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Statements From Sidney Powell Concerning
Trump's Inaction Over The Rigged 2020 Elections

From Sidney Powell Telegram Page

Sidney Powell
All indications are that despite the overwhelming evidence of massive fraud, and more evidence available inside the government, and other legal options available, the President is taking no action to protect the Republic. People around him are limiting his information and lying to him about his legal options. The Biden administration will be consolidating power day one and the fascist corporations are already limiting speech and firing freedom lovers. Just look at the military in DC now. Trump did not call them in. And all that for a virtual inauguration that no one will attend?! It's all about power and global/communist money. You can see and smell the corruption in DC. It's gone from a swamp to a pure cesspool. There were and have been a lot more people illegally elected than just Biden and Harris.

Sidney Powell
We need a miracle. Pray
There are powers still available to the President and more information from within our government and other governments that he can access, and other witnesses—simple steps that can be taken to get the Truth out now. And it does NOT require "martial law."