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Schwab Knew All About The Entire Planned
Genocide Operation Years Ago - Watch

By Jeff Rense

Herr Schwab, In 2015, Clearly Speaking About The Coming Gene-Altering
Changes To Human Beings - Of Course, He Knew The Entire Plan...

The Worldwide Tsunami Of Fear Caused By A Weaponized Cold Virus Called Covid
And The Renaming Of All Flu Cases, The Immediate Forced Use Of Fauci's Deadly
Remdesivir I.V. On Most All Hospitalized Patients To Guarantee 'Covid' Deaths, The
Mass Campaign Of Misidentifying Genuine Causes Of Death...And The Resulting
Global Public Outcry For 'Safety' As Promised With The (Killer BioWeapon) 'Vaccine'.

It Is A Satanic, Ingenious Trap...The Biggest Horror In Recorded Human History