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Confirmation 690 Flights Canceled After
Jacksonville ATC Control Center Shut Down By
Mass Walkout Of Professional Flight Controllers


Note - our sources have confirmed that  the mass flight shutdown was d ue to ATCs At the Jacksonville Regional FAA Flight Center walking out over the BioWeapon Kill Shot forced mandate.
Here is one of the MSM lies to try to hide the truth...

A Delta Air Lines pilot told passengers a construction crew cut a power line, causing the outage, but an airport spokesman, Andy Gobeil, said officials weren't sure. news/local/jacksonville- flights-canceled-after-outage- at-atlanta-airport/665316491/

Twitter suggests a different reason for the stoppage...

clif  Retweeted Tom Sauer  @thomasbsauer Is there a media blackout on last night's air traffic controller walkout in Jacksonville, FL?   Hundreds of flights canceled. Walkout was due to vax mandate.
From a trusted source: