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The UN Global Warming hoax in Glasgow harmed energy efficiency

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

The snoring and mumbling at the 26 th  annual session of the UN climate-change assembly, COP 26, has just ended in Glasgow, Scotland, without any productive action other than Secret Service officers rushing a confused Joe Biden out of a private meeting with Elon Musk and Leonardo Dicaprio. Then, appropriately before unveiling his methane-reduction program for American hog growers, the President gassed Camilla Parker Bowles, the consort of Prince Charles, after confusing flatulence for flattery. When comedy takes over the headlines, well, that bursts the bubble of the climate hoax.

From the early environmental-promise to curtail smokestack fumes that cause acid rain, the annual UN climate gathering soon became a single-issue cause, focused on carbon dioxide reduction, while ignoring other more pressing global environmental issues such as the diminishing supply of clean water for an ever-larger global population, chronic drought impacts on world food production, and indigenous tribes' patent rights on traditional herbal medicines, this last issue raised at the 1995 Rio Earth conference but conveniently dropped on behalf of western pharmaceutical companies by Al Gore at the Kyoto Summit on Climate Change. Nearly a quarter-century after the 1997 TEPCO-sponsored Kyoto forum on carbon emissions, the annual circus that rolled into unfortunate host-city Glasgow is now on the verge of keeling over in a fatal mass-slumber due to a lack of oxygen.

The most disturbing feature of the present climate confusion is the evermore negative impact on the environment and on fiscal health of so-called "green technology", from cancer-causing radioactivity emitted by nuclear power plants and rapid desertification caused by solar energy, geothermal plants, wind power and algae biofuel farms. During this COVID-caused hiatus in industrial production and transportation, the "cure" of green energy has proven to be worse for human health and the natural environment than any affliction from carbon-based fuels or bovine methane farts.

The UN-sponsored climate-change hoax has been thoroughly discredited during the current three-year global COVID-19 pandemic, which has shut down industrial production worldwide, reduced highway transport, cut automobile travel and crushed agricultural production. Fuel consumption has reached record lows, yet the "green" climate-change racket still cranked on in Scotland from the end of October to November 12 with dire warnings of rising sea-levels, which were supposed to deluge New York and San Francisco years ago.  Nearly 40,000 true believers of climate hysteria attended the gathering in Glasgow, the urban hellhole otherwise better known for trainspotting and the highest per-capital rate of urban deaths by drug overdose. Heroin not carbon emissions is the scourge of Scotland.

Fewer Carbon Emissions during the COVID Shutdown

The drastic reduction in carbon emissions worldwide has not lowered outdoors temperatures but, to the contrary, has to the contrary promoted a massive increase in scale of arid regions, destruction of grasslands and wildlife kill-offs due to the expansion of the Sahara's heat over Europe, which as a result suffered record-breaking heat and drought. Saharan temperatures reached across not only the Mediterranean but also the Atlantic Ocean to create crop-destroying derecho winds over the American Midwest, destroying vast swaths of cropland. CO2 had nothing to due with driving these extreme drought factors, proving climate theory to be propaganda and certainly not scientific truth.

The major threat to human survival is not coming from those dreaded carbon fuels, coal, petroleum and gas, but arises from the misguided anti-industrial biases of the UN COP fraudsters, "eco"-fanatics whose darker aim is to cull the human population by mass starvation, economic deprivation, dogmatic "re-education" and eco-cide of species. To their chagrin, in no way, shape or form can COVID-9 be blamed on "climate change".

Yes, Greta, we adults have stolen your childhood, by diverting your limited attention span from the brain damage done to younger generations, the actual cause being the Pill, chemical-triggered birth control. Your early-life crisis derives from the contraceptive biochemistry that addled brain-and-nerve functions in the embryonic phase of your unwanted generation. Blame your parents for their lust and lack of enthusiasm for offspring while smooching in the back seat of a carbon-fueled car. So talk to your mother about the risks from hormone disrupters contained in her contraceptive pills, and to your father about fobbing off his sexual dalliances and sexual guilt onto the personally non-threatening diversion of climate change theory.

Technological nonsense instead of advancing the economy

As an alternative to the bogey of fossil fuels, "green" energy has by now proven to be an environmental hoax and waste of public funds. The trend toward highly inefficient solar energy, geothermal, algae ponds, wind turbines, electric-car hookups, and smaller nuclear generators is an increasing threat to economic performance while promoting higher taxes and rising prices at the fuel pump and for household utilities. In brief, "green" energy sources have a deleterious effect far worse than burning coal or oil, making the cost of living and fuel taxes into an unbearable burden for families.

This past year's sojourn in the American Southwest has opened my eyes to the awful ill-effects of "green" energy along with awareness of financial chicanery exploiting tax breaks and government subsidies for junk "green" technologies while imposing far higher rates on consumers. Democrat politicians are forcing the American public to pay the rising costs of fuel, food and taxes, that is basic necessities while state and national budgets are being ripped off by subsidies for "clean energy" hucksters and their cronies in government.

To cut through the tons of "green" energy hype:

Solar "farms" reduce rainfall in arid areas: As proven in a now water-scarce bone-dry Southwestern states, the glass panels of solar energy platforms, on a large scale, have the unintended effect of reflecting solar radiance, heating and dissipating clouds, thereby vastly reducing rainfall and fog, with the net result of killing off wild vegetation, drying up rivers and causing chronic scarcity of water for pasturage, agriculture and human use.

Geothermal power is allergenic and toxic: The abundance of underground hot springs in New Mexico enabled an expansion of geothermal power plants, which have released onto the lower atmosphere poisonous vapors containing sulfur and radioactive isotopes, triggering widespread coughing, lung disorders and cancer fatalities in nearby communities and ranches, while depositing toxic chemicals onto to vegetable fields and orchards, destroying crops such as the famed Hatch chili peppers.

Algae production is a huge waste of potable water: Vast algae farms in desert regions  have diverted or, more accurately, "stolen" scarce water from ranches, farms and rural communities. The absurdly inefficient scam to produce tiny quantities of organic "bio-diesel" is a waste of water, which evaporates aggressively in sunlight to cause whirlwinds that raise bacteria-infected dust into the air.

Wind turbines end up as hazardous waste: The gigantic contraptions are nearly all fabricated overseas and therefore must be transported thousands of miles on dedicated cargo ships and off-loaded onto super-long long-bed trailers accompanied by wide-load escort cars. The lifespan of the humongous resin-coated blades can be as little as hours in a powerful wind storm. The bearings wear out within a decade, and the long blades are normally battered and bent in less than 20 years before these monstrosities have to be dismantled and hauled to vast graveyards for non-recyclable industrial trash. A blade assembly weighs on average 36 tons, the tower 70 tons and the nacelle or power-train assembly 36 tons, and all end up in scrap yards. Over time, due to exposure to solar rays and rain, the plastic component that comprises 15 percent of total weight releases toxic compounds into the soil and water channels.

Electric car charging stations: The plug-ins for uber-expensive electric cars are an affront to common sense, with rarely any drivers seen at charging stations other than show-off yuppies with money to burn on conspicuous consumption, guys who cannot otherwise pick up a girl on looks alone or conversational skills. The show-off e-car owner must also possess a lot of idle time on his hands while powering up, as compared with the rapidity of pumping a full tank of gas. With the sticker price of a Tesla starting at $40,000 and a lifetime of a mere 8 years, purchase of an eco-car is proof of mathematical ineptitude and approaching personal bankruptcy. To better impress gullible single women, the price of a piston-driven Ferrari starts at a mere $500,000, so pony up, big spender, if you want to show off net personal worth.

Small nuclear generators: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are invested in small-scale nuclear generators, which still emit radioactive waste and are fully capable of meltdown, as has transpired at  the Vatican Observatory on a mountaintop overlooking Safford, Arizona, a town now continuously inundated by nuclear isotope fallout. Small generators mean fewer operating crew members, and therefore less capability for detecting  a meltdown in progress. Despite the obvious risks of a micro-nuke, the NRC claims that pocket reactors are "too small for meltdowns", despite the incontrovertible evidence of the internal explosion of an Americium isotope mini-reactor that blew apart the  Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003.

Nuclear as Ultimate Clean Green Power

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is a classic case of cover-ups and bald-faced lies from the "green" energy movement and its controllers at the Atomic Energy Commission.  The UN COP circus has done nothing and not even mentioned radioactive leakage from the world's 449 nuclear-power reactors.  COP 26 Glasgow was silent about the taboo subject of decommissioning damaged nuclear plants around the world, as if radioactivity doesn't cause cancer or kill.

One example of industry silence is the Palo Verde nuclear plant in Arizona, the largest capacity reactor facility in the USA, where a potential blast and meltdowns could result in depopulation of Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, and cease all traffic along strategic Interstate 40, which links Southern California to the rest of the Lower 48. This mega-nuke monstrosity is built on desert sand without any nearby river or lake, now that the Gila River out of Colorado and New Mexico is bone dry. For cooling its pressurized water reactors, Palo Verde uses waste-water from the sewers of Phoenix, evaporated as coolant into the atmosphere, sending a radioactive plume into the jet-stream to irradiate Las Cruces, San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans in a literal "shit-storm".

Despite repeated challenges from local nuclear opponents, the Palo Verde plant operators have failed to disclose persistent troubles at one of its three reactors, which could be in a derelict condition of partial meltdown. State law enforcement became alarmed in fall 2018 when a swarm of drones hovered over Reactor 3, not for a terrorist attack as wrongly presumed but to take air samples and conduct Geiger counter readings on the apparently damaged plant. See the attached photos during a couple of my stopovers at the nuclear plant en route to LA.  

The complex financial dealings at Palo Verde illustrate the ethical cloud surrounding green energy and nuclear plants. Palo Verde is more than a nuclear power station, since its transmission lines and transformer complex is located at the center as a collection hub for California-bound power lines from gas-fired, solar, geothermal and coal-sourced energy from New Mexico. Nearly all "green" energy from New Mexico and Arizona is transmitted on power lines to Denver and via Palo Verde to Los Angeles and San Diego. The locals across the Road Runner State, including Native American tribes, are left with only the toxic waste for this interstate boondoggle to supply wealthy coastal cities to power swimming pool filters, 64-inch flat screens, Netflix cable and the electric charger in the 6-car garage.

Foreign Control through Financial Fraud in the Energy Sector

As far as I've been able to detect, the various players in the "green" energy sector are not long-established power companies but likelier investment schemes by private investment partnerships with an opaque history, some including suspects in money-laundering and drug-smuggling activities. One of the Palo Verde nuke owners is the Albuquerque-based PNM, or Public Service Company of New Mexico, which is involved in a hodgepodge of "energy" interests, for instance selling off its gas operations to Alan Goldberg, former CEO of Morgan Stanley, who is partnered with cronies of George W. Bush and the British Aon insurance company. That gas operation has since been taken over by Canada's Emera, based in Nova Scotia, which happens to controlled by the British Crown, which also took over Tampa Electric.  Two centuries on, we are losing the War for American Independence.

Of more recent concern for a small circle of patriots in the American Southwest is PNM's financial wedding with Avangrid, a subsidiary of the notorious Spanish energy corporation Iberdrola, which took over Scottish Power and is the bad-guy in a Maine lawsuit against cross-border transmission  of electricity from Quebec, Canada. As hostile foreign interests continue to take over the national grid, it won't be long before we will be singing, "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

Americans need to make a clean break with the UN COP ideology and restore an efficient cost-effective mix of their proven national energy resources, including gas, oil and coal, while basing decisions on alternative energy on cost-effectiveness and avoiding federal or state subsidies to hide fuel inefficiency. Instead of importing fuel from Canada, Mexico or OPEC suppliers, the USA should restore a policy of strategic energy independence in tandem with companies that are 100 percent American owned. The prewar failure of Japan and Germany to develop in-nation fuel sources and domestic-centered energy systems led to their wartime aggression, and subsequent military defeats, in World War II. Some nations, lacking fuel sources inside their borders, will always be dependent on foreign sourcing, which is not a comfortable situation in times of international conflict. There is absolutely no reason for the United States to be either a spendthrift waster of its fuel supply nor over-protective of strategic reserves, but  instead self-sufficient in fuel for industry and the population. Honest research in more efficient and novel fuel sources should be promoted, as opposed to the "green" energy scam.

The discredited global warming theory has proven to be an unethical nonscientific hoax and should be removed in its entirely from the university curriculum and deprived of all research funding. As the COVID pandemic draws to an end, it is time to power up the American economy and create decent jobs for working people to restore national confidence and refill our drained Treasury, so that the dollar will again be an almighty force for human welfare, national defense and economic progress.