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The 'Vaccine' and Last Month's
CA National Guard Drill Weekend


Hi Jeff,

After listening to your recent programs discussing the "vaccine's" deleterious impact from those who have received their shots on surrounding non-vaccinated people, I am sharing my experience during last month's National Guard drill weekend with you.

Last month's drill weekend was the first in over a year that 50% or more of the personnel were physically on-station. Consequently, the social distancing restrictions were not being followed as stringent as they had been during previous drill weekends. On Saturday morning, several members went to the Medical Squadron and received their first or second dose of the Moderna "vaccine."

The next day, when all "vaccinated" members returned to their immediate working areas, I am not vaxed and began feeling the onset of the following symptoms: dizziness, cold sweats, stomach uneasiness, sore throat, and a headache. These symptoms became undeniable by around lunchtime. It wasn't until later on that Sunday evening, having been released from duty for a few hours at that point, that I began to feel like myself again.

Before being released that Sunday afternoon, while in a conference room with several other personnel, I had the sixth sense sensation that those who had just been "vaccinated" the day before were seemingly pulsating infection from their bodies and into the surrounding areas. It was as if there was a misty fog of virus that was percolating around them.

I later found out that a few of those who received their shot took the next 2-3 days off from duty, as they were stricken with fatigue and influenza-like symptoms.