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Where We Are Now

By Craig Paardenkooper

According to the document, the implementers are desperate to vaccinate as many people as possible before the vaccine effects become apparent. The stages they will follow include 

Phase 1:  Vaccinate the easy people who can't wait to get the shot.

Phase 2:  Offer incentives and rewards to convince those on the fence. (Free donuts, free beer, lottery tickets, etc.)

Phase 3:  Punish those who refuse to get vaccinated by taking away their rights (no entry, no travel, etc.).

Phase 4:  Criminalize vaccine resisters by passing mandatory vaccine laws. (due Nov 2021)

Phase 5:  Gunpoint medicine: Launch door-to-door vaccine squads to forcibly vaccinate people at gunpoint, against their will. (Dec 2021 / Jan 2021)

We are right now in phase 3, moving toward phase 4.


However, once they have achieved a 70-90% reduction in population, this will result in the collapse of all services and infrastructure.

The result will be shortages of everything.

Government will lose control as tribes and gangs take over in the cities in their search for supplies.

Eventually, even ammunitions will run out (since all production will have ceased) and weapons such as swords and bows will be used by these gangs.

People will gravitate out of the cities towards food and water sources and form small defended communities. 


You should have already stored supplies for 3-4 years in hidden storage, and have a method/routine for bugging out.

Once we reach phase 4, you will need to become unlocateable - or face fines and detention. 

Phase 4 will arise automaticaly as soon as the vaccine is mandated.

Phase 5 will involve road-blocks and check-points also.


You will still need to be  unlocateable  most of the time - and living off your stored supplies. 

The cities will be dangerous. Move to a rural area - you need to be as near as possible to fresh food and water sources.

Join with others to form defensive groups - existing tribes, groups with access to methods of defense.


The Covid project is due to be completed in  2025 , and orders for the supply of  body bags  are until then.  Deagel  forcasted substantial population reductions by then also.

If Christians are correct in saying that this is the Tribulation, then the prohibition on buying and selling for the un-vaxed will last 3.5 years = Sept 21 to Mar 25

Other things may happen during this time - such as criminalising of the un-vaxed, resulting in detention. What happens inside detention is anyones guess, since it seems that human rights have been abolished. If Christians are correct, then many will be put to death.

If you can hold out until  April 2025 , you will see a  meteor shower . It will set fire to many areas. However, this will be followed by much larger meteors impacting the sea and land - many ships will be destroyed. The impacts will cause much  crustal instability , resulting in eruption of  volcanoes .

After that a  war  will break out between the  East  and  West . It will be non-nuclear - by conventional means. We will win. (sorry Chinese readers). The CCCP will be history by  2029  - replaced by something better.