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Cumbre Vieja Latest Lava Flow Map

From Volcano

Enrique - VolcanesyCienciaHoy on facebook  posted a very informative new lava flow map shown below.

Lava flow (or lobe) 9C has developed 3 arms. One of them, the one located more to the north, traveled about 450 m since yesterday's position and is likely going to reach the ocean in the course of this evening, destroying on its way banana fields. The flow destroyed the SPAR supermarket in La Laguna, but fortunately only few other structures.

As to the northern flow (10A and 10B), the flow fronts appear to have stopped. The flow arm 10C, which advanced a lot yesterday has almost stopped, advancing only a few tens of meters. 

New lava outbreaks have appeared in the highest part of the flow field; the most energetic of which is shown as 10D arm.