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Magnetic Foods?
Searching With A 12,000 Gauss Magnet

By Jeff Rense

Let's try some flour first... nope

No luck...

Junk food...nope

Nothing here....





Potatoes ok

Bread OK

Dairy ok

Let's try the meat department...

Chicken is fine

No problem with this fish

Winner! .... these packages are all VERTICAL

Another hit

Small NY Steak...sticks, too!
($16.90 for a little NY Steak...and this is a discount sort of market)

Even some 'Grass Fed' beef will hold a magnet...

Important - Not every piece of beef in the meat department held the magnet. Some did
and some didn't. Is iron (Fe) being added to some beef cattle feed to dose American
consumers? Is it a certain kind of nanotech magnetite? It seems that some kind of
magnetic material is playing a role in the Bioweapon Spike Program attack on America