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Donald Rumsfeld Is Dead, The legacy

By Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum.

Don Rumsfeld died on June 30th. Many of the articles deal mainly from his fall from grace over being the Architect of the Iraqi War well described in the Daily Beast: donald-rumsfeld-killer-of-400000-people-dies-peacefully? ref=scroll

Even before Rumsfeld's death his legacy was well known.    Andrew Cockburn had written the book: "Rumsfeld:  His Rise, Fall, And Catastrophic Legacy."  The chapter on Rumsfeld getting aspartame approved after the FDA tried to have the manufacturer indicted for fraud reads like a chapter out of the Twilight Zone.

In the Huffington Post on "Donald Rumsfeld and the Strange History of Aspartame" entry/donald-rumsfeld-and-the- s_b_805581

The author states "Yes, that Donald Rumsfeld, the known and unknown" guy who remarkably executed some of the worst decisions in American foreign policy and got a medal for it. She says further the reasons and means by which Rumsfeld helped get aspartame approved are nefarious at best, criminal at worst.  How did it all happen, what is aspartame and where did it come from?  Just read the "Swirl and the Swastika"

http://aconstantineblacklist. swastika-nutrasweet- nutrapoison.html

Yes, aspartame is a biochemical warfare weapon and  originated in Germany.  One informant who asked that her name not be published wrote:

"Thanks a lot, this is about the most comprehensive documentation I've seen on aspartame and it has filled quite a few gaps in my knowledge.

"After the Berlin Wall came down the then jobless ex-STASI agents were selling stasi-files. I got to read the aspartame file but did not buy it. It all sounded too much over the top and I thought these files must be faked: ex IG Farben scientists now living in US continue their work started under Hitler for CIA to produce a biological warfare agent.

A "voluntary euthanasia" program would make people infertile and decimate populations, aspartame plays a part in this" ..end of this part of her letter.

Yes, Germany is where it came from and  once listed with the pentagon in an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to Congress. It came to America under "Operation PaperClip".  The Ecologist also wrote the history of aspartame: v=_cuAvEIkJto  The

front cover of the 17 page article is titled "What Do Donald Rumsfeld, Bio-Weaponry, Sick Mice and  Diet Coke Have in Common?"

Psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Walton said:  "With regard to Donald Rumsfeld, my feeling is that he did more damage to the world as CEO of Searle, when he pushed through the approval of Nutrasweet, than he ever did as Secretary of Defense. "  Dr. Walton did two studies on aspartame  exposing the toxin, and recently released his medical text on this killing machine titled "Double Blind:  Science, Corruption & the Diseases of Civilization".   Dr. Walton made it clear from the start that he wanted no profit from the medical text and you can get your copy from for only $5.00.  This is his legacy, saving lives.   Be sure to get a copy for your loved ones and read what one physician did  for 40 years to alert the public of its toxicity and have it banned.  He quotes Parliamentarian Roger Williams from the UK who said:

That this House expresses deep concern over the numerous independent toxicological studies and thousands of subjective reports attesting to the toxic effects of the artificial sweetener aspartame on human health; notes that aspartame, once patented as a biochemical warfare agent, is the synthetically produced methyl ester of a dipeptide which is readily broken down in the gut to release methanol; further notes that in naturally occurring foodstuff methanol is either not released into the body or present together with natural defence mechanisms that mitigate its toxic effects; recognises that methanol is a well known poison and is further converted into formaldehyde, a class A carcinogen according to the World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer; accepts that severe health concerns occur from the gradual accumulation of formaldehyde in the body which cannot be excreted and that further research has shown that long term low level exposure to formaldehyde induces leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer in humans;acknowledges that of the 166 studies conducted on aspartame's safety deemed relevant to humans, 92 per cent. of independently sponsored studies identified one or more problems with aspartame's safety whereas industry-sponsored studies found unanimously in favour of aspartame's safety; and urges the Government to abide by the precautionary principle and make use of Statutes 13 and 16 of the 1990 Food Safety Act to remove aspartame from the permitted list of additives on the UK market."

Yes, indeed, it has been said over and over and over again that aspartame is a biochemical warfare weapon.  Even I did a lecture on it: watch?v=_cuAvEIkJto You will notice I'm holding up the medical text, 1000 pages, "Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic"  by the late world expert, H. J. Roberts, M.D.   Physicians have been writing books and publishing research for decades.  As Dr. Roberts stated for years the epidemic has been ignored. Most medical texts have "kill" in the title.  "While Science Sleeps:  A Sweetener Kills", Dr. Woodrow Monte  and "Excitotoxins:  The Taste That Kills", Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.    Yes, Rummy's actions have been responsible for so many of these diseases of civilization.  Dr. James Bowen who has Lou Gehrigs from the poison told the FDA over 30 years ago that it was mass poisoning of the US and over 70+ countries, way over 100 today. aspartame_crime_against_ humanity.htm

Notice he says this comes under Title 18, crimes of humanity  - genocide!  Dr Bowen was in prison for 3 years.  Don't look for a crime because none was ever committed or charged.  He said they just couldn't shut him up.  It just happened that Dr. Monte's house was blown up as he discusses in his book.

The studies never stop coming in.and they are always bad unless a shill was involved or there was a conflict of interest.  You can't do a study on a toxin and have it show safety.  Here's a new one: " New Research Uncovers Potential Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners" research-uncovers-potential- dangers-of-artificial- sweeteners-can-cause-gut- bacteria-to-invade-the- intestine/

Dr. Walton in doing research for 60 Minutes found that 92% of "independent" studies showed the problems and if you eliminate one summary and 6 studies the FDA had something to do with,  it was 100%.

https://www. content/uploads/2014/07/Dr- Walton-survey-of-aspartame- studies.pdf

Throughout the years informants have proven aspartame is poison.  A woman by the name of Jana Marie shredded the studies for G. D. Searle after sending one copy to France.  She said aspartame killed everything it touched.  When Rumsfeld became CEO of G. D. Searle another informant said the first thing he did was remove all studies on aspartame.  Norma Vera who is a translator gave me an affidavit that G. D. Searle did studies in 6 countries and that subjects suffered seizures and brain tumors and that it hardened the synovial fluids.  The pregnant woman hemorrhaged, and  lost her  baby and disappeared.  Norma Vera didn't know if there were survivors but offered to go to Mexico to find them.  She was filmed with Dr. Roberts on the information but the company said the info was too hot to handle and never released it to the public.

In the secret trade information released in congressional records from G. D. Searle, the 5th paragraph,  they acknowledge their "prime concern at this time is with the production of the DKP and our lack of complete toxicological data on DKP".. DKP is the brain tumor agent. But it gets worse. In the last paragraph they say, "With the spoon-for-spoon, we have no way of estimating maximum likely abuse and hence need to utilize data based on almost complete conversion to DKP. If we include this use in the original FAP, we stand a good chance of ending up with nothing in the short run and nothing in the long run whereas the other approach would give us something in the short-run and, quite likely as much as we would ever get in the long run."

So here we have the evidence that Searle knew there was almost complete conversion to  DKP, the brain tumor agent. Then they confess if they let it be known in the original FAP they would get nothing, no approval. They might as well have held up a sign saying their drug masquerading as an additive will cause brain tumors. secret_information_on_ aspartame.htm

I will always remember Kelli Motluck who died  with a head full of aspartame brain tumors.  She cried, "I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, but if I die promise me you will tell them they murdered me."  One physician said she thought aspartame had probably killed 300 million people.  What you sow you reap.  Terry Riggs who worked for G. D. Searle's sons on a ranch said whenever they partied they only served whiskey and Diet Coke.  When friends questioned aspartame's toxicity they would say "it's safe, it's safe, we drink it".  Both sons died of aspartame brain tumors although he said they tried to cover it up and they didn't die easy.

Here is the documentary, "Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" v=toKyRlpmG7A   See

Dr. John Olney and Nader Raider Attorney, James Turner, who tried to prevent approval.  See some of the physicians who battled so long and hard to save the public.  Mission Possible chapters cover the globe all working free to spread the word.  Listen to Stephen Fox, Mission Possible New Mexico.  He wrote the original bill to ban aspartame in his state and Hawaii."

"Today's UN Santa Fe News comes to you first from USA with the death of one of the worst USA genocidists of all times, The Dishonorable Donald Rumsfeld, the two time secretary of "defense" who rammed through the USA Food and Drug Administration the approval for aspartame/methanol/ formaldehyde, as one of those "special favors" from Ronald Reagan in the first few days of his presidency in 1981,.  When the company was sold  Rummy made a quick tip of $12 to $15 million, gifted by the patent holder, G.D. Searle, the Chicago Illinois pharmaceutical corporation, which had been resoundingly turned down by what used to be the good chemists at the USA Food and Drug Administration, who took one look at the molecule and said "Hmmmm. Formaldehyde as a metabolite? No good! Might turn into DIKETOPIPERAZINE, another brain tumor causing agent, and even worse, if cans of diet soda sit out in the sun after being unloaded for the USA troops in Kuwait and around the Persian Gulf when they are heated to more that 108-110 degree weather, these diet cokes will kill thousands of USA personnel and anyone else who drink the "diet beverages" in the cans, after the formaldehyde, diketopiperazine, aluminum in the wall of the can, phosphoric acid in the drink, and other chemicals, have all combined to be assimilated and form plaques at the base of the brain of those who consume the manufactured products, just one more aspect of what James Turner wrote in the Chemical Feast back in 1970, that 51 year old book for which Ralph Nader wrote the introduction."

"Washington DC lawyer James Turner  can turn in the documentation for Maryland's  Chief Federal Judge, James K. Bredar, to finally move forward with issuing the Administrative Order we requested that he prepare for the USA Food and Drug Commissioner, Janet Woodcock, to rescind and revoke henceforth the approval henceforth for Aspartame, so that when it comes as a judiciary order, she will have to do so, while sending all of the corporate lobbyists and apparatchiks all to hell.


"After this Pentagon bio weapon was relabeled as an "artificial sweetener,"to confused billions of people in most of the nations who thought they were drinking diet sodas and chewing sugarless gum to lose weight, but in fact due to Donald Rumsfeld they were only embalming their mitochondrial ribonucleic acid, so the poor victims of aspartame poisoning who still remain alive, really really have no chance at all when they elect to or  are forced to be injected with Pfizer's and Mode/RNA's chromosomal poison "vaccines doing-business-as Big Pharmaceutical Profiteering.

"Now, there is no reason whatsoever, no soothsayers, no stumbling lying corporate lobbyists, etc., to prevent conscious nations who have grown weary of being lied to, from permanently banning aspartame/methanol/ formaldehyde in their nations, along with all of its trade names, like Neotame, Advantame, Canderel, E591, Equal, NutraSweet and AminoSweet.

"There is no long dark hand of Rumsfeld to cloud the vision of the corporate minions and Apparatchiks of Industry at the so-called European Food Safety Authority to burden us with more lies about how "safe" it is per their brilliant corporate boiler plate bilge verbiage that it is just as safe as could be, this drinking a chemical that is metabolized as methanol and formaldehyde.

"We brought evidentiary filings about Rumsfeld and Gates to the International Courts in the Hague, only one of which will be cited as an article published by Medical in this short newsletter prepared for the lists so carefully compiled over the past 3 decades by Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible World Health International.

"Rumsfeld and Gates in the International Criminal Court for Genocide

https:// gates-and-rumsfeld-in-the- international-criminal-court- for-genocide/


"I know we will send you more about Rumsfeld in the future, but do not forget his announcement concerning vaccinating "every man, woman, and children" for Swine Flu, but the so-called Vaccine killed more people than the Swine Flu killed, when it was tested on military bases in Maryland and Virginia, before Rumsfeld got an idea of how much money he could make as Chief Executive Officer at Gilead, another of USA corporate Chem Jab profiteers. You can search out that glaring story at your earliest convenience, and here is a start: news/world/americas/donald- rumsfeld-makes-5m-killing- bird-flu-drug-6106843.html

"Donald Rumsfeld makes $5m killing on bird flu drug By Geoffrey Lean and Jonathan Owen Sunday 12 March 2006 01:00

"Donald Rumsfeld has made a killing out of bird flu. The US Defence Secretary has made more than $5m (£2.9m) in capital gains from selling shares in the biotechnology firm that discovered and developed Tamiflu, the drug being bought in massive amounts by Governments to treat a possible human pandemic of the disease.More than 60 countries have so far ordered large stocks of the antiviral drug."  end Stephen Fox


What many of the public and even physicians are unaware is that aspartame because of damage to the mitochondria interacts with drugs and vaccine.  Here is a chapter on aspartame and drug interaction from Dr. H. J. Roberts medical text mentioned above: aspartame_hospital_form.htm It is not an additive but an addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug, adjuvant and teratogen.  It has destroyed the health of people the world over.  Now we have on the market, not a vaccine but a nano bioweapon called the Jab.  It is being used for depopulation.  There is no corona virus. the-missing-coronavirus.php

You can imagine the interaction.  What chance does anyone have.  Dr. Judy Mikovits author of "Plague of Corruption" said sometime ago that probably 20 million people have died.  Here is a video where she said likely anyone who takes it likely will die, 50 million people. most-who-take-the-vaccine- will-die.php

Now they are vaccinating  pregnant women and they are losing their babies.  Recent report from New England Journal of Medicine: 10.1056/nejmoa2104983

When I became a judge for the International Tribunal there was a trial on Don Rumsfeld.  It had to be funded to bring it in the court but it was based on genocide and crimes against humanity.  We gave him life without parole.  As we discussed the issue I couldn't help but remember when I was in the hospital I was given Rx  containing aspartame unlabeled.  Four different times I stopped breathing and once had a heart attack.  Eventually I could not move my legs due to aspartame pontine toxicity.  On returning home I stopped these medications and walked out of my wheelchair.  I was only saved by the grace of Jehovah God.

Over the years there have been horrific studies that should have removed aspartame from the market.  The Trocho Study by Dr. M. Alemany showed the formaldehyde converted from the free methanol embalmed living tissue and damaged DNA.    Imagine it seeping into cells and going into the blood stream.  Dr. Morando Soffritti at the Ramazzini Institute in Italy did three studies showing aspartame to be a multipotential carcinogen.  Today the FDA who originally tried to have G. D. Searle indicted for fraud refuses to act.  Their own report admits to 92 symptoms including death. aspartame_symptoms.pdf

FDA scientist  Dr. Adrian Gross, told the Senate aspartame was on the market illegally violating the Delaney Amendment because it caused brain tumors and brain cancer.  8/1/1985

An FDA  task force  brought out the lies and discussed the coverup actions.  It was so strong the pharmaceutical company sued so the public could never see the report although we have it.  After the FDA revoked the petition for approval G. D. Searle sued to keep FDA Commissioner, Dr. Jeri Goyan,  from signing it into law.  President Reagan owed Rumsfeld a favor and the day after he took office someone from the transition team called Dr.Goyan at 3:00 AM and fired him according to his wife.  Knowing that it would take 30 days to get a new commissioner into office President Reagan wrote an executive order preventing the signing of the revoked petition into law or doing anything about aspartame.  Rumsfeld got Reagan to appoint Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes as Commissioner so aspartame could be approved.  Even though the revoked petition for aspartame was a done deal Hayes again asked for a vote and again the petition was revoked.  Then Hayes added another person so there would be a tie and he could break it allowing the deadly poison to be approved.

Immediately on approval the FDA was overrun with complaints.  In the Senate it was said the FDA was referring them to the AIDS Hotline there were so many.   The  complaints of suffering and harm were from blindness and seizures to mood alteration and death.  The FDA did say you could only use it in dry foods and it could not be heated.  Yet putting Equal into hot coffee or tea heats the product.  Later against their own rules they approved it for baking and then in l996 made into a general sweetener.

Rumsfeld is gone now but he leaves behind "Rumsfeld's Plague" continuing to poison the world.  We must at this point get aspartame removed from the market.

Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum, Founder
Mission Possible World Health Intl  770 242-2599