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All I Want For Christmas

By Lindsay Perigo

In the lead-up to the introduction of the odious Traffic Lights System by the Jacinda Junta, New Zealand's plunge into full-blown totalitarianism—supported by every party in Parliament—proceeded at a bewildering pace. Comrade Ardern blithely ordered Kiwis not to talk to their neighbours but rather, dob them in, as one did in the Soviet Union or East Germany, and still does in Communist China. Not one drooling, fawning member of the sycophantic regime-bribed media pack, nor any (Pfizer-bribed?) politician, batted an eyelid. Apartheid Ardern smugly announced the purposeful creation of a new class of outcasts: The Unvaccinated.

The Bill of Rights?

10 Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation

Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person's consent.

11 Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment

Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

Not a mention!

The Nuremberg Code? What's that?!

1 The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

Nope. Nothing about that from our Mengelian Marxists.

"The Nuremberg Code is the most important document in the history of the ethics of medical research.1-6 The Code was formulated 50 years ago, in August 1947, in Nuremberg, Germany, by American judges sitting in judgment of Nazi doctors accused of conducting murderous and torturous human experiments in the concentration camps (the so-called Doctors' Trial). It served as a blueprint for today's principles that ensure the rights of subjects in medical research."

Having had a somewhat dystopic disposition since reading Ayn Rand's astonishingly prescient Atlas Shrugged decades ago, and having compiled excerpts from George Orwell's 1984 designed to show how close we were getting to precisely such a dystopia ...

... I nonetheless found myself incredulous when realising we were not only close, but we were there. To be sure, Big Brother had morphed into Big Sister, the War against Eurasia had become War against the climate and the Wuhan Virus, the screeching hysterics of the daily Two Minutes of Hate had become the 24/7 Woke-Fascist Twitter mob and sundry other snowflakes, the Memory Hole had become Cancel Culture, the fabricated Goldstein had been supplanted by the real Donald Trump as the object of mass hysteria; but our police had indeed become Thought Police and we were there1984 was no longer a cautionary tale; it was being used as a playbook by evil regimes all across the former Free World, with New Zealand leading the way.


People told me I damaged my case with such "hyperbole." They told me I should opt for words such as "concerning," "troubling," "disturbing," etc., so as not to frighten the horses or appear unhinged. I found myself seething with disgust at these weasel-worders just as much as I seethed against the evil they appeased.

Not wanting to be seething with disgust all my waking hours, I took time out: watched handsome young tennis players in the various European tournaments with the sound off while glorious symphonies, concertos and other Western music boomed through my speakers; brushed up on Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde; educated myself somewhat about the history of art; immersed myself generally in the glory of the culture that the Ardern regime and its media lickspittles—not to mention academia, Soros, Schwab and other Davos globalists, the Chinese Communist Party, Islamo-terrorists, Woke-Fascists and Pfizer-Pfascists are wantonly, systematically, diabolically destroying. I tried not to be disgusted by that wantonness and regard it as merely "concerning."

Then I was jolted back to reality—and I couldn't be more gratified. Cameron Slater wrote from the heart on The BFD site. He had earlier written an apologia for the failure of National and ACT to oppose vaccine passports, so I had written him off as just another appeaser. But read what he said in this sizzler and you'll see that all is redeemed. It speaks for itself:

Politicians, by their very nature, are narcissistic, self absorbed and sociopaths. ...

Most politicians enter politics stating all sorts of altruistic reasons why they entered parliament. Mostly they are lies, mouthing pithy sentimental tosh about making the world a better place. Parliament's history is littered with MPs' careers that achieved little other than enriching themselves at the taxpayers' expense. ...

Despite all their foibles I sincerely believe that most are not evil: misguided maybe, but not evil. ...

Which brings me to the exception. Jacinda Ardern.

When I had that three hour lunch with her I came away thinking that this woman makes a lot of sound and thinks she sounds informed and interested about the world and politics. But on reflection, at the time, I said to David Farrar, who was also there, that she was just mouthing slogans and platitudes. Bumper sticker slogans and rehearsed lines. There was no depth there, and there still isn't.

She is my exception, the one I believe is actually evil, and here is why I believe that.

She is fake, more fake than a $10 copy watch bought in the back alleys of Hong Kong. ...

Her lockdowns have cost people their lives, postponed life-saving operations and cancer treatment, destroyed businesses, wrecked careers and worst of all scared people into being irrationally afraid, especially the children. Even though that is evil, that isn't the real evil of this woman.

The real evil was her politicisation of the Police force, coupled with her draconian lockdown rules, the creation of a Stasi-like snitch culture, creating a situation where mates are turned against mates, families are splintered and rent apart by the medical apartheid she has implemented; and her scapegoating, demonising and radicalising the unvaccinated and destroying social cohesion with her divisive, nasty, evil policies.

She said she never lies; she told us last year that Kiwis would not be penalised if they chose not to vaccinate, yet that is exactly what she has done: introduced social ostracism and punishments for daring to have free will. That is evil.

[Reporter: "So you've basically said, this is gonna be like, it's almost, you probably don't see it like this but two different classes of people, if you're vaccinated or if you're unvaccinated. You have all these rights if you are vaccinated." PM: "That is what it is, so yip, yip."]

She is manipulative in the most extreme manner, like all sociopaths. Why else would she use sustained propaganda and well-known brainwashing techniques to tell us that 'They are Us'...except for the unvaccinated, then 'They are Us' is discarded. 'Team of Five Million' was a lie, because she has now separated New Zealand into 'Us and Them'. What else can you call it other than manipulative to forbid the use of hairdressers unless you can prove you'd been vaccinated? That particular piece of nastiness was aimed solely at those naughty women who refuse to comply.

Removing freedoms from everyone, and then giving back the vaccinated some of those freedoms while callously using the media to help gaslight everyone into believing government permissions are freedoms, at the same time as creating two classes of citizen, is even nastier and evil. She's convinced over 70% of people that this divisiveness and nastiness is perfectly alright. She's said it is OK to discriminate. She's not even passed any laws to push her mandates; she's just let businesses become her brownshirts in ostracising and demonising the unvaccinated. She's allowed Aucklanders to be scapegoated even as she wrecked their businesses, jobs, and dreams. It is never OK to discriminate. Yet that is what this evil woman has done.

The Kiwi ethos of egalitarianism was slaughtered on the altar of Covid, and the knife used to cut its throat was wielded by Jacinda Ardern.

Add to that the racial divisions she has fostered and extended through her government, and we as a nation are now on the cusp of the destruction of everything Kiwis once stood for. The Kiwi dream has become a dark and awful nightmare, where we live and exist only with the permission of the government.

We are more divided than ever before. We are meaner, harsher and nastier than before. Her actions did that. The evil is that she pretended it was kindness.

As I've elaborated, like never before, I've seen them all, from Muldoon to Ardern. Not even the excesses of Helen Clark or Robert Muldoon were this bad. The Ardern regime is exactly that, a regime. She is evil. She has systematically and deliberately destroyed this nation, and for that, she deserves to be run out of town on a rail.

Jacinda Ardern has done something no other politician has achieved in my estimation. She has made me despise her personally, simply because she is actually evil. I disliked Muldoon and Clark, but I actually despise Jacinda Ardern.

Her platitudes, her much-vaunted compassion, and her so-called sincerity are all fake. She is a very, very shallow, manipulative and insecure person drunk on the power voters handed her. She is desperate to be seen as a hero in the world's eyes when in reality she has become a shabby, desperate despot, worse than Robert Muldoon and Helen Clark.

Jacinda Ardern is a black-hearted woman, not the caring persona she has cultivated.

She deserves nothing but opprobrium, and I will spend every waking moment working to remove her from office. It's personal now.

Bravo! Jackboot Jacinda is one horse that ought to be frightened!

All I want for Xmas is for Cam and all the other freedom fighters (such as Voices for Freedom) who have stepped forth in this, our Darkest Hour, to succeed. Preferably this Christmas!

When thousands of humans descended on Parliament to protest against lock-downs, mandates and the whole edifice of Wuhanysteria a couple of weeks ago, not one politician—not one Narcissistic, self-absorbed sociopath—came out to address them or even meet them. The cowards cowered behind locked doors and windows. When the same thing happened again last Thursday, the cowards ran away; or rather, they had already run away, ending Parliament for the year a day early to avoid the righteous wrath of humans who pay their inflated salaries.

This is a battle between the human and the anti-human. It is a battle between good and evil. Removing not just Jacinda Jackboots but every single current MP, given that the "opposition" is controlled and we are effectively a one-party state at this point, would be a useful start. Raucous applause to Cameron Slater for his courageous clarion call.