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More Vaxxed People Are Acting Like Tranced
Zombies...Many Seem Mentally Debilitated


Not just heart issues are showing up after people are COVID vaccinated — myocarditis but unusual tumours are emerging.

People are in a trance as if they've been hypnotised, according to one doctor observing his vaccinated colleagues. 

What is going on here?

What happened to all the lab managers who forgot how to do their job.  Why didn't they object?

What is happening is the killing and sterilizing of humanity.

Lab people still can't isolate or find the virus.

Why didn't the virus spread across whole cities?  This is more likely a synthetic contact genetic poison which caused the initial surge.

They then called the effect of the contact poison COVID renaming many other illnesses like flu.  The contact poison could now be in the vaccine.

Why do people need booster shots?  SPIONS are in the vaccine, (Charles Lever nanotechnology connecting brain cells to electronics) designed to control people from outside.

SPIONS could even be put into toothpaste.  (Brew up some saline, folks)

They were able to change the behaviour of mice through magnetic effects (nanoparticles)

Reports show that it's not only through the vaccine that people are being magnetised.

Nanoparticles in the ovaries, testicles, spleen and the adrenal gland have been observed.

The adrenal being targeted would be slowing people down, and could explain why doctors and university staff are being zombified.

Doctors and nurses were vaccinated first.   Was that a device to switch their brains off?

Or are they simply in denial?  They cannot bring themselves to admit they were wrong, and the potential liability.

Hospitals instruct them not to discuss adverse reactions to the vaccine.  Grants to hospitals and universities are based on them not disclosing the real situation.

A lot of dogs are suddenly attacking people..their vaccinated owners.  Babies are rejecting their own vaccinated mothers (reported in Israel).

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