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Nano Aluminum, Kill Shots, Zombies...And The End

By Rense

This is now Planet Satan and the Bolsheviks and their minions are setting us up via injection and putting the mentioned nano aluminum in water, chemtrails, food and almost any consumable you can imagine to achieve MASS Alzheimers, Mad Cow, CJD and other brain neurological catastrophes. There WILL be countless millions of zombies walking the streets in time.

The changes in personalities of the vaxed are commonly reported now. other brain function distortions as well. These are likely the early, and rapid, onset symptoms of TSEs and the other terminal brain dysfunctions being seen and discussed by those who have seen friends and family post vax. The myriad things we've discussed...and there are MANY...all point to a multi-pronged, multi-faceted destruction of the current human race.

This 'vax', its unknown components and the spike, have been designed to decimate the immune system and all major organ systems of the human body. The bastards will also gather untold wealth as the Medical and Pharma industries attempt to 'treat' the untreatable terminal 'illnesses.'