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China-Cartel Duo Throws Opioid Drones
And DACA Satanists At The USA

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The revival of the Chinese opioid threat to Americans and citizens of a hundred nations prompts my reorganization of related articles into a series titled "Borderland Afire", starting retroactively with my 2019 account of the wave of arson against homes, cultural centers and horse stables in Southern California perpetrated by illegal alien terrorists of the Make America Mexico Again (MAMA) movement, which is now hatching wider paramilitary operations as seen in the targeted assassination with a Made in China AK rifle (modeled after the infamous Kalashnikov AK-47) to gun down the bravest lawman in the American West, New Mexico state trooper Darian Jarrott. The background and implications are more deeply examined here in Part 3 of this border saga.

Further revelations about the targeted assassination of the most dedicated lawman in the Southwest, state trooper Darian Jerrott, was the opening shot of war against the United States by an evil coalition of dictatorial regimes. The crime record since his teens of the hit-man, Omar Felix Cuervo, 39, shows that he was a repeat felon involved in drug dealing and cross-border smuggling, who somehow was allowed to resume his criminal obsession after the still undisclosed date of his early release from a California prison.

The official rap sheet from that Democrat state's prison system fails to disclose his status as an illegal border crosser during childhood, which would indicate his fanatic suicidal assault was done as a Cartel "martyr" of the cult of La Santa Muerte, the Goddess of Death for felons and DACA teens, who in their quest for material gain reject the Catholic Church's mantra of prayer to God, charity, humility and chastity. As this series has emphasis the present threat arises not just from secular politics but is intricately connect with the spiritual realm, particularly the internal crisis of a fallen modern Catholicism.

As one raised under Catholic tutelage, the relentless moral collapse of the Mother Church has been personally traumatic, forcing the realization of a pressing need for a Second Reformation to save Christianity from the onslaught of heretical criminal priests, bloodthirsty pagans and demented practitioners of witchcraft, as seen the rising popularity of La Santa Muerte, the skeletal protector of murderers, dope dealers, thieves, convicts, meth heads, supporters of Make America Mexico Again (MAMA), dominatrix, pimps and prostitutes. Those of faith in the benign divinity of the Gospel must summon the moral strength to stand and shout: "Ella no passera! She shall not get past!" This is a two-front world war, fought against the corrupt Regimes and the insane neo-Pagans. If you have never heard any of this before, that shows how the global elites and the media moguls are totally compromised by Satanism.

Kamala's Treason

The murderer's adoptive home ground of California serves as convincing proof of the abysmal legal failure, indeed treason against our national sovereignty by the Biden administration on issues of border control and immigration policy, especially when considering that Cueva was released from imprisonment on multiple counts under then California Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose term as legal protector of the Cartels lasted from 2011 to 2016.

The same time-frame of her disservice also coincides with a pair of homicides on the New Mexico-Arizona state line, involving assassins from California, which were investigated by that remarkable state trooper Jarrott. The abysmal neglect, indeed sabotage of key investigations, have been indicative that Harris is unfit to hold any high office, not even as village dog catcher, and should instead be facing an official inquiry as to her cover-up of the chain of deaths related to interstate drug trafficking. Her early-on Kamala slept her way to the top as the young mistress of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, the prime defense attorney for the Cartel. Simply put, the unsolved murders in New Mexico prove she's a dirty lawyer in the orbit of the powerful drug-trafficking kingpins. She disgraces the office of the Vice President and should be forced to resign.

I will show how a pair of drug-related murders in New Mexico, near the Arizona state line, involved a wealthy Jewish movie producer in Hollywood who has been a campaign funder for the state Democratic Party, a Hollywood coterie that includes the likes of Harvey Weinstein, the homosexual murderer Ed Buck and the perv congressman Adam Schiff. See my article "Adam Schiff Exposed Himself As Ed Buck's Buddy In Pizzagate West" ( ). Brother Kobe Bryant, the hunt is still on so you have not died in vain. What we got in common is that my hometown in Japan is Kobe, renowned for tender beef and tough yakuza gangsters.

Murder by AK-47

At midday Thursday, February 4, Officer Jerrott responded to the reported arrival of known drug runners from Southern California along Interstate 10. Their presence had been anticipated by the Department of Homeland Security Investigations (DHI) for pick up drone-delivered opioids to be delivered either back to Southern California or to ubiquitous street-punk pushers in Tucson AZ and crime haven Albuquerque along with El Paso, the Silver Triangle. The state trooper sped eastward along I-10 in hot pursuit of Cueva's white pickup truck. The hit-man pulled over just one mile before the overpass at the gas stop at Akela, located along a desolate stretch of open range and hay fields, where waited for Jerrott to catch up and pull up behind him on the asphalt shoulder.

Then suddenly Cueva jumped out of his car with a Chinese-sourced AK assault rifle. The polymer-coated slug pierced the driver-side window and slipped through the Kevlar fabric of his body-armor to inflict a massive chest wound. Then through the broken glass, Cueva opened up with a short burst of rapid fire, as one retired policeman put it "blowing half his head away." Local residents who attended the wake at a Deming mortuary told me that it was a closed casket affair.

The concentration of damage on one side of his skull indicates that the semi-automatic AK had been illegally converted into an automatic weapon, by installation of a sear parts kit. Chinese smuggling of conversion kits for their clients among terrorist sleeper cells, militant leftist radicals and dope-dealing biker gangs was proven in a recent seizure, in Louisville, KY, where the ATF interdicted a shipment of 10,000 parts for automatic-fire conversion this past autumn. California, under the watch of Attorney General Harris, provided the major harbors of entry for Chinese shipments of AKs and conversion kits through Oakland and the Port of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles gun-running affair resulted in a special operation by Navy sniper Christopher Dorner against a Chinese-Latino couple at a local CalState university. The illicit importation of AK-47s and more lethal weapons is widely considered to be the cause of death for then San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and the sacking of the Chinese-American police chief of the LAPD. Homeland defense is the ultimate test for law enforcement. If the courts fail due to traitorous judges and crooked prosecutors, then extraordinary measures are fully justified to protect American society from terrorist violence, criminal mayhem and foreign invasion.

Law-abiding citizens should not flinch if a Cartel-compromised official, sworn to uphold law but blatantly abuses that duty, suffers a fatal accident. That's because so many of our courts of law are dysfunctional due to bribery-sniffing judges and lame prosecutors in bed with defense attorneys' clients. Under our system of checks and balances, putting something more ballistic than than a bank check to crime becomes necessary. Reform of the legal system, from politically correct local judges, those friends of felons, up to the absolutely useless, sold-out and harmful Supreme Court is long overdue. Otherwise just gunslingers such as Dorner must intervene, much like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday down at the Corral.

My article in praise of the patriot Dorner was plucked from Web access during the censorial regime of Barack Obama, yet another foreign agent in his case of Muslim extremist regimes. It is high time for the public to fully comprehend that the Democrats are the part of treason and foreign subversion, preparing the way for the invasion of the United States. Their recurrent sell-outs must be crushed without a speck of mercy, now more than ever. The hit on state trooper Darian Jarrott is a wake-up call for resistance to an ever-wider occupation of this nation by foreign terrorists and drug pushers, and bought-off politicians.

Assassins' scheme

To continue our Cueva inquiry, asserting that this incident was a targeted assassination, locals suspect that a spotter with high-powered binoculars was positioned on the Akela overpass for the hit job. Indeed one can readily spot the shooting site from the bridge. The shooting was planned for just past the bend in I-10, from its eastward axis as the highway turns northeast toward Las Cruces. Just behind the shooting site, a large billboard blocks the vision of truckers and driver taking the bend. Another telltale clue is that the murder spot is near a drag-racing strip with the only large building in that proximity. Cueva chose the ideal spot for a cop-killing, meaning that many other Cartel thugs were involved in the ambush. Indeed, there is a widespread network of Cartel-related individuals across the Southwest, who by the way have also been inquiring about an Asiatico hombre snooping around the scenes of felonious crimes. The Cartel is very much a coven, under the protection of La Santa Muerta.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff comfort me." Psalms 23:4. Excuse me for that interjection. I could use a rod, preferably a Colt .45 caliber.

A most notable anomaly in the timeline was that the assassination transpired during broad daylight, whereas any professional hit-men would much prefers the cover of darkness for a getaway. Daytime, however, is most suitable for aerial surveillance-based targeting, either from a mid-size drone or by low-orbit satellite. China's PLA technicians on the Mexican side of the border are fully capable of either type of high-tech spy-craft, since Akela, east of Deming, is only 60 miles from the Mexican border, well within flight range for targeting purposes.

Adding weight to a payback-motivated ambush, Cueva showed fearlessness and utter contempt for the law by speeding toward the spike-lined speed trap set by the Las Cruces police about 45 miles further on. He made no attempt at evasion and escape along any of several exit ramps but hurtled straight through the police line, puncturing his front tires. As friction melted the treads off the metal wheels, the truck skidded sideways. Cueva rushed out to pump bullets from his handgun at point-blank range at the nearest police car, wounding one officer. Making no attempt to escape on foot, the assailant fell under a hail of gunfire, riddled with bullets.

His suicidal behavior was indicative of his long-time meth addiction along with occult faith in La Santa Muerta, the skeletal female Saint of Death, which is a Mexican cult icon for Cartel underlings, the BDSM crowd and dominatrix especially among the more twisted LGBTs, and Satanism indoctrinated DACA youths, for She makes their carnal desires come true, so why not trade in your useless soul? A combination of the hagiography of the catacombs under Rome with Aztec skull-worship, the grotesque icon became one of the features of the Day of the Dead festival, and adopted by hardened criminals and young delinquents of the DACA type as their alternative Madonna. Perhaps by now, La Santa, the Devil Herself, has been canonized by the heathen-obsessive Jesuit order, as indicated by Padre Jose Biden's eagerness to embrace the hordes of teenage Mexican felons.

DACA as Caca

For those unfamiliar with Biden's executive order to resume and expand federal funding for the politically correct harboring of foreign juvenile delinquents, DACA is the acronym for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This "humanitarian" red-carpet for legally unqualified border violators provides indefinite suspension of deportation regulations for children without visas or even passports, and provision of free schooling, housing, meals, clothing, medical care, driver's licenses, paid by government-funded charities, none of which is available for American children in need. Many of these youths claim to be orphans and have no identity papers, a ploy to obscure their criminal records in their homelands, which include Mexico, Central and South America, and ISIS-infested regions of the Middle East, the centers of violent crime, terrorism, pedophilia and gun-point robbery.

Local residents have reported seeing crossing the desert DACA children, ages 12 to 15, many and perhaps most serving as drug mules, with heroin stuffed in their backpacks to handover to drug dealers on this side, on the long trek from Sonora and Chihuahua regions of Mexico through southern Arizona and New Mexico. No youths over 16 years of age are dispatched by the Cartel because at age 17 drug-running suspects must face trail in a standard courtroom for adults. Juveniles are treated with kid gloves, and so the Cartel are certainly not insensitive toward grooming their future assets on this side of the border. The DACA kids are basically the Boy Scouts of the Syndicate, young trainees for the desirable job title of Narcotraficante.

Remember these juvenile ingrates, if they had an ounce of decency and honesty, could have remained along the Mexican side of the border to work an industrial job in the multitude of factories; or toil on farmlands, like I did in the California desert starting at age 5, with my paltry pay going to my grandparents to pay for my daily rice and fried egg. Hard at it was under the merciless sun, that toughened me for the challenges of manhood. I recommend early-life farm labor for every child.

Who gets to pay for the luxury services for this lowest grade of the Mexican poor, while denying basic services and nutrition to our own children and grandchildren? You the American taxpayer is funding the next generation of highway robbers, home invaders, rapists, arsonists, looters, rioters and Democrat voters. When full-fledged war breaks out between this Republic and the tyrannical China-Mexico-Venezuelan alliance, beside scoping those obvious foes we probably will have to look behind our backs at the DACA young adults who surely won't be volunteering for the Border Patrol. DACA is creating a Fifth Column to shoot patriots in the back, they are the hatchling vipers raised in our backyard. The politically correct liberals have ensured these foreign kids to hate this nation and local town by demonizing our law enforcement officers and customs agents. Biden is raising wolf pups inside our kindergartens.

Militarized Border

The military-style build-up on both sides of the border is not a conflict of our choosing, which is all the more reason Americans must fight as our fathers did courageously against the Axis Powers. Be very clear that the enemy coalition along the borderline include the drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia, unconventional warfare units from China, Venezuelan military officers, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Al Qaeda terrorists, North Korean fanatics and that subversive Eastern European mafia of a demented George Soros.

The local host for this motley crew of smugglers, thieves and cut-throats is the two-faced Mexican President known as Lopez Obrero or AMLO with his forked tongue of the Marrano elite of hidden Hispanic Jews, idolatrous worshipers of the Golden Calf, which has grown up to be a fake copper-plated bull in front of Morgan Stanley headquarters. I realize this may sound like some sort of parody, but unfortunately it's no laughing matter, based on what I've seen in the borderland.

In the near-term future, it will become absolutely clear to every American that World War III has already begun along our southwest border. The sooner a national mobilization is organized, the fewer the casualties that will be inflicted against our nationals. Realism in geopolitics is essential to the preservation of this Republic's democracy and value-system based on the citizen's rights. (Take note that whenever the Constitution mentions persons or people, those terms refer to American citizens and not foreign nationals, as politically correct fool judges and Soros-paid defense attorney may argue.) There are vast differences between citizens of this freedom-cherishing Republic and the slaves and henchmen of tyrannical empires. Not to mention the gulf between Christians and Santa Muerte worshipers.

As reported in this series, my sojourn across the Southwest border states has turned up horrific evidence of house break-ins, smashed cars, vandalism against businesses, drug abuse and alcoholism, mounds of trash in state parks, and even the desecration of churches.

Expelling Biden and Harris from high office and restoreing basic sensibility and reason to border policy are only a first step since there needs to be a clean sweep to vet all federal and state employees, and academics and school teachers, who have promoted this foreign invasion, with mass firings without a penny of compensation. Judges who try to "remedy an injustice" should be defrocked and banned from legal practice. We must demand our citizens to take a stand for our Republic instead of catering to the whims of our demented and insatiably greedy foreign adversaries. And if the Mexican police try to resist taking back their citizens, open fire at will to clear a path for the returnees to their homeland. Tolerance of this criminal plot by the Alamo-obsessed Mexico elite is folly!

If one of the expelled DACA youths pleads that he or she loves the United States more than their country of birth, then our answer should be, "Quit school and living in a city, and instead hire on as a ranch laborer in the northern region of Mexico and work your way up learning how to rope steers, shovel manure, castrate bulls, round up a herd, lift 100-pound bales of hay, load cattle onto a truck, cook for yourself, learn how to ward off coyotes and cougars. Then when you are a full-fledged vaquero or cowboy apply for the U.S. needed agricultural worker program and after several years of proving your worth to an American rancher you can qualify for citizenship. That is how an honorable person earns his or her keep by contributing to our hard-working economy. It's simple for the candidate who has the necessary work skills and gumption to apply for an H-2 labor visa. After a trial period, if the ranch owner is impressed by your skills and productivity along with your English fluency, you are allowed to start a family by marrying the fiance from your homeland or the second-generation child of your foreman. Citizenship can be yours but you must prove your diligence and gratitude every single day to the United States of America. Otherwise stay away and live in a slum back home.

There are wonderful and skillful aspiring Mexican-Americans on this side of the border for it takes a special sort of independence of character to become one of our citizens. That same observation applies to other nationalities, but the fact remains that the chaff must be sorted from the wheat and blow by the wind back to where it came from. Not everyone, indeed only a few can cut the muster for genuine citizenship.

A Secret War

Driving southward off Interstate 10 across a flat desert plain on a clear day in the stillness without any wind, radio stations that I had been switching between were suddenly cut off, the only survivor signal being the ultra-powerful NPR broadcast from Silver City, which the Chinese military officers greatly appreciate hearing across the border. The radio-jamming aimed at our border enforcement system is part of the EM warfare deployed by clandestine units of the People's Liberation (a misnomer, if ever) Army. The introduction of high-tech surveillance systems forced a change of posture by our Customs and Border Patrol officers. Due to fundamental rules of journalism during wartime (and make no mistake, this is war), information that could be used by the enemy to harm our troops is against the law. That key maxim has remained for retrieval in my ethical toolbox ever since that 6:30 a.m. j-law class at the Graduate School of Journalism of UC Berkeley. Even in this still "low-intensity" battle, I cannot disclose details related to military-grade equipment

As adjustments have been made by our side in reaction to the Chinese high-tech threat, I was heartened to see the brave personnel of the Customs and Border Patrol agency arrayed to interdict intrusive airborne delivery-systems and their trucks on patrol in some of the hottest, coldest, windiest, spike-strewn and insect-infested terrain on Earth. The conditions are daunting for both smugglers and the lawmen. Given the extremes endured by these champions of freedom, I often stopped to praise their professionalism and unwavering commitment to the defense of this nation. County sheriffs and local police are also present to bolster the ever-tighter net along the border.

When I asked one of the sheriff's officers if "the Cartel guys" are present, he nodded and added, "be really careful." Arriving at a village on the road toward the remote Antelope Wells border crossing to the Mexican town of Janos, I felt uneasy about all the abandoned houses that had been forcibly entered into by illegals and Cartel thugs. And then I was totally overwhelmed to see a elegant old stone Catholic Church, the House of God, with its doors smashed open and windows shattered in a senseless act of desecration. That is when it dawned on me that the Cartel recruits are mind-controlled through Satanism, and like the AK-47 gunman fearless of death due to their cult belief in La Santa Muerta, the Evil Angel of Death.

The vandalized church affirmed my anxiety that the present conflict is not just over secular political issues but is also a cosmic contest for human souls between the gravitational tugs of Heaven and Hell. That much-abused old church in a predominately Mexican community is an indicator that we have entered into the Age of the Antichrists, plural, testing our core faith and one's trust in goodness, while also demanding a total commitment to righteousness in this epoch-ending battle to cleanse the Earth of evil, by our puny human strength augmented by forces far greater. As weak as we may be, our minds and bodies are at the front, and only by showing proof of our species' worthiness will intervention from a Greater Power arrive with terrifying vengeance. In God we trust.

Cultural Failures

As contrast to this hallowed republic, in this moral contest Mexico is a failed Christian state fallen into Marrano-Jesuit pseudo-Judaism and Aztec blood-sacrifice. Meanwhile, its new partner in crime, China, has rejected all moral doctrines of sages and saints, not just of Christianity, but also of its rejected heritage of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. Beijing is ethically rudderless and only proficient at economic exploitation reverting to the barbaric Dark Age of the cannibalistic Shang Dynasty. Sadly, this only serves to confirm the revolutionary author Lu Xun's comment that "the history of China is tale of cannibalism." The people must die and be consumed for the rulers to thrive. This is not a battle against either the Mexican or Chinese people, but the liberation of fellow humans from barbaric tyranny.

Expunged from the Neo-Mandarins' chronicles us the Duke of Zhou who courageously confronted the supernatural powers of the Shang Empire, ruled by cannibals much like the Aztecs. Also spurned completely by now is the legacy of the unflinching Commissioner of Canton Lin Zexu, aka Yuanfu, who ordered the torching of thousands of caskets of opium on the port's docks.

The opium was shipped from Afghanistan by the Baghdadi Jew David Sassoon aboard the Rothschild-financed British East Indies Company. Instead of being considered nationally as a model of moral rectitude, today's corrupted Chinese scholars blame the unflinching hero for provoking the Opium War, as if the British and Iraqi Jews were generous medical practitioners. A failed regime, which is now in the same role as the Sassoon clan, will go to any length to justify its own atrocious conduct toward its own population and have no moral qualms about poisoning all of humanity.If you happen to be Chinese, go to the nearest Taoist temple to burn incense in honor of the Duke of Zhou and pray for deliverance from evil.

Ghost Town Murders

Why was this impeccable lawman Darian Jerrott targeted for a sinister ambush? Were there hidden accomplices to the murder plot inside the DHS, particularly those holdovers of the tenure of Obama-Holder loyalist Janet Napolitano? The current Chancellor of the University of California, Napolitano has signed the first-ever statewide collegiate system of special admissions for DACA youths, despite their illegal entry into the U.S. as drug mules under orders from the Cartel? Most have only the weakest English language ability, meaning that Caucasian students of talent will be relegated to lesser degrees by yet another round of flawed affirmative action for third-rate students. Law in its entirety has been hijacked by those PC traitors who support the Democrat Party.

The backstory to this bold attack on an outstanding state trooper involves two unsolved 2011 murders investigated by Officer Jerrott near his hometown of Lordsburg, close to the Arizona state line. In March 2011, a car with California plates belonging to David Ristovski was found parked on the shoulder of Interstate 10. His footprints in the sand led to Steins Ghost Town, owned by a Larry Link, along with the adjoining ranch. There, on the Link property, the tracks abruptly disappeared, apparently swept away with a broom. Ristovski has never been seen since.

As Joe Pesce put it in the movie "Vegas", there's a lot of space in the desert to dig holes. Three months later, in June, the body of Larry Link was found riddled with bullets, supposedly shot by a Mexican drug runner who had buried a bundle of marijuana there for pick-up.

My local source who gave testimony at a court hearing for a warrant had picked up talk that the hit involved the loss of a drug shipment and failure to pay compensation to the investor in Los Angeles presumably connected to the high-flying entertainment industry. Jewish-controlled Hollywood, with its claws in drugs, gay sex, porno movies, pedophilia, blackmail, Satanism, money laundering and Democrat politics lies at the heart of the mystery behind the contract murder of New Mexico's best police investigator.

Again, the unsolved Steins murders involved hit-men from LA in the same year that Kamala Harris became California's Attorney General. Her tenure also coincided with the mysterious death of her tutor at UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall law school Jeff Adachi, while he was serving as San Francisco's public defender. I knew Jeff when he was still an intern at the Asian American legal aid office. He lacked the street-smarts to realize that his office was being fed a bunch of low-life losers while the big fish were let off the hook by Kamala Harris and her mentor Willie Brown to finance her political career. Then, when Jeff got an inkling about how the mafia operates, thanks to insider revelations from a Russian lady, he was murdered. Harris, by the way, had earlier studied at a Canadian college and along with her Jamaica-India parentage puts her squarely under MI6 purview, along the same lines as the incorrigible liars behind the Russiagate scandal.

Hollywood B-movies

By crazy chance or perhaps serendipity, I had a close brush with that LA connection. While serving as a journalism lecturer in Beijing in 2001-02, I was introduced as a suave, smart and handsome bachelor author, rather than a more accurate description as a rogue investigative reporter, by a Beijing princess to one of her elite school friends. My memory remains in crystal clear focus of that moonless night in a parking lot outside an underground movie club, frequented by foreign students and local hipsters. The cones of the taxi headlights sharply focused on a svelt lady dressed in a white patent leather dress, her outfit glowing like a figure-8 drawn on a glassy tabletop of cocaine, ready to snort. ucky me.

Then as she drew closer, I leaped out of the taxi, just in time to hear her say soothingly, "Yoi, I've been so eager to meet you." I was about to drop to my knees, when a sparkle tantalized my eyes, the reflection off her brass zipper that connected the low-cut neckline with the short hem. The flash unzipped a long-repressed memory of my childhood, at age 5, wearing rolled up jeans and a tiny black leather jacket, and pomade-waxed duck-tail hairdo as in "The Wild Ones" movie. I used to sing and dance on a tabletop doing Elvis Presley impersonations to the immense amusement of the neighbor's motorcycle gang in LA. "You look like an angel, talk like angel, walk like an angel, but I got wise, you're the Devil in disguise."

The engagement proposal from the tigress was straightforward. She would permit me to date other women who passed her quality-assurance test, while she continued to frequent massage parlors where youngish masseurs deftly stroke her with a magic wand. It didn't sound to me that children were on the agenda. Despite that blow to family values, the plastic surgery and silicone were so flawless as to remind me of Mona Lisas sold on the bank of the River Seine. I nodded eagerly like a penniless midnight cowboy in dire need of a sugar mommy. Never mind the warning from Elvis.

The catch was in the business plan. As my legal wife-to-be in a frightfully unconsummated nuptial, she represented a big-time Chinese movie studio that despite its massive back lot didn't own a single camera but simply contracted for B-movies cranked out by a Jewish mogul in Los Angeles.

The terms were favorable. For every million dollars invested, there would arrive in exactly six months a return of $1,300,000. So a four million dollar budget for a film with no chance of an Oscar, could earn a cool million bucks plus spare change for her massage boys, and there were at least 12 exciting B movies produced on average per year. Despite the absurdity of the arrangement, I still wanted to hop under the sheets if only to discover the texture of silicone, never mind the prison sentence for laundering.

So had I tied the knot with the beach, David Ristovski would still be alive and me buried somewhere under Hildalgo County's sagebrush after the multimillion-dollar loan to the Cartel went sour, thanks to Mexican thievery or the DEA. Then again, it might have been worth the risk of a coffin, I mean a decade of the high life with a trophy wife, who just might have relented from marital vow of virginity on some enchanted evening.

Within three months, another messenger from LA arrived to drape Link's corpse on the wire fence, scaring off the wife and nearest kin away from the ghost town with its increasing population of lost souls. Officer Jarott's problem was his lack of jurisdiction in California, which under La Santa Kama;la's reign was never going to cooperate with an investigation of a drug-related hit by her Cartel boys. So the killing was conveniently blamed on some unknown illegal alien.

Oh, so how did it end, my brief engagement to Miss Va-va-boom? After boasting to her about my childhood walk-on role in a movie starring Robert Wagner and Joan Crawford, I then joked "The pennies in my pocket don't shine because I never launder money in my jeans." The matchmaker was bitterly disappointed to hear her best chum conclude by evening's end that "He's not my type." That was my last-ever blind date after regaining my eyesight.

The Steins killings explain why the Chinese money launderers have since preferred dealing directly with the Cartel on its home turf without Hollywood Jews bungling the deal or journalists making snide remarks. Therefore, the conclusion is: Trooper Darian Jarrott's probe of Steins' murders ruined it for the local drug-traffickers and Hollywood launderers, who lost mucho dinero in transport fees and gratuities when China's elite crooks decided their services were no longer risk-free.

Well, that morality play all goes to show the advantages of settling for a humble existence in a traditional marriage with an ungainly partner along with the prospects of raising bratty kids. It's not the worst fate that an average loser can aspire to. Who needs the bright lights of Hollywood? Think of all the benefits of long hours at a thankless job, crap pay, rising taxes and insane utility bills, and absence of lap dancers from one's lifetime, with just a can of beer in the fridge to look forward to. Give up the dream for a Tecate or a Bud Light, sure. Santa Muerta! I'm ready to sign aboard!

Drug gangs of AZ-NM

The Arizona-New Mexico state line has been dominated by three drug-smuggling operations. First the Saucedo Family, which is not necessarily linked with a Lordsburg supermarket, that smuggler clan being with the Gulf syndicate as in Tampico; a national motorcycle club presumed to be a California branch of the Hell's Angels or the remoter possibility of the competing Bandidos; and a local white crime family linked to the old Cananea mining fortune but recently fallen on hard times having to sell meth to high school kids. As a consequence of improved law enforcement, Lordsburg is hardly the party capital of the Southwest.

The Saucedo clan with the Gulf syndicate has been laying low after being hit last year with major federal indictments in Tampa, Florida, on charges of cocaine and opioid smuggling, and in lesser cases targeting the Gulf Coast states, variants on Miami Vice. The bikers have been crimped by the increasingly tough restrictions on two-wheelers on Interstate highways, and relentless aging that puts more every month on three-wheelers, tricycles for the senile. These are tough times, indeed, hombre

As part of my scenic photography of the badlands on the southside of I-10, below is a sample of vandalism by crazed meth-heads at the Desert West motel in Roadforks, NM, just a mile east of, only a stone's throw from Steins Ghost Town, shooting bullets into every window, busting all the mirrors and furniture, dumping TV sets into the swimming pool, and finally screwing themselves when their meth lab exploded and caught fire in the motel tavern. Sadly, I did not spot any crisped skeletons on the dance floor. Probably the charred bones were swept into plastic garbage bags by survivors and dumped unceremoniously on the railroad tracks. Happy Trails, amigos!

Based on my discussions with brain-damaged meth convicts set for release in Butte, Montana, my reluctant conclusion is that the best and only solution for these addicts is life sentence on a chain gang assigned to repairing infrastructure and breaking rocks until death do us part. For every dollar they robbed from an otherwise deprived society, these maniacs can at least pay back a dime's worth of hard labor under brutal conditions. They're headed for Hell in any case, so give them a foretaste of what's around the corner.I would be honored and most pleased to provide a training seminar to wardens and guards on how to crack the whip and adjust the manacles to continue the hard labor of completing the border Wall at no cost to the taxpayer. I am starting to become a fan of La Muerta.

This unorthodox proposal is suggested to complete the task left by a contractor I met at a coin laundromat, who had just laid off 100 American construction workers after building 300 miles of border wall. The employees have since applied for unemployment benefits, and their boss was soon to file for bankruptcy.

Hotel Kali Foreigner

So what about the high-powered Americano friends of the China-Mexico-Colombia Cartel? They're the top Obama-era politicians in California before and since, including former state attorney general Kamala Harris, her mentor former San Francisco mayor and the Cartel's top defense lawyer Willie Brown, more recently ousted U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder who armed the Cartel with high-power rifles under the insane Fast and Furious gun-walking scam, who has since been an adviser to the Jesuit-novice turned retired CA Governor Jerry Brown, and of course the patroness serving the dish of putanesco of the Italian, Jewish, Irish, Chinese and Mexican mafias, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, the political criminals (or is it criminal politicians) of California are directly to blame for the present national crisis of governance and foreign drone invasion, following a stolen presidential election. As for our kingpin president and career spook Joseph Robinette Biden, it's business as usual according to the CIA handbook in line with his role in the infamous Air America heroin flights by the Agency out of the Golden Triangle during the Vietnam War, Governor Bill Clinton's "Cocaine Air" deliveries to Arkansas' Mena Airport from war-torn Central America. and the Obama-era heroin and derivative opioid shipments from Afghanistan via Turkey and China.

Given the bookkeeping by the major syndicates and Chinese chemists, Team Biden must now start paying back its IOU to Beijing for all the election-campaign donations and fixing the software in the ballot-counting machines. So please, Joe, have your Beijing buddies siphon their dope smuggling through the Canadian border, from now on in the wake of the Minnesota Black Lives Matter counterfeit money smuggling by George Floyd's Houston gang. Leave us cowboys to roam on the range to shoot jackrabbits and rattlesnakes instead of Mexican mules.

As for Hotel Kali Foreigner, the first night's free:
"Up ahead in the distance
I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy, and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There she stood in the doorway
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself:
'This could be heaven or this could be hell'
Then she lit up a candle
And she showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor
I thought I heard them say
Welcome to the Hotel Kali Foreigner
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face."
Borderline Madness

Steins was once a thriving village at the terminus of an old rail line that hauled minerals, extracted from local mountains and also high-grade copper ore delivered by ox-drawn wagon from the Mexican town of Cananea, near Nogales in the Mexican state of Sonora just across the southeast corner of Arizona. A gringo tycoon named William Cornell Greene in 1889 purchased a local copper mine there at the perfect moment when electricity transmission was being expanded across the USA. By the start of the 20th century, the desert town had a population of 23,000 included 7,000 Americans and 5,000 Chinese laborers.

Then, in June 1906, the grievances of Mexican miners on both sides of the border erupted into a general strike, against which a posse of Arizona Rangers intervened to prevent a massacre of foreigners and also to perpetrate a shoot-out that left 23 Mexicans dead. Are we being fair-minded, amigos? Hey, as a former member of the United Steelworkers of America, I have labor-related sympathy for La Lucha Obrero, the worker's struggle for a decent wage and against toxic lethal working conditions and low wages.

The upshot of the anti-American feeling aroused across Northern Mexico was its role as a major trigger for the Mexican Revolution of 1911, which resulted in untold massacres of defenseless Chinese laborers who were considered to be underpaid scabs and also the loss of my grandfather's 6,000 acre ranch, located just south of Columbus, New Mexico, which became the launch pad for Pancho Villa's cavalry invasion of the United States. The borderline is no place for Asians, who fail to qualify here even for a headstone. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

The lesso for those Chinese investors, especially the China pharmaceutical industry that's been pumping opioids, meth and heroin across the border aboard stealth drones into El Norte, is that the Mexican peons and revolutionarios are the world's most extreme racists, who are itching to rob you and slit your throats, yellow man. Be warned, panyou, go home, and leave your idiotic attempts to poison Americans behind in the dust, or the mass murder of los Chinos as in Cananea shall repeat itself with a vengeance. The Rangers from Meiguo will not be riding south to rescue Asiaticos. And when your heyday turns into the night of the machetes, do not ask the Yanquis to save your hides.

As so my Mexican amigos, be sure never to inject drogas inside the immaculate conception in the womb of the agave, known as Jalisco tequila, the gold standard of herbal liquor, the sure lullaby for my childhood memories of nestling in the windbreak, hungry and exhausted from early morning labor, to rest during fierce noontime sandstorms, while watching stallions dance on the heatwaves shimmering like mercury over a sea of dunes. A dreamy vision is all there is for us on the border.

Mexican standoff

The Mexican president, known by his initials AMLO, has like the Democrats of El Norte treated the surging border violence with benign neglect under his rubric of "healing" as if lethal opioids are the balm of Gilead. This blase attitude toward homegrown crime is due to his alarm at Eric Holder's Fast and Furious project, which sold high-powered rifles along the border to Mexican thugs, with the hope that the Cartel gangsters might shoot each other out of existence. Instead, the drug traffickers and coyotes, or people smugglers, had a field day of robberies of mom-and-pop businesses, personal vendettas and gang rivalry with the most active shooters emerging on top, as for instance, El Chapo. The syndicates from Sinaloa and Jalisco, as well as Sonora and the Gulf, the latter under the Saucedo crime family, thereby emerged ahead of their forerunners in Juarez and Michoacan. Gracias, Senor Eric Hold-up!

The backlash from Obama-Holder's F-and-F scheme is summed up in the president's slogan "Abrazos, no balazos." (Hugs, not bullets). Sorry, El Presidente, to huga thug only gets a knife in your back. Consider the murderous attack on those Mormon mothers and children, followed by the siege of Sonora by the Cartel's fake cops for a spree of robberies and murders, AMLO's executive refusal to cooperate with DHS, FBI and Homeland Security is leaving his citizens vulnerable to extreme cruelty along the lawless border. Now that the Wall is near complete, with any gaps protected by the eagles of the U.S. Border Patrol, la violencia is soon going to swallow your own people like that poisonous reptile on the Mexican flag.

What should be of grave concern is AMLO's policy of opening the gates of the Mexican economy to the most sordid type of Chinese gangsters and merchants of death. It simply should not be possible for the PLA in civilian clothing to establish high-tech drone launch sites, advanced electromagnetic-warfare equipment for radar-jamming and radio signals intercepts, along with sales of automatic firearms.

How can all this preparation for murder and maybe pass without the knowledge of the Presidential Palace in Mexico City? AMLO is playing with fire because that military presence will eventually result in a Venezuelan-style coup in the DF (Federal District capital zone), which will doom Mexico to yet another losing war with the United States and further loss of territory from its northern region for a depopulated 100-mile deep border buffer region, basically a free-fire zone, with the possible exception of my grandfather's hacienda stolen by Pancho Villa, which I aim to recover.

Los Zhengs as the Golem

From copycat AK-47 exports to armored cars for militarist regimes in Burma and Venezuela, high-tech spyware and surveillance drones, the flood of toxic plastic and chemical agents, China has morphed from aspiring toward a democratic people's republic into a global factory of death. The machinery of mass murder was installed in China by Saul Eisenberg, who was one of the Shanghai Jews who collaborated with the Japanese militarist regime on project such as the Tokyo-armed Stern Gang's tommy-gun terrorism against British troops in the Palestine Mandate, opening fire six months prior the Pearl Harbor, the former rather than the latter being the opening shot of Asian theatre of World War II. Jews were considered part of the Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere. Militarists seem to fixate on Jews, for one reason or another.

Eisenberg was interrogated by American MPs during the occupation of Japan, by no less than intelligence officer Franz Schurmann, who later created the Pacific News Service. Gaining Israeli citizenship, Saul, pronounced Shaul in revived Hebrew, was a middleman for the CIA in transfering weapons and military technology to China during the Sino-Soviet split, soon followed by Israeli avionics for MiG fighters and then ballistic missile technology.

And now, here we go again with Beijing's neo-imperialism, due to Jewish insistence on converting China into its Golem, a destructive poisonous robotic monstrosity without a heart or brain, whose spawn now are strengthening the might of Iran, Venezuela, Turkey and now our nearest neighbor Mexico. Chemical warfare is too scattershot, whereas tainted opioids can kill off the older generation of Americans who still know something about the Constitution. When I speak of Jews in the Mexican context, the reference is to the Marrano fake Christians and the Aleppo Sephardim of Colonia Roma. When all the killing is done, Chino, instead of paying their bills these hoodlums will cut your throat.

Wuhan precursor chems

Therefore it's a straight path to U.S. Justice Department indictments against several large-volume Chinese fentanyl producers while giving special attention to Global United Biotechnology Inc. run by the notorious Shanghai-based opioid exporters Guanhua Zheng and his son Fujing Zheng aka Gordon Jin. The drug family are, however, just the friendly face of the elite Chinese military generals and top party officials, who derive most of the profits from the lucrative drug trade.

The toxic products originate as chemical precursors in Wuhan, the same COVID-ridden industrial city under the Yangtze River dam. These chemicals are then sent to dozens of labs for synthesis into ever-changing variants of their molecular structures to evade import regulations in North America and Europe. Ignored in this biochem shell game is the fact that a single bad bond can have lethal consequences. The online sales arms of Global United, primarily through WeChat, has led to exports under various false product labels to more than 60 countries.

Downstream fenanyl-variant labs and meth labs in Mexico and other Chinese-occupied countries have proliferated due to the transfer of chemical-production equipment, precursor chemicals and aerial drone delivery systems, along with ventilation systems for labs in underground tunnels. The Mexican cartels are by now entirely dependent on the "Pusher's Republic" of China for its toxic products and also money-laundering in Macau and through mainland banks and commercial enterprises. Much of the drug profits are laundered across Latin America through purchases of Made in China export goods, including computer wares, clothing and toys, which add value to the profit margin from drug sales. Presumably weapon transfers and military-police related electronics are part of this dark trade.

Are top official in the Chinese government and the mainland tech industry involved? Does Santa Claus put presents under the Christmas tree? There is no way that PRC officialdom and tech giants could remain non-compromised in global crime on this scale. All Chinese exports are taxed at the port of shipment, meaning the China government is itself profiting from many tens of thousands of overdose deaths of Americans and other nationalities.

Sassoon's Jews

How is it conceivable that the nation which endured a century of suffering, poverty and sickness due to the Opium Wars be doing worse to half of the world's societies? The answer lies in Los Zhengs' base of Shanghai, where in the mid-19th century the Baghdad Sephardic opium monopolist David Sassoon ordered a Jew-only hiring policy in this deadly enterprise. Unbeknownst to most, even historians of China, the remnant Kaifeng Jews from that Silk Road city provided the labor force for the Sassoons and his shippers, the Rothschild-invested British East Indies Company. No Gentile was allowed to touch the precious poison that robbed the Chinese of their wealth and health. It's hypocritical how the group that constantly complains about the Holocaust remains silent about their mass murder of millions more Chinese and neighboring Asians.

It was in the early 1980s due to the advice and investment of the London Rothschild group through their real estate agent C.Y. Leung, who later became the third and most despised Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR. Soon after the Deng reforms opening the economy to Western investment, Leung (Lam in the Mandarin dialect) became the personal financial strategist for Zhu Rongji (Zhu being pronounced jew), who established Shanghai as the leading center of Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms under the rubric "white cat or black cat doesn't matter so long as it catches mice". Thus on the surface China's modern economy was a shiny model of rapid economic development, meaning mass evictions to raze public housing and raise office towers, under international rules and norms, w the shadowy criminal enterprise became the second pillar of prosperity. Crime, unless routinely trimmed back, produces many gutter rats than higher end cats-eyed crooks, those elite princelings better known in Morgan Stanley's hiring code as the "sons and daughters" of the party bosses. Shanghai, in short, is just another Jewish ghetto.

Thus the Jews of Shanghai, like the Zhengs (pronounced Jung), are a perfect partner for the Marrano (hidden Jews in the parish) syndicates' money launderers and their overlords, the Cartel bosses and their appointed Presidentes. This might help to explain the deeper motive behind why AMLO suspended the battle against the drug syndicates, for it's all in the Tribe, profiting from the ghettoization of Mexico and USA.

Matzoh Tacos

From this recent historical perspective, the Matzoh ball explains the decline of real Mexican cookery, which used to be one of the world's four great cuisines, the others being French, Chinese and Italian. In my childhood on the Border, Sunday dinner was always a massive one-pound tamale overstuffed with steaming chile-infused stringy beef, whereas today tamales are pencil-thin and disgusting. Thus below legal age, I got into imbibing village mescal with those magical cactus worms, and the rest of the brighter side of the dark side is another tale for after-hours.

As for the Chinese realm, why does the Jesuit-dominated Catholic Church in Macau and Mexico City fail to condemn the cabal from Shanghai taking over the sandy trail of the Good Friday penitantes through Mexico? Go figure, now that those Judases in black, stole the U.S. presidential election for aging choirboy Joseph Robinette Biden. The Beast slouches over Bethlehem.

Among Christians of all denominations, a new Reformation is the only path toward saving both Church and State. As for the Jewish faithful of good moral standing, I hope this criticism of immoral deviants is not taken as a wholesale condemnation of Jewry, the vast majority of whom in the United States are lawful citizens respectful of others' rights regardless of the label of their beliefs. Hopefully, the present disgrace of the political establishment will prompt every faith group to cast out its demons and bring us together again for a renewed common destiny toward a better society purged of its worst sins, to reassemble the City on the Hill. For, absolutely, in God we trust.

The Snake and the Eagle

Not coincidentally, during the orchestrated rise of Kamala Harris in the California state political machine, the late San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi died mysteriously. I knew Jeff decades ago when he interned with the Asian American legal aid office in Oakland, a bright kid who wasn't really prepared for the utter corruption in the state's political establishment nor in anyway suspicious that, because of his honesty, he would be targeted for destruction by scandal or by murder or both. Adachi was the tutor and dissertation advisor to Harris at UC Berkeley's Boalt Law school.

Adachi was a sea eagle of the Pacific, circling above the filth of San Francisco Bay, whereas Kamala was a cobra wallowing in poisonous intrigue. There's much truth in that eternal battle depicted on the flag of Mexico. Many of his friends believe he was murdered, and that the rumor a Russian female acquaintance did him in was chum for mass consumption without a shred of hard evidence.

The reason for his death, as far as I can discern, was his brilliant defense of fall guys and low-life hustlers of heinous crimes that were actually committed by Kamala's coterie of top Cartel bosses who kept the defense attorney office of Willie Brown on retainer. Another former SF Mayor and "mentor" of Kamala is London Breed, installed as the needle distributing and money-for-drugs SF Mayor, a successor worthy of Willie. Meanwhile untold tons of Cartel dope were being shipped into California on trawlers, submersibles and private jets, with impunity despite the rising death toll from overdoses and chemically altered opioids. The consequences of opioids have been fatal for more than a hundred thousand Americans, many with minor health issues.

Now, if you assume I'm just up the sheet like a motel maid, about Kamala dating Willie, who was three times older than her, look up the San Francisco Chronicle quotes at the American thinker website, cause I am not a gossip columnist repeating idle talk but rather a factual investigative journalist of admittedly ill repute, that is, when it comes to sex in the city. Got that, Carrie?

The Brown Stuff from the Sewers

Kamala and her boss Obama plotted to replace loyal Asian Americans from long-established families that served in World War II and the Korean War with the "brown caste", greasy new immigrants from the Muslim and Hindu clans, all of whom are fundamentally hostile to American values. The deceased Adachi was replaced by an Indian dual citizen, and likewise Rep. Mike Honda's "Silicon Valley" district stolen by another usurper fresh off the plane from India in a dark conspiracy involving the Hindu techies who engage in illicit copyright theft and hacking for Delhi's spy agency RAW, the Research and Analysis Wing. Unsurprisingly, Oakland thugs are being encouraged to assault long-time resident Chinese-Americans, nearly all of whose loyalties are with Taiwan and Hong Kong and not the Biden-Jesuit Democrats' partner in crime and sedition Mainland China. From the Oakland ghetto to the White House, the stench of treason and the chanting of paganism taints the air from sea to shining sea.

So the upshot is that Kamala Harris is nowhere close in spirit to a Bobby Kennedy but more like another Spiro Agnew, the Resident Evil in the White House. Why is it that when I gaze at her portrait, it conjures up Kali, the Goddess of Death, aka Santa Muerte? The Devil Herself. Watch your back, Joe.

In conclusion, it can be surmised that by now the trumpets of a host of angels are welcoming the soul of Darian Jarrott to life eternal, hailing his courage of conviction in fulfilling the Divine injunction, which emboldens us the still living to carry on his mission. We salute that champion of the home of brave, our land of the free. Brother Darian, may your spirit fly like an eagle!