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The Cartel-China-Dem Drug Alliance
...Turns Dreamers Into Killers

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

In a road race against the Arctic Vortez, I took my leave, graciously, from a dear friend who a few days earlier  had suffered four fractures on her now tape-wrapped leg. Pulling out of Albuquerque, minus one hub cap and soon enough to hold onto the others, I drove southward out of Albuquerque toward the long-shrinking town of Lordsburg, New Mexico, on the border of Arizona and close to the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

My purpose was to take photos in the hometown of the gangland-murdered policeman for a text follow-up, presented here, to my radio report for on the Cartel shootout with the state police, and the implications of the China-Cartel drug partnership implicating their paid stooges in the Democrat White House, from the joker president and his Jamaican posse sidekick on down the ladder to dealers on the streets of the black ghettos of our inner cities. My field research has turned out to be a study of high treason, in fact far deeper, wider and worse than the misdeeds of that turncoat Benedict Arnold because that incident was likely the opening shot of World War III on American soil.

Near one of the exits of Highway I-10 where I refilled the gas tank, a police car and undercover vehicle were confronting a lost soul who was squatting, hands gripping his forehead, keeping their distance in event of his possible possession of a firearm until an ambulance arrived to take him to a medical facility. The Universe is oddly connected like an old-style switchboard. The on ramp was therefore closed during this stand-off with a fellow overcome by vapes and maybe meth. This dog leg back down to the border region was to further investigate the synthetic opioid and heroin smuggling ring behind the recent shootouts between New Mexico police and Latino drug dealers in Deming and Las Cruces, which I had discussed with Jeff Rense. Listen in to rense radio for an impressionistic account immediately after the shootout.

Infiltrating 'Dreamer' Terrorist Sleeper Cells

The sudden surge in violent crime, after dormancy during the last half of the Trump admin, is due to a new aggressive push by the Mexican Cartel and their Chinese pharmacological suppliers, triggered by  Joe Biden's executive orders to halt construction of the border wall and to offer blanket citizenship privileges for 11 million illegal migrants from Mexico and other parts of Latin America. Therefore, the Mexico-Colombia-China triad Cartel interpreted Biden's amnesty as an invitation to resume their lethal commerce in evermore powerful narcotics. On this side of the border, there's been a mounting eagerness among crime gangs to kick-start smuggling after their lack of ill-gotten gain during the hiatus of the COVID lockdown. Then came suddenly their first move, as anticipated the Department of Homeland Investigations (DHI), the DHS intelligence operation.

Reaching at last the off-ramp to Lordsburg, I slammed the brakes to glide slowly past two State Police cars, which have rarely if ever been posted along the road leading northward to Silver City, a tourist town that serves as home base for burglars, highway robbers and sleeper agents of the Cartel, illegals along with children of illegals or Dreamers. While gliding along, I spotted some hand-drawn posters on a wire fence and so pulled over into an abandoned  store's parking lot to get out and look.

The messages and drawings were an expression grief and pride among residents, mostly teenagers, in this forlorn near-ghost town for their local hero, State Police Officer Darian Jerrod, gunned down by a Cartel dope peddler and hitman near the Akela gas station east of Deming, about 80 miles from this, his hometown of Lordsburg. The shock has sunken in deep and hard on the entire borderline since Jerrod, 29, was father of 3 young children with another on the way.

Most of these local children have not yet fully learned to despair over the unrelenting injustices and greed of a hypocritical society, as I could tell from their innocent words honoring the noble police officer who died so that they might be free of the scourge of drug addiction. Yet to Lordsburg's youngsters, his death was not in vain for he had walked the Stations of the Cross with courage and calmness to spare the citizens of New Mexico a worse fate. The major of signatures were of Spanish surnames, disclosing a ray of hope that we might stand together as Americans in defense of our shared democracy and respect for the individual's rights against totalitarian usurpers and their foreign patrons profiting from the vipers of the drug trade.

The slain officer was obviously a bright fellow, being assigned as local liaison to the Department of Homeland Security's investigations program, which collects intelligence deep and far on the Mexican and Colombian drug smuggling rings, and their foreign suppliers and money launderers along with government officials in Latin America on the take. Whether DHI is allowed to probe the clandestine cooperation of American politicians, lawyers and judges remains outside of my narrow scope, as I suppose it should be. I can only hope that the lawmen are monitoring the collaboration of the multitude of political insiders and legal beagles who are on the Cartel's take.

Officer Darian Jerrod we salute you with deepest respect for your dedication to freeing these United States from senseless destruction of bodies and minds being wrought by a criminal alliance of foreign nations, Mexico, China, Venezuela, Iran, Afghanistan and others, all of them pretending to be shocked, just shocked that there's worldwide drug trafficking going on. Tragic as it is, his sacrifice sets the highest standard of justice in the hearts of a younger generation, who now start to realize we are at war. The victory is entirely yours, brother in arms. Rest in peace knowing that the battle goes on.

From Dream to Nightmare

During my adolescence, after leaving behind the mean streets of Los Angeles, I was a tenor in the boys choir at a Catholic middle-school in Kobe, Japan, and our signature song was Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer".

"Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,

Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;

Sounds of the rude world, heard in the day,

Lulled by the moonlight have all passed away!"

The lullaby of an absurd post-career impeachment has diverted public attention from the booming silence surrounding the deadly border battle, which was an indictment of Democrat politicians, their lackey "news" media, politically correct academic fraudsters, investment  bankers laundering the global drug traffickers, and the foreign press whose publishers are also complicit with the pharmaco incubus that haunts every town across America at midnight while filling the pockets of the fraudsters with blood-sopped dollars.

Today, dreaming is stimulated by toxic chemical vapes (a noxious delivery system invented in China), evermore potent meth-amphetamines and synthetic lab-modified opioids, derivatives of Afghan heroin.  Permanent damage to the human brain and central nervous system adds up to a soaring body count of overdoses, which goes unchallenged due to passivity and ethical paralysis, short-circuiting our once heavenly visions and poisoning the drug users, there corpses written off as COVID cases and then tossed into dumpsters behind hospitals and in the back alleys of social decay. In this rude world, our lunar imaginings have been channel-switched to a fearful kaleidoscope swirling hypnotically from cable channels and trumping with a mechanical hiphop beat.  

Nobody dares or even cares to discuss the identity of the Cartel sleeper agent who murdered in cold blood a fine young police officer and injured another in Las Cruces during the second shooting. If there was only decency expressed in national outrage at the brutality. But, no, I can't see the faces in my mind because they're all turning into ghosts.

"There's a killer on the road,

His brain is squirming like a toad,

Into this world we're thrown

Like a dog without a bone

An actor out alone

Riders on the storm

Take a long holiday

To let your children play

If you give this man a ride

Sweet family will die.

Riders on the storm."

On the I-10 approach to the Akela gas station east of Deming, Officer Jarrod sounded the siren to pull over a speeding pick-up truck, the driver suspected of being one of the Cartel dealers who picked up a cargo of drugs air-dropped by a drone in the desert wasteland. As the policeman, who was assigned to help the DHS, approached the white truck, suspect Omar Felix Cueva pulled out a handgun and shot him dead in his tracks.

Then speeding eastward the drug runner continued toward Las Cruces, likely destined to a hideout near El Paso, Texas, a stronghold of  Mexican smugglers just across the border from Juarez, Mexico.  As transporters of dope from southern Mexico, Colombia and China, the Juarez syndicate is renowned and feared as the most ruthless gang on this planet.

After a panicked phone call from Deming reporting the gunshot death of an officer, Las Cruces policemen directed traffic off the highway in order to lay a row of steel spikes across two lanes. Heeding not the flashing pull-over lights, Cueva accelerated over the spikes, determined to reach his contact point in a safe haven in the vast Texas border city.  Sirens screaming, the police chase was on his tail, until the truck's front tires smoked and caught fire from friction leaving a trail of acrid stench. The rubber gone, the vehicle spun out sideways.

Even before coming to a full stop, Cueva jumped out of the cabin and strode fearlessly toward the nearest police car, right up to the front grill, pumping gunshots into the windshield, wounding one officer who had stepped out to make the arrest but forced to take cover behind the rear door.  Then, under a hail of bullets, the once innocent boy turned Terminator collapsed to the roadway, lacerated by the storm of gunfire.

Beautiful Dreamer, wake unto me, so that we might hear your life story and tell it to the Democrat White House on down to the fool liberal politicians, judges and lawyers who set you loose on the American public. Dreamer turned into a Nightmare Ghoul, Cueva was the sort of sleeper-cell agent that Joe Biden and the Mexican revanchists have nestled among our patriotic Hispanic citizens like wolves among sheep, for it's these bloodthirsty criminals that the Democratic Party intends to empower as future leaders of a crime-ravaged enslaved Latino community in these United States to be renamed Mexico Nuevo Norte.

Better to turn over the Southwest to an enemy foreign alliance than to accept the American Way of ranchers, hunters, rodeo cowboys and other undesirables reminding us of our roots in the frontier ethos. The ultimate near-term goal is, of course, a genocide to be perpetrated against traditionalist Americans. This is a life or death struggle in which there can be no quarter and no mercy for this demented nefarious enemy at home, especially now that they've stolen the election. The Reckoning approaches relentlessly.

Alamo Legacy

Cultural psychology is all important across the Southwest. On New Year's Day, I visited the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. After touring the old fort and church, I headed across the street toward souvenir shops in search of a tequila slammer glass inscribed with the slogan "Remember the Alamo."

Meanwhile strolling toward the historic site, a little Mexican girl trailing behind her family asked, "Is this place why they hate us so much?" That hit hard on anyone who overheard, with feelings of guilt and despair.

No, little one, we do not hate you. Americans hate dictators, foreign and also domestic, who would take away our liberty, our rights, our property and rob everyone of civil rights. And that means if you are an illegal, you should have the courtesy to return to your homeland to make it a better society under a proper democratic system of governance. I do not barge across the doorway into your house to demand that your family feed me and pay my expenses. My house also has a thresh-hold between the private life and the street, and you should not enter uninvited. Su casa is yours, mi casa is mine, but without respecting each other's domain we become house invaders and squatters, even robbers, which you know is not right for either of us. Every person must tend his or her own garden, to make a better place of where we each belong. Chasing after money is no excuse for running away from your homeland, which needs you more than here. The border is the gateway to your house on other side and mine over here. Let us be good neighbors.

You see, muchacha, I have reason to feel angered by Mexico's behavior like you might harbor against the USA. It's because Pancho Villa confiscated my grandfather's 6,000 acre ranch in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, just across the border purchased for $3,000 in golden eagle 20-dollar coins, a huge sum in those days. The ranch with its tall grass, clear water streams, fruit trees, horses and cattle became a military staging area for cavalry corps preparing an armed invasion of Columbus, New Mexico.

My granddad never despaired about that total loss nor did he demand reparations because he realized that it was far better that his children and grandchildren be citizens of a just society, which at least had the decency to apologize for putting our community into wartime internment camps. For a nation to regret wrongdoing makes a vast difference, because belonging to a society is not about money but has everything to do with trust, honor and reconciliation among one's fellow citizens, while acknowledging and regretting our mistakes.

There is no hatred smoldering at the Alamo, only the deepest respect for the hundred justice-seeking Texans, many of them white settlers as well as Hispanic ranchers, including those heroes William Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, who in early spring 1836 stood their ground to the death against a European-style army of 1,500 soldiers under the command of the military dictator Santa Anna, who aspired to be the Napoleon of the New World. It was a classic struggle of democratic values versus dictatorial ambitions, fairness for every person against arrogant greed, just as it is today along the Border.  I never found a tequila slammer glass inscribed with the famous slogan, due to silent censorship by the PC tyrannical scholars, the cancel crowd, and loyal kinsmen of Santa Anna. Therefore, remember, always, the Alamo.

California Dreaming

After an inexplicable 2-day delay, the California prison bureau coughed up the crime record of homeboy Omar Felix Cueva.  About 40 hours after his body was riddled with return gunfire and the day after the police parade of mourning for fallen officer, the NM state police chief announced Cueva had a "violent criminal history that included drug trafficking and other felonies" in California. Go figure, but calculate in the fact that Kamala Harris served as that state's attorney general.

The list of Cueva's convictions showed his first arrest at the juvenile age of 13 for vandalism, repeated drug possession in his teens and drug trafficking at 21, culminating in possession with intent to distribute crystal meth at age 29.

The complete list of crimes for which he was found guilty included:

  • 06/1994 Vandalism
  • 06/2000 Possession of a controlled substance
  • 09/2001 Possession of controlled substance
  • 10/2002 Importation of a controlled substance (note that, cross-border trafficking)
  • 4/2004 Importation of cocaine (ditto, Columbian product)
  • 8/2006 Fictitious check, false check, burglary
  • 3/2007 Probation violation

Then pretty boy Omar disappears from the record. That's all there is from California? What's he been doing over the past 13 years? Where's he been based since? Where'd he get his drivers license, truck and gun? How's he been supporting himself, living on a dream?

Pelosi's Crooks in Office

For decades, until two years ago when the Border Patrol at last received orders to set up more checkpoints and patrol the isolated roads, the Cartel had brazenly smuggled cocaine, heroin and opioids into California through that small airport on the reservation of the Rincon Band in Southern California, where money is laundered at the Harrah's Casino resort for the benefit of the state Democrat politicians liaising with their Mexican and Colombian overlords. Now, one point I should make clear to these treacherous swine in the Democrat Party, I've witnessed Irish members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors collecting payoffs from drug dealers at a karaoke bar, so no BS denials are accepted here from you swine at the trough.

Those accessories of the Cartel includes Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi, daughter of the Baltimore mayor Boss Tom D'Alesandro, who was on the payroll  of "Lord Julius" Salsbury, the fixer for the Jewish and Italian mafias and dope dealer for Meyer Lansky. When hit with an FBI warrant, Julius ran off to Israel for protection. That was back in 1962, when the corrupt Baltimore mayor's little girl Nancy was 26 years old. Yes, she's from a Mafioso family. So instead of obsessive anti-aging treatments and gene therapy, let's just say, bag lady, that the ghost of Elliot Ness will soon be back to heal your treachery since your ilk does not yet possess the secret of immortality.

California is not fessing up as to the actual birthplace of Omar Felix Cueva, since US-born and birth registered immigrants usually have an Anglo middle name.  So far the loud silence indicates Cueva is an illegal somehow released from incarceration to vanish from public sight during Kamala Harris's term as California state attorney general from 2011 to 2017. Back then she was still the main squeeze of Willie Brown, former SF major and defense lawyer for the Cartel. Hey, Lady K, out of gratitude you are expected to deliver a heartfelt eulogy at your home boy Omar's funeral

And that, folks, is the point about treason in high office having a high degree of tolerance of heinous crimes against the American citizenry. Their same Cartel goons set fire to dozens of residential communities across that state's south-land in 2019, attempted to torch the Getty Museum and Reagan Library, and are responsible for the cruel arson of horse stables. Now stepping up their game, these felons are collaborating with the Chinese military-tech sector and the Venezuelan gangster regime to fly stealth drones from Northern Mexico for airdrops of drugs across the border for air-drops to quiet desert roads near Deming.

For the Dreamers seeking riches, Omar Felix Cueva is a role model of a macho tough guy who does not flinch at killing cops, which is why these children, used as pawns for propaganda by the Cartel, must be deported, for their own safety and well being, back to their families and neighborhoods in Mexico where they belong. All speak Spanish, so learning a foreign language will not be a problem. Viva Mexico! On this side of the border, however, their Dream is our worst Nightmare. Instead harassing all the good patriotic Americans, the super-liberals should do the right thing and load a handgun with a single shell and put it to their heads and pull the trigger. Spare us your stupidity, traitors.

Thank you, China Joe Biden for your Executive Orders to give citizenship rights to 11 million illegals and blocking any further progress in building the border wall. This outright treason means only that your turn at the speed trap is coming up fast, and yours too, Hindu drug tramp Kamala from that tropical island of the Jamaican posses. Pass the spiff, babe. Sure, when all is revealed to the public you might get off a few shots like your pretty boy Omar, but the steel spikes and lead hailstorm will render you into filthy carcasses, scumbag traitors.

I realize that it is rude of me to speak my mind about the President and Vice President, but try to understand that my early childhood on the mean streets of South-Central LA, the ghetto where law and order never existed, and my summers were spent toiling in the hot sun in the sand dunes south of Indio as an unpaid farmworker. I have little pity and no tolerance of bull crap. Since I had to physically fight for my life every day in a decaying public school system, I'm not so ignorant as to vote for criminals or show the slightest courtesy to fakers. They are what they are, trash to be incinerated. Or out of compassion, since I am a life-long Democrat and Christian, I'll reword my harsh appraisal by suggesting instead that Kammy Baby move back to Jamaica and urge that Dreamer Barack Hussein O to repatriate to his Muslim community in Kenya. Neither of you deceiving backstabbers are fit for American citizenship.

So turning away from the darkness toward a source of hope and inspiration, I come away from this American tragedy with heartbreak yet encouragement to see such civic unity in a town that's been dying on the vine ever since the federal freeway bypassed the once-thriving motels and restaurants along old transcontinental highway 10, and before that the long-gone train station for the region's silver and copper mines. Once lords of the West, today southwest New Mexico is down in the dust. Whatever it takes and however long, however, Lordsburg will make its comeback. If anything, Darian Jarrod, you've put it back on the map, as a hometown of American heroes.

As discussed in my radio interview, the China threat looms large in this deadly assault against the United States, with the Akela shooting likely to be remembered as the opening shot of World War III. That is a most difficult thought for me, since most of my adult life was devoted to aiding the long-suffering Chinese people, paying back in pennies what my Japanese kinsmen stole in millions during their repeated invasions and gunpoint robberies across the Sinitic realm.

As one who has spend so many years among the Chinese trying to teach truth in journalism, oppose the self-mutilation called censorship, promoting environmental protection and green farming methods versus chemical agriculture and industrial pollution, and retrieving lost episodes of that ancient civilization's precious history, I am disheartened by the current drift toward financial crime, militarism, media deceit, the abrogation of citizens' rights, adoration of Manchu despotism and overweening global ambition, and tech fraud, all of those ethical failures so repetitious of Imperial Japan's ruthless drive from the 1930s to those fateful days in the summer of 1945 on a crazed campaign to become the world's leading power.

The original Japanese war strategy was not aimed at Pearl Harbor but, instead, to establish a string of pearls, that is naval bases and airfields, across the South Pacific in the captured German island colonies, to bridge the shorter global circle to Latin America, particularly the dictatorships in Argentina, Peru and Mexico, under a grand alliance to invade the USA across its soft underbelly in the Southwestern states. Today, China is following the same map for dreams of conquest.

As in the present-day geopolitical situation, there was and is vast treachery in this grand type of geo-strategic plan. Ignored by the brute Japanese and now the Chinese leadership, the Americans have always been the most consistent friend and supporter of an Asian revival against the brutal and aggressive European imperial powers, including Britain with its Opium Wars and Russia's annexation of half of the territory of the Chinese empire at its height. Americans were the most consistent ally of Asian nations in terms of anti-colonialism, technology transfer, economic development, military modernization, promotion of representative government as opposed to dictatorial warlordism, public education, modern medicine and rights for women and minorities. Historians like William Appleton Williams have been harshly critical of the underlying financial motives and trade expansionism, but at a higher political level American idealism provided the leaven of hope for downtrodden Asia.

The nation's overall good record, despite some terrible moments when America fell short of its own values in foreign policy,  and here I will frankly state that the Jesuits were directly to blame for our involvement in the Vietnam War, means everything in terms of the ingratitude and indeed treachery being shown by the current Beijing clique in power, with its nefarious role in electoral fraud by China-created software in ballot machines to throw the 2020 US presidential election, the despicable ongoing made-in-China Opioid Wars against vulnerable Americans, and now a resumption of undercutting export prices to flood the US market with junk plastic and tinny metal consumer products, and there's the sly investment strategy aimed at taking control of properties in key cities, penetration of US universities with questionable scholars and cheating students, the grand larceny involving Wall Street IPOs of bogus Chinese corporations, incessant industrial espionage and copyright theft.

There's also been the massive shipments of counterfeit dollars printed in China and shipped via Canada to Minnesota for pickup by Chinese financial-warfare agent George Floyd, for inland transfer to the drug dealers along the Texas border. The flow of counterfeit was done in strategic cooperation with the Consulate of China in Houston, which was shut down by the US Government as a consequence of outright violation of all diplomatic protocols and monetary rules of the US Treasury Department. There can be no further sympathy wasted when a major power morphs into a gargantuan criminal enterprise.

Now, we are confronted by direct military aggression from Chinese stealth drones smuggling heroin and opioid shipments from northern Mexico across the New Mexico border, which resulted in the death of a local police officer. This high-risk operation involves state-of-art drones, like those used by the Turkish maniacal tyrant against Syrian tanks, for the Soleimani legacy arson attacks against Saudi oil terminals by Iranian-backed militias, and the fake staged assassination attempt against the  Venezuelan militarist Maduro to discredit the democratic opposition, with that drone deployed by Nicholas Maduro Jr., a graduate student in Beijing, who is the head of visiting Venezuelan military officers being trained in advanced tech by the PLA.

Stealthy drones across the reinforced US southern border are just the opening move by the new totalitarian coalition, their planned  military aggression being tested under the cover of drug deliveries. The actual intention is blatantly obvious, test flights to garner information about America's air defense system and targeting of military assets for drones delivering weapons of mass destruction. The strategic objective is, of course, military targeting of the nearly White Sands Missile Test Range near Alamagordo, and with larger drones on the way for nuclear strikes or EMP bursts against the Sandia National Laboratory, the center of American electromagnetic warfare development, and of course Los Alamos, the nation's foremost nuclear-weapons lab.

If these targets are successfully hit in a surprise attack against the American mainland, the resulting radioactivity will smother all life across the Permian Basin, the world's largest center of energy production, including oil, gas, wind turbines and solar panels, which stretches across western Texas to eastern New Mexico. The prospect of a war of defense on American territory is far more threatening than the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor followed by the naval-air battle at Midway. The drone flights this early in the great game is a call to arms for American patriots against the Quisling regime in the Jesuit-infiltrated White House.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, several Chinese astronomers were detained and banned from a mountaintop observatory on Sacramento Peak, southeast of Alamogordo, a couple of years ago for spying with mirror telescopes on rocket tests over White Sands. This precedent raises hard questions of whether the Beijing-allied Jesuit telescopes on Mount Graham in the Pinaleno range are being used to track high-altitude rocket tests, spy on the military version of the space shuttle known as X-37, and other innovative vehicles of the US Space Command.

Treachery and espionage have always being the diplomatic trademark for those sneaky thieving Jesuits of the Matteo Ricci ilk, which is how they wheedled their exclusive contract with the Manchu Imperial court, introducing modern astronomy and providing sky-gazing instruments to the warlord emperors, while doing nothing of value for the oppressed majority Chinese peasantry.  In essence, nothing changes from then to now. China's declared intent to dominate the colonization of the Moon and Mars, of course, would be assured by destruction of the American space program, aided by the now China-invested Elon Musk and his SpaceX launches. Jesuit lackey Biden will surely strangle the Space Command and turn over the technology and controls to the Guojia Hangtan, China's Space Admin in exchange for another round of ballot fraud four years from now.

Demonization of China, as is being done by the bipartisan National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is an expensive and wasteful verbal approach to dealing with this nasty anti-American turn in the Beijing leadership's attitude toward the United States. Instead, stronger enforcement and continuing education on the rule of law and mutual respect, with appropriate punishment of offenders, is the more effective method of carrot-and-stick to rein in the thousands of rogue players that Beijing has unleashed against and inside the USA.

Yet until the traitors are removed, the place to begin is covert warfare against the rogue regimes' Super Cartel, not only with interdiction but counterstrikes on laboratories and severe punishment of American collaborators, for instance, Musk and Jeff Bezos, the latter for placing a massive Cloud server in Ningxia province. It is the most absurd location, in the northern Gobi, which is the heartland of the Chinese Muslim drug rings, the world's largest mafia that runs the Afghan heroin trade supplying opioid labs with heroin as a raw material.

Since Biden will never issue orders against his foreign masters, it is important to remember that the new Benedict Arnold is called Hunter Biden, a creep who does not hold high office yet is invested in by the Bank of China to bribe complaint bureaucrats and businessmen. It is up to patriotic lawmen to find ways to get the job done by the necessary means to block the criminal takeover of these United States.

The Return of Reaganism

Only with the emergence of a tough and principled American president, as was seen in the rise of Ronald Reagan, will the USA once again prove to be the champion of democracy, taking down aggressive and ruthless dictatorship and liberating peoples from the yoke of oppression. The isolationism of Donald Trump, even with the best intentions and good policy, unfortunately enabled the tyrants to crush their own people's aspirations for freedom and to team up as the New Axis. The lesson learned is that preemptive action is needed to push back the tide of national slavery. Warfare is an art. Blunderbuss methods for special interest groups,  as perpetrated by the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Powell must not be repeated. In contrast, Reagan was most effective at using the least violent means and achieving the greatest changes in the hearts and minds of entire nations.

Of course the corrupt and indecent regime in Caracas must be dismantled and Venezuelan people freed from a militarist regime posing under a thin veneer of "socialism", which has degenerated in the political lexicon to be synonymous with starvation and bankruptcy. The era of that idealistic experiment collapsed in 1989 in utter failure and duplicity, mainly for its refusal to accept liberty as the core value of any healthy and productive society. We have come a long distance yet there are still more tests of endurance, valor and stamina ahead of us, and the reality is now more than ever that only America can lead the charge.

Taking the risks of strong action, American citizens and other people with honor still intact can delay and perhaps foil the gathering forces of dictatorship and criminal rule. The good news is that Americans are responding, as I've noticed from the truck-borne shipments of armored patrol vehicles following the gunfights on Highway 10, the de facto Borderline, and also among local citizens packing firepower, ready to act in emergency to protect their neighborhoods and the people of this border region.

Officer, brother Darian Jerrod, we doff the cowboy hats and bow our heads to your valor and sacrifice, which like that of Crispus Attucks, the first casualty at Bunker Hill at the start of the Revolutionary War, shows Americans how to stand tall and be fearless in taking on whatever the harsh risks of defending liberty. We pray for your widow and children and hope that they always remain proud of their father and husband as an exemplary defender of the Constitution and American values at this moment, our nation's darkest hour. You are a shining hero in the cause of freedom and justice.