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Dane Wigington Shows How The Weather Terrorists
Are Incinerating Our Planetary Life Support Systems

The weather terrorists have just scheduled yet another heat wave for the Western US (which will fallow the current incineration), while utilizing diverted moisture to cool AK and the Eastern US, (yet again, links below provide detail).

Its about to get real, many factors are already far past the breaking point. Every single day that the climate engineering assault is allowed to continue diminishes any chance we may still have of salvaging any part of the planets remaining life support systems. - DW

FYI, past c overage of EXACTLY the same completely engineered scenario.
Geoengineered Western US Meltdown To Cool The Rest Of The Country, Again

Engineered Western Meltdown To Cool The East

Geoengineering Creating Freeze Fry Extremes

I have been trying desperately to sound the alarm for a very long time. (and will continue to, for as long as is possible). FYI
Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California (Live Presentation)

See what G.D. sent me via email::

What you mention is frightening. I was under the impression the dams were replenished. Dry twelve feet down is way past the point. California goes down there goes the continent. Not only the food supply but the subtle ecological balance.
I sent this broadcast to global research to dig deeper into the truth. 

They continue to ramp up spraying over here as they so call open the economy. All the symptoms are appearing. I tell everyone the sickness comes from above. The good news is ppl are finally looking behind the curtain. The bankers are going all in as they know it can cascade against them. They have many more tricks up their sleeves but won't play out how they think. Regardless we're all in the ocean one way or the other. 

Our entire existence is a complete lie and sham as we're all under private global money control. I told Rocco no one can win in courts that have been privatized. Have to take out their money power. For what it's with that's under way. But a huge gap between now and life support systems coming back online. 

The world is under a gigantic corporation. The US president is only the president of the communications department of a vassal state. China is the new proxy but same bankers pulling the strings. Second shoe is about to drop. 

Even if we had begun in earnest thirty years ago our chances were slim as our values were too far gone. Now only by the grace of god. Truly I'm prepared for the other eventuality as I think that's next. Supply chains were too fragile in the best of times. 
Until that day we keep fighting. There is a plan and a path. Can see it clearly. Time will tell if we get the blessings needed to get there. 

I planted the seed and set a lot of placeholders with your work across all fields and personalities. Push back everywhere as they don't want to face the truth but they know I'm relentless so have no choice. Been telling ppl the comfortable grey zone of denial they live in is giving way to two choices the uncomfortable truth where you sleep at night and the uncomfortable lie where you don't and also eventuality will suffer extraordinary consequences. Easy choice to make if you have half a brain so choose now and choose well. 

The entire history of the world is coming to a head in the next few months. Here we go. 

...thriving villages everywhere...