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Urgent - Third Totally Healthy British Airways Vaxxed
Pilot Has Died In The Past Week - All Vaxxed Pilots
May End Up Being Grounded...Danger Of Crashing


Three perfectly fit British Airways Pilots have been killed by injections in just the past week. 85% of all BA pilots have taken the deadly shots. Crisis talks are underway with the UK Government. All vaxxed pilots could be grounded. Same with the vaxxed flight crews.

Since we know all too well the shots cause often deadly clots and strokes, and that anyone flying at high altitude is more vulnerable to deadly clots (DVT), the flying public is at serious risk.

Remember, also, that unvaxxed passengers flying in a closed cabin with vaxxed passengers will be exposed to the shedding and transmission of extremely dangerous spike proteins.

Prioritize the evil. First shot-up were the elderly (mostly 'useless eaters'), then front line health care doctors, nurses and technicians, and then most all the US MILITARY and then law enforcement.

Do you know see the diabolical planning that was done and where this is all going?

Listen to this telephone call...