU to Demand Use
of Common Charger for Smartphones by 2024

Zuckerberg Reportedly OK'd Using News Feed
to Push Pro-FB Coverage in Image-Reshaping Bid

Facebook Chief Tech Officer to Step Down


Greenwald - A Definitive Account Of The
CIA-MSM-BigTech Fraud Over Hunter Emails

Despite growing concerns about China, Russia is
still 'the primary military threat' to Washington,
says senior US commander

Senior US Army Official Says Russia
'Primary Military Threat to Homeland'

Time To Say Goodbye To Everything Bubble

More Than Half Of US Companies To Impose
Vaccine Mandates, New Survey Finds

Perverted Killer Churchill, Insane Genocidal Maniac
Arthur Harris And Their Bombing Of German Cities

Allied Horror-Bombing of German Cities During WW2

30,000+ Women in UK Report Menstrual Problems
After COVID Shots, But Menstrual Issues are Not
Listed as a Side Effect!

French Doctor Says Covid Pass And Vax Will
Be Abolished in The EU - Not Confirmed

UK Recognizes Covishield, Falls Short of
Validating India's Vaccine Certificates


Germany scraps Covid quarantine compensation
for unvaccinated workers

UK energy regulator's boss left in darkness as he tells
Parliament lights will stay on in winter amid surging
gas prices - Video

Covid Vaccine Consent Form for UK Children
Falsely Claims Jab Will Bring More Freedom

Why did Boris go along with Biden's absurd
mask play-acting?

Chris Whitty warns MPs it is 'inevitable' unvaxed
children will catch Covid (and They Will All Get
Right over it)

The Staggering Inadequacy of NHS Scotland

Nuclear Power, Food and Other Industries Affected
by UK Co2 Shortage, Which is Spilling into Europe

Conservative French Presidential
Candidate Warns Of 'Civil War'

UK TV, Radio Could Get Into Trouble
for Using Terms 'Karen,' 'Snowflake'
And 'Gammon'

Boris Johnson Calls Joe Biden a 'Living Deity'


Croatian President Says No More Kill Shots

US demands Russia boost natural gas
deliveries to Europe through Ukraine

'Squeezing us out of the market' - Russia's space agency
chief rules out any cooperation with Musk & 'direct
competitor' SpaceX

Moscow to conduct recount of electronic voting
after opposition accuses authorities of rigging
weekend parliamentary election

Denial of US visa to Russian MP for participation
in UN GA won't go unanswered — ministry

Portugal Wants to Cooperate With Russia on
Economic Crises, COVID-19, Refugees

German Government Says Unaware Who
Sponsored Navalny's Accommodation in Germany

Attempt to kill Ukrainian adviser was meant to
intimidate government, aide alleges as Kremlin
rejects claim of Russian involvement

780+ Taiwanese die after getting Vaxed

China Warns '23 Million Australians' That US Pact
Now Makes Them Target For Nuclear Attack


Ex-Chinese Communist Party Insider Claims
China Spread Covid at Military Tournament
in October 2019

China Locks Down Northeastern City After
Discovering First Outbreak Since February

Evergrande = EverSCAMMED...why the debt
bomb contagion will spread globally

Asia-Pacific doesn't need 'submarines and
gunpowder' from AUKUS pact, Chinese
Foreign Ministry says

Beijing Unleashes Sweeping Bid to Remold Society

Enraged Aussies Push Back Against
Great Reset Tyranny

Aussie police line up with shotguns and fire into
crowd gathering peacefully at the war memorial

Oz Cops fired in 2 weeks if they don't get vaxed

Police fire rubber bullets at anti-vax protesters in
Melbourne as demonstrators storm war memorial

Zero-COVID Goon Squads Crack Down Hard in
Melbourne, Protests Shot Up, Citizens Repressed


'Workers have no interest in war with China'
Australian trade unions slam nuclear submarine
deal with US & UK

Paying more for household bills? Blame Russia's
meddling in gas markets, Western commentators
say, even if the facts don't hold up

Talking tough on Russia but doing deals with
Moscow, Merkel played both sides. Germany's
next leader may be more confrontational

Russia has no plans to use Nord Stream 2
as geopolitical instrument, says ministry

Germany says Russia is fulfilling its obligations
under European gas supply agreements

Over 1.5 Million Brits Affected As 7th UK
Energy Retailer Fails

Australia-EU trade deal would benefit Brussels
in Indo-Pacific, Canberra says, after ditching French
submarine contract

France to return ambassador to Washington
after Biden's call to Macron in wake of major
military contract snub

Paris denies UK media report claiming it
could give up its UN Security Council seat

Furious France sinking Euro deal with Australia due
to AUKUS shows exactly why the EU will never work


BoJo tells France to get over AUKUS deal grievances

Pandemic Times - India's Healthcare Adopts
Cloud Computing, 12 Million Consultations Clocked

Vaccines Failing Against Serious Disease
...Data From Israel Suggests

Iran does not 'waste time,' won't accept 'unconstructive'
US behavior in nuclear negotiations, foreign minister says

Turkey's Erdogan pledges support for Ukrainian
'territorial integrity,' telling UN that Ankara will
not recognize Crimea as Russia

Saudi King Tells UN General Assembly Yemen's
Houthis Reject Peaceful Solution to Conflict

Cymatics - Science vs Music

Strong 6.5 Magnitude Quake Strikes
Near Coast of Nicaragua

Cars dragged through Spanish streets after
heavy rainfall causes flash floods - Videos

Climate Night Cringeathon - Late-night 'comedians'
slated for teaming up to lecture the masses on saving
the planet


XR is not a protest group, but a vanity project for
a liberal middle class that soon won't exist at all

UN Warns AI May Pose 'Catastrophic' Threat
To Human Rights - Social Credit Scoring Is AI Run

Cumbre Vieja Volcano Continues Spewing Lava
And Devastation - Seismic Activity Said Increasing
All New Photos And Videos

La Palma Volcano Destroys 100s Of Homes
No End In Site - New Video Report

Allgire And Remote Viewers Saw
Cumbre Vieja Eruption Cloud

The Left Cheered When Australians Gave
Up Their Guns - Now They're Being Shot By
Their Own Government in the Streets.

See What The Covid 'Vax' Does Do Your Blood
How To Remove Vaccine Poison Within 30 Minutes
Of Injection - See What The Spike Protein And
Graphene Oxides Do To Your Blood - Instant Clotting!

Fauci Predicts Covid Jabs For 5-11 Yr Olds
Will Be Ready Before Halloween - This Can't
Be Allowed To Happen - It is Infanticide

Biden Wearing A Biden Mask? It Seems To Come
To A Stop Halfway Down His Neck...But Watch The
Interviewer At 19:05 To See the same neck SHADOW

Tucker Carlson Lambasts US Army For 'Doing PR
for Satanism' With COVID Vax Promotion

Navy SEALS Told They Won't Be Deployed
Without Death Shots - Killing The Military


Health Authorities Claim 'Performers' (Rich
And Famous) Are Exempt From Mask Rules

LA Firefighters Fighting Back - 'For months,
with no vaccine, we fought fires - Now we're
being criminalized and threatened If Not Shots

Israel vs Sweden - Cases Of 'Vax Covid' Run Wild
In Israel - These People Are Being Sacrificed

Forced Jabs, Health Fascism And
Medical Apartheid

Deadly Dan Anderson's latest from Australia -
Vax Passports REQUIRE Regular 'Boosters' - In
Other words, It Won't End Until You Are Dead

US Army Internment Camp Field Manual

AOC, Omar Spread Fake News Claims
That Border Patrol Is Whipping Migrants

Trump Warns Border Crisis Turning US Into
'Third World Nation'

Biden Proposes Increase in Refugee
Admissions to 125,000 Amid Border Crisis

Forced Lethally Injected Univ of Ottawa football
player, 25, dies 'shortly after' season opener
from deadly Covid Kill Shot 'side effects'


Cuba Becomes First Country To Mass Vax
Little Children As Young As 2 Yrs Old

Is It Legal for Businesses To Ask If Patrons
Have Been Vaxed? HIPAA Rights Say NO

Tokamak reactors to facilitate transition
to green nuclear energy

US Agencies Reportedly Split on Whether
to Blacklist Huawei's Spinoff

FedEx, UPS Raise Rates At
Fastest Pace In Decade

FedEx Tumbles After Missing Earnings,
Guiding Lower On Soaring Labor And
Transportation Costs

New Tax Law Proposal Will Kill Private
Placements In IRAs

Stocks Pump And Dump As Crypto Slumps
Ahead Of Taper-Talk, Debt-Ceiling Doubts

US Suddenly 'Concerned' About Shortages of
Gas in Europe After Spending Years Fighting
Nord Stream 2

Electricity prices to spike 10% in France this
winter, consumer group warns


Biden Pledges To Double Climate Funding
In UN Address

'The Most Dangerous Form Of Portfolio
Greenwashing' French Study Shows Climate
ETFs 'Undermine' Fight vs Global Warming

'Quite Alarming' - UK Energy Crisis Sparks
Fresh Chaos For Food Suppliers

A 'Cup Of Joe' Is About To Get A Whole
Lot More Expensive

Retail Investors Flooded Into Stocks On
Monday Just As Professional Sentiment
Turned Most Bearish Since Last October

'Many People Will Be Arrested' - Evergrande
Lured Retail Investors Into Billions Of 'Wealth
Management Products' With Gucci Bags,
Dyson Air Purifiers

Twitter Pays $800 Million To Settle Lawsuit
Alleging Company Provided Misleading User
Metrics To Investors

'Tired, Divided, & Dejected' Canadians Give
Trudeau Liberals Another Minority Govt In
Election - Couldn't possibly Be Rigged...

Operation 'Go It Alone': Disenchanted
Europeans May Build Their Own Army

EU Commissioner Warns 'Something is
Broken' in Transatlantic Ties in Wake of
AUKUS Sub Snub


'Wake-up call' for EU - Berlin voices support
for France in AUKUS submarine row with
US & Australia

'Cavalier incompetence' - UK MoD launches probe
after data leak exposes names & emails of over
250 Afghans who aided British forces

Suspect detained in Germany after killing gas
station worker at point blank over request to

EU says people with AstraZeneca vaccine
should be able to travel to US, despite lack
of FDA approval for jab

Accusations of 'Immorality' as Over 600,000
Unused COVID Vaccines Sit in Danish Storage

Students craving mask mandates are typical
of the new breed of safety obsessives created
by lockdown

The Remarkable German Aviator, Hanna Reitsch

Russian Scientists Developing Versatile
'Nano Couriers' for Future Medicine

US Sanctions Russia-Based Cryptocurrency
Exchange Platform SUEX OTC

Russian economy recovered despite unstable
global situation - Putin


US Space Force Commander Claims Russia
Has Armed Satellite in Orbit to Destroy US Assets

New AUKUS nuclear bloc won't just battle China,
it will take West into confrontation with Russia too,
Moscow's security chief says

Russia Aware Of Kiev's Military Preparations,
Hopes It Won't Turn To Hostilities

Crimean Shipyard floats out advanced missile
corvette for Russian Navy

Russia will never revise its stance on
Crimea at all, insists Kremlin

Russia's Foreign Ministry Slams EHRC
Ruling on Litvinenko's Death for Promoting

Billions Of 'Wealth Management Products'
With Gucci Bags, Dyson Air Purifiers

Evergrande Misses Debt Payments Due Monday
As World's Richest Banker Says China's 'Lehman
Moment' Has Arrived

Manila backs controversial AUKUS security pact as
move to fix 'imbalance' of power in Southeast Asia

Magnitude 5.9 quake strikes near Melbourne, Oz


Double-vaxxed Australian Olympic champion
swimmer Madison Wilson 'scared' after being
hospitalized with Covid in Italy

20,000 Shut Down Melbourne Highway
In Massive Lockdown Protest

Deadly Dan Anderson's latest from Australia -
Vax Passports REQUIRE Regular 'Boosters' - In
Other words, It Won't End Until You Are Dead

Official documents show Australia had warned
France for years that submarine deal was in danger

Manila backs controversial AUKUS security pact as
move to fix 'imbalance' of power in Southeast Asia

UK says it will take all possible steps to extradite
Skripal suspects, as Moscow claims London shifting
blame for 'Novichok' case

British cops charge third Russian national over
dramatic alleged 2018 Salisbury poisoning of
spy Skripal & point finger at GRU

Plot Twist - After Lying Down for 18 Months
Australia Erupts in Some of the World's Most
Spirited Anti-COVID Cult Protests

If Australia's brutal response to lockdown protests
was happening elsewhere, hypocritical Canberra
would be demanding sanctions

AUKUS Will Not Have Any Impact on
Quad, Says Indian Foreign Secretary Ahead
of Leaders Summit


Israel vs Sweden - Cases Of 'Vax Covid' Run Wild
In Israel - These People Are Being Sacrificed

Biden Tells UN He Still Wants To 'Return
To Full' Nuclear Deal 'If Iran Does The Same'

US Bombs Syria's Idlib Rebels

The folly of teaching Afghan women about
Duchamp's porcelain urinal and conceptualism
shows the West has nothing to teach anyone

Taliban Say No ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Country
Despite String Of ISIS-K Terror Attacks

How do you deal with the Taliban? With West
still reeling from militants' victory in Afghanistan,
Russia & China are taking charge

Top Pakistani Diplomat Calls for Unfreezing
Afghanistan's Foreign Assets

Sudan thwarts military coup attempt,
officials say, after soldiers reportedly tried to
seize army HQ and state radio - Video

Stopping NFL players taunting each other
is RACIST? Crackdown on goading is attempt
to 'control black bodies' claims journalist

Reinventing the deliciously female Jessica Rabbit
is a step too far from the joyless revisionists who
are destroying Disney


6.3 Magnitude Quake Rocks Chile

Be The Light In Shit City

Want Less Stress? Try Kindness

Sensory Deprivation Tank Science
How 'Floating' Works & Proven Benefits

Covid Death Shots Have Killed At Least 150,000
Americans According To Government's Own Data
(It's Actually Over ONE MILLION...At Least)

WOW - How To Remove Vaccine Poison And See
What Deadly Spike Proteins And Graphene Oxide
Do To Your Blood...Instant Clotting! - Watch

Tucker reveals bizarre US Army powerpoint
justifying mandatory vaccine that includes
one slide about SATANISM...

Government HHS Nurse Blows the Whistle on
COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries and Deaths that
are NOT being Reported

Project Veritas, Part 1 - Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower
Goes Public With Secret Recordings 'Vaccine is Full of Sh*t'

The Vax Is Human Sacrifice – Dr Zev Zelenko

Dr Zelenko Was Profoundly Persecuted for
Speaking the Covid Truth

Another actor Dead From Kill Shot - 'cause of death
has not been disclosed' Anthony 'AJ' Johnson, 'Friday'
and 'House Party' actor, Suddenly dead at 55

More Vax 'Side Effects'

New Issues With Blood Donors


Weaponizing The Weather To Take The
US Power Grid Down - GET READY

FDA panel overwhelmingly rejects Pfizer
booster for healthy people 16 and older

25 Breakthrough Cases (Fully Vaxed) Died In
Las Vegas In Last Two Weeks...That number is
Now 137 - But The TRUTH Is Far HIGHER

Latest La Palma Volcano Update And
Video Highlights Of Height Of Eruption

Texas hospital CEO warns his facility might
have to close because of Biden's vaccine
mandate - Many More To Come

WH Says Invaders Don't Need Vax Proof...
...'Because They Aren't Intending To Stay' !!

'It's Not The Same Thing' Says Psaki When Asked
Why Invaders Walking Across Border Don't Have
To Show Vaccine Proof (Or Aren't Give Shots!)

Psaki - All Foreigners Entering US Need Vax
Proof...Except Invaders Crashing The Border

More Communist Whites Than Black People
Want Police Abolished In Minneapolis, New
Poll Finds

Nearly 1,000 Americans Still Trapped in Afghanistan


It's A Fourth Turning...What Did You Expect?

Wildfires Hit Sequoia National Forest
'General Sherman' Wrapped in Foil

The Afghanistization of America

54 Shot During Weekend in Lizardville Chicago

CARFAX Warns That 200,000 Vehicles
Damaged By Hurricane Ida May Flood Market

JUNK SCIENCE - Pfizer claims study involving just
12 people proves that Comirnaty is a safe, effective
covid booster shot

AL Hospital Defies Biden Administration
Ends COVID Vaccine Requirement for Staff

Covid Is A Financial Coup...That has Nothing
To Do With Health Care - Catherine Austin Fitts

Pfizer Admits Israel Is the Great COVID
Vaccine Experiment - Mercola

NBA Stars Are Exempted From Covid
Kill Shots Just Like Members of Congress
and Their Staffers


New England Journal of Medicine Now Admits
Kill Shots May Not Be Safe for Pregnant Women

Another Baby Murder - Nursing Baby Died
With Blood Clots, Inflamed Arteries Following
Mother's INSANE Pfizer Shot

PROOF Hospitals are lying about being overrun
with covid patients... many facilities are EMPTY

Pfizer announces Vax for 5-11 yr olds is safe
Never mind Entire Pfizer Work Force Is Exempt

TV Weatherman Fired After 33 Yrs on the
Job for Refusing Death Shot - Goes Out
with Legendary Final Words

Does the Injected Covid Kill Shot Connect
with Blue Tooth And WiFi Devices?

US Stocks Hit With 2nd Biggest Sell
Program In History

Parody Of Kill Shots As Lyrics Of
Emerson Lake And Palmer...
Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression, Part 2

Maria Bartiromo sounds alarm on MAJOR
inflation concerns

What Is Congress Doing To Retirement
Accounts? (How About Looting Them)


Dow Plummets 614 Points as Fear of
China Evergrand Contagion Takes Hold

Ford Doubles Production Capacity Of Its F-150
Lightning As Reservations Blow Past 150,000

The Fed Has Liquidated Its Entire
Corporate Bond Portfolio

Morgan Stanley Warns Odds Of 'Destructive'
20%+ Correction Are Rising

BlackRock And Citi Get On Board The
Communist Climate Train

PA Rations Alcohol Due To Crippled

FBI seizing assets from Beverly Hills
safe deposit boxes with no Probably Cause

'Two weeks away from British meat
disappearing' from supermarket shelves
due to gas price spike

Another Justin Turdeau Blackface Picture
Leaks Before Canadian Election

World's first 'variant-proof' booster vaccine
starts UK trial - What BS it all is!


Record Power Prices & Blackouts Hit
Germany...Coming Here SOON

Arch Satanist Butcher Tony Blair - Govt Should
Forcibly Inject Nursery School Age Children

'Over A Million Canadians Have Had Enough'

At least 6 students killed in shooting at
university in Russia

A hydropower station collapsed in China,
landslides occurred and buildings collapsed

US Communist Regime Has Funded Over
250 Studies for Chinese Communist
Military Researchers! - Funding Our Doom

Coronavirus Covid - Chloroquine data
Japan to trial HIV drug

Hong Kong Stocks Crash, Futures Slide As
Markets Finally Freak Out About Evergrande
Default Contagion

North Korea Warns US-UK-Australia Pact
Could Trigger 'Dangerous Nuclear Arms Race'

See Open war On Communist Cops In Melbourne


Frail Elderly Australian Woman Beaten to Bloody
Pulp and Pepper-Sprayed by Police During
Lockdown Protest

'F*ck the jab!' - CHAOS in Oz as construction
workers violently protest vaccine mandate
outside union HQ

Oz state's 'roadmap to freedom' suggests
only vaxed people can go to church

Australia's Great Emu War - How A Nation
Declared War On A Bird And Lost

Delhi Hospital Reports First Patient With
Black Fungus in Lung and Kidney

Oak Second Largest Province, Sindh,
to arrest unvaxed citizens

Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad explains the
NWO plans, including global depopulation

Bolsonaro Eats Pizza on Sidewalk in New
York City as He Is Not Vaccinated

Cuba Becomes First Country To Mass
Vax Children As Young As Two!

Netanyahu suggests Biden fell asleep meeting
Bennett in Facebook video


Benefits Of Inhaled Molecular Hydrogen

Hydroxygen (HHO) for Respiratory infection

The American West is running out of water
and Big Oil, of all things, can help fix it

Medical Miracle - Teen Survives Internal
Decapitation After Horrific Crash

Want Less Stress? Try Kindness

Sensory Deprivation Tank Science -
How 'Floating' Works & Proven Benefits

All Of Antarctica Is Cooling...Peninsula Cooling
Since Long Before Greta Was Born

And Maiming People By The 100s Of Thousands!
We Believe Over One Million Are Dead In The US

Catherine Austin Fitts - Covid Is A Financial
Coup That Had NOTHING To Do With Health

'We Are NOT Slaves!' Thousands Rise Up
Against The New World Order in NYC

La Palma Volcano Lava Flow Overnight Burning
And Burying Homes And Then Dawn Comes - Watch

Lava Mows Down Luxury Homes On La Palma

Another view Of La Palma Volcano Inferno

Allgire And Remote Viewers Saw
Cumbre Vieja Eruption Cloud

Lava pours out of Cumbre Vieja volcano
on La Palma in Spain's Canary Islands

MORE 'F*ck Joe Biden' chants reported
At US college football stadiums - Video

1000s Gather At 'Freedom Rally' In NYC
To Oppose Vaccine Passport


Senate Parliamentarian MacDonough Rules
Democrat Amnestying For Invaders In Budget
Bill Violates Senate Rules - Big Win For US

Where are The Creeper And The Kamal
While Our Border is disintegrating? Biden
Takes a Bike Ride and Kamal Flips a Coin

Dr. Patti Bartsch - My Dad's Ivermectin Story

The Story of Ivermectin & Covid-19 - Ivermectin
Works - Its Suppression in Treatment is A Crime

Oz Nurse Says fully Vaxed Covid patients are
being treated with Ivermectin! While UNvaxed
are being put on ventilators (And Usually Killed)

1,000% increase in vaccine DEATHS Revealed
during FDA vaccine hearing - Watch

Vaccines in your salad? Scientists growing
medicine-filled plants to replace injections

Nurse Quits After 24 Years, Blast Medical Conspiracy
& Remdesivir Which Has Killed 100s Of Thousands

As We've Said Over And Over - A Toronto
Doctor Admits Vax Injuries are Overrunning
Hospitals...NOT Covid Patients

FDA Panel Overwhelmingly Rejects Pfizer
Booster for Healthy People 16 and Older


WHO European Advisory Group VP Says All Vaxxed
People Must quarantine Over The Winter Months
...(Obviously because Of Indoor Shedding Threat)

Hungary Shares Footage of Walls Stopping Invaders

Biden's Border Blunder - 15,000 Invaders Under TX
Bridge Forces Gov. Abbott To Send In Troopers

Bobby Beto O'Bouke To Challenge TX Gov Abbott

George Soros Funds The Bush-Clinton-Obama
Group Pushing To Bring Afghan Invaders In

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
'Gets Smeared in Dog Poop'

Designer Of AOC's 'Tax The Rich' Dress
Owes Taxes In 'Multiple States'

Trump Slams 'Dumbo' Milley Over Secret Convo
With PLA, Says 'Never Even Thought' to Attack China

The Social Engineering Of A New Generation.
How Can You Fight This? Generation Gray Goo

What MANY Australians Want To Do...
Take The Cops DOWN - Watch


Brutal Child Torture In Australia

TEPCO Fukushima Cleanup Going Backwards As
Lid Of Reactor 2 Area Shows DOZENS Of Sieverts
An Hour - Instantly fatal to humans

The Rise And Fall Of 9mm Ammo Prices
During COVID - Where We Are Now

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler seeks funds to
rehire retired police officers

City of Winlock approves proclamation demanding
WA Gov Inslee submit to mental health evaluation

Turdeau Says Vaccine Passports Are 'All About'
Rewarding People Who Do 'The Right Things'
And Hurting Those Who 'Hesitate' or 'Resist'

Huge Explosion Of Cancers Following The Vax

Dr. Ryan Cole Is seeing a 20x Increase In
Endometrial Cancer After Kill Shots

FDA Throws Pfizer Under The Bus - Start At 4 Hrs
'The Vaccine Kills Two For Every One It Saves'

Why didn't And Don't doctors listen to Many
Thousands Of women about the link between
Covid vaccines and periods?


Scientists Want to Grow COVID mRNA

Long Covid? More Like Middle-Class

Link Between Vit D Deficiency & Covid Incidence,
Complications and Mortality in 46 Countries

Explosion Of Cancer After The Vax

Nearly All Covid Cases at Public High Schools
Occurring in 'Fully Vaxed' Students

Forget 5G, China Leads The 6G Charge

No, Bloomberg, Amazon's 'factory towns' will
NOT solve inequality, they will be satanic mills
for the working class

9/11 Was an Israeli Job

Woke US & Creeper Biden's America In 2022 - Watch

The Great Reset - It's not a 'Conspiracy Theory'
It's a Conspiracy...Listen to Politicians Telling You


Can Deep-Sea Mining Solve The Battery
Metals Supply Crisis?

A £70,000 salary to drive a lorry? University can
truck off... I'm telling my kids to swap school for
life on the open road

Nigel Farage Declares He 'Won't Obey'
Anymore Lockdowns From Boris

Tony Blair Threatens UK To Intro Passports
Or Face Another Covid Lockdown

UK Data Suggests 'Long COVID' Less
Common Than Feared

The UK View On Medical Cannabis

France Says Crisis in Relations With US Over
AUKUS to Affect New NATO Concept

Macron, Biden to Speak in Coming Days After
France Loses Defence Contract With Australia

France Denies Cancelling Summit With Swiss
President Over Jet Ordering Debacle

Labour MP rallies support after 'trans activists'
allegedly scare her away from party conference


Russia claims hostile EU report listing 'factually
wrong' grievances & demanding more sanctions is
attempt at election meddling

Chinese Regime's Forced Organ Harvesting Could
Spread to Other Countries NGO Director Warns

Bank of China - Beijing to steadily expand
cross-border use of yuan in 2021

China's cash-strapped developer Evergrande
starts repaying wealth product investors with

This Is How Contagion From Evergrande's
Default Will Spread To The Rest Of The World

PM Morrison says he 'doesn't regret' canceling
submarines deal with France

AUKUS submarine deal shows UK's readiness
to be 'hard-headed' in defending own interest,
new foreign secretary insists

Elderly Australian woman knocked down &
Pepper-Sprayed by police during Melbourne
protest against lockdowns

What MANY Australians Want To Do...
Take The Cops DOWN - Watch

Never Ending Injections For Australia


India plans to reopen for international tourism
within 10 days, reports say, will issue free visas
to first 500,000 travelers

Israeli US Envoy Slams Ocasio-Cortez
for Bid to Block Sale of Precision-Guided
Munitions to Tel Aviv

Iran's President Hails Entry Into China,
Russia-led Economic & Security Pact as
'Diplomatic Success'

Healthcare in Lebanon Facing Collapse Amid
Fuel Shortages, Brain Drain, WHO Chief Says

US Reportedly Frees Daesh Fighters From Prison
in Syria, Jabs Them With Covid Vaccines

Critics Blast 'Absurd' Biden Admin First
Major Military Deal With Saudi Arabia

Amazing Latah Creek Crossing Near Spokane
When Americans Could Still Build Things Right

Father Files $1M Lawsuit After School
Staff Member Cut Daughter's Hair

UK - Children under-16 CAN take life-changing
puberty blockers without their parents' consent

Almost A Quarter Of 'COVID' Patients In England
Are Being Treated For Something Else


Amazing animal rescues - Goat and rooster
save chicken from hawk attack

Why beavers were parachuted into the
Idaho wilderness 73 years ago

The Colorful World of Edible Flowers

La Palma seismic swarm and eruption update
As Of September 18-19 - Evac Plans Ready
See Video Simulations Of Possible Tsunamis

Fauci-CDC Now Calling All Vaxed Deaths within
14 days of being vaxed as being UNVAXED deaths

Pfizer vax kills Far more people than it saves

As a doctor, here's my opinion on Nicki Minaj,
swollen testicles and vaccine hesitancy –
she's NOT talking BS

Chossudovsky - Yes, it's a Killer Vaccine

Nurse Quits After 24 Years, Blast Medical Conspiracy
& Remdesivir Which Has Killed Hundreds Of Thousands

The Communist Pod People Are Here
Screaming And Yelling At The Unvaxed

Holy CGI... We Are Toast - It's All Over...
Look At This And Understand What's NEXT

Evidence That Someone Is Attacking The US With
Deadly Radiation And It's Being Covered Up

Will Communists Destroy America?


Biden Admin Starts Deporting Haitians From Under
Texas Bridge, Fox Foils FAA Drone Ban

Texas DPS flies Fox News crew in its chopper
over Del Rio migrant hotspot after federal govt
grounded channel's drone

'Kid gloves are off today' - Liberal critics celebrate
MASSIVE police response to Justice for J6 rally

LA Parents Angered by 'F**k Police' And 'F**k
Amerikkka' Posters Hung in Classroom

'Cocooning' - Biden Team Created a 'Wall' to
Guard Him From Unscripted Events, Book Says

Sec of State Pompeo, NSA O'Brien Knew Nothing
About Gen. Milley's Secret Talks With China

'Sophia' The Robot to be mass produced

Tara Reade - 'He told me to remove my swimsuit,
I complied because he was a policeman. I was
only 13 and scared frozen'

Black Sub-Animals Ambush, Rob & Shoot
Customers Dining At Fancy NYC Restaurant

Evidence That Someone Is Attacking The US With
Deadly Radiation And It's Being Covered Up


Oakland Zoo vaccinates its animals
against Fake Covid-19 - Hope it is saline
Only danger animals face Is vaxed People

Lions and tigers at Nat Zoo being treated
for CV - all other animals to get Zoetis vax

SF Marathon Runners Required to Run
in 'Highly Moral' Face Diapers

Chris Christie family bar mitzvah blamed for
Covid-19 'outbreak' that caused return to
virtual learning for NJ school – reports

Hospital Staff That Decline COVID Vax For
Religious Reasons Must Attest To Also Swearing
Off Tylenol, Tums, & Other Common Meds

Pfizer Recalls Its Anti-Smoking Drug
Chantix Over Cancer Concerns

Watch Bright Flash Appear on Jupiter After
Suspected Collision With Space Object

Supply Chain Shipping Hell - 'Just Get Me a Box'
Says Logistics Manager

This Is How Contagion From Evergrande's
Default Will Spread To The Rest Of World

Dr. Bhakdi's Message To The UK Govt,
The BBC And The People Of Britain


Fully vaxed account for a huge 74%
of Covid-19 deaths in the UK summer wave

Paris Being Rocked by Protests Against
COVID-19 Passes for 10th Weekend in Row

Energy crisis stretches to UK food-supply chain
already bruised by labour shortage amid Brexit
& Covid-19

Pentagon Warns Europe of Russia Posing
Bigger Security Threat Than China

Several injured after car rams into
restaurant terrace in France's Fontainebleau

Anti-Lockdown Protesters In Australia
'Break Police Line' As Clashes Erupt

Malaysian PM says AUKUS will be 'catalyst
for nuclear arms race' as ex-diplomat warns
Australia is now 'isolated' in region

AUKUS fallout - France pledges to 'defend truly
multilateral international order' with India amid
diplomatic row with Australia-US

Revealed - How Washington, London and Canberra
'Kept Paris in the Dark' About AUKUS Deal

'Why Would US Ensure Our Defence?' France Urges
EU to Boost 'Strategic Autonomy' Amid AUKUS Fallout


The so-called 'cradle of the revolution' against
Assad has been liberated – the West's campaign
to topple him is all but over

LA School District Will Mandate Vaccines
for ALL Students

NCAA Division I Golfer Hit With Vax-Caused
Myocarditis - He Was NOT Warned Before And
His Life And Career Are Now Ruined - Watch

'Heart inflammation' (SEVERE Damage) in teens
explodes across US - Their Lives Are Ruined

Communist Facebook Labels Canning and
Gardening Groups as 'Too Prepared' - WOW

Beck WARNS economy is changing and 'you are
not going to recognize the American lifestyle'

Nurse Quits After 24 Yrs - 'There IS A Conspiracy'

Where Did All The People Go?

millions Have already died from covid vax

CDC allows hospitals to classify dead
vaccinated people as 'unvaccinated deaths'

Heroic Black Woman Patriot Banned By
Tik Tok For Her Shredding Biden


Lara Logan - OBiden Admin 'Prepping The
Battlefield for an attack ON America soil

Kill Shot Makers Suddenly Change Vax Names
And People are Already Confused - Pfizer is
'Comirnity', Moderna Is 'SpikeVax' And AZ Is
Incredibly 'Vaxzevria'

US to buy hundreds of millions more doses
of Pfizer Kill Shots to donate to the world -
To Help Accelerate World Genocide

Psaki Says Biden's Constant Coughing
Not 'an Issue of Concern'

Dictator OBiden Openly Threatens GOP Govs
Who Don't Obey His Pro-Vax Policies

Biden's So-called Vaccine Mandates
...Judge Napolitano

Is Donald Trump A Traitor To America? - Vid

Tucker Calls Mark Milley a 'Reckless Nutcase'
and a 'Danger to the Country'

Mercers discovered giving $20 million to a front
group that funded efforts to overturn 2020 election

Trump Says Lubavitcher Jared Kushner was
'More Loyal To Israel Than The United States'


As McConnell Rebuffs Yellen Over Debt Limit
Limbo, Democrat Infighting Risks Delaying
$3.5 Trillion Package By 'Weeks Or Months'

'Comedian' Sarah (Saline Vax) Silverman Says
US Should 'Divide Up Into Like 2 Or 3 Countries'

Milley Claims China Tipoff Call Was 'Perfectly'
Within Duties - Yet Pelosi Begged Him To Take
Action Against Trump

US Defence Secretary Approves Request to
Deploy 100 Troops at Capitol Protest

Planned Parenthood Rolls Out Abortion by Mail
in DC Metro Area, 'Telemedicine' Appointments
Already Booked Solid

US And China Are Closer To War Than Most
Americans Would Dare To Imagine

How The Roths Use Mass Surveillance and
Nanotech Bioweapons To Sustain The Imperial
British World Order

Life As You Have Known It Will Never Be
The Same Again...

Seven Warning Signs Someone
You Know Is Becoming 'Woke'

Fox News Drone Finds Over 8,200 'Majority
Haitian' Invader Migrants Under Texas Bridge
After Illegally Crossing Border


'This Is Illegal' - Republican Senator Blasts FAA
Decision To Ground Drones Filming Texas Bridge
Border Chaos

The horror of the Haitian migrant camp in Texas
shows why America MUST end its woke approach
to immigration now

Biden hires organization With Your Money to
help bring expelled Invaders back INTO US

'Food Is More Expensive Than Almost
Anytime In The Past 60 Years'

Terrified Baby Screams for Its Life As The
Creeper Leans In To Sniff and Kiss Him

Chicago man sets fire to building, live-streams it

Rockford, IL Subway employee suspended
for defending herself against Black robber
In DC, Blacks Kidnap Single Males, Make
them Go To ATM and Give Cash To Blacks

Black Patriot Raises Hell in Brooklyn
Restaurant for Being Denied Service

The Late Night Commie Comics of the CIA

An 'Adult Content' YouTube Video


Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases

You Staying at Home Is the Future
Communist Punishers Of The Unvaxed Want

Pfizer seeks COVID vax EUA for 5-11 Yr Olds
(Mass sterilization Of Children Is The Goal)

Texas father DEPLATFORMED by GoFundMe
for raising money for son who died after taking
Deadly Pfizer Kill Shot

Covid 19 - I Am Afraid

Moderna, BioNtech Plunge As FDA 'Booster'
Debate Raises Questions About Vaccine
Efficacy, Side-Effects

CDC Warns Of 'Alarming' Increase In
Child Obesity During Pandemic

Conservative activist Laura Loomer tests
positive for Covid, calls vaccines 'unsafe'
as critics celebrate 'karma' getting her

'I'm Vaccinated B**ch!' Watch 'Drunk Karen'
Attacking Restaurant Staffers for Not
Wearing Masks

Another Facebook Lie - Instagram is Bad
for Teenagers Despite Claiming Otherwise
...Here are the Harms


4G And 5G Fiber Optics To Be Shoved Down
Water Mains and Then Through water pipes
To 'Hard To Reach' UK Homes And Businesses

Global status of greenback shrinking as countries
look to trade in alt currencies - Bank Of Russia

One of China's biggest property developers on
brink of bankruptcy

The Fed Is Bailing Out The Wealthy As Everyone
Else Pays The Price

'None Of This Can Go On Much Longer'

EU Digital Policy Chief Vestager Says Eurozone
Can't Rely On A Few 'Very Big' Chip Suppliers
To Alleviate Global Shortage

Chevron CEO Warns 'New Dynamics' Will Boost
Energy Prices Amid Global Supply Crunch

Peter Schiff - Too Much Money, Not Enough Stuff

Democrat Insanity Peaks As Biden Shutters
Pipelines Then Is Baffled When Gas Prices Rise

Record Shattered - 61 Container Ships Stuck
Waiting Off California


Illusion Of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing

Powell Orders Review Of Fed Ethics Rules
After Trading Disclosures Spark Mass Outrage

Hitting US Debt Ceiling Could Trigger
Recession, White House Says

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated
health workers

Prince William urges humanity 'not to give up'
in the face of climate change

Europe to begin heating season with gas
deficit in storage facilities — Gazprom

European Climate Bank - ECB To Scrutinize
Bank Trading Books For 'Climate Change Risk'

Fire At UK-France Subsea Power Cable
Could Trigger Winter Blackouts

Italy First Country To Pass Mandatory Vax
Passport Bill For All Workers

London High Court Vows to FORCE Prince
Andrew To Face Child Sex Charges - Says
'No One Is Above the Law' (If Only True...)


Appeals court overturns controversial ruling on
child gender treatment in UK - doctors CAN
prescribe puberty blockers to under-16s

French billboard owner hit with €10,000 fine
for depicting president Macron as Hitler on
Covid protest poster

2 killed, one injured in eastern Netherlands
suspect arrested, reportedly armed with crossbow

Black Somali asylum seeker stabs 5
in Italy, slashes 6 year old's throat

Inquiry launched into European Commission
chief's refusal to hand over text messages
she exchanged with Pfizer CEO

Putin welcomes granting SCO dialogue
partner status to three countries

America's evacuation of troops from Afghanistan
looked more like a 'downright escape' than a 'hasty
withdrawal' - Putin

Putin - US and NATO Countries Should Provide
Most of Money for Post-War Afghan Reconstruction

Putin Calls for Common Line on
Afghanistan in Wake of US 'Flight'

Russian Online Voting System Suffers
DDoS-Attack Coming From US, German,
And Ukrainian IPs


Russian elections - Communists set sights on major gains,
but Western pundits are already dusting off their 'rigged
vote' rhetoric

Apple & Google delete Navalny's 'Smart Voting'
app after top Russian officials accuse US tech
giants of 'election interference'

Russia Launching Trials of Simultaneous
Vaccination Against Flu, COVID-19

Musk's China Ass-Kissing Tour Has Resumed

Chinese planes enter Taiwan's air-defense zone
just one day after Taipei announced extra
$9 Billion to beef up its military

Chinese space station builders safely return to
Earth after breaking national record in orbit

Mixed signals from US as Blinken deletes
tweet pledging Washington's support to
Hong Kong anti-government protesters

Australia Continues Its Death Plunge Into
Communist Authoritarianism - Johnstone

Australian Officials Announce COVID NWO

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases


Tel Aviv 'Significantly' Expanding Red Sea
Presence Amid Alleged Iran Threat

Ebola 'defeated' after 40 year-fight against a
'terrifying and deadly disease,' professor who
discovered virus declares

UK Funeral Dir - 'I'm Dealing With Murder Victims'
The 'Delta Strain' is the KILL SHOT At Work - watch

Icke - Come On People It's Time

Sheriff Mack Blasts Communist Dictator Biden

Multiply VAERS Numbers By ONE HUNDRED!
Covid Whistleblower Says VAERS Is WRONG
and Undercounted by a Factor of 100!

Look At The VAERS Report For July 23
These Are Vax INJURIES...

CNN Racist Don Lemon Urges Viewers That
'It's Time To Start Shaming' Unvaxed People

New York Orders Compulsory Masking of Toddlers
Aged 24 Months and Above in Kindergartens
This is beyond criminal - It is Near Infanticide

US Regulator Approves Creation of Nuclear
Waste Dump in TX Despite Local Anger

Trump Says Americans Won't 'Have a Country
Left in Three Years'

Trump Warns Saturday's 'Justice For J6' Rally
Is A 'Setup' Meant To Denigrate GOP Voters

Woman Who Threatened to Kill The Kamal
Because She's 'Not Actually Black' Pleads Guilty


'I Can't Speak to Validity' - Pentagon Spokesman
Elusive Over Milley's Alleged Secret Calls to China

The Republicans should interrogate Gen. Mark
Milley as the Democrats did Mike Flynn and
Donald Trump... but it will never happen

Greenwald Breaks Down Significance Of
Expected Indictment Against Hillary Lawyer

Nurse Whistleblower Upset that Her Doctor
and Nurse Colleagues Want Unvaccinated
People to Die

Dr. Ted Broer Talks With Dr. Lee Meritt

The 'Accidental' And 'Coincidental' Plandemic

Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on
Vaccine Side Effects

Ft Riley, KS Is DESERTED - No Planes, Helos, Jets,
Trucks Or Troops - Where are they? What's Up?

Spanish Officials Fear Eruption On La Palma
Which Could Drop Cumbre Vieja Volcano

Over 4,000 Tremors Rocking Cumbre Vieja
On La Palma - Landslides Said Occurring


Cumbre Vieja Tsunami Simulation - Watch

The La Palma Mega Tsunami

Singapore seeing chronic illness explosion
after reaching 81 percent vaccination rate

How Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft
wage a domestic War on Terror, and make billions

RT's digital content project Redfish laments
'censorship' after Facebook blocks it on
Instagram without proper explanation

No More Words - Microsoft Allows Use of
Facial Recognition or Fingerprints Instead
of Password

Russia's parliament threatens to increase fines
for American tech giants after Google fails to
comply with country's internet laws

Record Shattered: 61 Container Ships
Stuck Waiting Off California

'We Should Be Concerned' - The War
On Cash Is A Real Thing

Major UK Fertilizer Plants Shuttered Due
To Skyrocketing Natural Gas Prices


Is the Age of the Car Over as Politicians
Around Europe Declare War on the Motorist?

We cannot afford to stop and start society
depending on whether or not the wind
may blow

Chevron CEO Warns 'New Dynamics' To Boost
Energy Prices Amid Global Supply Crunch

Shell Touts Plans for One of Europe's
Largest Biofuel Plants

China Plans to Launch Experimental Reactor
That May Revolutionise Atomic Energy Industry

France suspends 3,000 healthcare workers for
failing to take the Kill shot – health minister

AUKUS nuclear submarine deal not a 'betrayal,'
UK defence minister says, as French cut out of
lucrative military contract

China Accuses US of Intensifying Arms
Race by Creating AUKUS

New Zealand Being Left Out of AUKUS Shows
Canberra, Wellington 'Going in Very Different Directions'

Moscow expects Canberra to comply with
obligations as nuclear-free country - diplomat


The stunning betrayal of France by America
over nuclear subs for Australia signals a huge
geopolitical shift in US strategy

France mulling compensation claim as Australia
pulls out of submarine contract worth billions,
favoring UK & US partners

EU Not Informed About New US, UK & Australia
Alliance, Plans 'to Assess Implications'

Europe's top human rights organization calls on
Poland to change criminal definition of rape

Police in Spain Evacuate Parts of Downtown
Oviedo Over Bomb Threat

Kremlin Covid outbreak - Dozens of Russian govt
staff have tested positive for virus (With What TEST?)
Putin tells CSTO summit by video

Russia Threatens to Take Measures Against
US Over Interference in Elections, Foreign Ministry

Kremlin Regrets European Parliament's
Russia Report

Team Navalny wants Russians to vote for
the once-hated Communists instead of liberal
pro-Western candidates

Banned Putin accepts invitation from Chinese
leader Xi to attend 2022 Beijing Olympics


India may buy Russian S-500 anti-space-weapon
defense system in world-first arms deal, despite
risk of US sanctions, Moscow claims

China fully vaccinates 1 BILLION of its
population against Covid

EU Commission Chief Announces Launch of
Competitor to China's Belt and Road

President Rodrigo Duterte declares ICC 'no longer
has jurisdiction' over Philippines after it launches probe
into his war on drugs

Special Forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan
conduct joint military drills for first time ever - Video

Several missiles fall near Kabul power plant

Ex-Soviet states set to beef up joint military missions
on Afghan border to head off risk of instability after
US Kabul withdrawal

Iraqi Asylum Seeker Jailed After UK CCTV
Operator Spots Him Raping Unconscious
Woman on Seafront

Bach's Music – A Fascinating Hidden World
of Numerology and Cunning Craft

Why Americans Die So Much


Don't Surrender to the Pandemic Control Freaks

Is It Fair to Say That the Maya
Civilization Collapsed?

WH Clarifies That USPS Workers WILL Be
Subject To A Vax-Test Mandate

Los Angeles County to Mandate COVID-19
Vaccine Passports - Officials

Another Name actor murdered by C19 lethal injection
Actor Ben Best dead at 46 'Currently, no cause of
death for Best has been confirmed' - Sure thing...

The unmistakable ivermectin miracle in the Indian
state of Uttar Pradesh

COVID Propaganda Roundup - The 'Safe
and Effective' Narrative Implodes

People Are Acting Very Strangely As Shown
In Road Rage Violence , Public Brawls And
Bloodthirsty Crowds

FDA Resignations Mean the Hour or
Reckoning Is Coming

Biden Declares We Must Spray Sunscreen
on Everyone to Protect Those Already
Wearing Sunscreen

Despite Mandates, Biden Commerce Sec Claims
'Nobody Is Being Forced' To Take COVID Vax

More Than Half Of US States Vow To Fight
Biden's Vaccine Mandate


Mild or Asymptomatic Cases Account For
Nearly Half of US COVID Hospitalizations

Lawmakers Unveil Bipartisan Bill To Freeze
Funding For Gain-of-Function Research

Over A Dozen Present And Heard Milley's
Secret CCP Phone Calls - SecDef Esper,
Acting SecDef Miller Had FULL Knowledge

Biden Announces Security Pact That Would Give.
Oz Nuclear Submarines...but No Nukes

Biden to launch NUCLEAR tech working group
alongside UK and Australia in apparent bid to
push back against China – reports

US Coast Guard in Biggest Shipbuilding Effort
Since WWII to Counter 'Bad Actors' in Indo-Pacific

US Military's Iron Dome Missile Defence
System May Be Deployed in Ukraine

Israeli Study - Fully vaxed are 27x More Likely
To Get 'Covid' Than Those With Natural Immunity

Huawei Hires More Scientists, Boosts Basic
Research to Deal With US Semiconductor Ban

Amazon Raises Average Wage To $18
As It Scrambles To Fill 125,000 Jobs


Diplomat - If US tech giants fail to show up at
upper house, it's an admission of meddling

Russia running out of oil? Profitable reserves may
last only another 20 years, Moscow says, citing
improved tech as only solution

China's Oil Sale Is A Clear Message To OPEC+

WTI Extends Gains As US Crude Inventories
Slump To 2-Year Lows

European Gas Prices Continue Parabolic
Rise As EU Debates Nord Stream 2 Certification

Early launch of Nord Stream 2 could 'balance'
EU gas market & stop price surge – Kremlin

Rosneft Shares Jump to Record High Amid
Potential Gas Exports via Nord Stream 2

"I've Never Pulled Up So Many Gas Price
Graphs As I Have Over The Last 24 Hours"

Fifteen years on, Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'
Oscar-winning film Has been Proven To Be
inaccurate tripe

UK inflation sees highest increase on record after
dramatic spike caused by heavily discounted
eat-out incentive scheme


Over Two-Thirds Of Businesses Worldwide
Report Hiring Difficulties

Spanish Gov't Announces Temporary Tax Cuts
To Help Consumers After Record Power Prices

As BoJo prepares Britain for another
winter of Covid restrictions, it's still not
enough for the hardliners

'Next Generation Tech' - UK Plans to Test Laser
Weapons on Board a Warship for First Time

'Just another distraction': Some unconvinced
by Boris Johnson's cabinet reshuffle following
benefits cut

UK Police Arrest 71 Climate Protesters Over
Disruption on M25 Highway

London Court Accepts Request by Giuffre's Lawyers
to Contact Prince Andrew About Sex Assault Case

Canada People's Party Poll Surge Shows
Voters 'Fed Up' With Establishment

Russia to preserve its superiority in hypersonic
weapons - Deputy PM Borisov

Serbia's Vucic lets slip procurement of Russian
Pantsir-S1M air defense systems


Russia demands answers from US ambassador over
'election interference,' as Moscow says it has proof
of 'serious' sabotage efforts

Russia-EU relations to deteriorate if EP
does not acknowledge elections – diplomat

Is it OK to buy a fake Covid vax certificate?
Almost a third of Russians think it's perfectly fine

Putin Invited to US Online Summit on COVID
Response, Kremlin Says

Vaccinated Only - Latvia Launches Separate
Train Cars for Passengers With Covid Certificates

Russia is not going to share responsibility for
West-triggered migration crises — Lavrov

Russia and ASEAN will focus efforts on digital transformation amid pandemic

Western media claimed Sochi would be post
Olympic ghost town - Now, Russian city's mayor
reveals population has doubled in a decade

Organizers of gas pipeline explosion in Crimea
threatened their agents with murder

Ukraine must stop begging for money from Wes
because countries with great history should have
'dignity', says Russia's Lavrov


Chinese Warships Could Soon Show Up Of
Hawaii And Guam - China State Run Media

91% of China's youth aged 12-17 are fully
vaccinated against Covid – state media

S Korea hails successful test of sub-launched
ballistic missile, after two N Korean projectiles
land off Japan

N Korea Missile Tests Pose Threat to Neighbors
And The Intl Community, US State Dept Says

Tokyo Confirms N Korean Ballistic Missiles
Landed in Japanese Waters

ICC backs probe into Philippines 'war on drugs'
despite Manilla warning foreigners to stay out of it

Blinken Questioned About Cooperation With
India on 'Over-the-Horizon Forces'

Mysterious Illness Engulfs India's Haryana
State as It Claims Nine Children's Lives

Venezuelan Prosecutors Open Investigation
Into Embezzlement Charges Against Guaido

Israeli Study - Fully vaxed are 27x More Likely
To Get 'Covid' Than Those With Natural Immunity


Israel Believes Iran Couple of Months Away
From Being Able to Produce Nuclear Bomb

Iran's atomic energy chief vows to boost
nuclear science despite efforts of 'enemies'
to curb Tehran's advancement

Iran Approves Russia's Sputnik Light Single
Dose COVID Vaccine, RDIF Says

Scores of US Vessels With 'Stolen Syrian Oil'
Leave Arab Republic for Iraq, Report Says

Taliban Leaders Reportedly Clash Over
Division of Power in New Government

Earth's Magnetic Field May Be Reversing Due
to Remains of Ancient Planet, Scientists Warn

A Swarm Of 700 Earthquakes Rattles Canary
Islands, Sparks Speculation Of Volcanic Eruption

"High-Risk" Flash Flood Alert Issued For SW
Louisiana Amid Tropical Depression Nicholas


Sinclair's National Media Script For Local TV Stations
Sinclair Owns LOTS Of Affiliates! - 59 Fox, 41 ABC,
30 CBS, 25 NBC, 9 Univision And More - WATCH!

Few Believe 2/3 Of CA Voters Backed Newsom
In Recall Vote - After 2020 What's To Believe?

When The Communists Control Everything
Voting Is A Complete Waste Of Time

Rothschild Dynasy Seeking To Fulfill Kalergi
depopulation Agenda

Biden Told OSHA to Hide Info on Vax Side Effects

How globalists convinced BILLIONS of people to
exterminate themselves with biological weapons
presented as 'vaccines'

Congress and all judges EXEMPT from mandatory
Covid vaccination Executive Order because they
know the clot shots are deadly

MIT-Harvard Study Shows Segments Of SARS Co-2
RNA Are Transcribing PERMANENTLY Into Human
DNA - This Had Been Thought 'Impossible'

Study - COVID Vax Exacerbates MS Symptoms

Fauci Evil Vax Afflicts University Student
With 70 Different Side Effects


Gates Warns the World is Not Ready to Ward
Off the Threat of a New Pandemic

Remember - WHO Warns That Deadly Marburg
Will Be The next Virus To Hit The US

Biden is a war criminal - He Murdered Seven
Family Members To Change News Headlines

Elizabeth Warren Demands Amazon Censor Books
challenging official coronavirus narrative

Fauci Lied 'Knowingly, Willfully And Brazenly'

Nearly Half Of 'COVID Hospitalizations'
This Year Have Been Mild Or Asymptomatic Cases

'General Milley Is A Traitor'

Twenty years on from 9/11, the 'War on Terror'
has morphed into a 'war' against the West's
own populations

Pfizer Holocaust In Israel - Leaked Zoom Shows
Scientist Saying Israel Is Lab Rat For Kill Shot

Fit Young Man Gets 'Vaccine' - Cam Records
His HEART ATTACK & Collapse At Gym


Study Shows 'Covid Crush' on Hospitals is Fake

Two-faced Facebook's hypocrisy on freedom
of speech reveals it is now a clear and present
danger to democracy

Twitter dodges election-meddling complaint over
suppressing 'unsubstantiated' Hunter laptop story

DC Attorney General Widens Scope Of
Lawsuit Against Amazon

Steve Wozniak's space venture seemingly set to
focus on cleaning up garbage Bezos, Branson
And Musk leave behind

China Yuan Swaps Soar Amid Fears Evergrande
Default Will Lead To Liquidity Crisis

Elizabeth Warren Demands Fed Crush Wells Fargo

UK Job Vacancies Hit Record High Just
as Furlough About to Come to an End

Harris Teeter & Publix stores begin limiting hours

Nothing is Real - A Visual Journey
Through Market Absurdity


I will never trust another doctor

75% of August COVID Deaths in Scotland
Were Among the Double-Jabbed

Tower Bridge Floods, as Heavy Rains Force
Londoners to Struggle With Traffic - Video

'Personal Carbon Allowances' Pushed
To Fight Global Warming

Still no need for Nord Stream 2? European
gas prices hit decade high

Let's see how Sputnik V works 'in real life'
Putin reveals he had close contact with
Covid-19 infected person 'for a whole day'

Over 46 million Russians vaxed against COVID

Coup Gen Milley Secretly Pledged To Warn
Chinese Communist Party If Trump Planned
A Strike

Chinese Authorities Alarmed As Regional COVID
Outbreak Sees Cases Double In A Single Day

India should vaccinate its own people first
rather than let the US co-opt it into its anti-China
jab diplomacy


Distress in Uttar Pradesh, India After More
Children Succumb to Dengue - Death Toll
Exceeds 200

Israeli anti-vax activist dies of Covid-19 after
accusing police of POISONING him in
'assassination attempt'

'Straight From Revelation' - Body of
Water Near Dead Sea Turns Red

Biden, Blinken under fire after announcing $64 million
aid to Taliban controlled Afghanistan

Watch - It Begins With 'It's Just...' And It Ends
With The Communist Boot On Your Face

Again - Where We Are Now

DARPA Wants Global On-Demand Testing WITH
Gene-Editing Capabilities 'To Find Pathogens'!

Covid's Willing Executioners

Brit Warns Americans - 'NEVER give up your Arms!'

Fauci says he would support vaccine
requirement for air travel

Watch - Lower than dirt communist democrats
put on their filthy masks when MSM Cams Roll

The Next US Civil War

55 Fully-Vaxed Die In Las Vegas In Just 2 Weeks
How Can Anyone Not Understand The Word 'Genocide'

India Making Covid Kits With Ivermectin
Available To All For Only $2.65 per person


Unelected senile idiot Biden poses for pictures
with MAGA kids at 9/11 memorial in Shanksville

Top Tax Rate In NYC Would Be 61.2% And
59.7% In CA Under House Dems New Tax Plan

CA Recall Election Fraud Already Showing As
Republicans Shocked To Discover They've
'Already Voted' In The Recall Election!

Hell Is Coming And Death Is Coming With It
Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Safely Because
Very Difficult Times Are Approaching

They Are Going Door To Door In DC, Looking
For The Unvaxed - The Globalist Satanic War
On America's Children Goes Into High Gear

NV Clark County School District experiencing
massive increase in staffing shortages after
vaccine mandate was announced

Las Vegas Channel 8 Runs fake story claiming
COVID patients Are lining halls of local hospital...
Local media Across US are Among worst liars

udge Finds Professor Tied to Communist

I'm a 17 year old black American who
refuses to go Communist woke

La Cumbre Vieja - Big Quake Swarm On La Palma
If The Volcano Slides, The US East Coast Drowns


Steve Bannon recorded 15 hours of never
seen interview footage with Jeffrey Epstein

Pregnant Woman Takes Kill Shot - Destroys Her
Own Baby - This Will Outrage And Disgust You

Physician Tells Senate, Ivermectin Is a COVID
'Wonder Drug' - 'If You Take It, You Won't Get Sick'

Those Who Barred Cancer and Heart Patients
From Hospitals Accuse the Unvaxed of
'Causing Damage' to Them

Psychotic UPI Runs Sick Propaganda 'Getting
first vax shot can boost mental health - survey says

MA National Guard To Help Drive School Buses
After Mandate Chases Regular Drivers

Rock Band Smile Empty Soul's Frontman
Defends Band's Refusal To Play Shows
Where Proof Of Lethal Injection Is Required

Bowling Green, KY Nurse forced to leave
her job for not Taking Kill Shot

Chicago Brookfield Zoo Starts Vaxing all Of
The Zoo animals - Animals Won't Be spared

Videos Of Tesla's Full Self Driving Beta v10
Surface, Showing The Same Dangerous Mistakes
As Previous Versions


Americans inflation fears hit another high
in August as prices continue to climb

Social Security trust fund will die in 2033

Food Shortages Hitting A Critical Crisis Point
In America - pics of empty store shelves

Grocery prices are expected to rise another
3% before the end of the year, Kroger warns

Central Bank Visions Of Absolute Control

Litecoin Dumps, Cryptos Slide After Walmart
Confirms Press Release Was Fake

Elon Musk Tweets Pic of Pet Shiba Inu 'Floki'
Prompting Dogecoin, Spinoff Cryptos to Surge

European gas prices hit another record high
on low supply

Oil Surges To 5 Week High As BofA Sees
Crude Hitting $100 In A 'Very Cold Winter'

OPEC predicts demand for all fuel types
to surpass pre-pandemic level in 2022


China's 'Not So Strategic' Oil Release

3M Warns Inflation Is Here To Stay, Sees
Auto Production Tumbling More Than Expected

What's Wrong With Gold?

Funds Are Simply 'Rebranding' As ESG
And Watching The Inflows Pour In

Vaccine Passport Regime Is Far Worse
Than Segregation

Boris 'dead set' against ANY more lockdowns
as he rips up Covid rules and unveils winter plan

Boris Johnson Wants to Make Vaccines Main
'Wall of Defence' in New Covid Winter Plan

UK govt scraps Covid vaccine deal with
French company Valneva over 'breach'

NHS Rolls Out 'Game Changer' Pilot Blood
Test For Detecting Over 50 Types of Cancer

France moves to dissolve 'racist' Black
African Defense League following violence


Macron's disgraced security aide stands before
Paris court for assaulting protesters in 2018

Sturgeon - Scottish Gov't to Push for 2nd Indy
Vote Once COVID-19 Crisis Over

Putin arrives in Nizhny Novgorod to attend
Zapad-2021 drills

Iskander tactical missile systems strike
mock enemy's objects at Zapad-2021 drills

Watch Russian airborne troops make nighttime
assault landing at Russian-Belarusian war games

Uran-9, Nerekhta robots used in troops
formations for first time at Zapad-2021 drills

Over 80% of Russians Think Country
Needs Nuclear Weapons, Poll Shows

Russia Calls for Intl Mechanism to Prevent
Deployment of Weapons in Space

North Korea fires new deadly long-range
missile hitting target 1,000 miles away

Japan warns citizens of possible attack in
Southeast Asia, puzzling Many Countries


Japan Scrambled Recon Aircraft & Destroyers
After Chinese Submarine Surfaced Near Its Territory

China set to launch locally made mRNA vaccine

Oz Victorian Paramedics refuse Vaccines

Scientists Suggest Studying Impact of Exotic
Fruits Amid Nipah Virus Outbreak in India

Dozens die of dengue fever in India's Uttar
Pradesh, with cases of the mosquito-borne
virus also reported in Delhi

India to Tax Cryptocurrency Trades,
Modi Cabinet to Take Up Bill Soon

Venezuela reports another 'terrorist attack' on
its electrical system as power outages hit Caracas
region & other areas

Nicaraguan Opposition Activist Severely Injured
in Shooting Attack in Costa Rica, Reports Say

Protesters Across Brazil Demand Bolsonaro's
Impeachment, Reports Say

6.0 Quake Strikes Near Salta, Argentina


Hot Mic Catches Israeli Health Minister
Admitting Vaccine Passports Are Coercion

Israel To Conduct COVID 'Genetic Scanning'
For All Inbound Air Passengers

Iran Still Refuses to Explain Traces of Nuclear
Materials at Undeclared Locations, IAEA Says

Taliban Reportedly Finds $6 Million In Gold Bars
in Home of Self-Declared Afghan President Saleh

Taliban Spokesman Dismisses Reports That Militants
are Sheltering al-Qaeda's Leader in Afghanistan

Taliban to Remove Subjects Contradicting Sharia
Law From University Curriculum

Sudanese Embassy Dismisses Report That
Khartoum Has Asked Moscow for Aid in
Exchange for Naval Base

Over 260 inmates freed as raiders blow up
Nigerian prison fence, killing two

'Catastrophic' super volcano eruption much
more likely than previously thought - scientists


Dr. Charles Hoffe - Great Video...Animated Depiction Of
What The Kill Shot Does To Your Blood Stream And Body

Watch PCR Inventor Dr. Kary Mullis Describe How His
Test Should NEVER Have Been Used - 'It's A Big Sham!'
Dr. Mullis Died In Hospital 3 Months Before Covid Began

'We're Not Done Yet' - OBiden to announce more
Communist Medieval UnConstitutional vax measures

Where We Are Now

One In Five Americans Say Employer
Requires Vaccination

This Is the Labor Market on Which Biden
Is Imposing the Injection-PCR Requirement

Teens 50x More Likely to Have Heart Disease After
Covid Kill Shots than ALL Other FDA Approved Vaccines
in 2021 Combined – CDC Admits This Is True

Prominent Medical Boards Message to Physicians
Keep Quiet on COVID Vax or Risk Loss of License
And Your Economic Livelihood

Biden orders condemn millions federal workers
and contractors to DIE via killer covid 'vaccines'
that still aren't even approved by the FDA

Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers
From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order
Decision Not To Destroy The USPS Obvious


Watch - Large home crowd at NY Mets game in
unison breaks out In 'F*ck Joe Biden' Roar

DeSantis Responds To Biden's Vaccine
Mandate - 'In Florida, We Will Fight Back'

Biden's Total Financial Surveillance

Twelve F-22 Pilots Walk Off The Job

Private Maricopa Canvass Reveals Enough
Stolen Ballots To DECERTIFY The AZ Election

End Of The US Empire - Orwell's 1984
'Newspeak' & Dirt Cheap Gold

Communist Liberals selling smug

FL Broward Sheriffs Ambushed By Sub-Animal
Return Fire And Finally Eliminate A Piece Of Non-
Human Sewage - Watch The Entire Event Here

'US govt is censoring private conversations'
says the 'conversion therapist' fighting a legal
battle not to be silenced

Declassified FBI 9/11 memo 'puts to bed any
doubts about Saudi complicity' says group of
victims families


Taliban Initially Offered Help Investigating
9/11 Attacks, Spokesman Says

'Americans Are Tired Of All The Lies' - Gen Mike
Flynn. Warns Nation Being Overtaken By Small,
Powerful Group Of Marxists

Capitol Fence to Be Reinstalled as Cops Gears Up
For Pro-Trump 'Justice for J6' Rally

Summer 2021 Hotter Than 'Dust Bowl'
Of The 1930s, NOAA Says

Republicans Rebuke California's Embattled
Governor as He Urges State Not to Become
a 'Second Texas'

Trump's 2024 Return Favoured by Slim Majority
of Republicans, Poll Finds

Rose McGowan & Larry Elder to accuse
Gov. Newsom's wife of attempting to 'bribe
And silence' actress about Weinstein

Manchin Refuses To Support $3.5
Trillion Spending Plan

Palast - My Own Forever War

Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out About
Kill Shots And Hospital Criminality - Watch


Babies Who Breastfeed from Covid Vaxed
Mothers Are Dying and Becoming Sick

Three studies published by the CDC, UK Govt
And Oxford All Find The Injections Don't Work!

OR State Trooper Placed on Paid Leave after
Explaining why he will not Enforce Vax Mandate

California Medical Ethics Prof With Natural
Immunity Sues University Over Vax Mandate

Stronger, More Robust Natural Immunity
Thwarts Any Case for “Vaccine Passports”

Grotesque conflicts of interest on NIH ivermectin

Harvard's $42 Billion Endowment Says It Will
Stop Investing In Fossil Fuels

American Workers No Longer Want To
Work Into Their 60s

These Dangers Loom Over The Fragile
US Economy In The Next 12 Months

Europe Is Subsidizing Its Way Into
Electric Vehicle Leadership


'No Health Pass': Tens of Thousands Join
Protests Against Vaccine Passports in France
...All Hidden By US Media

Austrian Actress Says 'No!' And pulls her
kids from public schools, no vax

Tory MPs Fear Return of Plans for Vax Passports

Nicola Sturgeon urged to axe vaccine passports
after Boris Johnson scraps plans for similar scheme

Health officials ALREADY working with schools
on jabs for under-16s, say Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid warns of possible bad flu season due
to concerning levels of immunity following COVID
restrictions last winter

'Extreme Cover-Up' - Scientists Who Penned
Lancet Letter To knock Down Lab Theory Have
Links To China

Tear gas & clashes in Paris as thousands protest
over Covid health passes for 9th straight weekend

In Surprising Reversal, England Drops Vaccine
Passport Plan

UK health minister says govt will NOT introduce
Vax passports, lockdowns over Christmas unlikely


Portugal judge standing up against police

Czech Republic might have to destroy 45,000
AZ doses as demand for the Death jab dies

Pope Warns Hungary's Christian, Jewish
Leaders of 'Lurking Threat of Anti-Semitism'
in Europe

Scotland's push to make sexism a crime
is being steered by a group of biased
feminists who want to re-socialise us

The post-war Jewish Killers who plotted
to murder 6 Million Germans by poisoning
their water supplies

Scuffles in Munich as police use batons &
pepper spray against eco-protesters
picketing Germany's biggest car show - Vid

Merkel says 'not all goals' reached after 9/11
as intel head warns of 2,000 dangerous
extremists in Germany

Reporters May Face 14 Years In Prison For
'Embarrassing' UK Govt Officials

Rosatom Says Will start setting up wind power
stations across Russia

'Unacceptable' - Moscow Slams Detention of
Russian Citizen in Prague as Politically Motivated


Lukashenko - Belarus is in Talks With
Russia on S-400 Air Defence Systems

Lukashenko says Belarus will buy weapons
worth $1 billion from Russia

Latvian Defence Ministry Apologises to
Riga Residents Scared by Military Drill
Downtown - Videos

2 Years Ago Today - Wuhan BSL Lab Mysteriously
Scrubbed Database With 22,000 Specimens

N Korea's Missile Test Launch Leaves Japan's
Territorial Waters Unaffected, Reports Say

14 Israelis infected with 'COVID' despite 3rd Vax

US in State of 'Strategic Bewilderment' Over
Iran's Atlantic Naval Deployment - Army Chief

Iran allows International Atomic Energy Agency
to use monitoring equipment at its nuclear sites
after meeting in Tehran

Zambia Refuses Vax - Doctor Explains Why


Schwab Knew All About The Entire Planned
Genocide Operation Years Ago - Watch

Girl Has CIRS - She's A Walking Toxicity Meter
If She's within 10' Any Vaxed Person She Gets
Very Sick - Cough, Brain Fog, Headaches, Her
Skin Burns And Much More - She Is Proof That
Vaxed People Are Constantly Shedding POISONS

WHY The Kill Shot Doesn't Hurt Or Kill Everyone,
Finally The Answer - Not All Doses Are Equal
And There Is A Lot Of Placebo (Saline) Used
...We've Reported This For Many Months

Caught On Video - Vile Doctors Conspiring To Put Out
More Fear And Be 'More Scary' To The Public And
We Need To Inflate The Real Covid Numbers - Watch

Brit tells Americans - 'NEVER give up your Arms!'

We are Living Through the Greatest Scam
and Coverup in Human History – Are You
Prepared for What Comes Next?

HI First Responders 1200 Member Union files Major
Lawsuit Over Vax Mandate - More Suits Needed

ICU Nurse - 'We Don't Want To Take The Shot'
Hospitals Are NOT Fuller Than Normal And Her
Hospital CEO Is Asking Staff If They will Refuse
To Treat Unvaxed Patients, No Matter How Sick

America's Civil War Map Has Been Drawn - State
Leaders Vow To Fight The Biden To The Bitter End

Fauci's Lust To Give Kids Kill Shots


Psaki says Biden won't fire Fauci and that the
NIH never funded gain-of-function research
despite bombshell report Showing Otherwise

Biden Tells Republican Governors Threatening
Legal Action Over Vaccine Mandates To 'Have at It'

New York City's indoor vaccine mandate officially
starts Monday - vax STASI to check restaurants

US sues to block Texas abortion ban...
calls it 'unconstitutional'

US Military Court Rules Bump Stock
Is Not A Machine Gun

Wigington - 'We Are Drowning In A Rapidly Rising
Sea Of Total Deception...It's Now Or Never'

Biden's 'Extraordinarily Successful' Withdrawal
From Reality

College Football Fans Chant 'F*ck Joe Biden!' - Vid

Sources Tell Lara Logan US Hidden Agenda In
Afghanistan 'is much worse than anyone realizes'

NYT Obtains Video Showing Biden Drone Strike
Killed Aid Worker Returning To His Family


US Has a Long Record of Killing 'Wrong' Afghans

'Every Place Where Al-Qaeda is, We're Going
to Invade?' Says Biden

'Wipe Feet Here' Doormat With Biden's
Face On It Sells Out

Map of states that won't comply With
Kill Shot Mandates

Over 3,100 Shooting Victims in Lizard
Lightfoot's Chicago This Year. Already

Fauci On Why Naturally Immune Should Be
Forcibly Vaxed - 'I Don't Really Have A Firm Answer'

Oxford Professor - 'This vaccine does Not
prevent transmission'

Sharp Decline in 'Infections' in FL & So. US Shows
Once More That Covid Surges Peak and Decline
Naturally Without Interventions

What does 911 and The Global War on Terror have
in Common with Vaccines and the War on Viruses?

Was evidence withheld from ACIP when
they recommended the Pfizer-Vaccine?


A Legacy of Corruption in the FDA and Big Pharma

Proposal would ban dishonorable discharges
for military members who refuse Kill Shots

Hospital to stop delivering babies after
staff resigns instead of getting Kill Shot

Unvaxed Nevadans explain decisions

ESPN Axes College Football Reporter
Allison Williams For Refusing Kill Shot

Grocery prices headed higher says Kroger

These Dangers Loom Over the Fragile
US Economy in the Next 12 Months

Ford Is Officially Leaving India After Losing
$2 Billion In 10 Years

Fed Presidents selling ALL Stocks At All Time Highs

Gazprom's revenue surges 84% on booming
gas exports


Merkel reaffirms support for Nord Stream 2
in talks with Polish PM

The Road To Decarbonization - Visualizing
The US Electricity Mix

KFC Bets On Vegan Nuggets Amid
Nationwide Poultry Shortage

Japan's First Fully Autonomous Container
Ship Is About To Tackle A 236 Mile Trial Run

UK Covid 'Cases' Fall More than 20% In a Week

BoJo to Reportedly Ditch COVID Passports
'No Longer Necessary' Parts of Coronavirus Act

UK Considering Bringing Back Mask Mandates

BoJo to unveil Covid Winter Plan for England

Tear gas & clashes in Paris as thousands protest
over Covid-19 health passes for 9th weekend

French health minister is CHARGED with
'endangering the lives of others' amid Covid


UK Prince Andrew Avoiding Court Summons
From Epstein Trafficking Victim

Prince Andrew Hires 'Dream Team' of US
Lawyers to Battle Giuffre's Rape Charges

Somali Injures 5 People, Including Child,
in Bus Stabbing Attack in Italy - Reports

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Announces
French Presidential Bid

Riots Reported During Huge Rally for
Catalan Independence in Barcelona

Scotland's push to make sexism a crime is
being steered by a group of biased feminists
who want to re-socialise us

Moscow Has Documentary Evidence That US
is Meddling in Russia's Election

Pot, kettle, president? Ukraine's Zelensky talks
of Russian 'authoritarianism,' while tearing apart
his own country's democracy

EU should pay attention to Kiev after Zelensky's
war remarks - Russian speaker

Why Did The USA Hand Afghanistan To China?


'A Decision They'll Regret' - Australia Regulator
Bans Ivermectin Use As COVID-19 Treatment

Australia purchases 1M Moderna doses as its
3d most populous state narrowly avoids lockdown

Coronavirus in Australia by the numbers

A Barrage of Rockets Strikes Gaza Following
Earlier Missile Launch Into Israel - Vid

Israel Claims Iran 'Exporting Aerial Terrorism'
by Training Militias to Use Advanced Drones

US May Include Israel and Gulf State Allies
in Its New Drone-based Task Force - Iran Media

Ex-Mossad Chief Recounts How & Why 9/11
Changed West's Security Policy, Pushing it
Closer to Israel

1,000s protest new Turkish vaccine and test rules

Taliban Holds Flag Raising Ceremony On
Same Day Americans Commemorate 9/11

France refuses to recognize Taliban government


Afghan Pilots in Uzbekistan to Get Flown
to US Base in Doha - Reports

9/11 Was A Day Of Unforgivable Govt Failure

Escobar - 9/9 & 9/11...20 Years Later

Declassified FBI 9/11 memo 'puts to bed
any doubts about Saudi complicity' says
group of victims' families

How Revenues of US Defense Giants
Have Grown Since 9/11

CNN's Stelter outrages Twitter by sharing story
calling 'network TV anchors' the 'moral authority'
on 9/11

'20 years after 9/11, I no longer recognize my country
The US has become a malignant narcissist, infecting
all it encounters'

Twenty Years Of Phony Tears About
9/11 – Caitlin Johnstone

20 Years After 9/11, We're Still Morons

'Vaccine' Injuries from Covid Kill Shots Fill Hospitals
as US Government Lies and Claims a 'Pandemic
of Unvaccinated'

Psaki says vax mandates are for Americans,
not Invaders at the southern border!

Icke - Words In Your Mind ...How They Are
Telling You To Get The Vaccine

PCR Inventor Dr. Kerry Mullis Explains How His
Nobel-Winning Test Is Useless For Covid And
Can Find Virtually 'Anything' In The Human Body
START Viewing At 1:10

Nurse Whistleblower - Vax & Remdesivir are
Killing and Maiming, Not Fake Variant

Australian regulator bans Ivermectin as Covid
treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions

Biden's mandatory vaccine order may
lead America straight to another Civil War


Biden Knows His Vax Mandates Are
Completely Unconstitutional

Biden Goes Full Scale Dictator, Threatens To
'Remove' Governors Who Oppose His Tyranny

Biden Adviser Says Bolshevik OBiden 'Will Run Over'
GOP Governors Who Resist Vaccine Mandate

SC Governor - 'We will fight Joe Biden
to the gates of Hell'

White House Chief Of Staff Admits Vax Mandate
Is A 'Work Around' The Constitutional Objections
...There Are No 'Work Arounds' To The Constitution

Fauci Says Biden Is 'Moderate' With New COVID
Jab Mandates, He Would Opt for 'Just Vax or Not'

Luongo - Say 'No' To Biden's Call For Civil War

Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt
From OBiden Vax Mandate

Feds purge records of billions worth of
military equipment Given To Taliban


Pervert Geraldo Rivera Defends Biden, Says
Everyone Should 'Get The Damn Vaccine'

Get Vaxed, Get Out of Jail? US Judges
Mandate Vaccines in Criminal Cases

Protect the homeland? Afghans come to
The US with Absolutely no paperwork

Justice Breyer Issues Warning To Dems
Who Want To Remake Supreme Court

The politicisation of the UK and US judiciaries
is a concerning development

Rose McGowan - Gavin Newsom's Wife Enabled
Harvey Weinstein To Rape Girls

LAPD Orders Cops To Collect Social Media
Data On Every Single Person They Stop

Hedges - We Americans kill with an inchoate fury
The evil we do is the evil we get

Companies Increasingly Using 'Tattleware' To
Monitor Employees Working From Home

Institutionalized Racketeering - Red Light
Robberies Across America


'Peak' Of Hurricane Season Arrives
With Two Potential Storms Brewing

Overturned Truck Carrying Tesla Batteries
Catches Fire And Blocks I-80 In California

Pfizer Preparing to Seek Approval for Its
Covid Kill Shots in 5-11 Year Olds

'There will be more pandemics' - Immunologist behind
mRNA technology working on vaccine against ALL
Types Of coronaviruses

Fauci Says COVID-19 Mu Variant
'Not Matter of Alarm' in US at Present

Gates Foundation Inks $70M Deal With AI
Powered Firm Developing Antiviral Drugs

Stephen King admits his widely-shared inflated
number of Florida Covid-19 deaths wrong, takes
pot-shot at Gov. DeSantis 'failure'

College Textbook Says People Who Oppose
Lockdowns Caused COVID Deaths

The Voice of God Weapon Returns

Shenyang, China - Stunning Daylight UFO


'Physical Demand Will Completely Overwhelm
Supply' And How Silver Could Wind Up Over $270

EU's Radical Net-Zero Pledges Hit Home...
With Eye-Watering Energy Bills

Russia may set record in new housing supply in 2021

Exports of Russian aluminum see 10x surge in July

Nord Stream 2 pipeline a political defeat for US
but a victory for Russia, Germany... and Ukraine

Top Container Ports In Asia Brace For
Impact Of Powerful Typhoon

IPCC's 'No One Is Safe' Slogan Is
Deeply Misleading - Shellenberger

Exxon To Start Measuring And Disclosing Shale
Gas Emissions Amidst ESG Pressure

Backbench Rebellion Brewing Over Plans
to Kill Shot Kids

BioNTech 'preparing production' of Covid-19
vaccine for children under 12, which may be
approved in Europe next month – media


Sturgeon says Covid passports might be
only way to avoid fresh lockdown

Pub landlady turns away her OWN daughter
from the bar because she has not had Vax

Four Out of Five Airlines in UK Don't Know
Covid Traveling Restrictions - Consumer Watchdog

20 arrested at protest against lockdowns
& 'LGBTQ+ propaganda' in Lithuania

Demonstrators Protest in Vienna Against
Covid Restrictions

Police Use Tear Gas During Protests Against
Health Passes in Paris

Vaccinated Brits Aged 40 to 79 MORE LIKELY
to Be 'Covid Positive' Than Unvaxed Peers

Teen Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart
Problems from Vaccine Than to Be Hospitalised
from Covid According to New Study

UK Reports 80% of COVID Deaths in August were
Vaccinated – 70% Higher Hospitalization Rate
Also Among Vaccinated

Vaccines Have NEGATIVE Effectiveness in the
Over-40s, as Low as MINUS 38%, Shows New
PHE Report


Did Vaccines Really Eliminate Polio? COVID-19
Shots Linked to Guillain-Barré Syndrome – A
Common Vax Injury that Resembles Polio

'No regret': Frenchman who did jail time for
slapping President Macron says he received
'hundreds' letters of support

Cattle Gets 'Zapped' by Anti-Drone Tech During
'Mission Impossible' Filming in England, Media Says

NATO Alarmed At Staggering Size Of Joint
Russia-Belarus War Games

Austria furious over 'massive threat' to
aviation security after Hungarian NATO
flight takes nosedive over its territory

Food exports from Russia keep surging
as Turkey and Europe ramp up purchases

War on Russian mass media declared
by West - Lavrov

Moscow expects US Embassy to report real
reason for Sullivan's summoning — diplomat

China Reveals Flight Control System To
Land Hypersonic Drone

PLA Military 'On Alert' As US Carrier For 1st Time
Launches F-35 Stealth Jets In South China Sea


China Scrambles Its J-16, Su-30 Fighter Jets to
Repel US Spy Plane P-8 Near Taiwan - Video

New Study Finds 'Excess Suicides' In Japan
Surged Due To COVID Restrictions

Lockdown looms over Australia's Queensland
after five local Covid infections Claimed

Australian police force group raises thousands
to legally challenge Covid vax mandate

More And More Australians Are Seeking
To Leave The Country

Australian regulator bans Ivermectin as Covid
treatment after sharp rise in prescriptions

Indian Media Claims Pakistan Airforce Struck
Panjshir, Proves It With Video Game Footage

Lebanon's Hezbollah Says Iranian Fuel Shipments
Proves Ability to 'Confront US Siege'

Hamas Warns of Escalation of Confrontation
With Israel After Escaped Prisoners Recaptured

Biden drone strike in Kabul killed Aid Worker
not ISIS terrorist, NYT investigation shows


Situation in Afghanistan threatens Russia
with new round of migration crisis

China Shares Video Allegedly Showing Taliban
Fighters Using US Planes as Swings

White House pauses Afghan flights to US after
4 evacuees test positive for MEASLES

US Inexplicably Pulls Patriot Missiles Out of
Saudi Arabia Amid Houthi Missile, Drone Hits

Mysterious Radio Signals From The
Center Of The Milky Way Detected

100 million Americans affected - Biden to mandate
ALL EMPLOYERS with over 100 workers to require
Covid jab or have weekly tests

MAG's Analysis Of Biden's Mark Of The Beast
Covid Speech Declaring War On UnVaxed

Biden EXEMPTS Over 600,000 USPS Workers
From Federal Mandatory Vax Order - This is Telling
They know they Must Keep the USPS working

Biden's Vaccination Plan Doesn't Include Thousands
of Invaders at US Southern Border

'Time to resist' - Republicans denounce Biden vax
mandate as 'absolutely unconstitutional,' claim
he has 'ZERO' authority to do it - Correct

Biden Escalates America's Culture War
Into a Forced Vaccine War

US veteran dies after hospital refuses to Give
court-ordered ivermectin treatment

America's Top 10 Vaxed States Under Siege
by Covid Breakthrough Infections - The Vax Is
Making These People Sick!

The rising biomedical security state is Intent
On Using Covid to reduce every human being
to a QR code

GOP Governors React to Biden's Federal
Vaccine Mandate by Threatening Lawsuits


Alarming Video Nails It - George Orwell
Warned Us Decades Ago - Watch

All American Doctors Threatened With Loss Of
License If They Try To Warn Patients Of The Truth!

Jones Endorses Trump's Pro-Kill Shot Position!
Gaslights Viewers With Trump Vax Disinformation

United Airlines Staff WITH Vax Exemptions
Told They'll Be Placed on Unpaid Leave

Considerations on the Great Reset
and the New World Order

Worldwide Protests This Past Weekend
All covered Up By The Corporate Media

Australian Public Health Chief Says COVID
Contact Tracing is Part of 'New World Order'

Victoria, Oz - Covid Boss Welland Says
'New World Order' Loud & Clear In News Conf

'New World Order' Big On Twitter After Oz
COVID Czar Describes Contract Tracing
'In The New World Order'

Rushing for the needle of death
Trusting The Government is FATAL


Hundreds In China, Asian Countries Get
Leukemia After Kill Shots - Watch

Students Refuse Mask Up And Force Way
Into School - Watch

Deaths Jumped 250% When Injections Began
...Interview With Funeral Director

Fauci warns Covid Cases (Unprovable With PCR)
in US are 10x too high to end pandemic

Here's the chilling reality of what daily life
might look like under a social-credit system
in a so-called democracy

OBiden sues Texas, seeking to block
new abortion ban

Incredible - Biden purges Trump appointees
from Naval, Air Force academies, West Point

Biden's approval rating down in several
swing states - How Can It Not Be ZERO?

Obama Releases Ad Supporting Newsom's
Tyrannical Handling Of The Pandemic

CA Top Grid Operator Asks Feds To Burn
More Petro Fuels To Avert Blackouts


It's Never going back to normal, Obviously

Kellyanne Conway Won't Quit Advisory Board
as Biden Accused of 'Unprecedented Purge'

200 Organizations Ask Gates Foundation to
Stop Funding 'Failed' Green Revolution

The Ivermectin Story And The Horrible Coverup - Watch

Rand Paul Calls For 'Five Years In Jail'
For Fauci Lying To Congress - Watch

Fauci Urged to 'Immediately Resign' Over
NIH Funding 'Gain-of-Function' Wuhan Research

Texas Doctor Warns Florida and Others
...Feds May Ration Monoclonal Antibodies

Has The Media Been Fair In Its Coverage
Of Ivermectin?

Stripper 'Anti-Vax Momma' Caught Selling
Vaccine Cards

Mercedes new car 'reads driver's mind' in
'milestone of merging man and machine'


Google & BBC staff are facing an onslaught
of woke indoctrination, but it won't work...
people can spot bullsh*t a mile away

Massive 6.5 Quake at the northernmost tip
of the Cascadia Subduction zone in BC, Canada
quickly deleted by USGS

The Beginning of China's Economic Collapse?
Largest Issuer of China's Commercial Paper,
Evergrande, Is Facing Bankruptcy, Entire World
Economy Likely Impacted

Tesla Reportedly Setting Up Energy Trading Desk
Has Applied To Market Electricity In Texas

The Major Problem With EVs No One Is
Talking About

Gold Leads the Way for Silver


What Is Coming Is A Bigger Economic,
Market, And Geopolitical Earthquake
Than QE Tapering

'When The Market Finally Goes Down,
It Will Move So Fast Your Head Will Spin'

Microsoft Abandons Plan To Fully Reopen
Headquarters, Indefinitely Delays Return
To US Offices


Shedlock - Biden Wants To Fix A $7 Trillion
Tax Evasion Problem With A Brain Trust

Here We Go Again: Ship Briefly Blocks Suez
Canal, Prompting Wave of Memes Online

'Typical American Idealism' - City of the
Future in Midst of US Desert Triggers Skepticism

FACT – 70% of Covid deaths are among the
Vaxed, not the UnVaxed population as claimed
by BoJo, BBC And SkyNews

Furious Europeans Protest Electricity Hyperinflation

Europe Needs Nord Stream 2 More Than It
Likes To Admit

Sweden Announces It Will Remove
Most Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 Here to Stay, Vaccine-Driven
Herd Immunity Unlikely - Swedish Professors

WATCH mask-clad men attack police van
with stones & Molotovs in Paris suburb

Italian police warn of armed attacks by anti
vaxxers at protests, eight people under investigation


Covidian Fanatics Calling for the Unvaxed
to Be Denied Hospital Beds Means They
Have Lost the Argument

France to extend its birth-control support
program, offering free contraception to
women until they turn 25

Hungary blasts 'arrogant' Brussels over move to
penalize Poland for judicial reform, accuses EU
of empire-building

Hungary and Serbia will 'rebuild' Central Europe
and 'protect' it from waves of immigration – Orban

Belarus set to refuse illegal migrants deported from
European Union countries, as Lukashenko ramps up
refugee border row with West

France Slams London for 'Financial Blackmail'
Over UK's Stance on Migrants in English Channel

Priti Patel's Alleged Plan 'to Rewrite Maritime
Laws' to Repel Migrant Boats Angers France

German Prosecutors Reportedly Raid Finance &
Justice Ministries Amid Money-Laundering Probe

Scotland Still Divided Over Independence
Vote, Poll Shows

Victims of British Police Incompetence
Call for Ouster of Met Police Chief


Like Afghanistan, Russia's almost-finished
Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline shows that the
US can no longer bend the world to its will

Britain refuses to consider TASS staffers'
visa applications - Foreign Ministry

After seven years of sanctions & tense
relationship with West, 57% of Russians
say they feel isolated on the world stage

Cosmonauts on ISS wake up to smell of smoke
And burning plastic as fire alarm goes off on
aging Russian 'Zvezda' module

Unclear how situation in Afghanistan will affect
regional, global security - Putin

WW3 fears as China ramps up island
'invasion' war games and Taiwan develops
new 'carrier killer' warship

South China Sea - US ship sails through
disputed waters days after new China
law instituted

China threatens to send warships inside
US territorial waters

N Korea Is Facing Famine - World Wants
to Drown It in Kill Shot 'Vaccines'

N Korea Throws Midnight Military
Parade to Celebrate 73rd Birthday


Kerry Reduced To Zoom As CCP Rolls Out
Red Carpet for Taliban

China endorses the Taliban government
in Afghanistan

China govt to crack down on underground
private tutoring market

Powerful Typhoon Moving Towards Southern
Japan From Philippines, Weather Agency Says

IAEA to send experts to Japan in December
to review plan for release of radioactive
Fukushima water into Pacific Ocean

George Soros, one of the world's most
hated billionaires, is so wrong about China

Japan's Covid state of emergency to be extended
until end of September

Putin and Kim Believe the Muzzle Is Not
Fit for a Dignified, Unhumiliated Man

Australians shocked after NSW health
officer says post-lockdown Sydney will
be a 'new world order'

Jewish Worshippers Allegedly Flouted Melbourne
Lockdown by Posing as Alcoholics Anonymous


New Zealand PM says hospital visitors should
not have sex with patients during pandemic
– or any other time

COVID-19 (Vax) cases in Israel continue to rise
despite vaccines, booster shots and freedom
crushing restrictions

AZ divests from Ben & Jerry's over its
'antisemitic' Israel boycott - Jerusalem Post

Russian, Israeli militaries to continue
exchanging information on Syria - Lavrov

Israel 'Not Considering' Handing Golan
Heights Over to Syria

Iran Draws a Red Line for the Taliban

Pentagon Had No Idea Who It Was Bombing in
Farewell Civilian Massacre

State Dept voices concerns over all-male
Taliban government

Four Taliban members swapped for
Bowe Bergdahl are now in Afghan govt

Top US Commanders to Testify in Senate
on Afghanistan Withdrawal


Turkey, Iran & Pakistan Rapidly Bolster
Border Security To Halt Afghan Refugee Wave

Around 200 foreigners, including Americans,
fly out of Kabul in first large-scale departure
since US ends troop withdrawal

Taliban accuses US of violating Doha peace
agreement by having new minister on FBI
wanted list

Afghan invasion was never a 'good war'
it was always an imperialist project

22 Amazing Pineapple Health Benefits

Gratitude: Living in the Tender Space

The Worldview-Changing Drugs
Poised to go Mainstream

When Will There Be a New Solar Superstorm?

Whale Gently Pushes Paddleboarder With Fin


20% Of Americans Say They Are Not Taking The
Kill Shot - That's Good But It's Not Enough

Unelected idiot sock puppet Biden Reads
'I'm supposed to stop and walk out' Now

Sec Treasury Yellen Warns US May Be Broke
And Not Be Able to Service Its Debt To The
Zionist Federal Reserve As Early As October

March 2021 Document Says Pfizer's New
'daily pill' To Contain Ivermectin (?)

Incredible! US CDC Wants ALL Afghan Refugees
Coming Here To Eat 'Dangerous & Even Lethal'
Ivermectin For 2 Days Prior To Being Flown Here
...The Communist US Govt Is A Monumental Liar

A World at War - Big 4 Mag Jabbers are
Deliberately killing Mankind

Fauci bioweapons funding CONFIRMED
Smoking gun proves covid vaccines based
on government biowarfare program

Novavax Begins Trials For Its Combined
Flu-Covid Vaccine - Kill Shot Combo

What is Antibody Dependent Enhancement?
If you Don't know, here is the Answer

WHO says Covid will mutate like the flu
and is likely here to stay - Gosh!


Covid Spike Protein From 'Virus' Or Vax
Binds to and Changes Cells in the Heart

What A Joke - 'Do COVID Vaccines Cause
Menstrual Changes?' NIH Awards $1.67 M
to Study Possible Link - Just ASK The victims!

Fauci - Third Shot Will Likely Become Standard

Gallup Poll Claims 20% Of Unvaxed People
Want Themselves To Be Banned From Doing Things

Tucson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
After Arizona Attorney General Deems It Illegal

Satanic Temple Joins Dems in Fight Against TX
Abortion Law - 'Satanic Abortion Rituals Are Our Right

Hollywood Elite Panic - 'Vote Newsom or Die!
Our Lives Literally Depend on It'

NYC to release 'worst kind of criminals'
from Rikers Island early

Americans swam through sewage canals
in an attempt to escape Kabul

Buchanan - Is Democracy Versus Autocracy
The New Cold War?


Patriot Militia Groups are scaring the hell
out of the enemy within

Wooldridge - Mr. Biden, Why Do We Owe Anything
to Afghanistan - We Just Spent $6 Trillion On It!

Authoritarianism Pandemic is the Real Threat

Wooldridge - Is America Heading Into
Its Twilight Years? - Pt 1

Wooldridge - Is America Heading Into
Its Twilight Years? - Pt 2

Wooldridge - America's (Likely) Violent
And Fractured Future - Pt 3

Wooldridge - America's Twilight Years - Too Big,
Too Much And Too Many - Pt 4

Wooldridge - America's Twilight Years - Catastrophic
Climate Destabilization, Loss of the Rule of Law - Pt 5

Wooldridge - America's Twilight Years - Education And
Erasing Cultural Bedrock - Pt 6

Wooldridge - America’s Twilight Years - Less Water,
More People, Big Pile Up - Pt 7

Deep State Deception Tricks Us into
Thinking They're Winning


CIA Goes Woke - Uses Cat Pics, Feminist
Memes To Rebrand Itself To Gen Z

CDC Quietly Changes Definition Of 'Vaccine'
As 'Covid' Continues To Infect Vaxed People

When 'Infrastructure' Means More Indoctrination
And Workforce Slave Prep (Video)

Dixie Fire is California's biggest Blaze ever

America's Deadliest Natural Disaster - the
Galveston Hurricane of 1900 and the heroic
efforts of meteorologist-in-charge

Statue of Robert E. Lee taken down in Virginia

Abortionist Single-Handedly Murders 1 Child
Every 15 Minutes Before Texas Heartbeat
Law Implemented

Judge rejects ballot language on measure to
replace Minneapolis police department

Sub Animal Ex-Marine Shoots 4 dead in FL

Larry Elder & crew attacked by gorilla-masked
Newsome Supporter while campaigning in CA

Larry Elder Attacked by Racist White Newsom
Supporter Throwing Eggs & Wearing Monkey Mask


Liz Harris' AZ Election Audit Summary Report
There were 173,104 'Lost Votes' and 96,389
'Ghost Votes' in the 2020 National Election
...Maricopa County was termed 'un-certifiable'

How Not To Get Murdered By The Govt
And Hospital 'Covid Protocols'

The UnVaxed Are Standing Their Ground
But So Are Their Communist Employers

90 School Bus Drivers from Same District Quit
Over Vax Requirements

On The Streets Of Rome - Watch Mass
Passport Compliance

NIH Began Study on Vaccine Safety For Pregnant
Women AFTER Many Moms Had Taken The Jab

Why I Am On High Alert During The Month
Of September

Eric 'Nina' Cohen, Antifa Activist Accused of Stabbing
Man in Heart, Released From Jail on Bond in LA

FDA Has Approved Its First Oral Blood Thinning
Medication For Children

Children's Health Defense Sues FDA Over
Approval of Pfizer Comirnaty Vaccine


COVID Positive Patients Are Told Type of Variant
They're Infected With Cannot Be Legally Disclosed

Pure EVIL - Ex State Supreme Court Judge Wants
Doctor's Licenses Revoked For Questioning Kill Shots

The ACLU, Prior To COVID, Denounced Mandates
And Coercive Measures To Fight Pandemics

So Many Are Dying From The Kill Shots

23-year-old Florida woman suffers nine seizures
in 24 hours, severe neurological trauma, hospitalized
five times in four weeks since Pfizer mRNA Shot

Uganda fifth-year medical student says 'this vaccine
wants to take my life' is dead 14 days after AZ Shot

22 yr old Iowa doctorate student and fitness promoter
hospitalized with myocarditis after coerced Pfizer
mRNA injection - Her future uncertain

77 Yr OId TN grandfather gets third mRNA
booster shot, Is dead eight days later

TikTok's algorithm is promoting sexual content
to children as young as 13

Army Confirms Testing of UFO Debris


A UFO Conspiracy Theorist – The Lonely Journey

Terrified Couple Chased By UFO

Navy Pilots Recall 2004 UAP sighting

Yellen On The US Debt - The Country Is on
Course for Devastation in October

The Elite Are Building Remote Doomsday Mansions

Allgire - The Death Of The Petrodollar - Vid

Stocks Are Suddenly Puking...

Manchin Open To Just $1.5 Trillion Of
Democrats' $3.5 Trillion Plan

The Six Largest Wall Street Banks Issue
Market Red Alerts

How Spending Got Out Of Control &
Words Lost Their Meaning


Bill Gates' Investment Company Agrees to
Buy Controlling Share of Four Seasons Hotels

BRICS Influence Grows as Three New Members
Join the New Development Bank

Most expensive home in America defaults
and heads for sale

What Is The Goal Of Beijing's New Stock Exchange?

Evergrande Drops Below 2009 IPO Price
After Fitch Triple Downgrade To Near Default

Soros Slams BlackRock For Investing In China
Exposing Wall Street's ESG Hypocrisy

Oil Boom Turns Tiny North Dakota County
Into Nation's Fastest Growing Populace

Worldwide Natural Gas Prices Soar On
Supply Crunch

Quebec Orders All Health-Care Workers
To Get Vaxed Or Be Suspended Without Pay

UK Vaccines Minister Says October Lockdown
'Unlikely' If Booster Jabs Are 'Done Well'


European Nations Adopting National IDs
Linked to Digital Wallets

No, Minister, Vaccine Passports Are Not
Necessary to End the Pandemic

Vaccines saved 100,000 lives? Uh, no, Minister...

Nurse shortage 'delaying treatment for
21% of UK cancer patients'

Portugal Bans Arrivals From 'Super-Vaxxed' Israel

CCP Advisor - We'll Destroy All US Bases in East Asia
in Minutes - Taiwan Troops Are Just a Pile of Meat

Chinese engineers confirm existence of
F-35-killing superweapon

Third Person Killed In Japan After Receiving
Tainted Moderna Vaccine

As China Cracks Down on the 'Feminization'
of Males, Should America Take Note?

George Soros, Furious Over China's Nationalist
Turn, Demands BlackRock Pull China Funds


Australia Has No Bill Of Rights, And It Shows

'COVID Zero' NZ Has Completed Its
Transformation Into A Full-Blown Police State

Australia Is Now Confiscating Booze
Delivered To People Forced Into Lockdown

Nipah virus outbreak in Kerala
after after 12-year-old dies

Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilians Rise Up
To Reject 'New World Order' on Independence Day

Israel's Covid Czar Tells Citizens to Prepare
for a FOURTH 'Booster' Shot

Blinken Says US Getting 'Closer' To
Giving Up On Iran Nuclear Deal

Taliban Paint Over US Occupation's George
Floyd Mural With Victory Slogans

'Harmful Language' Trigger Warning Added to
US Constitution on National Archives Website

Worldview-Changing Drugs Poised
to go Mainstream


When Will There Be a New Solar Superstorm?

Whale Gently Pushes Paddleboarder With Fin

Incredible! US CDC Wants ALL Afghan Refugees
Coming Here To Eat 'Dangerous & Even Lethal'
Ivermectin For 2 Days Prior To Being Flown Here
...The Communist US Govt Is A Monumental Liar

Again - The Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ
in Support of the COVID Vax Catastrophe

Poll - 75% of unvaxed Americans would quit job
if kill shot is required

Pay no attention to the spike proteins
behind the curtain

The Coming Genocide...The Mass Extermination
of Humanity, Part 1

FOIA Docs reveal Fauci funded construction
of 'Chimeric Coronaviruses' - NOW Do You Get It?

We Caught Him - Fauci Now Facing 5 Years

Fauci Was 'Untruthful' (LIED) - FOIA Evidence Proves
US Funded Gain-of-Function Research In Wuhan

WHO Says Marburg Virus (Hemorrhagic Fever)
is next to hit The World - Brave Qantas
Pilot Risks Entire Career To Speak Truth

Pfizer Tells Fully Vaxxed US Northeast
to Brace for 'True Delta Wave'


Wait No More - The Sh*t HAS Already Hit The Fan

UN, Western Governments Endorse Shocking Vax
Mandates, Violating All Human Bodily Integrity

Remember When Fauci Exposed AIDS Patients
To Drugs Deadlier Than The Disease...

(Murdered) Nursing baby died with blood clots
inflamed arteries following mother's Pfizer shot

Early samples collected from Wuhan covid
patients show GMO viruses were sent from
A Canadian Bioweapon capable lab

Most families illegally crossing the US-Mexico
border being sent back with reinstatement of
Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Some Biden Officials Reportedly Relieved After
Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Policy Reinstated

Al-Qaeda & ISIS Will Try to Use Afghan
Refugee Flow to Make It Into EU & US

Coyotes flood US border with Ecuadorians

Kamal-Backed Bail Fund Got Alleged Domestic
Abuser Out of Jail - Now He's Charged with Murder


Will the Court Block Discovery in the
Landmark Sandy Hook Shooting Case
Against the Gun Manufacturer?

Globalist UN Condemns Texas Pro-Life Law
More Strongly Than the Taliban

Godfather of Soviet Containment Is
Cancel Culture Victim

7,000 US Troops Died in the Post-9/11 Wars
While 30,000 Died by Suicide

US Air Strikes Post-9/11 Killed Up to
48,000 Civilians

US Marine Discharged Over Refusal to
Wear the Covid Cult Face Diaper

Police, Firefighters In LA Form Group
To Resist Vaccine Mandates

Besides Fetal Deaths, Breastfeeding Babies
are Dying and becoming Sick following Mothers
Taking The COVID Death Shots

FDA Approves BioNTech's Comirnaty
Pfizer COVID Shot Remains Experimental

Dr. David Martin - FDA Has Only Approved A
Covid-19 Vax That Doesn't Exist In US Marketplace


'Vax-Resistant' Mu Variant Spreads To 49
States As Delta-Driven Summer Wave Peaks

Giant Problems Are At The Door As Vax Mandates
Are Forcing Vast Numbers of Nurses to Quit

Roberts - The Powerful Case Against
Covid mRNA Vaccine

Covid 19 Vax from Pfizer that recently gained
FDA 'approval' is not available in the US

Rutgers Univ Student Banned From Taking
Online Classes Because He's Unvaxed

Landlords - Eviction moratorium will have
lasting effects on tenants, neighborhoods

Soros Slams BlackRock For Investing In China
Exposing Wall Street's ESG Hypocrisy

BlackRock & Vanguard Control Every Industry!
They Are Driving the 'Great Reset'

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS)
Will Test Digital Currencies for Intl Transactions

A Generation of US Men Give Up on College


Peter Schiff - What Taper? Ultimately
The Fed Will Expand QE

Is Anyone Willing To Call The Top Of
The Everything Bubble?

Top US Port Head Warns Shipping Logjams
To Continue Through 'Summer 2022'

El Salvador 'Buying The Dip' After Crypto Clobbered

Bitcoin price down over 10% to $45,970

Russia is not ready to recognize cryptocurrencies

'Safe', Encrypted email website ProtonMail passes
user's IP address to French authorities, leading
to arrest of climate activist

With its plan to unite Eurasia from sea to sea,
Russia is betting the days of total US economic
supremacy are now coming to an end

'Capacity Strains' Send Cost Of Transporting
Cars Across Ocean To 13 Year High

Justin Trudeau Pelted By Rocks At
Campaign Event


Swedish Report Warns of Rising Extremism
Due to Overseas Ties, Financing

UK Ticket Sales 'Flatlining' As Rebellion
Against Vaccine Passports Grows

Finland to Lift COVID Restrictions When
80% Are Fully-Vaccinated

'Dear White People' - NHS Lectures Brits
About Their 'Privilege'

BoJo Breaks Promise With $50 Billion
Tax Hike To Bail Out NHS

Scandinavia's Largest Offshore Wind Farm
Rendered 'a Drop in the Ocean' by Green Switch

Europe just experienced its hottest ever summer

Spanish wildfire that ripped through Galicia
region 'clearly intentional' as blazes 'ignited
simultaneously' – official

300 British troops offered hearing loss tests
after £5.5 Billion Ajax tank trials halted over
noise complaints

Russia's Aeroflot suspends pilots without
pay for refusing Covid-19 Kill Shots


Russia needs new wave of privatization to slash
public sector & sell off 'inefficient' state companies
– Putin confidant Kudrin

Russia's FSB Accuses Ukrainian Intelligence
of Staging Crimean Gas Pipeline Blast

Ukrainian President Zelensky harasses
country's opposition & acts just like Belarus
Lukashenko, claims predecessor Poroshenko

Russia plans to set network of 140 stations
to monitor permafrost in Arctic

Japan to purchase 150 million doses of
Novavax's Covid jab produced by country's
drug-maker Takeda

The US would never tolerate an independent
CA so it should not criticize China over Taiwan

South Korea becomes first nation without nuclear
weapons to develop submarine-launched ballistic
missile capability

Australian PM slammed for flying to see kids
on Father's Day while more than half the
country's fathers remained in lockdown

Melbourne police surround synagogue as 100
worshippers reportedly breach Covid curbs to
mark The Jewish New Year

Deadlier than Covid-19, but less contagious -
What we know about Nipah bat-borne virus
threatening to become new scourge in India


After 18 Months the Flu Is Back — In India
Where Immunity to Covid Is Among the
Highest in the World

Cuba vaccinates children as young as two
to re-open schools amid Covid-19 spike

Powerful 7.0 Quake Shakes SW Mexico
...at Least 1 Dead

Watch - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Packs
the Streets with Supporters in Giant Show of Power

Israel hit by new wave of COVID-19 infections
despite very high vaccination rates

Iran Says It Will 'Definitely' Resume Vienna
Nuclear Talks After Over A Month Of Stalling

G7 countries invite Russia & China for joint
meeting on Afghanistan, Tokyo reveals, but
Moscow bemoans lack of clarity from group

Taliban Unveils New Government, Includes
FBI 'Most Wanted' Terrorist As Interior Minister

Taliban fighters disperse anti-Pakistan rally
in Afghan capital Kabul - Video

Waltz - We Have 'Hostage Situation' in Afghanistan


The coup in tiny Guinea matters at a geopolitical
level - The US-China 'cold war' is a race for strategic
dominance of commodities

Trove of 239 Rare Gold Coins Discovered
in Walls of French Mansion

139 Minor Planets Found in our
Solar System

Congressman - At Least 500 Americans
Stranded in Afghanistan, Contradicting
White House Estimates

Remember When Fauci Exposed AIDS Patients
To Drugs Deadlier Than The Disease...

(Murdered) Nursing baby died with blood clots
inflamed arteries following mother's Pfizer shot

Dr. Michael McDowell - SARS CoV-2 Is A Synthetic
BioWeapon - UNC Chapel Hill, Wuhan Viral Lab,
Super Variants And Much More - Watch

Early samples collected from Wuhan covid
patients show GMO viruses were sent from
A Canadian Bioweapon capable lab

Repeat - Gov Of WV Announces A 25% Increase
In The Number Of Deaths Among The Fully Vaxed
Over the Last 8 weeks - A Bad Sign

Are covid Shots mark of the beast system?
(No, QR Codes And-Or Vax Passports Are

Victoria, Oz BANS All health care For Unvaxed
This Is Beyond Apartheid And Belief - Oz Is Dead
Watch This Psycho Satanic Agent Of Genocide

Victoria, Australia will 'LOCK OUT' All unvaxed
people from its economy - PURE SATANISM


Thousands Of Protesters In Waikiki
Against Mandatory Vaccines

The Great Reset Demands Firing All
Unvaxed Employees

Gen Milley - 'Afghanistan Botched Withdrawal
Was Deliberately Planned by Biden'

US Troops 'Will Be Going Back Into
Afghanistan' - Lindsey Graham

State Dept accused of blocking private rescue
flights from leaving Afghanistan, organizers
say 'Blood is on their hands'

Sister of Fallen Marine - Biden Didn't Make
Eye Contact During Meeting

Evacuated Afghans Demand Huge Chain
Migration of Extended Families

US evacuates 4 more Americans from
Afghanistan by overland route

Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller Vows To Bring
The Whole 'F*cking System Down' - Watch

Biden AG Merrick Garland pledges to fight
against Texas pro-life law


DOJ Vows to Protect Abortion Seekers in TX

'Dumpster Fire' Portland to Vote on Banning
Trade And Travel with Texas

College football stadiums around America
erupt in anti-Biden chants - Watch

Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago Sees 60 People
Shot Over The Labor Day Weekend

Traffic Deaths Surged To 38,680 In 2020
Despite Americans Driving 13% Less Miles

The number of children on antidepressants
has soared - Is it a real crisis or one invented
by psychiatrists seeking new patients?

Ted Broer - This is a Potential Death Ship!
Don't sail it like I did

'Catastrophic harm' - Over 200 health
journals call for urgent climate action

NY flash floods are not a slam dunk for
climate change action but proof of US
inability to cope with bad weather

Harvard epidemiologist says case for Covid
Vax passports was just demolished


VA school board orders students to be given
Kill Shots if they want to play sports

The COVID jab's ineffectiveness is leading to
mutations, greater infectivity, and endless
booster shots

Dukes Of Hazzard Actor John Schneider is
angry and would like you to hear why

Angry About COVID Decision, Dad Shows Up
at School with 2 Buddies and Zip Ties...

Dr. Ardis warns of upcoming Polio Outbreak
in Children - Start At 1:15

America's church leaders and the
COVID vaccine betrayal

Border Patrol Agents Go Rogue, Use
Construction Scraps to Build Border Wall
Section Biden Wouldn't - Report

Watch - Whole Foods Plant-based Diet
Saved Her Life

The Great Computer Chip Shortage Of
2021 Is Just Heating Up

Platforms like TikTok are full of 'irrelevant
content' that is destroying human creativity
says Russian tech billionaire Durov


Electric Car Fires May Become Issue as
Number of Such Vehicles Continues to Grow

Revealed - Big Tech paid off 'conservative' media
outlets in an effort to wipe out criticism for
CENSORING conservatives

Unemployment Benefits For 7.5 Million
In US Just Expired...Now What?

'Full steam ahead' on $3.5 T spending package

Driver shortage & global supply crisis hits IKEA

Supply chain disruptions are getting worse as
engineered shortages are designed to collapse

As El Salvador Makes Cryptocurrency
Legal Tender is It the Beginning of the
End for Dollar Hegemony?

Aluminum price hits ten-year highs
amid Guinea unrest

Businesses in British Columbia say they
won't go along with vaccine passports

'I Will Not Submit' -140,000 French Citizens
Protest Against Vaccine Passport


Denmark cancels tender for domestic Covid
vaccine production to support Danish
pharmaceutical company Making shots

Klarenberg - As the West stokes fears the
Taliban might seize Pakistan's nukes,
declassified files hint at the CIA's role in
their acquisition

Europe, NATO Need Better Defence as US
Steps Back From Afghanistan, Ex-UK PM
Tony Blair Says

Shameless Blair lectures the world on military
strategy, with no word of the deceit he engineered
for an illegal assault on Iraq

Google Reportedly Locked Afghan Govt Accounts
to Stop Taliban Using 'Digital Trail' for Reprisals

UK MOD Bristles as Junior Minister U-Turns
on 'Inaccurate' Claim of Suicides Among
Afghan War Vets

19 Soldiers Face The Boot As 'Off The Scale'
Drug Bust in UK Army Raises 'Serious Questions'

'About Protecting the Institution, Not Individual'
BBC Staff 'Guilty of Abuse' Retained Jobs

'Immigration Created Barbarism' - Swedish Politician
Blasts Gang Wars, Organised Crime

A convenient crisis? The EU's new refugee 'war'
is being used by Poland's government to crack
down on democratic rights & freedom


Moscow Bothered by 'Uncontrolled,
Unrestricted Expansion' of US Military
Biolab Network Near Russia

Moscow's Farcical Descent Into Compulsory
Vax - A Triumph of Russian Bookkeeping

Moscow wants EU to justify carbon tax
that could cost Russia billions by 2030

Europe Without Russian Gas
...Myth or Reality?

US efforts to stop Nord Stream 2 have
failed & gas pipeline will be completed
in next few days – Russian FM

Laying of last pipe of Nord Stream 2
pipeline completed, says operator

Deals worth up to $50 billion inked at EEF

US still believes it has right to impose
domestic agenda on Russia - Lavrov

Russia to foil any attempts to rewrite
universally recognized outcome of
WWII Lavrov vows

German Foreign Ministry alleges Russian
hackers active ahead Bundestag election


Russia's FSB Detained Four Daesh
Supporters Who Planned Terror Attacks
in Ingushetia

Yes three can! Russian opposition candidate
cries foul as duo with same name & appearance
run for his St. Petersburg council seat

Belarusian opposition figure Kolesnikova
handed 11 years behind bars for role in
post-election protest movement against Lukashenko

Belarus Floods EU With Migrants From
Middle East

Lavrov - Russia Will Support Formation of
New Afghan Government if It Is Inclusive

China Goes to War With Liberal World Order

Japan's vax minister tops polls to lead govt
after PM Suga steps down following criticism
over His pandemic handling

Taiwan says 19 Chinese warplanes
entered Its air defense zone

Over 100,000 Australians sign petition
opposing use of COVID-19 vaccines on children

Australia receives first batch of Pfizer Covid
vaccines from UK swap deal


You Have 15 Minutes To Take A Picture Of
Yourself And Text The Oz Government

India administered more Covid jabs in
August than all G7 countries put together

Statue of indigenous woman to replace
Columbus monument in Mexico City

The Battle of the River Plate - 1939

14 Mile Long Oil Spill In Gulf Of Mexico
Investigated By Coast Guard

Manhunt launched after 6 Palestinian militants
escape high-security Israeli prison by tunnel
through drainage system

America's 'ally', Israel, inaugurates CCP-run
Haifa port terminal

Israel carried out airstrikes near Damascus

Portugal and Now Sweden Ban Travellers
from Israel, the Most Vaxed Nation on Earth

Journalists did not meet own accuracy standards when
insinuating Douma attack informant was motivated by
money, BBC admits


Horror! Taliban Allow In-Person Lectures
Male Students May Attend Unmasked

Taliban Declare Do Not Want American Help
in Fighting ISIS - Afghan Civilians Breathe
a Sigh of Relief

Afghan Resistance Forces Accuse Pakistan
of Providing Air, Ground Support to the
Taliban in Panjshir

Afghan Constitution to Be Rewritten or
Amended, Taliban Says

'War has ended' in Afghanistan, Taliban says,
despite resistance's claims that Panjshir Valley
is still not lost

Afghan resistance rejects Taliban claims of
gaining 'full control' of Panjshir province

US military knew dozens of Americans were
AT THE GATES of Kabul airport but refused
entry during evacuation

Military overthrows Guinean President
following rigged 2020 election

Guinean top diplomat cancels visit to
Moscow amid internal situation

This Is Beyond Creepy: The Federal Government,
CDC, And Updated Amazon Terms Of Service Cover
A Zombie Apocalypse - Trying To Tell Us Something?


Incredible moment stunt pilot flies plane through
5,200ft long TUNNEL at more than 150mph to
set FIVE new world records

The decimation of Lake Oroville - Houseboats
crowd together in a trickle of water after CA
droughts reduce the reservoir levels to an
'historic low' of 25% capacity

7000 Steps A Day Cuts Risk Of Death
By 70% Says New Study

Treasured US West trout streams wither amid
heat, drought, Fish Die-Off

Gov Of WV Announces 25% Increase In The
Number Of Deaths Among The FULLY VAXED Over
the Last 8 weeks - The Death Wave Has Begun...

Victoria, Australia BANS All health care For Unvaxed
This Is Beyond Apartheid And Belief - Oz Is Dead
Watch This Psycho Satanic Agent Of Genocide

Oscar De La Hoya Hospitalized With 'Covid' Right
Before His Comeback Fight - (He Is Vaxed And Is
Likely Suffering From Effects Of The Kill Shot)

Hospital Statement Calls Out Rachel Maddow
For Spreading Fake News (LIES) About Ivermectin

Crisis - Millions of Veteran US Nurses are Resigning
or Being Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

Hospitals Across America Have Become
Death Camps As The Globalists War Upon
Humanity Gets Kicked Into High Gear

Red Cross now warning all Americans that Vaxed
People Are Not Allowed To Donate Plasma - (The
Blood Supply Is Hopelessly Tainted Already)

Fauci-US Involved with 65 'Projects' At
China's Wuhan Lab After Gain Of Function
Was Banned Here In The US!

Fully Vaxed With Pfizer? You're 6 to 13 Times
More Likely to Get Delta Than Someone With
Natural Immunity, Study Says

Pfizer to 'Require' Twice PerDay COVID Pill
Alongside Its Deadly 'Vaccine'


Video Showing How Toxic Face Masks Are

Orwellian Vax Passport Agenda And
The Lie Of The Social Contract

How to calculate dosage from equine ivermectin paste
Note - This is allegedly verified by Dr. Lee Merritt

Naomi Wolf - Vax Passports = Social Credit System

Communist ACLU abandons its own founding
principles, claims FORCING experimental Vax
injections into people supports 'civil liberties'!

The Suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ in
Support of the COVID Vax Catastrophe

UN, Western Governments Endorse Shocking Vax
Mandates, Violating All Human Bodily Integrity

Joe Rogan Criticized as 'Anti-Science' for
Surviving COVID (How Does He Know He
Didn't Have Flu? PCR Test Is Worthless)

Military Service Members With Natural Immunity
File suit Against DOD, FDA, HHS Over Mandate

Healthy 45 Yr Old Bangladesh Pilot Has Terminal
Stroke In Mid Flight - Worldwide Vax Mandates
Continue And Danger To US Passengers Grows


Vax passport legislation shut down in CA as
disgraced governor Newsom recall Nears

Where Is Cop-Hating Portland City
Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty?

Proud Boys Member Shot at WA Vax Mandate
Protest, ANTIFA Claims Responsibility

Naomi Wolf - Extreme Dangers Of Vax Passports
This Is The End - It Cannot Be Allowed - Watch

Hurricane Larry could be even stronger than Ida
as it barrels towards Bermuda and could cause
deadly rip currents along the East Coast next week

'Zero Chatter' from the WH on US Hostage Crisis
as OBiden's Media Blackout Continues

US Building 8 Cities Inside Military Bases
Across US For 50,000 Afghan Evacuees

Taliban STOP six planes carrying US citizens and
allies from leaving Afghanistan airport - Top Republican
says passengers are being 'held hostage for demands'

Trapped, Preg CA Woman Says Taliban Going
Door-To-Door Looking For Americans

Lara Logan - Democrats (Communists) Seem
To Hate America More Than Al-Qaeda


Is US Intel Community Putting World at Risk?

Our Imbecile, Woke Military - 3 Star General Posts
Pic She Thinks Are US Troops Leaving Afghanistan
...Turns Out They're British - A Total Moron

USA Today 'Fact Check' Accuses Gold Star
Parents Of Lying, Then Issues Massive Correction

Pete Buttigieg and His 'Husband' Say They
are Now Parents Of Two Newborns - Photos

Illinois Teacher Threatens To Call Police On
Unmasked Student, Calls Him A 'Piece Of Sh*t'

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River
But It's Drying Up Fast - What Happens Next?

Atlantic Communist Editorial wants to take
Our 2nd Amendment And turn Americans
Into into Palestinians Or Australians

Ted Broer - This is a Potential Death Ship!
Don't sail it like I did

Vaccine Voodoo

Greenwald - How Many Lives Will Be Lost
Because of 'Irrational' COVID Policies?


Lead Scientist For COVID Vaccine Vial Maker
Indicted For Stealing Technology FOR China

'Horse dewormer overdose' story Completely
debunked - no such doctor At Hospital

Rolling Stone Issues 'Update' After Horse
Dewormer Hit-Piece Debunked

Variant 'Mu' Being Used To Coverup That Vaxes
Are Failing As The Complete Takedown Of
America Nears Completion

WH warns US 'not adequately prepared' to
handle future pandemics without new strategy

Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has
five times more COVID cases than it did this
time last year - How Does Cornell KNOW?

The 'Cure' for COVID - a Global Takedown of the 99%
- Has Proven Far Worse Than the Disease

NHTSA Adds Yet Another Fatal Accident
To The List Of Tesla Crashes It Is Investigating

Amazon's dreadful new movie Cinderella
is woke, feminist nonsense intended to
indoctrinate, brainwash young girls

UK MP Warns of TikTok Data Grab as
Soros Claims Beijing Has Access to 'Inner
Workings' of ByteDance


Yuan trade settlements between Hainan
And ASEAN up sevenfold in 2021

'Central Bankers Are Criminals' Marc Faber Warns
'Once COVID Is Over, The Elite Will Go To War'

Italian Supercar Makers Look To Sidestep EU's
Planned Internal Combustion Engine Ban

Desperate Money Printing Leads to Depression

Lazy Leftists Lament Expiration of Ultra
Generous Unemployment Benefits

Doctors Advise Against Intensive Sport After Vax
to Ward Against 'Rare Cardiac Complications'

As a doctor, here's my message to anyone who
thinks it's OK to deny medical treatment to those
unvaccinated against Covid

Italy's Health Ministry Not Ruling Out Mandatory
COVID-19 Vax - Genocide Rules

Children can get Covid-19 vaccine even if
their parents are opposed, UK minister says

UK mulls introduction of vaccine passports
at large venues to avoid another Covid-19
lockdown, vaccines minister says


West to hoard 1.2 Billion doses of spare vax by
year's end, analysis says, as pressure mounts
to share with poor And outdo China

COVID Is Gone but Past Lockdowns Keep
Killing Scots - Deaths at Home 36 Higher
Than Where They Should Be

Trust Experts! Trust Science! German Govt
Experiment Put Foster Children With Pedophiles

NATO Chief Fumes Over Concept of European Army

Will Europe Create Its Own Military Force
After Its Experience In Afghanistan?

Looks Like Imperial Navy Will Find a Way to
Screw Up Its Upcoming 'Low-Risk' Frigate

'Wrong Morally, Practically' - Ex-PM John Major
Blasts UK's 'Very Stupid' Afghan Withdrawal

Two Seniors Injured in Stabbing Attack by
Person of Afghan Origin in Berlin

Prince Charles's Former Aide Dubbed 'Rasputin'
Quits Amid 'Cash for Royal Honours' Scandal

Russia's health ministry calls on G20 to
recognize national vaccination certificates


Crimea's status cannot be issue on agenda
of Putin-Zelensky meeting - Kremlin

US Embassy in Ukraine Urges Russia
to Facilitate Deescalation of Donbass Conflict

Ex-Polish Foreign Minister Says Russia
Poses More Significant Threat Than The
'Mythical' Climate Crisis

Did China Just Declare War? Interesting
And Concerning - A Warning?

Taiwan Scrambles Jets on Reports of China's
Nuclear-Capable Bombers Breaching Its
Air Defence Zone

Victoria, Oz denies health care to The Unvaxed
Watch This Dark, Evil Agent Of Genocide

Australia - Unprecedented, Outrageous surveillance
bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours

Bat-Transmitted Virus Kills 12 Year Old in India
...20 Others Under Observation

Israel Starts Preparing for 4th Compulsory Vax

The Jerusalem Post Says Global Jewish
population numbers 15.2 million


Israeli public must support its troops or there'll
be no one left to protect it, IDF chief warns

Israeli Officials Are 'Alarmed' by US
Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Speaker of Iranian Parliament - Afghan 'Puppet
Government' Was Wrong to Rely on US

BBC admits Syria gas attack report had serious
flaws (LIES) after complaint by Peter Hitchens

Resistance Forces in Afghanistan Regain
Control of Highlands in Panjshir

Afghan Women Stocking Up on Hijabs,
Burqas to Have Access to Education,
Work Under Taliban

10 police officers killed in Islamic State
attack in northern Iraq & militants' roadside
bombs destroy 3 vehicles – reports

Houthis Claim to Have Launched Ballistic
Missiles, Drones on Saudi Aramco Facilities

Guinea Rocked By Military Coup As
Disheveled President Shown Surrounded
By Armed Rebels

Miles Quo - Artemisinin is the Antidote to
the CCP Virus and Covid Vaccine


Fauci Considering 'Booster Shots' Every
Five Months for All Americans…The
Genocide Is About To Go Nuclear

27 USAF Pilots Resign Over Vax Mandate - The
Plan To Destroy The American Military Is Clear

Consent Under Fear, Duress Or
Threats Is NOT Consent - Watch

US media is intentionally Hiding GIANT French
Protests Against Kill Shot Vax - Watch Video

Former Senior Trump HHS COVID Advisor
Says Pandemic Isn't Real - 'Trump and Task
Force' Deliberately Lied To America

RFK Jr - ADE is why mRNA injections have
never been approved

PURE EVIL - Dem Communists Block Legislation
to Rescue Americans Stranded in Afghanistan ?

25 Yr Old Pregnant US Woman Left By Biden In
Afghanistan Asks - 'Am I gonna end up dying here?’

Tucker Mocks 'Childish' Media Celebrating
'Adults' Back in Charge After Afghan Debacle


After decades of propaganda warfare and Stealth
Invasion, free America is hanging by a thread

Shoutout to these utility workers in Louisiana
who turned their backs on unelected Biden

Biden Administration Lost Track of 5,000
Migrant Children, Possibly Sold into Child
Sex Trafficking

brain dead unelected Biden ignores a staffer
keeps on walking in the wrong direction

Ex British commander in Afghanistan calls
Biden’s exit the greatest disaster since WW2

FL Diner That Asked Biden Supporters To Eat
Elsewhere Gets So Much Business They Ran
Out Of Food

Israel's Covid Czar Tells Public To Prepare
For FOURTH Pfizer Booster Shot - (No One
Is To Be Left Healthy And/Or Alive)

Tokyo Medical Assn Recommends Ivermectin
for Covid – But the AMA Says No

Biden’s Science Adviser Warns US Should
Gear Up to Face Threats ‘Worse Than COVID’

3 New Cases Of ‘Mu' Found In HK, Authorities
Fear It Is Vaccine Resistant - More Fear Porn


Nearly 6,000 Greek Hospital Workers
Suspended for Not Getting Vax

Antifa shoots a Samoan man for being
a ‘Nazi’ Because He Led A Protest Against
Vax Mandates - Olympia, WA

Non-Human Communist Prof - 'White people
should commit suicide as an ethical act'

Extremely brave OR State Trooper suspended
by communists for posting his thoughts on
Lethal injection Kill Shots - Watch

OR Police and Firefighters Sue Communist
Governor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Julian Assange’s Warning...
Humanity’s Last Stand

White House Admits Creeper Biden Didn’t
Visit Tree of Life Synagogue After Massacre
Like He'd Claimed

USA Today 'Fact Check' Accuses Gold Star
Parents Of Lying, Then Issues Huge Correction

Tucker - Military Has Been Lying To Us For 20 Yrs

Louisiana Blackout - Not an Act of God
...an Act of Entergy - Palast


Wigington - Climate Engineering Is Pushing
Fires And Floods Around The World

Investigators Have Video of 240 Leftists in GA
Dumping Thousands of Ballots from Backpacks
into Drop Boxes in Middle of the Night

Trump-Hating Geraldo Rivera Accused of Sexual
Misconduct - Admits to Group Sex with Justin
Trudeau’s Mother

FBI Agent Investigating Pedophile Ring
Is Arrested for Child Sex Crimes

New TX Law against Abortions after Heartbeat
Bloodthirsty Planned Parenthood Leader
Calls for Riots

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
(This Is A 3 Hour Documentary)

LA County to Consider COVID Vax Mandate for
All Students - Genocide As clear As Glass

The Goal of Covidism is Communism

Devastated Woman Talks About Freedom
After Watching Her Husband Die In Bed A
Few Hours After Taking The Kill Shot - Watch

FL will issue a $5,000 fine to businesses, schools
and govt agencies that require COVID-19 Vax proof


CDC and FDA Admit Their Policies are Based
on a ‘Contrived' Model, not a Virus

Kidney disorders as serious adverse drug reactions
of remdesivir in coronavirus disease 2019

Remdesivir and Acute Renal Failure

GoDaddy deplatforms TX Right to Life website
that let people report violations of new Texas
pro-life ‘Heartbeat’ Law

'Spray On’ Antennas Can connect
Everything to the Internet

Facebook Facial Recognition mistakenly
labels black men 'primates’

Netflix’s Q-Force is a ham-fisted attempt
to make the security state seem queer
friendly - Welcome to the LGBTQCIA

Dr. Charles Morgan - Astounding Mind Control Update
And Psycho NeuroBiology - Start At 5:00 - Long Version

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Exposes China
Driven Corporate Takeover of America

California state pension invests millions in
Chinese Communist state-owned companies


The Illusion of Stability, the Inevitability of Collapse

100 Ontario Youth Sent To Hospital For Vax
Caused Heart Problems - Lives Shortened...

UK care workers leave industry en masse
after being told to get vax or quit, with
unions begging govt to reconsider policy

Antifa Protesters Clash With Met Police
At Anti-Migrant Rally in London - Videos

At Least 8 People Injured in Shooting
in Italy's Trieste

Fully-vaxed protesters in Italy are burning
their passes in a powerful display of solidarity
against tying of civil liberties to Vax status

Demonstrators Clash With Police During Protest
Against Teen Vaccination in London - Videos

Chaos at London’s Heathrow Airport as
passengers forced to wait for 5 hours in
packed queues despite Covid-19 risk

Thousands flood Paris streets protesting
Covid-19 health passes across France

French Create Their Own Makeshift
Restaurant To Protest Vax Passports


Government should be voted out in elections
because of Covid capacity curbs placed
on stadiums, urges Norway football manager

Is Zelensky the new Saakashvili? Western
armchair revolutionaries are now making
same mistake in Ukraine they did in Georgia

Japan orders 188,000 people to evac from
Hiroshima area due to flood & landslide risk

5,400 People Evacuated in Central China
Over Damaged Dam

China media mocks Japan as Tokyo
apologizes to Okinawans for US Marines
sudden dumping of ‘safe’ wastewater from base

Russia & China continue ditching US dollars
in settlements in favor of national currencies

India, US 'Closely Watching' Pakistan’s
Actions in Afghanistan

Communist Oz Cops Violate Lockdown Rules
to Host Queer Office Party

Man In Oz Covid Quarantine ‘Hotel’ Kept
Prisoner For Two Weeks Loses It - Video

Lies - Oz Communist Government And
Media Call Ivermectin A ‘Conspiracy Theory’
And Try To Discredit And Suppress It


‘Mystery Fever’ That Killed Dozens in India’s
Uttar Pradesh State Identified as Dengue

Russia & India have ‘tremendous potential’
in energy cooperation – India’s energy minister

Iran Blasts Biden for ‘Pursuing Failed Path
of Previous Administration’ as US Adds
New Sanctions

116 Yr Old Woman in Turkey recovers from
non-isolated phantom COVID-19 virus

Princess of Afghanistan Says US, NATO
Could Have 'Purged Afghanistan of all
Terrorists in a Week’

Taliban Deploys Tear Gas to Disperse
Women Rights Rally in Kabul - Video

Taliban clashes with women protesters
during rally for equal rights near presidential
palace in Kabul - Videos

100 Afghan Evacuees Flown To US
Flagged For Terrorist Ties

Taliban asks its fighters to stop shooting in
the air after reports of people killed & injured
in celebratory gunfire

Bahrain allows use of Sputnik Light
vaccine as booster - RDIF


MN man, 29, who opened fire on cops after they
shot him with a rubber bullet is acquitted of
attempted murder because his attorney argued

Mysterious Object Called ‘The Accident’
Has Been Careening through the Milky Way
for 10 Billion Years

How to Set Boundaries With a Friend
Who Treats You Like Their Therapist

Allgire - From Ping Pong Who Controls World Events

Mass Murder - Hospitals Are Unquestionably
Kidnapping And Killing Patients With Their
(Money-Grubbing) Covid 'Treatment'

COVID Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens
in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next

The MSM is lying to you, Ivermectin was approved
for Human use decades ago - Not a horse dewormer

Nurses Speak Out at MN Town Hall Meeting
Vax Injuries and Lack of VAERS Reporting

French Doctors Show How The Pfizer Vax
Destroys Normal Blood Activity - Death
Will Likely Follow - The Vax Is SUICIDE

AFP Claims This Story Is Erroneous -
Labs In SoCal, 7 US Universities Can't Find A
SINGLE Case Of Covid In 1500 'Positive' Tests
Only Influenza A And B Found - CDC Sued

Over 500 US Government Media Staffers Left
in Afghanistan need to be rescued

Notice Fauci Changing The Covid
Narrative Again And Again?

Teachers Not At Increased Risk From
Covid New Study Finds


NYC Teachers Union Demands City Hall
Drop Mandatory Vax Policy For Teachers

24 Year Old Arrested For Fake Vaccine
Card Claiming Jab From 'Maderna'

Top Health Officials Push Back
Against Biden's Booster Jabs Plan

Communist WH proposes removing penalties
for fentanyl trafficking-related offenses!

The FDA Makes the Industry-Friendly
Pentagon Look Like Altar Boys

Communist ACLU Wants Active AIDS Victims
Teaching Your Kids, and the Un-injected
Isolated From Society

Communist ACLU Says Forcing People To
Take The Vax Is A Victory For Civil Liberties

The Curious Case Of FDA's Approval
Of Comirnaty - Mercola

Roberts - Never Has An Alleged Vax Killed
And Injured So Many - Inarguable Genocide

Icke - Different Faces, Same Cult


Top Arms Corporations Spent $1 Billion
on Lobbying During Afghan War, Saw a
$2 Trillion Return

Washington's 20 Years of Wars on Terror
Cost $8 Trillion and Over 929,000 Lives

DHS, CNN Scramble To Flip Biden Afghan Theme
Back To Domestic 'White Supremacists' Threat

Biden Has Brought 40,000 From Afghanistan
Into The United States

Biden Says Fall of Kabul 'Ending Era' But
The US Military-Industrial Complex Will
Keep Up its 'War Mantra'

Unelected Pedo Creep Biden gets confused
can't remember detail from his daughter's
wedding - 'My mind is going blank now'

Trashbag Bill de Blasio May Run for NY
Governor in 2022

The Electrical Grid Is Becoming Increasingly
Vulnerable To Catastrophic Failure - We've
Been Warning About this Repeatedly

Fast Food 'restaurants' Hiring 14-15 Yr Olds

Wigington - Video Showing How RF Was Used
To Steer Hurricane Ida Over Its Entire Path


Complications from sex change surgery are
horrific but that Is Now Forbidden To Discus

China bans effeminate men from being
on television - (They Will Crush Gay US)

Human cases of mosquito-transmitted
West Nile virus grow across US, risk
level raised due to 'significant expansion'

The NY Slimes - Enemy of America

zombieville - Most Dangerous St In Philadelphia

The Beast Mark Has Arrived...All run & controlled
on the blockchain...the chain of slavery

Red Alert - False Flag Incoming!

Covid Is The Excuse - Govts to demand constant
surveillance of your blood, body fluids and med

Where Are the Autopsies of People Dying
After They Take The Kill Shots? -Mercola

Kill Shot Injected De La Hoya Hospitalized
for Breakthrough COVID, Cancels Comeback
Boxing Match - Kill shot side effects


The Fake 'Delta Variant' and the Fourth Wave
Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash?
Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick - Vax Hasn't Worked
The Number Of Vaxed Players Infected During
Training Camp Has Proven It

Microscopy Expert - Vax Vials Contain Graphene
Oxide, Parasites, Stainless Steel

Moderna Launches Another mRNA Based
Injection Targeting The Common Cold RSV - Mercola)

Don't Quit Your Job - American Frontline Doctors
Make Your Boss Fire You, Sign Nothing

A Letter to the Vaccinated

A Letter to the Unvaccinated

Ex-Patriots Wide Receiver David Patten
Dies at 47 - Kill Shot

Canada - There Was No COVID-19 Pandemic
...Dr. Denis Rancourt

The UN and Western 'Governments' Endorse
Shocking Vaccine Mandates, Violating Human
Bodily Integrity and Autonomy


CDC-FDA Smoking Gun of Smoking Guns

The Fake 'Delta Variant' and the Fourth Wave
Another Lockdown? Upcoming Financial Crash?
Worldwide Economic and Social Sabotage?

Internet shutdowns - The new authoritarian
weapon of choice

Apple says Arizona and Georgia will
be first to add state IDs to iPhones

Apple DELAYS controversial plan to scan
iPhones for child abuse images following
privacy backlash

The Mass Market Apple Car Is Being
Planned For 2024

Samsung Says 6G Will Bring 'Digital Twins'
And It's 2 Years Ahead Of Schedule

Crypto leaders are obsessed with life extension

As Economic Growth Craters, NY Fed
Suspends Its GDP Tracking Model

Amazon Tells Contractors To Stop Screening
For Marijuana As Hiring Binge Begins


The Economics Of Disaster Capitalism

The Demographic Time Bomb

Gold Gains As Confidence Collapses

Global supply lines collapsing as factories
face shortages in labor, materials

20 Yr Old British woman went from 'normal
fun young girl' to having full-body convulsions
unable to walk 24 hours after 2nd Pfizer Injection

Orbán - Invaders 'Migration Must be Stopped'

UK govt plans for death of the Queen
leaked, upsetting some Brits who protest
Politico's 'bad taste'

Black takeover day? UK broadcaster Channel 4
is campaigning against racism... by being racist

Former Danish Minister Under 'Historic'
Impeachment Trial for Separating Underage
Migrant Couples

French financial prosecutors launch second
investigation into former PM Francois Fillon


Anti-vax protesters storm UK drug regulator's
London office in protest over planned Covid
Death jab for children

UK's vaccine advisory body REFUSES
to approve Covid jabs for healthy 12-15 yr olds

Anti-Vaxxers Protest in London Against
Covid Vaccination

EU and drug maker AstraZeneca settle
Covid vaccine supply dispute, ending
Brussels' court action

Reports of 'rare' body inflammation after
Covid Shots being reviewed by EU

Flying drone to 'automatically' check holiday
makers' temperatures on Italian beach in case
of Covid & other emergencies

German environmental NGO launches
legal action against car makers and oil
firm over climate impact

Russia building 'sanitary shield' network
of labs working with dangerous viruses, to
understand pathogens & develop new vax

Putin Urges to Fight Pandemic Rather
Than Politicise COVID-19 Origins

Head of WHO in Russia - COVID Cases
in Country Fall by 11% in Two Weeks


Russia to deliver HUGE military hardware
consignment maybe even S-400s to Belarus

Ukraine's drive to join US-led NATO bloc
& bring Western forces closer to Russian
border presents serious security risks

Putin on Afghanistan 'Catastrophe'
Democracy Can't be Imposed by Force

Russia reveals it may recognize Taliban
as Afghan authorities – but only after
formation of govt including minorities

Godfather of Soviet Containment
Is Cancel Culture Victim

China bans effeminate men from being
on television - (They Will Crush Gay US)

Philippines greenlights Moderna Shots for
12-17-year-olds for emergency use after
surpassing 2 Million cases (cases of WHAT?)

China Rebuffs Kerry In Climate Talks
'We'll Follow Our Own Roadmap'

Japan happily joins US anti-China crusade

NZ PM Reveals Why Supermarket Stabbing
Spree Perpetrator Wasn't Jailed Before Attack


New Zealand Attack Has Chilling Echoes
Of Incident In London

PM Morrison Slams Taliban's 'Sickening'
Claim Australian Soldiers 'Died in Vain'
in Afghanistan (Taliban Is Correct)

Former Oz PM accuses Scott Morrison of
leading country into 'cold war' with China
to become US' 'fawning acolyte'

Indonesian president's vaccine passport
LEAKED through official government app
sparking greater security concerns

'Mystery Fever' Infects Hundreds in India's
Uttar Pradesh, Over 100 Deaths Estimated

Taliban Says It Has The 'Right' To Speak
Up For Muslims Anywhere in the World
...Including in Kashmir

India, Russia to Team Up to Open
Northern Sea Route for Intl Trade

India, US Sign Agreement to Co-develop
Air-Launched UAV to Boost Interoperability

Can China-Operated Port Project in Israel
Boost Beijing Position in Middle East and
Anger US?

The Weapon That Defeated the Empire
...The Humble Roadside Bomb


EU to interact with Taliban without
recognizing them politically

'Tell The State Dept To F*ck Themselves'
Taliban Taunt Americans During Chaotic
Escape From Afghanistan

Female Activists In Kabul Demanding
Respect for Women's Rights Under
Taliban Rule - Photos

Taliban Political Office Chief Baradar
to Head New Afghan Govt - Report

Holdout Afghan Province of Panjshir
Reportedly Captured by the Taliban

Aerial view of the Chaparral Fire in SoCal

What's with McDonald's highly toxic
ice cream machines?

Floating wind turbines could open up
vast ocean tracts for renewable power

Meditate Twice and Call Me in the Morning

The Evidence for Mushroom Intelligence


How Narcissists Climb the Career
Ladder Quickly

Is Crippling the US Military Through Mandatory
Vax Part of the Globalists' Plan? - Is Grass Green?

Candace Owens claims she was refused Covid
testing over politics, shows email telling her
to get 'back alley' service

Ex-Marine - If You Try To Force (Vax) Me,
I'm Going To KILL You...

Pfizer Is Now Developing A Twice Per Day
Suicide COVID Pill That MUST Be Taken
With Vaccines - They Are Targeting Everyone

Pfizer Doses First Patient In Phase 2/3
Trial For Daily COVID Pill

Fauci Says Americans will 'likely' need 3rd Covid
shot to qualify as 'fully vaccinated' as booster
(Death) battle rages at FDA

Fauci Claims New COVID-19 Mu Variant
Not Posing An Immediate 'Threat' to US
What trash, what garbage, Total Fear Porn

Nurses Speak Out at Minnesota Town Hall Covid
Vaccine Injuries and Lack of Reporting to VAERS

California Nurse Shortage Reaches 'Crisis Level'
As Vaccine Mandate Wards Off Traveling Nurses

Covid Shots Are Killing and Crippling Teens
in Record Numbers – Young Children Are Next
How Can Americans Sit On Their Asses And
Watch The Slaughter Of Their Own Children?


Robert Steele died After Being Put On
Toxic Remdesivir...And Forced Onto A
Ventilator - Some Would Call It Murder

Dr. Judy Mikovits – Fauci Is Behind
Every Pandemic Since 1984

Dr. Ryan Cole - Huge Health Care Staffing
Shortages - Mandating And Threatening
Experimental Vax Shots Won't Work - Watch

Nelson - 'Your Papers Please' Is Only the Beginning

Top FDA VCC regulators rush for exits, resign
posts as Biden jumps the gun on Boosters

Young Girl Took The Shot And The Spike
Protein Has Caused Clots All Over Her Body
...It's Likely They Are INSIDE Her, Too

Attorney Explains How to Avoid Forced COVID
Injections at School & Work

Masktard Sheeple Goes WILD - Watch

Republicans Demand Unedited Transcript After
Biden Tells Afghan President To Lie

Tucker Carlson Torches Lindsey Graham
for Past Comments on Afghanistan


Shimatsu - Biden's Grim Afghan Rout Is Due
To The CIA-Jesuit-MI-6 Bromance With Jihadists

Insane DHS Says White Americans Support The
Taliban And Are Poised to Carry Out Terror Attacks
At Any Moment - This Is Beyond Belief Lying

DoD knew identity of suicide bomber in attack
...denied permission to kill him

Nearly 30 Sacramento-area students remain
stranded in Afghanistan

Biden Should Resign over Afghanistan
Disaster, Poll Shows

McConnell Saying He Won't Fight to Impeach
Biden is Everything Wrong with the GOP

George Soros Pours $1,000,000 Into Campaign
to Save CA Governor Newsom From Recall

Former US Rep. Giffords caught spreading
lies to push anti-gun agenda

Restaurant owner says City Of Minneapolis
'is now run by gangs'

Previously deported Sub-Human illegal Invader
kills little girl, 3, who was riding her tricycle


The Media Refuses To Call It What It Is -
A Food And Supply Chain Crisis

Jolting pictures and videos of apocalyptic
flooding in New York City

Weed-killer for breakfast

Sports Stadium Crowd Reacts To Police
Tyranny And Bashes Cops

CDC now listing vaxed COVID deaths as being
UN-vaccinated deaths if they die within 14 days
of the vaccine! - The Fraud Is beyond Measure

Two Top FDA Officials Resign 'In Anger' Over
Intensifying Pressure To Approve Booster

WHO Warns That New Covid Variant Called
'Mu' May Be More Vaccine Resistant - Fear Porn

Red Cross issues warning to stop blood
donations from vaxed people

How Do I Get Covid Medication?

Wife Of Deathly Ill Covid Patient Pleads With
Hospital To Treat Husband With Ivermectin
Hospital Refuses Till Being Ordered To By Judge


Federal Use Of Facial Recognition Tech Expanding

The Orwellian Vaccine Passport Agenda
Relies On The Lie Of The 'Social Contract'

Harvard Epidemiologist Case For COVID Vax
Passports Was Just Demolished

Sackler Opioid dynasty Gets immunity

Coronaviruses Are The Common Cold
...Weaponized By The Chinese With
American Help And Assistance

September Is Aspartame Awareness Month
New Information On Aspartame Carcinogenicity
...Plus The Nano Bioweapon

Reddit Bans Vax Skeptic Subreddit r/NoNewNormal
Days After CEO Said He Wouldn't

Massive Solar Storm May Cause Global
Internet Blackout, Research Reveals

Twitter's 'Safety Mode' is just a new way to
silence opponents to the tech giant's woke
social justice agenda

Snowden Warns Smartphone Owners About
Danger of Personal Data Scanning by Phonemakers


US Auto Sales Crash As Dealer Inventory
Hits New Record Low

'Hit The Pause Button' - Manchin Throws Democrats
$3.5 Trillion Plan Into Disarray

Bank Buybacks Hit Record Propelling Stocks
To All Time HIgh

Virgin Galactic Shares Plunge As FAA
Grounds Flights Pending Probe

UAE, Uruguay & Bangladesh join BRICS
Development Bank of emerging economies

This Is How America's Ultra Wealthy Are
Evading The Democrats' New Taxes

The Mail's shameful witch-hunt of 'selfish'
vaccine refusers

Booster Jabs Risk Permanent State of Lockdown

Pro Forma Legal Letter For Parents of 12-15
Year-Olds Who Don't Want Them to Get Jabbed

PCR testing is a 'criminal offence' under
Canadian law, expert lawyer says


Europe's CDC Breaks With Biden Admin
Says No Urgent Need For COVID Boosters

Covid in Scotland - More than 32,000
school pupils absent this week

Nearly 50% Of Young Europeans Say
Govts Are Using COVID For 'Control'

Future Finnish Nasal Spray Promised to
Protect Against COVID Variants With
No Risk of Blood Clots

Oliver Cromwell and the Jews of England

Why Michael Gove's Night Out in Aberdeen
is Good News For Opponents of Vax Passports

Scottish Opposition and Business Leaders
Criticise Sturgeon's Vaccine Passport Plans

Russian Biomedical Agency Develops
Quick Tests for Jota, Lambda Strains

Seventy countries are using Sputnik V
Russian embassy reminds French diplomat

Russia's Sputnik V Vax Shows 94.8%
Efficacy Against Coronavirus in San Marino


Top Russian immunologist says pandemic may not
finally come to an end for at least another three years
...That's 2025...think The Deagel.com projection

Moving out of Moscow? Relocating Russian capitol
wouldn't be death sentence for Europe's largest city,
state development boss says

US Plans to Provide Military Assistance
to Ukraine May Be Dangerous, Kremlin Says

Filthy, Contaminated Moderna covid
Injections are KILLING people in Japan

Pentagon Blasts Beijing's Demand That All
Ships In South China Sea Register

North Korea refuses 3 Million doses of
China's Sinovac vaccine – UNICEF

US must correct wrongdoing, Beijing says, but
China is open to dialogue with US on climate
change and other issues

Pentagon Accuses Beijing of Endangering Freedom
of Navigation Amid South China Sea Spat

China Warns US 'Wrongdoings' Will
Imperil Climate Cooperation

Japanese PM Suga Reportedly Intends to
Step Down, Unlikely to Run Again


Aussie Truckers Victorious. - South Australia
Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers
Following Blockade Protest

Australians 'dropping like flies' On The Streets
after Taking Covid Kill Shots! - Watch

Door-to-door medical kidnappings
begin in Australia

Australian Authorities Can Now Legally
Change Citizens' Social Media Posts

Monica Smit (arrested in Australia
for promoting freedom)

'Enough' - Oz Paper 'The Age' comes out against
extended lockdown in fiery editorial

Victoria to ban displaying of Nazi symbols after
Aussie police call for more powers against
extremist ideologies

Australia Could Force Citizens To Report Their
Location On-Demand Via A Govt Tracking App

Israel-US Navies Joint-Maneuver In Red Sea
...Iranian-Proxy Strikes Saudi Arabia

Israel is now the world's Covid hotspot with
almost 0.2% of population catching it yesterday
Gosh, kind of like the common Cold


Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One Of
The Most Vaccinated Countries In The World

Iranian volleyball star and world's second
tallest man helps team reach semi-final

Afghans Face Bank Runs, Food Shortages
As Taliban Work To Form Government

Biden Drone Strike In Kabul Kills 10 Civilians
Family Says They are Destroyed

Out of Afghan frying pan & into Ukrainian fire?
America's empire builders have another pawn
to fuel their apocalyptic chess game

Moving out of Moscow? Relocating Russian capitol
wouldn't be death sentence for Europe's largest city,
state development boss says

No evidence that Ivory Coast's first-in-years
Ebola patient, touted as 'cured,' actually had
the dreaded disease, WHO says

Map of PFAS drinking water contamination
in the US

Natural healing with willow bark...
How to find natural aspirin when SHTF

Attorney Explains How to Avoid Forced COVID
Injections at School & Work


Biden Administration Erased Afghan
Weapons Reports From Federal Websites

Taliban commit 'house-to-house executions'
in Kabul after Biden removes troops

US citizen stranded in Afghanistan says
no one told her last planes were leaving

50% of Americans & 33% Dems think Biden
should resign over Afghanistan exit, but many
worry The Kamal Is No Better

Mitch McConnell Insists Biden Won't Face
Impeachment Over Disaster In Afghanistan

'We Are F*cking Abandoning American Citizens!'
Says Livid Army Colonel In Leaked Afghan Texts

Democrat Treasonous Enemies Of The US
Constitution - Block Legislation to Rescue
Americans Stranded By Biden in Afghanistan

Mother of Marine killed in Kabul says Biden
rolled his 'f*cking eyes' when she remembered
Her son during meeting with Him

Afghan Family Blown Up by Psycho Killer
Biden's Missile Strike Had Special Visas
and Were About to Leave Afghanistan

'This Is Ransom' - White House Mulling
Direct Foreign Aid To The Taliban


OBiden urged Afghan President Ghani to project
strength 'whether it's true or not,' weeks before
Taliban victory – media

The revengeful suffering orchestrated by the
American empire on Afghans will be of
Biblical proportions

OBiden's promise to stop interfering in other countries
is a lie - He'll double-down on the US global drone
assassination program

Fauci's Tyranny Getting Darker - Wants Deadly
Spike Protein Kill Shots To Be Mandatory for ALL

Communist CDC Chair Reveals Plan To
Get Rid Of All Whites With Vax - Watch

2 Top FDA Vaccine Officials Resign, Raising
Questions About Pressure From White House
to Approve Boosters

FDA first approved ivermectin for HUMANS
back in 1996...MSM Is deliberately lying

CDC asks 80 MILLION unvaxed Americans to
stay home this weekend as COVID cases rise

world will soon be divided between the Damaged
Vaxed and the undamaged, 'super powered'

How graphene affects the misfolding
of human prion proteins - Brain Death


Kim Jarvis - 57 Yr Old WV woman declares
'I'm vaccinated but don't know what's in it'
Is Now dead less than 24 hours later

New Covid variant, known as 'Mu' under close
WHO scrutiny due to concerns over vax resistance

WHO Warns of Mu - But Where Did the New
COVID-19 Variant Come From?

Near Total Blackout After Tractor Trailer Crash
Carrying Over 1.2 Million Doses Of Moderna Kill
Shots Headed For Ghana - Responders Included
Dept Of Defense, Hazmat Team, Mobile Bio Labs

This Young Girl Took The Shot And The Spike
Caused Clots And Ruptured Vessels All Over...
It's Likely These Are INSIDE Her Body, Too

Dr Charles Hoffe Explains Vax Horror And
What Happened To Him For Speaking Out
Essential Information - Watch

Marine Says Jab Me And I'll Kill you

Biden Calls Texas Anti-Abortion Law
Unconstitutional, Vows to Fight It

NPR Trashes Free Speech...A Brief Response

AOC Slams Biden's Decision To Nominate
Rahm Emanuel To Ambassador Post


Watch - CA Teacher Busted Bribing
Students To Attend Antifa Events

San Francisco to pay gang members
$300 per month to renounce violence
and take 'life coach' classes instead

CA teacher who suggested students pledge
allegiance to gay pride flag Pulled from classroom

The medical-industrial complex, like the military
industrial complex, is a threat to America

High School Teacher With Antifa Flag in
Classroom - Praises Chinese Communist Party

PBR Rodeo With 100,000 Annual Visitors
Leaves Las Vegas Forever Thanks To Fat
Slob Communist Sisolak & COVID Mandates

Las Vegas unemployment rate still
highest in America

Illegal Alien Invader Kills 3 Yr Old NC Toddler

Caesars in Las Vegas Cancels QAnon
Group's Conference

West VA Gov - 'We have seen a 25% increase
in deaths of people who are FULLY Vaccinated'


1,500 US Women Told They Have Cervical
Cancer After Getting The Moderna Kill Shot

New York ends religious exemption for COVID
vaccine mandate - 450,000 healthcare workers
affected...Most Will Quit

Red Cross Vaccine Alert - Bans Blood
Plasma Donations From All Vaxed People
...The Vax 'Wipes Out The Immune system'

Enough Is Enough - The Narrative Around
'Returning To Normal' And Herd Immunity
Has Been Brazenly Inconsistent

The Rockefellers And The Spanish Flu
...Start At 2 Minutes

'I Feel Good' - Joe Rogan Contracts Covid
Bounces Back Within Days Using Drug
Cocktail Including Ivermectin

COVID Hospital Admissions Fall For First
Time Since June In Latest Sign Delta Wave
Has Peaked

Revealed - the vaccine safety alert that
drugs watchdog is ignoring

Hospitals Now #1 Cause of Death - Medical
Kidnapping the Norm as Patients are Sacrificed
on the Altar of COVID

CDC/FDA Con and Crime that Drove Millions
of Lives and Economies into Ruin - the PCR Test


WASTED Over 15 million Covid vax doses have
been THROWN AWAY in US since March

YouTube lifts ban on vaccine passport critic
Naomi Wolf following media scrutiny

Facebook Blocks Mother of Slain US Marine
After She Blasts Biden

Facebook and Instagram Ban Mother of US
Marine Killed in Kabul After She Slams OBiden

Apple Wallet Will Allow Digital Version
Of Your Driver's License In These States

Ethereum Explodes Higher On Furious
Short Squeeze

Oil Pops After Greater Than Expected Crude
Inventory Draw

Xiaomi Registers Electric Car Business

Andrew Jackson vs the Central Bank Mafia

Considerations on the Great Reset
and the New World Order


25% Of Bosses Say They've Fired Someone
For Zoom Meeting Gaffes

Tony Blair Pushes New Taxes to Cover
Cost of Move to Electric Cars

Scientists In Japan 3D Print Wagyu Beef

Concern grows for global coffee supply
amid Vietnam lockdown

The Elite Battle For The Future America

Italy's Covid 'Green Pass' extended to cover
domestic travel in bid to boost vax rate

German companies cannot ask about employees
Covid vaccination status – labor minister

Pressure Piles on Dominic Raab After Reports
UK Embassy Told Afghans to Wait by Kabul
Airport Gate Before Bombing

British military needs to operate without US
says Raab, after Washington's Afghan withdrawal
revealed continuing reliance

Ex-Spymaster Claims Terror Threat to UK
Greater Since Taliban Victory


Most people on Germany's Islamist
watchlist hold German or dual citizenship

Notorious UK child murderer and rapist
Colin Pitchfork released from prison
despite protests

Scots can self-identify as male or female in
upcoming census, without documentation,
triggering fears for a 'woke' nation

Covid deaths are rapidly rising but less than
25% are unvaxed people - it's time to admit
the jab doesn't work And stop injecting kids

Canada's slide towards corona authoritarianism

Covid passports to be required in Scotland for
large events from later this month - Sturgeon

Vaccine passports will make hesitant people
'even more reluctant to get jabbed'

Vax Passports are Unnecessary, Unsupportable
and Totalitarian

Fury as passengers face huge queues
during fourth day of chaos at Heathrow

US has nothing to show for two decades
of fighting in Afghanistan, Putin says,
despite efforts to impose own US values


Pope quotes Putin's criticism of Western intervention
in Afghanistan... believing broadside against imposing
values came from Merkel

Russia Ready for Dialogue If West Drops
Patronizing Approach - FM Lavrov

US-Ukraine defense ministers sign agreement
for intensified military cooperation ahead of
Zelensky's first visit to White House

US Under Secretary Nuland Meets Ukraine's
Zelensky Ahead of His Meeting With Biden

Zelensky says US promises sanctions against
Nord Stream 2 if Ukraine has problems

Biden-Zelensky Meeting - US, Ukraine to Continue
Seek Accountability for Russia's 'Aggression'

Ukraine should change name to 'Rus-Ukraine'
in order to take 'brand' of 'Russians' away
from Moscow, suggests top Zelensky advisor
How About Just 'Rukraine' ?

Russia's labor market back to pre-pandemic level — minister

Russia reduces gasoline export to zero
for market stabilization

Russia's Far East to boost exports of agriculture
products to China, says minister


Eastern Economic Forum Opens in Vladivostok

Fourth Case Of Contaminated Moderna
Vaccine Reported In Japan

Taiwan cynically claims China can 'paralyze'
it in order to attract Western support

Taiwan Deploys Self-produced Anti-ship
Missiles at the West Coast Base

Canadians Charged With Spying in China
Collected National Security Information

'Severe restriction to freedom of information'
UN urges S Korea to amend bill that penalizes
'fake news'

Victoria premier extends Total lockdown AGAIN
as Oz police granted power to covertly HACK
citizens phones & ALTER data

Sydney COVID - NSW Police Commissioner
defends restriction enforcement escalation

Victoria Playgrounds Were Closed to Stop
Parents Meeting, Not to Stop Covid Spreading
Among Children

Aussie Teens Coerced by Needle Demons
to Attend Mass Vax Event


Ecuador Puts Presidential Plane on Sale
to Reduce Public Expenses – President

Biden Reaffirms US Half-Century of Support
of Israel's Alleged Nuclear Arsenal

Israeli spy, pardoned by Trump after decades
evading extradition for US trial, becomes a
general in belated promotion

'Bad idea' - Israeli FM condemns Biden's plan
to reopen US consulate in Jerusalem for Palestinians

Israel must probe 'heinous' settler
attack on Palestinian teen

US Defense Secretary Says Will Visit Persian
Gulf Region Next Week

Iran Unveils New Components of Air Defence
Systems Capable of Detecting Stealth Aircraft

Germany presses for Iran to come back to
nuclear deal talks following concerns over
new uranium enrichment levels

Erdogan Announces Construction of
Turkish 'Pentagon'

Terrorists Fired 25 Rockets in Syria's Hama
Province, Killing Child, Russian Military Says


Dozens of vehicles & Black Hawk flyover
Taliban holds military parade in Kandahar
showing off seized US-made weapons

Taliban Calls on All Countries to Return
Diplomatic Missions to Afghanistan

Al-Qaeda Allegedly Praises Taliban's 'Historic'
Win in Afghanistan, Urges 'Liberation of Kashmir'

Over 300 Taliban militants died in clashes
in Afghanistan's Panjshir

Afghan interpreter that helped rescue Biden
in '08 left behind after US exit

Taliban supporters hold mock funeral
with American-flag draped coffins

'I hope you burn in hell! That was my brother!'
What sister of Marine killed in Afghanistan
screamed at Biden at Dover casket ceremony
where he 'wouldn't even look' relatives in the eye

Atacama desert, the driest place on Earth,
covered with unusual late August snow

Crowd Reacts Against Tyranny And Bashes Cops

Shocking Footage Of NYC, NJ Flooding
After Torrential Rain


Watch - Hurricane Ida Brings Tornadoes
to Maryland, Continuing Its Path of Destruction

50,000 People Evacuated As Fire Nears
South Lake Tahoe

Louisiana Governor Tells Hurricane Evacuees
Area Not Ready for Ready

US judge grants Sackler family IMMUNITY in $4.5
Billion bankruptcy deal for OxyContin maker Purdue

Babylon Bee (Satire) - Costco Introduces New
5-Gallon Family Size Pfizer Vaccine Booster Tub™

The People Who Believe Plants Can Talk

Michael Buble On Creativity

How to Microdose Weed for a
Super-efficient, Subtle High

World of the Geisha, Japan's Enigmatic

A Bad Solar Storm Could Cause an 'Internet Apocalypse'


Do Animals Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress?

Dr Charles Hoffe Explains The Vax Horror &
What Happened To Him For Speaking Out
ESSENTIAL To Watch - Even If In Sections
Please Share This - Hoffe Is Incredible

This Poor Young Woman Trusted The Govt And
Took The Kill Shot - She Died On The Spot - Watch

Cardboard Hospital Beds That Turn Into Coffins
Kind Of Like Fast Food Packaging - Watch

As We've Been Saying For Months
Clif High Also Now Thinks 'Thoughts' May Be Being
Pushed Into Peoples Conscious Minds Telling Them
To Go Ahead & 'Take The Shot' - 14 Min Watch

David Oates Explains How He Was Spiked
By Being At A Family Birthday Party And Was
Terribly Ill For Nearly 2 Days - Listen

David Oates Explains How He Was Spiked
By Being At A Family Birthday Party And Was
Terribly Ill For Nearly 2 Days - Program Hour 2

Dim-Witted Duke University Enhances Student
Restrictions After Covid Surge on Mostly
'Vaccinated' Campus - It's NOT a Vaccine

Pentagon Denies Reports US Military Dogs
Left in Cages in Afghanistan

China Strengthens Claims Over Disputed Waters
With New Maritime Law Against Foreign Ships

Very Large Bigfoot Creature Filmed in Idaho?
Massive Animal With Remarkable Musculature
And walking Posture - Watch


Corrected Link - As We've Been Saying For Months
...Clif High Also Now Thinks 'Thoughts' May Be Being
Pushed Into Peoples Conscious Minds Telling Them
To Go Ahead & 'Take The Shot' - 14 Min Watch

Shocker - La Quinta Finds Graphene Oxide And
Billions Or Trillions Of Moving Nano Bots Totally
Permeating The liquid In FLU VAX - Look At This!

Graphene Induces PRION Formation

Software that manages the times at which 5G
antennas are Scheduled To Emit radiation
Triggering Frequencies Which Affect Graphene

South Lake Tahoe Evacuated As Caldor Fire
Remains Out of control

New Orleans could be without electricity for

Hurricane Ida Shuts Off 96% of Oil Production
in Gulf of Mexico

Depopulation - The Case for Not Being Born
The New Yorker Mag Reaches New Lows

Last American Military Plane Leaves
Afghanistan, Ending 20 year War

Glenn Beck tells Tucker The OBiden State Dept
blocked attempts to rescue Afghan Christians


Gold Star Father said Biden checked his watch
when every fallen service member arrived at Dover

Imbeciles - OBiden Turned Down Offer from Taliban
to Allow US to Control Kabul Airport Thru Aug 31

Wooldridge - 13 Brave US Soldiers Should Never
Have Died In Afghanistan

Pentagon knew about Kabul suicide bombing 'hours
in advance,' report claims, but troops on the ground
say they weren't protected

90 Ret Generals & Admirals Call for Immediate
Resignation of Gen Milley & Idiot SecDef Austin

Psaki Desperately Fends Off 'Aggressive' Fly
During The Latest Fly Attack On Her During
A White House Press Conference

Universally Despised, The Kamal Has Made
The Creeper Unimpeachable

Mercola - Will You Love Your Servitude?

Watch 'The King Of The Democrats' (Satire)

Naomi Wolf - Extreme Dangers Of Vax Passports
This Is The End - It Cannot Be Allowed - Watch


'Attack on the Brain - Neurowars and Neurowarfare'
by Armin Krishnan ('Space and Defense' - US Air
Force Publication, 2016) Explains Torture of TIs

Multiple Explosions Reported on Sun's Surface
Blasts of Energy Head Towards Earth - Watch
for G1 Geomagnetic Storm Sunday/Monday

Dick Allgire Remote Viewed The Sun Spot Blast
10 Days Ago - See Session Drawing

Controversial Robert David Steele Dies
After Being Placed On A Ventilator - Video

US House Proposed 2022 Defense Bill Includes
$275 Million for Ukraine Security Aid - Summary

Thanks to US abandoning weapons in Afghanistan
...Taliban fighters now better armed than Ukrainian
Army Says Russia's defense minister

Bernard Grover - That Damage Done - Video

The World Is Still Short of Everything
...Get Used to It

7 Examples Of The Complete & Utter
Insanity Of Our Society

CA Communists Trying to Force Mandatory
Vox for All and Vaccine Passports, too


Medicine Regulators knew in October 2020 That
Covid Kill Shots would cause blood clots, heart
damage, harm to children...and death

Pfizer CEO Says Vax-Resistent Variant Likely
But Big Pharma Co Has System in Place to
Release New 'Variant-Specific' Shot In 3 Mos

Vax Is Killing People And Does Not Stop
The Spread Of 'Covid' - Doctor

Moderna vax halted in Japan's Okinawa
after 'black substances' found in vial, days
after It Was Suspended

Brain Dead Hawaii Residents Support
Vaccine Tyranny

Doctors urge pregnant women in Hawaii
to get vaccinated during COVID surge

Digital Documentation Of Covid-19 Certificates

Vaccine Holocaust Well Underway - Globalists At War
With 7.8 Billion People - They've used 2 bioweapons...
a lab-engineered 'virus' and Their deadly Kill Shots

Globalstar, Iridium Jump On Rumors New
iPhones May Use Satellite Connectivity

Russia to create reusable space freighter to
replace Progress resupply ships


Astronauts find ANOTHER crack on aging ISS
this time in original 1998 - launched Russian
module 'Zarya'

Russia's space agency postpones rocket testing after
donating 'almost all' its liquid oxygen to Covid-19
patients in hospitals

European Space Agency Has No Plans to Develop
Space Tourism - Chief to Sputnik

Chase Bank Cancels General Mike Flynn's
Credit Cards

Ex-Obama Sec Of Education in Hot Water After
Comparing Anti-Maskers With Daesh Bombers

Russia & Hungary agree on terms of Russian
gas supply for 15 years

'Interest Is Significant' - Cash Is Pouring Into
Crypto Altcoins At Record Rates

Office Workers Are Being 'Set Free' In Post-Pandemic
Work-From-Home Environments

UK - 2/3 of Covid Deaths Were in Vaxed People

French Supermarket bouncers Deny Unvaxed
Basic Human rights to Food And Water


Lockdowns Killed More Canadians Under 65
Than Covid

Romania Stops Vaccine Imports, Shutters
Vax Centers...The people don't want them

WHO 'deeply worried' about high Covid
transmission rate in Europe, says 236,000
MORE could die by December - FEAR PORN

EU Tells Member States To Reimpose Travel
Restrictions On Americans As Delta Wave Peaks

British Military Aims to Be World's
First With 'Zero-Carbon' Aircraft

Showering with biological men - Female
inmates in US & UK recount sexual abuse
from 'trans' prisoners

'Peak End of Empire' - Met Police SKEWERED
for reportedly considering new 'woke gender
neutral uniform' for officers

BBC plagued by partisanship? Row over
appointment of 'left-wing' editor continues to
fuel debate about broadcaster's impartiality

Putin Says He Still Has a High Level of
COVID-19 Antibodies

Hunting Russians abroad? Americans are making
dozens of attempts to extradite country's citizens
from other states, Moscow claims


US Refusing to Discuss Exchange of Bout,
Yaroshenko for US Prisoners, Russian Diplomat

Another close Navalny associate leaves Russia
Spokeswoman Yarmysh travels to Finland after
legal troubles, Interfax reports

Alexey Navalny is correct about anti-Russia sanctions
His own situation proves they've achieved nothing
And are counterproductive

More than 50 people arrested in Odessa after
right-wing extremists attack police & participants
at annual LGBT pride march

Biden-Zelensky meeting postponed AGAIN after
Ukrainian president blasts Western states for not
sending leaders to Crimea summit

Japan suspends Moderna Covid vaccine after
another million doses found contaminated
bringing total to 2.6 million

Japan has discovered at Least 3 variants
of the Pfizer shots - This Is Intentional and
one of the variants Is SALINE

Gates Foundation 'Working With Chinese Govt'
to Promote Beijing's Global Medical Clout

China will soon surpass Russia as a nuclear threat
–senior US military official

Four Chinese Ships Enter Japan's Territorial Waters
Off Disputed Senkaku Islands, Reports Suggest


US and China are now battling for control of the
world's big-data monsters and dragons – and
it's not about money

China bans exams for six- and seven-year-olds
over concerns about 'physical and mental health'

Brutal Australian Communist Bolsheviks Pass
Sweeping Mass Surveillance Bill - 'No One Is Safe'

New Zealand reports first death linked to Pfizer
vaccine, extends lockdown in Auckland despite
falling Covid-19 infections

'Mystery Fever' Kills 68 People Within a Week in India

Israel offers Covid-19 vaccine booster shots to
all residents 12 and older, says 'green pass' will
expire six months after jabs - Incredible

Israel Warns COVID 'Green Pass' Will Expire If
Residents Don't Get Third Jab

Israel agrees to 'strengthen' Palestinian economy
in first top-level talks since 2010 held after
PM Bennett's return from US

US Has No Right to Block Iran's Legitimate
Trade, Tehran Says in Wake of Fuel Deal
With Lebanon

Ex-US Ambassador to Israel Joins US Team
on Iran as Senior Adviser, Reports Suggest


EU foreign affairs chief proposes new reactive force
as Afghan crisis highlights bloc's military shortfalls

Allies 'Thinking of Doing Things Without US' Amid
Bungled Afghanistan Evacuation - Nikki Haley

Islamic State claims responsibility for rocket attack on
Kabul airport, as White House says evacuation continues

Hunt on for monarch butterfly eggs in the
gardens of Canada - Extinction Soon?

What We Are About to See - Tenpenny,
Merritt, Palevsky, Zelenko - Watch

'This Has Gotta Stop' - Eric Clapton's new song
triggers discussion around Covid measures

Green Card Applicants Will Soon Need COVID
Vaccine To Be Eligible - CDC

Taliban Vows to Wean Country Off Opium
Trade And Reportedly Tells Farmers Poppy
Growing is Banned

Pakistani Army Says Two Soldiers Killed
in Militant Fire From Across Afghan Border

US airstrike hits suicide bomber vehicle
posing 'imminent threat' to Kabul airport

Explosion reported in Kabul, child dead

US Air Strike Reportedly Takes Out Suicide
Bomber Near Airport

Sullivan: US Capable of Suppressing Terrorism
Threat in Afghanistan Without Military Presence

Bennett Asks Netanyahu to Return Dozens
of Gifts He Received as PM But to No Avail


OBiden To use Russophobia to limit US gun rights

Calls to Fire CA Teacher Who Suggested Students
Should Pledge Allegiance to Rainbow Flag

A Great Black American Patriot Takes Down
A School Board Over CRT - Listen To This Man

Fauci Now Suggests booster every 8 months
Is Not Going To Be Often Enough

Total Vax Fail - One in three new 'Covid cases' in
Los Angeles are 'breakthroughs' In fully vaxed

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Berenson
After Viral COVID Tweets

OPEC+ may revise terms of output deal
And cancel 400,000 bpd boost – Kuwait

Canada Just Ordered 7 Doses of Covid Vax
for Every Man, Woman and Child

Hipster Climate Change Protesters Left
Behind 120 Tons Of Trash In London

Switzerland's vaccination centers could
be targeted by terrorists - Warning


London cops are using attack dogs
against anti-vax passport protesters

The Communists Are Russia's Party Making
a Stand Again Coerced Vaccinations

Russia's Yandex picks Paris to launch new
food delivery service that promises speed

Russia doesn't consider Ukraine a threat

Russia's Space Chief Warns Pentagon May
Use Musk's 'Terraform Mars' Idea to Deploy
Nuclear Weapons

EU Should Provide Baltic States With Air
Defense Systems, Estonian President Says

Armenia's Defence Ministry Reports Firefight
on Border With Azerbaijan

Chinese Troops Put on High Alert During
US Warship Passage Through Taiwan Strait

Japan to build One Kilometer 'Sewage Pipe'
To Dump Giant Amount Of Radioactive Death
Water Into The Already Destroyed Pacific

China combs through online content that
'bad-mouths' its economy


Bennett Asks Netanyahu to Return Dozens
of Gifts He Received as PM But to No Avail

Iran's New FM Warns Soleimani's Assassins
Must Pay After Trump Brags About 'Taking Out'
IRGC Leader

Iran's Leader Blasts Biden as 'Predatory
Wolf' No Different Than Trump Amid
Stalled Nuclear Talks

Iranian President Appoints New Chief of
National Atomic Organization, Reports Say

Dog Makes Brilliant Billiards Shot

mRNA Vaccines - The Silent Weapon For Global
Genocide (At Least 20 More In Development)

5-Month Booster Shots Talked-Up By Fauci Mean
Children Born Today Could Be Vaxed 175 Times
Against 'COVID' Alone - Booster Shots are How
Those Vaxed Who Didn't Die Will Be Taken Out

Hurricane Ida Now Cat 3 Approaches Louisiana

New Orleans Mayor Claims It's Too Late for
Mandatory Evacuation Before Hurricane Ida

Dane Wigington Bikes Through The Bottom Of What
Once Was Lake Shasta - Staggering Disaster - Watch

Why did Canada, population 37 million,
just order 293 million covid vaccine doses?

Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x
More Effective Than Vax at Stopping Delta

Media can 'no longer hide' Biden's 'pure incompetence'
Sky News Shreds The Creeper - Watch

Biden Slumps Over, Appears To Fall Asleep
During Meeting With Israeli PM - Wakes Up
To Thank His Handler, Obama - Watch

Proof Pelosi, Biden & Friends Are Making A Mint
Off The World Burning As They Push Us Into
Another Globalist War, Paid For By US Taxpayers


As Biden Abandoned Afghan Allies, Retired US
Special Ops Hatched 'Operation Pineapple Express'
Rescuing Over 600 From Taliban Slaughter

Commucrats Demand Reparations and Open
Borders for Afghan Invaders

Afghan Evacuees Won't Be Forced to Take the
COVID Vaccine, NORTHCOM Commander Says
...Because Americans Are To Be Exterminated

Buchanan - Afghanistan, The Worst Is Yet To Come

Pentagon Refuses To Release Names Of Two
'High Profile ISIS Planners' Killed In Drone Strike

'Attack on Afghan Soil' - US Should've Informed
Taliban of Upcoming Airstrike, Group's Spokesman

Hundreds of Kabul Residents Reportedly
Protest Closure of Banks - Photos

Civilians were allegedly shot & killed by
US forces during Kabul airport bombing
mayhem, eyewitnesses tell BBC

Tucker - Slams Lack of Vetting of Afghan Refugees

Taliban Help (Being Paid For By OBiden, Money
Rules) Is Making America's Kabul Evacuation
Possible After OBiden's Catastrophe


'I Demand Accountability' - Marine Commander
Fired For Viral Video Ripping 'Inept' Afghan War
Decisions Which Led To Deaths Of Marines

Watch - Taliban Take Joyride In US Black
Hawk Helicopter - Gift From OBiden-Harris

Only those countries that have experienced
communism will survive

Mercola - Why Vaccine Passports Must Be
Rejected...They Will Lead To Communist
Social Credit Scoring System

New probable side-effects of mRNA COVID
kill shots - Even More Bad News

COVID Vax Injury Reports Jump by 27,000
in One Week (Multiply By 10 At least) - FDA Pulls
'Bait and Switch' With Pfizer Vaccine Approval

Why The Vaccinated (Graphenated) Should
NOT Have Any MRIs Performed

Porn, Booze, Fags, Junk food, Domestic violence
Never mind the death rate, Covid has brought out
the absolute worst in humanity

Be Afraid Of 'Leaky Vaccines' - This Chicken Vaccine
Makes Its Virus More Dangerous And Deadly

Dr. Peter Breggin Warns the World - COVID-19
Injections Are A Bioweapon To Be Used For Global
Control Of The Masses


Dr. Christina Parks Testimony Says The
Covid And Flu Vaccines Are Worthless and
Do Not Prevent symptoms And Transmission

Supreme Court Finally Curbs CDC's Total Power

Those Who Are against the 'Official' Covid-19
Narrative are Categorized as 'Psychopaths'

'This Has Gotta Stop' - Vox-Injured Clapton's new song

Chicago Judge Strips Mother Of Parental Rights
Because She Hasn't Taken The Covid Kill Shot

The Fabulous 1950s In Color - Enjoy

Pritzker Orders Masking of Toddlers
Vaccine Requirement for Teachers

Solar Flare Erupts from Sun, Triggers Solar Tsunami
...Blast Heading to Earth

A Call for Scientific Inquiry of UFOs
Made By Association of Aerospace
and Aeronautical Engineers

The New Reality of UFOs
Interview with Journalist Leslie Kean


Same Old Song and Dance re 'Potential'
Explanations for UAPs / UFOs

Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)
New 'Digitization Project'

'Rapidly Becoming Untenable' - Eurozone
Finances Have Deteriorated - This Is Part
Of The Takedown Of Europe And America

Foreign Businesses Threaten to Quit Hong
Kong Over Never-Ending Virus Stalinism

West Coast Port Congestion Hits Record
As More Ships Join Queue

This Won't End Well – Gen Z'ers Take
On Debt To Invest

Tesla On 'Autopilot' Strikes Police Car In FL

Russia could sell Nord Stream 2 to European
Union-based operator to evade Brussels'
access limitations – German media

ESG Is A Superfluous Virtue Signal

Why Is The Gates Foundation Funding
The UK's Medicines Regulator?


'Get Vaxxed While You Shop' – NHS Gives Jabs
in Primark Change Rooms

COVID-19 Skeptics Gather in London for
'Unite For Freedom' Rally

Demonstrators Gather in Paris to Protest
Against Coronavirus Health Pass

UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push

Iceland 'Beat COVID' - Now Their Virus Chief
Says Restrictions May Last '15 Years'

Czech PM says Schengen not working, urges
inclusion of Balkan states to protect Europe
from illegal migrants

Russia's monthly death toll with Covid tops
record 50,000 as nation battles Delta variant

CCP Scholar Says Iran Should Blow Up Atom Bombs,
China Should Arrest 10 Canadians & Kill Them All If...

Australian Journalist Shares Horrific Pfizer Vax
Pericarditis Side Effect From Hospital Bed

'Tremendous Milestone' - Bill Gates Hails India for
Administering Over 10 Million Kill Shots in a Day


Teen mental health hospitalizations rise by 57%
during lockdowns in Victoria – state report

John Bolton Slams 'Two-Faced Pakistan' Over
Taliban Support, Proposes Taking Out Its Nukes

'Everybody has to buy a rifle, damn it!' Brazil
President Bolsonaro tells his supporters

Bolsonaro - Everyone Should Buy A Rifle...
An Armed Public Will Never Be Enslaved

Vaccine mandate in Ecuador province defeated
by health freedom organization

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza passed off as
Kabul airport suicide attack

Israel In Panic Over Complete Lethal
Injection Failure

Israel to 'Accelerate' Covert Action Against Iran,
Black Budget 'Earmarked' IDF Chief

Tehran Blasts Biden, Bennett for
'Illegally Threatening' Iran

Iran can respond to America's 'other options'
top official replies after Biden says he's ready
to act should diplomacy fail


Did You Know That NATO Stormtroopers Went to
Afghanistan to Hold Little Babies?

Twenty Years (song parody)

Bean field collapses and falls 25 feet overnight
in rural Minnesota - Video

Survival - Jug line fishing for beginners

Biden Just Lost BIG at the Supreme Court

How They Are Killing You And Calling It Covid

Japan - 1.6 Million Moderna Doses Pulled After
Officials Discover Vials Contained 'Foreign
Matter' That 'Reacts to Magnets'

3 Children Executed, One In Coma In Satanic
Australian Forced Vax Of 24,000 Innocent Kids

Krispy Kreme Doubles Free Doughnut Deal
to Encourage Vaccinations

Officer Who Executed Unarmed USAF veteran
Ashli Babbit Reveals Himself As Michael Byrd
...Says He Was 'Just Doing His Job’

Capitol Cop Says He 'Showed The Utmost
Courage' By Executing Unarmed Air Force
Vet Ashli Babbitt

UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine push

Hell Of A Weird UFO Video - Hiding In Stealth 'Cloud'

No Americans Have Been Rescued Outside
of Kabul Says Pentagon

ISIS Bomb Attacks Kill 13 US Marines
And At Least 72 Afghanis At Kabul Airport

Tucker - The New World Order Want Us To
'Shut Up and Obey' - We Must Not Comply

When Biden Is asked what he'll do if Americans
are TRAPPED in Afghanistan after 8/31 - he
LAUGHS then his handlers cut off his Mic

Biden-Empowered ISIS Slaughters Over 30
Doctors And Patents In Kabul Hospital

Biden - America Will Retaliate Against ISIS
for Kabul Bombings And Death

Calls for Biden & The Kamal to resign
or face impeachment grow as Afghan
crisis turns deadly

Here's what we know about ISIS-K
the splinter jihadist group

Taliban need foreign help to eradicate opium
trafficking, spokesman tells Russian media


Taliban Warned 'Malicious Elements' Were Planning
Attack in Interview Hours Before Kabul Blasts

US Has Spent Over $2.3 Trillion On Afghan War
Fattening The Military Industrial Complex Greatly

Taliban Secures World's Largest Lithium
Deposits After US Withdrawal

Taliban Claims There's 'No Proof' Osama
bin Laden Was Behind 9/11 Attacks

Capitol Police officers suing Trump, Roger Stone
And 'extremist groups' over January 6 riot

'Angel Mom' Killed By Sub-Animal Invader -
Mass Hangings Of Invader Murderers, Rapists,
Child Predators Is Way Past Due

Americans 'More & More Dependent' On Big
Govt Things Are Never Going Back To 'Normal'

Watchdog Groups Voice Concern Over 'Flaw'
On Ballot Envelopes For Newsom Recall Election

FBI 'Doubles Down' With More Agents
As Louisville's Violent Crime Spirals Out
Of Control

Is Graphene Oxide Part Of The Reason Americans
Are Doing Nothing In The Face Of Mass Genocide?


Soothing The symptoms of anxiety with
graphene oxide

Prepare For It – It's Here, It's Real And
...You Are Banned

Candace Owens Calls on America to Rise Up
and Reject the Left's Communist Agenda

Roberts - The FDA Is a Totally Corrupt
and Criminal Organization (Gosh)

It's Easier To Kill A Billion People Than
To Control A Billion People

Cybernetics Totalitarian Brain Science & 'The Psycho-
Civilized Society' - 'The Minds of Men' documentary (2018)
And Partial Transcription

Communist Biden regime plans to put antivaxxers
on no gun list so Americans can't defend themselves
from CDC internment camps

Robber Points Gun at Second Amendment
Patriot - Leaves in a Coroner's Van

Feds Shutter Jail Where Epstein Was Found Dead

Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon
The Private Sector To Make Lives Of
The Unvaxed Difficult


Chicago Police Say 'Hell No' Lizard Lightfoot
Regarding Mandatory COVID Shots

1.6 million Moderna Covid vaccine doses pulled
in Japan after foreign material (Probably Nano)
found in some vials

Nurses Warn of Staff Shortages Due
to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

'The Real Anthony Fauci' - RFK Jr

The mRNA Vaccine's Poisonous Potions - Medical
Malpractice or 'Slow Motion Genocide? (Why Is
There A '?' At The End Of This Title?)

The FDA did NOT grant full approval to the
Pfizer shots - Most Everyone Lied

Watch Pfizer CEO Bourla Talk About How
Incredibly Safe His Company’s Kill Shots Are

Watch Moderna CMO Tal Zaks Tell How The
Talmud Figures In To His Company's Kill Shots

Florida Surpasses 10,000 Monoclonal
Antibody Treatments

WHO Head Questions Whether Boosters
Are 'Effective at All'


Fauci Rapped For Playing into 'Anti-Semitic
Stereotypes', Blaming Measles Outbreak
on Hasidic Jews

TX Gov Issues New Ban On Vaccine Mandates

38 yr old Italian volleyball player develops
pericarditis after second Pfizer mRNA injection
Career Is Now finished, Life maybe shortened

16 yr old TN High Schooler collapses, dies days
later after receiving Pfizer mRNA Kill Shot

31 yr old OH Mom talked into Moderna injection by
her doctor, Gets blood clots, myocarditis 3 Days Later

The All-Seeing 'I' - Apple Just Declared
War On Your Privacy

Russia fines US tech giants Facebook, Twitter
& WhatsApp nearly half million dollars over
refusal to stop sending user data abroad

Facebook imposed face recognition tech on
200,000 S Koreans & took social security info
without consent, data watchdog finds

World's First Space Junk Cleaner Satellite
Successfully Picks Up Orbital Debris

US West Coast Port Congestion At
Record High Amid Transpacific Trade
Route Disruptions


North America's largest wholesale food
distributor forced to delay, pause service
to various customers

DHL Warns Global Supply Chain
Disruptions To Persist Next Year

Labor Shortages - 'We May Be Closer To
The Brick Wall Than Anticipated'

UK Supermarket CEO Says Shortages
At Worst Level He Has Seen

Several London Supermarkets Shut Down
Over Fears of Contaminated Food

Has The Die-off of the Vaxed Begun?

ALERT - ALL Children 12-15 to be Injected with
COVID Kill Shots in UK Schools With or Without
Parental Consent - Global Mass Murder

NHS plans Covid-19 vaccination for 12 Olds that
would NOT require parental permission

Coroner confirms 44 Yr Old BBC presenter
died from AstraZeneca Covid vas side effect

UK Defense Secretary Tells Afghans To
Flee Across Borders Instead Of Going To Airport


France 'will not back down' from sanctioning
unvaxed care-workers; Covid boosters to
be offered to elderly from September

Scrapping the PCR stealth tax would give
tourism a much-needed boost

COVID-19: Coronavirus cases rising in
all but two regions, figures from Public
Health England reveal

Hamburg Businesses to Be Given 'Choice'
to Bar Unvaxed Residents

100+ people denounce Covid health passes by
holding protest 'picnic' outside restaurants in
Reims, France - Video

Macron 'cannot guarantee' evacuation of French
citizens waiting aboard 20 buses in Kabul

Italian evacuation plane comes under
fire as it takes off from Kabul

Topless Sunbathing Hits 'Historic Low'
Among French Women

As EU states build walls to stop migrants
ECHR tells Poland & Latvia to provide
shelter for those crossing Belarusian border

I thought Italy would be next to leave the EU
now I'm convinced it will be Hungary because
it looks like Brexit all over again


New Russian missile-defense radar system
is world-first for helping intercept nuclear
warheads, military industry chief reveals

If Britain violates Russian territorial waters again
Moscow's forces will make things 'much more
difficult,' ambassador warns

As its poll numbers drop to new lows,
Putin-supporting United Russia party
faces prospect of losing its absolute hold

S Korea Lodges Protest With Japan Over
Fukushima Water Release Plan

Beijing blasts American exploitation and
coercion as Huawei executive Meng
Wanzhou's detention reaches 1,000 days

Under the Ruse of 'Public Safety' Oz Forced
Into A Hellish Satanic Orwellian Police State

Australia records more than 1,000 new
domestic Covid infections for the first
time since the pandemic began

Fury over Covid rules is Finally helping
Aussies lose their long-held, unhealthy
respect for authority

Rockefeller controlling Melbourne

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Accused
of Plot to Elect Samoa's First Female PM


Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray for COVID-19 to Be
Distributed to India and Other Asia Markets

Biden's Meeting With Israeli Prime Minister
Rescheduled For Friday After Kabul Attacks

Israel Reportedly Gave US Two Hours' of
Warning Before Kabul Attack Amid
Intel-Sharing Fallout

Israel allows increased flow of goods into
Gaza amid Palestinian protests to lift blockade

Israel and NZ Permit Sale of SaNOtize's
Breakthrough Anti-Viral Nasal Spray

Israelis Alarmed as Rise in COVID Cases
Triggers Rumours of Looming Lockdown

Private flight leaves Kabul with 300 Empty
seats after passengers turned away by US
And Taliban security – reports

Massive explosion rocks Kazakh military base,
as emergency workers scramble to battle
massive blaze in Central Asian nation

Stunning drone images of world's biggest
cemetery in Iraq

16 soldiers killed as Boko Haram attacks outpost
in southern Niger, ministry claims 50 fighters slain


Spirituality is a Brain State We Can
All Reach, Religious or Not

More And More Humans Are
Growing an Extra Artery

WATCH How Blood Clots Almost IMMEDIATELY
After Taking The Vax - Blood Won't Even Come
Out In A Needle For A Test !

We Won't Get Everyone Out, Even By Sept 11 -
Congressmen Share Dire Warning After Secret
Fact-Finding Mission To Kabul

CBS News Jackasses Blame 'Climate Change'
for Strengthening the Taliban

4,100 Americans Remain Stranded But
'Not in or Around Kabul'

Up to 1,500 Americans including 24 CA
school students are stuck in Afghanistan
Who In Their Right Mind Would Take A
'Summer Vacation' In Afghanistan?

AOC - Biden Must Resettle At Least 200,000
Afghans All Over The US

State Dept Issued Warning That Americans
Left In Afghanistan Will Be 'Without Assistance'
And Then Deleted It

OR Democrat Communist Gov Kate Brown
Has Long-Standing Ties to Chinese Communist
Influence Groups

Moron Trump appropriately booed at new rally
after AGAIN telling supporters to take covid
Kill Shots

Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found
Also In Pfizer-BioNTech Comirnaty Vax - Video Shows
Self-Assembling Specks, Crystalline Networks Forming


Fauci Calls For Vaccine Mandates - 'The Time
Has Come...Enough Is Enough'

NY Gov Kathy Hochul Announces Universal Mask
Requirement in All Schools on First Day in Office

Israeli Prime Minister Says Pfizer COVID
Vax 'Has Faded' & People Must 'Quickly'
Take A Third Dose

Montana becomes the first US state to ban
vaccine requirements for employees

Pentagon Chief Orders to Conduct Mandatory
COVID Vaccination of All Military Personnel ASAP
...That will End Of America's Military Strength

Delta To Impose $200 Monthly Fine On
Unvaxed Employees

PhDs Are Now Most Likely to Be Vaccine Resistors

Even Mainstream Media Is Now Asking
Big Questions About Covid Vaccines

Strange Warning By The Kamal Indicates
Shortages Are Going To Get Much Worse

Communist Idiot Hawaii Governor Pleads
For Tourists to Stay Away


Kilauea rocked by more than 150 earthquakes
prompting officials to raise volcano alert level
And aviation color to Watch Orange

Proof First Pfizer Patent Application For Spike Protein
Was Filed 21 Yrs Ago! - Each synthetic mRNA shot
contains 15 BILLION nanoparticles (nano lipids) of
Graphene Oxide - They Knew Everything - Genocide

The Worst Water Crisis In US History As
1,000s Of Wells In The Southwest Go Dry

Another Black On White Hate Murder - Black
shoots, Kills white Father Of 1 Yr Old at dinner,
Then dances on his body

Fukushima Nuke Plant to build UNDERSEA
tunnel to release a million tons of 'treated'
(hahaha) Radioactive water Into Pacific

Communism And Depopulation In America
...We're Heading To Total Tyranny

Covid 'Vaccines' are Killing People Worldwide
And Governments Are Lying to You the People

AK woman denied life-sustaining treatment
for declining the COVID jab

FDA tricks the world with FAKE 'approval'
of Pfizer vax while Biden's fake presidency sinks

CDC Under-Counting 'Breakthrough' COVID Cases


Sean Penn told the unvaccinated to not see his
new film. Unfortunately for him, they didn't need
To be told...It's a dud

Delta To Impose $200 Monthly Fine
On Unvaccinated Employees

New Weapon in Arsenal Against COVID?
Israel Working on Coronavirus Drug

Entire Air Force Base Has 2 Days To Get Pfizer
Injection Despite Base Having Zero On Hand

University Delays In Person Classes Then
Learns COVID Results Were False Positives

Unvaxed La police lieutenant and dad of 3 dies
of COVID-19 day before his wedding

Hospitals are running out of ICU beds as
severe COVID cases soar

Facebook tries to save face by exonerating the
Disinformation Dozen who are internationally
censored, slandered, defamed for telling the
truth about vaccine injuries

Hit Piece on Gab Falls Flat, Makes Gab
Look Great - See Torba's Response

Social media platform Gab launches
'No Vax Mandate Job Board'


US Durable Goods Orders Drop In July,
'Unadjusted' Motor Vehicles Orders Fall

Key Terminal At China Mega-Port Reopens
After Virus Shutdown

The Shortages Are Going To Get Worse Later
In Year As Global Supply Chains Increasingly Falter

UK McDonald's Runs Out Of Milkshakes
Amid Supply Chain Chaos

Canada's Trudeau Is Proposing 'Fixing' His
Country's Housing Bubble With Even More
Government Intervention

Japanese Start-Up Presents Nex-Gen Moon
Lander in Push to Speed Up Lunar Colonisation

US Oil Consumption Up 2 Weeks in Row
as Late Summer Demand Increases

Germany will continue to help Afghans wanting
to leave after August 31 despite Taliban warnings

Millions in Ukraine against Kiev's language,
freedom of speech policies - Medvedchuk

West is working to interfere in Russian elections
next month & actively backing anti-government
forces, top Moscow official claims


Zelensky did it! Former Ukrainian President
Poroshenko points blame at successor after
he is attacked with green antiseptic liquid

Russia will always be a part of Europe,
so it's high time for relations to improve,
Austrian foreign minister tells Moscow's envoy

China still main source of fentanyl in US,
And already in cyberwar with US Say Experts

'Scapegoating China cannot whitewash the US
Beijing blasts Washington ahead of American
report into Covid origins

Biden Reportedly Receives 'Inconclusive' Intel Report
on COVID Origins Amid Blame Game WIth China

Even with inhuman lockdowns, travel restrictions
Australia's 'covid cases' are skyrocketing

Israeli Prime Minister Says Pfizer COVID
Vax 'Has Faded' & People Must 'Quickly'
Take A Third Dose

MidEast is running out of water and parts
of it are becoming uninhabitable

Israel's PM Bennett Says He Will Continue
Covert Attacks Against Iran

Israel's Bennett Visits US After Rejecting
Possibility of West Bank Annexations...
Two-State Solution


Israel's Bennett Eyes Coalition With Arab
Nations to Curb Iran's Influence

Lebanese Hospitals Forced to Scale Down
Operations Due to Electricity Shortage

Thanks to Biden, Taliban now has
26th largest air force in The World

Washington warmongers suddenly worried
about Al-Qaeda and ISIS amid Afghan agony

Putin and Xi pledge to keep peace in Central Asia
after US withdrawal from Afghanistan sparks fears
of drug trafficking & terror

Pilger - The Great Game of smashing countries

'Killing for the sake of killing' - Disillusioned US
drone pilots leak footage of air strikes against
unarmed Afghans, media says

Taliban movement has 'good relations' with both
Russia & China, political spokesman for Afghan
de facto new rulers claims

Shots fired at Kabul airport as Taliban
ward off crowds

Over 60% of Americans Favour Banning
Taliban From All Social Media, Poll Shows


'US troops call it World War Z' - RT correspondent
in Kabul airport describes 'horrendous' situation

Gun-wielding attacker killed by police after
shooting spree leaves 4 dead near French
Embassy in Tanzania (VIDEOS)

16 soldiers killed as Boko Haram attacks
outpost in southern Niger, ministry claims
50 militants slain

FDA gaslights the world with FAKE 'approval' of
Pfizer vax while Biden's fake presidency sinks

Up to 1,500 Americans including 24 CA
school students are stuck in Afghanistan
Who In Their Right Mind Would Take A
'Summer Vacation' In Afghanistan?

Dr Malone - Pfizer Is Still Under EUA And Waiver
'Comirnaty' Is Fully Approved...Not Currently Available

Update Statement - FDA Did NOT Approve Pfizer Vax
...And That It Is Still Operating Under EUA?

Alex Jones Takes Trump Apart Calls Him A
Tool Of The Left And A Dumbass For Pushing
The Kill Shots On All His Own Supporters

Roger Stone claims Bannon was a Robert Mueller
informant who is merely a grifter - Stone calls for
Bannon to be tried and jailed

Biden Says We May Need To Reinvade Afghanistan
As They Have WMD (Which We Gave Them)

Almost 3 Hours Late, Biden Abandons Press
To Explain Why He'll Stick To Taliban's Exit
Deadline, Ignore G-7 Allies

Taliban have NOT AGREED extension to
evacuation deadline, wants ALL foreign
departures finished by August 31

Unelected, Illegitimate Biden Says All Kids Should
Wear (Useless) Masks 'When They Leave Home'

Fear Porn Launch - New virus variant 'Covid-22'
May be more deadly than Delta, 'expert' warns

31 Year LA City Fire Captain Is Done Being Silent
'We Saw This Tyranny Coming' - He Won't Take Vox
An Extremely Brave American Fighting For Freedom


Dr Tenpenny - Pfizer Whistleblower Claims To
Have Documentation That Their Vax Killed Over
200,000 Americans in less than a week - Watch

Pathetic, laughable attempt to discredit factual
statements recently made by Dr. Ryan Cole
About The deadly mRNA Vaccines

Murphy orders vaccination requirement for all
NJ state workers, including at public colleges

Korean Vax Patent Contains ONLY GRAPHENE!

The Double-Jabbed Contract and Spread
COVID Just as Easily as the Un-Injected

'The Time Has Come. Enough Is Enough' - Fauci
Dismisses 'Freedom' In Call For Vaccine Mandates

WEF - 'How Our Lives Could Soon Look'
'You could be identified by your heartbeat'

Pelosi And Moderate Dems Strike Deal
Over $4.1 Trillion Economic Plan

The Empire Will Be Fielding an All-Injected Military
And The PLA Will Be Laughing Themselves Crazy
They Will Be Able To Blast The Troops With 5G
And Drop Them Down Sick And Dead

Biden's Decision on Boosters Baffles Scientists


No Problem for Pelosi - Tucker Lambasts 'Chief
COVID Enforcer' for Breaking Her Own Mask Laws

Proud Boys (FBI Informant) leader Tarrio
gets 5 months in jail

Bush-Era War Criminals Are Louder Than Ever
Because They've Lost The Argument

California Man Found Passed Out In Car
With 300 Unopened Recall Ballots And
Forged Licenses

Hollywood Director Spike Lee Says He
Has 'Questions' About Investigation Into
9/11 Attacks

World Renowned DJ Ian Carey passes away from
unknown causes - Transparent Words For Vax

FDA ALSO approved this treatment for Ebola

Communist OR Gov announces Useless, Stupid
statewide outdoor mask mandate outdoors
regardless of vaccination status

Surgical Face Diaper Just 12% Effective
Against Aerosols

CVS workshop tells employees to snitch on each other
'accountable' for 'non-inclusive' acts - Another hateful
anti White corporation


Labor Unions Betray Employees, Make deal
With Disney - All Must Be Fully Vaxed By 10-22

More Than 5.02 Billion Shots Given worldwide

Veterans demand answers from VA after millions
of appointments canceled - VA only cares about
Veterans getting lethally injected

Nevada mandates COVID shot for all public
higher education students

Moderna Lethal Booster Trial Participant Jimmy
Fahrenholtz Orleans Parish School Board member
suddenly dies at 72

Beijing Biden WH Approves Licensing Deal
For Chinese Communist Party-Linked Huawei
Reversing Trump Policy

Facebook apps responsible for nearly 50%
of all online CHILD GROOMING cases
during UK lockdown in 2020 – report

Ships Resume Docking at Ningbo Port After
Two-Week Shutdown

Pelosi And Moderate Dems Strike Deal
Over $4.1 Trillion Economic Plan

Chevron Begins Vaccination Mandates as
Covid Roils Oil Fields


Forget The Fed And Jackson Hole - Treasury Is
About To Unleash $500 Billion Quantitative Tightening

Texas Power Demand Could Hit Record
Tuesday Amid Heat Wave

MicroStrategy Buys 3,907 Bitcoin At $45,294
In Current Quarter

Do Empty Shelves Count As Inflation?

FAA Launches New Safety Probe Into Boeing
As Employees Complain About Pressure To
Cut Corners

Canadian banks will make employees get jabbed
or face COVID testing with Schwabs Up The Nose
With Ethyline Oxide & Nanotech Twice Weekly

Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Admits She
Drives a 'Dirty Diesel'

Norwegian Professor Calls for Giving Away Half
of Country's Oil Fund to UN Organisations

France Accidentally Evacuates Taliban Member
Who Is An 'Armed Checkpoint Commander'

Airbnb To House 20,000 Afghan Refugees
After Biden's Botched Pullout


US-Made Sophisticated Biometric Devices 'With
Sensitive Data' Reportedly in Taliban's Hands

Boris Johnson to Host G7 Meeting in
Attempt to Hammer Out Joint Evacuation
Plan From Afghanistan

UN urges Poland to take in Afghan & Iraqi
refugees fleeing to EU through Belarus,
as Warsaw's officials turn back asylum seekers

Poisoning at prestigious German university
that injured 7 is investigated as attempted murder

NATO vow to 'fight terrorism' while abandoning
weapons to the Taliban is straight out of 'Police
Academy' comedy, Moscow quips

Impossible to Shift Responsibility for US
Withdrawal From Afghanistan, Kremlin Says

American man wearing 'Russia' shirt detained in
Ukraine ahead of Independence Day festivities,
claims country's cops are 'Nazis'

Confusion reigns as Ukrainian FM officials
contradict each other over alleged hijacking
of plane at Kabul Airport

Russia not to draw its army into all-against-all
conflict in Afghanistan — Putin

Russia Does Not Want to See US Troops
in Central Asia, Foreign Minister Says


Taliban Got Huge Amount of Weapons, Including
Over 100 MANPADS - Russian Defense Minister

Russia to deploy top-notch stealth anti-hypersonic
radar in Sakhalin

Russia to reach gas & nuclear energy agreements
with Hungary – Lavrov

China's military uses civilian cargo ship for
transport in 'Taiwan invasion drill'

China - US, UK, Australia Should Be Held
Accountable for Human Rights Violations
in Afghanistan

China, Iran Step in to Aid Afghanistan as US Freezes
Kabul's Foreign Assets After Taliban Takeover

The Kamal's Flight To Vietnam Delayed Over
Alleged 'Havana Syndrome' Incident

China claps back at US VP Harris, criticizes
Washington's 'selfish' Afghanistan policy

What is really going on between Beijing and
Washington in the South China Sea?

UK, US Fire on Uninhabited Island During
Drills Amid S China Sea Tensions


Professor Reveals Horror Of Australia's
Tyrannical COVID Lockdowns

13Cabs will soon allow passengers to
choose drivers who are Vaxed

Vietnam says Cuba to supply 'large number'
of its Covid-19 vaccine doses, ready to transfer
production technology

Israel Mulls Shortening Vaccine Passport Validity
to 6 Months for Those Who Don't Get a 'Booster'

Israel lowers eligible Covid booster age to 30
amid climbing 'coronavirus' caseload (Most are
being made sick by the kill shots they have taken)

Ultra-Vaccinated Israel's Crisis Is a Dire
Warning to All Other Countries

EU condemns 'politically motivated'
arrests of activists by Palestinian Authority

Emboldened Iran To Hold War Drills With
Russia and China

Iranian prison chief issues apology after
hacked videos show abuse of prisoners

Taliban captures and executes well-known
Afghan comedian - who told jokes as they
dragged him away


Taliban take on Afghanistan's Last resistance

'Like Coke and Pepsi' - Afghan VP Says There's
No Difference Between Al-Qaeda, Taliban

Taliban spokesman can't confirm CIA chief
met with group's leader Baradar

Taliban Blocks Roads to Kabul Airport
for Non-Foreigners

No Afghans will be let into Kabul airport,
only foreigners – Taliban

Credible reports of Taliban executions in
Afghanistan – UN human rights chief

Norway to shut Kabul airport field hospital
amid worsening security situation

EU completes evacuation of staff from Afghanistan
only 'core presence' remains in Kabul airport

SA unemployment rate, which contributed to winter
looting spree, reaches record high of 34.4%

Algeria Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Morocco
Says Foreign Minister


Tunisia's parliament suspended indefinitely a
month after country's president sacked PM

Feeling Boxed In – How to Break Free

To be More Tech-Savvy, Borrow These
Strategies From the Amish

The Fascinating Science of Recurring Dreams

The Hopi Star Children

Bush Era NSA Head Says It Is A 'Good Idea'
To Send Unvaxed Trump Supporters To Afghanistan

NYC Orders 150,000 Teachers & School Staff
To Either Get Vaccinated Or Find A New Job
NJ Orders Jabs For State Workers

Biden Celebrates FDA Approval With Message
To The Unvaxxed - 'The Time For You To Get
Your Vaccine Is Here'

Unauthorized Vaccine Cards Are Selling
Like Hot Cakes in the US

Pfizer Jab Receives Full Approval From FDA
Pentagon Mandates Vaccinations For All Troops

34 Yr Old MA Woman/Mother Of 3 Has Seizure
At Wheel 5 Days After Pfizer Vax - 20 Seizures
In Next Four Days Could Have Crashed, Killed Family

Certified Federal Medical Investigator With Info
On Deadly EO In COVID Testing Swabs - Watch

What Is America Going To Look Like If
This Insane Communist Evil Continues?

Australian STASI Cops Launch COVID Manhunt
For Citizen Who Coughed In Elevator, Dub Him
'Public Health Enemy No. 1'

Huh? With Half of Australia Under Medical Martial
Law, Australians in Perth March Against Oppression


Biden To Name Rahm Emanuel As Ambassador
To Japan

Allgire - Fun In Afghanistan - Video

Clinton Lawyer Featured In Steele Dossier
Scandal Opens Firm With Focus On 'Ethics
and Campaign Disclosures'

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow signs deal
to start own production company

Cuomo's Farewell Address - Ex-Governor
Calls AG Report 'Political Firecracker'
That Caused 'Stampede'

'Case closed' - Police shooting of Ashli Babbitt
during January 6 riots ruled 'lawful,' officer will NOT face disciplinary action

The Kamal Dogged By Afghan Crisis
On Singapore Trip, Tells Press The 'Time
For Analyzing' Is Later

Dr. Richard Fleming - The Vax Is Working - 13,068
Americans Murdered (Real Number Probably Over
1 Million) - Time For Boosters - Start At 6:00

Graphene Antennas Can Be Two Orders Of
Magnitude Smaller Than Metal Antennas
...Think Internal Nanotech Possibilities

Covid Is Not Caused By A Virus - Vaccines Contain
Graphene And Graphene + 5G Cause Damage And Death


Irradiation And Shocking Catatonic States Observed In
Humans And Animals - Watch Two Video Examples

Study - Fully Vaxed Healthcare Workers Carry
251 Times Viral Load, Pose Threat to All
Unvaccinated Patients And Co-Workers

Smallpox Inoculation Used to Mean Intentional
Exposure to Virus - Now They're Denying Natural
Immunity Is a Thing

Pfizer's Adverse Reaction Reporting Protocols

Gold Surges Back Above $1800, Erases
Payrolls, Flash-Crash Losses

Bitcoin Surges Back Above $50,000...
Crypto Market Cap Tops $2 Trillion Again

What Chip Shortage - Inventory At Leading
Chipmakers Hits Record $65 Billion

The West got it very wrong about Covid
bringing an end to 'Made in China' goods

China Slams US Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2
as Groundless, Violating International Law

China wants huge new green hydrogen
plant operational in 2023


30% of US Farmland Is Owned by Landlords
Who Don't Farm Themselves

Protests Against COVID-19 Vaccination
Held in London

Watch - London Crowd protesting against Covid
restrictions breaches ITN building

Evacuation launched after Greece's Evia island
is hit by second wildfire in two weeks

Canadian women face sexual abuse And violence
from 'trans' biological males in prison, former
inmate tells RT

BBC accused of 'omitting facts' about Muslim
culprit seen in video of shocking anti-Semitic
attack in London

John Cleese slams cancel culture's impact
on comedy, says he'll explore 'absurdity'
of PC-mad world in new show

'World class joke' - Cambridge university museum
to install signage explaining 'whiteness' of Greek
And Roman plaster-cast sculptures

What would Shakespeare have made of a health
warning for 'Romeo and Juliet'? For once, he'd
be lost for words

Cyprus rescinds passports of Turkish-Cypriot officials
in 'breakaway cabinet' or linked to Varosha revival


Greece Erects Steel Wall Along Turkish
Border Over Afghan Migration Fears

As EU Officials Speak of 'Moral Duty',
Bloc's States Reluctant to Take in Afghan

Child soldiers are OK if they're anti-Taliban?
AFP takes flak over photos of 'armed' Afghan
kids waving flag of local resistance

Russia will NOT send military contingent to
Afghanistan & has no intention of supporting
Taliban terrorist group, says Moscow

Russian minister confirms rumors that country
is planning replacement for 'doomsday plane'
to house officials during NUCLEAR WAR

Putin Says It's Vital to Avoid Spillover of Radical
Islamism Into Central Asia Amid Afghan Chaos

Putin meets King of Jordan, invites to exchange
views on Syria, Afghanistan

Russia will continue boosting its
navy potential - Putin

Putin launches construction of six
warships for Russian Navy

Kremlin castigates Crimea Platform forum
as anti-Russian event


Ukraine CAN retake Crimea if West supports its
claims, Kiev insists, as Zelensky blasts 'reluctant'
foreign leaders 'afraid' of Russia

Armenian top brass meets with representatives of
Russian military-industrial complex

'Foreign agents' - As Russia & Ukraine
target press outlets, Western media's selective
coverage exposes bias behind its concerns

Fake News - CNN Tries Passing Off Belarusian
Munitions Depot as 'Possible Prison Camp'

The Kamal Vows US Will 'Open' South China Sea
After It Deals With 'Priority' Afghanistan Pullout

China brings latest Covid outbreak under
control, no new local infections for first
time since July

Taiwan's president gets first shot of homemade
Covid-19 vaccine amid concerns over its
rushed approval

North Korea claims it's developed its own
PCR equipment to test for Covid as it
continues to report zero-case tally

Vietnam deploys armed forces to enforce total
shutdown of Ho Chi Minh City & deliver food
to many of its 13 Million locked down citizens

Taiwan authorities spark outcry after
KILLING 154 rare-breed cats seized
from smugglers


Quad White Paper Calls for Including Attacks on
China's Sea Cables as Part of 'Malabar' Naval Drills

New Delhi opens first 'smog tower' to combat air
pollution, which regularly exceeds safe levels
in the capital

India to Sell 25 Airports, 160 Coal Mining
Projects to Raise $81 Billion, Says Minister

Pakistan Supports 'Inclusive Government in
Afghanistan', Foreign Minister Says

Israel to open schools on September 1 despite
Covid-19 surge, students to get vaccinated
between classes

Israeli Planes Attack Syria Through Lebanese
Airspace - Forced Civilian Planes to Reroute

Iran restarts fuel supplies to Afghanistan
after Taliban cuts tariffs on imports

Iran prepared to send more fuel to Lebanon
as Tehran can't watch Lebanese people 'suffer'

US Reporter Says Her WaPo Team Was Rescued
by UK Troops From Kabul as US Couldn't
'Ensure Safety'

US Embassy Staff in Kabul Feeling 'Betrayed' by
Washington Amid Evacuation Efforts, Cables Reveal


Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Landing At
Dulles Airport, Question Of 'What's Next' Looms

Pentagon has no idea how much US military
equipment seized by Taliban - spokesman

Taliban says any attempt to extend foreign
troops evacuation deadline beyond August 31
is clear violation

More than 500 tons of medical supplies unable
to reach Afghanistan due to Kabul airport chaos

Germans shot Afghan security guards at Kabul
airport after unknown SNIPER opened fire – reports

What Happened To All The Wind

The new Marvel series 'What If...?' is a woke wet
dream where white male superheroes are replaced by
women and minorities


Furious, Enraged Alex Jones Tells Bill Gates And
The NWO Satanists 'F*CK YOU!!!' - Graphic Talk
...But These Are Graphic Times - Watch

Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Biden in Video
'You're Not a President, You're a Piece of Sh*t'

Australian Truckers Warn Citizens to Stock Up
on Food as They Prep to Take Over the Country
From The Filth Politicians Forcing Their Poison
Injections On Adults & Defenseless Children - Vid

Oz Govt Vows To Keep Citizens Under House
Arrest Until They Are Nearly ALL Vaxed

Progressive Vax Kill Shot Damages Are Worsening
One Wounded Woman Is Deteriorating Badly...
Tinnitus, Nausea, Brain And Personality Issues

Pfizer vaccine destroys T cells, weakens the
immune system - (Gosh, ya think?)

Biden NOT mandating COVID vaccines for
White House staff! - Says Psaki

Scanned Evidence Of ID Chips (Also) In The Vax

FDA Decides NOT To Hold A Formal Advisory
Meeting To Discuss Full Approval Of The Pfizer Vax

Polls Shows Almost Half Of Americans Favor
Govt Censoring 'Misinformation' - Defined By
Whom and How? - First Amendment


Worse than Thought - Biden Gave Taliban 75,000
Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons and 200 Aircraft

Biden Even More Humiliated As Taliban
Confiscate American Passports

Stunned Biden Learns Of CBS Poll Showing Most
Americans Don't Think He's A 'Competent, Focused
Or Effective' President

Biden Bans Importation of Russian Ammunition
in Backhanded Slap at Gun Owners

20 Attorneys General Join Fight Against Biden's
Executive Gun Control

Mujahideen vs Taliban - Battle for strategic valley
looms as anti-Taliban warlord & remnants of Afghan
military refuse to surrender

At least 7 civilians killed in crowd surges
amid Kabul airport evacuation chaos

UK Minister Says Taliban Restoring Order
at Chaotic Kabul Airport

UK Forces Reportedly Rescued 150 British,
Afghan Civilians in Kabul Despite US Objections

The New Taliban 'Special Forces Look' - American
Car, American Weapons, American Costumes


Pelosi, Schumer Slammed for Partying
Amid Chaotic Afghanistan Evacuation

Trump BOOED at AL rally after encouraging his
supporters to take the Kill shots (They won't
Get Saline Injections)

Larry Elder Promises to Repeal Vax And Mask
Mandates if he Becomes CA Governor

Twenty Republican-Run States Launch
Challenge to Biden's 'Ghost Gun' Law

The Fentanyl Flood Into The US: Why Can't We Make It Stop?

Morale among 'downtrodden' Border Patrol agents
PLUMMETS as Biden policies leave them unable
to protect national security – report

At Least 22 Dead, 50 Missing After Deadliest
Flood Event Ever In Middle Tennessee

Shots Fired, No One Hit As Antifa And Proud Boys
In Big Fight In Portland - Police Stay Clear

Fully-Injected Jesse Jackson Hospitalized
With alleged Covid - Using What Test? He's
Likely In Trouble From What's In The Kill Shots

The Lethally Injected Are Worried and
Scientists Don't Have Answers


How CDC Manipulated Data to Create
'Pandemic of the Unvaxxed' Narrative

The More Masks Fail, The More We Need Them

Delta Variant Fear-Mongering Begins To
Dent Travel Industry

Pharmacies Told Not To Distribute
Medications That Combat Covid

Twitter mob celebrates after conservative
talk show host And vaccine skeptic dies from
Alleged severe Covid infection

List Of 30 Studies Showing Face Masks
Are Useless Against COVID-19

Face Masks Don't Work Against Respiratory Viruses
Why Did so Many Authorities Impose Mask Mandates?

CT Allows Patients, Their Doctors & Local Health
Officials To Access COVID Vax Records

COVID Cases Said Rising Among CA Homeless
But What Test Is being Used? PCR Is A Fraud

Ten reasons why the jab must never be mandatory


Reinfection protection vs vaccine protection

Cardiologist says no case of COVID-19 vaccine
induced myocarditis is mild

Grocery prices skyrocket 31% in one year as
lockdowns, drought and money printing unleash
food inflation

Yes, America Is Tearing Itself Apart - The Masses
Do Not Want To Understand Economics

Afghanistan's Gold At The New York Fed
...1,731 Bars Held Since 1939

Speculative Fervor Fades As Fed Sets
Table For Taper

Luongo Warns 'What Leverage Giveth On
The Way Up, It Takes Away 10x Faster On
The Way Down'

China considers making US-listed companies
hand over data control to 3rd party firms

More Soccer Players Collapsing During
Matches - Obvious Reasons Covered Up

Clark - Tony Blair calls US Afghanistan withdrawal
'imbecilic' – What was the 2001 Bush-Blair invasion?


Invaders - will EU walls & fences become a new
symbol of 'United in Diversity'?

Sweden's PM announces 2nd resignation in 2 mos

1,000s take to the streets in Paris to once again
decry Covid-19 health pass restrictions

Denmark, Finland Prepare COVID Booster Shots
Amid Contradictory Vaccine Assessment

Latest PHE Data Shows Vaccine Effectiveness
Down to Just 15% in the Over 50s, 37% in the
Under 50s - Deaths Cut by 76% in Over 50s
but Just 12% in Under 50s

Mandatory Vax shouldn't be forced on anyone - Putin

Russian economy 'practically restored' to
pre-pandemic level – President Putin

Ukrainian President Calls Nord Stream 2
Russian 'Geopolitical Weapon' Amid Talks
With Merkel

Russia Says Ready to Support Reconciliation
Between Sudan, South Sudan

Fear and loathing in Odessa - Terry Gilliam in hot
water after thanking Russia at Ukraine film festival


Western activists still blame Putin for turning
his back on liberal dreams for Russia but their
promises led to nothing but chaos

Taiwan Says China Is Trying To 'Emulate' What
The Taliban Did In Afghanistan

WH Seeking 'to Smear' Beijing as 'Source of
Coronavirus' Ahead of US Intel Probe, Chinese
Media Says

Aussie Cops Call Anti-Lockdown Protest 'Most
Violent' in 20 Years After Pepper-Spraying Kids

Citing 'Covid threat' Australian council SHOT SHELTER
DOGS dead instead of allowing volunteers to collect them

Australia Rethinks Covid Strategy After Alleged Cases
Hit Record Despite Draconian Lockdowns (Most Cases
Are The Vaxed Being Impacted By The Poison Shots)

'Fortress NZ strategy crumbling' - World media
reacts to lockdown

NZ Covid Response Minister Concedes Zero-Covid
Policy No Longer Viable Following Delta Outbreak

NZ extends nationwide lockdown as Covid outbreak
tops 100 cases (Using The Worthless PCR Test)

Israel's airstrikes in Syria are not newsworthy
for Western media, as a result status quo
continues and civilians suffer


Brawl breaks out at Heinz Field during NFL
preseason game as woman slaps man in face

The Unexpected History of the Air Conditioner

How an Intense Spiritual Retreat
Might Change your Brain

The Blue Ridge Honey Made 'by Bees and Angels'

Dopamine Plays a Key Role in Consciousness

Castor Oil – The Healing Secret of the Ancients

Tucker Defends Biden After Officials And
Media Blast Him Over Afghanistan Disaster

Biden appears to have stockpiled military equipment
for Taliban months before collapse

Matt Gaetz Says SecDef Lloyd Austin 'Might Be
the Stupidest Person' to Ever Serve in Cabinet

Biden And Pelosi Set To Impose Tax Hikes
On Small Businesses - To END Small Business

Dramatic Satellite Video Of Western Wildfires

Dr Says There is No Test To See If The Vax
Works, Just Get Vax Card - Bannon War Room

Afghans Are Vigorously Exercising Rights
Australians Can Only Dream Of

Over 250 Arrested After Violent Anti-Lockdown
Rallies in Melbourne, Sydney - Photo, Video

Clashes & arrests in Sydney, Melbourne as
anti-lockdown protesters defy STASI Cops
Who pledge to unleash ‘full force’ - Videos

Mental health services in Australia at ‘unprecedented
levels of demand, revealing toll of lockdowns


Australia Lockdown - Martial Law With Choppers
Flying Over Neighborhood Homes - Watch

New Zealand Extends the 'Three-Day' National
Lockdown Declared in Response to ONE Case
of Someone Showing ‘Positive’ on a 95% False
Positive and Useless PCR Test

US Warns American Citizens To Avoid Kabul
Airport One Day After Biden Says All Is Well

White House Omits Macron Plea For ‘Moral
Responsibility’ In Afghanistan - ABC Cuts
'Unflattering' Interview Segments

Taliban fighters killed & captured after Afghan militias
seize 3 districts just north of Kabul – reports

Taliban Fighters With US Weapons and US Gear
Pose for Iwo Jima Flag Raising-Style Photoshoot

Russian talks with Taliban are latest proof Moscow’s
foreign policy is non-ideological - The West could
learn a lesson from that

In Their Last Meeting Merkel Asks Putin for
Help in Getting Her Out of Afghan Mess

After an embarrassing military defeat in
Afghanistan the US is opting for plan B
to get its hands on the nation’s resources

WEF Says ‘Age Of Human Robots Is Over’ - Transhumanism


Wigington - The Aftermath Of Chemical Ice Nucleation

Trash Rag LA Times Calls Black Conservative
Larry Elder 'The Black Face Of White Supremacy'

Northeast Issues Warnings As Hurricane
Henri Approaches - Nuke Plants In Path

Tropical Storm Henri upgraded to Hurricane
as it bears down on US Northeast

Man Breaches Security at California Airport
...Sparks Panic and Causes Evacuation

Bye Bye Guts - Video

Montana only state to ban vax requirements
for employees

SF Prepares To Suspend All Cops And Firefighters
Who Refuse To Disclose Vax Status

The vaxed are now worried and scientists don’t
have answers For Them

CDC Warns Baby Boomers With High Risk Of
COVID Complications To Avoid Cruise Ships


CDC Hides Study Finding That Student Masking
Has 'No Statistically Significant Benefit'

Startling Admission From Scientists Jeopardizes
Biden's Booster Shots

World Economic Forum pushes new form
of surveillance - turning your heartbeat
into a digital ID

Astronomers discover new alien
megastructure in the Milky Way

US destroys missile frigate, showing off how
Its forces can sink enemy ships in a war

Big-Money Investors Like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos,
Show Growing Appetite for 'Safe Asset’ - US Farmland

French shoppers blocked from buying
food for not having vaccine passport

UK Military Arrives in Ukraine for Independence
Day Parade, Embassy Says

Germany's Largest Amusement Park Segregates
Vaxed From Unvaxed With Colored Wristbands

Protests Against COVID-19 Health Pass Continue
in Paris


Arts Council of Wales finds itself racist for…
asking employees to speak Welsh

Putin - Ukraine is part of ‘Russian world’...this is
meant to be taken seriously by outsiders

Experts clear Russia’s Sputnik Light jab
to be used for seniors over 60 - minister

Moscow - Spain's Refusal to Let Russian
Ships Into Ceuta Port Violates Partnership

Moscow Says New Sanctions Show US
Unwillingness to Build Partner Relations

China Sends NUCLEAR BOMBERS to Taiwan Area

New HBO doc ‘In the Same Breath’ shows how
both China & the US have used authoritarianism
and propaganda to contain Covid

China wants to ‘emulate Taliban’, Taiwan
claims, vowing to defend itself from Beijing

Over 4 Million Lebanese to Run Out
of Water in Coming Days Over Power
Shortages, UNICEF Warns

Iran's Huge Caspian Gas Find Is A
Geopolitical Gamechanger


US Proxies In Syria Celebrate Taliban Victory
In Afghanistan

CBS accused of eco-overreach after claiming
Climate Change ‘helped strengthen’ Taliban

ISIS Denounces the Taliban, Dismisses
Their 'Delusional Victory'

Earth's Inner Heat Chipping Away at
Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier'

Scientists found 91 volcanoes under Antarctica

Biden Gives Taliban About $83 BILLION In US
Military Equipment From Guns To Blackhawks

CIA Gave Afghan Warlords Viagra to Help
Them 'Rape More Boys More Often'

Biden admin Charging US Citizens $2,000
Each To Be evacuated from Afghanistan

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's drawn up
articles of impeachment against Biden

Biden on Americans Trapped In Afghanistan
'F*ck Them...If they die, we'll blame Trump'

Biden said 'F*ck that' when asked about
duty to protect Afghan girls

Taliban Revenge Teams Actively Seeking
'Targets' To Execute Says UN

Devvy - Afghanistan...Predictable Outcome

RFK Jr to US Communist Journos...Report
The Truth About COVID Vax Risks, Injuries
and The Soaring Number of Murdered

CDC panicking (Pure BS) over Vax failure,
pushes third 'booster' shot even as public
grows wise to the scam


Just 1 in 1.7 Million Children Died with 'Covid'
in 18 Months - Meanwhile 1 in 9 Suffered
Serious Injuries To The Vax In Clinical Trial
...This Is A Satanic Sacrifice Of Children

FDA set to grant full approval to Pfizer VAX
(BioWeapon) without public discussion Monday

Satanic Oz Cops Take Little Girl From Father
To Force Her To Take Kill Shots - Australia Is
Pure Communists Hell On Earth Now - Warning
This Is Devastating To Watch

Construction under way for massive covid
quarantine camp in Australia as CDC blueprint
calls for covid internment centers across US

Australia At The Breaking Point - Cops Kick
Man In Eye & Face For Not Wearing A Mask
Outside His OWN FRONT DOOR - Graphic

Oz Rage And Fury Are Boiling Over - Children
Are Being Satanically Sacrificed - Australia
Is Now A Prison Colony From Hell - Graphic

Devvy - Stop COVID Injections...Cut Off the Head

Man Rages Against Vax Passports - Watch

Restaurant Owners and Employees Reject
Enforcing Covid Vaccine Mandates

Weather chaos - It's August & it's snowing in
CO, UT - Flooding, hail, high winds, tornadoes, too


Hahaha Sci-Fi - Kamal Harris still leads Trump
in 2024 POTUS Prediction Market Odds

Pentagon 'Aware' of Reports Americans
Are Being Beaten by Taliban

US Troops Carried Out An Operation to
Rescue 169 Americans in Kabul

Unidentified Capitol Cop Who Executed
Ashli Babbitt 'Exonerated' in 'Internal Probe'

FBI Clears Alex Jones and Roger Stone
Of Capitol Storming Involvement

Federal appeals court hands TX another win,
orders Biden to resume 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Laredo Mayor - We're Overrun With (Biden's)
Invaders, So We're Busing Them To Other Cities

Caldor Fire in NoCal triples in size in 24 hrs
dozens of homes destroyed - videos

Stock Up on These Prepper Medical
Supplies NOW

Prepare Now - There Is No End In Sight For
Skyrocketing Foods Prices (Intentional Plan)


3rd World Seattle - Nude man stabs second
nude man on sidewalk

Gen George Patton - 'We defeated the wrong enemy'

GeoEngineered CA Drought Drains Wells
Destroys Dreams in Central Valley

Megadrought...Vanishing Water - Trailer

Federal water shortage to be declared at
Lake Mead - water levels at historic low

16 Shot Wednesday, 12 Shot Thursday in
Mayor Lizard Lightfoot's Chicago

COVID Restrictions Lowering IQs Of Kids 3 Mos
to 3 Yrs Old, Causing A Rise in Suicidal Behavior,
Depression, Stress, Other Mental Health Issues

Naomi Wolf - Vax Passports Are Communist
Style Social Credit Scores Systems...If They
Are Accepted, It's Over

Graphene Oxide Is Toxic To Human blood

UW Medicine pulls heart transplant patient
from Waiting list after refusing COVID Vox


4 in 10 Parents Have No Plans to Get Child
Vaxed for School - Poll + More

Vax Deaths Pile Up Without MSM Coverage

Musk Says Tesla's Robot will Make Physical
Work a 'Choice' - Watch

NASA will attempt to deflect an asteroid
...impact to happen next fall

Senator Barry Goldwater Believes Aliens
are Visiting Earth (1973)

Help Expose the UFO-Nukes Link -
Former ICBM Launch Officer
Bob Salas GoFundMe Effort

Two Planes Report 'Bright Green UFO'

Air Traffic Controllers Track UFO
Pilot Gets a Scare

Cost Of Saving The Economy - $1.7 Billion
Per Hour Every Hour

Biden plan could force thousands of family
farms to sell rather than face transfer tax


Federal Appeals Court Rejects Bid To Block
Biden Eviction Moratorium

After Cornering Rentals, Blackstone Is Now
Going After Student Dorms

What REALLY Happened In Melbourne -The Lying
Media Hid The Huge Number Of Demonstrators
And How The Communist Police Ran From Them

Construction under way for massive covid
quarantine camp in Australia as CDC blueprint
calls for covid internment centers across US

Oz NSW Seems To Be Prototype Of NWO
Targeting Children With Bioweapons &
Hunting Down People For 'Behavior' Of
Getting Fresh Air

Australia going full Soviet Communist over
COVID-19 - Govt officials now encouraging
citizens to rat out neighbors who are having
friendly conversations – NaturalNews.com

Australian Media - Unelected Biden a 'lame duck
moron' after botched Afghanistan withdrawal

Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by
devil-worshipping ceremony - Video

At Least 32,000 Murdered By Vax In Brazil

Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian


Biden Lies Again - Says The US Doesn't Have A
Military Presence In Syria

Tucker - Self-Censorship Turning US
into 'Soviet Society'

Tucker Calls On Citizens to Rise Up and
Reject the 'Great Reset'

Vaxed Patients Blood Examined Horrific Findings
Revealed by German Physicians! - Watch

Trump claims COVID booster shots are
a 'money-making operation' for Pfizer

Vax Only Works For A Few Weeks (!) Says CDC
Govt To Recommend Two Shots Per Month - Report

Biden urges all US adults to receive vaccine
boosters, after CDC & FDA say immunity
wanes over time

US Plan to Rollout Pfizer, Moderna 'Booster'
Shots Starting Sept 20 - Genocide Ramps Up

Critical Nursing Shortages Hit Hospitals Nationwide
as Nurses Quit or are Fired Over Vax Mandates

Larry Elder Vows To Reverse Vaccine, Mask
Mandates If He Replaces Newsom As CA Governor

Graphene Oxide Found In Covid Vaccines
By Scientists In Many Countries


Graphene Oxide Is TOXIC to Human BLOOD

Covid Vax Dead Often Show Radiation Poisoning
Symptoms and Characteristics - Important Information

Oregon Governor Mandating All Teachers
and Staff to Be Vaxed

Black Lights Are Now In Street Lights In
Some Cities The Veins Of some of The
Vaxed Said To Glow Under Black Lights

LA city council OKs Kill Shot requirement for all
city workers - Many Will Walk As The Plan To
Tear The Infrastructure Down continues

The Terribly Vax Injured And Mutilated Are
Warning The Unvaxed Not To Be Bullied And
Threatened Into Taking The Kill Shots - Watch

Real Explanation For Covid Injections In Quotes
From 'Technocalypse' documentary (2013)

Thousands evacuated as NoCal blaze triples
in size in 24 hours, destroys dozens of homes

Wildfire burns across Sierra Nevada for
first time in recorded history

'Unprecedented Fire Behavior' Seen as CA
Blazes Grow to Endanger Major Towns


Former Spook Warns This Is One Of The Most
Dangerous, Unpredictable Times In History

Globalists Nightmare - US Out of Central Asia
...Russia Now in Control

Taliban seized US Military biometrics devices

The Oligarchic Empire Is Actually Simple
And Easy To Understand – Caitlin Johnstone

DHS Secret Terror Watchlist With Nearly
2 MILLION People On It Exposed Online

15 Shot on Monday Alone in Mayor Lizard
Lightfoot's Chicago

De Blasio in Disbelief Over Cuomo Getting
$50,000 Year Pension Despite Resignation

Texas Democrat Admits She Went To
Portugal After Fleeing State

Typical Fraud - Rep. Ayanna Presley Discloses
$1,000s In Rental Income During 2020 Despite
Advocating For Cancelling Rent

LA County Sheriff Again Calls For State Of
Emergency To Address Homelessness


US Charges New York Observer Editor With
Cybercrimes Despite Pardon From Trump

Dr. Madej On The Ted And Austin Broer Show

3 Alaska Airlines employees die of 'COVID'
as leadership moves toward vax mandate

Second Holocaust? CDC covid camps have
no plans to allow healthy people to leave

FL County Declares State of Emergency After
COVID-19 Spike Prompts Hospital Shortages

Nobody Wins, We All Lose In The Covid Showdown

Texas school district requires masks after
finding dress code loophole to bypass ban

NYC to Impose Up to $2,000 Fines on
Businesses Serving the Unvaccinated

Arizona Governor Blocks Funding For Schools
Mandating Masks

Carrie Underwood is facing woke mob's wrath
for 'liking' an anti-mask tweet because so-called
'liberals' demand total compliance


Mass Psychosis - How to Create an Pandemic
of Mental Illness

Facebook Censors 20 Million Posts for Alleged
'Misinformation' - Leftist Media Demand More

Satellite Images Allegedly Show Chinese
Infrastructure Upgrades in Region Contested
by India

Top Google Engineer Abandons Company,
Reveals Big Tech Rewrote Algos To Target Trump

US Software Firm Accuses Huawei Of
Installing Back Door To Spy On Pakistan

Christopher Dunn Discusses The Queen's
Chamber North Shaft Photos - Watch

Russian rocket impacts Chinese
military satellite

Amazon Plans To Open Department Stores
In California And Ohio

US Hemorrhaging Money From Entitlement
Fraud & Waste

Feds Offer Cryptocurrency Rewards On
Dark Web For Information On Hackers
And Terrorists


Delta And Soaring Beef Prices Fry
US Steakhouses

President Xi Calls For 'Redistribution Of Wealth'
To Help "Expand The Middle Class"

How Biden's Calls on OPEC+ to Produce More
Oil Managed At Long Last to 'Unify' Dems
and GOP

UK Starts booster program to combine Kill shots
with flu shots and require them every year

Changes to Period After Covid jab - the Latest
in over 30,000 UK Women

21,766 DEAD (x10) Over 2 Million Injured (50% Serious)
Reported in European Union's Database of Adverse
Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Tornado hits Germany - videos, pictures

Video Shows Angry French Shoppers Being
Blocked From Entering Supermarket Because
They Don't Have COVID Passports

Record number of children on NHS waiting
lists for eating disorder treatment amid
Covid pandemic

COVID App Error Possibly Caused Thousands
to Needlessly Isolate, Media Says


Spike in Number of Mental Health Referrals
in UK After Lockdown

The role of the BBC in emergencies

Putin discusses situation in Afghanistan
with presidents of Iran and Tajikistan

China, Tajikistan Join Up for Security Drills
Amid Taliban Victory in Neighboring Afghanistan

Erdogan Welcomes 'Cooperation' With Taliban
As Turkey Builds Border Wall To Stop Refugees

No preconditions for Russian military presence
in Afghanistan, says security chief

Escobar- How Russia-China Are Stage
Managing The Taliban

China & Russia Poised For Cooperation In
Afghan 'Reconstruction' Under Taliban

New USAF Secretary Wants To 'Scare' China

WH On Defensive Over Chinese Reports That
US Prepared To 'Abandon' Taiwan, Too


Trump Says Russia, China Will 'Cheaply Copy'
US-Made Weapons Now in Hands of Taliban

Two more children dead in Sydney stadium As Oz
Globalists continue To Sacrifice Children To Satan

Vaxed NSW Official Develops Bell's Palsy
in Middle of CV Press Conference - Watch

Australia's Qantas says all staff
must be vaccinated

Vaccinations, Coercion and the Rule of Law

Horror as Kabul Falls to a Regime More
Liberal Than Australia's

New Zealand's Tyrannical PM Tells Kiwis
To 'Blame Australia' For COVID Lockdowns

'Haiti is on its knees' PM says as earthquake
deaths top 2,100 And tens of thousands of
families left homeless

New Tremors Reported in Haiti Days After
Devastating Quake Hits Island Nation

Hurricane Grace to Bring Mudslides, 'Destructive
Waves' to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula


Israel's Secret Arsenal Not So Secret Anymore

Vaccine Passports Are Back in Israel

Israel, Once the Model for Beating Covid,
Faces New Surge of Infections

10 cases of Delta offshoot AY3 found
in Israel today (Gosh!)

Large-Scale Israeli Attack Rocks Damascus,
Multiple Impact Sites Burning

Photos - US Troops at Kabul Airport
Processing 'Eligible Civilians' as Airlift

WATCH Taliban & US troops struggle to 'protect'
Kabul airport from desperate crowds

'First come, first serve': Americans warned of limited
flights out of Kabul, US embassy 'cannot ensure
safe passage' to airport

Afghan Ex-President Karzai, Reconciliation
Chief Abdullah Talk Peace With Taliban's
Anas Haqqani

UK's Dominic Raab Neglected Urgent Call
With Afghan FM While on Luxury Holiday


UK government owes British people an
explanation after Afghanistan disaster,
Jeremy Corbyn tells RT

Czech President: NATO's Failure in
Afghanistan Puts Its Legitimacy in Question

After Afghan defeat, West must realize that not
everyone wants democracy with 'Netflix &
LGBT marches' – senior Ukrainian official

Psychedelics - How Ego Death Can Improve
Mental Health

Cattle don't cause global warming
...they're already net zero

New Confirmation that Climate Models Overstate
Atmospheric Warming – Watts Up With That?

Vaccine spike protein will unleash widespread
neurological damage that Will overwhelm The
world's medical systems

David Icke - What Everyone Must Know In The
Months And Years Ahead - There Is No Death

Nothing Can Stop What's Coming

Biden says US Govt will require nursing homes
To Force staff To Get Fully vaxed or lose All Of
That federal funds

Dr Roger Hodkinson - 'It's all been a pack of lies'

COVID Propaganda Roundup - Corporate
State Declares All-Out War on the Unvaccinated

Biden's COVID Team Lays Out Plan For
Doling Out Booster Jabs 8 Mos After 2nd Dose

Disney-Style Cartoon 'Wear A Mask' Being
Shown To Children In School - Disgusting

All Things Are Now In A State Of Constant
Turmoil And Upheaval (The Plan)

Corrupt Gavin Newsom on Verge of Defeat


Newsom says mandatory statewide water
restrictions for California may be on the way

CA Utility Cutting Power To 51,000 Customers
Amid Dangerous Wildfire Conditions

Biden's Food Stamp Increase Means
Higher Food Prices For All

CA Utility Cutting Power To 51,000 Customers
Amid Dangerous Wildfire Conditions

CA farms face collapse as unprecedented
droughts Fry crops

Taliban executing people if they find a
BIBLE on their phones

Tucker Slams US Plans for Afghan Refugees

American missiles & choppers abandoned to
Taliban by troops in Afghanistan could fall into
Russia's hands, ex-president Trump says

US Has No Evacuation Plan for Americans
Outside Kabul Beyond 'Shelter in Place' Order

Tucker Slams US Plans for Afghan Refugees


American missiles & choppers abandoned to
Taliban by troops in Afghanistan could fall into
Russia's hands, ex-president Trump says

'Perfect' Timing? Kamala Harris Still Plans
Vietnam Visit as Afghanistan Crisis Evokes
Memories of Saigon Disaster

Kamala Harris' role in Afghan fiasco does
little to dispel the idea she was a 'diversity hire'

What Might Imminent Maricopa County Audit
Report Reveal About 2020 Elections in Arizona?

White liberals lowering education standards to
'help' black students are actually condemning
them to be failures

'Feminist' writer begs for therapy donations
after her attack on white woman's Asian
cookbook backfires

Hatchet-Wielding Attacker Brutalises Man,
Thrashes Cashpoints at NYC Bank - Video

Chossudovsky & Ricardo Martin - Graphene In The Vax

CDC Panics - 'Worrying drop in Vaccine efficacy'

Dr Ryan Cole - Update On Threatening And forcing
Americans To Take The Vax Just To Keep A Job, etc
Huge, Massive Health Care Shortages Are Coming


Radiation Poisoning From The Vaxed?

150 Unvaccinated Nurses and Hospital Workers Fired
...Now Massive Nurse Shortage Hits Houston

Why Hasn't Federal Vaccine Program Helped
Those Whose Lives Have Been Altered by Vax?

Why were the WTC towers powered down the
weekend before 9-11? Two Eyewitnesses Talk

Boston Dynamics Drops New Video Of 5 Foot
Humanoid Robot Effortlessly Doing Parkour

7.8 million customers' personal data stolen
in cyberattack on T-Mobile's postpaid service

Black Hole Megastructures May Be Powering
Alien Civilizations, Scientists Say

US controversial policies can destabilize
global oil market, experts say

Would personal carbon allowances
make eco-austerity fairer - or are they
just another way government would
micromanage our lives?

Pilots File Suit Against United, Seek Vax
Restraining Order, Halt to Mandate


Did The NY Fed Confiscate $1.3 Billion In
Afghan Gold: Striking Revelations From
Afghanistan's Central Bank Chief

US' Decision to Freeze Afghanistan's
Assets Will Lead to Inflation, Hurt Poor,
Central Bank Warns

Left wants to make pandemic life permanent
'ghost kitchens, cloud markets, no offices'

Soaring Cost of Food Is Forcing Families to
Scrimp at the Dinner Table

Prince Andrew is 'a Person of Interest' in Epstein
Probe as Pressure Around Royal Tightens - Report

Watch Edinburgh Castle 'Seized' by Protesters
Who Cite Magna Carta to 'Claim Power Back'

After failure in Afghanistan, Czech president calls on
NATO to focus on terrorism instead of Moscow

'Will Die Welt acknowledge it was wrong?' Head of
RT in Germany asks newspaper after courts rule it
published lies about outlet

One Dead, 22 Injured in Major Wildfires in
Southeastern French Var Department

Crash! France's repeated health pass system
fails are leaving citizens without the QR codes
needed for daily life


New crisis in Kiev - Ukraine's inflation spike spells
trouble for the embattled nation because of its
dependence on foreign cash

Faced with raging wildfires, Russian rescue
workers unveil new secret weapon - A giant
gingerbread man sworn to protect the forests

Hong Kong reclassifies wildlife trafficking as
'organized crime' in bid to crack down on illegal trade

Death toll from Myanmar's military coup tops
1,000, activists say

Watch out, America! A crisis on the Korean
peninsula might just be up next...

China will be the next empire to enter the
Afghan graveyard

Sydney, Australia Olympic Park Students rounded
up, Force Injected - See The Horror - Jonestown 2.0

LOOK - Poor student immediately Stricken In Olympic
Park Forced Vax Genocide - See Nurse Block View!

Oz Cops Attack Children for Not Wearing Masks
Pepper spray 12 Yr Old

Pakistani police vow to punish 400 men who
groped and robbed female TikToker in public on
Independence Day


Police in India's Madhya Pradesh Use Batons
Against Protesters Demanding Jobs – Video

Israel imposes Covid restrictions after highest
daily increase in Covid cases since January

Pfizer's third dose 86% effective in over 60s
says Israel, as West plots booster jab rollout

Russian, Iranian presidents discuss outlook for
resumption of compliance with nuclear deal

Crowd greets Taliban co-founder Baradar on
return to Kandahar from Doha-exile

Taliban acquires US military biometric devices
that can identify Afghans who assisted coalition

'There Will Be No Democratic System at All' in
Afghanistan, Sr Taliban Figure Reportedly Says

Taliban reportedly fire on civilians in Jalalabad,
killing two, after protesters tear down Islamist
standard and raise Afghan flag

Ousted Afghan President Ghani and family
'welcomed into UAE on humanitarian grounds'

Afghan embassy in Tajikistan demands Interpol
ARREST exiled pres Ghani over 'treasury theft'


'They Are Lies' - Fugitive Afghan President Ghani
Refutes Claims He Fled Country With Millions

Woman Says She's married to Michael Jackson's ghost

Alarming study confirms vaxers will face
Horrific, catastrophic Antibody Dependent
Enhancement (ADE) injuries and deaths

Dr. Fleming - mRNA DNA Kill Shots Are Self
Replicating And turn people into spike protein
factories Drowning Them In endless bioweapons
...Until Death To They Part

US to Recommend Booster Shots for Most
Americans 8 Months After Second Dose
...Mass Murder And Genocide Ramps Up

Text Of HR 4980 - DHS To force anyone flying
In the US Or arriving at an airport Of a territory
of the US is fully vaxed - Genocide Getting Worse

DHS National Terrorism Threat Advisory Bulletin
Not A WORD About Antifa Or BLM REAL Terrorists

Actress Sally Kirkland After Moderna Vax...
In My 79 Years, I've Never Experienced This
Level of Pain

Chinese media threatens 'immediate war' on US
troops in Taiwan after Senator leaks numbers

Only Days After Afghan Fall, China Mobilizes
Warships & Jets, Hits US with Aggressive
New Demands on Taiwan

Tucker - We Are Led By Utter Buffoons - They
Couldn't Even Secure A Single Runway - Video

Gen Flynn - Biden lied, knew Afghan army
would collapse quickly


40,000 Americans still stranded in Afghanistan

Former CIA Analyst Blasts Biden's Speech -
'We Sent Biden Plan After Plan on How to
Evacuate These People - NOBODY LISTENED'

Federal employees within the Biden Admin
are coming forward to Veritas like never before

US must complete withdrawal of troops from
Afghanistan by September 11 - Taliban

Taliban promises peace, amnesty, rights 'within
Sharia law' & 'narcotics-free' Afghanistan in first
International media press conference

'Taliban Seizes 'Enormous' Amount of Costly
US Military Hardware Abandoned by Afghan
Army - Report

Chechen Leader Reminds World That Just As Bin
Laden Was A US Intel Op, So Are ISIS And The
Taliban - War Is BIG MONEY For The Deep State
Time For Us To Stop Being Played And Played...

Pentagon WILL NOT give priority to Americans
in the big Afghanistan evacuation - Communist
America doesn't care If All Whites die

US Treasury Freezes Billions In Afghan
Reserves Depriving Taliban Of Cash

America is a Failed Nation State


Water Shortage Crisis, Hoover Dam Is At
Record-Low Water Level

Woke Hollywood is trying to boycott Johnny Depp
but he'll never be canceled in court of public opinion

Bob Dylan accused of grooming & sexually
abusing 12-year-old in 1965 - 'emotionally
scarring' his accuser who Is now 68

USDA to permanently boost food stamp
benefits by 25% - Welfare State

Atty Thomas Renz Says Hospital Administrators
Are killing For Cash And Threatening Doctors

DARPA was secretly developing the mRNA
vaccine years ago through Moderna as they
seek permanent control over your body

Our Species is Being Genetically Modified
Humanity's March Toward Extinction?
Analysis of the Microbiome and Virome

ER Doctor In Sarasota Hospital Put In Four
Point Restraints After Trying To Advocate For
A Patient...Hospitals Are Now Jails - Watch

Navy Cmdr Warns of 'Catastrophic' National
Security Threat from Mandatory Military Vax
Plan - Vax Injuries Could Decimate Our Entire
Military, Leaving The US Extremely Vulnerable

Roberts - The Covid Vaccine Is a Failure


CDC libtard director Walensky, who calls herself
a doctor, refuses to admit that only WOMEN
can get pregnant!

LA pediatric dentist has stillborn baby 12
weeks after Being Pfizer 'fully vaxed'

Enraged LV Mom Says Pfizer Lethal Injection
Killed Her Daughter In Just 5 Hours And Other
Reports Of Rapid Death Surface - Mass Murder

VAX-ABORTION Murders - Even with over
1,200 fetal deaths, CDC still recommends
pregnant women get vaxed

Scum Bag Kill Shot Peddler Cardiologist
refuses to examine pregnant mom because
she's Unvaccinated

Ted & Austin Radio Show Highlights 8-17-21

LV Raiders to require COVID lethal injections
In Allegiant Stadium - Will untaxed residents be
exempt from Underwriting Raiders games?

Larry And Carsten's Excellent Pandemic

'Historic Win' - CHD Wins Case Against FCC on
Safety Guidelines for 5G and Wireless

William Birnes - Aliens walk among us, and they
are running institutions of power across Earth


Western supply chain collapse imminent
as China closes massive shipping facility,
claiming COVID 'case'

Ranking States Producing The Most Food

the true extent of America's food
monopolies...and who pays the price

Historic drought threatens California
farms supplying much US food

CA drought turning into permanent state

Colossal Financial Pyramid - BlackRock and
The WEF 'Great Reset'

Two Big US Investment Funds Adopt Soros
Strategy of Dumping Chinese Stock Assets

Future attempts to disrupt Nord Stream 2
project are doomed to failure — Lavrov

Why The Global Economy Is Unraveling

Vessel Congestion At LA Ports Soars As
More Ships Join Queue


The Main Reason Oil Prices Won't Go
Above $80 Per Barrel

China Dumped US Treasuries For 4th
Straight Month, TheMost Since 2016
...China Knows Dollar Is About To Pop

Germany suspends economic aid to Afghanistan
media reports citing minister

UK Sends 200 More Soldiers to Kabul to
Deal With Evacuation Amid Reports
Process May Take Weeks

Germany's first Afghan evacuation plane
leaves with only 7 people despite Merkel's
plan to evacuate 10,000

Stoltenberg Holds Briefing on Situation in
Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover

Macron Vows 'Robust' EU Response to Possible
'Uncontrolled Migration Flows' From Afghanistan

German tabloid Bild chastises Merkel for being
'in a good mood' at documentary premiere amid
Kabul chaos

Greece dismisses any chance of becoming
'EU gateway' for Afghan refugees amid

Rabobank - US Liberal-Neocon Imperialist Nation
Building Is Over


Pay Taliban reparations? UK anti-war fruitcakes'
plan is an insult to the thousands of Afghans
and Allies killed by Islamist thugs

Thousands evacuated as 'very fierce'
wildfire blazes near Saint-Tropez tourist resort

Russia to set up 15 highest biosafety level
labs by 2024 - (Includes BioWeapons)

footage of fleeing Afghans abandoned by US
marks the end of an era for American supremacy

Collapse of American-backed government in
Afghanistan is opportunity for Russia & China
'to fill the vacuum,' EU chiefs claim

Moscow Slams US, EU for Branding Russia a
Threat Over Its Role in Afghanistan

US has no grounds to claim leadership in
Afghan settlement — Russian lawmaker

Russia in meaningful talks with EU on
mutual recognition of 'vaccine passports'