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Smash And Grab Burglars Aid A Hostile
Takeover Of The US Economy

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

A Merry Xmas has arrived early for thieves. Have you noticed how police departments and the news media began referring to the current round of retail-store group-theft as "Smash and Grab" robberies, a crime in a different league than past references to "Flash Mobs"? Both types of group-organized theft are organized with social media messaging over smart phones, but the difference is that spontaneous flash mobs consist primarily of amateurs and wannabees, most without a record of serious crime, for dumping stolen wares on online via E-Bay and Craig's List, whereas  the Smash and Grab category refers to preplanned armed burglaries by an organized-crime group, professional thugs delivering goods to a "fence", a reseller, or for more sinister motives, as part of an insurance plot with the very same owners of major stores being robbed.  

Indeed, Smash and Grab operations can be in collusion with the big-store corporations, cashing in on insurance by hiring criminals to dump unsaleable items and over-stock. Fraud and theft are becoming mainstay anchors of the Fauci-Biden Post-COVID economy, when large-scale theft is a primary cog in a rapidly morphing consumer economy unhinged from any vestiges of hard work, savings, investment and legitimately acquired luxury.

In this crime analysis, by a former journalist and video editor in the San Francisco Bay Area and also at that time a counselor to prison-paroled juvenile delinquents, focuses on how youth gangs are a cog in the machinery of the fashion industry (which caters to the hiphop crowd), entertainment sector (nightclubs, recording industry and Hollywood movies), prostitution (as pimps and escorts), auto dealerships (limos and sports cars), and the tech industry aka Silicon Valley (trashy influencers on Facebook, throwaway cell phones, I-Pads sold on E-Bay) and Craig's List (stolen handguns, fenced TV sets), and contraband drug distribution.

Who Profits from Looting?

That ill-gotten lucre is all part of the Flash Mob phenom. This time, the ultimate goals are different, a hidden agenda cloaked in silence: Smash and Grab goes up to the highest echelons of the American financial system and the Global Economy aka Made in China. The break-ins are not by your local bored teenagers getting Momma her Christmas gifts, but by hardened professional criminals, "working for The Man". When the thugs' shopping list at The Home Depot is limited to jack hammers, high-power cordless drills and big reciprocating saws, that means the over-sized hardware will be used to hit banks, diamond markets, credit unions and  payday loan companies on a secret target list of competitors off the shady lenders and money-launderers for the Cartel and the Printed-in-China counterfeit U.S. dollar distributors, such as the darling of the BLM, George Floyd who transported fake money from Canada to Houston.

Now, a year after the riots in Minneapolis and Portland, is the unofficial start of all-out economic warfare against these United States. So who profits? Certainly not Santa Claus. Mourn the death of the Christmas spirit in America, but do not shed tears for the retail industry, which is now cashing in, at the list price of the stolen goods, with inflated insurance claims, putting a whole new spin on Black Friday. This fiesta of insurance payoffs rescues the bottom line for the fancy Euro boutiques in the big malls, where lax security encourages the hiphop crowd to shoplift their inflated-price merchandise, all for the benefit of retail insurance paybacks and the collateral benefit of product placement inside hiphop clubs, concert halls and celebrity parties.  But that is not our concern, folks, since who really cares about European designers reimbursed for stolen Made-in-China short-shorts, flimsy gowns and stilt-heel shoes for the Kim K type of sleaze?

The higher echelon of Big Stores is the bull's-eye target for the masterminds behind these crimes. The big Down Shift in this post-COVID era is the marriage of Retail sales with Silicon Valley, the final phase of Big Tech consolidation of a cashless credit economy. JC Penny's, Sears, Monty Wards and K-Mart have already bitten the dust; and the next dominoes to fall are Nordstrom's, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowes, unless these behemoths shift gears, fast, and join the Enemy aka selling over online platforms including Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Etsy, Overstock, Zappos, etc. and their running dogs FedEx and UPS along with Bezos' overpriced Mercedes vans.

Destruction of the U.S. Dollar

The looting spree across the SF Bay Area, which included high-end shopping districts and malls in San Francisco's tourist hub Union Square, ultimate suburbs Walnut Creek and San Leandro, happened inside the Democratic Party's political stronghold, home of Vice President Kamala Harris (a former SF prosecutor and mistress of then Mayor Willie Brown), former mayor and criminal defense attorney of Willie Brown, legal counsel to the Cartel and major dope-dealers; Senator Dianne Feinstein; Governor Gavin Newsome, toy boy of the pushers; and the rest of the Harvey Milk memorial crowd, the only permanent remedy for which is an overdose of Twinkies.

The famously China-bribed SF politicos, ever since the opium trade during the 49er Era (not speaking here of Joe Montana) are on the receiving end of Made-in-China political influence and bribery. The assaults on national retailers is a new phase of total economic warfare, aimed at reducing the networks of warehousing and distribution centers of major chains such as Best Buy, Walmart and Lowes. Instead, orders will be fulfilled by packing centers outside the customs gates of major Chinese ports, where low-wage Chinese farm-workers fill containers with mixed goods, destined for Seattle (for inland destinations along I-80), Oakland (serving Highway 40) and Long Beach (I-10). Hundreds of American warehouses and shipping centers can then be shutdown once total logistics dependency on China is installed, with approval from U.S. Customs (now under siege by Biden's pro-illegal entry policy) and the now toothless Commerce Department. The USA will then be a low-end colony, a toothless cash cow for Beijing.

As for the major retail chains, it is becoming unclear whether these are still American business entities or under majority control by China and its allied dictatorship through proxy shareholders, under secret arrangement with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, to evade SEC regulations on disclosure by major shareholders. My personal opinion is that the big box stores are toxic and threatening, meaning American owned and operated Main Street stores, repair shops and suppliers are more important than ever to national survival.

Already, all the junk shipped to Walmart is sub-standard defective rejects, while the higher-end merchandise goes to Chinese-allied Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Mexico. After attaining trade hegemony over docile Americans, nothing will be able to stop the incoming flood of lethal fentanyl derivatives and toxic household chemicals, completing the ongoing genocide by masking under Fauci's totalitarian COVID regime. Your enemies are not satisfied with robbing you, the American sitting duck, but intend to put your carcass into the Peking roaster.

Sooner than later, gone with the wind change sweep out and empty the last of the big boxes of those dead malls at the edge of hundreds of American towns and surburbs. That loss of parking lot-based retail will massacre the local tax base and eliminate countless jobs for retail clerks and truck drivers. The Pizza Delivery model of a store-less ghetto is the new normal for a tech-driven consumer economy. The thieves will then be left with nothing to do  other than to steal that cardboard box just dropped on your front porch. Don't answer the door bell because the next round of smash and grab is going to clear-out the inside of your home and bury your battered corpse in the back yard.

So, for now, local community watch and vigilance committees need to call in the Treasury Department fraud task force to investigate this first round by the Ripoff Economy. No vigilance group in your town? Start one ASAP, and find out where the gangsters reside and hide their loot. Since the liberal governors and mayors rendered the courts inoperable and have castrated the police, we soon will get back to populist justice, Wild West style, for rustlers and bank robbers and crooked officials, so stock enough rope to hang 'em high.

Death in the Afternoon

Kevin Nishita, the retired policeman and detective-analyst with the Bay Area gang intelligence group,was assassinated with a bullet to his gut by a gangland hitman at midday Wednesday, November 27, in Oakland. Serving as a security guard with the Star Protection agency, he had been dispatched to guide and protect a KRON4 (a Nexstar affiliate, formerly with NBC) investigative news team covering the recent downtown robbery of the Prime 365 fashion store on 14 th  Street near Webster. The boutique was robbed just prior to midnight Nov. 22 by 12 burglars in hoods and face-masks (in line with Tony Fauci's safety guidelines), who climbed the back fence but were slow to disengage the in-store infrared security camera. Nearly all the racks were emptied and packed into the waiting cars outside.

As it so happened,  the security video clip was posted online by the enraged owner, and apparently a copy was obtained by the Oakland police. As a longtime member of the Bay Area Gang task force, Nishita was partially able identify possible suspects based on location, body language of the masked store-invaders and previous arrest records.

The dirty dozen thieves included one or more nearby residents, since a white Honda Acura TL soon pulled up to the curb in a foiled attempt to steal at gunpoint the KRON4 videocamera. A gunshot lightly wounded one of group on the sidewalk. After a brief tussle that failed to confiscate the camera, a gunman shot Nishita in the gut point-blank and the assailants drove away. As in the spat of smash and grab robberies across the Bay Area, the car had been stripped of a licence plate.

Alerting the Nation to a Growing Menace

Let's hope Nexstar produces a video program based on a wider investigative journalism report. Nishita's death in hospital should prompt TV audiences nationwide to realize the immediacy of a gathering storm of anti-social mayhem across America during this Christmas season, to cities and towns beyond San Francisco, LA and Minneapolis. A point to note is the appalling silence, the lack of condemnation of ethic-rooted crime from Black Lives Matter confirms that police and security guards should shoot to kill looters on exit or in store without mercy since BLM and its liberal patrons have millions of dollars to waste on defense attorney fees. Those misappropriated funds are better spent on cardboard coffins or coffee-can urns for the ashes.

BLM proves a case in point that coddling criminal gangs does not work. During the terrorist sieges of Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle, Black Lives Matter received millions of dollars in contributions and tech support, aka liberal-guilt extortion, from major corporations including Microsoft, Google, FB, Apple; Walmart, Target, Home Depot; EA, Square, Ubsoft games; Etsy, H&M, Gap, Levis, Spanx, Lululemon; McDonald's, Wendy's and Coke, pledging increased funding for urban terrorism even while downtown Minneapolis, Portland and Brooklyn were torched by arsonists. Appeasement of criminals does not work but only abets the next wave of theft, destruction, rape, assault and murder.

Sleuth of the Means Streets

In contrast to coddling of youthful gang members, accuracy and precision in detective work were the signature qualities of Officer Nishita's law-enforcement career in Hayward, San Jose and Colma. Nishita's skills as a police intelligence expert were due to his perceptive insights from counseling disillusioned juvenile delinquents and rattling shit-talking hard-core offenders into disclosing their command hierarchy, job planning, motivation and modus operandi, that is the organizational structure and behavior patterns of violent gangs. The analytical side of gang psychology is not much different from the metrics used by Wall Street brokers to assess listed corporations, but the personal risks are way higher, since ganglanders are ever ready to silence snitches and ambush detectives, sometimes with aid of dirty cops.

His special skill was in sympathizing and communicating with impressionable young people who were raised without a cohesive moral and ethical perspective, thereby confusing the gang code of obedience to a criminal hierarchy with the virtues of personal responsibility to kin, community and larger society. This "adoption" by gangland is easy when it's so difficult to sustain a broken family in the old or new ghettos. (Older inner-city slums like the Western Addition in San Franciso and Compton-Watts in LA have been depleted by gentrification, transplanting poor black families to the outlands of Lancaster in the Mohave Desert and Hayward and Vallejo, former industrial towns in the Bay Area.

Contrary to the stern father-figure image of a tough cop, Officer Kevin took a gentler and more patient approach to juvenile delinquents. Instead of castigating the wayward kids as hopeless losers, his approachable style with a smile aimed at convincing young offenders to admit to and confront the difficult realities of their troubled upbringing and bleak mood from social rejection. As an "uncle" or stand-in for a father figure, Nishita could initiate the emotional thaw that could crack blind loyalty and gang unity.  His winning personality was largely based on his religious upbringing with its unique philosophical perspective based on Jodo Shinshu, translated as the True Pure Land Teaching, a branch of populist reformed Buddhism.

Contrary to the hellfire and brimstone preaching of many Buddhist (and Christian) faith groups, the founder of his sect Shinran focused on Amidaba, the Buddha of Light, to suggest that human existence operates in a morally compromised world,  where we stumble along through shades of gray rather than stark black-and-white differences. Recognition of the facts of one's life situation, the larger context of being caught in a moral trap like everyone else, is more enlightening that groveling in repentance, which is based on self-hatred.

Shinran lived a thousand years ago in the dark age at the turn of the millennium when competing warlords overthrew Japan's nobility, confiscated agrarian estates, massacred peasant villages and brutally suppressed populist religious sects. Rampant violence shaped his view that goodness and evil are not separate qualities but coexist inextricably, bound up with our desires and suffering. The pretense of being good or repentant under these circumstances is self-delusion, mere posturing to receive favors from above. To use a present-day example, when a kid steals a matronly purse from a boutique so that his single mother does not appear to be a paid-to-play tramp, that is a bad deed in service of an honorable motive, an ethically mixed situation, but the pride and joy from that charitable yet criminal act then taints the boy pushing him farther into a life of crime and triggers further shame for his mother bound in hopelessness and depression.

We are trapped in the sadness of pervasive and unavoidable sinfulness, much as in the Christian doctrine of original sin, trapped in the mire. Indeed Jodo Shinshu, the sect of the Amitaba (Amida) Buddha's light, is the Buddhist teaching closest to Christianity belief, both being influenced by early Zoroastrianism. The image of illumination is very similar to the Divine light that shone upon Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, just prior to his ordeal. Rejecting the ancient Hindu-Buddhist belief in reincarnation over many future lifetimes, the Jodo sect affirms that enlightened souls shall enter an  afterlife in the Pure Land to the West (much like the elves in Lord of the Rings, and of course, as in the Christian notion of life eternal in Heaven).

Dark Age for Democracy

These religious influences are especially important now, as the land between "shining seas" slips into darkness, deprived of its once majestic glow. Now slipping into a bleak epoch of crisis for democracy and liberty, our lives are overtaken by complicated dilemmas, especially when more people than ever, both citizens and illegals, have no way out of economic deprivation and social conflict. Shinran asserted that even criminals and corrupt leaders can, under the right circumstances, awaken to the truth of human existence and become joyfully strict toward oneself to take the path toward spiritual salvation. As pointed out by Buddhist scholar Dennis Hirota, the Jodo school's doctrine of self-awakening stands in opposition to the liberal humanism promoted by social services, which "charitably" promotes helplessness and dependency on a welfare state, therefore institutionalizing moral decay. Individual choice rather than dependency makes all the difference.

Note here these comments, which simplify doctrine, are not sectarian propaganda, since this writer is a Christian and his maternal family are with the Nichiren sect, those self-righteous, intolerant and shockingly brutal rivals of Jodo Shinshu, who drove out Shinran followers out of Kyoto with fire and sword. Also, I grew up in the daily brutality of the Compton ghetto, but I left it behind as a no-win situation, taking the boy out of the ghetto, and yet still puzzle over whether the ghetto ever got out of the man.

Asian American lawmen on the front line

Officer Nishida was not the only courageous policeman on the mean streets of this nation's internal frontiers. Whether in California or Minnesota, New York and Houston, ethnic Asian law officers are on the front lines to deal with "multi-cultural" America's greatest shame, the abandonment of children of low-income households to a life of drugs, theft, sexual abuse and recruitment by hit-men for powerful global financial interests. Fearful of lawsuits and accusations of corporeal punishment, school districts under the regime of political correctness are tying the tongues of teachers and imposing absurd rules to promote homosexuality and transsexual cross-dressing instead of promoting the national virtues of citizenship duty, respect for the nation, adherence to the Constitution, all necessary to protecting liberty and justice.  

Although racial profiling is a factor in African American racism targeted at Kevin Nishita, let's be frankly honest about violent black prejudice and the horrific misconduct expressed in the rape and assaults against Asian women in this country and overseas, the latter during military service), my wider assessment is that Asian men and women are willing to take the risks of serving on the thin blue line against criminals of all racial groups because in our youth we went to public school and played basketball with the children of poor black and Latino families, and therefore know them best as friends and sometimes foes. Growing up in an urban ghetto can be hell during a brutal fist-fight, like the more than 50 bloody brawls that I was forced to win or risk being killed in childhood in Compton, an early life of urban poverty also taught sympathy for victimized damaged kids and an abiding concern for the welfare and education of underprivileged children, however, misguided they might be. Sure, they are damned by a self-serving upper class of wealthy whites and Jews focused on greed, but there is still hope that some of the most downtrodden minority youth will emerge as hard-working role models and virtuous exemplars of civic harmony, heroes in wartime and responsible friends during peace. This is said on behalf of our brother in spirit, Officer Kevin Nishita, a fellow patriotic Japanese-American dedicated to the Constitutional principles that guide American life with its promise of equality and justice for all.

That said, in a sterner tone, the hunt for the murderers must continue, with my secular message being that crime will be punished, crushed one way or the other, in court or on the pavement. May a Higher Spirit save their souls, because the pursuit will end with their capture or violent death resisting arrest, not just of one gunman but all of the thieving dirty dozen of the 365. Let's hope that prison sentences will prompt their spiritual awakening and repentance for this most grievous crime. Long lost down the wayward path though they may be and as much as our wrath is aroused to fury, they are still our brothers in desperate need of forgiveness, but only after they repent.

May be all find peace of mind and spirit in a simpler and better place than a shopping mall, for instance, at the Honen-In, the humble garden retreat dedicated to Shinran's teacher, Honen, along the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto.