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The Creative Dynamo Within You
Gifts of Inspiration - Pt 3

By Frosty Wooldridge
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Six decades ago, a Swiss hiker named George de Mestral hiked through autumn colors with his dog. He crossed fields covered in milkweed, purple thistles, burrs, thorny branches and floating dandelion parachutes.

In the autumn, all plants release their seeds to the winds. Others attach to animals for transport to other locations to begin anew.

When Mestral returned home, he noticed dozens of burr balls with hooks attached to his socks and his dog’s fur. It took him 30 minutes to dislodge them from his clothing and the dog.

While pulling them off, he noticed each spine featured a hook at the end that embedded itself into anything passing near the plant. Anything with fur picked up the seed and transported it to new fields. His wool sock picked up the most “hooked” burrs.

He put two and two together! Voila, he created Velcro cloth fasteners. Today, we use Velcro to secure our bicycle shoes, coats, fasten our backpacks and a thousand other uses. He became a millionaire through his “creative dynamo” spinning around in his mind.

You can look throughout history to see innovations and inventions that popped up out of nowhere by average men and women who discovered an idea “out of the blue.”

By what process does an invention occur? How can you apply it to your life? What can you do with inventions you create?

Remember that everything must come from an “idea” before it can move into form.

Ideas fly around the universe waiting for someone to grab them and bring them to form. Your mind constitutes a “net” that captures ideas. You may remember that tiny, gold, winged ball in the Harry Potter books that flew around the stadium while students chased it on their broomsticks.

When that winged ball flies by your head, grab it! Write down the idea. Process it. Play with it. Move it into form. It might be an idea for a magazine article if you are a writer. It might become a book. If you make jewelry, you may create a stunning ring or necklace. If you create macramé, you may discover a new design. You may create a new painting, poem or sculpture. You might design a new bicycle, airplane, car or boat.

In whatever realm you play, those ideas buzz around your head. Capture them like Harry Potter captured the tiny, gold winged ball.

Never allow anyone to deter you or rain on your parade!

Years ago, a man attempted to make a “cooler” beach shoe that stayed on peoples’ feet. He made it out of rubber with a cinch on the back. He offered it in many colors.

Naysayers said, “That’s so ugly; it’s a crock!”

So, he named it a “Croc” and you know the rest of the story: billions of people wear his beach Crocs!

In order to engage your own creative dynamo, stay open to ideas via your open consciousness. Realize that “form” emerges out of the invisible field of the universe. It’s the playground of your mind. It’s spontaneous and self-generating energy.

It’s known as the “Law of Mind.” It’s the “emerging creative energy of the universe” and it flows through you. You can use it. Uplift your life by up-leveling your thoughts. By doing so, you will partner with the power of the universe.
  • Open to the new "yes" in you.
  • Fuel your creative dynamo with endless ideas from your experiences.
  • Write them down, say them aloud, draw them, and work on turning them from thoughts to form.
  • Reframe your sense of self.
  • Understand and relish in the fact that you represent an endless fountain of ideas.
  • Open to the magic.
The creative dynamo thrives in you by your receptivity.  As a writer, I look for new ideas daily.  Above my computer on the corkboard for the past 40 years, a small card reads:  "The Idea Fairy may strike at any time—so be alert and write her idea down, so she will feel appreciated and come back often."


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-- Frosty Wooldridge
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