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Biden's Grim Afghan Rout Is Due To The
CIA-Jesuit-MI-6 Bromance With Jihadists

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The Biden White House's treachery has disgracefully ended two decades of an American military presence in Afghanistan much like Henry Kissinger's back-stabbing that sabotaged any possibility for a multi-party resolution to the Vietnam War. A far better outcome could have been a coalition government forged from hostile ethnic groups, similar to the Lebanon arrangement, which was both feasible and desirable to restore the territorial integrity and long-term domestic peace for Afghanistan. A consultative arrangement between the different ethnic and tribal groupings was, however, prevented by Biden's overconfidence in a by-now outdated reliance on his personal connections with Buckingham Palace and "Babylon on the Thames" aka the MI6 spy service.

Another Jesuit plot

As disclosed by Joe Biden's tapping of publisher Michael Bloomberg for initiation into the Knights of the British Empire (KBE), covered in my since badly marred expose altered by the spy agencies, the Democrat Irish president's longtime connections with British intelligence are based in his inbred loyalties to the Jesuit order since university days. The British Jesuits are renowned for their subversive activities against the Calvinist Protestants known as the Puritans by penetration of the Anglican hierarchy or Church of England, as disclosed in the "priest hole" hidden in the estates of the secret Catholic gentry, explicitly shown in the James Bond movie "Skyfall". The Jesuit intrigues have repeatedly reached across the pond to subvert the "American cousins" toward involvement in European affairs on behalf of the Crown, most dramatically in the disinformation plot known as Russiagate against then presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Jesuits made their comeback out of the priest hole to above-ground social acceptability through an ecumenical project among the high Anglican clergy and scholars known as the Oxford Movement in the late 19th century, which culminated in the Vatican appointment of the group's leading convert John Henry Newman as a Cardinal. Steered by Professor Edward Puesy, its broader imperial aim was to revive the Vatican's global reach through establishing contact in the Victorian era with fanatical non-Turkish Muslims and also the Mormons, which figured more recently in the MI6-influenced Mormon vote against reelection of President Trump. Even more treacherous was the British intelligence connection that successfully recruited the sectarian Wahhabi leadership during the World War I uprising against the Turkish-led Ottoman Empire, as depicted in "Lawrence of Arabia". The Jesuit-Wahhab connection was largely behind covert MI6 support for the Islamic Brotherhood against the secular Baathist Party, including Nasser and Mubarak in Egypt, Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the Assad clan's Alawite-led Syrian government.

This same dark shadow of the MI6 enveloped the Deobandi sect of Sunni Islam in India, the major ideological force behind the formation of the Taliban in Afghanistan and in the ethnic Pashtun tribal territories along Pakistan's Afghan border. The subversion of a puritanical reformed sect was accomplished by MI6 with enticements including hosted visits to the UK to recruit immigrant Muslim youths, lubricated with generous funding and the forbidden fruit of Scotch whiskey. Therefore, with the British secret service connections in the once colonized Subcontinent, Biden had every reason to believe he had a secret alliance with the Taliban "in the bag." Unfortunately for this Jesuit-style plot, over the past decade the influence of British-intelligence officers and embassy staffers has diminished over Pakistan's spy organization, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). During the long war in Afghanistan, the reliable elder Pakistani spies were surpassed by a new generation of patriotic younger officers who are not in the least awed by Western colonialism's minions, the CIA and State Department or the Crown, largely due to the dismal incompetence and arrogance of the Americans in the Pakistan-Afghanistan theater.

Pride before the Fall

Overconfidence based on arrogant overreach did in Biden's attempt to broker a deal between hostile parties on the ground in order to maintain Afghanistan as the maelstrom of political instability in Central Asia and the base of covert operations against Iran, Russia and China in the global struggle for Caspian Basin oil and gas and extraction of strategic metals. Instead of steering bilateral negotiations between the White House and the Pashtun-dominated Taliban toward a broader framework inclusive of other ethnic elements in the Afghan government, including Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen and Hazaras, the bilateral talks failed when the Taliban leadership realized that Biden was exploiting the peace process for his own CIA operatives to penetrate the Pashtun leadership and had zero interest in achieving the underlying trust in the prelude toward national unity for the Afghans.

The bilateral peace talks initiated by the Trump administration were reduced to a cheap ploy by Biden's team aimed at continued strife between the country's ethnic groups, thereby setting the stage for a checkerboard of regional conflicts against the pro-Russian Tajiks, pro-China Uzbeks and pro-Iran Hazaras, similar to the divide-and-rule tactics that were so damaging to Lebanon during its civil war of the 1980s. The larger strategic objective of this dark plot was to create a geopolitical wedge between Russia and China in order to prevent the One Road and Belt (OBOR) transport and logistics project from bringing a modicum of economic development and security cooperation to the Eurasian interior. Instead, Team Biden planted the seeds for a British-style "divide and rule" strategy to pit Central Asia's ethnic blocs against each other, in short, for chaos to sabotage cooperation.

Given the fact of his high rank in the Knights of Malta, a military order dedicated to the defense of the Papacy, religious fanaticism cannot be ignored in America's second Catholic president. By contrast, the far less sectarian John F. Kennedy had severe policy differences with the Vatican and Cardinal Francis Spellman, the architect of the Vietnam intervention, on religion-based conflicts against Cuba and in Indochina. Biden's carrot-and-stick policy toward the Taliban was a means to open a second front against the underbelly of Russia in support of the Biden clan's plot to take over Ukraine, to be handed over to the Jesuit militants and their chief conspirer Pope Francis, who after all adopted his titular name after that early Jesuit Francis Borgia, founder of the most notorious family of political intrigue and assassination in European history.

It's now obvious that the Taliban leadership smelled a rat in their talks with the CIA and soon recognized that diplomatic tensions and eventual warfare with Russia, Iran and possibly even China are not in Afghanistan's best interest. Therefore, the Talibs turned against Biden and, unfortunately as collateral damage, the American troops trapped on the ground who could not immediately fly out of Bagram airfield. Joe Biden has blood on his hands that cannot be washed off, and that includes the blood of Americans.

Instigator of foreign aggression

The talks with the Taliban were doomed to fail because President Joe Biden could never fulfil his international duty as a trustworthy arbiter for a diplomatic solution given his past sectarian record in the Senate Foreign Relations committee during the Clinton-era butchery of the Republic of Yugoslavia into mutually murderous petty principalities. Biden-style diplomatic conniving breeds ethnic hatred, religious intolerance, political chicanery and economic fragmentation with the attendant corruption, criminal mafias, refugees, poverty and social crisis.

The most disgusting sight was the warmonger Biden's alligator tears for 13 American servicemen killed in the chaotic retreat out of Kabul. His past record shows him to have been a major instigator of American military aggression against Afghanistan on flimsy accusations fabricated by the CIA. Biden was the key senator in support of Clinton's 1998 decision to fire volleys of naval-launched cruise missiles against bin Laden's compound in Khost, Afghanistan to avenge militant Islamic bombings of U.S. diplomatic, in violation of international law and without a shred of proof of Osama bin Laden's involvement in those attacks. That barrage of lies and warheads set the precedent for President George Bush to pin the blame for the September 11, 2001, demolition of the World Trade Center on the Taliban government, which was "guilty" of sheltering Bin Laden from American attempts at assassination of that straw man without a fair trail based on convincing evidence, which should have been available in heaps since Osama had a long record of working for the CIA during the Afghan resistance to the Soviet invasion. The underlying motives of gaining control over Central Asian oil resources and divide-and-rule of the post-Soviet Caspian Basin region are discussed below.

The as-yet untold toll

Deception is a weapon in warfare and sometimes a necessity in diplomacy, but to deceive everybody all the time through manufacturing crises makes one a liar and a cheat, Mr. Biden. Our military personnel once again are being lost in a limbo of VA hospitals or tossed out homeless on the inner-city streets while brutalized Afghan children and their mothers are abandoned helpless and hopeless in devastated villages. More than 1,600 American servicemen were reported by the Pentagon killed in the conflict, but that is a gross underestimate excluding unreported fatalities among military contractors, the majority being recently retired active combat soldiers. The official mortality rate does not include soldiers who later died of complications in VA hospitals and other war-related causes, including the effects of toxic chemical burn pits. More than 170,000 Afghans were killed during often one-sided military engagements, a figure that excludes the many more fatalities due to the lack of medical care in bombed villages along with deprivation and outdoors exposure as war refugees. There are still more than 2.5 million Afghan refugees, many of them harbored in Iran and Pakistan.

An imperial White House and its corrupt Congressional lackeys once again walk away with sighs of relief from the horrifying catastrophe that their generals, defense contractors, chemical industrialists, tech companies and complicit news media tycoons inflicted on yet another remote agrarian nation across the ocean, this time at the far end of the Himalayas. Mr. Biden, this slaughter to advance your sinister desires is not a necessity, it is a savage crime and indeed a mortal sin.

Despite their losses and suffering, the Afghan people do not stoop to mourn in sight of their oppressors but instead express pride in defeating yet another pompous foreign invader. Their armed resistance and ultimate moral victory leaves us Americans and our NATO partners with little choice but to wallow in self-pity over our senseless addiction to "just" warfare as a salve for our vapid consumer society's spiritual vacuum. Sure, let's do better next time because we are not villains at heart, right? Wrong. Despite the ethical challenges from launching and continuing a mass slaughter without any justification, our hypocrisy can still muster sufficient temerity to boast of the goodness of our national character and praise whatever semblance of democracy still survives in a few isolated corners and remote farmlands. The truth emerging from the Afghan fiasco is that Americans desperately need a civil war against self-deception.

Although it may seem impolite, indeed rude of me to be pointing a finger toward the perpetrators of mass murder, let me clarify here that I have earned that privilege as a foreign correspondent in the Pakistan-Afghan theater at the war's start 20 years ago. Immediately before and after the U.S. invasion, I was the only dissenting non-Muslim journalist in the press pool in Peshawar, which swelled to 2,000 reporters and cameramen, to then voice opposition to the impending U.S. bombing campaign and ground invasion. During the military buildup in the Arabian Sea, I showed proof that the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad had absolutely no hard evidence that Osama bin Laden's henchmen entered Pakistan past a tightly sealed Afghan border and then make their way to Boston and New York to hijack two airliners inside U.S. borders for ramming the World Trade Center.

It was preposterous for George W. Bush to make such unfounded claims when the so-called Muslim attackers were either Saudi or Egyptian with connections to the CIA, MI6 or the Mossad. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Afghan and Pakistani Pashtun boys realized the bogus accusation was a set-up and therefore rallied to defend their nation against the impending assault by war-mongering foreigners, just like their ancestors had done in the ancient past against powerful enemies. If more of the foreign press had reported on the actual facts on the ground post-911, the imbecile Bush's invasion might have been prevented. I make no apologies for telling the truth, especially now after self-generated folly has come back to humble these United States.

A self-serving Heartland theory

There's not a lot to love about two decades of horrific warfare involving IED blasts, attack helicopter raids, nighttime smart bomb targeting of homes, and long-range sniper fire. The senseless cruelty had little to do with the 911 affair despite the bogus claims from CNN since the conflict was motivated by then Vice President Dick Cheney's plans to run an oil-and-gas pipeline from Central Asia through Taliban-dominated ethnic Pashtun areas to Gujarat, on the coast of India, for shipment to major Western energy corporations. The American-led expedition in Afghanistan (followed by the invasion of OPEC heavyweight Iraq) was a bunt to get on first base before stealing the oil and gas resources of the former Soviet republics in Central Asia, under a CIA-hatched master plan known as the Caspian Basin Project with bilateral support from leading members of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

The immediate fear back then at Langley headquarters, and wars are indeed inspired by the anxiety over losing out on the opportunity to loot, was the so-called "Moscow-to-Mumbai" master plan, a transport-and-trade corridor linking Mother Russia to the warm-water ports of her dreams in India, with the gas-and-oil fuel for trucks and trains and electrical power plants to come from the former Soviet republics of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan via the transmission-and-transit hub at Termez, Uzbekistan. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and the Clinton crowd therefore aimed to checkmate the M-t-M either by gaining Taliban support for their grand larceny or, as it turned out, replacing the Talibs with a puppet regime of corrupt northern warlords of Uzbek and Tajik ethnicity.

Aside from the motive of crass greed for energy profits, the strategic rationale shared by the gentlemen from the USA-NATO juggernaut was to gain a permanent foothold in the "Heartland" of the Euro-Asian continent. The Eurasian Heartland strategy devised by Jimmy Carter's paranoiac national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, posited that it is unacceptable for any rival power, particularly Russia, to dominate the continental interior, from whence it can militarily expand in any direction. This spatial fear is based in Halford Mackinder's thesis of an inherent struggle between nations with sea power versus land-based empires.

The phantom of a Heartland serves as justification for belligerence against economic competitors and continental powers, including Russia, China, Shia-led Iran or, for that matter, a coalition of Saudi-funded newly freed Sunni Turkic states led by a Kazakh revivalist Emir, a would-be Tamerlane the Second. There are an infinite possibility of imagined threats in those dreamy desolate realms, when one recalls that the Arab-Tibetan alliance, the latter still pagans, was once the greatest power in Central Asia, a period long since forgotten for all practical purposes other than for its halting the westward expansion of Buddhism.

If the Afghans are luckier this time around, their country along with Central Asia,devoid of Vatican and British imperial intrigues, will begin to settle down by averting ethnic conflicts and stress self-development for modest economic progress, while focusing on healing the traumas and restoring spiritual tranquility, so that there might again be peace and compassion in the heart of Eurasia.

Note: This mini-series of articles will continue through the upcoming anniversary of Operation 911.