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Stolen Election: States Need Not Comply, Part 3

By Devvy

This is part 3 of my series on states’ rights. The past few days my email box has been blasted about an unconstitutional bill introduced in the U.S. House: Democrats Introduce Bill to ‘Massively Expand’ Mail-in Voting

Democrat lawmakers on Thursday introduced a bill dubbed the “Vote at Home Act,” which seeks to “massively expand vote-at-home ballot access,” enacting automatic voter registration and providing voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes.

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) introduced the bill (pdf), saying in a press release that the legislation is meant to “fight voter suppression.”

Our democracy is stronger when every American can vote, without standing in ridiculous lines or having to take time off work or school to exercise their Constitutional rights,” Wyden said in a statement.

The initiative stands in contrast to a bill introduced by Republicans several weeks ago, which seeks to tighten voter registration verifications and narrow rules for when and how mail-in ballots can be accepted, in a bid to strengthen the integrity of federal elections.”

Republicans Introduce Bill to Help Fortify Federal Election Integrity – “The Save Democracy Act aims to close loopholes that prevent secure and fair general elections by strengthening voter registration verifications, narrowing rules for when and how mail-in ballots can be accepted, and mandating observers from each party is allowed to be present during polling and vote counting.

Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest conservative caucus on Capitol Hill, led his caucus to introduce the legislation addressing the concerns of voters across the country.”

Banks needs to be reminded our legal form of government is a republic, not a democracy. Democracy is mob rule and Americans had damn well wake up and see how the mobs are destroying this republic. Banks and other “conservatives” in Congress need be educated on the Tenth Amendment.

Back in 1993, many of us fought to defeat the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 because we knew it was a giant step towards advancing vote fraud. We hammered on our state legislatures to say NO we are not going to be a part of this strong-arming. The Act signed into “law” by the undisputed king of adultery, Bill Clinton, “required” state governments to make voter registration simpler for any eligible person who renews or gets a driver’s license. WRONG.

Since illegals buy driver’s licenses on any street corner in major metropolitan cities, they get election materials when they have no right to even be on U.S. soil. Many states have brazenly passed laws to give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. All in violation of federal immigration laws, but since we’ve had no constitutionally grounded U.S. Attorney Generals for decades, those states continue to get away with it. Stupid state legislatures rolled over with nary a whimper. Illegals voting are impacting congressional seats which means Electoral College votes.

This new bill in the House being pushed by Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA is another attempt to eliminate forever any fair elections in this country. As for Comrade Wyden’s vomit about standing in lines, how about try voting early? Take time off work? Employers usually give employees time to go vote and many states have a couple of Saturdays to vote.

People are inconvenienced? How about those who stuck their necks out to create a new nation and those who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield to give us the precious right to elect those who make our laws? Don’t talk to me about inconvenience.

No, this is all part of the plan and the states do NOT have to comply. Congress has set, for federal elections, first Tuesday following the first Monday in November as Election Day.  How states conduct those elections, i.e., voter registration, signature verification and so forth is the sole jurisdiction of each state. Congress has no legislative authority to butt in.

Mail-in-voting ballots are not absentee ballots though too many Americans don’t understand the difference. Absentee ballots must be requested where mail-in ballots are mailed by states to anyone and everyone regardless of citizenship status or even if they no longer reside in that state. Readers saw one of my previous columns where I scanned a California ballot addressed to my brother here in Big Spring, TX. Richard has not lived in California since August 2019.

Mail-in voting and “ballot harvesting” should never have been allowed by any state. But, when you have state houses controlled by socialists and communists like California and an apathetic, disinterested or partisan driven population, you reap what you sow.

We all saw the massive fraud in those contested states which allowed mail-in ballots. Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA mastered the art of vote fraud 60 years ago. The push that began last year by Democrats to allow mail-in ballots over COVID-19 was in anticipation of a Trump landslide and they weren’t going to let that happen. Last May here in Texas, our Texas Supreme Court said, nope, won’t happen. COVID was not a justifiable excuse.

The bottom line is states of the Union do not have to comply with that bill or even one massaged by constitutionally ignorant Republicans who have a different version. It’s called nullification. Our Attorney General will most likely file a lawsuit soon as the ink is dry after the criminal imposter “president”, Cheater China Joe signs it into “law” but he doesn’t even have to do that.

That bill clearly is outside the legislative authority of Congress, Art. 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17. Congress most can certainly set the date for federal elections, but how elections are conducted by states of the Union is internal and their business backed by the Tenth Amendment. Those craven jackals are evil but they will not win in the end.

Investigations over November’s rigged election continue. Every single judge who had a case filed by Trump’s attorney’s, Lin Wood or Sidney Powell and dismissed them without looking at any evidence are a disgrace. Gutless cowards or partisan, doesn’t matter. Each of them as a person, when they look in the mirror can see a coward – including SCOTUS. Let that eat away at any of them that still has a conscience.

Law Professor Confirms Election Fraud Evidence Is "Significant" - Cases Only Dismissed on Process Grounds Not Merit – (Worth reading.)

This is also beyond contemptible: Judge Rules Virginia Board Of Elections’ Rule About Late Absentee Mail-In Ballots Was Illegal, Jan. 27, 2021 – “In August of last year, a rule was made by the Virginia Board of Elections that would have allowed elections officials to count late mail-in ballots that arrived without a postmark up to three days after this past November’s presidential election. A judge reversed this on Monday, ruling that the board’s decision was illegal.

Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge ruled that with this rule, the board violated state elections law, according to the Daily Caller. He issued an injunction that will stop Virginia from adopting this rule in future elections moving forward.” After the cheating produced the desired outcome. Here’s a news flash for you Judge Eldridge: Federal elections end at midnight on election day, not three days later regardless of whether they had a postmark or not. And you wait around to issue this ruling 24 days AFTER election day.

There is absolutely NO justification for this obstruction. To me it’s dereliction of duty by any judge(s): 2020 voter fraud cases are still making their way through the courts – Breakdown of cases in that article.

I watched all the hearings, the one committee hearing in the U.S. Senate headed by coward, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson who new the fraud was massive, committed to challenging the electoral college vote, caved like a tent and went to the illegal swearing in of Cheating China Joe, giving legitimacy to Biden’s steal.

However, there are dozens of state reps and senators in contested states working to make sure this never happens again. Brave, ethical lawmakers continue investigation into extensive evidence of widespread voting fraud

Regardless of what state you live in, mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting MUST be prohibited in any county in your state. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Call your Secretary of State’s office and find out the fine details regarding registration, verification of signatures and other security measures.

One thing that has to end is allowing people to register and vote on election day. Another tool for fraud. If you need help, call you state rep’s office. Most are very friendly and helpful. This has to be cleaned up before the November election in 2022. When you call the SOS’s office, ask when was the last time voting rolls were purged? Critical. We can only make things happen by doing not just complaining.

Citizens in the contested states must keep on committee members in their state capitols: We demand those who violated election laws (precinct workers who refused to allow GOP poll watchers, etc) and those who openly and flagrantly participated in cheating during ballot counting be referred to your state AG and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They must not be allowed to get away with it or we will see the same thing happen in 2022 just with different partisan cheaters. Think Georgia. Please see my column, Vote Fraud: I Thought I’d Seen It All Untilfor all the details.

Dominion – Be careful what you wish for and that goes for Eric Coomer, too

On Jan. 8, 2021, Dominion, Inc. Dominion Voting Systems, et al, filed a $1.3 billion dollar defamation lawsuit against Sidney Powell; see filing here. The lawsuit alleges: “Dominion had rigged the election, that Dominion was created in Venezuela to rig elections for Hugo Chávez, and that Dominion bribed Georgia officials for a no-bid contract.”

Attorney Lin Wood, who is famous for defending Richard Jewell accused in the Atlanta bombing and the young Catholic boy smeared all over the news is defending Ms. Powell. Both of them worked tirelessly bringing lawsuits exposing the massive vote fraud which put Cheater China Joe in OUR White House.

This will provide Ms. Powell the opportunity to bring forth all the evidence she has and shove it down their throats – IF a judge even “allows” actual evidence. Most Americans have no idea what goes on in court rooms and how judges suppress evidence to keep jurors from seeing it. How many times I’ve seen jurors after a trial who voted a defendant guilty who then found out about evidence never allowed for them to see. Angry because they would not have convicted the defendant had they known. It’s just sickening.

Likewise, for these individuals. Eric Coomer, one of the top dogs at Dominion in Denver has also filed a lawsuit against Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Newsmax, One America News Network, OAN reporter Chanel Rion, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) and Michelle Malkin and many others.

File your lawsuit’: Lin Wood and Sidney Powell respond to Smartmatic’s demand for a retraction - Smartmatic’s attorneys sent Ms. Powell and Lin Wood. Lin Wood is not afraid of Smartmatic and neither is Ms. Powell. They have the truth and the evidence.

And while it pains me greatly to bring this up, honest journalism means just that. Should I not make readers aware of what someone I respect said that is so wrong it must be addressed? Not with malice but to ignore dangerous disinformation makes us no better than those we fight against for truth – especially if incorrect or false information is being disseminated by someone who has tremendous influence out in the public place.

On Jan. 26, 2021, a bunch of emails came in telling me I must listen to one of Lin Wood’s Fireside Chat broadcasts: Lin Wood: I’m Confident The Military Is In Control Right Now. At one point the host invites a colleague to ask Wood some questions. First, do you believe NESARA, the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, which was signed into law in 1993 by Clinton is real?

I was aghast when Wood responded he doesn’t know all the facts but he does believe the law is real. He believes it will be enacted. This NESARA goes way back to early 1990s when all kinds of claims were made: The bill was introduced, passed by Congress and signed by Clinton. Completely false. The individuals involved in that effort were private citizens, the bill has never been introduced in Congress to this day.

Wood goes on to say his general knowledge of history is that America defaulted on notes in 1912 or thereabout, so the Rothschild Bank now known as the Federal Reserve, took over. With all due respect, he needs to read G. Edward Griffin’s masterpiece, Creature From Jekyll Island for a full historical account of who was behind the greatest heist of American wealth in our history. The full book is on line. I assume Griffin has given his permission; you can read it here.

At 19:30 into the interview, my mouth dropped open when he said following this Rothschild bank take over the U.S. then became the United States of America, INC. a corporation. OMG. He has bought into one of the biggest most pervasive LIES infecting the Internet for decades. (Please see Item #19 in my column here. It also covers the NESARA is a law scam, #5.)

Wood goes on to say he believes Trump is going to bankrupt the United States INC and it’s the smartest thing he’s ever done. By this time my head was spinning. The host then says he’s known about this USA INC for a while. Wood then goes on to say he hopes Trump will come back as the 19th president of a republic where before back in time we became USA INC. Two more minutes and I could listen no more.

I wish someone could quietly speak with Lin Wood and give him historical facts, get him to understand this US is a corporation is pure propaganda and a lie. He needs to stop listening to these podcast disinformation hustlers Kelleigh Nelson and I exposed in recent columns. Lisa Guiliani who has gained a large following on YouTube (who doesn’t seem inclined to censor her) started promoting the USA INC garbage years ago. In my aforementioned column, Sick Of Internet Hoaxes And Half Truths, March 24, 2012, my dear friend and constitutional attorney of nearly 40 years had this to say:

That article, "The united states Of America is a corporation owned by foreign interests" is the worst sort of BS I have seen this week. In my view, Lisa Guiliani of Babel Magazine is full of BS.” He then gives a legal analysis which proves she’s wrong.

The other hustler is fake “judge” Anna von Reitz who splashed on the scene a few years ago promoting the US is a corporation. She flat out lied about being a judge in Alaska when in fact she’s never been to law school or sat on the bench anywhere in Alaska yet people still believe her bogus “legal” arguments. Larry roasts her here.

Now, this: State Bar of Georgia Tells Lin Wood to Undergo Mental Health Examination or Lose Law License. Obviously, it’s because Wood has vigorously and rightly pursued the truth regarding The Steal. I have no doubt he will be able to defend himself to the Georgia State Bar, but they will also try to use his words in Fireside Chat interviews against him. It very well could give him the opportunity to bring forth all the provable vote fraud he’s amassed in his defense. Now, that would be great.

The bottom line is investigations continue in contested states and more should come, i.e., Virginia and California. We know 400 IT experts have been working on the fraud; covered in a previous column. We know Patrick Byrne, mega millionaire and former founder of has had his team working on this since August; covered in a previous column. Not going to get into Maria Zack for this column, but the evidence she has is critically important.

Last week it was announced Ms. Powell and Jesse Binnell, one of Trump’s former campaign attorneys who argued his case in NV, have joined to create a Super PAC to restore election integrity and more. That is very good. What’s not good is this first-hand account dealing with Guiliani, what many of us figured out 6-7 weeks ago. Something was very wrong with Rudy Guiliani and how things were being handled. Donald Trump must be beyond angry at the end result and most likely realized that between the sell-out on Jan. 6th and how badly Guiliani handled things, it was over.

How Donald Trump Lost His Presidency: Preface 1.1

READ: How DJT Lost The White House, November 3 – December 23: All The President’s Team(s) - “First, in the 90 minutes between 11:30 PM and 1 AM, Mayor Giuliani imbibed three triple scotches on ice. Nine shots of alcohol… A number of my colleagues interacted with Rudy from time to time, afternoons and evenings, over the next month and a half.

Nearly all mentioned two things: the inordinate amount of attention he was paying to his daily podcast, and second, his drinking. His own staffers were mentioning it to us. Something was clear to all who were around him: almost every evening, and many early afternoons, Rudy was shit-faced. That, and his podcasts, were the only guarantees in Rudy’s life…

At one point I learned how the President was staying involved. Periodically, Rudy Giuliani and the Mediocrity were going over to the White House to brief him. Really, no kidding: the person who was so bad my colleagues had declared they would quit rather than work another moment with that person, and the 76 year old guy who had trouble sending an email and was spending his days sloshed, were the ones explaining to the President what was going on and what his options were. At first, I thought it was some kind of sick joke, but I confirmed it.  The Mediocrity and the Mayor were the ultimate point-people on the mission of stopping this world-historic task.

Flynn and I felt sick. A frequent subject of mutter between us ran along the lines, “Why the f*ck are we doing this?” The president’s children were off, uninvolved, or planning retirements, or pep-rallying.  We could detect no discernible strategy out of the President’s team, no marching orders, just an organization wandering around and melting as it did so.”

You also won’t like the part about how all your donations to Stop the Deal were being used. While this is quite long, it is by Patrick Byrne who has no partisan agenda. He’s a Libertarian who never voted for Trump but saw for himself this massive steal and has been using his own money to prove it.

Why couldn’t Trump see what was going on with Guiliani and his side-kick? With the booze? Functioning alcoholics can fool anyone. Trump is known for loyalty to those loyal to him and he and Rudy have been friends for 40 years. Trump dealt with massive problems everyday surrounded by betrayers; one person Byrne describes in that legal conglomerate turned out to be a mole. Just a non-stop nightmare for Trump.

I suspect though I have no first hand knowledge, that all those tech IT experts, Jovan Pulitzer, Ms. Powell and others are all networking, sharing and building a final, case if you will, exposing and proving the massive steal of a presidential election. It’s coming one way or the other.

President elect Donald Trump (He never conceded) has opened an office with the focus on election integrity among other things. He’s not going away and one day in the not too distant future, he will be acknowledged as the lawful winner of the Nov. 2020 election. A raging bull just waiting to be released.

In the meantime, we have to continue fighting back and that means keeping the pressure on committees in the contested states to make sure forensic audits continue. And, here again, we know Jovan Pulitzer and his team have been working with senators in the GA state house and likely with other state lawmakers.

We have to stay on our state reps and senators to exact legislation that has real teeth in stopping vote fraud because those 2022 primaries begin in a year. Ideally, ALL Dominion voting machines – get rid of them. Hand counted ballots, secured storage and I don’t mean some minimum wage rent-a-cop standing outside a door.

Lucifer’s Democrat Communist Party USA is going full steam ahead already destroying the live of tens of thousands of Americans. They are evil, dangerous, malignant narcissists. Zealots so brain washed as to be brain dead maniacs who must be stopped. And make no mistake about it: There are a lot of RINOs backing them. Rush Limbaugh hit it square on the other day: Limbaugh: Establishment GOP willing to fade into oblivion to end MAGA

If you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 plus the addendum for this fight, see Stolen Election: States Must Act Now, Part 1 and Stolen Election: States Must Act Now, Part 2We must all become part of the solution.

Help me inform Americans with my book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions.  400 pages of facts and solutions on these issues: “Federal” Reserve, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more.  800-955-0116 for phone orders

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