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Obama's Unconstitutional Infrastructure Bill
Cheater Joe is Just the Water Boy

By Devvy

Imposter president, Cheater China Joe, has been dutifully reading his ‘here’s what you say’ index cards to promote yet another staggering spending bill. The proposed legislation being passed off as an infrastructure bill is just more socialist agendas drowning in “equality”.

I say Hussein Obama because that imposter former “president” isn’t even trying to hide the iniquitous agenda being shoved down America’s throat as being part of his ‘third term’:

Barack Obama: Joe Biden ‘Finishing the Job’ with My Former Staff’

President Barack Obama said in an interview published Tuesday his former Vice President Joe Biden was finishing the work he began to redistribute wealth through programs like Obamacare.

I think that what we’re seeing now, is Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job,” he said in an interview with New York Times columnist Ezra Klein. “And I think it’ll be an interesting test. Ninety percent of the folks who were there in my administration, they are continuing and building on the policies we talked about…”

The Democrat Communist Party USA deliberately ran a mentally impaired nominee they knew they could control. And, by putting in a ‘woman of color’ as VP, sealed and delivered. Make no mistake: The shadow government knows exactly how to play the American people.

Here’s just some of the highlights listed in Biden’s Boner. (Now, now, I use that word defined as slang for ‘foolish mistake’, not you know what.) Unconstitutional in bold below is mine, not the author.

“Two years ago, I began my campaign here in Pittsburgh, saying I was running to rebuild the backbone of America,” Biden said in a speech. “And today, I return as your President to lay out the vision of how I believe we do that — rebuild the backbone of America. It’s a once-in-a generation investment in America, unlike anything we’ve seen or done since we built the Interstate Highway System and the Space Race decades ago.”

More than half of the President’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure plan will go to transportation, elderly and disabled care (unconstitutional), and manufacturing (unconstitutional) — adding up to $1.321 trillion. The plan also calls specifically to fund $213 billion for housing (unconstitutional) and $180 billion for tech research and development, (ONLY if it applies for use in government systems, not private sector) as well as investing $311 billion in water, clean-energy and internet systems (unconstitutional); $100 billion to upgrade and build schools and child care centers, (unconstitutional) and $100 billion in workforce training over the next eight years. (unconstitutional)

A comprehensive breakdown along with how you’re going to get raped in more taxes to pay for this nightmare is here. The only constitutional spending in the chart is for the VA.

Joe Biden Planning $1 Trillion More Spending for Child Care, Universal Pre-School, and Free Community Colleges. “The bill will likely include $225 billion for child-care, $200 billion for universal preschool, and hundreds of billions for tuition-free community colleges, according to the Post. Other priorities include $225 billion for paid family and medical leave and an expansion of food stamp programs.”

All unconstitutional. As for community colleges, those are local and funded by property taxes in most states.

Biden Infrastructure Plan: Inside the $2.3 Trillion American Jobs Plan

You should note that Republicans presented an alternative infrastructure plan worth approximately one-quarter of Biden’s plan ($568 billion) on April 22. While Democrats will focus on both physical and human infrastructure to overhaul the American economy, the Republican counterproposal limits spending to rebuilding roads and bridges, airports and ports, public transit systems (unconstitutional), water, broadband and other networks.

This Republican proposal sensibly rebuilds the nation’s real infrastructure without raising taxes or increasing the debt,” said U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) in a press release.” Thankfully, Toomey is not running for reelection in 2022. A total failure while in the Senate, Toomey voted to impeach President-Elect Trump in February.

Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution is very specific about spending. Congress by necessity can fund federal roads, bridges, AMTRAK, ports. It does not authorize Congress to fund roads and bridges owned by a state or private entity, same for ports, airports, public transit systems, water, Internet broadband, child care or paid family leave. Those are internal under the Tenth Amendment. This is just more reckless and unconstitutional spending. The sole purpose is to make everyone even more dependent on mother government.

Who does that elder abuser think believes such nonsense?

'It's a life raft': Jill Biden tells parents husband Joe's $2T infrastructure package will cut child poverty in HALF during visit to a kindergarten in Alabama

'The American Rescue Plan is going to cut child poverty in half,' she said, calling it a 'life raft' for struggling families.  Children have been one of the groups hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic with the poverty rate rising as parents lost jobs amid the economic down turn.”

Horse crap. It’s the unnecessary lockdowns that caused the economic collapse. German Study Finds Lockdown ‘Had No Effect’ in Stopping Spread Of Covid

Cheater Joe’s infrastructure plan is going to create jobs! For who? Millions of Americans Projected to Remain Jobless as Biden Packs U.S. Labor Force with Foreign Workers

Instead of standing up for the American people and the Constitution, as usual, Republicans have to show up Democrats with their spending plan. They need to show the American people how they care and want to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, create jobs! Phooey.

Been down this road before: Transportation bill: More financial bondage By Devvy Kidd, August 26, 2005, WND

On Aug. 10, 2005, at a well-crafted photo op, Bush signed the $286.5 billion transportation bill at a Caterpillar facility in Montgomery, Ill., promising jobs – the big carrot. During the 2004 pretend election cycle coverage on the tube, a middle-aged man up in Ohio yelled into the microphone of a reporter, "This election isn't about Vietnam, it's about jobs." There are two problems here, though: (1) There is no money to pay for this $286.5 billion appropriation and (2) the federal government is not supposed to create jobs – except under a communist system…

There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. As I write this column, the congressionally created "national debt" is nearly $8 trillion. Every penny of that $286.5 billion dollar transportation bill will have to be borrowed from the privately owned central bank, deceptively called the "Federal" Reserve. In other words, Congress is spending only debt which creates more debt out of thin air, further enslaving all of us to enrich the bankers beyond imagination.”

Today, the congressionally created ‘national debt’ is close to $30 TRILLION. Hussein Obama’s proposed infrastructure plan tagged at around $2.3 TRILLION will end up dumping another $6 TRILLION in debt upon We the People from interest on the borrowed dollars.

Borrowing to Create Jobs: More Insanity, Sept, 3, 2005 – “The insanity and lunacy coming out of Washington, DC was once again shoved down our throats last month. Because the economy is tanking and because the major job sectors that made America the most prosperous nation on earth (agricultural, manufacturing, industrial) have been gutted by NAFTA and other unconstitutional treaties, Americans are desperate for any kind of jobs that pay more than minimum wage and for almost a decade, that means government jobs - constitutional or not. With the signing of CAFTA by Bush, with the FTAA to follow at the end of the year, America will finally be reduced to a non, self-sustaining nation. A tragedy. Here is a prime example of bribing the American people with jobs while trying to shore up a sinking economy.”

Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ Plan to Fleece the Nation, April 1, 2021

The nation is quickly approaching $30 trillion in debt. The government has spent something in the order of $10 trillion over the last 18 months, including $2 trillion less than a month ago. So what’s the Democrat plan? Spending another $2 trillion on “infrastructure” — the first of two big proposals totaling $4 trillion — and slapping a bunch of taxes on all Americans to “pay for it.”

No one making under $400,000 will see their federal taxes go up. Period,” President Joe Biden lied on Wednesday. “This is not about penalizing anyone.”

About that… Biden’s so-called “American Jobs Plan” features massive tax hikes that are the biggest since Bill Clinton in 1993. He disguises this, of course, as merely rolling back some of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the “wealthy” and big corporations, but the reality is small business owners are going to be clobbered, as will all consumers. Businesses don’t pay taxes; people who buy their more expensive products do. That means you.”

The wrong path: Stop With The Demand “Congress Create Jobs” Rhetoric, February 13, 2011

It seems all we hear is more begging for Congress to create jobs. There is no authority for Congress to create jobs other than those critically essential to support the military, the courts, congressional overhead and only those areas specifically enumerated under Art. 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17. As we can all see over the decades, pork spending creates nothing but more debt. Stealing from all of us, not to create jobs, but give the illusion the voter sanctioned criminal syndicate out in Washington, DC, is "doing something."

The Outlaw Congress, one after another for decades, have done nothing but kill MILLIONS of jobs through destructive, unconstitutional trade treaties and agencies handing down more and more draconian regulations choking private industry to death. That means your incumbent and mine if they were reelected last November.”

Republicans are back in bed with Democrats in Congress supporting billions in spending pork. In a few short days after Biden was installed at the WH, first thing Obama’s people did was to start canceling Trump’s excellent job in getting rid of job choking regulations.

Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) said Sunday on ABC's "This Week" that Republicans were willing to compromise with President Biden on infrastructure, adding "there's a deal to be had." May 2, 2021 – All borrowed debt slapped on the backs of our children and grandchildren. What every Republican in Congress should be doing is loud and clear calling out 99% is unconstitutional and we will fight you all the way instead of getting in bed with the Democrats.

There is a lot of unused previously passed funding for government agencies and programs. Obscene unconstitutional spending Congress can use to fund ONLY constitutional expenditures for infrastructure. These are Hussein Obama’s spending priorities carried out by Cheater China Joe’s pimps instead of constitutional infrastructure spending for Americans. ZERO authority under the Constitution to rape the American people for any of this:

'They need our help': Biden says he will put together 'major package' for Palestinians whose homes have been destroyed in fighting with Israel 'without providing Hamas the ability to rebuild their weapons systems’ (Biden lies through his teeth like a hot knife through butter.)

Cocaine and Risky Sex Habits of Quail’: Rand Paul savages wasteful govt spending as only he can, May 29, 2021 - “Among them, he said, is a $357,000 study involving “Cocaine and Risky Sex Habits of Quail,” as well as $1.6 million to study “Lizards on a Treadmill.”

Another poster showed award-winning singer and actress Dolly Parton to showcase a $250,000 program that sends “kids in Pakistan to Space Camp and Dollywood,” the latter a Tennessee-based amusement park Parton co-owns with Herschend Family Entertainment which is the most popular tourist attraction in the state.

In addition, Paul highlighted a project involving $700,000 taken by National Science Foundation from an autism research grant to find out whether famed astronaut Neil Armstrong used “a” during his famous declaration during his 1969 moon landing, “one giant leap for mankind.” He noted on Twitter that despite the expenditure and study, “we just don’t know.”

He also drew attention to a $450,000 program to create a “climate change game” he said was aimed at scaring school children into believing the phenomenon. “Nearly half a million dollars to create a climate change video game. This game’s intention? To spread alarmism and irrational fear among school children in a fun and interesting way,” he wrote on Twitter as he highlighted the program…

Later Friday morning, Paul returned to the Senate floor, singling out the National Institutes of Health and a $2 million research program “to see if using a hot tub can lower stress.” He also said the government spent “$3 million to study whether or not humans will eat enough ants to keep the globe from warming.”

And who keeps voting for such astronomical waste? Everyone’s incumbents when they vote for those monster budgets without reading them.

"The New Deal will bring the Communist Party within striking distance of overthrow of the American form of government. ..." --Arthur Henning, 1935, Chicago Tribune. "... The New Deal is to America what the early phase of Nazism was to Germany." --Mark Sullivan, Buffalo Evening News, 1935 (I verified those quotes decades ago via newspaper archives.)

This is the same FAILED plan implemented by socialist FDR. This one analysis should be read by everyone. It is history, it is factual and it is a repeat of what’s being proposed by the maniacs in Congress and Uncle Joe. I hope you’ll take the time to read and pass this along. Farmers: I’ve written about this before and how it’s contributed to killing off tens of thousands of family owned farms and ranches. Reed goes into FDR pushing through the Agricultural Adjustment Act. A death knell for our farmers coupled with the “Fed”, it’s been a race to the bottom ever since.

Great Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence Reed – A critical read as Obama & Biden’s fingerprints are all over the same plan of destruction.

Help me inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders

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Cover up artist for what happened at Ruby Ridge, Waco and the shoot down of TWA Flight 800. Freeh has done exceptionally well since he left the FBI. The shadow government takes care of their minions. How generous of Freeh thinking of Cheater Joe’s grand kids. A cool $100 grand.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Gave $100,000 to a Private Trust For Joe Biden's Grandchildren - Discussed 'Future Work Options' with Hunter as Middleman

Freeh, who served as FBI Director under Bill Clinton and George Bush, ran a consulting firm with very corrupt clients who ended up being charged with crimes.

According to the Daily Mail, Freeh’s clients included the “now-jailed Malaysian prime minister who stole billions of dollars from his country and a Romanian real estate tycoon convicted of bribery.”